#METABOLOMICS WORKBENCH amitch_20151211_9581341_mwtab.txt DATATRACK_ID:450 efahy_20151227_122651 STUDY_ID:ST000291 ANALYSIS_ID:AN000465 PROJECT_ID:PR000233
VERSION             	1
CREATED_ON             	December 27, 2015, 12:26 pm
PR:PROJECT_TITLE                 	LC-MS Based Approaches to Investigate Metabolomic Differences in the Urine and
PR:PROJECT_TITLE                 	Plasma of Young Women after Drinking Cranberry Juice or Apple Juice
PR:PROJECT_SUMMARY               	The present study aimed to investigate overall metabolic changes caused by
PR:PROJECT_SUMMARY               	cranberry juice or apple juice consumption using a global LC-MS based
PR:PROJECT_SUMMARY               	metabolomics approach.
PR:INSTITUTE                     	University of Florida
PR:DEPARTMENT                    	Food Science and Nutrition
PR:LABORATORY                    	Gu
PR:LAST_NAME                     	Liu
PR:FIRST_NAME                    	Haiyan
PR:ADDRESS                       	--
PR:EMAIL                         	haiyan66@ufl.edu
PR:PHONE                         	352-392-1991x210
ST:STUDY_TITLE                   	LC-MS Based Approaches to Investigate Metabolomic Differences in the Urine of
ST:STUDY_TITLE                   	Young Women after Drinking Cranberry Juice or Apple Juice
ST:STUDY_TYPE                    	drug dosage
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	Eighteen healthy female college students between 21-29 years old with a normal
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	BMI of 18.5-25 were recruited. Each subject was provided with a list of foods
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	that contained significant amount of procyanidins, such as cranberries, apples,
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	grapes, blueberries, chocolate and plums. They were advised to avoid these foods
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	during the 1-6th day and the rest of the study. On the morning of the 7th day, a
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	first-morning baseline urine sample and blood sample were collected from all
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	human subjects after overnight fasting. Participants were then randomly
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	allocated into two groups (n=9) to consume cranberry juice or apple juice. Six
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	bottles (250 ml/bottle) of juice were given to participants to drink in the
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	morning and evening of the 7th, 8th, and 9th day. On the morning of 10th day,
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	all subjects returned to the clinical unit to provide a first-morning urine
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	sample after overnight fasting. The blood sample was also collected from
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	participants 30 min later after they drank another bottle of juice in the
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	morning. After two-weeks of wash out period, participants switched to the
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	alternative regimen and repeated the protocol. One human subject was dropped off
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	this study because she missed part of her appointments. Another two human
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	subjects were removed from urine metabolomics analyses because they failed to
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	provide required urine samples after juice drinking.The present study aimed to
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	investigate overall metabolic changes caused by procyanidins concentrates from
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	cranberries and apples using a global LCMS based metabolomics approach. All
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	plasma and urine samples were stored at -80oC until analysis.
ST:INSTITUTE                     	University of Florida
ST:DEPARTMENT                    	SECIM
ST:LABORATORY                    	Gu
ST:LAST_NAME                     	Liu
ST:FIRST_NAME                    	Haiyan
ST:ADDRESS                       	--
ST:EMAIL                         	haiyan66@ufl.edu
ST:PHONE                         	352-392-1991x210
ST:NUM_GROUPS                    	3
ST:TOTAL_SUBJECTS                	45
SU:SUBJECT_TYPE                  	Human
SU:SUBJECT_SPECIES               	Homo sapiens
SU:SUBJECT_COMMENTS              	Gu_subjects_human urine.txt
#SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS:         	SUBJECT(optional)[tab]SAMPLE[tab]FACTORS(NAME:VALUE pairs separated by |)[tab]Additional sample data
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b1	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b2	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b4	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b6	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b7	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b8	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b9	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b10	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b11	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b12	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b13	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b14	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b15	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b16	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b17	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c1	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c2	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c4	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c6	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c7	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c8	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c9	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c10	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c11	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c12	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c13	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c14	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c15	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c16	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c17	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a1	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a2	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a4	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a6	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a7	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a8	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a9	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a10	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a11	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a12	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a13	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a14	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a15	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a16	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a17	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
CO:COLLECTION_PROTOCOL_FILENAME  	Gu_collection_human urine.txt
TR:TREATMENT_SUMMARY             	n/a
TR:TREATMENT_PROTOCOL_FILENAME   	Gu_treatment_human urine.txt
SP:SAMPLEPREP_PROTOCOL_FILENAME  	Metabolomics_LCMSProtocol_urine.pdf
CH:CHROMATOGRAPHY_TYPE           	Reversed phase
CH:INSTRUMENT_NAME               	Thermo Scientific-Dionex Ultimate 3000
CH:COLUMN_NAME                   	ACE Excel 2 C18-PFP (100 x 2.1mm, 2um)
CH:METHODS_FILENAME              	Metabolomics_LCMSProtocol_urine.pdf
CH:INTERNAL_STANDARD             	Appendix A - Internal Standard Prep GLCMS.pdf
AN:ANALYSIS_TYPE                 	MS
MS:MS_COMMENTS                   	-
MS:INSTRUMENT_TYPE               	Orbitrap
MS:MS_TYPE                       	ESI
MS:ION_MODE                      	NEGATIVE
MS:INSTRUMENT_NAME               	Thermo Q Exactive Orbitrap
MS:INSTRUMENT_NAME               	Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive
Samples	b16	c16	a1	b7	c14	a4	c10	c17	b11	a15	c13	c12	b12	b14	a10	c9	c2	a6	c6	b6	a2	b15	a14	a9	a13	a12	a8	c15	a16	c4	b1	a11	b9	b8	c11	c1	b4	a7	b17	a17	c7	b13	c8	b2	b10
Factors	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Baseline urine
(1E,3E)-4-Hydroxybuta-1,3-diene-1,2,4-tricarboxylate	6.32E+03	1.15E+04	9.67E+06	1.14E+07	1.48E+07	4.58E+06	5.82E+06	1.14E+07	9.88E+04	2.32E+06	1.04E+07	2.98E+05	1.17E+05	1.47E+07	7.17E+06	7.46E+06	2.27E+04	2.23E+07	2.04E+06	1.36E+07	6.6E+03	1.94E+05	9.38E+06	5.84E+06	3.18E+06	1.19E+04	5.31E+06	8.78E+04	1.01E+04	5.72E+06	2.76E+06	2.96E+05	1.04E+07	2.2E+06	3.66E+06	1.77E+07	6.79E+05	2.19E+07	1.43E+07	9.33E+06	1.1E+07	1.05E+07	1.53E+07	7.22E+05	4.34E+06
(1-Ribosylimidazole)-4-acetate	1.24E+06	8.56E+05	4.3E+05	1.66E+06	1.91E+06	2.71E+06	2.26E+06	1.1E+06	1.04E+07	1.99E+06	2.82E+06	1.66E+07	1.64E+07	2.09E+06	2.03E+06	1.27E+06	1.95E+07	1.76E+06	4.12E+06	2.9E+06	1.54E+07	3.19E+06	8.27E+05	8.04E+05	2.52E+06	6.53E+06	2.61E+06	3.67E+06	1.17E+06	1.81E+06	3.41E+06	1.21E+07	8.44E+05	3.27E+06	1.15E+07	1.26E+06	1.69E+07	2.32E+06	7.54E+05	5.26E+05	1.38E+06	2.52E+06	2.5E+06	3.72E+06	3E+06
(2S,3S)-2-Hydroxytridecane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate	3.19E+07	5.96E+07	1.54E+07	1.1E+08	5.51E+07	2.1E+07	7.25E+07	4.46E+07	1.08E+08	5.03E+07	6.07E+07	1.14E+08	1.1E+08	3.7E+07	2.75E+07	3.64E+08	1.07E+08	4.68E+07	1.01E+08	6.83E+07	9.43E+08	3.09E+07	3.42E+07	1.42E+08	4.31E+07	1.27E+08	1.7E+08	1.32E+08	4.41E+07	1.04E+07	3.7E+07	2.06E+08	1.66E+08	1.35E+07	1.18E+08	2.45E+07	2.23E+08	1.5E+08	6.2E+07	3.2E+07	2.57E+07	4.45E+07	8.12E+07	5.62E+07	5.42E+07
(3-Arylcarbonyl)-alanine	9.41E+06	4.22E+07	9.92E+05	2.79E+06	7.55E+06	1.06E+07	1.05E+06	1.41E+07	2.56E+07	6.31E+06	7.22E+06	1.33E+08	9.36E+06	6.92E+05	1.07E+07	2.25E+07	7.35E+07	7.83E+05	2.87E+07	1.29E+07	2.67E+07	1.44E+07	6.06E+05	1.16E+07	8.44E+05	1.63E+07	6.39E+06	7.95E+07	7.77E+06	6.93E+06	4.48E+06	1.42E+07	9.39E+06	1.34E+07	4.61E+07	2.36E+07	4.55E+06	1.59E+07	7.06E+05	1.01E+06	8.84E+06	4.84E+06	9.27E+06	1.11E+07	1.31E+07
(3E)-4-(2-Carboxyphenyl)-2-oxobut-3-enoate	9.08E+05	9.69E+05	1.11E+07	8.77E+06	9.72E+06	1.65E+07	9.63E+06	4.63E+06	6.04E+07	1.76E+07	8.82E+06	4.9E+07	3.55E+07	1.36E+07	1.64E+07	2.66E+06	1.84E+07	9.59E+06	1.91E+07	1.49E+07	4.17E+07	2E+07	1.66E+07	1.53E+07	9.25E+06	3.57E+07	1.41E+07	4.32E+07	1.66E+06	1.37E+07	4.66E+07	3.42E+07	3.52E+06	1.71E+07	1.33E+07	4.13E+06	3.79E+07	1.43E+07	5.98E+06	1.85E+07	6.87E+06	1.26E+07	2.76E+07	2.19E+07	2.43E+07
(5Z,13E)-11alpha-Hydroxy-9,15-dioxoprost-13-enoate	1.4E+04	7.37E+03	3.62E+04	1.8E+05	1.53E+05	4.92E+05	2.3E+05	5.5E+04	8.08E+06	1.48E+06	6.38E+04	2.96E+05	2.65E+06	2.91E+05	9.48E+05	6.26E+03	2.49E+05	1.93E+04	4.35E+04	3.24E+05	2.56E+05	7.1E+06	8.32E+03	5.48E+03	2.78E+05	7.95E+06	2.5E+04	4.76E+05	2.73E+03	1.7E+05	3.44E+05	5.64E+06	2.51E+04	5.82E+04	7.97E+06	2.29E+05	1.47E+05	1.02E+06	1.26E+06	1.71E+03	1.91E+04	2.63E+05	2.95E+05	1.41E+05	2.48E+04
(9R,10R)-Dihydroxyoctadecanoic acid	6.73E+06	7.04E+06	6.75E+06	6.59E+06	6.83E+06	6.64E+06	6.85E+06	6.3E+06	6.89E+06	6.67E+06	6.37E+06	6.93E+06	6.4E+06	6.01E+06	5.92E+06	5.6E+06	5.6E+06	5.31E+06	5.99E+06	5.47E+06	5.89E+06	5.76E+06	5.7E+06	5.38E+06	5.65E+06	6.05E+06	5.22E+06	5.88E+06	5.06E+06	5.06E+06	5.01E+06	5.05E+06	5.02E+06	5.39E+06	4.98E+06	5.01E+06	5.02E+06	4.96E+06	5.26E+06	5.01E+06	5E+06	5.06E+06	5.08E+06	7.02E+06	7.13E+06
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate_1	8.7E+04	6.37E+07	3.34E+07	1.02E+06	1.6E+08	1.5E+07	2.75E+07	1.43E+07	5.09E+07	5.89E+07	1.78E+07	3.66E+05	2.92E+07	6.04E+07	1.78E+07	2.81E+05	3.21E+05	8.13E+06	5.2E+05	1.25E+04	1.33E+08	3.3E+07	2.3E+05	3.05E+05	1.29E+05	3.58E+07	5.98E+05	6.49E+07	1.87E+07	8.3E+04	2.19E+05	6.09E+07	5.06E+07	3.5E+07	3.5E+06	1.04E+05	1.24E+06	1.76E+07	2.12E+04	1.96E+07	1.87E+07	5.72E+04	5.95E+04	1.6E+05	6.02E+04
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate_2	2.34E+03	3.84E+03	8.53E+04	2.94E+06	8E+05	6.96E+05	2.44E+07	4.37E+06	5.23E+06	8.97E+05	5.42E+04	3.1E+06	1.21E+06	2.35E+06	2.58E+05	9.08E+03	5.73E+05	1.38E+05	5.57E+05	1.51E+06	3.71E+05	2.64E+06	1.46E+05	3.73E+03	2.73E+05	2.71E+06	2.61E+06	1.52E+06	3.77E+03	3.05E+06	8.53E+05	8.38E+06	8.5E+03	5.03E+05	3.28E+06	1.51E+06	4.83E+06	1.93E+06	1.91E+07	6.4E+06	1.18E+06	4.21E+05	4.52E+06	1.47E+07	1.14E+04
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate_3	1.22E+05	1.11E+06	9.6E+04	1.69E+06	1.69E+06	2.56E+06	2.44E+04	1.51E+06	1.26E+04	2.57E+04	1.96E+04	1.89E+07	7.64E+04	8.82E+04	1.67E+05	1.05E+06	2.54E+06	1.03E+04	1.07E+07	1.6E+04	2.1E+05	1.15E+04	9.22E+04	3.05E+05	2.91E+04	1.87E+05	5.98E+05	1.12E+06	6.92E+04	4.25E+06	8.95E+03	3.39E+04	5.48E+04	3.79E+04	8.41E+06	4.71E+05	1.24E+06	1.63E+05	1.11E+04	1.67E+05	4.99E+05	4.47E+03	1.98E+07	8.99E+03	8.59E+03
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_1	1.31E+07	4.77E+06	2.04E+07	2.12E+07	1.33E+07	5.04E+07	3.74E+07	6.02E+06	3.22E+07	4.43E+07	4.6E+07	2.76E+07	7.64E+07	3.99E+07	2.34E+07	5.33E+06	3.1E+07	2.11E+07	3.03E+07	3.84E+07	8.36E+07	5.42E+07	1.45E+07	4.86E+06	3.39E+07	4.83E+07	2.03E+07	3.27E+07	1.47E+07	1.62E+07	8.15E+07	2.78E+07	1.76E+07	5.9E+07	2.65E+07	8.27E+06	1.95E+07	2.93E+07	1.41E+07	5.85E+06	1.92E+07	4.46E+07	1.4E+07	5.54E+07	4.4E+07
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_2	2.43E+05	3.49E+07	5.53E+05	3.39E+05	6.41E+07	9.48E+05	4.48E+06	4.03E+07	2.72E+06	1.71E+05	2.35E+06	2.06E+08	6.23E+05	1.63E+05	3.39E+05	3.5E+07	1.31E+08	2.45E+05	1.08E+08	3.13E+05	3.17E+06	1.11E+06	1.14E+05	6.57E+04	1.26E+05	1.24E+06	1.02E+06	1.22E+08	1.2E+05	6.94E+07	8.4E+05	4.55E+06	1.11E+05	3.94E+06	1.64E+08	3.59E+07	1.49E+06	1.64E+06	4.49E+05	2.23E+05	1.91E+07	3.24E+05	5.98E+07	9.74E+05	2.7E+05
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_3	3.07E+06	3.42E+06	5.93E+06	5.58E+06	8.46E+06	1.04E+07	8.29E+06	4.38E+06	9.52E+07	1.46E+07	1.3E+07	2.05E+07	2.27E+07	9.25E+06	5.69E+06	5.16E+06	2.01E+07	5.23E+06	2.04E+07	1.13E+07	3.09E+07	1.53E+07	4.78E+06	4.23E+06	9.35E+06	1.4E+08	1.82E+07	2.34E+07	4.37E+06	8.63E+06	2.36E+07	9.48E+07	4.05E+06	1.41E+07	1.97E+07	5.78E+06	1.48E+07	7.99E+06	3.63E+06	1.92E+07	5.35E+06	1.26E+07	1.2E+07	1.84E+07	9.83E+06
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_4	2.67E+06	3.59E+06	2.77E+06	3.82E+06	5.22E+06	1.38E+07	7.27E+06	3.12E+06	3.22E+07	9.39E+06	5.5E+06	2.76E+07	1.58E+07	8.39E+06	4.35E+06	4.25E+06	1.1E+07	4.52E+06	9.63E+06	4.61E+06	9.87E+06	9.78E+06	1.95E+06	2.3E+06	5.8E+06	1.75E+07	6.9E+07	1.28E+07	2.61E+06	7.87E+06	3.54E+07	2.78E+07	3.76E+06	1.1E+07	1.51E+07	4.33E+06	7.53E+07	9.91E+06	2.84E+06	1.92E+06	4.48E+06	4.32E+06	4E+07	2.08E+07	1.15E+07
(R)-3-((R)-3-Hydroxybutanoyloxy)butanoate_1	5.63E+06	1.09E+07	1.47E+07	1.04E+07	2.08E+07	1.6E+07	3.6E+07	4.99E+06	1.13E+07	2.53E+06	1.7E+07	2.89E+07	2.8E+07	1.02E+07	8.16E+06	5.96E+06	2.84E+06	9.51E+06	2.55E+07	1.17E+07	5.68E+06	4.11E+06	1.35E+06	4.4E+06	1.5E+07	4.24E+07	2.33E+07	2.96E+07	5.19E+06	1.53E+07	2.41E+07	5.49E+06	4.52E+06	2.05E+07	7.52E+06	2.69E+06	4.66E+07	2.55E+07	9.99E+06	5.12E+06	6.48E+06	2.47E+06	4.03E+06	1.9E+07	2.98E+07
(R)-3-((R)-3-Hydroxybutanoyloxy)butanoate_2	8.84E+05	1.66E+06	2.44E+06	2.48E+06	5.36E+06	4.39E+06	6.83E+06	1.03E+06	4.93E+07	1.26E+07	3.55E+06	5.54E+06	7.12E+06	2.92E+06	1.44E+06	1.2E+06	2.85E+07	2.48E+06	5.52E+06	2.37E+06	3.02E+07	1.92E+07	1.27E+06	5.33E+05	4.29E+06	8.54E+06	5.49E+06	7.95E+06	6.73E+05	3.95E+06	5.34E+06	4.5E+07	7.23E+05	4.11E+06	3.24E+07	1.58E+06	1.4E+07	3.55E+06	1.54E+06	6.96E+05	2.35E+06	2.39E+06	2.19E+07	3.88E+06	5.68E+06
(R)-3-((R)-3-Hydroxybutanoyloxy)butanoate_3	2.1E+05	1.3E+06	7.8E+05	1.04E+05	3.56E+05	1.24E+05	6.93E+06	3.44E+04	1.98E+06	5.35E+05	3.36E+05	1.06E+06	1.63E+05	8.43E+04	1.95E+05	1.24E+05	1.45E+06	2.99E+05	7.05E+05	9.56E+04	3.19E+06	1.42E+06	1.02E+05	1.87E+05	1.94E+05	7.52E+06	4.08E+06	9.68E+05	2.65E+05	2.73E+06	7.47E+05	9.75E+06	3.04E+04	3.86E+05	4.72E+05	1.38E+07	6.32E+06	4.87E+06	6.16E+05	1.88E+05	8.19E+04	1.57E+07	2.71E+06	4.91E+05	3.88E+06
(S)-ACPA	7.29E+03	7.8E+03	4.21E+05	4.13E+05	4.74E+04	1.33E+05	4.68E+05	6.16E+04	1.62E+05	5.09E+05	4.95E+04	1.52E+05	1.63E+06	1.48E+05	9.29E+04	2.14E+03	1.17E+05	4.21E+05	3.94E+05	5.69E+06	8.69E+04	6.91E+06	4.45E+06	3.67E+04	3.47E+05	5.81E+05	6.33E+05	7.25E+06	806	8.55E+03	8.82E+06	7.66E+05	1.2E+04	4.09E+04	2.35E+04	3.08E+05	1.38E+04	1.31E+05	3.15E+05	0	7.69E+06	6.37E+06	2.1E+05	9.62E+04	9.27E+04
(S)-ATPA_1	1.46E+07	1.62E+07	1.76E+07	2.39E+07	1.22E+07	2.99E+07	7.67E+06	4.17E+06	8.64E+06	2.74E+06	1.01E+07	1.2E+07	9.91E+06	7.97E+06	2.08E+07	1.95E+07	4E+07	2.7E+07	3.17E+07	3.01E+07	1.56E+07	8.19E+06	1.8E+07	1.59E+07	2.73E+07	8.93E+06	1.53E+07	1.16E+07	1.58E+07	2.26E+07	1.45E+07	2.54E+07	1.24E+07	3.75E+07	1.96E+07	7.83E+06	1.52E+07	2.74E+07	4.64E+06	5.1E+06	2.5E+07	3.04E+07	4.11E+07	1.21E+07	8.96E+06
(S)-ATPA_2	1.29E+06	1.6E+06	1.75E+06	2.52E+06	3.23E+07	2.55E+06	2.59E+07	1.07E+06	5.13E+07	1.83E+07	2.68E+07	2.91E+07	3.09E+07	2.33E+07	1.03E+08	1.37E+06	3.18E+06	1.86E+06	3.51E+06	2.89E+06	3.43E+07	2.65E+07	1.22E+06	7.53E+05	2.82E+06	3.87E+07	6.71E+07	2.83E+07	9E+05	2.35E+06	3.24E+07	1.04E+08	8.57E+05	2.81E+06	4.28E+07	2.36E+07	3.8E+07	2.41E+06	1.07E+06	1.1E+06	1.49E+06	3.52E+06	2.81E+06	3.17E+07	2.96E+07
1-(5-Phosphoribosyl)imidazole-4-acetate	8.18E+03	6.93E+03	4.35E+03	5.92E+03	4.92E+07	2.34E+03	4.46E+03	1.73E+03	3.19E+04	2.59E+03	2.29E+04	3.19E+03	9.44E+03	6.74E+03	1.45E+03	3.57E+03	2.4E+03	2.93E+03	2.88E+03	8.18E+03	3.04E+04	1.44E+04	8.36E+03	0	3.7E+03	5.62E+04	2.83E+03	0	1.39E+03	3.45E+03	6.34E+03	0	1.81E+03	1.95E+03	0	0	1.01E+04	7.06E+03	8.98E+03	1.09E+03	2.45E+03	9.26E+04	1.12E+04	4.61E+03	3.41E+04
1-(beta-D-Ribofuranosyl)-1,4-dihydronicotinamide	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.71E+06	0	1.18E+03	3.97E+03	2.2E+03	0	0	715	0	0	881	0	840	0	0	683	0	3.24E+03	1.67E+03	0	0	1.24E+03	1.07E+03	0	1.32E+03	0	0	0	981	7.54E+03	1.45E+03	8.17E+06	8.08E+04	0	0	0	0	0
1,1-Diethyl-2-hydroxy-2-nitrosohydrazine_1	1.18E+06	6.66E+06	1.22E+06	1.35E+06	9.73E+06	1.13E+07	2.2E+06	1.83E+06	2.08E+07	6.98E+06	1.43E+06	1.87E+05	3.2E+05	1.58E+06	6.92E+06	6.44E+05	1.51E+07	6.89E+05	5.74E+05	5.81E+04	2.91E+06	2.34E+06	1.98E+06	4.79E+05	1.23E+06	1.32E+06	1.13E+06	1.12E+07	7.16E+05	9.71E+05	8.3E+06	1.87E+07	6.98E+05	1.86E+06	7.38E+06	6.52E+05	4.95E+05	1.35E+06	1.26E+06	7.61E+05	4.59E+06	1.29E+06	9.73E+06	1.5E+07	6.79E+06
1,1-Diethyl-2-hydroxy-2-nitrosohydrazine_2	6.5E+05	4.78E+05	7.1E+05	4.14E+05	6.56E+05	2.71E+06	7.6E+05	3.37E+05	2.98E+06	5.59E+05	6.97E+05	9.15E+05	6.04E+05	3.43E+05	4.25E+05	2.16E+05	4.15E+06	2.32E+05	4.85E+05	2.01E+05	1.7E+07	7.51E+05	1.89E+05	2.18E+05	3.91E+05	1.04E+06	7.12E+05	7.4E+05	2.72E+05	7.18E+05	1.05E+06	1.72E+06	3.19E+05	7.82E+06	8.33E+05	3.56E+05	1.04E+06	6.22E+05	4.94E+05	1.86E+05	1.81E+05	7.42E+05	2.03E+06	4.54E+06	6.06E+05
1,2-Dihydroxynaphthalene-6-sulfonate	767	982	644	635	809	766	926	625	1.62E+07	754	0	0	1.25E+03	657	1.06E+03	756	1.79E+03	637	991	1.01E+03	851	809	660	618	818	0	0	1.38E+03	695	626	1.5E+03	1.5E+03	664	1.28E+03	8E+05	546	1.14E+03	846	826	562	1.6E+03	968	949	2.81E+03	890
10-Deacetyl-2-debenzoylbaccatin III	1.08E+05	1.46E+05	2.15E+05	8.12E+05	6.36E+05	4.63E+05	1.06E+06	4E+05	6.12E+05	1.18E+06	1.46E+06	4.64E+05	8.58E+05	6.71E+05	3.1E+05	1.02E+05	7.83E+05	2.42E+05	8.16E+05	4.94E+05	4.11E+05	1.14E+06	2.41E+05	4.46E+04	2.28E+05	1.07E+06	7.02E+05	4.51E+06	1.51E+04	2.13E+05	9.41E+05	7.98E+05	6.6E+04	1.29E+06	1.05E+06	1.36E+05	7.24E+06	1.01E+06	3.83E+05	2.55E+05	5.87E+05	1.85E+05	3.19E+05	5.93E+05	7.57E+05
10-Oxodecanoate	1.48E+05	3.65E+05	3.36E+05	9.93E+05	1.18E+06	4.68E+05	1.45E+06	1.83E+05	1.21E+07	4.22E+05	6.25E+05	7.47E+05	2.76E+06	8.74E+05	6.17E+05	4.69E+05	4.89E+05	2.57E+05	5.92E+05	2.23E+05	1.13E+06	1.69E+06	3.57E+05	1.24E+05	6.23E+05	1.18E+06	7.68E+05	9.11E+05	1.04E+05	7.56E+05	7.85E+05	2.48E+06	4.28E+05	7.32E+06	1.26E+06	2.81E+05	3.34E+06	1.14E+07	1.06E+06	1.6E+05	5.4E+05	6.97E+05	3E+05	1.13E+06	7.98E+05
116.9816_10	1.8E+08	8.64E+07	1.59E+08	1.81E+08	1.49E+08	6.91E+07	1.61E+08	1.6E+08	9.97E+07	1.76E+08	1.34E+08	1.06E+08	1.78E+08	1.36E+08	8.62E+07	1.3E+08	1.05E+08	1.69E+08	1.18E+08	1.67E+08	1.65E+08	1.72E+08	1.54E+08	1.55E+08	8.51E+07	5.79E+07	6.67E+07	4.38E+07	1.47E+08	5.89E+07	1.61E+08	9.57E+07	1.29E+08	7.83E+07	8.6E+07	6.09E+07	1.37E+08	1.58E+08	3.58E+08	1.58E+08	9.6E+07	1.58E+08	7.23E+07	6.28E+07	3.09E+07
116.9816_11	3.89E+06	1.44E+07	7.02E+07	1E+08	1.22E+07	5.97E+07	3.97E+07	6.2E+07	3.04E+07	3.88E+07	4.94E+07	3.66E+07	3.81E+07	9E+07	9.25E+06	2.34E+08	3.33E+07	2.72E+08	4.74E+07	9.77E+07	2.24E+07	3.54E+07	4.33E+06	2.54E+08	4.19E+07	2.22E+07	3.39E+07	4.18E+07	5.21E+07	1.17E+07	3.16E+07	2.43E+07	1.15E+07	3.2E+07	1.21E+07	1.07E+07	2.21E+07	1.97E+07	1.08E+07	1.06E+07	1.21E+07	5.16E+07	3.4E+08	7.63E+07	2.14E+07
12-trans-Hydroxy juvenile hormone III	1.8E+04	3.58E+04	1.77E+04	2.28E+05	2.86E+05	3.47E+05	6.27E+05	2.32E+04	6.31E+05	2.09E+06	1.97E+05	1.27E+05	3.69E+05	4.72E+05	3.94E+05	1.42E+04	2.3E+05	1.51E+05	4.81E+04	2.08E+05	2.6E+05	5.32E+06	6.33E+04	2.14E+03	3.61E+05	3.74E+06	5.08E+03	5.45E+05	3.74E+04	5.96E+04	2.76E+05	4.23E+06	5.8E+04	1.19E+05	3.14E+06	2.66E+05	1.58E+05	1.08E+06	2.43E+05	1.34E+04	4.4E+04	2.42E+05	5.76E+05	1.31E+05	3.57E+04
14-Dihydroxycornestin	3.05E+06	4.41E+04	5.16E+04	1.32E+05	1.78E+05	4.91E+05	1.71E+05	5.71E+04	1.16E+07	1.4E+06	1.1E+05	1.98E+05	1.64E+05	7.49E+05	5.49E+04	5.89E+04	1.5E+05	8.12E+04	1.26E+05	7.56E+04	3.74E+05	2.67E+05	2.08E+05	2.24E+04	1.52E+05	3.23E+05	7E+06	7.91E+05	7.61E+04	2.95E+04	7.06E+05	2.67E+07	1.19E+05	3.41E+05	3.31E+05	1.5E+06	4.52E+05	1E+06	9.91E+04	1.65E+04	6.46E+05	4.24E+05	2.91E+05	1.36E+05	1.21E+05
1alpha,5alpha-Epidithio-17a-oxa-D-homoandrostan-3,17-dione_1	1.28E+05	1.11E+05	2.31E+05	6.44E+05	4.84E+05	9.43E+05	1.01E+06	2.94E+05	1.49E+06	1.11E+06	7.01E+05	1.08E+06	1.97E+06	8.22E+05	2.09E+05	9.92E+04	1.64E+06	2.34E+05	8.53E+05	6.76E+05	4.48E+05	3.95E+06	6.27E+05	7.97E+04	7.16E+05	4.49E+06	1.22E+06	1.76E+07	9.36E+04	1.37E+06	1.99E+06	2.02E+06	9.74E+04	7.57E+05	1.45E+06	6.52E+05	5.55E+06	4.59E+05	1.05E+06	1.67E+05	7.19E+05	1.04E+06	8.29E+05	5.51E+05	4.49E+05
1alpha,5alpha-Epidithio-17a-oxa-D-homoandrostan-3,17-dione_2	0	0	0	1.29E+03	1.93E+03	1.4E+03	0	0	0	0	1.1E+03	0	0	1.07E+03	1.22E+03	0	2.67E+03	1.07E+03	0	0	0	2.19E+03	0	0	0	5.49E+03	5.61E+03	4.21E+03	1.03E+03	0	1.63E+03	4.94E+03	0	1.06E+03	0	0	0	989	0	0	2.66E+03	907	0	0	0
1-Caffeoyl-4-deoxyquinic acid_1	1.06E+05	1.28E+05	1.53E+07	1.26E+07	1.95E+07	2.33E+07	1.85E+07	3.61E+06	5.12E+07	6.28E+06	7.65E+06	2.35E+07	2.19E+07	1.88E+07	1.98E+07	1.71E+07	1.31E+07	1.51E+06	3.67E+07	5.89E+06	2.92E+07	2.04E+07	3.58E+06	1.89E+07	2E+07	4.18E+07	3.08E+07	4.11E+07	2.54E+05	1.69E+07	3.39E+07	2.34E+07	1.59E+07	2.61E+07	3.24E+07	7.81E+06	2.31E+07	1.93E+07	2.62E+06	4.55E+06	2.91E+06	1.07E+07	1.83E+07	4.11E+07	1.6E+07
1-Caffeoyl-4-deoxyquinic acid_2	3.63E+04	1.31E+05	1.1E+06	1.46E+05	3.67E+06	5.69E+05	1.02E+05	3.5E+04	4.48E+06	2.84E+07	2.39E+05	1.14E+06	1.97E+06	4.38E+05	6.19E+05	5.04E+05	7.96E+05	1.32E+07	5.61E+05	1.3E+06	3.39E+06	2.45E+05	2.37E+05	2.84E+05	9.52E+05	5.98E+05	1.04E+06	1.05E+06	2.11E+04	1.19E+06	3.52E+05	1.67E+08	3.45E+05	1.36E+06	1.08E+06	2.19E+07	3.18E+06	1.74E+06	1.51E+05	7.92E+03	2.66E+04	2.47E+05	8.14E+05	1.25E+07	6.13E+05
1-O-Galloyl-beta-D-glucose	2.16E+05	3.25E+04	8.44E+03	2.25E+03	6.39E+05	1.25E+06	6.69E+03	9.54E+03	2.39E+04	1.62E+05	1.92E+03	7.05E+03	2.8E+04	8.14E+03	7.17E+04	8.08E+04	1.52E+04	4.46E+04	3.35E+04	5.13E+04	1.78E+04	6.67E+06	7.28E+03	1.42E+04	2.91E+03	1.73E+05	5.21E+04	1.09E+05	2.33E+04	6.43E+03	8.87E+03	7.14E+04	2.32E+03	1.09E+05	2.47E+05	2.72E+04	7.25E+05	8.91E+03	4.12E+03	828	5.51E+03	8.69E+03	1.14E+04	2.08E+03	1.49E+05
1-O-Sinapoyl-beta-D-glucose_1	1.34E+06	1.81E+06	1.95E+06	4.42E+05	2.55E+07	2.6E+05	2.09E+06	2.38E+05	2.47E+06	3.09E+06	1.98E+06	1.61E+06	3.09E+06	4.06E+06	8.4E+05	1.46E+07	4.66E+06	9.49E+04	3.86E+06	2.89E+05	7.17E+06	9.91E+05	1.48E+06	1.13E+07	1.43E+06	3.17E+06	1.2E+06	3.66E+06	5.86E+04	2.54E+05	1.87E+06	4.78E+06	2.1E+05	3.21E+06	1.53E+06	1.54E+06	1.38E+06	1.13E+06	8.01E+05	6.03E+05	5.17E+05	1.38E+06	1.68E+06	2.49E+06	1.52E+06
1-O-Sinapoyl-beta-D-glucose_2	2.45E+05	6.66E+05	6.61E+04	1.2E+05	5.75E+04	7.88E+05	2.85E+05	2.05E+05	1.53E+06	6.93E+04	1.23E+05	5.05E+05	3.48E+05	5.43E+04	6.38E+04	2.67E+05	1.09E+05	1.3E+05	5.39E+05	7.19E+04	1.5E+05	1.76E+05	2.36E+04	2.54E+05	2.64E+05	1.37E+05	1.15E+06	1.41E+06	1.39E+05	7.21E+04	5.62E+05	1.1E+06	9.28E+04	2.98E+05	5.47E+05	1.75E+05	6.89E+06	5.99E+05	4E+04	3.31E+04	3.84E+05	5.43E+04	4.77E+05	5.56E+06	1.79E+05
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_1	3.65E+05	3.76E+07	3.23E+05	6.03E+05	1.95E+05	1.11E+07	5.37E+05	1.26E+05	1.17E+06	5.15E+05	3.56E+05	3.85E+05	4.62E+05	1.44E+05	2.52E+05	6.04E+06	5.47E+05	1.73E+05	3.34E+05	1.61E+05	1.19E+06	1.32E+06	6.73E+04	8.36E+05	3.62E+05	4.62E+05	7.13E+05	6.1E+06	6.62E+04	1.14E+06	2.36E+06	2.68E+05	1.15E+05	1.89E+07	6.09E+05	3.35E+05	1.15E+06	2.87E+05	6.05E+05	5.91E+04	7.87E+04	5.62E+05	6.09E+05	4.95E+05	6.56E+06
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_2	1.34E+05	3.75E+05	5.24E+05	4.02E+03	5.16E+05	2.7E+05	3.94E+06	7.35E+05	1.08E+06	6.39E+05	2.76E+05	1.44E+06	1.74E+05	1.25E+04	2.52E+05	4.34E+05	1.01E+06	3.94E+05	4.19E+05	1.64E+05	6.53E+06	3.43E+05	2.21E+05	1.19E+05	3.35E+05	5.02E+06	5.44E+05	9.96E+05	2.82E+05	7.74E+05	8.02E+04	2.3E+06	3.19E+05	4.06E+05	7.49E+05	6.2E+05	9.27E+05	3.82E+05	1.67E+05	4.98E+05	9.59E+04	1.55E+06	7.05E+05	1.15E+06	6.72E+05
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_3	3.61E+05	2.97E+07	3.23E+05	6.03E+05	1.97E+06	3.61E+06	5.37E+05	1.24E+06	1.17E+06	5.15E+05	3.56E+05	9.9E+06	4.62E+05	1.44E+05	2.52E+05	1.78E+06	1.34E+06	1.73E+05	1.72E+06	1.61E+05	1.19E+06	1.32E+06	6.73E+04	8.35E+05	3.62E+05	4.62E+05	7.13E+05	2.14E+06	6.25E+04	1.13E+06	6.08E+06	6.17E+05	1.15E+05	1.3E+07	1.26E+07	3.81E+05	1.15E+06	2.86E+05	6.02E+05	5.86E+04	8.62E+05	5.62E+05	6.09E+05	4.95E+05	1.82E+06
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_4	2.32E+05	6.4E+04	4.38E+05	1.51E+05	2.4E+05	4.71E+05	8.2E+05	1.38E+04	3.22E+05	5.49E+05	2.86E+05	6.26E+04	2.84E+05	5.79E+05	4.04E+05	7.96E+05	1.16E+05	3.04E+05	7.4E+04	2.21E+05	7.36E+05	7.14E+06	2.16E+04	3.22E+05	1.18E+07	5.29E+05	5.08E+04	4.95E+04	2.58E+05	3.79E+05	5.31E+05	3.04E+04	3.71E+05	2.21E+06	1.02E+05	1.23E+05	1.75E+05	3.88E+05	4.4E+05	1.87E+04	1.22E+04	1.8E+04	8.3E+06	8.68E+04	6.47E+05
2-(2-Chloro-phenyl)-5-(5-methylthiophen-2-yl)-[1,3,4]oxadiazole	9.5E+05	8.69E+05	1.01E+06	3.63E+05	9.12E+03	4.06E+05	9.37E+03	3.54E+06	2.44E+07	9.99E+05	6.12E+05	1.69E+07	2.25E+06	5E+05	7.27E+05	1.9E+07	1.75E+06	2.76E+05	2.5E+06	1.39E+06	5.65E+05	6.88E+05	6.52E+03	4.73E+05	1.21E+06	8.78E+05	5.04E+06	9.49E+05	2.18E+05	1.16E+05	1.39E+07	5.85E+05	2.44E+06	4.05E+05	7.45E+05	1.61E+06	6.93E+06	1.83E+06	2.51E+05	3.12E+06	1.66E+05	8.75E+05	4.03E+05	1.5E+05	2.95E+07
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid	1.58E+05	5.49E+04	5.4E+05	3.91E+05	8.42E+05	1.11E+07	8.27E+05	2.76E+05	1.87E+06	1.45E+06	1.08E+06	1.74E+06	2.24E+07	1.3E+06	3.45E+05	2.39E+05	1.29E+07	1.04E+06	1.84E+06	8.34E+05	7.82E+05	1.52E+07	4.19E+05	1.43E+05	9.56E+05	6.62E+06	6.9E+06	2.97E+07	6.23E+04	2.17E+06	1.36E+07	1.12E+07	3.8E+05	8.5E+05	1.57E+07	1.03E+06	7.41E+06	7.33E+05	1.79E+05	2.79E+05	9.72E+05	9.11E+05	8.58E+06	1.08E+06	3.62E+06
2-(6'-Methylthio)hexylmalic acid	3.18E+04	3.2E+05	2.29E+04	4.94E+04	8.67E+05	5.69E+05	7.94E+04	8.82E+04	3.66E+04	6.58E+05	1.81E+05	6.01E+05	2.25E+05	1.01E+06	8.62E+04	2.97E+05	8.5E+06	1.22E+05	1.64E+05	4.45E+05	2.77E+05	1.39E+05	2.64E+05	2.4E+05	1.99E+05	6.93E+05	1.17E+05	2.3E+05	1.63E+05	1.52E+05	2.2E+05	3.86E+04	4.19E+05	6.1E+05	8.3E+05	6.83E+04	1.3E+05	7.43E+04	1.27E+04	6.07E+04	8.55E+04	7.14E+04	2.41E+05	2.46E+05	7.71E+05
2-(Acetamidomethylene)succinate	1.18E+06	1.19E+06	4.93E+06	5.13E+06	5.79E+06	1.57E+07	9.36E+06	1.39E+06	1.84E+07	1.09E+07	7.9E+06	1.17E+07	1.08E+07	8.85E+06	6.99E+06	1.41E+06	7.89E+06	6.23E+06	8.49E+06	9.8E+06	1.31E+07	1.12E+07	5.57E+06	7.31E+05	6.13E+06	1.55E+07	5.6E+06	1.14E+07	8.55E+05	7.79E+06	1.26E+07	1.19E+07	1.17E+06	1.04E+07	9.81E+06	5.58E+06	1.04E+07	9.37E+06	4.59E+06	1.76E+06	5.18E+06	9.45E+06	7.24E+06	8.9E+06	8.07E+06
2,2-Bis(4'-chlorophenyl)ethanol	1.97E+07	2.43E+05	1.75E+05	1.98E+05	4.71E+05	2.17E+05	5.04E+06	7.02E+06	1.72E+05	5.25E+04	1.21E+05	6.78E+04	1.11E+06	7.4E+04	2.03E+05	9.05E+04	1.18E+05	2.4E+07	1.07E+06	5.64E+05	1.27E+05	7.61E+05	5.33E+05	1.14E+05	6.18E+06	5.42E+05	5.79E+06	9.43E+05	7.69E+06	0	1.9E+06	3.08E+05	1.93E+05	5.04E+04	1.51E+05	9.18E+04	3.33E+07	3.94E+05	1.67E+05	3.22E+06	7.24E+05	6.54E+05	9.09E+06	2.9E+05	8.07E+05
2,3-Dihydrothienamycin	2.53E+06	2.21E+06	1.78E+06	4.25E+06	5.56E+06	5.73E+06	5.73E+06	2.12E+06	8.26E+06	7.86E+06	4.53E+06	9.2E+06	1.07E+07	7.24E+06	4.48E+06	2.88E+06	7.06E+06	3.72E+06	7.89E+06	5.75E+06	7.9E+06	8.63E+06	3.18E+06	1.99E+06	4.43E+06	1.44E+07	7.49E+06	1.17E+07	2.4E+06	4.09E+06	6.56E+06	7.88E+06	2.52E+06	6.34E+06	7.22E+06	2.5E+06	1.08E+07	5.5E+06	2.27E+06	1.63E+06	3.6E+06	4.34E+06	7.34E+06	5.24E+06	6.86E+06
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_1	9.47E+05	2.68E+06	7.15E+05	1.59E+06	1.55E+07	1.77E+06	1.76E+06	7.42E+05	2.85E+07	3.95E+06	1.88E+06	2.62E+07	3.5E+07	1.21E+06	1.39E+06	9.95E+06	1.11E+07	1.66E+06	2.31E+06	1.63E+06	4.94E+06	2.2E+06	5.75E+05	9.36E+05	1.81E+06	2.52E+07	7.2E+06	1.53E+07	1.61E+06	9.23E+06	8.25E+06	4.64E+07	6.55E+06	8.69E+06	2E+07	2.61E+06	1.03E+07	1.96E+06	7.09E+06	5.45E+05	1.24E+06	1.23E+06	2.01E+06	1.18E+07	1.85E+06
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_2	7.17E+05	1.43E+06	7.15E+05	1.19E+06	3.54E+06	2.9E+06	1.42E+06	7.01E+05	4.06E+06	3.71E+06	1.86E+06	1.2E+07	4.35E+06	1.21E+06	8.22E+05	1.92E+06	3.74E+06	1.46E+06	2.31E+06	1.53E+06	4.33E+06	1.78E+06	7.46E+05	9.36E+05	1.81E+06	4.77E+06	2.95E+06	4.08E+06	4.03E+05	2.2E+06	3.74E+06	1.32E+07	4.34E+06	2.91E+06	5.53E+06	2.46E+06	2.71E+06	1.5E+06	1.2E+06	5.23E+05	1.12E+06	1.53E+06	6.31E+06	4.72E+06	1.85E+06
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_1	9.82E+05	1.12E+07	1.04E+07	1.45E+07	3.67E+07	1.45E+07	3.05E+07	7.79E+05	4.85E+07	1.75E+07	2.21E+07	1.99E+07	2.13E+07	2.09E+07	2.08E+08	1.31E+06	2.22E+06	1.79E+06	2.99E+06	1.84E+07	4.09E+06	3.06E+07	7.8E+06	6.48E+05	1.68E+07	2.75E+07	1.28E+08	4.04E+06	8.52E+05	1.46E+07	3.8E+06	1.63E+08	5.34E+05	2.74E+06	1.8E+07	2.17E+07	2.51E+07	1.31E+07	7.19E+06	1.07E+07	1.33E+06	2.21E+07	2.65E+06	3.61E+07	3.3E+07
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_2	2.69E+06	2.99E+06	3.3E+06	3.77E+06	5.07E+06	3.57E+06	6.59E+06	8.93E+06	1.26E+07	6.2E+06	6.24E+06	3.15E+06	4.3E+06	4.72E+06	5.93E+06	2.58E+06	1.89E+07	1.09E+07	2.02E+07	5.81E+06	2.77E+07	1.06E+07	2.82E+06	1.62E+06	4.91E+06	5.96E+06	4.06E+06	2.63E+07	1.88E+06	2.71E+06	2.32E+07	9.1E+06	1.64E+06	1.72E+07	4.07E+06	3.92E+06	6.4E+06	4.79E+06	2.58E+06	3.19E+06	2.3E+06	7.62E+06	1.95E+07	8.12E+06	7.97E+06
2,4-Dichlorotoluene	1.5E+08	1.6E+08	1.28E+08	1.28E+08	1.54E+08	1.21E+08	1.35E+08	1.6E+08	1.49E+08	1.06E+08	1.57E+08	1.44E+08	1.27E+08	1.49E+08	1.13E+08	1.32E+08	1.39E+08	1.54E+08	1.77E+08	1.29E+08	1.69E+08	1.33E+08	1.31E+08	1.16E+08	1.33E+08	1.65E+08	1.43E+08	1.23E+08	1.13E+08	9.34E+07	1.34E+08	1.17E+08	1.2E+08	9.43E+07	1.24E+08	1.13E+08	1.59E+08	1.43E+08	1.35E+08	1.36E+08	1.42E+08	1.24E+08	8.84E+07	1.3E+08	1.67E+08
2,4-Dinitro-1-(3-nitrophenoxy)benzene	3.08E+05	2.09E+05	3.13E+05	1.49E+04	4.21E+05	1.77E+05	2.43E+05	5.29E+05	3.2E+06	3.08E+05	2.63E+06	1.11E+07	7.76E+05	3.3E+04	3.52E+05	2.48E+05	4.6E+06	2.24E+05	4.49E+06	5.73E+03	2.01E+05	3.57E+06	5.95E+04	2.25E+04	6.08E+05	9.85E+04	7.05E+06	2.81E+06	7.91E+03	3.36E+06	2.76E+04	1.7E+06	1.72E+04	1.53E+06	8.77E+06	1.69E+06	3.3E+06	1.53E+05	1.03E+06	2.36E+04	0	3.24E+06	3.31E+06	4.22E+05	7.35E+05
2,4-Dinitrophenol	5.73E+05	8.84E+05	2.18E+06	2.31E+05	3.36E+06	1.05E+06	1.38E+06	2.71E+06	1.95E+06	1.35E+06	1.45E+05	6.21E+06	1.23E+06	6.83E+05	4.25E+05	1.81E+05	3.3E+06	4.12E+05	3.55E+06	3.47E+05	5.57E+06	6.34E+05	5.18E+05	6.43E+05	1.68E+05	1.09E+07	4.67E+06	3.4E+05	6.36E+05	2.39E+05	7.19E+05	4.82E+06	2.16E+05	8.58E+05	1.33E+06	1.77E+06	7.39E+06	1.15E+06	2.81E+05	2.62E+06	4.38E+05	6.55E+05	5.06E+06	3.26E+06	2.04E+06
2,5-Diamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one_1	1.54E+06	1.36E+06	5.41E+05	3.86E+05	3.83E+06	1.1E+07	1.11E+06	1.02E+06	7.93E+05	3.15E+05	5.53E+05	1.16E+06	4.88E+05	1.06E+08	1.45E+05	2.88E+05	4.17E+07	7.79E+04	6.92E+06	6.14E+06	9.52E+06	1.29E+06	1.79E+05	4.98E+05	7.55E+05	5.09E+05	9.1E+05	1.1E+07	7.44E+05	6.11E+05	1.25E+06	8.66E+05	2.58E+05	9.21E+06	3.66E+05	4.84E+05	8.14E+05	6.43E+05	1.78E+06	5.14E+05	2.91E+05	3.24E+05	1.43E+06	7.07E+05	6.94E+05
2,5-Diamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one_2	1.54E+06	1.36E+06	5.41E+05	3.86E+05	2.28E+06	2.86E+06	1.11E+06	1.02E+06	7.93E+05	3.15E+05	5.53E+05	1.16E+06	2.39E+04	9.36E+07	9.52E+04	2.88E+05	1.06E+07	3.35E+04	1.6E+06	3.22E+06	4.7E+06	1.29E+06	1.79E+05	4.98E+05	7.55E+05	6.38E+05	9.1E+05	2.6E+06	7.44E+05	6.11E+05	8.26E+05	8.66E+05	2.58E+05	3.78E+06	3.66E+05	4.84E+05	1.5E+07	6.43E+05	1.76E+06	5.14E+05	2.91E+05	3.24E+05	1.43E+06	7.07E+05	6.94E+05
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_1	8.31E+05	1.91E+05	3.22E+06	7.54E+05	1.86E+07	2.17E+06	5.18E+06	3.41E+05	1.48E+06	7.41E+05	4.14E+05	3.11E+07	1.02E+07	3.1E+06	6.1E+05	7.76E+06	1.25E+07	2.66E+06	3.13E+06	7.43E+06	3.38E+07	2.19E+06	1.63E+06	5.81E+06	5.37E+05	6.45E+07	5.66E+05	3.04E+06	4.82E+05	8.36E+05	1.28E+06	1.54E+06	3.91E+06	1.03E+06	1.15E+06	1.12E+06	3.69E+06	8.69E+05	8.73E+05	2.13E+05	8.84E+05	2.57E+05	1.14E+06	3.56E+06	1.41E+06
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_2	8.31E+05	1.91E+05	3.22E+06	7.54E+05	3.39E+06	2.17E+06	1.77E+07	3.41E+05	1.48E+06	7.41E+05	4.14E+05	5.46E+07	2.76E+07	1.2E+07	6.1E+05	1.94E+07	3.85E+07	1.09E+07	2.42E+07	1.74E+07	8.14E+07	2.19E+06	1.63E+06	1.4E+07	5.37E+05	1.11E+08	5.66E+05	2.73E+07	4.82E+05	8.36E+05	1.28E+06	1.54E+06	1.06E+07	1.03E+06	1.15E+06	1.12E+06	3.69E+06	8.69E+05	8.73E+05	2.13E+05	8.84E+05	2.57E+05	1.14E+06	2.14E+07	1.41E+06
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_1	1.64E+06	2.17E+06	1.56E+06	1.73E+06	1.59E+07	1.64E+07	2.12E+07	1.3E+07	3.72E+06	1.71E+07	1.56E+07	1.03E+07	8.32E+06	5.06E+06	3.85E+06	3.8E+06	1.26E+07	3.55E+06	5.66E+06	4.39E+06	1.78E+07	6.88E+06	1.65E+06	1.99E+06	6.28E+06	1.46E+07	5.6E+06	7.6E+06	3.3E+06	4.87E+06	9.67E+06	7.52E+06	1.04E+07	5.51E+06	1.09E+07	2.06E+06	9.99E+06	3.75E+06	3.35E+06	1.37E+06	3.85E+06	4.5E+06	5.68E+06	2.19E+07	1.75E+07
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_2	3.94E+05	4.01E+05	1.16E+06	5.27E+05	1.22E+06	7.74E+05	8.66E+05	3.44E+05	2.9E+07	8.21E+05	6.16E+05	3.69E+06	2.21E+06	8.43E+05	4.26E+05	5.45E+05	4.95E+06	3.76E+05	1.09E+06	7.41E+05	8.64E+05	2.11E+06	6.37E+05	3.64E+05	2.15E+06	2.32E+06	1.53E+06	1.58E+06	3.65E+05	1.26E+06	3.49E+06	1.22E+06	3.24E+05	1.13E+06	3.66E+06	8.5E+05	1.71E+06	8.58E+05	6.02E+05	1.39E+05	3.57E+05	8.24E+05	1.13E+06	1.4E+06	6.03E+05
2-Amino-9,10-epoxy-8-oxodecanoic acid	5.71E+04	1.94E+04	1.11E+05	1.09E+05	3.79E+05	6.28E+05	1.43E+05	6.28E+04	8.87E+06	2.7E+05	3.79E+05	4E+05	6.81E+05	3.06E+05	3.69E+04	5.36E+03	3.57E+05	2.93E+05	5.46E+05	3.82E+05	1.54E+05	2.56E+05	1.6E+05	1.32E+04	3.26E+05	6.88E+05	3.22E+05	8.18E+05	2.98E+04	2.21E+05	1.15E+06	1.93E+05	3.78E+04	1.92E+05	4.12E+05	1.23E+05	7.26E+05	2.51E+05	1.36E+05	2.62E+04	6.02E+04	1.38E+05	2.11E+05	3.79E+05	2.02E+05
2-AminoAMP	1.23E+05	3.92E+06	8.12E+04	8.64E+04	6.12E+05	3.97E+05	1.28E+05	3.24E+05	6.92E+05	3.26E+04	6.22E+04	1.4E+06	4.31E+05	1.28E+05	6.95E+04	2.15E+05	4.44E+05	2.24E+04	4.54E+05	4.44E+04	4.23E+05	1.89E+05	5.89E+04	9.07E+04	8.58E+04	2.37E+05	1.95E+05	6.22E+05	6.87E+04	6.58E+05	2.43E+05	4.14E+05	2.96E+04	1.1E+06	1.63E+06	2.49E+05	5.7E+05	2.39E+05	1.15E+05	2.78E+04	2.97E+05	8.09E+04	4.49E+05	6.2E+04	5.45E+05
2-Chloro-1,4-naphthoquinone	2.61E+06	3.71E+07	5.2E+05	1.3E+06	4.49E+07	4.84E+06	1.5E+06	5.11E+06	1.46E+06	6.95E+05	1.42E+06	3.77E+07	2.05E+06	7.96E+05	2.28E+06	1.96E+06	6.5E+07	5.38E+05	2.78E+07	1.55E+06	5.52E+06	4.17E+06	5.2E+05	1.31E+06	3.69E+05	2.9E+06	4.24E+06	4.94E+07	3.1E+06	1.14E+06	1.7E+06	2.46E+06	1.08E+06	8.02E+05	7.4E+07	5.79E+06	4.12E+07	8.11E+05	1.2E+06	1.15E+06	4.11E+07	2.54E+06	3.16E+07	1.8E+06	1.09E+06
2-Dehydro-D-xylonate	1.72E+06	1.21E+05	2.13E+04	5.59E+04	2.5E+04	1.11E+05	2.66E+05	4.76E+03	5.44E+04	1.92E+04	8.25E+03	2.35E+05	2.07E+04	1.26E+04	2.03E+04	4.26E+04	1.48E+05	3.76E+07	4.4E+04	3.85E+04	1.03E+04	4.01E+06	5.17E+03	1.14E+05	2.17E+04	5.1E+04	2.95E+04	4.63E+04	1.07E+04	5.25E+04	9.86E+03	3.08E+04	4.14E+03	1.79E+04	1.11E+04	2.96E+04	4.23E+04	6.26E+04	4.05E+05	4.16E+03	6.16E+03	1.04E+06	1.09E+05	6.96E+04	7.69E+04
2-Deoxy-D-ribose 1-phosphate	5.19E+05	3.13E+06	3.48E+05	9.17E+05	3.46E+06	2.39E+06	2.17E+06	9.22E+05	4.31E+06	2.62E+06	9.3E+05	5.64E+06	3.49E+06	3.67E+06	9.75E+05	1.05E+06	1.4E+06	8E+05	9.54E+05	8.76E+05	5.02E+06	4.12E+06	9.9E+05	1.21E+06	9.34E+05	4.83E+06	9.19E+05	2.24E+06	2.11E+05	5.98E+05	3.15E+06	1.32E+06	5.91E+05	3.4E+06	1.27E+06	2.43E+06	1.94E+06	1.44E+06	9.14E+05	3.58E+05	4.31E+05	1.99E+06	9.72E+05	3.81E+06	2.61E+06
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_1	6.56E+06	6.32E+06	3.64E+06	6.7E+06	6.63E+06	6.63E+06	6.69E+06	6.56E+06	7.81E+06	6.54E+06	8.23E+06	6.45E+06	6.71E+06	6.57E+06	6.39E+06	6.27E+06	6.48E+06	6.51E+06	6.4E+06	6.48E+06	6.42E+06	6.32E+06	6.32E+06	6.45E+06	6.47E+06	6.42E+06	6.24E+06	6.51E+06	6.07E+06	6.25E+06	6.18E+06	7.65E+06	5.83E+06	6.17E+06	6.1E+06	5.93E+06	6.11E+06	6.16E+06	5.96E+06	6.04E+06	5.89E+06	6E+06	5.92E+06	6.5E+06	6.4E+06
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_2	1E+03	1.56E+03	1.55E+07	3.13E+04	9.46E+03	4.45E+04	2.45E+03	1.53E+03	1.74E+05	2.24E+04	9.96E+04	1.54E+03	4.68E+03	4.98E+03	6.64E+04	4.88E+03	1.13E+04	970	1.27E+03	886	5.18E+03	9.78E+03	782	993	2.85E+04	9.22E+03	2.06E+03	6.93E+04	1.12E+03	888	6.62E+04	2.79E+05	4.12E+03	9.45E+04	1.37E+04	1.47E+04	4.28E+04	5.24E+04	1.64E+03	1E+03	6.56E+04	7.39E+03	6.31E+03	1.05E+04	1.22E+03
2-Hydroxyfelbamate	1.12E+06	1.17E+07	2.74E+06	8.55E+06	6.55E+06	5.21E+06	1.3E+07	9.44E+05	1.17E+07	4.1E+06	7.01E+06	4.55E+06	1.64E+07	7.58E+06	1.22E+06	1.46E+06	2.97E+06	2.44E+06	4.34E+06	2.2E+06	6.13E+06	1.52E+07	1.78E+06	7.12E+05	5.18E+06	9.07E+06	7.31E+06	5.12E+06	3E+06	4.91E+06	6.45E+06	1.63E+07	2.41E+06	2.37E+07	6.84E+06	2.43E+06	5.1E+06	3.1E+07	1.78E+07	2.64E+06	1.06E+06	6.51E+06	2.31E+06	3.04E+06	3.63E+06
2-Oxo-6-methylthiohexanoic acid_1	9.75E+06	5.97E+05	1.51E+06	3.2E+05	9.83E+04	3.02E+05	3.05E+07	4.65E+04	4.4E+05	6.53E+05	1.91E+06	6.42E+05	6.71E+05	1.53E+05	2.87E+06	7.52E+05	1.23E+06	5.2E+05	2.05E+06	2.4E+05	4.88E+05	4.39E+05	5.69E+05	4.97E+05	2.83E+06	1.68E+06	1.22E+06	6.26E+05	4.96E+05	1.81E+05	1.21E+06	1.62E+06	7.09E+05	1.04E+06	4.6E+05	2.08E+05	2.61E+06	8.21E+05	8.14E+05	1.22E+05	4.93E+05	5.82E+06	4.38E+06	4.3E+05	6.25E+05
2-Oxo-6-methylthiohexanoic acid_2	2.06E+06	2.3E+06	8E+05	1.73E+06	6.41E+06	7.89E+06	2.51E+06	2.68E+06	7.72E+06	1.64E+07	6.11E+06	9.26E+06	1.04E+07	6.23E+06	1.41E+07	5.8E+06	1.87E+07	2.37E+06	1.98E+07	3.14E+06	6.29E+06	8.6E+06	2.61E+06	2.11E+06	1.75E+07	2.27E+07	6.61E+06	1.71E+07	2.39E+06	2.47E+06	7.07E+06	1.04E+07	2.06E+06	8.06E+06	7.08E+06	1.4E+06	5.84E+06	2.69E+06	2.14E+06	2.14E+06	2.63E+06	1.56E+07	2.22E+07	1.68E+07	1.76E+07
2-Oxo-8-methylthiooctanoic acid	2.35E+03	1.69E+05	2.01E+03	2.26E+03	2.21E+03	6.03E+03	7.44E+06	5.37E+03	3.36E+04	7.04E+03	1.02E+04	1.17E+05	2.06E+04	1.1E+03	2.67E+03	7.67E+03	8.99E+03	8.73E+03	9.65E+04	2.35E+03	7.42E+03	9.03E+03	0	0	0	9.02E+03	1.5E+06	5.46E+04	1.25E+03	8.72E+03	2.37E+04	3.22E+03	1.17E+04	8.64E+03	5.35E+04	3.26E+03	1.37E+07	971	807	1.62E+03	2.65E+03	3.54E+03	9.37E+05	3.86E+03	1.29E+05
2-Oxosuberate	1.05E+07	2.16E+07	2.9E+07	2.1E+07	5.29E+07	5.28E+07	6.4E+07	1.96E+07	9.09E+07	2.63E+07	3.69E+07	7.49E+07	9.91E+07	3.18E+07	2.07E+07	1.01E+07	3.47E+07	2.7E+07	4.46E+07	2.7E+07	5.51E+07	3.49E+07	1.32E+07	5.28E+06	2.66E+07	9.91E+07	6.46E+07	7.34E+07	8.83E+06	3.78E+07	7.49E+07	5.44E+07	1.12E+07	6.14E+07	6.17E+07	2.63E+07	1.15E+08	3.93E+07	3.29E+07	1.09E+07	1.78E+07	2.99E+07	2.71E+07	5.33E+07	9.4E+07
2-Phosphinomethylmalate	1.1E+03	1.38E+03	1.19E+03	2.07E+03	2.48E+03	2.54E+03	2.66E+03	1.14E+03	4.14E+03	1.09E+03	1.34E+03	2.07E+03	3.86E+03	2.48E+03	995	957	1.89E+03	2.39E+03	2.44E+03	1.33E+03	3.18E+03	6.34E+03	737	692	633	2.38E+03	2.25E+03	2.08E+03	694	2.9E+05	2.45E+03	1.61E+04	391	1.86E+07	2.26E+03	1.41E+03	1.07E+04	3.73E+03	3.28E+03	637	999	1.75E+03	3.41E+03	9.15E+03	1.46E+03
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_1	3.12E+07	8.2E+06	7.4E+06	2.12E+06	9.08E+06	2.8E+07	4.22E+05	7.51E+05	1.98E+07	1.7E+06	1.48E+06	2.51E+07	6.16E+06	8.33E+04	2.72E+06	3.47E+06	3.83E+07	8.64E+05	2.93E+07	3.41E+07	2.77E+07	1.82E+06	1.65E+06	1.54E+07	1.64E+06	1.11E+07	1.93E+07	3.28E+07	1.7E+06	1.9E+07	6.62E+06	7.08E+06	3.23E+06	4.52E+07	1.6E+07	1.81E+07	2E+07	7.2E+06	6.62E+05	1.23E+07	2.57E+06	2.47E+06	2.13E+06	1.57E+07	8.68E+07
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_2	2.88E+07	4.75E+06	1.16E+07	2.12E+06	9.09E+06	2.56E+07	4.22E+05	7.51E+05	1.99E+07	1.7E+06	1.48E+06	1.37E+07	6.16E+06	8.33E+04	2.72E+06	3.47E+06	2.27E+07	8.64E+05	2.93E+07	3.29E+07	2.77E+07	1.82E+06	1.65E+06	1.25E+07	1.64E+06	8.46E+06	1.62E+07	2.99E+07	1.7E+06	1.13E+07	1.09E+07	8.39E+06	3.23E+06	1.68E+07	2.61E+07	8.66E+06	1.59E+07	1.93E+07	6.62E+05	8.69E+06	2.57E+06	2.47E+06	2.13E+06	6.87E+06	8.41E+07
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_3	1.41E+07	1.92E+06	1.32E+06	1.51E+05	1.94E+07	8.59E+06	1.43E+05	2.66E+05	1.21E+06	3.39E+05	3.81E+05	4.31E+06	1.75E+06	1.01E+06	9.87E+05	9.51E+05	8.97E+06	8.15E+04	1.01E+07	1.3E+07	1.07E+07	3.44E+05	3.36E+05	5.4E+06	4.58E+05	1.99E+06	6.43E+06	9.74E+06	3.28E+05	4.05E+06	5.11E+05	1.22E+05	1.05E+06	5.01E+06	7.92E+05	3.25E+06	4.98E+06	5.5E+06	1.04E+05	2.62E+06	7.62E+05	5.54E+05	1.21E+05	2.44E+06	3.78E+07
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_4	9.01E+04	4.8E+05	4.63E+05	8.26E+05	7.2E+05	3.6E+05	3.04E+04	1.51E+06	4.73E+05	1.39E+06	2.25E+06	2.34E+06	5.47E+06	1.06E+06	1.46E+05	2.65E+04	1.99E+06	8.8E+05	1.05E+08	1.68E+06	6.19E+05	2.83E+06	1.4E+05	1.25E+06	6.21E+06	1.74E+06	3.63E+06	6.38E+05	7.32E+06	1.83E+06	2.24E+06	3.24E+06	4.32E+05	6.18E+06	1.51E+06	5.59E+06	3.08E+06	3.59E+05	2.93E+05	1.86E+06	1.26E+06	4.03E+05	2.38E+06	2.75E+05	1.73E+05
2-S-Glutathionyl acetate	1.17E+05	2.77E+04	1.4E+04	7.58E+05	1.67E+03	6.12E+05	1.97E+04	8.59E+04	9.02E+04	2.3E+04	6.85E+05	8.51E+04	4.41E+06	9.25E+05	8.85E+03	4.25E+06	1.72E+06	1.39E+03	4.78E+05	1.03E+05	5.62E+06	3.31E+04	984	1.98E+06	3.49E+06	3.5E+05	1E+07	9.85E+04	5.53E+04	3.69E+05	3.48E+06	1.17E+07	4.6E+05	2.07E+06	1.32E+06	4.74E+03	2.47E+07	9.67E+05	0	1.51E+05	1.5E+03	3.43E+03	1.56E+06	2.87E+05	4.75E+03
2-Succinylbenzoate_1	1.04E+05	1.52E+05	6.21E+05	5.32E+05	9.38E+06	1.03E+06	1.23E+06	4.21E+05	1.23E+06	3.34E+05	1.29E+07	1.23E+06	3.55E+05	8.65E+05	9.36E+05	1.24E+06	8.91E+05	1.1E+06	1.71E+06	8E+05	5.75E+05	5.11E+05	4.34E+05	5.21E+05	1.25E+06	4.79E+05	8.9E+05	8.36E+05	4.08E+04	9.35E+05	9.44E+05	7.13E+05	4.8E+05	1.17E+06	1.33E+06	7.14E+05	5.12E+05	6.05E+05	7.75E+05	5.51E+05	5.12E+05	1.87E+07	3.65E+05	8.6E+05	1.01E+06
2-Succinylbenzoate_2	2.46E+05	6.48E+05	5.83E+04	1.88E+05	1.15E+05	2.05E+05	1.12E+05	2.68E+05	2.1E+07	1.18E+05	2.83E+05	6.36E+05	4.09E+05	1.17E+05	3.28E+04	4.29E+05	3.01E+05	3.65E+04	3.43E+05	2.34E+05	2.87E+05	8.09E+05	5.43E+04	4.59E+05	2.05E+05	7.79E+05	2.05E+05	2.9E+05	1.76E+05	6.16E+04	2.07E+05	3.17E+05	1.75E+05	5.54E+05	1.57E+06	5.25E+05	5.7E+05	1.85E+05	2.26E+05	7.99E+04	5.25E+04	2.79E+05	1.76E+05	5.88E+05	5.88E+05
3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)lactate_1	1.55E+07	1.91E+07	4E+06	1.52E+07	2.07E+07	2.86E+07	2.12E+07	9.36E+06	5.51E+07	2.46E+07	3.39E+07	5.84E+07	7.69E+07	2.69E+07	2.02E+07	1.01E+07	3.25E+07	1.1E+07	3.17E+07	2.46E+07	3.91E+07	3.84E+07	1.08E+07	5.17E+06	2.76E+07	9.22E+07	2.45E+07	5.02E+07	9.02E+06	1.55E+07	3.33E+07	4.46E+07	1.03E+07	2.63E+07	3.6E+07	1.14E+07	4.33E+07	2.16E+07	9.54E+06	4.74E+06	1.67E+07	2.92E+07	7.18E+06	2.83E+07	3.51E+07
3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)lactate_2	1.11E+06	5.17E+05	4.95E+05	5.26E+05	6.88E+05	3.95E+05	1.12E+06	4.53E+04	1.2E+06	6.2E+05	5.22E+06	8.11E+05	3.31E+06	7.49E+05	5.13E+05	1.79E+05	1.2E+06	3.19E+05	1.98E+06	4.43E+05	6.49E+05	2.24E+06	1.79E+05	7.56E+04	1.74E+06	1.77E+06	1.06E+06	1.43E+06	2.29E+05	6.45E+05	6.85E+05	1.45E+06	6.73E+05	1.59E+06	9.94E+05	3.25E+05	1.3E+06	3.55E+06	8.56E+05	1.98E+05	4.45E+05	1.18E+06	1.67E+07	2.14E+06	7.13E+05
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)lactate	1.39E+06	6.38E+06	8.03E+06	1.56E+06	2.45E+07	6.53E+06	4.6E+07	1.64E+07	1.34E+07	4.94E+06	2.34E+06	1.93E+07	6.38E+06	5.6E+06	1.54E+06	6.3E+06	3.73E+06	1.11E+06	1.14E+07	1.91E+06	3.04E+06	7.5E+06	1.95E+06	2.25E+06	3.55E+06	1.17E+07	1.07E+07	1.42E+07	1.85E+06	4.61E+06	8.8E+06	3.87E+06	1.35E+06	3.05E+05	9.29E+06	6.88E+06	1.45E+08	2.06E+06	2.26E+06	1.91E+06	2.11E+06	1.26E+07	7.03E+06	1.79E+06	1.17E+07
