#METABOLOMICS WORKBENCH amitch_20151211_9581341_mwtab.txt DATATRACK_ID:450 efahy_20151227_122651 STUDY_ID:ST000291 ANALYSIS_ID:AN000464 PROJECT_ID:PR000233
VERSION             	1
CREATED_ON             	December 27, 2015, 12:26 pm
PR:PROJECT_TITLE                 	LC-MS Based Approaches to Investigate Metabolomic Differences in the Urine and
PR:PROJECT_TITLE                 	Plasma of Young Women after Drinking Cranberry Juice or Apple Juice
PR:PROJECT_SUMMARY               	The present study aimed to investigate overall metabolic changes caused by
PR:PROJECT_SUMMARY               	cranberry juice or apple juice consumption using a global LC-MS based
PR:PROJECT_SUMMARY               	metabolomics approach.
PR:INSTITUTE                     	University of Florida
PR:DEPARTMENT                    	Food Science and Nutrition
PR:LABORATORY                    	Gu
PR:LAST_NAME                     	Liu
PR:FIRST_NAME                    	Haiyan
PR:ADDRESS                       	--
PR:EMAIL                         	haiyan66@ufl.edu
PR:PHONE                         	352-392-1991x210
ST:STUDY_TITLE                   	LC-MS Based Approaches to Investigate Metabolomic Differences in the Urine of
ST:STUDY_TITLE                   	Young Women after Drinking Cranberry Juice or Apple Juice
ST:STUDY_TYPE                    	drug dosage
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	Eighteen healthy female college students between 21-29 years old with a normal
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	BMI of 18.5-25 were recruited. Each subject was provided with a list of foods
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	that contained significant amount of procyanidins, such as cranberries, apples,
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	grapes, blueberries, chocolate and plums. They were advised to avoid these foods
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	during the 1-6th day and the rest of the study. On the morning of the 7th day, a
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	first-morning baseline urine sample and blood sample were collected from all
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	human subjects after overnight fasting. Participants were then randomly
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	allocated into two groups (n=9) to consume cranberry juice or apple juice. Six
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	bottles (250 ml/bottle) of juice were given to participants to drink in the
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	morning and evening of the 7th, 8th, and 9th day. On the morning of 10th day,
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	all subjects returned to the clinical unit to provide a first-morning urine
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	sample after overnight fasting. The blood sample was also collected from
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	participants 30 min later after they drank another bottle of juice in the
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	morning. After two-weeks of wash out period, participants switched to the
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	alternative regimen and repeated the protocol. One human subject was dropped off
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	this study because she missed part of her appointments. Another two human
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	subjects were removed from urine metabolomics analyses because they failed to
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	provide required urine samples after juice drinking.The present study aimed to
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	investigate overall metabolic changes caused by procyanidins concentrates from
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	cranberries and apples using a global LCMS based metabolomics approach. All
ST:STUDY_SUMMARY                 	plasma and urine samples were stored at -80oC until analysis.
ST:INSTITUTE                     	University of Florida
ST:DEPARTMENT                    	SECIM
ST:LABORATORY                    	Gu
ST:LAST_NAME                     	Liu
ST:FIRST_NAME                    	Haiyan
ST:ADDRESS                       	--
ST:EMAIL                         	haiyan66@ufl.edu
ST:PHONE                         	352-392-1991x210
ST:NUM_GROUPS                    	3
ST:TOTAL_SUBJECTS                	45
SU:SUBJECT_TYPE                  	Human
SU:SUBJECT_SPECIES               	Homo sapiens
SU:SUBJECT_COMMENTS              	Gu_subjects_human urine.txt
#SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS:         	SUBJECT(optional)[tab]SAMPLE[tab]FACTORS(NAME:VALUE pairs separated by |)[tab]Additional sample data
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b1	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b2	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b4	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b6	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b7	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b8	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b9	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b10	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b11	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b12	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b13	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b14	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b15	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b16	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	b17	Treatment :Baseline urine	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c1	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c2	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c4	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c6	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c7	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c8	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c9	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c10	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c11	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c12	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c13	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c14	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c15	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c16	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	c17	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a1	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a2	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a4	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a6	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a7	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a8	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a9	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a10	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a11	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a12	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a13	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a14	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a15	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a16	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
SUBJECT_SAMPLE_FACTORS           	-	a17	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	
CO:COLLECTION_PROTOCOL_FILENAME  	Gu_collection_human urine.txt
TR:TREATMENT_SUMMARY             	n/a
TR:TREATMENT_PROTOCOL_FILENAME   	Gu_treatment_human urine.txt
SP:SAMPLEPREP_PROTOCOL_FILENAME  	Metabolomics_LCMSProtocol_urine.pdf
CH:CHROMATOGRAPHY_TYPE           	Reversed phase
CH:INSTRUMENT_NAME               	Thermo Scientific-Dionex Ultimate 3000
CH:COLUMN_NAME                   	ACE Excel 2 C18-PFP (100 x 2.1mm, 2um)
CH:METHODS_FILENAME              	Metabolomics_LCMSProtocol_urine.pdf
CH:INTERNAL_STANDARD             	Appendix A - Internal Standard Prep GLCMS.pdf
AN:ANALYSIS_TYPE                 	MS
MS:MS_COMMENTS                   	-
MS:INSTRUMENT_TYPE               	Orbitrap
MS:MS_TYPE                       	ESI
MS:ION_MODE                      	POSITIVE
MS:INSTRUMENT_NAME               	Thermo Q Exactive Orbitrap
MS:INSTRUMENT_NAME               	Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive
Samples	b2	b10	c16	c12	b11	c10	c14	a1	a4	b16	a15	b7	c17	c13	b12	b14	a2	c6	a12	b15	a10	c2	b6	c15	c9	a6	a9	a13	a14	a8	b1	a11	c4	b8	b4	a16	c11	a7	a17	c1	b13	b9	c7	c8	b17
Factors	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking apple juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Baseline urine	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Urine after drinking cranberry juice	Treatment :Baseline urine
(-)-Carvone	2.03E+06	7.67E+05	1.42E+06	1.78E+06	1.66E+06	1.04E+06	1.91E+06	7.52E+05	4.69E+05	8.48E+04	3.07E+05	2.18E+05	6.05E+05	2.43E+06	1.12E+06	1.16E+06	1.58E+06	3.58E+05	1.1E+06	1.78E+06	1.55E+05	1.2E+06	4.23E+05	2.17E+06	1.92E+05	4.89E+05	3.32E+05	5.02E+05	2.32E+05	3.69E+05	3.74E+05	2.03E+06	1.2E+06	2.13E+06	5.72E+05	2.42E+05	3.3E+06	2.74E+06	5.96E+05	6.23E+05	8.04E+05	4.33E+05	6.34E+05	5.22E+05	4.41E+05
(-)-Hygroline	5.15E+06	1.94E+06	2.21E+06	2.58E+06	8.82E+05	3.11E+06	1.63E+06	5.61E+05	2.51E+06	1.69E+06	4.36E+06	3.19E+06	4.58E+06	4.86E+06	1.57E+06	2.4E+06	7.22E+06	1.91E+06	1.45E+06	1.85E+06	1.98E+06	1.08E+06	1.17E+06	1.61E+06	2.11E+06	1.69E+06	2.74E+06	2.95E+06	3.51E+06	2.28E+06	1.25E+05	3.41E+06	2.11E+06	3.83E+06	2.49E+06	1.44E+06	3.93E+06	2.84E+06	1.26E+07	2.57E+06	2.56E+06	6.44E+05	1.36E+06	4.16E+06	5.39E+06
(-)-Jasmonic acid	1.82E+06	2.58E+06	6.28E+05	3.64E+06	6.9E+06	3.36E+06	2.3E+06	5.15E+05	8.69E+05	4.73E+05	9.89E+05	2.15E+06	2.12E+05	9.48E+05	3.18E+06	1.65E+06	5.32E+06	1.4E+06	4.86E+06	1.16E+06	1.86E+05	1.35E+06	4.68E+05	3.07E+06	1.21E+06	2.69E+05	7.71E+04	5.48E+05	8.1E+05	1.34E+06	3.26E+06	2.7E+06	1.74E+06	6.36E+06	2.07E+06	2.61E+05	1.76E+06	4.38E+06	2.02E+05	1.27E+06	7.77E+05	1.36E+05	1.03E+06	5.7E+05	2.82E+06
(-)-Limonene_1	1.55E+06	8.43E+05	9.77E+05	2.08E+06	8.07E+05	8.36E+05	1.34E+06	9.24E+05	8.04E+05	9.53E+05	1.01E+06	1.33E+06	1.07E+06	8.64E+05	1.79E+06	9.7E+05	1.91E+06	8.52E+05	7.59E+05	8.99E+05	9.9E+05	1.16E+06	8.8E+05	1.46E+06	1.13E+06	8.38E+05	1.12E+06	8.82E+05	9.4E+05	9.13E+05	9.45E+05	1.12E+06	1.13E+06	7.86E+05	6.96E+05	1E+06	6.9E+05	3.68E+05	9.87E+05	9.61E+05	6.46E+05	1.5E+06	1.42E+06	1.94E+06	1.01E+06
(-)-Limonene_2	1.61E+07	1.93E+06	7.29E+05	4.09E+05	2.06E+06	6.51E+05	8.6E+05	4.17E+05	6.45E+05	9.44E+05	9.73E+05	3.37E+05	1.82E+05	1.81E+05	5.94E+05	2.06E+05	2.44E+06	4.43E+05	1.26E+06	1.67E+06	1.73E+05	3.59E+05	1.43E+05	4.14E+06	8.44E+05	6.62E+05	7E+05	6.29E+04	1.07E+05	1.34E+05	4.34E+05	9.77E+05	3.63E+05	5.23E+05	4.93E+05	4.06E+04	7.07E+05	5.86E+05	2.82E+04	3.77E+05	6.28E+05	2.19E+05	1.31E+05	1.04E+06	4.88E+05
(-)-Limonene_3	4.56E+05	3.22E+05	3.64E+05	3.29E+05	2.97E+05	4.66E+05	3.56E+05	3.39E+05	3.44E+05	3.93E+05	3.49E+05	3.68E+05	5.87E+05	3.45E+05	3.8E+05	3.3E+05	4.09E+05	3.7E+05	4.64E+05	2.87E+05	2.55E+05	3.52E+05	4.37E+05	3.59E+05	3.59E+05	2.35E+05	1.37E+05	4.59E+05	5.28E+05	3.69E+05	2.71E+05	4.37E+05	4.33E+05	2.5E+05	3.42E+05	5.64E+05	2.75E+05	3.91E+05	5.42E+05	3.67E+05	5.53E+05	3.39E+05	4.43E+05	4.56E+05	3.33E+05
(-)-Menthone_1	2.53E+04	1.09E+05	1.07E+05	4.55E+05	6.35E+05	7.54E+04	1.7E+05	3.7E+03	8.33E+03	4.11E+04	1.35E+05	4.24E+05	2.16E+03	1.33E+05	3.26E+05	5.25E+04	3.77E+06	4.16E+04	2.48E+05	1.94E+04	9E+03	1.28E+05	6.21E+03	5.52E+05	3.62E+06	9.19E+03	9.06E+05	3.14E+05	4.91E+03	1.06E+06	2.4E+04	6.21E+05	1.07E+04	1.87E+04	1.48E+06	1.9E+05	5.89E+05	7.13E+05	2.85E+04	2.87E+04	2.83E+05	1.04E+06	1.96E+04	2.39E+05	2.18E+05
(-)-Menthone_2	1.88E+05	1.29E+05	9.19E+04	5.2E+05	1.62E+05	1.31E+05	1.67E+05	4.22E+04	1.48E+05	1.81E+04	3.11E+05	1.39E+05	2.99E+04	2.09E+05	2.93E+05	4.43E+04	1.6E+05	3.21E+05	4.91E+05	2.18E+05	2.27E+04	3.37E+05	1.1E+05	6.59E+05	1.38E+05	3.21E+04	1.28E+04	1.53E+05	1.33E+05	7.54E+05	8.53E+05	1.15E+05	9.1E+04	2.48E+05	1.35E+06	5.87E+04	1.96E+05	7.37E+04	8.89E+04	6.34E+04	9.34E+04	5.35E+04	1.19E+05	1.39E+05	2.78E+05
(-)-Menthyl acetate_1	2.82E+06	2.94E+06	2.79E+06	2.65E+06	2.84E+06	2.95E+06	2.88E+06	2.92E+06	2.61E+06	2.85E+06	2.91E+06	3E+06	2.83E+06	3.01E+06	2.84E+06	3.01E+06	2.83E+06	2.97E+06	2.54E+06	2.88E+06	2.77E+06	2.95E+06	3.06E+06	2.88E+06	2.99E+06	2.76E+06	2.84E+06	2.78E+06	2.73E+06	2.74E+06	2.99E+06	2.72E+06	2.86E+06	2.78E+06	3.04E+06	3.19E+06	2.69E+06	2.77E+06	3.05E+06	3.18E+06	2.96E+06	3.29E+06	2.95E+06	2.76E+06	2.73E+06
(-)-Menthyl acetate_2	1.94E+06	2.12E+06	2.07E+06	1.87E+06	2.11E+06	2.04E+06	1.99E+06	1.89E+06	1.78E+06	2.02E+06	2.11E+06	1.98E+06	2.06E+06	2.05E+06	1.85E+06	2.08E+06	1.81E+06	2.08E+06	1.8E+06	1.9E+06	1.84E+06	1.98E+06	1.96E+06	2E+06	2.01E+06	1.96E+06	1.96E+06	1.87E+06	1.84E+06	2.06E+06	1.92E+06	1.91E+06	1.99E+06	1.9E+06	1.93E+06	2.03E+06	2.06E+06	1.88E+06	1.98E+06	2.04E+06	2.09E+06	2.04E+06	1.98E+06	2.05E+06	1.92E+06
(-)-Menthyl acetate_3	2.07E+05	1.97E+05	2.29E+04	5.3E+06	1.74E+05	2.36E+05	1.73E+05	1.44E+04	6.08E+06	2.06E+04	1.34E+05	6.82E+04	2.44E+04	5.27E+04	3.44E+06	2.79E+04	2.17E+05	8.78E+04	3.37E+06	2.14E+05	4.05E+04	2.38E+05	3.58E+04	2.16E+06	2.52E+04	2.14E+04	2.48E+04	1.22E+04	1.06E+04	1.06E+05	8.58E+04	1.13E+05	2.77E+06	5.2E+06	4.05E+05	2.58E+04	1.72E+05	2.32E+05	1.81E+04	1.23E+04	2E+04	1.24E+04	6.5E+04	2.13E+05	4.48E+04
(-)-Menthyl acetate_4	3.02E+05	8.61E+05	7.89E+04	2.69E+05	1.59E+05	8.81E+04	4.69E+05	1.05E+05	2.28E+05	4.95E+04	6.75E+04	6.23E+04	8.98E+04	1.17E+05	9.7E+05	7.28E+04	3.56E+05	2.87E+05	7.69E+05	1.75E+05	9.9E+04	1.31E+04	5.81E+04	2.53E+05	2.58E+04	5.25E+04	9.97E+04	2.75E+04	1.02E+05	6.66E+04	2.1E+05	2.67E+05	1.08E+05	4.96E+05	2.58E+05	9.43E+04	2.5E+05	1.27E+05	8.52E+04	4.84E+04	3.16E+04	7.32E+04	9.48E+04	1.9E+05	5.44E+04
(-)-Sympatol	1.06E+06	1.6E+06	5.35E+05	2E+06	3.18E+06	8.83E+05	7.71E+05	1.04E+05	9.96E+05	4.75E+05	8.93E+05	7.72E+05	4.46E+05	1.2E+06	1.66E+06	1.23E+06	1.09E+06	1.68E+06	1.8E+06	1.25E+06	6.9E+05	1.2E+06	1.2E+06	2.52E+06	4.02E+05	7.39E+05	1.59E+05	9.96E+05	4.36E+05	5.92E+05	8.74E+05	1.45E+06	6.42E+05	1.01E+06	1.31E+06	5.63E+05	1.4E+06	6.78E+05	3.09E+05	6.46E+05	9.29E+05	2.74E+05	7.11E+05	8.16E+05	4.01E+05
(-)-Vestitone_1	3.71E+03	1.09E+04	5.16E+03	1.54E+03	2.51E+03	0	2.16E+05	7.86E+03	0	0	2.17E+03	2.04E+03	6.61E+05	8.85E+03	9.58E+04	8.65E+03	5.01E+04	3E+03	0	0	0	1.73E+03	0	1.58E+03	9.14E+03	1.32E+03	0	1.98E+04	1.43E+03	5.63E+05	1.83E+03	1.43E+03	1.44E+03	0	1.85E+04	1.52E+03	0	0	0	2.95E+03	6.22E+03	0	1.67E+03	2.64E+03	0
(-)-Vestitone_2	4.7E+03	3.23E+03	1.54E+03	9.25E+03	2.05E+07	0	1.08E+04	1.95E+03	3.28E+03	1.52E+03	1.85E+03	1.02E+03	753	1.5E+04	7.58E+03	1.91E+04	1.87E+04	3.08E+04	8.25E+03	8.17E+03	2.18E+03	2.87E+04	1.12E+04	3.66E+03	1.35E+03	1.79E+03	1.38E+03	877	1.35E+03	1.63E+04	1.89E+03	2.62E+03	1.51E+03	1.82E+03	1.51E+04	1.87E+03	1.15E+03	1.45E+03	1.14E+03	1.39E+03	7.31E+03	1.31E+03	1.31E+03	2.66E+04	0
(+)-Bornane-2,5-dione_1	1.46E+07	1.08E+07	1.22E+07	1.66E+07	4.37E+07	5.03E+06	2.04E+07	3.58E+06	7.67E+06	4.89E+06	7.34E+06	1.1E+07	2.99E+06	1.38E+07	1.64E+07	8.52E+06	5.29E+07	1.27E+07	1.92E+07	2.85E+07	3.1E+06	1.2E+07	4.49E+06	1.4E+07	4.65E+06	3.47E+06	1.72E+06	7.87E+06	5.21E+06	1.01E+07	1.4E+07	1.47E+07	6.8E+06	2.11E+07	1.87E+07	4.82E+06	1.24E+07	1.92E+07	1.94E+06	7.89E+06	7.33E+06	2.45E+06	4.16E+06	1.2E+07	1.75E+07
(+)-Bornane-2,5-dione_2	1.58E+06	1.28E+06	4.56E+05	2.03E+06	4.32E+06	1.9E+06	8.47E+05	5.28E+05	9.21E+05	2.68E+05	1.16E+06	3.18E+05	2.76E+05	1.19E+06	1.31E+06	1.05E+06	4.58E+06	1.18E+06	3.46E+06	4.73E+06	1.89E+06	2.47E+06	4.84E+05	4.69E+06	4.83E+05	8.7E+05	1.37E+05	1.56E+06	4.22E+05	1.85E+06	1.58E+06	8.2E+06	6.62E+05	4.44E+06	8.63E+05	4.59E+05	2.46E+06	3.75E+06	1.79E+05	4.62E+05	9.84E+05	2.67E+05	6.18E+05	1.73E+06	1.07E+06
(+)-Camphor_1	7.55E+06	8.6E+06	1.26E+06	5.3E+06	3.67E+07	2.14E+06	4.47E+07	8.3E+06	4.93E+06	1.36E+05	1.95E+06	3.19E+06	5.52E+05	7.77E+06	8.07E+06	4.9E+06	3.92E+07	1.14E+07	6.51E+06	1.37E+06	5.71E+05	2.59E+06	3.07E+06	1.58E+07	1.46E+07	3.41E+07	2.83E+06	1.84E+07	9.14E+05	9.03E+06	2.67E+06	8E+06	1.99E+06	4.63E+07	2.01E+07	6.99E+05	1.04E+07	7E+06	2E+05	2.05E+06	5.09E+06	2E+06	1.98E+06	4.27E+06	3.84E+05
(+)-Camphor_2	4.89E+06	6.83E+05	1.12E+06	7.86E+06	2.58E+06	1.11E+06	7.94E+05	2.04E+05	3.64E+05	2.18E+05	1.42E+06	2.73E+05	1.94E+06	2.9E+06	1.11E+07	1.81E+06	2.67E+07	1.66E+06	6.53E+05	1.78E+07	2.73E+06	2.2E+07	1.12E+05	5.86E+06	2.63E+06	1.33E+05	2.11E+06	2E+06	2.11E+05	3.47E+06	1.19E+06	2.02E+06	3.03E+06	7.54E+05	4.26E+06	4E+05	2.12E+06	8.72E+04	5.61E+04	1.29E+06	4.44E+06	1.41E+07	1.58E+05	1.14E+07	2.11E+06
(+)-Elaeocarpine	2.5E+03	2.18E+03	3.2E+03	0	1.34E+04	0	7.41E+03	3.97E+03	1.97E+03	2.22E+03	1.75E+03	2.14E+03	2.39E+03	3.39E+03	1.71E+03	1.59E+03	2.35E+03	2.34E+03	3.25E+03	2.13E+03	2.05E+03	2.5E+03	2.07E+03	4.51E+03	2.56E+03	2.56E+03	2.24E+03	2E+03	0	3.2E+03	2.87E+03	3.37E+03	5.49E+03	5.09E+05	2.12E+04	2E+03	6.92E+03	4.07E+03	2.12E+03	2.36E+03	2E+03	2.4E+03	1.96E+03	4.22E+03	2.23E+03
(+)-Medicarpin	2.24E+03	3.41E+04	3.64E+04	2.48E+03	2.97E+03	7.98E+03	2.16E+03	2.48E+03	0	0	1.77E+03	2.28E+03	5.03E+05	1.9E+03	2.79E+03	1.68E+03	2.89E+03	3E+03	2.52E+03	2.65E+03	3.6E+03	2.45E+03	3.16E+03	2.24E+03	0	5.12E+03	0	2.58E+03	0	1.43E+03	2.6E+03	2.48E+03	0	3.93E+03	1.96E+03	0	2.72E+03	6.05E+03	0	2.54E+03	0	0	1.73E+03	2.07E+03	3.36E+03
(+)-Norephedrine_1	1.27E+05	4.48E+03	2.3E+06	6.12E+04	6.61E+06	1.99E+04	1.21E+06	5.56E+06	6.36E+05	2.54E+05	9.06E+03	4.37E+05	3.47E+04	2.26E+04	1.25E+05	3.63E+04	5.18E+06	2.02E+06	2.05E+04	5.05E+04	1.83E+03	7.37E+04	1.16E+04	3.42E+04	1.59E+05	3.61E+03	5.99E+03	3.12E+06	5.52E+03	6.98E+04	3.85E+05	1.54E+04	2.34E+04	1.54E+05	5.42E+04	2.93E+03	6.92E+04	9.96E+04	5.05E+04	1.5E+06	1.53E+05	1.93E+04	4.56E+03	1.94E+04	6.9E+04
(+)-Norephedrine_2	2.03E+04	1.73E+03	3.82E+04	2.46E+03	5.8E+04	7.55E+03	5.53E+04	7.18E+05	2.41E+06	7.27E+04	2.31E+03	1.99E+05	6.8E+03	2.24E+04	1.77E+04	2.38E+04	2.28E+05	1.27E+05	1.56E+04	1.74E+04	1.74E+03	2.94E+04	2.36E+04	1.94E+04	7.37E+04	1.93E+03	8.68E+03	4.27E+03	7.36E+03	1.41E+05	1.63E+04	2.57E+04	2.03E+05	2.71E+04	3.93E+05	1.28E+04	2.38E+06	2.86E+04	6.97E+03	1.16E+05	4.85E+03	6.31E+03	2.36E+03	2.19E+04	9.1E+03
(+/-)-5-[(tert-Butylamino)-2'-hydroxypropoxy]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-naphthol	2.74E+06	2.81E+06	2.65E+06	2.72E+06	2.68E+06	2.57E+06	2.73E+06	2.7E+06	2.61E+06	2.62E+06	2.58E+06	2.6E+06	2.57E+06	2.64E+06	2.52E+06	2.53E+06	2.5E+06	2.45E+06	2.33E+06	2.47E+06	2.5E+06	2.63E+06	2.5E+06	2.53E+06	2.47E+06	2.44E+06	2.53E+06	2.44E+06	2.58E+06	2.62E+06	2.5E+06	2.46E+06	2.53E+06	2.43E+06	2.31E+06	2.6E+06	2.36E+06	2.42E+06	2.58E+06	2.62E+06	2.54E+06	2.65E+06	2.67E+06	2.55E+06	2.58E+06
(15S)-15-Hydroxy-5,8,11-cis-13-trans-eicosatetraenoate	8.2E+03	4.86E+03	2.79E+04	8.9E+03	8.37E+03	3.67E+04	2.8E+03	1.52E+03	2E+04	1.88E+03	5.88E+05	2.8E+03	1.66E+03	4.26E+03	6.97E+04	1.12E+04	4.43E+04	2.77E+03	1.18E+06	8.52E+05	8.9E+03	3.38E+04	4.91E+03	6.96E+04	1.79E+03	2.28E+03	1.64E+03	7.95E+04	1.72E+03	3.5E+03	4.49E+03	1E+05	4.28E+03	3.84E+03	2.41E+04	1.95E+03	1.33E+05	2.45E+04	0	2.96E+03	4.7E+03	1.91E+03	3.65E+03	2.14E+04	5.5E+03
(1-Ribosylimidazole)-4-acetate_1	3.43E+07	4.12E+07	4.11E+07	6.75E+07	5.08E+07	3.4E+07	2.57E+07	1.15E+07	2.64E+07	1.73E+07	4.26E+07	1.15E+07	1.29E+07	2.67E+07	4.53E+07	1.9E+07	4.96E+07	2.82E+07	5.23E+07	2.89E+07	2.06E+07	4.23E+07	2.22E+07	4.34E+07	1.51E+07	1.63E+07	8.22E+06	2.89E+07	7.6E+06	2.46E+07	6.12E+07	3.76E+07	2.09E+07	3.03E+07	5.1E+07	3.61E+07	3.56E+07	1.4E+07	6.62E+06	1.69E+07	2.3E+07	1.27E+07	8.56E+06	1.97E+07	1.01E+07
(1-Ribosylimidazole)-4-acetate_2	2.19E+06	1.62E+06	6.65E+05	3.08E+06	2.44E+06	9.14E+05	8.35E+05	2.44E+05	1.21E+06	2.04E+05	9.03E+05	7.34E+05	7.86E+04	8.23E+05	1.53E+06	5.79E+05	2.41E+06	1.52E+06	3.01E+06	9.61E+05	6.72E+05	1.94E+06	8.26E+05	1.25E+06	4.67E+05	4.99E+05	3.04E+04	1.08E+06	3.23E+05	1.14E+06	1.44E+06	1.9E+06	3.77E+05	1.43E+06	2.44E+06	7.57E+05	1.97E+06	9.24E+05	2.56E+05	4.68E+05	1.2E+06	2.64E+05	3.6E+05	1.12E+06	2.75E+05
(1S,3R)-3-(2,2-Dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate	4.13E+05	6.96E+05	5.26E+05	3E+05	1.57E+05	6.5E+05	7.14E+05	3.55E+05	9.08E+05	4.8E+05	9.29E+05	8.92E+05	6.18E+05	1.11E+06	5.05E+05	5.67E+05	2.26E+05	1.67E+05	3.81E+05	1.15E+05	1.02E+06	1.1E+06	6.31E+04	6.24E+05	4.05E+05	7.82E+05	3.81E+05	1.03E+06	5.72E+05	7.34E+05	9.94E+05	9.82E+05	1.94E+05	7.76E+05	3.82E+05	6.39E+05	4.85E+05	8.87E+05	4.73E+05	7.14E+05	1.03E+06	1E+05	1.08E+06	9.46E+05	3.86E+05
(3-Arylcarbonyl)-alanine	2.71E+06	1.56E+06	1.83E+07	7.07E+07	5.53E+06	3.18E+05	1.86E+06	2.86E+06	2.89E+06	3.27E+06	1.24E+06	9.95E+05	4.58E+06	1.46E+06	2.03E+06	3.25E+05	7.35E+06	1.02E+07	3.21E+06	1.63E+06	3.33E+06	5.63E+07	1.25E+06	3.85E+07	7.71E+06	2.38E+05	3.55E+06	4.25E+05	1.62E+05	1.13E+06	9.78E+05	3.32E+06	1.58E+06	4.15E+06	2.08E+06	4.73E+06	2.01E+07	4.02E+06	3.51E+05	1.06E+07	1.57E+06	2.68E+06	3.12E+06	2.27E+06	2.83E+05
(3E)-4-(2-Carboxyphenyl)-2-oxobut-3-enoate	4.34E+05	2.21E+04	6.83E+03	5.48E+04	2.1E+06	1.58E+04	2.65E+04	1.5E+03	5.59E+04	6.23E+04	3.88E+03	2.98E+03	0	5.38E+05	3.39E+05	8.51E+03	1.62E+04	1.81E+05	1.55E+05	1.86E+05	3E+03	4.25E+04	6.26E+03	7.08E+04	4.72E+03	2.31E+03	2.1E+03	1.41E+05	2.81E+03	3.91E+04	7.35E+03	5.07E+04	4.37E+03	7.98E+04	1.01E+05	1.57E+04	3.71E+03	2.91E+05	1.87E+03	2.44E+03	1.01E+05	1.79E+03	4.63E+03	1.92E+05	7.85E+03
(3S,5S)-Carbapenam-3-carboxylic acid_1	4.58E+06	2.42E+06	9.94E+05	6.06E+06	8.77E+06	1.72E+06	5.02E+06	5.72E+05	2E+06	4.78E+05	2.06E+06	1.31E+06	5.12E+05	2.1E+06	7.64E+06	1.35E+06	4.04E+06	2.76E+06	5.48E+06	4.17E+06	1.34E+06	3.29E+06	1.73E+06	4.52E+06	6.81E+05	1.26E+06	5.98E+05	2.04E+06	4.13E+05	2.44E+06	5.25E+06	4.51E+06	1.35E+06	3.56E+06	5.27E+06	1.12E+06	7.8E+06	1.3E+06	4.9E+05	1.06E+06	3.26E+06	3.93E+05	1.28E+06	3.24E+06	4E+05
(3S,5S)-Carbapenam-3-carboxylic acid_2	1.9E+05	1.47E+05	2.69E+06	8.3E+04	5.26E+06	1.33E+05	6.81E+05	7.07E+04	8.76E+05	3.92E+05	9.28E+04	1E+05	1.04E+05	3.8E+05	4.28E+05	1.22E+05	3.82E+05	9.46E+05	3.48E+05	1.5E+06	4.19E+04	7.42E+04	1.05E+05	8.19E+04	1.08E+05	1.08E+05	1.13E+04	1.82E+05	1.11E+05	2.02E+05	1.24E+06	1.62E+05	2.66E+05	4.57E+05	2.41E+06	1.22E+05	5.87E+05	1.21E+05	3.97E+04	9.2E+04	1.97E+05	2.23E+04	1.37E+05	4.47E+05	1.96E+05
(3S,5S)-Carbapenam-3-carboxylic acid_3	1.5E+05	7.44E+04	4.02E+04	1.75E+05	7.64E+04	7.23E+03	1.98E+04	2.52E+04	8.98E+04	2E+04	2.82E+04	1.99E+04	1.24E+04	5.33E+04	5.28E+04	2.79E+04	2.67E+05	4.2E+04	2.02E+05	8.13E+04	2.1E+04	2.27E+05	5.92E+04	7.17E+04	5.39E+03	1.07E+04	1.98E+04	2.02E+04	1.49E+04	1.03E+05	8.42E+04	8.83E+04	5.22E+04	8.55E+04	2.59E+05	2.85E+04	7.12E+05	8.13E+04	4.76E+03	1.21E+05	1.25E+04	9.39E+03	2.61E+04	2.1E+04	3.82E+03
(4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)-Docosahexaenoic acid ethyl ester	1.93E+06	1.95E+04	5.7E+03	4.14E+05	1.54E+06	2.41E+03	7.77E+04	2.08E+05	1.19E+06	4.72E+04	1.94E+05	3.97E+03	2.21E+03	2.31E+05	2.94E+04	3.43E+03	1.94E+06	2.86E+04	9.14E+04	7.89E+05	3.46E+03	1.7E+06	2.43E+03	4.33E+05	5.03E+04	0	0	4.52E+05	1.58E+03	1.8E+05	1.79E+06	1.11E+05	1.7E+03	4.98E+05	8.5E+04	1.21E+05	1.06E+05	1.83E+04	1.56E+03	8.88E+03	2.17E+05	1.49E+05	2.84E+04	1.87E+05	0
