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Metabolomics: Understanding Metabolism in the 21st Century

"The course is aimed at final year undergraduate science students and research scientists who are interested in learning about the application of metabolomics to understand metabolism. It is not essential to have any previous knowledge of the subject area but a reasonable knowledge and understanding of science would be beneficial."

Metabolomics Data Processing and Data Analysis

"This online course will explore the tools and approaches that are used to process and analyse metabolomics data, we will investigate the challenges that are typically encountered in the analysis of metabolomics data and provide solutions to overcome these problems. The course will be delivered using a combination of short videos, articles, discussions, and online workshops with step-by-step instructions and test data sets. We will provide quizzes, polls and peer review exercises each week, so that you can review your learning throughout the course. . . . Cost: Early-bird registration £200, Standard registration £220."

Online Learning PlatformMetabolomics in Medicine

Developed by Martin Kohlmeier from the University of North Carolina, online instruction and other resources at this site will help researchers and clinicians to catch up with the rapid pace of development in the metabolomic sciences. The learning materials will teach the scientific foundations for understanding current technologies and analytical strategies. Supported by a NIH Common Fund Metabolomics Award (R25 GM103802).

Statistical and Multivariate Analysis for Metabolomics

These slide show tutorials from the 2014 Statistics for Metabolomics Short Course, hosted by the NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis, are focused on

  • data quality overview
  • statistical and power analysis
  • clustering
  • principal components analysis (PCA)
  • partial least squares (O-/PLS/-DA)
  • metabolite enrichment analysis
  • biochemical and structural similarity network construction
  • network mapping

Tutorials | Videocasts | Workshop Materials

Phenome Centre Birmingham: Metabolic Phenotyping Applied to Medical Research and Development of Stratified Medicine

Professor Mark Viant and Dr Rick Dunn of Phenome Centre Birmingham discuss metabolic phenotyping applied to medical research and the development of stratified medicine. They describe the technology alliance partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific and the importance of Orbitrap™ and triple-quadrupole technology in experiments being undertaken to identify and quantify metabolites in both discovery and targeted mode and characterise the structure of metabolites. They also give examples of how their research into the effects of environmental changes on metabolism can be studied and understood by using mass spectrometry with an aim to developing personalised medicine.

Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core Video Series

This series of videos covers a range of topics including

  • how to use metabolomics
  • study design
  • tissue preparation
  • hardware and techniques in metabolomics
  • data analysis

What is Metabolomics

Burnham Institute for Medical Research and the Sarah Stedman Center at Duke University
Drs. Daniel Kelly, Scientific Director, Burnham and Christopher Newgard, Director, Stedman Center
October 26, 2009
Runtime: 00:06:03

State of Metabolomics Technologies in Translational Medicine

Description: Metabolomics is an emerging field with tremendous potential to advance our understanding of human health and disease and to inform the development of personalized approaches to disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. To better understand the potential that this field offers, the trans-NIH Metabolomics Special Interest Group (SIG)is sponsoring a symposium to learn about some of the latest advances in the field. By bringing together NIH-funded metabolomics researchers with other NIH scientists, symposium organizers expect to provide insights into the following:

  • How emerging metabolomics technologies are being and can be applied specifically for translational research, and
  • Potential collaboration among NIH intramural investigators and extramural scientists supported by NIH institutes and centers.

Some Cells Know How to Keep Their Secrets

Inside our cells chemical heroes victims and villains leave behind clues about our health. Meet Dr. Art Edison one of many metabolomics PIs who are on the case. Their quest? To tail and fingerprint small molecules called metabolites which result from the chemical processes that fuel and sustain life. Metabolites can shed light on the state of health nutrition or disease in a living thing -- whether human animal or plant. Funded by National Institutes of Health grant U24DK097209 the University of Florida Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics is sleuthing through these cellular secrets. Learn more:

Metabolomics of Bacterial Biofilms

The sixth leading cause of death in the United States is the result of hospitalacquired infections which often result in nonhealing wounds colonized by communities of bacteria call biofilms. The research in our lab aims to uncover the mechanisms at the root of the deviation from the normal healing process that results in the development of chronic wounds. These metabolomic studies identify specific metabolite profiles that may be associated with pathogenicity in the chronic wound and could potentially be used in novel noninvasive diagnostics.

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Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics (SECIM)

2014 UF Metabolomics Workshop & Symposium
May 20-23, 2014, UF campus in Gainesville, FL, USA

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Art Edison, Ph.D.
Workshop Video: Welcome and Introduction to SECIM

Jean-Luc Wolfender, Ph.D.
Introduction to Metabolomics
Workshop Video: Introduction to Metabolomics

Lauren McIntyre, Ph.D.
Basics of Study Design
Workshop Video: Experimental Design for Metabolomics

Alisha Mitchell-Roberts, Ph.D., and Tim Garrett, Ph.D.
Basics of Sample Collection and Preparation
Workshop Video: Basics of Sample Collection and Preparation

Jean-Luc Wolfender, Ph.D.
Introduction to MS and LC-MS & Hyphenated Methods
Wolfender’s Supplemental Materials
Workshop Video: Metabolite Profiling by MS LC-MS and GC-MS

Art Edison, Ph.D.
Solution NMR for Global and Targeted Analysis
Edison’s Supplemental Materials
Workshop Video: Intro to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Jean-Luc Wolfender, Ph.D.
Workshop Video: Hyphenated Methods

Chris Beecher, Ph.D.
Beecher’s Supplemental Materials
Workshop Video: Isotopic Ratio Outlier Analysis (IROA)

Matt Gitzendanner, Ph.D.
Introduction to Galaxy
Workshop Video: Introduction to Galaxy

Peihua Qiu, Ph.D.
Introduction to Quality Control concepts
Workshop Video: Introduction to Quality Control Concepts

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Peihua Qiu, Ph.D.
Introduction to Multivariate Approaches
Workshop Video: Introduction to PCA and Clustering

Sergio Tafur, Ph.D.
Galaxy Demonstrations
Workshop Video: Galaxy Review and Demo

Rick Yost, Ph.D.
MALDI Imaging
Workshop Video: MALDI Imaging

Glenn Walter, Ph.D.
Intro to in vivo NMR/MRI
Workshop Video: Introduction to in vivo NMR/MRI

Jim Prestegard, Ph.D.
Introduction to DNP
Workshop Video: Introduction to DNP

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

2nd Annual Workshop on Metabolomics

PowerPoint presentations from the 2nd Annual University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Metabolomics Workshop, held June 2 - 5, 2014 are available for download.

Topics covered include

  1. The background in experimental design of a metabolomics experiment
  2. The importance of sample stability and extraction methods
  3. The analytical measuring systems (nuclear magnetic resonance and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry)
    • Targeted metabolomics
    • Untargeted metabolomics
    • Quantitative metabolomics
  4. Pre-processing of analytical data
  5. Statistical analysis of the data
  6. Metabolite databases – integration with MSMS data
  7. Metabolite pathway analysis

University of Michigan

Metabolomics Summer Workshop June 23-26, 2014

Videocasts from the University of Michigan Metabolomics Summer Workshop held June 23-26, 2014 are available for viewing.

Topics include introductory and in-depth sessions on study design, sample collection, the science of metabolomics, data analysis, and tools for visualization and hypothesis exploration. This workshop was intended for investigators new to metabolomics and provided the conceptual skills to introduce these techniques into your science.