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate	1.48E+05	1.09E+05	1.27E+05	3.38E+05	2.8E+05	1.15E+05	1.87E+05	1.62E+05	4.82E+05	1.6E+05	4.48E+05	2.71E+05	4.7E+05	9.45E+04	2.3E+05	4.07E+05	1.26E+05	3.34E+05	8.77E+05	2.32E+05	2.33E+05	5.15E+05	2.97E+05	2.37E+05	3.23E+05	3.69E+05	1.55E+06	5.45E+05	1.18E+05	3.34E+05	1.07E+05	3.1E+05	2.37E+05	5.42E+05	1.43E+06	1.74E+05	1.79E+06	3.92E+05	1.25E+05	1.49E+05	1.71E+05	5.94E+05	8.73E+06	1.65E+05	2.06E+06
3,4,3'-Tri-O-methylellagic acid	4.99E+06	5.75E+06	6.88E+06	7.32E+06	1.42E+07	1.34E+07	1.36E+07	4.16E+06	2.16E+07	1.28E+07	1.4E+07	2.54E+07	2.37E+07	1.23E+07	8.84E+06	3E+06	1.63E+07	6.58E+06	1.76E+07	1.24E+07	1.9E+07	1.77E+07	3.92E+06	1.64E+06	1.05E+07	2.7E+07	1.04E+07	2.25E+07	2.75E+06	7.61E+06	1.66E+07	2.33E+07	1.74E+06	1.2E+07	1.51E+07	6.87E+06	1.25E+07	8.87E+06	2.98E+06	2.62E+06	4.96E+06	1.16E+07	1.04E+07	1.49E+07	1.65E+07
3,4-Dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine	5.83E+05	9E+05	3.13E+06	5.54E+05	4.01E+05	4.07E+05	4.02E+05	4.37E+05	1.58E+06	5.53E+05	4.36E+05	4.78E+05	5.2E+05	4.09E+05	3.88E+05	1.72E+05	2.39E+05	5.65E+05	4.5E+05	2.96E+05	1.22E+06	5.46E+05	2.59E+05	8.08E+04	6.23E+05	6.53E+05	3.69E+05	5.86E+05	3.18E+05	3.19E+05	1.5E+06	1.16E+06	2.09E+05	4.58E+05	6.25E+05	6.39E+05	4.26E+05	1.06E+06	2.99E+05	2.65E+05	2.17E+05	2.93E+05	5.54E+05	3.59E+05	4.85E+05
3,4-Dihydroxymandelate_1	1.31E+05	2.45E+05	8.07E+06	1.31E+05	2.43E+05	2.74E+05	1.53E+05	8.19E+04	1.36E+07	1.67E+05	1.24E+04	1.47E+05	2.15E+05	1.11E+04	6.29E+04	2.71E+05	1.98E+05	1.47E+05	7.61E+04	1.11E+05	2.68E+05	1.61E+07	3.09E+04	3.92E+04	5.29E+04	8.38E+05	1.49E+06	3.19E+06	7.57E+03	3.15E+05	3.06E+05	1.51E+07	7.36E+04	4.95E+04	8.09E+05	5.16E+05	2.47E+05	2.35E+05	1.39E+05	1.12E+05	2.35E+04	2.26E+05	1.56E+06	1.4E+05	7.51E+05
3,4-Dihydroxymandelate_2	3.2E+04	4.42E+05	2.48E+05	4.49E+03	1.24E+06	7.76E+04	1.1E+05	9.34E+05	3.55E+05	4.54E+04	3.67E+04	1.34E+07	1.7E+04	4.2E+04	7.07E+04	4.72E+05	1.22E+06	1.96E+04	8.9E+06	5.95E+04	3.07E+05	1.2E+05	7.79E+03	5.64E+03	2.8E+03	9.82E+04	1.91E+04	1.72E+07	2.24E+04	1.43E+06	9.83E+04	2.45E+04	1.13E+05	4.09E+06	1.13E+07	3.97E+05	2.37E+05	1.49E+04	2.01E+05	1.85E+03	6.73E+05	5.89E+04	1.07E+06	3.41E+03	8.7E+04
3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethyleneglycol_1	3.35E+05	6.95E+05	5.68E+05	4.63E+05	9.26E+05	1.22E+07	1.18E+06	6.91E+05	1.92E+07	1.06E+06	5.36E+06	1.73E+07	2.01E+07	7.75E+05	5.51E+05	5.4E+05	4.67E+06	2.7E+06	1.28E+07	7.54E+06	5.63E+06	7.86E+05	2.66E+05	2.28E+05	9.53E+05	2.01E+07	6.39E+06	1.23E+07	1.18E+05	1.25E+07	8.04E+06	1.29E+07	5.07E+05	1.44E+06	1.35E+07	8.69E+05	1.55E+07	5.5E+05	6.11E+05	4.88E+05	4.74E+05	8.62E+05	1.27E+06	9.88E+06	9.08E+06
3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethyleneglycol_2	1.81E+05	3.53E+05	6.58E+05	5.19E+05	4.29E+05	4.09E+05	7.42E+06	1.1E+04	9.36E+05	6.29E+05	1.02E+06	1.27E+05	1.02E+06	3.95E+05	1.2E+05	4E+04	1.42E+05	2.34E+05	2.85E+04	1.6E+04	5.92E+05	6.45E+05	2.09E+05	4.31E+04	7.86E+05	4.88E+05	9.81E+04	7.33E+05	1.02E+05	6.42E+05	5.49E+05	6.08E+05	1.49E+05	1.23E+06	1.67E+05	5.51E+04	2.31E+05	1.67E+06	4.55E+05	5.97E+04	1.95E+04	2.8E+05	1.05E+05	3.33E+05	5.03E+05
3',5'-Cyclic AMP	1.97E+06	1.97E+06	1.56E+06	5.63E+06	3.39E+06	7.83E+06	6.59E+06	2.1E+06	9.32E+06	6.65E+06	4.48E+06	1.02E+07	1.03E+07	4.43E+06	5.1E+06	2.31E+06	6.39E+06	3.12E+06	7.51E+06	6.2E+06	5.47E+06	7.61E+06	1.83E+06	1.66E+06	4.13E+06	1.21E+07	4.19E+06	1.05E+07	1.86E+06	3.4E+06	7.34E+06	6.39E+06	2E+06	4.71E+06	1.16E+07	2.35E+06	8.28E+06	3.2E+06	2.11E+06	1.79E+06	3.4E+06	4.12E+06	4.61E+06	4.42E+06	8.61E+06
3',5'-Cyclic GMP	2.41E+05	7.56E+03	7.13E+05	2.36E+06	3.4E+06	8.39E+06	7.73E+05	7.06E+05	1.62E+07	1.02E+07	7.07E+06	7.92E+06	1.23E+07	6.88E+06	1.25E+06	1E+06	1.51E+06	1.43E+06	1.9E+07	1.46E+06	8.3E+06	1.29E+06	9.44E+05	5.75E+05	7.99E+05	1.65E+06	8.8E+05	1.25E+07	1.44E+05	9.82E+05	1.94E+06	1.05E+07	6.42E+05	9.15E+06	1.3E+07	8.74E+05	1.39E+06	2.45E+06	4.69E+05	1.6E+05	1.2E+06	7.35E+06	1.02E+06	1.09E+07	1.15E+07
3,5-Dinitroguaiacol	3.02E+08	2.95E+08	3.07E+08	3.02E+08	3.12E+08	3.15E+08	3.11E+08	3.12E+08	3.09E+08	3.13E+08	3.22E+08	3.15E+08	3.25E+08	3.07E+08	2.97E+08	2.96E+08	3.05E+08	2.82E+08	3.07E+08	2.97E+08	3.05E+08	3E+08	2.97E+08	2.89E+08	2.88E+08	3.15E+08	2.92E+08	3.01E+08	2.75E+08	2.85E+08	2.72E+08	2.9E+08	2.71E+08	2.85E+08	2.87E+08	2.76E+08	2.93E+08	2.83E+08	2.7E+08	2.75E+08	2.62E+08	2.84E+08	2.69E+08	3.06E+08	3.14E+08
3,7-Di-O-methylquercetin	6.31E+04	3.48E+04	2.18E+05	8.35E+04	6.17E+05	9.7E+04	3.79E+05	2.32E+05	2.62E+05	3.14E+05	2.66E+05	9.72E+04	5.85E+05	3.29E+05	6.33E+06	1.23E+05	2.81E+05	1.03E+05	1.62E+05	1.88E+05	3.21E+05	2.6E+05	1.97E+05	8.16E+04	1.37E+05	7.65E+05	9.57E+06	3.63E+05	9.73E+04	2.58E+05	4.22E+05	7.91E+06	9.65E+04	1.31E+05	1.87E+05	2.69E+05	1.22E+05	3.42E+05	2.71E+04	1.83E+05	3.08E+04	2.47E+05	3.94E+05	4.44E+05	3.36E+05
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate	1.6E+05	5.56E+05	5.15E+05	1.41E+06	1.3E+06	1.05E+06	1.12E+06	3.9E+04	7.28E+06	3.68E+05	2.19E+06	3.35E+05	1.16E+05	6.23E+05	2.27E+05	3.94E+05	6.44E+05	2.58E+04	2.99E+04	3.72E+04	1.31E+06	5.09E+06	1.97E+05	4.73E+04	1.47E+06	5.81E+05	7.19E+04	5.01E+05	3.51E+05	1.72E+05	1.54E+06	1.06E+06	8.56E+05	9.61E+06	3.26E+06	3.41E+05	7.88E+03	5.25E+06	8.56E+05	5.28E+04	2.83E+05	1.03E+06	4.61E+05	3.57E+05	1.52E+05
3-beta-D-Galactosyl-sn-glycerol_1	3.5E+04	1.94E+05	1.49E+07	3.41E+04	2.03E+05	3.72E+04	2.29E+06	8.03E+06	2.32E+06	3.51E+04	3E+04	1.4E+06	1.93E+06	4.62E+03	5.46E+05	3.16E+05	2.28E+04	1.5E+03	1.05E+06	4.14E+04	3.79E+06	2.96E+05	9.13E+03	6.1E+04	1.4E+06	6.52E+05	5.27E+05	3.21E+04	3.98E+03	1.24E+05	3.24E+07	1.28E+04	1.78E+05	9.32E+06	6.02E+03	4.67E+06	1.2E+07	2.27E+04	1.04E+04	3.91E+03	6.65E+04	9.62E+04	2.37E+06	2.39E+05	5.31E+05
3-beta-D-Galactosyl-sn-glycerol_2	1.42E+04	1.94E+05	1.21E+07	3.41E+04	2.03E+05	3.72E+04	2.29E+06	6.56E+06	2.32E+06	3.51E+04	3E+04	1.4E+06	1.93E+06	1.71E+03	5.46E+05	3.16E+05	2.28E+04	6.04E+03	1.05E+06	4.14E+04	1.8E+07	2.96E+05	9.13E+03	6.1E+04	1.4E+06	2.97E+05	5.27E+05	3.21E+04	9.92E+03	1.24E+05	1.56E+07	2.95E+04	1.78E+05	2.59E+06	2.07E+04	2.95E+06	3.62E+06	2.27E+04	1.04E+04	3.91E+03	6.65E+04	9.62E+04	2.37E+06	2.39E+05	5.31E+05
3-beta-D-Galactosyl-sn-glycerol_3	1.84E+04	3.6E+04	1.79E+05	2.41E+05	3.83E+05	3.31E+03	2.73E+06	2.06E+05	8.89E+05	1.24E+04	3.51E+03	6.3E+04	2.75E+06	0	1.55E+04	9.41E+03	8.3E+04	4.04E+03	1.46E+04	4.95E+05	1.67E+06	2.7E+06	7.3E+04	6.7E+04	3.27E+04	3.16E+06	2.54E+06	1.28E+04	1.59E+03	3.92E+05	7.82E+06	1.83E+05	1.73E+04	2.14E+06	6.92E+03	6.36E+04	2.6E+06	1.82E+05	5.31E+05	4.63E+03	9.61E+03	2.42E+03	1.91E+07	2.96E+05	3.62E+06
3-Fluoro-cis,cis-muconate	2.06E+05	2.38E+05	2.19E+06	3.29E+07	3.48E+07	6.11E+06	4.06E+07	1.53E+07	5.69E+07	1.66E+07	9.37E+06	2.44E+07	1.03E+07	1.77E+07	1.14E+08	4.99E+06	6.48E+06	3.61E+07	2.39E+07	2.9E+07	8.31E+06	2.07E+07	5.68E+06	3.95E+06	3.06E+06	2E+07	1.51E+07	1.99E+07	1E+05	2.4E+06	9.77E+06	3.37E+07	3.93E+06	2.15E+07	1.78E+07	1.7E+06	2.75E+06	4.6E+07	1.43E+07	6.16E+06	1.88E+07	1.19E+07	3.19E+07	2.1E+07	1.19E+08
3-Hydroxy-2-methylpyridine-4,5-dicarboxylate	1.69E+08	1.56E+08	1.61E+08	1.71E+08	1.58E+08	1.8E+08	1.55E+08	1.8E+08	1.48E+08	1.76E+08	1.7E+08	1.58E+08	1.72E+08	1.85E+08	1.82E+08	1.72E+08	1.71E+08	1.89E+08	1.88E+08	1.86E+08	1.62E+08	1.7E+08	1.91E+08	1.85E+08	1.78E+08	1.72E+08	1.82E+08	1.72E+08	1.86E+08	1.86E+08	1.74E+08	1.63E+08	1.82E+08	1.64E+08	1.68E+08	1.83E+08	1.74E+08	1.68E+08	1.81E+08	1.83E+08	1.88E+08	1.8E+08	1.8E+08	1.46E+08	1.53E+08
3-Hydroxy-L-glutamate_1	7.24E+03	2.6E+05	3.27E+03	1.4E+03	3.84E+05	5.13E+03	4.73E+03	3.51E+05	5.25E+03	1.83E+04	1.28E+04	4.66E+07	4.27E+03	4.04E+03	3.3E+03	5.67E+05	3.96E+05	1.02E+04	3.08E+05	4.26E+03	6.11E+04	6.8E+03	3.78E+03	2.82E+05	5.06E+03	2.05E+03	3.89E+03	7.53E+04	5.15E+03	3.66E+05	2.79E+03	7.44E+03	2.74E+04	4.84E+03	1.71E+06	5.06E+04	2.96E+03	2.17E+03	1.8E+03	4.31E+03	1.51E+04	5.24E+03	1.29E+05	1.1E+04	3.73E+03
3-Hydroxy-L-glutamate_2	1.26E+03	7.16E+05	3.27E+03	2.86E+03	3.71E+05	944	489	4.56E+04	1.16E+03	8.92E+03	2.04E+04	2.15E+06	1.97E+03	1.87E+03	9.46E+04	5.67E+05	7.85E+04	1.01E+04	3.08E+05	6.51E+04	4.61E+05	1.32E+03	496	2.32E+05	7.18E+03	1.09E+03	1.08E+03	7.53E+04	1.05E+03	3.66E+05	1.07E+05	1.12E+03	2.74E+04	1.73E+04	3.1E+07	5.06E+04	1.97E+03	4.68E+03	2.29E+03	3.3E+03	1.51E+04	2.85E+04	1.29E+05	6.3E+03	1.32E+03
3-Methyldioxyindole	1.09E+04	3.97E+03	4.43E+03	2.61E+05	7.26E+05	5.52E+04	3.44E+04	1.88E+04	4.57E+04	6.56E+04	4.5E+04	5.04E+05	6.58E+05	2.58E+05	2.17E+04	8.95E+04	2.04E+04	2.22E+05	3.4E+05	1.14E+05	1.52E+04	6.63E+05	8.38E+04	8.35E+04	7.44E+03	5.82E+04	1.98E+04	4.3E+06	1.2E+03	2.52E+04	7.85E+04	9.21E+04	4.1E+03	4.52E+04	3.36E+05	6.52E+04	6.78E+04	5.53E+05	2.66E+04	2.35E+04	1.09E+04	8.11E+03	4.54E+04	7.68E+04	9.81E+03
3-Oxalomalate	7.73E+04	6.19E+04	3.52E+05	6.89E+05	2.3E+05	2.47E+05	3.49E+05	2.53E+05	1.16E+05	1.6E+05	6.43E+05	1.23E+05	1.46E+05	5.12E+05	3.6E+05	5.26E+05	7.13E+04	1.67E+07	8.15E+04	8.17E+05	2.26E+05	1.93E+05	6.49E+05	1.28E+05	2.81E+05	1.28E+05	2.49E+05	8.86E+04	3.85E+04	2.87E+05	1.69E+05	1.56E+05	1.76E+05	1.97E+05	3.25E+05	6.91E+05	1.52E+05	3.2E+05	4.62E+05	4.26E+05	3.06E+05	5.46E+05	4.72E+04	1.81E+05	1.5E+05
3-Oxododecanoic acid	3.03E+05	6.28E+05	1.08E+05	1.3E+06	2.14E+06	5.56E+05	5.52E+06	1.99E+05	9.94E+05	6.77E+05	8.68E+05	6.1E+05	1.29E+06	2.15E+06	3.99E+05	4.56E+04	3.46E+05	3.94E+05	6.84E+05	2.43E+05	1.54E+06	1.64E+06	1.23E+06	3.27E+04	6.81E+05	1.08E+06	6.6E+05	1.63E+06	2.4E+05	3.55E+05	8.3E+05	7.73E+05	4.72E+04	5.36E+05	4.12E+05	1.63E+05	2.97E+06	2.37E+06	1.32E+06	1.14E+05	5.43E+05	1.16E+06	3.61E+05	4.43E+05	3.18E+06
3-Sulfino-L-alanine	4.21E+05	6.28E+05	1.54E+04	4.09E+05	1.53E+05	6.29E+05	4.85E+05	5.83E+05	9.59E+05	6.59E+05	2.69E+05	1.16E+06	9.58E+05	2.99E+05	5.92E+04	1.44E+05	4.27E+05	1.3E+05	1.29E+06	5.09E+05	4.61E+05	7.23E+05	1.09E+05	8.44E+04	5.93E+05	1.62E+06	4.62E+05	8.44E+05	2.04E+05	1.89E+05	3.42E+05	6.13E+05	1.12E+05	3.52E+05	6.72E+05	1.4E+05	1.06E+06	2.83E+04	1.09E+05	1.27E+05	1.54E+05	3.81E+04	9.59E+05	4.9E+05	1.19E+06
3-Sulfocatechol	5.51E+08	2.36E+09	1.58E+08	3.6E+08	2.97E+09	9.15E+08	2.88E+08	9.32E+08	6.87E+08	4.03E+08	6.1E+08	1.72E+09	4.39E+08	2.23E+08	9.13E+08	9.08E+08	4.34E+09	1.55E+08	1.38E+09	5.09E+08	1.26E+09	6.91E+08	1.52E+08	2.88E+08	3.53E+08	9.61E+08	1.17E+09	4.26E+09	5.21E+08	3.26E+08	4.49E+08	4.88E+08	3.41E+08	7.2E+08	5.27E+09	1.49E+09	2.24E+09	2.92E+08	2.73E+08	2.3E+08	3.28E+09	6.38E+08	2.41E+09	5E+08	4.56E+08
3-Sulfomuconate	1.22E+06	2.78E+06	4.26E+06	3.33E+05	9.82E+05	1.83E+06	8.32E+05	1.79E+05	4.09E+07	8.35E+05	4.85E+05	2.37E+06	2.83E+06	5.08E+05	7.97E+05	1.51E+06	4.1E+05	5.8E+05	4.52E+06	2.52E+06	3.51E+07	5.08E+06	7.66E+05	4.71E+05	2.37E+05	5.41E+07	3.8E+06	2.12E+06	1.36E+06	2.02E+06	4.8E+06	3.33E+07	1.37E+06	1.93E+07	1.17E+06	6.72E+06	3.49E+06	1.89E+06	3.31E+05	9.69E+05	1.25E+06	9.26E+05	2.79E+06	3.09E+06	2.6E+06
3-tert-Butyl-5-methylcatechol	4.9E+05	5.82E+05	7.67E+05	5.64E+05	1.86E+06	2.14E+06	5.71E+06	2.63E+05	7.32E+06	5.45E+06	5.63E+06	6.51E+06	7.02E+06	1.46E+06	3.68E+05	1.14E+05	4.99E+06	4.96E+05	4.88E+06	1.02E+06	1.73E+06	6.75E+06	1.4E+06	1.41E+04	3.42E+06	1.08E+07	1.33E+06	1.03E+07	1.48E+05	4.54E+06	7.13E+06	6.47E+06	8.65E+04	1.27E+06	9.83E+06	1.14E+06	8.42E+05	5.88E+05	7.81E+05	2.58E+05	1.08E+06	4.79E+06	9.76E+05	1.5E+06	1.8E+06
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_1	3.49E+05	3.91E+05	7.82E+05	1.01E+07	2.46E+05	2.46E+06	8.63E+05	5.99E+03	5.16E+06	1.71E+07	1.41E+07	1.35E+07	2.03E+05	3.85E+05	3.23E+05	1.15E+05	1.37E+05	2.41E+06	3.66E+06	9.07E+05	4.36E+05	1.65E+05	2.01E+04	3.54E+04	1.06E+06	8.26E+05	1.88E+05	9.73E+05	5.11E+05	1.06E+05	3.75E+05	1.49E+06	1.79E+05	1.69E+06	4.81E+05	3.3E+05	6.45E+05	1.35E+06	1.57E+05	9.12E+04	7.78E+05	9E+05	1.01E+05	1.48E+05	2.91E+05
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_2	2.14E+05	3.39E+05	6.55E+05	7.29E+05	7.66E+05	1.45E+06	8.77E+05	4.17E+05	2.92E+06	1.69E+06	1.44E+06	1.98E+06	1.29E+06	8.74E+05	1.13E+06	7.4E+05	2.4E+07	2.47E+05	1.52E+06	6.04E+05	1.71E+07	2.16E+06	1.94E+05	3.06E+05	1.54E+06	3.03E+06	1.4E+06	2.55E+06	3.23E+05	4.49E+05	4.95E+06	3.75E+06	6.89E+05	3.1E+06	1.74E+07	7.03E+05	1.85E+07	6.02E+05	3.26E+05	3.24E+05	6.79E+05	1.1E+06	1.63E+07	3.04E+07	1.19E+06
4-(3-Methylbut-2-enyl)-L-tryptophan	1.64E+05	3.23E+04	1.57E+04	1.39E+05	6.71E+04	4.07E+05	1.27E+05	1.02E+04	1.73E+05	5.87E+03	6.44E+03	3.19E+04	4.89E+04	1.45E+05	2.06E+04	2.49E+04	1.09E+04	1.43E+04	2.17E+04	3.79E+04	3.68E+04	4.74E+04	3.4E+04	3.44E+03	1.23E+04	3.8E+04	9.07E+04	5.44E+04	9.27E+03	3.49E+04	3.29E+04	1.39E+05	3.13E+03	1.2E+05	4.91E+04	8.25E+03	2.03E+06	1.42E+05	7.93E+04	2.08E+04	1.62E+04	4.34E+04	5.04E+03	2.62E+05	8.14E+04
4-(4-Deoxy-beta-D-gluc-4-enuronosyl)-D-galacturonate	2.59E+07	9.29E+06	5.78E+06	7.61E+06	9.24E+06	1.85E+07	1.53E+07	1.35E+07	1.59E+07	2.68E+07	7.55E+06	2E+07	2.53E+07	1.06E+07	1.2E+07	1.07E+07	2.19E+07	6.48E+07	2.09E+07	1.34E+07	1.72E+07	2.12E+07	5.3E+06	6.6E+06	1.06E+07	2.66E+07	1.66E+07	3.48E+07	1.36E+07	1.65E+07	2.65E+07	1.68E+07	9.24E+06	2.39E+07	1.72E+07	6.77E+06	1.75E+08	7.23E+06	9.16E+06	7.18E+06	8.75E+06	8.29E+06	2.77E+07	8.35E+06	1.46E+07
4-(beta-D-Glucosyloxy)benzoate	2.05E+05	4.71E+05	2.47E+05	6.57E+04	3.98E+05	4.99E+05	4.05E+05	1.89E+05	4.76E+05	4.72E+05	1.62E+05	1.01E+06	5.55E+04	6.72E+04	7.63E+05	2.45E+05	2.16E+07	1.08E+05	4.97E+05	1.05E+05	5.43E+05	3.37E+05	1.38E+05	3.83E+05	7.99E+05	6.14E+06	6.55E+05	4.89E+05	1.38E+05	6.41E+05	1.39E+05	8.2E+06	1.64E+05	1.32E+05	4.14E+05	5.99E+05	1.05E+05	6.15E+05	1.59E+05	6.74E+05	4.23E+04	1.44E+07	3.88E+05	1.14E+07	2.07E+05
4,4'-Biphenyldithiol_1	1.11E+06	1.14E+06	3.03E+07	1.11E+07	2.86E+06	8.97E+06	8.29E+06	8.43E+06	2.22E+06	1.55E+06	4.61E+06	3.65E+06	3.54E+06	6.29E+06	1.79E+07	2.49E+07	1.57E+06	2.68E+07	2.71E+06	4.31E+06	2.04E+06	3.3E+06	1.14E+07	1.68E+07	2.12E+07	2.33E+06	1.99E+06	1.94E+06	2.4E+06	1.71E+06	7.08E+06	1.85E+06	1.85E+07	5.89E+06	4.63E+06	1.41E+07	1.94E+06	1.15E+06	1.85E+07	1.82E+07	1.03E+07	1.07E+07	4.14E+06	1.82E+07	9.06E+06
4,4'-Biphenyldithiol_2	1.75E+04	2.12E+05	1.64E+06	1.94E+07	2.5E+07	2.14E+07	1.26E+06	1.28E+06	3.58E+06	1.75E+07	5.03E+07	3.3E+07	2E+07	2.38E+07	5.53E+05	2.48E+06	1.5E+07	4.24E+05	2E+07	2.72E+07	1.82E+07	3.34E+07	3.01E+05	4.65E+05	1.31E+05	3.01E+07	3.46E+07	2.95E+07	3.71E+05	1.14E+07	2.17E+07	3.17E+07	8.64E+05	3.32E+07	1.91E+07	1.44E+06	2.11E+06	2.61E+07	1.35E+06	1.56E+05	1.81E+07	2.12E+07	2.75E+05	3.04E+05	1.87E+07
4,4-Bis[4-(acetyloxy)phenyl]3-hexanone_1	1.91E+05	4.1E+05	6.48E+04	6.4E+05	3.44E+05	8.06E+04	3.3E+05	2.54E+05	2.45E+07	2.47E+05	2.79E+05	6.71E+05	4.91E+05	1.63E+05	6.47E+05	2.11E+06	6.68E+05	1.61E+05	5.97E+05	3.54E+05	3.98E+06	9.17E+04	1.37E+05	8.42E+05	1.1E+05	7.06E+05	9.32E+05	4.66E+05	2.42E+05	5.17E+03	5.55E+04	1.1E+06	9.02E+05	1.28E+04	1.25E+07	8.58E+04	9.63E+05	7.89E+05	2.71E+05	1.26E+05	1.09E+06	4.48E+04	3.59E+05	3.27E+05	3.23E+05
4,4-Bis[4-(acetyloxy)phenyl]3-hexanone_2	1.95E+05	4.08E+05	6.48E+04	6.4E+05	3.44E+05	8.06E+04	3.47E+05	2.56E+05	1.88E+07	2.52E+05	2.79E+05	6.71E+05	5.88E+05	1.58E+05	6.47E+05	2.12E+06	6.95E+05	2.78E+05	5.97E+05	3.54E+05	5.15E+06	9.17E+04	1.62E+05	8.52E+05	1.84E+05	7.06E+05	9.45E+05	8.31E+05	2.47E+05	1.67E+04	4.7E+04	1.2E+06	9.02E+05	1.28E+04	7.82E+06	8.58E+04	1.28E+06	7.89E+05	2.72E+05	1.8E+05	1.09E+06	4.48E+04	3.59E+05	3.27E+05	3.23E+05
4,4'-Diaminostilbene dihydrochloride_1	1.32E+07	9.12E+06	9.91E+06	1.33E+07	2.88E+07	9.1E+06	9.78E+06	9.35E+06	9.09E+06	1.32E+07	1.61E+07	1.42E+07	1.38E+07	1.31E+07	1.16E+07	8.77E+06	9.37E+06	1.18E+07	1.31E+07	1.4E+07	9.39E+06	1.38E+07	9.52E+06	8.85E+06	9.02E+06	1.54E+07	8.65E+06	1.6E+07	8.12E+06	9.23E+06	3.9E+06	3.6E+06	8.36E+06	8.55E+06	8.62E+06	8.63E+06	8.94E+06	1.38E+07	2.35E+07	8.37E+06	8.37E+06	1.66E+07	1.31E+07	9.84E+06	1.5E+07
4,4'-Diaminostilbene dihydrochloride_2	1.34E+05	2.13E+05	8.68E+04	6.92E+04	1.65E+06	2.82E+04	3.55E+04	2.19E+05	1.13E+06	9.04E+05	2.1E+05	5.36E+05	1.89E+05	2.87E+04	7.05E+05	1.91E+05	8.99E+05	7.47E+04	1.68E+05	1.44E+05	7.62E+05	4.5E+05	1.79E+04	9.74E+04	5.27E+05	2.16E+05	4.57E+05	2.72E+05	1.17E+05	2.71E+05	5.24E+05	1.65E+07	4.94E+04	2.05E+04	2.48E+04	5.63E+05	1.85E+04	7.49E+05	5.7E+04	5E+04	5.94E+04	6.42E+05	1.05E+03	2.97E+05	8.85E+05
4,4'-Dichlorobenzophenone_1	8.56E+04	1.28E+07	1.12E+05	1.6E+05	1.33E+06	6.61E+05	5.04E+05	4.61E+05	3.01E+06	1.63E+06	2.39E+05	2.17E+07	1.05E+06	3.05E+05	4.93E+05	9.35E+05	1.17E+06	2.95E+04	1.52E+06	2.17E+05	9.45E+05	1.56E+06	6.63E+04	1.23E+05	5.85E+05	8.56E+05	1.4E+06	1.85E+07	2.62E+05	1.57E+06	3.42E+07	1.05E+06	1.99E+05	2.66E+06	6.33E+05	6.76E+05	1.35E+07	6.77E+05	1.52E+05	9.69E+04	1.19E+06	7.71E+05	1.25E+06	1.81E+05	1.32E+07
4,4'-Dichlorobenzophenone_2	2.21E+05	6.35E+05	3.76E+05	2.01E+05	2.3E+05	4.5E+05	1.42E+05	1.15E+05	5.86E+05	2.94E+05	1.33E+05	1.22E+05	6.09E+05	8.4E+04	3.37E+05	3.78E+05	3.62E+05	1.13E+06	2.97E+05	5.21E+05	1.31E+06	8.22E+05	3.49E+05	6.36E+04	4.39E+05	1.1E+06	1.19E+06	1.14E+06	9.61E+04	1.12E+05	8.51E+05	2.69E+05	1.25E+05	1.45E+06	1.25E+05	2.35E+05	1.45E+06	1.08E+07	1.62E+05	2.29E+04	3.32E+05	2.3E+06	3.63E+05	4.49E+05	3.22E+05
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_1	1.57E+07	1.5E+08	1.02E+07	3.18E+07	4.71E+07	4.74E+07	1.77E+07	2.33E+07	1.22E+08	1.71E+07	1.79E+07	8.16E+07	5.26E+07	1.65E+07	1.22E+07	5.64E+07	6.74E+07	1.4E+07	1.03E+08	2.42E+07	7.62E+07	3.47E+07	8.52E+06	1.96E+07	2.17E+07	3.01E+07	1.53E+07	6.48E+07	1.14E+07	6.03E+07	3.6E+07	3.4E+07	1.01E+07	1.42E+08	7.54E+07	2.94E+07	2.49E+07	3.51E+07	9.15E+06	6.73E+06	3.67E+07	1.92E+07	2.57E+07	2.12E+07	3.65E+07
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_2	1.33E+07	1.5E+08	1.02E+07	2.81E+07	4.71E+07	4.74E+07	1.36E+07	2.25E+07	1.12E+08	6.65E+06	1.2E+07	8.16E+07	4.61E+07	1.23E+07	8.47E+06	5.19E+07	5.16E+07	9.48E+06	8.2E+07	1.71E+07	6.6E+07	2.71E+07	6.77E+06	1.63E+07	1.73E+07	2.47E+07	9.3E+06	5.43E+07	9.65E+06	5.7E+07	3.1E+07	2.87E+07	8.11E+06	1.34E+08	6.82E+07	2.44E+07	6.7E+06	2.76E+07	8.41E+06	5.93E+06	2.72E+07	1.4E+07	2.1E+07	2.12E+07	3.65E+07
4-Carboxy-4-hydroxy-2-oxoadipate	1.67E+06	3.32E+07	1.68E+06	1.6E+06	2.95E+06	3.34E+06	4.53E+06	4.47E+06	3.07E+07	3.35E+06	3.53E+06	3.13E+07	8.13E+06	1.92E+06	1.33E+06	1.18E+06	7.03E+06	1.21E+06	7.82E+06	4.78E+06	6.88E+06	3.38E+06	5.86E+05	4.85E+05	2.34E+06	9.5E+06	5.08E+06	7.81E+06	1.24E+06	3.13E+06	6.99E+06	6.16E+06	5.64E+05	5.17E+06	5.43E+06	2.62E+06	1.07E+07	3.88E+06	1.06E+06	1.58E+05	1.36E+06	2.31E+06	5.45E+06	4.29E+06	7.3E+06
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_1	1.78E+07	2.21E+07	2.42E+07	2.25E+07	3.35E+07	2.33E+07	3.39E+07	3.37E+07	7.97E+07	2.25E+07	3.11E+07	6.81E+07	4.99E+07	2.73E+07	3.67E+07	1.41E+07	5.06E+07	2.36E+07	4.8E+07	3.5E+07	4.77E+07	3.15E+07	1.87E+07	2.14E+06	3.07E+07	8.62E+07	2.69E+07	4.29E+07	1.41E+07	1.85E+07	3.42E+07	3.38E+07	1.21E+07	2.15E+07	5.6E+07	2.43E+07	3.6E+07	2.87E+07	3E+07	1.96E+07	1.19E+07	3.21E+07	5.3E+07	3.16E+07	3.75E+07
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_2	4.98E+06	6.08E+06	6.65E+06	7.02E+06	6.69E+06	5.46E+06	7.17E+06	6.77E+06	5.5E+06	7.16E+06	5.82E+06	6.32E+06	5.83E+06	6.6E+06	6.57E+06	6.51E+06	5.48E+06	6.47E+06	6.03E+06	6.68E+06	6.08E+06	6.47E+06	6.62E+06	1.51E+07	6.34E+06	5.42E+06	5.94E+06	5.98E+06	5.83E+06	6.44E+06	5.49E+06	4.94E+06	6.04E+06	5.51E+06	5.5E+06	5.77E+06	5.51E+06	5.1E+06	5.99E+06	6.1E+06	1.49E+07	5.15E+06	5.79E+06	6.19E+06	5.57E+06
4-Hydroxycinnamyl alcohol 4-D-glucoside	1.63E+05	2.88E+04	8.5E+03	2.48E+04	8.51E+04	9.29E+04	7.7E+03	3.31E+04	5.52E+04	5.92E+04	1.41E+05	3.99E+05	7.81E+04	8.33E+03	1.69E+05	1.26E+04	2.82E+06	1.05E+04	9.11E+04	6.03E+04	1.17E+06	5.33E+04	1.53E+03	4.45E+04	3.07E+05	1.55E+05	6.58E+04	9.83E+04	7.49E+04	4.72E+04	2.71E+04	2.57E+06	9.01E+03	2.15E+05	3.06E+05	3.58E+04	1.01E+05	1.32E+05	2.41E+04	1.1E+03	2.16E+04	5.38E+05	8.8E+04	8.99E+05	4.85E+04
4-Nitrophenol-alpha-D-galactopyranoside	2.91E+04	3.44E+05	2.04E+06	2.85E+05	4.38E+05	1.7E+06	1.22E+05	4.28E+04	1.02E+07	3.74E+04	1.54E+04	3.21E+04	2.76E+05	1.46E+05	9.84E+04	1.2E+05	1.08E+05	1.1E+05	2.98E+05	2.1E+04	4.59E+06	4.52E+05	3.12E+04	3.4E+04	1.01E+05	1.73E+05	2.61E+05	3.14E+05	2.37E+04	1.86E+05	1.21E+06	1.79E+06	5.67E+03	7.46E+05	7.37E+05	9.79E+05	1.06E+06	1.28E+06	1.48E+05	9.23E+04	1.22E+05	3.47E+04	3.11E+05	1.56E+04	2.59E+06
4-Nitrophenyl-3-ketovalidamine_1	2.41E+05	4.62E+05	2.94E+05	6.81E+05	1.22E+07	8.78E+05	2.98E+06	1.9E+05	1.65E+07	6.69E+05	1.04E+06	6.44E+05	1.01E+06	1.08E+06	2.81E+07	2.59E+05	5.78E+05	5.99E+05	7.38E+05	7.78E+05	9.36E+05	2.57E+06	5.72E+05	1.48E+05	8.43E+05	1.2E+06	2.07E+07	8.83E+05	2.08E+05	8.56E+05	7.1E+05	2.25E+07	1.48E+05	6.15E+05	8.72E+05	1.41E+06	1.28E+06	5.18E+05	4.17E+05	4.04E+05	2.49E+05	9.22E+05	5.11E+05	3.9E+06	3.71E+06
4-Nitrophenyl-3-ketovalidamine_2	0	5.61E+03	1.43E+03	0	1.65E+03	1.67E+03	1.75E+03	0	5.15E+03	786	1.76E+03	1.81E+03	1.48E+03	0	869	722	2.16E+03	1.02E+03	1.94E+03	759	0	1.51E+03	0	699	1.28E+04	5.57E+06	0	1.77E+03	458	1.25E+03	2.05E+03	2.39E+03	730	4.05E+03	0	1.07E+03	2.34E+03	2.61E+03	1.26E+03	591	0	1.91E+03	2.13E+03	0	1.85E+03
4-O-beta-D-Glucosyl-4-hydroxycinnamate_1	1.6E+07	1.12E+06	1.53E+07	1.04E+06	9.43E+05	3.8E+05	2.39E+06	1.23E+07	2.55E+07	1.75E+07	1.78E+06	6.07E+07	5.3E+06	3.51E+06	1.06E+07	1.26E+07	5.35E+07	2.07E+05	2.78E+06	3.53E+05	4.23E+07	1.94E+07	1.08E+07	1.65E+07	4.81E+06	2.76E+07	5.26E+05	3E+07	8.96E+05	1.99E+05	6.41E+06	4.09E+07	1.61E+05	3.53E+06	4.92E+06	8.46E+05	2.35E+06	8.6E+05	7.06E+05	7.92E+06	1.01E+06	3.99E+06	5.68E+06	2.37E+07	1.73E+06
4-O-beta-D-Glucosyl-4-hydroxycinnamate_2	2.29E+06	3.17E+06	1.44E+06	1.14E+06	4.5E+07	8.65E+06	3.13E+06	9.77E+05	1.91E+06	4.88E+05	1.95E+06	1.39E+06	1.27E+06	6.78E+06	2.87E+05	9.63E+05	7.99E+06	6.01E+05	2.37E+06	6.98E+06	4.89E+06	2.29E+06	2.74E+05	8.41E+05	1.66E+06	8.85E+05	8.78E+06	4.97E+05	1.08E+06	1.81E+06	6.82E+05	5.59E+06	1.04E+06	5.69E+06	8.8E+05	2.27E+07	9.92E+06	8.63E+07	4.4E+05	6.82E+05	4.99E+05	6.81E+06	1.73E+06	4.22E+06	8.52E+05
4-Pyridoxate_1	4.02E+06	2.95E+07	4.3E+06	3.64E+07	1.8E+06	8.56E+07	7.43E+06	1.31E+06	5.43E+06	2.47E+06	1.66E+06	2.4E+06	7.4E+06	1.25E+06	5.49E+05	3.63E+07	5.76E+06	6.33E+06	1.04E+07	1.77E+06	5.28E+06	5.99E+06	2.25E+06	3.26E+07	3.78E+06	1.86E+06	1.08E+07	1.06E+06	3.04E+07	1.69E+06	1.86E+06	8.57E+06	3.01E+06	4.78E+06	5.34E+07	3.09E+07	1.58E+07	3.7E+07	6.37E+06	2.65E+07	2.84E+05	3.32E+06	2.41E+07	8.86E+06	5.6E+06
4-Pyridoxate_2	1.17E+06	1.26E+06	3.07E+07	4.25E+05	1.17E+06	1.45E+06	6.58E+05	3.74E+05	7.53E+06	3.4E+05	5.13E+05	1.99E+06	1.21E+06	4.58E+05	6E+05	9.24E+05	8.47E+05	1.91E+06	7.43E+05	6.91E+05	7.8E+06	2.39E+06	3.47E+05	3.87E+05	6.47E+05	2.78E+06	1.42E+06	1.02E+06	2.7E+05	1.91E+06	4.43E+06	2.51E+06	2.59E+05	1.96E+06	3.09E+05	4.15E+06	3.66E+06	2.55E+06	6.99E+05	2.4E+05	3.61E+05	9.67E+05	8.45E+05	1.95E+06	4.63E+05
4-Pyridoxate_3	1.31E+06	1.62E+06	8.46E+05	9.75E+05	9.7E+05	1.26E+07	1.77E+06	5.92E+05	6.73E+06	2.44E+06	2.12E+06	5.06E+06	4.59E+06	1.71E+06	1.49E+06	1.73E+06	3.6E+06	1.27E+06	1.89E+06	1.89E+06	2.8E+06	3.12E+06	6.92E+05	9.51E+05	1.68E+06	5.69E+06	2.32E+06	3.74E+06	9.99E+05	1.06E+06	4.17E+06	4.37E+06	6.77E+05	3.49E+06	5.78E+06	1.81E+06	3.92E+06	3.33E+06	4.02E+05	7.17E+05	1.13E+06	1.94E+06	4.99E+06	2.83E+06	1.7E+06
5-Amino-4-chloro-2-(2,3-dihydroxyphenyl)-3(2H)-pyridazinone	5.11E+04	2.53E+05	9.9E+04	2.18E+05	3.45E+04	9.81E+05	1.07E+06	4E+04	2.24E+05	5.35E+05	1.64E+06	2.07E+07	9.95E+06	3.42E+05	1.09E+06	5.47E+04	2.05E+07	6.51E+04	9.32E+06	2.7E+06	3.87E+06	2.46E+06	2.18E+05	2.55E+04	4E+05	2.75E+07	5.54E+06	6.85E+06	6.8E+04	2.52E+06	8.87E+06	3.16E+06	4.55E+05	4.95E+05	1.62E+07	2.07E+06	2.94E+07	8.08E+05	4.13E+05	4.18E+04	3.23E+06	1.36E+06	4.2E+06	4.58E+06	1.79E+06
5-Amino-6-(5'-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil	1.04E+05	3.02E+05	2.74E+05	1.07E+05	7.39E+04	6.91E+05	1.86E+05	6.5E+05	4.84E+05	6.95E+05	7.45E+04	5.55E+05	2.45E+05	1.5E+04	1.98E+05	1.62E+04	6.27E+05	2.72E+04	4.29E+05	1.09E+06	1.48E+06	1.44E+05	3.04E+04	1.28E+05	1.79E+05	3.98E+05	1.26E+05	2.46E+06	8.36E+04	5.55E+05	3.43E+05	3.72E+04	1.12E+05	2.56E+05	5.69E+04	1.18E+05	6.11E+05	6.32E+04	6.21E+04	1.24E+04	1.83E+05	1.16E+05	2.17E+05	3.58E+05	2.21E+05
5-Fluorouridine monophosphate	2.26E+05	1.32E+06	1.26E+05	6.78E+05	4.67E+05	4.39E+05	2.11E+05	3.82E+05	2.16E+06	9.52E+04	1.02E+05	2.06E+05	1.03E+06	1.19E+05	1.3E+05	1.52E+06	2.11E+04	1.95E+04	3.42E+05	2.98E+05	8.13E+04	2.98E+05	2.23E+05	2.94E+05	7.88E+05	2.31E+05	6.33E+04	5.27E+05	3.05E+05	3.11E+05	4.39E+04	6.07E+05	6.6E+03	6.89E+04	8.35E+05	1.92E+05	1.46E+05	1.61E+05	2.38E+05	1.29E+05	1.9E+05	2.84E+05	3.09E+04	2.15E+04	1.13E+05
5-Guanidino-3-methyl-2-oxopentanoate	1.01E+05	4.52E+04	5.64E+05	2.81E+06	1.18E+06	2.27E+06	9.28E+05	1.07E+06	4.41E+06	3.82E+06	3.19E+05	3.15E+06	1.34E+06	1.92E+06	7.73E+05	5.83E+05	4.56E+06	8.29E+05	1.09E+06	7.12E+05	2.71E+06	2.85E+07	1.49E+05	4.36E+05	8.58E+05	4.47E+06	1.47E+06	6.34E+06	6.06E+04	1.47E+06	3.69E+06	3E+06	1.48E+06	2.93E+06	2.72E+06	1.39E+06	5.17E+05	3.19E+06	8.67E+05	3.52E+06	1.66E+06	7.5E+05	1.16E+06	4.03E+07	9.2E+05
5-Hydroxyferulic acid methyl ester_1	1.04E+07	2.84E+06	3.57E+05	5.9E+05	1.33E+06	1.59E+06	1.23E+06	4.16E+05	1.37E+06	1.2E+06	7.45E+05	3.14E+06	3.52E+06	2.03E+06	4.12E+05	5.59E+05	1.76E+06	7.2E+05	2.16E+06	1.65E+06	8.63E+05	5.71E+05	1.06E+05	2.8E+05	5.26E+05	4.52E+06	2.48E+06	2.42E+06	3.03E+05	1.52E+06	1.65E+06	2.21E+06	5.79E+05	1.83E+06	3.13E+06	7.02E+05	4.41E+06	1.17E+06	8.73E+05	3.52E+05	3.03E+05	1.05E+06	9.34E+05	2.01E+06	1.72E+06
5-Hydroxyferulic acid methyl ester_2	9.41E+05	1.47E+06	2.69E+05	9.14E+05	1.43E+06	6.28E+05	5.3E+05	5.52E+05	1.62E+07	3.88E+05	6.76E+05	1.24E+06	1.87E+07	3.32E+05	6.21E+05	1.39E+06	1.62E+05	2.81E+06	5.89E+05	4.54E+05	4.94E+05	8.43E+05	2.22E+05	2.98E+05	8.33E+05	1.23E+06	5.5E+05	2.64E+06	3.8E+05	4.3E+05	1.99E+05	1.38E+07	7.93E+04	9.62E+04	1.52E+07	4.44E+05	7.13E+05	2.95E+05	2.68E+05	2E+05	3.45E+05	5.56E+05	1.12E+05	4.93E+05	1.05E+06
5-Hydroxyindoleacetate	1.27E+07	8.47E+06	4.74E+06	1.11E+06	3.12E+07	1.41E+07	8.36E+06	2.43E+06	8.93E+06	5.44E+06	9.12E+06	2.49E+07	2.27E+07	1.7E+07	1.05E+06	1.29E+06	2.36E+07	4.84E+06	2.39E+07	8.28E+06	1.65E+07	2.98E+07	7.42E+05	1.43E+06	4.75E+06	1.89E+07	7.24E+06	2.81E+07	2.95E+06	6.42E+06	1.52E+07	1.01E+07	2.79E+06	1.71E+07	1.9E+07	2.62E+07	3E+07	1.65E+07	4.3E+05	4.65E+06	7.85E+06	1.33E+07	1.51E+07	8.77E+06	8.86E+06
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan	3.52E+06	3.57E+06	3.13E+06	7.44E+06	9.95E+06	1.66E+07	1.28E+07	3.8E+06	3.24E+07	1.4E+07	1.42E+07	2.34E+07	2.15E+07	1.44E+07	9.14E+06	1.08E+07	1.97E+07	9.05E+06	1.98E+07	1.13E+07	2.02E+07	1.93E+07	3.79E+06	2.3E+06	1.09E+07	2.81E+07	1.09E+07	2.33E+07	2.54E+06	1.18E+07	1.89E+07	2.11E+07	6.89E+06	1.6E+07	2.13E+07	9.85E+06	2.23E+07	1.28E+07	2.96E+06	3.47E+06	8.72E+06	1.09E+07	1.28E+07	1.87E+07	1.33E+07
5-Hydroxymethyldeoxycytidylate	1.34E+06	7.69E+05	3E+05	1.2E+06	9.05E+05	9.19E+05	8.79E+05	1.23E+06	4.24E+05	1.09E+06	1.1E+06	2.17E+05	5.77E+05	1.15E+06	1.13E+06	1.08E+06	6.29E+05	1.36E+06	6.26E+05	1.1E+06	6.75E+05	7.27E+05	1.5E+06	1.51E+06	1.06E+06	6.91E+05	8.75E+05	5.72E+05	1.02E+06	1.14E+06	7.21E+05	6.3E+05	1.35E+06	2.8E+05	5.58E+05	1.09E+06	3.83E+05	6.98E+05	1.21E+06	1.43E+06	1.12E+06	1.09E+06	7.39E+05	8.55E+05	6.6E+05
5-Methyl-3-isoxazolyl sulfate_1	0	2.99E+07	1.47E+03	0	3.47E+07	1.72E+03	987	3.58E+07	1.16E+05	2.67E+05	7.14E+05	4.83E+06	0	818	0	4.51E+07	4.43E+06	0	1.06E+07	1.02E+03	1.51E+06	1.65E+05	0	3.23E+07	0	1.59E+04	2.8E+03	4.28E+07	307	1.08E+07	4.22E+04	1.98E+03	3.1E+06	3.34E+03	4.2E+06	3.56E+07	0	3.18E+04	2.82E+03	1.07E+05	2.24E+06	1.2E+03	3.5E+06	2.79E+05	0
5-Methyl-3-isoxazolyl sulfate_2	0	1.99E+06	0	0	8.43E+06	0	0	1.25E+07	968	4.45E+05	2.43E+05	1.68E+08	0	0	0	1.04E+07	9.6E+07	0	1.06E+07	0	1.51E+06	2.15E+03	0	3.1E+06	0	893	1.05E+03	1.07E+07	0	5.27E+07	0	1.23E+03	3.1E+06	885	1.65E+08	2.64E+06	0	3.18E+04	1.29E+03	1.07E+05	2.24E+06	0	7.89E+07	1.64E+05	0
5-Methyl-3-isoxazolyl sulfate_3	5.1E+05	8.88E+05	4.69E+04	4.8E+04	8.85E+05	5.57E+05	1.25E+05	1.22E+06	5.14E+05	1E+05	9.69E+05	2.77E+06	2.92E+05	7.55E+04	5.54E+05	1.75E+06	6.36E+06	4.78E+04	1.02E+08	4.45E+05	9.95E+05	1.39E+05	9.92E+04	5.26E+05	3.02E+05	7.51E+05	7.21E+05	1.14E+06	2.99E+05	4.48E+05	5.46E+04	5.11E+05	1.69E+05	4.04E+05	2.16E+06	7.07E+05	1.02E+06	1.91E+05	6.71E+04	3.3E+04	8.6E+05	3.81E+05	1.28E+06	1.85E+05	1.09E+05
5-Methylthiopentanaldoxime	4.45E+05	7.89E+04	7.06E+05	3.64E+04	7.03E+05	9.67E+05	1.81E+04	1.47E+04	1.96E+06	8.43E+04	1.6E+05	7.37E+04	2.26E+05	1.41E+05	1.16E+04	4.99E+04	2.3E+05	1.52E+05	1.9E+05	3.46E+05	2.17E+06	6.15E+05	2.49E+04	1.48E+04	5.6E+05	5.05E+05	1.68E+05	4.96E+05	3.09E+05	1.4E+05	1.99E+06	4.47E+05	1.49E+04	8.55E+05	1.43E+05	2.67E+05	1.22E+06	3.62E+05	3.87E+04	1.04E+05	7.97E+04	4.19E+05	1.03E+05	1.75E+06	2.91E+05
5-O-Methyl-myo-inositol	1.79E+05	8.57E+05	3.53E+05	4.08E+04	1.46E+06	1.48E+05	1.24E+06	1.84E+05	1.43E+06	9.14E+05	2.31E+05	4.22E+06	3.56E+05	5.24E+04	2.33E+05	1.28E+07	3.71E+06	2.13E+04	1.64E+06	6.7E+04	1.47E+07	6.01E+05	2.44E+05	9.31E+05	2.94E+05	1.09E+07	1.11E+06	1.16E+06	1.87E+05	1.09E+06	7.8E+05	1.24E+07	5.22E+05	1.06E+06	4.12E+06	7.29E+05	3.19E+07	5.68E+05	1.29E+05	1.56E+05	5.1E+05	2.83E+05	1.65E+07	7.03E+05	2.83E+05
5-Sulfosalicylate_1	4.08E+07	3.12E+07	3.35E+07	1.29E+07	1.41E+07	5.66E+07	8.37E+06	2.75E+07	1.49E+08	1.57E+07	2.83E+07	7.91E+07	3.74E+07	2.24E+07	4.24E+07	3.15E+07	2.1E+08	2.29E+06	4.45E+07	1.73E+07	2.03E+08	3.3E+07	9.33E+05	2.93E+06	7.47E+07	4.42E+07	4.86E+07	3.21E+07	2.96E+07	1.39E+07	1.54E+08	2.85E+07	2.88E+07	9.68E+07	2.53E+07	3.54E+07	9.95E+07	2.35E+07	1.54E+07	1.4E+07	2.52E+07	5.88E+07	3.72E+07	1.4E+08	4.44E+07
5-Sulfosalicylate_2	9.32E+06	6.31E+06	6.6E+06	1.15E+06	1.99E+06	1.36E+07	3.23E+07	1E+06	2.15E+07	1.73E+06	7.82E+06	6.81E+06	2.82E+06	4.62E+06	6.87E+06	4.05E+06	2.49E+07	2.86E+04	7E+06	1.19E+05	4.57E+07	2.93E+06	1.48E+05	1.19E+05	2.35E+07	6.66E+06	4.55E+06	5.15E+05	4.48E+06	5.65E+05	2.35E+07	3.65E+06	2.19E+06	2.17E+07	2E+05	2.1E+06	2.15E+07	5.2E+05	9.89E+05	1.06E+06	3.89E+06	1.22E+07	7.94E+06	3.8E+07	1.41E+07
6-(alpha-D-Glucosaminyl)-1D-myo-inositol	899	0	828	1.23E+04	1.84E+03	1.93E+03	1.6E+03	0	3.91E+03	2.96E+03	1.54E+03	0	1.32E+03	688	1.53E+03	0	2.72E+03	0	0	2.99E+03	1.59E+03	1.25E+03	0	0	0	3.78E+03	2.11E+03	4.88E+03	0	1.56E+03	9.71E+03	0	0	1.41E+03	1.51E+03	0	2.25E+04	1.2E+03	0	0	3.11E+06	832	2.1E+03	0	4.84E+03
6-[2,3-Dihydroxy-1-(hydroxymethyl)propyl]-1,2-dihydro-7-hydroxy-9-methoxy-cyclopenta[c][1]benzopyran-3,4-dione	5.93E+04	6.47E+05	3.49E+06	1.04E+07	2.02E+07	1.41E+07	8.78E+05	9.81E+06	4.03E+05	1.52E+06	7.73E+06	3.23E+07	8.34E+06	8.2E+04	7.86E+05	1.39E+07	1.68E+07	1.04E+05	1.86E+07	1.84E+05	1.38E+06	7.63E+05	2.44E+05	7.1E+06	4.08E+05	7.94E+06	6.26E+06	1.66E+07	2.33E+04	2.74E+07	2.53E+06	9.16E+06	3.18E+06	9.93E+05	5.78E+07	8.11E+06	7.89E+06	5.78E+06	3.16E+05	2.81E+06	8.47E+06	5.79E+05	2.55E+07	8.41E+04	6.17E+04
6-Acetyl-D-glucose	1.6E+04	6.04E+04	4.28E+07	1.56E+04	8.14E+04	1.11E+05	8.15E+07	9.19E+04	6.29E+05	1.47E+04	1.7E+04	3.35E+05	1.52E+06	2.22E+04	1.01E+04	8.73E+04	1.11E+05	2.45E+04	3.26E+04	1.47E+04	2.96E+05	5.8E+05	3.61E+03	5.82E+04	2.09E+04	1.74E+05	2.57E+07	2.8E+05	4.9E+04	1.27E+05	1.01E+08	2.46E+05	5.83E+05	8.07E+06	3.96E+05	1.26E+07	3.35E+08	1.06E+07	3.32E+05	3.49E+03	2.77E+04	4.91E+03	5.38E+08	2.83E+05	1.4E+06
6-Demethylsterigmatocystin	1.22E+03	2.93E+04	1.13E+04	2.99E+05	2.99E+05	9.59E+03	9.47E+04	1.36E+04	2.42E+03	7.96E+06	6.49E+03	4.59E+05	3.55E+05	2.39E+04	9.82E+04	4.78E+04	2.48E+04	7.06E+04	4.38E+07	1.13E+05	1.58E+05	1.26E+06	1.26E+06	2.93E+05	4.98E+03	3.93E+05	1.1E+05	1.01E+06	604	5.09E+03	2.49E+06	3.71E+05	8.98E+04	4.01E+03	2.78E+05	3.87E+05	2.1E+07	6.34E+03	8.5E+04	6.64E+03	2.59E+04	3.62E+04	1.69E+06	1.31E+06	6.06E+04
6-Hydroxyindolelactate	6.6E+05	7.24E+06	1.73E+07	8.54E+05	1.47E+07	6.3E+06	4.15E+07	1.03E+07	6.17E+06	3.32E+06	2.08E+06	1.86E+07	2.82E+07	2.4E+06	1.5E+06	1.7E+07	2.19E+06	3.09E+06	1.81E+07	1.2E+07	2.23E+07	5.35E+06	7.3E+05	5.86E+06	2.46E+07	4.81E+06	1.11E+07	5.91E+06	7.6E+05	2.39E+06	2.63E+07	2.14E+06	7.6E+06	9.2E+05	2.17E+06	1.83E+07	6.34E+07	1.58E+06	7.12E+05	7.58E+06	8.13E+05	1.94E+07	3.03E+06	1.57E+06	2.54E+07
6-Methoxymellein_1	3.02E+03	3.73E+04	9.62E+05	1.07E+05	2.27E+07	2E+05	5.24E+05	2.47E+05	3.18E+05	2.38E+06	4.2E+05	1.59E+05	3.37E+05	2.35E+06	4.2E+05	1.67E+07	6.03E+05	2.47E+05	3.92E+05	4.94E+05	1.78E+07	9.36E+04	9.29E+05	1.6E+07	3.26E+05	8.24E+04	4.03E+05	1.88E+06	1.42E+03	3.26E+05	2.19E+05	1.45E+06	1.11E+07	3.1E+05	2.97E+05	5.6E+05	5.59E+05	2.54E+05	1.92E+05	1.4E+05	1.27E+05	1.49E+05	3.34E+05	1.75E+05	3.25E+04
6-Methoxymellein_2	2.84E+03	1.99E+03	1.19E+04	7.32E+03	1.42E+06	3.05E+03	6.51E+03	7.46E+05	3.46E+03	2.35E+03	3.15E+03	2.06E+05	4.83E+03	3.63E+07	3.57E+05	2.7E+06	4.39E+04	8.57E+03	4.03E+04	2.17E+04	8.99E+04	1.23E+03	1.69E+03	9.72E+04	6.39E+05	1.08E+04	7.63E+04	1.36E+05	1.35E+03	9.46E+03	8.05E+04	2.94E+04	9.13E+05	5.04E+04	2.34E+05	5.98E+04	6E+05	3.73E+03	3.18E+05	1.34E+05	3.04E+04	1.4E+03	8.5E+04	6.56E+03	2.7E+05
7,8-Dihydroxycoumarin	4.42E+05	2.26E+05	1.35E+06	2.57E+05	3.54E+04	1.72E+06	3.83E+05	7.75E+04	8.26E+05	3E+05	5.77E+05	4.03E+05	6.66E+05	2.07E+05	7.13E+04	7.26E+04	2.6E+06	2.49E+05	7.12E+05	5.83E+05	1.7E+06	2.49E+05	1.99E+04	1.72E+05	4.93E+05	4.03E+05	1.4E+07	4.61E+05	9.73E+04	2.03E+05	7.38E+06	3.84E+05	1.18E+05	2.25E+06	3.09E+05	1.03E+06	5.51E+05	1.95E+05	2.4E+05	8.92E+04	1.5E+06	5.92E+05	2.67E+05	1.74E+06	2.48E+05
7-Deoxyloganate_1	1.15E+07	4.19E+06	3.97E+06	9.8E+06	1.65E+07	2.37E+07	2.58E+07	3.43E+06	1.21E+07	2.6E+07	2.13E+07	9.31E+06	2.5E+07	2.07E+07	2.22E+07	7.89E+06	6.83E+06	9.1E+06	4.32E+07	1.62E+07	9.16E+06	4.09E+07	3.6E+06	5.93E+06	8.21E+06	5.01E+07	2.74E+07	1.16E+07	6.23E+06	9.46E+06	2.79E+07	3.46E+07	5.92E+06	3.31E+06	2.27E+07	1.27E+07	8.49E+07	2.84E+07	3.3E+07	1.49E+06	3.87E+06	1.87E+07	1.33E+07	5.08E+07	2.88E+07
7-Deoxyloganate_2	1.21E+06	2.08E+07	2.15E+06	6.85E+06	1.96E+07	2.05E+06	1.08E+07	1.54E+07	6.63E+06	6.02E+06	3.86E+06	4.91E+07	8.22E+06	1.68E+06	2.27E+06	2.61E+07	3.71E+07	7.92E+06	6.83E+06	9.74E+05	7.99E+06	1.04E+07	3.6E+06	2.9E+07	3.22E+06	4.1E+06	1.35E+07	5.19E+07	6.03E+05	3.32E+07	5.98E+06	6.3E+07	1.56E+07	6.09E+07	5.94E+07	2.31E+07	5.85E+06	8.16E+06	5.63E+06	9.79E+05	1.82E+06	3.49E+06	3.84E+07	7.13E+06	2.16E+06
7-Deoxyloganate_3	2.39E+06	3.11E+06	2.06E+07	5.47E+06	7.05E+07	4.22E+06	4.78E+07	1.55E+06	6.7E+07	4.97E+06	3.43E+06	9.45E+06	6E+07	6.72E+06	3.11E+06	1.17E+07	3.7E+06	4.13E+07	8.68E+06	4.21E+06	6.66E+07	1.31E+07	2.74E+06	3.17E+06	2.76E+07	1.03E+07	5.56E+06	9.78E+06	1.61E+06	4.59E+06	3.32E+06	1.26E+07	7.46E+06	1.51E+07	1.42E+07	6.2E+06	1.71E+07	4.8E+07	9.79E+06	1.33E+06	3.5E+06	2.26E+06	4.3E+06	5.91E+06	6.12E+06
7-Deoxyloganetin	9.06E+05	1.37E+06	1.41E+06	1.91E+06	8.99E+06	1.67E+06	1.54E+07	2.49E+05	1.27E+07	1.76E+06	1.06E+07	1.13E+06	6.58E+06	1.05E+06	1.1E+06	7.34E+05	2.85E+06	6.2E+05	9.3E+05	6.35E+05	1.48E+06	1.09E+07	1.69E+06	2.28E+05	1.91E+06	4.94E+06	1.35E+06	5E+06	7.1E+05	2.37E+06	5.78E+06	1.11E+07	5.98E+05	2.1E+07	1.05E+07	1.44E+06	5.75E+05	4.1E+07	8.26E+06	3.5E+05	2.11E+06	3.42E+06	1.71E+06	1.97E+06	6.51E+06
7-Hydroxy-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-4-propyl-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one	8.83E+05	4.35E+05	3.06E+04	5.59E+05	3.74E+05	1.58E+06	1.34E+06	6.56E+05	1.53E+06	2.78E+06	1.4E+06	7.72E+06	9.75E+06	9.2E+05	6.77E+05	3.35E+05	6.12E+03	3.08E+05	5.65E+05	1.1E+06	6.88E+03	2.18E+06	1.79E+05	2.74E+05	1.54E+06	1.1E+07	1.72E+06	8.15E+06	4.02E+05	6.89E+05	1.32E+06	7.66E+05	5.86E+05	7.61E+05	1.19E+06	1.61E+05	7.18E+06	4.43E+05	3.48E+05	4.8E+05	5.95E+05	1.41E+06	7.84E+05	1.05E+04	1.67E+06
7-Hydroxy-6-methyl-8-ribityl lumazine_1	5.87E+06	1.41E+07	4.45E+06	8.17E+06	1.8E+07	2.09E+07	1.05E+07	1.02E+07	1.96E+07	1.39E+07	1.35E+07	3.41E+07	2.33E+07	1.4E+07	8.54E+06	1.39E+07	3.17E+07	7.33E+06	3.46E+07	1.1E+07	2.05E+07	1.4E+07	5.92E+06	1.06E+07	1.16E+07	3.35E+07	1.32E+07	2.95E+07	5.27E+06	7.92E+06	1.73E+07	2.29E+07	1.44E+07	9.33E+07	3.6E+07	6.22E+06	2.79E+07	8.34E+06	1.04E+07	4.43E+06	1.23E+07	1.2E+07	1.56E+07	1.25E+07	1.23E+07
7-Hydroxy-6-methyl-8-ribityl lumazine_2	5.82E+06	4.4E+06	4.45E+06	8.18E+06	7.41E+06	1.28E+07	1.05E+07	4.64E+06	1.6E+07	1.39E+07	1.34E+07	1.37E+07	2.03E+07	1.25E+07	8.55E+06	4.5E+06	1.63E+07	7.35E+06	1.31E+07	1.09E+07	1.71E+07	1.39E+07	5.95E+06	3.21E+06	1.16E+07	2.32E+07	1.02E+07	1.93E+07	5.29E+06	7.9E+06	1.72E+07	1.49E+07	4.86E+06	1.06E+08	9.72E+06	6.23E+06	1.93E+07	8.33E+06	1.58E+07	4.45E+06	8.13E+06	1.2E+07	9.03E+06	1.25E+07	1.22E+07
7-Mercaptoheptanoic acid	6.63E+05	8.82E+05	1.98E+06	1.52E+06	1.42E+07	4.13E+06	3.88E+06	8.55E+05	1.81E+07	2.13E+07	2.3E+06	9.44E+06	4.04E+06	2.68E+06	1.41E+06	9.42E+05	5.14E+06	1.61E+06	5.04E+06	2.85E+06	1.6E+07	5.3E+06	1.53E+06	7.09E+05	2.51E+06	5.48E+06	3.8E+06	5.61E+06	6.01E+05	1.83E+06	6.91E+06	3.94E+06	7.5E+05	3.02E+06	6.95E+06	2.16E+06	1.02E+07	1.68E+06	9.86E+05	9.22E+05	1.7E+06	2.34E+06	5.67E+06	2.21E+07	2.26E+06
7-Mercaptoheptanoylthreonine	5.73E+04	2.32E+06	4.96E+05	3.09E+04	8.98E+05	1.4E+05	9.34E+06	8.97E+05	2.65E+05	3.69E+05	1.44E+05	1.66E+05	6.82E+05	2.58E+05	7.78E+04	4.6E+04	9.09E+04	5.12E+05	8.76E+05	2.65E+05	4.11E+05	2.38E+06	1E+05	7.28E+04	2.31E+05	7.52E+05	7.12E+05	6.72E+05	1.63E+04	2.39E+05	3.27E+05	6.89E+06	6.48E+04	8.91E+05	3.15E+05	1.31E+06	1.47E+06	7.19E+05	6.42E+04	7.01E+04	1.49E+05	3.2E+05	7.87E+05	5.6E+04	8.2E+06
7-Methyl-2-hydroxy-6-oxoocta-2,4-dienoate_1	1.4E+07	2.26E+06	1.38E+06	1.11E+06	8.55E+06	7.91E+06	4.86E+06	7.09E+05	1.79E+07	1.39E+06	8.81E+06	1.59E+07	1.39E+07	2.84E+06	1.56E+06	8.07E+06	2.26E+06	4.3E+06	9.77E+06	3.13E+06	2.23E+06	8.93E+05	7.67E+05	7.05E+05	3.72E+06	1.06E+07	8.68E+06	1.78E+07	5.87E+05	7.47E+06	7.83E+07	1.03E+07	3.17E+06	1.22E+07	1.79E+07	7.28E+06	1.14E+07	4.25E+06	9.7E+05	8.18E+05	5.76E+06	5.96E+06	1.3E+06	4.21E+06	5.36E+06
7-Methyl-2-hydroxy-6-oxoocta-2,4-dienoate_2	1.26E+06	1.02E+07	1.38E+06	1.11E+06	1.85E+06	3.89E+06	1.2E+07	7.09E+05	1.2E+07	1.39E+06	2.05E+06	7.63E+06	8.79E+06	1.7E+06	1.56E+06	2.82E+06	2.26E+06	2.08E+06	5E+06	2.4E+06	8.99E+06	8.93E+05	7.67E+05	7.05E+05	6.75E+06	7.06E+06	6.13E+06	3.6E+06	5.87E+05	3.18E+06	5.1E+07	5.55E+06	2.08E+06	5.21E+06	7.58E+06	1.7E+06	9.65E+06	9.9E+06	9.7E+05	8.18E+05	1.83E+06	2.71E+06	1.3E+06	2.28E+06	3.03E+06
88.9865_10	2.42E+09	7.33E+08	2.42E+09	2.47E+09	1.76E+09	2.3E+09	2.35E+09	6.95E+08	1.37E+09	1.59E+09	7.53E+08	1.42E+09	8.16E+08	2.37E+09	2.25E+09	1.39E+09	5.67E+08	2.33E+09	2.57E+08	1.02E+09	2.01E+09	4.31E+08	6.27E+08	5.14E+09	4.98E+09	2.12E+09	2.12E+09	5.83E+08	1.87E+09	1.81E+09	7.17E+08	4.73E+09	1.89E+09	2.54E+08	6.57E+08	1.27E+09	6.87E+08	2.04E+09	4.64E+08	1.91E+09	1.99E+09	7.23E+08	1.2E+09	1.97E+09	7.85E+08
88.9865_11	1.34E+08	3.37E+08	3.02E+08	2.44E+07	3.17E+07	1.44E+08	2.19E+08	9.6E+06	4.58E+06	3.9E+07	7.45E+07	4.86E+06	4.91E+07	2.97E+08	2.59E+07	9.46E+08	8.15E+06	4.42E+08	3.67E+07	3.44E+07	2.06E+08	7.02E+07	8.73E+07	7.95E+08	2.76E+08	2.29E+07	2.69E+07	2.59E+07	4.31E+07	2.14E+08	1.54E+07	4.29E+07	4.66E+09	4.7E+09	2.76E+08	4.75E+09	2.68E+07	1.45E+08	4.51E+09	1.12E+08	2.49E+08	2.26E+07	4.95E+07	1.2E+08	1.61E+08
88.9865_12	8.8E+08	8.73E+08	9.07E+08	3.34E+09	1.58E+09	2.35E+08	1.98E+08	1.17E+09	8.25E+08	2.45E+09	3.22E+08	1.26E+09	4.4E+08	8.02E+08	3.07E+09	5.09E+08	1.49E+08	3.15E+09	9.3E+08	9.29E+08	6.32E+08	7.18E+08	8.92E+08	7.95E+08	1.05E+09	8.01E+08	1.06E+09	4.66E+08	2.63E+09	2.59E+09	7.51E+07	6.91E+08	2.63E+09	4.07E+08	4.19E+08	1.75E+09	1.96E+08	1.19E+09	7.26E+08	2.68E+09	7.29E+08	4.58E+09	2.23E+08	2.7E+09	1.08E+09
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_1	2.21E+05	2.64E+05	7.43E+05	3.23E+05	2.96E+06	7.56E+05	5.88E+05	1.58E+06	2.16E+06	1.19E+06	2.65E+05	1.02E+06	9.76E+05	9.47E+05	8.07E+05	3.57E+05	1.15E+06	1.75E+06	3.8E+06	1.72E+06	1.03E+06	4.62E+05	2.18E+05	1.31E+05	3.19E+05	1.53E+06	6.87E+05	3.99E+06	1.64E+04	5.71E+05	2.6E+05	1.16E+06	1.34E+05	9.37E+05	3.85E+05	7.32E+05	8.88E+05	6.25E+05	2.6E+05	1.75E+05	3.14E+05	2.52E+05	1.68E+06	1.58E+06	6.59E+05
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_2	2.21E+05	2.64E+05	7.43E+05	3.23E+05	1.8E+06	7.56E+05	5.88E+05	1.58E+06	9.6E+06	1.19E+06	2.65E+05	1.02E+06	9.76E+05	9.47E+05	8.07E+05	3.57E+05	1.15E+06	1.75E+06	3.02E+06	1.72E+06	1.03E+06	4.62E+05	3.78E+05	1.31E+05	3.19E+05	1.53E+06	2.87E+06	2.72E+06	1.64E+04	5.71E+05	5.16E+05	1.16E+06	1.34E+05	9.37E+05	5.59E+05	7.32E+05	8.88E+05	4.36E+06	4.17E+05	1.75E+05	3.14E+05	9.83E+05	3.21E+06	1.58E+06	6.59E+05
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_3	2.21E+05	2.64E+05	7.43E+05	1.84E+05	2.15E+05	1.22E+05	3.8E+05	1.58E+06	2.16E+06	6.28E+05	1.64E+05	1.02E+06	4.21E+05	1.87E+05	2.42E+05	3.57E+05	1.15E+06	2.52E+05	7.08E+05	1.79E+05	1.03E+06	2.87E+05	3.78E+05	1.12E+04	7.06E+04	7.15E+05	4.5E+06	2.81E+05	5.06E+04	1.74E+05	5.16E+05	1.16E+06	1.34E+05	7.02E+05	5.59E+05	7.32E+05	4.17E+05	9.92E+06	4.17E+05	1.75E+05	2.04E+05	9.83E+05	1.68E+06	5.1E+05	3.08E+05
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_4	3.11E+04	1.65E+04	8.12E+05	3.73E+04	3.05E+04	2.65E+04	4.09E+04	3.06E+04	1.1E+05	3.14E+04	3.16E+04	5.6E+03	1.76E+05	2.84E+03	1.32E+05	2.56E+04	2.09E+04	9.23E+03	4.38E+04	2.69E+04	2.48E+04	4.05E+04	5.7E+04	8.58E+03	5.07E+04	5.21E+05	6.18E+04	3.37E+03	8.94E+03	3.99E+04	1.15E+07	1.85E+05	4.68E+03	8.41E+05	7.66E+04	5.78E+05	9.53E+03	2.8E+05	3.12E+05	1.86E+05	1.48E+05	1.95E+05	2.74E+04	1.83E+05	1.04E+05
8-Epiiridodial glucoside	8.1E+06	8.77E+06	1.2E+07	2.38E+06	9.64E+06	5.51E+06	1.43E+07	1.85E+06	2.6E+07	1.22E+06	1.66E+06	1.37E+07	1.76E+07	2.31E+06	1.75E+06	1.87E+07	7.73E+06	9.01E+06	8.28E+06	1.77E+06	2.04E+07	9.68E+06	8.73E+05	1.51E+07	1.37E+06	1.42E+07	2.03E+06	3.22E+06	4.98E+05	7.04E+06	6.74E+06	2.69E+07	7.51E+06	1.76E+07	1.56E+07	5.53E+06	1.35E+07	1.41E+07	7.43E+06	3.95E+05	8.22E+05	8.89E+06	1.35E+07	7.68E+07	1.56E+07
8-Epiiridotrial glucoside	1.94E+07	6.62E+06	2.48E+07	2.2E+07	1.34E+08	2.91E+07	4.82E+07	4.74E+06	7.91E+07	3.17E+07	3.29E+07	4.03E+07	8.1E+07	3.13E+07	2.31E+07	2.64E+07	2.15E+07	1.08E+08	5.55E+07	2.43E+07	6.7E+07	4.61E+07	1.66E+07	1.59E+07	5.6E+07	5.84E+07	2.73E+07	5.38E+07	8.47E+05	2.56E+07	3.77E+07	8.35E+07	1.77E+07	1.25E+08	4.39E+07	1.82E+07	7.63E+07	5.83E+07	3.56E+07	3.26E+06	1.12E+07	2.92E+07	3.06E+07	4.76E+07	4.34E+07
8-Hydroxyalanylclavam	4.86E+04	2.1E+05	1.84E+05	2.09E+05	5.28E+05	3.51E+05	1.58E+05	4.46E+04	6.8E+05	1.98E+05	1.72E+05	7.37E+04	2.03E+05	3.11E+05	4.91E+06	2.46E+05	2.09E+04	2.15E+05	2.79E+04	5.36E+04	8.72E+04	1.98E+05	7.48E+04	1.96E+05	1.76E+05	2.01E+05	1.03E+06	5.01E+04	7.28E+04	2.94E+04	4.68E+04	4.59E+06	1.31E+05	1.17E+04	1.03E+05	5.08E+04	6.02E+04	1.74E+04	5.66E+04	2.65E+04	1.42E+04	3.3E+04	4.36E+04	9.84E+05	3.86E+05
8-Oxodeoxycoformycin	1.02E+05	7.52E+05	1.44E+05	7.31E+05	1.22E+05	8.07E+04	3.58E+06	3.99E+05	6.56E+05	7.2E+05	2.76E+05	9.32E+05	5.26E+05	1.36E+05	2.05E+05	3.2E+05	6.59E+04	7.72E+04	1.22E+05	4.2E+05	1.15E+06	7.04E+05	6.89E+04	1.66E+05	8.66E+05	1.88E+06	1.23E+06	1.05E+06	7.1E+04	7.87E+04	1.32E+06	5.76E+05	1.36E+05	6.94E+05	2.02E+05	2.07E+05	3.21E+07	1.76E+05	2.73E+05	1.41E+05	2.43E+04	2.81E+05	5.86E+06	9.44E+04	2.19E+05
8-Oxoguanine	6.54E+05	4.65E+05	4.14E+05	9.93E+05	3.81E+03	1.44E+06	4.86E+04	5.3E+05	1.56E+05	2.92E+05	2.48E+06	4.82E+05	2.69E+06	8.43E+05	1.61E+06	3.71E+06	1.36E+06	4.68E+05	1.14E+06	1.4E+06	3.83E+06	3.2E+05	1.26E+04	3.55E+06	1.98E+06	3.89E+05	8.08E+06	2.45E+06	5.56E+05	4.79E+05	2.32E+06	3.88E+06	1.14E+06	3.14E+06	3.32E+06	2.22E+05	1.21E+07	9.32E+05	4.31E+05	6.8E+05	4.11E+04	4.11E+05	5.5E+06	2.72E+06	1.38E+04
9,12,13-TriHOME_1	1.55E+07	1.42E+07	1.51E+07	1.56E+07	1.52E+07	1.49E+07	1.54E+07	1.5E+07	1.43E+07	4.8E+06	1.5E+07	1.43E+07	1.49E+07	1.53E+07	1.49E+07	1.45E+07	1.51E+07	1.47E+07	1.48E+07	1.49E+07	1.5E+07	1.43E+07	1.45E+07	5.82E+06	1.43E+07	1.48E+07	1.42E+07	1.43E+07	1.42E+07	1.38E+07	1.37E+07	1.38E+07	1.36E+07	1.38E+07	4.58E+06	1.36E+07	1.39E+07	1.39E+07	1.33E+07	1.41E+07	1.32E+07	1.31E+07	1.34E+07	1.41E+07	1.47E+07
9,12,13-TriHOME_2	7.32E+06	3.64E+06	7.1E+06	7.22E+06	7E+06	6.98E+06	6.94E+06	4.3E+06	6.41E+06	1.51E+07	6.9E+06	6.54E+06	6.77E+06	3.79E+06	7.17E+06	3.85E+06	3.9E+06	4.08E+06	6.77E+06	6.8E+06	2.94E+06	6.66E+06	4.16E+06	1.46E+07	7E+06	6.53E+06	6.89E+06	3.74E+06	6.63E+06	6.71E+06	6.3E+06	6.46E+06	6.31E+06	6.28E+06	1.37E+07	3.62E+06	6.36E+06	3.67E+06	6.2E+06	6.55E+06	6.34E+06	4.88E+06	6.2E+06	3.77E+06	6.46E+06
9-Hydroxybenzo[a]pyrene-4,5-oxide	6.21E+05	5.74E+05	2.98E+05	7.64E+04	3.04E+05	7.69E+05	6.73E+04	1.75E+04	6.87E+05	3.94E+05	1.76E+05	4.52E+05	2.05E+06	3.11E+05	2.28E+05	8.21E+05	4.92E+05	2.29E+05	3.15E+05	2.46E+05	3.77E+05	5.32E+05	1.41E+05	5.79E+05	1.41E+06	5.95E+05	4.67E+05	4.64E+05	8.98E+04	1.45E+05	1.87E+06	3.1E+05	9.12E+05	3.14E+05	3.94E+05	3.57E+05	8.5E+04	1.48E+05	7.76E+04	2.83E+04	3.01E+05	2.5E+05	7.34E+05	2.74E+05	1.89E+05
9-Riburonosyladenine	0	0	974	1.97E+03	1.64E+06	0	1.56E+03	0	3.34E+03	2.09E+03	2.18E+03	3.46E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.16E+03	3.44E+03	961	714	2.44E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.79E+04	0	2.97E+03	1.29E+03	797	0	0	0	0	0