(6S,9R)-Vomifoliol_1	2.34E+05	2.23E+05	1.67E+05	2E+05	2.32E+05	1.95E+05	2.19E+05	2.43E+05	1.85E+05	1.98E+05	2.2E+05	1.42E+05	2.1E+05	1.7E+05	2.01E+05	1.84E+05	1.98E+05	1.96E+05	1.99E+05	8.42E+04	8.6E+04	1.55E+05	1.48E+05	1.54E+05	1.23E+05	2.04E+05	2.01E+05	2.15E+05	1.91E+05	2.21E+05	1.82E+05	1.57E+05	2.42E+05	1.76E+05	2.22E+05	2.37E+05	1.69E+05	1.76E+05	2.12E+05	2.23E+05	2.08E+05	1.34E+05	2.52E+05	1.58E+05	8.33E+04
(6S,9R)-Vomifoliol_2	2.57E+05	7.85E+04	1.42E+05	5.94E+05	1.45E+05	1.84E+05	2.83E+05	8.09E+04	9.69E+03	7.49E+05	3.49E+04	1.93E+04	1.7E+05	6.12E+04	6.73E+05	1.66E+04	1.05E+05	6.46E+04	9.9E+04	1.9E+05	3.68E+04	2.05E+05	5.01E+04	2.83E+05	7.15E+04	6.49E+04	6.03E+04	5.56E+05	9.77E+03	1.42E+05	1.02E+05	3.86E+04	1.02E+04	1.34E+05	4.55E+05	1.18E+05	1.41E+05	7.25E+04	1.02E+05	4.26E+04	1.43E+05	2.39E+04	8.55E+04	1.37E+05	3.89E+04
(6Z,9Z,12Z)-Octadecatrienoic acid	4.26E+04	6.33E+04	3.95E+03	3.31E+04	1.37E+05	5.62E+04	2.24E+05	4.48E+03	5.25E+03	1.56E+03	9.98E+04	1.01E+05	1.41E+03	1.23E+04	2.62E+04	3.97E+03	4.39E+05	7.37E+04	3.57E+03	2.28E+05	1.26E+03	1.36E+04	3.14E+03	5.72E+03	1.67E+03	906	3.26E+03	3.88E+03	1.41E+03	1.83E+03	1.41E+04	5.29E+04	1.68E+03	1.83E+05	2.92E+03	2.33E+03	2.88E+03	7.01E+05	1.85E+03	5.85E+03	9.51E+03	1.54E+03	8.55E+03	3.46E+04	5.14E+03
(7R)-7-(5-Carboxy-5-oxopentanoyl)aminocephalosporinate	4.88E+06	4.12E+06	1.89E+07	2.03E+07	4.7E+06	4.94E+06	1.51E+07	4.3E+05	1.19E+07	1.28E+07	3.64E+06	3.88E+06	2.06E+07	1.42E+07	8.47E+06	5.65E+06	1.02E+07	2.19E+07	1.24E+07	3.76E+06	1.47E+07	1.84E+07	9.48E+06	2.18E+07	1.9E+07	3E+06	1.45E+07	1.03E+07	3.46E+06	1.88E+07	2.91E+05	1.13E+07	1.16E+07	7.14E+06	1.88E+07	1.32E+07	2.25E+07	1.01E+07	4.56E+06	1.93E+07	1.32E+07	1.17E+07	2.39E+07	2.13E+07	1.7E+06
(9Z)-(13S)-12,13-Epoxyoctadeca-9,11-dienoic acid_1	1.53E+06	1.62E+06	1.57E+06	1.57E+06	1.65E+06	1.5E+06	1.62E+06	1.55E+06	1.55E+06	1.52E+06	1.52E+06	1.62E+06	1.5E+06	1.59E+06	1.59E+06	1.54E+06	1.83E+06	1.49E+06	1.6E+06	1.57E+06	1.44E+06	1.48E+06	1.44E+06	1.49E+06	1.47E+06	1.49E+06	1.52E+06	1.46E+06	1.51E+06	1.53E+06	1.52E+06	1.6E+06	1.54E+06	1.54E+06	1.53E+06	1.51E+06	1.54E+06	1.73E+06	1.6E+06	1.54E+06	1.56E+06	1.52E+06	1.57E+06	1.63E+06	1.58E+06
(9Z)-(13S)-12,13-Epoxyoctadeca-9,11-dienoic acid_2	1.9E+05	5.24E+05	7.86E+04	2.44E+05	5.16E+05	4.29E+05	8.21E+05	5.07E+03	4.96E+03	1.71E+04	4.39E+04	3.19E+05	7.1E+03	1.52E+05	3.33E+05	2.1E+04	1.58E+06	2.57E+05	5.47E+04	6.85E+05	1.18E+04	1.06E+05	4.32E+03	5.53E+04	3.17E+03	1.11E+04	4.67E+03	5.47E+04	6.11E+03	3.39E+03	1.58E+05	3.55E+04	4.66E+04	1.46E+05	1.14E+05	7.03E+04	7.8E+04	3.93E+05	3.05E+03	1.45E+05	1.22E+04	6.21E+03	1.09E+04	2.05E+05	1.17E+05
(9Z)-(7S,8S)-Dihydroxyoctadecenoic acid_1	5.39E+06	5.28E+06	5.56E+06	5.45E+06	5.47E+06	5.35E+06	5.59E+06	5.39E+06	5.44E+06	5.57E+06	5.62E+06	5.53E+06	5.49E+06	5.43E+06	5.39E+06	5.38E+06	5.55E+06	5.09E+06	5.37E+06	5.59E+06	5.31E+06	5.24E+06	5.03E+06	4.97E+06	5.07E+06	5.26E+06	5.04E+06	5.01E+06	5.17E+06	5.09E+06	5.28E+06	5.35E+06	5.24E+06	5.23E+06	5.42E+06	5.32E+06	5.24E+06	5.45E+06	5.47E+06	5.59E+06	5.8E+06	5.81E+06	5.7E+06	5.44E+06	5.32E+06
(9Z)-(7S,8S)-Dihydroxyoctadecenoic acid_2	7.46E+04	1.07E+05	7.15E+03	1.53E+04	1.69E+05	6.43E+04	2.07E+05	1.8E+03	1.4E+03	1.76E+03	6.76E+04	8.02E+04	0	1.59E+03	8.21E+03	1.89E+03	4.36E+05	6.57E+04	4.35E+03	1.98E+05	1.85E+03	1.3E+04	1.54E+03	6.4E+03	0	0	0	4.96E+03	1.47E+03	1.58E+03	6.86E+03	3.52E+04	1.97E+03	6.72E+04	9.99E+03	1.28E+03	3.63E+03	1.52E+05	1.7E+03	5.13E+03	7.13E+03	1.2E+03	2.87E+03	4.68E+04	4.74E+03
(9Z,12Z)-(8R)-Hydroxyoctadeca-9,12-dienoic acid_1	1.19E+06	1.2E+06	1.22E+06	1.2E+06	1.14E+06	1.13E+06	1.13E+06	1.15E+06	1.18E+06	1.2E+06	1.61E+06	1.16E+06	1.14E+06	1.19E+06	1.13E+06	1.16E+06	5.41E+05	1.06E+06	1.08E+06	7.29E+05	5.2E+05	1.09E+06	4.61E+05	4.25E+05	1.05E+06	1.07E+06	5.18E+05	1.01E+06	1.67E+06	1.1E+06	1.09E+06	1.05E+06	1.1E+06	1.11E+06	5.15E+05	1.1E+06	1.54E+06	1.02E+06	1.1E+06	1.11E+06	1.12E+06	1.14E+06	1.57E+06	1.57E+06	1.12E+06
(9Z,12Z)-(8R)-Hydroxyoctadeca-9,12-dienoic acid_2	1.5E+05	2.18E+05	1.46E+04	5.75E+04	2.16E+05	1.18E+05	2.51E+05	1.37E+03	5.71E+03	2.39E+03	2.19E+05	1.56E+05	4.11E+03	2.33E+04	5.39E+04	1.04E+04	7.46E+05	1.14E+05	1.3E+04	2.81E+05	4.47E+03	6.74E+04	1.42E+03	1.7E+04	4.35E+03	2.26E+03	1.8E+03	3.91E+03	916	2.44E+03	4.44E+04	5.49E+04	2.42E+03	2.32E+05	1.88E+04	2.37E+03	1.13E+04	4.49E+05	3.43E+03	1.57E+04	9.47E+03	2.4E+03	1E+04	4.76E+04	1.36E+04
(E)-4-(Trimethylammonio)but-2-enoate	1.56E+09	1.82E+09	2.56E+09	1.58E+09	5.18E+09	9.12E+08	3.92E+09	2.55E+09	1.59E+09	1E+09	5.61E+08	4.22E+08	2.82E+09	2.91E+09	2.34E+09	2.38E+09	1.44E+09	3.6E+09	1.73E+09	5.37E+08	1.46E+09	7.04E+08	7.21E+08	6.86E+08	2.45E+09	8.4E+08	1.95E+08	3.71E+09	1.69E+08	2.32E+09	2.25E+09	6.76E+08	9.87E+08	3.89E+09	1.19E+09	5.82E+08	1.26E+09	4.29E+08	4.1E+08	1.16E+09	3.58E+09	1.11E+09	3.76E+08	9.81E+08	7.48E+08
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate	7.81E+06	2.91E+03	1.59E+04	2.32E+06	3.8E+06	1.84E+07	2.9E+05	1.26E+05	6.5E+05	1.82E+05	3.08E+05	1.84E+06	2.63E+06	3.69E+05	5.14E+05	1.82E+06	3.36E+06	9.23E+05	1.63E+06	1.61E+06	9.1E+05	2.71E+05	1.29E+06	1.46E+06	2.81E+05	4.06E+05	3.39E+05	2.71E+05	5.15E+04	2.13E+06	1.91E+06	5.09E+06	1.9E+06	4.92E+06	2.94E+06	3.46E+04	1.69E+06	9.64E+05	3.63E+06	6.18E+05	3.47E+05	7.21E+04	3.66E+05	2.66E+06	1.04E+07
(R)-(Homo)3-citrate_1	1.94E+06	5.24E+03	5.45E+05	2.43E+05	9.08E+03	6.71E+03	1.09E+04	9.75E+05	5.91E+06	5.7E+05	2.4E+04	2.77E+06	3.69E+05	1.47E+06	2.35E+06	3.76E+05	1.61E+06	1.24E+06	5.06E+04	8.71E+04	1.19E+04	2.08E+06	4.56E+04	1.29E+04	2.13E+06	2.08E+04	8.84E+06	1.99E+06	3.41E+03	1.07E+07	2.54E+06	1.29E+06	1.19E+06	4.97E+06	1.41E+07	3.53E+05	2.45E+06	8.73E+05	7.41E+05	5.19E+05	1.15E+04	1.27E+06	2.81E+03	5.44E+06	5.62E+05
(R)-(Homo)3-citrate_2	6.39E+04	1.18E+05	7.07E+03	9.97E+04	3.27E+05	1.06E+05	7.98E+04	8.01E+03	1E+04	1.74E+04	1.83E+05	8.51E+03	1.01E+04	1.62E+04	2.86E+04	2.3E+04	4.71E+05	3.82E+05	7.99E+04	7.29E+05	1.1E+04	2.4E+05	1.15E+05	1.39E+06	1.36E+04	6.47E+03	3.24E+03	2.17E+04	8.74E+03	6.28E+03	2.64E+04	2.09E+04	4.73E+04	4.26E+05	6.27E+04	1.16E+05	3.93E+04	1.47E+05	1.68E+03	1.25E+05	1.21E+04	3.6E+03	6.28E+03	6.39E+04	2.52E+04
(R)-2,3-Dihydroxypropane-1-sulfonate	1.02E+05	6.06E+04	6.72E+04	1.01E+06	2.15E+05	3.47E+04	1.21E+05	3.66E+04	5.65E+04	6.2E+04	1.26E+05	7.59E+04	2.32E+04	7.38E+04	2.87E+04	5.08E+04	5.58E+04	3.79E+05	1.38E+05	1.24E+06	7.94E+04	2.4E+05	8.04E+04	2.51E+05	9.16E+04	9.7E+04	6.5E+04	6.92E+03	6.3E+04	5.66E+04	2.26E+05	2.35E+05	2.04E+05	2.91E+04	2.6E+04	2.47E+04	8.1E+05	7E+04	5.74E+04	8.47E+03	3.13E+04	3.31E+04	6E+04	8.1E+04	2.7E+04
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_1	7.26E+05	6.84E+04	6.99E+04	8.04E+05	1.25E+06	4.03E+04	3.2E+04	3.68E+04	1.7E+05	3.52E+03	7.76E+04	1.53E+04	2.3E+04	1.21E+05	2.43E+05	1.08E+05	1.17E+06	1.53E+05	3.57E+05	1.76E+05	1.5E+05	8.25E+05	6.24E+04	9.46E+05	1.59E+04	7.56E+05	7.68E+03	9.32E+04	3.35E+03	9.29E+04	4.92E+05	4.1E+05	6.43E+04	3.72E+05	1.05E+05	8E+03	2.49E+05	8.86E+04	2.44E+03	6.86E+04	2.23E+04	3.7E+03	2.81E+04	1.18E+05	3.03E+03
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_2	9.43E+04	2.11E+04	1.05E+06	1.05E+07	3.74E+04	1.19E+05	2.02E+06	1.85E+03	8.32E+04	2.16E+03	8.42E+04	3.21E+03	1.17E+06	1.97E+04	7.2E+04	1.1E+04	1.27E+05	2.34E+06	4.71E+04	2.72E+04	1.09E+04	3.61E+06	1.66E+04	2.35E+06	6.69E+05	6.6E+05	1.77E+03	8.76E+03	2.11E+03	2.07E+05	1.59E+04	2.73E+04	1.89E+06	5.52E+04	2.5E+05	4.67E+03	5.16E+06	1.19E+04	0	7.62E+05	7.46E+03	5.53E+03	8.09E+05	2.67E+06	2.38E+03
(R)-Mevalonate_1	1.03E+06	5.47E+05	7.98E+05	1.52E+06	2.37E+06	1.44E+06	3.19E+05	3.45E+06	1.19E+06	9.32E+05	3.84E+06	3.69E+05	4.16E+05	6.22E+05	1.29E+06	4E+05	4.24E+06	7.39E+05	5.43E+06	8.83E+05	6.05E+05	1.58E+06	5.01E+05	5.51E+05	1.46E+06	4.26E+05	2.4E+06	1.71E+06	1.09E+06	2.54E+06	8.27E+05	5.24E+06	1.1E+06	8.41E+05	1.76E+06	2.93E+06	1.29E+06	6.51E+05	2.39E+06	1.5E+06	5.36E+05	8.01E+05	4.94E+05	7.62E+05	4.51E+05
(R)-Mevalonate_2	8.83E+05	5.68E+05	5.18E+04	1.23E+06	3.94E+06	8.8E+05	8.1E+06	8.41E+05	5E+05	1.04E+04	3.76E+06	2.96E+05	3.38E+05	6.08E+05	9.77E+05	2.15E+06	3.82E+06	1.13E+06	2.14E+06	9.03E+05	1.2E+06	2.3E+06	3.87E+05	8.97E+06	7.16E+05	5.81E+05	9.06E+05	1.11E+05	5.72E+06	1.71E+06	4.16E+05	2.8E+06	1.58E+05	6.3E+05	9.81E+05	7.28E+04	3.19E+06	1.31E+06	1.27E+05	5.56E+04	1.52E+05	1.93E+05	2.92E+05	2.79E+06	7.4E+04
(R)-Mevalonate_3	4.42E+05	1.69E+06	1.16E+05	9E+05	7.53E+05	6.68E+05	7.15E+04	2.27E+05	2.79E+05	2.4E+04	1.53E+05	3.32E+04	1.06E+05	5.77E+04	2.02E+05	4.73E+04	5.94E+05	1.37E+05	1.12E+06	3.35E+05	5.35E+04	1.9E+05	5.97E+04	4.1E+05	1.04E+05	3.5E+04	2.95E+05	8.15E+03	1.09E+04	4.93E+05	5.98E+05	7.9E+05	2.86E+05	2.14E+05	1.92E+06	7.38E+04	3.81E+05	2.2E+05	6.8E+04	4.18E+04	7.85E+04	1.4E+04	5.11E+04	1.16E+06	7.67E+03
(S)-2,3,4,5-Tetrahydropyridine-2-carboxylate	5.43E+06	5.69E+06	2.32E+06	8.72E+06	2.4E+07	3.3E+06	8.21E+06	2.33E+06	5.73E+06	1.17E+06	6.74E+06	3.75E+06	2.18E+06	7.79E+06	1.35E+07	4.19E+06	6.37E+06	4.09E+06	8.67E+06	5.08E+06	2.79E+06	5.54E+06	2.37E+06	1.06E+07	3.87E+06	1.12E+06	2.45E+06	8.44E+06	1.46E+06	7.2E+06	5.11E+06	3.24E+06	2.08E+06	1.03E+07	5.99E+06	3.91E+06	3.69E+06	2.7E+06	2.37E+06	1.7E+06	7.11E+06	1.7E+06	1.32E+06	7.39E+05	7.65E+05
(S)-2-Chloropropanoate	4.14E+03	5.43E+03	5.49E+03	1.05E+04	4.28E+05	0	3.67E+03	2.01E+05	2.6E+04	3.46E+03	4.19E+03	2.3E+03	4.53E+03	2.51E+03	2.6E+03	2.38E+03	2.09E+04	4.59E+03	1.06E+05	8.35E+05	1.78E+03	4.4E+04	3.75E+03	2.32E+03	8.27E+03	2.22E+03	2.25E+03	2.91E+03	2.19E+03	6.24E+04	5.72E+04	1.76E+04	2.29E+04	2.69E+03	1.42E+04	4.54E+03	1.12E+04	1.55E+04	2.94E+03	1.07E+05	1.94E+03	2.38E+03	2.87E+03	1.49E+05	8.05E+03
(S)-6-Hydroxynicotine_1	2.86E+06	6.08E+05	4.52E+05	9.81E+05	9.53E+05	2.27E+05	2.13E+05	9.67E+04	6.41E+05	6.08E+05	7.17E+05	4.61E+05	1.18E+05	1.92E+06	9.57E+05	4.68E+05	5.22E+06	7.36E+05	8.87E+05	7.78E+05	2.99E+05	3.69E+06	4.36E+05	1.25E+06	1.26E+05	1.4E+05	1.51E+05	9.43E+05	4.55E+04	7.36E+05	7.2E+05	9.87E+05	3.68E+05	2.36E+06	5.38E+05	1.49E+06	1.23E+06	9.87E+04	5.22E+04	2.65E+05	2.45E+06	2.89E+05	2.2E+06	5.04E+05	8.78E+04
(S)-6-Hydroxynicotine_2	3.22E+03	1.67E+04	3.58E+03	1.1E+04	6.53E+05	5.05E+03	6.29E+04	1.62E+05	6.16E+03	5.35E+03	3.14E+03	5.41E+04	2.35E+03	1.25E+04	3.65E+05	1.15E+06	4.58E+05	6.31E+03	1.46E+04	1.24E+04	2.55E+03	4.61E+03	3.65E+03	1.05E+04	6.81E+03	3.25E+03	2.34E+03	4.92E+03	7.06E+03	8.63E+03	2.13E+04	5.15E+03	9.96E+03	2.97E+06	2.72E+05	2.49E+03	1.13E+04	1.52E+06	2.79E+03	4.63E+04	3.77E+03	2.49E+03	2.15E+03	4.99E+03	5.73E+04
(S)-ATPA_1	5.14E+08	3.9E+08	1.39E+08	5.09E+08	7.3E+08	2.57E+08	3.02E+08	1.21E+08	3.97E+08	1.51E+08	2.08E+08	2.17E+08	8.4E+07	2.79E+08	3.56E+08	2.05E+08	4.93E+08	4.34E+08	6.3E+08	2.25E+08	3.96E+08	5.22E+08	3.6E+08	3.67E+08	1.48E+08	2.81E+08	1.05E+08	3.29E+08	1.1E+08	3.4E+08	3.11E+08	5.82E+08	1.89E+08	4.73E+08	5.56E+08	2.05E+08	4.3E+08	2.74E+08	6.95E+07	1.39E+08	2.6E+08	8.88E+07	2.1E+08	4.67E+08	8.11E+07
(S)-ATPA_2	1.27E+07	1.29E+07	3.38E+06	6.05E+06	2.13E+07	5.18E+06	4.39E+06	1.73E+06	1.62E+06	1.24E+06	1.63E+06	2.39E+06	6.62E+05	5.69E+06	4.4E+06	3.12E+06	6.42E+06	3.69E+06	4.09E+06	8.13E+06	9.85E+06	2.61E+06	2.51E+06	4.57E+06	1.5E+06	1.69E+06	4.05E+05	2.17E+06	1.74E+06	9.44E+06	2.93E+06	2.83E+07	4.18E+06	3.3E+06	8.74E+06	1.18E+06	2.66E+06	4.27E+06	1.04E+06	5.8E+06	6.55E+06	2.05E+05	1.09E+06	4.6E+06	1.86E+06
(S)-beta-Methylindolepyruvate	4.43E+05	2.32E+05	7.95E+04	5.58E+05	4.61E+05	2.43E+05	1.15E+05	6.23E+03	1.45E+05	1.54E+04	2.37E+05	2.71E+04	2.46E+03	1.67E+05	3.43E+05	7.42E+04	5.36E+05	3.61E+05	6.7E+05	5.06E+05	6.57E+04	6.41E+05	1.48E+05	2.03E+06	8.54E+03	6.01E+04	3.98E+03	4.58E+04	2.27E+04	1.4E+05	2.37E+05	1.15E+05	4.64E+04	1.56E+05	5.5E+05	3.04E+04	1.14E+05	8.24E+03	7.97E+03	9.63E+04	1.41E+05	9.47E+03	3.75E+04	1.18E+05	1.06E+04
(S)-Dihydroorotate	4.66E+05	1.5E+05	1.35E+05	4.91E+05	4.87E+05	6.05E+04	8.49E+04	6.61E+04	3.53E+05	3.85E+04	4.59E+05	1.34E+05	9.33E+04	4.68E+04	4.3E+05	1.42E+05	8.44E+05	4.14E+04	4.65E+05	2.94E+05	1.22E+05	4.85E+05	1.18E+05	5.82E+05	1.01E+05	3.58E+04	3.52E+04	5.71E+04	5.96E+04	7.03E+04	1.08E+06	5.22E+04	1.63E+05	4.26E+05	1.23E+05	8.25E+04	3.62E+04	5.2E+04	1.55E+04	2.04E+05	6.52E+04	1.91E+05	8.77E+04	3.89E+04	7.31E+04
(Z)-But-1-ene-1,2,4-tricarboxylate	5.31E+05	1.56E+05	2.34E+04	3.08E+05	6.48E+05	3.77E+04	8.13E+04	2.15E+04	1.02E+05	1.28E+04	3.4E+05	7.98E+04	4.72E+04	2.14E+05	4.87E+05	1.33E+05	5.96E+05	4.24E+05	1.69E+06	1.87E+05	2.44E+04	1.56E+05	1.34E+05	1.26E+05	3.94E+04	1.73E+04	1.83E+04	1.49E+05	4.69E+04	3.27E+05	4.7E+05	5.31E+05	1.79E+05	5.83E+04	1.82E+05	8.39E+04	2.91E+05	2.81E+04	1.42E+05	7.78E+04	9.19E+04	9.05E+03	6.55E+04	2.41E+05	1.41E+04
1-(1-Oxopropyl)-1H-imidazole	3.18E+06	2.02E+07	7.35E+05	1.43E+07	2.74E+06	3.38E+07	5.24E+05	1.06E+07	2.02E+07	7.25E+05	1.2E+06	1.03E+07	1.96E+06	5.32E+06	1.01E+08	7.87E+05	1.17E+07	3.7E+07	7.11E+07	9.49E+07	1.52E+05	9.43E+05	2.49E+07	8.94E+07	2.97E+06	1.27E+07	2.68E+06	1.54E+07	2.17E+07	5.08E+07	1.43E+08	8.41E+07	2.51E+06	9.83E+06	3.78E+06	2.85E+05	5.03E+06	7.42E+06	9.15E+05	2.1E+07	3.63E+07	1.7E+06	2.89E+07	1.93E+07	3.27E+06
1-(5'-Phosphoribosyl)-5-amino-4-imidazolecarboxamide	7.11E+06	4.89E+05	1.99E+04	6.45E+05	2.77E+05	6.28E+05	2.3E+05	1.34E+05	4.32E+05	7.91E+03	1.07E+05	3.7E+03	1.41E+06	5.08E+05	2.01E+04	4.72E+03	2.41E+05	2.58E+05	2.35E+04	1.99E+06	7.63E+03	2.02E+05	1.9E+04	4.13E+05	6.68E+04	4.87E+06	2.35E+04	3.37E+05	0	8.67E+05	3E+04	1.6E+05	2.87E+05	3.7E+04	4.14E+05	1.31E+03	3.79E+04	0	3.69E+04	2.62E+04	3.06E+04	3.15E+04	0	3.5E+05	4.52E+04
1-(5'-Phosphoribosyl)-5-formamido-4-imidazolecarboxamide	2.71E+05	1.38E+06	3.45E+06	2.45E+06	1.79E+06	1.53E+05	8.2E+05	7.92E+04	4.74E+05	1.28E+05	3.88E+03	5.93E+04	3.96E+05	7.96E+04	4.82E+05	1.87E+05	4.81E+05	6.05E+05	2.76E+05	7.59E+04	6.72E+03	5.7E+05	1.95E+04	7.35E+05	3.85E+05	1.18E+04	4.99E+04	5E+04	1.83E+04	4.38E+05	3.42E+05	7.26E+05	6.71E+05	1.12E+06	8.59E+05	9.59E+04	2.05E+06	2.16E+05	9.29E+03	3.37E+05	1.93E+04	2.26E+04	2.44E+05	5.33E+05	7.64E+04
1-(beta-D-Ribofuranosyl)-1,4-dihydronicotinamide	2.2E+07	1.64E+07	5.43E+06	3.28E+07	2.69E+07	1.39E+07	9.68E+06	3.38E+06	1.45E+07	4.62E+06	1.44E+07	8.45E+06	4.75E+06	1.35E+07	2.56E+07	1.19E+07	2.67E+07	1.62E+07	3.46E+07	1.55E+07	6.76E+06	2.45E+07	9.94E+06	2.11E+07	6.07E+06	6.28E+06	3.99E+06	1.05E+07	4.76E+06	1.7E+07	2.24E+07	1.84E+07	8.94E+06	1.57E+07	4.03E+07	5.85E+06	2.48E+07	9.67E+06	3.83E+06	6.96E+06	1.09E+07	4.45E+06	7.54E+06	2.08E+07	4.59E+06
1-(Methylnitrosoamino)-4-(3-pyridinyl)-1,4-butanediol_1	2.37E+05	6.89E+04	4.38E+03	4.82E+04	8.14E+04	1.22E+04	1E+05	2.39E+04	1.2E+05	1.8E+04	1.57E+05	1.72E+04	2.16E+03	2.05E+05	5.33E+03	7.74E+03	3.64E+04	1.46E+04	1.48E+04	1.28E+04	1.39E+06	4.2E+05	9.63E+03	7.81E+03	6.68E+03	3.17E+03	2.3E+03	7.59E+03	2.27E+03	3E+06	3.74E+04	8.46E+05	1.11E+04	4.67E+05	7.09E+04	1.51E+03	1.64E+04	2.48E+04	1.96E+03	5.91E+03	3.04E+04	2.49E+03	3.11E+03	3.54E+03	1.91E+03
1-(Methylnitrosoamino)-4-(3-pyridinyl)-1,4-butanediol_2	9.9E+03	2.27E+04	2.45E+03	6.09E+05	2.21E+05	1.9E+03	1.41E+03	3.85E+03	3.04E+03	1.68E+03	1.41E+04	1.31E+03	2.04E+03	9.15E+03	1.03E+05	8.33E+03	8.32E+04	3.4E+04	2.16E+05	1.53E+04	6.49E+03	2.83E+04	4.23E+04	3.37E+04	8.11E+03	1.46E+03	1.58E+03	4.89E+03	1.62E+03	1.25E+04	4.31E+04	1.46E+04	9.1E+03	1.76E+04	8.89E+04	1.05E+04	5.3E+04	1.09E+04	2.04E+03	4.41E+03	7.8E+03	1.44E+03	2E+03	5.93E+03	5.87E+03
1,1-Dichloroethylene epoxide	4.49E+04	8.36E+05	3.56E+04	7.73E+05	3.13E+04	1.13E+05	3.39E+05	3.08E+04	6.36E+04	9.04E+04	1.99E+05	6.27E+04	1.29E+05	1.6E+05	9.68E+04	1.15E+05	8.07E+04	5.16E+04	2.39E+04	3.87E+04	3.34E+04	6.41E+04	8.55E+04	2.21E+05	4.6E+04	5.43E+04	9.23E+04	8.68E+04	3E+04	1.01E+05	1.13E+05	3.52E+04	9.6E+04	4.33E+04	2.92E+05	1.38E+05	4.1E+05	1.6E+05	2.74E+04	3.34E+05	6.68E+04	2.78E+04	3.65E+04	1.29E+05	9.38E+05
1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene_1	6.13E+07	1.33E+07	5.19E+06	2.2E+07	2.94E+07	1.09E+07	1.11E+07	1.18E+07	3.52E+07	5.19E+06	4.53E+07	7.99E+06	4.72E+06	1.15E+07	2.01E+07	1.04E+07	5.24E+07	2.44E+07	2.19E+07	3.62E+07	7.84E+06	8.75E+07	1.64E+07	8.67E+07	2.47E+07	9.68E+06	2.09E+07	9.68E+06	5.05E+06	1.71E+07	5.07E+07	2.56E+07	2.48E+07	2.87E+07	2.79E+07	1.11E+07	2.05E+07	1.09E+07	3.92E+06	1.72E+07	1.24E+07	4.28E+07	9.22E+06	2.8E+07	5.24E+06
1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene_2	9.43E+06	9.13E+06	3.96E+06	1.25E+07	2.99E+07	9.34E+06	7.37E+06	2.35E+06	1.12E+07	2.82E+06	9.29E+06	3.58E+06	1.53E+07	1.39E+07	1.1E+07	4.52E+06	1.39E+07	1.12E+07	1.56E+07	1.27E+07	4.26E+06	1.35E+07	6.01E+06	1.65E+07	7.85E+06	3.37E+06	2.42E+06	2.03E+07	2.61E+06	6.63E+06	1.31E+07	1.48E+07	7.14E+06	1.68E+07	2.28E+07	4.65E+06	1.31E+07	5.57E+06	2.43E+06	4.53E+06	1.88E+07	3.48E+06	3.86E+06	1.03E+07	3.21E+06
1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene_3	1.65E+07	1.2E+07	3.81E+06	4.37E+06	3.54E+07	4.2E+06	3.11E+06	3.28E+06	1.94E+07	9.56E+06	9.86E+06	1.51E+06	3.34E+06	1.81E+06	2.94E+06	1.53E+06	2.56E+07	1.24E+07	2.2E+07	5.83E+06	3.28E+06	8.07E+06	3.58E+06	1.5E+06	2.1E+07	2.05E+06	2.37E+07	3.37E+06	1.8E+06	5.27E+06	3.09E+06	5.17E+06	4.19E+06	8E+06	3.62E+06	1.33E+07	3.17E+06	2.82E+06	6.63E+06	3.74E+06	2.18E+06	1.25E+07	1.94E+06	2.17E+06	3.77E+06
1,2,6-Hexanetriol	8.74E+06	8.08E+06	8.37E+06	7.2E+06	7.21E+06	9E+06	8.5E+06	1.04E+07	1.16E+07	1.77E+07	1.64E+07	1.89E+07	2.09E+07	1.89E+07	2.29E+07	3.28E+07	3.1E+07	3.8E+07	3.35E+07	3.6E+07	3.83E+07	3.85E+07	4.2E+07	4.22E+07	4.4E+07	4.38E+07	4.58E+07	4.26E+07	4.74E+07	4.45E+07	4.98E+07	4.74E+07	5.28E+07	4.72E+07	4.83E+07	5.73E+07	4.94E+07	5.52E+07	6.12E+07	5.99E+07	5.65E+07	6.18E+07	5.32E+07	5.86E+07	6.26E+07
1,2-Diamino-4-nitrobenzene_1	1.4E+07	1.33E+07	4.73E+06	2.16E+07	1.88E+07	7.91E+06	7.13E+06	2.49E+06	9.06E+06	4.12E+06	1.05E+07	5.91E+06	3.75E+06	1.01E+07	1.92E+07	9.47E+06	1.49E+07	1.35E+07	2.61E+07	1.4E+07	7.72E+06	1.84E+07	7.66E+06	2.08E+07	3.53E+06	4.9E+06	2.21E+06	9.74E+06	3.52E+06	1.05E+07	1.58E+07	1.52E+07	5.56E+06	1.09E+07	1.59E+07	5.93E+06	1.86E+07	5.9E+06	2.94E+06	4.96E+06	9.03E+06	3.5E+06	6.98E+06	1.02E+07	3.51E+06
1,2-Diamino-4-nitrobenzene_2	6.91E+06	7.24E+06	2.92E+06	1.15E+07	7.76E+06	4.39E+06	4.03E+06	1.27E+06	4.64E+06	2E+06	6.41E+06	1.94E+06	1.35E+06	3.26E+06	9.33E+06	3.36E+06	1.18E+07	8.37E+06	9.39E+06	7.27E+06	2.33E+06	7.61E+06	4.66E+06	9.34E+06	1.96E+06	3.47E+06	2.08E+06	3.11E+06	1.64E+06	4.13E+06	5.45E+06	5.81E+06	4.73E+06	6.18E+06	8.37E+06	2.88E+06	1.61E+07	4.21E+06	1.11E+06	3.42E+06	3.29E+06	1.72E+06	1.81E+06	3.44E+06	1.31E+06
1,2-Diamino-4-nitrobenzene_3	4.21E+04	1.32E+04	2.46E+05	7.08E+05	1.43E+04	7.36E+03	1.75E+05	4.96E+03	3.49E+04	6.06E+04	6.78E+04	1.32E+04	2.38E+05	4.2E+04	4.53E+04	2.38E+04	9.03E+04	1.38E+06	9.55E+04	2.32E+04	5.08E+04	1.25E+06	5.24E+04	7.36E+05	1.03E+06	2.32E+04	4.48E+05	1.22E+04	2.15E+04	1.37E+04	1.17E+04	4.47E+04	6.62E+03	5.1E+04	7.85E+04	1.22E+05	1.7E+05	2.49E+04	1.35E+04	5.65E+05	5.18E+04	1.5E+05	7.37E+04	2.95E+05	1.75E+04
1,2-Dihydrosantonin_1	4.77E+05	4.57E+05	1.53E+05	5.25E+05	1.2E+06	1.96E+05	4.89E+05	2.74E+04	1.68E+05	8.39E+04	4.09E+05	9.28E+04	3.23E+04	1.38E+05	1.28E+06	1.41E+05	1.22E+05	4.62E+05	1.17E+06	1.3E+05	1.18E+05	3.79E+05	1.5E+05	5.88E+05	1.56E+04	4.56E+04	2.97E+03	2.94E+05	3.71E+04	3.5E+05	4.27E+05	4.6E+05	5.78E+04	6.28E+04	5.63E+05	2.61E+04	1.34E+06	1.1E+05	1.36E+04	2.49E+05	2.59E+05	1.06E+04	7.5E+04	1.02E+05	3.86E+04
1,2-Dihydrosantonin_2	2.21E+05	4.65E+04	2.76E+04	6.12E+04	2.27E+05	2.2E+04	5.23E+04	8.09E+03	1.66E+04	1.63E+04	1.67E+05	8.55E+03	1.98E+06	1.87E+05	1.36E+05	3.87E+04	9.38E+05	3.84E+05	1.6E+05	1.89E+05	2.64E+03	1.56E+04	2.72E+03	5.32E+04	8.81E+04	7.35E+03	1.7E+04	6.46E+03	2.91E+03	1.05E+05	5.43E+03	2.75E+05	5.4E+03	4.27E+04	1.55E+05	4.48E+04	1.13E+05	1.44E+05	1.18E+03	1.13E+05	2.07E+04	9.4E+03	3.22E+03	4.19E+03	7.07E+03
1,2-Dihydroxy-5-(methylthio)pent-1-en-3-one	4.52E+03	2.45E+03	1.9E+03	2.27E+04	2.35E+05	976	7.62E+04	2.21E+03	2.55E+03	2.97E+03	2.87E+04	3.25E+03	3.99E+03	2.12E+03	1.3E+05	1.03E+05	8.93E+04	4.76E+03	6.61E+04	2.45E+05	1.33E+04	9.15E+04	1.95E+04	4.83E+04	6.96E+03	1.81E+03	1.82E+03	6.95E+03	6.65E+03	9.04E+03	7.3E+04	1.83E+04	4.01E+03	1.86E+04	1.72E+05	1.88E+03	4.66E+04	2.77E+04	2.88E+03	2.8E+03	1.01E+04	1.66E+03	3.72E+03	9.31E+03	1.19E+03
1,2-Dihydroxydibenzothiophene	1.45E+04	1.21E+04	2.11E+03	8.66E+03	6.75E+04	1.89E+03	6.72E+03	1.25E+04	1.59E+04	2.52E+03	2.15E+04	5.08E+03	2.47E+05	2.21E+04	3.31E+03	2.04E+04	7.07E+03	1.97E+03	1.98E+04	1.52E+04	3.38E+03	6.57E+03	1.21E+04	1.22E+04	3.09E+04	2.78E+03	3.53E+03	2.11E+04	2.01E+03	1.08E+04	9.73E+03	2.22E+04	7.56E+03	3.95E+03	8.46E+03	2.52E+03	6.84E+04	5.08E+03	2.65E+03	4.98E+03	1.94E+03	8.34E+05	6.35E+03	1.9E+04	1.01E+04
1,3,7-Trimethyluric acid	2.82E+06	2.19E+03	4.17E+05	1.14E+06	5.47E+04	2.98E+03	3.69E+04	7.79E+05	9.66E+06	4.37E+05	7.07E+04	3.2E+06	2.5E+05	1.43E+06	5.58E+06	6.61E+05	4.83E+06	2.53E+06	7.06E+04	1.04E+05	2.85E+05	4.19E+06	1.92E+05	7.25E+05	1.29E+06	8.94E+04	4.17E+06	2.37E+06	0	4.81E+06	7.47E+06	4.77E+06	1.5E+06	7.21E+06	2.2E+07	4.81E+05	9.64E+06	7.37E+05	7.41E+05	3.4E+05	9.14E+04	6.36E+05	1.97E+04	3.12E+06	3.23E+05
1,3,8-Naphthalenertriol_1	4.07E+06	9.61E+06	6.4E+06	1.19E+07	3.37E+07	4.77E+06	1.19E+07	3.03E+06	1.21E+07	2.52E+06	3E+06	1.81E+07	6.55E+06	4.39E+06	5.88E+07	2.57E+06	1.11E+07	2.34E+07	1.3E+07	1.48E+07	3.04E+06	5.08E+06	1.11E+07	1.72E+07	2.67E+07	9.09E+05	7.25E+06	8.63E+06	2.57E+06	2.33E+06	2.96E+06	2.97E+07	7.28E+06	4.6E+06	1.17E+07	5.91E+06	3.99E+07	8.5E+06	3.72E+06	6.7E+06	5.14E+06	1.21E+06	2.54E+06	5.35E+06	3.39E+06
1,3,8-Naphthalenertriol_2	2.43E+06	2.13E+06	1.77E+06	1.93E+06	2.72E+06	1.9E+06	2.06E+06	2.17E+06	3.27E+07	2.23E+06	2.4E+06	2.05E+06	1.95E+06	2.44E+06	2.15E+06	2.44E+06	1.77E+06	2.22E+06	1.69E+06	2.22E+06	2.22E+06	2.4E+06	2.78E+06	1.99E+06	2.71E+06	2.08E+06	1.97E+06	2.07E+06	2.04E+06	2.06E+06	2.2E+06	1.04E+07	2.64E+06	2.31E+06	2.03E+06	2.46E+06	2.83E+07	1.87E+06	2.29E+06	4.37E+06	2.15E+06	2.98E+06	2.3E+06	1.85E+06	2.26E+06
1,3,8-Naphthalenertriol_3	1.59E+05	3.83E+05	1.84E+04	2.18E+05	4.15E+05	7.51E+04	2.23E+04	1.13E+04	3.49E+04	2.1E+05	4.88E+04	2.81E+04	4.2E+04	7.18E+04	1.18E+04	3.29E+04	2.55E+05	2.87E+05	2.56E+05	5.59E+04	8.08E+03	3.78E+04	1.66E+04	3.52E+04	9.78E+03	4.24E+04	6.31E+04	7.84E+04	3.86E+03	4.22E+04	1.01E+05	2.72E+06	2.17E+04	5.24E+04	7.87E+04	1.09E+04	1.38E+05	1.57E+04	3.68E+04	2.72E+04	1.41E+04	4.92E+03	1.88E+04	1.44E+04	3.46E+03
1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol	5.03E+05	1.06E+04	3.54E+04	2.76E+04	1.17E+05	3.88E+04	2.07E+04	1.42E+04	5.61E+04	1.21E+04	2.03E+05	3.66E+04	3.63E+04	1.32E+04	4.08E+04	1.65E+04	6.6E+05	1.37E+05	6.53E+04	1.41E+05	4.83E+04	4.05E+05	9.51E+03	2.31E+04	2E+04	3.26E+04	2.73E+04	3.99E+04	8.64E+03	2.08E+04	5.93E+04	5.18E+04	1.33E+03	1.27E+04	1.23E+04	2.4E+04	2.12E+04	2.15E+04	3.07E+04	2.96E+04	1.34E+04	6.62E+03	3.2E+04	1.12E+05	1.6E+04
