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Metabolomics Workbench REST Service

The Metabolomics WorkBench REST service enables access to a variety of data (including metabolite structures, study metadata and experimental results) using HTTP requests. These requests may be carried out using a web browser or may be embedded in 3rd party applications or scripts to enable programmatic access. Most modern programming languages including PHP, Perl, Python, Java and Javascript have the capability to create HTTP request and interact with datasets such as this REST service.

See the Metabolomics Workbench REST Help page for instructions and examples.

MS Searches

Search: (i) a virtual database of lipid classes, (ii) a reference set of metabolites (RefMet), or (iii) the Metabolomics Workbench Metabolite database with a list of precursor ions

Search the Metabolite Database with a mass (m/z) value

Search the Metabolite Database by classification (lipid or non-lipid) with a mass (m/z) value

Search Untargeted MS data with an m/z value