Abscisate	2.46E+05	6.15E+05	1.64E+05	7.35E+03	9.12E+05	4.54E+04	6.62E+05	7E+05	5.79E+05	3.43E+04	5.81E+05	4.46E+06	1.24E+05	1.25E+04	5.09E+05	7.47E+05	7.88E+05	6.03E+04	1.3E+06	1.07E+04	1.62E+06	9.43E+05	6.16E+03	1.8E+05	7.89E+05	4.38E+05	2E+05	9.85E+05	2.99E+05	1.04E+06	2.67E+05	1.9E+05	4.86E+04	1.11E+06	2.78E+06	8.5E+05	1.46E+05	5.78E+05	1.74E+04	5.34E+03	2.33E+05	3.45E+06	9.39E+05	7.96E+04	4.74E+05
Abscisic acid glucose ester_1	5.71E+06	7.24E+06	2.87E+06	6.76E+05	2.95E+06	5.42E+06	1.17E+06	2.15E+07	1.54E+07	1.17E+06	6.26E+06	1.49E+07	5.52E+06	5.8E+06	1.05E+06	3E+06	1E+07	3.61E+06	1.61E+07	6.21E+06	1.53E+07	1.01E+07	2.79E+06	3.34E+06	5.25E+06	9E+06	8.43E+06	8.01E+06	1.33E+06	1.53E+06	6.74E+06	9.45E+06	3.18E+06	9.52E+06	1.01E+07	2.06E+06	1.11E+07	2.35E+06	2.65E+06	9.62E+05	7.04E+05	1.21E+07	6.98E+06	1.39E+07	4.3E+06
Abscisic acid glucose ester_2	3.26E+06	3.29E+06	6.25E+06	6.76E+05	8.8E+06	1.84E+06	1.17E+06	1.12E+07	6.85E+06	1.17E+06	1.49E+07	3.6E+06	1.22E+07	3.44E+06	1.04E+06	3E+06	2.54E+06	2E+06	4.45E+06	3.12E+06	4.6E+06	6.04E+06	4.61E+06	4.24E+06	3.69E+06	2.18E+07	1.82E+07	3.78E+06	1.33E+06	1.53E+06	3.28E+06	1.66E+07	5.5E+06	3.51E+06	1.71E+07	2.06E+06	4.46E+06	2.35E+06	3.98E+06	9.62E+05	7.04E+05	4.43E+06	1.15E+07	1.97E+07	8.33E+06
Acetophenazine	959	6.32E+03	5.68E+04	1.26E+03	1.16E+05	1.13E+03	1.58E+03	2.67E+06	5.07E+03	4.56E+03	1.13E+05	7.36E+03	1.61E+04	1.31E+03	2.21E+03	6.48E+04	6.02E+03	1.09E+03	5.51E+04	3.84E+03	1.36E+04	1.87E+03	6.1E+03	5.55E+03	4.15E+03	2.03E+04	7.71E+04	1.09E+03	1E+04	4.74E+03	1.08E+03	2.05E+04	2.84E+03	9.1E+04	9.68E+04	6.13E+03	3.03E+03	2.48E+03	2.91E+03	638	774	4.99E+04	1.04E+04	9.08E+03	1.64E+03
Acetyl-maltose_1	4.4E+04	1.96E+05	1.66E+07	3.49E+04	4.91E+05	1.61E+05	1.39E+07	2.02E+07	1.32E+07	2.17E+04	2.86E+05	2.76E+05	1.89E+07	2.15E+05	8.48E+04	9.5E+05	1.71E+05	3.29E+03	1.28E+06	3.18E+04	4.86E+05	2.25E+04	1.87E+04	8.05E+04	1.24E+07	5.35E+05	1.07E+06	3.07E+04	1.32E+04	6.92E+05	1.7E+07	3.95E+04	4.95E+05	1.99E+06	2E+04	9.94E+05	2.62E+06	5.08E+03	6.36E+04	4.6E+04	3.31E+04	4.17E+05	1.86E+06	2.38E+05	2.46E+05
Acetyl-maltose_2	9.37E+04	6.13E+05	7.15E+06	1.57E+04	1.95E+06	8.8E+05	6.03E+06	7.71E+06	6.1E+06	2.22E+04	4.33E+05	9.08E+04	9.27E+06	8.91E+05	1.53E+05	2.69E+06	1.65E+05	5.21E+04	5.68E+06	1.04E+05	1.35E+06	1.99E+05	9.18E+03	3.11E+05	4.46E+06	9.39E+05	4.25E+06	1.68E+05	1.53E+04	2.24E+06	1.93E+07	2.83E+05	1.53E+06	1.75E+07	1.77E+05	2.52E+06	9.77E+06	4.46E+04	6.34E+04	5.51E+04	7E+04	9.43E+05	4.94E+06	1.02E+06	7.93E+05
Acronycidine	5.03E+04	4.4E+03	1.74E+06	1.03E+06	4.39E+06	1.55E+06	8.82E+05	1.72E+06	1.53E+06	5.03E+06	2.08E+06	3.27E+06	2.68E+06	8.34E+06	6.96E+05	2.01E+05	4.17E+06	1.85E+05	5.95E+05	9.36E+05	2.41E+06	4.8E+06	1.11E+07	2.79E+05	1.36E+06	7.74E+06	1.62E+06	5.18E+06	1.16E+03	1.79E+05	1.18E+06	2.87E+07	2.12E+05	5.79E+06	5.34E+06	5.39E+05	1.79E+06	1.83E+06	1.96E+06	4.2E+05	2.68E+05	1.56E+06	6.29E+06	1.11E+07	6.61E+05
Acutumidine	0	2.97E+03	0	1.78E+05	0	1.35E+03	1.48E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	720	0	0	0	3.53E+03	6.16E+03	0	1.91E+03	990	0	0	0	0	0	1.28E+04	0	2.6E+03	1.12E+03	1.33E+03	0	1.02E+05	0	0	1.07E+03	0	0	0	2.56E+07	0	0	1.23E+03	1.12E+03
Acyclovir	0	0	0	0	0	752	0	0	0	0	0	0	758	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	809	0	0	513	0	0	0	0	0	4.25E+07	0	0	0	0	777
Adiantifoline	1.65E+05	5.17E+05	3.83E+05	1.6E+05	1.61E+06	1.32E+05	4.89E+05	4.48E+05	4.44E+05	2.57E+03	2.41E+05	3.15E+06	1.06E+06	6.58E+04	2.86E+04	2.52E+05	2.79E+05	2.11E+03	1.58E+06	1.27E+04	3.56E+05	1.21E+05	0	0	3.86E+05	3.32E+05	1E+04	2.57E+05	7.82E+04	8.66E+04	2.84E+04	6.49E+05	5.1E+03	3.97E+04	2.66E+05	2.59E+05	5.11E+04	1.16E+06	4.57E+03	0	3.15E+03	2.71E+05	5.58E+04	8.58E+04	7.52E+05
alpha-N-Acetylneuraminyl-2,6-beta-D-galactosyl-1,4-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosamine	5.46E+05	4.45E+05	5.03E+05	5.86E+05	6.75E+05	1.66E+06	8.13E+05	5.61E+05	8.69E+05	1.23E+06	5.13E+05	6.66E+05	1.4E+06	8.32E+05	9.99E+05	7.64E+05	1.91E+06	7.16E+05	1.06E+06	5.96E+05	3.09E+05	7.02E+05	1.57E+05	2.4E+05	1.13E+06	1.19E+06	2.27E+05	1.97E+06	4.15E+05	3.33E+05	8.97E+05	1.26E+06	7.56E+05	7.44E+05	2.06E+06	3.2E+05	2.47E+06	7.12E+05	3.38E+05	5.32E+05	7.27E+05	6.21E+05	4.56E+05	7.66E+05	1E+06
alpha-Ribazole	7.03E+05	8.58E+05	6.99E+05	1.78E+06	6.74E+05	1.95E+06	1.9E+06	3.14E+05	4.58E+06	9E+05	1.87E+06	1.25E+06	2.33E+06	1.42E+06	2.04E+06	6.75E+05	3.49E+06	1.44E+06	3.27E+06	2.03E+06	3.91E+06	2.08E+06	8.92E+05	3.44E+05	2.15E+06	3.77E+06	7.49E+05	1.13E+06	1.28E+06	6.74E+05	1.94E+06	1.49E+06	6.49E+05	1.92E+06	1.19E+06	4.61E+05	9.27E+05	2.01E+06	3.72E+05	3.66E+05	1.62E+06	2E+06	2.07E+06	2.89E+06	2.35E+06
Altersolanol A	6.05E+04	4.1E+04	1.48E+04	1E+05	4.49E+03	1.07E+05	1.88E+04	8.26E+04	2.46E+07	8.46E+04	6.31E+03	3.94E+04	5.86E+04	5.42E+04	2.18E+04	1.2E+04	1.37E+05	2.39E+04	3.44E+04	2.8E+04	1.06E+05	6.29E+04	679	1.54E+04	2.28E+04	6.1E+04	1.26E+05	6.4E+04	6.95E+03	9.96E+03	9.17E+04	1.41E+04	7.59E+03	1.01E+05	1.94E+06	1.37E+04	8.14E+04	3.72E+04	1.33E+04	5.9E+03	9.7E+04	4.29E+04	6.61E+04	4.31E+04	6.41E+04
AMCC	2.4E+07	4.63E+07	2.3E+07	8.6E+06	1.32E+08	2.36E+06	2.17E+06	6.74E+06	1.87E+07	5.09E+07	9.3E+06	1.37E+07	2.05E+07	5.15E+07	9.73E+06	4.84E+07	4.38E+07	2.19E+06	1.03E+07	4.86E+06	8.67E+07	1.54E+07	2.11E+07	7.31E+07	1.05E+07	2.36E+07	5.5E+06	2.86E+07	1.31E+07	3.44E+06	1.67E+07	3.68E+07	2.61E+07	2.1E+07	1.02E+07	1.32E+07	3.79E+06	8.92E+06	6.21E+06	8.34E+06	4.8E+06	7.37E+06	1.21E+07	1.32E+07	9.95E+06
Amoxicillin	0	2.1E+03	1.96E+03	4.25E+05	0	3.92E+03	6.64E+03	0	3.54E+03	1.55E+03	0	2.36E+03	3.47E+03	1.32E+03	1.76E+03	0	1.73E+04	2.76E+03	1.42E+04	1.16E+03	2.32E+03	0	0	0	0	9.88E+03	4.51E+03	2.47E+03	0	1.73E+03	1.06E+04	2.06E+03	0	4.58E+04	0	1.41E+03	4.28E+04	1.4E+03	1.27E+03	6.13E+03	1.81E+08	1.44E+03	0	1.28E+03	1.12E+04
AMPA_1	3.52E+06	5.15E+06	2.15E+06	5.57E+06	7.15E+06	9.32E+06	7.39E+06	2.4E+06	1.42E+07	7.56E+06	8.87E+06	1.42E+07	1.38E+07	7.82E+06	4.34E+06	2.72E+06	1.11E+07	5.36E+06	1.01E+07	7.83E+06	1.1E+07	1.07E+07	2.93E+06	1.95E+06	8.62E+06	1.66E+07	6.81E+06	1.59E+07	4.04E+06	5.9E+06	1.14E+07	8.53E+06	2.89E+06	6.63E+06	1.31E+07	3.65E+06	1.59E+07	9.86E+06	2.69E+06	1.64E+06	6.18E+06	8.75E+06	8.08E+06	8.99E+06	9.43E+06
AMPA_2	1.43E+05	5.39E+05	5.69E+05	4.11E+05	1.43E+06	4.26E+05	1.43E+06	1.81E+05	1.64E+06	6.06E+05	6.53E+05	5.69E+05	6.59E+05	6.64E+05	1.7E+07	3.44E+05	6.56E+05	3.06E+05	5.53E+05	2.78E+05	3.65E+05	2.79E+06	7.42E+05	1.87E+05	7.66E+05	7.33E+05	1.57E+07	8.26E+05	3.06E+05	7.61E+05	2.18E+06	2.37E+07	1.89E+05	4.65E+05	1.89E+05	6.87E+06	1.76E+06	2.94E+05	6.44E+05	4.12E+05	7.09E+05	1.01E+06	5.46E+05	1.63E+06	1.68E+06
Anastrozole	6.81E+03	1.26E+03	735	2.06E+03	1.7E+04	5.83E+03	8.16E+03	672	1.5E+07	6E+03	670	2.21E+04	4.18E+04	1.98E+04	797	1.84E+03	0	1.01E+03	1.02E+04	2.12E+03	1.41E+04	5.84E+03	4.7E+03	0	3.85E+03	6.54E+04	2.99E+03	2.56E+04	769	820	7.65E+03	1.26E+04	4.79E+03	1.22E+04	5.16E+03	438	9.8E+03	5.55E+04	4.92E+03	316	2.61E+03	1.2E+03	1.02E+04	3.64E+03	1.64E+04
Androsterone glucuronide	4.68E+07	4.22E+07	6.52E+06	5.83E+07	3.66E+07	6.49E+07	3.12E+07	2.13E+07	1.21E+08	5E+07	6.26E+07	1.43E+08	1.33E+08	5.76E+07	3.88E+07	1.06E+07	3.08E+07	2.44E+07	7.76E+07	4.31E+07	2.04E+07	6.91E+07	1.37E+07	7.87E+06	4.47E+07	2.25E+08	5.51E+07	9.58E+07	4.22E+07	1.05E+07	6.24E+07	1.21E+08	1.4E+07	5E+07	1.3E+08	1.18E+07	1.46E+08	6.5E+07	1.52E+07	1.29E+07	6.93E+07	5.23E+07	6E+07	1.88E+07	5.33E+07
Anhydrochlortetracycline	1.09E+03	406	0	0	0	1.02E+03	4.18E+05	706	2.42E+04	563	3.04E+03	7.34E+03	1.3E+03	0	572	739	4.22E+03	6.84E+03	3.46E+03	646	3.79E+04	0	0	1.42E+04	1.98E+05	935	2.16E+03	0	0	1.13E+03	1.86E+03	4.21E+06	683	592	1.74E+04	1.26E+03	1.45E+03	0	4.51E+04	0	0	9.23E+04	3.67E+04	6.56E+03	7.04E+03
Aniracetam	2.65E+05	1.62E+05	8.75E+06	8.97E+05	1.73E+07	1.21E+06	9.89E+05	2.2E+05	4.01E+07	4.12E+06	5.66E+06	1.69E+07	8.03E+06	1.69E+06	8.62E+05	4.03E+06	1.55E+06	7.1E+06	5.52E+06	1.43E+06	1.98E+07	1.14E+06	4.58E+05	3.25E+06	1.5E+07	4.41E+06	4.81E+06	1.8E+06	6.28E+04	7.59E+05	1.78E+06	4.11E+07	3.28E+06	1.49E+07	7.16E+06	9.67E+06	2.17E+07	6.18E+06	9.87E+05	1.29E+05	7.86E+05	3.54E+06	1.61E+07	1.19E+07	1.69E+06
Anisatin_1	7.43E+05	3.41E+06	1.29E+05	3.33E+05	2.02E+05	2.91E+05	3.76E+05	1.61E+05	6.53E+05	3.76E+05	7.39E+05	1.38E+05	1.69E+05	3.47E+05	1.14E+05	8.04E+04	2.24E+07	2.13E+05	9.36E+04	3.28E+05	2.4E+07	2.07E+05	3.96E+05	4.29E+05	3E+05	5.68E+05	1.97E+05	3.95E+05	3.14E+05	2.22E+05	3.09E+05	3.41E+05	1.81E+05	3.31E+05	4.18E+05	1.65E+05	7.64E+04	9.17E+04	5.39E+05	1.35E+05	1.26E+05	1.04E+07	1.53E+05	2.1E+07	2.84E+05
Anisatin_2	1.47E+06	8.07E+05	1.29E+05	3.34E+05	2.02E+05	2.91E+05	5.6E+05	1.61E+05	4.75E+05	3.76E+05	2.9E+05	1.38E+05	1.69E+05	3.47E+05	2.86E+05	1.08E+05	6.37E+06	2.13E+05	9.36E+04	3.28E+05	3.19E+06	2.07E+05	3.96E+05	5.81E+05	1.03E+06	5.68E+05	1.97E+05	3.95E+05	6.06E+05	2.22E+05	3.09E+05	3.63E+05	3.46E+05	4.88E+06	4.18E+05	1.65E+05	7.64E+04	9.17E+04	5.39E+05	1.35E+05	5.22E+05	1.22E+06	1.53E+05	5.37E+06	2.84E+05
Anthocyanin	1.12E+03	1.35E+03	938	0	5.8E+05	0	1.69E+05	3.17E+05	0	0	0	8.16E+04	0	0	3.35E+03	3.74E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.75E+03	0	0	0	4.58E+03	1.78E+03	1.25E+07	0	6E+05	0	2.01E+03	0	0	2.22E+06	0	5.54E+03	0	0	0	2.56E+05	0	0	0	0
Anthocyanin 3'-O-beta-D-glucoside	2.72E+05	4.44E+05	3.92E+05	6.87E+04	6.04E+06	9.63E+04	3.76E+05	2.84E+05	5.81E+05	5.36E+05	5.22E+05	2.33E+06	7.46E+05	1.01E+06	1.35E+05	7.05E+05	9.29E+05	5.45E+03	9.58E+05	5.59E+03	1.81E+06	2.27E+05	3.32E+05	3.52E+05	3.13E+05	6.58E+05	2.59E+05	8.92E+05	1.12E+04	2.82E+04	3.88E+05	1.09E+06	4.65E+04	7.33E+05	3.83E+06	3.44E+05	2.11E+05	1.44E+05	1.97E+05	1.6E+05	1.21E+05	2.75E+05	6.05E+05	5.64E+05	4.01E+05
Antirrhinoside	8.18E+05	1.31E+06	5.12E+05	7.83E+05	5.8E+06	1.12E+07	1.93E+06	1.43E+06	5.71E+06	4.42E+06	8.97E+05	8.36E+06	8.08E+06	1.42E+06	9.29E+05	6.53E+05	5.84E+06	8.82E+05	2.1E+06	1.15E+06	8.24E+06	6.22E+06	6.78E+05	6.86E+05	5.95E+05	8.84E+06	4.82E+06	3.17E+07	5.84E+05	4.63E+06	1.8E+07	1.78E+06	3.74E+05	6.16E+06	1.59E+06	1.84E+06	7.84E+06	2.15E+06	2.6E+06	4.83E+05	1.42E+06	5.04E+05	1.18E+06	3.82E+06	1.59E+06
Arg-OEt	8.9E+05	1.16E+06	6.91E+05	6.21E+05	1.13E+06	1.53E+06	4.61E+05	1.48E+06	1.11E+06	1E+06	5.32E+05	8.17E+05	5.4E+05	1.5E+06	1.52E+06	1.18E+07	1.17E+06	1.39E+06	1.01E+06	1.02E+06	1.36E+06	7.9E+05	1.24E+06	1.72E+06	1E+06	9.8E+04	9.99E+05	1.18E+06	1.73E+06	6.87E+05	1E+06	1.7E+06	1.38E+07	7.36E+05	1.54E+07	1.02E+06	9.4E+05	1.08E+06	1.43E+06	1.48E+06	1.42E+06	9.02E+05	8.81E+05	9.15E+05	1.02E+06
Artecanin	1.56E+04	3.09E+05	4.75E+03	1.02E+05	7.26E+04	9.21E+03	1.76E+05	1.73E+03	1.19E+04	3.1E+05	6.92E+03	1.16E+04	1.97E+05	2.48E+04	3.72E+03	2.16E+05	1.78E+04	1.19E+04	4.18E+05	2.37E+04	1.3E+04	3.14E+04	1.09E+04	6.7E+04	2.9E+04	1.16E+05	4.77E+04	4.03E+04	1.19E+03	2.4E+04	3.5E+04	1.39E+07	8.71E+04	3.34E+04	1.3E+05	6.72E+05	7.97E+04	7.78E+04	3.09E+04	4E+03	1.42E+04	1.01E+04	1.44E+04	1.3E+06	2.66E+04
Ascorbate	2.66E+04	2.37E+06	1.07E+05	1.43E+05	1.13E+05	2.39E+06	1.47E+05	7.26E+05	1.19E+06	1E+06	2.63E+05	1.7E+06	4.32E+05	5.69E+07	7.91E+04	8.91E+04	2.41E+06	5.75E+05	2.34E+05	1.74E+05	3.4E+05	1.63E+06	1.21E+05	4.81E+04	1.1E+05	3.11E+06	1.8E+06	7.99E+06	3.02E+05	2.81E+05	4.67E+06	3.95E+06	4.24E+04	4.78E+06	2.69E+05	2.76E+05	1.21E+06	1.37E+05	1.47E+06	4.5E+04	3.47E+04	1.47E+05	4.47E+05	1.29E+06	1.28E+06
Ascorbate 2-sulfate_1	4.15E+08	2.6E+08	7.36E+07	1.52E+08	2.34E+08	3.49E+08	2.93E+08	2.11E+08	4.44E+08	3.65E+08	2.55E+08	3.39E+08	3.58E+08	2.76E+08	2.27E+08	1.53E+08	5.89E+08	4.39E+08	4.68E+08	3.07E+08	5.5E+08	4.52E+08	1.2E+08	1.18E+08	2.88E+08	4.63E+08	6.3E+08	5.66E+08	2.7E+08	2.04E+08	2.38E+08	3.37E+08	1.42E+08	3.17E+08	3.69E+08	9.03E+07	1.9E+09	1.6E+08	1.46E+08	1.26E+08	1.47E+08	2.44E+08	5.22E+08	4.33E+08	3.14E+08
Ascorbate 2-sulfate_2	3.63E+08	2.56E+08	6.43E+07	1.34E+08	2.02E+08	3E+08	2.86E+08	2.03E+08	4.13E+08	3.19E+08	2.21E+08	3.01E+08	3.27E+08	2.45E+08	2.04E+08	1.49E+08	5.77E+08	3.99E+08	4.25E+08	1.44E+08	4.94E+08	4.41E+08	1.1E+08	1.1E+08	2.6E+08	4.22E+08	6.21E+08	5.09E+08	2.49E+08	1.85E+08	1.04E+08	1.82E+08	1.32E+08	1.43E+08	3.36E+08	7.81E+07	1.85E+09	1.48E+08	1.34E+08	1.16E+08	7.04E+07	2.23E+08	2.82E+08	4.43E+08	2.76E+08
Asebogenin	570	1.1E+03	1.04E+03	952	4.86E+03	7.91E+03	4.81E+03	551	9.86E+03	531	823	1.45E+03	2.01E+03	653	654	815	1.55E+03	0	1.88E+03	2.32E+03	1.22E+04	1.09E+03	740	620	3.77E+03	1.71E+03	1.19E+03	3.61E+04	782	1.18E+06	997	2.16E+03	796	3.6E+06	1.9E+03	1.42E+03	2.84E+03	0	643	484	0	495	804	941	6.85E+03
Asparenomycin A_1	4.2E+05	5.24E+06	5.16E+06	1.16E+06	4.41E+05	1.36E+06	1.39E+06	2.14E+05	1.04E+07	2.29E+05	1.04E+06	1.65E+06	2.05E+06	6.8E+05	1.94E+06	6.34E+05	1.08E+06	3.43E+05	1.18E+06	7.96E+05	6.59E+06	1.36E+06	3.72E+05	2.19E+05	1.92E+06	2.1E+06	2.23E+06	1.16E+06	3.35E+05	1.3E+06	2.8E+06	3.46E+06	1.3E+05	3.53E+06	1.61E+06	3.26E+06	2.93E+06	1.09E+06	3.79E+05	2E+05	3.7E+05	1.04E+06	1.25E+06	9.47E+05	1.16E+06
Asparenomycin A_2	0	5.29E+03	0	6.62E+03	4.48E+03	0	5.08E+04	0	733	1.22E+04	3.55E+03	0	2.11E+07	0	1.87E+07	2.38E+03	0	6.24E+03	7.04E+03	1.21E+04	4.22E+07	9.52E+03	0	5.94E+03	1.53E+07	4.09E+07	2.09E+07	0	6.7E+03	0	1.08E+04	2.79E+07	0	2.41E+07	2.08E+07	3.48E+03	1.66E+05	3.86E+03	0	2.93E+03	0	0	2.96E+04	4.54E+03	8.67E+03
Asperuloside	2.36E+05	2.29E+05	1.01E+04	3.53E+04	2.37E+05	4.67E+05	3.8E+05	6.29E+04	1.59E+06	2.77E+05	6.71E+04	1.07E+06	1.32E+05	7.66E+04	6.16E+04	3.01E+05	7.63E+05	5.25E+05	4.51E+05	1.38E+05	2.05E+05	3.35E+05	7.82E+03	1.22E+04	1.19E+05	5.95E+05	4.75E+05	3.41E+05	7.89E+04	2.38E+05	2.51E+04	3.45E+05	2.02E+03	5.97E+04	9.44E+05	1.72E+05	1.1E+06	5.12E+04	9.66E+04	1.03E+04	1.47E+05	4.49E+04	1.64E+05	1.81E+07	4.73E+06
Aspidinol	3.11E+06	3.9E+06	4.29E+06	8.78E+06	1.82E+07	8.73E+06	1.77E+07	1.47E+06	2.79E+07	8.74E+06	1.29E+07	1.59E+07	1.78E+07	9.72E+06	2.12E+06	9.92E+05	1.5E+07	2.5E+06	1.04E+07	4.98E+06	2.44E+07	1.87E+07	7.2E+06	3.74E+05	1.04E+07	3.3E+07	5.53E+06	2.66E+07	8.98E+05	1.01E+07	1.98E+07	2.08E+07	7.02E+05	2.26E+07	2.49E+07	1.06E+07	5.06E+06	2.21E+07	9.86E+06	1.35E+06	7.19E+06	1.26E+07	8.61E+06	9.01E+06	8.08E+06
Atractyloside A	2.21E+05	3.78E+05	3.09E+05	1.77E+05	7.97E+05	8.97E+04	2.7E+05	1.16E+07	1.15E+06	3.29E+05	3.47E+05	2.53E+05	1.51E+05	9.35E+04	2.95E+05	7.52E+06	7.92E+04	2.47E+05	9.22E+05	2.67E+05	9.1E+06	1.45E+05	4.5E+04	2.37E+06	2.94E+05	4.89E+05	4.21E+05	2.06E+05	5.04E+05	1.19E+05	4.66E+05	4.8E+05	7.58E+05	3.5E+05	5.2E+05	2.69E+05	1.09E+06	3.12E+05	1.01E+05	7.72E+04	8.52E+04	7.38E+05	9.33E+05	2.9E+05	8.33E+04
Aucubin	2.28E+04	1.11E+05	2.6E+05	4.82E+05	6.25E+05	2.32E+05	9.02E+06	8.91E+04	5.73E+05	1.91E+05	8.88E+04	6.72E+05	1.85E+06	2.38E+05	1.13E+04	4.05E+04	2.42E+05	7.56E+04	2.26E+05	8.92E+04	2.95E+05	4.71E+06	3.11E+05	5.16E+03	4.09E+04	5.25E+05	1.32E+05	6.05E+05	3.17E+04	4.12E+05	3.91E+05	4.17E+05	1.69E+04	1.08E+07	1.4E+05	7.15E+05	3.04E+05	9.28E+06	1.66E+06	5.3E+03	1.52E+05	1.57E+05	3.06E+05	3.22E+05	7.57E+05
Autumnolide	1.42E+05	3.55E+05	1.87E+05	2.1E+04	5.6E+05	5.84E+04	1.53E+05	3.02E+05	9.15E+04	1.42E+05	3.5E+05	3.55E+06	4.86E+04	3.39E+04	5.59E+05	4.8E+05	7.17E+05	2.79E+04	1.48E+06	2.07E+04	1.86E+05	2.22E+04	5.62E+03	8.67E+04	3.99E+05	2.5E+05	9.92E+04	3.79E+05	1.91E+05	6.63E+05	1.87E+05	6.17E+06	1.19E+05	1.97E+05	9.61E+05	3.88E+05	7.35E+04	1.09E+05	3.16E+04	1.88E+03	1.52E+05	6.8E+05	7.06E+05	5.18E+05	9.55E+04
Azelaic acid	6.2E+07	9.53E+07	1.35E+08	6.33E+07	1.98E+08	6.52E+07	1.87E+08	3.39E+07	2.39E+08	4.52E+07	9.55E+07	6.83E+07	5.94E+07	4.64E+07	3.93E+07	4.47E+07	1.23E+08	4.05E+07	1.04E+08	3.9E+07	1.76E+08	1.11E+08	4.24E+07	3.12E+07	6.82E+07	7.4E+07	5.44E+07	1.3E+08	6.38E+07	7.77E+07	1.24E+08	2.67E+08	3.31E+07	2.55E+08	1.42E+08	7.92E+07	4.31E+07	3.27E+08	7.98E+07	2.99E+07	4.23E+07	8.53E+07	6.14E+07	1.02E+08	9.35E+07
Azinphos-ethyl_1	1.48E+04	2.93E+06	2.64E+03	7.42E+04	1.15E+06	1.6E+04	6.09E+04	3.64E+06	7.74E+04	2.65E+05	1.22E+06	1.81E+07	1.03E+05	3.18E+04	5.13E+04	1.19E+07	1.54E+07	6.01E+04	1.73E+07	1.03E+05	1.05E+07	1.02E+05	2.22E+04	7.05E+06	9.01E+04	1.1E+05	3.05E+04	1.37E+07	2.7E+04	5.13E+06	3.33E+04	8.1E+04	1.49E+06	5.99E+04	2.64E+07	1.31E+06	5.1E+04	1.46E+05	5.96E+04	3.01E+04	1.35E+05	8.32E+04	2.19E+07	1.01E+07	5.21E+04
Azinphos-ethyl_2	5.9E+04	5.64E+04	4.26E+04	9.15E+04	2.65E+04	1.91E+05	8.18E+06	1.41E+04	3.03E+05	1.52E+05	7.73E+04	4.52E+05	4.18E+05	7.61E+04	1.08E+05	4.98E+04	7.98E+04	4.54E+04	5.39E+04	7.97E+04	1.43E+05	2.37E+05	1.92E+04	1.27E+04	1.58E+05	6.57E+05	5.56E+04	1.57E+05	2.4E+04	9.52E+04	2.98E+05	1.01E+05	1.46E+04	5.96E+05	1.51E+05	1.55E+04	1.18E+05	9.33E+04	1.53E+04	3.7E+04	8.49E+04	4.81E+04	2.05E+05	2.54E+05	1.95E+05
Azoxystrobin	7.36E+04	2.23E+05	4.4E+04	1.5E+04	2.65E+05	7.7E+04	2.25E+04	2.35E+04	6.55E+05	1.18E+05	6.08E+04	4.35E+04	8.25E+05	4.93E+03	4.83E+04	7.8E+04	9.15E+04	1.8E+04	2.97E+05	2.12E+05	1.33E+04	3.86E+05	6.18E+04	4.31E+04	4.57E+04	2.79E+05	1.24E+04	1.5E+06	1.09E+04	1.82E+05	6.69E+04	4.78E+04	2.25E+04	6.78E+04	1.37E+06	2.54E+04	3.18E+05	3.7E+05	8.39E+04	4.33E+04	9.66E+03	4.69E+04	6.36E+04	4.25E+05	2.13E+05
Baicalin	3.76E+05	1.81E+06	2.17E+05	9.37E+04	8.89E+06	3.98E+04	3.31E+04	4.96E+03	1.18E+07	5.7E+03	9.11E+05	4.67E+06	9.71E+04	8.2E+06	2.95E+05	1.59E+05	1.99E+05	5.65E+05	1.17E+06	1.61E+04	6.73E+05	9.92E+06	3.14E+03	5.42E+04	1.08E+06	4.87E+04	5.42E+04	8.55E+03	3.73E+05	1.48E+05	5E+05	3.56E+05	5.55E+04	4.77E+05	3.7E+05	2.9E+04	2.94E+05	3.68E+04	1.08E+05	0	1.16E+04	1.27E+04	2.05E+05	1.66E+05	1.74E+05
Bakkenolide A	2.24E+06	2.33E+06	2.22E+06	2.05E+06	3.37E+06	2.22E+06	3.33E+06	2.08E+06	3.11E+06	2.2E+06	2.16E+06	3.41E+06	2.18E+06	2.15E+06	2.01E+06	2.13E+06	2.02E+06	2.06E+06	2.1E+06	2.11E+06	2.01E+06	3.1E+06	2.79E+06	1.89E+06	2.03E+06	1.91E+06	1.91E+06	2.18E+06	2E+06	2.09E+06	1.76E+06	1.77E+06	2.01E+06	1.88E+06	1.89E+06	2.05E+06	1.86E+06	1.89E+06	1.98E+06	1.93E+06	1.98E+06	2.01E+06	1.95E+06	3.43E+06	3.4E+06
Balofloxacin_1	4E+05	4.97E+05	5.43E+05	5.16E+05	1.18E+06	1.59E+05	1.46E+07	1.95E+05	3.27E+06	5.94E+06	1.94E+05	9.5E+05	1.3E+06	5.31E+05	5.28E+05	6.67E+05	5.31E+06	2.62E+05	8.54E+06	4.99E+06	1.2E+07	5.81E+06	1.64E+05	2.23E+05	5.63E+05	1.03E+06	2.1E+05	2.17E+07	1.02E+06	1.52E+06	1.41E+06	2.62E+06	2.59E+05	1.18E+07	1.05E+06	1.6E+06	1.11E+06	2.76E+06	4.88E+05	1.15E+05	2.9E+05	3.68E+05	8.67E+05	5.58E+05	1.5E+06
Balofloxacin_2	6.72E+05	1.59E+06	3.03E+05	1.26E+06	2.28E+06	1.52E+06	5.7E+06	5.6E+04	1.63E+06	1.9E+06	7.81E+05	8.37E+06	1.3E+07	8.86E+06	3.74E+05	1.4E+05	2.77E+05	4.55E+05	1.88E+06	1.56E+06	3.27E+06	2.19E+07	3.66E+05	3.62E+05	1.76E+05	1.92E+06	8.32E+05	7.79E+06	4.5E+05	1.5E+06	8.04E+05	1E+06	1.85E+05	2.01E+06	2.49E+06	7.76E+06	3.02E+06	2.4E+06	2.59E+06	1.44E+06	6.62E+05	6.29E+05	6.03E+05	3.25E+05	1.64E+06
Barbaloin_1	3.13E+07	2.32E+07	1.9E+04	6.2E+03	915	1.65E+04	6.59E+03	4.39E+03	7.3E+05	7.41E+03	1.56E+07	7.28E+03	7.32E+04	7.33E+03	1.17E+04	5.92E+04	8.9E+06	1.86E+03	5.24E+05	6.95E+05	3.04E+07	1.11E+04	6.39E+03	9.65E+03	1.64E+07	1.52E+04	2.21E+05	2.7E+04	1.17E+07	4.91E+03	2.93E+03	1.89E+04	1.61E+04	8.04E+04	4.15E+04	9.84E+03	5.09E+04	8.13E+03	5.87E+05	4.34E+03	4.11E+03	2.98E+06	1.94E+04	7.61E+06	7.52E+05
Barbaloin_2	1.19E+04	1.7E+03	788	807	4.51E+03	1.23E+03	2E+03	0	1.78E+03	963	4.84E+03	1.73E+04	2.03E+03	905	2.28E+03	839	1.78E+04	0	1.16E+04	2.36E+03	2.23E+04	4.29E+04	0	0	2E+03	1.44E+03	2.21E+03	1.82E+04	897	2.22E+06	1.19E+03	1.2E+04	564	4.83E+06	770	730	2.36E+04	1.21E+04	774	2.05E+03	0	1.3E+03	2.64E+03	1.46E+04	2.37E+03
Bendiocarb_1	2.11E+06	4.47E+06	1.15E+06	1.09E+06	4.92E+06	2.91E+06	5.79E+06	8.58E+05	3.39E+06	6.52E+05	2.01E+06	1.04E+07	1.05E+07	5.02E+06	2.11E+06	1.84E+06	7.55E+06	3.51E+06	1.29E+07	2.59E+06	1.35E+07	7E+06	5.86E+05	6.04E+05	1.17E+06	9.24E+06	7.86E+06	4.82E+06	1.27E+06	1.34E+06	2.08E+06	2.64E+06	4.09E+05	6.18E+06	5.63E+06	9.4E+05	1.03E+07	7.44E+05	1.27E+05	3.83E+05	7.62E+05	2.21E+06	1.32E+07	2.73E+06	9.71E+06
Bendiocarb_2	2.12E+06	2.23E+06	1.15E+06	1.09E+06	1.67E+06	9.01E+06	1.9E+06	8.58E+05	1.5E+07	6.52E+05	7.46E+06	6.51E+06	4.07E+06	1.85E+06	2.12E+06	4.57E+06	5.13E+06	2.25E+06	6.96E+06	6.73E+06	6.96E+06	1.85E+06	5.86E+05	6.04E+05	5.15E+06	5.93E+06	3.34E+06	5.88E+05	1.27E+06	5.91E+06	8.17E+06	9.21E+06	4.09E+05	3.01E+06	2.78E+06	9.4E+05	1.83E+06	7.44E+05	1.27E+05	3.83E+05	7.62E+05	7.04E+06	1.3E+07	8.83E+06	3.36E+06
Benzthiazuron	7.59E+03	2.9E+03	1.27E+04	1.84E+04	8.16E+03	2.64E+04	4.73E+03	9.26E+03	1.65E+04	1.02E+05	6.55E+04	4E+04	3.62E+04	2.24E+07	2.48E+04	8.79E+03	2.82E+04	2.93E+04	5.36E+03	1.81E+07	6.27E+04	1.97E+04	8.34E+06	5.74E+03	4.67E+04	9.49E+04	2.18E+04	4.16E+04	3.14E+04	3.87E+04	7.29E+04	1.49E+04	1.25E+04	1.09E+04	2.95E+04	2.73E+07	2.53E+07	7.11E+03	6.58E+03	1.67E+07	7.56E+03	1.37E+04	3.09E+04	3.95E+03	1.57E+04
Berberastine	3.26E+03	3.61E+03	1.03E+06	8.22E+05	1.19E+06	1.15E+07	1.69E+05	2.35E+05	3.7E+06	1.3E+06	1.28E+06	2.71E+06	2.13E+06	1.17E+06	7.16E+05	1.25E+06	1.67E+06	3.19E+05	2.22E+06	1.81E+06	1.88E+06	1.48E+07	1.92E+05	1.17E+06	3.49E+05	2.27E+06	5.14E+05	1.85E+06	0	1.13E+06	1.28E+07	2.52E+06	8.2E+05	1.65E+06	3.02E+06	1.76E+06	4.66E+05	1.78E+06	5.48E+05	2.8E+05	9.11E+05	1.59E+06	1.3E+06	1.08E+06	4.71E+05
Berberine chloride_1	6.31E+05	1.36E+07	5.66E+05	5.59E+05	1.08E+06	4.33E+06	1.34E+06	7.03E+05	6.05E+06	9.4E+04	2.51E+05	4.31E+06	1.35E+06	2.6E+05	1.42E+05	1.15E+06	9.58E+05	1.49E+05	3.82E+06	5.31E+04	8.11E+05	3.78E+05	9.63E+04	1.75E+05	7.11E+05	3.6E+05	3.34E+05	7.48E+05	5.87E+05	1.07E+06	2.65E+05	3.67E+06	1.94E+05	4.35E+05	2.85E+06	1.23E+06	5.76E+05	1.96E+06	2.03E+05	1.63E+05	5.04E+04	3.99E+05	5.39E+05	2.92E+05	1.15E+06
Berberine chloride_2	6.3E+05	1.66E+06	5.66E+05	5.57E+05	1.08E+06	2.31E+06	1.34E+06	7.03E+05	5.41E+06	9.75E+04	2.51E+05	1.75E+06	1.34E+06	2.6E+05	1.42E+05	1.15E+06	9.58E+05	1.49E+05	1.77E+06	5.31E+04	8.11E+05	3.78E+05	9.63E+04	1.75E+05	7.1E+05	3.6E+05	3.34E+05	7.48E+05	5.85E+05	1.07E+06	2.65E+05	2.37E+06	1.94E+05	4.35E+05	2.05E+06	1.23E+06	5.76E+05	3.34E+06	2.03E+05	1.63E+05	5.04E+04	3.99E+05	5.39E+05	2.92E+05	1.15E+06
Berberine chloride_3	1.34E+05	4.04E+05	6.72E+04	7.1E+04	3.43E+05	5.11E+05	8.73E+05	2.13E+05	3.16E+05	8E+05	3.35E+04	4.49E+05	3.19E+05	1.76E+04	2.01E+04	2.31E+05	1.25E+05	2.28E+05	3.52E+05	3.97E+04	1.08E+05	6.88E+04	962	1.44E+05	7.66E+03	2.65E+05	1.13E+05	1.91E+05	9.37E+04	4.33E+05	2.88E+04	4.44E+05	2.13E+05	6.09E+04	3.33E+05	3.19E+05	6.74E+05	2.49E+05	8.77E+04	7.78E+05	3.94E+03	4.77E+04	5.05E+06	7.05E+04	2.45E+05
Bergenin_1	1.56E+07	2.46E+06	1.1E+05	3.67E+05	7.09E+05	5.67E+05	8.39E+05	9.78E+06	7.49E+05	9.32E+06	2.67E+05	3.7E+07	4.96E+07	7.74E+05	5.98E+05	9.13E+06	6.65E+06	5.77E+05	2.3E+05	2.76E+05	6.95E+05	1.11E+07	2.72E+04	7.12E+05	1.9E+04	5.5E+07	6.4E+05	2.33E+07	6.33E+05	5.01E+05	1.13E+06	1.28E+07	7.09E+05	4.15E+05	5.59E+05	8.47E+06	2.78E+06	1.69E+05	1.36E+07	3.87E+06	1.71E+05	2.17E+05	2.01E+05	6.65E+06	9.84E+05
Bergenin_2	4.27E+05	1.46E+06	6.38E+06	7E+05	7.98E+05	1.02E+07	7.98E+06	8.13E+05	5.02E+06	1.17E+06	4.79E+05	1.01E+06	1.92E+06	1.01E+07	4.56E+05	6.7E+05	2.3E+06	6.19E+05	4.18E+06	1.14E+06	1.98E+06	1.5E+06	3.13E+05	5.45E+05	9.56E+05	2.24E+06	1.55E+06	6.64E+05	4.74E+05	1.55E+06	1.11E+07	2.19E+06	1.43E+06	7.56E+06	7.21E+05	2.12E+06	3.49E+07	8.36E+05	5.65E+05	1.59E+05	6.59E+05	1.17E+06	6.71E+06	1.04E+06	1.13E+07
beta-Citryl-L-glutamate	1.73E+07	1.74E+07	3.47E+07	1.83E+07	2.15E+07	3.51E+07	3.04E+07	1.74E+07	5.95E+07	3.34E+07	3.07E+07	5.9E+07	6.3E+07	2.54E+07	2.16E+07	1.37E+07	4.98E+07	2.07E+07	5.02E+07	3.09E+07	5.47E+07	5.17E+07	1.28E+07	1.15E+07	3.51E+07	8.98E+07	3.46E+07	6.36E+07	1.46E+07	1.66E+07	1.41E+08	5.21E+07	1.14E+07	4.11E+07	5.59E+07	5.18E+07	6.43E+07	2.21E+07	1.4E+07	1.61E+07	1.78E+07	2.5E+07	3.54E+07	3.23E+07	3.31E+07
Biotin sulfone	1.2E+06	1.48E+05	7.55E+04	4.85E+05	5.04E+05	1.91E+05	1.75E+05	1.49E+06	1.17E+07	1.46E+06	3.29E+05	8.4E+05	1.22E+06	5.77E+05	1.06E+06	3.02E+04	1.68E+05	3.04E+05	8.3E+05	1.3E+06	6.92E+04	8.98E+06	4.1E+04	3.05E+03	7.49E+05	8.92E+06	7.95E+04	4.09E+05	1.21E+05	2.89E+04	2.1E+05	1.4E+07	4.73E+05	9.33E+05	1.14E+07	8.1E+04	7.6E+05	2.59E+05	2.64E+06	1.74E+06	1.05E+05	8.18E+05	7.9E+03	1.01E+05	7.84E+06
Biotin sulfoxide_1	6.22E+05	2.02E+04	2.63E+05	3.34E+05	2.01E+05	1.07E+05	1.07E+06	9.16E+05	1.35E+06	9.27E+05	2.18E+05	6.24E+05	3.88E+06	4.86E+05	1.88E+05	6.55E+04	5.05E+05	1.13E+05	6.63E+05	5.5E+05	1.62E+05	1.48E+06	2.15E+05	2.36E+04	4.02E+05	1.47E+06	8.45E+05	2.12E+05	4.17E+05	5.22E+05	5.55E+05	9.69E+06	8.55E+04	1.54E+05	9.64E+05	3.36E+05	1.35E+06	3.63E+05	9.13E+05	8.61E+05	2.23E+04	8.86E+05	1.09E+06	2.72E+06	1.5E+06
Biotin sulfoxide_2	5.85E+04	3.5E+04	2.63E+05	3.34E+05	4.78E+04	9.2E+04	1.07E+06	5.63E+05	9.96E+05	5.06E+05	2.18E+05	6.24E+05	3.52E+05	3.59E+05	1.46E+05	6.36E+04	5.05E+05	3.1E+05	4.06E+05	4.17E+05	1.62E+05	6.92E+05	9.19E+04	8.57E+03	7.99E+06	4.7E+05	8.45E+05	1.54E+05	9.56E+04	5.22E+05	3.83E+05	1.67E+06	1.34E+04	1.36E+05	7.31E+05	3.36E+05	5.43E+05	3.63E+05	3.71E+05	1.63E+05	1.56E+05	2.95E+05	1.09E+06	4.21E+05	1.6E+05
Bis(4'-chlorophenyl)methane_1	9.67E+04	2.61E+06	1.87E+05	9.26E+03	2.96E+03	2.21E+05	1.29E+07	1.17E+05	2.48E+05	2.18E+06	2.88E+05	9.7E+05	8.09E+04	2E+04	1.19E+05	4.19E+05	1.79E+05	7.87E+04	6.04E+05	1.67E+05	4.03E+05	7.78E+05	4.31E+04	1.09E+05	1.37E+05	2.34E+05	1.97E+05	2.32E+05	7.63E+04	4.36E+05	1.75E+07	1.36E+05	9.93E+04	3.67E+06	6.62E+04	1.9E+05	7.7E+05	3.97E+05	3.55E+04	3.79E+04	4.85E+03	2.95E+05	8.66E+05	3.53E+05	1.18E+07
Bis(4'-chlorophenyl)methane_2	9.67E+04	2.61E+06	1.87E+05	9.26E+03	2.96E+03	2.21E+05	3.06E+06	1.17E+05	2.48E+05	2.18E+06	2.88E+05	9.7E+05	8.09E+04	2E+04	1.19E+05	4.19E+05	1.79E+05	8.55E+04	6.04E+05	1.67E+05	4.03E+05	7.78E+05	4.31E+04	1.09E+05	1.37E+05	2.34E+05	1.97E+05	2.32E+05	7.63E+04	4.36E+05	7.25E+06	1.36E+05	9.93E+04	1.13E+07	6.62E+04	1.9E+05	7.7E+05	3.97E+05	3.55E+04	3.79E+04	4.85E+03	2.95E+05	8.66E+05	3.53E+05	2.14E+06
Bis-D-fructose 2',1:2,1'-dianhydride	8.54E+03	7.58E+03	4.95E+04	7.17E+04	9.09E+03	1.13E+05	2.79E+06	4.28E+04	8.83E+03	1.01E+04	8.36E+04	6.38E+03	4.12E+04	1.36E+04	6.14E+04	3.64E+03	7.41E+03	4.42E+03	1.97E+04	1.7E+04	1.64E+05	4.82E+04	2.75E+03	1.03E+03	4.6E+04	1.41E+05	2.91E+05	1.98E+04	500	5.9E+04	1.8E+05	6.8E+03	3.23E+03	2.4E+05	3.83E+03	9.38E+04	9.27E+05	5.38E+04	6.79E+04	2.74E+03	3.98E+03	6.44E+04	9.05E+04	1.41E+05	5.35E+04
Boc-Asn_1	2E+05	6.39E+05	4.35E+05	5.74E+05	1.24E+06	7.62E+05	1.41E+06	2.01E+05	2.32E+06	7.07E+05	5.52E+05	1.16E+06	1.29E+06	5.95E+05	1.95E+07	2.94E+05	8.72E+05	5.5E+05	5.4E+05	3.75E+05	1.51E+06	1.36E+06	3.61E+05	1.31E+05	6.19E+05	1.47E+06	1.31E+07	8.4E+05	2.01E+05	8.28E+05	9.32E+05	1.61E+07	4.54E+04	5.49E+05	1.04E+06	1.26E+06	9.75E+05	5E+05	2.76E+05	7.19E+05	3.11E+05	7.6E+05	1.35E+06	1.66E+06	9.45E+05
Boc-Asn_2	3.48E+05	2.3E+05	3.49E+05	1.61E+05	5.77E+05	4.5E+05	5.45E+05	1.35E+05	7.68E+05	2.2E+05	4.39E+05	1.3E+06	1.67E+06	3.59E+05	3.78E+05	2.52E+05	1.3E+06	2.34E+05	2.41E+05	4.98E+05	9.29E+05	2.29E+05	4.64E+05	4.48E+04	3.03E+05	1.71E+06	1.15E+06	5.37E+05	2.41E+05	4.08E+05	9.1E+05	7.26E+05	2.17E+05	5.75E+05	7.85E+05	4.45E+05	2.43E+06	2.39E+05	2.08E+05	8.31E+04	1.3E+05	4.93E+05	1.15E+06	1.62E+07	6.88E+05
Boc-Asn-OPhNO2	3.88E+05	4.89E+05	3.17E+05	5.1E+05	7.45E+05	8.67E+05	8.11E+05	3.57E+05	2.49E+06	1.01E+06	9.37E+05	1.68E+06	1.84E+06	8.71E+05	9.65E+05	4.05E+05	1.47E+06	4.29E+05	1.1E+06	8.19E+05	1.49E+06	1.48E+06	3.6E+05	2.49E+05	9.45E+05	2.27E+06	1.16E+06	1.75E+06	3.39E+05	7.71E+05	1.34E+06	2.52E+06	3.16E+05	9.43E+05	1.45E+06	5.43E+05	1.59E+06	5.99E+05	4.58E+05	3.01E+05	5.14E+05	8.23E+05	7.61E+05	9.85E+05	9.37E+05
Botrydial	1.35E+07	1.32E+07	1.35E+07	1.47E+07	1.37E+07	1.33E+07	1.61E+07	1.35E+07	1.56E+07	1.35E+07	1.42E+07	1.42E+07	1.45E+07	1.35E+07	1.32E+07	1.26E+07	1.31E+07	1.3E+07	1.29E+07	1.31E+07	1.39E+07	1.54E+07	1.31E+07	1.31E+07	1.29E+07	1.4E+07	1.34E+07	1.36E+07	1.23E+07	1.25E+07	1.31E+07	1.4E+07	1.23E+07	1.42E+07	1.31E+07	1.22E+07	1.24E+07	1.52E+07	1.31E+07	1.27E+07	1.23E+07	1.22E+07	1.21E+07	1.32E+07	1.35E+07
Bowdichione	1.68E+04	0	0	4.72E+03	2.54E+03	0	0	1.24E+03	0	7.75E+04	0	0	8.87E+03	0	1.5E+03	0	1.63E+03	0	1.87E+06	2.28E+04	977	4.19E+03	0	2.16E+03	1.24E+03	1.42E+03	0	1.17E+03	0	1.28E+03	1.03E+03	2E+03	869	0	0	0	1.54E+03	0	0	0	721	0	3.05E+04	1.43E+03	0
Bruceoside A	0	0	0	0	915	0	0	0	1.5E+03	1.54E+04	0	0	1.26E+03	0	0	0	1.07E+03	1.45E+04	0	699	1.38E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	3.68E+06	0	0	0	1.07E+03	2.67E+03	0	0	0	686	0	0	9.52E+03	0
Butenachlor	2.4E+04	1.92E+04	3.76E+03	1.05E+04	5.01E+04	3.02E+04	2.65E+04	1.21E+04	4.32E+04	6.92E+03	1.16E+05	2.01E+06	1.8E+04	3.21E+03	1.59E+03	3.79E+03	4.6E+05	4E+03	1.05E+05	1.54E+04	7.7E+04	2.01E+04	4.45E+03	5.61E+03	1.5E+04	1.29E+05	2.01E+04	1.08E+05	4.92E+03	1.4E+04	4.75E+03	6.64E+03	1.49E+04	1.53E+04	1.88E+05	9.19E+03	4.58E+04	6.17E+03	1.5E+03	1.38E+03	1.06E+05	2.64E+03	2.21E+05	9.61E+04	4.62E+04
Butopyronoxyl_1	4.01E+06	1.46E+07	1.08E+07	2.19E+07	3.08E+07	1.39E+07	3.47E+07	2.35E+06	4.66E+07	4.86E+06	2.44E+07	2.96E+06	2.03E+07	1.53E+07	5.7E+06	1.65E+06	2.33E+07	1.68E+06	1.39E+07	7.17E+06	3.28E+07	3.6E+07	9.54E+06	8.31E+05	1.54E+07	2.92E+07	2.26E+06	2.66E+07	7.43E+06	1.58E+07	2.98E+07	4.24E+07	1.65E+06	5.31E+07	3.31E+07	1.85E+07	7.05E+05	4.82E+07	2.15E+07	1.32E+06	1.2E+07	1.97E+07	1.25E+07	1.43E+07	3.42E+06
Butopyronoxyl_2	7.16E+05	2.4E+06	4.51E+05	2.14E+05	7.5E+05	6.68E+05	1.29E+06	4.19E+05	4.76E+06	5.96E+05	4.58E+05	1.8E+07	4.22E+05	2.63E+05	1.59E+05	1.41E+05	1.15E+06	2.25E+05	4.93E+05	2.02E+05	2.34E+06	4.46E+06	1.96E+05	4.43E+04	1.25E+05	1.89E+06	1.19E+06	3.09E+06	7.31E+05	1.03E+06	1.05E+05	3.43E+06	2.5E+04	2.43E+06	1.23E+06	1.6E+06	1.73E+06	3.53E+06	2.7E+06	3.37E+05	2.02E+05	1.26E+05	6.71E+05	1.5E+06	9.69E+05
C20913	6.25E+05	5.37E+05	6.63E+05	1.14E+06	1.74E+06	1.65E+06	8.99E+05	7.13E+05	1.22E+07	1.51E+06	2.77E+05	2.64E+06	2.19E+06	7.57E+05	7.83E+06	7.9E+05	1.58E+06	1.04E+05	8.64E+05	3.66E+05	4.86E+06	1.05E+07	6.56E+05	1.77E+06	9.11E+05	3.25E+07	3.49E+06	1.16E+06	1.19E+06	7.68E+05	1.27E+06	5.96E+06	8.35E+05	1.13E+06	9.51E+05	8.47E+05	1.79E+06	9.69E+05	6.64E+05	6.24E+05	6.84E+05	4.31E+05	1.26E+06	2.97E+06	1.32E+06
Calcium levulinate anhydrous	3.49E+04	5.47E+04	6.95E+03	5.46E+04	1.24E+04	8.59E+05	5.04E+04	1.09E+05	1.74E+07	3.19E+05	2.34E+05	2.58E+05	1E+06	1.08E+05	6.88E+05	3.18E+04	3.58E+05	3.33E+04	1.75E+05	4.97E+04	1.41E+04	7.9E+04	4.18E+04	3.23E+03	3.46E+05	4.61E+05	7.17E+04	4.76E+05	2.37E+04	1.03E+06	5.44E+05	2.64E+05	3.29E+04	1.62E+05	4.59E+05	2.16E+04	7.45E+04	5.89E+03	9.17E+05	1.49E+04	1.53E+05	1.72E+05	2.15E+04	7.96E+06	3.52E+05
Carbamorph	3.43E+05	1.48E+07	1.04E+06	7.48E+05	1.53E+06	1.29E+06	1.88E+07	3.55E+05	2.48E+06	9.78E+05	1.3E+06	7.31E+05	6.24E+05	5.43E+05	1.83E+07	8.47E+05	6.63E+05	9.56E+05	3.7E+05	7.11E+05	1.24E+05	1.14E+07	9.75E+05	2.79E+05	1.19E+06	7.45E+05	3.78E+07	2.2E+05	6.31E+05	1.42E+06	5.58E+05	2.89E+07	1.01E+05	1.04E+05	1.06E+06	1.2E+07	1.19E+06	2.29E+05	1.31E+06	1.23E+06	1.33E+05	7.3E+05	3.55E+05	1.43E+07	2.84E+06
Castanospermine_1	1.31E+07	1.52E+07	1.81E+07	1.77E+07	2.92E+06	4.73E+06	2.54E+07	1.67E+07	1.78E+07	2.39E+07	2.5E+07	2.54E+07	3.19E+07	2.71E+06	1.91E+07	1.85E+07	2.06E+07	1.28E+07	3.36E+07	1.71E+07	3.15E+07	3.9E+07	1.74E+06	5.72E+06	2.5E+06	3.77E+07	2.29E+07	3.47E+07	5.61E+06	1.91E+07	7.68E+06	2.95E+07	1.07E+07	3.23E+07	2.18E+07	1.46E+07	3.22E+07	2.41E+07	1.15E+07	8.87E+06	1.33E+07	2.33E+07	2.36E+07	2.19E+07	2.75E+07
Castanospermine_2	1.9E+05	2.31E+05	1.29E+06	6.88E+05	2.64E+07	2.36E+07	2.85E+06	4.92E+05	4.02E+06	2.76E+06	3E+06	1.27E+06	4.82E+06	2.4E+07	4.59E+05	1.51E+05	3.07E+06	1.88E+06	5.01E+06	2.87E+06	1.95E+06	1.9E+06	1.13E+07	1.04E+05	2.11E+07	4.96E+06	3.82E+06	5.63E+06	1.48E+04	1.81E+06	4.43E+07	3.7E+06	1.83E+05	1.43E+06	3.78E+06	1.21E+06	5.85E+06	5.74E+05	1.34E+06	7.98E+05	5.42E+05	1.83E+06	6.98E+05	4.65E+06	2.69E+06
Castanospermine_3	9.3E+04	3.76E+04	8.28E+03	7.88E+04	9.74E+05	1.34E+05	1.57E+05	2.31E+04	2.38E+08	7.4E+04	8.04E+05	7.1E+05	6.43E+05	2.72E+06	1.54E+05	6.58E+04	5.87E+05	1.49E+05	7.95E+05	4.86E+05	7.28E+05	6.1E+05	7.24E+04	1.72E+04	1.04E+05	8.32E+05	6.07E+05	5.37E+05	9.19E+03	6.09E+04	1.59E+05	1.55E+05	1.17E+04	1.8E+05	2.58E+05	4.24E+04	1.74E+06	3.18E+05	4.79E+04	5.07E+04	3.01E+04	1.64E+06	1.04E+06	3.92E+05	3.81E+05
Cellobionate	2.38E+05	2.15E+05	4.36E+05	1.53E+06	9.21E+04	2.5E+06	1.04E+04	2.6E+05	5.24E+04	9.48E+03	8.73E+05	1.61E+05	1.57E+06	2.58E+05	1.79E+04	7.62E+05	7.43E+05	2.28E+04	4.49E+05	1.52E+04	1.35E+06	3.73E+05	7.22E+03	2.7E+06	8.2E+05	1.88E+05	2.07E+06	9.14E+03	2.01E+05	6.3E+05	1.92E+06	1.64E+06	8.49E+05	2.71E+07	2.09E+06	4.48E+05	4.77E+06	4.76E+05	2.32E+05	2.07E+05	2.6E+04	4.57E+04	2.11E+06	8.62E+05	8.12E+03
Cerulenin	3.84E+06	1.49E+06	9.76E+06	1.09E+07	1.07E+07	1.6E+07	1.87E+07	6.81E+06	2.84E+07	1.56E+07	2.23E+07	1.84E+07	2.62E+07	1.22E+07	4.11E+06	1.01E+06	2.02E+07	3.84E+06	1.58E+07	1.35E+07	1.87E+07	2.64E+07	1.09E+07	4.24E+05	1.98E+07	4.84E+07	1.28E+07	3.38E+07	5.4E+05	1.16E+07	5.11E+07	2.69E+07	8.52E+05	1.2E+07	2.39E+07	1.3E+07	1.2E+07	9.06E+06	2.05E+07	4.29E+06	1.16E+07	2.26E+07	1.3E+07	1.71E+07	9.09E+06
Chlorbufam	0	0	606	0	916	0	0	0	1.6E+03	0	0	0	1.04E+03	842	0	0	1.02E+03	0	0	0	1.57E+03	992	0	0	0	1.39E+03	1.32E+03	1.66E+03	0	2.09E+05	1E+03	4.5E+03	0	5.69E+06	0	0	2.48E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Chlorogenate	2.06E+04	6.47E+03	8.02E+04	2.85E+04	4.31E+05	1.22E+04	1.37E+05	4.04E+04	2.09E+06	4.75E+05	9.91E+03	6.05E+05	4.76E+05	3.28E+05	3.33E+04	5.41E+04	7.04E+04	2.58E+05	1.16E+05	2.51E+04	6.78E+05	9.07E+04	1.29E+04	1.15E+05	8.61E+04	1.03E+05	8.17E+04	1.77E+05	1.91E+03	2.92E+04	1.04E+05	5.48E+07	3.82E+04	3.76E+04	3.77E+05	1.49E+05	2.63E+05	5.38E+04	1.19E+05	1.19E+04	1.28E+04	6.77E+03	4.12E+04	4.22E+05	4.02E+04
Chloroxuron	0	1.49E+03	4.52E+04	3.58E+03	3.42E+04	9.82E+04	8.69E+05	1.9E+04	3.18E+04	8.57E+04	2.22E+04	7.1E+04	3.62E+04	3.56E+03	3.08E+04	1.02E+05	3.76E+04	9.6E+03	2.67E+05	4.77E+03	2.31E+04	1.52E+05	2.86E+03	1.93E+04	3.36E+04	9.78E+03	1.26E+06	1.8E+05	1.34E+03	2.45E+04	1.5E+05	1.71E+04	2.78E+04	3.38E+05	8.32E+04	9.05E+04	1.71E+07	1.77E+04	5.18E+03	1.49E+04	2.31E+04	4.18E+05	1.07E+06	1.6E+04	3.19E+05
Chlorphentermine	1.86E+05	9.24E+05	1.38E+05	7.59E+04	1.18E+07	3.97E+04	3.26E+05	2.81E+04	5.67E+05	3.44E+06	5.19E+04	5.85E+04	1.9E+05	3.2E+05	5.4E+04	2.25E+05	1.09E+06	1.05E+04	1.29E+05	7.34E+04	1.1E+07	8.87E+04	8.88E+04	8.4E+05	5.93E+04	3.67E+05	2.24E+04	7.25E+04	1.25E+06	4.94E+04	1.6E+05	6.26E+05	1.21E+05	6.56E+04	3.34E+04	1.76E+04	3.82E+06	1.54E+04	2.86E+04	3.17E+04	6.76E+03	4.29E+04	7.17E+04	7.67E+04	5.4E+04
Chlorpromazine	1.15E+05	3.9E+05	3.27E+05	4.96E+04	2.63E+05	8.05E+05	3.57E+05	5.41E+05	2.31E+06	5.61E+05	2.58E+04	4.84E+04	1.91E+04	1.68E+05	1.45E+05	2.81E+05	2.33E+05	1.69E+04	2.58E+05	1.39E+05	4.17E+05	2.88E+06	1.51E+05	1.1E+05	8.34E+05	4.28E+05	4.14E+05	2.14E+05	1.17E+05	1.68E+05	4.11E+06	1.23E+06	4.61E+04	3.4E+05	7.69E+04	4.74E+05	1.75E+05	2.02E+05	6.1E+04	4.21E+04	8.37E+04	4.09E+05	2.27E+05	2.12E+05	1.35E+05
Chlorpromazine N-oxide_1	1.48E+03	1.02E+06	1.13E+06	0	1.05E+06	1.39E+06	9.8E+04	1.51E+07	1.38E+06	2.09E+05	1.24E+07	1.37E+05	1.22E+05	6.03E+03	5.11E+03	2.42E+06	1.85E+04	2.58E+05	1.16E+06	4.17E+03	6.19E+03	2.17E+05	0	0	2.03E+07	5.73E+03	9.42E+06	1.16E+04	1.91E+03	6.43E+03	4.78E+03	3.73E+05	1.5E+03	4.89E+05	3.89E+04	1.9E+06	2.53E+04	2.69E+05	5.08E+03	1.52E+03	5.57E+03	1.37E+07	8.32E+05	2.14E+04	5.36E+03
Chlorpromazine N-oxide_2	4.66E+05	5.04E+05	2.06E+05	2.93E+05	6E+05	8.32E+05	5.41E+05	3.41E+05	1.17E+06	7.3E+05	4.95E+05	9.71E+05	5.91E+05	5.21E+05	3.89E+05	2.56E+05	6.62E+05	5.89E+05	1.15E+06	7.84E+05	5.2E+05	3E+05	2.96E+05	1.95E+05	7.07E+05	4.5E+06	5.96E+05	3.9E+06	4.05E+05	6.31E+05	1.27E+06	7.43E+05	3.38E+05	4.98E+05	1.03E+06	3.39E+05	1.04E+06	6.26E+05	2.31E+05	2.37E+05	3.42E+05	4.94E+05	3.84E+05	5.46E+05	9.2E+05
Cholesterol sulfate	3.36E+05	3.42E+05	9.22E+04	3.62E+04	3.39E+05	2.51E+05	3.03E+05	1.36E+05	1.44E+06	1.06E+05	1.29E+05	5.36E+05	5.64E+05	2.12E+05	7.1E+04	2.53E+05	3.59E+06	6.46E+04	2.19E+05	7.08E+04	1.45E+06	2.54E+05	9.76E+04	2.76E+05	1.97E+05	5.37E+05	3.54E+05	3.11E+05	1.77E+05	1.43E+05	2.19E+05	1.84E+05	2.53E+05	9.71E+04	4.68E+05	9.96E+04	7.49E+05	3.06E+04	1.1E+05	8.2E+04	2.47E+04	1.19E+05	4.27E+05	1.29E+06	9.12E+04
Cholic acid	1.8E+04	8.44E+04	3.22E+05	912	5.63E+06	2.16E+05	1.01E+06	1.72E+04	8.37E+05	1.92E+05	7.76E+03	1.19E+05	9.1E+05	6.92E+05	2.58E+05	1.07E+05	8.82E+05	4.01E+04	1.09E+05	1.03E+04	2.2E+05	5.78E+05	4.92E+05	1.74E+04	1.96E+04	1.33E+06	5.28E+03	3.3E+05	7.86E+04	1.89E+05	7.73E+05	1.48E+05	2.54E+05	1.96E+05	1.42E+06	3.06E+05	4.71E+04	3.45E+04	9.19E+04	3.08E+04	1.45E+03	9.22E+04	4.32E+04	3.02E+05	5.33E+04
cis-(Homo)3-aconitate	4.26E+05	1.83E+05	1.7E+05	3.73E+05	1.34E+04	1.04E+05	7.73E+04	3.82E+05	1.16E+07	3.59E+05	5.87E+05	4.1E+05	6.18E+05	1.15E+04	2.05E+05	6.22E+04	2.6E+05	1.35E+04	1.6E+05	5.34E+05	5.83E+05	6.38E+05	7.58E+03	2.6E+05	2.03E+05	1.15E+06	2.3E+05	1.14E+06	6.04E+04	2.04E+05	1.02E+07	9.09E+05	5.17E+05	2.7E+05	1.4E+05	2.8E+04	2.29E+05	2.01E+04	5.4E+05	4.09E+04	4.09E+04	2.05E+06	9.98E+05	1.47E+05	2.21E+05
cis-2,3-Dihydroxy-2,3-dihydro-p-cumate	2.15E+07	3.92E+07	3.13E+07	3.69E+07	6.55E+07	7.65E+07	7.77E+07	2.38E+07	1.45E+08	4.02E+07	7.23E+07	9.54E+07	1.71E+08	4.96E+07	2.05E+07	2.25E+07	5.64E+07	4.61E+07	1.02E+08	4.48E+07	4.41E+07	3.77E+07	2.09E+07	1.53E+07	7.35E+07	1.49E+08	1.16E+08	8.25E+07	7.24E+06	5.79E+07	2.49E+08	1.56E+08	2.63E+07	6.68E+07	2.17E+08	3.49E+07	1.28E+08	4.81E+07	3.01E+07	2.24E+07	5.17E+07	5.05E+07	3.57E+07	5.66E+07	8.04E+07
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_1	1.83E+07	5.34E+07	3.67E+07	2.95E+07	1.14E+08	3.93E+07	4.62E+07	9.68E+06	8.56E+07	4.52E+07	8.07E+07	1.3E+08	9.62E+07	6.79E+07	2.65E+07	2.37E+07	8.77E+07	3.87E+07	8.21E+07	3.93E+07	4.25E+07	4.59E+07	1.53E+07	7.71E+06	5.02E+07	1.32E+08	4.9E+07	2.24E+08	1.18E+07	4.36E+07	6.78E+07	8.6E+07	1.15E+07	3.17E+07	1.32E+08	4.73E+07	6.99E+07	3.25E+07	3.13E+07	1.17E+07	1.81E+07	5.34E+07	6.79E+06	4.88E+07	5.02E+07
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_2	3.32E+06	1.61E+07	1.35E+07	1.3E+07	3.71E+07	1.65E+07	7.52E+07	9.68E+06	3.71E+07	2.71E+07	3.19E+07	5.88E+07	5.01E+07	4.73E+07	1.38E+07	6.61E+06	3.07E+07	2.55E+07	4.56E+07	2.46E+07	1.33E+07	1.45E+07	7.36E+06	3.05E+06	3.1E+07	8.67E+07	2.21E+07	7.66E+07	3.41E+06	1.87E+07	3.57E+07	4.48E+07	4.95E+06	5.35E+07	6.88E+07	1.35E+07	3.89E+07	8.9E+07	1.16E+07	5.81E+06	1.81E+07	3.32E+07	6.79E+06	2.54E+07	2.53E+07
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_3	1.14E+06	8.45E+06	2.58E+05	2.75E+05	2.67E+07	1.85E+05	1.34E+06	3.3E+07	2.53E+05	4.68E+04	2.43E+06	1.1E+07	8.18E+05	1.24E+05	5.62E+04	3.42E+06	1.48E+07	1.17E+05	3.62E+06	3E+04	2.25E+05	8.63E+05	1.45E+05	3.42E+04	6.01E+04	2.83E+05	2.58E+05	4.45E+07	8.3E+04	4.44E+06	3.35E+06	1.25E+05	2.17E+04	1.14E+06	1E+07	8.03E+06	7.27E+05	3.4E+06	5.59E+05	4.1E+04	6.74E+07	1.8E+05	4.44E+07	1.97E+05	1.92E+05
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_4	3.32E+06	1.61E+07	6.97E+06	1.3E+07	3.71E+07	1.65E+07	1.98E+07	9.68E+06	3.71E+07	2.72E+07	3.19E+07	5.89E+07	5.01E+07	4.77E+07	1.38E+07	6.61E+06	3.07E+07	2.55E+07	4.56E+07	2.46E+07	1.33E+07	1.45E+07	7.36E+06	3.05E+06	3.1E+07	8.68E+07	2.21E+07	7.66E+07	3.41E+06	1.88E+07	1.67E+08	4.48E+07	4.95E+06	1.36E+07	6.89E+07	1.35E+07	3.89E+07	2.38E+07	1.16E+07	5.81E+06	1.81E+07	3.32E+07	6.79E+06	2.54E+07	2.53E+07
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide	3.26E+03	7.43E+03	2.94E+04	6.56E+03	6.05E+03	2.01E+04	1.44E+04	1.98E+04	1.04E+06	5.01E+04	6.21E+03	4.88E+04	1.02E+06	3.18E+03	7.16E+03	6.18E+04	2.3E+04	5.15E+03	3.84E+04	2.08E+04	1.09E+04	5.51E+04	3.44E+03	3.74E+04	4.98E+04	1.4E+05	2.52E+04	1.94E+05	9.86E+03	6.03E+03	3.11E+04	2.94E+04	7E+03	2.25E+05	5.92E+04	2.9E+04	1.76E+06	1.92E+04	6.51E+03	8.69E+03	8.11E+03	5.32E+04	2.25E+07	1.51E+04	1.74E+04
CITRATE	1.41E+09	1.8E+09	2.25E+09	2.47E+09	1.88E+09	4.27E+09	1.96E+09	1.96E+09	4.42E+09	3.61E+09	3E+09	2.57E+09	2.37E+09	1.46E+09	2.45E+09	1.53E+09	6.6E+09	1.89E+09	4.82E+09	1.52E+09	6.79E+09	3.94E+09	1.39E+09	1.5E+09	3.45E+09	3.34E+09	3.3E+09	4.53E+09	1.36E+09	1.19E+09	4.35E+09	4.98E+09	1.61E+09	3.4E+09	3.1E+09	2.09E+09	1.73E+09	3.04E+09	1.37E+09	1.31E+09	3.25E+09	3.18E+09	3.99E+09	4.99E+09	2.64E+09
Clavulanic acid	7.52E+05	5E+05	1.17E+07	6.07E+05	6.14E+05	2.92E+06	6.01E+05	2.15E+05	1.45E+07	3.13E+05	3.29E+05	2.86E+05	5.23E+05	7.22E+04	1.78E+05	1.08E+06	9.75E+06	6.54E+05	1.16E+06	7.31E+05	7.74E+06	2.17E+07	1.05E+05	5.89E+05	2.88E+05	5.88E+06	4.96E+06	3.5E+05	2.56E+05	1.37E+06	4.68E+06	1.98E+06	4.37E+05	2.33E+06	1.47E+06	2.35E+06	1.63E+06	1.12E+06	4.49E+05	3.87E+05	6.64E+04	1.39E+06	7.02E+06	9.87E+05	5.98E+05
CNQX	3.35E+06	7.62E+04	2.13E+05	2.1E+04	1.11E+05	1.13E+06	4.86E+03	9.4E+03	6.68E+04	5.36E+04	1.34E+05	4.9E+05	7.26E+05	1.98E+04	2.41E+05	5.57E+04	2.08E+05	3.87E+04	9.56E+06	7E+06	3.08E+06	1.65E+05	1.15E+05	1.24E+06	5.31E+04	7.24E+05	1.74E+06	1.36E+06	1.9E+05	1.54E+06	1.59E+05	2.29E+04	1.99E+05	1.49E+07	3.39E+05	6.4E+05	2.1E+06	5.13E+05	3.73E+05	6.57E+05	2.42E+05	6.42E+05	2.89E+04	6.73E+05	1.72E+07
Coformycin	4.87E+04	3.12E+04	2.36E+05	3.27E+05	7.05E+04	1.51E+04	5.76E+05	2.49E+04	2.32E+04	1.76E+03	2.57E+03	7.12E+04	2.92E+04	1.27E+04	4.42E+03	1.81E+05	6.34E+04	4.38E+03	1.47E+04	1.91E+04	9.88E+04	1.41E+07	1.81E+03	1.64E+05	3.39E+04	1.25E+04	9.71E+03	7.92E+04	1.31E+04	6.14E+05	2.14E+05	2.13E+04	5.19E+04	2.63E+04	8.27E+05	8.11E+04	6.69E+04	7.08E+04	2.63E+03	2.72E+04	9.26E+03	1.6E+04	3.97E+04	5.16E+03	2.25E+04
Coniferin_1	2.99E+06	2.07E+06	1.46E+07	4.4E+06	2.57E+07	2.6E+07	7.07E+06	9.66E+06	3.32E+07	3.51E+07	6.55E+06	2.41E+07	2.94E+07	1.85E+07	1.66E+06	2.26E+06	3.64E+07	1.8E+07	2.49E+07	1.58E+07	1.36E+07	3.53E+07	1.39E+07	5.87E+05	4.79E+06	6.02E+07	3.49E+07	5.8E+07	6.86E+05	2.3E+07	3.81E+07	2.96E+07	1.04E+06	2.96E+07	4.78E+07	2.18E+07	5.27E+07	8.26E+06	2.3E+07	1.87E+06	4.24E+06	6.45E+06	2.83E+07	2.07E+07	7.94E+06
Coniferin_2	2.99E+06	2.07E+06	1.13E+07	7.95E+06	3.51E+07	7.51E+06	1.64E+07	5.41E+06	2.54E+07	2.44E+07	1.41E+07	2.6E+07	3.17E+07	5.46E+06	1.74E+07	3.06E+06	2.48E+07	3.53E+07	2.03E+07	1.31E+07	1.6E+07	3.01E+07	3.47E+06	5.87E+05	1.72E+07	4.93E+07	1.12E+07	5.28E+07	6.86E+05	6.06E+06	3.32E+07	9.12E+07	1.58E+06	3.18E+07	2.02E+07	1.4E+07	4.24E+07	1.76E+07	2.03E+07	1.87E+06	8.85E+06	1.36E+07	1.1E+07	2.44E+07	1.48E+07
Coniferin_3	4.94E+04	1.11E+05	1.16E+06	2.67E+05	4.68E+05	3.86E+06	2.45E+05	9.67E+04	4.98E+06	4.45E+05	2.09E+04	6.43E+06	4.75E+07	2.8E+05	1.76E+05	8.05E+04	1.32E+06	2.72E+05	1.14E+06	1.04E+06	8.93E+07	1.01E+06	1.65E+06	2.81E+05	4.21E+05	6.76E+06	4.05E+06	8.39E+05	9.77E+04	2.09E+06	2.28E+06	1.87E+06	1.75E+04	7.59E+07	3.28E+06	1.49E+06	3.72E+06	8.85E+05	1.37E+06	3.23E+04	1.11E+05	7.31E+05	9.14E+05	3E+06	2.11E+05
Coniferin_4	4.87E+05	9.91E+05	3.34E+05	3.1E+05	9.8E+05	2.23E+06	2.94E+05	3.2E+05	7.6E+05	1.7E+06	1.87E+06	6.29E+07	6.99E+05	2.55E+05	7.89E+05	7.69E+05	7.92E+06	4.98E+06	1.19E+06	5.42E+05	2.89E+06	2.93E+06	2.32E+05	6.13E+05	5.69E+05	1.56E+06	1.31E+06	2.1E+06	3.88E+05	3.02E+06	4.09E+05	2.98E+06	1.26E+06	6.57E+05	7.32E+06	2.05E+06	2.12E+06	1.49E+06	2.3E+05	1.32E+05	6.86E+05	4.13E+05	2.03E+06	4.02E+07	7.44E+05
Coniferyl alcohol	1.32E+07	1.32E+07	1.33E+07	1.38E+07	1.57E+07	1.48E+07	1.35E+07	1.35E+07	2.09E+07	1.95E+07	1.42E+07	1.41E+07	1.41E+07	1.44E+07	5.76E+06	1.47E+07	1.52E+07	1.62E+07	1.43E+07	1.39E+07	1.75E+07	1.48E+07	1.37E+07	1.4E+07	1.41E+07	1.46E+07	1.44E+07	1.57E+07	1.31E+07	1.5E+07	1.45E+07	3.28E+07	1.4E+07	1.34E+07	1.56E+07	1.48E+07	1.5E+07	1.45E+07	1.38E+07	1.33E+07	1.4E+07	1.45E+07	1.39E+07	2.05E+07	1.36E+07
Corniculatusin	1.7E+06	2.4E+06	1.26E+06	1.6E+07	1.32E+07	3.64E+06	2.72E+07	1.25E+06	9.49E+06	5.72E+06	3.84E+06	1.12E+07	2.42E+07	1.48E+07	2.19E+07	1.97E+06	4.55E+06	1.28E+07	1.52E+07	5.44E+06	1.1E+07	6.56E+06	1.32E+07	2.41E+06	2.02E+07	1.03E+07	2.11E+07	1.97E+07	1.84E+07	1.4E+07	4.66E+06	2.46E+07	9.89E+05	5.6E+06	1.63E+07	1.23E+07	6.79E+06	1.58E+07	1.27E+07	1.44E+06	1.83E+07	1.27E+07	6.85E+06	5.06E+06	6.54E+06
Creatine-D3	6.6E+04	7.65E+04	1.3E+04	1.73E+04	4.54E+03	1.41E+04	8.69E+03	1.21E+05	0	1.2E+04	3.43E+03	0	0	1.8E+04	3.48E+04	1.43E+05	9.89E+03	1.34E+04	0	1.07E+04	6.69E+03	0	9.07E+03	1.91E+05	9.14E+03	0	1.64E+04	0	3.89E+04	1.46E+04	7.02E+03	6.83E+03	1.51E+05	2.89E+03	4.92E+03	1.11E+04	0	4.93E+03	2.65E+04	3.07E+04	3.34E+03	0	6.55E+03	2.47E+04	5.89E+03
Creatinine	1.39E+08	1.39E+08	1.29E+08	1.66E+08	2.17E+08	3.08E+08	2.75E+08	1.16E+08	5.42E+08	2.9E+08	2.45E+08	5.6E+08	5.63E+08	2.45E+08	2.62E+08	1.55E+08	4.89E+08	1.53E+08	3.97E+08	2.49E+08	5E+08	4.58E+08	1.15E+08	9.7E+07	2.12E+08	7.48E+08	2.98E+08	5.16E+08	1.41E+08	1.85E+08	4.27E+08	4.79E+08	1.07E+08	2.86E+08	4.17E+08	1.57E+08	5.57E+08	1.94E+08	1.03E+08	1E+08	1.43E+08	2.25E+08	2.71E+08	3.15E+08	2.99E+08
Croconazole	5.6E+05	9.27E+04	4.82E+05	3.96E+05	4.98E+05	3.73E+06	1.46E+05	2.92E+05	3.92E+06	8.76E+05	5.93E+05	1.28E+05	1.15E+06	7.21E+05	2.32E+05	8.04E+04	5.11E+06	2.78E+05	5.93E+05	7.09E+05	4.87E+06	9.32E+05	1.97E+05	1.36E+05	5.21E+05	1.36E+06	1.16E+06	2.19E+05	2.65E+05	1.18E+06	3.43E+06	1.44E+06	1.37E+05	1.09E+07	3.62E+05	5.76E+05	1.25E+06	1.2E+05	1.55E+05	8.83E+04	4.51E+05	8.56E+05	3.68E+05	3.42E+06	6.91E+05
Crotanecine	2.46E+05	1.29E+05	4.79E+05	5.98E+05	1.45E+06	2.1E+06	4.91E+05	2.52E+05	1.11E+06	1.03E+06	2.31E+06	9.81E+05	7.22E+05	5.97E+05	5.43E+05	1.37E+06	1.81E+06	2.02E+06	4.41E+06	1.58E+06	2.78E+06	3.28E+06	8.64E+03	1.55E+06	2.95E+05	1.12E+06	4.8E+05	6.93E+05	2.49E+05	8.95E+05	7.05E+05	6.97E+05	5.62E+05	3.13E+06	1.77E+05	4.85E+05	4.8E+05	6.53E+06	6.74E+04	6.54E+04	2.89E+05	3.88E+05	5.69E+05	2.42E+06	6.47E+05