1,4-Naphthoquinone	3.8E+03	3.8E+05	795	7.07E+03	1.02E+06	2.06E+03	1.11E+04	1.71E+03	4.45E+03	1.49E+03	1.87E+03	2.25E+03	1.8E+03	4.93E+04	1.5E+04	2.34E+03	5.04E+04	4.21E+03	8.8E+03	2.28E+04	3.71E+04	6.44E+03	1.67E+03	1.31E+04	1.14E+04	1.53E+03	1.16E+03	2.01E+03	1.28E+03	2.17E+03	2.47E+04	1.21E+03	1.49E+03	3.87E+03	5.24E+03	1.71E+03	4.27E+03	9.91E+04	4.31E+03	1.15E+03	4.76E+03	1.78E+03	638	2.41E+03	1.55E+03
1,5-Naphthalene diisocyanate	9.57E+04	6.52E+03	1.47E+05	3.45E+03	4.95E+04	3.78E+03	2.28E+04	3.37E+04	8.5E+04	4.14E+04	4.75E+04	1.28E+03	8.94E+05	1.44E+04	4.51E+03	1.29E+04	7.51E+04	9.56E+03	1.64E+04	4.47E+04	3.32E+03	6.18E+04	5.21E+03	9.97E+03	3.66E+03	4.16E+03	3.7E+03	1.44E+04	2.03E+03	4.27E+03	6.68E+05	3.93E+03	6.24E+03	4.25E+04	2.05E+04	1.53E+04	1.74E+04	1.27E+03	3.79E+03	1.67E+04	9.96E+04	7.05E+03	8.44E+03	8.49E+03	6.06E+03
1,8-Diazacyclotetradecane-2,9-dione	3.5E+08	3.26E+08	3.05E+08	3.32E+08	3.19E+08	2.68E+08	3.1E+08	4.52E+08	2.98E+08	2.83E+08	3.06E+08	2.81E+08	2.82E+08	2.94E+08	2.95E+08	2.84E+08	2.54E+08	2.78E+08	2.77E+08	2.6E+08	2.78E+08	2.69E+08	4.51E+08	2.56E+08	2.79E+08	4.1E+08	2.64E+08	4.64E+08	2.61E+08	2.62E+08	2.64E+08	2.69E+08	4.59E+08	2.59E+08	2.8E+08	2.33E+08	2.7E+08	2.46E+08	2.66E+08	2.8E+08	2.62E+08	2.76E+08	2.55E+08	2.67E+08	2.32E+08
10-Desacetyltaxuyunnanin C	1.6E+04	0	4.75E+03	5.65E+04	4.1E+04	4E+05	1.51E+04	1.65E+03	3.47E+04	0	3.09E+05	1.6E+04	2.16E+03	5.64E+03	1.03E+05	6.88E+04	3.6E+04	1.92E+04	7.99E+05	5.23E+05	7.39E+03	3.46E+04	1.41E+05	7.05E+04	2.06E+03	2.72E+04	0	1.42E+05	2.14E+03	7.17E+03	4.89E+04	6.6E+03	1.84E+03	2.57E+04	3.41E+05	6.7E+03	5.88E+04	1.31E+05	1.78E+03	3.35E+04	5.22E+03	1.36E+03	4.42E+03	6.96E+05	1.04E+04
10-Hydroxydecanoic acid	3.35E+04	4.55E+03	0	3.47E+04	9.14E+04	1.82E+04	5.75E+03	0	1.84E+04	1.63E+03	2.14E+04	4.62E+03	0	4.12E+03	2.68E+04	2.96E+03	5.78E+04	1.03E+04	5.28E+04	1.43E+04	2.58E+03	1.46E+04	0	7.37E+05	0	2.1E+03	0	8.72E+03	0	8.15E+03	5.77E+03	2.79E+04	1.13E+04	7.73E+03	1.51E+05	0	2.98E+04	2.86E+03	0	0	0	0	4.28E+03	2.99E+03	3.32E+03
10-Oxodecanoate_1	8.79E+05	3.64E+06	4.14E+05	1.2E+06	1.86E+06	1.44E+06	1.54E+06	1.35E+05	6.79E+05	2.07E+05	2.62E+05	7.88E+05	9.89E+03	2.71E+05	9.7E+05	2.92E+05	2.8E+06	1.97E+06	1.03E+06	1.19E+06	5.67E+04	1.25E+06	4.17E+04	1.76E+06	1.55E+05	2.85E+05	2.29E+04	3.44E+05	1.88E+04	5.12E+05	9.13E+05	9.11E+05	9.67E+05	2.18E+06	8.45E+05	5.5E+05	8.75E+05	1.46E+06	2.18E+05	6.65E+05	4.97E+05	1.66E+04	7.2E+04	5.94E+05	8.1E+05
10-Oxodecanoate_2	1.12E+06	6.48E+05	7.31E+04	1.78E+06	2.53E+05	4.06E+05	9.89E+04	4.05E+04	6.06E+04	1.51E+04	1.73E+04	3.3E+04	8.34E+05	9.79E+05	3.37E+05	7.2E+04	1.8E+06	1.13E+05	1.64E+05	1.79E+05	1.41E+05	5.59E+05	2.2E+04	4.78E+05	5.35E+05	5.12E+03	8.6E+05	5.44E+05	1.17E+04	8.63E+05	9.25E+04	1.45E+05	1.76E+04	1.57E+05	8.97E+05	3.59E+04	1.27E+05	2E+05	4.08E+03	5.6E+04	1.94E+06	4.49E+05	2.89E+04	5.65E+05	2.99E+04
11beta,21-Dihydroxy-5beta-pregnane-3,20-dione	4.4E+05	1.48E+06	2.71E+05	5.26E+06	3.06E+06	9.31E+05	4.3E+05	1.33E+04	2.27E+05	3.06E+05	3.14E+05	6.25E+05	2.93E+05	1.83E+06	2.53E+06	5.91E+05	2.7E+05	2.18E+06	5.2E+06	8.07E+05	7.95E+05	5.85E+05	8.79E+05	1.13E+06	9.54E+03	2.61E+05	2.35E+04	9.54E+05	2.42E+05	4.9E+05	4.18E+05	2.25E+06	2E+03	1.58E+05	3.41E+06	5.07E+05	2.62E+06	9.04E+05	1.27E+05	9.57E+03	1.02E+06	1.55E+04	7.77E+05	9.37E+05	3.75E+04
11-Hydroxycanthin-6-one	1.73E+05	6.94E+05	4.77E+05	1.15E+06	1.56E+05	6.65E+05	1.23E+06	1.24E+05	1.01E+06	1.25E+06	5.55E+05	6.23E+05	1.62E+05	1.55E+05	8.05E+05	7.1E+05	4.86E+05	2.93E+05	9.9E+05	5.04E+05	1E+06	8.94E+05	7.33E+05	1.16E+05	2.81E+05	4.45E+05	1.14E+06	9.24E+05	3.51E+05	1.42E+05	3.67E+04	1.44E+05	8.24E+05	1.48E+05	1.03E+05	1.41E+05	8.41E+05	7.65E+05	4.26E+05	2.22E+05	2.84E+05	9.06E+05	1.43E+05	3.53E+05	1.33E+05
11-O-Demethylpradimicinone I	1.33E+06	3.17E+06	1.16E+06	5.39E+06	2.12E+05	2.35E+06	4.91E+05	4.12E+05	4.04E+05	3.96E+05	1.76E+06	5.65E+05	2.49E+05	2.59E+06	6.61E+06	6.7E+05	2.49E+06	4.04E+06	5.3E+06	1.29E+06	1.77E+05	2.5E+06	5.3E+05	3.97E+06	8.61E+04	9.64E+05	2.43E+04	6E+05	2.5E+05	2.73E+06	2.01E+06	1.63E+06	1.56E+06	2.29E+06	4.57E+06	1.57E+05	9.03E+05	7.37E+05	5.02E+04	2.66E+05	1.89E+06	3.79E+04	7.7E+04	2.33E+06	8.79E+04
12alpha-Hydroxyamoorstatin	2.07E+06	3.82E+06	1.18E+06	6.6E+06	3.35E+06	2.51E+06	1.36E+06	4.27E+05	2.08E+06	1.87E+06	2.52E+06	1.78E+06	4.91E+05	1.68E+06	5.41E+06	1.85E+06	2.31E+06	2.41E+06	6.03E+06	2.75E+06	2.53E+06	2.05E+06	1.6E+06	3.31E+06	7.74E+05	9.66E+05	5.69E+05	1.46E+06	7.6E+05	2.61E+06	2.7E+06	1.99E+06	1.44E+06	1.29E+06	5.56E+06	2.13E+06	2.35E+06	1.32E+06	3.78E+05	6.92E+05	6.11E+05	5.67E+05	1.01E+06	2.4E+06	6.35E+05
12-Hydroxydodecanoic acid_1	3.88E+05	3.48E+05	3.64E+05	3.74E+05	3.61E+05	3.52E+05	3.4E+05	2.22E+05	1.21E+05	3.28E+05	2.01E+05	3.66E+05	2.71E+05	3.02E+05	3.35E+05	3.54E+05	1.75E+05	3.56E+05	2.88E+05	3.73E+05	3.04E+05	2.94E+05	3.29E+05	2.9E+05	3.37E+05	3.05E+05	2.2E+05	6.86E+04	1.81E+05	8.69E+04	3.05E+05	3.23E+05	2.81E+05	3.35E+05	2.54E+05	1.57E+05	2.63E+05	1.45E+05	1.71E+05	3.59E+05	3.44E+05	3.56E+05	2.49E+05	3.15E+05	1.83E+05
12-Hydroxydodecanoic acid_2	2.19E+04	1.79E+04	1.57E+03	1.75E+05	2.32E+05	2.45E+03	1.31E+03	4.6E+03	1.55E+04	0	4.36E+03	1.15E+04	1.91E+03	1.65E+03	9.67E+04	1.85E+03	1.09E+04	2.09E+05	1.12E+06	8.17E+04	1.65E+03	9.34E+03	1.42E+05	3.72E+04	0	1.95E+04	0	0	1.64E+03	4.37E+04	2.25E+04	6.75E+04	5.82E+03	1.38E+04	8.81E+04	1.36E+03	9.1E+04	7.02E+03	0	4.6E+03	0	1.82E+03	3.91E+04	4.56E+04	0
17beta-Methylestra-1,3,5(10)-trien-3-ol	2.77E+06	2.55E+06	1.55E+06	6.24E+06	5.23E+06	1.23E+06	1.33E+06	3.4E+04	1.88E+06	1.59E+06	1.43E+06	8.49E+05	3.18E+05	3.08E+06	3.82E+06	2.18E+06	2.44E+06	2.69E+06	8.49E+06	1.96E+06	1.79E+06	3.25E+06	2.33E+06	2.39E+06	2.8E+05	1.35E+06	2.86E+05	1.99E+06	7.49E+05	1.83E+06	9.9E+05	3.2E+06	1.2E+05	1.11E+06	4.6E+06	1.73E+06	5.11E+06	1.26E+06	2.11E+05	5.26E+05	2.06E+06	2.07E+05	1.36E+06	1.92E+06	7.8E+04
1'-Acetoxychavicol acetate_1	6.72E+04	3.57E+04	3.19E+03	4.74E+03	6.94E+04	1.56E+04	1.55E+04	3.33E+03	3.04E+03	2.1E+03	4.01E+03	1.71E+04	6.16E+03	1.78E+04	4.33E+04	8.43E+03	6.08E+04	3.4E+04	2.62E+04	2.62E+04	3.15E+04	2.95E+04	8.19E+03	5.94E+05	5.52E+03	3.16E+03	1.97E+03	5.28E+04	5.7E+03	3.49E+04	9.47E+03	5.44E+04	7.71E+03	2.72E+04	5.31E+04	4.07E+03	5.19E+04	3.68E+04	3.2E+03	4.94E+03	4.97E+04	2.44E+03	8.55E+03	2.42E+04	4.49E+03
1'-Acetoxychavicol acetate_2	4.45E+05	3.01E+04	2.67E+03	2.32E+03	1.58E+04	2.93E+03	3.64E+03	3.47E+03	8.52E+04	2.63E+03	2.22E+03	7.72E+03	2.16E+03	1.94E+05	2.69E+03	3.44E+03	7.49E+04	3.16E+03	2.76E+03	1.24E+04	1.13E+03	1.42E+05	2.19E+03	2.59E+03	7.66E+04	2.14E+03	5.73E+03	7.2E+03	1.69E+03	3.35E+05	8.08E+03	1.09E+04	2.2E+03	6.78E+03	1.27E+04	2.74E+03	9.32E+03	1E+04	1.73E+03	3.82E+03	3.01E+03	3.49E+03	1.98E+03	2.83E+03	1.83E+03
1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate_1	1.12E+05	8.66E+04	2.19E+05	1.5E+05	1.25E+05	1.45E+05	9.14E+04	7.46E+04	1.72E+05	2.2E+05	8.24E+04	1.56E+05	1.11E+05	9.25E+04	2.03E+05	4.73E+04	1.42E+05	5.01E+04	9.52E+04	1.44E+05	1.73E+05	2.09E+05	7.57E+04	4.48E+04	6.72E+05	2.57E+04	9.16E+04	2.7E+04	5.52E+04	1.37E+05	3.59E+04	1.95E+05	5.76E+04	1.92E+05	9.09E+04	1.03E+05	1.1E+05	1.45E+05	2.07E+05	3.69E+05	1.17E+05	1.42E+05	1.46E+05	1.05E+05	3.85E+05
1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate_2	1.17E+05	4.34E+04	5.53E+04	9.14E+04	1.18E+05	2.43E+04	1.99E+04	1.53E+05	8.01E+04	1.67E+05	7.33E+04	9.36E+04	1.12E+05	1.78E+05	9.2E+04	1.92E+05	9.98E+04	3.03E+04	9.27E+04	4.56E+04	4.06E+04	4.2E+04	1.06E+05	9.48E+05	3.46E+04	1.8E+05	1.73E+04	1.97E+04	5.9E+04	3.84E+04	8.68E+04	8.45E+04	2.09E+04	1.01E+05	8.03E+04	4.98E+04	2.5E+05	9.91E+04	1.08E+05	2.54E+04	1.13E+05	7.03E+04	1.88E+05	3.44E+05	1.47E+05
1-Hydroxy-2-methyl-2-butenyl 4-diphosphate	5.47E+04	2.77E+03	714	8.7E+03	9.42E+03	1.16E+06	5.12E+03	5.08E+03	3.82E+03	1.22E+03	1.08E+04	1.95E+03	1.19E+03	3.21E+03	4.69E+03	4.1E+03	1.21E+04	3.22E+04	7.72E+04	4.07E+04	1.47E+03	1.79E+04	1.77E+04	1.89E+04	0	1.64E+04	1.12E+03	3.22E+03	1.41E+03	1.7E+05	1.69E+04	9.27E+03	3.21E+03	3.38E+03	8.85E+05	1.93E+03	2.16E+04	1.74E+03	2.54E+03	6.4E+03	8.61E+03	1.67E+03	1.13E+03	1.82E+04	0
1-Methyladenosine	2.17E+08	2.17E+08	8.89E+07	3.24E+08	2.78E+08	1.52E+08	1.31E+08	5.55E+07	1.88E+08	8.64E+07	1.92E+08	1.13E+08	8.31E+07	1.54E+08	2.76E+08	1.51E+08	2.26E+08	1.96E+08	3.16E+08	1.91E+08	1.2E+08	2.21E+08	1.45E+08	2.43E+08	8.26E+07	9.73E+07	5.85E+07	1.47E+08	7.43E+07	1.46E+08	2.02E+08	1.99E+08	1.15E+08	1.66E+08	2.41E+08	1.03E+08	2.27E+08	1.09E+08	6.64E+07	8.43E+07	1.29E+08	7.63E+07	1.07E+08	1.44E+08	8.15E+07
1-Naphthaleneacetic acid sodium salt	7.54E+04	3.5E+05	1.54E+04	1.21E+05	8.86E+04	4.51E+04	1.12E+05	9.09E+03	4.97E+04	6.56E+03	1.35E+05	4.95E+04	2.49E+05	2.29E+06	2.97E+04	1.05E+04	1.88E+05	1.32E+05	1.16E+05	6.05E+05	2.8E+04	1.18E+05	2.07E+04	3.4E+05	7.88E+04	1.76E+04	1.48E+05	3.64E+04	1.25E+05	7.02E+05	1.33E+05	7.55E+04	4.04E+04	1.18E+05	3.84E+05	2.04E+04	9.06E+04	5.93E+04	1.34E+04	6.09E+04	1.24E+06	1.48E+04	3.73E+04	8.7E+04	3.2E+05
1-Octanal_1	2.12E+06	2.44E+06	2.39E+06	1.93E+06	1.93E+06	2.39E+06	2.56E+06	2.39E+06	1.97E+06	2.46E+06	2.16E+06	2.01E+06	2.46E+06	2.54E+06	2.08E+06	2.6E+06	2.11E+06	2.16E+06	1.79E+06	2.19E+06	2.47E+06	2.5E+06	2.1E+06	2.09E+06	2.55E+06	2.03E+06	2.52E+06	2.45E+06	2.49E+06	2.02E+06	2.28E+06	1.96E+06	2.24E+06	2.23E+06	2.16E+06	2.77E+06	2.06E+06	2.09E+06	2.64E+06	2.3E+06	2.59E+06	2.77E+06	2.09E+06	2.07E+06	2.5E+06
1-Octanal_2	1.83E+06	1.68E+06	1.49E+06	1.5E+06	1.28E+06	1.28E+06	1.45E+06	1.3E+06	1.29E+06	1.17E+06	1.31E+06	1.21E+06	1.27E+06	1.3E+06	1.23E+06	1.2E+06	1.16E+06	1.24E+06	1.25E+06	1.07E+06	1.19E+06	1.19E+06	1.21E+06	1.04E+06	1.21E+06	1.13E+06	1.18E+06	1.27E+06	1.18E+06	1.04E+06	1.19E+06	1.07E+06	1.16E+06	1.14E+06	1.05E+06	1.13E+06	1.11E+06	1.04E+06	1.24E+06	1.16E+06	1.11E+06	1.08E+06	9.41E+05	1.14E+06	9.9E+05
1-Octanal_3	9.33E+05	8.69E+05	9.5E+05	1.34E+06	7.37E+05	9.32E+05	9.07E+05	9.4E+05	8.7E+05	9.45E+05	8.97E+05	7.51E+05	9.41E+05	9.53E+05	1.14E+06	9.24E+05	9.05E+05	9.16E+05	5.15E+06	3.05E+05	9.07E+05	1.1E+06	5.92E+05	7.95E+05	1.05E+06	4.57E+05	9.05E+05	8.31E+05	8.8E+05	4.38E+05	6.1E+05	7.62E+05	8.28E+05	8.41E+05	8.93E+05	1E+06	5.46E+05	2.48E+05	1.01E+06	4.86E+05	3.18E+05	9.96E+05	5.19E+05	3.1E+05	8.69E+05
1-Octanal_4	3.29E+05	3.3E+04	3.11E+03	1.75E+06	1.63E+06	3.06E+04	9.44E+04	1.56E+05	2.97E+05	2.99E+03	4.11E+05	4.65E+05	3.27E+04	2.79E+03	1.62E+06	1.6E+04	1.15E+05	2.29E+06	5.98E+06	1.47E+06	5.23E+04	8.03E+04	8.57E+05	4.76E+05	1.38E+04	4.78E+05	2.77E+03	2.44E+03	1.36E+04	8.34E+05	6.48E+05	9.08E+05	3.09E+05	1.78E+05	2.14E+06	3.09E+03	6.36E+05	1.49E+05	1.44E+04	3.18E+05	1.67E+03	2.93E+03	3.31E+05	5.49E+05	1.92E+04
1-Phenyl-5-mercaptotetrazole	9.41E+04	9.42E+05	1.87E+04	2.59E+04	1.65E+04	8.28E+05	1.03E+04	9.3E+03	9.93E+04	4.56E+03	1.07E+05	4.34E+03	5.26E+03	1.09E+04	2.91E+04	1.1E+04	1.28E+05	3.41E+04	1.15E+05	2.71E+04	1.1E+04	4.65E+03	4.69E+04	2.1E+05	7.96E+03	1.23E+04	3.68E+03	5.14E+03	6.15E+03	1.38E+05	1.06E+04	1.23E+05	1.26E+04	2.77E+04	2.99E+05	1.45E+04	9.64E+03	2.94E+04	2.52E+03	1.05E+04	3.86E+04	1.06E+04	3.31E+03	3.27E+04	4.98E+04
1-Phenylethylamine	5.64E+04	1.51E+05	8.46E+05	3.99E+05	2.24E+05	2.3E+05	1.71E+05	2.83E+05	8.17E+06	1.32E+06	3.11E+04	3.82E+06	7.44E+05	3.05E+05	1.61E+06	2.95E+05	3.76E+05	2.64E+06	3.53E+05	4.73E+05	3.47E+04	1.08E+05	2.68E+05	1.83E+05	1.16E+06	2.46E+05	1.71E+05	2.57E+04	1.04E+05	1.18E+06	1.58E+05	9.67E+05	6.71E+05	8.84E+05	4.09E+06	1.85E+05	2.99E+07	2.24E+05	3.57E+05	7.49E+04	1.74E+05	5.13E+05	2.19E+05	1.19E+06	1.01E+05
1-Pyrenylsulfate_1	1.22E+07	1.48E+04	2.37E+03	4.23E+06	5.11E+06	2.76E+07	1.45E+06	3.74E+05	1.34E+06	2.45E+03	2.24E+06	5.31E+06	7.19E+06	7.25E+04	2.08E+06	5.27E+06	3.03E+05	2.84E+05	3.69E+06	1.11E+06	5.41E+05	3.71E+05	2.93E+06	1.39E+06	3.56E+04	5.87E+04	4.05E+04	3.55E+05	9.16E+04	5.31E+06	9.45E+05	8.96E+06	5.33E+06	9.97E+05	7.08E+06	3.08E+03	1.93E+06	3E+06	1.16E+07	1.3E+06	7.57E+05	4.29E+04	2.22E+06	4.26E+06	2.25E+07
1-Pyrenylsulfate_2	1.7E+06	2.29E+03	987	1.26E+05	2.42E+07	3.41E+06	1.41E+06	2.15E+06	1.35E+05	2.35E+03	2.08E+06	7.62E+05	4.01E+05	1.15E+04	9.24E+04	2.69E+05	3.99E+06	2.13E+04	1.81E+06	7.05E+05	8.08E+04	4.6E+05	1.78E+05	2.11E+04	5.87E+03	5.21E+04	2.27E+03	7.72E+06	4.19E+04	3.12E+06	8.54E+03	3.27E+06	3.15E+06	3.29E+04	5.12E+05	3.52E+03	3.69E+05	5.13E+06	1.19E+05	9.91E+06	2.03E+05	3.51E+03	2.44E+05	9.08E+05	1.51E+06
1-Pyrroline-2-carboxylate	8.16E+07	8.59E+07	1.9E+07	7.47E+07	1.12E+08	4.09E+07	4.16E+07	1.87E+07	6.51E+07	2.25E+07	6.91E+07	3.65E+07	2.58E+07	4.75E+07	7.22E+07	3.35E+07	1.11E+08	1.02E+08	7.62E+07	9.3E+07	4.17E+07	6.88E+07	5.48E+07	1.13E+08	3.29E+07	3.55E+07	1.71E+07	3.79E+07	2.33E+07	5.13E+07	7.78E+07	9.2E+07	5.15E+07	1.1E+08	6.82E+07	2.06E+07	5.5E+07	5.21E+07	1.99E+07	3.14E+07	5.83E+07	2.06E+07	2.74E+07	7.03E+07	1.95E+07
2-(2'-Methylthio)ethylmalic acid	3.01E+05	5.75E+04	2.13E+03	7.76E+04	1.79E+04	8.77E+03	4.62E+04	2.49E+03	7.53E+04	5.53E+03	9.11E+03	1.25E+03	966	1.31E+04	5.66E+04	6.37E+03	1.91E+05	4.11E+04	1.43E+04	6.47E+04	5.12E+03	8.95E+05	1.47E+04	2.88E+05	1.01E+04	1.3E+04	1.98E+04	1.3E+04	3.12E+03	5.56E+04	3.66E+04	9.17E+03	6.93E+03	1.48E+04	2.21E+04	5.48E+03	1.2E+04	1.04E+03	4.07E+03	6.6E+03	1.83E+04	9.07E+04	2.71E+03	1.41E+04	1.64E+03
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_1	3.52E+05	3.81E+05	3.26E+05	4.14E+05	2.88E+05	2.93E+05	3.32E+05	1.98E+05	2.99E+05	3.63E+05	3.19E+05	2.63E+05	3.46E+05	3.55E+05	3.23E+05	4.35E+05	3.33E+05	3.41E+05	2.46E+05	3.43E+05	3.43E+05	4.18E+05	3.29E+05	3.16E+05	3.18E+05	3.03E+05	4.01E+05	3.2E+05	3.31E+05	3.5E+05	3.66E+05	3.38E+05	4.1E+05	3.42E+05	3.93E+05	3.59E+05	3.95E+05	3.52E+05	3.2E+05	5.06E+05	4.72E+05	3.62E+05	4.05E+05	3.65E+05	4.29E+05
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_2	1.08E+05	1.97E+05	2.18E+05	1.25E+05	2.22E+05	1.9E+05	1.02E+05	1E+05	1.67E+05	1.71E+05	1.75E+05	2.03E+05	1.7E+05	1.5E+05	4.68E+04	1.49E+05	2.17E+05	2.03E+05	9.26E+04	1.73E+05	2.07E+05	1.76E+05	9.76E+04	1.15E+05	2.33E+05	2.29E+05	1.98E+05	2.33E+05	8.93E+04	6.28E+04	8.97E+04	1.98E+05	1.89E+05	6.51E+04	1.1E+05	1.08E+05	1.89E+05	1.97E+05	1.32E+05	2.62E+05	1.51E+05	1.8E+05	2.18E+05	1.74E+05	1.87E+05
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_3	1.52E+05	1.13E+05	8.22E+04	1.29E+05	8.35E+04	1.28E+05	2.08E+05	9.71E+04	1.42E+05	1.39E+05	1.66E+05	1.67E+05	1.31E+05	1.34E+05	5.43E+04	9.47E+04	1.13E+05	7.41E+04	1.06E+05	9.51E+04	1.52E+05	1.29E+05	1.65E+05	1.22E+05	1.78E+05	1.12E+05	1.48E+05	1.75E+05	1.96E+05	2.11E+05	1.38E+05	9.19E+04	1.93E+05	5.36E+04	1.94E+05	1.75E+05	1.44E+05	1.31E+05	1.72E+05	2.72E+05	2.2E+05	2.05E+05	1.71E+05	6.86E+04	6.74E+04
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_4	1.06E+05	1.29E+05	1.25E+05	1.17E+05	1.16E+05	1.01E+05	1.38E+05	1.05E+05	1.26E+05	1.15E+05	1.14E+05	1.2E+05	1.4E+05	1.14E+05	1.18E+05	1.23E+05	1.02E+05	1.22E+05	1.33E+05	1.23E+05	1.32E+05	5.08E+04	1.24E+05	1.19E+05	8.63E+04	1.48E+05	1.58E+05	4.41E+04	1.37E+05	1.29E+05	1.17E+05	1.23E+05	8.76E+04	1.12E+05	7.51E+04	1.46E+05	1.27E+05	9.36E+04	1.3E+05	1.5E+05	1.54E+05	1.38E+05	1.7E+05	1.31E+05	1.4E+05
2-(6'-Methylthio)hexylmalic acid	7.47E+05	3.85E+06	2.03E+06	4.21E+06	5.53E+05	1.95E+06	2.28E+06	4.26E+05	1.78E+06	3.43E+06	1.53E+06	2.94E+04	3.67E+05	2.55E+04	3.9E+05	1.95E+05	7.38E+06	2.25E+05	5.22E+05	8.73E+05	4.09E+05	1.36E+06	1.84E+05	2.87E+06	6.59E+04	9.01E+05	7.67E+04	9.95E+04	9.57E+05	6.29E+05	1.06E+06	5.68E+04	2.88E+05	2.1E+06	2.87E+05	3.52E+06	1.71E+06	3.73E+04	5.81E+04	1.26E+06	3.8E+05	1.16E+04	3.73E+05	7.31E+05	2.22E+05
2-(Acetamidomethylene)succinate	1.24E+06	7.8E+05	3.31E+06	1.03E+06	3.77E+05	1.92E+06	2.4E+06	1.99E+06	4.11E+06	1.84E+06	2.1E+06	1.64E+06	2.03E+06	2.22E+06	6.97E+05	2.83E+06	7.32E+05	5.95E+05	5.44E+05	4.67E+05	3.66E+06	2.51E+06	2.43E+06	6.11E+05	4.27E+06	1.99E+06	3.93E+06	3.1E+06	2.02E+06	2.07E+06	2.01E+06	1.07E+06	2.81E+06	1.7E+06	6.07E+05	2.21E+06	1.54E+06	1.68E+06	1.54E+06	2.58E+06	1.29E+06	7.99E+06	2.71E+06	1.73E+06	2.62E+06
2-(Hydroxymethyl)-3-(acetamidomethylene)succinate	6.63E+04	5.46E+04	3.57E+04	1.74E+05	5.63E+05	4.39E+04	2.34E+04	2.13E+03	5.02E+04	4.53E+04	4.12E+04	3.26E+04	1.23E+04	7.25E+04	1.39E+05	6.57E+04	8.03E+05	3.03E+04	1.9E+05	1.08E+05	7.65E+03	6.72E+04	1.35E+04	1.69E+05	2E+05	1.45E+04	2.34E+04	2.03E+04	8.96E+03	1.54E+05	4.64E+04	6.73E+05	4.4E+03	1.82E+04	2.21E+05	1.44E+04	1.13E+05	1.02E+05	4.01E+03	2.75E+03	7.36E+04	2.15E+04	9.72E+04	8.5E+04	2.22E+04
2,2-Dichloro-1,1-ethanediol	1.56E+08	1.37E+08	1.26E+08	1.01E+08	7.23E+07	9.02E+07	5.14E+07	5.15E+07	3.44E+07	8.7E+07	5.19E+07	4.64E+07	4.39E+07	4.34E+07	8.44E+07	2.27E+07	1.87E+08	1.63E+08	9.45E+07	1.68E+08	1.22E+08	1.27E+08	6.2E+07	8.35E+07	5.73E+07	1.06E+08	3.36E+07	6.41E+07	2.28E+07	5.42E+07	5.51E+07	5.75E+07	4.56E+07	9.91E+07	6.75E+07	5.31E+07	4.46E+07	1.13E+08	3.89E+07	9.19E+07	5.62E+07	4.18E+07	3.91E+07	5.37E+07	3.84E+07
2,3,5-Trihydroxytoluene	8.43E+06	3.41E+06	1.67E+06	1.19E+07	6.64E+06	1.2E+06	3.67E+06	1.17E+06	7.84E+06	4.29E+05	4.48E+06	9.72E+05	9.66E+05	3.93E+06	8.46E+06	5.64E+06	4.41E+06	5.55E+06	1.75E+07	9.94E+06	1.51E+06	8.4E+06	2.87E+06	1.37E+07	8.13E+05	2.86E+06	3.03E+05	4.01E+06	6.68E+05	4.9E+06	5.47E+06	5.81E+06	5.94E+06	4.02E+06	8.09E+06	6.49E+05	9.73E+06	1.93E+06	2.44E+05	2.1E+06	4.07E+06	6.28E+05	2.11E+06	1.8E+06	4.78E+05
2,3,6-Trihydroxypyridine	1.41E+07	2.1E+07	4.84E+06	1.96E+07	1.36E+07	7.79E+06	1.04E+07	3.86E+06	1.16E+07	4.16E+06	1.12E+07	7.03E+06	3.12E+06	7.51E+06	1.64E+07	1.26E+07	1.59E+07	1.27E+07	2.01E+07	1.08E+07	5.33E+06	1.5E+07	8.3E+06	1.3E+07	7.36E+06	6.91E+06	4.67E+06	7.37E+06	5.99E+06	1.32E+07	1.45E+07	9.76E+06	9.34E+06	1.19E+07	1.97E+07	6.48E+06	1.17E+07	8.8E+06	2.62E+06	6.85E+06	6.27E+06	5.49E+06	7.05E+06	1.12E+07	3.39E+06
2,3-Dehydro-UWM6	4.19E+03	1.86E+03	0	4.72E+04	2.56E+03	4.95E+06	7.11E+04	1.87E+03	1.67E+06	1.36E+03	6.11E+03	2.11E+05	2.29E+03	0	3.4E+04	6.43E+05	2.16E+03	2.91E+03	8.62E+04	1.05E+06	1.24E+06	1.06E+03	3.07E+03	0	2.18E+03	1.98E+03	1.82E+03	4.5E+03	2.64E+03	1.07E+03	4.98E+06	3.06E+05	0	3.95E+05	9.16E+04	1.58E+03	7.67E+04	4.22E+05	3.24E+04	1.21E+06	2.15E+03	1.59E+03	0	0	7.59E+05
2,3-Dihydrothienamycin	4.08E+06	4.48E+06	1.48E+06	7.6E+06	6.95E+06	2.67E+06	3.4E+06	7.49E+05	3.48E+06	1.4E+06	4.09E+06	2.09E+06	1.06E+06	2.56E+06	6.24E+06	3.61E+06	4.86E+06	4.72E+06	8.87E+06	4.39E+06	2.23E+06	4.88E+06	2.73E+06	7.36E+06	1.49E+06	1.58E+06	8.53E+05	2.25E+06	1.39E+06	4.34E+06	3.62E+06	5.26E+06	1.9E+06	3.55E+06	7.44E+06	1.89E+06	5.13E+06	2.66E+06	6.63E+05	1.41E+06	2.28E+06	1.23E+06	1.96E+06	4.11E+06	9.49E+05
2,3-Dihydroxycyclopentaneundecanoic acid	3.3E+04	2.19E+05	2.28E+03	1.89E+04	8.31E+04	8.17E+04	1.19E+05	1.37E+03	2.09E+04	0	3.02E+04	1.21E+05	0	1.78E+04	3.65E+04	8.42E+03	4.28E+05	1.11E+05	1.41E+04	7.03E+04	1.93E+03	1.68E+04	1.79E+03	4.69E+03	0	1.45E+03	0	2.4E+03	1.35E+03	2.17E+03	4.08E+04	3.79E+04	4.08E+03	2.91E+05	3.56E+04	3.73E+03	6.82E+03	3.44E+05	0	2.09E+04	6.56E+03	0	1.47E+03	2.56E+04	2.16E+04
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_1	3.27E+06	4.41E+06	1.16E+06	4.65E+06	5.67E+06	1.67E+06	2.16E+06	8.67E+05	3.49E+06	8.15E+05	4.18E+06	1.81E+06	7.64E+05	2.21E+06	2.82E+06	3.64E+06	4.01E+06	3.3E+06	5.19E+06	5E+06	2E+06	4.47E+06	1.9E+06	6.31E+06	1.39E+06	1.21E+06	9.14E+05	2.09E+06	1.03E+06	2.65E+06	3.64E+06	4.33E+06	2.06E+06	2.33E+06	4.02E+06	1.34E+06	5.22E+06	8.1E+05	6.96E+05	1.38E+06	1.95E+06	2.92E+06	1.88E+06	2.21E+06	5.83E+05
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_2	6.44E+05	1.17E+06	1.39E+05	1.66E+06	1.71E+06	5.61E+05	4.22E+05	1.42E+05	6.99E+05	1.6E+05	1.93E+06	4.29E+05	8.41E+04	5.09E+05	6.85E+05	4.05E+05	9.19E+05	8.94E+05	1.72E+06	2.71E+06	5.55E+05	8.47E+05	4.61E+05	2.43E+06	3.63E+05	1.7E+05	1.25E+05	4.43E+05	1.12E+05	7.04E+05	8.5E+05	1.21E+06	2.92E+05	3.24E+05	1.42E+06	2.26E+05	1.22E+06	3.53E+05	6.91E+04	1.94E+05	3.6E+05	3.66E+05	5.36E+05	6.68E+05	8.82E+04
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_3	8.55E+05	3.29E+05	9.48E+04	1.35E+05	3.47E+05	2.94E+05	1.37E+05	1.65E+05	2.01E+05	7.49E+05	3.26E+04	7.24E+03	4.82E+03	1.37E+05	6.73E+05	3.48E+04	9.32E+05	6.88E+05	1.18E+06	8.73E+04	4.73E+04	2.06E+05	3.08E+05	2.09E+05	9.65E+03	3.89E+04	1.07E+04	6.88E+04	1.37E+04	1.72E+05	4.69E+06	1.95E+04	2.97E+05	9.64E+05	7.14E+05	1.69E+05	4.32E+05	4.57E+05	3.54E+03	1.41E+05	5.68E+04	5.32E+04	1.75E+04	1.44E+05	6.42E+04
2,3-Dimethylmaleate_1	1.44E+07	2.43E+07	5.69E+06	2.04E+07	5.41E+07	1.16E+07	2.32E+07	1.37E+07	1.3E+07	4.41E+06	1.14E+07	3.34E+06	1.44E+06	8.71E+06	2.09E+07	9.1E+06	2.1E+07	2.74E+07	2.45E+07	1.66E+07	3.18E+06	1.26E+07	6.63E+06	3.32E+07	3.75E+06	7.04E+06	2.1E+06	1.28E+07	5.22E+06	2.4E+07	3.86E+07	3.3E+07	1.24E+07	2.42E+07	5.4E+07	2.73E+06	4.19E+07	1.24E+07	1.88E+06	1.94E+07	6.59E+06	2.07E+06	9.51E+06	1.03E+07	3.89E+06
2,3-Dimethylmaleate_2	1.36E+07	1.56E+07	3.32E+06	9.28E+06	4.57E+07	1.05E+07	8.17E+06	4.32E+06	8.93E+06	1.86E+06	8.83E+06	3.41E+06	2.22E+06	8.31E+06	1.34E+07	5.29E+06	1.53E+07	9.87E+06	1.4E+07	1.01E+07	4.12E+06	1.08E+07	5.06E+06	1.54E+07	2.36E+06	3.9E+06	1.29E+06	8.25E+06	2.51E+06	1.32E+07	2.22E+07	1.21E+07	7.36E+06	1.69E+07	3.05E+07	3.02E+06	1.85E+07	6.71E+06	1.97E+06	5.64E+06	5.63E+06	2.15E+06	4.67E+06	1.67E+07	3.77E+06
2,3-Dimethylmaleate_3	2.34E+06	4.22E+05	9.92E+05	8.39E+05	3.2E+06	3.15E+05	1.83E+05	2.74E+05	1.37E+06	1.27E+05	1.61E+06	3.5E+05	8.13E+04	2.73E+05	6.53E+05	2.23E+05	1.7E+06	9.67E+05	1.1E+06	1.18E+06	1.18E+05	3.03E+06	5.72E+05	3.07E+06	1.02E+06	2.85E+05	5.79E+05	4.97E+05	9.09E+04	4.35E+05	1.79E+06	8.18E+05	8.14E+05	6.46E+05	1.35E+06	1.06E+05	5.46E+05	2.9E+05	6.99E+04	5.57E+05	3.72E+05	1.25E+06	5.3E+04	4.6E+05	3.86E+04
2,4,6-Trihydroxybenzophenone	1.26E+06	2.32E+04	9.61E+04	2.71E+03	5.92E+04	2.18E+03	2.13E+03	1.41E+03	1.15E+04	1.25E+04	9.86E+03	1.04E+03	1.18E+04	2.23E+03	1.16E+04	7.84E+03	6.74E+04	8.75E+03	6.52E+03	1.39E+04	5.02E+03	4.49E+05	4.41E+03	6.42E+03	6.07E+03	6.58E+03	1.29E+03	1.31E+04	1.91E+03	4.67E+04	5.04E+03	8.99E+03	2.05E+03	9.81E+03	3.9E+04	1.32E+04	4.49E+03	1.36E+04	1.45E+03	6.4E+03	2.66E+04	2.07E+03	1.34E+03	5.12E+04	1.42E+03
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_1	2.88E+07	2.62E+07	9.9E+06	1.52E+07	3.83E+07	1.69E+07	1.71E+07	7.46E+06	9.19E+06	6.7E+06	1.66E+07	1.06E+07	8.51E+06	1.69E+07	1.04E+07	1.2E+07	3.5E+07	2.48E+07	1.43E+07	2.63E+07	1.5E+07	1.85E+07	1.35E+07	2.73E+07	6.94E+06	8.08E+06	4E+06	1.19E+07	6.88E+06	1.13E+07	2.2E+07	2.35E+07	7E+06	1.73E+07	1.53E+07	6.81E+06	1.41E+07	1.21E+07	7.66E+06	9.92E+06	1.87E+07	3.98E+06	5.52E+06	2E+07	6.31E+06
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_2	5.38E+07	3.66E+07	6.56E+06	1.32E+07	5.92E+07	2.92E+07	6.05E+07	4.93E+06	8.52E+06	2.32E+06	1.02E+07	1.32E+07	1.8E+06	2.04E+07	1.42E+07	2.3E+07	1.06E+07	8.72E+06	1.59E+07	2.26E+07	3.06E+08	5.81E+06	1.34E+07	1.11E+07	3.67E+06	4.82E+06	1.68E+06	1.16E+07	6.45E+06	2.32E+08	1.11E+07	3.06E+08	1.04E+07	8.55E+06	1.24E+07	3.77E+06	1.01E+07	7.8E+06	5.94E+06	2.69E+07	1.74E+07	1.56E+06	3.58E+06	8.03E+06	5.08E+06
2,4-DB	9.61E+05	2E+04	7.37E+04	6.78E+03	6.99E+05	5.86E+03	1.93E+03	2.06E+05	1.84E+05	1.87E+05	3.12E+03	4.8E+03	1.65E+03	4.88E+04	4.09E+04	2.85E+03	1.05E+06	4.1E+03	1.65E+04	1.92E+04	0	9.9E+05	3.1E+03	2.26E+03	0	0	6.83E+03	4.13E+04	0	3.06E+03	5.5E+05	3.11E+04	1.36E+04	1.78E+05	1.1E+04	8.61E+04	2.77E+03	2.82E+03	3.71E+03	5.62E+04	1E+05	3.73E+03	4.57E+04	6.98E+03	1.58E+03
