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MW structure37065 (View MW Metabolite Database details)
RefMet nameCTP
Systematic nameCytidine-5'- triphosphate
SMILESc1cn([C@H]2[C@@H]([C@@H]([C@@H](COP(=O)(O)OP(=O)(O)OP(=O)(O)O)O2)O)O)c(=O)nc1N   Run Tanimoto similarity search (with similarity coefficient >=0.6)
Exact mass482.984521 (neutral)
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FormulaC9H16N3O14P3View other entries in RefMet with this formula
InChIKeyPCDQPRRSZKQHHS-XVFCMESISA-NView other enantiomers/diastereomers of this metabolite in RefMet
Super ClassNucleic acids
Main ClassPyrimidines
Sub ClassPyrimidine rNTP
Pubchem CID6176
Annotation level1   (1:Known structure; 2:Known regiochemistry; 3:Partial structure; 4:Sum-composition)

Table of KEGG reactions in human pathways involving CTP

Rxn IDKEGG ReactionEnzyme
R00570 ATP + CDP <=> ADP + CTPATP:CDP phosphotransferase
R00515 CTP + H2O <=> CMP + DiphosphateCTP diphosphohydrolase (diphosphate-forming)
R00568 CTP + H2O <=> UTP + AmmoniaCTP aminohydrolase
R00569 CTP + H2O <=> CDP + OrthophosphateCTP phosphohydrolase
R00573 ATP + UTP + L-Glutamine + H2O <=> ADP + Orthophosphate + CTP + L-GlutamateUTP:L-glutamine amido-ligase (ADP-forming)
R00571 ATP + UTP + Ammonia <=> ADP + Orthophosphate + CTPUTP:ammonia ligase (ADP-forming)

Table of KEGG human pathways containing CTP

Pathway IDHuman Pathway# of reactions
hsa00240 Pyrimidine metabolism 5
hsa01100 Metabolic pathways 2
hsa01232 Nucleotide metabolism 2
hsa01240 Biosynthesis of cofactors 2
hsa00040 Pentose and glucuronate interconversions 1
hsa00515 Mannose type O-glycan biosynthesis 1