Cyclic GMP-AMP	5.97E+06	6.77E+06	5.94E+06	6.27E+06	6.05E+06	5.91E+06	6.08E+06	6.32E+06	6.54E+06	5.97E+06	6.66E+06	6.07E+06	6.57E+06	6.47E+06	5.95E+06	5.84E+06	6.1E+06	5.84E+06	5.76E+06	6.46E+06	5.98E+06	6.19E+06	5.91E+06	6.03E+06	5.8E+06	6.11E+06	5.69E+06	6.28E+06	5.24E+06	5.28E+06	5.43E+06	5.16E+06	4.76E+06	5.11E+06	5.02E+06	4.84E+06	5.1E+06	4.73E+06	4.61E+06	4.94E+06	4.66E+06	4.7E+06	4.57E+06	7.72E+06	7.36E+06
cyclo-Dopa 5-O-glucoside_1	1.32E+05	7.94E+04	1.27E+04	2.48E+05	7.85E+05	9.12E+04	1.58E+05	6.17E+05	3.29E+05	7.73E+04	8.91E+04	3.47E+04	1.48E+05	4.78E+05	1.62E+05	1.16E+05	1.2E+06	2.45E+05	5.4E+04	6.96E+04	1.15E+05	1.07E+05	6.4E+04	2.46E+03	6.45E+04	2.68E+05	4.1E+04	8.74E+04	3.85E+04	7.48E+04	4.91E+04	2.13E+05	3.04E+05	7.56E+07	2.59E+06	6.28E+04	7.79E+06	1.25E+05	2.8E+06	4.11E+05	3.6E+05	2.09E+05	5.03E+04	4.79E+04	1.91E+05
cyclo-Dopa 5-O-glucoside_2	2.88E+05	2.91E+05	5.8E+05	2.48E+05	2.98E+05	7.03E+05	1.58E+05	6.17E+05	3.25E+05	2.65E+05	5.53E+04	1.23E+06	9.22E+05	8.57E+05	1.62E+05	1.16E+05	1.26E+06	7.44E+04	2.21E+05	2.36E+06	3.47E+06	9.15E+05	9.27E+04	3.14E+05	6.26E+04	8.01E+05	4.1E+04	4.52E+06	2.64E+05	1.22E+06	2.76E+05	4.69E+04	3.04E+05	1.37E+06	9.6E+04	2.29E+06	2.18E+06	3.96E+05	9.75E+05	4.11E+05	3.6E+05	2.09E+05	5.03E+04	1.5E+05	1.91E+05
Cyclophosphamide	7.75E+04	7.14E+04	1.96E+04	6.11E+04	7.79E+04	8.99E+04	6.95E+04	2.42E+05	1.61E+06	4.48E+04	4.18E+04	8.27E+04	7.68E+05	1.55E+04	4.48E+04	8.07E+04	1.14E+05	8.13E+04	1.34E+05	9.04E+04	5.43E+04	1.09E+05	4.93E+04	5.04E+04	1.64E+04	1.71E+05	2.67E+04	1.4E+05	5.6E+04	1.44E+05	4.1E+03	3.18E+06	2.26E+04	1.76E+04	3.89E+06	7.76E+04	4.83E+04	5.79E+04	1.01E+05	5.27E+04	3.87E+04	2.28E+04	3.15E+04	1.11E+05	1.16E+05
Cypermethrin	4.42E+05	5.89E+04	1.12E+06	1.81E+04	9.66E+04	9.49E+05	1.29E+05	2.74E+04	1.46E+06	5.38E+05	2.64E+05	3.09E+04	6.59E+05	1.46E+05	3.21E+05	8.87E+04	2.59E+06	3.22E+04	1.7E+05	2.61E+05	1.9E+06	2.61E+05	3.48E+04	1.03E+05	2.05E+05	6.63E+05	8.8E+05	2.48E+05	2.43E+05	2.88E+05	3.42E+06	5.68E+05	7.71E+04	1.15E+06	3.34E+04	1.03E+06	5.43E+05	6.61E+03	4.34E+04	9.1E+04	3.95E+04	2.39E+05	3.86E+05	1.56E+06	1.13E+06
D-Alanyl-D-serine	1.91E+06	1.45E+06	1.8E+06	2.57E+06	2.98E+06	4E+06	3.71E+06	1.49E+06	6.21E+06	2.38E+06	3.08E+06	5.91E+06	4.99E+06	2.12E+06	4.05E+06	2.13E+06	4.94E+06	2.68E+06	5.55E+06	4.95E+06	7.18E+06	4.71E+06	2.37E+06	1.08E+06	2.55E+06	5.75E+06	3.85E+06	5.23E+06	1.22E+06	3.64E+06	5.78E+06	6.11E+06	1.48E+06	4.87E+06	4.67E+06	2.64E+06	4.66E+06	4.09E+06	1.5E+06	1.18E+06	2.09E+06	4.41E+06	4.33E+06	5.03E+06	4.99E+06
Dalpanin	4.09E+03	1.95E+04	2.11E+05	1.84E+05	2.04E+04	4.41E+05	5.47E+05	1.92E+04	4.22E+06	1.35E+03	1.8E+05	7.15E+03	1.15E+05	1.22E+05	1.68E+05	5.89E+04	6.29E+04	1.08E+04	1.21E+05	1.01E+04	4.71E+06	9.83E+04	858	2.59E+04	1.71E+05	9.77E+03	7.97E+03	1.27E+03	2.66E+03	1.55E+04	4.27E+05	8.19E+04	2E+04	5.75E+06	7.93E+04	1.35E+05	1.28E+05	2.02E+03	7.38E+04	5.91E+03	1.49E+03	8.52E+04	1.73E+04	6.15E+05	3.21E+04
Danielone_1	2.87E+07	1.25E+08	1.82E+07	7.44E+07	5.22E+07	5.66E+07	3.94E+07	4.92E+07	3.43E+08	2.05E+07	8.82E+06	7.06E+07	2.25E+08	7.63E+06	1.73E+07	1.08E+08	8.16E+06	1.42E+06	7.87E+07	4.01E+07	2.86E+07	5.21E+07	1.46E+07	2.43E+07	6.13E+07	8.4E+07	6.58E+06	1.2E+08	2.63E+07	3.42E+07	6.16E+06	1.02E+08	2.23E+06	5.63E+06	1.62E+08	2.97E+07	7.02E+07	3.36E+07	3.55E+07	1.82E+07	2.27E+07	1.31E+07	3.05E+06	3.67E+06	3.82E+07
Danielone_2	8.92E+06	7.48E+07	3.27E+06	2.62E+07	9.6E+06	2.3E+07	7.34E+06	1.29E+07	2.61E+08	2.31E+06	6.08E+07	1.14E+07	7.42E+07	1.55E+06	5.38E+06	6.96E+07	1.9E+06	6.01E+05	2.34E+07	5.3E+06	2.94E+06	1.28E+07	2.16E+06	8.21E+06	3.73E+07	1.53E+07	3.4E+06	2.96E+07	7.65E+06	5.19E+06	3.71E+06	3.72E+07	1.22E+07	5.12E+06	3.67E+07	5.05E+06	1.13E+07	2.99E+06	7.33E+06	4.37E+06	4.76E+06	6.04E+07	1.75E+06	3.67E+06	6.78E+06
Danielone_3	2.89E+06	7.17E+06	4.86E+06	7.44E+06	9.96E+06	7.16E+06	1.4E+07	4.09E+06	2.01E+07	7.86E+06	5.73E+06	2.16E+07	2.84E+07	2.49E+07	4.13E+06	3.64E+06	2.97E+07	1.13E+07	1.51E+07	1.29E+07	9.95E+06	5.89E+06	3.04E+06	1.5E+06	6.8E+06	3.31E+07	2.95E+07	1.49E+07	2E+06	7.47E+06	3.13E+07	2.25E+07	2.76E+06	2.82E+07	2.02E+07	6.45E+06	2.02E+07	1.5E+07	1.52E+07	3.74E+06	5.69E+06	7.76E+06	1.55E+07	2.55E+07	1.21E+07
Dantrolene_1	1.39E+06	1.4E+06	3.77E+05	4.54E+05	1.12E+06	6.96E+05	9.43E+05	7.02E+06	1.88E+06	9.39E+05	1.08E+05	4.78E+06	2.23E+06	7.59E+05	5.48E+05	1.4E+06	1.3E+06	4.03E+05	1.59E+06	4.77E+05	8.19E+05	1.69E+06	2.54E+05	3.8E+05	3.16E+06	4.19E+06	3.85E+06	2.91E+06	4.5E+05	8.64E+05	6.54E+05	2.17E+06	1.51E+06	1.15E+06	1.53E+06	1.29E+06	3.45E+06	4.27E+05	7.28E+06	2.39E+06	6.26E+05	9.67E+05	1.27E+06	8.16E+05	1.09E+06
Dantrolene_2	1.39E+06	1.4E+06	3.77E+05	4.54E+05	1.12E+06	6.96E+05	9.43E+05	3.11E+06	3.51E+06	9.39E+05	1.08E+05	1.19E+07	2.27E+06	7.59E+05	5.48E+05	1.4E+06	1.3E+06	4.03E+05	1.58E+06	4.77E+05	8.19E+05	2.67E+06	2.54E+05	3.8E+05	1.72E+06	5.4E+06	1.44E+06	6.24E+06	4.5E+05	8.64E+05	6.54E+05	3.38E+06	1.51E+06	1.15E+06	1.58E+06	1.29E+06	8.03E+06	4.28E+05	4.09E+06	1.53E+06	6.26E+05	9.67E+05	1.27E+06	8.16E+05	1.09E+06
DCEBIO_1	4.92E+07	5.18E+06	2.69E+05	4.25E+05	4.66E+07	2E+05	1.33E+06	1.16E+07	2.65E+05	9.03E+05	2.97E+05	1.15E+06	1.61E+06	1.51E+06	1.7E+04	2.29E+06	2.24E+06	7.33E+06	7.45E+05	5.47E+05	8.96E+05	8.83E+05	7.54E+05	2.8E+06	1.79E+06	7.01E+05	1.88E+06	3.09E+05	4.66E+06	1.75E+05	3.85E+05	9.77E+03	1.49E+05	4.62E+05	1.55E+05	3.88E+05	2.62E+07	5.84E+04	6.93E+05	5.27E+06	5.67E+04	2.14E+06	5.01E+06	2.15E+06	5.5E+07
DCEBIO_2	2.88E+03	1.47E+04	3.81E+03	3.31E+03	1.25E+04	6.24E+03	6.5E+03	5.75E+03	6.42E+03	1.04E+04	4.83E+03	2.79E+03	1.06E+04	4.76E+03	9.3E+03	4.04E+03	4.71E+04	8.61E+03	1.48E+04	8.12E+03	2.16E+04	6.5E+03	3.03E+03	2.45E+03	5.07E+03	1.45E+04	1.06E+04	4.08E+03	7.85E+03	2E+03	6.18E+07	6.19E+03	1.85E+04	1.67E+04	4.44E+03	3.35E+03	1.62E+04	2.28E+03	1.21E+04	4.6E+03	819	6.88E+03	1.02E+04	8.82E+03	1.32E+04
Debromoaplysiatoxin	534	0	2.65E+03	1.1E+04	595	3.44E+03	482	0	1.3E+06	2.4E+05	526	0	0	0	1.77E+04	0	1.08E+05	0	0	0	0	1.15E+04	0	0	2.53E+04	1.68E+05	0	3.44E+05	1.06E+05	472	9.88E+04	6.17E+06	1.19E+03	0	432	0	2.32E+03	475	0	0	1.15E+03	0	6.12E+04	1.38E+03	621
Decarbamoylgonyautoxin 1_1	2.43E+05	9.34E+05	1.8E+05	1.99E+05	2.04E+06	1.07E+05	5.14E+05	1.07E+07	1.88E+05	1.43E+05	1.14E+07	9.99E+06	6.81E+04	7.55E+03	1.28E+04	6.83E+05	2.65E+06	3.06E+06	2.88E+06	8.97E+03	1.01E+05	6.34E+05	1.56E+05	1.39E+05	9.17E+04	1.11E+05	3.14E+07	7.64E+05	7.06E+05	2.46E+06	1.36E+05	1.87E+05	1.58E+05	2.91E+05	5.54E+06	6.25E+05	1.83E+05	2.06E+05	1.2E+05	1.45E+05	4.61E+05	2.97E+06	2.97E+06	1.47E+05	1.04E+05
Decarbamoylgonyautoxin 1_2	1.72E+05	1.89E+05	2.34E+04	1.82E+03	6.93E+04	1.98E+05	4.36E+04	3.92E+04	4.12E+04	2.37E+05	4.32E+04	9.98E+04	1.93E+05	3E+03	8.59E+04	1.03E+05	1.24E+05	4.6E+05	1.95E+05	1.01E+06	2.62E+05	4.36E+04	1.96E+03	3.05E+04	7.51E+03	2.82E+04	3.24E+05	2.48E+05	2.74E+04	4.24E+04	6.64E+04	4.94E+04	9.38E+04	1.26E+05	3.59E+04	9.84E+04	1.71E+06	2.73E+05	8.92E+04	2.9E+05	1.01E+04	2.67E+04	1.79E+07	4.42E+04	3.82E+04
Dehypoxanthine futalosine	9.11E+05	5.94E+05	2.17E+05	2.87E+05	1.48E+06	8.2E+06	7.17E+05	3.44E+05	5.41E+05	2.47E+05	1.54E+05	7.85E+05	4.34E+05	3.1E+07	9.45E+04	1.08E+05	5.21E+05	4.14E+05	1.29E+06	7.84E+05	5.86E+05	1.28E+06	1.89E+05	9.33E+04	2.57E+05	1.7E+06	3.17E+06	1.27E+06	3.53E+05	1.11E+06	4.43E+05	8.37E+05	1.35E+05	4.38E+05	1.69E+06	1.84E+06	2.7E+07	2.56E+06	2.62E+05	3.8E+05	7.46E+04	3.18E+05	1.21E+06	6.12E+05	2.44E+06
Deoxycoformycin	3.4E+06	6.29E+06	1.65E+06	3.02E+06	6.24E+06	8.06E+06	8.78E+06	6.15E+06	1.1E+07	1.12E+07	6.97E+06	9.84E+06	8.25E+06	9.16E+06	7.88E+06	2.02E+06	1.59E+07	7.32E+06	1.32E+07	8.4E+06	1.36E+07	1.37E+07	3.23E+06	1.39E+06	6.73E+06	1.31E+07	9.34E+06	1.61E+07	3.93E+06	3.2E+06	1.01E+07	1.09E+07	1.56E+06	7.05E+06	1.23E+07	3.15E+06	1.81E+07	6.43E+06	3.54E+06	2.7E+06	3.94E+06	6.97E+06	1.23E+07	8.88E+06	9.5E+06
Deoxyguanidinoproclavaminic acid	4.18E+05	2.1E+05	3.95E+05	5.14E+05	9.36E+05	2.52E+06	6.73E+05	1.96E+05	1.63E+06	2.6E+05	3.36E+05	9.62E+05	4.03E+05	8.26E+05	2.52E+06	1.83E+06	1.61E+05	4.18E+05	2.45E+06	5.57E+05	4.13E+05	5.85E+05	4.88E+05	1.96E+06	1.45E+05	2.32E+05	1.19E+06	3.22E+05	8.07E+05	1.32E+06	1.86E+06	1.86E+06	7.64E+05	4.46E+06	8.04E+05	1.38E+06	1.79E+06	4.46E+05	8.4E+05	2.15E+06	6.93E+05	8.26E+05	2.51E+05	2.59E+06	8.68E+05
Deoxylimononic acid D-ring-lactone	2.16E+05	4.23E+05	5.77E+05	0	4.01E+05	5.75E+05	0	3.48E+04	6.97E+06	2.01E+03	2.82E+05	0	1.87E+06	2.43E+05	0	4.79E+05	0	0	1.49E+06	0	0	1.52E+03	0	0	3.34E+03	0	9.12E+05	0	0	0	4.18E+04	0	5.73E+03	0	0	0	2.3E+03	0	1.55E+04	1.07E+05	0	1.28E+06	1.86E+03	0	0
Deoxyloganin_1	3.11E+05	5.38E+05	4.2E+05	8.06E+05	1.91E+06	1.48E+06	6.24E+06	1.15E+06	6E+06	1.7E+06	2.35E+06	1.4E+06	1.88E+06	1.34E+06	2.56E+06	1.46E+05	6.39E+06	7.05E+05	1.5E+06	1.17E+06	1.21E+06	1.75E+06	4.4E+05	7.42E+04	1.43E+06	1.07E+07	2.23E+06	1.11E+07	1.7E+05	1.54E+06	2.46E+06	2.33E+06	1.53E+05	1.33E+06	3.66E+06	1.02E+06	1.09E+07	7.14E+06	1.32E+06	1.82E+06	1.27E+06	7.27E+05	9.53E+05	1.53E+06	5.46E+06
Deoxyloganin_2	2.12E+05	6.41E+05	1E+05	1.48E+05	9.04E+05	1.23E+05	4.75E+05	1.43E+05	6.32E+05	3.07E+05	2.21E+05	8.89E+05	5.41E+05	2.66E+05	1.52E+05	9.76E+04	2.4E+05	4.04E+04	3.49E+05	1.2E+05	4.86E+05	6.59E+05	1.8E+05	1.66E+05	1.9E+05	1.36E+06	6.38E+06	7.14E+05	7.59E+04	2.69E+05	2.28E+05	3.5E+05	5.75E+04	3.17E+05	2.14E+05	3.36E+05	6.55E+05	5.09E+05	1.19E+05	3.39E+04	3.1E+04	3.15E+05	4.42E+05	2.4E+05	1.52E+05
D-Galactose 6-sulfate	7.91E+04	6.81E+06	1.97E+05	9.98E+05	9.1E+05	1.42E+07	1.48E+07	2.37E+05	1.62E+07	1.74E+06	9.9E+05	1.03E+07	1.17E+07	2.13E+06	9.64E+05	8.01E+05	1.09E+07	1.02E+07	1.53E+07	1.21E+07	1.58E+07	1.05E+06	1.65E+06	1.04E+06	9.28E+05	1.42E+07	6.93E+06	1.16E+07	3.96E+06	7.12E+06	1.74E+06	4.38E+06	2.17E+05	1.58E+06	7.26E+06	1.23E+06	1.97E+07	8.78E+06	2.08E+06	4.88E+05	2.57E+06	1.41E+06	1.58E+06	1.11E+07	1.06E+07
D-Glucono-1,5-lactone	1.08E+04	2.77E+04	2.91E+04	1.24E+04	1E+04	6.26E+04	7.42E+07	5.95E+03	1.07E+05	2.71E+04	3.43E+03	1.6E+05	6.53E+04	1.69E+04	6.32E+04	1.71E+04	1.83E+05	3.28E+04	1.07E+05	1.31E+04	2.81E+04	3.59E+05	1.56E+04	1.55E+04	1.29E+05	2.2E+05	6.08E+06	6.01E+04	8.35E+04	6.08E+04	1.31E+05	3.91E+04	7.66E+03	1.48E+05	2.79E+05	4.12E+03	1.99E+07	2.99E+04	6.14E+03	7.98E+03	1.25E+04	1.12E+04	5.86E+05	7.71E+04	1.23E+06
D-GLUCURONOLACTONE	6.26E+07	8.26E+07	6.17E+07	5.71E+07	7.22E+07	1.04E+08	1.2E+08	5.57E+07	1.03E+08	1.03E+08	7.82E+07	1.37E+08	1.35E+08	6.94E+07	5.8E+07	6.21E+07	1.06E+08	6.25E+07	1.24E+08	7.14E+07	1.36E+08	1.18E+08	4.42E+07	5.6E+07	6.52E+07	2.35E+08	1.51E+08	1.59E+08	7.13E+07	8.52E+07	1.15E+08	1.4E+08	4.14E+07	1.27E+08	1.21E+08	7.2E+07	2.29E+08	8.24E+07	6.81E+07	4.2E+07	5.24E+07	6.47E+07	1.12E+08	8.6E+07	8.56E+07
Didanosine	7.56E+05	4.32E+03	4E+05	1.07E+05	1.58E+03	5.76E+05	1.38E+06	3.28E+03	4.29E+05	3.84E+05	9.94E+04	3.69E+04	1.92E+05	4.84E+05	1.09E+06	5.48E+03	2.68E+04	1.6E+05	7.73E+03	2.29E+05	1.11E+05	2.37E+05	2.86E+05	3.43E+03	3.28E+05	1.75E+05	2.22E+05	3.12E+04	4.6E+05	6.88E+03	4.11E+05	3.31E+05	3.77E+04	3.62E+05	2.76E+04	2.21E+04	1.71E+06	1.03E+05	5.13E+05	4.56E+05	8.67E+04	2.5E+05	4.91E+06	2.27E+05	1.66E+06
Didrovaltratum	5.56E+05	5.05E+05	1.05E+05	8.36E+04	4.55E+05	6.42E+05	8.51E+05	4.58E+05	3.72E+06	1.06E+06	1.02E+06	3.35E+06	1.56E+06	1.02E+06	1.22E+06	2.07E+05	8.53E+05	7.8E+05	7.75E+05	7.68E+05	7.42E+05	1.01E+06	5.55E+05	2.48E+05	7.05E+05	5.03E+06	1.09E+06	1.32E+06	4.23E+05	6.9E+04	1.38E+05	1.14E+06	3.28E+05	3.83E+04	5.32E+06	2.03E+05	1.66E+06	3.51E+05	1.73E+05	4.41E+05	6.49E+05	5.74E+05	7.62E+05	5.41E+05	1.18E+06
Diethyl (2R,3R)-2-methyl-3-hydroxysuccinate	6.6E+05	1.02E+06	9.02E+06	1.16E+06	1.09E+07	1.46E+06	1.83E+07	6.44E+05	1.6E+07	1.03E+06	9.89E+06	1.85E+07	1.1E+07	1.33E+06	9.79E+05	5.82E+05	1.64E+07	1.08E+06	1.41E+07	4.4E+06	1.18E+07	8.97E+06	4.59E+05	5.05E+05	1.55E+06	1.12E+07	8.9E+06	2.58E+07	8.05E+05	1.02E+07	2.93E+07	1.42E+07	6.12E+05	1.16E+07	1.96E+07	7.84E+06	1.46E+07	1.47E+07	4.05E+06	4.51E+05	6.4E+04	5.36E+06	6.99E+05	6.56E+06	7.27E+06
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate_1	1.1E+07	1.13E+07	1.72E+06	7.07E+05	1.51E+07	1.6E+06	1.37E+07	1.14E+06	2.46E+06	4.74E+05	4.47E+06	2.81E+07	2.62E+06	8.99E+05	7.41E+05	9.46E+05	2.17E+07	5.83E+05	1.66E+07	9.97E+05	1.25E+06	1.61E+06	3.11E+05	6.01E+05	1.47E+06	4.17E+06	1.59E+06	4.12E+07	4.5E+05	1.29E+07	2.09E+07	6.68E+05	4.02E+05	1.45E+06	3.93E+07	1.53E+07	2.46E+06	1.42E+06	4.91E+05	1.77E+05	1.23E+07	1.44E+06	1.44E+06	9.04E+05	9.74E+05
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate_2	4.02E+06	2.01E+06	9.37E+06	1.06E+06	2.35E+06	2.63E+06	4.31E+06	6.45E+05	1.44E+07	8.85E+05	2.69E+06	3.47E+06	1.31E+07	1.68E+06	8.3E+05	4.62E+05	3.59E+06	1.14E+06	3.2E+06	1.02E+06	8.46E+06	3.25E+06	5.31E+05	3.82E+04	1.47E+06	1.5E+07	8.68E+06	3.78E+06	5.02E+05	1.93E+06	7.57E+06	1.16E+07	5.38E+05	1.16E+07	1.77E+07	3E+06	1.22E+07	1.05E+07	1.81E+06	7.08E+05	9.79E+05	1.44E+06	9.76E+05	1.67E+06	7.5E+06
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate_3	4.43E+06	2.11E+06	1.74E+06	7.07E+05	4.39E+06	1.6E+06	4.87E+06	1.14E+06	2.46E+06	4.74E+05	2.97E+06	7.88E+06	2.62E+06	8.99E+05	7.41E+05	9.46E+05	6.25E+06	5.83E+05	7.06E+06	9.97E+05	1.25E+06	1.61E+06	1.41E+05	6.01E+05	4.21E+05	4.17E+06	1.5E+06	2.11E+07	4.5E+05	2.28E+06	6.28E+07	6.68E+05	4.02E+05	1.45E+06	1.85E+07	6.09E+06	2.38E+06	1.76E+06	4.91E+05	1.77E+05	4.81E+06	7.46E+05	1.44E+06	9.04E+05	1.13E+06
Digalacturonate	1.43E+03	1.81E+03	1.66E+03	2.85E+04	1.59E+06	1.76E+03	2.76E+03	0	4.76E+03	1.83E+04	1.43E+03	1.26E+04	1.32E+04	2.6E+03	2.69E+03	1.75E+03	3.68E+03	1.28E+03	4.8E+04	4.3E+03	3.73E+03	1.96E+03	5.74E+03	849	5.79E+03	5.33E+03	2.99E+03	2.67E+03	1.05E+03	1.55E+03	1.92E+03	6.63E+03	0	8.98E+03	1.59E+04	5.29E+03	5.04E+05	4.84E+03	3.46E+03	2.09E+03	1.03E+03	1.19E+03	3.32E+04	6.55E+03	2.47E+04
Dihydromyricetin	2.15E+05	2.05E+05	4.72E+06	6.46E+06	1.13E+07	2.13E+07	6.17E+06	1.43E+07	1.13E+07	9.85E+06	8.86E+06	2.13E+07	1.09E+07	8.57E+06	9.76E+06	1.28E+07	6.07E+06	8.66E+06	1.39E+07	9.91E+06	6.98E+06	1.3E+07	4.87E+06	3.54E+06	1.8E+07	1.07E+07	1.03E+07	1.82E+07	2.47E+05	2.04E+07	2.19E+07	2.18E+07	3.81E+06	2.02E+07	2.24E+07	7.05E+06	1.31E+07	1.05E+07	9.62E+06	2.92E+06	9.74E+06	9.48E+06	8.33E+06	7.09E+06	1.03E+07
Dihydrozeatin-O-glucoside	7.77E+03	5.16E+03	7.53E+04	8.72E+04	3.83E+05	1.56E+03	3.04E+05	1.42E+04	7.49E+05	7.98E+04	9.39E+04	1.03E+04	1.62E+05	1.15E+05	4.19E+06	1.32E+04	5.23E+03	6.38E+04	3.87E+04	1.04E+05	3.49E+04	2.16E+05	2.71E+05	5.9E+03	2.04E+05	1.65E+04	2.63E+06	1.47E+05	2.76E+03	1.86E+03	1.06E+04	1.38E+07	2.57E+03	2.98E+03	2.1E+04	1.05E+06	2.15E+04	1.15E+05	4.78E+04	2.11E+04	1.13E+05	6.17E+05	2.21E+05	3.83E+05	2.65E+05
DIMBOA_1	3.12E+05	7.67E+05	2.29E+05	1.27E+07	1.12E+06	1.82E+07	2.58E+05	1.14E+06	6.71E+05	1.07E+06	5.07E+05	1.19E+07	2.46E+07	1.66E+05	1.97E+05	8.61E+06	2.88E+07	1.83E+05	1.43E+07	2E+07	2.39E+07	8.39E+05	1.69E+05	1.05E+06	1.2E+06	1.34E+06	3.65E+05	3.19E+07	5.97E+05	1.64E+07	1.44E+06	1.27E+06	3.68E+05	1.05E+06	1.29E+06	6.14E+05	2.58E+07	3.93E+05	3.75E+05	3.99E+05	6.12E+05	5.87E+05	3.21E+05	1.52E+07	3.66E+05
DIMBOA_2	6.32E+05	3.8E+05	3.42E+05	2E+05	4.14E+05	8.59E+05	3.26E+05	3.84E+05	8E+05	2.48E+05	4.11E+05	2.53E+07	3.83E+05	4.22E+05	1.24E+05	5.23E+05	1.61E+06	5.88E+05	1.03E+06	3.15E+05	1.08E+06	4.66E+05	1.98E+05	2.17E+05	4.69E+05	7.96E+05	1.76E+05	1.36E+06	3E+05	1.82E+05	5.07E+05	8.43E+05	1.57E+05	1.05E+06	8.1E+05	7.43E+05	7.67E+07	2.27E+05	1.84E+05	1.53E+05	2.05E+05	6.88E+05	1.3E+06	1.4E+06	8.8E+05
DIMBOA-glucoside	2.79E+04	7.51E+04	1.02E+06	8.7E+03	8.2E+05	5.72E+05	2.69E+05	1.37E+04	4.46E+04	3.16E+05	1.45E+03	1.94E+06	4.35E+06	4.86E+06	7.84E+03	9.17E+04	2.9E+04	4.43E+05	2.84E+05	7.3E+05	1.45E+06	7.65E+06	6.62E+05	7.49E+04	5.01E+03	2.03E+05	1.5E+05	6.31E+06	3.16E+05	2.19E+05	9.81E+04	6.95E+05	2.26E+04	4.46E+04	4.73E+03	6.55E+06	1.97E+05	8.42E+05	4.4E+03	1.27E+05	3.64E+04	4.28E+04	1.6E+03	3.02E+03	9.23E+03
Disperse Blue 1	5.13E+05	1.05E+05	4.27E+04	2.23E+05	1.12E+05	9.5E+03	5.15E+05	2.53E+05	4.83E+05	1.88E+05	3.99E+06	2.4E+05	8.1E+05	2.68E+05	1.7E+05	5.5E+04	7.26E+04	3.59E+04	7.69E+05	5.91E+04	2.49E+05	3.76E+05	8.59E+04	3.34E+04	4.96E+05	4.28E+05	1.56E+05	4.31E+05	8.96E+04	7.59E+04	1.29E+05	3.01E+05	3.37E+04	5.09E+05	1.97E+05	1.35E+05	2.79E+05	1.99E+05	1.7E+05	4.05E+04	1.07E+05	2.33E+05	3.44E+05	4.67E+05	9.99E+04
D-Lombricine	3.17E+06	2.52E+06	1.58E+06	2.5E+06	7.12E+06	5.1E+06	4.33E+06	3.88E+06	3.44E+07	1.19E+07	5.19E+06	1.04E+07	2.14E+07	7.15E+06	4.99E+06	2.15E+06	8.64E+06	3.18E+06	8.41E+06	6.45E+06	5.54E+06	9.42E+06	2.16E+06	8.26E+05	3.1E+06	1.59E+07	4.17E+06	1.48E+07	1.37E+06	1.1E+06	1.24E+07	2.26E+07	8.7E+05	3.47E+06	7.81E+06	3.18E+06	4E+06	2.53E+06	5.45E+06	3.27E+06	2.85E+06	3.81E+06	2.31E+06	2.38E+07	7.59E+06
D-Mannitol 1-phosphate	3.98E+04	4.15E+04	2.73E+05	1.04E+06	3.03E+05	1.72E+05	6.18E+06	1.11E+04	1.19E+04	3.17E+05	1.13E+05	6.02E+05	6.8E+04	4.62E+04	6.74E+04	6.14E+03	2.2E+04	1.46E+06	5.69E+04	1.21E+04	2.91E+05	5.58E+07	1.32E+05	1.03E+05	5.6E+04	4.74E+04	3.99E+04	1.11E+06	5.85E+03	8.48E+04	8.26E+05	4.93E+05	8.43E+03	5.2E+04	7.38E+04	9.79E+04	1.38E+06	9.15E+05	4.23E+04	5.26E+03	5.2E+05	7.25E+05	1.14E+06	1.39E+05	1.28E+06
DMPP_1	2.23E+05	6.1E+05	7.92E+06	1.73E+05	5.15E+05	4.87E+05	2.54E+05	1.12E+05	1.11E+07	3.53E+05	2.86E+05	8.03E+05	6.14E+05	2.94E+05	1.83E+05	2.96E+05	5.64E+05	1.88E+05	1.25E+06	3.67E+05	1.34E+07	1.79E+07	1.38E+05	2.28E+05	3.08E+05	3.89E+06	6.85E+05	1.01E+06	3.95E+05	7.16E+05	6.98E+06	1.81E+07	1.13E+05	7.08E+06	6.73E+05	8.14E+06	4.59E+05	6.8E+05	2.55E+05	4.14E+05	3.13E+05	3.07E+05	6.37E+05	5.11E+05	4.17E+05
DMPP_2	2.23E+04	1.4E+05	1.73E+06	5.42E+05	3.02E+05	3E+04	2.51E+04	3.77E+04	5.07E+05	2.5E+06	2.55E+05	7.29E+06	2.89E+04	7.02E+04	8.41E+04	1.32E+05	4.14E+05	2.65E+04	8.42E+04	9.23E+04	5.05E+06	3.83E+06	1.71E+05	5.1E+05	5.12E+04	5.58E+07	9.4E+05	1.78E+04	6.38E+05	1.47E+06	2.28E+05	9.05E+06	5.87E+03	2.58E+05	5E+04	1.03E+06	2.02E+05	5E+05	1E+05	2.4E+06	1.22E+04	2.55E+05	1.15E+05	2.8E+04	6.2E+05
Dodecanedioic acid_1	1.04E+05	4.26E+05	8.67E+05	2.08E+06	1.89E+06	3.47E+05	2.12E+07	2.56E+05	4.11E+06	6.31E+05	7.97E+05	8.45E+05	1.22E+06	1.71E+06	1.37E+05	3.03E+05	2.1E+06	2.65E+05	1.75E+06	3.07E+05	4.3E+06	1.95E+06	4.33E+05	1.03E+05	6.88E+05	8.39E+05	4.79E+05	2.13E+06	3.33E+05	4.07E+05	5.32E+05	3.85E+06	2.42E+05	3.13E+06	2.15E+06	4.3E+05	5.26E+05	3.44E+07	2.36E+06	1.48E+05	5.47E+05	5.83E+05	3.2E+05	8.86E+05	2.63E+06
Dodecanedioic acid_2	1.28E+06	1.02E+06	2.05E+06	1.61E+06	8.24E+05	2.36E+06	8.64E+05	5.9E+05	2.49E+07	8.6E+05	2.28E+06	5.95E+05	5.94E+05	8.24E+05	1.17E+06	9.09E+05	1.94E+06	5.85E+05	5.99E+05	5.21E+05	1.01E+06	2.1E+06	6.43E+05	5.99E+05	3.18E+06	9.9E+05	5.3E+05	1.06E+06	1.37E+06	7.07E+05	3.49E+06	6.45E+06	1.09E+06	7.47E+06	7.78E+05	4.52E+05	5.11E+05	3.93E+06	7.1E+05	5.74E+05	1.52E+06	1.3E+06	8.26E+05	1.5E+06	6.32E+05
Dodecanedioic acid_3	1.05E+06	2.45E+05	5.06E+05	2.44E+06	3.86E+06	8.56E+05	6.29E+06	1.4E+05	1.28E+06	5.86E+05	1.24E+07	1E+06	3E+06	2.17E+06	2.43E+04	1.58E+05	6.24E+05	1.97E+05	4.51E+05	9.18E+05	2.65E+06	1.56E+06	9.7E+05	3.07E+04	1.22E+07	2.72E+06	2.43E+05	1.07E+06	5.48E+05	6.78E+05	7.15E+05	5.77E+05	4.73E+04	1.79E+06	8.04E+05	8.37E+05	1.11E+06	4.11E+06	1.57E+06	8.57E+04	9.89E+05	8.15E+05	8.08E+05	4.95E+05	5.35E+05
Dodecanedioic acid_4	2.1E+05	4.26E+05	8.67E+05	1.44E+06	4.32E+06	3.91E+05	3.68E+06	1.34E+05	2.06E+06	3.04E+05	7.97E+05	3.2E+05	4.52E+05	8.02E+05	9.4E+04	3.03E+05	1.16E+07	2.65E+05	7.43E+05	1.87E+05	2.02E+07	1.18E+06	4.33E+05	1.03E+05	3.36E+05	3.9E+05	4.79E+05	1.2E+06	3.33E+05	3.35E+05	5.32E+05	2.05E+06	1.26E+05	1.91E+06	1.22E+06	4.3E+05	4.45E+05	4.83E+06	2.36E+06	1.48E+05	5.47E+05	5.83E+05	3.2E+05	8.86E+05	2.19E+06
Dodecanedioic acid_5	1.28E+06	1.02E+06	2.05E+06	1.61E+06	8.24E+05	2.2E+06	8.64E+05	5.9E+05	3.66E+06	8.6E+05	2.17E+06	5.95E+05	5.94E+05	8.24E+05	1.11E+06	9.09E+05	1.81E+06	5.85E+05	5.99E+05	5.21E+05	1.01E+06	1.61E+07	6.43E+05	5.99E+05	3.16E+06	9.9E+05	5.3E+05	1.06E+06	1.34E+06	7.07E+05	3.34E+06	6.26E+06	1.06E+06	2.59E+07	7.78E+05	4.52E+05	5.11E+05	3.93E+06	7.1E+05	5.74E+05	1.52E+06	1.22E+06	8.26E+05	1.38E+06	6.32E+05
Dodecanedioic acid_6	8.19E+05	4.26E+05	8.67E+05	2.08E+06	2.22E+06	4.8E+05	5.86E+06	1.2E+05	4.11E+06	5.3E+05	7.97E+05	8.45E+05	1.85E+06	6.62E+05	3.67E+05	1.87E+05	1.19E+06	1.17E+05	1.75E+06	2.97E+05	1.97E+06	1.19E+06	4.69E+05	9.31E+04	4.19E+05	1.28E+06	5.65E+05	1.78E+06	1.39E+05	6.38E+05	1.08E+06	3.85E+06	2.07E+05	3.13E+06	9.69E+05	6.12E+05	1.45E+06	7.24E+06	2.36E+06	1.15E+05	6.19E+05	5.83E+05	5.94E+05	7.42E+05	1.07E+07
Doxazosin	3.29E+04	6.79E+04	7.49E+05	1.68E+05	3.88E+05	1.51E+05	1.89E+05	5.35E+06	2.86E+05	5.27E+05	2.16E+05	3.9E+06	5.78E+06	3.41E+05	2.28E+05	2.48E+05	5.24E+05	6.38E+04	2.14E+05	3.5E+05	1.18E+05	1.07E+06	3.33E+05	3.92E+05	4.07E+05	3.83E+06	8.33E+05	3.21E+06	1.42E+03	2.02E+05	5.38E+04	4.4E+06	6.81E+05	8.9E+05	6.45E+05	5.29E+05	1.09E+06	4.72E+05	6.22E+05	9.66E+04	1.33E+05	5.91E+05	7.3E+05	6.13E+05	1.56E+06
D-Prephenyllactate	2.52E+05	3.88E+06	9.07E+04	7.84E+04	8.36E+05	3.99E+05	1.97E+05	1.16E+06	9.05E+05	2.65E+05	2.34E+05	7.83E+06	1.85E+05	2.17E+05	6.04E+05	1.46E+06	2.14E+06	1.04E+05	4.7E+06	2.24E+05	4.23E+05	4.56E+05	2.75E+05	1.12E+06	7.36E+04	6.07E+05	5.51E+05	4.37E+06	2.47E+05	4.45E+06	7.14E+04	4.06E+05	2.27E+05	9.23E+05	4.7E+06	9.65E+05	1.26E+06	7.79E+05	8.76E+04	5.39E+04	5.64E+05	1.03E+05	2E+06	3.97E+05	4.74E+05
Drazoxolon	1.88E+06	2.07E+06	2.59E+06	3.19E+06	3.89E+06	8.09E+06	4.09E+06	2.96E+06	9.53E+06	7.02E+06	4.75E+06	1E+07	1.06E+07	4.98E+06	4.19E+06	5.76E+06	1.19E+07	3.31E+06	6.35E+06	4.3E+06	8.4E+06	9.71E+06	2.28E+06	4.24E+06	5.13E+06	1.43E+07	8.07E+06	1.09E+07	1.97E+06	4.55E+06	1.22E+07	1.32E+07	4.47E+06	6.73E+06	1.38E+07	4.59E+06	1.8E+07	5E+06	3.08E+06	2.16E+06	4.28E+06	5.08E+06	7.49E+06	6.01E+06	4.69E+06
D-RIBOSE 5-PHOSPHATE	1.74E+06	2.33E+07	1.69E+06	1.53E+06	1.23E+06	5.93E+06	3.7E+07	2.43E+06	2.36E+06	6.68E+06	2.22E+06	1.71E+07	2.26E+06	2.86E+07	2.95E+06	2.31E+06	4.68E+06	1.26E+06	3.72E+07	9.41E+05	2.5E+07	2.21E+06	1.38E+06	4.03E+05	1.66E+06	1.53E+07	2.14E+06	4.22E+06	1.39E+06	1.89E+07	3.29E+06	4.15E+06	1.44E+06	1.3E+07	1.86E+07	1.26E+07	4.47E+06	2.67E+07	2.78E+07	1.2E+06	1.37E+07	2.07E+07	1.77E+07	1.27E+06	5.71E+05
D-SACCHARIC ACID	2.06E+07	3.43E+07	1.37E+07	1.34E+07	2.78E+07	3.05E+07	2.45E+07	1.85E+07	2.33E+07	2.16E+07	1.68E+07	2.87E+07	2.73E+07	1.56E+07	1.33E+07	1.71E+07	2.64E+07	2.4E+07	2.06E+07	1.58E+07	2.28E+07	2.06E+07	9.74E+06	1.77E+07	2.7E+07	3.92E+07	3.65E+07	2.6E+07	2.79E+07	1.75E+07	3.27E+07	2.41E+07	1.05E+07	1.97E+07	2.02E+07	1.33E+07	5.56E+07	1.23E+07	1.73E+07	1.2E+07	1.07E+07	1.32E+07	2.53E+07	1.53E+07	1.78E+07
D-Urobilinogen	0	0	754	958	0	0	819	0	1.64E+05	1.03E+03	0	0	635	526	0	0	651	0	605	0	0	0	0	0	0	775	0	8.41E+04	2.52E+04	461	572	1.13E+07	0	596	760	0	7.36E+03	0	0	553	574	0	0	0	0
D-Xylonate_1	2.55E+08	2.75E+08	1.36E+08	5.29E+07	1.06E+08	6.7E+07	1.76E+08	1.74E+08	1.66E+08	2E+08	8.48E+07	3.35E+08	9.8E+07	4.64E+07	1.63E+07	8.65E+07	3.8E+08	4.66E+07	1.15E+08	4.56E+07	2.04E+08	1.71E+08	8.62E+07	8.33E+07	1.06E+08	4.27E+08	1.17E+08	1.22E+08	2.72E+08	1.87E+08	8.27E+07	1.74E+08	4.45E+07	7.12E+07	1.03E+08	1.27E+08	1.82E+08	6.19E+07	1.57E+08	5.81E+07	8.37E+07	1.69E+08	1.03E+08	9.35E+07	1.18E+08
D-Xylonate_2	6.41E+07	3.99E+07	4.91E+07	1.84E+08	3.15E+06	3.2E+08	7.48E+06	4.03E+07	1.37E+07	2.32E+07	3.36E+08	4.85E+07	3.78E+08	1.7E+08	2.58E+08	4.54E+08	1.32E+08	1.31E+08	3.84E+08	2.32E+08	9.22E+08	2.97E+07	2.68E+06	4.16E+08	3.67E+08	3.76E+07	9E+08	4.04E+08	6.45E+07	5.94E+07	4.65E+08	6.3E+08	2.13E+08	4.45E+08	4.91E+08	1.99E+07	1.39E+09	2.11E+08	3.37E+07	1.79E+08	4.03E+06	3.1E+07	6.49E+08	3.56E+08	5.31E+06
E3040	5.12E+06	3.56E+06	5.06E+05	1.78E+04	3.73E+04	3.47E+06	8.09E+04	9.73E+04	1.37E+05	7.39E+03	1.59E+06	1.21E+05	4.01E+04	6.04E+04	4.53E+04	1.2E+04	4.78E+06	1.77E+03	6.79E+04	1.73E+04	8.49E+06	1.18E+05	5.37E+03	3.57E+03	3.16E+06	2.22E+05	6.96E+04	2.53E+05	2.61E+06	1.6E+04	6.37E+05	1.24E+05	4.78E+03	7.01E+04	8.69E+04	1.36E+04	7.73E+05	3.5E+04	1.79E+04	1.14E+04	2.97E+04	9.92E+05	1.34E+06	2.51E+06	6.39E+04
EDTA	2.31E+07	9.72E+06	6.95E+06	1.05E+07	1.16E+07	1.82E+07	1.51E+07	8.89E+06	2.3E+07	1.65E+07	1.51E+07	2.59E+07	2.51E+07	1.55E+07	1.4E+07	9.9E+06	3.52E+07	1.18E+07	3.94E+07	1.38E+07	2.31E+07	1.99E+07	8.06E+06	6.76E+06	1.6E+07	3.43E+07	1.46E+07	2.63E+07	9.15E+06	2.38E+07	3.06E+07	2.09E+07	9.22E+06	2.54E+07	2.39E+07	1.11E+07	2.57E+07	1.22E+07	8.97E+06	7.68E+06	1.3E+07	1.42E+07	2.21E+07	1.76E+07	1.8E+07
Elephantopin	2.14E+05	1.08E+05	1.65E+05	3E+05	3.4E+05	8.15E+05	4.26E+05	2.55E+05	9.84E+05	7.98E+05	3.22E+05	7.42E+05	1.03E+06	3.51E+05	2.55E+05	9.45E+05	1.45E+06	3.85E+05	1.01E+06	5.46E+05	1.21E+06	2.83E+06	1.65E+05	2.77E+05	2.63E+05	1.61E+06	9.12E+05	1.48E+06	1.06E+05	1.15E+06	6.94E+05	7.87E+05	5.88E+05	4.96E+06	2.29E+06	2.3E+05	1.46E+06	1.96E+05	1.93E+05	1.94E+05	2.17E+05	3.27E+05	7.64E+05	1.13E+06	1.15E+06
Enoxacin	1.12E+03	1.33E+03	7.19E+03	3.3E+04	3.52E+05	2.22E+03	1.22E+06	5.07E+03	1.8E+06	1.91E+04	7.02E+03	1.5E+04	7.47E+04	1.66E+04	6.33E+03	1.75E+03	5.67E+03	949	1.03E+04	1.58E+04	1.74E+05	2.43E+05	5.3E+03	1.96E+03	9.65E+03	1.08E+04	2.74E+05	1.84E+05	6.45E+04	3.2E+03	8.07E+04	4.12E+04	2.59E+03	5.02E+04	2.58E+04	6.89E+04	2.24E+07	3.51E+04	4.82E+04	3.28E+03	1.47E+03	1.18E+04	5.91E+04	4.06E+03	3.51E+05
Epithienamycin B	1.7E+03	0	1.54E+03	1.24E+05	6.04E+06	6.87E+05	6.55E+03	5.14E+05	2.38E+04	2.11E+04	5.25E+03	2.07E+05	4.36E+03	2.5E+06	1.23E+03	1.68E+03	3.61E+06	9.43E+03	1.21E+05	4.58E+05	7.8E+05	6.55E+03	1.8E+04	2.7E+03	1.21E+04	1.61E+05	4.11E+03	2.53E+03	1.11E+04	2.33E+06	1.63E+04	4.32E+05	2.01E+03	2.27E+08	2.28E+07	1.07E+03	3.04E+04	7.28E+03	7.35E+06	2.45E+05	7.98E+04	8.04E+04	1.6E+04	1.62E+05	1.11E+04
erythro-3-Hydroxy-Ls-aspartate	4.42E+05	9.12E+05	1.48E+06	1.3E+06	2.14E+06	1.36E+06	2.5E+05	1.55E+06	2.11E+07	2.67E+06	1.23E+06	3.34E+06	2.78E+06	2.11E+06	1.55E+06	1.37E+06	2.94E+06	6.93E+05	4.22E+05	6.89E+05	2.55E+06	3.18E+06	1.04E+06	8.24E+05	1.27E+06	3.35E+06	6.53E+05	1.78E+06	6.2E+05	2.39E+05	3.4E+06	1.08E+06	1.41E+06	1.76E+06	2.08E+06	9.84E+05	1.31E+06	6.54E+05	8.78E+05	8.29E+05	1.03E+06	1.38E+06	1.76E+06	1.02E+07	8.41E+05
Eseramine_1	1.27E+05	3.16E+05	1.29E+06	7.62E+05	5.27E+05	3.21E+05	1.74E+07	8.48E+04	5.73E+05	1.57E+06	2.71E+05	3.43E+05	5.47E+05	2.97E+05	1.08E+05	5.85E+04	2.73E+05	1.1E+05	8.26E+05	3.3E+05	8.25E+05	1.77E+06	1.5E+05	1.28E+05	2.99E+05	5.55E+05	3.67E+05	1.83E+06	1.62E+05	3.04E+05	4.37E+05	5.83E+05	2.36E+04	1.03E+06	2.98E+05	1.19E+06	6.13E+06	1.27E+06	5.41E+05	7.98E+04	1.17E+05	3.71E+05	1.06E+07	2.51E+05	9.67E+05
Eseramine_2	4.05E+04	5.84E+04	6.2E+05	4.51E+05	1.54E+05	5E+05	1.12E+06	1.09E+06	1.02E+06	1.37E+07	1.29E+06	8.58E+05	1.32E+06	1.15E+05	6.31E+04	1.2E+05	1.18E+06	4.31E+05	3.76E+06	2.25E+06	1.09E+06	1.61E+07	5.81E+04	1.28E+05	3.2E+06	1.2E+06	3.18E+05	1.73E+07	5.5E+04	2.89E+05	6.27E+05	7.06E+05	5.53E+04	6.58E+05	5.21E+05	2.53E+05	7.35E+05	3.02E+05	8.16E+05	1.61E+06	2.09E+05	1.24E+06	2.78E+06	9.76E+05	3.23E+05
Estazolam	3.48E+06	1.03E+03	4.06E+04	938	7.99E+03	3.98E+04	8.1E+03	950	4.17E+04	8.12E+03	2.13E+03	2.54E+03	9.66E+03	1.48E+03	1.25E+03	3.18E+03	1.25E+05	4.97E+03	7.34E+03	1.11E+04	2.61E+04	2.31E+03	769	2.78E+03	1.73E+03	3.42E+03	2.11E+04	2.95E+03	5.1E+03	4.35E+03	1.08E+05	1.61E+03	1.84E+04	1.23E+04	1.89E+03	1.02E+04	3.79E+04	1.75E+04	8.15E+05	3.17E+03	1.23E+03	2.16E+03	1.69E+04	2.62E+05	2.62E+04
Eudistomin C	4.34E+05	4.1E+05	3.74E+05	7.23E+05	5.19E+05	7.64E+05	7.51E+05	2.62E+05	1.84E+06	1.15E+06	6.5E+05	2.13E+06	1.61E+06	4.73E+05	9.13E+05	2.61E+05	6.98E+06	3.71E+05	1.03E+06	9.42E+05	9.62E+06	2.09E+06	4.11E+05	1.16E+05	3.18E+05	1.74E+06	1.13E+06	2.15E+06	1.66E+05	8.66E+05	1.57E+06	8.04E+05	1.1E+05	1.85E+06	4.37E+05	3.09E+05	5.77E+05	1.59E+06	1.68E+05	2.4E+05	2.5E+05	9.61E+05	6.9E+05	4.21E+06	4.26E+06
Evadol hydrochloride	1.14E+05	1.2E+05	3.39E+05	3E+05	2.92E+05	1.39E+06	1.06E+06	5.27E+04	3.28E+05	2.33E+05	4.53E+05	5.96E+05	9.4E+05	2.46E+05	2.66E+05	1.36E+05	5.08E+05	1.75E+05	4.21E+05	2.46E+05	8.94E+05	3.12E+05	9.5E+04	4.08E+04	4.6E+05	8.38E+05	5.3E+05	2.49E+05	9.91E+04	7.34E+05	1.65E+06	2.22E+05	1.49E+05	1.9E+06	1.74E+05	4E+05	2.55E+06	3.13E+05	2.26E+05	7.07E+04	6.81E+04	4.12E+05	8.06E+05	5.36E+05	4.54E+05
Fenoldopam_1	6.74E+05	2.76E+05	2.03E+06	2.62E+05	7.14E+05	1.07E+06	4.01E+05	2.35E+05	1.37E+07	8.33E+05	3.15E+05	1.07E+06	1.02E+06	8.35E+05	3.58E+05	8.83E+05	3.06E+06	5.85E+05	9.74E+05	1.15E+06	1.15E+06	2.22E+06	2.31E+05	2.28E+05	3.26E+05	1.14E+06	1.49E+07	1.58E+06	1.19E+05	1.41E+06	2.88E+06	7.48E+06	1.55E+05	1.39E+06	3.45E+05	4.1E+06	1.34E+06	7.51E+05	2.49E+05	2.55E+05	2.25E+04	4.59E+05	1.18E+06	1.83E+06	1.01E+06
Fenoldopam_2	6.74E+05	2.76E+05	2.03E+06	2.62E+05	7.14E+05	1.07E+06	4.01E+05	2.35E+05	6.31E+06	8.33E+05	3.15E+05	1.07E+06	1.02E+06	8.35E+05	3.58E+05	8.83E+05	3.07E+06	5.85E+05	9.74E+05	1.15E+06	2.59E+06	2.22E+06	2.31E+05	2.28E+05	3.26E+05	1.14E+06	1.49E+07	1.58E+06	1.19E+05	1.41E+06	2.88E+06	7.47E+06	1.55E+05	3.06E+06	3.45E+05	1.32E+07	1.34E+06	7.51E+05	2.49E+05	2.55E+05	2.25E+04	4.59E+05	1.18E+06	1.83E+06	1.01E+06
Fenpiclonil	2.53E+06	2.39E+06	3.02E+06	1.8E+06	2.41E+06	6.53E+06	8.96E+05	3.92E+06	3.33E+06	5E+06	1.72E+06	2.17E+06	2.3E+06	1.9E+06	3.52E+06	3.08E+06	8.68E+06	3.28E+06	5.42E+06	1.78E+06	1.18E+07	2.9E+06	2.72E+06	2.61E+06	5.09E+06	2.59E+06	1.17E+06	5.31E+06	2.68E+06	1.22E+06	5.47E+06	5.17E+06	3.29E+06	3.21E+06	9.7E+05	3.02E+06	2.44E+06	6.93E+05	2.06E+06	2.27E+06	5.19E+06	3.61E+06	1.51E+06	5.64E+06	1.41E+06
Fenvalerate	6.97E+06	5.26E+06	913	0	0	0	4.09E+03	0	1.06E+05	834	3.43E+06	6.94E+03	1.79E+03	811	798	6.87E+03	4.78E+06	0	9.65E+04	9.94E+04	6.82E+06	2.07E+04	0	603	3.54E+06	1.67E+03	2.72E+04	7.69E+03	2.65E+06	1.38E+03	975	2.82E+03	770	1.55E+04	2.06E+03	1.2E+03	9.46E+03	8.35E+03	1.19E+05	756	0	6.46E+05	2.94E+03	1.57E+06	1.47E+05
Ferrous lactate	2.62E+06	6.71E+06	3.61E+06	3.4E+06	4.98E+07	4.65E+07	2.26E+06	2.88E+07	3.92E+07	5.97E+06	9.69E+05	1.77E+08	2.41E+07	7.42E+05	3.55E+06	3.21E+07	6.51E+07	6.37E+04	8.23E+07	2.73E+07	7.86E+07	2.24E+07	7.09E+03	8.79E+04	3.25E+06	3.69E+07	2.67E+07	7.6E+07	1.99E+07	3.28E+07	5.67E+07	3.36E+07	3.41E+06	5.19E+07	5.61E+07	4.68E+06	4.73E+07	3.05E+06	2.56E+05	2.76E+04	3.43E+07	2.84E+07	5.5E+07	3.39E+07	3.14E+07
Flamprop-M	0	5.14E+03	3.59E+05	5.2E+05	9.72E+05	9.56E+05	4.81E+05	3.37E+05	5.42E+05	7.54E+05	3.36E+05	9.94E+04	9.97E+05	8.01E+05	8.71E+05	3.98E+05	4.99E+05	6.77E+05	1.34E+06	7.67E+05	6.14E+05	1.12E+06	4.27E+05	2.67E+05	5.03E+05	8.54E+05	9.15E+05	1.45E+06	6.2E+03	6.98E+05	9.37E+05	1.42E+06	3.25E+05	8.1E+05	1.26E+06	5.64E+05	7.5E+05	7.96E+05	3.47E+05	2.31E+05	9.29E+05	7.93E+05	7.1E+05	5.66E+05	6.72E+05
Flavanone 7-O-[alpha-L-rhamnosyl-(1->2)-beta-D-glucoside]	0	0	772	0	3.56E+03	1.15E+05	698	1.82E+05	0	1.75E+05	5.88E+06	3.37E+03	1.5E+06	747	5.17E+03	4.6E+04	1.07E+03	5.02E+04	1.03E+03	0	8.6E+04	1.16E+03	0	1.48E+03	3.13E+05	1.59E+03	1.91E+06	7E+04	0	832	1.5E+05	6.35E+04	8.5E+04	1.24E+03	2.12E+05	4.8E+03	3.79E+06	3.84E+04	4.33E+04	7.11E+04	0	3.82E+06	2.34E+05	7.16E+04	6.52E+03
Flavonol 3-O-D-xylosylglucoside	0	0	4.77E+03	724	6.84E+03	7.61E+03	2.14E+03	0	567	0	739	973	1.33E+04	803	626	1.58E+04	6.83E+05	768	0	926	2.29E+04	1.85E+04	1.84E+03	0	0	2.49E+03	3.4E+04	999	0	2.98E+03	0	2.33E+05	3.41E+04	6.1E+03	4.04E+03	1.91E+03	922	1.8E+04	519	0	0	0	5.9E+04	3.65E+06	5.99E+03
Fluazifop	5.04E+05	4.61E+05	6.87E+05	1.18E+06	1.85E+06	1.14E+06	3.21E+05	1.13E+06	2.41E+06	2.1E+06	8.65E+05	2.58E+06	2.48E+06	1.09E+07	1.3E+06	1.25E+06	3.13E+06	5.35E+05	4.47E+05	4.68E+05	2.33E+06	3.16E+06	9.43E+05	6.19E+05	5.2E+05	2.58E+06	7.51E+05	1.63E+06	4.71E+05	2.81E+05	3.3E+06	1.01E+07	1.3E+06	8.57E+06	3.08E+06	8.73E+05	1.53E+06	9.65E+05	8.55E+05	7.59E+05	1.08E+06	1.57E+06	1.72E+06	9.17E+06	1.21E+06
Forchlorfenuron_1	1.54E+04	1.93E+07	9.01E+05	0	2.5E+06	1.3E+07	7.41E+03	1.04E+03	1.87E+06	1.63E+03	0	0	1.21E+05	1.33E+04	0	1.58E+06	1.6E+03	2.24E+04	2.24E+06	0	0	1.89E+03	0	0	2.47E+07	0	1.22E+07	0	0	989	2.65E+03	6.08E+03	0	1.88E+07	0	8.76E+05	4.94E+03	1.17E+03	0	0	0	974	5.96E+03	1.65E+04	0
Forchlorfenuron_2	5.48E+05	5.09E+05	1.18E+06	9.32E+05	1.36E+06	1.52E+06	3.78E+06	3.88E+05	1.97E+07	1.5E+06	1.53E+06	1.49E+06	1.06E+07	1.26E+06	9.99E+05	4.72E+05	1.41E+06	8.79E+05	1.33E+06	1.42E+06	1.43E+07	9.67E+06	7.02E+05	3.25E+05	9.54E+05	3.56E+06	9.9E+05	1.89E+06	6.77E+05	9.02E+05	1.54E+06	2.63E+07	4.04E+05	1.74E+06	1.42E+06	5.38E+05	3.24E+06	1.74E+06	6.96E+05	5.51E+05	5.91E+05	1.54E+06	2.59E+06	1.62E+06	1.57E+07
Forchlorfenuron_3	5.77E+05	1.45E+05	4.53E+05	3.38E+05	8.06E+05	1.16E+05	9.97E+04	1.57E+05	6.45E+05	9.8E+05	1.24E+05	4.58E+05	1.96E+05	5.1E+05	3.96E+05	2.05E+05	4.04E+05	2.39E+05	2.57E+05	1.35E+05	5.31E+05	2.43E+07	1.3E+05	1.27E+05	3.52E+05	2.34E+05	2.66E+05	1.68E+07	3.38E+05	4.45E+04	1.19E+06	3.94E+05	2.37E+05	5.46E+05	2.52E+05	1.01E+07	3.34E+05	1.12E+07	4.49E+05	1.05E+05	1.61E+05	1.1E+05	2.5E+05	4.33E+05	2.12E+05
Forchlorfenuron_4	5.48E+05	5.09E+05	1.18E+06	9.32E+05	1.36E+06	1.52E+06	2.06E+06	3.88E+05	3.24E+06	1.5E+06	1.53E+06	1.49E+06	2.13E+06	1.26E+06	9.99E+05	4.72E+05	1.41E+06	8.79E+05	1.33E+06	1.42E+06	2.35E+06	2.26E+06	7.02E+05	3.25E+05	9.54E+05	2.18E+06	9.9E+05	1.89E+06	6.77E+05	9.02E+05	1.54E+06	2.99E+06	4.04E+05	1.74E+06	1.42E+06	5.38E+05	2.44E+07	1.74E+06	6.96E+05	5.51E+05	5.91E+05	1.54E+06	2.59E+06	1.62E+06	3.58E+06
Fraxin_1	2.61E+07	4.14E+07	3.09E+05	2.66E+05	1.72E+05	2.29E+06	2.44E+06	2.05E+05	4.81E+06	2.23E+06	1.41E+07	4.93E+07	2.13E+07	1.36E+07	9.27E+06	5.77E+05	4.2E+07	2.38E+05	4.55E+07	3.2E+05	3.08E+07	2E+07	4.48E+05	2.67E+05	2.48E+06	4.1E+07	2.39E+07	3.17E+07	2.64E+07	6.42E+05	2.24E+07	6.18E+06	2.11E+04	2.54E+07	3.39E+06	7.21E+05	4.24E+07	8.39E+05	1E+07	5.69E+05	1.54E+07	2.68E+06	2.34E+06	2.2E+07	2.06E+06
Fraxin_2	3.84E+06	1.03E+07	8.09E+06	3.56E+06	7.78E+06	1.52E+07	8.82E+06	4.55E+06	3.19E+07	9.02E+05	1.81E+06	1.12E+07	8.89E+06	1.61E+06	1.6E+06	7.67E+06	6.49E+06	1.08E+06	9.42E+06	7.66E+05	5.28E+06	2.6E+06	5.32E+05	1.39E+06	4.75E+06	2.58E+06	2.41E+06	6.11E+06	3.96E+06	2.53E+07	1.79E+06	1.72E+07	1.37E+06	3.05E+06	1.35E+07	2.09E+07	7.06E+06	2.07E+07	1.48E+06	1.1E+06	5.73E+05	2.8E+06	2.37E+06	2.15E+06	6.94E+06
Fraxin_3	3.84E+06	1.03E+07	3.39E+06	6.83E+06	1.93E+07	4.02E+07	4.35E+07	1E+07	5.94E+07	1.72E+06	1.81E+06	1.12E+07	1.37E+07	1.61E+06	1.6E+06	2.63E+07	6.49E+06	1.07E+06	9.42E+06	7.66E+05	5.28E+06	2.6E+06	5.32E+05	1.39E+06	2.06E+07	2.58E+06	2.41E+06	6.11E+06	3.96E+06	5.22E+06	1.79E+06	6.52E+07	1.37E+06	3.05E+06	3.86E+07	7.77E+06	7.06E+06	1.18E+07	1.48E+06	1.1E+06	5.73E+05	6.01E+06	5.85E+06	2.15E+06	1.56E+07
Fraxin_4	5.2E+05	2.22E+06	1.44E+05	6.79E+05	1.86E+06	1.44E+06	5.34E+06	1.3E+06	2.29E+06	2E+07	3.1E+05	2.75E+06	2.15E+06	2.77E+05	2.27E+05	1.73E+06	1.02E+06	1.47E+06	2.74E+06	5.56E+05	1.09E+06	6.47E+05	1.51E+05	1.1E+06	6.04E+05	2.27E+06	1.13E+06	1.45E+06	6.27E+05	3.63E+05	7.05E+05	3.92E+06	1.47E+06	8.36E+05	7.78E+05	8.26E+05	4.88E+06	2.32E+05	6.29E+05	2.28E+07	1.44E+05	1.05E+04	2.89E+07	2.19E+06	1.56E+06
Fructoselysine	1.05E+06	4.01E+05	1.89E+05	1.96E+05	5.87E+05	4.94E+05	6.74E+05	7.78E+04	1.49E+07	2.79E+05	2E+05	1.68E+06	7.3E+05	3.46E+05	3.85E+05	2.39E+05	1.28E+06	4.55E+05	1.37E+06	1.33E+06	1.23E+06	3.86E+05	6.98E+04	3.02E+05	4.86E+05	9.29E+05	7E+05	1.3E+06	2.08E+05	1.22E+07	7.55E+05	1.73E+06	4.42E+04	5.2E+05	6.19E+05	8.41E+05	6.38E+05	2.46E+05	2.51E+05	2.15E+05	6.51E+05	7.89E+05	1.93E+05	1.48E+05	4.65E+05
Funebrine	1.86E+03	2.36E+05	3.33E+06	3.74E+04	8.81E+06	8.6E+05	1.69E+05	3.18E+04	4.63E+06	2.84E+05	1.22E+06	5.44E+05	1.64E+06	4.85E+05	1.83E+05	9.32E+05	1.39E+05	9.72E+06	1.06E+06	2.25E+05	1.69E+07	3.79E+05	1.05E+05	2.46E+05	3.15E+06	3.12E+05	6.43E+05	6.06E+05	3.06E+04	3.1E+05	1.92E+05	7.22E+05	3.74E+05	8.41E+06	1.18E+06	2.24E+05	5.18E+06	3.85E+05	4.66E+04	5.03E+03	7.07E+04	3.91E+05	8.58E+05	7.15E+05	1.42E+06
Furamizole	6.65E+04	8.17E+05	1.95E+05	1.38E+03	1.22E+06	1.24E+04	9.31E+05	1.54E+06	4.17E+05	2.42E+04	6.89E+03	1.08E+07	8.67E+03	6.67E+03	1.84E+03	6.42E+05	2.26E+06	3.12E+03	3.92E+06	1.74E+03	2.4E+05	7.45E+04	3.18E+03	8.3E+04	1.46E+04	7.44E+05	4.95E+05	8.4E+05	6.54E+04	5.75E+06	9.87E+03	8.56E+05	1.14E+04	2.5E+05	5.25E+06	6.89E+05	6.04E+05	4.63E+05	1.04E+04	1.23E+04	8.94E+04	1.2E+04	1.61E+06	8.92E+03	3.33E+04
Furcatin	7.14E+05	4.45E+05	3.89E+05	5.29E+05	1.5E+06	6.51E+05	2.3E+06	7.27E+04	1.38E+06	6.51E+05	5.63E+05	4.06E+05	1.06E+06	4.09E+05	1.36E+05	7.83E+04	8.17E+06	7.46E+04	3.79E+05	1.66E+05	1.46E+07	7.89E+05	4.99E+04	3.29E+04	1.37E+05	1.63E+06	4.11E+05	1.14E+06	3.14E+05	4.91E+05	1.69E+06	1.28E+06	3.83E+04	1.33E+06	3.47E+05	5.44E+05	8.1E+05	1.83E+06	1.41E+06	1E+04	1.88E+05	4.53E+05	2.58E+05	1.22E+06	2.95E+05
Furmecyclox	1.98E+06	1.63E+06	2.5E+06	1.77E+06	2.19E+06	1.53E+06	6.26E+06	2.08E+06	1.78E+06	1.69E+06	1.63E+06	1.76E+06	1.72E+06	1.83E+06	2.83E+06	2.32E+06	1.9E+06	2.14E+06	2.08E+06	1.72E+06	5.79E+06	6.55E+06	6.49E+06	2.01E+06	2.68E+06	1.4E+06	2.45E+06	1.66E+06	1.69E+06	2.12E+06	1.9E+06	1.81E+06	1.93E+06	1.88E+06	1.6E+06	6.07E+06	2.18E+06	6.21E+06	6.78E+06	2.04E+06	1.82E+06	1.59E+06	1.71E+06	1.68E+06	1.58E+06
Fusarenone X_1	9.91E+05	2.31E+05	1.35E+05	1.12E+06	2.42E+05	1.19E+06	4.8E+05	4.57E+05	4.57E+07	1.66E+06	5.83E+05	5.58E+05	2.84E+06	2.28E+05	6.45E+05	5.23E+05	3.57E+07	4.22E+05	1.23E+06	7.57E+05	3.98E+06	2.64E+06	1.21E+05	1.31E+05	7.58E+05	5.59E+05	5.66E+05	2.79E+06	2.57E+05	6.54E+05	1.55E+06	1.63E+06	2.67E+05	1.03E+06	1.34E+06	3.42E+05	1.43E+06	2.48E+05	3.41E+05	2.16E+05	7.06E+05	6.01E+05	6.52E+05	1.31E+07	1.28E+06
Fusarenone X_2	9.91E+05	2.31E+05	1.35E+05	1.12E+06	2.42E+05	1.04E+06	4.8E+05	4.57E+05	2.38E+07	1.66E+06	5.83E+05	5.58E+05	1.43E+06	2.28E+05	6.45E+05	5.23E+05	4.91E+06	4.22E+05	1.23E+06	7.57E+05	2.71E+06	3.06E+06	1.21E+05	1.31E+05	7.58E+05	5.59E+05	5.66E+05	2.85E+06	2.57E+05	6.54E+05	1.55E+06	1.63E+06	2.67E+05	1.03E+06	1.34E+06	3.42E+05	1.43E+06	2.48E+05	3.41E+05	2.16E+05	7.06E+05	4.5E+05	6.52E+05	2.51E+06	1.28E+06
Gallate	2.8E+05	1.45E+04	5.27E+03	6.25E+04	7.59E+04	7E+03	5.26E+04	1.73E+04	1.15E+05	6.56E+04	1.16E+05	1.39E+07	9.28E+04	7.11E+03	3.98E+04	8.43E+04	8.29E+04	4.76E+04	3.5E+04	9.07E+03	1.34E+05	4.61E+05	5.56E+04	3.29E+04	1.01E+04	4.58E+05	3.33E+04	1.04E+05	6.32E+04	4.13E+05	3.33E+04	5.31E+05	2.09E+04	2.04E+05	3.95E+05	2.77E+05	5.33E+05	1.6E+05	6.02E+04	5.33E+03	7.78E+04	1.88E+05	1E+06	2.31E+04	1.03E+05
gamma-Glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyraldehyde	2.02E+07	2.68E+07	6.34E+06	6.4E+06	1.23E+07	1.91E+07	1.33E+07	1.47E+07	4.91E+07	1.22E+07	1.98E+07	2.27E+07	2.64E+07	1.42E+07	1.35E+07	1.06E+07	1.18E+08	1.15E+07	2.93E+07	1.45E+07	4.89E+07	1.98E+07	5.28E+06	3.06E+06	2.7E+07	3.32E+07	4.12E+07	1.65E+07	1.19E+07	1.06E+07	3.78E+07	2.87E+07	4.25E+06	3.05E+07	2.23E+07	1.32E+07	4.73E+07	1.34E+07	4.33E+06	2.42E+06	3.96E+06	1.97E+07	3.58E+07	2.03E+08	2.36E+07
gamma-Glutamyltyramine	9.48E+05	5.68E+06	3.16E+06	5.45E+06	6.15E+06	3.66E+06	6.26E+06	3.05E+05	1.46E+07	9.25E+05	9.29E+05	6.27E+06	1.76E+06	2.6E+06	2.28E+06	4.31E+06	9.64E+06	1.75E+06	1.11E+07	1.58E+06	4.6E+07	3.77E+06	6.57E+05	9.79E+05	9.67E+05	2.78E+06	2.91E+06	2.24E+06	1.96E+06	1.06E+07	3.96E+06	1.77E+07	2.65E+05	1.13E+07	6.08E+06	1.13E+07	8.26E+06	1.54E+07	4.19E+06	7.11E+05	1.14E+06	1.82E+06	4.94E+06	1.42E+07	4.53E+06
gamma-L-Glutamyl-D-alanine	9.61E+05	1.02E+06	7.82E+05	1.2E+06	6.46E+05	1.06E+06	1.17E+06	4.23E+05	4.94E+06	2.7E+06	6.03E+05	3.13E+06	2.09E+06	5.57E+05	1.24E+06	2.3E+06	2.57E+06	1.39E+06	2.11E+06	1.35E+06	4.93E+06	5.22E+06	4.41E+05	2.09E+06	7.61E+05	3.7E+06	1.34E+06	2.34E+06	1.14E+06	9.69E+05	1.84E+06	2.51E+06	1.46E+06	2.17E+06	1.73E+06	1.7E+06	3.08E+06	1.69E+06	4.76E+05	5.81E+05	7.08E+05	7.83E+05	5.92E+06	2.19E+06	1.48E+06
gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteine	810	0	1.33E+03	1.85E+03	0	9.05E+03	745	0	9.88E+03	1.37E+03	0	0	2.48E+03	2.71E+03	0	0	0	2.62E+03	0	0	3.34E+03	1.03E+04	879	3.71E+03	0	4.88E+03	2.42E+03	3.07E+03	0	3.45E+03	1.82E+03	1.84E+03	0	1.24E+03	1.33E+07	0	3.38E+03	1.11E+03	0	694	703	1.43E+03	0	1.69E+03	0
gamma-Undecalactone	2.76E+04	1.11E+05	7.45E+05	5.08E+05	1.04E+06	2.85E+06	6.65E+05	1.32E+05	1.62E+06	7.76E+05	9.99E+05	1.51E+05	4.61E+04	9.46E+05	7.2E+05	5.14E+04	2.86E+06	3.83E+04	1.34E+05	2.26E+04	6.2E+05	7.05E+05	1.51E+05	1.26E+04	1.23E+06	7.82E+05	4.71E+04	1.42E+06	5.93E+04	3.53E+05	3.6E+06	5.5E+06	2.7E+05	9.31E+05	3E+06	3.56E+05	1.67E+05	6.6E+05	1.4E+05	5.44E+04	1.62E+06	7.86E+05	4.51E+05	1.2E+06	7.82E+05
Gardenoside	2.35E+06	3.38E+03	1.36E+05	1.91E+04	7.84E+03	1.08E+04	9.66E+03	3.34E+03	1.41E+04	6.21E+04	2.74E+05	1.14E+04	5.84E+04	2.13E+04	2.3E+05	4.44E+03	1.1E+04	7.89E+03	9.63E+03	2.88E+04	4.88E+03	8.07E+04	2.65E+03	4.64E+03	1.4E+04	8.35E+04	9.17E+05	9.49E+04	3.37E+03	2.31E+04	7.49E+06	4.55E+04	1.45E+03	1.25E+04	2.86E+04	1.09E+04	1.44E+04	1.06E+05	1.66E+04	3.57E+03	9.04E+03	2.15E+04	1.55E+04	3.09E+04	1.03E+04
Genipin_1	2.31E+07	6.26E+06	9.34E+05	1.34E+07	7.02E+06	6.87E+06	9.74E+06	1.73E+06	2.33E+07	9.85E+06	1.42E+08	1.26E+07	4.45E+07	1.28E+07	8.57E+06	1.33E+06	8.32E+06	3.8E+06	4.44E+07	1.02E+07	6.51E+06	3.9E+07	2.24E+06	5.32E+05	5.31E+07	2.43E+07	1.3E+07	3.14E+07	6.57E+06	6.39E+06	1.3E+07	1.28E+07	5.09E+06	8.93E+06	1.15E+07	1.62E+06	1.89E+07	9.39E+06	6.25E+06	9.27E+06	7.18E+06	2.53E+07	3.29E+07	1.53E+07	1.25E+07
Genipin_2	2.7E+04	7.33E+05	2.15E+05	5.65E+05	1.74E+05	5.4E+05	1.08E+05	5.36E+05	1.97E+06	6.19E+05	8.23E+04	1.55E+06	7.48E+05	3.59E+05	6.22E+04	8.66E+05	3.14E+05	6.34E+05	1.14E+06	1.42E+06	2.7E+05	6.1E+05	1.64E+05	2.36E+05	5.77E+06	1.11E+06	2.85E+07	2.88E+05	2.04E+04	4.85E+05	1.92E+05	2.27E+05	5.48E+05	5.91E+04	8.3E+05	4.24E+04	4.9E+05	5.68E+05	7.07E+05	7.98E+05	5.08E+04	7.24E+04	8.29E+04	4.1E+05	5.24E+05
Genipin_3	2E+05	7.33E+05	3.19E+04	5.65E+05	1.34E+05	5.4E+05	9.66E+04	2.84E+05	1.97E+06	1.4E+05	2.51E+05	3.42E+05	7.21E+05	4.01E+04	8.04E+04	7.86E+05	1.1E+05	1.36E+04	3.62E+05	1.05E+05	1.16E+05	2.39E+05	4.18E+04	2.2E+05	2.27E+05	3.19E+05	9.83E+05	3.4E+05	8.86E+04	6.45E+05	1.39E+05	5.54E+05	6.68E+04	1.26E+05	6.98E+05	5.99E+04	9.53E+05	9.15E+04	1.12E+05	1.16E+05	7.12E+04	2.48E+05	1.61E+05	4.52E+07	5.45E+05
Gentiopicrin_1	6.54E+06	5.83E+05	1.85E+05	6.08E+05	2.47E+06	6.3E+05	8.27E+05	8.95E+04	1.95E+06	1.08E+07	4.16E+05	1.86E+06	1.41E+06	3.73E+05	9.07E+04	3.09E+06	1.1E+06	1.06E+06	3.42E+05	6.43E+05	3.14E+06	1.01E+07	7.98E+04	2.52E+05	6.03E+05	1.6E+06	6.8E+05	1.1E+07	3.91E+04	1.23E+06	1.43E+05	2.02E+07	4.67E+05	2.91E+05	1.32E+06	4.91E+06	1.82E+06	5.05E+05	1.39E+05	4.61E+04	9.66E+04	7.21E+05	8.26E+05	5.32E+07	4.24E+05
Gentiopicrin_2	2.22E+06	1.69E+06	3.45E+07	1.3E+06	3.84E+07	1.18E+06	2.07E+07	1.15E+06	7.11E+06	5.01E+07	3.91E+06	8.95E+06	6.87E+06	5.97E+06	1.64E+06	2.48E+07	1.03E+07	1.18E+05	5.2E+06	2.44E+05	1.61E+07	3.55E+06	1.13E+07	2.05E+07	5.28E+06	9.22E+06	1.28E+06	9.33E+06	7.93E+05	7.49E+05	6.05E+06	1.1E+07	3.42E+05	5.17E+06	4.77E+06	1.83E+06	2.91E+06	1.5E+06	1.47E+06	1.85E+06	1.24E+06	5.61E+06	5.6E+06	5.06E+06	2.65E+06
Gentiopicrin_3	6.55E+06	5.83E+05	1.85E+05	6.08E+05	2.47E+06	6.3E+05	8.27E+05	4.31E+04	6.04E+06	1.08E+07	4.16E+05	1.86E+06	1.41E+06	3.73E+05	3.21E+05	3.09E+06	1.1E+06	1.06E+06	2.7E+05	6.43E+05	3.14E+06	5.45E+06	7.98E+04	5.92E+05	6.03E+05	1.6E+06	1.09E+06	8.21E+06	3.91E+04	1.23E+06	1.43E+05	8.62E+06	4.67E+05	1.27E+06	1.32E+06	4.91E+06	1.82E+06	1.21E+06	3.06E+05	7.23E+04	9.66E+04	7.21E+05	8.26E+05	1.58E+07	4.1E+05
Gentiopicrin_4	7.41E+03	8.07E+04	5.87E+05	7.51E+04	2.34E+05	5.87E+05	4.71E+05	5.2E+05	1.59E+05	1.06E+07	2.95E+05	9.78E+06	1.02E+07	2.05E+05	1.36E+06	1.31E+06	2.87E+05	1.47E+07	3.51E+05	6.07E+06	1.65E+07	5.85E+05	3.76E+05	6.72E+05	1.1E+05	6.45E+05	4.21E+05	3.07E+05	1.25E+05	1.27E+06	3.51E+04	1.88E+08	5.18E+05	1.27E+05	3.42E+05	3.31E+07	1.33E+07	5.72E+06	6E+05	2.71E+04	5.82E+03	5.9E+05	6.09E+06	1.88E+07	1.5E+06
Gibberellin A44 diacid	4.53E+04	1.35E+03	3.46E+06	1.24E+04	3.1E+04	1.33E+05	4.18E+04	1.65E+03	9.18E+06	3.34E+04	7.47E+04	2.31E+04	4.45E+05	5.01E+04	1.59E+05	8E+03	3.72E+05	1.74E+04	7.85E+04	4.43E+03	1.64E+05	5.91E+05	2.42E+03	1.51E+03	1.09E+05	1.66E+05	1.69E+04	1.16E+05	931	2.35E+04	1.27E+05	2.25E+05	2.07E+03	1.09E+05	8.2E+04	1.46E+05	4.54E+04	1.06E+06	2.25E+04	2.31E+04	2.39E+04	6.66E+04	6.37E+04	1.01E+05	5.56E+03
Glaucarubin_1	1.84E+06	6.73E+06	3.33E+05	2.93E+05	1.48E+05	2.3E+06	5.17E+04	3.05E+04	9.3E+05	6.16E+05	1.27E+06	6.68E+05	3.72E+05	1.21E+05	2.3E+05	1.77E+05	7.98E+05	1.68E+05	6.42E+05	1.7E+05	1.17E+06	1.42E+06	5.33E+03	2.71E+04	8.96E+05	5.01E+05	4.44E+05	9.77E+05	1.89E+06	5.63E+05	2.16E+06	2.71E+05	3.3E+05	1.16E+06	5.85E+05	3.99E+05	3.32E+05	2.78E+05	2.45E+04	5.14E+04	6.57E+05	1.14E+06	2.35E+05	3.81E+05	3.21E+05
Glaucarubin_2	8.86E+04	1.44E+04	7.28E+06	2.78E+04	3.94E+03	2.49E+06	1.35E+04	4.85E+04	5.11E+05	2.6E+04	3.9E+05	1.98E+05	2.23E+05	3.22E+04	4.63E+04	2.19E+05	1.25E+05	1.31E+05	1.8E+05	1.9E+05	5.56E+04	5.05E+04	2.29E+04	2.09E+07	3.04E+05	3.01E+05	3.01E+07	5.61E+04	4.84E+04	2.93E+04	5.95E+06	4.41E+04	1.06E+07	1.55E+06	2.45E+05	5.58E+05	4.48E+07	5.06E+04	7.68E+03	2.56E+04	1.13E+05	3.52E+05	1.6E+07	6.36E+04	4.16E+04
Glaucarubin_3	1.71E+06	1.47E+06	2.62E+05	6.92E+06	2.95E+04	1.24E+07	1.29E+04	4.78E+06	7.99E+03	7.34E+03	6.19E+06	9.74E+04	2.24E+07	4.01E+03	3.03E+04	5.84E+06	7.43E+03	2.18E+04	9.13E+06	9.74E+03	1.44E+04	6.84E+04	2.44E+04	1.85E+06	5.91E+04	3.4E+05	1.26E+06	3.84E+04	7.66E+05	5.58E+06	3.7E+03	1.85E+07	9.22E+05	3.47E+03	2.19E+07	2.24E+03	4.23E+06	4.62E+06	1.82E+04	1.4E+06	3.45E+05	1.07E+05	1.28E+06	3.17E+04	3.76E+04