2,4-Diamino-6-nitrotoluene	3.14E+03	4.57E+03	1.75E+05	2.12E+06	3.43E+05	1.09E+04	6.51E+03	6.04E+05	1.11E+04	2.57E+03	5.1E+03	1.09E+04	1.75E+04	2.84E+04	2.49E+04	7.86E+03	4.98E+03	1.26E+05	2.02E+04	5.33E+03	6.59E+03	1.27E+06	8.69E+03	5.82E+05	6.35E+04	1.41E+05	5.17E+03	8.35E+03	9.65E+03	4.46E+04	6.99E+04	9.32E+04	1.38E+04	4.9E+04	1.02E+04	2.74E+03	1.12E+06	9.18E+04	4.99E+03	2.23E+04	1.27E+04	2.02E+03	2.5E+05	2.25E+04	1.1E+04
2,4-Dihydroxypteridine	1.29E+05	1.64E+05	8.28E+04	4.28E+05	2.1E+05	1.47E+05	9.45E+04	7.01E+03	9.48E+04	5.35E+04	1.92E+05	7.42E+04	8.67E+03	5.86E+04	2.41E+05	8.44E+04	1.94E+05	1.4E+05	4.88E+05	8.29E+04	6.81E+04	2.86E+05	2.31E+05	4.4E+05	1.8E+04	9.36E+04	3.02E+03	6.25E+04	4.45E+04	8.69E+04	3.26E+05	2.63E+05	8.41E+04	1.08E+05	1.43E+05	3.49E+04	2.75E+05	8.14E+04	1.15E+04	1.08E+05	1.43E+05	6.41E+03	2.08E+04	1.59E+05	2.84E+04
2,4-Dinitrotoluene	5.62E+04	6.99E+04	3.53E+05	2.43E+06	9.78E+05	4.48E+05	3.16E+04	3.1E+03	5.76E+05	6.37E+05	4.13E+04	1.67E+05	3.42E+04	8.03E+05	2.32E+04	2.32E+04	8.39E+05	1.69E+05	1.07E+05	1.11E+04	1.94E+04	7.95E+04	1.33E+04	1.55E+05	5.41E+03	8.41E+03	3.41E+04	4.91E+05	3.25E+03	7.65E+04	1.94E+04	3.69E+04	1E+04	2.59E+06	7.57E+04	5.86E+05	5.31E+05	1.04E+04	1.84E+04	1.13E+04	1.72E+06	2.68E+05	9.66E+06	3.8E+04	6.27E+04
2,4-DP	1.97E+04	2.98E+04	4.39E+04	5.47E+04	1.33E+04	4.15E+04	1.56E+04	1.87E+04	6.17E+04	7.7E+04	3.4E+04	6.36E+04	3.78E+04	1.81E+04	2.84E+04	9.15E+04	2.16E+04	2.4E+04	4.46E+04	5.35E+04	2.45E+04	2.08E+04	2.55E+04	8.57E+04	4.69E+04	4.69E+04	9.74E+04	3.51E+04	2.66E+04	4.34E+04	5.61E+03	2.18E+04	1.18E+04	6.26E+04	3.91E+04	1.19E+04	2.95E+04	7.44E+04	9.33E+04	8.24E+04	6.8E+04	4.86E+05	4.07E+04	2.09E+05	9.74E+04
2,5-Dihydroxypyridine_1	5.39E+06	2.29E+06	5.17E+06	8.56E+06	7.41E+06	6.72E+05	2.64E+06	6.78E+06	4.7E+07	4.44E+06	8.06E+05	1.44E+07	7.51E+06	1.89E+07	3.25E+07	3.38E+05	7.56E+06	1.91E+07	4.93E+07	6.58E+06	2.86E+05	4.13E+06	6.8E+05	4.72E+06	2.58E+07	2.83E+05	3.16E+07	1.03E+06	3.52E+05	4.2E+07	1.24E+07	2.67E+07	2.43E+07	8.73E+06	9.97E+07	3.72E+06	3.47E+07	1.62E+07	6.07E+06	6.74E+06	1.18E+06	9.48E+06	1.5E+06	2.26E+07	6.39E+05
2,5-Dihydroxypyridine_2	1.9E+05	1.4E+06	2.01E+05	6.47E+05	1.29E+06	1.1E+05	4.29E+05	1.16E+05	1.77E+06	5.47E+05	9.14E+05	3.76E+05	7.93E+05	1.64E+05	5.34E+05	5.74E+05	2.07E+05	5.19E+05	2.22E+06	1.31E+06	2.84E+05	1.37E+05	7.32E+05	3.13E+05	3.09E+05	1.01E+05	3.67E+04	2.65E+05	2.99E+05	4.97E+05	5.22E+05	2.5E+06	2.89E+05	6.32E+05	8.99E+05	2.52E+05	5.8E+06	5.65E+05	1.3E+06	2.85E+05	1.14E+05	1.29E+05	8.17E+04	2.6E+05	9.52E+05
2,5-Dioxopentanoate_1	1.18E+07	1.67E+07	4.25E+06	1.81E+07	1.82E+07	1.57E+07	9.31E+06	1.78E+06	1.44E+07	4.25E+06	1.73E+07	4.83E+06	5.48E+06	7.33E+06	1.59E+07	9.25E+06	1.42E+07	2.33E+07	2.08E+07	1.73E+07	1.03E+07	1.31E+07	9.59E+06	2.5E+07	7.56E+06	7.57E+06	5.9E+06	7.25E+06	2.8E+06	2.18E+07	1.36E+07	1.2E+07	4.99E+06	1.23E+07	6.19E+07	6.22E+06	1.13E+07	5.52E+06	3.32E+06	4.76E+06	6.53E+06	6.6E+06	4.81E+06	2.66E+07	3.44E+06
2,5-Dioxopentanoate_2	1.19E+05	1.49E+05	5.46E+04	3.7E+05	6.94E+05	1.76E+04	1.61E+05	5.28E+03	4.58E+05	1.6E+04	7.38E+04	9.27E+03	2.04E+04	2.55E+04	1.14E+05	4.31E+04	3.49E+05	1.18E+05	1.08E+06	9.18E+04	2.21E+04	6.84E+04	5.09E+04	4.52E+04	3.5E+04	3.66E+04	4.96E+04	1.09E+05	2.1E+04	7.49E+04	5.52E+04	6.15E+05	9.31E+04	1.39E+05	2.28E+05	8.14E+04	3.99E+05	1.06E+05	4.79E+04	1.04E+04	1.5E+04	4.48E+03	1.8E+04	8.09E+03	2.3E+04
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_1	1.04E+08	3.47E+07	2.02E+07	2.27E+07	6.46E+07	1.82E+07	2.17E+07	2.98E+07	6.58E+07	1.71E+07	5.62E+07	3.8E+07	2.47E+07	4.53E+07	2.4E+07	1.49E+07	1.32E+08	8.17E+07	3.88E+07	5.29E+07	3.22E+07	1.16E+08	1.64E+07	5.99E+07	1.73E+07	2.26E+07	2.02E+07	5.7E+07	1.89E+07	4.74E+07	6.21E+07	7.82E+07	9.44E+06	4.84E+07	2.02E+07	2.77E+07	2.71E+07	4.54E+07	1.69E+07	2.68E+07	4.69E+07	2.04E+07	4.74E+07	5.16E+07	1.81E+07
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_2	1.65E+07	1.61E+07	5.05E+07	4.67E+07	4.97E+07	2.31E+07	8.97E+06	2.06E+06	5.76E+06	2.94E+06	2.51E+07	5.91E+06	5.9E+06	1.3E+07	1.02E+07	5.32E+06	2.82E+07	2.54E+07	2.77E+07	1.67E+07	4.28E+06	1.73E+07	1.34E+07	3.22E+07	9.13E+06	4.62E+06	3.72E+06	6.91E+06	2.5E+06	1.02E+07	2.27E+07	3.04E+07	1.24E+07	1.16E+07	2.28E+07	5.36E+06	2.93E+07	1.7E+07	1.55E+06	8.73E+06	5.94E+06	2.64E+06	6.69E+06	2.7E+07	1.66E+06
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_3	1.57E+07	1.83E+07	6.29E+06	2.12E+07	1.94E+07	1.38E+07	9.9E+06	5.08E+06	1.19E+07	7.82E+06	1.33E+07	7.36E+06	4.02E+06	9.56E+06	2E+07	8.97E+06	1.65E+07	1.44E+07	1.9E+07	1.31E+07	7.35E+06	1.4E+07	8.53E+06	1.73E+07	4.94E+06	1.01E+07	3.28E+06	1.02E+07	3.77E+06	1.65E+07	1.33E+07	1.69E+07	7.85E+06	1.49E+07	2.18E+07	5.58E+06	1.89E+07	1.16E+07	3.53E+06	7.52E+06	8.02E+06	4.23E+06	8.63E+06	1.59E+07	4.8E+06
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_4	1.98E+03	1.23E+04	6.79E+04	4.01E+05	1.33E+05	1.21E+05	4.99E+04	3.37E+03	7.76E+03	2.49E+03	4.47E+04	1.69E+04	2.59E+04	0	2.22E+03	3.48E+03	1.23E+05	1.05E+05	3.44E+04	9.14E+03	1.32E+05	3.57E+04	2.11E+05	5.33E+04	3.49E+03	3.6E+03	0	4.66E+04	4.56E+03	1.27E+05	1.74E+05	1.56E+04	2.11E+04	2.42E+03	9.41E+05	2.47E+03	1.28E+05	5.58E+03	3.92E+03	2.45E+03	3.48E+03	4.41E+04	1.01E+04	4.29E+05	1.29E+04
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_1	1.29E+06	1.27E+06	1.05E+05	1.18E+06	1.31E+06	6.73E+05	5.47E+05	2.77E+05	1.29E+06	1.88E+05	1.16E+06	3.9E+05	2.09E+05	1.37E+06	1.07E+06	7.83E+05	1.24E+06	1E+06	1.23E+06	7.82E+05	6.48E+05	1.3E+06	5.56E+05	1.54E+06	9.15E+04	4.87E+05	5.44E+04	1.13E+06	1.63E+05	7.8E+05	1.46E+06	1.13E+06	6.13E+05	8.1E+05	1.05E+06	1.81E+05	1.36E+06	2.95E+05	6.36E+04	4.9E+05	9.09E+05	2.6E+05	3.73E+05	4.95E+05	7.48E+04
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_2	3.16E+04	7.45E+04	2.65E+05	9.5E+03	2.51E+04	7.77E+03	1.72E+04	7.15E+04	3.21E+04	8.31E+04	5.12E+04	6.56E+04	6.43E+04	4.73E+04	1.7E+04	1.55E+04	2.52E+04	2.11E+04	2.9E+04	3.18E+04	2.68E+04	1E+04	1.6E+04	2.6E+04	1.91E+04	2.22E+04	3.62E+04	3.65E+04	1.45E+04	8.89E+03	2.8E+04	1.18E+04	6.16E+03	1.6E+04	1.33E+04	1.57E+04	1.93E+04	2.52E+04	2.02E+04	1.22E+04	1.72E+04	1.68E+04	2.31E+04	1.95E+04	5.38E+03
2-[3-Ethyl-5-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1H-pyrazol-4-yl]phenol	1.38E+04	2.24E+04	2.91E+03	1.03E+04	2.72E+04	1.41E+03	8.14E+05	0	1.87E+04	0	1.08E+04	2.59E+03	0	4.44E+03	3.7E+03	3.45E+05	7.49E+03	4.16E+03	1.53E+04	3.81E+04	2.9E+03	4.79E+05	1.85E+03	3.56E+04	1.9E+03	6.54E+03	1.63E+03	2.28E+03	2.17E+03	7.26E+03	9.89E+03	1.84E+03	2.77E+03	1.67E+04	3.08E+03	2.07E+03	1.16E+04	0	0	3.73E+03	1.9E+03	0	3.43E+03	9.53E+03	0
21-Hydroxypregn-4-ene-3,20-dione hydrogen succinate	8.47E+05	2.36E+06	1.6E+06	5.8E+06	5.22E+06	9.76E+05	1.49E+06	8.29E+04	2.25E+06	1.58E+06	1.67E+06	2.13E+06	3.51E+05	2.25E+06	4.51E+06	2.03E+06	6.2E+05	2.58E+06	7.86E+06	2.13E+06	1.33E+06	8.57E+05	1.35E+06	3.02E+06	1.17E+05	6.78E+05	7.43E+04	1.49E+06	3.96E+05	1.93E+06	1.96E+06	3.98E+06	5.85E+04	1.59E+06	4.89E+06	2.06E+06	4.48E+06	2.11E+06	1.22E+05	1.26E+05	1.68E+06	2.5E+05	2.14E+06	1.92E+06	2.83E+05
2-Aceto-2-hydroxybutanoate	1.99E+07	2.11E+07	1.68E+07	4.07E+07	4.91E+07	2.6E+07	2.77E+07	2.62E+07	2.22E+07	1.7E+07	2.72E+07	1.15E+07	1.07E+07	1.27E+07	3.18E+07	1.2E+07	4.79E+07	2.39E+07	5.48E+07	4.35E+07	1.15E+07	3.51E+07	1.42E+07	2.42E+07	2.97E+07	8.97E+06	3.45E+07	2.07E+07	8.18E+06	2.17E+07	2.24E+07	3.65E+07	2.25E+07	2.56E+07	2.96E+07	1.69E+07	3.51E+07	1.54E+07	1.31E+07	2.37E+07	1.14E+07	1.26E+07	1.15E+07	1.63E+07	1.01E+07
2-Acetoxyamino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine	4.34E+05	1.25E+05	7.98E+04	1.34E+05	3.13E+05	4.59E+04	3.34E+04	6.73E+03	2.64E+05	2.82E+04	6.55E+04	9.89E+04	1.61E+04	7.45E+05	4.1E+04	8.27E+03	7.12E+05	1.33E+05	2.88E+05	1.95E+05	5.23E+04	1.93E+05	2.22E+04	2.52E+05	8.25E+03	1.66E+04	1.31E+03	2.31E+04	7.01E+03	5.96E+04	3.5E+05	1.95E+05	1.14E+05	2.59E+05	3.46E+05	2.44E+04	1.29E+05	1.29E+05	2.35E+04	7.2E+04	1.64E+05	1.67E+03	1.26E+04	7.35E+04	3.24E+04
2-Amino-3,7-dideoxy-D-threo-hept-6-ulosonic acid	1.43E+06	1.05E+06	2.46E+05	1.55E+06	2.29E+06	2.64E+05	2.66E+05	2.08E+05	8.65E+05	6.04E+04	1.37E+06	3.56E+05	5.63E+04	1.92E+05	1.04E+06	3.35E+05	2.2E+06	9.74E+05	1.96E+06	1.76E+06	2.69E+05	1.1E+06	4.71E+05	1.59E+06	2.44E+05	3.5E+05	3.62E+05	2.37E+05	2.94E+04	2.58E+05	1.18E+06	1.09E+06	3.88E+05	1.58E+06	7.16E+05	2.9E+05	3.41E+05	6.56E+05	3.74E+04	5.93E+05	3.65E+05	1.99E+05	7.4E+04	1.51E+06	2.53E+04
2-Amino-4-chloro-4-pentenoic acid	6.12E+05	4.69E+05	1.04E+04	7.11E+05	1.21E+06	1.62E+05	1.2E+05	6.91E+04	2.65E+05	4.53E+04	3.28E+05	4.27E+04	6.47E+03	4.96E+04	7.12E+05	1.9E+05	9.2E+05	2.5E+05	1.06E+06	7.38E+05	5.52E+04	2.16E+05	1.04E+05	7.06E+05	1.68E+05	1.07E+05	1.39E+05	1.75E+05	1.42E+04	4.46E+05	1.25E+05	4.99E+05	3.54E+04	2.38E+05	7.46E+05	8.03E+04	2.17E+05	1.88E+05	6.93E+03	7.76E+04	9.17E+04	8.08E+03	6.65E+04	1.81E+04	2.48E+04
2-Amino-4-hydroxy-6-(D-erythro-1,2,3-trihydroxypropyl)-7,8-dihydropteridine	1.96E+06	4.83E+06	2.39E+06	2.01E+06	3.9E+06	4.69E+06	3.49E+06	1.22E+06	1.04E+06	2.3E+06	7.03E+05	1.93E+06	2.16E+06	5.5E+06	1.56E+06	8.87E+05	2.5E+06	3.69E+06	6.76E+05	1.55E+06	7.49E+05	2.73E+06	1.47E+06	1.83E+06	1.64E+06	2.36E+06	1.17E+06	5.55E+06	1.29E+06	2.74E+06	1.47E+06	5.32E+06	1.03E+06	4.05E+06	4.34E+06	3.25E+06	1.32E+06	3.28E+06	2.19E+06	8.65E+05	4.14E+06	2.39E+05	2.97E+05	3.67E+06	2.02E+06
2-Amino-4-oxo-6-(1',2',3'-trihydroxypropyl)-diquinoid-7,8-dihydroxypterin	7.02E+04	8.24E+04	5.38E+04	7.73E+05	2.61E+05	1.65E+05	8.39E+04	3.14E+03	2.56E+04	2.33E+04	4.59E+04	1.5E+05	7.57E+04	1.28E+05	3.28E+05	3.3E+05	1.32E+04	4.13E+05	8.98E+05	3.63E+04	2.21E+05	1.41E+05	1.43E+05	2.13E+05	4.12E+03	1.1E+05	3.54E+03	1.76E+05	6.96E+04	1.49E+05	7.81E+04	1.28E+05	1.57E+03	1.62E+04	3.95E+05	2.42E+04	5.02E+05	1.56E+05	3.51E+04	9.46E+03	6.32E+04	2.08E+04	2.48E+05	1.25E+05	1.19E+04
2-Amino-5-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole	1.21E+04	2.11E+05	4.3E+05	1.84E+05	3.12E+04	1.06E+07	1.83E+03	1.97E+03	2.97E+03	5.18E+03	4.5E+03	9.4E+03	1.44E+04	1.75E+04	4.93E+04	1.53E+03	3.04E+03	8.87E+04	7.1E+03	8.05E+03	1.17E+04	2.94E+04	9.9E+03	1.56E+04	1.85E+04	5.09E+03	1.17E+04	5.15E+03	1.64E+03	2.55E+06	8.8E+03	9.73E+03	1.67E+04	3.71E+03	5.28E+06	7.25E+03	5.76E+04	1.86E+03	3.48E+03	5.51E+03	5.41E+03	1.86E+03	3.63E+03	1.63E+06	2.11E+03
2-Amino-5-chlorophenol	5.01E+04	3.09E+04	3.15E+04	8.75E+03	2.12E+04	1.59E+06	2.33E+04	7.69E+04	1.32E+05	5.56E+04	7.84E+04	2.29E+04	2.6E+04	2.93E+04	2.7E+04	6.71E+04	3.09E+04	1.96E+04	1.5E+05	1.75E+04	2.52E+04	2.24E+04	5.02E+04	9.15E+03	1.83E+04	7.86E+05	3.47E+04	2.28E+04	9.7E+04	1.32E+06	1.88E+06	3.58E+04	1.1E+04	2.8E+04	7.47E+03	3.21E+04	8.83E+03	3.36E+04	6.07E+04	3.49E+04	8.39E+03	7.82E+04	7.54E+03	1.58E+04	1.35E+04
2-Amino-5-phosphopentanoic acid	6.19E+06	8.42E+06	7.4E+06	5.16E+06	3.92E+06	6.23E+06	5.68E+06	6.71E+06	5E+06	5.91E+06	5.56E+06	5.75E+06	5.65E+06	5.46E+06	4.51E+06	5.54E+06	4.44E+06	4.57E+06	3.71E+06	3.63E+06	4.83E+06	4.54E+06	7.54E+06	3.42E+06	5.47E+06	1.3E+07	6.41E+06	1.44E+07	5.34E+06	4.56E+06	3.74E+06	4.24E+06	4.59E+06	4.24E+06	4.31E+06	6.22E+06	4.15E+06	5.45E+06	1.81E+07	1.21E+07	5.19E+06	5.02E+06	5.67E+06	6.02E+06	5.83E+06
2-Amino-9,10-epoxy-8-oxodecanoic acid	1.25E+06	1.64E+03	1.9E+03	8.18E+03	8.51E+03	2.44E+03	2.22E+03	2.15E+03	3.2E+03	1.59E+03	2.08E+03	1.16E+04	1.49E+03	1.78E+03	9.97E+05	1.91E+03	3.37E+03	1.9E+03	6.7E+03	3.44E+04	3.57E+03	3.33E+03	1.5E+03	1.53E+04	5.85E+03	1.31E+03	1.64E+03	1.83E+03	3.18E+03	3.89E+03	4.71E+03	2.04E+03	1.5E+03	1.41E+04	8.72E+03	1.47E+03	1.12E+06	1.48E+04	1.46E+03	2.26E+03	2.16E+03	1.86E+03	1.68E+03	1.37E+03	0
2-Aminoadenosine	1.66E+06	7.42E+06	2.39E+06	3.08E+06	2.82E+06	3.82E+06	2E+06	3.71E+05	1.35E+06	8.62E+04	4.82E+05	1.04E+06	5.36E+04	1.21E+06	1.86E+06	4.7E+05	2.91E+06	5.94E+06	1.39E+06	6.29E+05	6.37E+05	4.5E+06	5.19E+05	2.1E+06	3.14E+04	6.25E+05	1.78E+04	8.4E+05	1.38E+05	5.61E+06	1.74E+06	2.63E+06	3.31E+06	5.22E+06	1.95E+06	4.17E+05	5.78E+06	4.2E+06	6.13E+04	8.32E+05	1.67E+06	2.95E+04	3.44E+05	5.11E+05	5.5E+05
2-Aminobenzenesulfonate	8.12E+05	8.76E+05	2.79E+05	5E+05	4.36E+06	1.97E+05	4.99E+05	1.02E+06	2.55E+05	5.55E+04	5.06E+05	8.03E+05	4.58E+05	8.72E+04	5.38E+05	1.35E+05	1.21E+06	4.92E+06	1.37E+06	9.34E+05	7.24E+05	2.18E+05	1.05E+05	5.69E+05	9.61E+04	6.68E+04	4.42E+04	1.09E+06	1.86E+05	9.6E+05	9.13E+05	2.91E+06	6.02E+05	1.57E+06	8.32E+05	1.01E+06	1.07E+06	1.04E+06	1.21E+05	1.3E+06	5.56E+05	8.3E+03	1.66E+05	1.58E+06	4.4E+05
2-Aminomuconate	1.97E+07	1.2E+07	4.95E+06	1.73E+07	2.67E+07	4.94E+06	8.63E+06	3.14E+06	8.23E+06	3.78E+06	6.86E+06	4.2E+06	2.39E+06	5.05E+06	9.27E+06	5.88E+06	3.26E+07	3.43E+07	1.7E+07	8.65E+06	4.53E+06	2.31E+07	1.31E+07	9.57E+06	4.55E+06	1.24E+07	2.74E+06	4.16E+06	4.01E+06	1.79E+07	7.33E+06	1.03E+07	4.09E+06	7.02E+06	1.69E+07	4.77E+06	8.12E+06	5.25E+06	3.04E+06	4.55E+06	3.98E+06	2.07E+06	3.35E+06	3.68E+07	1.33E+06
2-Aminomuconate semialdehyde	1.62E+04	7.39E+06	4.56E+04	1.92E+04	1.4E+04	2.09E+04	2E+04	2.54E+06	4.23E+04	1.92E+04	2.71E+04	2.36E+04	1.07E+04	5.4E+03	1.51E+04	1.42E+04	4.78E+04	4.19E+04	7.73E+04	2.51E+04	1.74E+04	2.58E+04	2.41E+04	3.66E+04	2.17E+04	2.3E+04	1.45E+04	1.8E+04	1.27E+04	2.52E+04	2.71E+04	1.48E+04	1.26E+04	4.71E+04	1.33E+06	3.07E+04	1.44E+05	2.82E+04	1.89E+04	1.23E+04	9.95E+03	1.21E+04	1.12E+04	9.18E+03	1.89E+04
2-Aminophenol_1	3.5E+05	1.61E+04	2.91E+06	4.33E+05	4.81E+06	1.72E+04	1.42E+06	4.15E+06	1.15E+08	1.58E+06	1.37E+04	4.06E+07	3.79E+06	5.89E+06	7.45E+06	1.02E+06	3.34E+06	1.98E+07	6.48E+06	5.79E+06	4.7E+05	2.28E+05	5.05E+04	3.46E+05	9.56E+06	2.89E+05	8.19E+06	1.82E+05	3.69E+04	2.07E+07	7.07E+06	1.31E+07	7.07E+06	5.63E+06	3.87E+07	1.39E+06	7.91E+07	6.9E+06	8.89E+06	1.23E+06	1.27E+05	4.22E+06	5.56E+05	1.19E+07	2.27E+05
2-Aminophenol_2	3.22E+06	3.56E+07	4.47E+05	6.57E+06	8.46E+06	1.97E+05	1.24E+06	2.68E+06	6.34E+06	7.66E+06	9.71E+05	1.75E+06	8.01E+05	5.47E+05	2.68E+06	1.01E+05	1.27E+07	1.22E+07	4.12E+06	1.07E+06	4.72E+05	9E+06	1.21E+07	1.39E+07	1.29E+06	7.17E+04	2.59E+06	4.31E+05	4.72E+05	6.1E+06	2.1E+06	3.72E+06	4.44E+06	9.35E+06	9.58E+06	7.9E+05	4.7E+06	3.31E+06	2.12E+06	2.82E+06	1.41E+06	8.93E+05	1.14E+06	1.24E+06	3.85E+04
2-Aminophenol_3	1.85E+04	2.26E+04	3.73E+04	2.48E+04	6E+04	1.61E+04	1.36E+05	2.7E+04	8.91E+04	3.55E+04	3.51E+04	4.54E+04	9.47E+04	2.73E+04	2.31E+04	9.54E+04	2.3E+04	3.88E+04	9.94E+03	3.16E+04	6.34E+04	6.59E+04	2.65E+04	3.75E+04	4.68E+04	6.56E+04	1.99E+04	2.18E+04	3.36E+04	1.2E+05	8.74E+04	4.5E+04	1.58E+04	8.56E+06	8.76E+04	4.89E+04	8.48E+05	1.7E+05	3.61E+04	2.96E+04	2.67E+04	1.72E+04	6.89E+03	3.68E+04	5.34E+05
2-deoxy-D-galactose (fructose/glucose)	1.94E+06	1.9E+06	1.82E+06	2.78E+06	2.04E+06	1.88E+06	3.68E+06	2.4E+06	3.91E+06	2.32E+06	1.36E+06	1.25E+06	1.22E+06	8.97E+05	4.28E+06	9.03E+05	5.64E+06	2.79E+06	1.7E+06	1.3E+06	1E+06	2.19E+06	1.32E+06	8.31E+05	3.46E+06	7.24E+05	2.95E+06	1.6E+06	4.74E+05	1.79E+06	3.15E+06	8.37E+05	1.89E+06	2.1E+06	2.37E+06	1.65E+06	5.69E+06	1.62E+06	6.9E+05	1.93E+06	1.93E+06	1.73E+06	6.59E+05	1E+06	1.01E+06
2-Dimethylamino-5,6-dimethylpyrimidin-4-ol	3.97E+06	5.22E+06	8.96E+06	2.43E+06	1.52E+07	3.04E+05	1.65E+06	3.57E+06	1.27E+05	6.57E+05	5.82E+06	5.73E+05	2.81E+06	1.56E+05	1.44E+06	3.32E+06	2.45E+06	2.2E+06	3.21E+06	2.61E+06	4.66E+06	2.64E+06	8.62E+05	2.16E+06	7.85E+05	2.58E+05	1.22E+03	3.3E+05	2.62E+05	2.79E+06	1.97E+07	1.3E+06	1.17E+05	1.3E+06	1.05E+06	8E+06	3.26E+05	1.53E+06	4.63E+06	8.2E+05	2.92E+06	2.16E+05	4.75E+05	2.19E+06	4.12E+05
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_1	6.87E+06	7.04E+06	7.23E+06	7.11E+06	6.63E+06	6.88E+06	6.7E+06	6.95E+06	7.09E+06	7.03E+06	7.11E+06	6.9E+06	7.16E+06	6.88E+06	7.01E+06	6.75E+06	6.64E+06	6.69E+06	6.72E+06	6.44E+06	6.92E+06	6.61E+06	6.49E+06	6.49E+06	6.93E+06	6.79E+06	6.97E+06	6.61E+06	7.07E+06	6.76E+06	6.94E+06	6.69E+06	6.8E+06	6.27E+06	6.84E+06	6.83E+06	6.76E+06	6.84E+06	7.04E+06	7.12E+06	6.93E+06	7.24E+06	7.1E+06	6.68E+06	6.48E+06
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_2	8.83E+05	8.23E+05	7.18E+05	9.46E+05	7.73E+05	8.68E+05	8.45E+05	9.15E+05	1.13E+06	8.21E+05	6.85E+05	7.05E+05	7.66E+05	6.51E+05	5.55E+05	6.36E+05	7.79E+05	7.9E+05	7.63E+05	8.54E+05	6.86E+05	8.33E+05	6.79E+05	4.08E+05	6.8E+05	6.51E+05	7.16E+05	6.99E+05	6.84E+05	6.94E+05	6.02E+05	9.12E+05	5.38E+05	7.7E+05	5.52E+05	6.53E+05	8.01E+05	7.47E+05	6.88E+05	6.91E+05	8.71E+05	8.47E+05	6.9E+05	5.59E+05	6.31E+05
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_3	1.14E+06	8.03E+05	8.4E+05	1.42E+06	2.99E+06	8.67E+05	5.45E+05	4.73E+04	1.12E+06	1.13E+06	7.06E+05	2.32E+05	1.53E+05	9.15E+05	1.02E+06	3.59E+05	2.64E+06	9.44E+05	1.25E+06	1.24E+06	3.95E+05	1.52E+06	4.91E+05	1.51E+06	1.41E+05	1.31E+05	1.17E+05	6.28E+05	1.23E+05	1.78E+05	1.08E+06	7.57E+05	7.68E+05	1.61E+06	4.42E+05	1.01E+06	1.34E+06	4.26E+05	1.92E+05	2.54E+05	8.6E+05	2.28E+05	1.93E+05	2.22E+05	2.34E+05
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_4	3.4E+04	1.63E+04	2.49E+04	3.05E+04	2.21E+05	2.55E+04	2.38E+04	9.69E+05	3.14E+04	2.95E+04	1.49E+04	6.47E+03	2.46E+04	6.36E+04	4.73E+04	1.44E+04	5.74E+04	6.65E+04	5.23E+04	1.79E+04	4.26E+04	8.77E+04	3.29E+04	2E+05	3.9E+03	1.7E+04	2.73E+04	4.56E+04	4.26E+04	2.63E+04	1.75E+05	3E+04	1.82E+04	2.15E+04	1.84E+04	1.01E+05	3.73E+04	2.7E+04	1.49E+04	4.92E+04	3.95E+04	4.89E+04	3.6E+04	6.26E+04	1.01E+05
2-Furoate	2.55E+06	2.87E+06	1.37E+06	1.27E+07	4.04E+06	4.17E+06	2.47E+06	2.02E+06	7.6E+06	2.54E+06	2.82E+06	2.15E+06	1.74E+06	1.96E+06	3.93E+06	1.73E+06	3.66E+06	1.05E+07	1.39E+07	3.3E+06	1.54E+06	8.41E+06	2.32E+06	4.24E+06	2.27E+06	2.19E+06	1.27E+06	1.8E+06	1.27E+06	3.37E+06	3.32E+06	7.43E+06	5.44E+06	4.21E+06	1.67E+07	2.86E+06	6.42E+06	1.82E+06	1.1E+06	3.01E+06	3.1E+06	1.44E+06	1.42E+06	5.65E+06	6.14E+05
2-Heptanone_1	5.75E+05	5.83E+05	5.89E+05	5.58E+05	5.52E+05	5.02E+05	5.18E+05	5.58E+05	5.81E+05	6.09E+05	5.98E+05	5.76E+05	5.46E+05	5.54E+05	5.41E+05	5.7E+05	5.63E+05	5.16E+05	6.25E+05	1.58E+06	5.72E+05	5.13E+05	5.88E+05	4.92E+05	5.65E+05	5.01E+05	5.97E+05	5.63E+05	5.27E+05	7.33E+05	5.43E+05	5.74E+05	5.79E+05	5.36E+05	4.77E+05	5.36E+05	3.14E+05	5.14E+05	2.76E+05	5.31E+05	4.99E+05	5.33E+05	4.95E+05	4.92E+05	5.02E+05
2-Heptanone_2	3.81E+04	4.94E+03	1.97E+03	1.44E+06	1.49E+04	6.26E+03	1.86E+03	0	4.49E+03	3.18E+03	1.64E+03	0	2.21E+03	4.95E+03	2.29E+03	2.35E+03	4.52E+04	1.83E+04	2.28E+04	3.36E+03	0	3E+05	3.13E+03	6.05E+04	2.32E+03	0	0	2.05E+03	0	3.02E+04	2.68E+03	0	3.19E+03	2.51E+03	1.37E+04	2.02E+03	7.35E+04	0	0	0	2.26E+03	1.97E+03	9.1E+03	1.26E+05	0
2-Hydroxy-1,4-benzoquinone_1	9.55E+05	8.48E+05	5.26E+05	3.34E+05	1.57E+07	3.65E+05	5.25E+05	6.45E+06	1.76E+06	4.59E+05	2.33E+05	4.4E+05	5.23E+04	8.45E+04	3.51E+05	7.97E+03	2.9E+06	6.3E+05	5E+06	2.71E+07	7.51E+04	1.77E+06	4.86E+04	3.96E+05	6.22E+05	1.88E+05	2.38E+05	1.67E+05	1.35E+04	7.75E+06	3.23E+06	3.24E+06	9.28E+05	1.6E+06	1.7E+06	1.83E+05	2.19E+06	1.02E+06	3.56E+05	2.11E+06	9.37E+05	9.41E+04	5.42E+04	7.23E+06	4.48E+05
2-Hydroxy-1,4-benzoquinone_2	1.57E+05	7.73E+04	3.7E+04	2.41E+04	3.13E+06	1.17E+04	2.82E+04	9.01E+05	2.22E+05	1.58E+04	6.77E+03	2.35E+04	3.04E+03	3.27E+03	8.26E+03	2.58E+03	5.93E+05	8.53E+04	7.14E+05	4.45E+06	6.3E+03	3.17E+05	2.87E+03	2.39E+04	1.64E+04	2.22E+04	5.03E+03	2.11E+04	2.41E+03	9.59E+05	1.75E+05	6.33E+05	4.83E+04	5.4E+04	2.13E+05	1.51E+04	3.71E+05	1.55E+05	1.95E+04	2.34E+05	1.78E+05	6.1E+03	2.45E+03	6.42E+05	9.61E+03
2-Hydroxy-2,4-pentadienoate	4.54E+06	2.94E+06	1.69E+06	5.46E+06	6.67E+06	1.62E+06	2.78E+06	2.04E+06	2.54E+06	1.48E+06	2.73E+06	2.11E+06	1.6E+06	3.17E+06	4.58E+06	1.82E+06	5.68E+06	3.76E+06	1.11E+07	5.15E+06	1.57E+06	4.16E+06	2.57E+06	3.97E+06	1.88E+06	1.43E+06	1.29E+06	2.18E+06	6.89E+05	2.97E+06	4.62E+06	4.96E+06	2.04E+06	4.41E+06	6.86E+06	2.4E+06	4.28E+06	9.9E+05	1.28E+06	1.6E+06	2.8E+06	9.65E+05	2.08E+06	2.32E+06	1.08E+06
2-Hydroxy-6-oxo-6-(2-hydroxyphenoxy)-hexa-2,4-dienoate	4.03E+04	1.43E+05	1.28E+03	5.55E+05	2.26E+05	2.74E+03	6.48E+04	1.97E+03	3.26E+05	1.05E+04	5.77E+03	7.36E+03	6.14E+03	8.9E+03	1.01E+05	3.69E+03	8.38E+05	1.59E+04	2.11E+05	3.73E+03	1.25E+03	6.42E+04	2.91E+04	4.6E+04	9.33E+04	4.06E+03	3.97E+04	2.41E+03	1.75E+03	2.25E+03	4.9E+04	1.43E+04	4.98E+03	2.35E+04	1.2E+06	1.96E+04	3.11E+05	5.01E+03	3.01E+03	1.2E+05	2.14E+04	5.59E+04	4.47E+04	4.55E+03	1.85E+04
2-Hydroxycyclohexan-1-one_1	7E+07	1.5E+07	1.16E+07	2.15E+07	7.05E+07	1.78E+07	1.18E+07	1.02E+07	4.18E+07	1.54E+07	1.14E+07	6.24E+06	3.48E+06	1.75E+07	1.1E+07	6.5E+06	1.23E+08	1.19E+07	1.81E+07	1.58E+07	7.14E+06	9.32E+07	4.42E+06	2.11E+07	5.69E+06	4.19E+06	6.28E+06	1.23E+07	1.76E+06	1.58E+07	1.63E+07	2.55E+07	1.22E+07	4.49E+07	5.11E+06	1.65E+07	2.53E+07	1.09E+07	3.29E+06	5.74E+06	1.3E+07	5.62E+06	6.16E+06	3.2E+07	6.52E+06
2-Hydroxycyclohexan-1-one_2	2.96E+06	2.9E+06	1.54E+06	3.23E+06	4.28E+06	1.56E+06	2.2E+06	1.09E+06	1.55E+06	1.49E+06	1.94E+06	1.25E+06	3.01E+05	1.64E+07	5.34E+06	3.37E+06	5.32E+06	2.58E+06	8.06E+06	3.99E+06	6.51E+05	2.95E+06	2.55E+06	5.24E+06	9.41E+05	9.07E+05	4.29E+05	4.66E+06	1.82E+06	1.14E+07	6.62E+06	7.28E+06	2.99E+06	3.56E+06	7.06E+06	1.23E+06	8.32E+06	1.6E+06	1.77E+06	5.21E+05	3.73E+06	5.75E+05	1.03E+06	4.74E+05	9.41E+05
2-Hydroxycyclohexan-1-one_3	2.15E+06	2.96E+05	5.66E+05	5.7E+06	5E+05	3.69E+05	3.65E+05	7.32E+06	6.95E+05	3.43E+05	5.02E+05	6.44E+05	4.1E+05	5.16E+05	7.83E+06	5.98E+05	8.01E+05	6.9E+05	1E+06	8.32E+05	5.22E+04	5.15E+06	5.97E+05	3.2E+05	4.1E+05	2.59E+05	3.66E+05	7.32E+05	1.11E+06	6.24E+05	1.66E+06	8.82E+05	1.85E+05	5.79E+05	8.42E+05	1.75E+06	9.23E+06	7.11E+05	1.24E+06	6.18E+06	3.31E+05	3.28E+05	4.81E+05	2.82E+05	3.17E+05
2-Hydroxyethylphosphonate	8.84E+04	3.69E+03	2.7E+04	1.37E+05	8.92E+05	8.65E+03	8.44E+04	2.13E+04	2.91E+04	6.19E+04	2.52E+04	7.34E+03	1.43E+04	1.76E+04	3.99E+04	1.31E+04	5.68E+04	1.19E+05	7.84E+04	5.75E+03	3.35E+04	9.9E+04	3.12E+04	4.73E+04	2.06E+04	7.93E+03	8.66E+03	9.69E+04	4.71E+03	1.33E+04	1.13E+05	1.52E+05	1.02E+04	2.55E+04	3.21E+04	1.45E+04	9.25E+04	2.5E+04	1.71E+04	5.25E+04	5.47E+03	2.29E+04	5.87E+04	1.32E+04	4.01E+03
2-Hydroxyfelbamate_1	1.98E+06	2.17E+06	6.34E+06	3.46E+06	7.17E+06	5.69E+06	4.04E+06	1.05E+06	2.7E+06	4.55E+05	1.92E+06	4.19E+06	3.22E+05	3.17E+06	7.95E+06	3.46E+06	3.42E+06	2.09E+06	4.54E+06	7.46E+06	4.9E+05	2.29E+06	8.64E+05	2.97E+06	5.97E+05	9.73E+05	2.92E+05	2.41E+06	6.93E+05	2.14E+06	3.4E+06	6.67E+06	2.28E+06	1.8E+07	2.52E+06	2.12E+06	5.93E+06	1.59E+07	1.09E+06	1.16E+06	2.8E+06	9.71E+05	4.83E+05	1.25E+06	7.1E+06
2-Hydroxyfelbamate_2	3.65E+06	2.63E+06	8.53E+05	4.06E+06	3.08E+06	7.35E+06	1.06E+06	1.26E+06	3E+06	1.95E+06	2.54E+06	1.24E+06	7.63E+05	1.14E+06	3.9E+06	1.61E+06	3.86E+06	2.44E+06	3.46E+06	1.67E+06	1.53E+06	4.17E+06	2.4E+06	2.4E+06	1.26E+06	2.83E+06	1.53E+06	1.3E+06	9.14E+05	3.2E+06	3.72E+06	2.65E+06	1.77E+06	2.08E+06	2.46E+07	1.83E+06	3.17E+06	1.57E+06	7.79E+05	1.79E+06	9.38E+05	1.63E+06	1.34E+06	1.01E+07	1.68E+06
2-Hydroxymethylclavam	1.27E+07	9.01E+06	1.89E+07	8.89E+06	1.04E+08	5.1E+06	3.91E+07	2.01E+07	2.64E+07	3.21E+06	4.13E+06	2.89E+06	6.98E+06	2.3E+07	7.7E+07	2.14E+07	3.76E+06	5.1E+07	1.14E+07	7.82E+06	4.63E+06	2.36E+06	3.26E+06	1.19E+07	1.43E+07	2.88E+06	5.12E+05	2.17E+07	1.45E+06	2.26E+07	1.1E+07	5.36E+06	3.93E+06	4.65E+07	9.28E+06	1.69E+06	8.03E+06	4.09E+06	2.11E+06	8.89E+06	3.77E+07	2.73E+06	1.4E+06	4.76E+06	2.25E+06
