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MW structure1864 (View MW Metabolite Database details)
RefMet namegamma-Aminobutyric acid
Systematic name4-amino-butanoic acid
SMILESC(CC(=O)O)CN   Run Tanimoto similarity search (with similarity coefficient >=0.6)
Exact mass103.063329 (neutral)
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FormulaC4H9NO2View other entries in RefMet with this formula
InChIKeyBTCSSZJGUNDROE-UHFFFAOYSA-NView other enantiomers/diastereomers of this metabolite in RefMet
Super ClassFatty Acyls
Main ClassFatty acids
Sub ClassAmino FA
Pubchem CID119
Annotation level1   (1:Known structure; 2:Known regiochemistry; 3:Partial structure; 4:Sum-composition)

Table of KEGG reactions in human pathways involving gamma-Aminobutyric acid

Rxn IDKEGG ReactionEnzyme
R01648 4-Aminobutanoate + 2-Oxoglutarate <=> Succinate semialdehyde + L-Glutamate4-aminobutanoate:2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase
R01986 4-Aminobutyraldehyde + NADP+ + H2O <=> 4-Aminobutanoate + NADPH + H+4-Aminobutyraldehyde:NAD+ oxidoreductase
R01989 L-Arginine + 4-Aminobutanoate <=> L-Ornithine + 4-GuanidinobutanoateL-Arginine:4-aminobutanoate amidinotransferase
R00261 L-Glutamate <=> 4-Aminobutanoate + CO2L-glutamate 1-carboxy-lyase (4-aminobutanoate-forming)
R02549 4-Aminobutyraldehyde + NAD+ + H2O <=> 4-Aminobutanoate + NADH + H+4-aminobutanal:NAD+ 1-oxidoreductase
R01991 ATP + L-Histidine + 4-Aminobutanoate <=> ADP + Orthophosphate + HomocarnosineL-histidine:4-aminobutanoate ligase (ADP-forming)
R01992 Homocarnosine + H2O <=> 4-Aminobutanoate + L-Histidinealpha-Aminobutyryl histidine hydrolase
R01990 4-Guanidinobutanoate + H2O <=> 4-Aminobutanoate + Urea4-Guanidinobutanoate amidinohydrolase
R10178 4-Aminobutanoate + Pyruvate <=> Succinate semialdehyde + L-Alanine4-aminobutanoate:pyruvate aminotransferase

Table of KEGG human pathways containing gamma-Aminobutyric acid

Pathway IDHuman Pathway# of reactions
hsa00330 Arginine and proline metabolism 5
hsa01100 Metabolic pathways 4
hsa00250 Alanine, aspartate and glutamate metabolism 2
hsa00650 Butanoate metabolism 2