Glucocleomin	5.07E+06	0	0	1.38E+03	0	1.19E+04	0	7.2E+03	3.61E+03	3.21E+03	1.95E+06	0	1.37E+03	780	1E+03	749	0	0	0	0	0	3.93E+03	0	1.09E+03	1.02E+06	2.12E+03	6.88E+03	0	1.16E+03	2.6E+03	0	1.68E+03	1.1E+03	0	5.32E+03	0	1.56E+04	0	0	0	0	3.06E+04	1.85E+04	0	1.6E+03
Glucoiberverin	4.07E+05	1.75E+05	8.5E+05	1.5E+06	7.9E+05	2.26E+06	2.86E+05	1.62E+06	6.95E+05	1.7E+06	9.79E+05	6.25E+05	3.29E+05	4.41E+05	1.5E+06	1.25E+06	4.25E+06	1.07E+06	9.42E+05	5.17E+05	3.88E+06	1.72E+06	6.8E+05	1.49E+06	1.6E+06	8.61E+05	1.84E+06	1.08E+06	1.1E+06	2.63E+05	1.01E+06	2.71E+06	1.79E+06	1.58E+06	2.51E+05	1.58E+06	6.83E+05	1.39E+06	1.03E+06	9.07E+05	2.7E+06	1.84E+06	2.41E+06	1.59E+06	5.86E+05
Glucose/Fructose [M+Cl]-	7.93E+07	4.29E+07	6.1E+07	5.64E+07	5.72E+07	4.68E+07	3.19E+07	3.66E+07	1.52E+08	6.8E+07	4.83E+07	1.09E+08	5.99E+07	4.65E+07	5.71E+07	6.42E+07	6.85E+07	3.29E+07	1.13E+08	3.5E+07	9.8E+07	1.57E+08	3.7E+07	4.88E+07	3.65E+07	8.58E+07	5.43E+07	7.53E+07	4.6E+07	1.6E+07	8.65E+07	8.45E+07	4.42E+07	1.63E+08	8.59E+07	4.64E+07	6.02E+07	6.44E+07	3.95E+07	5.15E+07	4.05E+07	3.84E+07	5.84E+07	9.97E+07	6.85E+07
Glucotropaeolin	1.19E+07	1.27E+07	1.18E+07	1.18E+07	1.14E+07	1.2E+07	1.18E+07	1.16E+07	1.16E+07	1.2E+07	1.17E+07	1.18E+07	1.15E+07	1.08E+07	1.6E+07	1.02E+07	1.52E+07	1.06E+07	1.12E+07	1.43E+07	1.08E+07	1.07E+07	1.09E+07	1.07E+07	1.06E+07	2.23E+07	1.61E+07	1.09E+07	9.67E+06	9.79E+06	9.93E+06	9.67E+06	9.57E+06	9.79E+06	1.43E+07	9.67E+06	9.62E+06	9.51E+06	9.87E+06	9.54E+06	8.99E+06	9.28E+06	9.06E+06	1.36E+07	1.31E+07
Glucovanillin_1	5.96E+06	1.38E+06	6.95E+05	1.08E+05	2.05E+05	1.1E+06	9.14E+05	2.28E+06	1.84E+06	4.76E+05	2.23E+05	3.14E+06	3.07E+06	2.18E+05	1.38E+05	7.59E+04	5.98E+05	3.71E+05	8.31E+04	1.05E+05	4.01E+05	7.45E+05	5.1E+03	5.77E+04	3.04E+05	4.21E+06	2.68E+05	6.74E+05	4.79E+05	6.59E+05	9.45E+06	1.16E+05	6.43E+04	1.43E+06	1.23E+06	5.87E+05	1.02E+06	4.79E+03	1.44E+05	2.74E+05	8.31E+04	1.22E+05	3.42E+06	4.46E+05	1.43E+05
Glucovanillin_2	1.41E+06	1.78E+06	4.43E+06	4.67E+04	2.28E+06	9.88E+05	5.58E+06	9.86E+05	1.09E+06	1.58E+06	4.12E+05	3.47E+06	2.67E+05	4.09E+06	1.19E+06	1.22E+06	6.15E+06	7.91E+05	1.5E+06	1.96E+05	3.96E+06	1.88E+06	1.02E+06	5.09E+05	7.5E+05	3.13E+06	1.37E+06	1.09E+07	7.21E+05	1.65E+06	6.74E+05	3.3E+06	4.7E+05	5.53E+05	1.76E+06	1.88E+06	8.2E+06	1.08E+06	2.51E+06	9.63E+05	3.92E+05	4.73E+05	3.07E+06	1.02E+06	4.52E+05
Glucovanillin_3	2.04E+06	1.38E+06	6.95E+05	1.08E+05	2.05E+05	1.1E+06	9.14E+05	2.29E+06	1.85E+06	4.76E+05	2.23E+05	2.7E+06	5.67E+06	2.18E+05	1.38E+05	7.59E+04	5.77E+05	3.67E+05	8.48E+04	1.05E+05	3.92E+05	7.45E+05	5.1E+03	5.77E+04	2.99E+05	8.18E+06	2.68E+05	6.74E+05	4.79E+05	6.59E+05	3.57E+06	1.16E+05	6.43E+04	1.43E+06	1.23E+06	5.87E+05	1.02E+06	4.79E+03	1.44E+05	2.74E+05	8.31E+04	1.22E+05	1.75E+06	4.46E+05	1.43E+05
Glutamine	7.02E+06	6.42E+06	5.83E+06	2.24E+07	3.58E+07	5.44E+06	5.98E+06	2.69E+07	2.02E+07	2.74E+07	7.47E+06	1.19E+07	4.11E+07	2.91E+07	2.59E+07	3.05E+07	1.21E+07	4.71E+06	1.22E+07	3.09E+06	1.04E+07	3.95E+07	1.93E+07	4.61E+06	3.77E+07	3.72E+07	2.99E+06	7.33E+06	2.75E+06	2.65E+06	6.8E+06	9.57E+06	1.6E+07	6.22E+06	3.86E+07	3.86E+06	3.73E+06	2.34E+07	1.65E+07	2.29E+07	5.31E+06	7.32E+06	3.72E+07	1.49E+07	3.35E+07
GLYCEROL 2-PHOSPHATE	3.44E+06	5.05E+06	3.42E+06	4.62E+06	1.19E+06	8.56E+06	5.7E+06	2.55E+06	5.64E+06	2.79E+06	1.31E+06	1.22E+06	2.8E+06	1.23E+06	1.63E+06	1.72E+06	1.21E+06	6E+06	5.82E+06	5.93E+06	2.82E+06	3.61E+06	3.3E+06	1.91E+06	5.48E+05	3.52E+06	6.86E+06	4.1E+06	5.14E+06	6.61E+06	4.24E+06	5.98E+06	4.43E+05	3.59E+06	4.18E+06	3.07E+06	1.12E+07	5.34E+06	1.64E+06	1.52E+06	3.44E+06	1.25E+06	5.02E+06	1.56E+06	5.87E+06
Glycerophosphoglycerol	1.02E+07	1.02E+07	6.29E+06	6.2E+06	7.36E+06	7.81E+06	8.79E+06	1.08E+07	1.25E+07	1.27E+07	6.02E+06	1.32E+07	8.24E+06	7.34E+06	2.41E+06	6.74E+06	1.36E+07	4.78E+06	1.03E+07	4.66E+06	1.5E+07	1.97E+08	6.34E+06	6.29E+06	7.5E+06	1.3E+07	7.55E+06	2.32E+07	8.44E+06	3.45E+06	1.9E+07	1.46E+07	7.08E+06	8.69E+06	9.18E+06	3.31E+07	2.96E+06	1.86E+07	7.44E+06	7.81E+06	4.59E+06	6.24E+06	1.04E+07	2.4E+07	8.19E+06
Glycochenodeoxycholate 7-sulfate	0	667	3.09E+05	0	7.72E+03	7.8E+04	928	0	1.43E+07	3.1E+05	1.33E+05	4.71E+05	1.91E+05	0	8.26E+04	8.96E+03	2.16E+07	0	4.18E+05	1.32E+03	8.52E+06	2.81E+06	0	0	2.75E+05	1.19E+06	4.5E+04	6.39E+06	1.88E+05	0	4.71E+06	2.73E+06	1.04E+04	3.92E+04	8.64E+05	900	5.77E+05	7.34E+03	0	709	4.11E+03	7.59E+03	5.14E+05	5.61E+06	2.07E+04
Glycocholate	8.2E+05	8.42E+05	4.5E+05	1.46E+05	1.45E+06	1.03E+06	1.08E+06	5.37E+05	1.3E+07	4.09E+05	6.13E+05	5.16E+06	4.66E+06	8.35E+05	2.2E+05	8.73E+05	1.61E+07	3.4E+05	1.12E+06	3.01E+05	9.86E+06	1.23E+06	3.94E+05	1.04E+06	7.42E+05	2.04E+06	1.34E+06	1.22E+06	6.91E+05	5.67E+05	9.67E+05	7.67E+05	1.05E+06	5.4E+05	4.71E+06	4.56E+05	5.55E+06	3.03E+05	4.1E+05	3.28E+05	1.61E+05	4.55E+05	1.57E+06	9.15E+06	7.56E+05
Glycodeoxycholate	3.52E+05	2.7E+05	2.03E+04	3.16E+04	1.42E+05	4.15E+05	9.33E+04	3.08E+04	5.54E+06	2.65E+05	3.01E+05	9.52E+04	1.01E+05	5.34E+04	1.07E+05	2.67E+05	2.86E+06	1.73E+04	6.53E+05	4.67E+04	3.83E+06	1.71E+06	2.23E+04	7.77E+03	3.2E+05	9.05E+04	4.91E+05	1.06E+06	1.95E+05	1.15E+04	1.96E+05	3.23E+05	3.1E+05	5.17E+05	8.01E+05	3.2E+04	9.4E+05	6.41E+04	2.67E+04	1.31E+04	1.05E+05	2.93E+05	1.53E+06	1.91E+06	3.42E+05
Glycyl-leucine_1	3.89E+05	1.95E+06	4.12E+05	1.24E+06	5.56E+06	1.19E+06	8.3E+05	2.26E+06	2E+06	1E+06	1.39E+06	2.65E+06	6.09E+05	3.27E+06	3.73E+06	1.16E+06	1.02E+07	1.1E+06	2.31E+06	3.84E+05	8.96E+05	5.68E+06	9.12E+05	1.81E+06	2.64E+06	7.71E+06	1.28E+06	5.85E+06	1.75E+06	9.45E+05	3.99E+06	5.11E+06	2.28E+06	1.05E+06	3.78E+06	1.55E+06	1.45E+06	3.69E+06	2.1E+06	7.21E+05	2.82E+06	9.05E+05	1.26E+06	1.35E+06	4.77E+05
Glycyl-leucine_2	962	791	907	0	1.33E+03	1.41E+03	1.23E+03	0	1.65E+03	773	1.23E+03	1.96E+03	1.26E+03	0	0	0	1.67E+06	755	1.25E+03	814	1.37E+03	1.65E+03	746	0	0	2.04E+03	6.94E+03	1.25E+03	0	866	1.1E+03	1.38E+03	0	0	0	757	1.22E+03	1.03E+03	787	650	0	1.09E+03	956	1.22E+07	1.69E+03
Grandidentatin_1	9.67E+04	2.39E+05	1.63E+05	3.07E+04	3.59E+05	5.44E+04	1.2E+05	7E+06	6.27E+05	3.74E+05	4.99E+05	6.22E+05	1.52E+05	1.43E+05	1.31E+05	2.82E+05	5.82E+05	2.31E+04	4.3E+05	8.58E+04	2.89E+05	4.64E+05	2.98E+04	5.38E+03	6.4E+04	2.67E+05	3.34E+05	9.52E+04	2.28E+04	1.68E+05	5.01E+04	7.9E+05	4.87E+04	2.2E+05	3.1E+05	5.2E+05	6E+05	3.69E+04	3.91E+04	4.3E+04	3.63E+04	3.39E+05	2.71E+05	1.27E+05	1.65E+05
Grandidentatin_2	6.92E+04	2.39E+05	1.42E+05	1.09E+05	7.33E+05	3.77E+05	2.1E+05	3.71E+05	6.27E+05	3.74E+05	7.08E+04	7.18E+05	1.14E+06	8.93E+05	1.31E+05	1.36E+05	5.82E+05	7.43E+04	3.71E+05	1.86E+05	6.95E+05	9.41E+05	2.94E+04	7.9E+04	1.04E+05	2.79E+05	1.47E+05	1.91E+05	8.64E+04	1.68E+05	1E+05	7.51E+05	6.01E+04	2.07E+05	3.1E+05	3.63E+06	9.47E+05	5.02E+05	3.91E+04	4.3E+04	3.8E+04	1.74E+05	2.71E+05	1.27E+05	1.65E+05
Graphinone	2.21E+04	3.43E+05	2.38E+05	1.14E+06	1.14E+06	2.69E+05	1.29E+07	8.3E+04	1.78E+06	5.72E+05	4.04E+05	3.62E+05	6.75E+05	5.41E+05	6.17E+04	3.75E+04	1.2E+05	1.82E+04	9.06E+04	9.33E+04	5.97E+05	1.02E+07	2.96E+05	4.22E+03	7.04E+04	1.73E+05	1.73E+05	1.68E+05	9.28E+04	1.79E+05	3.76E+05	1.2E+06	8.57E+04	1.47E+07	2.73E+05	4.02E+05	9.23E+04	1.67E+07	1.11E+06	5.52E+04	4.85E+04	9.1E+05	1.23E+05	4.65E+04	4.93E+05
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_1	1.11E+06	1.43E+06	1.13E+06	3.84E+06	1.84E+06	2.91E+06	1.68E+06	7.89E+06	6.49E+06	1.14E+06	1.46E+06	7.11E+06	3.6E+06	1.16E+06	5.3E+05	5.13E+06	2.26E+06	3.93E+05	4.87E+06	1.19E+06	3.75E+06	1.91E+06	2.99E+05	2.43E+06	2.17E+06	4.63E+06	7.36E+06	5.08E+06	7.17E+05	1.66E+06	2.59E+06	5.24E+06	1.02E+06	1.68E+06	3.53E+06	1.69E+06	1.18E+07	1.23E+06	5.94E+05	1.61E+06	7.55E+05	3.17E+06	2.81E+06	1.87E+06	4.77E+06
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_2	1.11E+06	1.43E+06	1.13E+06	1.64E+06	1.86E+06	2.91E+06	1.69E+06	2.7E+06	3.31E+06	1.14E+06	1.46E+06	4.8E+06	3.61E+06	1.16E+06	5.3E+05	2.43E+06	1.36E+06	3.93E+05	3.1E+06	1.19E+06	2.56E+06	1.91E+06	2.99E+05	2.41E+06	4.07E+06	3.55E+06	3.43E+06	4.2E+06	7.17E+05	1.68E+06	1.88E+06	3.59E+06	1.02E+06	1.68E+06	3.53E+06	1.69E+06	7.41E+06	1.23E+06	5.94E+05	1.61E+06	7.55E+05	2.35E+06	2.12E+06	1.89E+06	1.23E+07
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_3	1.09E+05	7.02E+04	3.87E+04	3.51E+05	3.64E+04	4.53E+04	3.25E+05	1.37E+06	1.94E+05	1.79E+05	1.45E+04	2.56E+05	4.43E+04	4.14E+04	1.55E+05	9.01E+04	4.74E+05	9.81E+04	3.43E+05	4.08E+04	2.32E+05	2.01E+05	6.2E+04	2.4E+04	4.97E+04	1.41E+05	7.92E+04	4.05E+05	2.27E+04	4.82E+04	1.32E+05	2.29E+05	2.15E+05	3.67E+05	2.44E+04	6.1E+04	3.78E+05	2.79E+04	2.09E+06	4.69E+05	3.8E+05	2.69E+05	1.67E+05	1.99E+05	2.53E+05
GW 9662	3.85E+07	9.92E+07	2.11E+07	4.23E+07	3.44E+07	3.07E+07	2.44E+07	5.43E+07	3.05E+08	9.51E+06	1.9E+07	6.86E+07	2.58E+08	3.64E+07	2.63E+07	1.12E+08	4.29E+07	1.25E+06	8.82E+07	3.76E+07	4.8E+07	3.28E+07	1.74E+07	2.42E+07	4.77E+07	7.5E+07	1.32E+07	8.24E+07	3.26E+07	1.49E+07	1.43E+07	2.64E+08	7.44E+06	2.13E+07	3.33E+08	2.48E+07	7.08E+07	1.77E+07	2.93E+07	2.51E+07	4.61E+07	3.91E+07	1.22E+07	8.36E+07	5.29E+07
HC Blue No. 2_1	6.44E+05	4.95E+05	4.77E+05	8E+05	8.7E+05	1.29E+06	1.28E+06	2.54E+05	1.68E+07	1.55E+06	1.11E+06	1.04E+07	1.2E+07	1.15E+06	1.16E+06	3.28E+05	1.33E+07	8.81E+05	1.47E+06	1.3E+06	1.01E+07	1.2E+07	4.13E+05	2.46E+05	1.2E+06	1.39E+07	1.29E+06	1.65E+06	5.91E+05	6.12E+05	1.38E+06	1.79E+06	3.72E+05	1E+06	9.45E+05	6.82E+05	1.13E+06	6.38E+05	5.16E+05	3.77E+05	7.34E+05	5.42E+05	1.15E+06	1.55E+06	1.07E+06
HC Blue No. 2_2	6.44E+05	4.95E+05	4.77E+05	8E+05	8.7E+05	1.29E+06	1.28E+06	2.54E+05	2.15E+06	1.55E+06	1.11E+06	1.98E+06	2.44E+06	1.15E+06	1.16E+06	3.28E+05	1.81E+06	8.81E+05	1.47E+06	1.3E+06	1.97E+06	2.08E+06	4.13E+05	2.46E+05	1.2E+06	3.28E+06	1.29E+06	1.65E+06	5.91E+05	6.12E+05	1.38E+06	1.67E+07	3.72E+05	1E+06	9.45E+05	6.82E+05	1.56E+07	6.38E+05	5.16E+05	3.77E+05	7.34E+05	5.42E+05	1.15E+06	1.55E+06	1.07E+06
HC Blue No.1	3.82E+04	3.94E+05	4.16E+05	2.17E+05	2.59E+05	3.54E+05	6.36E+05	1.48E+05	6.87E+06	5.51E+05	2.05E+05	4.92E+05	5.82E+05	3.65E+05	9.25E+06	6.43E+05	3.25E+05	2.87E+05	4.54E+05	3.41E+05	1.51E+06	3.15E+05	5.41E+04	1.68E+05	2.77E+04	3.7E+05	3.46E+06	1.7E+05	1.31E+05	2.07E+05	5.97E+05	8.09E+06	1.94E+05	4.77E+05	3.82E+05	4.9E+05	4.5E+05	4.24E+05	1.18E+05	8.8E+04	3.19E+04	5.05E+05	4.47E+05	1.44E+06	6.62E+05
HC-toxin_1	6.3E+06	5.76E+06	3.73E+06	8.41E+06	4.55E+06	9.44E+06	5.28E+06	6.03E+06	2.87E+06	6.35E+06	6.4E+06	8.48E+06	4.47E+06	7.56E+06	6.27E+06	5.72E+06	6.03E+06	5.63E+06	4.84E+06	4.41E+06	3.19E+06	4.71E+06	9.01E+06	5.21E+06	3.8E+06	8.76E+06	8.08E+06	8.95E+06	3.98E+06	8.5E+06	3.46E+06	3.53E+06	5.34E+06	3.29E+06	7E+06	9.23E+06	4.33E+06	4.95E+06	9.68E+06	7.24E+06	6.01E+06	5.46E+06	4.56E+06	1.58E+06	4.6E+06
HC-toxin_2	1.36E+06	1.03E+06	9.67E+06	3.09E+06	1.66E+07	4E+06	1.74E+07	4.01E+05	1.23E+07	7.5E+05	1.42E+06	2.56E+06	1.34E+07	1.47E+06	8.05E+05	4.82E+05	1.72E+06	1.03E+06	1.42E+07	3.81E+05	2.69E+07	1.35E+07	2.31E+06	1.96E+05	7.09E+05	2.09E+06	2.31E+06	2.94E+06	1.04E+06	2.25E+06	1.13E+07	9.3E+06	3.64E+05	3.29E+07	2.29E+06	3.2E+06	1.29E+07	2.06E+07	2.82E+06	6.86E+05	5.88E+05	1.13E+06	1.14E+07	6.01E+06	3.15E+07
Hellicoside	0	0	0	0	6.78E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.34E+03	0	0	719	0	0	0	1.61E+03	0	0	0	7.28E+03	888	0	1.55E+07	1.5E+05	0	4.19E+03	0	1.62E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0
Hesperetin	1.84E+05	1.4E+05	1.71E+05	1.61E+05	2.72E+05	8.96E+04	1.47E+05	1.55E+05	2.02E+05	1.53E+05	1.84E+05	1.11E+05	1.26E+05	1.78E+05	1.69E+05	1.97E+05	1.71E+05	1.74E+05	2.12E+05	1.79E+05	1.31E+05	1.58E+05	1.92E+05	1.66E+05	2E+05	1.8E+05	3.28E+06	1.37E+05	1.87E+05	1.56E+05	1.2E+05	3.6E+05	1.8E+05	1.25E+05	2.1E+05	2.89E+05	1.53E+05	1.84E+05	1.9E+05	1.9E+05	1.69E+05	1.78E+05	1.76E+05	1.48E+05	1.52E+05
Hesperetin 7-O-glucoside	1.18E+04	1.64E+03	3.49E+04	1.22E+04	0	6.34E+03	1.43E+03	1.75E+04	2.94E+03	1.55E+03	2.81E+04	1.98E+03	2.37E+03	941	542	873	6.09E+03	514	1.3E+04	3.22E+03	1.56E+03	3.66E+03	0	1.08E+03	1.22E+04	3.31E+03	2.07E+03	7.57E+03	1.45E+03	9.12E+05	1.75E+03	2.01E+04	925	3.36E+06	1.08E+04	6.57E+03	3.12E+03	0	1.48E+03	971	769	2.34E+03	1.7E+03	1.04E+03	1.9E+03
Heterocladol	1.65E+05	1E+06	3.82E+06	6.77E+06	1.04E+07	1.12E+07	5.84E+05	8.9E+06	1.98E+06	2.72E+06	6.86E+06	2.93E+07	9.14E+06	5.25E+05	1.21E+06	9.44E+06	1.55E+07	8.58E+04	1.59E+07	6.37E+05	4.83E+06	1.39E+06	7.75E+05	5.95E+06	1.34E+06	1.06E+07	4.79E+06	1.75E+07	2.67E+05	6.6E+06	4.93E+06	1.13E+07	4.44E+06	2.06E+06	4.46E+07	6.64E+06	6.69E+06	4.94E+06	7.94E+05	3.58E+06	7.55E+06	1.39E+06	1.66E+07	1.35E+06	1.39E+06
Hexaflumuron	7.69E+05	1.46E+05	6.78E+05	1.1E+03	1.85E+03	1.63E+06	0	1.7E+04	4.96E+05	2.06E+04	5.2E+05	9.53E+03	3.07E+04	899	0	0	4.79E+06	2.06E+03	3.91E+04	6.91E+03	4.54E+06	3.84E+04	0	3.02E+04	2.75E+05	1.13E+04	1.74E+05	0	1.36E+06	1.57E+05	5.52E+06	7.35E+04	0	1.36E+06	6.68E+03	1.5E+05	1.57E+04	1.2E+03	0	1.02E+05	8E+05	8.49E+05	2.26E+04	4.75E+06	0
Hinokitiol glucoside	1.31E+05	3.92E+05	2.45E+06	9.68E+05	4.27E+06	4.13E+06	8.03E+04	7.74E+04	1.44E+06	6.92E+06	2.02E+05	3.18E+07	3.53E+06	2.35E+05	2.71E+05	1.36E+06	3.99E+06	1.13E+07	1.07E+06	1.28E+06	1.35E+07	8.74E+06	6.09E+05	9.46E+05	2.12E+05	1.16E+06	7E+06	2.08E+06	1.46E+05	1.67E+07	4.34E+06	3.19E+07	7.2E+05	1.92E+06	6.34E+07	1.74E+07	6.89E+06	1.56E+07	2.11E+05	5.8E+04	1.78E+05	1.15E+06	5.33E+06	1.47E+07	1.4E+06
Histidine	2.41E+07	3.97E+07	2.73E+07	6.69E+07	1.22E+08	5.64E+07	1.45E+08	6.82E+07	2.25E+08	1.03E+08	4.51E+07	2.6E+08	1.98E+08	1.15E+08	1.02E+08	3.92E+07	8.21E+07	7.22E+07	2.42E+08	7.65E+07	8.82E+07	1.27E+08	8.18E+07	2.51E+07	3.78E+07	2.22E+08	5.52E+07	1.88E+08	2.99E+07	2.56E+07	1.09E+08	1.21E+08	2.15E+07	3.86E+07	8.63E+07	5.11E+07	3.66E+07	9.16E+07	6.1E+07	5.77E+07	5.25E+07	7.35E+07	6.8E+07	6.81E+07	2.68E+08
Hordatine A	6.51E+05	1.48E+06	2.09E+05	1.35E+06	1.54E+06	1.27E+06	1.95E+06	1.41E+05	2.02E+06	1.5E+06	1.76E+06	2.41E+06	2.22E+06	1.41E+06	1.02E+06	8.86E+04	1.14E+06	6.82E+04	1.88E+06	2.1E+06	1.52E+06	1.54E+06	4.8E+05	9.28E+04	1.08E+06	2.01E+06	1.05E+06	1.83E+06	1.18E+05	1.58E+06	1.08E+06	1.36E+06	1.09E+04	1.21E+06	7.74E+05	4.81E+04	1.22E+06	1.03E+06	4.85E+04	9.81E+04	8.22E+04	1.08E+06	1.22E+06	1.62E+06	2.17E+06
Hymenoxon	6.87E+04	8.23E+04	1.92E+05	3.93E+03	8.35E+04	3.35E+04	2.52E+05	7.98E+04	4.91E+05	2.35E+05	9.35E+04	2.59E+04	7.21E+04	2.01E+04	1.25E+06	1.93E+05	3.98E+04	6.08E+04	1.96E+05	2.25E+04	7.4E+04	8.67E+04	2.14E+03	1.83E+05	1.09E+05	3.46E+05	2.84E+04	2.05E+04	1.49E+04	3.7E+04	5.81E+04	7.71E+06	5.64E+04	2.74E+05	2.72E+04	3.21E+05	8.23E+04	9.17E+05	8.45E+04	4.98E+03	5.67E+03	5.68E+04	4.58E+04	3.76E+05	1.26E+05
Hymexazol O-glucoside	1.3E+06	3.17E+06	3.89E+05	2.49E+06	1.27E+07	5.07E+06	7.23E+06	1.97E+06	1.56E+07	9.56E+06	5.87E+06	9.63E+06	7.97E+06	4.2E+06	3.5E+06	8.15E+05	1.08E+07	4.44E+06	8.1E+06	5.97E+06	1.22E+07	8.1E+06	1.1E+06	5.01E+05	6.78E+06	1.64E+07	4.92E+06	1.22E+07	1.11E+06	5.15E+06	2E+06	1.17E+07	6.52E+05	5.26E+06	1.24E+07	5.82E+05	6.8E+06	4.26E+06	1.96E+06	1.56E+06	3.9E+06	4.96E+06	4.13E+06	4.01E+06	5.38E+06
Hyoscyamine methylbromide	1.56E+07	2.82E+06	1.79E+06	3.97E+06	4.38E+06	6.47E+06	1.29E+07	2.65E+06	2.67E+07	7.85E+06	6.93E+06	1.01E+07	1.38E+07	6.09E+06	4.06E+06	4.2E+06	4.09E+07	3.92E+06	8.7E+06	6.38E+06	2.06E+07	2.85E+07	2.68E+06	8.34E+06	5.83E+06	1.59E+07	6.23E+06	1.49E+07	2.34E+06	6.71E+06	2.43E+07	3.9E+07	2.6E+06	5.52E+06	2.62E+07	2.82E+06	2.54E+07	7.38E+06	2.81E+06	2.31E+06	3.45E+06	6.09E+06	6.9E+06	1.49E+07	9.29E+06
Hypoglycin B	4.82E+06	1.99E+06	1.55E+06	2.74E+06	4.47E+06	3.36E+06	6.86E+06	6.94E+05	8.24E+06	2.82E+06	3.09E+06	1.05E+07	5.49E+06	7.24E+06	1.47E+06	1.61E+06	1.78E+07	9.61E+05	2.8E+06	8.36E+06	5.74E+06	9.51E+06	1.07E+06	1.4E+06	1.44E+06	1.34E+07	1.42E+06	1.85E+07	1.08E+06	2.88E+06	3.79E+06	2.27E+06	1.12E+06	3.27E+06	6.65E+06	2.58E+06	1.18E+07	1.64E+06	1.15E+06	9.11E+05	2.82E+06	2.74E+06	3.96E+06	1.2E+07	3.4E+06
Hypoxylone	1.41E+06	1.12E+06	9.12E+05	1.96E+06	1.64E+06	2.68E+06	2.7E+06	1.19E+06	3.81E+06	2.87E+06	2.78E+06	4.02E+06	4.63E+06	2.96E+06	2.11E+06	1.1E+06	2.51E+06	1.78E+06	3.09E+06	2.74E+06	3.09E+06	3.1E+06	1.32E+06	8.81E+05	2.39E+06	5.61E+06	2.41E+06	3.28E+06	1.12E+06	1.74E+06	3.05E+06	2.79E+06	1.07E+06	2.38E+06	3.34E+06	1.14E+06	3.98E+06	1.82E+06	1.24E+06	1.03E+06	1.69E+06	2.32E+06	2.09E+06	2.34E+06	3.02E+06
Indolelactate	3.46E+07	2.66E+07	1.09E+07	1.65E+07	1.37E+07	1.57E+08	1.61E+07	1.19E+07	2.46E+07	5.9E+07	9.22E+07	1.57E+08	2.73E+07	1.06E+07	1.67E+07	1.76E+07	1.38E+08	3.57E+07	7.35E+07	1.37E+08	1.85E+08	6.02E+07	4.83E+06	4.68E+07	5.4E+07	6.56E+07	1.45E+08	1.13E+08	1.21E+07	2.19E+07	2.78E+07	2.12E+07	3.47E+07	5.73E+07	5.64E+07	1.37E+07	1.78E+08	1.27E+07	5.86E+06	3.74E+06	2.19E+07	8.84E+07	1.16E+08	1.12E+08	1.1E+07
Indolepyruvate	2.41E+04	2.24E+03	1.65E+07	5.67E+06	8.8E+06	1.83E+06	3.8E+07	5.67E+06	3.36E+07	2.57E+06	1.89E+05	2.46E+07	7.62E+06	7.4E+06	1.47E+06	5.02E+04	2.07E+07	6.21E+06	1.15E+07	1.43E+07	5.23E+07	1.83E+07	1.08E+06	2.01E+05	3.39E+06	3.76E+07	3.4E+07	8.64E+06	3.17E+04	1.6E+07	1.52E+06	7.64E+07	4.06E+03	1.24E+06	6.24E+06	6.07E+06	1.82E+07	1.14E+07	2.84E+06	1.93E+07	9.16E+06	1.04E+06	1.09E+08	6.16E+07	1.11E+05
Inosine	1.22E+06	1.73E+06	5.55E+05	1.76E+06	3.92E+05	1.57E+06	1.32E+06	2.1E+05	1.68E+07	1.31E+06	1.6E+06	2.75E+06	2.72E+07	1.16E+06	1.71E+06	4.96E+05	6.24E+05	1.71E+06	2.05E+06	1.32E+07	7.82E+05	9.58E+05	3.67E+05	3.38E+05	1.53E+07	2.9E+07	6.27E+05	1.2E+06	5.63E+05	8.73E+05	2.23E+06	2.26E+07	5.97E+05	1.31E+06	2.28E+07	6.65E+05	1.58E+06	1.4E+06	3.18E+05	3.64E+05	1.72E+07	1.13E+07	5.13E+05	6.55E+05	1.37E+06
ISOCITRIC ACID	1.88E+08	2.33E+08	2.11E+08	2.45E+08	3.64E+08	4.99E+08	3.9E+08	2.5E+08	7.51E+08	4.39E+08	3.17E+08	7.71E+08	6.43E+08	3.12E+08	3.46E+08	2.77E+08	7.2E+08	3.1E+08	5.29E+08	2.99E+08	6.09E+08	5.09E+08	2.09E+08	2.21E+08	3.88E+08	7.55E+08	5.7E+08	7.05E+08	2.31E+08	3.74E+08	6.39E+08	7.5E+08	2.42E+08	6.04E+08	8.2E+08	3.36E+08	2.95E+09	4.68E+08	2.51E+08	1.87E+08	3.9E+08	3.63E+08	6.11E+08	5.09E+08	4.29E+08
Isofenphos	1.07E+06	7.65E+05	6.41E+05	1.22E+06	1.03E+06	2.69E+06	1.91E+06	8.8E+05	3.43E+06	2.66E+06	2.22E+06	3.78E+06	4.34E+06	2.14E+06	1.76E+06	1.18E+06	3.96E+06	1.41E+06	2.37E+06	2.06E+06	3.41E+06	3E+06	9.67E+05	7.3E+05	2.15E+06	5.27E+06	2.03E+06	3.88E+06	1.02E+06	1.75E+06	3.64E+06	3.21E+06	1.04E+06	2.55E+06	3.98E+06	1.2E+06	4.18E+06	1.35E+06	1.11E+06	7.96E+05	1.49E+06	1.97E+06	1.73E+06	1.72E+06	1.88E+06
Isopentenyladenosine-5'-diphosphate	1.09E+06	1.19E+06	5.55E+05	1.03E+06	1.49E+06	3.11E+06	4.02E+06	5.08E+05	4.25E+06	5.09E+06	1.25E+06	5.67E+06	6.14E+06	1.78E+06	1.93E+06	7.65E+05	5.36E+06	9.9E+05	4.39E+06	1.45E+06	5.32E+06	4.86E+06	6.43E+05	5.21E+05	1.6E+06	7.56E+06	1.64E+06	7.71E+06	1.11E+06	8.9E+05	4.62E+06	4.08E+06	6.87E+05	3.74E+06	4.39E+06	1.13E+06	5.57E+06	1.1E+06	7.26E+05	4.96E+05	1.4E+06	1.51E+06	1.76E+06	3.38E+06	4.38E+06
Isoscoparine_1	7.01E+04	9.28E+05	6.56E+05	5.73E+03	3.89E+06	2.52E+05	5.94E+04	5.62E+06	1.69E+05	1.59E+04	7.55E+05	6.58E+04	2.37E+06	1.11E+06	7.85E+04	5.71E+05	3.73E+03	6.66E+04	8.81E+05	835	1.2E+05	6.74E+04	0	742	1.41E+06	2.96E+04	9.86E+06	8.83E+03	1.54E+03	9.73E+04	1.21E+05	1.95E+04	4.22E+03	1.79E+05	2.65E+05	3.67E+05	7.38E+05	2.94E+04	2.23E+04	0	0	8.01E+05	1E+05	2.85E+05	6.26E+05
Isoscoparine_2	7.01E+04	9.28E+05	6.56E+05	5.73E+03	3.89E+06	2.52E+05	5.94E+04	7.99E+06	1.69E+05	7.42E+03	7.55E+05	4.75E+04	2.27E+06	1.11E+06	7.85E+04	5.71E+05	3.73E+03	6.66E+04	8.81E+05	835	1.2E+05	6.74E+04	0	742	1.41E+06	2.96E+04	9.86E+06	8.25E+03	1.54E+03	9.73E+04	1.21E+05	1.95E+04	3.71E+03	1.79E+05	2.65E+05	3.67E+05	7.38E+05	2.94E+04	2.23E+04	0	0	8.01E+05	1E+05	2.85E+05	6.26E+05
Isosorbide mononitrate	5.01E+06	6.78E+06	5.27E+06	7.33E+06	6.79E+06	1.61E+07	1.36E+07	5.98E+06	1.32E+07	1.15E+07	9.82E+06	1.2E+07	1.23E+07	9.66E+06	1.03E+07	6.21E+06	1.1E+07	8.45E+06	1.1E+07	9.19E+06	9.96E+06	9.52E+06	6.39E+06	5.22E+06	9.41E+06	1.53E+07	8.61E+06	1.33E+07	5.99E+06	8.94E+06	1.18E+07	1.31E+07	4.16E+06	9.55E+06	1.58E+07	6.27E+06	1.47E+07	7.19E+06	6.42E+06	4.96E+06	8.4E+06	7.65E+06	6.34E+06	8.93E+06	1.26E+07
Isotan B_1	1.12E+07	9.81E+06	8.78E+06	5.62E+06	1.3E+07	2.71E+07	1.06E+06	4.5E+06	3.23E+07	2.09E+07	8.33E+06	1.24E+07	1.95E+07	8.66E+06	3.91E+06	1.28E+06	2.39E+07	4.27E+06	1.43E+07	1.29E+07	3.16E+07	1.76E+07	1.23E+06	1E+06	1.4E+07	2.1E+07	1.61E+07	1.62E+07	6.52E+06	1.55E+07	2.4E+07	2.24E+07	1.02E+06	4.01E+07	1.08E+07	1.78E+07	3.81E+07	1.37E+06	1.13E+06	7.01E+05	6.8E+06	1.39E+07	1.23E+07	2.75E+07	2.01E+07
Isotan B_2	2.39E+06	1.25E+06	1.21E+06	1.61E+06	2.99E+06	3.46E+06	5.44E+05	1.04E+06	5.58E+06	6.43E+06	2.72E+06	1.67E+06	5.07E+06	2.83E+06	1.11E+06	5.19E+05	5.31E+06	1.25E+06	2.07E+06	2.77E+06	6.78E+06	2.42E+06	1.03E+06	5.81E+05	1.86E+06	5.72E+06	2.33E+06	1.73E+06	1.27E+06	1.6E+06	4.35E+06	3.81E+06	5.49E+05	4.93E+06	1.25E+06	1.5E+06	1.17E+07	6.95E+05	6.26E+05	5.55E+05	1.74E+06	3.92E+06	1.71E+06	7.53E+06	9.84E+05
Kaempferol 3-sophorotrioside	2.45E+05	2.94E+05	5.38E+04	5.07E+05	1.14E+05	1.1E+06	1.05E+06	4.29E+05	1.49E+06	1.5E+06	1.53E+06	1.58E+06	2.13E+06	5.63E+05	4.74E+05	3.18E+05	1.14E+06	7.18E+05	1.04E+06	1.02E+06	9E+05	7.9E+05	2.04E+05	7.73E+04	1.09E+06	2.76E+06	1.02E+06	2.84E+06	3.05E+05	9.39E+05	1.24E+06	6.96E+05	4.09E+05	9.87E+05	1.51E+06	4.84E+05	1.46E+06	6.98E+05	3.22E+05	3.14E+05	4.8E+05	6.11E+05	4.56E+05	1.01E+06	1.47E+06
Kanamycin B	2.58E+06	2.38E+06	2.34E+05	8.27E+05	1.37E+06	2.06E+06	3.25E+06	5.41E+05	7.85E+06	1.58E+06	5.33E+06	1.2E+07	7.67E+06	4.32E+06	4.04E+06	3.71E+05	5.36E+06	1.97E+06	3.81E+06	2.93E+06	3.5E+06	4.16E+06	1.12E+06	4.19E+05	4.19E+06	1.67E+07	1.85E+06	4.99E+06	1.41E+06	1.91E+05	1.14E+06	8.27E+06	5.11E+05	1.41E+06	1.03E+07	6.37E+05	8.28E+06	1.55E+06	2.23E+05	4.4E+05	1.6E+06	3.6E+06	2.02E+06	2.12E+06	4.66E+06
Kolaflavanone	2.13E+03	2.1E+03	0	1.86E+03	0	2.06E+04	0	1.16E+05	0	3.08E+03	0	0	8.31E+03	0	0	2.22E+03	6.08E+03	0	7.68E+03	0	0	4.69E+03	0	0	2.42E+03	1.56E+03	2.33E+04	0	0	0	2.91E+03	9.66E+03	1.91E+04	7.75E+06	7.6E+03	0	2.94E+04	0	3.5E+04	4.79E+04	0	1.27E+03	0	3.39E+03	0
L-2,3-Dihydrodipicolinate	2.42E+07	3.7E+07	9.17E+07	3.18E+07	4.15E+07	1.38E+08	2.95E+07	2.52E+07	1.11E+08	4.29E+07	3.13E+07	8.89E+07	4.44E+07	2.84E+06	2.34E+07	3.04E+07	5.31E+07	2.33E+07	6.78E+07	2.46E+07	1.12E+08	1.18E+08	2.3E+07	2.82E+07	1.97E+07	3.16E+08	3.59E+07	4.26E+07	2.48E+07	4.25E+07	6.97E+07	1.7E+08	2.17E+07	4.48E+07	5.71E+07	5.35E+07	3.78E+07	4.55E+07	1.86E+07	3.91E+07	1.9E+07	2.84E+07	4.15E+07	4.86E+07	3.21E+07
L-Adrenaline	1.35E+07	6E+07	2.49E+06	3.21E+06	2.38E+07	9.44E+06	7.63E+06	2.2E+07	7.93E+06	1E+07	9.96E+06	1.49E+08	9.16E+06	6.08E+06	2.31E+07	8.24E+07	4.2E+08	5.63E+06	2.1E+08	1.13E+07	3.53E+07	1.05E+07	1.89E+06	4.07E+07	3.91E+06	1.28E+07	9.88E+06	1.92E+08	1.43E+07	4.4E+06	5.68E+06	1.42E+07	2.03E+07	1.15E+07	4.44E+07	4.96E+07	1.78E+07	9.07E+06	2.14E+06	2.28E+06	2.51E+07	4.15E+06	3.2E+07	1.09E+07	3.55E+06
Lamioside	1.61E+04	4.33E+04	1.02E+05	8.49E+04	1.74E+05	2.07E+05	8.15E+05	2.27E+04	1.49E+05	2.18E+05	4.84E+05	1.92E+05	4.16E+05	6.54E+04	5.33E+04	2.15E+04	1.35E+05	9.42E+04	3.44E+05	6.62E+04	6.35E+04	2.66E+05	4.97E+03	3.08E+04	6.41E+05	3.43E+05	1.01E+06	3.63E+05	3.1E+05	1.56E+05	4.7E+05	3.09E+05	5.35E+04	2.49E+05	3.76E+05	2.91E+05	7.51E+06	4.18E+05	2.57E+05	2E+04	8.37E+04	2.8E+05	4.04E+05	2.98E+04	4.07E+05
L-Ascorbic acid-2-glucoside	1.35E+06	1.01E+06	7.36E+05	1.42E+06	1.35E+06	2.79E+06	1.32E+07	7.6E+05	2.16E+06	3.26E+06	2.81E+06	4.06E+06	4.27E+06	2.38E+06	1.42E+06	8.5E+05	1.56E+06	1.24E+06	1.46E+07	2.31E+06	1.28E+06	2.54E+06	8.01E+05	6.07E+05	1.36E+07	1.62E+07	1.22E+07	5.03E+06	8.18E+05	1.66E+06	5.74E+05	9.2E+06	9.11E+05	1.86E+06	1.16E+07	5.4E+05	2.19E+07	1.16E+06	8.02E+05	6.07E+05	9.64E+05	9.61E+05	1.8E+07	1.93E+06	1.04E+07
Laserpitin	7.29E+04	1.52E+05	4.57E+04	1.22E+05	1.58E+05	3.26E+05	2.93E+04	401	5.12E+06	2.97E+05	3.75E+05	9.11E+04	3.02E+04	4.99E+04	5.49E+05	1.65E+04	7.68E+05	754	5.51E+05	7.02E+03	2.79E+05	1.25E+06	0	0	4.1E+05	8.33E+04	1.28E+05	1.73E+06	2.52E+05	329	7.67E+05	3.97E+06	9.94E+03	3.8E+05	1.97E+06	1.71E+03	3.81E+05	1.07E+05	0	0	2.28E+05	3.1E+05	3.89E+05	2.47E+05	1.9E+05
L-Cladinose	6.36E+06	1.13E+07	1.08E+07	9.9E+06	1.88E+07	1.27E+07	2.05E+07	5.45E+06	4.21E+07	1.18E+07	1.61E+07	2.22E+07	2.42E+07	7.67E+06	6.74E+06	6.01E+06	1.43E+07	6.15E+06	2.15E+07	7.3E+06	2.88E+07	1.66E+07	2.24E+06	1.48E+06	1.2E+07	4.66E+07	1.73E+07	1.88E+07	7.1E+06	9.13E+06	1.16E+07	3.14E+07	1.34E+06	1.65E+07	2.48E+07	1.59E+06	2.61E+07	1.78E+07	9.79E+06	5.17E+06	6.72E+06	1.16E+07	1.22E+07	1.5E+07	1.99E+07
Lecanoric acid	1.62E+06	3.45E+05	1.28E+06	2.17E+06	5.32E+05	2.33E+06	2.56E+06	3.26E+05	1.39E+06	2.71E+06	1.85E+06	5.23E+05	2.19E+06	1.61E+06	1.28E+06	2.94E+05	7.59E+05	1.88E+06	6.34E+05	2.31E+06	1.51E+06	2.09E+06	1.57E+06	2.67E+05	1.88E+05	3.86E+06	1.58E+06	1.15E+06	1.33E+06	4.69E+05	9.01E+06	1.73E+06	6.9E+05	5.5E+05	5.3E+05	6.21E+05	1.72E+06	1.76E+06	7.06E+05	1.13E+06	1.59E+06	2.32E+06	4.64E+05	2.1E+06	2.44E+06
Leflunomide	6.63E+05	6.38E+05	8.11E+05	3.95E+06	2.49E+06	7.03E+05	7.5E+05	1.55E+06	6.37E+06	3.95E+06	8.06E+05	5.89E+06	4.78E+06	2.77E+06	2.82E+06	1.76E+06	3.44E+06	3.72E+05	1.35E+06	4.98E+05	7.46E+06	4.73E+06	1.58E+06	3.1E+06	1.02E+06	4.56E+06	1.61E+06	2.08E+06	1.37E+06	9.86E+04	3.91E+06	5.14E+06	5.3E+05	2.65E+06	2.48E+06	5.72E+05	1.48E+06	2.29E+06	1.27E+06	5.14E+05	1.17E+06	1.42E+06	3.14E+06	3.79E+06	2.17E+06
Leonuridine_1	3.3E+05	1.05E+06	6.41E+05	7.99E+05	9E+05	2.27E+06	1.79E+06	1.13E+06	8.42E+06	9.39E+05	1.12E+06	8.78E+05	1.18E+07	2.03E+06	3.62E+06	7.45E+05	1.95E+06	1.04E+06	3.68E+05	5.79E+05	1.92E+06	2.75E+06	4.62E+05	3.55E+05	5.01E+05	2.22E+06	3.98E+06	1.39E+06	4.79E+05	1.3E+06	1.41E+07	1.47E+06	7.35E+05	1.12E+07	8.65E+06	1.43E+06	1.34E+07	1.83E+06	9.38E+05	1.27E+06	1.45E+06	8.15E+05	1.31E+06	7.75E+05	7.15E+06
Leonuridine_2	3.3E+05	1.05E+06	6.41E+05	7.99E+05	9E+05	2.27E+06	1.94E+06	1.13E+06	2.13E+06	9.39E+05	1.12E+06	8.78E+05	3.03E+06	2.03E+06	2.1E+06	7.45E+05	1.95E+06	1.04E+06	3.68E+05	5.79E+05	1.92E+06	2.75E+06	4.62E+05	4.27E+05	5.01E+05	2.22E+06	3.98E+06	1.63E+07	4.79E+05	1.3E+06	4.06E+06	1.47E+06	7.35E+05	3.57E+06	1.58E+06	1.43E+06	4.34E+06	1.56E+06	7.01E+05	1.27E+06	1.45E+06	8.15E+05	1.31E+06	7.75E+05	3.6E+06
Leucomethylene blue	4.13E+05	5.93E+05	1.26E+05	4.42E+05	7.7E+05	1.06E+06	7.04E+05	3.96E+05	1.86E+06	7.2E+05	1.27E+07	1.13E+06	1.14E+06	6.03E+05	4.85E+05	1.8E+05	1.16E+06	2.51E+05	9.05E+05	5.98E+05	1.65E+06	1.64E+06	3.19E+05	1.05E+05	7.69E+05	2.34E+06	1.19E+06	1.54E+07	5.06E+04	6.16E+05	1.88E+06	1.36E+06	1.97E+05	1.42E+06	1.27E+06	4.4E+05	2.54E+06	7.75E+05	5.45E+05	1.28E+05	4.59E+05	1.07E+06	1.39E+06	8.7E+05	9.83E+05
L-Formylkynurenine	1.89E+04	9.11E+04	4.62E+04	3.42E+04	8.45E+05	8.85E+04	2.85E+04	1.89E+05	2.78E+04	2.71E+03	5.37E+04	1.5E+05	4.6E+03	2.27E+07	928	8.32E+03	9.25E+06	615	3.28E+04	6.61E+05	1.81E+05	1.57E+03	1.09E+03	9.85E+04	1.26E+04	6.38E+03	1.79E+04	3.88E+05	4.9E+03	3.11E+03	4.08E+04	4.4E+04	5.05E+03	1.59E+05	1.03E+05	3.51E+04	4.3E+04	2.69E+04	4.35E+05	2.3E+04	2.61E+04	3.96E+04	1.92E+04	7.97E+03	3.95E+03
Linezolid_1	2.53E+04	1.12E+05	7.89E+04	1.21E+05	1.58E+06	5.18E+05	6.34E+05	7.81E+04	9.75E+05	2.51E+05	2.27E+05	3.83E+05	7.65E+05	4.98E+05	2.33E+05	6.89E+03	1.21E+05	1.69E+05	3.77E+05	1.62E+05	1.91E+05	1.72E+05	3E+05	1.36E+04	2.09E+05	4.58E+05	3.93E+06	6.88E+05	4.34E+04	3.96E+05	6.97E+05	1.44E+06	2.22E+04	6.26E+05	1.55E+06	1.79E+05	1.75E+06	1.85E+05	1.78E+05	5.97E+04	9.98E+04	7.06E+04	1.28E+05	4.78E+05	8.34E+05
Linezolid_2	2.53E+04	1.12E+05	7.89E+04	1.2E+05	1.59E+06	5.18E+05	6.33E+05	7.81E+04	9.75E+05	2.51E+05	2.27E+05	3.83E+05	7.65E+05	4.98E+05	2.33E+05	7.24E+03	1.21E+05	1.68E+05	3.77E+05	1.62E+05	2.71E+05	1.72E+05	3E+05	3.03E+04	2.09E+05	4.58E+05	5.82E+06	6.87E+05	4.34E+04	3.95E+05	6.97E+05	1.44E+06	2.22E+04	6.26E+05	1.57E+06	1.79E+05	1.75E+06	1.85E+05	1.78E+05	5.97E+04	9.98E+04	7.06E+04	1.74E+05	4.78E+05	8.34E+05
Lipoamide	5.05E+03	1.37E+04	5.39E+05	5.28E+05	3.56E+04	3.76E+05	1.03E+06	8.57E+04	2.14E+04	5.06E+05	2.23E+05	2.95E+05	1.79E+07	8.09E+05	1.18E+05	2.46E+04	7.66E+04	5.33E+05	1.16E+07	1.06E+06	1.59E+05	1.38E+07	5.63E+06	6.64E+04	9.33E+05	1.68E+07	2.3E+06	1.5E+07	2.64E+04	2.55E+04	1.8E+07	1.84E+07	7.87E+04	2.07E+05	1.17E+05	1.02E+06	2.87E+05	3.74E+05	6.23E+05	3.41E+04	1.74E+06	9.48E+06	4.62E+05	1.7E+05	5.36E+05
Lithospermoside	4.53E+05	2.81E+05	1.65E+05	4.3E+05	3.39E+05	2.72E+06	3.29E+05	2.28E+05	8.32E+05	9.28E+05	8.62E+05	1.13E+06	1.25E+06	5.17E+05	3.61E+05	8.72E+04	9.94E+05	2.43E+05	7.64E+05	5E+05	8.7E+05	1.06E+06	1.77E+05	2.88E+05	7.21E+05	1.71E+06	5.98E+05	1.53E+06	8.06E+05	5.28E+05	1.03E+06	8.93E+05	2.48E+05	2.18E+06	1.07E+06	2.34E+05	9.34E+05	3.59E+05	1.77E+05	1.46E+05	4.94E+05	7.1E+05	5.54E+05	6.17E+05	5.14E+05
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_1	1.76E+04	3.51E+04	6.89E+05	1.89E+05	1.78E+05	1.5E+06	1.82E+05	4.78E+04	6.53E+05	1.85E+06	7.57E+04	5.7E+05	5.79E+05	2.14E+05	2.57E+05	2.74E+05	1.32E+06	6.97E+04	4.34E+05	2.89E+05	1.47E+06	1.1E+06	4.86E+04	1.85E+05	1.51E+04	7.15E+05	5.25E+05	2.8E+06	1.2E+05	4.6E+05	6.31E+06	3.61E+05	5.98E+05	6.94E+05	3.4E+05	8.02E+05	4.76E+05	1.66E+05	1.2E+05	1.16E+05	1.34E+05	1.22E+05	1.62E+05	1.33E+06	1.96E+05
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_2	1.36E+06	1.21E+06	1.01E+06	3.11E+05	1.32E+06	2.48E+05	1.25E+05	4.18E+05	3.37E+05	2.78E+05	1.4E+05	8.92E+04	2.64E+05	1.95E+05	2.62E+05	4.6E+05	1.95E+05	1.51E+05	4.95E+04	2.43E+04	2.32E+05	6.67E+05	1.62E+05	4.56E+05	4.53E+05	4.62E+04	5.42E+04	8.03E+04	6.24E+04	1.29E+05	7.28E+04	3.1E+05	2.84E+05	2.49E+05	2.09E+05	1.51E+05	5.87E+04	9.48E+04	2.03E+05	1.5E+05	8.57E+04	1.23E+05	2.7E+05	7.65E+06	1.15E+05
L-Mimosine	4.66E+06	4.94E+06	2.28E+06	6.16E+06	1.46E+07	2.04E+07	6.67E+06	3.58E+06	3.21E+07	2.5E+07	1.05E+07	3.87E+07	2.39E+07	1.7E+07	3.79E+06	3.24E+06	3.76E+06	1.19E+07	1.13E+07	1.6E+07	1.69E+07	2.4E+07	4.6E+06	2.21E+06	5.45E+06	5.02E+07	6.47E+06	3.63E+07	1.3E+06	3.25E+06	2.51E+07	2.24E+07	3.94E+06	1.84E+07	2.23E+07	4.13E+06	8.72E+06	6.28E+06	1.69E+06	3.02E+06	1.31E+07	1.05E+07	3.13E+06	7.72E+06	2.39E+07
Loganin	6.33E+05	1.42E+06	8.82E+05	1.4E+06	3.97E+06	2.53E+06	6.41E+06	9.55E+05	2.7E+06	2.43E+06	2.3E+06	9.14E+06	1.08E+07	3.03E+06	8.82E+05	5.16E+05	2.9E+06	1.09E+06	7.85E+06	1.59E+06	7.13E+06	6.46E+06	1.45E+06	3.72E+05	1.62E+06	1.05E+07	4.94E+06	1.23E+07	7.05E+05	2.01E+06	5.56E+06	3.7E+06	7.75E+05	8.38E+06	6.89E+06	1.45E+06	1.29E+07	3.41E+06	3.56E+06	6.06E+05	1.54E+06	1.16E+06	1.17E+06	2.32E+06	2.12E+06
Lophophorine	6.47E+05	4.8E+05	6.03E+05	2.87E+05	2.51E+05	8.42E+05	3.9E+05	1.62E+05	3.1E+06	4.65E+05	1.44E+06	7.75E+05	7.67E+05	3.72E+05	4.41E+05	1.17E+05	1.4E+06	3.02E+05	1.05E+06	1.21E+06	2.34E+06	7.86E+05	1.63E+05	4.12E+04	5.96E+05	7.89E+05	7.64E+05	1.03E+06	4.96E+05	3.95E+05	2.19E+06	1.15E+06	5.85E+04	1.44E+06	2.76E+05	6.14E+05	1.1E+06	4.63E+05	1.52E+05	2.68E+05	5.18E+05	1.37E+06	5.15E+05	1.4E+06	5.45E+05
Loxapine	4.09E+04	8.2E+04	2.64E+05	2.29E+04	2.45E+05	1.09E+05	4.16E+04	1.65E+03	1.03E+06	1.26E+05	1.39E+05	2.85E+05	2.74E+05	7.59E+04	2.75E+04	3.2E+04	1.39E+05	6.02E+03	6.94E+04	3.28E+04	2.23E+07	2.28E+05	5.45E+04	1.5E+04	6.74E+04	3.65E+05	8.52E+04	1.63E+05	3.75E+04	6.33E+04	2.56E+05	5.4E+05	9E+03	3.5E+06	2.28E+05	1.22E+05	6.4E+04	1.73E+05	2.78E+05	1.08E+03	1.87E+04	1.51E+05	3.01E+04	5.36E+05	5.73E+04
L-Tyrosine methyl ester	1.53E+07	1.47E+07	1.51E+07	2.01E+07	1.94E+07	1.54E+07	1.84E+07	1.52E+07	2.18E+07	2.15E+07	1.51E+07	1.93E+07	1.48E+07	1.93E+07	1.85E+07	1.85E+07	1.54E+07	1.89E+07	1.49E+07	1.48E+07	1.5E+07	1.85E+07	1.48E+07	1.93E+07	1.48E+07	1.51E+07	1.47E+07	2.1E+07	1.46E+07	1.46E+07	1.46E+07	1.44E+07	1.81E+07	1.43E+07	2E+07	2.27E+07	1.45E+07	1.96E+07	1.83E+07	1.46E+07	1.41E+07	1.44E+07	1.42E+07	1.46E+07	1.46E+07
L-Tyrosine methyl ester 4-sulfate	2.57E+06	3.37E+06	1.5E+06	2.56E+06	1.96E+06	1.44E+07	7.35E+06	1.54E+06	3.94E+07	3.16E+07	1.09E+07	1.58E+07	1.55E+06	1.41E+07	2.14E+06	1.94E+06	1.17E+06	2.22E+06	7.01E+06	4.03E+06	1.25E+07	1.76E+07	1.75E+06	1.94E+06	1.28E+07	9.58E+06	5.26E+06	5.21E+06	6.42E+06	6.72E+06	4.89E+06	6.91E+06	2.44E+06	5.91E+06	4.14E+06	1.35E+07	9.89E+06	3.06E+07	2.02E+06	3.41E+06	1.23E+07	2.57E+07	2E+06	3.79E+06	3.8E+07
Lusitanicoside	3.02E+05	5.17E+05	2.06E+05	4.52E+05	1.21E+06	8.71E+05	7.18E+05	3.68E+05	1.71E+06	1.54E+06	9.47E+05	1.39E+06	2.03E+06	7.59E+05	3.97E+05	1.38E+05	1.19E+06	3.35E+05	1.47E+06	8.09E+05	6.87E+05	1.02E+06	3.11E+05	3.94E+04	1.04E+06	8.3E+06	1.01E+06	7.13E+06	9.7E+04	3.43E+05	1.42E+06	1.69E+06	1.95E+05	3.47E+05	6.82E+06	2.78E+05	7.99E+06	4.27E+05	2.29E+05	1.63E+05	7.58E+05	6.99E+05	3.3E+05	1.18E+06	1.28E+06
Lysine	2E+04	7.16E+04	3.38E+04	7.98E+04	2.35E+05	2.79E+04	4.3E+05	3.67E+04	2.04E+06	1.66E+05	3.84E+04	5.04E+05	3.85E+05	1.46E+05	1.2E+05	3.81E+04	1.45E+05	8.55E+04	3.57E+05	9.98E+04	2.28E+05	7.46E+05	1.09E+05	1.79E+04	1.36E+04	5.5E+05	7.39E+04	7.25E+05	5.05E+04	3.8E+04	1.46E+05	2.96E+05	2.43E+04	6.91E+04	3.19E+05	2.06E+04	5.33E+03	2.01E+05	2.48E+04	2.31E+04	5.11E+04	4.64E+04	1.99E+05	5.34E+04	5.22E+05
Maculosin	1.89E+03	2.09E+04	2.04E+03	7.77E+04	4.05E+03	1.18E+05	6.27E+03	1.8E+04	1.4E+04	1.39E+05	1.92E+05	2E+03	1.05E+05	2.11E+03	1.1E+05	2.23E+05	5.71E+04	3.87E+05	1.4E+05	7.11E+04	3.16E+06	9.64E+04	1.59E+04	1.69E+05	2.73E+05	2.27E+04	2.31E+04	1.13E+06	4.86E+04	3.28E+04	1.47E+06	3.71E+04	2.39E+05	1.99E+05	1.06E+04	3.36E+03	4.81E+04	5.24E+04	3.74E+04	1.84E+04	1.19E+04	1.25E+05	2.19E+04	4.23E+04	2.8E+04
Mallotophenone	1.73E+03	475	1.23E+03	4.11E+04	5.5E+03	4.35E+03	2.68E+04	1.88E+03	6.65E+03	1.6E+04	1.11E+04	4.03E+03	3.04E+04	1.45E+04	7.04E+03	5.8E+03	4.74E+04	903	1.51E+04	4.26E+03	5.97E+04	4.29E+04	689	1.26E+03	970	6.89E+03	2.24E+05	6.65E+03	1.57E+03	1.31E+06	3.77E+04	6.94E+03	8.63E+03	1.56E+07	1.98E+03	1.8E+04	2.15E+04	2.5E+03	881	497	686	8.01E+03	8.57E+03	7.38E+04	1.89E+03
Mangiferin	0	0	2.14E+05	0	0	0	4.64E+05	0	1.1E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.09E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.67E+05	1.71E+03	0	0	1.09E+06	0	0	1.14E+04	0	1.93E+04	1.12E+06	6.12E+04	0	0	0	0	4.6E+06	0	1.92E+03
Medicarpin 3-O-glucoside-6'-malonate	1.05E+05	985	3.09E+05	6.63E+05	2.54E+05	4.92E+06	1.6E+07	2.53E+04	8.22E+04	1.91E+04	1.08E+05	2.98E+05	5.34E+05	2.35E+06	3.97E+06	2.43E+04	1.99E+05	2.1E+03	1.4E+04	1.36E+05	4.43E+04	3.42E+06	1.91E+05	4.28E+04	9.76E+04	4.2E+05	8.39E+05	9.06E+04	0	4.09E+04	1.59E+07	1.99E+06	1.96E+04	1.44E+06	4.08E+05	4.28E+06	8.21E+05	1.06E+06	2.77E+06	5.13E+05	1.74E+04	9.87E+04	5.27E+05	9.7E+05	6.16E+04
Menazon	3.13E+05	3.87E+05	1E+06	7.22E+05	1.5E+06	1.54E+06	1.58E+06	3.44E+05	1.67E+06	1.26E+06	1.28E+06	1.35E+06	1.49E+06	1.29E+06	2.14E+05	3.24E+05	1.73E+06	6.8E+05	1.79E+06	1.25E+06	6.74E+06	2.2E+06	6.12E+05	1.83E+05	1.08E+06	1.73E+06	1.3E+06	2.01E+06	2.18E+05	6.68E+05	2.49E+06	1.27E+06	1.89E+05	1.18E+06	1.24E+06	8.91E+05	2.25E+06	5.78E+05	3.84E+05	3.47E+05	6.17E+05	9.29E+05	1.61E+06	2.27E+06	8.3E+05
Mercury(2+)	1.28E+08	1.14E+08	1.3E+08	1.23E+08	1.2E+08	1.18E+08	1.08E+08	1.33E+08	1E+08	1.18E+08	1.14E+08	9.73E+07	9.97E+07	1.2E+08	1.23E+08	1.36E+08	1.11E+08	1.19E+08	1.02E+08	1.15E+08	1.08E+07	1.15E+06	1.29E+08	1.44E+08	1.22E+08	9.73E+07	1.1E+08	1.01E+08	1.28E+08	1.17E+08	1.11E+08	1.08E+08	1.32E+08	1.07E+08	1.04E+08	1.17E+08	9.97E+07	1.09E+08	1.23E+08	1.29E+08	1.15E+08	1.06E+08	1.04E+08	9.5E+07	9.84E+07
Metaxalone	1.08E+06	2.58E+05	1.78E+06	2.14E+06	3.07E+06	4.78E+06	7.99E+06	1.16E+06	8.75E+06	4.38E+06	5.14E+06	5.71E+06	9.61E+06	3.16E+06	5.4E+05	5.18E+05	8.26E+06	1.49E+06	4.83E+06	4.69E+06	6.96E+06	5.45E+06	1.7E+06	2.35E+05	3.51E+06	1.47E+07	4.43E+06	8.93E+06	5.98E+04	5.23E+06	1.1E+07	1.92E+07	3.02E+05	6.95E+06	5.89E+06	4.17E+06	7.96E+06	2.79E+06	4.35E+06	5.57E+05	1.79E+06	4.89E+06	1.91E+06	7.16E+06	2.54E+06
Metazachlor	4.68E+05	9.87E+05	6.86E+05	8.6E+05	3.11E+06	1.14E+07	5.72E+06	9.7E+05	9.62E+06	3.36E+06	3.46E+06	9.49E+06	1.68E+07	4.12E+06	1.23E+06	4.05E+05	1.45E+07	1.72E+06	1.43E+07	2.4E+06	1.2E+07	8.62E+06	7.7E+05	2.47E+05	5.52E+06	1.38E+07	1.27E+07	1.2E+07	2.58E+05	3.81E+06	1.12E+07	2.03E+07	4.29E+05	8.45E+06	2.49E+07	5.81E+06	2.44E+07	1.73E+06	1.03E+06	5.51E+05	1.11E+06	1.67E+06	5.59E+06	4.9E+06	6.51E+06
Metconazole	7.43E+04	1.11E+06	2.29E+05	2.97E+05	5.82E+05	1.13E+05	6.21E+06	1.84E+05	3.07E+06	9.24E+04	5.05E+05	3.44E+04	7.83E+05	4.45E+04	3.03E+04	2.81E+04	1.23E+06	8.22E+04	9.61E+05	1.74E+05	4.78E+06	2.19E+06	3.62E+04	1.14E+04	4.45E+05	2.27E+05	2.81E+05	4.14E+05	4.35E+05	3.91E+05	4.48E+05	1.34E+06	3.63E+04	1.31E+06	1.09E+05	5.99E+05	1.07E+05	5.09E+05	2.65E+05	1.59E+04	2.91E+04	1.46E+06	8.38E+05	1.88E+05	4.36E+05
Meteloidine	6.43E+04	7.14E+04	1.07E+03	816	4.04E+03	2.15E+04	9.74E+03	3.64E+03	4.85E+06	3.16E+03	1.4E+04	3.32E+03	3.65E+03	8.33E+04	1.59E+03	1.35E+03	0	763	2.18E+03	5.77E+03	3.61E+03	1.22E+04	5.02E+03	1.78E+03	2.75E+03	2.77E+04	6.39E+03	3.99E+03	1.64E+04	4.16E+03	0	7.02E+03	3.88E+03	2.81E+03	1.75E+04	2.13E+03	3.4E+04	1.68E+04	5.45E+03	2.91E+03	1.42E+03	2.19E+03	1.03E+03	0	3.36E+03
Methapyrilene	2.21E+05	4.89E+05	2.56E+05	6.13E+05	8.1E+05	7.22E+05	1.56E+06	7.96E+04	1.06E+06	4.22E+05	4.48E+05	1E+06	1.04E+06	6.5E+05	1.7E+05	9.52E+04	9.67E+05	1.01E+06	5.22E+06	5.25E+05	4.86E+05	6.12E+05	2.82E+05	4.78E+04	4.92E+05	1.3E+06	2.53E+06	1.11E+06	2.23E+05	1.22E+06	4.43E+05	1.02E+06	3.08E+04	9.23E+05	1.37E+06	3.45E+05	8.65E+05	4.23E+06	7.07E+05	1.83E+05	3.23E+05	4.66E+05	2.37E+05	5.43E+05	3.93E+06
Methyl 2-diazoacetamidohexonate_1	6.31E+06	1.61E+07	1.58E+07	1.73E+07	3.37E+07	2.28E+07	2.22E+07	4.03E+06	4.68E+07	2.14E+07	9.61E+07	1.41E+07	1.06E+07	2.68E+07	1.35E+07	4.62E+06	3.02E+07	5.04E+06	1.12E+07	1.13E+06	1.73E+07	2.79E+07	1.04E+07	1.49E+06	3.8E+07	2.66E+07	1.07E+07	3.99E+07	5.86E+06	1.13E+07	3.62E+07	5.9E+07	5.79E+06	3.33E+07	4.65E+07	9.29E+06	1.67E+06	3.62E+07	1.43E+07	4.29E+06	2.47E+07	2.5E+07	7.98E+06	2.06E+07	1.3E+07
Methyl 2-diazoacetamidohexonate_2	3.84E+06	9.56E+06	1.8E+07	8.41E+06	1.72E+07	1.45E+07	1.38E+07	2.59E+06	2.42E+07	1.3E+07	9.23E+07	8.84E+06	5.82E+06	1.66E+07	7.92E+06	3.18E+06	1.71E+07	4.42E+06	7.45E+06	1.13E+06	1.25E+07	1.48E+07	5.9E+06	1.49E+06	2.11E+07	2.14E+07	7.8E+06	2.41E+07	3.66E+06	6.41E+06	2.3E+07	2.99E+07	4E+06	2.15E+07	2.96E+07	5.57E+06	1.67E+06	4.35E+07	8.33E+06	2.79E+06	1.43E+07	1.44E+07	3.98E+06	1.19E+07	1.07E+07
Methyldopa anhydrous_1	3.67E+05	7.54E+06	8.06E+06	1.16E+04	9.13E+05	2.28E+04	1.28E+05	4.44E+03	6.55E+06	8.13E+04	2.65E+04	1.33E+05	1.67E+05	4.66E+04	9.4E+04	2.4E+05	1.47E+05	1.91E+05	8.61E+04	3.56E+04	8.06E+06	3.32E+05	7.86E+03	3E+03	1.49E+04	1.56E+05	3.01E+05	9.64E+05	4.29E+04	1.02E+05	6.39E+05	5.14E+06	3.32E+03	5.23E+05	3.29E+05	5.51E+06	1.12E+04	3.29E+06	1.02E+05	6.06E+03	6.03E+03	5.1E+03	6.05E+04	3.1E+05	3.19E+04
Methyldopa anhydrous_2	6.31E+04	6.26E+05	1.18E+05	7.47E+05	2.75E+05	4.24E+05	9.39E+05	8.22E+03	6.14E+05	3.74E+05	1.45E+05	5.7E+05	1.15E+06	4.09E+05	1.35E+05	1.48E+04	2.77E+05	1.3E+05	2.06E+05	1.49E+05	5.07E+05	1.06E+06	1.64E+05	2.7E+04	4.01E+04	5.45E+05	1.05E+05	2.86E+05	1.29E+05	2.76E+05	1.64E+05	4.04E+05	1.29E+05	3.86E+06	3.11E+05	1.74E+05	1.1E+05	1.4E+07	9.64E+05	8.35E+04	8.73E+04	5.03E+05	1.56E+05	2.24E+05	4.46E+05
Midazolam	3.97E+07	2.4E+07	5.88E+07	1.82E+07	1.45E+07	8.41E+07	2.03E+07	1.49E+07	1.46E+08	5.57E+07	3.3E+07	2.68E+07	9.85E+07	1.86E+07	3.33E+07	1.22E+07	1.58E+08	2.4E+07	4.56E+07	4.96E+07	1.37E+08	4.88E+07	5.91E+06	1.56E+07	3.01E+07	7.72E+07	6.21E+07	4.62E+07	2.84E+07	3.23E+07	2.25E+08	6.68E+07	1.26E+07	1.05E+08	4.81E+07	5.59E+07	7.75E+07	6.79E+06	1.02E+07	9.21E+06	2.06E+07	3.78E+07	3.81E+07	1.18E+08	6.59E+07
Midodrine	9.7E+06	5.03E+06	6.67E+06	4.07E+06	7.09E+06	6.94E+06	4.82E+06	9.76E+05	3.98E+07	4.21E+06	1.34E+06	2.61E+07	9.29E+06	2.12E+06	3.07E+06	4.05E+06	4.97E+06	3.38E+06	1.3E+07	3.26E+06	2.26E+07	7.18E+06	1.22E+06	3.55E+06	2.37E+06	1.54E+07	2.84E+06	8.44E+06	2.5E+06	9.43E+06	1.06E+07	9.84E+06	1.45E+06	1.33E+07	1.09E+07	1.6E+07	1.33E+07	1.55E+07	4.69E+06	1.75E+06	5.18E+06	5.45E+06	6.76E+06	4.72E+06	1.09E+07
Miraxanthin-II_1	5.44E+06	3.21E+05	624	3.13E+04	0	0	1.18E+03	0	1.45E+03	2.29E+04	0	2.28E+05	1.68E+04	4.24E+04	3.74E+04	2.77E+05	0	622	0	0	1.19E+04	2.02E+03	0	0	0	6.74E+05	1.1E+03	9.49E+04	8.89E+04	0	0	0	546	1.53E+03	0	716	0	2.96E+03	0	0	7.15E+03	869	0	0	1.55E+03
Miraxanthin-II_2	1.58E+06	1.44E+03	3.19E+04	1.61E+07	2.01E+04	0	3.44E+04	630	3.65E+04	1.93E+05	5.36E+05	2.72E+04	2.67E+06	1.94E+06	4.33E+05	775	1.4E+03	3.92E+03	7.39E+05	1.7E+04	1.59E+04	2.58E+07	1.91E+03	2.26E+03	5.68E+05	3.15E+04	798	9.25E+04	9.91E+04	7.51E+04	4.04E+05	3.67E+05	664	2.84E+05	2.5E+03	0	7.47E+04	2.38E+05	1.29E+03	1.66E+03	7.83E+04	9.39E+05	8.04E+04	2.92E+05	7.07E+03
Mitomycin	2.51E+04	8.53E+05	3.88E+05	5.48E+04	1.29E+06	1.29E+05	2.24E+06	6.87E+05	4.87E+04	1.11E+06	1.44E+05	8.87E+06	5.7E+05	4.97E+05	5.22E+04	3.68E+05	7.17E+06	1.96E+05	1.19E+05	4.11E+04	7.96E+05	1.38E+06	5.53E+04	1.45E+04	2.58E+05	1.62E+06	2.45E+07	2.68E+05	1.59E+04	1.73E+05	8.24E+05	2.97E+05	1.29E+05	2.25E+05	1.63E+05	9.12E+04	5.62E+06	1.99E+05	1.1E+06	5.93E+03	2.32E+05	1.88E+05	8.18E+06	5.28E+05	5.63E+05
MK 571	7.14E+03	8.48E+04	3.98E+04	1.72E+04	5.32E+04	1.18E+04	5.26E+04	2.56E+03	6.87E+05	2.8E+04	1.97E+05	2.23E+05	3.69E+03	1.14E+04	2.33E+04	3.73E+04	5.06E+05	1.5E+04	2.48E+05	6.6E+03	3.54E+05	2.95E+04	2.81E+03	2.33E+03	1.13E+05	1.36E+04	1.21E+04	2.86E+04	3.21E+03	3.5E+03	6.04E+04	3.82E+04	2.51E+03	1.68E+05	9.01E+03	7.55E+04	5.38E+04	5.83E+04	1.48E+04	741	1.19E+05	2.59E+06	3.37E+04	2.46E+05	5.15E+04
Moricizine	9.8E+05	1.04E+06	2.29E+05	4.25E+05	6.66E+05	1.29E+06	3.08E+05	1.54E+05	4.66E+06	6.32E+05	1.16E+06	2.93E+06	3.67E+06	7.49E+05	3.67E+05	1.55E+05	8.18E+05	2.15E+05	1.01E+06	1.14E+06	3.05E+06	4.82E+06	2.71E+05	2.2E+05	1.15E+06	4.21E+06	3.34E+05	2.62E+06	5.55E+05	1.14E+06	3.62E+06	7.42E+05	2.6E+05	3.73E+06	2.69E+06	2.74E+05	1.16E+06	3.52E+05	2.99E+05	2.51E+05	5.11E+05	1.28E+06	7.26E+05	4.49E+05	3.64E+05
Morphine-6-glucuronide	460	0	505	0	0	0	0	0	1.22E+03	0	0	0	8.31E+03	0	0	0	3.29E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.05E+03	1.01E+03	1.12E+03	1.36E+03	1.89E+05	0	0	0	8.01E+06	0	0	848	585	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.7E+03
Moxifloxacin	4.9E+05	5.21E+06	8.2E+05	2.23E+05	5.79E+06	1.14E+05	7.42E+05	1.16E+06	5.66E+06	6.83E+06	1.85E+05	1.98E+07	1.52E+06	2.38E+05	3.01E+06	8.81E+06	2.87E+06	4.82E+04	2.99E+06	4.31E+04	2.52E+07	5.8E+06	6E+06	6.38E+06	3.29E+05	3.63E+07	1.85E+06	1.12E+07	6.88E+06	5.09E+06	1.15E+06	5.33E+06	3.1E+05	1.18E+06	4.13E+06	2.12E+06	9.01E+06	9.46E+05	1.9E+05	6.5E+05	1.07E+05	3.85E+05	7.36E+06	4.81E+05	1.2E+06
Musca-aurin-VII	2.71E+05	1.54E+05	4.19E+05	6.29E+05	1.26E+06	2.78E+06	5.82E+05	1.04E+06	2.11E+06	1.35E+06	7.27E+05	3.08E+06	3.24E+06	2.44E+06	5.79E+05	2.5E+05	2.3E+06	6.27E+05	2.33E+06	9.88E+05	1.17E+06	1.31E+06	5.19E+05	7.67E+04	7.24E+05	6.3E+06	3.78E+06	4.11E+06	1.84E+05	2.38E+06	3.65E+06	3.53E+06	2.11E+05	6.79E+06	2.75E+06	9.18E+05	4.16E+06	1.4E+06	1.21E+06	4.02E+05	6.26E+05	9.38E+05	9.67E+05	1.13E+06	6.86E+05
N-(2,3-Dihydroxybenzoyl)-L-serine_1	1.09E+07	1.28E+07	3.25E+06	8.06E+06	1.26E+06	1.6E+07	4.84E+06	1.56E+07	2.76E+07	1.27E+07	1.87E+06	2.01E+07	1.43E+07	1.38E+07	1.18E+07	1.84E+07	1.31E+07	1.38E+06	1.96E+07	1.28E+07	1.41E+07	1.83E+07	7.08E+05	1.42E+06	2.07E+07	1.71E+07	2.51E+07	1.45E+07	1.25E+06	1.41E+06	2.15E+07	1.56E+07	8.59E+06	1.74E+07	1.22E+07	1.55E+07	2.45E+07	1.12E+07	9.41E+05	1E+07	1.32E+06	2.42E+06	1.13E+07	1.08E+07	3E+07
N-(2,3-Dihydroxybenzoyl)-L-serine_2	7.68E+05	3.26E+06	1.25E+07	7.5E+04	1.17E+07	1.02E+06	1.33E+05	4.09E+06	4.67E+06	1.69E+05	1.63E+07	7.09E+05	1.43E+06	2.28E+06	1.13E+06	2.79E+06	6.31E+04	3.75E+05	3.08E+06	6.94E+04	3.86E+05	1.18E+05	1.76E+04	1.73E+04	4.67E+06	6.9E+05	1.71E+06	1.18E+04	6.1E+04	5.39E+05	1.38E+06	8.9E+04	7.78E+05	3.31E+06	5.99E+05	6.35E+05	1.21E+05	8.16E+04	4.3E+05	2.07E+05	7.8E+04	1.44E+07	5.08E+05	7.3E+05	1.18E+06
N(alpha)-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucine	6.03E+04	1.46E+05	2.17E+05	2.17E+05	1.73E+05	6.61E+04	2.16E+05	6.67E+04	8.95E+05	2.65E+05	2.51E+05	5.36E+05	4.45E+05	1.01E+05	1.99E+05	1.64E+05	2.67E+05	7.83E+04	5.76E+05	1.71E+05	3.71E+06	5.33E+05	3.67E+04	7.62E+04	8.37E+04	2.98E+05	7.76E+05	4.31E+05	4.65E+04	1.04E+05	4.57E+05	1.02E+06	6.62E+04	4.21E+05	2.05E+05	3.16E+05	7.24E+05	7.49E+05	3.2E+04	2.86E+04	1.51E+05	1.74E+05	9.67E+05	2.06E+05	2.59E+05
N,N-Bis(2-chloroethyl)-DL-alanine hydrochloride	1.1E+03	0	4.62E+03	1.34E+03	7.54E+04	1.17E+03	0	1.5E+04	7.78E+04	7.99E+03	4.77E+03	0	8.6E+03	4.34E+04	0	1.1E+03	2.32E+05	1.14E+03	0	2.23E+04	6.7E+03	2.82E+04	0	0	2.24E+03	2.52E+03	2.99E+04	0	674	1.18E+03	2.15E+03	1.44E+04	0	1.51E+07	1.01E+05	4.55E+03	4.22E+03	7.86E+03	1.28E+06	5E+03	0	6.16E+03	0	1.25E+04	645
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_1	1.8E+05	1.3E+07	2.51E+05	2.49E+05	6E+05	3.9E+05	9.51E+07	2.66E+05	1E+06	2.61E+05	3.91E+05	1.92E+06	6.7E+05	1.96E+05	2.88E+05	3.22E+05	6.22E+05	1.19E+05	1.52E+06	3.05E+05	4.53E+05	3.16E+05	4.83E+04	2.15E+04	1.51E+05	9.75E+05	4.3E+07	4.21E+05	1.4E+05	5.14E+05	8.67E+05	2E+05	4E+05	4.67E+05	1.04E+06	1.74E+05	8.74E+07	2.41E+05	1.38E+05	1.25E+05	7.79E+04	3.03E+05	3.05E+07	1.63E+05	1.97E+06