2-Hydroxymuconate semialdehyde_1	2.44E+06	4.18E+06	1.11E+06	6.71E+06	6.67E+06	3.46E+06	7.21E+05	6.29E+05	1.96E+06	7.48E+05	2.48E+06	1.33E+06	7.12E+05	1.82E+06	5.66E+06	1.27E+06	6.53E+06	4.1E+06	2.17E+07	5.23E+06	2.14E+06	3.62E+06	1.81E+06	4.95E+06	5.66E+05	1.5E+06	4.76E+05	2.08E+06	7.03E+05	1.17E+06	2.87E+06	8.23E+06	1.36E+06	2.07E+06	6.03E+06	1.22E+06	4.6E+06	1.1E+06	7.3E+05	1.52E+06	2.23E+06	4.87E+05	7.61E+05	1.61E+06	7.78E+05
2-Hydroxymuconate semialdehyde_2	3.81E+05	2.87E+05	7.94E+05	6.53E+06	3.53E+06	2.78E+05	1E+06	1.45E+06	2.9E+05	8.03E+04	1.62E+04	1.69E+04	7.88E+05	5.07E+04	1.12E+04	1.6E+04	1.15E+06	1.88E+06	2.01E+06	4.54E+06	6.55E+03	2.78E+06	1.21E+05	1.97E+06	4.48E+05	7.32E+03	1.29E+04	1.36E+04	1.68E+04	1.18E+06	7.65E+05	9.84E+05	1.19E+06	3.36E+05	2.6E+05	1.1E+05	3.17E+06	1.1E+05	4.59E+04	6.43E+05	9.96E+04	1.68E+04	2.72E+05	1.69E+06	4.09E+04
2-Iodophenol methyl ether	4.01E+07	4.13E+07	3.24E+07	2.72E+07	1.82E+07	1.98E+07	1.16E+07	6.48E+06	3.45E+06	1.87E+07	5.73E+06	6.01E+06	8.69E+06	1.05E+07	1.53E+07	2.71E+06	5.11E+07	4.62E+07	2.63E+07	4.18E+07	1.79E+07	3.3E+07	9.1E+06	1.48E+07	9.44E+06	2.25E+07	1.88E+06	1.1E+07	9.96E+05	1.26E+07	1.06E+07	9.68E+06	3.62E+06	1.46E+07	1.83E+07	7.9E+06	8.2E+06	2.79E+07	7.44E+06	1.66E+07	9.6E+06	5.32E+06	8.45E+06	6.21E+06	5.24E+06
2-Isopropylmaleate_1	8.35E+06	4.11E+06	1.87E+06	1.16E+07	7.75E+06	3.28E+06	3.95E+06	1.25E+06	8.73E+06	1.93E+06	4.1E+06	9.79E+05	1.06E+06	4.28E+06	8.29E+06	5.9E+06	4.34E+06	6.5E+06	1.81E+07	2.29E+06	1.71E+06	8.6E+06	3.08E+06	1.35E+07	9.68E+05	2.97E+06	5.87E+05	3.77E+06	7.77E+05	6.04E+06	6.13E+06	5.77E+06	6.13E+06	5.92E+06	1.17E+07	6.16E+05	9.13E+06	2.16E+06	7.01E+05	2.3E+06	4.31E+06	6.09E+05	2.15E+06	1.65E+06	6.11E+05
2-Isopropylmaleate_2	6.21E+05	1.41E+06	1.18E+05	1.03E+06	4.8E+06	7.99E+05	5.83E+05	2.79E+05	1.36E+06	9.19E+04	1.22E+06	1.6E+05	3.64E+05	2.82E+06	2.56E+06	2.46E+05	8.66E+05	1.31E+06	2.24E+06	6.49E+05	2.7E+05	2E+06	9.61E+05	2.02E+06	1.92E+05	4.3E+05	9.82E+04	9.53E+05	4.97E+04	1.72E+06	1.29E+06	2.75E+06	7.35E+05	1.34E+06	4.66E+05	4.16E+05	2.48E+06	6.78E+05	3.34E+05	2.12E+05	7.97E+05	1.16E+05	2.99E+05	2.96E+05	1.31E+05
2-Maleylacetate	1.56E+05	1.77E+05	2.14E+04	2.06E+05	1.1E+06	1.04E+04	1.19E+06	1.13E+05	8.35E+04	2.67E+03	2.21E+04	4.58E+03	4.89E+04	5.88E+04	1.81E+05	3.85E+04	3.91E+05	1.16E+05	6.21E+04	1.33E+04	2.02E+03	1.09E+05	1.47E+04	9.16E+04	2.12E+05	8.49E+05	2.87E+04	4.81E+05	1.46E+04	2.43E+04	5.61E+04	6.61E+04	3.42E+04	1.33E+06	3.58E+05	2.79E+03	1.68E+05	2.32E+04	9.1E+03	7.64E+03	1.45E+04	4.42E+04	2.86E+03	3.87E+04	1.27E+05
2-Methyl-3-hydroxy-5-formylpyridine-4-carboxylate	1.68E+04	2.36E+03	0	2.05E+04	7.09E+05	0	0	6.44E+03	2.29E+04	0	5.68E+03	6.49E+04	2.26E+04	1.09E+04	7.97E+03	4.96E+03	3.32E+04	9.52E+04	5.3E+04	7.04E+04	0	5.35E+04	2.67E+03	8.57E+03	0	0	0	3.23E+03	0	8.02E+04	7.84E+04	1.29E+05	0	6.76E+03	8.46E+03	0	2.22E+05	1.97E+04	0	2.55E+03	1.73E+04	0	2.87E+05	1.16E+05	4.55E+03
2-Methyl-4-chlorophenoxybutyric acid	8.44E+04	4.07E+05	4.08E+05	1.13E+06	1.79E+06	3.23E+04	5.96E+04	1.7E+04	5.14E+05	1.16E+05	1.07E+06	3.09E+05	6.85E+04	1.32E+06	1.67E+06	4.63E+04	8.53E+04	6.25E+05	5.64E+05	6.35E+04	1.05E+05	7.21E+05	1.74E+05	2.04E+05	7.34E+04	1.61E+05	6.41E+04	5.59E+04	4.7E+04	4.66E+05	6.98E+04	4.69E+05	1.74E+06	8.36E+04	1.65E+06	5.87E+04	1.17E+06	2.03E+05	2.39E+04	1.81E+05	2.28E+05	5.55E+04	1.5E+05	1.66E+05	5.95E+04
2-Methylpropanamine	3.34E+06	3.35E+06	3.79E+06	4.25E+06	5.29E+06	4E+06	6.12E+06	4.42E+06	6.25E+06	3.34E+06	4.16E+06	5.1E+06	5.98E+06	6.12E+06	7.25E+06	2.99E+07	2.38E+07	1.34E+07	3.27E+07	2.87E+07	3.49E+07	3.34E+07	2.84E+07	3.3E+07	4.93E+07	4.32E+07	4.76E+07	4.63E+07	3.8E+07	3.94E+07	3.52E+07	3.51E+07	3.34E+07	3.16E+07	3E+07	2.45E+07	3.6E+07	2.71E+07	2.58E+07	3.01E+07	3.66E+07	2.82E+07	2.66E+07	1.61E+07	3.01E+07
2-Naphthol	3.72E+06	5.82E+05	5.23E+04	1.22E+06	1.19E+07	3.32E+05	4.88E+06	2.18E+06	3.92E+05	7.5E+04	1.1E+06	3.73E+05	4.48E+04	1.38E+06	1.54E+06	5.5E+05	5.03E+06	1.25E+06	9.06E+05	4.99E+05	3.14E+05	4.86E+05	4.04E+05	6.08E+05	1.08E+06	1.88E+06	9.26E+05	4.23E+06	1.85E+05	1.2E+06	5.14E+05	1.25E+07	3.29E+05	3.92E+06	2.52E+06	2.81E+04	2.96E+06	2.39E+06	8.6E+04	2.87E+06	8.01E+05	1.03E+06	3.01E+05	1.44E+06	3.77E+05
2-Naphthylamine	1.18E+07	1.97E+07	5.74E+06	2.71E+07	8.79E+06	1.67E+07	1.51E+07	2.94E+06	4.81E+06	5.92E+06	7.75E+06	6.26E+06	3.8E+06	5.52E+06	1.79E+07	1.32E+07	1.15E+07	1.73E+07	2.08E+07	1.4E+07	7.45E+06	8.47E+06	1.23E+07	1.5E+07	3.41E+06	7.7E+06	1.55E+06	4.32E+06	6.29E+06	5.48E+06	7.26E+06	4.84E+06	7.09E+06	6.8E+06	1.07E+07	3.59E+06	6.82E+06	6.19E+06	3.3E+06	5.54E+06	6.42E+06	1.95E+06	2.74E+06	1.24E+07	3.96E+06
2-Nitrofluorene	5.25E+04	9.32E+04	4.46E+05	2.92E+04	3.48E+05	5.54E+03	9.39E+04	1.54E+04	1.66E+04	5.95E+04	7.46E+03	5.94E+03	1.2E+05	4.48E+04	5.41E+04	1.81E+04	3.14E+04	6.81E+03	1.95E+04	5.48E+05	5.66E+04	4.45E+04	5.51E+03	2.55E+05	5.08E+03	4.41E+03	3.08E+03	1.8E+05	2.03E+04	2.61E+04	2.03E+05	1.42E+05	1.21E+05	5.74E+03	8.37E+04	1.81E+04	1.04E+05	7.14E+03	2.47E+03	5.74E+04	3.57E+04	4.8E+03	2.07E+04	4.95E+04	3.6E+04
2-Oxo-6-methylthiohexanoic acid	1.57E+06	9.83E+05	4.92E+05	3.31E+06	1.51E+06	4.14E+05	9.83E+05	4.3E+04	1.15E+06	5.22E+05	1.53E+06	4.97E+05	3.04E+05	1.59E+06	3.1E+06	1.26E+06	3.28E+05	1.56E+06	3.72E+06	1.65E+06	8.54E+05	1.26E+06	8.38E+05	2.24E+06	4.81E+05	4.92E+05	2.43E+05	1.32E+06	3.88E+05	8.9E+05	7.89E+05	1.45E+06	5.2E+05	1.18E+06	1.75E+06	6.96E+05	1.53E+06	6.06E+05	2.54E+05	3.06E+05	1.29E+06	3.01E+05	3.61E+05	9.4E+05	4.2E+05
2-Oxo-8-methylthiooctanoic acid	5.83E+05	1.01E+05	3.42E+04	1.45E+05	2.66E+05	8.85E+04	2.52E+05	2.42E+04	3.75E+05	1.42E+04	1.72E+05	3.37E+04	1E+04	4.66E+05	3.11E+05	1.37E+05	6.42E+05	4.89E+05	3.1E+05	2.32E+05	3.3E+04	1.89E+06	8.79E+05	1.38E+06	5.64E+04	1.1E+05	1.38E+04	1.83E+05	3.12E+04	1.47E+05	2.82E+05	8.32E+04	5.44E+04	1.4E+05	5.06E+05	1.58E+04	1.78E+05	9.62E+04	4.47E+03	1.38E+05	2.43E+05	1.69E+04	2.26E+04	8.77E+04	4.19E+04
2-Oxoadipate_1	9.6E+05	6.96E+05	6.58E+04	9.28E+05	1.2E+06	1.6E+05	5.24E+05	1.57E+05	2.82E+05	6.03E+05	4.37E+05	2.03E+05	1.7E+05	5.88E+05	1.03E+06	5.7E+05	8.21E+05	9.72E+05	1.67E+06	5.31E+05	1.32E+05	9.24E+05	4.05E+05	8.96E+05	2.63E+04	3.06E+05	2.58E+04	5.72E+05	1.04E+05	2.11E+05	9.1E+05	9.03E+05	1.34E+05	6.46E+05	5.77E+05	3.6E+05	7.7E+05	3.26E+05	9.02E+04	1.98E+05	7.23E+05	4.54E+04	1.15E+05	4.26E+05	3.15E+04
2-Oxoadipate_2	3.18E+05	9.2E+05	2.17E+05	5.18E+05	3.9E+05	1.55E+05	1.31E+05	8.96E+04	1.02E+06	1.2E+05	6.88E+05	4.03E+05	1.72E+04	3.32E+05	1.29E+06	2.77E+04	5.39E+05	1.16E+05	1.22E+06	7.45E+05	4.15E+05	2.22E+05	3.74E+05	5.99E+05	6.27E+05	1.14E+05	3.84E+05	2.21E+05	7.45E+04	4.11E+05	4.96E+05	6.73E+05	1.55E+05	2.35E+05	8.45E+04	4.9E+05	5.93E+05	6.6E+05	8.88E+04	1.13E+05	8.71E+04	5.17E+05	1.77E+05	4.72E+05	9.61E+04
2-Oxoadipate_3	4.93E+05	3.92E+05	2.77E+04	3E+05	7.45E+05	5.5E+04	1.11E+05	6.02E+04	2.96E+05	2.56E+04	3.95E+05	5.73E+04	3.92E+04	3.81E+05	3.69E+05	2.39E+05	7.29E+05	4.58E+05	1.87E+06	2.91E+05	1.73E+04	4.77E+05	2.7E+05	5.72E+05	6.21E+04	5.23E+04	1.35E+05	3.37E+05	2.38E+04	3.27E+05	4.73E+04	1.13E+06	1E+05	3.91E+05	2.31E+05	8.8E+04	4.38E+05	1.67E+05	1.62E+05	2.08E+04	4.5E+05	3.05E+04	4.14E+04	3.54E+05	2.83E+04
2-Oxobutanoate_1	4.19E+07	3.53E+07	1.34E+07	4.38E+07	1E+08	3.98E+07	2.19E+07	1.31E+07	3.89E+07	1.41E+07	3.44E+07	1.85E+07	1.28E+07	2.06E+07	4.98E+07	1.92E+07	4.29E+07	4.21E+07	5.02E+07	4.52E+07	1.64E+07	3.51E+07	2.52E+07	4.43E+07	2.61E+07	2.03E+07	1.9E+07	2.23E+07	1.02E+07	2.52E+07	4.16E+07	4.59E+07	2.35E+07	3.89E+07	5.65E+07	1.73E+07	9.18E+07	2.81E+07	1.23E+07	2.21E+07	2.77E+07	1.36E+07	1.93E+07	3.28E+07	1.39E+07
2-Oxobutanoate_2	3.95E+06	4.59E+06	2.66E+06	9.81E+06	7.39E+06	5.2E+06	3.89E+06	2.77E+06	2.67E+06	1.2E+06	3.41E+06	1.84E+06	2.18E+06	3.16E+06	3.9E+06	2.06E+06	5.06E+06	1.34E+07	9.19E+06	7.51E+06	2.53E+06	9.77E+06	2.21E+06	7.41E+06	3.49E+06	2.9E+06	8.95E+05	3.11E+06	7.81E+05	3.99E+06	6.86E+06	7.43E+06	5.88E+06	6.85E+06	1.23E+07	4.67E+06	1.43E+07	2.46E+06	1.12E+06	2.59E+06	3.21E+06	1.12E+06	1.99E+06	6.6E+06	1.47E+06
2-Oxoglutaramate	2.62E+07	4.03E+07	1.06E+07	3.75E+07	2.72E+07	1.63E+07	1.94E+07	7.89E+06	2.22E+07	8.78E+06	2.27E+07	1.36E+07	6.58E+06	1.57E+07	3.15E+07	2.46E+07	3.2E+07	2.45E+07	3.81E+07	2.14E+07	1.13E+07	2.91E+07	1.66E+07	2.45E+07	1.22E+07	1.36E+07	7.89E+06	1.45E+07	1.13E+07	2.04E+07	2.73E+07	1.92E+07	1.88E+07	2.32E+07	3.54E+07	1.26E+07	2.18E+07	1.73E+07	5.49E+06	1.36E+07	1.34E+07	1.07E+07	1.26E+07	2.05E+07	6.76E+06
2-Oxoglutarate	2.54E+08	9.52E+07	5.74E+07	6.32E+07	1.69E+08	5.19E+07	5.69E+07	7.39E+07	1.62E+08	4.14E+07	1.38E+08	9.37E+07	6.11E+07	1.12E+08	5.74E+07	3.42E+07	3.03E+08	1.89E+08	9.66E+07	1.36E+08	8.07E+07	2.77E+08	3.75E+07	1.53E+08	4.46E+07	5.53E+07	4.89E+07	1.36E+08	4.45E+07	1.09E+08	1.41E+08	1.75E+08	2.42E+07	1.13E+08	5.6E+07	6.39E+07	6.96E+07	1.05E+08	3.91E+07	6.43E+07	1.07E+08	4.86E+07	1.12E+08	1.26E+08	4.12E+07
2-Oxooctadecanoic acid_1	1.04E+06	1.06E+06	1.1E+06	1.05E+06	1.02E+06	1E+06	1E+06	9.78E+05	1.03E+06	1.01E+06	9.92E+05	9.88E+05	1.03E+06	9.74E+05	1.03E+06	9.84E+05	9.86E+05	9.65E+05	9.58E+05	9.18E+05	9.72E+05	9.47E+05	9.16E+05	9.74E+05	9.33E+05	9.69E+05	9.73E+05	9.55E+05	9.59E+05	9.49E+05	9.48E+05	9.39E+05	9.2E+05	9.43E+05	9.73E+05	9.48E+05	9.32E+05	9.8E+05	9.72E+05	1.06E+06	9.65E+05	1.04E+06	1.06E+06	9.97E+05	9.81E+05
2-Oxooctadecanoic acid_2	1.17E+06	1E+06	9.71E+05	9.65E+05	1E+06	3.43E+05	5.49E+05	9.68E+05	9.22E+05	2.12E+06	9.27E+05	2.06E+06	2.1E+06	9.07E+05	9.23E+05	9.16E+05	8.77E+05	8.72E+05	3.64E+05	7.06E+05	1.08E+06	7.71E+05	3.94E+05	1.89E+06	1.9E+06	8.97E+05	1.93E+06	3.64E+05	4.37E+05	4.65E+05	2.1E+06	8.81E+05	1.93E+06	4.38E+05	8.73E+05	9.1E+05	8.72E+05	4.06E+05	1.06E+06	5.55E+05	7.92E+05	2.14E+06	9.94E+05	6.5E+05	9.08E+05
2-Oxopropyl-CoM	5.78E+05	4.6E+05	1.26E+05	9.76E+04	5.3E+05	3.35E+05	1.16E+05	6.54E+04	1.66E+05	2.24E+04	4.69E+05	2.82E+05	1.37E+04	3.76E+04	1.8E+05	6.28E+04	3.52E+05	3.52E+05	4.1E+05	7.61E+05	1.29E+05	4.41E+05	2.74E+05	1.26E+06	8.07E+04	3.6E+04	1.1E+04	1E+04	1.95E+04	2.25E+05	1.92E+05	4.72E+05	4.07E+04	4.46E+05	2.39E+05	6.29E+04	6.27E+04	7.09E+05	8.86E+04	6.43E+04	4.73E+04	4.47E+04	3.24E+05	5.97E+05	6.9E+04
2-Oxosuberate_1	1.39E+07	4.46E+07	3.58E+06	2.21E+07	1.79E+07	1.01E+07	1.35E+07	3.45E+06	1.24E+07	1.46E+06	4.94E+06	3.29E+06	2.4E+06	5.3E+06	2.68E+07	7.33E+06	1.11E+07	8.34E+06	2.94E+07	6.77E+06	4.79E+06	9.29E+06	5.59E+06	2.39E+07	1.32E+06	6.7E+06	4.91E+05	4.23E+06	2.66E+06	1.9E+07	1.69E+07	1.32E+07	7.18E+06	1.31E+07	3.91E+07	1.34E+06	1.51E+07	6.41E+06	2.11E+06	5.28E+06	5.43E+06	1.74E+06	2.76E+06	6.54E+06	7.7E+06
2-Oxosuberate_2	3.26E+05	3.51E+05	1.82E+05	7.52E+05	1.82E+06	1.73E+06	6.54E+05	1.24E+06	1.95E+05	1.48E+05	2.17E+05	3.74E+05	1.14E+05	4.28E+05	7.83E+05	1.15E+05	1.26E+06	4.11E+05	6.18E+05	9.49E+05	7.38E+04	1.24E+05	7.75E+04	2.98E+05	1.75E+05	5.92E+04	2.49E+05	1.05E+05	1.01E+05	1.89E+05	6.69E+05	1.06E+06	2.79E+05	1.69E+06	4.15E+05	6.47E+05	2.43E+05	5.69E+05	5.71E+04	4.08E+05	1.85E+05	5.64E+04	1.15E+04	6.45E+05	4.85E+05
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_1	1.17E+05	1.45E+05	1.36E+04	1.51E+05	9.85E+04	2.59E+04	7.31E+04	3.72E+03	2.44E+04	4.19E+03	6.51E+04	1.49E+04	5.41E+03	6.5E+04	1.34E+05	8.95E+04	1.26E+05	4.63E+04	1.11E+05	4.19E+04	4.05E+04	5.55E+05	3.85E+04	2.69E+05	2.2E+03	1.48E+04	8.73E+03	2.19E+04	1.34E+04	5.83E+04	2.97E+04	6.57E+04	2.06E+04	9.91E+05	4.11E+04	1.03E+04	1.98E+04	2.19E+04	8.74E+03	4.23E+03	5.9E+04	1.96E+04	7.29E+03	6.11E+03	8.42E+03
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_2	4.14E+03	1.29E+05	3.64E+03	2.22E+04	2.88E+04	4.9E+03	1.56E+06	3.39E+03	7.7E+03	1.09E+04	3.93E+03	6.83E+03	1E+04	3.29E+03	1.45E+04	2.54E+03	6E+03	1.39E+05	9.17E+04	1.8E+03	2.87E+03	5.26E+03	4.04E+03	1.87E+04	9.18E+03	9.58E+04	4.24E+03	2.65E+05	1.65E+03	4.72E+03	7.53E+04	4.56E+04	1.58E+03	2.62E+04	4.33E+05	2.7E+04	4.16E+03	1.41E+04	1.07E+04	2.47E+03	1.07E+04	4.15E+03	5.24E+03	6.99E+04	1.76E+03
2-Thiophenesulfonamide	1.18E+07	1.2E+07	1.24E+07	1.05E+07	1.16E+07	1.17E+07	1.19E+07	1.2E+07	1.18E+07	1.18E+07	1.18E+07	1.18E+07	1.16E+07	1.15E+07	1.15E+07	1.15E+07	1.17E+07	1.12E+07	1.14E+07	1.17E+07	1.11E+07	1.14E+07	1.11E+07	1.09E+07	1.1E+07	1.08E+07	1.08E+07	1.12E+07	1.11E+07	1.14E+07	1.14E+07	1.15E+07	1.12E+07	1.12E+07	1.13E+07	1.14E+07	1.12E+07	1.13E+07	1.13E+07	1.15E+07	1.11E+07	1.17E+07	1.18E+07	1.16E+07	1.2E+07
2-trans,6-trans-Farnesal_1	1.02E+06	1.09E+06	1.99E+05	2.46E+06	1.45E+06	7.98E+05	1.2E+06	2.95E+05	8.41E+05	1.41E+05	8.3E+05	4.7E+05	1.71E+06	1.02E+06	1.69E+06	6.33E+05	8.84E+05	6.81E+05	2.63E+06	6.36E+05	2.77E+05	7.26E+05	5.15E+05	1.1E+06	3.09E+05	5.26E+04	1.23E+05	1.45E+06	1.38E+05	1.47E+06	1.57E+06	1.17E+06	1.77E+05	8.93E+05	5.47E+06	1.07E+05	9.34E+05	3.07E+05	6.58E+04	3.01E+05	7.31E+05	7.24E+04	7.16E+04	1.65E+06	1.84E+05
2-trans,6-trans-Farnesal_2	2.62E+03	0	5.01E+04	3.4E+04	3.91E+04	1.47E+04	5.42E+04	0	0	0	0	0	5.72E+05	2.25E+04	0	0	2.66E+03	3.86E+04	0	1.7E+03	0	5.16E+04	0	3.9E+05	1.02E+04	0	0	0	0	4.47E+04	2.46E+03	1.11E+04	1.61E+04	0	4.13E+03	2.42E+03	1.09E+05	0	0	6.43E+04	3.25E+04	1.99E+03	9.91E+04	8.38E+04	0
2-trans,6-trans-Farnesal_3	9.78E+04	6.26E+03	3.27E+04	2.1E+05	1.88E+05	3.69E+04	4.32E+05	4.22E+04	1.35E+04	1.37E+03	1.51E+04	3.27E+03	8.28E+03	3.39E+03	2.25E+05	8.24E+04	6.62E+05	6.43E+05	1.62E+05	2.15E+04	1.37E+04	2.93E+04	8.49E+03	5.22E+04	6.12E+05	4.07E+03	6.67E+04	2.35E+04	2.67E+03	3.16E+04	1.41E+05	1.04E+05	5.96E+03	5.62E+05	9.74E+04	2.22E+04	1.52E+04	2.78E+04	2.2E+03	1.8E+04	7.27E+03	1.56E+04	2.22E+03	3.84E+04	4.24E+03
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_1	2.54E+06	2.59E+06	2.94E+06	2.76E+06	3.3E+06	2.83E+06	2.7E+06	3.18E+06	2.82E+06	2.9E+06	3.08E+06	3.06E+06	2.96E+06	2.66E+06	2.55E+06	2.88E+06	3.28E+06	3E+06	2.98E+06	2.7E+06	2.92E+06	2.97E+06	2.73E+06	2.91E+06	2.75E+06	3.11E+06	3.43E+06	3.07E+06	3.14E+06	3.64E+06	2.55E+06	2.49E+06	3.27E+06	3.39E+06	3.19E+06	3.27E+06	3.31E+06	2.81E+06	3.02E+06	3.24E+06	2.96E+06	3.56E+06	3.14E+06	2.86E+06	3.38E+06
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_2	4.05E+06	2.84E+06	2.05E+06	4.17E+06	2.83E+06	3.35E+06	3.12E+06	1.6E+06	4.44E+06	1.72E+06	4.44E+06	2.05E+06	1.65E+06	4.09E+06	4.71E+06	3.05E+06	3.23E+06	2.97E+06	1.69E+06	2.82E+06	2.71E+06	5.02E+06	3.88E+06	4.49E+06	1.88E+06	1.73E+06	1.48E+06	4.5E+06	1.47E+06	3.54E+06	5E+06	3.17E+06	2.87E+06	4.41E+06	3.67E+06	2.35E+06	4.31E+06	2.65E+06	1.34E+06	2.54E+06	2.85E+06	1.98E+06	3.08E+06	4.31E+06	1.6E+06
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_3	2.41E+06	1.44E+06	6.16E+05	1.34E+06	1.47E+06	1.02E+06	7.62E+05	1.39E+05	4.7E+05	2.89E+06	1.4E+06	1.79E+06	3.66E+05	2.16E+07	5.79E+06	1.57E+06	5.08E+05	6.02E+06	3.74E+06	5.95E+06	1.03E+06	1.05E+06	1.03E+06	4.34E+06	6.53E+05	5.34E+05	1.67E+05	7.1E+06	2.46E+05	1.83E+06	1.87E+06	1.65E+06	6.07E+05	8.46E+05	2.18E+06	1.02E+06	2.67E+06	6.5E+05	1.26E+05	4.81E+05	3.5E+06	3.72E+05	8.11E+05	5.31E+06	3.33E+05
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_4	3.58E+04	7.15E+04	7.37E+06	2.62E+07	2.29E+05	1.34E+06	2.25E+06	6.62E+04	5.03E+04	4.05E+04	9.87E+04	3.42E+04	2.07E+06	8.35E+05	1.23E+05	4.82E+04	4.56E+04	3.5E+06	1.27E+05	2.49E+05	7.35E+04	1.7E+07	5.97E+04	1.35E+07	2.38E+06	2.84E+04	1.01E+04	4.15E+04	2.17E+04	1.55E+04	2.4E+04	1.3E+05	1.01E+06	4.55E+04	1.11E+05	4.74E+04	1.49E+07	3.47E+04	1.46E+04	2.03E+06	6.93E+04	1.09E+04	5.28E+06	2.16E+06	9.9E+03
3-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-1-hydroxy-1-methylurea	1.57E+05	9.35E+04	1.87E+05	7.77E+04	9.33E+04	1.64E+05	1.66E+05	2.56E+05	5.92E+05	7.01E+04	1.53E+05	1.55E+05	1.91E+05	3.34E+04	2.6E+04	7.07E+04	1.04E+04	4.89E+05	1.69E+05	1.73E+05	1.17E+05	1.09E+05	5.56E+04	3E+04	1.7E+05	1.6E+05	2.01E+05	8.19E+04	1.52E+05	9.21E+04	6.25E+04	6.33E+04	9.76E+03	4.29E+05	1.35E+05	1.23E+05	1.5E+04	1.64E+04	1.13E+05	1.07E+05	3.73E+04	6.67E+04	9.13E+04	4.17E+05	1.39E+05
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)lactate	2.61E+06	2.88E+06	2.35E+06	6.29E+06	4.41E+06	2.34E+05	1.3E+06	7.44E+05	2.38E+06	1.4E+06	2.01E+06	1E+06	1.39E+06	1.63E+06	3.62E+06	1.09E+06	9.54E+06	8.81E+06	4.33E+06	1.11E+06	1.17E+06	5.02E+06	7E+06	1.81E+07	8.48E+05	6.77E+05	3.78E+05	5.19E+06	2.62E+05	9.24E+05	1.66E+06	1.72E+06	2.11E+06	1.19E+06	6.63E+06	3E+06	3.56E+06	7.29E+05	1.14E+06	1.5E+06	2.23E+06	1.51E+06	3.48E+06	1.74E+06	2.2E+05
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate_1	1.21E+07	1.66E+07	5.28E+06	2.75E+07	2.27E+07	6.45E+06	7.71E+06	1.54E+06	9.01E+06	4.08E+06	8.48E+06	4.93E+06	2.72E+06	1.08E+07	2.59E+07	1.02E+07	1.27E+07	1.08E+07	3.87E+07	1.27E+07	5.9E+06	1.23E+07	6.56E+06	1.99E+07	3.31E+06	4.08E+06	2.44E+06	9.16E+06	3.95E+06	6.89E+06	1.16E+07	2E+07	5.65E+06	7.64E+06	1.5E+07	6.17E+06	1.85E+07	8.09E+06	2.18E+06	3.91E+06	9.46E+06	3.54E+06	4.82E+06	5.32E+06	2.76E+06
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate_2	2.16E+05	2.69E+05	8.86E+05	5.4E+05	2.19E+05	8.21E+04	1.07E+06	9.36E+04	6.45E+05	3.21E+05	2.27E+05	2.38E+06	9.73E+05	2.04E+05	3.25E+06	2.12E+05	2.06E+05	1.3E+06	8.97E+05	8.8E+05	8.08E+04	1.61E+05	5.18E+05	3.04E+06	1.41E+06	8.05E+04	5.23E+05	1.96E+05	1.58E+05	3.03E+05	2.49E+05	4.57E+05	8.81E+04	2.38E+04	3.26E+06	6.18E+05	8.6E+05	3.8E+04	3.32E+05	4.05E+05	9.91E+04	8.74E+04	3.89E+05	5.04E+04	1.45E+05
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate_3	1.42E+06	3.06E+05	8.82E+04	3.77E+05	9.1E+04	2.46E+04	4.82E+04	6.32E+03	2.33E+05	9.64E+05	1.34E+05	1.39E+05	1.04E+04	1.97E+06	1.2E+06	1.82E+05	1.93E+05	6.8E+05	3.23E+06	8.05E+05	1.2E+05	3.25E+05	1.31E+05	5.31E+05	2.2E+05	1.71E+04	4E+03	6.44E+05	1.96E+04	3.7E+05	5.23E+04	9.79E+04	1.86E+05	2.72E+05	5.06E+05	1.78E+05	2.22E+05	1.13E+05	1.69E+04	2.23E+03	3.47E+05	1.08E+04	4.06E+04	1.09E+06	1.96E+03
3-(Dimethylamino)propyl benzoate	6.01E+06	1.7E+06	1.5E+06	1.24E+06	1.64E+06	1.54E+06	1.43E+06	1.71E+06	1.41E+06	1.47E+06	1.29E+06	1.57E+06	2.3E+06	1.96E+06	1.36E+06	1.22E+06	4.75E+06	1.34E+06	1.33E+06	1.38E+06	1.54E+06	5.57E+06	1.2E+06	1.45E+06	1.26E+06	1.21E+06	1.26E+06	1.69E+06	1.23E+06	1.34E+06	2.69E+06	1.69E+06	1.27E+06	1.46E+06	1.25E+06	1.24E+06	1.41E+06	1.57E+06	1.55E+06	1.4E+06	1.98E+06	1.25E+06	1.39E+06	1.22E+06	1.42E+06
3-(Imidazol-4-yl)-2-oxopropyl phosphate_1	9.67E+05	1.7E+06	6.58E+05	2.15E+06	3.22E+06	7.39E+05	9.54E+05	2.23E+05	7.84E+05	4.09E+05	2.15E+06	1.52E+06	6.94E+05	4.33E+05	9.52E+05	7.23E+05	1.21E+06	1.25E+06	1.53E+06	1.98E+06	1.35E+06	8.71E+05	6.54E+05	2.29E+06	5.37E+05	7.24E+05	1.85E+05	3.14E+05	2.33E+05	1.27E+05	8.5E+05	2.62E+06	3.72E+04	9.37E+05	7.3E+05	7.11E+05	2.3E+06	2.37E+06	3.01E+05	2.87E+05	5.3E+05	4.31E+05	1.6E+06	9.38E+05	7.26E+04
3-(Imidazol-4-yl)-2-oxopropyl phosphate_2	4.41E+05	1.43E+05	3.28E+04	5.1E+04	1.97E+05	3.02E+05	2.02E+05	6.81E+04	2.03E+05	3.15E+04	3.87E+05	9.24E+04	1.13E+04	1.23E+05	1.29E+05	1.82E+05	4.45E+05	1.52E+05	6.27E+05	4.49E+05	1.28E+05	3.5E+05	1.14E+05	5.5E+05	6.79E+04	6.72E+04	2.11E+04	8.6E+04	1.97E+04	2.98E+05	5.98E+05	1.44E+05	1.22E+05	3.97E+05	5.18E+05	8.39E+04	2.01E+04	5.48E+04	2.04E+04	6.1E+03	3.86E+04	3.04E+04	5.05E+04	2.92E+05	2.29E+04
3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidine-4,4'-diisocyanate	5.25E+05	1.25E+06	1.14E+06	6.61E+06	8.63E+05	8.36E+05	1.59E+06	1.54E+05	1.19E+06	6.11E+05	1.53E+06	6.69E+05	8.08E+05	9.37E+05	1.8E+06	1.3E+06	9.89E+05	3.03E+06	2.64E+06	1.39E+06	1.14E+06	2.95E+06	1.01E+06	5.73E+06	1.02E+06	4.47E+05	4.45E+05	9.25E+05	9.49E+04	2.04E+06	3.91E+05	1.23E+06	7.77E+05	8.44E+05	2.71E+06	8.57E+05	3.18E+06	9.38E+05	1.18E+05	7.53E+05	7.86E+05	6.34E+05	5.49E+05	2.42E+06	2.69E+05
3,4-Dihydroxy-3,4-dihydro-9-fluorenone	2.57E+03	1.43E+03	1.76E+03	2.22E+03	5.34E+05	1.54E+03	1.54E+03	1.97E+03	2.88E+03	3.09E+04	2.07E+04	1.77E+03	2.11E+03	2.17E+03	2.06E+03	1.03E+04	1.43E+03	2.95E+03	1.36E+03	4.68E+03	2.4E+03	2.47E+03	1.75E+03	8.85E+03	913	1.12E+03	1.64E+03	2.65E+03	1.68E+03	1.57E+05	5.84E+03	1.11E+06	1.4E+03	6.13E+03	6.35E+04	1.3E+03	1.39E+03	2.45E+04	1.59E+03	1.39E+04	3.06E+03	1.94E+03	9.7E+03	2E+03	1E+03
3,4-Dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine	3.16E+04	5.2E+04	6.39E+03	7.29E+05	4.9E+04	6.48E+03	2.78E+05	2.64E+05	1.31E+05	1.59E+04	7.38E+04	2.27E+04	2.09E+04	1.69E+04	6.05E+05	1.21E+06	4.86E+05	2.37E+04	2.25E+04	1.86E+06	2.85E+04	1.49E+04	1.31E+05	1.92E+06	1.42E+04	6.25E+04	3.23E+03	1.42E+04	1.16E+05	4.53E+04	9.01E+04	2.45E+05	2.88E+04	3.08E+04	5.64E+04	9.65E+04	8.77E+03	1.85E+05	8.2E+03	1.82E+06	1.41E+04	5.38E+03	6.05E+03	1.94E+04	7.92E+03
3,4-Dihydroxymandelate	1.99E+04	3.24E+05	1.53E+05	2.67E+06	6.15E+03	1.64E+06	5.25E+05	6.01E+04	3.64E+04	9.14E+03	2.58E+04	3.82E+03	2.46E+05	7.61E+03	9.3E+03	6.7E+03	9.2E+05	7.3E+05	6.13E+03	1.57E+05	3.44E+03	8.15E+05	1.54E+06	6.84E+05	1.58E+05	8.59E+03	1.02E+04	1.01E+04	0	1.29E+06	1.6E+06	9.08E+03	5.33E+05	1.15E+06	6E+06	2.71E+03	1.17E+06	1.7E+05	2.31E+03	2.14E+05	1.28E+04	6.44E+05	1.16E+05	2.54E+06	4.73E+03
3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethyleneglycol	6.37E+06	1.11E+07	1.78E+06	1.12E+07	3.71E+06	4.77E+06	8.66E+06	2.35E+06	6.18E+06	6.9E+05	4.13E+06	1.97E+06	1.75E+06	2.66E+06	1.33E+07	2.58E+06	4.73E+06	4.81E+06	1.5E+07	3.94E+06	2.02E+06	4.92E+06	3.15E+06	8.63E+06	8.54E+05	8.53E+05	1.02E+06	1.89E+06	6.32E+06	9.93E+06	8.41E+06	7.99E+06	4.56E+06	9.59E+06	2.13E+07	9.52E+05	3.79E+06	4.49E+06	1.22E+06	3.04E+06	2.76E+06	1.22E+06	1.61E+06	3.52E+06	3.84E+06
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine	1.83E+07	2.5E+07	2.94E+07	2.18E+07	2.22E+07	2.34E+07	2.67E+07	2.93E+07	2.67E+07	2.96E+07	2.68E+07	2.77E+07	2.85E+07	2.62E+07	2.39E+07	2.71E+07	2.29E+07	2.36E+07	2.19E+07	2.49E+07	2.69E+07	2.33E+07	2.72E+07	2.27E+07	2.7E+07	2.83E+07	2.91E+07	2.67E+07	2.96E+07	2.5E+07	2.36E+07	2.23E+07	2.47E+07	2.57E+07	2.16E+07	2.68E+07	2.19E+07	2.5E+07	2.85E+07	2.67E+07	2.49E+07	2.74E+07	2.78E+07	2.62E+07	2.83E+07
3',5'-Cyclic AMP	3.75E+06	6.08E+06	1.08E+06	7.29E+06	6.28E+06	3.42E+06	1.9E+06	7.14E+05	3E+06	1.08E+06	3.5E+06	2E+06	9.83E+05	2.57E+06	5.74E+06	2.35E+06	3.35E+06	4.01E+06	6.6E+06	4.1E+06	2.6E+06	3.28E+06	3.08E+06	5.51E+06	1.22E+06	1.43E+06	8.41E+05	2.21E+06	8.76E+05	2.82E+06	4.07E+06	3.88E+06	1.72E+06	2.55E+06	5.98E+06	1.44E+06	5.39E+06	1.72E+06	8.53E+05	1.13E+06	2.13E+06	9.34E+05	1.62E+06	2.78E+06	1.01E+06
3',5'-Cyclic GMP	4.76E+05	4.52E+05	3.64E+04	1.31E+05	5.81E+05	3.14E+05	1.43E+05	7.28E+03	3.36E+05	4.62E+04	3.26E+05	1.29E+05	9.22E+04	1.92E+05	2.69E+05	3.1E+05	4.65E+05	3.19E+05	1.33E+05	1.87E+05	1.46E+05	5.79E+05	5.73E+04	1.49E+05	1.65E+05	6.36E+04	9.52E+04	6.05E+04	3.39E+04	1.54E+05	8.75E+04	4.5E+05	7.12E+04	1.8E+05	5.79E+05	1.41E+05	4.12E+05	6.49E+04	6.5E+04	1.36E+04	8.91E+03	7.06E+04	1.73E+04	1.94E+05	8.14E+04
3',5'-Cyclic IMP	9.39E+05	8.8E+05	4.46E+05	1.05E+06	8E+05	5.11E+05	6.57E+05	1.05E+05	5.79E+05	4.08E+05	7.13E+05	4.71E+05	3.39E+05	6.71E+05	8.46E+05	6.83E+05	6.84E+05	7.46E+05	9.88E+05	7.53E+05	5.93E+05	1.05E+06	5.33E+05	9.19E+05	3.79E+05	4.11E+05	1.56E+05	6.61E+05	2.8E+05	4.49E+05	7.73E+05	8E+05	4.5E+05	5.16E+05	3.52E+05	4.19E+05	7.98E+05	4.78E+05	1.2E+05	4.1E+05	5.55E+05	3.41E+05	4.56E+05	4.58E+05	1.85E+05