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_2	2.21E+06	2.52E+06	2.61E+06	1.44E+07	5.05E+06	2.3E+07	7.46E+06	2.36E+06	1.16E+07	2.05E+07	1.83E+07	4.52E+07	3.39E+07	1.72E+07	1.38E+07	2.08E+06	2.59E+07	3.74E+06	2.45E+07	1.76E+07	3.3E+07	2.78E+07	2.68E+06	1.12E+06	1.65E+07	4.7E+07	1.02E+07	3.04E+07	1.63E+06	3.53E+06	3.01E+07	7.14E+06	2.11E+06	2.57E+07	4.98E+06	2.93E+06	1.56E+07	5.14E+06	2.46E+06	2.36E+06	3.89E+06	1.68E+07	6.9E+06	2.39E+07	2.83E+07
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_3	1.1E+06	1.04E+06	7.25E+05	1.39E+06	1.68E+06	2.42E+06	1.76E+06	1.18E+06	5.37E+07	2.2E+06	2.39E+06	6.34E+06	7.09E+06	1.96E+06	1.76E+06	1.53E+06	5.56E+06	1.67E+06	2.95E+06	1.8E+06	3.57E+06	3.54E+06	8.45E+05	1.08E+06	2.02E+06	3.92E+06	1.56E+06	4.17E+06	1.04E+06	1.46E+06	3.64E+06	2.81E+07	1.14E+06	3.97E+06	2.74E+07	1.17E+06	3.19E+06	1.76E+06	1.13E+06	8.69E+05	1.27E+06	2.25E+06	1.81E+06	3.79E+06	2.41E+06
N7-Methylguanosine	2.65E+04	8.25E+03	1.25E+05	1.05E+04	3.44E+04	4.54E+05	1.22E+05	2.67E+04	3.3E+05	2.04E+05	3.9E+05	2.83E+05	2.74E+06	1.41E+05	4.04E+04	1.81E+04	4.11E+05	7.67E+04	1.8E+05	1.18E+05	2.51E+05	3.27E+05	5.34E+04	1.59E+04	3.59E+05	3.86E+06	3.46E+05	2.7E+06	3.09E+04	3.65E+05	2.88E+05	5.47E+05	1.53E+04	1.04E+05	5.98E+05	1.36E+05	2.95E+06	1.28E+05	7.99E+04	4.73E+04	1.18E+05	2.48E+05	2.74E+05	6.09E+05	1.33E+05
N-Acetylaspartylglutamate_1	1.87E+06	3.14E+06	2.12E+06	1.16E+07	1.41E+07	1.79E+07	8.46E+06	1.16E+07	2.27E+07	8.56E+06	1.99E+07	2.33E+07	1.39E+07	1.57E+07	1.53E+07	1.03E+07	3.21E+07	1.39E+07	2.33E+07	7.59E+06	3.52E+07	2.1E+07	3.64E+06	2.85E+06	2.13E+07	3E+07	4.68E+06	2.64E+07	3.02E+06	1.23E+07	2.33E+07	2.44E+07	3.03E+06	1.93E+07	2.51E+07	3.87E+06	8.09E+06	1.45E+07	1.06E+07	1.15E+07	4.76E+06	1.81E+07	5.34E+06	2.11E+07	2.07E+07
N-Acetylaspartylglutamate_2	1.46E+06	1.23E+06	9.37E+05	1.61E+06	1.58E+06	2.28E+06	1.79E+07	1.03E+06	2.76E+06	1.88E+07	2.63E+06	2.74E+06	2.57E+07	2.45E+06	1.98E+06	9.24E+05	2.99E+06	1.86E+06	2.46E+06	1.68E+07	3.01E+06	3.02E+06	1.51E+06	6.54E+05	1.88E+06	4.8E+06	1.57E+07	3.8E+06	1.27E+06	1.44E+06	3.32E+06	2.76E+06	1.05E+06	2.65E+06	2.32E+06	1.23E+06	1.96E+07	1.91E+06	1.22E+06	1.04E+06	1.1E+07	2.94E+06	1.51E+07	2.61E+06	3.25E+06
N-Acetyl-D-fucosamine	6.11E+05	5.69E+05	9.9E+04	8.77E+05	3.1E+05	1.07E+06	5.28E+05	5.3E+05	1.59E+06	8.16E+05	1E+06	1.47E+06	1.84E+06	1.01E+06	6.01E+05	4.25E+05	3.58E+06	7.81E+05	1.51E+06	9.15E+05	2.9E+06	1.05E+06	3.86E+05	2.98E+05	9.07E+05	2.54E+06	6.41E+05	1.15E+06	6.57E+05	1.62E+05	1.75E+06	1.29E+06	4.15E+05	2.53E+05	2.06E+06	6.49E+05	1.22E+07	9.17E+05	5.08E+05	4.71E+05	1.27E+06	1.01E+06	2.07E+06	1.83E+06	7.12E+05
N-ACETYL-DL-GLUTAMIC ACID	1.28E+07	1.48E+07	1.37E+07	1.82E+07	3.3E+07	3.17E+07	3.39E+07	1.31E+07	6.12E+07	3.25E+07	2.19E+07	6.08E+07	5.53E+07	2.89E+07	2.41E+07	1.39E+07	4.35E+07	1.77E+07	4.1E+07	1.99E+07	5.18E+07	4.43E+07	1.47E+07	9.35E+06	2.35E+07	6.17E+07	3.18E+07	4.99E+07	1.09E+07	1.79E+07	3.74E+07	5.07E+07	1.04E+07	3.49E+07	4.66E+07	1.71E+07	5.17E+07	2.71E+07	1.12E+07	1.2E+07	1.78E+07	2.35E+07	6.67E+07	3.29E+07	3.65E+07
N-ACETYL-D-MANNOSAMINE	4.28E+06	6.82E+06	5.76E+06	7.09E+06	1.05E+07	9.07E+06	3.06E+06	7.21E+06	1.63E+07	1.06E+07	6.32E+06	7.81E+06	6.24E+06	7.49E+06	6.32E+06	8.03E+06	1.34E+07	4.96E+06	5.73E+06	2E+06	1.24E+07	1.24E+07	4.14E+06	5.75E+06	6.98E+06	7.26E+06	3.53E+06	7.6E+06	3.6E+06	1.06E+06	1.02E+07	9.99E+06	7.74E+06	9.27E+06	9.84E+06	3.19E+06	6.4E+06	4.93E+06	4.65E+06	4.38E+06	5.53E+06	6.37E+06	6.51E+06	1.3E+07	6.38E+06
N-Acetyl-D-tryptophan	3.81E+06	5.17E+06	1.11E+06	9.25E+06	3.25E+06	1.84E+07	3.17E+06	5.7E+06	1.21E+07	1.2E+07	4.09E+07	5.48E+06	4.21E+06	4.17E+06	1.08E+07	2.89E+07	1.48E+07	7.54E+05	4.03E+06	4.49E+06	3.11E+07	8.39E+06	4.06E+06	2.42E+07	2.26E+07	5.25E+06	7.51E+06	3.84E+06	7.91E+06	6.13E+06	1.64E+07	2.74E+06	2.99E+07	1.67E+07	1.79E+06	1.08E+06	1.59E+07	6.75E+06	5.16E+06	4.76E+06	7.76E+06	1.42E+07	1.17E+07	9.53E+06	1.16E+07
N-Acetylglucosamine 4-sulfate	1.15E+07	1.34E+07	1.56E+07	1.46E+07	1.21E+07	3.81E+07	1.62E+07	1.19E+07	4.49E+07	3.37E+07	2.13E+07	2.36E+07	3.04E+07	2.15E+07	1.11E+07	1.03E+07	4.43E+07	1.22E+07	2.2E+07	1.95E+07	5.01E+07	3.99E+07	8.97E+06	8.36E+06	2.33E+07	4.14E+07	1.61E+07	4.4E+07	1.22E+07	1.94E+07	3.9E+07	3.59E+07	8.42E+06	2.88E+07	3.99E+07	1.17E+07	2.88E+07	1.65E+07	1.44E+07	7.13E+06	1.45E+07	1.79E+07	1.36E+07	3.9E+07	1.59E+07
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde	1.13E+06	1.05E+06	8.98E+05	1.59E+06	5.02E+06	2.51E+06	2.28E+06	8.3E+05	1.55E+07	2.22E+06	2.6E+06	4.69E+06	6.66E+06	1.46E+06	1.1E+06	1.39E+06	3.01E+06	1.13E+06	2.64E+06	1.69E+06	3.84E+06	4.59E+06	6.39E+05	1.14E+06	1.96E+06	1.33E+07	2.44E+06	3.99E+06	7.28E+05	1.54E+06	4.76E+06	4.63E+06	9.46E+05	3.66E+06	1.5E+07	9.79E+05	1.32E+07	1.5E+06	6.32E+05	5.58E+05	1.29E+06	3.39E+06	2.76E+06	4.53E+06	2.2E+06
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_1	1.22E+07	1.29E+07	1.85E+07	2.01E+07	3.2E+07	2.46E+07	3.12E+07	7.89E+06	5.92E+07	1.26E+07	2.15E+07	4.62E+07	4.94E+07	2.26E+07	2.21E+07	1.69E+07	2.98E+07	1.9E+07	2.66E+07	1.82E+07	3.87E+07	3.58E+07	1.43E+07	7.57E+06	1.61E+07	5.06E+07	1.2E+07	1.63E+07	7.29E+06	5.33E+06	8.23E+06	5.43E+07	3E+06	3.14E+07	3.13E+07	1.6E+07	2.83E+07	2.92E+07	3.06E+06	9.1E+06	1.66E+07	1.91E+07	6.58E+07	3.56E+07	3.89E+07
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_2	6.77E+06	8.3E+06	5.79E+06	9.31E+06	1.2E+07	8.27E+06	1.2E+07	4.59E+06	3.18E+07	2.97E+07	7.14E+06	2.15E+07	1.74E+07	8.42E+06	1.2E+07	5.21E+06	1.13E+07	3.11E+07	6.71E+07	3.27E+07	1.8E+07	1.56E+07	4.98E+06	2.96E+06	5.99E+06	2.71E+07	9.71E+06	3.67E+07	3.98E+06	1.55E+07	8.23E+06	2.05E+07	1.64E+07	8.89E+06	1.14E+07	5.12E+06	9.62E+06	1.08E+07	2.45E+06	4.37E+06	7.74E+06	8.66E+06	2.91E+07	1.14E+07	1.79E+07
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_3	6.77E+06	8.3E+06	5.82E+06	9.32E+06	1.2E+07	8.27E+06	1.2E+07	4.59E+06	3.19E+07	7.05E+06	7.16E+06	2.15E+07	1.74E+07	8.43E+06	1.2E+07	5.21E+06	1.13E+07	6.6E+06	1.73E+07	8.29E+06	1.8E+07	1.56E+07	4.98E+06	2.96E+06	5.99E+06	2.71E+07	3.44E+07	8.62E+06	3.98E+06	4.71E+06	8.23E+06	2.07E+07	2.29E+06	8.92E+06	1.14E+07	5.12E+06	9.62E+06	1.08E+07	1.05E+07	4.38E+06	7.74E+06	8.7E+06	2.91E+07	1.14E+07	1.79E+07
N-Acetyl-L-phenylalanine	3.82E+06	4.13E+06	1.71E+06	1.23E+06	1.2E+06	6.78E+06	1.32E+06	6.63E+05	1.19E+07	1.63E+06	4E+06	8.44E+06	7.3E+06	1.24E+06	1.57E+06	1.02E+06	1.46E+07	1.45E+06	6.97E+06	5.66E+06	1.47E+07	4.6E+06	4.96E+05	1.66E+06	1.28E+06	7.57E+06	3.89E+06	5.27E+06	3.14E+06	1.69E+06	7.11E+06	5.86E+06	3.12E+06	7.24E+06	5.43E+06	2.9E+06	1.07E+07	1.28E+06	4.58E+05	6.67E+05	1.12E+06	3.16E+06	6.83E+06	9.92E+06	4.06E+06
N-ACETYLNEURAMINATE	8.32E+06	1.08E+07	6.28E+06	1.28E+07	1.05E+07	1.48E+07	2.36E+07	9.12E+06	1.63E+07	2.67E+07	9.72E+06	1.41E+07	1.33E+07	2.16E+07	1.53E+07	1.04E+07	1.65E+07	1.73E+07	9.46E+06	1.14E+07	1.29E+07	2.31E+07	6.09E+06	9.13E+06	1.13E+07	1.65E+07	6.63E+06	2.48E+07	6.9E+06	6.97E+06	1.24E+07	1.86E+07	8.44E+06	9.1E+06	1.92E+07	4.92E+06	1.46E+07	6.02E+06	6.64E+06	5.79E+06	6.73E+06	7.48E+06	8.25E+06	1.3E+07	9.34E+06
N-Acetylornithine	4.78E+04	1.23E+05	6.64E+03	8.18E+04	8.74E+04	7.96E+04	2.86E+04	2.35E+04	1.63E+05	2.06E+04	3.78E+04	2.62E+05	2.27E+05	1.56E+05	6.29E+04	4.4E+04	1.94E+06	1.9E+05	5.76E+05	3.18E+05	3.95E+05	4.63E+04	6.35E+04	2.08E+04	6.75E+04	1.36E+05	8.42E+05	7.82E+04	6.6E+04	1.75E+05	1.34E+05	1.93E+05	1.22E+04	1.06E+05	1.76E+05	1E+04	6.12E+05	5.62E+04	2.19E+04	3.21E+04	5.68E+04	1.08E+05	1.17E+06	1.29E+07	9.97E+04
N-AMIDINO-L-ASPARTATE	2.37E+06	2.1E+06	2.53E+06	1.31E+06	3.93E+06	1.77E+06	8.63E+05	1.93E+06	1.94E+06	2.4E+06	1.35E+06	2.24E+06	2.7E+06	2.91E+06	9.09E+06	1.24E+06	3.1E+06	9.83E+06	1.48E+06	1.61E+07	2.04E+06	1.2E+07	1.01E+07	1.36E+06	1.32E+06	2.09E+07	8.89E+05	2.24E+06	1.25E+06	3.52E+05	2.71E+06	1.45E+06	1E+06	9.36E+05	1.77E+06	9.71E+05	6.86E+06	6.89E+05	1.04E+06	9.28E+05	7.88E+05	9.83E+05	1.66E+06	4.17E+06	1.03E+06
Naringenin 7-O-beta-D-glucoside	1.01E+07	2.11E+07	1.54E+05	3.44E+04	1.67E+04	9.29E+06	9.38E+03	1.21E+06	3.17E+05	5.34E+04	8.7E+06	9.2E+04	3.42E+04	3.97E+04	2.08E+03	1.36E+06	5.5E+05	2.59E+04	1.02E+07	1.31E+04	5.67E+05	1.25E+05	1.64E+04	3.67E+03	1.23E+07	9.87E+04	6.48E+05	3.01E+04	7.3E+06	1.39E+05	6.85E+05	2.35E+05	4.39E+05	4.3E+04	5.85E+04	3.42E+04	1.31E+07	1.1E+04	9.45E+06	1.76E+05	5.34E+04	1.46E+06	1.77E+07	5.64E+05	1.88E+05
N-Benzyloxycarbonylglycine_1	1.67E+07	9.18E+07	1.11E+07	1.33E+07	2.07E+07	5.43E+07	1.11E+07	1.86E+06	9.68E+07	1.59E+07	3.38E+07	9.45E+07	1.4E+08	1.17E+07	3.88E+07	2.67E+07	8.32E+06	4.49E+07	3.25E+07	1.52E+07	1.29E+07	1.93E+07	8.01E+06	5.7E+06	2.57E+07	4.84E+07	2.74E+07	4.29E+07	1.76E+07	3.16E+07	1.74E+07	2.97E+07	1.19E+07	2.64E+07	3.68E+07	1.48E+07	3.89E+07	2.13E+07	1.08E+07	9.83E+06	2.64E+06	6.6E+07	1.99E+07	1.6E+07	6.46E+07
N-Benzyloxycarbonylglycine_2	1.04E+06	6.27E+06	3.75E+05	6.32E+05	2.49E+06	1.38E+06	4.8E+05	1.34E+07	9.44E+05	8.3E+05	2.08E+06	1.42E+07	7.57E+05	7.02E+05	1.44E+06	7.2E+05	2.16E+07	1.79E+05	5.29E+06	5.62E+05	8.54E+05	9.08E+05	3.7E+05	2.88E+05	1.11E+06	1.39E+06	3.02E+06	8.22E+06	4.51E+05	1.69E+06	2.72E+05	2.21E+06	3.49E+05	7.46E+05	1.07E+07	1.67E+06	6.22E+06	1.37E+06	1.79E+05	3.38E+05	1.62E+07	2.1E+06	2.97E+06	3.8E+05	1.84E+06
N-Carbamyl-L-glutamate	3.1E+06	1.84E+07	4.57E+06	3.3E+06	9.36E+06	4.03E+06	1.15E+07	1.01E+07	9.07E+06	1.36E+07	9.45E+06	5.5E+06	9.32E+06	6.32E+06	2.19E+07	1.09E+07	1.26E+07	3.44E+06	2.88E+06	3.88E+06	1.08E+07	5.44E+06	2.92E+06	2.99E+06	3.33E+06	9.61E+06	1.4E+07	3.74E+06	1.12E+07	1.95E+06	9.28E+06	1.73E+07	2.06E+06	3.56E+06	1.6E+07	1.19E+07	2.01E+06	1.13E+06	3.79E+06	3.31E+06	1.64E+07	1.02E+07	1.26E+07	9.8E+06	6.28E+06
Neostigmine bromide_1	1.42E+06	1.77E+07	9.4E+06	3.61E+05	7.67E+06	1.04E+07	2.51E+05	4.35E+05	1.58E+07	2.28E+05	4.66E+05	2.26E+05	9.77E+05	9.15E+05	2.89E+05	8.99E+06	3.07E+05	9.44E+05	8.56E+06	3.47E+05	9.13E+06	1.95E+07	2.06E+05	7.45E+05	8.35E+06	7.25E+05	2.76E+05	1.14E+07	6E+05	8.06E+06	1.03E+07	6.79E+05	4.92E+06	1.35E+06	1.05E+07	8.86E+06	1.84E+07	5.89E+05	8.61E+05	5.37E+05	6.96E+04	3.12E+05	9.64E+05	5.83E+06	5.56E+05
Neostigmine bromide_2	3E+03	3.08E+05	4.89E+05	3.81E+03	1.11E+06	2.85E+05	1.88E+05	9.83E+06	4.23E+05	6.48E+04	1.64E+06	1.31E+06	5.97E+05	9.33E+03	2.81E+04	1.54E+06	8.65E+04	1.08E+04	6.33E+04	2.08E+03	2.78E+04	8.78E+05	776	5.41E+04	3.14E+06	1.6E+05	3.01E+06	2.3E+05	3.23E+03	6.91E+04	5.61E+03	1.78E+05	1.81E+04	2.63E+05	5.05E+05	1.02E+06	5.46E+04	2.04E+04	7.32E+03	1.49E+03	1.28E+04	1.43E+06	1.16E+05	9.75E+04	8.66E+03
Neostigmine bromide_3	3.17E+05	8.34E+04	6.38E+05	3.37E+05	1.84E+05	1.16E+06	1.2E+06	4.48E+04	1.11E+06	1.31E+06	2.44E+05	4.26E+05	1.47E+06	3.17E+05	4.29E+05	9.88E+05	7.25E+05	3.01E+05	2.02E+05	5.84E+05	1.29E+06	2.42E+06	1.1E+05	1.25E+06	2.83E+05	1.51E+06	1.24E+06	1.65E+06	5.29E+05	7.48E+05	1.15E+06	8.93E+05	7.52E+05	1.21E+07	4.48E+05	3.19E+05	7.04E+06	4.12E+05	2.27E+05	7.8E+04	3.17E+05	1.94E+05	2.99E+06	5E+05	7.69E+05
N-Feruloylglycine	1.42E+07	3.53E+07	1.28E+07	5.19E+07	3.75E+07	4.1E+07	2.22E+07	3E+07	8.08E+07	1.18E+07	2.13E+07	5.71E+07	1.58E+08	1.42E+07	1.66E+07	8.5E+07	3.95E+07	5.94E+06	7.82E+07	3.72E+07	3.53E+07	4.49E+07	1.33E+07	2.76E+07	2.97E+07	4.25E+07	1.66E+07	6.93E+07	1.53E+07	2.7E+07	1.61E+07	7.66E+07	7.29E+06	1.99E+07	1.23E+08	2.9E+07	4.94E+07	2.9E+07	1.4E+07	1.49E+07	1.95E+07	2.4E+07	1.53E+07	1.77E+07	3.12E+07
N-Heptanoylhomoserine lactone	1.25E+05	4E+05	1.11E+06	1.04E+06	5.24E+05	3.84E+06	1.66E+06	2.12E+05	1.23E+06	1.42E+06	1.56E+06	1.18E+06	2E+06	5.97E+05	3.54E+05	4.28E+05	7.56E+05	8.71E+05	7.24E+05	9.66E+05	1.74E+06	3.63E+06	3.03E+05	4.59E+05	7.26E+05	2.12E+06	3.07E+05	1.87E+06	1.83E+05	2.36E+06	2E+06	5.48E+05	5.72E+05	6.88E+06	4.61E+05	8.39E+05	4.3E+05	1.29E+06	9.59E+05	1.76E+05	2.17E+05	1.13E+06	3.05E+05	9.22E+05	3.98E+05
Nicotianamine	1.13E+06	3.77E+06	1.27E+06	2.68E+06	8.3E+06	2.78E+06	8.03E+06	1.17E+06	2.5E+07	3.3E+06	5.86E+06	5.74E+06	6.7E+06	4.08E+06	1.93E+07	1.39E+06	4.18E+06	2.88E+06	4.49E+06	3.38E+06	6.21E+06	1.27E+07	2.69E+06	7.82E+05	4.41E+06	7.1E+06	2E+07	5.51E+06	1.04E+06	5.74E+06	5.32E+06	3.27E+07	6.91E+05	3.54E+06	4.27E+06	4.7E+06	1.5E+07	4.22E+06	1.87E+06	1.14E+06	1.26E+06	5.15E+06	1.01E+07	7.04E+06	6.13E+06
Nicotinurate_1	1.64E+07	4.48E+07	6.29E+06	1E+07	2.82E+07	1.89E+07	1.65E+07	1.15E+07	3.1E+07	1.63E+07	1.73E+07	1.53E+08	2.87E+07	9.94E+06	1.3E+07	2.5E+07	9.23E+07	1.08E+07	6.92E+07	1.96E+07	2.81E+07	2.86E+07	8.19E+06	7.46E+06	1.02E+07	3.98E+07	1.69E+07	3.81E+07	1.19E+07	1.59E+07	2.22E+07	2.54E+07	1.17E+07	2.04E+07	6.77E+07	3.06E+07	5.31E+07	1.7E+07	5.45E+06	5.06E+06	5.72E+07	2.19E+07	4.23E+07	1.57E+07	1.48E+07
Nicotinurate_2	1.03E+07	2.97E+07	8.42E+06	1.4E+07	1.05E+07	3.14E+07	2.59E+07	2.1E+07	5.28E+07	2E+07	3.18E+07	2.54E+07	3.64E+07	1.55E+07	2.56E+07	9.47E+06	5.37E+07	1.49E+07	3.09E+07	2.87E+07	4.2E+07	3.47E+07	1.06E+07	1.37E+07	1.84E+07	5.77E+07	2.38E+07	9.48E+07	7.48E+06	2.51E+07	2.54E+07	3.8E+07	7.43E+06	3.37E+07	1.63E+07	2.01E+07	3.6E+07	2.57E+07	7.98E+06	8.72E+06	1.84E+07	3.35E+07	2.27E+07	2.3E+07	1.93E+07
Niflumic acid_1	1.93E+05	3.32E+06	4.68E+05	1.36E+06	2.15E+06	4.12E+06	3.8E+05	4.47E+06	7.09E+06	6.34E+05	2.64E+05	1.05E+07	6.54E+06	5.56E+04	5.37E+04	5.72E+06	9.41E+06	1.6E+04	5.45E+06	1.2E+05	3.44E+06	7.38E+06	4.29E+04	1.25E+06	5.98E+05	3.51E+06	6.24E+05	6.2E+06	1.34E+05	3.75E+06	1.37E+06	1.83E+06	3.2E+05	5.89E+05	1.24E+07	1.41E+06	5.07E+06	4.18E+05	7.7E+05	3.88E+05	6.1E+05	1.39E+05	1.21E+06	1.73E+06	2.86E+05
Niflumic acid_2	7.73E+05	2.87E+05	6.13E+05	6.05E+05	2.5E+06	8.4E+05	7.38E+05	1.46E+06	3.22E+06	1.75E+06	1.12E+06	2.8E+06	2.09E+06	2.07E+06	2.37E+06	2.27E+06	4.41E+06	7.82E+05	1.21E+06	7.09E+05	3.26E+06	3.62E+06	1.65E+06	1.31E+06	2.12E+06	5.61E+06	8.66E+05	1.75E+06	1.13E+06	1.68E+05	4.87E+06	6.83E+06	2.55E+06	2.38E+06	4.29E+06	9.66E+05	1.22E+06	1.68E+06	7.7E+05	1.91E+06	1.98E+06	2.24E+06	2.2E+06	3.07E+06	1.26E+06
Nitrogen mustard	4.8E+05	5.98E+05	1.74E+05	5.87E+05	8.88E+05	2.98E+04	6.49E+04	7.41E+05	7.35E+05	1.87E+05	3.01E+06	5.11E+05	1.52E+05	7.71E+05	3.36E+05	2.09E+05	2.38E+05	4.21E+04	1.55E+05	2.37E+04	5.99E+05	1.05E+07	5.14E+05	1.4E+05	3.8E+05	2.07E+05	6.26E+03	7E+04	1.11E+05	0	1.5E+05	1.1E+05	2.62E+05	6.54E+04	5.18E+04	4.52E+04	1.03E+04	7.49E+03	1.45E+05	5.3E+05	1.49E+05	1.97E+06	1.01E+05	9.78E+05	2.26E+05
Nitrovin	3.22E+05	2.76E+05	1.12E+05	4.56E+05	5.34E+05	8.18E+05	6.61E+05	2.93E+05	6.95E+06	1.03E+06	7.58E+05	1.2E+06	1.44E+06	9.07E+05	5.58E+05	2.34E+05	8.42E+05	4.51E+05	9.24E+05	7.97E+05	9.39E+05	1.28E+06	3.58E+05	1.69E+05	6.44E+05	3.27E+06	3.5E+05	6.9E+06	2.63E+05	4.91E+05	9.14E+05	1.06E+06	2.78E+05	3.44E+05	9.58E+05	2.24E+05	5.75E+05	4.49E+05	2.82E+05	2.52E+05	4.13E+05	7.45E+05	3.5E+05	6.26E+05	9.88E+05
Nocardicin C	3.64E+06	3.98E+06	2.83E+06	6.44E+06	8.66E+06	1.36E+07	8.38E+06	3.35E+06	1.94E+07	1.62E+07	8.79E+06	1.61E+07	1.51E+07	1.44E+07	7.66E+06	3.84E+06	1.6E+07	5.8E+06	1.41E+07	9.22E+06	1.38E+07	2.36E+07	4.25E+06	2.31E+06	7.88E+06	2.3E+07	9.99E+06	2.88E+07	3.17E+06	8.68E+06	1.62E+07	1.83E+07	3.02E+06	1.19E+07	2.31E+07	5.76E+06	2.07E+07	6.47E+06	2.28E+06	3.02E+06	7.11E+06	8.03E+06	9.02E+06	7.99E+06	1.54E+07
Octamethyltrisiloxane	4.33E+05	7.92E+05	2.18E+05	7.34E+05	7.12E+05	1.26E+06	2.07E+05	4.84E+05	4.28E+05	1.08E+06	1.11E+06	1.74E+06	1.83E+06	5.86E+05	2.94E+05	3.88E+05	1.22E+06	1.46E+05	3.29E+05	3.76E+06	4.18E+06	2.65E+06	2.32E+05	6.16E+05	1.19E+06	3.24E+06	7.1E+05	1.03E+07	3.96E+05	1.37E+05	4.34E+05	1.54E+05	5.48E+05	8.9E+05	3.19E+05	5.14E+05	1.55E+06	3.02E+05	2.66E+05	1.94E+05	3.89E+05	1.32E+06	3.47E+05	4.61E+05	6.91E+05
Ofloxacin_1	1.37E+05	8.4E+05	3.19E+05	1.53E+05	1.32E+07	6E+04	3.67E+05	4.8E+05	9.18E+05	3.17E+05	1.3E+05	1.12E+06	2E+05	3.36E+04	1.85E+05	6.39E+05	1.83E+06	1.42E+06	6.1E+05	6.53E+04	9.33E+05	2.39E+05	1.36E+05	5.41E+06	5.29E+05	3.96E+05	2.37E+05	1.04E+06	7.74E+04	1.06E+06	3.44E+05	1.31E+07	3.26E+05	9.48E+06	9.74E+05	1.54E+05	5.62E+05	9.36E+05	5.26E+05	1.5E+05	2.83E+05	9.79E+04	1.01E+06	6.32E+05	7.86E+04
Ofloxacin_2	5.05E+05	1.85E+05	2.5E+05	4.52E+05	9.6E+05	6E+04	1.47E+06	1.9E+05	1.43E+06	7.99E+05	1.3E+05	2.58E+05	2.28E+06	5.53E+05	8.1E+05	3.51E+05	9.59E+04	1.17E+06	2.27E+05	4.7E+05	6.81E+05	8.26E+05	3.31E+05	1.91E+05	4.89E+05	2.18E+06	5.05E+05	5.78E+05	3.01E+05	3.89E+05	8.16E+05	2.18E+06	1.84E+05	1.62E+06	7.09E+05	1.54E+05	1.46E+07	2.22E+06	1.35E+06	2E+05	1.26E+05	3.92E+05	5.77E+05	9.17E+06	1.02E+06
O-Propanoylcarnitine	1.64E+05	2.23E+05	4.17E+05	9.85E+05	7.67E+06	8.86E+06	9.05E+06	4.73E+05	1.19E+06	6.57E+06	5.48E+06	2.84E+06	1.86E+07	7.92E+06	1.49E+06	2.51E+05	7.84E+06	5.5E+06	1.04E+07	6.6E+06	6.17E+05	3.6E+06	2.78E+06	1.95E+05	6.53E+06	1.06E+07	8.3E+06	9.68E+06	7.23E+04	1.26E+06	1.16E+07	8.68E+06	2.15E+05	1.4E+06	1.09E+07	4.94E+05	1.77E+07	1.52E+06	1.51E+06	8.01E+05	9.27E+05	1.07E+06	8.56E+06	7.93E+06	1.22E+06
Oseltamivir	6.52E+04	6.68E+04	1.47E+05	3.71E+05	6.31E+05	1.81E+05	8.19E+05	1.26E+05	5.57E+05	1.48E+05	1.23E+06	6.92E+05	9.42E+05	7.94E+05	2.5E+05	2.08E+04	2.64E+05	2.11E+05	6.1E+05	3.3E+05	2.57E+05	3.78E+05	1.2E+05	2.94E+04	3.94E+05	1.76E+06	8.97E+05	6.01E+05	5.64E+04	1.6E+05	4.05E+05	9.71E+05	1.27E+04	2.92E+05	8.33E+05	1.33E+05	5.75E+06	3.64E+05	3.89E+05	4.46E+04	2.19E+05	2.48E+05	5.44E+05	5.65E+05	3.45E+05
O-Succinyl-L-homoserine	9.51E+05	7.28E+05	1.05E+06	1.56E+06	7.08E+05	2.34E+06	1.87E+06	6.46E+05	9.7E+06	8.52E+06	6.76E+05	1.27E+07	3.85E+06	8.7E+05	1.64E+06	1.83E+06	3.04E+06	1.47E+06	3.16E+06	1.87E+06	9.09E+06	1.13E+07	3.84E+05	1.48E+06	1.14E+06	9.31E+06	1.52E+06	9.41E+06	8.77E+05	1.3E+06	3.02E+06	3.71E+06	1.17E+06	7.68E+06	2.6E+06	1.52E+06	2.92E+06	2.08E+06	5.41E+05	5.84E+05	7.35E+05	1.03E+06	6.03E+06	2.55E+06	3.38E+06
Oxalosuccinate	1.33E+06	6.66E+04	2.04E+05	1.08E+04	7.04E+04	7.06E+05	2.81E+05	3.81E+03	5.57E+05	1.42E+05	2.17E+04	5.18E+05	2.47E+05	1.6E+04	2.68E+04	4.24E+04	1.11E+06	1.01E+04	1.2E+06	1.55E+06	9.47E+05	2.77E+05	3.21E+04	6.21E+05	1.81E+05	1.97E+05	7.33E+05	1.01E+06	4.37E+04	2.68E+05	2.42E+05	7.02E+04	1.35E+05	4.57E+05	7.98E+05	3.12E+05	1.95E+05	3.3E+05	3.28E+03	3.99E+05	9.08E+04	4.06E+04	2.58E+05	7.8E+04	2.11E+07
Oxazepam	0	1.06E+03	972	5.43E+03	1.02E+03	2.09E+03	2.78E+03	576	2.78E+03	716	3.31E+03	2.04E+04	2.04E+03	762	1.11E+07	1.39E+05	1E+03	3.15E+03	7.51E+03	883	2.95E+06	1.67E+03	0	644	1.99E+04	1.83E+03	7.42E+04	1.63E+03	1.96E+05	758	1.63E+03	1.93E+03	3.62E+05	4.76E+03	2.48E+04	1.05E+03	7.45E+03	4.36E+03	828	520	0	9.01E+03	1.19E+03	1.99E+04	6.34E+03
Oxaziclomefone	8.77E+03	3.61E+03	0	8.01E+03	1.82E+04	0	8.65E+03	4.41E+03	4.27E+03	8.07E+03	8.16E+03	9.02E+03	8.42E+03	1.02E+04	1.78E+03	0	3.48E+03	2.4E+03	7.96E+03	5.28E+03	0	7.81E+03	3.05E+04	6.69E+03	5.77E+03	1.03E+04	0	3.33E+03	1.26E+03	2.2E+04	0	3.55E+03	0	2.02E+06	1.86E+04	0	0	0	3.57E+04	1.64E+03	1.74E+03	9.8E+03	8.32E+03	4.48E+03	8.8E+03
Oxmetidine	0	0	4.15E+05	1.64E+05	8.42E+05	1.29E+04	6.61E+04	8.24E+03	2.23E+04	2.69E+05	6.22E+05	9.69E+05	2.21E+06	6.71E+04	4.61E+04	547	2.01E+05	1.04E+03	2.97E+04	6.65E+04	9.01E+04	4.1E+05	1.02E+03	800	1.96E+05	8.84E+05	1.67E+06	7.78E+05	0	6.94E+03	5.3E+04	6.93E+06	2.53E+04	5.69E+05	8.32E+06	7.16E+04	9.38E+05	4.68E+05	1.72E+04	775	923	1.87E+05	3.2E+06	2.01E+06	2.72E+05
Ozagrel hydrochloride	1.99E+04	5.57E+04	6.77E+06	1.53E+07	1.15E+07	1.08E+07	7.06E+06	4.38E+06	2E+07	1.25E+07	8.12E+06	1.24E+07	1.77E+07	7.92E+06	1.28E+07	6.29E+06	8.53E+06	5.76E+06	1.68E+07	1.05E+07	1.31E+07	1.43E+07	4.93E+06	4.84E+06	5.25E+06	2.67E+07	1.91E+07	1.56E+07	1.54E+04	5.05E+06	1.54E+07	2.8E+07	4.51E+06	1.33E+07	1.41E+07	6E+06	2.47E+07	1.29E+07	4.13E+06	5.77E+06	5.52E+06	1.2E+07	2.02E+07	1.12E+07	1.35E+07
p,p'-Methoxychlor olefin	1.11E+04	4.56E+03	1.8E+05	1.04E+05	5E+04	9.71E+04	2.97E+04	4.75E+05	1.67E+05	816	2.42E+04	1.09E+06	4.51E+05	6.16E+04	3.68E+05	2.46E+06	9.94E+04	1.07E+05	1.02E+05	1.39E+05	1.15E+04	4.88E+04	2.76E+03	3.25E+05	1.3E+06	4.14E+04	6.85E+04	1.76E+05	4.82E+03	1.74E+04	3.26E+05	6.47E+04	1.45E+06	4.08E+05	2.1E+05	2.32E+05	9.18E+04	1.54E+04	4.95E+05	4.01E+04	1.16E+05	2.64E+04	1.49E+04	5.02E+04	5.46E+05
Paeonolide	7.1E+06	1.05E+07	4.41E+06	8.57E+06	1.57E+07	1.91E+07	1.57E+07	9.03E+06	2.51E+07	1.51E+07	4.6E+07	2.27E+07	2.1E+07	1.16E+07	1.03E+07	3.44E+06	1.89E+07	7.41E+06	1.77E+07	1.17E+07	2.61E+07	2.99E+07	7.33E+06	1.72E+06	1.13E+07	3.86E+07	2.02E+07	4.45E+07	4.03E+06	1.66E+07	2.26E+07	2.17E+07	4.76E+06	2.26E+07	2.11E+07	9E+06	4.35E+07	1.4E+07	1.23E+07	6.91E+06	7.92E+06	1.46E+07	2.35E+07	1.79E+07	2.11E+07
Panfuran S	6.43E+04	4E+04	3.56E+05	1.39E+06	7.53E+04	1.68E+06	5.86E+06	3.89E+05	1.09E+06	6.54E+05	2.24E+06	3.62E+05	1.38E+06	4.4E+05	2.65E+05	4.15E+05	1.99E+06	7.6E+05	3.27E+06	1.34E+06	1.11E+06	7.17E+06	3.98E+05	5.95E+05	2.19E+06	5.02E+06	1.91E+06	3.29E+06	4.43E+04	6.32E+05	4.26E+06	3.73E+05	1.07E+05	1.63E+05	1.19E+06	8.98E+05	3.13E+06	1.95E+06	7.6E+04	5.81E+05	1.09E+05	3.37E+05	4.11E+05	3.93E+05	4.44E+05
Pantothenate	2.88E+07	2.56E+07	8.14E+06	1.92E+07	2.4E+07	3.55E+07	3.34E+07	1.61E+07	3.56E+07	6.74E+07	8.6E+06	3.62E+07	2.68E+07	2.21E+07	2.78E+07	2.75E+07	3.81E+07	2.01E+07	3.4E+07	2.62E+07	2.13E+07	3.48E+07	1.08E+07	1.22E+07	9.31E+06	4.42E+07	1.85E+07	9.16E+07	8.27E+06	1.28E+07	3.6E+07	1.3E+07	2.23E+07	2.43E+07	2.44E+07	1.18E+07	1.83E+07	1.39E+07	5.15E+06	9.86E+06	2.32E+07	1.38E+07	1.72E+07	3.13E+07	3.85E+07
Pantothenol	986	1.32E+04	0	979	9.94E+03	0	0	0	2.57E+04	2.21E+04	0	7.37E+04	2.66E+05	5.03E+05	0	0	0	662	0	815	1.48E+03	2E+03	595	0	851	2.1E+06	4.39E+03	0	9.9E+04	0	1.47E+04	0	1.67E+03	5.95E+03	0	1.16E+03	4.1E+04	1.01E+03	0	1.57E+03	0	991	4.26E+04	970	697
Parsonsine	0	0	0	0	1.08E+03	1.01E+03	908	0	3.11E+06	676	935	981	0	4.94E+03	0	0	1.04E+03	0	902	0	0	2.24E+03	0	0	842	0	0	1.11E+03	0	0	733	1.58E+03	0	0	0	0	0	868	0	0	0	0	524	929	0
Paucin	1.18E+06	1.65E+06	6.59E+05	1.09E+06	1.23E+06	3.56E+06	5.19E+05	3.32E+05	5.41E+06	1.76E+06	2.7E+06	4.71E+06	4.4E+06	1.11E+06	7.19E+05	3.64E+05	3.52E+06	4.07E+05	2.58E+06	1.23E+06	5.44E+06	4.58E+06	3.14E+05	2.9E+05	2.78E+06	5.63E+06	9.3E+05	6.07E+06	7.84E+05	2.62E+06	8.97E+06	1.23E+06	9.29E+05	7.34E+06	2.6E+06	6.28E+05	3E+06	1.06E+06	6.44E+05	5.93E+05	1.8E+06	2.4E+06	1.19E+06	1.04E+06	6.39E+05
Pendimethalin	2.49E+05	1.15E+05	1.74E+05	3.73E+05	1.51E+05	4.33E+05	1.01E+06	1.01E+05	1.29E+06	1.38E+06	8.86E+05	1.99E+05	3.45E+05	1.04E+06	1.23E+06	1.52E+05	4.45E+05	4.17E+05	1.35E+05	5.53E+05	6.87E+05	4.57E+05	4.83E+05	7.79E+04	3.07E+05	7.59E+05	6.9E+04	4.29E+05	3.93E+05	2.18E+05	2.42E+05	8.23E+05	4.08E+05	6.04E+04	2.03E+05	2.23E+04	4.28E+03	3.54E+05	3.15E+05	3.67E+05	2.19E+05	5.95E+05	6.17E+04	1.55E+06	8.73E+05
Pentahomomethionine	1.26E+05	2.32E+05	2.37E+05	4.74E+05	9.28E+05	1.18E+06	5.89E+05	2.55E+05	9.77E+05	9.39E+05	4.06E+05	1.52E+06	2.25E+06	1.32E+06	3.14E+05	1.58E+05	7.63E+05	5.57E+05	1.29E+06	5.61E+05	3.92E+05	6.39E+05	4.49E+05	5.58E+04	9.89E+05	2.82E+06	2.24E+06	2.23E+06	5.73E+04	8.59E+05	1.8E+06	1.84E+06	1.7E+05	4.24E+05	3.05E+06	5.11E+05	3.26E+06	4.65E+05	3.29E+05	2.63E+05	7.86E+05	6.58E+05	5.52E+05	7.04E+05	1.14E+06
Pentamidine	8.68E+03	1.96E+05	5.99E+05	1.3E+06	5.09E+05	2.38E+05	1.93E+06	1.45E+04	5.99E+06	5.24E+05	1.22E+06	2.18E+05	3E+05	3.15E+05	5.72E+04	3.81E+04	1.07E+05	1.85E+04	6.29E+03	1.55E+04	7.9E+05	3.67E+06	1.34E+04	1.55E+04	1.47E+05	1.49E+06	1.57E+04	2.54E+05	2.15E+04	3.24E+04	1.98E+06	2.11E+06	1.04E+05	4.12E+06	5.25E+05	4.02E+04	3.18E+03	2.68E+06	4.26E+05	4.2E+03	4.62E+04	5.43E+05	1.65E+05	1.52E+05	9.57E+04
Perindopril	4.63E+05	1.18E+06	7.53E+04	1.15E+06	2.99E+06	3.19E+05	4.69E+06	9.78E+04	3.08E+06	6.09E+05	1.57E+06	9.21E+05	1.7E+06	9.52E+05	2.66E+05	3.46E+04	8.29E+05	3.84E+05	1.31E+06	5.54E+05	1.65E+06	1.94E+06	4.62E+05	2.22E+04	5.9E+05	8.9E+05	4.38E+05	1.04E+06	6.91E+05	8.12E+05	2.3E+05	1.95E+06	1.48E+04	1.83E+06	4.79E+06	4.14E+05	6.97E+03	1.62E+06	7.7E+05	1.67E+05	1.98E+05	5.36E+05	5.72E+05	5.36E+05	6.6E+05
Perseitol_1	1.32E+07	1.95E+06	5.15E+06	2.62E+07	3.16E+04	6.6E+07	3.03E+04	1.44E+06	2.12E+05	6.67E+05	2.49E+07	2.14E+06	4.58E+07	1.2E+07	4.56E+05	2.62E+07	3.42E+07	3.57E+05	2.32E+07	4.99E+05	2.46E+07	1.74E+06	1.4E+03	4.03E+07	2.2E+07	1.57E+06	5.35E+07	9.65E+05	3.01E+06	1.89E+07	5.63E+07	2.4E+07	1.26E+07	4.36E+07	3.97E+07	1.48E+06	9.8E+07	2.61E+07	1.03E+07	5.03E+06	2.37E+03	2.05E+05	2.39E+07	2.65E+07	1.77E+03
Perseitol_2	1.5E+06	1.56E+06	2.28E+07	3.23E+05	1.08E+06	3.45E+06	3.52E+06	1.62E+05	8.63E+06	2.13E+07	5.99E+05	2E+07	3.88E+06	7.57E+05	1.46E+06	5.61E+05	4.55E+06	8.52E+05	2.89E+06	1.21E+06	7.14E+07	1.83E+07	3.12E+06	3.71E+06	2.92E+06	8.9E+07	8.19E+06	1.41E+07	1.42E+07	2.88E+06	3.52E+06	7.76E+07	7.05E+05	2.55E+06	2.16E+06	5.59E+05	5.29E+06	1.8E+06	1.67E+05	2.07E+07	2.13E+05	1.47E+06	1.95E+06	2.25E+06	2.6E+06
Phenylacetylglutamine	9.79E+08	7.39E+08	9.12E+08	2.56E+08	3.49E+08	1.44E+09	4.3E+08	1.81E+08	2.18E+09	4.16E+08	1.34E+09	1.13E+09	7.46E+08	4.03E+08	3.61E+08	2.27E+08	2.87E+09	3.62E+08	1.21E+09	1.07E+09	2.58E+09	5.86E+08	1.48E+08	2.86E+08	8.59E+08	9.46E+08	1.24E+09	7.86E+08	7.81E+08	6.9E+08	2.22E+09	1.09E+09	1.73E+08	1.47E+09	4.99E+08	1.34E+09	1.95E+09	4.5E+08	1.92E+08	3.76E+08	9.27E+08	1.32E+09	8.52E+08	1.97E+09	5.79E+08
Phenylgalactoside_1	2.68E+05	1.02E+06	8.89E+05	5.03E+06	4.42E+06	4.37E+05	7.21E+06	2.18E+05	1.02E+07	3.78E+05	1.24E+06	9.65E+05	5.57E+06	6.68E+05	2.86E+05	5.23E+05	3.03E+06	3.53E+05	1.51E+06	6.38E+05	7.6E+06	8.5E+06	2.51E+05	1.1E+05	8.35E+05	8.11E+05	6.99E+05	9.32E+05	6.41E+05	5.27E+06	1.28E+06	8.36E+06	3.09E+05	1.03E+07	1.05E+06	5.86E+06	6.37E+05	1.19E+07	9.35E+05	2.12E+05	1.57E+05	4.42E+05	7.88E+05	9.44E+05	6.76E+05
Phenylgalactoside_2	3.86E+03	2.63E+04	1.66E+04	2.63E+05	1.64E+05	2.95E+04	6.48E+04	9.33E+04	4.3E+05	6.15E+04	8.4E+06	1.67E+05	1.67E+05	2.66E+05	1.65E+05	1.11E+04	5.67E+04	2.22E+04	5.18E+04	5.28E+04	4.87E+04	4.61E+05	2.53E+04	8.95E+03	7.7E+04	2.96E+05	3.13E+05	4.57E+05	8.76E+03	2.27E+04	1.13E+04	4.16E+05	4.24E+03	5.38E+05	2.9E+05	2.08E+04	6.19E+05	6.44E+04	4.63E+04	1.78E+05	8.14E+04	9.53E+04	3.3E+05	1.48E+05	2.23E+05
Phenylgalactoside_3	2.68E+05	1.07E+06	4.18E+05	8.81E+05	1.16E+06	4.37E+05	1.34E+06	1.15E+05	2.2E+06	4.45E+05	1.4E+06	9.65E+05	1.13E+06	6.68E+05	2.86E+05	6.85E+04	6.73E+05	3.53E+05	8.2E+05	5.16E+05	1.06E+06	1.3E+06	2.3E+05	1.1E+05	8.35E+05	8.11E+05	6.99E+05	9.32E+05	5.24E+05	6.15E+05	5.56E+05	1.46E+06	1.72E+05	1.83E+06	1.05E+06	5.13E+05	6.37E+05	1.6E+06	9.36E+05	2.12E+05	1.57E+05	5.77E+05	3.89E+05	6.14E+06	3.63E+06
Phenylmethanesulfonyl fluoride_1	3.22E+08	4.98E+08	2.85E+08	3.93E+08	5.24E+08	7.36E+08	9.22E+08	2.67E+08	1.59E+09	8.78E+08	5.4E+08	1.44E+09	1.29E+09	4.16E+08	4.19E+08	2.65E+08	8.93E+08	3.42E+08	9.82E+08	5.05E+08	1.15E+09	1.18E+09	1.67E+08	1.8E+08	4.77E+08	1.25E+09	8.02E+08	1.46E+09	1.92E+08	4.17E+08	9.24E+08	1.18E+09	1.86E+08	8.81E+08	1.09E+09	3.66E+08	1.78E+09	6.03E+08	1.81E+08	1.38E+08	3.93E+08	5E+08	9.81E+08	8.67E+08	1.07E+09
Phenylmethanesulfonyl fluoride_2	1.73E+08	5.48E+08	1.74E+08	2.17E+08	3.07E+08	4.43E+08	5.89E+08	1.43E+08	9.69E+08	5.19E+08	2.99E+08	8.3E+08	7.41E+08	2.17E+08	2.15E+08	1.35E+08	4.07E+08	1.35E+08	5.11E+08	2.54E+08	6.05E+08	6.3E+08	6.83E+07	8.63E+07	2.17E+08	6.79E+08	3.86E+08	7.4E+08	7.48E+07	1.81E+08	4.52E+08	5.43E+08	7.8E+07	4.06E+08	4.96E+08	1.5E+08	7.43E+08	2.61E+08	6.92E+07	4.93E+07	1.51E+08	1.98E+08	4.19E+08	5.57E+08	6.9E+08
Phenylpyruvate	2.4E+05	2.13E+05	2.99E+05	4.04E+04	2.6E+05	3.55E+05	8.44E+05	5.9E+05	7.06E+05	3.61E+05	1.51E+05	7.05E+05	5.44E+05	1.94E+05	1.74E+05	1.6E+05	8.64E+05	2.91E+05	6.82E+05	3.42E+05	1.03E+06	6.7E+05	7.52E+04	5.8E+04	8.47E+04	7.73E+05	7.19E+05	7.24E+05	1.62E+05	2.63E+05	3.64E+05	1.26E+05	8.72E+04	4.14E+05	5.35E+05	2.39E+05	3.65E+07	2.61E+04	4.93E+04	5.48E+04	1.41E+04	2.64E+05	2.66E+05	6.12E+05	1.84E+05
PHOSPHOCHOLINE	2.23E+05	2.49E+05	4.04E+05	1.7E+06	2.63E+06	3.89E+06	9.6E+05	7.79E+05	9.42E+06	4.67E+06	2.66E+06	6.51E+06	6.04E+06	1.99E+06	4.6E+06	2.3E+05	4.64E+06	1.64E+06	5.04E+06	3.32E+06	7.24E+06	5.39E+06	4.18E+05	3.38E+05	5.91E+05	7.19E+06	3.49E+06	1.05E+07	2.98E+05	6.32E+05	6.87E+06	2.14E+06	5.23E+05	5.12E+06	1.45E+06	4.56E+05	4.65E+06	3.64E+06	1.12E+06	8.9E+05	1.37E+06	2.95E+06	3.15E+06	5.74E+06	6.56E+06
Phosphoramide mustard	1.33E+05	5.54E+04	9.72E+04	3.04E+03	5.95E+03	2.18E+05	2.2E+04	1.06E+04	1.93E+07	4.02E+04	2.83E+04	1.32E+04	9.58E+04	2.7E+04	3.16E+04	2.89E+04	7.98E+05	6.4E+03	7.32E+04	2.18E+04	3.84E+05	1.53E+04	3.9E+04	6.12E+03	6.56E+04	1.92E+04	2.7E+04	1.2E+04	4.93E+04	4.93E+04	1.07E+06	3.39E+04	2.97E+04	5.48E+05	1.71E+04	3.4E+04	2.16E+04	4.92E+04	1.33E+05	5.32E+03	1.25E+04	2.89E+05	3.07E+04	2.89E+05	4.48E+04
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_1	752	0	5.84E+03	3.62E+04	2.19E+06	2.36E+05	2.81E+03	1.88E+05	8.48E+03	2.37E+03	2.13E+03	4.73E+04	3.7E+03	9.23E+05	0	1.75E+04	1.26E+06	1.69E+03	9.5E+03	1.58E+05	1.66E+05	4.36E+03	846	1.21E+03	6.76E+03	3.36E+04	1.9E+04	2.95E+03	6.18E+03	7.87E+05	1.4E+04	1.19E+05	4.37E+03	1.74E+08	1.38E+07	5.94E+03	4.74E+04	2.9E+03	2.66E+06	9.38E+04	8.4E+03	2.99E+04	1.23E+03	5.04E+04	2.9E+03
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_2	685	0	1.03E+03	2.79E+03	1.15E+06	6.29E+04	1.62E+03	8.16E+04	3.36E+03	0	1.23E+03	4.88E+03	1.09E+03	3.94E+05	1.24E+03	0	6.54E+05	573	4.6E+03	4.23E+04	9.68E+04	912	0	834	2.5E+03	2.7E+03	8.95E+03	1.67E+03	5.16E+03	2.7E+05	1.11E+04	2.9E+04	858	5.22E+07	3.09E+06	1.57E+03	9.32E+03	2.42E+03	5.96E+06	9.29E+03	3.09E+03	1.34E+04	2.11E+03	1.33E+04	1.03E+03
Plumieride	1.68E+04	4.72E+05	9.05E+05	1.52E+05	4.61E+05	3.55E+06	3.06E+05	2.15E+04	6.92E+05	2.36E+05	2.49E+05	2.87E+06	6.94E+05	5.14E+04	1.93E+05	1.82E+05	8.4E+04	6.96E+04	4.23E+05	3.07E+05	1.7E+06	5.06E+05	4.99E+05	1.01E+05	2.38E+04	1.39E+05	6.22E+04	4.41E+05	1.93E+04	4.61E+04	2.48E+05	1.88E+05	6.08E+04	9.32E+05	6.04E+04	3.77E+04	4.43E+04	8.18E+04	2.56E+05	2.37E+04	3.45E+04	2.3E+04	6.43E+04	1.63E+05	3.07E+06
Podophyllotoxone	8.59E+05	7.62E+05	5.07E+05	1.09E+06	1.04E+06	1.98E+06	1.16E+06	4.68E+05	3.89E+06	8.98E+05	1.6E+06	3.05E+06	3.33E+06	1.38E+06	1.16E+06	8.56E+05	5.5E+06	1.38E+06	3.9E+06	2.85E+06	6.52E+06	1.41E+06	6.86E+05	4.79E+05	1.18E+06	1.06E+07	2.78E+06	1.41E+06	7.24E+05	1.15E+06	2.36E+06	3.52E+06	5.9E+05	1.54E+06	2.34E+06	7.21E+05	3.51E+06	1.1E+06	3.41E+05	5.8E+05	1.01E+06	1.64E+06	4.46E+06	3.16E+06	1.83E+06
Polypodine B	5.77E+05	6.16E+05	1.99E+05	1.9E+06	1.02E+06	2.54E+06	4.8E+05	3.52E+06	1.23E+07	2.1E+06	1.97E+06	3.56E+07	2.78E+07	2.83E+06	4.54E+06	2.27E+05	1.47E+06	1.13E+05	2.29E+06	5.62E+05	7.92E+05	4.36E+06	2.71E+04	2.69E+04	8.3E+06	8.31E+06	1.02E+06	6.32E+06	2.85E+06	1.8E+05	2.45E+06	5.28E+06	3.75E+05	1.85E+06	6.79E+06	1.5E+05	3.44E+06	1.9E+06	2.62E+06	1.26E+05	3.14E+06	1.8E+06	1.24E+06	8.96E+05	1.46E+06
Porphobilinogen	5.91E+06	1.85E+07	4.86E+07	1.48E+07	1.28E+07	1.37E+07	1.65E+07	5.39E+06	9.93E+07	1.81E+07	1.02E+07	1.83E+07	2.13E+07	1.05E+07	1.28E+07	4.98E+06	1.8E+07	4.43E+06	1.26E+07	1.12E+07	2.98E+07	6.59E+07	5.3E+06	3.24E+06	4.9E+07	2.85E+07	9.58E+06	2.21E+07	4.91E+06	1.02E+07	7.75E+07	2.46E+07	3.8E+06	1.61E+07	2.51E+07	2.89E+07	2.06E+07	9.52E+06	8.04E+06	3.76E+06	5.32E+06	1.71E+07	9.77E+06	1.39E+07	1.34E+07
Portulacaxanthin II	1.97E+05	1.19E+06	7.32E+04	1.01E+05	2.04E+05	3.8E+05	1.1E+05	4.16E+04	6.96E+06	1.68E+05	7.42E+03	4.82E+05	7.83E+05	3.51E+04	1.8E+04	6.01E+05	2.1E+05	3.47E+03	6.42E+04	1.63E+05	1.7E+05	4.21E+05	5.82E+04	1.04E+05	1.33E+05	1.18E+05	1.9E+05	1.83E+05	1.8E+05	1.93E+05	4.47E+04	2.43E+06	2.21E+04	2.69E+04	9.82E+05	2.62E+04	1.14E+05	4.88E+03	1.05E+05	1E+05	1.09E+04	1.92E+04	3.06E+04	3.52E+04	7.45E+04
Potassium cyanate_1	1.08E+05	2.12E+07	3.4E+05	8.8E+04	2.58E+05	1.58E+06	5.8E+04	1.58E+05	9.27E+06	3.16E+05	1.32E+05	2.44E+05	1.45E+06	5.53E+04	1.99E+05	2.81E+05	4.55E+05	1.53E+05	2.28E+07	1.19E+05	7.18E+06	1.12E+06	2.33E+04	8.29E+03	1.36E+06	3.44E+06	7.5E+05	3.03E+07	1.54E+05	3.19E+04	4.51E+06	1.26E+06	3.77E+04	4.15E+06	2.94E+07	9.01E+04	1.03E+06	6.46E+04	8.3E+04	2.95E+04	2.1E+07	1.94E+06	9.42E+05	4.68E+06	2.46E+05
Potassium cyanate_2	2.5E+06	1.91E+06	2.99E+06	4.25E+05	8.34E+05	2.35E+07	2.38E+04	8.23E+05	5.68E+07	6.79E+05	2.07E+06	1.34E+06	1.78E+06	3.03E+05	3.17E+05	9.27E+04	5.43E+07	1.99E+05	1.16E+06	4.53E+05	5E+07	1.52E+06	5E+04	1.97E+05	2.4E+06	3.44E+06	1.44E+06	2.57E+05	2.54E+06	9.26E+05	4.67E+07	2.17E+06	8.8E+04	3.49E+07	4.81E+05	2.83E+06	2.35E+06	2.26E+05	1.05E+05	4.95E+05	2.71E+06	2.35E+07	8.5E+05	4.73E+07	1.12E+06
Potassium cyanate_3	9.51E+04	2.16E+05	1.84E+05	3.49E+05	2.26E+05	3.56E+05	4.68E+05	2.12E+05	7.03E+05	5.81E+05	8.28E+05	1.63E+06	1.55E+06	8.94E+05	2.12E+05	8.99E+04	4.62E+05	3.38E+05	3.26E+05	4.07E+05	7.46E+05	1.52E+05	4.92E+05	1.05E+05	4.83E+05	2.96E+07	7.41E+05	9.11E+05	9.37E+05	4.51E+05	1.03E+05	3.64E+05	1.72E+05	5.42E+05	8.28E+05	6.09E+05	1.14E+06	8.05E+05	8.31E+05	4.06E+05	1.09E+06	9.81E+05	2.23E+06	2.4E+05	1.21E+05
Potassium cyanate_4	9.51E+04	2.16E+05	1.84E+05	3.49E+05	2.26E+05	3.56E+05	4.68E+05	2.12E+05	7.03E+05	5.81E+05	8.28E+05	1.63E+06	1.55E+06	8.94E+05	2.12E+05	8.99E+04	4.62E+05	3.38E+05	3.26E+05	4.07E+05	7.46E+05	1.52E+05	4.92E+05	1.05E+05	4.83E+05	8.71E+05	7.41E+05	9.11E+05	9.37E+05	4.51E+05	1.03E+05	3.64E+05	1.72E+05	5.42E+05	8.28E+05	6.09E+05	2.85E+07	8.05E+05	8.31E+05	4.06E+05	1.09E+06	9.81E+05	2.4E+07	2.4E+05	1.21E+05
Prodiamine	3.4E+05	9.44E+04	5.84E+05	9.64E+04	2.1E+06	1.16E+06	2.89E+05	3.11E+04	2.83E+06	7.88E+05	3.33E+06	6.95E+05	2.05E+06	2E+05	2.36E+05	3.41E+04	6.89E+04	4.19E+05	2.87E+06	1.46E+05	2.92E+06	5.75E+06	1.03E+05	4.72E+04	1.79E+05	3.43E+06	5.7E+06	5.54E+06	3.02E+05	9.31E+05	4.14E+06	2.95E+06	3.04E+04	4.68E+06	3.4E+05	1.06E+05	7.26E+06	2.11E+06	6.32E+05	4.52E+04	4.67E+04	1.02E+05	2.05E+05	2.18E+06	5.54E+05
Prontosil	4.24E+04	8.84E+05	1.11E+05	6.69E+04	6.48E+05	3.7E+05	3.12E+05	5.22E+05	4.29E+05	3E+05	2.94E+05	1.95E+07	8.5E+05	9.15E+04	6.65E+04	2.19E+05	1.16E+06	1.09E+05	1.84E+06	1.11E+05	2.77E+05	3.85E+05	3.19E+04	1.62E+04	1.65E+05	4.87E+05	8.68E+05	1.58E+06	8.24E+03	5.64E+05	3.43E+05	8.72E+05	4.53E+04	1.81E+05	1.48E+07	9.52E+05	1.29E+06	1.15E+05	9.98E+03	4.9E+04	3.36E+05	3.27E+05	2.45E+05	4.44E+04	4.21E+05
Propachlor_1	7.98E+04	6.93E+04	3.5E+05	1.1E+06	0	2.17E+07	1.4E+03	6.96E+04	2.21E+03	1.54E+04	4.26E+05	1.41E+05	1.09E+06	1.17E+05	2.41E+04	4.07E+05	7.27E+05	2.33E+04	5.09E+05	1.9E+04	9.07E+05	5.92E+04	830	1.89E+07	5.55E+05	2.19E+03	1.14E+06	2.59E+04	1.3E+05	6.31E+05	1.81E+07	9.54E+05	2.67E+05	1.43E+06	9.21E+06	1.06E+05	4.75E+06	2.84E+05	1.98E+05	2.87E+05	9.04E+03	4.57E+03	7.18E+05	3.47E+05	1.32E+03
Propachlor_2	6.45E+05	9.39E+05	6.99E+05	3.28E+05	1.22E+06	1.16E+06	1.44E+06	2.08E+05	1.48E+06	2.33E+06	8.01E+05	4.69E+05	1.52E+06	3.33E+05	1E+06	6.13E+05	1.79E+06	1.5E+05	2.46E+06	2.18E+05	4.25E+06	6.01E+05	4.52E+05	6.76E+05	1.06E+06	5.68E+06	2.25E+06	8.48E+05	5.7E+05	1.05E+06	3.79E+05	4.66E+06	8.74E+05	1.45E+06	9.12E+05	5.49E+05	4.13E+07	3.95E+05	7.58E+04	6.39E+05	9.64E+04	1.41E+05	2.15E+06	2.21E+06	1.3E+06
Propanethial S-oxide	8.06E+04	9.27E+04	4.59E+04	3E+05	1.44E+05	1.08E+05	1.16E+06	5.82E+04	2.1E+07	1.4E+05	4.49E+04	4.58E+04	1.52E+05	9.67E+04	2.76E+04	2.11E+04	3.77E+05	3.1E+04	3.37E+04	9.14E+04	8.6E+05	4.25E+05	6.05E+04	8.35E+04	2.03E+06	2.59E+05	9.15E+05	7.47E+04	3.44E+04	8.32E+05	8.71E+04	2.4E+06	1.04E+05	9.35E+04	2.16E+04	3.35E+06	5.33E+05	1.53E+06	1.7E+04	5.6E+04	3.73E+04	1.02E+05	1.2E+06	1.44E+06	7.25E+04
Propantheline chloride	1.81E+05	1.46E+06	3.33E+05	1.84E+04	8.5E+05	6.78E+05	7.31E+05	3.39E+04	9.72E+05	8.03E+05	9.36E+04	1.51E+05	4.51E+05	1.43E+05	5.71E+05	3.11E+04	1.71E+05	7.03E+04	3.92E+05	2.1E+05	7.28E+05	5.33E+05	4.83E+05	1.87E+05	5.59E+04	7.58E+05	1.11E+06	1.39E+06	6.39E+05	4.87E+05	9.81E+04	4.34E+05	1.87E+04	2.12E+04	1.48E+05	9.96E+04	9.88E+06	3.55E+04	4.27E+05	1.13E+05	2.78E+04	2.2E+05	8.7E+04	3.01E+05	2.67E+05
Proparacaine	0	1.03E+03	1.86E+03	1.68E+06	1.8E+03	3.13E+04	2.25E+04	6.39E+03	7.5E+03	1.98E+04	3.56E+04	1.11E+04	7.06E+03	2.93E+03	769	707	0	0	0	807	987	1.11E+04	408	626	1.2E+04	6.29E+04	3E+03	3.81E+04	1.12E+03	5.27E+03	5.86E+03	3.28E+03	648	1.11E+04	5.15E+04	6.04E+03	4.94E+03	7.41E+05	3.08E+03	6.02E+03	1.51E+06	1.48E+04	0	1.21E+03	6.88E+03
Propyzamide_1	3.96E+07	2.48E+07	1.61E+05	3E+05	1.35E+07	6.3E+04	1.43E+06	2.41E+06	1.11E+05	3.09E+05	7.95E+05	1.61E+05	4.48E+06	5.78E+05	2.33E+04	8.02E+05	9.53E+05	4.84E+06	9.83E+05	1.97E+05	5.07E+04	2.24E+05	3.92E+05	1.28E+06	1.89E+07	1.79E+05	9.49E+05	9.38E+04	1.41E+07	5.69E+05	3.18E+04	5E+03	4.04E+04	2.22E+05	4.66E+04	1.94E+05	3.07E+07	2.75E+04	2.46E+05	1.01E+06	8.91E+03	9.26E+05	1.65E+07	7.09E+05	3.32E+06
Propyzamide_2	1.14E+06	1.76E+06	8.84E+04	1.55E+04	1.66E+06	6.81E+04	3.91E+03	1.13E+04	2.06E+06	1.03E+03	1.54E+06	9.79E+05	1.7E+04	3.36E+06	3.07E+04	2.83E+03	0	0	4.41E+04	1.14E+03	1.92E+05	1.42E+07	581	752	3.54E+06	1.01E+04	9.8E+03	1.83E+03	2.37E+06	3.43E+04	1.81E+05	2.52E+04	1.79E+04	7.55E+03	2.57E+05	1.36E+03	2.8E+05	1.66E+03	3.11E+05	715	3.15E+03	1.7E+04	1.23E+06	3.66E+03	6.04E+03
Prostaglandin G2	1.02E+04	1.06E+04	6.47E+04	4.06E+05	5.26E+05	1.47E+06	2.06E+06	9.2E+05	7.51E+06	1.79E+06	1.05E+06	7.04E+05	1.36E+07	1.01E+06	2.13E+06	5.96E+04	1.02E+06	2.83E+05	6.75E+04	4.75E+05	3.44E+05	9.35E+06	1.6E+05	2.49E+03	3.89E+06	8.66E+06	7.91E+04	6.04E+05	1.74E+05	2.93E+05	1.02E+06	1.93E+06	1.89E+05	3.79E+05	7.34E+06	6.1E+05	7.66E+06	1.84E+06	1.64E+06	2.15E+04	1.25E+05	1.51E+06	2.02E+06	3.44E+05	3.41E+04
Psicofuranine	5.65E+06	3.94E+06	2.95E+06	7.38E+06	6.82E+06	1.11E+07	1.02E+07	5.13E+06	1.45E+07	1.41E+07	1.18E+07	1.36E+07	1.85E+07	1.15E+07	1.12E+07	4.38E+06	1.54E+07	8.77E+06	1.16E+07	1.07E+07	1.42E+07	1.29E+07	5.04E+06	3.33E+06	1.09E+07	2.36E+07	1.42E+07	1.77E+07	4.82E+06	6.68E+06	1.1E+07	1.33E+07	4.76E+06	8.69E+06	1.81E+07	6.09E+06	2.42E+07	6.73E+06	7.43E+06	4.86E+06	8.24E+06	1.02E+07	1.3E+07	1.38E+07	1.48E+07
Pulcherriminic acid	2.22E+06	3.6E+06	1.07E+07	6.93E+06	8.36E+07	3.34E+07	1.86E+07	6.9E+06	3.2E+07	1.53E+07	3.02E+07	4.11E+07	3.22E+07	5.32E+07	1.1E+07	2.15E+06	2.69E+07	1.13E+07	3.43E+07	1.62E+07	9.92E+06	1.36E+07	5.79E+06	1.57E+06	3.79E+07	8.56E+07	8.15E+07	5.8E+07	1.06E+06	1.99E+07	7.2E+07	1.18E+08	2.19E+06	1.37E+07	1.24E+08	1.57E+07	1.71E+08	1.34E+07	1.54E+07	5.26E+06	1.42E+07	2.11E+07	2.47E+07	5.04E+07	1.58E+07
Pydanon	3.21E+07	4.03E+07	2.73E+07	3.35E+07	2.54E+07	2.85E+07	4.32E+07	1.92E+07	6.95E+07	7.02E+07	3.13E+07	1.17E+08	4.62E+07	5.79E+07	2.67E+07	2.5E+07	3.69E+07	1.78E+07	2.99E+07	2.14E+07	5.64E+07	5.95E+07	1.68E+07	2.01E+07	3.72E+07	7E+07	2.66E+07	3.65E+07	3.04E+07	1.15E+07	4.47E+07	3.99E+07	1.71E+07	3.25E+07	3.2E+07	1.54E+07	4.05E+07	2.41E+07	1.38E+07	1.96E+07	1.51E+07	4.19E+07	3.1E+07	2.98E+07	3.24E+07
Pyricarbate	7.99E+04	5.94E+04	7.3E+04	1.63E+05	2.73E+05	2.21E+05	3.48E+05	7.07E+04	3.11E+05	3.81E+04	2.95E+05	2.54E+05	3.55E+05	8.77E+05	1.74E+04	4.85E+05	1.06E+05	1.22E+05	4.86E+05	2.99E+05	2.05E+05	2.41E+05	7.11E+04	3.99E+05	9.63E+04	1.09E+05	1.24E+06	9.83E+04	3.22E+04	4.53E+04	4.87E+05	1.72E+05	2.22E+05	7.17E+04	1.02E+05	3.3E+05	1.54E+06	3.54E+05	1.48E+05	2.74E+04	1.89E+04	1.47E+05	1.66E+06	1.77E+05	3.04E+04
Pyridaben	8.7E+05	2.68E+06	1.37E+06	1.19E+06	3.73E+06	5.36E+06	4.89E+06	1.32E+06	4.87E+06	3.71E+06	2.76E+06	8.31E+06	8.27E+06	2.82E+06	1E+06	8.6E+05	7.1E+06	3.41E+06	8.09E+06	3.18E+06	5.26E+06	4.93E+06	1.28E+06	7.63E+05	1.76E+06	1.12E+07	1.23E+07	1.47E+07	1.48E+06	4.14E+06	1.93E+07	4.87E+06	8.6E+05	6.63E+06	7.5E+06	4.16E+06	9.22E+06	3.11E+06	1.74E+06	6.03E+05	1.19E+06	2.1E+06	2.31E+06	3.37E+06	6.1E+06
Quercetin 3-O-glucoside	0	2.9E+03	2.46E+05	2.25E+03	2.21E+06	1.24E+03	1.17E+03	646	8.01E+03	1.04E+04	1.14E+04	3.4E+04	5.28E+05	2.02E+04	905	6.19E+04	2.6E+04	0	1.91E+05	0	912	2.05E+05	1.65E+03	514	1.16E+05	1.38E+03	6.94E+05	2.31E+04	0	0	7.67E+03	5.46E+04	0	1.92E+03	1.01E+04	1.76E+05	7.9E+04	0	1.51E+03	773	0	3.47E+03	1.7E+04	2.01E+04	2.44E+05
Quercitrin_1	6.74E+04	4.22E+06	4.64E+06	1.56E+05	1.16E+07	6.83E+05	1.85E+05	1.23E+07	6.08E+06	4.19E+05	4.46E+07	2.95E+07	7.02E+06	2.17E+06	7.25E+05	7.64E+06	1.3E+07	4.19E+05	1.61E+06	5.09E+04	9.77E+06	1.67E+07	9.27E+04	9.57E+03	2.15E+07	2.57E+05	4.69E+07	4.42E+05	2.85E+05	1.43E+06	2.22E+06	5.9E+06	6.95E+04	1.57E+06	2.99E+06	1.05E+06	1.6E+06	5.84E+05	9.51E+05	9.66E+03	1.79E+04	3.33E+07	1.23E+06	1.33E+06	4.11E+05
Quercitrin_2	6.74E+04	2.06E+06	6.56E+06	1.56E+05	6.43E+06	6.83E+05	1.85E+05	6.11E+06	2.12E+06	4.19E+05	2.54E+07	4.98E+07	3.15E+06	2.98E+06	7.25E+05	3.97E+06	5.67E+06	4.19E+05	1.61E+06	5.09E+04	1.61E+07	2.79E+07	9.27E+04	9.57E+03	1.22E+07	2.57E+05	2.53E+07	4.42E+05	2.85E+05	1.43E+06	2.72E+06	2.25E+06	6.95E+04	1.57E+06	3.93E+06	1.05E+06	1.6E+06	5.84E+05	9.51E+05	9.66E+03	1.73E+04	1.86E+07	1.23E+06	1.33E+06	4.11E+05
Quetiapine	0	0	4.32E+04	7.28E+03	761	1.13E+06	730	485	3.46E+04	5.81E+03	0	0	719	3.66E+04	0	532	2.98E+03	4.28E+03	1.2E+04	5.11E+03	7.82E+03	1.53E+03	373	574	0	0	6.43E+05	7.52E+03	726	1.81E+06	1.49E+06	764	1.57E+04	6.54E+06	2.44E+04	2.04E+05	1.82E+06	2.08E+03	732	312	4.16E+03	0	3.58E+05	1.99E+03	514
QUINATE	3.39E+07	1.87E+08	4.07E+07	1.17E+08	1.95E+08	1.74E+08	3.36E+07	1.61E+08	9.21E+06	1.78E+07	6.99E+07	5.32E+08	1.12E+08	1.81E+06	1.38E+07	2.14E+08	3.42E+08	6.36E+05	3.13E+08	3.55E+05	3.37E+07	1.67E+07	7.59E+06	1.3E+08	4.87E+06	1.42E+08	1.45E+08	3.21E+08	2.04E+07	1.48E+08	2.77E+07	1.06E+08	5.7E+07	2.52E+07	6.68E+08	9.43E+07	2.73E+08	6.98E+07	5.86E+06	3.52E+07	1.18E+08	1.67E+07	3.45E+08	1.63E+07	1.68E+06
Quinate	5.99E+04	4.51E+05	8.2E+05	6.1E+04	6.73E+04	1.36E+06	1.22E+06	6.63E+03	3.18E+06	1.74E+05	1.81E+04	4.39E+05	2.71E+05	3.62E+04	7.38E+03	7.08E+05	2.54E+05	4.2E+04	8.9E+04	1.43E+05	1.39E+06	3.74E+06	1.19E+06	8.5E+04	6.19E+03	5.41E+05	1.01E+07	3.19E+05	2.29E+05	2.99E+05	1.55E+06	6.83E+05	3.92E+04	7.11E+07	2.62E+05	7.44E+05	7.17E+05	1.46E+07	1.42E+06	4.73E+04	2.61E+04	3.16E+04	4.73E+05	6.23E+06	4.78E+04
Quinoclamin	5.19E+04	6.29E+05	1.81E+03	1.95E+04	5.83E+05	4.14E+04	8.79E+03	3.44E+04	8.58E+03	1.31E+04	1.6E+04	1.06E+04	3.69E+03	6.13E+03	1.3E+04	2.64E+04	1.66E+05	2.49E+03	8.81E+04	1.3E+04	4.06E+04	1.21E+04	1.51E+04	3.45E+04	3.83E+03	3.97E+03	2.52E+03	1.25E+07	5.03E+04	9.98E+03	1.04E+04	1.98E+04	2.12E+04	5.3E+04	1.09E+07	2.98E+04	6.35E+03	5.05E+03	4.15E+04	1.75E+04	2.52E+05	4.37E+04	2.58E+04	4.97E+03	3.86E+03
Quinolinate	2.81E+07	3.32E+07	5.25E+07	3.33E+07	4.15E+07	7.5E+07	1.39E+08	3.72E+07	1.22E+08	5.99E+07	5.83E+07	1.02E+08	9.38E+07	5.08E+07	4.4E+07	2.62E+07	7.58E+07	4.08E+07	8.25E+07	6.03E+07	7.79E+07	6.52E+07	2.47E+07	1.85E+07	5.05E+07	1.18E+08	6.77E+07	9.78E+07	2.08E+07	4.45E+07	6.12E+07	7.93E+07	2.22E+07	6.83E+07	8.82E+07	3.78E+07	1.55E+08	3.8E+07	2.54E+07	2.56E+07	3.68E+07	5.5E+07	1.64E+08	5.91E+07	6.55E+07
Quizalofop-ethyl	1.74E+05	2.1E+05	4.01E+05	4.36E+03	8.19E+04	3.91E+05	6.25E+04	5.81E+04	1.47E+07	1.58E+06	3.26E+05	1.82E+05	1.99E+04	9.87E+04	4.19E+04	7.63E+04	2.4E+07	7.34E+05	1.58E+06	1.61E+06	2.67E+06	3.17E+04	3.72E+03	4.95E+04	4.88E+05	2.38E+05	9.55E+06	1.71E+05	1.37E+05	1.44E+05	7.67E+06	1.12E+04	3.36E+04	3.95E+05	3.43E+05	3.26E+04	3.98E+05	7.16E+04	1.45E+04	8.46E+04	5.77E+05	4.42E+05	5.63E+05	4.41E+06	1.66E+05
Reduced riboflavin_1	6.95E+06	9.11E+06	1.03E+07	9.32E+06	2.99E+07	1.3E+07	2.45E+07	5.64E+06	3.37E+07	1.1E+07	2.75E+07	1.86E+07	2.33E+07	7.63E+06	4.25E+05	1.84E+07	1.77E+07	1.31E+06	2.08E+07	6.52E+06	9.33E+07	3.19E+07	7.43E+06	9.81E+06	3.19E+06	2.25E+07	2.32E+07	3.05E+06	5.39E+06	1.45E+07	2.58E+07	1.64E+07	1.02E+07	4.49E+07	1.61E+07	1.19E+07	3.76E+07	2.19E+07	1.33E+07	6.05E+05	7.15E+05	1.82E+07	2.34E+07	1.79E+07	1.82E+07
Reduced riboflavin_2	1.95E+05	1.34E+05	2.03E+06	6.12E+05	9.45E+06	8.03E+05	1.48E+06	1.08E+05	5.63E+06	5.7E+05	1.14E+06	1.23E+06	3.52E+06	6.89E+05	2.57E+05	1.61E+06	2.24E+05	9.99E+06	2.24E+06	2.93E+05	6.99E+06	1.18E+06	2.47E+05	1.73E+06	1.33E+07	9.3E+05	1.05E+06	6.99E+05	9.42E+04	6.38E+05	5.4E+05	9.17E+05	2.24E+06	6.63E+06	1.85E+06	6.43E+05	4.04E+06	4.41E+06	9.99E+05	1.43E+04	4.31E+04	4.51E+05	7.92E+05	1.62E+06	1.67E+06
Reduced riboflavin_3	5.01E+05	9.35E+05	5.92E+05	4.91E+05	7.53E+05	1.64E+06	2.04E+06	6.82E+05	2.82E+06	1.84E+06	1.38E+06	2.45E+06	3.5E+06	9.13E+05	8.33E+05	3.53E+05	4.09E+06	1.08E+06	2.86E+06	1.34E+06	4.24E+06	2.54E+06	5.04E+05	4.33E+05	4.68E+05	4.35E+06	3.18E+06	3.17E+07	6.32E+05	2.19E+06	3.75E+06	1.7E+06	5.44E+05	4.97E+06	3.2E+06	1.15E+06	7.69E+06	1.87E+06	1.21E+06	4.19E+05	8.32E+05	9.84E+05	1.98E+06	2.66E+06	1.64E+06
Rehmaionoside A_1	1.4E+06	2.74E+07	1.33E+05	2.87E+05	7.54E+03	2.47E+05	2.66E+05	1.55E+05	2.22E+05	4.85E+04	1.01E+06	2.46E+04	4.64E+04	4.48E+04	3.4E+05	6.84E+05	2.31E+06	2.02E+05	9.83E+05	5.64E+05	1.56E+06	5.43E+04	6.66E+03	4.15E+05	5.47E+05	3.03E+04	5.84E+05	8.65E+04	3.47E+05	1.84E+05	1.45E+05	2.04E+05	6.97E+05	4.57E+05	1.36E+05	8.93E+04	1.76E+06	1.23E+05	3.77E+04	2.4E+04	1.52E+05	1.15E+06	1.04E+05	1.42E+05	7.61E+05
Rehmaionoside A_2	8.69E+04	4.63E+06	2.02E+04	4.34E+04	2.08E+04	3.36E+04	6.87E+03	6.62E+05	4.3E+05	2.82E+04	7.57E+05	6.38E+03	2.88E+04	1.19E+04	9.93E+03	2.71E+04	1.28E+05	6.25E+04	2.62E+05	1.11E+05	6.73E+05	2.22E+04	3.91E+03	4.65E+04	6.32E+05	7.6E+03	7.74E+05	2.2E+04	5.97E+04	6.96E+04	8.21E+03	6.99E+05	1.04E+05	1.86E+05	1.82E+04	1.21E+04	1.05E+07	9.46E+03	2.08E+05	8.14E+04	3.23E+04	6.03E+05	3.83E+05	5.85E+05	1.99E+05
Rehmaionoside C_1	4.82E+06	5.06E+06	7.34E+05	7.93E+05	6.97E+05	1.81E+06	1.43E+06	7.2E+06	2.46E+05	7.35E+05	1.2E+06	5.5E+06	5.8E+05	6.87E+05	1.06E+07	8.57E+05	1.09E+07	1.16E+06	7.42E+06	1.81E+06	1.52E+07	1.53E+06	1.96E+05	1.71E+06	2.53E+06	1.81E+06	8.14E+06	1.71E+06	1.11E+06	9.74E+05	1.98E+06	2.14E+06	1.15E+06	1.11E+06	9.77E+05	1.07E+06	3.18E+07	6.53E+05	1.28E+06	4.9E+05	1.11E+05	2.04E+06	7.12E+06	7.92E+06	1.06E+06
Rehmaionoside C_2	1.46E+06	1.77E+07	4.42E+05	1.02E+06	5.12E+05	1.2E+06	1.96E+05	8.4E+05	1.87E+06	4.03E+05	6.98E+06	6.36E+05	2.12E+05	2.8E+05	4.68E+05	1.14E+06	3.39E+06	4.63E+05	2.1E+06	1.08E+06	2.05E+06	6.38E+05	1.36E+05	3.67E+05	1.61E+06	7.98E+04	1.86E+06	1.07E+06	5.95E+05	1.43E+06	3.64E+05	1.85E+06	5.89E+05	6.1E+05	5.25E+05	5.89E+05	8.34E+06	5.03E+05	2.05E+05	2.55E+05	1.01E+06	8.5E+06	1.08E+06	1.75E+06	1.82E+06
Rhododendrin_1	4.98E+05	5.32E+05	3.46E+06	1.18E+06	7.59E+06	6.06E+06	3.31E+06	3.3E+05	4.68E+06	2.29E+06	1.7E+06	2.69E+06	3.09E+06	1.07E+06	2.06E+06	3.01E+06	1.53E+06	8.14E+06	3.18E+06	1.1E+06	5.63E+06	6.04E+06	7.5E+05	1.79E+06	5.89E+06	2.12E+06	2.29E+06	9.71E+05	2.12E+05	2.75E+06	2.82E+06	8.62E+06	1.81E+06	7.42E+06	3.09E+06	1.33E+06	7.34E+06	2.76E+06	4.71E+05	1.7E+05	4.69E+05	1.74E+06	9.48E+06	8.03E+06	3.38E+06
Rhododendrin_2	4.98E+05	5.32E+05	3.7E+06	1.18E+06	1.79E+06	6.9E+06	8.46E+06	3.3E+05	8.72E+06	2.29E+06	1.7E+06	2.69E+06	3.35E+06	1.27E+06	2.06E+06	3.01E+06	1.53E+06	1.4E+07	3.18E+06	1.1E+06	7.47E+06	2.33E+06	7.5E+05	1.79E+06	7.11E+06	2.12E+06	2.29E+06	9.71E+05	2.12E+05	4.02E+06	3.46E+06	1.39E+07	1.81E+06	1.74E+07	5.76E+06	1.33E+06	2.5E+06	2.76E+06	4.71E+05	1.7E+05	4.69E+05	1.74E+06	4.86E+06	1.28E+07	3.38E+06
Riboflavin	9E+05	9.89E+06	2.77E+06	8.17E+06	9.12E+06	6.62E+06	2E+07	1.42E+06	4.67E+06	2.04E+07	5.26E+06	2.66E+07	3.68E+07	1.28E+07	1.17E+06	1.67E+06	3.01E+06	2.12E+06	5.26E+06	1.08E+07	9.35E+06	2.85E+07	7.07E+06	9.56E+05	6.19E+06	4.63E+07	2.6E+07	4.79E+07	5.35E+05	2.25E+07	2.55E+07	3.87E+07	1.64E+06	9.52E+06	3.71E+07	1.56E+07	3.93E+07	2.48E+07	1.47E+07	2.18E+06	7.66E+06	1.19E+07	1.67E+07	1.66E+06	4.15E+06
Ripazepam_1	1.72E+06	1E+07	1.41E+06	4.61E+06	2.05E+07	2.04E+06	2.86E+07	1.03E+06	9.57E+06	3.24E+06	7.89E+06	3.87E+06	2.04E+07	2.23E+06	1.1E+06	3.63E+05	2.52E+06	9.99E+05	5.1E+06	2.27E+06	2.38E+06	5.24E+06	4.78E+06	2.53E+05	3.28E+06	6.03E+06	9.25E+06	8.58E+06	7.42E+05	2.75E+06	7.68E+06	5.75E+06	3.09E+05	3.27E+06	1.92E+07	2.35E+06	1.86E+07	3.56E+06	2.98E+06	4.86E+05	1.98E+06	3.1E+06	1.53E+06	3.48E+06	6.74E+06
Ripazepam_2	1.72E+06	4.02E+06	1.26E+06	4.32E+06	9.05E+06	1.06E+07	1.27E+07	1.03E+06	9.21E+06	3.24E+06	7.81E+06	1.39E+07	6.62E+06	2.07E+06	1.1E+06	3.63E+05	2.52E+06	9.48E+05	1.62E+07	6.36E+06	1.5E+07	5.24E+06	2.21E+06	2.53E+05	3.28E+06	2.52E+07	2.57E+06	8.46E+06	7.42E+05	8.66E+06	7.24E+06	5.44E+06	3.09E+05	4.97E+06	6.5E+06	7.39E+06	5.75E+06	3.48E+06	2.05E+06	4.86E+05	1.98E+06	2.35E+06	2.48E+06	3.19E+06	1.73E+07
Ripazepam_3	1.15E+05	2.24E+05	1.58E+06	8.38E+05	6.06E+05	1.8E+06	3.63E+05	3.66E+04	3.83E+07	1.09E+07	2.67E+07	9.81E+05	7.39E+05	5.55E+05	1.2E+07	3.87E+05	1.25E+07	4.26E+04	5.32E+05	1.59E+05	1.96E+06	2.66E+07	4.26E+04	2.64E+03	1.35E+07	4.07E+06	3.42E+05	3.58E+07	1.14E+06	1.51E+05	2.52E+07	3.64E+07	1.21E+06	2.69E+07	1.5E+06	7.42E+04	9.74E+05	8.94E+05	1.24E+05	2.18E+04	1.64E+06	1.52E+06	1.25E+06	1.24E+07	3.67E+05
Ripazepam_4	1.72E+06	4.02E+06	1.41E+06	2.93E+06	9.24E+06	1.07E+06	2.1E+07	3.14E+05	9.57E+06	3.24E+06	7.89E+06	3.13E+06	7.6E+06	2.23E+06	1.1E+06	4.36E+05	2E+06	9.99E+05	4.11E+06	1.38E+06	2.32E+06	5.24E+06	2.25E+06	1.35E+05	3.28E+06	6.19E+06	2.63E+06	8.58E+06	1.84E+05	1.82E+06	7.68E+06	5.75E+06	3.99E+05	7.02E+06	6.94E+06	1.3E+06	5.85E+06	5.13E+06	2.98E+06	2.48E+05	1.98E+06	3.1E+06	1.14E+07	3.48E+06	3.92E+06
Rishitin	2.27E+07	2.22E+07	2.28E+07	2.28E+07	2.26E+07	2.33E+07	2.31E+07	2.21E+07	2.29E+07	2.3E+07	2.22E+07	2.37E+07	2.26E+07	2.06E+07	2.17E+07	2.15E+07	2.28E+07	2.13E+07	2.17E+07	2.18E+07	2.18E+07	2.1E+07	2.13E+07	2E+07	2.19E+07	2.18E+07	2.07E+07	2.31E+07	1.95E+07	2.03E+07	2.11E+07	2.08E+07	1.98E+07	2.07E+07	2.11E+07	1.9E+07	2.08E+07	1.98E+07	1.94E+07	1.77E+07	1.94E+07	1.92E+07	1.95E+07	2.4E+07	2.22E+07
Robustine	6.67E+05	7.43E+05	1.95E+06	4.75E+05	4.86E+05	4.18E+05	5.89E+05	4.84E+05	1.95E+07	5.78E+05	4.22E+05	2.39E+06	2.27E+06	5.61E+05	6.83E+05	8.92E+05	1.91E+06	1.81E+05	1.44E+06	5.85E+05	2.31E+06	1.6E+06	3.63E+05	1.7E+05	1.25E+06	1.32E+06	8.82E+05	9.87E+05	2.71E+05	1.39E+06	4.07E+06	2.03E+06	4.25E+05	1.69E+06	1.48E+06	1.78E+06	2.94E+07	1.81E+06	8.29E+05	4.61E+05	4.59E+05	7.3E+05	9.59E+05	8.11E+05	1E+06
Rosmarinine	0	0	1.05E+03	1.47E+03	3.12E+03	1.77E+03	5.4E+03	981	4.54E+03	1.13E+05	2.02E+03	1.82E+04	2.42E+04	1.08E+03	2.31E+03	8.86E+03	1.49E+03	9.21E+04	2.45E+03	1.69E+05	5.15E+03	9.62E+03	3.69E+03	8.79E+03	4.6E+03	6.94E+03	7.74E+03	3.83E+03	0	2.07E+04	6.51E+03	2.84E+06	1.77E+04	4.33E+03	1.45E+03	3.12E+05	2.12E+04	1.9E+05	4.7E+03	571	1.7E+03	5.95E+03	1.3E+03	3.1E+05	2.78E+03
S-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-N-acetyl-L-cysteine	8.64E+03	2.88E+04	2.77E+06	1.22E+06	1.8E+06	1.33E+06	1.72E+06	1.25E+06	4.54E+07	3.94E+06	7.58E+05	8.27E+05	1.38E+06	7.81E+05	4.04E+05	2.83E+05	2.07E+06	3.49E+05	2.86E+05	3.51E+05	2.93E+06	4.91E+06	3.79E+05	2.19E+05	9.65E+06	1.85E+06	3.52E+06	1.68E+06	8.8E+04	3.52E+06	1.43E+06	1.92E+07	1.96E+05	1.24E+06	2.52E+06	1.8E+07	5.58E+06	8.4E+06	1.19E+06	2.21E+05	5.25E+05	9.09E+05	3.22E+06	4.69E+06	4.68E+05
S-(2-Methylpropanoyl)-dihydrolipoamide	1.46E+05	6.39E+04	6.5E+05	1.31E+06	1.14E+06	3.5E+06	1.33E+06	8.85E+05	2.1E+06	2.33E+06	9.95E+05	3.26E+06	3.5E+06	3.7E+05	1.85E+06	6.32E+05	4.2E+06	4.23E+05	6.05E+05	1.6E+06	1.45E+06	3.52E+06	1.72E+05	4.44E+05	7.16E+05	5.02E+06	4.33E+06	5.29E+06	2.59E+05	2.48E+06	5.02E+06	2.58E+06	8.44E+05	2.97E+06	3.67E+06	1.53E+06	1.12E+07	1.95E+06	1.09E+06	4.83E+05	2.13E+06	1.03E+06	4.73E+06	1.84E+06	1.6E+06
S-(Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine	1.6E+04	2.93E+03	3.04E+03	1.59E+04	2.7E+06	1.58E+05	1.8E+04	1.93E+05	6.58E+03	2.37E+03	2.38E+03	5.18E+03	5E+03	9.74E+05	6.4E+03	1.18E+03	1.53E+06	1.3E+03	1.5E+04	1.3E+05	2.31E+05	1.28E+04	1.43E+03	2.71E+03	1.29E+03	1.14E+04	3.16E+03	1.96E+04	1.22E+03	6.45E+05	3.1E+04	1.8E+05	3.2E+03	1.51E+08	7.45E+06	3.16E+03	1.04E+03	6.76E+03	1.21E+07	8.93E+04	1.12E+05	5.01E+04	3.81E+03	4.18E+04	3.32E+03
S,S-Dimethyl-beta-propiothetin	3.9E+05	3.43E+05	4.25E+05	3.33E+05	4.53E+05	1.26E+06	8.71E+04	4.36E+05	1.87E+06	2.28E+06	7.6E+05	2.29E+06	2.26E+06	1.44E+06	3.26E+05	9.27E+05	6.15E+05	1.65E+05	9.59E+05	9.11E+04	2.18E+06	1.73E+06	4.26E+05	4.82E+05	2.66E+05	2.71E+06	3.88E+05	3.04E+06	2.77E+05	3.66E+05	2.53E+06	9.75E+05	7.36E+05	1.94E+06	6.9E+05	3.53E+05	1.05E+06	3.87E+05	3.6E+05	9.75E+04	1.15E+05	2.91E+05	2.95E+05	9.08E+05	6.7E+05
Salidroside	8.67E+04	3.36E+05	1.36E+05	4.91E+05	5.12E+05	7.26E+04	1.35E+06	5.57E+03	1.71E+05	2.34E+05	1.03E+05	6.24E+04	8.43E+05	2.24E+05	1.19E+05	9.75E+04	2.26E+04	2.9E+04	2.84E+04	3.64E+04	6.34E+04	9.27E+05	6.06E+04	1.92E+04	6.78E+04	2.64E+05	9.63E+04	3.33E+05	2.96E+04	1.51E+05	6.54E+04	2.41E+05	4.73E+04	1.39E+06	1.27E+05	9.25E+04	4.55E+05	7.06E+06	1.21E+06	8.34E+04	1.3E+04	3.87E+05	1.92E+05	4.05E+04	1.97E+05
S-Carboxymethyl-L-cysteine	3.6E+05	1.88E+04	2.32E+05	9.21E+04	2.03E+05	5.8E+05	1.03E+05	3.3E+04	8.61E+05	7.47E+04	3.68E+05	1.34E+06	3.06E+05	2E+05	2.38E+05	1.98E+05	3.02E+06	8.07E+06	6.08E+04	2.88E+05	2.09E+06	4.81E+05	5.15E+04	5.49E+05	6.13E+05	3.23E+05	2.28E+05	8.94E+05	1.26E+04	3.01E+05	9.02E+05	3.03E+05	6.28E+04	6.38E+05	2.11E+04	1.39E+05	1.4E+05	5.8E+05	3.11E+05	9.95E+04	1.28E+05	1.32E+07	1.04E+05	6.79E+05	1.67E+05
Schizonepetoside E_1	1.13E+05	5.18E+05	1.23E+05	1.8E+07	1.14E+07	8.52E+04	1.6E+05	8.75E+04	6.43E+05	2.38E+05	1.81E+05	2.36E+07	2.97E+07	3.94E+04	2.27E+05	3.57E+06	3.25E+06	1.18E+05	4.95E+05	1.67E+05	7.44E+06	1.54E+06	9.02E+04	7.85E+05	1.33E+05	3.27E+05	9.45E+05	1.03E+05	1.19E+05	1.34E+06	7.02E+04	8.14E+05	2.01E+06	2.02E+05	1.74E+06	3.87E+05	1.18E+06	1.37E+06	1.63E+05	1.22E+05	1.32E+07	2.53E+05	5.22E+07	3.89E+06	2.89E+05
Schizonepetoside E_2	1.43E+06	1.88E+06	9.13E+05	4.72E+06	1.32E+06	9.45E+05	1.02E+07	6.28E+06	1.8E+07	8.83E+06	9.65E+06	4.84E+06	4.24E+06	1.23E+06	1.5E+06	9.2E+07	4.24E+06	1.48E+06	9.95E+06	1.93E+06	2.09E+08	1.38E+07	6.66E+05	2.56E+07	9.46E+06	1.39E+07	2.84E+07	8.79E+06	1.94E+06	5.79E+05	6.98E+06	2.03E+07	4.19E+07	1.02E+06	2.67E+07	1.28E+06	4.11E+07	2.45E+07	8.87E+06	4.34E+06	2E+06	1.79E+06	1.16E+07	1.74E+06	9.05E+06
Schizonepetoside E_3	3.24E+05	5.18E+05	1.28E+05	2.89E+06	1.49E+06	1.24E+05	2.54E+05	8.75E+04	9.86E+05	1.95E+05	3.8E+05	7.01E+05	7.56E+06	2.19E+05	2.27E+05	5.12E+06	1.79E+07	1.52E+05	4.95E+05	2.83E+05	7.44E+06	1.54E+06	1.79E+05	3.15E+06	4.23E+05	6.46E+05	1.35E+06	1.03E+05	6.02E+05	8.62E+06	1.7E+05	8.14E+05	3.97E+06	1.24E+05	1.74E+06	3.87E+05	2.03E+06	1.48E+06	1.63E+05	2.08E+05	1.13E+06	2.83E+05	1.3E+07	1.42E+07	4.1E+05
Schizonepetoside E_4	3.94E+04	1.9E+05	1.13E+05	6.51E+05	5.33E+05	6.83E+05	9.64E+05	2.38E+05	1.65E+06	8.9E+05	9.91E+05	1.02E+06	1.57E+06	5.56E+05	5.1E+05	3.06E+05	1.52E+06	4.78E+05	1.53E+06	5.92E+05	1.43E+06	9.88E+05	2.01E+05	1.32E+05	9.35E+05	1.92E+06	1.38E+06	2.87E+07	1.56E+05	2.97E+05	1.2E+06	1.56E+06	1.7E+05	1.19E+06	1.62E+06	2.1E+05	2.04E+06	1.04E+06	4.52E+05	1.7E+05	5.72E+05	8.93E+05	6.33E+05	1.17E+06	8.2E+05
Scopoletin	6.09E+04	3.49E+05	2.21E+05	1.27E+05	2.03E+05	2.98E+05	6.01E+05	2.14E+05	1.54E+05	1.08E+05	8.82E+07	6.06E+05	2.64E+05	1.08E+05	2.36E+05	5.64E+05	4.31E+05	2.05E+05	2.53E+05	1.46E+05	4.63E+05	9.59E+04	3.09E+05	2.24E+05	6.31E+05	6.22E+05	7.19E+05	6.36E+05	1.73E+05	6.14E+05	2.82E+05	2.19E+05	1.92E+05	1.47E+05	2.91E+05	2.89E+05	6.85E+05	2.7E+05	5.79E+04	5.01E+05	2.08E+05	5.38E+05	3.2E+05	4.49E+05	2.02E+05
Scytalone_1	8.6E+06	5.29E+05	2.53E+05	7.44E+05	1.03E+06	1.7E+06	5.15E+05	3.64E+05	9.3E+05	2.95E+05	4.21E+05	1.38E+06	1.39E+06	1.56E+05	1.11E+05	8.65E+05	1.24E+06	1.15E+04	7.7E+05	1.09E+05	1.2E+06	1.9E+05	1E+05	3.4E+05	1.76E+06	2.95E+05	1.32E+05	3.51E+05	1.86E+05	4.48E+05	1.84E+04	1.85E+06	4.66E+05	5.17E+05	1.2E+06	4.13E+05	6.6E+05	1.83E+06	1.45E+05	2.03E+05	2.79E+05	1.16E+05	1.14E+06	5.3E+05	4.99E+05
Scytalone_2	1.58E+06	1.05E+05	1.39E+05	1.83E+05	4.66E+05	2.66E+04	7.9E+05	8.73E+05	1.17E+07	6.27E+05	6.95E+05	1.55E+06	4.4E+05	5.93E+05	4.52E+05	4.12E+05	7.12E+05	6.88E+05	1.19E+06	4.6E+05	5.58E+05	7.43E+05	2.81E+05	8.23E+05	8.45E+05	9.69E+06	6.23E+05	1.49E+06	1.27E+05	4.7E+05	9.27E+05	2.71E+07	4.66E+05	9.17E+05	1.44E+06	3.01E+05	9.93E+04	1.39E+05	3.47E+05	9.41E+05	1.2E+05	4.98E+05	4.6E+05	1.06E+06	1.8E+06
Sebacic acid_1	4.87E+07	9.25E+07	4.3E+07	7.4E+07	1.32E+08	6.51E+07	1.73E+08	2.88E+07	2.2E+08	5.6E+07	1.07E+08	1.06E+08	1.07E+08	5.74E+07	3.47E+07	3.88E+07	1.13E+08	3.05E+07	9.8E+07	3.85E+07	2.66E+08	1.54E+08	4.15E+07	2.54E+07	6.08E+07	1.23E+08	6.63E+07	3.69E+07	3.07E+07	6.43E+07	1.12E+08	1.24E+08	2.83E+07	1.7E+08	1.05E+08	5.97E+07	8.88E+07	1.46E+08	9.38E+07	1.92E+07	3.95E+07	5.63E+07	7.47E+07	9.33E+07	8.06E+07
Sebacic acid_2	1.66E+07	1.58E+07	1.35E+07	1.57E+07	2.55E+07	2.21E+07	2.85E+07	5.46E+06	6.1E+07	1.36E+07	2.83E+07	2.38E+07	2.12E+07	1.06E+07	1.09E+07	8.64E+06	4.33E+07	7.84E+06	1.93E+07	8.95E+06	4.79E+07	2.48E+07	6.51E+06	5.95E+06	1.82E+07	3.37E+07	1.68E+07	1.46E+08	9.16E+06	1.56E+07	3.47E+07	4.83E+07	6.6E+06	5.57E+07	3.73E+07	1.27E+07	8.14E+06	4.8E+07	1.32E+07	4.6E+06	1.1E+07	1.78E+07	1.44E+07	2.71E+07	1.46E+07
Secologanate_1	6.87E+06	8.19E+06	4.64E+06	5.01E+06	1.33E+07	1.79E+07	1.55E+07	7.12E+06	2.22E+07	1.83E+07	1.27E+07	1.95E+07	2.29E+07	8.17E+06	1.3E+07	3.12E+06	1.48E+07	2.36E+07	3E+07	1.37E+07	1.29E+07	1.39E+07	4.44E+06	8.61E+06	1.52E+07	2.41E+07	2.16E+07	2.78E+07	2.89E+06	1.22E+07	2.29E+07	2.26E+07	9.21E+06	1.25E+07	2.19E+07	8.83E+06	5.32E+07	1.9E+07	1.18E+07	4.12E+06	4.38E+06	8.12E+06	1.6E+07	6.04E+06	1.6E+07
Secologanate_2	3.29E+06	5.12E+06	1.12E+07	2.33E+06	2.54E+07	7.14E+06	5.82E+06	5.75E+06	6.47E+06	1.31E+07	6.11E+06	9.5E+06	8.33E+06	5E+06	7.24E+06	9.89E+06	6.4E+06	1.38E+07	1.34E+07	7.77E+06	2.75E+07	7.89E+06	2.5E+06	4.79E+06	5.51E+06	1.11E+07	1.43E+07	1.63E+07	2.13E+06	4.81E+06	7.64E+06	8.55E+06	2.97E+06	2.68E+07	9.25E+06	3.88E+06	3.18E+07	1.02E+07	8.18E+06	2.77E+06	2.48E+06	2.83E+06	8.99E+06	6.04E+06	9.27E+06
Secologanate_3	1.14E+05	1.75E+05	2.8E+05	1.27E+05	4.81E+05	3.49E+05	1.06E+06	2.41E+05	5.39E+05	2.26E+05	8.29E+04	4.98E+05	1.13E+05	6.51E+04	1.04E+06	6.34E+05	6.73E+05	1.18E+05	5.75E+05	1.12E+06	4.35E+05	3.18E+05	1.77E+05	3.23E+05	1.52E+05	3.97E+05	3.7E+05	7.5E+05	1.59E+05	4.73E+05	4.11E+05	7.48E+05	3.79E+05	2.88E+05	1.12E+06	2.42E+05	1.22E+06	3.48E+05	1.49E+05	6.8E+04	1.22E+05	1.76E+04	5.73E+05	2.24E+07	2.51E+05
Secologanin	3.68E+04	1.17E+05	1.44E+04	2.93E+05	3.69E+05	3.41E+05	5.06E+05	8.67E+04	3.24E+05	3.55E+05	5.15E+06	3.16E+05	5.83E+05	1.56E+05	1.16E+05	5.35E+04	3.75E+05	8.05E+04	3.17E+05	2.04E+05	2.28E+05	1.8E+06	1.48E+05	2.16E+04	1.3E+05	5.24E+05	1.09E+06	5.1E+05	5.82E+04	2.27E+05	3.77E+05	1.71E+05	5.81E+04	8.72E+05	2.72E+05	5.48E+04	1.35E+06	1.52E+06	3.62E+05	1.31E+04	1.38E+04	6.16E+04	2.67E+05	5.11E+05	2.8E+05
Sedoheptulose_1	3.02E+07	4.04E+07	2.61E+07	7.71E+06	3.78E+07	2.3E+07	3.9E+07	1E+07	7.56E+07	4.61E+07	4.12E+07	6.65E+07	2.87E+07	2.5E+07	3.07E+07	3.5E+07	6.59E+07	6.75E+06	6E+07	2.09E+07	9.52E+07	7.14E+07	1E+07	1.31E+07	3.56E+07	1.15E+08	6.8E+07	5.23E+07	2.32E+07	4.05E+07	2.25E+07	9.89E+07	2.8E+07	2.56E+07	2.5E+07	2.54E+07	1.74E+08	2.97E+07	2.21E+07	2.45E+07	1.39E+07	3.01E+07	5.82E+07	6.25E+07	4.5E+07
Sedoheptulose_2	1.69E+06	1.11E+06	4.53E+06	3.64E+07	2.23E+05	6.67E+07	5.89E+03	1.17E+06	3.11E+04	4.58E+05	5.32E+06	2.51E+06	7.94E+07	1.91E+06	7.21E+05	5.35E+06	9.9E+06	3.94E+05	6.74E+06	4.5E+05	1.2E+07	1.43E+06	3E+04	4.3E+07	7.1E+06	5.66E+05	1.57E+07	1.56E+06	1.86E+06	7.86E+06	5.86E+07	1.2E+07	3.42E+06	5.56E+07	5.95E+07	1.48E+06	6.01E+07	3.86E+06	2.55E+06	3.97E+06	6.97E+05	2.04E+05	8.73E+06	4.97E+06	3.47E+03
Sesamex_1	9.92E+03	3.73E+05	1.37E+06	6.06E+05	1.11E+06	1.6E+05	1.23E+06	5.06E+04	8.29E+06	1.33E+05	1.51E+06	3.78E+05	2.4E+06	2.64E+05	3.63E+04	6.42E+04	6.92E+04	4.83E+04	3.61E+05	1.11E+04	2.75E+05	7.1E+05	8.1E+04	5.68E+03	3.26E+05	1.03E+06	6.81E+05	1.65E+05	2.25E+04	8.77E+04	9.62E+05	1.04E+06	2.18E+05	2.53E+06	2.06E+05	1.52E+05	2E+05	3.13E+05	7.86E+05	8.97E+03	1.41E+04	1.18E+06	3.28E+05	3.13E+05	2.65E+05
Sesamex_2	6.62E+03	6.73E+04	4.72E+04	8.63E+04	1.67E+05	8.46E+04	3.23E+05	1.79E+04	5.31E+05	6.41E+04	6.18E+04	1.74E+05	8.46E+05	7.52E+04	1.8E+04	2.64E+05	6.01E+03	7.4E+03	7.51E+04	9.45E+03	6.43E+04	2.33E+04	5.49E+04	1.11E+05	9.53E+04	3.91E+05	1.12E+05	1.74E+04	4.61E+04	1.86E+04	1.51E+05	6.71E+06	9.4E+04	4.63E+05	1.57E+05	7.96E+04	2.15E+05	9.86E+05	2.82E+05	1.23E+04	1.27E+04	1.02E+05	1.38E+05	1.91E+05	9.95E+04
Shanzhiside	3.32E+04	2.44E+04	4.95E+03	6.7E+03	1.54E+05	1.15E+05	5.35E+05	3.85E+04	4.12E+05	2.57E+05	2.14E+04	1.35E+05	4.04E+05	2.14E+04	1.39E+05	3.83E+04	2.39E+05	5.83E+04	2.7E+04	2.07E+05	4.51E+05	3.89E+05	1.01E+05	7.81E+04	1.33E+04	2.79E+04	7.65E+04	2.03E+05	6.31E+04	3.03E+04	3.48E+04	9.31E+04	2.03E+04	1.29E+06	2.86E+05	1.8E+04	6.38E+04	5.14E+05	2.48E+05	8.76E+03	9.12E+04	7.43E+04	6.02E+03	2.44E+06	2.01E+05
Sinapate_1	3.52E+05	7.95E+04	3.1E+04	1.44E+05	3.91E+04	8.75E+05	2.85E+05	4.11E+04	1.2E+07	1.8E+05	2.06E+06	3.19E+05	8.7E+05	1.82E+05	1.12E+05	7.81E+04	4.83E+05	5.75E+04	6.33E+05	8.49E+04	1.26E+05	7.12E+05	5.85E+03	1.97E+03	8.38E+05	4.36E+05	5.15E+05	5.6E+05	4.98E+04	1.62E+05	1.37E+05	1.2E+05	5.17E+04	2.14E+05	3.56E+05	1.47E+04	5.69E+05	4.65E+05	5.53E+04	2.1E+04	5.73E+04	2.78E+05	1.09E+06	3.19E+06	5.35E+04
Sinapate_2	5.97E+04	2.28E+05	1.18E+05	6.66E+04	4.13E+04	7.57E+05	1.22E+05	5.09E+04	9.01E+05	6.51E+03	6.38E+05	5.52E+06	6.74E+04	1.7E+04	2.57E+04	7.56E+05	9.41E+04	3.23E+04	2.74E+05	1.34E+05	3.88E+05	1.1E+06	6.22E+03	6.05E+04	2.1E+05	1.23E+05	5.87E+06	1.67E+05	1.06E+04	3.83E+05	2.57E+04	3.92E+05	2.54E+05	1.67E+05	7.46E+06	1.77E+04	1.61E+06	8.06E+03	5.63E+04	2.93E+04	6.17E+05	2.84E+05	1.2E+05	3.59E+05	1.35E+05
Sinapate_3	5.97E+04	2.28E+05	9.26E+04	6.66E+04	4.13E+04	7.57E+05	8.73E+04	5.09E+04	9.01E+05	6.51E+03	6.38E+05	1.88E+06	6.74E+04	1.7E+04	2.57E+04	3.64E+04	9.41E+04	3.23E+04	2.74E+05	4.81E+04	1.38E+05	1.1E+06	6.22E+03	6.05E+04	2.1E+05	8.4E+04	4.41E+05	1.67E+05	1.06E+04	3.83E+05	2.57E+04	3.92E+05	3.4E+04	1.67E+05	1.31E+07	1.77E+04	3.95E+06	8.06E+03	5.63E+04	2.16E+04	6.17E+05	2.84E+05	1.2E+05	3.59E+05	1.35E+05
Sinapate_4	5.7E+05	9.86E+04	6.37E+04	1.44E+05	3.18E+05	8.75E+05	2.85E+05	4.03E+05	4.84E+06	1.8E+05	2.06E+06	5.26E+05	8.7E+05	1.82E+05	1.12E+05	2.7E+05	6.47E+05	5.75E+04	6.33E+05	8.49E+04	3.64E+04	7.12E+05	2.95E+04	4.39E+04	8.38E+05	4.36E+05	3.74E+05	5.6E+05	4.98E+04	4.21E+05	1.37E+05	2.16E+05	5.17E+04	8.42E+04	1.07E+06	4.09E+04	5.69E+05	1.77E+05	5.53E+04	2.41E+04	5.73E+04	2.78E+05	1.09E+06	8.92E+06	5.35E+04
Sinapyl alcohol	8.16E+04	1.37E+05	3.64E+04	4.26E+04	1.29E+05	4.04E+05	2.25E+05	1.3E+05	5.63E+05	1.9E+05	7.96E+05	9.43E+05	3.98E+05	1.82E+05	8.44E+04	5.33E+04	1.17E+06	8.03E+04	5.61E+05	3.27E+05	1.04E+06	3.69E+05	1.71E+04	2.38E+05	1.71E+07	5.74E+05	5.34E+05	9.03E+05	2.56E+05	3.5E+05	8.83E+04	6.49E+05	2.2E+05	2.25E+05	7.6E+05	1.41E+05	6.56E+06	2.3E+05	1.02E+05	3.93E+04	2.06E+05	3.1E+05	1.94E+05	1.6E+05	2.8E+05
sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine_1	4.61E+05	8.12E+05	1.71E+06	7.69E+06	1.92E+06	9.83E+05	2.28E+07	3.68E+05	1.44E+07	8.57E+05	2.12E+06	1.73E+06	3.14E+06	1.27E+06	2.17E+05	2.12E+05	1.37E+06	4.58E+05	1.82E+06	3.72E+04	1.18E+07	2.59E+06	7.39E+05	1.86E+05	8.37E+05	1.07E+06	4.58E+05	7.81E+05	5.53E+05	1.18E+06	1.56E+06	1.86E+06	1.38E+05	2.05E+07	3.02E+05	1.21E+06	8.71E+06	2.63E+07	1.04E+07	7.49E+04	1.54E+05	1.25E+06	8.51E+05	7.55E+05	8.69E+06
sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine_2	7.08E+05	4.64E+05	2.04E+05	3.54E+05	3.98E+05	1.46E+06	3.39E+06	9.8E+04	3.19E+05	4.37E+05	2.82E+05	1.35E+06	2.47E+07	3.41E+05	3.83E+05	1.58E+06	8.52E+04	1.73E+05	3.13E+05	1.3E+05	8.55E+05	1.83E+07	3.2E+05	8.41E+05	6.32E+05	1.63E+06	3.7E+05	1E+07	1.33E+05	5.3E+05	3.01E+06	7.86E+05	6.33E+06	1.68E+06	1.78E+06	2.05E+05	1.37E+06	6.78E+05	4.33E+05	1.89E+05	3.39E+05	3.98E+05	3.32E+05	3.62E+05	1.92E+06
Spectinomycin dihydrochloride	3.12E+04	1.64E+04	4.93E+06	3.12E+05	8.75E+04	7.48E+05	9.87E+04	2.22E+06	6.5E+05	5.26E+05	1.4E+06	2.47E+06	3.55E+07	5.46E+04	9.69E+04	1.89E+06	1.26E+06	7.16E+05	1.49E+06	1.66E+06	7.94E+05	5.39E+05	5.27E+04	1.03E+06	5.58E+06	2.52E+07	1.21E+06	9.64E+05	8.77E+04	1.2E+06	1.03E+07	5.04E+05	2.09E+06	3.35E+06	7.68E+06	3.38E+06	4.32E+06	1.61E+05	1.33E+06	3.21E+06	2.55E+05	1.07E+06	1.04E+06	1.16E+06	1.3E+05
S-Ribosyl-L-homocysteine	2.38E+05	2.33E+05	8.83E+04	1.03E+05	1.34E+05	4.24E+05	1.47E+05	7.05E+04	5.14E+05	5.04E+05	4.81E+05	8.45E+05	1.05E+06	3.84E+05	3.38E+05	2.39E+05	3.99E+05	2.61E+05	6.88E+05	4.28E+05	7.35E+05	5.64E+05	1.67E+04	7.54E+04	1.59E+05	1.87E+06	1.2E+06	3.07E+06	2.33E+05	2.42E+05	5.76E+05	3.96E+05	1.98E+05	3.06E+05	2.58E+05	1.33E+05	3.6E+05	1.63E+05	2.17E+04	8.23E+04	1.3E+05	1.2E+05	3.68E+05	4.42E+05	6.82E+05
S-Sulfo-L-cysteine	2E+06	2.29E+06	2.76E+06	2.21E+06	3.05E+06	3.54E+06	5.51E+06	1.71E+06	2.84E+06	4.51E+06	1.83E+06	3.28E+06	6.88E+05	3.36E+06	2.51E+06	1.16E+06	4.15E+06	2.66E+06	4.15E+06	2.52E+06	4.69E+06	3.86E+06	1.45E+06	1.85E+06	1.67E+06	3.2E+06	1.5E+06	4.39E+06	2.01E+06	1.4E+06	3.77E+06	1.04E+06	3.45E+05	5.36E+06	1.25E+06	1.86E+06	1.99E+06	1.21E+06	1.21E+06	1.65E+06	1.68E+06	1.12E+06	2.42E+06	4.14E+06	3.75E+06
Sterigmatocystin	5.12E+05	1.73E+03	0	5.86E+05	3.95E+05	2.62E+03	4.15E+04	1.07E+03	9.52E+03	8.44E+06	4.8E+04	5.38E+05	1.31E+06	4.18E+03	7.57E+05	1.59E+04	9.19E+04	1.74E+05	6.76E+07	2.84E+06	9.13E+05	2.03E+06	4.69E+04	1.71E+05	1.96E+05	6.26E+05	1.89E+05	1.01E+06	4.45E+03	5.14E+03	1.01E+06	3.55E+03	3.06E+05	1.52E+03	2.47E+04	1.07E+05	1.91E+05	2.12E+04	2.91E+04	3.14E+03	3.1E+04	4.5E+04	6.47E+06	4.09E+05	2.64E+03
Suberic acid	4.19E+07	5.87E+07	8.28E+07	5.93E+07	1.03E+08	6.26E+07	1.5E+08	2.85E+07	1.71E+08	6.31E+07	1.82E+08	9.75E+07	1.03E+08	5.22E+07	4.27E+07	3.65E+07	6.38E+07	4.31E+07	8.59E+07	4.6E+07	9.18E+07	1.12E+08	3.59E+07	2.83E+07	5.9E+07	1.21E+08	1.07E+08	1.39E+08	3.95E+07	6.12E+07	8.09E+07	1.73E+08	2.83E+07	1.24E+08	1.28E+08	4.55E+07	8.11E+07	2.03E+08	5.4E+07	2.86E+07	3.8E+07	6.1E+07	5.6E+07	7.06E+07	8.09E+07
Sucralose	0	3.21E+05	7.25E+03	931	5.72E+05	3.4E+03	7.09E+04	4.23E+05	0	7.58E+04	5.32E+04	1.3E+06	2.36E+03	0	7.44E+03	2.76E+05	6.75E+05	525	7.54E+05	1.23E+03	0	1.5E+03	1.01E+03	2.03E+05	9.94E+03	0	1.33E+04	9.41E+05	0	6.32E+05	2.59E+03	7.79E+03	2.45E+05	1.07E+04	1.43E+06	2.76E+05	0	7.6E+03	2.2E+04	5.02E+03	4.01E+05	852	6.64E+05	2.81E+03	2.46E+03
Sulbactam	8.45E+06	1.01E+07	2.91E+06	2.86E+06	1.95E+07	1.03E+07	1.43E+07	3.64E+06	7.84E+07	1.46E+07	1.59E+07	2.13E+07	1.76E+07	1.42E+07	1.04E+07	7.35E+06	1.26E+07	9.82E+06	3.12E+07	1.16E+07	4.25E+07	4.52E+07	2.41E+06	6.41E+06	1.36E+07	2.48E+07	3.21E+07	2.2E+07	1.35E+07	1.09E+07	2.11E+07	4.69E+07	2.59E+06	1.75E+07	2.11E+07	2.99E+07	2.79E+07	3.4E+07	3.78E+06	8.37E+06	3.94E+06	1.28E+07	1.68E+07	1.96E+07	1.44E+08
Sulfometuron methyl	7.29E+05	7.48E+05	6.02E+05	1.11E+06	1.66E+06	3.89E+06	7.34E+05	7.45E+05	8E+06	3.32E+06	3.53E+06	9.46E+06	7.46E+06	3.3E+06	1.58E+06	1.3E+06	1.52E+06	8.4E+05	5.69E+06	2.33E+06	2.39E+06	4.79E+06	3.55E+05	2.24E+05	3.34E+06	1.56E+07	1.42E+06	6.97E+06	9.9E+05	1.57E+06	5.38E+06	1.53E+07	1.34E+06	8.68E+05	1.43E+07	1.13E+06	2.9E+06	1.33E+06	2.27E+05	3.98E+05	1.53E+06	3.7E+06	1.51E+06	5.02E+05	4.05E+06
Sulfoquinovose_1	8.99E+05	9.26E+05	1.52E+06	9.27E+05	1.25E+06	9.51E+05	1.73E+07	3.26E+05	1.38E+06	9.95E+05	2.38E+07	1.13E+06	1.34E+06	9.98E+05	6.65E+05	6.56E+05	2.79E+06	7.23E+05	1.21E+06	8.26E+05	1.48E+06	1.21E+07	4.37E+05	4.69E+05	1.17E+06	1.35E+06	1.74E+06	7.16E+05	8.01E+05	9.64E+05	1.09E+06	1E+06	4.64E+05	1.46E+06	4.57E+05	6.81E+05	7.43E+05	2.28E+06	1.16E+06	4.08E+05	5.71E+05	1.27E+06	8.76E+05	1.65E+06	1.17E+06
Sulfoquinovose_2	8.96E+05	9.23E+05	1.53E+06	9.24E+05	1.24E+06	9.49E+05	2.32E+06	3.24E+05	1.37E+06	9.94E+05	3.89E+06	1.13E+06	1.33E+06	9.95E+05	6.63E+05	6.49E+05	2.16E+07	7.2E+05	1.21E+06	8.22E+05	1.48E+06	1.55E+06	4.34E+05	4.66E+05	1.16E+06	1.35E+06	1.74E+06	7.16E+05	7.99E+05	9.61E+05	1.09E+06	9.98E+05	4.61E+05	1.45E+06	4.57E+05	6.77E+05	7.35E+05	2.28E+06	1.16E+06	4.06E+05	5.64E+05	1.27E+06	8.71E+05	1.65E+06	1.17E+06
Sulmazole_1	1.47E+05	9.19E+06	7.05E+04	8.01E+03	1.53E+07	3.01E+05	2.42E+04	7.1E+05	3.08E+05	9.26E+04	9.39E+04	2.14E+05	1.96E+04	2.29E+04	2.53E+05	3.8E+05	1.37E+07	2.18E+04	2.62E+05	7.33E+04	1.83E+05	2.64E+05	2.81E+04	8.7E+04	1.17E+05	1.06E+05	1.77E+05	9.85E+06	1.17E+05	1.04E+05	1.6E+05	1.41E+04	3.52E+04	2.63E+05	1.76E+07	1.35E+07	3.17E+05	5.58E+03	1.48E+05	1.35E+05	1.45E+07	1.24E+05	2.47E+06	1.14E+05	3.39E+03
Sulmazole_2	4.2E+05	1.6E+05	3.59E+04	3.73E+04	3.07E+05	1.89E+06	7.78E+04	4.55E+05	1.77E+06	1.81E+05	1.02E+05	1.19E+06	1E+06	2.04E+05	4.37E+04	2E+06	9.4E+05	3.83E+05	5.09E+05	8.85E+05	4.77E+06	3.57E+05	3.99E+04	6.59E+05	1.1E+05	1.69E+06	6.69E+04	7.72E+05	4.11E+05	3.72E+05	3.27E+05	8.87E+05	1.11E+06	5.25E+05	5.56E+05	2.91E+05	6.63E+06	1.56E+05	3.85E+05	2.39E+05	2.33E+05	2.64E+05	2.38E+04	1.3E+06	8.72E+05
Sulochrin	1.15E+03	0	833	0	0	1.37E+03	1.98E+06	1.59E+03	1.44E+03	4.67E+03	2.45E+03	2.63E+03	1.37E+03	1.76E+03	1.06E+03	1.07E+03	2.42E+04	639	3.87E+04	0	2.26E+03	0	706	0	0	1.32E+03	3.35E+05	2.03E+03	0	0	2.74E+03	6.45E+03	0	2.82E+03	3.15E+04	958	7.97E+05	817	2.27E+03	0	6.15E+03	1.54E+03	3.26E+03	2.67E+03	1.14E+03
Syringin	7.01E+03	3.33E+04	2.15E+05	2.69E+04	2.03E+07	0	0	7.44E+03	2.08E+05	1.04E+06	3.23E+04	7.97E+04	2.04E+05	9.69E+05	3.63E+04	3.62E+05	7.65E+05	0	5.37E+04	0	2.05E+06	1.02E+05	2.65E+05	2.8E+06	4.14E+04	1.62E+05	0	4.99E+05	0	0	1.01E+05	7.16E+05	3.46E+05	2.72E+05	6.71E+04	3.71E+04	7.61E+03	2.86E+04	0	2.19E+04	0	2.07E+04	1.04E+05	6.53E+04	2.41E+04
Tabtoxin	2.73E+05	7.18E+05	1.16E+06	2.58E+06	1.02E+07	9.39E+05	6.04E+06	7.24E+05	1.79E+07	1.92E+06	1.79E+06	4.08E+06	2.97E+06	4.4E+06	3.38E+07	1.12E+06	8.54E+05	1.55E+06	1.71E+06	1.88E+06	3.54E+06	5.33E+06	2.42E+06	3.98E+05	1.58E+06	2.49E+06	1.77E+07	5.46E+06	1.6E+05	8.95E+05	2.34E+06	5.44E+07	2.74E+05	3.62E+06	1.58E+06	3.41E+06	9.73E+05	1.78E+06	8.19E+05	1.76E+06	7.9E+05	5.76E+06	3.18E+06	6.22E+06	5.07E+06
Tabtoxinine-beta-lactam_1	1.51E+07	1.67E+07	1.63E+07	1.52E+07	2.08E+07	2.46E+07	1.02E+07	1.32E+07	4.78E+07	1.68E+07	1.7E+07	4.28E+07	2.91E+07	1.52E+07	1.22E+07	1.26E+07	1.04E+08	2.19E+07	5.88E+07	2.67E+07	8.82E+07	2.35E+07	7.32E+06	1.47E+07	1.72E+07	4.73E+07	4.35E+07	2.16E+07	1.77E+07	1.27E+07	1.13E+07	2.72E+07	7.38E+06	2.91E+07	2.36E+07	1.62E+07	3.97E+07	1.12E+07	3.19E+06	1.4E+07	2.22E+07	2.01E+07	8.94E+07	5.93E+07	1.54E+07
Tabtoxinine-beta-lactam_2	6.2E+04	4.45E+05	3.26E+05	1.46E+05	3.87E+04	1.11E+06	1.65E+03	1.72E+04	1.07E+06	1.1E+05	4.94E+05	2.96E+05	3.15E+05	1.41E+05	1.43E+04	1.91E+03	1.13E+06	4.31E+04	1.58E+05	3.17E+05	1.17E+06	3.92E+05	1.25E+04	1.13E+05	2.28E+05	3.42E+05	1.26E+05	6.73E+04	5.6E+05	3.11E+05	5.02E+07	2.85E+05	1.83E+04	4.25E+05	1.9E+05	7.59E+05	2.46E+05	2.54E+04	9.26E+03	1.73E+05	2.92E+05	2.43E+05	3.96E+05	6.54E+05	1.37E+04
Tarennoside	2.6E+05	6.16E+05	5.51E+05	2.67E+05	1.29E+06	1.16E+06	1.33E+06	2.32E+05	1.61E+07	3.21E+05	5.61E+05	2.03E+06	1.27E+06	8.19E+05	1.54E+07	5.74E+05	7.12E+05	1.6E+07	1.14E+06	1.75E+04	3.52E+05	2.49E+06	3.31E+05	4.89E+05	3.26E+05	3.99E+06	1.94E+05	1.46E+06	1.28E+04	2.19E+06	5.81E+05	5.28E+06	5.15E+05	2.15E+06	1.15E+06	6.23E+05	5.76E+05	2.26E+06	7.03E+05	2.51E+05	1.72E+05	8.54E+06	2.73E+05	1.31E+06	1.39E+07
Tauropine	3.96E+06	4.21E+06	3.32E+06	4.34E+06	4.24E+06	6.65E+06	5.9E+06	3.5E+06	1.68E+07	9.63E+06	4.9E+06	1.38E+07	1.23E+07	5.68E+06	4.4E+06	4.9E+06	9.91E+06	4.81E+06	8.78E+06	5.7E+06	1.33E+07	1.26E+07	2.7E+06	3.45E+06	4.45E+06	1.72E+07	8.6E+06	1.35E+07	3.24E+06	4.81E+06	9.26E+06	1.18E+07	3.6E+06	5.7E+06	1.17E+07	4.16E+06	1.49E+07	6.59E+06	3.56E+06	2.38E+06	4.37E+06	4.76E+06	6.86E+06	7.1E+06	7.99E+06
Tentoxin_1	1.73E+05	7.54E+05	1.67E+06	5.01E+05	1.1E+07	3.45E+05	9.61E+05	5.77E+05	2.54E+06	1.55E+06	4.76E+05	1.37E+06	3.8E+06	1.56E+06	4.56E+05	6.05E+06	6.55E+05	5.39E+05	1.26E+07	9.54E+05	5.92E+06	1.14E+06	4.81E+05	1.06E+06	1.08E+06	3.63E+06	1.49E+06	1.22E+06	3.65E+05	2.98E+05	2.24E+06	1.72E+07	5.76E+05	1.18E+07	5.97E+05	6.58E+05	1.84E+06	8.76E+05	6.38E+05	6.18E+04	1.11E+05	6.76E+05	1.24E+06	3.22E+06	1.27E+06
Tentoxin_2	9.9E+03	4.59E+05	3.09E+05	2.82E+04	1.19E+06	6.37E+03	6.13E+05	2.48E+07	1.62E+06	6.09E+04	7.8E+06	2.8E+05	1.71E+05	9.41E+04	3.56E+04	5.15E+05	3.5E+05	2.21E+04	1.18E+06	8.64E+04	3.8E+05	2.32E+05	6.04E+04	1.16E+05	1.63E+05	1.66E+05	1.79E+06	2.26E+05	1.2E+05	6.44E+04	3.49E+05	1.35E+06	7.59E+04	3.07E+05	1.89E+05	2.12E+05	2.81E+05	9.77E+04	2.09E+05	1.68E+04	7.74E+03	8.02E+06	1.38E+05	4.48E+05	2.64E+05
Tentoxin_3	1.73E+05	7.54E+05	1.64E+06	5.01E+05	3.99E+06	1.5E+05	7.25E+05	3.16E+05	2.39E+06	1.55E+06	4.76E+05	1.37E+06	1.4E+07	1.56E+06	4.56E+05	1.78E+07	7.89E+05	5.39E+05	6.33E+06	9.4E+05	5.11E+06	1.14E+06	4.81E+05	1.01E+06	1.08E+06	1.31E+07	1.49E+06	1.22E+06	3.65E+05	1.8E+05	1.68E+06	4.87E+06	5.76E+05	5.64E+06	5.37E+05	6.52E+05	1.77E+06	8.19E+05	6.33E+05	2.29E+04	2.36E+04	6.76E+05	1.03E+06	1.67E+06	1.15E+06
Tentoxin_4	1.29E+05	2.07E+05	3.77E+04	4.87E+05	6.89E+05	1.73E+05	6.45E+05	3.16E+05	2.01E+05	1.47E+06	4.76E+05	1.31E+06	3.24E+06	3.16E+05	4.56E+05	5.91E+06	7.89E+05	1.01E+05	5.78E+05	1.67E+05	1.86E+07	1.13E+06	1.97E+05	1.01E+06	1.08E+06	2.69E+06	2.52E+05	1.22E+06	3.65E+05	1.8E+05	1.68E+06	6.99E+05	5.76E+05	5.55E+05	2.45E+05	3.34E+05	6.44E+05	1.72E+05	1.32E+05	2.29E+04	2.36E+04	6.76E+05	1.03E+06	1.67E+06	1.8E+05
Tentoxin_5	1.48E+05	1.4E+06	1.55E+06	5.5E+05	1.53E+06	9.21E+05	2.3E+06	5.57E+06	1.45E+06	8.29E+05	1.13E+06	1.86E+06	2.79E+06	6.45E+05	4.31E+05	6.96E+05	1.5E+06	2.25E+05	1.57E+06	7.79E+05	1.13E+06	8.46E+05	3.46E+05	3.16E+05	1.55E+06	2.31E+06	1.78E+06	1.05E+06	2.72E+05	3.26E+05	2.21E+06	2.78E+06	4.38E+05	2.17E+06	1.04E+06	4.75E+05	1.13E+07	1.06E+06	6.66E+05	2.71E+05	2.58E+05	1.16E+06	1.59E+06	1.83E+06	1.2E+06
Testolate	3.89E+05	3.24E+05	2.75E+03	1.16E+06	1.17E+03	1.05E+06	0	7.66E+05	4.35E+03	0	4.94E+05	0	2.06E+06	0	0	9.18E+05	0	935	9.52E+05	0	0	0	0	3E+05	0	1.18E+04	8E+04	2.13E+03	2.18E+05	1.83E+05	7.97E+03	4.73E+06	6.83E+04	1.64E+03	5.45E+06	0	1.33E+05	3.8E+05	0	2.41E+05	1.19E+05	0	4.23E+04	0	1.06E+03
Testosterone glucuronide	1.97E+06	1.98E+06	7.11E+05	4.35E+06	3.37E+06	5.1E+06	5.19E+06	1.92E+06	1.01E+07	6.07E+06	2.01E+06	1.62E+07	1.47E+07	4.88E+06	4.86E+06	7.82E+05	2.3E+06	1.58E+06	8.19E+06	4.11E+06	1.35E+06	8.77E+06	9.66E+05	6.64E+05	1.83E+06	2.6E+07	4.32E+06	1.43E+07	1.99E+06	5.63E+05	6.28E+06	1.09E+07	1.05E+06	2.29E+06	1.2E+07	8.68E+05	1.39E+07	5.28E+06	1.15E+06	7.82E+05	4.99E+06	1.63E+06	5.62E+06	1.23E+06	6.48E+06
Tetraneurin A	1.77E+04	2.44E+04	4.68E+03	2.13E+04	7.7E+03	3.61E+06	7.86E+03	3.53E+03	2.22E+05	5.23E+05	2.04E+04	1.21E+05	8.05E+03	2.85E+04	4.69E+03	3.21E+04	4.87E+04	1.51E+06	1.73E+05	2.45E+05	3.45E+04	8.29E+04	8.76E+03	4.2E+03	4.1E+03	2.03E+06	1.81E+06	1.4E+07	3.06E+04	6.24E+03	2.02E+07	4.11E+05	2.45E+04	3.99E+05	5.04E+05	8.89E+05	2.13E+04	4.39E+05	3.1E+04	6.34E+03	1.81E+05	1.07E+05	1.43E+04	2.96E+05	1.47E+04
Thalassemine_1	3.34E+07	2.69E+07	3.36E+06	2.72E+05	5.06E+05	2.39E+07	3.71E+05	6.4E+05	1.43E+06	4.49E+05	1.3E+07	9.21E+05	7.05E+05	4.95E+05	3.92E+05	2.38E+05	4.23E+07	1.12E+05	5.42E+05	2.82E+05	2.45E+07	9.13E+05	1.11E+05	7.63E+04	2.12E+07	1.69E+06	6.33E+05	1.76E+06	1.64E+07	2.97E+05	5.74E+06	9.58E+05	1.23E+05	7.55E+05	8.4E+05	2.86E+05	8.56E+06	3.31E+05	2.48E+05	1.97E+05	3.27E+05	7.54E+06	1.14E+07	1.83E+07	6.14E+05
Thalassemine_2	1.32E+03	3.71E+04	7.56E+06	5.79E+04	2.17E+04	3.16E+04	4.25E+06	8.99E+04	7.52E+03	5.8E+04	6.24E+03	2.52E+04	2.33E+04	4.14E+04	1.43E+05	2.83E+05	1.67E+04	3.59E+04	4.5E+03	1.62E+04	1.28E+05	9.71E+04	2.44E+04	8.8E+04	2.83E+04	1.17E+05	1.79E+05	7.92E+04	3.41E+04	9.6E+03	6.94E+03	5.16E+05	1.92E+05	9.22E+04	2.75E+05	7.28E+05	6.09E+05	2.32E+05	4.03E+04	2.71E+03	5.16E+03	2.89E+04	8.23E+05	1.19E+05	1.03E+05
Thalassemine_3	3.19E+07	2.33E+07	3.29E+06	2.72E+05	5.06E+05	2.28E+07	3.71E+05	6.35E+05	1.4E+06	4.49E+05	1.04E+07	9.21E+05	7.05E+05	4.95E+05	3.93E+05	1.15E+05	2.95E+07	1.13E+05	5.42E+05	2.82E+05	2.28E+07	9.13E+05	1.11E+05	7.49E+04	2E+07	1.72E+06	6.33E+05	1.8E+06	1.63E+07	2.97E+05	4.35E+06	9.58E+05	1.23E+05	7.55E+05	8.4E+05	2.83E+05	4.97E+06	3.31E+05	2.48E+05	1.9E+05	3.22E+05	6.35E+06	8.83E+06	1.67E+07	6.14E+05
Thalicarpine	2.35E+03	1.03E+04	6.47E+04	1.54E+03	1.54E+04	1.64E+04	2.72E+04	2.05E+04	2.27E+05	9.96E+03	0	1.09E+06	1.42E+05	1.23E+04	2.72E+03	3.96E+04	2.37E+04	3.28E+03	2.06E+05	4.66E+03	1.69E+04	7.02E+03	0	0	9.33E+04	4.32E+04	5.4E+05	4.34E+03	0	1.12E+03	1.28E+05	1.07E+05	5.75E+03	0	1.53E+04	6.94E+03	2.61E+06	2.44E+03	0	0	0	2.56E+03	1.78E+05	3.11E+04	3.9E+05
Theogallin	1.16E+07	1.42E+08	8.14E+06	7.1E+06	3.96E+07	2.97E+07	8.57E+06	2.35E+07	5.55E+07	3.72E+06	6.29E+06	8.99E+07	2.73E+07	9.82E+06	6.08E+06	2.32E+07	2.84E+07	3.22E+06	2.96E+07	5.12E+06	2.56E+07	1.32E+07	4.21E+06	8.08E+06	7.64E+06	2.01E+07	1.96E+07	4.15E+07	5.68E+06	3.7E+07	2.21E+07	3.07E+07	5.33E+06	5.82E+07	9.14E+07	2.12E+07	4.09E+07	1.49E+07	8.9E+06	3.61E+06	1.84E+07	8.72E+06	3.1E+07	1.04E+07	3.62E+07
Thiamin diphosphate	2.47E+04	3.48E+06	1.31E+03	6.49E+03	9.54E+06	4.29E+04	2.75E+03	4.1E+05	4.85E+03	4.77E+03	3.67E+04	1.13E+05	4.56E+03	2.13E+03	3.5E+05	3.54E+05	1.68E+07	0	2.17E+05	4.08E+03	1.62E+05	1.84E+04	766	5.34E+03	1.11E+04	9.49E+04	1.74E+05	1.53E+07	6.23E+04	2.18E+03	2.37E+03	2.94E+03	1.13E+04	4.78E+05	2.6E+07	1.84E+06	4.11E+05	2.95E+03	3.63E+03	1.13E+03	1.06E+07	4.25E+04	3.88E+06	3.25E+03	8.59E+03
Thiamin monophosphate	1.08E+06	2.15E+07	7.96E+05	6.12E+05	6.22E+06	4.79E+06	9.12E+05	4.05E+06	8.83E+06	3.52E+05	5.9E+05	1.37E+07	4.33E+06	9.66E+05	6.09E+05	3.62E+06	4.86E+06	2.81E+05	5.18E+06	4.45E+05	4.19E+06	1.33E+06	4.46E+05	6.71E+05	7.58E+05	2.97E+06	3.45E+06	6.19E+06	5.08E+05	6.02E+06	3.37E+06	5.03E+06	3.61E+05	9.25E+06	1.42E+07	3.45E+06	6.49E+06	2.63E+06	7.32E+05	2.6E+05	2.09E+06	7.86E+05	4.78E+06	8.78E+05	6.23E+06
Thienodolin	1.05E+06	1.82E+06	3.38E+04	4.6E+04	1.46E+06	2.49E+05	1.48E+04	1.38E+06	4.87E+05	1.21E+05	9.52E+04	2.14E+05	2.7E+05	1.5E+05	9.99E+04	1.24E+06	1.18E+07	1.12E+04	1.46E+06	2.66E+05	1.08E+05	2.93E+05	2.79E+03	8.05E+04	2.47E+06	1.61E+06	5.93E+05	9.29E+05	4.78E+04	3.85E+04	4.25E+05	2.06E+05	2.55E+05	5.51E+05	1.34E+06	3.74E+05	9.74E+05	1.46E+05	2.75E+03	6.8E+03	3.25E+05	1.49E+07	9.92E+05	3.34E+05	9.28E+05
Thiolactomycin	8.25E+05	7.88E+06	4.19E+05	3.56E+05	9.1E+05	3.88E+06	2.14E+05	1.13E+05	8.02E+06	5.75E+05	2.15E+06	6.53E+06	1.27E+07	5.81E+05	3E+06	1.93E+06	5.28E+05	1.84E+07	6.68E+05	4E+05	7.86E+05	8.65E+05	2.05E+05	1.9E+05	1.45E+06	3.22E+06	1.15E+06	1.35E+06	3.59E+05	2.29E+06	5.73E+05	1.48E+06	5.96E+05	5.45E+05	1.31E+06	4.22E+05	2.03E+06	6.27E+05	3.19E+05	2.54E+05	2.75E+05	5.31E+06	8E+05	6.05E+05	4.45E+06
Thiorphan	1.42E+05	1.57E+06	4.39E+04	8.08E+04	4.24E+05	1.55E+05	5.12E+05	1.67E+05	1.52E+05	1.01E+05	5.41E+04	1.1E+06	2.5E+05	1.95E+05	2.15E+06	6.99E+05	4.84E+05	5.13E+04	2.31E+05	9.03E+04	2.64E+05	2.4E+05	3.84E+04	6.71E+04	3.93E+04	1.3E+06	2.19E+05	6.31E+05	2.87E+05	1.53E+05	7.43E+04	8.23E+04	2.74E+04	2.19E+05	3.67E+05	5.69E+04	8.05E+05	1.76E+04	4.79E+04	1.21E+05	1.66E+05	1.15E+05	9.22E+05	1.45E+05	6.54E+05
Threonine	2.24E+06	4.28E+06	1.32E+06	6.69E+06	3.26E+07	1.89E+07	1.31E+07	2.69E+06	5.49E+07	1.28E+07	5.67E+06	1.99E+07	1.43E+07	1.03E+07	1.11E+07	4.3E+06	3.02E+07	7.37E+06	4.21E+07	9.94E+06	3.26E+07	3.29E+07	9.42E+06	3.63E+06	6.02E+06	4.56E+07	7.82E+06	4.11E+07	1.78E+06	6.75E+06	1.67E+07	3.5E+07	8.08E+05	1.21E+07	1.19E+07	5.67E+06	7.38E+06	1.06E+07	6.01E+05	5.4E+06	9.37E+05	8.22E+06	1.21E+07	1.63E+07	1.81E+07
THTA	3.85E+05	4.69E+05	4.17E+05	3.85E+05	1.17E+06	9E+05	5.66E+05	3.81E+05	1.88E+06	9.62E+05	6.39E+05	1.98E+06	1.61E+06	1.14E+06	5.81E+05	7.82E+05	2.02E+06	4.78E+05	1.17E+06	8.29E+05	1.87E+06	1.24E+06	5.86E+05	5.36E+05	8.07E+05	2.22E+06	8.81E+05	1.27E+06	4.13E+05	7.82E+05	2.72E+06	1.24E+06	6.87E+05	1.36E+06	1.22E+06	7.63E+05	2.04E+07	1.02E+06	4.04E+05	2.17E+05	7.75E+05	7.41E+05	7.95E+05	1.23E+06	1.44E+06
Tobramycin	1.26E+07	1.1E+07	8.44E+05	1.53E+07	9.13E+06	1.71E+07	8.3E+06	5.54E+06	3.28E+07	1.33E+07	1.65E+07	3.95E+07	3.69E+07	1.52E+07	9.51E+06	1.45E+06	7.36E+06	6.5E+06	2.11E+07	1.13E+07	4.8E+06	1.82E+07	3.34E+06	9.68E+05	1.18E+07	6.19E+07	1.47E+07	2.61E+07	1.12E+07	2.57E+06	1.69E+07	3.34E+07	3.56E+06	1.28E+07	3.56E+07	3.03E+06	3.99E+07	1.74E+07	3.93E+06	3.34E+06	1.84E+07	1.41E+07	1.63E+07	4.42E+06	1.45E+07
Tolcapone_1	2.57E+05	3.75E+05	3.15E+05	6.96E+05	1.29E+06	1.11E+06	4.48E+05	3.06E+05	2.16E+06	1.14E+06	6.92E+05	1.46E+06	3E+06	9.16E+05	8.21E+05	5.05E+05	2.19E+06	5.65E+05	1.34E+06	6.52E+05	1.98E+06	1.39E+06	4.96E+05	1.2E+05	4.09E+05	1.38E+06	1.54E+06	3.99E+06	2.19E+05	8.23E+05	1.44E+07	8.46E+05	3.41E+05	1.8E+06	1.55E+06	6.42E+05	5.38E+05	1.36E+06	2.87E+05	2.87E+05	6.02E+05	1.2E+06	7.51E+05	1.41E+06	8.96E+06
Tolcapone_2	1.05E+06	3.74E+05	3.15E+05	6.96E+05	1.29E+06	1.11E+06	4.48E+05	3.06E+05	2.16E+06	1.14E+06	6.92E+05	1.46E+06	1.18E+06	9.16E+05	8.21E+05	5.05E+05	2.05E+06	5.65E+05	1.34E+06	6.52E+05	1.7E+06	4.36E+06	4.96E+05	1.2E+05	4.09E+05	1.34E+06	1.47E+06	1.84E+06	2.32E+05	8.23E+05	2.55E+06	8.46E+05	3.41E+05	1.8E+06	1.55E+06	6.42E+05	5.38E+05	1.36E+06	2.87E+05	2.87E+05	6.02E+05	1.2E+06	7.51E+05	1.41E+06	1.49E+06
Tramadol	773	0	0	772	968	0	0	0	1.22E+03	7.86E+04	0	2.75E+03	1.43E+04	0	1.14E+03	1.39E+04	879	6.77E+04	1.21E+03	7.83E+04	787	0	0	1.06E+03	901	619	708	0	0	5.65E+03	0	2.19E+06	6.87E+03	0	1.06E+03	1.94E+05	7.24E+03	4.79E+04	1.49E+03	0	0	2.4E+03	2.79E+03	2.17E+05	1.29E+03
trans-Cinnamoyl beta-D-glucoside	2.47E+05	3.4E+05	1.67E+05	9.25E+04	5.06E+05	2.98E+05	7.34E+03	2.88E+04	9.87E+05	7.55E+05	1.57E+05	2.37E+07	8.04E+05	2.59E+05	7.82E+05	3.26E+05	5.84E+05	1.03E+06	3.57E+05	2.74E+05	5.47E+05	1.25E+05	2.1E+05	2.22E+05	7.27E+05	1.5E+06	2.37E+06	5.01E+05	3.06E+05	9.12E+05	2.61E+05	1.51E+06	2.96E+05	5.89E+05	6.6E+05	3.73E+04	7.46E+06	1.03E+05	4.79E+05	5.5E+04	6.24E+04	4.07E+05	2.97E+05	4.9E+05	5.31E+05
Traumatic acid_1	2.57E+06	1.63E+07	1.58E+07	2.29E+07	3.03E+07	2.44E+07	3.79E+07	8.66E+05	4.89E+07	1.69E+07	2.64E+07	2.29E+06	1.91E+06	2.04E+07	4.53E+06	1.26E+06	1.93E+07	5.79E+05	1.03E+06	1.65E+05	3.39E+07	1.82E+07	3.31E+06	1.13E+06	1.52E+07	3.2E+07	4.94E+05	3.33E+07	4.29E+06	3E+06	3.41E+07	4.12E+07	5.02E+06	5.62E+07	2.9E+07	3.95E+06	2.51E+05	4.89E+07	4.93E+06	1.45E+06	6.44E+06	1.93E+07	3.36E+06	5E+06	2.59E+06
Traumatic acid_2	6.04E+05	3.74E+05	3.82E+05	7.08E+05	5.7E+05	2.69E+06	1.58E+06	4.25E+04	5.63E+05	4.12E+05	3.56E+05	3.67E+05	2.49E+07	9.01E+05	1.81E+05	1.01E+07	4.28E+05	1.81E+05	1.35E+05	5.4E+04	1.32E+06	5.49E+07	4.94E+05	1.19E+06	1.34E+05	5.2E+05	8.4E+04	2.88E+06	1.69E+05	2.72E+04	3.27E+06	1.09E+06	1.65E+07	2.17E+06	2.83E+05	1.1E+05	1.7E+05	3.84E+05	3.52E+05	1.69E+04	4.5E+05	2.72E+05	2.87E+05	8.64E+05	8.86E+05
Triadimefon	9.92E+04	4E+05	2.67E+05	5.33E+05	6.48E+05	9.15E+05	1.03E+06	6.7E+05	1.19E+06	5.61E+05	9.21E+05	1.17E+07	1.25E+06	7.69E+05	2.24E+05	1.36E+05	2.45E+06	5.75E+05	8.31E+05	7.47E+05	1.44E+06	1.27E+06	2.54E+05	4.49E+04	8.86E+05	1.6E+07	1.56E+06	2.43E+06	2.08E+05	9.66E+05	9.06E+05	1.3E+07	3.85E+04	4.8E+05	2E+06	2.53E+05	3.19E+07	2.23E+05	3.11E+05	2.31E+05	2.95E+05	5.28E+05	1.16E+07	6.16E+05	7.2E+05
Triadimenol	8.54E+04	2.81E+05	1.38E+05	1.54E+05	4.2E+04	1.18E+06	2.22E+05	2.52E+05	2.44E+05	9.01E+05	6.21E+05	5.48E+05	1.6E+06	4.62E+05	3.41E+05	2.46E+05	6.5E+05	3.65E+05	6.63E+05	7.16E+05	7.34E+05	8.56E+05	1.49E+05	5.84E+04	3.04E+05	4.39E+06	9.88E+05	1.41E+07	5.23E+04	5.24E+05	8.32E+05	5E+05	3.27E+05	4.59E+05	4.77E+05	2.29E+05	1.29E+06	3.14E+05	1.71E+05	1.38E+05	1.47E+05	2.7E+05	1.58E+05	3.51E+05	3.94E+05
Tributyltin chloride_1	1.06E+07	1.06E+07	1.57E+07	1.02E+07	1.02E+06	3.1E+07	1.45E+06	8.59E+05	1.23E+07	1.65E+07	1.25E+07	1.97E+06	3.33E+07	1.53E+07	1.98E+07	6.81E+05	3.04E+07	1.06E+07	3.73E+06	1.61E+07	1.38E+07	1.71E+07	2.71E+05	8.9E+05	1.16E+07	2.03E+07	1.63E+07	2.59E+07	1.3E+07	2.25E+06	3.93E+07	2.05E+07	8.74E+05	1.71E+07	1.44E+07	1.48E+07	2.57E+07	5.27E+05	6.5E+05	4.9E+05	1.18E+07	1.21E+07	1.39E+07	3.09E+07	1.35E+07
Tributyltin chloride_2	1.97E+04	5.35E+04	3.17E+04	4.2E+04	9.32E+04	1.88E+04	1.37E+07	8.29E+03	5.71E+05	1.06E+04	1.09E+04	2.28E+07	7.28E+04	2.49E+04	3.72E+04	7.25E+06	5.39E+04	4.75E+04	3.24E+07	2.01E+04	3.12E+04	5.09E+04	8.69E+03	1.18E+07	6.03E+04	1.11E+05	3.57E+04	6.04E+04	1.59E+04	1.37E+07	1.48E+07	1.9E+04	2.29E+04	1.93E+07	7.78E+04	4.35E+04	4.58E+05	1.28E+07	1.25E+04	1.39E+04	5.66E+03	1.46E+07	1.73E+05	1.55E+05	1.54E+07
Tributyltin chloride_3	1.46E+06	6.2E+05	3.8E+06	8.81E+04	2.72E+05	3.39E+06	4.12E+05	4.86E+05	1.1E+07	1.72E+06	8.6E+05	2.18E+05	2.29E+06	5.44E+05	1.11E+06	1.91E+05	7.66E+06	2.41E+05	6.49E+05	9.28E+05	1.55E+07	1.06E+06	1.9E+05	5.08E+05	6.35E+05	2.61E+06	2.85E+06	8.55E+05	7.62E+05	9.69E+05	1.08E+07	1.8E+06	3.49E+05	3.91E+06	5.81E+05	3.47E+06	2.76E+06	8.03E+04	2.26E+05	4.09E+05	1.65E+05	8.96E+05	1.43E+06	6.15E+06	3.6E+06
Tributyrin_1	1.03E+06	9.76E+05	2.1E+05	7.41E+06	1.99E+06	8.39E+05	8.74E+05	9.15E+04	1.55E+07	3.12E+05	2.71E+05	2.19E+06	1.04E+06	4.8E+05	1.04E+05	1.9E+06	3.09E+05	2.52E+05	1.93E+05	3.66E+05	1.29E+07	3.32E+06	7.39E+05	1.4E+05	2.02E+05	8.96E+05	1.19E+05	1.32E+06	5.01E+05	4.31E+05	8.33E+05	1.61E+06	4.08E+05	1.67E+07	1.36E+06	5.1E+05	1.01E+05	1.15E+06	8.32E+05	1.25E+05	2.03E+06	1.74E+06	7.96E+05	6.47E+05	5.08E+05
Tributyrin_2	1.03E+06	9.76E+05	2.1E+05	4.1E+06	1.99E+06	8.39E+05	8.74E+05	9.15E+04	8.25E+06	3.12E+05	2.71E+05	2.19E+06	1.04E+06	4.8E+05	1.04E+05	1.9E+06	3.09E+05	2.52E+05	1.93E+05	3.66E+05	7.44E+06	1.06E+07	7.39E+05	1.4E+05	2.02E+05	8.96E+05	3.53E+04	1.32E+06	5.01E+05	4.31E+05	8.33E+05	1.61E+06	4.08E+05	6.04E+06	1.36E+06	5.1E+05	1.24E+05	1.15E+06	8.32E+05	1.25E+05	2.03E+06	1.74E+06	7.96E+05	6.47E+05	5.08E+05
Triethylene glycol diglycidyl ether_1	1.43E+07	1.13E+07	3.17E+07	1.83E+07	1.47E+07	1.09E+07	2.98E+07	9.63E+06	1.78E+07	1.55E+07	1.92E+07	1.06E+07	1.47E+07	1.87E+07	1.2E+07	8.42E+06	7.49E+06	3.31E+07	1.54E+07	2.39E+07	1.24E+07	1.73E+07	2.63E+07	1.31E+07	1.35E+07	1.28E+07	1.19E+07	1.82E+06	1.03E+07	2.13E+07	7.73E+06	1.63E+07	1.36E+07	1.21E+07	1.46E+06	8.3E+06	2.02E+06	2.31E+07	1.68E+07	1.82E+07	6.19E+06	1.27E+07	8.66E+06	1.38E+07	2.08E+07
Triethylene glycol diglycidyl ether_2	2.07E+05	1.85E+05	3.83E+05	1.75E+06	1.58E+06	6.11E+05	2.73E+06	1.57E+05	1.29E+06	5.57E+05	4.6E+06	1.55E+05	1.8E+06	1.25E+06	4.91E+05	2.38E+04	1.2E+06	4.14E+05	1.45E+06	4.83E+05	1.5E+06	2.8E+06	4.98E+05	6.63E+04	1.07E+06	1.03E+06	8.92E+05	1.18E+07	1.19E+05	6.73E+05	7.75E+05	8.97E+05	3.35E+04	1.02E+06	5.93E+05	2.14E+05	1.72E+07	1.81E+06	7.41E+05	1.81E+05	1.24E+05	1.57E+05	3.63E+04	2.67E+05	2.55E+06
Triflumuron	8E+04	1.58E+05	8.86E+04	1.33E+05	2.62E+05	2.59E+05	1.04E+05	1.62E+04	1.45E+05	9.61E+06	2.03E+05	1.73E+05	2.69E+05	3.26E+05	7.4E+04	9.98E+03	2.9E+04	2.4E+04	1.74E+05	7.48E+06	3.23E+05	9.86E+06	2.36E+04	1.03E+04	2.43E+04	3.48E+05	1.4E+05	2.17E+05	1.46E+04	1.08E+05	2.16E+04	3.18E+04	3.72E+03	2.16E+04	2.55E+04	1.21E+04	1.19E+05	4.79E+04	1.89E+04	5.4E+03	6.97E+04	4.16E+04	4.2E+04	5.74E+04	1.82E+05
Trimetaphosphoric acid	1.56E+07	7.89E+06	9.6E+07	1.2E+08	1.07E+08	1.41E+07	1.16E+08	1.16E+08	1.12E+07	1.13E+08	1.35E+08	1.18E+08	1.55E+07	1.34E+08	1.13E+08	1.82E+07	4.56E+06	8.68E+06	2.73E+07	1.29E+08	1.44E+08	1.31E+08	1.3E+08	1.94E+07	1.3E+08	2.89E+07	1.36E+08	4E+06	8.73E+06	1.26E+08	2.41E+07	1.46E+07	2.07E+07	7.6E+06	2.34E+06	1.34E+08	1.29E+08	1.35E+08	1.3E+08	2.28E+07	1.22E+07	2.57E+07	1.11E+07	1.04E+07	9.01E+06
Trimethoprim	1.09E+03	1.07E+04	7.42E+03	6.5E+04	1.78E+04	1.45E+05	6.19E+04	9.85E+04	5.68E+06	6.82E+04	3.19E+04	1.36E+05	5.06E+05	4.82E+04	1.44E+05	1.07E+04	1.53E+05	1.19E+04	3.93E+04	1.06E+05	6.29E+04	8.33E+04	1.76E+04	2.17E+03	6.85E+04	1.81E+05	2.41E+04	5.78E+04	1.47E+04	2.67E+05	6.02E+04	4.19E+04	9.26E+03	6.8E+04	2.32E+04	1.6E+04	6.86E+04	1.08E+05	2.94E+05	8.56E+03	9.91E+03	2.08E+04	2.52E+03	1.08E+06	1.35E+05
Triticonazole	3.61E+05	1.14E+06	3.4E+05	1.53E+06	1.71E+06	5.18E+05	2.43E+06	4.19E+05	3.52E+06	9.22E+05	1.04E+06	1.16E+06	2.02E+06	3.98E+05	4.22E+05	4.11E+05	2.48E+06	4.64E+05	2.72E+06	1.64E+06	9.78E+06	7.46E+06	2.37E+05	1.37E+05	9.87E+05	1.97E+06	8.71E+05	3.42E+06	6.31E+05	1.42E+06	9.06E+05	1.96E+06	1.7E+05	2.63E+06	1.36E+06	1.06E+06	1.45E+06	2.6E+06	8.38E+05	1.67E+05	2.09E+05	1.46E+06	7.89E+05	1.66E+06	1.09E+06
Tryptophan	1.61E+06	1.36E+06	9.48E+05	2.94E+06	5.69E+06	3.26E+06	5E+06	4.24E+06	6.36E+06	6.96E+06	2.26E+06	7.23E+06	7.55E+06	5.5E+06	6.1E+06	1.91E+06	4.58E+06	3.54E+06	9.38E+06	4.76E+06	4.3E+06	9.92E+06	3.23E+06	1.27E+06	2.13E+06	9.41E+06	3.35E+06	2.27E+07	1.33E+06	2.27E+06	2.53E+06	4.94E+06	1.51E+06	2.87E+06	4.54E+06	1.09E+06	4.16E+06	1.9E+06	2.01E+06	2.3E+06	2.22E+06	2.75E+06	8.12E+06	2.81E+06	7.44E+06
Tuberonic acid glucoside_1	1.27E+07	1.91E+07	4.68E+06	1.05E+07	3.75E+07	2.37E+07	4.09E+07	2.38E+06	2.14E+07	1.01E+07	1.84E+07	4.48E+07	7.09E+07	4.48E+07	2.63E+06	1.01E+06	4.45E+06	9.56E+06	1.64E+07	1.07E+07	1.67E+07	1.11E+08	1.2E+07	1.83E+06	1.53E+07	4.69E+07	1.74E+07	4.39E+07	2.13E+06	8.3E+06	3.57E+07	1.55E+07	1.55E+06	1.36E+07	1.33E+07	4.04E+07	4.56E+07	3.88E+07	3.5E+07	1.07E+07	3.88E+06	9.2E+06	6.99E+06	8.38E+06	2.76E+07
Tuberonic acid glucoside_2	3.08E+06	4.93E+06	1.41E+07	2.28E+07	1.58E+07	6.11E+06	7.54E+07	4.1E+06	4.66E+07	3.15E+07	5.7E+06	6.65E+06	2.52E+07	8.06E+06	4.85E+06	7E+06	2.91E+07	2.64E+06	4.58E+07	2.54E+07	6.56E+07	4.22E+07	1.8E+06	8.45E+05	5.35E+06	1.14E+07	1.93E+06	1.1E+08	9.37E+06	2.28E+07	1.54E+07	3.92E+07	1.41E+06	6.36E+07	3.44E+07	1.48E+07	1.24E+07	6.15E+07	1.32E+07	1.5E+06	1.45E+06	5.61E+06	2.19E+07	1.98E+07	8.14E+06
Tuliposide B	2.85E+05	3.69E+05	8.32E+05	7.25E+05	6.2E+05	5.64E+06	3.88E+06	4.87E+05	9.89E+05	1.11E+06	1.24E+06	7.22E+06	5.48E+06	6.77E+05	7.74E+05	4.25E+05	9.36E+06	4.23E+05	1.3E+06	7.37E+05	8.33E+06	1.31E+06	2.72E+05	3.39E+05	1.11E+06	9.13E+06	7.32E+06	4.96E+06	3.15E+05	4.08E+06	9.2E+06	1.03E+06	4.72E+05	6.88E+06	9.07E+05	9.86E+05	1.56E+07	7.79E+05	4.61E+05	3.65E+05	4.76E+05	9.84E+05	9.61E+06	1.08E+06	1.14E+06
Tussilagine	5.68E+06	2.26E+06	1.56E+07	1.23E+07	2.52E+07	3.26E+07	2.16E+07	7.76E+06	2.46E+07	3.21E+07	2.25E+07	4.73E+07	5.53E+07	2.65E+07	8.3E+06	4.42E+06	4.71E+07	1.99E+07	4.65E+07	3.3E+07	3.79E+07	4.76E+07	1.66E+07	1.53E+06	2.21E+07	7.17E+07	2.53E+07	6.02E+07	1.46E+06	1.68E+07	6.47E+07	2.59E+07	2.45E+06	2.36E+07	2.09E+07	1.92E+07	2.75E+07	9.04E+06	1.97E+07	7.37E+06	1.13E+07	1.92E+07	2.7E+07	3.65E+07	1.26E+07
Umbelliferone	1.44E+06	1.84E+06	6.99E+04	1.37E+06	5E+04	2.09E+06	6.57E+04	4.94E+04	5.1E+05	8.75E+03	1.56E+07	1.76E+05	698	2.13E+04	2.42E+05	2.91E+05	1.04E+06	2.49E+05	4.66E+05	2.37E+05	1.55E+06	9.64E+04	1.11E+04	3.68E+05	1.83E+07	1.84E+03	1.05E+04	5.83E+04	3.68E+06	2.2E+05	1.17E+05	2.83E+04	1.19E+07	7.78E+05	3.79E+04	6.28E+04	2.85E+04	2.82E+05	1.99E+05	5.08E+05	9.86E+05	2.53E+07	5.99E+05	2.15E+06	8.18E+04
Ungeremine	1.04E+05	1.67E+05	6.71E+05	2.14E+05	5.26E+05	1.16E+06	8.01E+05	7.52E+05	7.4E+06	1.04E+07	3.15E+05	2.08E+06	5.5E+05	8.66E+05	6.92E+05	4.29E+04	4.03E+06	2.48E+05	1.66E+06	5.13E+05	9.4E+06	4.66E+06	5.31E+05	7.8E+05	8.87E+05	7.65E+06	1.07E+06	4.48E+06	3.17E+05	2.92E+05	3.21E+06	6.61E+06	9.11E+04	1.04E+06	1.18E+06	2.11E+05	2.76E+06	3.38E+05	4.25E+05	7.83E+05	3.15E+05	4.1E+05	5.33E+05	2.62E+06	7.96E+05
Urate	6.47E+08	6.47E+08	5.97E+08	7.68E+08	9.47E+08	7.65E+08	9.41E+08	6.63E+08	9.02E+08	8.17E+08	9.76E+08	9.45E+08	8.16E+08	8.96E+08	9.03E+08	5.93E+08	8.81E+08	7.49E+08	7.45E+08	6.62E+08	6.69E+08	8.76E+08	6.25E+08	4.07E+08	7.72E+08	6.51E+08	7.01E+08	8.27E+08	5.14E+08	5.88E+08	9.37E+08	8.84E+08	5.02E+08	7.17E+08	9.24E+08	7.01E+08	7.54E+08	7.3E+08	5.06E+08	5.88E+08	7.72E+08	8.56E+08	8.11E+08	8.7E+08	7.33E+08