3,5-Dichloro-4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate	2.82E+05	7.71E+04	2.31E+03	6.09E+03	4.98E+04	2.27E+03	1.31E+03	8.94E+04	7.4E+04	8.26E+03	1.77E+04	1.65E+03	1.84E+03	1.62E+03	1.46E+04	2.44E+03	1.67E+05	2.45E+03	1.84E+04	3.64E+03	7.23E+03	9.3E+04	2.08E+03	2.77E+03	0	0	2.38E+03	1.97E+03	0	1.14E+04	2.61E+05	1.41E+04	4.31E+03	3E+04	7.94E+03	6.18E+03	0	0	1.79E+03	3.75E+04	1.34E+04	825	0	5.27E+03	2.32E+03
3,9-Dihydroxypterocarpan	4.47E+04	2.5E+03	3.33E+05	7.56E+05	2.33E+04	3.72E+03	3.92E+03	1.05E+05	1.32E+05	1.46E+05	3.03E+03	4.02E+03	1.73E+03	5.93E+03	6.88E+03	2.62E+03	1.64E+04	5.51E+05	7.13E+03	2.41E+05	0	4.18E+03	2.83E+03	1.7E+04	1.17E+03	1.15E+05	1.87E+03	2.35E+04	2.26E+03	3.22E+03	1.88E+05	3.61E+03	2.34E+03	6.85E+03	2.03E+05	7.32E+04	3.84E+03	2.93E+04	2E+03	3.41E+03	3.04E+03	1.66E+04	2.89E+03	3.52E+05	3.55E+05
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate_1	2.04E+06	2.14E+06	2.1E+06	2.13E+06	1.92E+06	1.95E+06	2.11E+06	2.06E+06	2.19E+06	2.13E+06	2.12E+06	2.2E+06	2.12E+06	2E+06	2.1E+06	2.2E+06	2.09E+06	2.17E+06	2.09E+06	1.97E+06	2.07E+06	2.1E+06	2.07E+06	2.09E+06	2.17E+06	2.13E+06	2.19E+06	2.08E+06	2.19E+06	2.15E+06	2.2E+06	2.19E+06	2.15E+06	1.88E+06	2.13E+06	2.2E+06	2.16E+06	2.03E+06	2.16E+06	2.21E+06	2E+06	2.15E+06	2.09E+06	2.03E+06	2.14E+06
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate_2	1.66E+06	2.48E+05	4.19E+04	1.09E+06	3.77E+05	1.86E+06	1.18E+06	6.89E+04	2E+05	6.74E+05	3.77E+05	9.67E+05	2.96E+05	2.47E+06	1.78E+06	5.74E+05	1.15E+06	1.18E+06	1.02E+06	1.64E+06	1.81E+05	1.14E+06	4.01E+04	1.47E+06	3.28E+04	8.55E+03	3.05E+04	7.3E+05	5.7E+04	6.19E+05	1.04E+06	1.33E+06	5.71E+04	1.03E+06	1.37E+06	2.3E+05	8.98E+05	3.05E+05	4.82E+04	1.21E+05	9.09E+05	7.32E+04	5.86E+04	1.95E+06	3.45E+05
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate_3	3.32E+05	9.71E+04	6.96E+03	6.88E+04	3.05E+05	3.21E+05	7.29E+04	4.6E+04	6.87E+03	7.96E+04	6.59E+04	1.27E+05	9.34E+03	1.13E+06	4.64E+05	2.65E+05	2.88E+04	4.97E+05	2.97E+05	2.54E+05	6.78E+04	4.72E+04	3.18E+04	8.54E+04	4.6E+04	1.47E+04	6.33E+04	2.47E+05	2.12E+04	9.19E+04	7.12E+04	1.31E+05	3.44E+04	1.69E+05	3.04E+05	1.83E+04	1.39E+05	3.58E+04	4.13E+04	4.36E+04	2.49E+05	2.87E+04	6.16E+03	1.7E+05	5.37E+04
3alpha,7alpha-Dihydroxy-12-oxo-5beta-cholanate_1	1.83E+05	1.85E+05	1.34E+05	1.23E+05	1.86E+05	1.6E+05	1.51E+05	1.82E+05	1.15E+05	1.67E+05	1.4E+05	1.8E+05	1.67E+05	1.81E+05	1.78E+05	1.57E+05	1.65E+05	1.49E+05	7.96E+04	1.51E+05	1.7E+05	9.44E+04	1.55E+05	2.98E+04	1.66E+05	1.16E+05	1.12E+05	1.24E+05	1.33E+05	1.31E+05	1.66E+05	8.15E+04	1.69E+05	1.48E+05	9.08E+04	1.45E+05	1.46E+05	1.16E+05	1.51E+05	1.7E+05	1.18E+05	8.17E+04	1.38E+05	2.03E+05	1.66E+05
3alpha,7alpha-Dihydroxy-12-oxo-5beta-cholanate_2	1E+05	3.69E+04	1.45E+03	4.25E+04	6.95E+05	8.29E+05	7.43E+05	1.57E+03	1.15E+04	0	5.26E+04	1.77E+03	8.73E+03	0	9.51E+03	2.22E+04	1.6E+04	8.2E+04	1.97E+05	3.18E+04	5.84E+04	5.42E+04	2.5E+03	2.56E+05	5.09E+04	2.09E+04	0	1.36E+04	2.47E+03	1.57E+03	1.17E+04	3.72E+05	1.55E+03	1.83E+04	0	2.29E+03	4.6E+05	1.6E+04	0	2.95E+04	5.08E+03	1.86E+03	0	4.74E+03	1.53E+04
3-AMINOISOBUTANOATE	1.27E+08	7E+07	4.78E+08	1.54E+08	1.9E+08	9.76E+07	6.06E+08	5.47E+07	2.34E+07	4.5E+08	2.89E+07	3.13E+07	1.4E+07	2.25E+08	1.73E+08	7.94E+08	1.37E+08	6.26E+07	2.45E+08	3.28E+07	1.65E+07	1.21E+08	2.5E+07	4.25E+07	2.45E+07	2.5E+07	3.97E+07	2.79E+08	3.79E+08	8.9E+07	7.27E+07	1.97E+08	1.44E+07	2.33E+07	1.23E+08	5.72E+08	2.09E+08	3.68E+07	5.52E+07	5.5E+07	2.03E+08	6.92E+06	8.41E+07	2.68E+07	2.03E+07
3beta-(Acetyloxy)-5beta-methyl-6beta-chloroestr-9-en-17-one	5.16E+05	5.22E+05	4.85E+05	4.82E+05	4.64E+05	4.42E+05	3.33E+05	2.93E+05	4.04E+05	3.91E+05	3.97E+05	3.7E+05	3.35E+05	2.19E+05	3.48E+05	1.44E+05	2.9E+05	1.83E+05	1.39E+05	2.49E+05	2.36E+05	2.68E+05	7.85E+04	2.09E+05	2.12E+05	2.19E+05	4.99E+04	1E+05	9.16E+04	2.16E+05	9.24E+04	1.58E+05	1.92E+05	1.5E+05	1.31E+05	1.13E+05	1.14E+05	1.6E+05	1.44E+05	1.08E+05	1.35E+05	1.86E+05	1.33E+05	9.64E+04	8.68E+04
3-Butylidene-7-hydroxyphthalide_1	1.76E+06	1.85E+06	1.87E+06	1.79E+06	1.63E+06	1.95E+06	1.68E+06	1.91E+06	1.77E+06	1.88E+06	1.84E+06	1.86E+06	1.87E+06	1.88E+06	1.77E+06	1.81E+06	1.81E+06	1.79E+06	1.72E+06	1.82E+06	1.86E+06	1.76E+06	1.78E+06	1.78E+06	1.83E+06	1.82E+06	1.83E+06	1.78E+06	1.84E+06	1.8E+06	1.87E+06	1.76E+06	1.83E+06	1.74E+06	1.8E+06	1.83E+06	1.88E+06	1.9E+06	1.86E+06	1.95E+06	2.01E+06	2E+06	2.11E+06	1.88E+06	1.92E+06
3-Butylidene-7-hydroxyphthalide_2	1.07E+04	3.16E+03	6.81E+03	8.62E+04	3.53E+05	2.46E+04	2.58E+04	2.68E+03	3.3E+04	4.87E+03	6.36E+03	4.38E+04	2.54E+03	1.58E+04	2.45E+04	2.83E+03	5.09E+05	1.34E+04	2.05E+04	5.14E+04	4.43E+04	3.02E+04	8.74E+03	2.09E+04	6.58E+04	2.99E+03	3E+03	9.03E+03	5.94E+03	5.34E+03	1.83E+04	1.8E+04	7.76E+03	1.3E+05	7.63E+03	8.79E+03	8.24E+04	1.57E+04	2.49E+03	8.85E+03	1.69E+04	5.95E+03	1.88E+04	1.3E+04	8.43E+03
3-Butyn-1-ol	1.03E+06	3.73E+05	1.53E+05	1.44E+06	7.79E+05	8.07E+04	4.3E+05	6.44E+04	8.27E+05	4.75E+03	4.96E+05	8.04E+04	2.98E+04	5.2E+05	1.08E+06	7.17E+05	5.12E+05	6.85E+05	2.43E+06	1.68E+05	1.29E+05	1.13E+06	3.75E+05	1.9E+06	4.34E+04	4.02E+05	2.28E+03	3.32E+05	7.98E+04	7.28E+05	7.9E+05	8.22E+05	8.33E+05	4.94E+05	1.05E+06	2.98E+04	1.44E+06	7.23E+05	7.22E+04	2.58E+05	5.59E+05	1.04E+04	2.75E+05	1.24E+05	1.48E+04
3-Dehydroquinate_1	1.58E+07	2.53E+07	4.89E+06	3.13E+07	3.53E+07	1.68E+07	7.42E+06	2.44E+06	1.18E+07	4.74E+06	1.23E+07	6.05E+06	4.69E+06	1.31E+07	3.72E+07	9.31E+06	1.93E+07	2.12E+07	3.79E+07	1.64E+07	1.21E+07	1.93E+07	1.27E+07	2.21E+07	3.75E+06	8.29E+06	2.48E+06	1.16E+07	3.69E+06	5.59E+06	1.36E+07	2.73E+07	7.93E+06	1.4E+07	1.46E+07	5.99E+06	2.59E+07	6.06E+06	3.43E+06	3.99E+06	1.2E+07	3.3E+06	5.11E+06	6.51E+06	4.63E+06
3-Dehydroquinate_2	1.37E+06	2.14E+06	3.14E+05	2.99E+06	3.18E+06	1.44E+06	7.78E+05	9.25E+04	9.23E+05	3.67E+05	1E+06	5.55E+05	3.72E+05	9.08E+05	2.85E+06	8.32E+05	1.56E+06	1.92E+06	3.26E+06	1.44E+06	1.11E+06	1.73E+06	1.01E+06	1.11E+06	1.01E+05	7.81E+05	1.47E+05	9.27E+05	3.36E+05	3.92E+05	1.15E+06	2.54E+06	6.77E+05	1.22E+06	1.2E+06	4.74E+05	2.39E+06	4.96E+05	3.84E+04	1.14E+05	9.83E+05	1.79E+05	2.58E+05	5.67E+05	3.89E+05
3-Dehydroshikimate_1	4.47E+06	7.78E+06	1.55E+06	1.02E+07	1.13E+07	5.25E+06	2.05E+06	6.85E+05	3.27E+06	1.5E+06	3.31E+06	1.61E+06	1.49E+06	3.79E+06	1.23E+07	2.57E+06	5.59E+06	6.81E+06	1.23E+07	4.74E+06	3.63E+06	5.84E+06	3.72E+06	7.06E+06	1.32E+06	2.36E+06	7.18E+05	3.13E+06	1.27E+06	1.76E+06	4.86E+06	8.76E+06	2.26E+06	4.29E+06	5.24E+06	2.12E+06	9.02E+06	1.75E+06	1.18E+06	1.15E+06	3.68E+06	1.12E+06	1.58E+06	2.31E+06	1.46E+06
3-Dehydroshikimate_2	3.56E+06	2.27E+06	3.51E+06	2.21E+06	6.4E+04	1.26E+06	1.97E+06	1.68E+06	7.02E+06	1.82E+06	1.43E+06	2.64E+06	2.56E+05	1.11E+06	3.25E+06	2.04E+06	3.62E+06	2.05E+06	1.62E+06	2.45E+06	1.87E+06	3.31E+06	3.41E+06	2.72E+06	1.98E+06	1.22E+06	1.63E+06	2.1E+06	6.43E+05	1.47E+06	5.94E+06	1.6E+06	1.63E+06	2.8E+06	2.71E+06	1.5E+06	6.33E+05	7.5E+05	6.46E+05	2.45E+06	1.92E+06	2.7E+06	5.18E+05	2.76E+06	1.41E+06
3'-Demethylstaurosporine	5.34E+06	4.33E+06	4.68E+06	8.67E+06	6.93E+06	4.15E+06	4.08E+06	6.86E+05	1.19E+06	2.29E+06	3.55E+06	8.35E+06	3.21E+06	4.03E+06	6.78E+06	2.58E+06	5.2E+07	6.73E+06	7.86E+06	1.16E+06	1.82E+06	7.2E+06	4.9E+06	7.97E+06	2.5E+07	3.19E+06	1.07E+07	3.14E+06	2.34E+06	1.27E+07	2.06E+06	1.2E+07	5.67E+05	1.53E+05	1.38E+07	5.34E+06	7.29E+06	9.46E+06	2.45E+06	1.62E+06	2.86E+06	1.2E+07	1.59E+06	4.9E+06	4.07E+06
3-Dimethylallyl-4-hydroxymandelic acid	5.65E+05	1.53E+05	2.68E+05	7.64E+04	5.8E+05	2.19E+05	4.01E+05	1.39E+04	9.76E+04	8.31E+05	1.56E+05	7.41E+05	3.67E+04	5.91E+06	1.41E+05	4.31E+05	1.85E+04	5.18E+05	3.19E+05	1.18E+06	3.82E+05	1.85E+05	1.33E+04	7.22E+05	1.94E+04	9.66E+03	5.41E+03	1.87E+06	8.16E+04	1.28E+04	6.23E+05	7.69E+05	9.25E+03	2.07E+05	1.46E+04	5.89E+05	1.19E+05	7.16E+04	2.71E+04	2.77E+04	9.76E+05	5.5E+03	4.41E+05	8.76E+05	1.02E+05
3-Ethoxyandrosta-3,5-dien-17beta-ol propanoate	5.91E+05	1.58E+05	3.56E+04	2.63E+05	6.04E+05	1.51E+06	1.79E+06	1.03E+05	4.27E+05	1.84E+03	4.07E+05	1.03E+04	2.95E+03	9.54E+03	6.42E+05	4.99E+05	3.02E+05	1.08E+05	1E+06	2.36E+05	1.52E+05	6.78E+05	9.23E+03	4.65E+05	1.66E+04	8.28E+03	4.11E+04	4.99E+04	2.15E+05	4.51E+04	3.86E+05	1.48E+05	9.91E+04	4.6E+05	2.05E+04	2.74E+04	9.89E+05	1.48E+04	2.42E+03	1.66E+05	1.98E+05	7.26E+04	6.5E+03	1.05E+04	7.61E+04
3-Fluoro-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-propanone	7.54E+05	1.11E+05	3.77E+04	5.24E+05	3.56E+05	1.44E+05	1.57E+06	4.9E+04	2.36E+05	1.38E+04	1.35E+05	4.63E+04	3.42E+04	6.42E+05	2.51E+04	1.02E+06	1.58E+04	3.28E+05	9.62E+05	1.35E+04	8.41E+04	9.66E+04	1.76E+05	2.82E+05	1.03E+04	1.17E+05	1.03E+04	3.52E+05	5.12E+04	1.4E+06	7.66E+05	2.23E+06	2.36E+05	1.12E+04	2.47E+06	6.44E+03	1.74E+06	4.62E+05	6.68E+03	2.83E+05	3.13E+05	3.22E+03	1.95E+05	1.64E+05	4.67E+04
3-Fluoro-cis,cis-muconate	3.76E+05	7.12E+04	1.14E+04	4.73E+04	7.84E+05	6.22E+05	1.89E+05	1.67E+06	6.88E+05	2.01E+04	1.1E+06	1.25E+06	1.54E+06	8.29E+05	1.42E+05	1.07E+06	2.57E+05	4.08E+05	4.94E+04	9.39E+05	6.66E+05	2.9E+05	3.88E+05	4.29E+05	1.24E+05	5.16E+05	1.05E+05	2.71E+06	5.61E+05	9.42E+05	7.34E+05	1.3E+06	2.55E+05	5.31E+05	1.34E+06	1.49E+04	2E+06	9.62E+05	5.82E+04	5.74E+05	1.38E+06	9.28E+05	1.54E+06	7.21E+05	5.33E+05
3-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol-1-carboxylate_1	2.81E+04	1.27E+04	3.43E+03	3.6E+05	6.89E+03	7.14E+03	4.83E+03	1.72E+03	1.55E+05	2.96E+04	7.97E+04	1.06E+04	9.04E+03	1.52E+04	2.92E+05	8.68E+03	5.5E+04	2.01E+04	2.37E+04	3.32E+04	4.17E+03	2.04E+04	4.06E+04	1.28E+05	4.05E+03	1.71E+03	5.3E+04	3.77E+04	6.07E+03	9.23E+04	9.19E+04	3.95E+04	8.13E+03	1.13E+05	2.08E+05	7.51E+03	7.8E+04	2.67E+03	6.8E+03	1.95E+03	6.22E+03	2.67E+03	3.84E+03	8.87E+03	4.76E+03
3-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol-1-carboxylate_2	6.79E+03	9.45E+03	7.45E+03	2.25E+05	4.3E+04	1.62E+03	1.69E+03	1.92E+03	4.53E+03	4.27E+03	2.98E+05	4.2E+03	6.32E+04	3.27E+03	2.77E+03	5.5E+03	3.33E+05	3.73E+03	2.49E+03	8.3E+05	8.46E+04	9.86E+03	9.45E+03	7.96E+05	4.39E+03	2.47E+03	5.51E+03	5.91E+03	1.27E+03	4.28E+03	2.45E+03	1.71E+03	1.36E+03	1.25E+04	6.75E+03	8.73E+03	1.92E+03	4.17E+03	962	4.34E+03	1.14E+04	7.72E+03	9.3E+03	2.06E+03	1.69E+03
3-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol-1-carboxylate_3	0	1.22E+03	0	5.53E+05	1.5E+03	1.77E+03	0	0	1.9E+03	0	3E+05	1.13E+03	939	0	1.44E+03	1.16E+03	6.88E+05	1.3E+03	1.82E+03	8.54E+05	9.53E+04	1.32E+03	0	7.82E+05	1.31E+03	0	1.3E+03	0	1.29E+03	1.43E+03	1.62E+03	1.93E+03	1.17E+03	1.42E+03	0	0	1.94E+03	1.36E+03	1.11E+03	1.29E+03	0	0	0	1.38E+03	0
3-Fluoro-D-alanine	3.55E+03	2.05E+05	3.67E+04	3.22E+04	8.89E+03	1.06E+04	9.55E+03	3.43E+03	3.06E+05	7.41E+03	3.04E+03	1.73E+04	1.13E+04	8.03E+03	4.27E+03	9.23E+03	6.71E+04	1.54E+04	1.08E+04	1.91E+03	5.51E+03	2.64E+04	6.51E+03	3.06E+04	1.73E+04	8.89E+03	4.46E+03	6.41E+03	5.87E+03	1.16E+04	6.2E+03	6.59E+03	1.05E+04	5.44E+05	1.77E+04	4.6E+03	4.51E+04	6.6E+04	1.08E+04	7.84E+03	6.07E+03	4.82E+03	9.91E+03	1.14E+04	6.47E+03
3-HYDROXY-3-METHYLGLUTARATE	7.59E+06	9E+06	3.26E+06	1E+07	1.11E+07	6.96E+06	5.5E+06	2.03E+06	7.74E+06	2.27E+06	6.32E+06	3.4E+06	2.77E+06	6.77E+06	9.77E+06	4.55E+06	9.13E+06	8.05E+06	8.9E+06	6.33E+06	3.29E+06	7.22E+06	3.88E+06	1.27E+07	1.31E+06	2.73E+06	1.46E+06	6.55E+06	2.01E+06	7.03E+06	9.42E+06	9.75E+06	4.9E+06	1.13E+07	1.94E+07	2.94E+06	1.24E+07	3.73E+06	1.55E+06	3.55E+06	5.32E+06	1.87E+06	3.66E+06	7.9E+06	2.15E+06
3-Hydroxyanthranilate	3.02E+06	8.1E+06	1.82E+06	9.95E+06	7.41E+06	1.88E+06	1.27E+06	6.02E+05	2.7E+06	1.11E+06	3.23E+06	1.31E+06	1.22E+06	3.71E+06	5.04E+06	2.69E+06	1.88E+06	5.02E+06	9.92E+06	6.18E+06	9.72E+05	3.21E+06	2.2E+06	1.08E+07	1.42E+06	2.14E+06	5.78E+05	1.38E+06	1.76E+06	2.96E+06	5.38E+06	4.11E+06	1.6E+06	2.25E+06	1.75E+06	9.47E+05	1.07E+07	2.76E+06	9.04E+05	1.19E+06	3.17E+06	1.01E+06	1.56E+06	1.85E+06	5.63E+05
3''-Hydroxy-geranylhydroquinone	7.36E+05	1.19E+04	8.17E+04	2.72E+05	2.14E+05	2.25E+05	5.53E+05	1.95E+04	1.51E+05	5.41E+04	5.25E+05	6.61E+04	7.28E+04	2.92E+05	2.05E+05	1.27E+05	3.79E+05	1.82E+04	3.24E+05	3.37E+05	5.69E+03	3.55E+05	2.01E+04	1.12E+05	3.91E+03	3.44E+03	8.16E+03	8.27E+04	1.7E+04	2.71E+04	8.44E+05	4.52E+04	1.22E+04	3.38E+05	1.57E+05	2.07E+05	3.89E+04	3.35E+05	1.16E+04	6.1E+04	5.22E+05	1.33E+04	3.97E+04	2.56E+04	6.53E+04
3-Hydroxyhexobarbital_1	9.04E+06	4.16E+06	2.16E+06	1.48E+07	8.77E+06	1.69E+06	3.05E+06	1.18E+06	4.55E+06	4.44E+06	2.73E+06	1.51E+06	6.11E+05	1.5E+06	4.62E+06	1.49E+06	7.57E+06	3.1E+06	9.51E+06	2.57E+06	1.36E+06	4.58E+06	1.92E+06	3.74E+06	1.77E+06	8.03E+05	1.48E+06	1.55E+06	8.29E+05	2.41E+06	4.61E+06	2.76E+06	2.82E+06	4.16E+06	7.42E+06	1.41E+06	3.07E+06	1.57E+06	7.42E+05	2.5E+06	2.29E+06	1.03E+06	2.45E+06	2.85E+06	1.03E+06
3-Hydroxyhexobarbital_2	7.97E+03	2.54E+03	5.4E+03	4.33E+03	1.78E+04	9.93E+03	2.41E+03	4.43E+03	1.38E+05	1.67E+03	8.07E+03	2.86E+04	1.86E+03	3.48E+03	1.03E+04	0	2.16E+06	3.47E+04	2.91E+03	1.13E+04	1.77E+03	2.72E+03	1.91E+03	4.57E+03	3.13E+03	2.33E+03	4.45E+03	1.63E+03	0	4.53E+03	1.06E+04	2.74E+03	2.74E+03	1.48E+05	4.27E+03	0	3.44E+05	4.25E+03	0	1.81E+03	2.75E+03	2.98E+03	0	2.22E+03	1.63E+03
3-Hydroxykynurenamine	2.25E+04	1.35E+04	9.93E+04	6.74E+05	5.54E+05	2.29E+04	1.46E+06	3.31E+05	6.58E+05	6.37E+04	1.02E+04	3.34E+04	3.78E+04	1.49E+05	2.12E+04	2.42E+05	8.65E+05	9.05E+04	1.11E+05	9.48E+04	5.34E+04	1.03E+05	2.43E+04	1.15E+06	1.55E+05	1.89E+04	8.87E+04	4.45E+04	8.48E+03	5.5E+04	1.64E+05	1.1E+05	3.04E+04	2E+06	2.84E+05	4.24E+04	2.39E+05	1.56E+06	7.07E+03	6.63E+04	4.83E+04	1.51E+04	4.57E+04	1.26E+05	2.68E+05
3-HYDROXYKYNURENINE	2.29E+06	2.6E+06	1.46E+05	1.62E+06	4.23E+06	1.15E+06	2.42E+06	1.32E+05	9.24E+05	3.03E+04	1.34E+06	4.19E+05	8.94E+05	1.04E+06	1.16E+06	2.1E+06	1.7E+06	3.27E+06	2.02E+06	1.05E+06	1.33E+06	3.08E+06	9.91E+05	2.61E+06	3.91E+05	1.1E+06	1.47E+05	1.14E+06	6.3E+05	3.18E+05	1.8E+06	1.7E+06	2.09E+05	8.97E+05	1.23E+06	7.02E+04	1.74E+06	3.72E+05	4.97E+05	2.1E+05	1.55E+06	3.25E+05	3.61E+05	1.67E+06	4.12E+05
3-Hydroxy-L-glutamate	1.16E+05	4.22E+03	0	1.95E+03	7.63E+03	7.12E+03	2.43E+03	2.24E+03	4.62E+03	2.3E+03	3.18E+04	1.69E+03	5.74E+04	1.19E+04	0	1.42E+03	0	2.42E+03	3.22E+04	2.51E+03	0	0	0	3.23E+03	8.36E+03	0	1.88E+03	9.69E+03	1.56E+03	9.93E+03	4.41E+03	8.76E+05	0	2.84E+03	1.59E+04	1.88E+04	3.84E+05	6.32E+03	3.16E+03	1.75E+03	3.31E+03	0	7.5E+03	1.43E+04	2.48E+03
3-Isopropylcatechol	1.92E+06	9.92E+05	3.77E+05	3.42E+06	1.74E+06	1.09E+06	6.33E+05	2.88E+05	5.44E+05	3.32E+05	1.27E+05	4.45E+05	4E+05	5.01E+05	3.86E+05	5.08E+04	1.61E+06	1.12E+06	5.07E+05	7.29E+05	2.46E+05	9.71E+06	1.52E+05	1.13E+06	2.95E+05	1.87E+05	1.14E+05	2E+05	5.36E+04	1.31E+05	9.89E+05	8.88E+05	8.62E+05	2.24E+06	4.11E+05	3.05E+05	4.94E+05	8.73E+05	2.2E+04	7.94E+05	4.26E+05	2.83E+04	1.62E+06	1.31E+06	7.62E+05
3-Mercaptolactate	1.22E+05	8.82E+04	3.12E+05	2.08E+05	3.69E+04	4.33E+05	8.33E+04	1.91E+05	3.86E+05	2.05E+05	1.2E+05	1.22E+05	4.26E+05	1.56E+05	1.25E+05	1.43E+05	6.75E+04	2.03E+05	3.29E+05	2.62E+04	1.19E+05	9.34E+04	1.25E+05	9.16E+04	1.75E+05	1.81E+05	1.74E+05	9.95E+04	3.01E+05	1.79E+05	6.54E+05	7.09E+04	1.95E+04	1.45E+05	2.76E+06	3.76E+05	1.95E+04	8.25E+04	1.9E+05	2.56E+05	1.12E+05	1.2E+05	1.79E+05	5.64E+06	1.64E+05
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_1	2.82E+06	3.05E+06	1.08E+06	2.92E+06	3.29E+06	1.14E+06	1.45E+06	7.53E+05	1.73E+06	6.93E+05	1.65E+06	1.34E+06	5.27E+05	2.19E+06	2.12E+06	1.36E+06	4.87E+06	3.15E+06	2.62E+06	2.89E+06	1.23E+06	2.84E+06	2.43E+06	3.37E+06	7.62E+05	1.11E+06	5.43E+05	1.54E+06	6.34E+05	2.24E+06	3.2E+06	2.99E+06	2E+06	2.62E+06	2.68E+06	1.11E+06	2.04E+06	2.04E+06	6.46E+05	1.46E+06	2.57E+06	4.8E+05	8.46E+05	2.82E+06	6.6E+05
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_2	1.33E+06	1.09E+06	5.9E+05	3.23E+06	2.13E+06	7.3E+05	9.89E+05	5.07E+05	1E+06	3.3E+05	1.47E+06	1E+06	4.68E+05	1.44E+06	2.15E+06	1.01E+06	2.66E+06	1.81E+06	3.06E+06	2.14E+06	7.26E+05	1.77E+06	1.65E+06	2.65E+06	6.94E+05	7.87E+05	2.38E+05	1.1E+06	5.93E+05	1.23E+06	2.14E+06	2.32E+06	1.37E+06	1.63E+06	1.44E+06	9.79E+05	1.7E+06	1.72E+06	3.16E+05	9.02E+05	1.7E+06	5.17E+05	5.57E+05	1.39E+06	4.03E+05
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_3	2.27E+05	1.13E+05	2.36E+05	1.02E+06	1.41E+06	3.47E+05	8.74E+05	3.55E+05	1.8E+05	6.45E+04	2.94E+05	4.95E+05	2.51E+04	1.02E+06	2.33E+05	5.24E+04	9.99E+05	9.18E+05	1.82E+06	2.47E+05	1.44E+05	3.11E+05	1.61E+05	2.35E+06	1.41E+05	5.28E+04	7.36E+04	1.83E+05	4.38E+04	7.24E+05	2.06E+05	1E+06	1.58E+05	5.93E+05	2.58E+05	1.75E+05	1.63E+06	6.55E+05	8.72E+04	4.38E+05	1.66E+05	9.34E+04	6.31E+05	1.07E+05	3.87E+05
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_4	1.76E+04	1.55E+04	3.17E+04	5.3E+04	7.39E+03	1.32E+04	1E+04	2.65E+05	1.29E+04	2.97E+04	1.86E+04	1.04E+04	4.22E+03	2.05E+04	3.61E+04	7.46E+03	5.89E+04	2.56E+04	1.43E+05	1.79E+04	1.66E+04	1.62E+05	2.9E+04	1.86E+04	4.1E+04	9.47E+03	1.89E+04	1.97E+04	1.34E+04	5.13E+04	4.66E+06	1.34E+05	4.11E+04	4.17E+04	5.89E+04	1E+04	9.07E+04	4.66E+03	1.69E+04	1.81E+04	1.37E+04	3.93E+03	1.09E+04	1.38E+04	1.08E+04
3-Methyl-19-nor-17alpha-pregna-1,3,5(10)-trien-17-ol	1.06E+05	5.82E+05	4.88E+04	5.6E+06	1.53E+06	5.26E+04	1.54E+05	4.46E+03	1.73E+05	1.39E+04	2.2E+05	6.56E+04	2.5E+05	9.16E+04	1.51E+06	8.64E+04	2.72E+04	1.69E+05	3.14E+06	3.63E+05	2.98E+05	5.48E+04	4.81E+04	6.27E+05	2.69E+03	2.94E+03	2.87E+03	2.54E+05	1.98E+04	1.6E+05	1.95E+05	5.93E+05	1.25E+03	3.17E+04	6.65E+05	2.72E+05	9.08E+05	1.5E+05	1.5E+04	2.54E+04	1.8E+04	5.44E+03	1.92E+05	1.13E+05	2.62E+05
3-Methyl-2-oxobutanoic acid_1	3.66E+06	1.17E+07	8.18E+05	6.28E+06	1.89E+07	2.23E+07	2.21E+06	7.18E+06	2.84E+07	2.52E+06	1.06E+07	8.43E+06	2.36E+06	2.13E+06	2.49E+07	9.93E+05	1.75E+06	9.09E+06	3.79E+07	8.49E+06	4.08E+06	2.27E+06	5.56E+06	2.32E+06	1.87E+07	3.11E+06	1.5E+07	3.3E+06	3.5E+06	2.11E+07	1.93E+07	2.33E+07	5.76E+06	2.21E+07	4.01E+07	6.33E+06	4.99E+07	1E+07	5.2E+06	7.14E+06	2.67E+06	9.1E+06	2.36E+06	1.44E+07	4.08E+06
3-Methyl-2-oxobutanoic acid_2	4.91E+04	6.26E+05	8.1E+05	3.03E+06	2.13E+05	2.38E+07	5.34E+04	9.63E+03	1.07E+05	1.85E+04	2.33E+05	8.21E+04	1.75E+05	2.97E+05	3.98E+04	9.53E+04	2.1E+05	1.77E+06	2.36E+05	5.62E+05	8.59E+04	2.67E+05	1.26E+05	2.27E+05	9.89E+04	2.62E+04	2.05E+04	8.92E+04	1.77E+04	8.03E+06	7.3E+04	1.45E+05	1.07E+06	6.49E+04	1.41E+07	1.06E+05	2.79E+05	1.08E+05	6.57E+04	7.29E+04	3.98E+04	5.84E+04	3.87E+04	3.5E+06	4.12E+04
3-Methyladenine_1	3.54E+07	3.88E+07	1.55E+07	5.18E+07	3.46E+07	2.44E+07	2.19E+07	9.15E+06	3.47E+07	1.66E+07	3.8E+07	2.2E+07	1.68E+07	3.14E+07	4.98E+07	3E+07	3.92E+07	3.5E+07	5.33E+07	2.94E+07	2.11E+07	3.84E+07	2.78E+07	4.53E+07	1.48E+07	2.04E+07	1.29E+07	2.95E+07	1.71E+07	2.71E+07	3.33E+07	3.12E+07	2.23E+07	2.55E+07	3.92E+07	1.86E+07	3.88E+07	1.88E+07	1.42E+07	1.73E+07	2.64E+07	1.63E+07	2.85E+07	2.9E+07	1.63E+07
3-Methyladenine_2	2.16E+06	4.17E+06	1.82E+06	1.17E+06	1.46E+06	1.81E+06	1.72E+06	3.95E+06	1.32E+06	1.08E+06	9.89E+05	1.52E+06	1.03E+06	8.53E+05	6.7E+05	1.11E+06	3.63E+06	1.64E+06	1.59E+05	1.06E+06	1.23E+06	3.8E+06	2.78E+06	6.12E+05	2.03E+06	6.27E+05	1.13E+06	2.09E+06	1.54E+06	1.58E+06	1.78E+06	1.58E+06	2.3E+06	5.06E+06	6.65E+05	1.06E+06	8.58E+05	7.37E+06	4.9E+05	4.17E+06	3.21E+06	1.53E+06	5.41E+05	2.33E+06	2.04E+06
3-Methylbutanamine	2.56E+06	2.77E+06	3.08E+06	2.43E+06	2.08E+06	2.62E+06	2.61E+06	3.42E+06	2.67E+06	3.1E+06	2.91E+06	3.19E+06	3.39E+06	2.76E+06	1.14E+06	2.98E+06	2.15E+06	2.73E+06	7E+05	2.39E+06	2.78E+06	5.8E+05	3.07E+06	2.27E+06	3.07E+06	3.3E+06	3.61E+06	3.06E+06	3.5E+06	2.09E+06	2.28E+06	9.92E+05	2.43E+06	2.16E+06	1.82E+06	2.82E+06	2.08E+06	2.59E+06	2.96E+06	3.07E+06	2.7E+06	2.84E+06	2.67E+06	3.05E+06	2.85E+06
3-Methyl-cis,cis-hexadienedioate_1	9.75E+04	4.04E+05	3.1E+05	3.06E+06	2.96E+05	2.03E+06	6.08E+05	8.69E+04	1.37E+05	8.27E+03	4E+04	4.18E+03	3.53E+05	9.63E+04	9.43E+04	4.47E+03	9.93E+05	8.73E+05	2.69E+05	1.45E+05	1.03E+04	8.27E+05	1.69E+06	8.06E+05	2.11E+05	1.21E+04	2.35E+04	2.14E+04	3.69E+03	1.69E+06	1.69E+06	1.53E+05	6.6E+05	1.32E+06	7.3E+06	1.88E+04	1.45E+06	2.11E+05	1.18E+04	2.48E+05	1.53E+04	7.32E+05	1.64E+05	3.07E+06	4.16E+04
3-Methyl-cis,cis-hexadienedioate_2	3.58E+03	8.55E+03	7.26E+03	4.22E+03	3.32E+03	3.86E+05	2.71E+03	4.87E+03	3.59E+03	3.3E+03	3.2E+04	2.77E+03	5.51E+03	7.17E+03	1.04E+04	1.1E+04	2.72E+06	1.9E+04	1.29E+04	1.89E+05	1.36E+03	1.05E+04	3.26E+05	1.15E+07	7.18E+04	8.21E+03	1.52E+04	4.59E+04	5.59E+03	4.28E+04	1.34E+04	8.52E+03	1.51E+04	2.34E+05	2.52E+05	2.99E+03	7.07E+03	2.76E+03	1.35E+03	2.66E+03	4.08E+03	4.7E+03	1.3E+03	3.13E+03	1.47E+03
3-Methyleneoxindole_1	5.95E+05	6.72E+05	1.09E+06	1.33E+06	1.2E+05	1.01E+06	5.02E+05	5.33E+05	6.23E+04	3.22E+05	1.61E+06	7.29E+05	7.02E+04	1.9E+06	6.95E+05	4.92E+05	3.44E+05	1.49E+07	3.49E+05	2.95E+05	8.56E+05	3.48E+04	1.15E+06	2.74E+05	1.74E+05	7.33E+04	5.4E+05	5.77E+05	1.66E+06	7.45E+04	1.53E+06	4.81E+04	5.79E+04	2.7E+05	8.68E+05	8.79E+05	1.04E+05	1.31E+05	3.26E+04	7.3E+04	5.92E+05	5.22E+05	2.61E+05	8.83E+06	1.34E+05
3-Methyleneoxindole_2	4.91E+05	7.55E+04	1.76E+05	2.55E+05	2.52E+05	4.85E+04	4.98E+04	8.24E+04	1.88E+05	1.32E+05	5.77E+05	1.35E+05	4.83E+04	3.43E+05	2.71E+05	1.4E+05	8.04E+05	3.27E+05	2.29E+05	7.44E+05	3.23E+05	1.07E+06	2.98E+05	6.31E+05	2.74E+05	1.63E+04	1.25E+05	2.55E+05	8.16E+03	3.06E+04	9.41E+05	2.43E+05	5.88E+04	2.66E+05	4.75E+05	2.54E+05	3.47E+05	1.39E+05	1.59E+04	2.21E+05	2.04E+05	1.89E+05	2.45E+05	2.41E+05	5.78E+04
3-Methylguanine_1	3.11E+08	2.27E+08	1.31E+08	3.28E+08	1.88E+08	2.39E+08	1.92E+08	1.18E+08	3.19E+08	1.34E+08	2.8E+08	1.54E+08	1.24E+08	2.88E+08	3.19E+08	2.4E+08	2.53E+08	2.19E+08	1.2E+08	2.02E+08	2.06E+08	3.89E+08	2.49E+08	1.98E+08	1.44E+08	1.36E+08	1.08E+08	2.79E+08	1.06E+08	2.65E+08	3.75E+08	2.73E+08	2.21E+08	3.3E+08	3.04E+08	1.83E+08	3.13E+08	2.26E+08	1.01E+08	1.86E+08	2.3E+08	1.43E+08	1.89E+08	3.02E+08	1.35E+08
3-Methylguanine_2	1.31E+07	1.27E+07	5.93E+06	2.37E+07	1.19E+07	1.1E+07	1.07E+07	7.09E+06	1.35E+07	4.71E+06	1.34E+07	6.65E+06	4.44E+06	1.26E+07	2.56E+07	1.29E+07	1.2E+07	9.74E+06	8.56E+06	1.13E+07	1.01E+07	1.57E+07	1.18E+07	1.23E+07	7.05E+06	5.57E+06	4.47E+06	2.4E+07	4.83E+06	1.44E+07	3.1E+07	2.49E+07	8.78E+06	2.68E+07	2.63E+07	9.79E+06	2.6E+07	7.97E+06	4.34E+06	7.71E+06	1.82E+07	6.55E+06	8.14E+06	1.25E+07	5.67E+06
3-Methylguanine_3	5.92E+06	9.34E+06	1.94E+06	1.47E+07	1.27E+07	3.95E+06	3.14E+06	1.94E+06	5.56E+06	1.98E+06	9.76E+06	4.59E+06	1.94E+06	7.85E+06	1.42E+07	4.32E+06	8.93E+06	5.86E+06	1.6E+07	9.13E+06	3.23E+06	1.07E+07	4.14E+06	1.36E+07	3.71E+06	2.32E+06	2.36E+06	5.21E+06	2.82E+06	8.34E+06	9.59E+06	6.3E+06	5.35E+06	8.97E+06	1.49E+07	2.88E+06	1.48E+07	4.87E+06	1.58E+06	3.24E+06	4.28E+06	2.16E+06	6.22E+06	7.37E+06	3.64E+06
3-METHYLHISTAMINE	8.71E+06	8.71E+06	5.93E+06	1.57E+07	8.09E+06	6.53E+06	7.03E+06	4.22E+06	5.69E+06	5.52E+06	5.36E+06	4.2E+06	3.99E+06	7.08E+06	1.14E+07	4.62E+06	1.03E+07	1.26E+07	1.6E+07	1.24E+07	5.59E+06	9.65E+06	6.47E+06	9.86E+06	4.24E+06	6.22E+06	2.74E+06	7.4E+06	3.38E+06	9.01E+06	1.28E+07	7.6E+06	4.59E+06	6.52E+06	1.31E+07	5.46E+06	4.52E+06	5.92E+06	3.48E+06	6.46E+06	7.02E+06	4.17E+06	4.4E+06	7.44E+06	4.93E+06
3-Nitrofluoranthene	3.43E+05	3.65E+04	7.78E+03	1.58E+04	1.57E+04	3.07E+03	1.99E+04	1.63E+04	2.27E+05	4.88E+04	1.95E+04	2.26E+03	5.68E+03	5.85E+04	1.99E+04	2.83E+03	6.28E+04	2.87E+04	2.02E+03	2.28E+04	1.59E+04	7.87E+05	3.12E+04	1.27E+04	1.73E+03	4.45E+03	1.14E+04	3.88E+04	3.94E+03	4.67E+04	1.17E+05	4.02E+03	1.02E+04	1.39E+04	2.26E+04	1.03E+04	1.09E+04	6.11E+03	1.63E+03	3.99E+03	9.77E+04	2.39E+04	5.68E+03	3.17E+04	3.43E+03
3-Oxo-delta4-steroid	3.07E+06	6.97E+06	5.09E+06	1.81E+07	1.65E+07	2.92E+06	4.56E+06	1.64E+05	7.87E+06	5.26E+06	6.29E+06	8.3E+06	2.29E+06	8.01E+06	1.44E+07	6.54E+06	2.22E+06	8.77E+06	2.66E+07	8.18E+06	4.22E+06	3.22E+06	4.87E+06	1.17E+07	1.1E+06	2.52E+06	8.03E+05	5.32E+06	1.35E+06	7.17E+06	7.66E+06	1.4E+07	1.15E+06	6.17E+06	2.02E+07	7.33E+06	1.53E+07	8.82E+06	1.45E+06	1.42E+06	6.5E+06	1.97E+06	8.59E+06	7.36E+06	1.81E+06
3-Oxododecanoic acid_1	6.4E+05	7.03E+05	6.31E+05	6.51E+05	6.22E+05	6.84E+05	6.97E+05	6.27E+05	6.4E+05	6.27E+05	6.14E+05	6.31E+05	6.25E+05	6.13E+05	6.49E+05	6.26E+05	6.32E+05	6.42E+05	6.64E+05	6.34E+05	6.2E+05	6.08E+05	4.39E+05	7.65E+05	6.44E+05	5.94E+05	5.93E+05	6.33E+05	6.56E+05	6.1E+05	6.4E+05	4.34E+05	6.26E+05	5.9E+05	6.59E+05	4.36E+05	5.89E+05	3.17E+05	6.02E+05	6.28E+05	6.21E+05	4.32E+05	6.35E+05	6.05E+05	5.83E+05
3-Oxododecanoic acid_2	9.91E+04	1.47E+05	9.9E+04	1.4E+05	4.83E+04	9.27E+04	9.43E+04	1.11E+05	1.04E+05	1.27E+05	5.68E+04	7.29E+04	8.6E+04	1.21E+05	4.77E+04	1.33E+05	6.19E+04	7.1E+04	1.16E+05	1.35E+05	8.67E+04	8.04E+04	1.25E+05	1.5E+05	1.42E+05	9.93E+04	9.43E+04	8.77E+04	1.55E+05	1.11E+05	5.25E+04	1.58E+05	9.76E+04	1.13E+05	3.42E+04	6.57E+04	1.43E+05	7.26E+04	7.22E+04	6.62E+04	1.17E+05	1.31E+05	9.37E+04	1.71E+05	1.22E+05
3-Oxododecanoic acid_3	8.33E+05	1.09E+05	1.3E+04	4.6E+05	7.21E+05	1.21E+05	1.44E+05	4.18E+04	1.32E+05	8.99E+03	2.54E+05	9.05E+04	2.42E+04	2.9E+04	2.1E+05	2.26E+04	1.26E+06	1.59E+05	1.44E+05	5.27E+05	6.05E+04	5.8E+05	3.41E+04	2.13E+06	3.27E+04	1.26E+04	5.56E+03	7.32E+04	4.96E+03	9.56E+04	2.04E+05	1.16E+05	3.98E+04	1.04E+06	9.46E+05	1.89E+04	1.69E+05	8.24E+04	2.14E+04	6.21E+04	5.66E+04	3.13E+04	1.53E+04	1.16E+05	9.13E+04
3-Phosphonooxypyruvate	2.48E+08	2.48E+08	2.49E+08	2.48E+08	2.44E+08	2.44E+08	2.49E+08	2.52E+08	2.5E+08	2.45E+08	2.48E+08	2.5E+08	2.5E+08	2.48E+08	2.46E+08	2.47E+08	2.43E+08	2.46E+08	2.4E+08	2.43E+08	2.37E+08	2.4E+08	2.41E+08	2.44E+08	2.38E+08	2.4E+08	2.49E+08	2.5E+08	2.46E+08	2.51E+08	2.58E+08	2.6E+08	2.63E+08	2.61E+08	2.57E+08	2.63E+08	2.6E+08	2.56E+08	2.6E+08	2.6E+08	2.57E+08	2.58E+08	2.53E+08	2.53E+08	2.54E+08
3-Sulfocatechol	8.36E+04	9.12E+05	8.39E+05	6.95E+04	5.16E+05	2.44E+06	4.81E+05	1.79E+06	1.19E+05	1.91E+05	3.99E+05	1.03E+06	3.31E+05	2.9E+05	1.29E+05	7.89E+04	1.15E+05	7.01E+04	1.13E+05	2.52E+05	4.07E+05	1.36E+05	1.29E+04	5.34E+04	1.32E+06	3.66E+04	2.58E+05	1.6E+05	1.04E+05	5.25E+05	4.35E+04	6.73E+05	3.78E+04	1.81E+04	1.77E+06	1.8E+05	1.07E+05	9.85E+05	5.85E+05	7.22E+05	5.72E+05	2.39E+05	1.5E+05	3.24E+06	3.16E+05
3-Sulfomuconate	9.96E+04	4.91E+04	5.73E+03	9.33E+04	4.72E+05	4.12E+03	1.77E+04	1.06E+04	5.97E+04	1.13E+04	7.05E+04	9.98E+04	1.37E+04	2.63E+04	7.12E+04	5.63E+04	4.39E+04	5.78E+04	5.89E+04	3.13E+04	2.5E+04	4.48E+04	6.53E+03	2.35E+05	3.53E+04	2.01E+04	2.5E+03	6.96E+03	1.86E+04	1.47E+04	2.89E+04	1.95E+05	1.38E+04	2.45E+04	1.82E+04	1.87E+04	1.57E+05	8.62E+04	2.15E+03	6.78E+03	9.21E+03	1.4E+04	4.87E+04	2.68E+04	1.25E+03
3-UREIDOPROPIONATE	1.46E+07	2.59E+07	1.38E+07	9.58E+07	2.94E+07	2.54E+07	9.71E+06	6.88E+06	1.08E+07	1.46E+07	1.77E+07	9.57E+06	8.76E+06	1.93E+07	8.35E+07	1.43E+07	2.26E+07	2.44E+07	1.09E+08	1.31E+07	1.24E+07	1.85E+07	1.55E+07	2.63E+07	3.55E+06	1.56E+07	2.21E+06	2.03E+07	5.72E+06	1.26E+07	9.12E+06	1.7E+07	7.22E+06	1.24E+07	3.86E+07	1.38E+07	1.91E+07	7.22E+06	5.5E+06	6.13E+06	1.7E+07	5.36E+06	8.65E+06	1.8E+07	5.13E+06
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_1	2.96E+05	1.12E+05	9.4E+04	3.36E+05	6.8E+05	3.32E+05	8.41E+06	1.21E+04	3.6E+06	4.17E+04	9.23E+05	1.39E+04	1.18E+04	2.61E+04	4.04E+06	4.66E+06	7.26E+05	4.24E+06	8.15E+05	5.13E+06	3.36E+04	1.31E+05	1.63E+06	9.43E+06	1.28E+04	1.31E+06	1.3E+05	1.69E+05	4.47E+05	1.93E+05	1.2E+06	5.15E+05	9.61E+04	1.19E+06	4.19E+06	8.18E+03	2.72E+05	4.46E+06	3.04E+06	4.24E+06	1.55E+04	1.12E+05	2.25E+04	4.41E+05	6.09E+03
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_2	4.73E+05	1.85E+05	4.94E+04	3.99E+05	7.63E+05	8.54E+04	9.72E+04	7.69E+04	2.98E+05	7.51E+04	3.2E+05	8.33E+04	4.28E+04	2.24E+05	5.09E+05	5.46E+04	4.64E+05	2.66E+05	5.33E+05	1.21E+05	1.87E+05	5.21E+05	6.13E+04	6.35E+05	9.57E+04	8.45E+03	2.84E+04	1.29E+05	5.27E+03	6.61E+05	7.05E+05	6.73E+05	2.59E+04	6.6E+05	4.57E+05	5.43E+04	6.01E+05	9.11E+04	1.74E+04	1.05E+05	1.45E+05	6.95E+04	4.09E+04	4.66E+05	7.16E+03
4-(3-Methylbut-2-enyl)-L-tryptophan	7.94E+05	2.02E+05	6.39E+04	1.13E+05	5.24E+05	1.7E+05	1.1E+05	1.31E+03	9.23E+05	2.11E+05	8.81E+03	3.07E+05	1.2E+04	9.83E+03	7.74E+04	2.57E+05	1.48E+05	2.25E+04	6.34E+04	1.3E+05	1.68E+04	2.9E+04	1.06E+04	9.18E+04	2.28E+04	7.68E+04	4.73E+03	5.35E+04	4.64E+04	1.89E+05	4.34E+04	4.22E+05	6.66E+04	3.36E+05	4.96E+06	6.74E+03	1.02E+05	2.55E+05	2.04E+04	3.88E+04	1.99E+04	1.57E+03	1.14E+04	1.04E+03	1.15E+05
4-(beta-Acetylaminoethyl)imidazole_1	7.82E+06	1.08E+07	1.51E+07	7.28E+06	1.08E+07	1.87E+06	5.45E+06	9.82E+06	2.91E+06	4.45E+06	1.3E+07	3.76E+06	5.65E+06	1.85E+06	4.22E+06	6.53E+06	6.16E+06	4.49E+06	6.94E+06	5.5E+06	1.1E+07	8.13E+06	3.58E+06	5.12E+06	1.93E+06	2.53E+06	3.41E+05	3.45E+06	2.02E+06	5.32E+06	3.11E+07	4.41E+06	1.13E+06	2.78E+06	5.95E+06	1.81E+07	2.82E+06	3.68E+06	9.82E+06	6.14E+06	4.93E+06	2.65E+06	3.75E+06	8.64E+06	2.97E+06
4-(beta-Acetylaminoethyl)imidazole_2	1.89E+05	1.03E+05	3.05E+03	7.54E+04	5.29E+05	1.95E+05	7.53E+03	1.6E+06	2.92E+04	7.82E+03	6.14E+04	1.87E+05	8E+03	2.96E+05	3.56E+04	1.28E+04	3.93E+04	6.71E+04	2.51E+04	8.83E+04	6.75E+04	7.09E+05	9.43E+04	2.59E+04	1.56E+04	4.9E+05	1.2E+04	2.15E+04	7.2E+04	5.94E+06	2.27E+05	2.38E+07	2.08E+04	2.98E+05	7.09E+05	6.56E+03	3.5E+04	1.01E+05	1.74E+04	1.56E+06	1.39E+05	4.43E+03	1.78E+05	1.51E+05	7.33E+04
4-(beta-Acetylaminoethyl)imidazole_3	4.97E+03	5.6E+03	8.97E+03	2.09E+04	2.95E+06	1.01E+04	1.53E+04	4.31E+04	6.2E+03	1.32E+04	1.78E+04	1.26E+04	9.49E+03	8.04E+03	3.46E+03	4.15E+03	1.21E+05	3.46E+03	1.37E+04	4.42E+04	1.24E+04	1.81E+04	1.17E+04	5.21E+03	8.51E+03	6.88E+04	4.76E+03	5.37E+03	3.97E+03	6.04E+03	6.99E+04	4.84E+05	2.85E+04	9.15E+04	5.36E+06	8.96E+03	2.31E+04	2.49E+05	1.41E+04	1.39E+05	1.07E+04	1.87E+04	7.09E+03	8.43E+03	1.16E+04
4-(Hydroxylamino)-N,N-dimethylaniline	3.28E+04	2.83E+04	4.82E+03	3.31E+05	2.81E+05	7.13E+04	2.83E+05	2.67E+03	2.29E+04	1.91E+04	6.31E+03	8.35E+03	2.36E+03	1.69E+04	2.56E+05	7.06E+04	3.72E+04	2.22E+05	1.48E+05	1.03E+05	1.64E+04	1.99E+04	2.06E+04	4.7E+04	2.4E+04	3.98E+03	5.4E+03	1.17E+04	8.6E+03	5.13E+04	9.6E+04	4.49E+04	6.11E+03	3.76E+04	1.44E+06	1.34E+04	7.86E+04	1.12E+04	1.34E+04	2.97E+04	1.32E+05	7.27E+03	2.7E+05	9.01E+03	2.64E+04
4',5,6,7-Tetramethoxyflavone	7.75E+05	1.68E+04	0	6.01E+04	1.22E+04	1.64E+05	7.51E+04	4.09E+04	2.35E+04	1.51E+03	9.13E+03	3.52E+03	1.88E+03	2.06E+04	1.49E+05	3.44E+04	1.35E+03	2.11E+03	1.46E+05	2.75E+04	7.33E+03	8.74E+03	3.58E+03	6.28E+03	1.8E+03	1.44E+03	1.38E+03	3.47E+03	1.7E+04	3.8E+05	1.25E+05	8.44E+05	2.3E+03	1.3E+05	8.99E+03	1.95E+03	4.12E+04	1.97E+05	2.04E+03	2.37E+04	1.66E+04	0	0	1.71E+05	3.41E+04
4,5-Methylenedioxy-6-hydroxyaurone_1	4.77E+06	7.38E+05	2.56E+05	1.12E+06	1.08E+06	7.24E+06	2.44E+05	6.57E+05	2.33E+06	2.44E+05	3.31E+06	4.65E+05	1.67E+05	6.47E+05	1.09E+06	7.84E+05	1.17E+06	1.16E+06	1.15E+06	1.76E+06	1.97E+05	6.05E+06	1.08E+06	4.9E+06	1.66E+06	5.81E+05	1.38E+06	5.77E+05	2.56E+05	2.12E+06	3.08E+06	1.07E+06	1.72E+06	1.09E+06	3.61E+06	1.37E+05	7.71E+05	4.81E+05	9.06E+04	9.67E+05	7.09E+05	2.87E+06	1.18E+05	1.48E+06	1.47E+05
4,5-Methylenedioxy-6-hydroxyaurone_2	1.92E+03	5.6E+03	2.11E+03	4.02E+03	2.93E+03	5.26E+03	8.5E+03	0	2.5E+03	0	4.77E+04	2E+03	0	3.07E+03	2.01E+03	2.06E+03	1.65E+04	2.7E+06	2.41E+04	8.21E+03	0	5.24E+03	5.34E+03	8.94E+04	2.13E+03	2.39E+03	1.16E+03	0	2.87E+03	1.97E+03	2.99E+03	4.72E+04	0	4.63E+03	7.77E+03	0	2.88E+03	6.01E+03	0	1.7E+03	3.04E+03	0	0	3.76E+04	2.45E+03
4-[(Hydroxymethyl)nitrosoamino]-1-(3-pyridinyl)-1-butanone	2.41E+03	1.31E+03	1.16E+03	3.78E+03	4.9E+04	0	1.42E+03	1.22E+03	1.71E+03	0	1.52E+03	1.55E+03	1.32E+03	1.2E+03	2.34E+03	1.43E+03	1.92E+03	1.63E+03	1.96E+03	3.47E+03	1.42E+03	2.03E+03	1.3E+03	0	1.39E+03	1.61E+03	1.13E+03	1.82E+03	1.03E+03	1.51E+03	8.01E+04	2.02E+03	2.65E+03	8.96E+03	1.82E+03	0	1.09E+06	1.77E+03	0	1.99E+03	1.29E+03	1.36E+03	1.41E+03	1.94E+03	1.65E+03
4-Acetamido-2-amino-6-nitrotoluene	5.01E+05	4.11E+06	1.15E+05	3.91E+06	2.53E+06	1.5E+06	1.1E+06	9.47E+04	3.75E+05	2.86E+05	1.75E+06	9.95E+04	3.66E+05	1.25E+05	3.08E+06	1.3E+06	9.8E+05	2.55E+06	3.45E+06	4.15E+06	6.69E+05	5.36E+05	9.11E+05	5.59E+06	1.62E+05	7.35E+06	4.05E+04	1.56E+05	3.89E+05	6.74E+05	1.41E+06	9.51E+05	2.04E+05	7.11E+05	6.87E+05	7.69E+04	7.07E+05	5.52E+05	7.74E+04	3.14E+05	5.28E+05	7.03E+03	6.44E+05	1.09E+06	5.11E+05
4-ACETAMIDOBUTANOATE	7.7E+07	7.62E+07	3.13E+07	1.18E+08	9.59E+07	5.39E+07	5.13E+07	2.3E+07	8.97E+07	2.55E+07	9.51E+07	3.78E+07	2.98E+07	6.1E+07	1.14E+08	6.09E+07	1.06E+08	8.87E+07	1.17E+08	8.75E+07	4.15E+07	8.43E+07	5.69E+07	1.59E+08	2.89E+07	3.3E+07	1.87E+07	6.49E+07	2.57E+07	6.58E+07	1.08E+08	7.29E+07	5.91E+07	1.12E+08	1.13E+08	3.12E+07	6.96E+07	4.36E+07	2.11E+07	4E+07	4.82E+07	2.87E+07	3.31E+07	6.22E+07	2.19E+07
4-Acetamidobutanoate_1	9.11E+07	7.19E+07	2.65E+07	1.35E+08	1E+08	5.43E+07	4.34E+07	1.75E+07	7.89E+07	2.16E+07	9.94E+07	3.81E+07	2.49E+07	5.66E+07	1.19E+08	5.84E+07	1.36E+08	7.59E+07	1.54E+08	1.05E+08	3.98E+07	9.55E+07	7.15E+07	1.87E+08	2.33E+07	3.98E+07	1.87E+07	5.65E+07	2.48E+07	6.42E+07	1.19E+08	7.51E+07	6.16E+07	1.23E+08	1.25E+08	2.81E+07	6.96E+07	3.99E+07	2.12E+07	4.06E+07	4.41E+07	2.84E+07	2.95E+07	6.08E+07	1.79E+07
4-Acetamidobutanoate_2	2.46E+07	2.44E+08	1.48E+07	3.12E+07	2.27E+08	6.28E+07	1.52E+07	7.03E+06	2.81E+08	9.58E+07	2.84E+07	3.49E+07	1.51E+07	2.74E+07	5.01E+07	2.3E+07	5.64E+07	1.68E+07	1.17E+08	1.14E+08	2.64E+07	2.72E+07	3.32E+07	2.56E+07	7.12E+06	2.25E+07	5.63E+06	3.07E+07	5.62E+06	5.06E+07	2.2E+07	1.66E+08	4.9E+07	2.15E+07	1.02E+09	8.74E+07	7.08E+07	1.58E+08	6.74E+06	4.28E+07	2.74E+07	8.67E+06	5.85E+06	4.07E+07	5.03E+07
4-Acetamidobutanoate_3	1.51E+07	3.03E+07	2.46E+07	1.67E+07	9.03E+07	4.41E+06	3.69E+07	2.5E+07	4.59E+07	6.24E+06	4.34E+06	3.73E+06	8.69E+06	3.03E+07	8.68E+07	2.57E+07	4.23E+06	5.46E+07	2.35E+07	9.56E+06	9.92E+06	1.18E+06	8.25E+05	1.55E+06	1.06E+07	9.71E+05	4.38E+05	3.5E+07	3.03E+05	2.49E+07	2.24E+07	1.18E+06	2.54E+06	6.97E+07	5.86E+07	3.31E+06	1.14E+07	2.41E+06	2.63E+06	2.51E+06	5.86E+07	4.71E+06	1.7E+06	7.13E+06	2.02E+06
4a-Hydroxytetrahydrobiopterin	9.68E+04	1.82E+05	8.37E+03	4.43E+05	6.97E+04	7.89E+04	5.94E+04	9.07E+03	2.08E+05	8.57E+04	1.41E+05	4.26E+04	4.39E+04	1.24E+05	1.62E+05	8.31E+04	1.02E+05	1.37E+05	3.4E+05	5.64E+04	1.94E+05	1.91E+05	6.18E+04	1.14E+05	2.63E+04	4.36E+04	1.06E+04	9.32E+04	3.45E+04	5.35E+04	2.75E+05	3.59E+04	5.33E+04	1.27E+05	9.37E+04	4.07E+04	9.71E+04	1.12E+05	2.57E+04	1.69E+04	7.26E+04	4.97E+04	1.45E+05	1.47E+04	5.71E+04
4-Amino-1-piperidinecarboxylic acid	5.23E+06	5.61E+06	2.96E+06	9.13E+06	6E+06	4.88E+06	4.19E+06	1.8E+06	7.86E+06	2.57E+06	1.52E+07	4.81E+06	2.5E+06	3.76E+06	5.42E+06	5.25E+06	6.39E+06	4.7E+06	1.18E+07	7.01E+06	3.31E+06	7.33E+06	3.45E+06	1.96E+07	1.58E+06	2.52E+06	1.22E+06	4.13E+06	2.13E+06	2.63E+06	3.33E+06	5.88E+06	5.13E+06	6.24E+06	2.63E+06	2.77E+06	5.07E+06	3.42E+06	1.92E+06	2.47E+06	2.5E+06	1.56E+06	4.07E+06	2.51E+06	1.49E+06
4-Amino-2-hydroxylamino-6-nitrotoluene	2.38E+03	2.8E+03	1.71E+03	1.64E+03	1.22E+03	0	1.31E+03	1.25E+03	8.51E+03	1.64E+03	7.1E+03	1.87E+03	1.49E+03	1.69E+03	7.18E+03	1.58E+03	1.32E+03	2.12E+03	6.49E+03	1.98E+03	1.65E+04	1.03E+03	1.29E+03	2.67E+03	2.21E+03	1.29E+03	8.66E+03	2.11E+03	1.36E+03	5.03E+04	3.07E+03	2.85E+03	1.25E+03	4.19E+03	2.4E+05	0	2.61E+04	1.48E+03	1.14E+03	1.46E+03	1.48E+03	1.32E+03	0	3.58E+03	1.32E+03
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_1	7.89E+06	1.17E+07	4.91E+07	2.96E+07	5.02E+07	3.07E+06	1.42E+07	2.44E+06	1.32E+07	3.15E+06	1.5E+06	7.4E+06	5.52E+06	3.11E+06	1.34E+07	2.72E+06	2.03E+07	2.22E+07	6.94E+06	6.81E+06	1.95E+06	1.53E+07	3.87E+06	1.56E+07	1.51E+07	1.99E+06	3.73E+06	5.04E+06	1.4E+06	2.56E+06	8.61E+06	9.18E+06	1.54E+07	4.21E+07	5.95E+06	3.69E+06	2.37E+07	7.75E+06	1.29E+06	6.76E+06	3.69E+06	1.87E+06	7.61E+06	5.44E+06	2.02E+06
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_2	1.06E+05	1.25E+05	3.26E+05	1.17E+05	4.2E+05	2.42E+05	5.42E+05	7.06E+05	3.21E+05	7.1E+05	4.11E+05	1.41E+05	7.83E+05	7.11E+05	3.43E+04	2.55E+05	1.57E+05	2.22E+05	1.27E+04	2.32E+05	2.84E+05	1.67E+05	6.46E+05	1.42E+05	5.27E+05	7.9E+05	6.84E+05	1.63E+05	8.26E+05	1.36E+05	6.45E+05	3.93E+05	6.16E+05	4.13E+04	1.54E+05	3.65E+05	9.53E+05	4.39E+05	7.08E+05	5.74E+05	2.66E+05	7.96E+05	6.44E+05	1.58E+05	3.47E+05
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_3	1.97E+04	3E+04	1.78E+04	1.74E+04	3.57E+04	1.19E+04	1.45E+04	5.07E+03	1.42E+04	1.72E+03	1.54E+04	1.46E+04	1.45E+05	8.21E+03	1.5E+04	3.29E+03	4.71E+03	3.35E+04	1.68E+04	1.51E+06	3.08E+03	1.05E+04	6.22E+03	7.6E+04	4.13E+03	0	1.91E+03	5.25E+03	2.33E+03	2.6E+03	1.19E+04	2.82E+04	3.2E+03	6.89E+04	1.92E+04	3.35E+03	2.82E+04	1.79E+04	1.06E+04	3.55E+03	1.57E+04	1.44E+03	2.07E+04	8E+03	6.67E+03
4-Amino-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methylpyrimidine_1	2.7E+06	2E+06	1.28E+04	2.7E+06	4.77E+06	2.4E+06	9.8E+05	1.82E+07	1.08E+04	2.16E+04	1.23E+06	4.52E+06	2.55E+05	9.44E+06	8.03E+05	2.16E+05	2.61E+05	1.99E+06	6.02E+05	1.24E+06	7.83E+06	3.15E+05	4.26E+06	4.86E+05	1.09E+04	6.61E+06	1.67E+04	5.29E+05	1.35E+06	9.85E+07	4.54E+06	4.25E+07	6.36E+04	5.68E+06	4.37E+05	1.05E+05	2.18E+04	2.32E+06	1.03E+05	2.88E+06	2.56E+06	2.58E+04	2.61E+06	3.55E+06	9.89E+05
4-Amino-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methylpyrimidine_2	9.05E+05	9.95E+05	3.13E+05	1.5E+06	1.29E+06	6.48E+05	5.34E+05	2.3E+05	1.04E+06	3.48E+05	8.79E+05	5.45E+05	2.88E+05	7.81E+05	1.26E+06	7.18E+05	1.35E+06	9.66E+05	1.85E+06	1.16E+06	5.9E+05	1.41E+06	5.41E+05	1.4E+06	4.81E+05	4.28E+05	1.86E+05	6.94E+05	1.69E+05	7.5E+05	1.22E+06	9.69E+05	5.24E+05	8.97E+05	1.78E+06	2.5E+05	1.33E+06	5.01E+05	1.38E+05	4.13E+05	5.69E+05	2.04E+05	2.82E+05	6.61E+05	3.33E+05
4-Amino-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methylpyrimidine_3	2.41E+05	3.5E+05	6.43E+03	3.31E+05	3.47E+05	2E+05	1.4E+04	3.69E+06	1.79E+04	4.43E+03	1.55E+05	3.72E+05	3.17E+04	1.77E+06	1.41E+05	1.33E+04	1.55E+04	2.74E+05	2.08E+05	2.64E+05	9.24E+05	1.06E+04	2.19E+05	6.22E+04	1.3E+04	4.22E+05	5.36E+03	1.41E+04	4.33E+04	1.92E+07	5.84E+05	1.06E+07	1.63E+04	7.09E+05	1.93E+04	1.56E+04	1.09E+04	9.06E+04	7.85E+03	2.73E+05	2.07E+05	3.13E+03	1.53E+05	2.44E+05	4.53E+04
4-Aminobiphenyl	5.68E+05	5.59E+05	6.32E+05	4.38E+05	5.42E+05	5.55E+05	7.94E+05	6.41E+05	7.38E+05	7.74E+05	7.49E+05	5.18E+05	6.93E+05	7.32E+05	5.53E+05	9.26E+05	5.08E+05	5.83E+05	6.56E+05	7.81E+05	6.71E+05	4.9E+05	5.09E+05	6.56E+05	5.43E+05	7.13E+05	8.25E+05	5.5E+05	6.52E+05	5.83E+05	8.26E+05	8.15E+05	5.27E+05	2.66E+05	4.03E+05	8.39E+05	8.4E+05	6.92E+05	8.66E+05	7.16E+05	6.1E+05	7.8E+05	8.59E+05	6.43E+05	7.84E+05
4-Bromophenylthiourea_1	2.04E+05	2.73E+05	3.06E+04	3.57E+05	3.23E+05	1.56E+05	2.96E+04	4.97E+04	2.51E+04	1.51E+04	1.2E+05	2.3E+04	5.45E+03	4.15E+04	2.62E+04	1.49E+04	7.23E+04	2.17E+04	2.16E+04	1.71E+05	5.13E+04	4.58E+04	1.04E+04	8.63E+04	3.49E+04	1.32E+04	8.32E+03	1.6E+04	7.78E+03	6.55E+04	3.15E+04	3.61E+04	1.17E+04	6.37E+04	8.08E+05	1.53E+04	9.75E+04	8.73E+04	3.59E+03	1.72E+04	6.8E+03	2.73E+03	2.21E+04	3.24E+04	5.89E+03
4-Bromophenylthiourea_2	0	9.59E+04	1.5E+04	2.71E+03	3.68E+03	3.19E+05	2.7E+03	3.74E+03	1.69E+04	1.61E+06	7.5E+03	0	6.48E+05	2.64E+03	2.83E+03	2.64E+03	5.73E+03	5E+04	9.17E+03	2.73E+03	2.54E+03	3.85E+03	1.76E+03	1.24E+04	4.46E+03	2.75E+06	4.48E+03	2.59E+05	3.93E+03	8.81E+04	2.87E+03	2.41E+03	2.16E+03	3.39E+03	2.53E+06	9.11E+05	1.9E+03	0	1.41E+05	0	2.23E+04	6.62E+03	2.21E+03	6.13E+05	1.6E+03
4-Chlorobiphenyl	3.83E+06	5.06E+06	5.98E+06	3.38E+06	3.61E+06	2.59E+06	2.85E+06	1.63E+06	2.01E+06	2.63E+06	1.19E+06	1.76E+06	2.29E+06	3.29E+06	1.16E+06	2.48E+06	7.03E+06	8.4E+06	3.78E+06	3.72E+06	2.48E+06	4.76E+06	3E+06	3.22E+06	1.31E+06	6.03E+06	8.28E+05	2.12E+06	1.54E+06	4.12E+06	3.21E+06	2.34E+06	1.82E+06	2.08E+06	4.89E+06	2.17E+06	2.31E+06	5.26E+06	2.07E+06	2.99E+06	2.58E+06	1.15E+06	4.13E+06	1.31E+06	3.15E+06
4-Chlorophenoxyacetate	2.24E+06	1.99E+06	6.03E+05	2.22E+06	2.15E+06	1.71E+06	2.12E+06	1.56E+06	1.87E+06	1.99E+06	2.22E+06	5.23E+05	1.74E+06	5.31E+05	1.55E+06	1.27E+06	1.37E+06	9.66E+05	2.03E+06	1.34E+06	2.42E+06	2.14E+06	1.83E+06	1.54E+06	2.03E+06	1.74E+06	2E+06	2E+06	1.75E+06	1.85E+06	1.21E+06	1.34E+06	1.39E+06	1.24E+06	1.02E+06	7.67E+05	1.25E+06	1.39E+06	1.47E+06	1.52E+06	1.11E+06	1.47E+06	1.02E+06	1.44E+06	1.38E+06
4-COUMARATE	1.67E+06	5.17E+04	2.65E+05	5.2E+05	1.46E+05	2.22E+05	2.62E+04	7.31E+03	6.42E+05	2.37E+05	1.58E+04	2.68E+04	3.07E+05	2.42E+05	1.17E+04	1.58E+04	2.33E+05	5.02E+05	1.37E+04	1.98E+04	3.72E+03	5.93E+04	2.55E+05	1.77E+04	1.6E+04	1.13E+06	2.33E+04	1.25E+05	2.21E+03	1.53E+05	4.02E+03	2.03E+05	1.73E+05	1.93E+05	1.21E+05	3.49E+05	4.07E+04	3.49E+04	2E+04	1.16E+04	7.09E+05	1.28E+05	1.55E+04	3.84E+05	7.11E+03
4'-Demethyldeoxypodophyllotoxin	0	0	1.74E+03	1.65E+03	2.29E+03	0	1.71E+03	1.75E+03	1.86E+03	0	1.9E+03	4.63E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.96E+03	0	0	2.25E+03	0	0	0	687	0	0	1.18E+04	0	2.39E+03	0	0	4.48E+05	2.28E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	3.88E+07	0	0
4-Dimethylallyl-L-abrine	4.45E+03	6.54E+04	0	2.76E+03	1.97E+03	1.76E+04	0	1.73E+03	3.92E+04	1.25E+05	0	1.24E+04	3.95E+03	0	0	4.65E+03	8.3E+04	0	3.31E+03	0	1.64E+04	0	1.49E+03	8.02E+03	0	2.2E+04	0	2.33E+03	0	4.07E+03	9.64E+03	1.46E+05	5.66E+03	4.23E+03	1.91E+06	1.57E+03	0	1.03E+04	2.37E+03	1.77E+03	0	0	0	1.64E+03	1.11E+04
4-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol_1	5.33E+07	1.12E+06	9.21E+06	2.71E+06	7.98E+05	2.1E+06	4.32E+06	8.07E+05	6.48E+07	1.22E+07	2.59E+06	4.63E+06	9.34E+05	3.83E+07	1.38E+06	2.48E+06	7.9E+07	2.03E+07	1.7E+06	5.46E+06	6.64E+05	5.5E+07	5.38E+07	5.87E+06	2.62E+06	1.13E+07	1.7E+07	2.19E+07	1.47E+06	5.26E+07	3.02E+06	1.03E+06	7.6E+06	2.58E+07	6.99E+07	7.63E+06	1.27E+07	2.53E+06	6.9E+05	1.43E+06	3.91E+07	1.37E+07	7.1E+06	3.48E+07	5.49E+05
4-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol_2	1.02E+06	2.06E+06	4.54E+05	2.24E+06	2.92E+06	9.87E+05	1.19E+06	6.59E+04	9.28E+05	2.99E+05	9.76E+05	6.9E+05	5.38E+05	9.9E+05	2.17E+06	1.12E+06	1.71E+06	1.86E+06	2.24E+06	2.21E+06	1.16E+06	1.41E+06	7.18E+05	2.49E+06	2.42E+05	5.66E+05	7.52E+04	6.4E+05	6.41E+05	9.65E+05	8.77E+05	1.92E+06	5.82E+05	9.8E+05	1.22E+06	6.14E+05	1.82E+06	9.16E+05	5.09E+05	3.56E+05	1.23E+06	2.59E+05	2.07E+05	1.48E+06	5.33E+05
4-GUANIDINOBUTANOATE	8.68E+07	8.06E+07	1.04E+08	6.51E+07	1.6E+08	3.69E+07	4.47E+07	1.52E+08	3.36E+07	4.41E+07	2.94E+07	1.47E+07	1.56E+07	2.22E+07	3.99E+07	3.79E+07	1.16E+08	7.18E+07	5.35E+07	5.07E+07	3.61E+07	7.13E+07	2.67E+07	3.77E+07	3.06E+07	1.79E+07	1.71E+07	3.3E+07	1.97E+07	4.75E+07	5.4E+07	7.54E+07	5.65E+07	9.36E+07	7.96E+07	5.28E+07	6.83E+07	7.8E+07	2.08E+07	1.28E+08	2.99E+07	3.64E+07	1.41E+07	7.67E+07	1.62E+07
4-Heptyloxybenzoic acid_1	4.07E+06	3.18E+06	1.16E+06	3.41E+06	3.72E+06	4.87E+06	2.43E+06	3.96E+05	1.5E+06	9.19E+05	3.89E+06	2.63E+06	5.7E+05	8.58E+06	4E+06	3.6E+06	3.52E+06	4.17E+06	5.47E+06	1.13E+07	2.1E+06	2.12E+06	2.61E+06	1.24E+07	3.79E+05	1.42E+06	1.04E+05	1.46E+06	9.27E+05	2.46E+06	4.95E+06	2.47E+06	1.75E+06	3.69E+06	5.12E+06	4.24E+05	1.26E+06	3.38E+06	3.85E+05	1.12E+06	3.45E+06	3.25E+05	1.23E+06	2.38E+06	1.75E+06
4-Heptyloxybenzoic acid_2	1.54E+05	1.99E+05	8.81E+04	6.82E+05	4.53E+05	1.44E+05	5.4E+05	8.71E+04	8.47E+04	1.31E+04	8.91E+03	5.71E+04	4.07E+04	3.24E+05	2.24E+05	2.16E+04	4.15E+05	2.64E+05	2.9E+05	8.78E+05	6.02E+04	5.27E+04	2.59E+05	1.94E+05	9.77E+04	6.02E+03	2.5E+04	1.95E+05	4.29E+04	2.38E+04	7.2E+05	3.8E+05	1.47E+05	6.31E+05	4.81E+05	1.46E+05	2.41E+05	1.99E+06	1.36E+04	6.56E+04	6.71E+04	1.5E+04	1.27E+04	3.29E+05	9.77E+05
4-Heptyloxyphenol_1	1.26E+06	1.29E+06	1.37E+06	1.55E+06	1.46E+06	1.27E+06	1.27E+06	1.38E+06	1.37E+06	1.44E+06	1.35E+06	1.4E+06	1.35E+06	1.29E+06	1.35E+06	1.4E+06	1.57E+06	1.3E+06	1.4E+06	1.42E+06	1.28E+06	1.16E+06	1.35E+06	1.61E+06	1.38E+06	1.44E+06	1.48E+06	1.33E+06	1.41E+06	1.21E+06	1.27E+06	1.24E+06	1.26E+06	1.24E+06	1.46E+06	1.34E+06	1.31E+06	1.28E+06	1.41E+06	1.4E+06	1.34E+06	1.46E+06	1.43E+06	1.36E+06	1.38E+06
4-Heptyloxyphenol_2	1.21E+06	1.04E+06	1.31E+06	1.2E+06	1.22E+06	1.01E+06	1.35E+06	1.14E+06	1.04E+06	1.11E+06	1.06E+06	1.09E+06	1.03E+06	1.08E+06	9.93E+05	1.07E+06	1.44E+06	1.12E+06	1.37E+06	1.19E+06	1.09E+06	1.3E+06	1.07E+06	1.11E+06	1.14E+06	1.28E+06	1.29E+06	1.06E+06	1.32E+06	9.85E+05	9.7E+05	1.13E+06	1.02E+06	1.01E+06	1.4E+06	1.04E+06	1.4E+06	9.52E+05	1.34E+06	1.07E+06	1E+06	1.3E+06	1.22E+06	1.04E+06	1.24E+06
4-Heptyloxyphenol_3	1.21E+06	1.94E+05	1.31E+06	1.84E+06	1.27E+06	6.18E+05	8.59E+05	1.44E+05	3.64E+05	2.62E+05	2.43E+06	2.82E+05	3.19E+05	5.01E+05	8.93E+05	2.57E+05	2.68E+06	5.95E+05	1.08E+06	3.11E+06	2.89E+05	1.2E+06	2.96E+05	4.8E+06	5.65E+05	1.29E+05	1.1E+05	4.5E+05	9.79E+04	2.42E+05	7.17E+05	5.36E+05	5.43E+05	5.99E+05	1.88E+06	6.53E+05	9.14E+05	6.62E+05	1.47E+05	5.27E+05	4.22E+05	8.81E+04	2.72E+05	3.27E+05	1.22E+05
4-Heptyloxyphenol_4	5.1E+05	3.29E+05	8.31E+05	9.63E+05	7.87E+05	4.33E+05	4.87E+05	1E+05	3.26E+05	5.07E+04	1.04E+05	4.9E+04	3.01E+05	3.39E+05	2.61E+05	2.96E+05	8.69E+05	1.15E+05	4.77E+05	5.15E+05	3.41E+05	3.47E+06	1.35E+05	2.65E+06	2.44E+05	1.59E+04	3.63E+04	2.23E+05	4.1E+04	2.65E+05	1.27E+05	5.45E+05	4.37E+04	2.64E+05	2.52E+06	3.7E+04	2.01E+05	8.64E+04	2.19E+04	7.67E+05	3.63E+05	6E+03	9.19E+05	1.67E+06	2.79E+05
4-Hexyloxyphenol_1	2.04E+06	5.25E+06	3.46E+06	1.16E+07	7.72E+06	2.02E+07	8.3E+06	2.2E+05	3.75E+06	9.95E+05	3.14E+06	3.08E+06	2.61E+05	1.54E+06	1.1E+07	1.02E+07	1.46E+07	5.14E+06	8.56E+06	1.81E+07	3.44E+05	4.86E+06	2.9E+06	1.16E+07	1.34E+05	1.46E+06	2.95E+05	2.05E+06	7.05E+05	2E+06	3.68E+06	3.77E+06	4.48E+06	6.63E+06	6.57E+06	1.16E+06	7.02E+06	7.16E+06	2.02E+06	8.41E+06	2.35E+06	2.78E+05	5.57E+05	4.41E+06	7.27E+06
4-Hexyloxyphenol_2	3.16E+05	1.58E+05	2.87E+05	2.51E+05	3.95E+05	2.86E+05	1.85E+05	3.17E+05	3.49E+05	2.17E+05	1.51E+05	2.35E+05	1.86E+05	2.92E+05	3.65E+05	3.32E+05	4.34E+05	2.27E+05	3.39E+05	1.88E+05	2.64E+05	3.64E+05	2.57E+05	2.05E+05	1.68E+05	1.01E+05	3.65E+05	2.29E+05	2.85E+05	1.85E+05	2.9E+05	4.3E+05	2.67E+05	1.95E+05	1.81E+05	3.21E+05	2.16E+05	4.64E+05	3.48E+05	2.32E+05	3.19E+05	3.95E+05	3.4E+05	2.38E+05	4.1E+05
4-Hydroxy-2-butynal	2.05E+06	3.42E+06	9.18E+05	3.55E+06	5.89E+06	2.89E+06	2.1E+06	1.2E+06	3.21E+06	7.33E+05	1.93E+06	1.08E+06	6.8E+05	1.47E+06	3.51E+06	1.85E+06	3.86E+06	3.15E+06	4.58E+06	2.54E+06	1.58E+06	2.7E+06	1.71E+06	3.92E+06	1.25E+06	1.5E+06	4.51E+05	2.29E+06	5.56E+05	2.11E+06	3.09E+06	3.01E+06	1.68E+06	3.46E+06	6.69E+06	1.4E+06	3.17E+06	1.89E+06	9.51E+05	1.37E+06	1.75E+06	4.72E+05	1.02E+06	2.72E+06	9.15E+05