Urate-3-ribonucleoside	1.75E+06	1.79E+06	1.12E+06	3.63E+06	2.02E+06	3.26E+06	4.29E+06	1.43E+06	7.99E+06	3.58E+06	2.47E+06	5.89E+06	8.06E+06	2.69E+06	3.68E+06	8.68E+05	2.69E+06	1.71E+06	7.68E+06	3.16E+06	3.57E+06	5.34E+06	1.33E+06	5.54E+05	1.79E+06	7.62E+06	3.41E+06	1.1E+07	1.68E+06	1.72E+06	5.54E+06	9.23E+06	6.36E+05	2.95E+06	6.81E+06	1.75E+06	5.8E+06	3.46E+06	1.69E+06	1.27E+06	3.22E+06	2.31E+06	2.79E+06	2.31E+06	4.89E+06
Uridine	8.38E+07	8.43E+07	6.45E+07	9.61E+07	1.08E+08	1.69E+08	1.26E+08	7.9E+07	1.86E+08	1.5E+08	1.34E+08	2.14E+08	2.05E+08	1.39E+08	1.24E+08	9.53E+07	2.35E+08	1.01E+08	1.67E+08	1.21E+08	1.97E+08	1.69E+08	7.4E+07	6.51E+07	1.42E+08	2.59E+08	1.31E+08	2.05E+08	8.21E+07	1.14E+08	2.04E+08	1.88E+08	9.31E+07	1.5E+08	2.35E+08	9.37E+07	2.17E+08	1.08E+08	8.43E+07	6.91E+07	1.17E+08	1.25E+08	1.37E+08	1.42E+08	1.38E+08
Valacyclovir	3.21E+05	2.29E+06	1.87E+05	2.58E+05	1.31E+05	5.91E+05	9.27E+04	7.96E+05	5.47E+05	6.26E+05	4.29E+05	9.4E+06	6.32E+05	3.14E+05	7.21E+05	2.75E+06	1.29E+07	7.95E+04	6.61E+06	3.07E+05	2.2E+05	6.68E+05	8.98E+04	1.1E+06	4.5E+05	6.52E+05	1.97E+05	1.37E+07	3.23E+05	2.35E+05	6.14E+05	5.7E+05	4.35E+05	4.37E+05	3.38E+06	1.89E+06	1.25E+05	2.87E+05	2.19E+04	5.96E+04	1.33E+06	3.5E+05	9.22E+05	4.24E+05	1.11E+05
Vermelone	4.76E+03	0	5.11E+05	8.63E+05	9.88E+05	1.27E+07	4.08E+06	5.31E+05	1.6E+07	2.8E+07	1.36E+06	7.54E+06	2.67E+06	2.44E+07	5.26E+05	9.1E+05	7.32E+05	2.32E+06	3.35E+06	2.98E+06	1.44E+07	1.41E+06	6.24E+05	9.73E+05	1.24E+06	4.05E+07	2.61E+06	3.6E+06	1.07E+03	1.98E+06	2.16E+06	2.91E+07	3.34E+05	1.71E+06	1.73E+07	6.89E+05	4.18E+07	3.96E+05	5.89E+05	4.43E+05	9.15E+05	1.25E+07	1.69E+07	6.41E+05	2.2E+06
Verrucarin A	3.89E+05	8.45E+05	1.01E+06	0	5.45E+05	7.97E+05	1.15E+03	1.59E+05	1.83E+07	1.44E+04	1.2E+06	993	1.56E+06	1.79E+05	2.16E+03	4.88E+05	854	1.24E+04	4.69E+06	0	0	991	0	606	1.69E+05	5.33E+03	4.83E+05	1.02E+03	554	0	1.29E+05	0	815	1.54E+04	992	2.59E+03	1.73E+03	954	1.4E+04	8.75E+04	0	3.11E+06	1.7E+04	2.8E+04	619
Versicolorin B	3.82E+05	3.87E+03	2.23E+03	3.46E+05	6.13E+04	6.98E+03	3.67E+03	1.28E+03	3.7E+03	2.87E+06	8.13E+04	9.66E+04	5.41E+05	9.48E+03	3.87E+05	6.2E+03	6.5E+03	4.5E+04	4.33E+07	1.6E+06	2.55E+05	5.8E+05	7.11E+04	1.28E+05	1.36E+05	2.62E+05	7.49E+04	1.48E+05	2.54E+03	3.61E+03	4.11E+05	5.27E+03	2.11E+05	1.16E+04	1.18E+04	2.48E+04	9.25E+04	7.64E+03	1.02E+04	4.75E+03	1.64E+04	5.77E+04	5.08E+06	8.49E+04	2.9E+03
Versiconal	8.18E+05	1.25E+06	9.32E+05	2.17E+06	1.66E+06	4.17E+06	1.78E+06	5.11E+05	1.86E+07	1.53E+06	4.01E+06	3.32E+06	3.02E+06	1.89E+06	3.14E+06	8.19E+05	4.54E+06	1.13E+06	3.8E+06	3.3E+06	4.59E+06	1.86E+06	9.95E+05	5.83E+05	3.58E+06	1.61E+07	2.09E+06	2.92E+06	9.81E+05	1.55E+06	2.84E+06	4.28E+06	4.12E+05	2.74E+06	4.68E+06	1.12E+06	1.93E+06	2.19E+06	4.96E+05	5.56E+05	2.68E+06	2.48E+06	1.82E+06	3.8E+06	2.39E+06
Vitexin_1	4.83E+06	9.52E+06	4.05E+06	6.32E+04	1.62E+04	3.36E+06	2.18E+05	1.78E+04	9.17E+05	3.96E+03	4.61E+06	1.48E+07	4.26E+04	5.54E+05	1.14E+05	1.05E+05	4.77E+03	1.11E+06	2.25E+06	1.4E+03	8.13E+05	1.48E+07	680	8.75E+03	4.38E+06	3.62E+04	7.28E+05	1.92E+03	4.68E+06	855	5.47E+06	4.28E+05	4.18E+05	1.28E+04	1.02E+06	3.25E+03	1.01E+07	1.47E+03	1.73E+07	3.22E+05	3.36E+03	1.57E+05	1.22E+07	3.06E+03	4.6E+04
Vitexin_2	3.94E+06	7.77E+06	3.46E+06	6.32E+04	1.62E+04	3.36E+06	2.18E+05	1.78E+04	9.17E+05	3.84E+04	2.2E+06	1.12E+07	4.26E+04	5.54E+05	1.14E+05	1.05E+05	1.17E+04	1.11E+06	5.81E+06	1.4E+03	8.13E+05	1.15E+07	0	8.75E+03	2.28E+06	3.62E+04	7.28E+05	1.92E+03	2.99E+06	855	3.03E+06	4.28E+05	4.18E+05	1.28E+04	1.02E+06	3.25E+03	5.97E+06	5.38E+03	1.41E+07	3.22E+05	3.36E+03	1.57E+05	9.14E+06	6.34E+03	4.6E+04
Xanthosine_1	5.66E+06	4.1E+06	2.53E+06	7.09E+06	6.71E+06	1.04E+07	1.3E+07	3.55E+06	1.62E+07	1.63E+07	1.89E+07	1.77E+07	2.18E+07	1.19E+07	9.59E+06	3.44E+06	1.07E+07	7.52E+06	1.07E+07	1.03E+07	1.64E+07	1.36E+07	4.92E+06	2.99E+06	1.05E+07	3.28E+07	1.27E+07	1.7E+07	5.03E+06	6.03E+06	1.2E+07	1.68E+07	3.99E+06	1.01E+07	1.56E+07	4.12E+06	2.97E+07	5.87E+06	4.22E+06	4.25E+06	6.78E+06	9.67E+06	9.39E+06	9.6E+06	1.21E+07
Xanthosine_2	4.1E+06	3.59E+06	2.15E+06	5.16E+06	4.49E+06	7.55E+06	8.96E+06	3.14E+06	1.24E+07	1.32E+07	8.28E+06	1.46E+07	1.7E+07	9.19E+06	6.92E+06	3.02E+06	9.24E+06	5.39E+06	8.35E+06	7.16E+06	1.29E+07	9.94E+06	3.04E+06	2.67E+06	7.99E+06	1.97E+06	9.33E+06	1.47E+07	3.72E+06	4.39E+06	8.56E+06	1.27E+07	2.83E+06	7.38E+06	1.23E+07	2.83E+06	2.38E+07	3.64E+06	2.89E+06	2.79E+06	4.88E+06	6.65E+06	6.71E+06	7.08E+06	8.8E+06
Zalcitabine	5.25E+04	1.59E+05	1.36E+05	2.35E+05	1.53E+05	6.11E+05	2.56E+04	1.1E+05	1.2E+06	1.4E+04	1.95E+05	1.06E+06	5.37E+05	1.38E+05	1.62E+05	4.83E+04	1.25E+06	5.93E+05	1.06E+06	6.02E+05	1.16E+06	3.56E+05	3.2E+05	3.06E+04	2.37E+05	9.11E+05	9.2E+06	3.03E+05	1.42E+05	3.68E+04	8.52E+06	5.8E+05	6.26E+04	3.19E+05	1.24E+06	2.33E+05	6.28E+05	4.42E+05	7.05E+04	1.06E+05	4.6E+05	3.84E+05	2.78E+06	5.52E+05	5.45E+05
Zinnimidine	1.06E+03	996	1.01E+04	7.83E+03	2.69E+03	9.47E+03	1.39E+03	4.3E+03	675	1.78E+03	2.45E+04	589	2.74E+03	8.53E+03	854	970	2.15E+03	756	4.04E+03	0	1.9E+03	3.09E+03	570	1.05E+03	5.52E+03	5.37E+03	1.91E+04	1.16E+04	858	1.66E+03	8.27E+03	1.82E+07	0	8.07E+03	3.34E+04	3E+03	6.62E+03	1.16E+04	777	0	2E+03	2.6E+03	4.92E+03	9.36E+03	1.18E+03
Zizybeoside I	1.99E+05	3.01E+04	9.17E+04	3.14E+05	2.43E+05	7.92E+04	2.15E+05	9.77E+04	3.27E+04	1.62E+05	1.01E+06	2.13E+05	3.52E+05	1.36E+05	1.24E+05	2.74E+06	9.24E+04	1.72E+04	4.94E+05	2.38E+04	5.84E+05	5.1E+05	3.51E+04	2.33E+06	2.92E+05	1.2E+05	6.17E+04	4.93E+05	6.31E+04	6.23E+04	4.59E+04	1.68E+05	1.96E+06	1.67E+05	2.95E+05	8.94E+04	4.21E+05	1.06E+05	2.08E+05	7.52E+04	2.1E+05	7.97E+04	6.81E+05	5.23E+04	1.16E+05
Zoxazolamine	6.89E+04	8.63E+04	8.69E+04	2.51E+06	2.74E+05	1.17E+05	1.72E+05	5.52E+05	7.87E+05	4.01E+05	1.35E+05	2.03E+05	2.73E+05	4.01E+05	3.19E+05	4.76E+05	5.19E+05	2.12E+05	1.39E+05	1.92E+05	6.54E+05	4.37E+05	1.42E+05	8.47E+04	1.42E+05	4.6E+05	6.2E+05	1.59E+05	1.63E+05	4.1E+05	7.08E+05	9.43E+05	2.07E+05	9.47E+04	4.61E+05	2.91E+05	4.8E+05	7.71E+05	1.21E+06	5.4E+05	5.46E+05	1.82E+05	3.16E+05	4.23E+05	7.24E+04
metabolite_name	Retention Index	PubChem CID	KEGG ID	mass spectrum
(1E,3E)-4-Hydroxybuta-1,3-diene-1,2,4-tricarboxylate	0.81	54729370	C04324	201.0043
(1-Ribosylimidazole)-4-acetate	3.45	440569	C05131	257.0776
(2S,3S)-2-Hydroxytridecane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate	10.48	5458468	C04655	331.1766
(3-Arylcarbonyl)-alanine	8.67	412786	C03450	192.0656
(3E)-4-(2-Carboxyphenyl)-2-oxobut-3-enoate	0.87	16730035	C01275	219.0306
(5Z,13E)-11alpha-Hydroxy-9,15-dioxoprost-13-enoate	10.53	5280719	C04707	349.2020
(9R,10R)-Dihydroxyoctadecanoic acid	13.07	12235228	C08314	315.2541
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate_1	0.80	24892801	C16583	219.0511
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate_2	4.17	24892801	C16583	219.0518
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate_3	1.05	24892801	C16583	219.0512
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_1	3.34	20849228	C01251	205.0344
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_2	5.97	20849228	C01251	205.0344
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_3	4.72	20849228	C01251	205.0344
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_4	2.83	20849228	C01251	205.0344
(R)-3-((R)-3-Hydroxybutanoyloxy)butanoate_1	7.15	5459971	C04546	189.0760
(R)-3-((R)-3-Hydroxybutanoyloxy)butanoate_2	7.53	5459971	C04546	189.0760
(R)-3-((R)-3-Hydroxybutanoyloxy)butanoate_3	8.47	5459971	C04546	189.0760
(S)-ACPA	0.90	447083	C13673	213.0509
(S)-ATPA_1	1.53	447407	C13733	227.1030
(S)-ATPA_2	7.18	447407	C13733	227.1030
1-(5-Phosphoribosyl)imidazole-4-acetate	8.19	440341	C04437	337.0432
1-(beta-D-Ribofuranosyl)-1,4-dihydronicotinamide	8.83	11507134	C15497	255.0985
1,1-Diethyl-2-hydroxy-2-nitrosohydrazine_1	7.77	107754	C13773	131.0700
1,1-Diethyl-2-hydroxy-2-nitrosohydrazine_2	6.98	107754	C13773	131.0700
1,2-Dihydroxynaphthalene-6-sulfonate	10.35	9543071	C16196	239.0017
10-Deacetyl-2-debenzoylbaccatin III	11.21	443489	C11899	439.1967
10-Oxodecanoate	9.68	19734156	C02217	185.1175
116.9816_10	4.73			116.9816
116.9816_11	2.65			116.9816
12-trans-Hydroxy juvenile hormone III	10.12	11011465	C16508	281.1757
14-Dihydroxycornestin	11.37	5281160	C08483	307.1186
1alpha,5alpha-Epidithio-17a-oxa-D-homoandrostan-3,17-dione_1	10.51	11954165	C15390	365.1249
1alpha,5alpha-Epidithio-17a-oxa-D-homoandrostan-3,17-dione_2	6.82	11954165	C15390	365.1250
1-Caffeoyl-4-deoxyquinic acid_1	0.94	5281760	C10432	337.0939
1-Caffeoyl-4-deoxyquinic acid_2	9.98	5281760	C10432	337.0927
1-O-Galloyl-beta-D-glucose	6.68	124021	C01158	331.0669
1-O-Sinapoyl-beta-D-glucose_1	0.76	5280406	C01175	385.1139
1-O-Sinapoyl-beta-D-glucose_2	8.83	5280406	C01175	385.1138
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_1	7.00	14132344	C20470	329.0872
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_2	6.37	14132344	C20470	329.0873
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_3	7.08	14132344	C20470	329.0874
1-O-Vanilloyl-beta-D-glucose_4	8.10	14132344	C20470	329.0873
2-(2-Chloro-phenyl)-5-(5-methylthiophen-2-yl)-[1,3,4]oxadiazole	7.28	443277	C11570	275.0062
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid	7.39	24883455	C17214	221.0480
2-(6'-Methylthio)hexylmalic acid	8.28	44237240	C17226	263.0954
2-(Acetamidomethylene)succinate	6.84	21158439	C01215	186.0400
2,2-Bis(4'-chlorophenyl)ethanol	1.05	17533	C06639	265.0199
2,3-Dihydrothienamycin	8.16	92042763	C20820	273.0911
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_1	9.16	54675852	C06580	195.0653
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_2	9.31	54675852	C06580	195.0655
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_1	6.95	56927717	C19972	245.1138
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_2	6.02	56927717	C19972	245.1138
2,4-Dichlorotoluene	0.65	7254	C18300	158.9773
2,4-Dinitro-1-(3-nitrophenoxy)benzene	8.08	221812	C15297	304.0215
2,4-Dinitrophenol	0.93	1493	C02496	183.0057
2,5-Diamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one_1	7.58	25271619	C18910	354.0826
2,5-Diamino-6-(5-phospho-D-ribitylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one_2	7.62	25271619	C18910	354.0825
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_1	1.08	76720	C20450	154.9996
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_2	1.08	76720	C20450	154.9984
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_1	0.99	440369	C04521	290.0882
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_2	1.85	440369	C04521	290.0883
2-Amino-9,10-epoxy-8-oxodecanoic acid	7.53	443587	C12027	214.1076
2-AminoAMP	7.60	439541	C01655	345.0723
2-Chloro-1,4-naphthoquinone	7.22	13891	C03753	190.9898
2-Dehydro-D-xylonate	8.67	439852	C02928	163.0245
2-Deoxy-D-ribose 1-phosphate	0.92	439287	C00672	213.0165
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_1	13.67	NOT Found in Database	C03343	277.1441
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_2	11.50	NOT Found in Database	C03343	277.1441
2-Hydroxyfelbamate	6.98	10400039	C16582	253.0827
2-Oxo-6-methylthiohexanoic acid_1	0.86	22266653	C17216	175.0444
2-Oxo-6-methylthiohexanoic acid_2	1.58	22266653	C17216	175.0429
2-Oxo-8-methylthiooctanoic acid	7.06	44237313	C17224	203.0748
2-Oxosuberate	7.46	146903	C16589	187.0605
2-Phosphinomethylmalate	9.61	6336010	C17947	211.0010
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_1	2.73	443125	C11327	188.0014
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_2	2.73	443125	C11327	188.0014
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_3	2.89	443125	C11327	188.0014
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_4	8.76	443125	C11327	188.0030
2-S-Glutathionyl acetate	6.34	11954071	C14862	364.0804
2-Succinylbenzoate_1	0.80	955	C02730	221.0466
2-Succinylbenzoate_2	8.54	955	C02730	221.0451
3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)lactate_1	5.51	439435	C01207	197.0449
3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)lactate_2	8.69	439435	C01207	197.0448
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)lactate	7.09	9378	C03672	181.0498
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate	8.99	979	C01179	179.0341
3,4,3'-Tri-O-methylellagic acid	1.47	5281860	C10836	343.0448
3,4-Dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine	7.70	6047	C00355	196.0608
3,4-Dihydroxymandelate_1	8.73	85782	C05580	183.0291
3,4-Dihydroxymandelate_2	7.03	85782	C05580	183.0289
3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethyleneglycol_1	7.89	91528	C05576	169.0496
3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethyleneglycol_2	8.37	91528	C05576	169.0496
3',5'-Cyclic AMP	6.31	6076	C00575	328.0450
3',5'-Cyclic GMP	1.15	24316	C00942	344.0414
3,5-Dinitroguaiacol	11.39	14345197	C17101	213.0147
3,7-Di-O-methylquercetin	6.87	5280417	C01265	329.0675
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate	10.75	15944652	C20199	237.1127
3-beta-D-Galactosyl-sn-glycerol_1	1.90	16048618	C05401	253.0927
3-beta-D-Galactosyl-sn-glycerol_2	1.79	16048618	C05401	253.0927
3-beta-D-Galactosyl-sn-glycerol_3	2.53	16048618	C05401	253.0927
3-Fluoro-cis,cis-muconate	0.92	9543395	C16474	159.0104
3-Hydroxy-2-methylpyridine-4,5-dicarboxylate	10.43	54683777	C04604	196.0244
3-Hydroxy-L-glutamate_1	6.09	5460801	C03066	162.0400
3-Hydroxy-L-glutamate_2	5.63	5460801	C03066	162.0400
3-Methyldioxyindole	7.98	151066	C05834	162.0562
3-Oxalomalate	0.80	5459790	C01990	204.9989
3-Oxododecanoic acid	11.24	439717	C02367	213.1488
3-Sulfino-L-alanine	0.95	1549098	C00606	152.0015
3-Sulfocatechol	7.21	9543247	C06336	188.9855
3-Sulfomuconate	6.54	9543213	C06675	220.9753
3-tert-Butyl-5-methylcatechol	10.14	66095	C03929	179.1069
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_1	7.26	472	C01252	206.0468
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_2	8.88	472	C01252	206.0465
4-(3-Methylbut-2-enyl)-L-tryptophan	10.28	25200966	C04290	271.1453
4-(4-Deoxy-beta-D-gluc-4-enuronosyl)-D-galacturonate	1.49	46878395	C04733	351.0568
4-(beta-D-Glucosyloxy)benzoate	6.64	6857424	C03993	299.0775
4,4'-Biphenyldithiol_1	2.01	81399	C14569	217.0158
4,4'-Biphenyldithiol_2	1.09	81399	C14569	217.0154
4,4-Bis[4-(acetyloxy)phenyl]3-hexanone_1	10.52	240071	C15145	367.1558
4,4-Bis[4-(acetyloxy)phenyl]3-hexanone_2	10.52	240071	C15145	367.1534
4,4'-Diaminostilbene dihydrochloride_1	13.01	11954176	C15452	281.0623
4,4'-Diaminostilbene dihydrochloride_2	7.26	11954176	C15452	281.0617
4,4'-Dichlorobenzophenone_1	7.58	7034	C06643	248.9874
4,4'-Dichlorobenzophenone_2	6.91	7034	C06643	248.9883
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_1	7.74	6857399	C11355	224.0557
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_2	7.76	6857399	C11355	224.0559
4-Carboxy-4-hydroxy-2-oxoadipate	3.45	130	C04115	219.0139
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_1	7.84	3845	C01717	188.0344
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_2	9.55	3845	C01717	188.0344
4-Hydroxycinnamyl alcohol 4-D-glucoside	9.80	5280847	C05855	311.1136
4-Nitrophenol-alpha-D-galactopyranoside	7.24	65115	C04452	300.0721
4-Nitrophenyl-3-ketovalidamine_1	6.77	440187	C03995	295.0934
4-Nitrophenyl-3-ketovalidamine_2	9.22	440187	C03995	295.0928
4-O-beta-D-Glucosyl-4-hydroxycinnamate_1	0.77	17756753	C04415	325.0928
4-O-beta-D-Glucosyl-4-hydroxycinnamate_2	9.26	17756753	C04415	325.0925
4-Pyridoxate_1	0.97	6723	C00847	182.0449
4-Pyridoxate_2	7.01	6723	C00847	182.0449
4-Pyridoxate_3	7.85	6723	C00847	182.0449
5-Amino-4-chloro-2-(2,3-dihydroxyphenyl)-3(2H)-pyridazinone	1.87	5460130	C04798	252.0182
5-Amino-6-(5'-phospho-D-ribitylamino)uracil	7.43	18666812	C04454	355.0674
5-Fluorouridine monophosphate	7.61	150856	C16634	341.0183
5-Guanidino-3-methyl-2-oxopentanoate	1.87	46173323	C20234	186.0876
5-Hydroxyferulic acid methyl ester_1	9.19	446834	C05619	209.0450
5-Hydroxyferulic acid methyl ester_2	8.55	446834	C05619	209.0450
5-Hydroxyindoleacetate	8.55	1826	C05635	190.0502
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan	3.97	439280	C00643	219.0770
5-Hydroxymethyldeoxycytidylate	7.74	440189	C03997	336.0590
5-Methyl-3-isoxazolyl sulfate_1	5.99	443071	C11105	177.9808
5-Methyl-3-isoxazolyl sulfate_2	5.74	443071	C11105	177.9806
5-Methyl-3-isoxazolyl sulfate_3	8.06	443071	C11105	177.9821
5-Methylthiopentanaldoxime	8.11	25010757	C17245	146.0636
5-O-Methyl-myo-inositol	1.07	439990	C03365	193.0711
5-Sulfosalicylate_1	7.53	7322	C16199	216.9807
5-Sulfosalicylate_2	8.00	7322	C16199	216.9807
6-(alpha-D-Glucosaminyl)-1D-myo-inositol	6.45	445937	C15658	340.1241
6-[2,3-Dihydroxy-1-(hydroxymethyl)propyl]-1,2-dihydro-7-hydroxy-9-methoxy-cyclopenta[c][1]benzopyran-3,4-dione	0.93	53297445	C19590	349.0942
6-Acetyl-D-glucose	2.26	439780	C02655	221.0660
6-Demethylsterigmatocystin	9.75	5280620	C03683	309.0412
6-Hydroxyindolelactate	8.40	440750	C05657	220.0625
6-Methoxymellein_1	0.77	83412	C02381	207.0660
6-Methoxymellein_2	8.51	83412	C02381	207.0668
7,8-Dihydroxycoumarin	8.01	5280569	C03093	177.0201
7-Deoxyloganate_1	8.56	51399546	C11636	359.1347
7-Deoxyloganate_2	8.12	51399546	C11636	359.1347
7-Deoxyloganate_3	8.78	51399546	C11636	359.1347
7-Deoxyloganetin	10.02	10262598	C20790	211.0969
7-Hydroxy-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-4-propyl-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one	6.17	5357444	C15051	309.1123
7-Hydroxy-6-methyl-8-ribityl lumazine_1	6.81	440869	C05995	327.0941
7-Hydroxy-6-methyl-8-ribityl lumazine_2	6.81	440869	C05995	327.0939
7-Mercaptoheptanoic acid	1.85	3016713	C16593	161.0637
7-Mercaptoheptanoylthreonine	8.88	24892802	C16594	262.1117
7-Methyl-2-hydroxy-6-oxoocta-2,4-dienoate_1	8.58	5280696	C04535	183.0653
7-Methyl-2-hydroxy-6-oxoocta-2,4-dienoate_2	8.63	5280696	C04535	183.0653
88.9865_10	4.37			88.9865
88.9865_11	2.05			88.9865
88.9865_12	3.31			88.9865
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_1	9.30	173	C01092	186.1127
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_2	9.27	173	C01092	186.1128
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_3	9.04	173	C01092	186.1127
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_4	8.06	173	C01092	186.1126
8-Epiiridodial glucoside	10.14	443337	C11656	329.1609
8-Epiiridotrial glucoside	10.40	155942	C11652	343.1397
8-Hydroxyalanylclavam	0.91	46173889	C17359	215.0668
8-Oxodeoxycoformycin	4.68	439866	C02957	265.0930
8-Oxoguanine	6.63	65154	C20155	166.0380
9,12,13-TriHOME_1	11.78	9858729	C14833	329.2331
9,12,13-TriHOME_2	11.19	9858729	C14833	329.2331
9-Hydroxybenzo[a]pyrene-4,5-oxide	0.97	115064	C14854	283.0760
9-Riburonosyladenine	8.11	46878410	C11501	280.0681
Abscisate	10.05	5280896	C06082	263.1288
Abscisic acid glucose ester_1	9.56	46173811	C15970	425.1822
Abscisic acid glucose ester_2	9.56	46173811	C15970	425.1822
Acetophenazine	9.61	17676	C06807	410.1904
Acetyl-maltose_1	2.27	11349616	C02130	383.1197
Acetyl-maltose_2	5.29	11349616	C02130	383.1188
Acronycidine	10.63	95708	C10631	288.0873
Acutumidine	6.59	442840	C10565	382.1082
Acyclovir	5.67	2022	C06810	224.0781
Adiantifoline	8.45	167937	C09323	725.3440
alpha-N-Acetylneuraminyl-2,6-beta-D-galactosyl-1,4-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosamine	1.06	125128	C04886	673.2316
alpha-Ribazole	7.34	160433	C05775	277.1189
Altersolanol A	9.69	89644	C10296	335.0786
AMCC	0.76	4489451	C11490	219.0447
Amoxicillin	7.09	33613	C06827	364.0972
AMPA_1	1.65	1221	C13672	185.0560
AMPA_2	0.98	1221	C13672	185.0560
Anastrozole	9.85	2187	C08159	292.1556
Androsterone glucuronide	10.89	114833	C11135	465.2498
Anhydrochlortetracycline	10.33	54693278	C18297	459.0943
Aniracetam	10.23	2196	C13355	218.0816
Anisatin_1	9.14	115121	C09294	327.1088
Anisatin_2	9.42	115121	C09294	327.1088
Anthocyanin	2.10	145858	C15549	206.0743
Anthocyanin 3'-O-beta-D-glucoside	0.78	56928084	C15550	384.1225
Antirrhinoside	8.40	442418	C09768	361.1136
Arg-OEt	1.06	439495	C01404	201.1347
Artecanin	9.09	442147	C09302	277.1090
Ascorbate	7.91	54670067	C00072	175.0238
Ascorbate 2-sulfate_1	1.21	54675759	C02812	254.9813
Ascorbate 2-sulfate_2	1.21	54675759	C02812	254.9813
Asebogenin	10.52	442255	C09471	287.0931
Asparenomycin A_1	7.45	6441870	C17400	339.0655
Asparenomycin A_2	0.85	6441870	C17400	339.0668
Asperuloside	9.31	84298	C09769	413.1091
Aspidinol	10.12	122841	C10673	223.0968
Atractyloside A	8.71	71307451	C17858	447.2235
Aucubin	8.01	91458	C09771	345.1191
Autumnolide	9.36	442171	C09346	279.1238
Azelaic acid	9.34	2266	C08261	187.0967
Azinphos-ethyl_1	6.47	17531	C18644	344.0305
Azinphos-ethyl_2	1.53	17531	C18644	344.0291
Azoxystrobin	8.07	3034285	C18558	402.1109
Baicalin	9.26	64982	C10025	445.0783
Bakkenolide A	14.33	442173	C09350	233.1544
Balofloxacin_1	9.89	65958	C13906	388.1694
Balofloxacin_2	9.32	65958	C13906	388.1694
Barbaloin_1	9.56	14989	C10305	417.1193
Barbaloin_2	10.49	14989	C10305	417.1186
Bendiocarb_1	7.82	2314	C14433	222.0768
Bendiocarb_2	7.85	2314	C14433	222.0767
Benzthiazuron	7.86	16007	C19058	206.0391
Berberastine	0.96	442180	C09360	351.1103
Berberine chloride_1	8.12	12456	C12679	370.0864
Berberine chloride_2	8.12	12456	C12679	370.0864
Berberine chloride_3	8.57	12456	C12679	370.0864
Bergenin_1	8.35	66065	C09919	327.0722
Bergenin_2	7.53	66065	C09919	327.0722
beta-Citryl-L-glutamate	3.50	189741	C20775	320.0618
Biotin sulfone	6.43	83863	C20387	275.0708
Biotin sulfoxide_1	7.27	83833	C20386	259.0755
Biotin sulfoxide_2	7.52	83833	C20386	259.0753
Bis(4'-chlorophenyl)methane_1	7.25	7576	C06641	235.0079
Bis(4'-chlorophenyl)methane_2	7.24	7576	C06641	235.0078
Bis-D-fructose 2',1:2,1'-dianhydride	6.13	11782294	C04333	323.0984
Boc-Asn_1	3.05	82035	C01410	231.0982
Boc-Asn_2	2.22	82035	C01410	231.0982
Boc-Asn-OPhNO2	6.94	439663	C02138	352.1146
Botrydial	12.30	185781	C09622	309.1714
Bowdichione	6.94	5281705	C10202	297.0401
Bruceoside A	10.13	441789	C08753	681.2373
Butenachlor	8.28	6448437	C19045	308.1433
Butopyronoxyl_1	10.61	10760	C19142	225.1125
Butopyronoxyl_2	8.49	10760	C19142	225.1125
C20913	0.92	92042779	C20913	233.0777
Calcium levulinate anhydrous	10.66	11578	C18380	269.0350
Carbamorph	0.81	35953	C18923	219.0628
Castanospermine_1	7.71	54445	C02256	188.0919
Castanospermine_2	7.02	54445	C02256	188.0918
Castanospermine_3	4.58	54445	C02256	188.0919
Cellobionate	7.47	6452827	C20888	357.1035
Cerulenin	10.88	5282054	C12058	222.1130
Chlorbufam	9.80	16073	C19060	222.0330
Chlorogenate	8.99	1794427	C00852	353.0881
Chloroxuron	1.63	16115	C19075	289.0740
Chlorphentermine	0.77	10007	C07559	182.0743
Chlorpromazine	7.74	2726	C06906	317.0875
Chlorpromazine N-oxide_1	3.36	443037	C10966	333.0827
Chlorpromazine N-oxide_2	7.42	443037	C10966	333.0829
Cholesterol sulfate	9.91	65076	C18043	465.3046
Cholic acid	10.16	221493	C00695	407.2806
cis-(Homo)3-aconitate	7.18	25244229	C20582	215.0555
cis-2,3-Dihydroxy-2,3-dihydro-p-cumate	9.13	9543088	C06579	197.0810
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_1	8.85	656884	C14112	185.0811
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_2	8.86	656884	C14112	185.0811
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_3	7.45	656884	C14112	185.0811
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_4	8.82	656884	C14112	185.0811
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide	2.12	9543248	C04431	139.0036
CITRATE	2.04	311		191.0189
Clavulanic acid	6.69	5280980	C06662	198.0400
CNQX	7.78	3721046	C13668	231.0157
Coformycin	1.92	25447	C01677	283.1034
Coniferin_1	10.36	5280372	C00761	341.1243
Coniferin_2	10.35	5280372	C00761	341.1243
Coniferin_3	9.41	5280372	C00761	341.1244
Coniferin_4	8.61	5280372	C00761	341.1243
Coniferyl alcohol	11.26	1549095	C00590	179.0705
Corniculatusin	0.92	5280695	C04527	331.0450
Creatine-D3	0.95	NOT Found in Database		133.0798
Creatinine	0.97	588	C00791	112.0503
Croconazole	8.16	2880	C11096	309.0807
Crotanecine	8.01	394146	C10284	170.0813
Cyclic GMP-AMP	17.09	71563406	C20640	673.0952
cyclo-Dopa 5-O-glucoside_1	7.12	46173990	C17751	356.0991
cyclo-Dopa 5-O-glucoside_2	7.80	46173990	C17751	356.0990
Cyclophosphamide	8.07	2907	C06933	277.0281
Cypermethrin	6.14	2912	C10984	414.0672
D-Alanyl-D-serine	1.52	1549438	C19719	175.0715
Dalpanin	9.24	442769	C10416	533.1691
Danielone_1	7.59	146167	C10674	211.0605
Danielone_2	7.82	146167	C10674	211.0605
Danielone_3	9.12	146167	C10674	211.0606
Dantrolene_1	7.45	6914273	C06939	313.0563
Dantrolene_2	7.45	6914273	C06939	313.0563
DCEBIO_1	1.01	656765	C13844	228.9930
DCEBIO_2	7.07	656765	C13844	228.9938
Debromoaplysiatoxin	11.96	2967	C05148	591.3193
Decarbamoylgonyautoxin 1_1	7.98	3035199	C20022	367.0666
Decarbamoylgonyautoxin 1_2	8.61	3035199	C20022	367.0674
Dehypoxanthine futalosine	9.18	25137931	C17010	295.0822
Deoxycoformycin	1.80	439693	C02267	267.1090
Deoxyguanidinoproclavaminic acid	1.11	441123	C06656	227.1143
Deoxylimononic acid D-ring-lactone	8.81	24892745	C04251	489.2124
Deoxyloganin_1	9.19	440906	C06071	373.1506
Deoxyloganin_2	10.09	440906	C06071	373.1502
D-Galactose 6-sulfate	0.78	439386	C01067	259.0129
D-Glucono-1,5-lactone	4.34	7027	C00198	177.0395
D-GLUCURONOLACTONE	0.77	92283		193.0345
Didanosine	6.25	50599	C06953	235.0835
Didrovaltratum	9.10	65689	C09776	423.2027
Diethyl (2R,3R)-2-methyl-3-hydroxysuccinate	7.96	440395	C04586	203.0918
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate_1	7.40	97750	C04067	201.0761
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate_2	7.80	97750	C04067	201.0762
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate_3	7.32	97750	C04067	201.0761
Digalacturonate	9.11	439694	C02273	369.0689
Dihydromyricetin	1.21	161557	C02906	319.0471
Dihydrozeatin-O-glucoside	6.85	23724755	C16448	382.1736
DIMBOA_1	7.06	2358	C04720	210.0408
DIMBOA_2	8.20	2358	C04720	210.0399
DIMBOA-glucoside	7.74	11132470	C04831	372.0931
Disperse Blue 1	9.50	17190	C19236	267.0877
D-Lombricine	7.79	439556	C01726	269.0663
D-Mannitol 1-phosphate	8.84	23615341	C00644	261.0368
DMPP_1	6.86	5911	C07488	317.0513
DMPP_2	2.66	5911	C07488	317.0511
Dodecanedioic acid_1	9.73	12736	C02678	229.1439
Dodecanedioic acid_2	11.12	12736	C02678	229.1438
Dodecanedioic acid_3	8.81	12736	C02678	229.1439
Dodecanedioic acid_4	9.87	12736	C02678	229.1439
Dodecanedioic acid_5	11.12	12736	C02678	229.1438
Dodecanedioic acid_6	9.41	12736	C02678	229.1439
Doxazosin	9.39	3157	C06970	450.1774
D-Prephenyllactate	8.30	439361	C00994	297.0621
Drazoxolon	1.03	9570206	C18929	236.0230
D-RIBOSE 5-PHOSPHATE	0.77	439167		229.0114
D-SACCHARIC ACID	0.82	33037		209.0294
D-Urobilinogen	11.93	440784	C05791	589.3028
D-Xylonate_1	0.79	5460056	C00502	165.0399
D-Xylonate_2	6.64	5460056	C00502	165.0406
E3040	9.48	443292	C11593	298.1013
EDTA	1.48	6049	C00284	291.0835
Elephantopin	10.12	442206	C09403	359.1139
Enoxacin	9.68	3229	C06979	319.1215
Epithienamycin B	7.92	11723026	C17396	311.0706
erythro-3-Hydroxy-Ls-aspartate	0.98	14463	C03961	148.0250
Eseramine_1	10.56	442077	C09170	317.1608
Eseramine_2	10.01	442077	C09170	317.1606
Estazolam	8.74	3261	C06981	293.0601
Eudistomin C	1.16	184887	C17167	368.0070
Evadol hydrochloride	7.19	201408	C15360	308.1064
Fenoldopam_1	7.02	3341	C07693	304.0758
Fenoldopam_2	7.03	3341	C07693	304.0757
Fenpiclonil	2.03	91724	C14268	234.9835
Fenvalerate	9.48	3347	C10988	418.1224
Ferrous lactate	7.38	22197	C17382	232.9746
Flamprop-M	1.21	5748526	C18788	320.0508
Flavanone 7-O-[alpha-L-rhamnosyl-(1->2)-beta-D-glucoside]	10.91	11954209	C15579	547.1814
Flavonol 3-O-D-xylosylglucoside	11.36	11953829	C04068	531.1500
Fluazifop	0.99	91701	C18527	326.0647
Forchlorfenuron_1	2.15	93379	C18604	246.0437
Forchlorfenuron_2	6.55	93379	C18604	246.0437
Forchlorfenuron_3	0.80	93379	C18604	246.0440
Forchlorfenuron_4	6.55	93379	C18604	246.0437
Fraxin_1	0.77	5273568	C09266	369.0826
Fraxin_2	8.09	5273568	C09266	369.0824
Fraxin_3	8.10	5273568	C09266	369.0824
Fraxin_4	8.59	5273568	C09266	369.0824
Fructoselysine	0.74	49859675	C16488	307.1520
Funebrine	9.18	442636	C10145	347.1608
Furamizole	3.49	5378303	C14304	287.0409
Furcatin	9.70	442789	C10458	427.1603
Furmecyclox	15.37	43359	C18912	250.1448
Fusarenone X_1	10.43	304599	C19583	353.1238
Fusarenone X_2	10.46	304599	C19583	353.1238
Gallate	7.81	370	C01424	169.0134
gamma-Glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyraldehyde	4.51	25246104	C15700	215.1029
gamma-Glutamyltyramine	9.14	10214674	C20926	265.1196
gamma-L-Glutamyl-D-alanine	1.70	25200557	C03738	217.0823
gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteine	6.94	123938	C00669	249.0549
gamma-Undecalactone	11.59	7714	C08571	183.1381
Gardenoside	8.21	442423	C09779	403.1241
Genipin_1	9.70	442424	C09780	225.0765
Genipin_2	8.05	442424	C09780	225.0766
Genipin_3	8.59	442424	C09780	225.0763
Gentiopicrin_1	9.53	88708	C09782	355.1037
Gentiopicrin_2	0.77	88708	C09782	355.1039
Gentiopicrin_3	9.39	88708	C09782	355.1036
Gentiopicrin_4	8.11	88708	C09782	355.1036
Gibberellin A44 diacid	10.00	440915	C06095	363.1801
Glaucarubin_1	10.76	441794	C08760	495.2236
Glaucarubin_2	9.35	441794	C08760	495.2235
Glaucarubin_3	8.70	441794	C08760	495.2234
Glucocleomin	8.79	4479887	C08406	404.0705
Glucoiberverin	2.03	9548637	C08412	406.0322
Glucose/Fructose [M+Cl]-	0.77	NOT Found in Database	C00293/C01496	215.0321
Glucotropaeolin	12.48	656498	C02153	408.0424
Glucovanillin_1	8.77	6452133	C19808	313.0931
Glucovanillin_2	7.21	6452133	C19808	313.0930
Glucovanillin_3	8.77	6452133	C19808	313.0941
Glutamine	0.76	5961	C00303	145.0607
GLYCEROL 2-PHOSPHATE	0.78	2526		171.0054
Glycerophosphoglycerol	0.76	439964	C03274	245.0426
Glycochenodeoxycholate 7-sulfate	10.73	11954205	C15559	528.2638
Glycocholate	9.91	10140	C01921	464.3017
Glycodeoxycholate	11.12	3035026	C05464	448.3064
Glycyl-leucine_1	1.29	92843	C02155	187.1079
Glycyl-leucine_2	3.49	92843	C02155	187.1078
Grandidentatin_1	9.70	5281776	C10463	423.1663
Grandidentatin_2	9.97	5281776	C10463	423.1663
Graphinone	10.27	442372	C09674	295.1553
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_1	7.34	25202957	C04071	196.0490
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_2	7.35	25202957	C04071	196.0490
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_3	9.08	25202957	C04071	196.0490
GW 9662	8.11	644213	C15627	275.0231
HC Blue No. 2_1	7.35	36383	C19429	284.1251
HC Blue No. 2_2	7.35	36383	C19429	284.1251
HC Blue No.1	7.24	17734	C19247	254.1138
HC-toxin_1	9.89	107864	C15676	435.2248
HC-toxin_2	10.44	107864	C15676	435.2236
Hellicoside	6.43	5281778	C10466	655.1877
Hesperetin	10.66	72281	C01709	301.0708
Hesperetin 7-O-glucoside	9.30	NOT Found in Database	C16422	463.1254
Heterocladol	0.91	21718008	C17193	335.0792
Hexaflumuron	8.75	91741	C18861	458.9738
Hinokitiol glucoside	10.19	9949234	C15451	325.1291
Histidine	0.74	6274	C00135	154.0610
Hordatine A	8.47	45485025	C08307	549.2958
Hymenoxon	9.35	42295	C09482	281.1394
Hymexazol O-glucoside	6.62	443069	C11102	260.0776
Hyoscyamine methylbromide	7.16	17882	C13109	382.1006
Hypoglycin B	7.33	441445	C08280	269.1142
Hypoxylone	7.41	442747	C10355	331.0609
Indolelactate	9.45	92904	C02043	204.0659
Indolepyruvate	8.25	803	C00331	202.0510
Inosine	6.22	6021	C00294	267.0732
ISOCITRIC ACID	1.20	1198		191.0189
Isofenphos	2.70	32872	C11002	344.1094
Isopentenyladenosine-5'-diphosphate	1.06	23724749	C16426	494.0823
Isoscoparine_1	10.56	442611	C05990	461.1087
Isoscoparine_2	10.54	442611	C05990	461.1087
Isosorbide mononitrate	0.77	27661	C07714	190.0348
Isotan B_1	8.16	NOT Found in Database	C08494	308.0784
Isotan B_2	7.54	NOT Found in Database	C08494	308.0784
Kaempferol 3-sophorotrioside	1.06	5282156	C12635	771.1983
Kanamycin B	9.86	439318	C00825	482.2472
Kolaflavanone	7.37	155169	C09761	587.1175
L-2,3-Dihydrodipicolinate	6.70	5460228	C03340	168.0293
L-Adrenaline	8.43	5816	C00788	182.0814
Lamioside	8.79	443328	C11645	419.1563
L-Ascorbic acid-2-glucoside	8.71	54693473	C18339	337.0771
Laserpitin	12.91	5281524	C09697	449.2546
L-Cladinose	7.46	5460588	C11917	175.0966
Lecanoric acid	6.82	99613	C02868	317.0659
Leflunomide	0.94	3899	C07905	269.0547
Leonuridine_1	8.51	6452294	C17011	347.1350
Leonuridine_2	8.43	6452294	C17011	347.1350
Leucomethylene blue	9.70	164695	C05721	284.1220
L-Formylkynurenine	7.66	439788	C02700	235.0721
Linezolid_1	8.93	441401	C08146	336.1378
Linezolid_2	8.89	441401	C08146	336.1378
Lipoamide	0.78	863	C00248	204.0514
Lithospermoside	8.18	10065132	C17771	328.1039
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_1	3.14	439283	C00666	189.0872
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_2	0.90	439283	C00666	189.0873
L-Mimosine	5.16	440473	C04771	197.0560
Loganin	9.21	87691	C01433	389.1451
Lophophorine	10.10	28654	C09573	234.1130
Loxapine	10.52	3964	C07104	326.1077
L-Tyrosine methyl ester	13.45	70652	C03404	194.0814
L-Tyrosine methyl ester 4-sulfate	7.57	21145083	C04201	274.0393
Lusitanicoside	10.44	442799	C10474	441.1765
Lysine	0.77	5962	C16440	145.0971
Maculosin	9.83	119404	C10605	259.1088
Mallotophenone	10.23	179090	C10708	403.1394
Mangiferin	2.25	5281647	C10077	421.0795
Medicarpin 3-O-glucoside-6'-malonate	10.21	23724665	C16224	517.1349
Menazon	1.85	6543	C19006	280.0105
Mercury(2+)	0.67	26623	C00703	200.9643
Metaxalone	10.61	15459	C07934	220.0972
Metazachlor	9.01	49384	C10948	276.0911
Metconazole	9.63	86210	C18476	318.1382
Meteloidine	8.80	5281864	C10861	254.1395
Methapyrilene	8.28	4098	C11114	260.1217
Methyl 2-diazoacetamidohexonate_1	10.09	439447	C01223	213.1127
Methyl 2-diazoacetamidohexonate_2	10.09	439447	C01223	213.1127
Methyldopa anhydrous_1	8.20	38853	C07194	210.0766
Methyldopa anhydrous_2	9.68	38853	C07194	210.0766
Midazolam	7.38	4192	C07524	324.0719
Midodrine	7.28	4195	C07890	253.1194
Miraxanthin-II_1	9.60	5281201	C08555	325.0688
Miraxanthin-II_2	10.92	5281201	C08555	325.0687
Mitomycin	8.20	5746	C06681	333.1189
MK 571	8.94	5281888	C11239	513.1061
Moricizine	9.17	34633	C07743	426.1490
Morphine-6-glucuronide	10.75	5360621	C16578	460.1619
Moxifloxacin	8.08	152946	C07663	400.1692
Musca-aurin-VII	7.73	5281207	C08562	347.0985
N-(2,3-Dihydroxybenzoyl)-L-serine_1	7.62	151483	C04204	240.0511
N-(2,3-Dihydroxybenzoyl)-L-serine_2	1.10	151483	C04204	240.0525
N(alpha)-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucine	10.21	74840	C04335	264.1242
N,N-Bis(2-chloroethyl)-DL-alanine hydrochloride	6.89	3026336	C15311	248.0029
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_1	7.04	443992	C12986	202.0713
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_2	5.76	443992	C12986	202.0712
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_3	1.73	443992	C12986	202.0712
N7-Methylguanosine	7.13	445404	C20674	297.1089
N-Acetylaspartylglutamate_1	3.15	188803	C12270	303.0835
N-Acetylaspartylglutamate_2	6.70	188803	C12270	303.0834
N-Acetyl-D-fucosamine	1.55	11954186	C15480	204.0868
N-ACETYL-DL-GLUTAMIC ACID	2.26	185		188.0556
N-ACETYL-D-MANNOSAMINE	0.85	439281		256.0592
N-Acetyl-D-tryptophan	9.53	439917	C03137	245.0928
N-Acetylglucosamine 4-sulfate	0.94	440173	C03953	300.0390
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde	3.49	192878	C01250	172.0606
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_1	8.18	70912	C02710	172.0970
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_2	8.25	70912	C02710	172.0970
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_3	8.13	70912	C02710	172.0970
N-Acetyl-L-phenylalanine	8.89	74839	C03519	206.0813
N-ACETYLNEURAMINATE	0.87	439197		308.0986
N-Acetylornithine	2.22	439232	C00437	173.0923
N-AMIDINO-L-ASPARTATE	0.89	439918		174.0515
Naringenin 7-O-beta-D-glucoside	9.99	92794	C09099	433.1142
N-Benzyloxycarbonylglycine_1	8.67	14349	C03710	208.0610
N-Benzyloxycarbonylglycine_2	7.78	14349	C03710	208.0609
N-Carbamyl-L-glutamate	0.82	121396	C05829	189.0515
Neostigmine bromide_1	6.72	8246	C08197	301.0561
Neostigmine bromide_2	2.48	8246	C08197	301.0561
Neostigmine bromide_3	6.03	8246	C08197	301.0561
N-Feruloylglycine	8.51	25245295	C02564	250.0732
N-Heptanoylhomoserine lactone	10.20	443437	C11844	212.1284
Nicotianamine	7.22	9882882	C05324	302.1353
Nicotinurate_1	7.79	68499	C05380	179.0454
Nicotinurate_2	7.72	68499	C05380	179.0458
Niflumic acid_1	0.90	4488	C13698	281.0542
Niflumic acid_2	1.45	4488	C13698	281.0544
Nitrogen mustard	0.81	4033	C07115	154.0190
Nitrovin	6.43	6252910	C19487	359.0734
Nocardicin C	9.21	3042313	C17351	485.1658
Octamethyltrisiloxane	9.04	24705	C07261	235.1006
Ofloxacin_1	8.06	4583	C07321	360.1380
Ofloxacin_2	8.30	4583	C07321	360.1380
O-Propanoylcarnitine	9.01	107738	C03017	216.1235
Oseltamivir	11.10	65028	C08092	311.1977
O-Succinyl-L-homoserine	3.40	439406	C01118	218.0663
Oxalosuccinate	2.74	972	C05379	189.0042
Oxazepam	9.62	4616	C07359	285.0438
Oxaziclomefone	7.85	15604135	C18571	374.0703
Oxmetidine	9.40	51710	C11803	398.1277
Ozagrel hydrochloride	0.93	6438130	C13144	263.0580
p,p'-Methoxychlor olefin	7.71	75048	C14250	307.0294
Paeonolide	9.04	442923	C10715	459.1504
Panfuran S	0.93	6414792	C19289	292.0699
Pantothenate	6.74	6613	C00864	218.1029
Pantothenol	6.60	131204	C05944	204.1233
Parsonsine	10.71	15060933	C10357	438.2139
Paucin	10.30	161538	C09525	467.1926
Pendimethalin	6.47	38479	C11019	280.1304
Pentahomomethionine	9.47	46878443	C17229	218.1213
Pentamidine	10.85	4735	C07420	339.1814
Perindopril	8.57	107807	C07706	367.2231
Perseitol_1	7.03	441436	C08255	211.0830
Perseitol_2	0.89	441436	C08255	211.0816
Phenylacetylglutamine	8.07	92258	C04148	263.1035
Phenylgalactoside_1	8.36	102336	C02578	255.0874
Phenylgalactoside_2	9.46	102336	C02578	255.0871
Phenylgalactoside_3	8.58	102336	C02578	255.0874
Phenylmethanesulfonyl fluoride_1	2.86	4784	C06747	173.0081
Phenylmethanesulfonyl fluoride_2	2.97	4784	C06747	173.0081
Phenylpyruvate	7.23	997	C00166	163.0408
PHOSPHOCHOLINE	0.86	1014		218.0345
Phosphoramide mustard	7.62	96356	C07647	218.9852
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_1	7.78	46173870	C17239	182.0272
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_2	6.86	46173870	C17239	182.0272
Plumieride	8.63	72319	C09797	469.1348
Podophyllotoxone	6.84	443014	C10875	411.1089
Polypodine B	11.07	441833	C08834	495.2956
Porphobilinogen	6.86	1021	C00931	225.0876
Portulacaxanthin II	8.08	5281213	C08565	373.1032
Potassium cyanate_1	8.08	11378442	C19067	79.9551
Potassium cyanate_2	8.63	11378442	C19067	79.9551
Potassium cyanate_3	0.87	11378442	C19067	79.9554
Potassium cyanate_4	0.90	11378442	C19067	79.9554
Prodiamine	8.07	34469	C18884	349.1142
Prontosil	7.28	66895	C07573	290.0703
Propachlor_1	7.60	4931	C18759	210.0696
Propachlor_2	0.99	4931	C18759	210.0694
Propanethial S-oxide	5.28	441491	C08389	89.0073
Propantheline chloride	8.09	443396	C11762	402.1848
Proparacaine	9.78	4935	C07383	293.1873
Propyzamide_1	1.00	32154	C14333	254.0154
Propyzamide_2	8.35	32154	C14333	254.0157
Prostaglandin G2	10.31	5280883	C05956	367.2125
Psicofuranine	6.80	65086	C05342	296.0994
Pulcherriminic acid	8.58	3083664	C20515	255.1348
Pydanon	0.78	12785740	C19128	187.0367
Pyricarbate	7.15	4990	C12842	252.0989
Pyridaben	8.55	91754	C18614	363.1297
Quercetin 3-O-glucoside	9.54	5280804	C05623	463.0877
Quercitrin_1	9.52	5280459	C01750	447.0935
Quercitrin_2	9.52	5280459	C01750	447.0936
Quetiapine	11.21	5002	C07397	382.1582
QUINATE	0.91	6508		191.0552
Quinate	4.04	6508	C00296	191.0552
Quinoclamin	8.00	17748	C18584	206.0005
Quinolinate	1.05	1066	C03722	166.0136
Quizalofop-ethyl	9.47	53518	C18530	371.0807
Reduced riboflavin_1	8.05	NOT Found in Database	C01007	377.1448
Reduced riboflavin_2	7.17	NOT Found in Database	C01007	377.1448
Reduced riboflavin_3	9.08	NOT Found in Database	C01007	377.1449
Rehmaionoside A_1	9.48	10023290	C17450	389.2179
Rehmaionoside A_2	8.98	10023290	C17450	389.2180
Rehmaionoside C_1	8.85	11740990	C17452	387.2028
Rehmaionoside C_2	9.49	11740990	C17452	387.2026
Rhododendrin_1	9.88	442538	C09965	327.1452
Rhododendrin_2	9.88	442538	C09965	327.1452
Riboflavin	8.76	493570	C00255	375.1296
Ripazepam_1	10.09	33474	C19518	267.1240
Ripazepam_2	10.13	33474	C19518	267.1240
Ripazepam_3	12.25	33474	C19518	267.1240
Ripazepam_4	9.89	33474	C19518	267.1240
Rishitin	14.12	108064	C09715	221.1539
Robustine	0.73	164950	C10736	214.0500
Rosmarinine	10.15	5281745	C10380	352.1765
S-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-N-acetyl-L-cysteine	2.68	108009	C14876	206.0483
S-(2-Methylpropanoyl)-dihydrolipoamide	1.58	NOT Found in Database	C04424	276.1087
S-(Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine	6.98	46173869	C17238	269.0597
S,S-Dimethyl-beta-propiothetin	0.91	23736	C04022	133.0324
Salidroside	8.48	159278	C06046	299.1135
S-Carboxymethyl-L-cysteine	7.28	193653	C03727	178.0170
Schizonepetoside E_1	8.23	46173963	C17638	347.1706
Schizonepetoside E_2	9.31	46173963	C17638	347.1706
Schizonepetoside E_3	7.69	46173963	C17638	347.1706
Schizonepetoside E_4	11.24	46173963	C17638	347.1706
Scopoletin	0.80	5280460	C01752	191.0354
Scytalone_1	9.35	3477029	C00779	193.0496
Scytalone_2	10.03	3477029	C00779	193.0497
Sebacic acid_1	8.28	5192	C08277	201.1123
Sebacic acid_2	9.93	5192	C08277	201.1123
Secologanate_1	8.77	439612	C01957	373.1135
Secologanate_2	8.76	439612	C01957	373.1137
Secologanate_3	7.11	439612	C01957	373.1134
Secologanin	9.25	161276	C01852	387.1305
Sedoheptulose_1	0.98	102926	C02076	209.0659
Sedoheptulose_2	7.61	102926	C02076	209.0666
Sesamex_1	9.91	5796	C19146	297.1343
Sesamex_2	9.55	5796	C19146	297.1343
Shanzhiside	7.24	11948668	C17066	391.1244
Sinapate_1	9.83	637775	C00482	223.0605
Sinapate_2	8.13	637775	C00482	223.0606
Sinapate_3	8.20	637775	C00482	223.0602
Sinapate_4	9.61	637775	C00482	223.0606
Sinapyl alcohol	8.94	5280507	C02325	209.0811
sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine_1	8.01	657272	C00670	257.1030
sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine_2	9.19	657272	C00670	257.1029
Spectinomycin dihydrochloride	9.98	64740	C11619	403.1034
S-Ribosyl-L-homocysteine	6.79	24798681	C03539	266.0702
S-Sulfo-L-cysteine	0.80	115015	C05824	199.9683
Sterigmatocystin	10.21	5280389	C00961	323.0560
Suberic acid	8.67	10457	C08278	173.0810
Sucralose	8.16	71485	C12285	395.0074
Sulbactam	5.14	130313	C07770	232.0282
Sulfometuron methyl	8.74	52997	C10955	363.0755
Sulfoquinovose_1	7.94	10880539	C20829	243.0174
Sulfoquinovose_2	7.94	10880539	C20829	243.0173
Sulmazole_1	7.78	5353	C13749	286.0648
Sulmazole_2	3.12	5353	C13749	286.0645
Sulochrin	6.41	160505	C00495	331.0837
Syringin	0.76	5316860	C01533	371.1353
Tabtoxin	4.61	107817	C20917	288.1199
Tabtoxinine-beta-lactam_1	1.41	115314	C20918	187.0715
Tabtoxinine-beta-lactam_2	8.73	115314	C20918	187.0731
Tarennoside	8.41	182279	C11654	357.1194
Tauropine	1.10	3082376	C01616	196.0277
Tentoxin_1	10.90	5281143	C08441	413.2176
Tentoxin_2	9.63	5281143	C08441	413.2181
Tentoxin_3	11.06	5281143	C08441	413.2176
Tentoxin_4	11.32	5281143	C08441	413.2175
Tentoxin_5	10.28	5281143	C08441	413.2176
Testolate	9.40	439534	C01618	319.1918
Testosterone glucuronide	10.65	108192	C11134	463.2339
Tetraneurin A	11.55	174868	C09559	321.1340
Thalassemine_1	9.51	5280472	C01961	297.0982
Thalassemine_2	8.87	5280472	C01961	297.0982
Thalassemine_3	9.54	5280472	C01961	297.0982
Thalicarpine	8.46	21470	C09655	695.3333
Theogallin	7.60	442988	C10834	343.0673
Thiamin diphosphate	7.21	1132	C00068	424.0376
Thiamin monophosphate	7.60	1131	C01081	344.0701
Thienodolin	9.30	442119	C09245	248.9892
Thiolactomycin	8.64	445629	C11165	209.0647
Thiorphan	9.87	3132	C01619	252.0695
Threonine	0.79	6288	C00188	118.0496
THTA	1.14	443065	C11072	145.0321
Tobramycin	10.89	36294	C00397	466.2531
Tolcapone_1	1.18	4659569	C07949	272.0566
Tolcapone_2	1.16	4659569	C07949	272.0572
Tramadol	10.30	33741	C07153	262.1811
trans-Cinnamoyl beta-D-glucoside	9.73	5280653	C04164	309.0986
Traumatic acid_1	10.72	5283028	C16308	227.1282
Traumatic acid_2	11.77	5283028	C16308	227.1282
Triadimefon	7.37	39385	C11156	292.0859
Triadimenol	7.86	41368	C11127	294.1015
Tributyltin chloride_1	7.37	15096	C15224	325.0756
Tributyltin chloride_2	1.29	15096	C15224	325.0750
Tributyltin chloride_3	6.15	15096	C15224	325.0741
Tributyrin_1	11.27	6050	C13870	301.1655
Tributyrin_2	11.24	6050	C13870	301.1655
Triethylene glycol diglycidyl ether_1	7.36	16058	C19537	261.1348
Triethylene glycol diglycidyl ether_2	8.04	16058	C19537	261.1344
Triflumuron	1.59	47445	C18615	357.0249
Trimetaphosphoric acid	1.27	510	C02466	238.8915
Trimethoprim	10.06	5578	C01965	289.1302
Triticonazole	10.69	6537961	C18815	316.1223
Tryptophan	7.74	6305	C00806	203.0816
Tuberonic acid glucoside_1	9.33	5281204	C08558	387.1666
Tuberonic acid glucoside_2	9.91	5281204	C08558	387.1666
Tuliposide B	6.65	441643	C08570	293.0876
Tussilagine	9.73	185071	C10411	198.1128
Umbelliferone	9.92	5281426	C09315	161.0235
Ungeremine	0.82	159646	C12189	265.0736
Urate	1.94	1175	C00366	167.0200
Urate-3-ribonucleoside	6.88	NOT Found in Database	C05513	299.0629
Uridine	1.55	6029	C00299	243.0620
Valacyclovir	8.40	60773	C07184	359.1250
Vermelone	0.81	173699	C01624	177.0563
Verrucarin A	10.79	6326658	C09746	501.2131
Versicolorin B	7.97	107849	C20575	339.0514
Versiconal	1.27	25203618	C20507	357.0603
Vitexin_1	8.87	5280441	C01460	431.0978
Vitexin_2	8.92	5280441	C01460	431.0980
Xanthosine_1	6.68	64959	C01762	283.0685
Xanthosine_2	6.66	64959	C01762	283.0685
Zalcitabine	1.47	24066	C07207	210.0875
Zinnimidine	11.02	442878	C10626	260.1292
Zizybeoside I	8.47	11972301	C17564	431.1543
Zoxazolamine	1.20	6103	C13841	167.0010