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_1	4.18E+07	4.57E+07	1.96E+07	9.72E+07	8.92E+07	3.02E+07	2.41E+07	7.36E+06	2.06E+07	1.24E+07	1.93E+07	1.89E+07	1.53E+07	2.89E+07	6.02E+07	2.54E+07	5.62E+07	5.66E+07	8.24E+07	3.1E+07	4.07E+07	5.12E+07	3.64E+07	5.42E+07	7.59E+06	2.09E+07	3.15E+06	2.08E+07	1.36E+07	2.73E+07	3.84E+07	3.91E+07	1.38E+07	2.17E+07	4.29E+07	1.52E+07	5.29E+07	2.75E+07	8.54E+06	1.38E+07	3.6E+07	6.46E+06	1.43E+07	3.62E+07	1.16E+07
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_2	6.23E+05	7.3E+05	2.56E+05	7.34E+05	6.6E+05	1.72E+05	2.39E+05	6.98E+04	3.83E+05	2.25E+05	5.85E+05	2.41E+05	1.69E+05	2.96E+05	7.88E+05	3.62E+05	3.56E+05	5.17E+05	8.81E+05	4.95E+05	3.38E+05	5.53E+05	3.59E+05	6.75E+05	1.54E+05	2.84E+05	1.18E+05	5.56E+05	1.95E+05	2.12E+05	5.05E+05	5.16E+05	2.56E+05	1.75E+05	3.74E+05	2.41E+05	4.98E+05	1.66E+05	1.27E+05	6.38E+04	3.8E+05	1.18E+05	1.51E+06	1.49E+05	1.55E+04
4-Hydroxy-3-nitrosobenzamide	5.8E+04	1.18E+05	4.45E+04	1.37E+05	5.38E+04	6.85E+04	7.65E+03	4.16E+03	8.26E+04	1.38E+04	8.27E+04	4.73E+04	2.46E+04	2.16E+04	1.58E+05	1.98E+04	9.22E+04	1.77E+05	1.91E+05	1.75E+05	2.12E+04	1.57E+05	3.49E+04	1.03E+05	1.24E+04	3.15E+04	1.34E+04	8.69E+04	3.53E+04	7.15E+04	2.2E+05	1.09E+05	8.19E+04	1.03E+05	3.06E+05	1.05E+04	1E+05	7.61E+03	1.8E+04	5.16E+04	3.71E+04	1.32E+04	5.88E+04	3.68E+04	3.61E+04
4'-Hydroxy-3'-prenylacetophenone	8.29E+04	2.97E+04	1.05E+05	2.34E+05	1.14E+06	3E+04	4.73E+04	1.76E+04	2.18E+04	2.63E+03	3.45E+03	3.14E+03	1.8E+04	1.01E+04	8E+04	1.38E+04	3.63E+03	1.08E+05	2.8E+04	2.65E+04	1.49E+03	7.78E+03	2.65E+03	2.35E+04	3.61E+03	2.16E+03	2.1E+03	1.25E+05	2.31E+03	5.13E+04	2.01E+04	4.15E+04	1.25E+04	7.33E+04	3.77E+05	2.46E+03	1.1E+05	9.54E+03	1.38E+04	5.59E+03	1.38E+05	9.39E+03	2.32E+04	9.76E+03	4.8E+03
4-Hydroxybenzoate	4.29E+04	3.35E+04	2.62E+03	2.07E+05	7.03E+04	4.35E+04	1.83E+04	2.37E+03	3.47E+04	1E+06	6.19E+05	2.14E+03	2.16E+03	3.48E+03	5.6E+03	3.77E+04	2.93E+04	4.08E+03	2.03E+05	7.75E+05	3.9E+05	1.46E+04	2.37E+03	1.26E+06	4.4E+05	1.35E+04	2.07E+04	4.95E+03	2.32E+03	1.49E+04	1.17E+04	8.73E+05	5.06E+03	3.34E+04	1.97E+04	2.46E+03	8.96E+04	5.78E+03	3.09E+03	7.86E+05	3.35E+03	2.61E+03	3.21E+03	4.95E+03	2.51E+03
4-Hydroxybutanoic acid_1	2.9E+05	1.52E+06	5E+06	1.03E+07	1.21E+07	8.94E+06	4.02E+06	4.03E+06	1.27E+06	4.4E+05	1.15E+07	5.27E+06	2.54E+06	1.22E+06	9.83E+05	1.36E+05	1.62E+07	6.66E+06	2.81E+07	2.82E+05	4.96E+06	3.55E+05	2.12E+05	5.66E+05	7.81E+06	1.03E+05	1.05E+07	1.13E+07	4.01E+06	8.07E+06	1.77E+05	2.6E+06	3.9E+06	1.16E+06	8.01E+05	9.33E+06	1.01E+05	1.13E+06	6.54E+06	9.57E+05	1.24E+05	2.34E+06	1.62E+06	6.1E+05	1.23E+05
4-Hydroxybutanoic acid_2	2.68E+06	3.72E+06	9.9E+05	3.84E+06	6.83E+06	2.43E+06	1.67E+06	7.62E+05	1.73E+06	3.75E+05	3.51E+06	1.99E+06	6.32E+05	4.14E+05	1.69E+06	8.98E+05	4.56E+06	3.16E+06	4.96E+06	5.42E+06	2.04E+06	2.7E+06	2.09E+06	5.32E+06	3.58E+05	1.18E+06	5.53E+05	6.26E+05	4.67E+05	1.89E+06	2.57E+06	3.42E+06	1.19E+06	2.33E+06	2.91E+06	1.04E+06	2.68E+06	2.49E+06	5.31E+05	9.88E+05	7.4E+05	3.87E+05	1.63E+06	2.67E+06	7.68E+05
4-Hydroxymandelonitrile	8.33E+06	5.89E+06	8.39E+05	1.33E+06	7.62E+06	9.25E+05	6.81E+05	4.97E+06	4.95E+06	1.66E+06	2.08E+06	4E+05	5.9E+05	1.5E+06	3.1E+06	5.2E+05	8.73E+06	1.26E+06	3.77E+06	1.19E+06	1.83E+06	9.25E+06	2.65E+06	1.91E+06	7.71E+05	6.11E+05	7.81E+05	6.89E+05	1.27E+05	3.82E+06	1.3E+07	2.04E+06	1.63E+06	6.19E+06	4.09E+06	1.92E+06	1.14E+06	1.08E+05	3.63E+05	3.97E+06	1.26E+06	5.3E+05	2.36E+05	2.38E+06	5.11E+05
4-Hydroxymethylphenylhydrazine	1.42E+06	1.17E+06	2.26E+05	1.21E+06	1.41E+06	8.71E+04	1.05E+06	6.99E+05	1.29E+07	1.27E+05	5.64E+05	1.76E+06	1.86E+05	8.78E+04	3.88E+06	9.91E+05	3.47E+05	1.83E+05	2.17E+06	3.05E+05	1.25E+05	1.51E+06	1.02E+06	4.38E+06	8.85E+04	2.34E+05	5.26E+05	2.7E+04	1.1E+05	2.7E+05	1.04E+06	4.4E+05	7.71E+04	1.74E+06	6.21E+06	2.27E+05	2.97E+06	9.56E+04	1.07E+05	2.25E+06	1.45E+05	7.66E+04	3.24E+06	1.64E+05	1.29E+05
4-Hydroxyphenylacetate_1	3.08E+06	2.02E+06	1.41E+06	5.13E+06	2.94E+06	2.5E+06	2.1E+06	1.52E+06	1.88E+06	8.05E+05	1.84E+06	1.65E+06	1.19E+06	1.79E+06	5.85E+06	3.34E+06	2.21E+06	3.22E+06	7E+06	2.13E+06	1.24E+06	3.04E+06	3.42E+06	3.19E+06	1.23E+06	2.02E+06	1.22E+06	1.73E+06	1.39E+06	3.68E+06	3.47E+06	4.05E+06	2.26E+06	2.63E+06	4.98E+06	1.23E+06	4.36E+06	2.76E+06	1.53E+06	2.21E+06	2.12E+06	1.46E+06	1.9E+06	1.77E+06	3.1E+06
4-Hydroxyphenylacetate_2	9.99E+05	1.84E+06	5.04E+06	9.95E+05	2.27E+07	9.92E+05	1.12E+06	1.17E+05	1.88E+06	5.67E+05	7.18E+05	1.54E+06	7.68E+05	1.83E+06	5.33E+06	7.3E+05	1.64E+05	1.43E+06	3.22E+06	1.27E+06	3.18E+05	1.03E+06	8.96E+05	2.12E+06	4.25E+06	1.36E+05	3.04E+05	2.42E+06	3.14E+05	9.41E+05	1.16E+06	3.2E+06	1.16E+06	1.4E+06	3.7E+06	6.62E+05	3.42E+06	5.74E+05	5.13E+05	7.48E+05	1.03E+06	1.62E+05	3.99E+05	6.37E+05	5.14E+05
4-IMIDAZOLEACETIC ACID	1.53E+07	1.17E+07	7.48E+06	2.88E+07	2.46E+07	6.45E+06	1.06E+07	5.82E+06	9.69E+06	4.71E+06	1.12E+07	6.76E+06	7.01E+06	7.27E+06	1.26E+07	7.54E+06	2.86E+07	1.45E+07	2.11E+07	1.36E+07	6.81E+06	1.86E+07	6.05E+06	1.83E+07	1.14E+07	4.99E+06	7.6E+06	7.57E+06	2.64E+06	6.79E+06	2.06E+07	1.1E+07	6.09E+06	1.22E+07	1.18E+07	1.24E+07	1.44E+07	1.18E+07	6.95E+06	6.97E+06	6.6E+06	7.71E+06	8.72E+06	1.18E+07	3.66E+06
4-Imidazolone-5-propanoate	1.03E+08	6.6E+07	2.15E+07	1.53E+08	7.87E+07	5.21E+07	4.55E+07	4.56E+07	8.46E+07	2.04E+07	8.71E+07	3.3E+07	2.22E+07	3.24E+07	1.22E+08	5.98E+07	1.38E+08	1.36E+08	1.68E+08	9.44E+07	3.09E+07	1.08E+08	7.35E+07	1.23E+08	6.84E+07	6.4E+07	4.56E+07	2.54E+07	3E+07	1.76E+08	1.48E+08	4.96E+07	4.45E+07	6.26E+07	2.53E+08	2.43E+07	6.24E+07	4.27E+07	1.93E+07	5.62E+07	3E+07	6.61E+07	4.07E+07	2.29E+08	2E+07
4-Isopropylbenzaldehyde	5.77E+05	3.01E+05	5.99E+03	5.51E+05	9.88E+05	5.25E+05	3.58E+05	1.65E+05	3.08E+05	9.94E+04	1.59E+05	3.47E+05	1.21E+05	5.09E+05	7.1E+05	3.93E+05	3.17E+05	3.79E+05	1.24E+06	6.44E+05	1.03E+05	5.16E+05	4.03E+05	6.79E+05	9.42E+03	4.93E+04	1.87E+04	5.74E+05	3.45E+05	2.48E+05	1.35E+06	8.18E+05	1.56E+05	3.26E+05	4.3E+05	1.12E+04	6.18E+05	1.4E+05	3.61E+04	4.14E+05	7.02E+05	6.23E+04	4.51E+05	4.8E+05	6.52E+05
4-Ketocyclophosphamide	7.67E+05	1.88E+06	5.95E+06	9.45E+05	1.8E+06	2.1E+06	4.24E+06	5.99E+05	3.62E+06	3.97E+06	1.68E+06	1.88E+06	6.03E+06	4.13E+06	2.69E+06	2.38E+06	2.97E+06	6.04E+06	3.37E+06	1.84E+06	4.24E+06	8.24E+05	3.1E+06	6.33E+06	5.04E+06	1.62E+06	4.16E+06	3.29E+06	1.14E+06	4.81E+06	3.03E+05	3.09E+06	3.37E+06	2.24E+06	5.17E+06	3.71E+06	6.52E+06	3.02E+06	1.68E+06	4.94E+06	3.71E+06	3.81E+06	6.51E+06	5.83E+06	1.04E+06
4-Methyl-2-oxopentanoate_1	4.11E+06	8.09E+06	7.11E+05	4.52E+06	6.74E+06	4.13E+06	2.81E+06	3.39E+06	4.27E+06	7.25E+05	9.83E+05	6.24E+05	4.77E+05	2.4E+06	1.4E+06	1.48E+06	5.8E+06	4.47E+06	1.09E+07	1.98E+06	8.57E+05	5.38E+06	2.55E+05	6.4E+06	1.15E+06	5.19E+05	1.7E+06	1.39E+06	2.06E+05	8.2E+06	5.1E+06	7.53E+06	1.34E+06	5.46E+06	2.22E+07	9.93E+05	4.91E+06	1.64E+06	2.83E+05	2.42E+06	2.77E+06	4.13E+05	6.13E+05	5.28E+06	1.81E+05
4-Methyl-2-oxopentanoate_2	1.69E+05	4.79E+05	4.36E+04	7.42E+04	1.15E+06	4.71E+06	6.81E+04	1.43E+05	3.56E+04	9.81E+03	1.97E+05	8.61E+05	1.65E+04	5.3E+04	1.97E+05	2.2E+04	3.12E+05	1.61E+05	4.86E+05	2.88E+05	2.64E+04	2.48E+05	8.83E+04	1.71E+05	1.41E+04	2.66E+04	1.45E+04	4.01E+04	8.68E+03	1.32E+06	1.09E+04	6.98E+05	8.72E+05	1.28E+05	4.61E+06	2.06E+04	5.64E+05	1.32E+05	1.53E+04	8.87E+04	1.09E+05	1.08E+04	1.02E+06	4.75E+05	7.57E+03
4-Methylene-L-glutamine_1	6.62E+05	2.21E+05	3.85E+04	6.01E+05	7.25E+05	3.4E+04	6.93E+05	2.36E+05	1.25E+05	3.35E+04	2.69E+05	9.5E+04	2.34E+04	6.91E+04	2.57E+05	1.97E+05	4.55E+05	2.36E+05	2.75E+05	3.1E+05	1.63E+06	1.1E+05	1.12E+05	7.52E+05	2.09E+04	8.11E+04	4.79E+03	1.43E+04	4.94E+04	1.38E+06	1.87E+05	1.14E+06	7.65E+04	1.12E+06	1.4E+05	7.01E+04	2.81E+05	4E+05	8.68E+03	3.78E+05	1.29E+05	2.42E+03	1.03E+04	1.8E+05	8.21E+03
4-Methylene-L-glutamine_2	5.07E+05	2.76E+05	1.23E+05	1.6E+05	5.88E+05	2.79E+05	8.48E+04	5.67E+03	4.1E+03	1.73E+05	1.35E+05	1.02E+06	5.59E+04	1.07E+04	2.11E+04	2.37E+04	7.3E+05	2E+05	1.13E+05	3.25E+05	6.58E+04	7.9E+04	4.22E+05	1.29E+05	1.24E+03	5.41E+03	7.2E+03	8.93E+04	6.65E+03	3.66E+05	1.61E+05	5.96E+05	3.18E+04	5.6E+04	3.24E+04	6.83E+04	1.31E+05	5.91E+04	9.34E+04	7.25E+04	9.09E+05	2.11E+03	5.36E+03	8.69E+04	4.65E+04
4-Methylthio-2-oxobutanoic acid	5.78E+06	1.14E+05	5.01E+04	4.13E+06	7.05E+06	6.8E+06	5.47E+05	8.36E+05	1.25E+05	4.85E+04	1.91E+06	1.83E+06	3.66E+06	4.68E+04	1.62E+06	2.66E+06	6.36E+05	6.8E+05	3.1E+06	5.63E+06	3.28E+05	9.38E+05	2.41E+06	2.39E+06	1.38E+05	1.25E+05	4.36E+04	2.82E+06	2.12E+05	3.6E+06	1.03E+06	1.12E+07	4.06E+06	7.13E+05	2.34E+06	6.8E+04	3.33E+06	2.95E+06	3.27E+06	1.28E+06	1.43E+06	2.32E+05	9.71E+05	2.73E+06	4.18E+06
4-Nitro-6-oxohepta-2,4-dienedioate	2.88E+06	8.61E+06	2.63E+06	1.19E+07	1.11E+07	5.78E+06	6.72E+06	1.74E+06	2.95E+06	1.81E+06	6.83E+06	4.4E+06	5.54E+06	2.92E+06	6.54E+06	7.16E+06	4.58E+06	7.31E+06	4.9E+06	5.19E+06	6.3E+06	5.1E+06	3.24E+06	7.42E+06	3.71E+06	4.21E+06	2.95E+06	2.28E+06	5.6E+06	1.95E+06	3.07E+06	5.62E+06	1.58E+06	2.59E+06	1.33E+06	3.66E+06	5.32E+06	4.24E+06	4.14E+06	2.17E+06	3E+06	2.45E+06	2.69E+06	4.28E+06	3.93E+06
4-Nitrocatechol	9.18E+04	1.3E+04	9.79E+03	5.83E+05	7.62E+05	4.41E+03	7.53E+03	1.57E+03	6.66E+03	1.93E+03	4.62E+03	2.01E+03	2.09E+03	1.08E+03	3.19E+03	1.66E+03	8.55E+04	1.28E+03	7.47E+04	2.52E+04	2.18E+03	5.95E+04	2.15E+03	3.46E+03	900	1.79E+03	1.12E+03	2.6E+03	0	5.76E+04	2.39E+04	9.7E+04	4.41E+03	2.3E+04	2.63E+05	3.14E+03	3.09E+04	1.45E+04	1.12E+04	1.81E+03	5.66E+03	1.31E+03	1.28E+03	1.95E+03	1.83E+03
4-Nitrophenol	1.96E+07	3.49E+06	6.14E+06	5.86E+06	3.98E+07	1.34E+06	8.33E+06	1.78E+07	1.8E+07	5.36E+06	1.91E+06	7.21E+06	1.67E+06	8.32E+05	6.94E+06	1.28E+06	3.04E+07	8.05E+06	9.98E+06	6.69E+06	1.53E+06	1.16E+07	1.15E+06	8.06E+06	5.18E+06	3.03E+06	1.41E+06	2.24E+06	8.6E+05	1.17E+07	1.77E+07	2.98E+07	5.52E+06	1.72E+07	6.64E+06	2.31E+06	2.12E+07	2.2E+07	2.24E+06	1.14E+07	2.9E+06	1.1E+06	1.29E+06	3.82E+06	2.23E+06
4-Nitrophenyl-3-ketovalidamine	7.97E+06	4.73E+06	8.88E+05	1.88E+06	6.79E+06	3.86E+06	4.59E+06	4.43E+05	1.59E+06	4.28E+05	1.36E+06	1.27E+06	2.68E+05	2.04E+06	1.75E+06	1.84E+06	1.77E+06	1.52E+06	2.13E+06	3.04E+06	3.79E+07	1.02E+06	1.37E+06	1.52E+06	2.92E+05	9.63E+05	1.82E+05	1.37E+06	9.57E+05	1.48E+07	1.17E+06	2.04E+07	1.3E+06	1.1E+06	1.79E+06	5.53E+05	1.43E+06	9.64E+05	5.66E+05	2.48E+06	1.26E+06	1.76E+05	3.92E+05	1.1E+06	6.56E+05
4-Nitrosobiphenyl	5.63E+05	3.14E+06	2.97E+05	3.06E+06	5.4E+05	8.88E+05	3.95E+05	2.96E+04	2.01E+05	7.46E+05	7.35E+05	1.16E+05	1.18E+05	2.32E+05	1.7E+05	1.54E+05	2.72E+05	1.98E+06	4.14E+05	3.9E+05	4.93E+05	9.29E+05	5.06E+05	7.45E+05	8.43E+04	6.93E+05	3.19E+04	4.85E+05	1.61E+04	1.31E+04	4.48E+05	1.52E+05	1.46E+05	2.3E+05	2.31E+05	5.48E+05	2.47E+05	1.61E+05	5.3E+04	2.34E+05	3.85E+05	1.5E+05	5.23E+05	6.04E+04	7.35E+04
4-O-beta-D-Glucosyl-4-hydroxycinnamate	6.65E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	7.43E+04	1.56E+03	0	0	0	1.46E+03	0	1.26E+03	0	0	2.37E+03	0	0	1.52E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_1	7.79E+06	7.64E+06	7.32E+06	7.93E+06	5.68E+06	6.56E+06	6.99E+06	1.12E+07	7.15E+06	6.83E+06	7.96E+06	6.19E+06	7.03E+06	7.56E+06	6.65E+06	6.65E+06	6.63E+06	6.28E+06	6.24E+06	6.84E+06	6.97E+06	4.92E+06	1.09E+07	7.56E+06	7.09E+06	9.18E+06	7.13E+06	1.05E+07	6.73E+06	5.84E+06	6.39E+06	5.31E+06	1.02E+07	6.15E+06	6.19E+06	6.11E+06	7.81E+06	6.46E+06	6.43E+06	6.38E+06	6.19E+06	7.07E+06	6.6E+06	5.88E+06	6.3E+06
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_2	1.07E+06	3.11E+05	3.3E+06	2.82E+07	1.03E+06	9.41E+06	3.04E+07	2.07E+05	6.02E+04	8.52E+05	8.35E+05	1.38E+06	2.68E+07	1.57E+06	2.21E+06	4.78E+04	4.39E+05	2.7E+06	5.07E+06	6.86E+04	2.91E+06	4.53E+06	3.7E+05	1.11E+08	2.41E+06	1.41E+05	1.76E+06	4.98E+05	5.89E+05	1.34E+06	1.17E+06	4.47E+06	2E+07	4.79E+04	1.12E+07	1.69E+06	1.33E+08	6.75E+05	3.39E+06	6.55E+06	1.71E+06	5.42E+05	2.05E+07	5.3E+06	2.17E+06
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_3	1.19E+06	6.48E+06	5.37E+05	5.05E+06	4.57E+06	1.16E+06	1.29E+06	8.35E+05	8.6E+05	3.82E+05	1.82E+06	1.14E+06	6.94E+05	6.39E+05	2.28E+06	5.19E+05	1.58E+06	2.67E+06	3.62E+06	5.87E+06	2.05E+06	3.12E+05	3.28E+06	4.72E+06	6.67E+05	2.51E+06	4.07E+05	1.51E+05	4.51E+05	1.22E+06	1.24E+06	3.44E+06	3.94E+06	2.7E+06	1.39E+06	6.72E+05	2.53E+06	2.44E+06	6.47E+05	9.47E+05	7.8E+05	3.85E+05	3.52E+05	7.91E+06	3.87E+05
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_4	4.45E+05	1.07E+05	4.69E+05	9.61E+05	2.21E+06	3.39E+05	7.4E+05	8.2E+05	2.09E+05	3.14E+05	3.94E+06	7.92E+04	1.67E+06	3.44E+04	9.74E+05	2.7E+05	5.36E+06	7.19E+05	7.5E+06	1.52E+05	1.06E+05	1.6E+06	3.5E+05	1.31E+06	8.27E+05	1.08E+05	1.4E+05	3.59E+05	5.87E+05	1.41E+06	1.1E+06	5.58E+06	7.24E+04	6.9E+05	2.22E+05	1.24E+06	6.41E+05	1.09E+05	1.59E+06	5.25E+04	3.58E+05	1.62E+05	7.4E+05	5.04E+05	1.09E+05
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_5	6.6E+05	7.7E+04	9.87E+05	6.04E+07	1.66E+05	2.46E+06	1.02E+07	9.54E+05	1.49E+05	2.45E+04	1.17E+05	2.45E+05	2.17E+06	1.83E+05	9.58E+05	2.26E+04	5.31E+05	3.58E+06	1.54E+06	4.2E+04	3.22E+05	2.65E+06	4.93E+04	3.09E+07	1.13E+06	1.69E+05	1.95E+05	7.17E+04	1.91E+05	3.94E+05	3.54E+06	3.52E+05	2.79E+06	1.46E+05	1.66E+06	7.13E+04	3.99E+07	1.02E+05	2.82E+05	1.12E+07	4.67E+04	1.19E+05	8.03E+06	3.68E+06	1.47E+04
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_6	1.87E+05	1.09E+05	5.79E+04	6.26E+06	3.02E+05	5.97E+05	2.56E+05	5.46E+04	1.79E+05	2.18E+04	4.33E+05	4.5E+04	5.97E+04	1.05E+05	8.29E+04	2.43E+04	5.89E+04	3.05E+05	1.18E+05	3.14E+05	7.48E+04	2.01E+05	2.15E+05	9.79E+06	1.42E+05	4.96E+04	6.19E+04	5.14E+04	2.47E+04	7.02E+05	3.34E+05	3.8E+05	4.13E+05	2.44E+05	1.49E+06	8.03E+04	7.83E+06	1.81E+06	1.4E+05	9.32E+05	7.16E+04	5.94E+04	8.3E+04	1.09E+07	6.78E+04
4-Oxoproline_1	1.27E+08	2.4E+07	2.14E+07	4.13E+07	1.25E+08	1.42E+07	1.57E+07	3.04E+07	5.52E+07	3.17E+07	1.56E+07	1.11E+07	5.29E+06	5.11E+07	2.95E+07	1.45E+07	1.31E+08	3.74E+07	3.68E+07	1.96E+07	8.98E+06	1.22E+08	3.7E+07	2.34E+07	6.25E+06	1.2E+07	6.69E+06	3.16E+07	4.61E+06	4.79E+07	1.31E+08	5.38E+07	2.21E+07	7.07E+07	8.56E+07	4.39E+07	3.18E+07	1.74E+07	1.26E+07	4.7E+07	4.91E+07	4.51E+06	2.75E+07	3.4E+07	8.35E+06
4-Oxoproline_2	5.83E+07	1.64E+06	5.77E+05	2.58E+07	3.69E+07	9.08E+07	9.43E+06	4.13E+06	6.34E+06	1.56E+06	8.7E+06	2.06E+07	1.49E+07	2.89E+06	1.5E+07	1.66E+07	5.77E+06	7.3E+06	2.45E+07	2.05E+07	7.15E+06	8.97E+06	1.78E+07	1.63E+07	1.76E+06	4.28E+06	3.42E+05	6.36E+06	2.09E+06	2.4E+07	1.02E+07	5.55E+07	1.92E+07	5.96E+06	3.48E+07	2.74E+06	2.81E+07	1.75E+07	2.61E+07	1.18E+07	6.76E+06	2.28E+06	1.1E+07	3.56E+07	6.24E+07
4-Propylphenol_1	8.61E+05	9.27E+05	3.84E+05	8.98E+05	1.43E+06	9.35E+05	1.63E+06	2.18E+05	1.07E+06	1.62E+05	1.19E+06	3.33E+05	1.1E+05	5.94E+05	1.66E+06	8.46E+05	7.12E+05	8.34E+05	2.92E+06	1.45E+06	1.94E+05	1.15E+06	5.82E+05	3.33E+06	7.25E+04	3.04E+05	3.41E+04	5.14E+05	1.91E+05	6.42E+05	1.63E+06	1.79E+06	1.1E+06	1.63E+06	1.71E+06	1.13E+05	2.01E+06	1.18E+06	1.25E+05	5.64E+05	7.14E+05	4.54E+04	4.32E+05	4.16E+05	4.13E+05
4-Propylphenol_2	1.76E+05	4.71E+05	2.16E+05	8.12E+05	4.03E+06	2.08E+06	3.1E+06	1.57E+06	3.89E+05	2.48E+05	2.59E+05	4.21E+05	2.62E+04	7.8E+05	7.65E+05	1.92E+05	1.09E+06	3.98E+05	1.4E+06	1.22E+06	8.23E+04	5.83E+05	7.73E+04	1.25E+06	1.19E+05	3.24E+04	6.02E+03	4.64E+05	7.38E+04	6.56E+05	1.06E+06	3.89E+06	2.69E+05	2.2E+06	2.83E+05	2.87E+05	3.53E+06	3.96E+06	2.54E+04	2.03E+05	1.81E+05	1.81E+05	3.91E+05	3.18E+05	7.72E+05
4-Pyridoxate_1	3.21E+07	4.94E+07	8.88E+06	4.35E+07	2.63E+07	3.03E+07	9.49E+06	3.8E+06	1.65E+07	8.57E+06	3.16E+07	8.21E+06	2.04E+07	1.73E+07	2.03E+07	1.48E+07	4.4E+07	2.94E+07	3.32E+07	3.92E+07	1.31E+07	3.1E+07	2.17E+07	8.08E+07	1.15E+07	1.47E+08	4.56E+06	1.58E+07	5.14E+06	2.43E+07	1.68E+07	1.02E+07	1.47E+07	2.3E+07	3.75E+07	8.65E+06	1.84E+07	5.16E+06	3.48E+06	6.64E+06	1.17E+07	1.84E+07	9.23E+06	7.67E+06	9.37E+06
4-Pyridoxate_2	1.96E+06	2.91E+05	1.19E+06	2.93E+06	6.86E+06	3.12E+05	1.07E+06	7.5E+06	1.41E+06	8.76E+05	1.75E+05	2.84E+05	3.4E+05	2.87E+05	1.06E+06	2.04E+05	9.23E+06	7.41E+05	3E+06	1.49E+06	6.18E+05	1.8E+06	5.97E+05	9.88E+05	9.46E+05	2.39E+05	3E+05	6.68E+05	2.7E+05	2.13E+06	5.27E+06	2.57E+06	1.94E+06	4.73E+06	5.05E+06	3.47E+05	7.44E+05	2.31E+06	5.18E+04	5.2E+06	9.91E+05	1.88E+05	5.74E+05	1.41E+06	5.29E+05
4-Pyridoxate_3	6.29E+05	4.44E+05	7.54E+05	1.41E+06	4.54E+06	1.32E+05	5.8E+05	3.7E+05	6.26E+06	2.79E+05	2.13E+05	6.73E+05	8.54E+04	2.97E+05	5.41E+05	1.41E+05	1.67E+06	1.77E+06	1.33E+06	5.98E+05	1.22E+05	8.84E+05	1.67E+05	6.82E+05	6.16E+05	8.16E+04	2.35E+05	1.74E+05	5.89E+04	6.35E+05	1.54E+06	1.63E+06	7.83E+05	1.43E+06	4.32E+05	1.17E+05	3.02E+06	1.69E+06	3.77E+05	6.27E+05	5.08E+05	1.28E+05	8.9E+04	1.21E+06	1.85E+05
4-Pyridoxolactone_1	2.65E+05	6.62E+05	2.84E+05	1.91E+06	1.93E+06	4.98E+05	3.19E+05	2.08E+05	1.19E+06	1.99E+05	7.88E+05	1.96E+05	3.92E+04	6.7E+05	1.7E+06	6.04E+05	1.66E+06	1.15E+06	2.12E+06	1.01E+06	4.08E+05	1.35E+06	4.57E+05	1.47E+06	1.23E+05	3.82E+05	5.5E+04	6.4E+05	1.6E+05	8.34E+05	1.36E+06	1.27E+06	5.88E+05	9.7E+05	2.12E+06	4.3E+05	1.64E+06	4.88E+05	8.55E+04	6.76E+05	3.65E+05	1.16E+05	3.71E+05	7.74E+05	1.36E+05
4-Pyridoxolactone_2	2.62E+06	8.24E+05	5.45E+05	7.41E+05	4.1E+06	1.57E+05	5.34E+05	3.68E+05	6.56E+05	6.82E+05	4.83E+05	1.46E+05	2E+05	8.89E+05	1.26E+06	7.6E+05	2.31E+06	6.02E+05	1.41E+06	7.27E+05	3.07E+05	2.83E+06	5.98E+05	2.14E+05	1.14E+05	1.81E+06	4.39E+04	7.66E+05	3.32E+04	6.64E+05	1.33E+06	1.98E+05	1.47E+05	8.4E+05	5.45E+05	5.17E+05	4.55E+05	9.58E+04	4.72E+04	5.95E+05	1.38E+06	1.63E+05	3.82E+05	3.88E+05	1.53E+05
4-Pyridoxolactone_3	5.81E+05	4.62E+05	3.61E+04	3.74E+05	1.16E+06	2.18E+05	1.86E+05	6.11E+04	1.94E+05	7.65E+04	3.06E+05	1.39E+05	5.26E+04	1.66E+05	1.73E+05	1.12E+05	4.63E+05	3.95E+05	4.6E+05	5.71E+05	5.41E+05	5.76E+05	1.51E+05	4.79E+05	4.36E+04	8.19E+04	8.28E+03	1.04E+05	2.39E+04	1.82E+04	3.6E+05	7.27E+05	2.33E+04	1.75E+05	1.02E+05	5.86E+04	3.4E+05	9.53E+04	1.64E+04	4.09E+04	2.13E+05	1.56E+04	9.45E+04	1.6E+05	5.81E+03
4-Vinylcyclohexene_1	8.21E+06	6.55E+06	7.17E+06	7.68E+06	1.04E+07	7.34E+06	7.64E+06	6.49E+06	8.64E+06	7.22E+06	7.32E+06	6.94E+06	7.7E+06	6.96E+06	7.38E+06	6.81E+06	8.08E+06	8.31E+06	7.3E+06	8.04E+06	7.12E+06	7.58E+06	6.54E+06	1.01E+07	8.02E+06	5.55E+06	6.82E+06	5.54E+06	7.11E+06	7.26E+06	1.03E+07	6.77E+06	8.69E+06	8.96E+06	8.01E+06	7.33E+06	9.32E+06	8.14E+06	5.53E+06	6.81E+06	7.59E+06	7.54E+06	7.47E+06	7.24E+06	7.91E+06
4-Vinylcyclohexene_2	3.43E+06	2.71E+06	2.57E+06	3.21E+06	3.06E+06	2.97E+06	3.51E+06	2.55E+06	2.77E+06	2.36E+06	2.72E+06	2.75E+06	2.65E+06	2.79E+06	2.8E+06	2.72E+06	2.7E+06	2.67E+06	2.89E+06	2.77E+06	2.52E+06	2.79E+06	2.76E+06	8.19E+06	2.67E+06	2.36E+06	2.45E+06	2.77E+06	2.71E+06	2.87E+06	2.72E+06	3.66E+06	2.85E+06	3.15E+06	3.17E+06	2.74E+06	3.28E+06	4.35E+06	2.52E+06	2.84E+06	2.8E+06	2.39E+06	2.72E+06	2.7E+06	3.14E+06
5-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-4-methylthiazole	6.65E+03	1.49E+05	2.5E+03	1.97E+03	2.75E+05	2.92E+03	3.6E+07	3.26E+03	2.71E+03	8.4E+03	8.53E+03	8.92E+05	5.56E+03	1.58E+03	7.38E+03	6.76E+03	2.76E+04	8.65E+03	7.36E+03	4.15E+03	1.03E+05	7.54E+03	5.14E+03	5.34E+03	5.11E+03	5.88E+03	3.1E+03	7.88E+06	7.27E+03	1.86E+04	5.69E+03	7.03E+03	8.51E+03	5.24E+03	2.47E+04	2.8E+03	6.13E+03	9.08E+03	8.74E+03	8.88E+03	1.66E+04	1.05E+04	1.29E+04	3.18E+03	6.53E+05
5-(3'-Carboxy-3'-oxopropenyl)-4,6-dihydroxypicolinate	1.39E+06	1.15E+06	1.54E+05	1.82E+06	1.26E+06	2.15E+05	3.62E+05	1.28E+05	7.85E+05	2.33E+05	2.84E+05	4.99E+04	8.59E+04	3.8E+05	1.35E+06	6.73E+05	1.66E+06	1.77E+06	1.87E+06	1.9E+05	2.55E+05	1.76E+06	1.22E+06	2.33E+04	6.44E+04	7.47E+05	4.73E+04	3.09E+05	2.66E+04	1.93E+06	6.86E+04	2.21E+05	7.57E+04	1.47E+05	3.45E+06	2.63E+05	1.24E+06	1.25E+05	2.7E+04	6.41E+04	5.63E+04	4.67E+04	1.76E+05	2.9E+06	1.52E+04
5-(3-Hydroxy-4-acetoxybut-1-ynyl)-2,2'-bithiophene	5.07E+05	5.36E+05	1.73E+05	9.31E+05	1.02E+06	1.04E+06	1.06E+06	4.23E+05	4.71E+05	3.51E+06	2.1E+05	3.77E+05	1.37E+06	2.47E+05	2.87E+05	1.75E+06	5.76E+05	9.88E+05	2.92E+05	4.41E+05	2.13E+05	3.01E+05	3.09E+05	3.59E+05	2.16E+05	5.36E+06	1.62E+05	7.63E+05	3.95E+05	8.75E+05	7.67E+05	3.46E+05	1.79E+05	6.05E+05	9.24E+06	2.07E+06	2.9E+05	9.04E+05	3.27E+05	5.8E+05	4.8E+05	1.67E+05	2.85E+05	2.32E+06	2.42E+05
5-(alpha-Phenylethyl)semioxamazide	7.79E+04	6.41E+05	1.48E+05	1.46E+05	4.93E+05	4.43E+05	7.71E+04	1.91E+04	1.27E+05	3.22E+05	8.25E+04	2.46E+05	8.48E+04	1.61E+05	2.22E+04	7.62E+04	6.87E+04	5.78E+04	3.61E+05	2.07E+05	2.39E+05	2.58E+04	2.74E+04	2.93E+05	9.28E+04	7.01E+04	2.76E+04	8.25E+04	9.03E+04	8.67E+03	4.33E+04	1.26E+05	2.93E+04	2.25E+04	3.83E+04	3.97E+04	2.01E+05	4.12E+04	4.72E+04	9.43E+03	1.89E+04	3.2E+04	2.82E+04	9.22E+04	2.41E+04
5,6-Dihydrothymine_1	2.38E+08	1.94E+08	8.07E+07	2.29E+08	3.52E+08	1.54E+08	1.22E+08	8.66E+07	1.77E+08	6.27E+07	7.22E+07	1.03E+08	5.15E+07	1.31E+08	1.52E+08	1.3E+08	2.46E+08	2.14E+08	2.98E+08	1.82E+08	1.12E+08	1.6E+08	5.22E+07	1.54E+08	5.26E+07	8.19E+07	4.92E+07	1.29E+08	9.06E+07	4.64E+07	1.96E+08	2.4E+08	3.14E+07	1.43E+08	2.25E+07	7.75E+07	1.1E+08	1.33E+08	5.61E+07	9.29E+07	1.88E+08	3.93E+07	1.11E+08	1.54E+08	4.27E+07
5,6-Dihydrothymine_2	1.62E+07	1.44E+07	6.45E+06	2.06E+07	2.6E+07	9.82E+06	8.06E+06	1.82E+06	1.04E+07	6.16E+06	1.04E+07	1.12E+07	4.41E+06	1.34E+07	1.8E+07	8.49E+06	2E+07	1.25E+07	2.35E+07	2.13E+07	7.94E+06	1.84E+07	6.91E+06	1.79E+07	5.21E+06	6.43E+06	3.07E+06	1.43E+07	4.25E+06	1.08E+07	9.13E+06	2.01E+07	6.29E+06	1.32E+07	1.2E+07	9.91E+06	1.85E+07	1.03E+07	4.1E+06	3.36E+06	1.51E+07	3.59E+06	7.86E+06	1.02E+07	3.91E+06
5,6-Dihydrothymine_3	1.89E+07	3.72E+06	3.1E+06	5.64E+06	1.98E+07	1.93E+06	1.79E+06	4.56E+06	8.16E+06	1.93E+06	2.1E+06	1.45E+06	4.69E+05	8E+06	4.96E+06	2.03E+06	2.14E+07	6.03E+06	6.28E+06	3.43E+06	8.81E+05	1.63E+07	5.11E+06	2.5E+06	5.18E+05	1.45E+06	6.85E+05	5.41E+06	4.64E+05	6.2E+06	1.88E+07	1.06E+07	3.07E+06	9.08E+06	1.52E+07	6.02E+06	2.25E+06	2.31E+06	1.83E+06	6.68E+06	7.45E+06	8.16E+05	4.28E+06	3.47E+06	9.36E+05
5,6-DIHYDROURACIL	5.87E+07	7.04E+07	3.3E+07	1.22E+08	8.01E+07	5.79E+07	3.87E+07	1.85E+07	4.31E+07	2.95E+07	4.96E+07	3.32E+07	2.38E+07	5E+07	1.06E+08	4.39E+07	6.79E+07	6.21E+07	1.42E+08	5.23E+07	4.28E+07	6.75E+07	4.1E+07	7.52E+07	1.83E+07	3.51E+07	2.17E+07	5.28E+07	2.45E+07	3.9E+07	4.51E+07	6E+07	2.9E+07	4.3E+07	7.47E+07	3.7E+07	6.69E+07	3.41E+07	2.3E+07	2.24E+07	4.83E+07	1.89E+07	3.38E+07	4.41E+07	2.06E+07
5a,11a-Dehydrochlortetracycline	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.78E+03	0	9.98E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.06E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
5-Acetamidopentanoate_1	3.12E+07	1.36E+07	4.11E+06	3.35E+07	3.7E+07	9.32E+06	1.18E+07	1.26E+07	1.76E+07	5.33E+06	7.48E+06	1.03E+07	2.75E+06	1.49E+07	3.11E+07	9.64E+06	6.02E+07	3.43E+07	2.83E+07	2.53E+07	1.09E+07	4.14E+07	2.45E+07	2.36E+07	4.01E+06	1.29E+07	3.01E+06	4.61E+06	6.01E+06	1.22E+07	4.32E+07	2.22E+07	8.56E+06	3.09E+07	1.09E+07	1.07E+07	1.27E+07	1.68E+07	4.34E+06	2.2E+07	1.67E+07	3.08E+06	6.8E+06	3.89E+07	3.13E+06
5-Acetamidopentanoate_2	5.3E+06	2.5E+06	3.61E+06	8.22E+06	7.69E+06	4.91E+05	1.63E+06	9.39E+05	2.67E+06	3.75E+07	2.57E+06	9.37E+05	8.61E+05	2.04E+06	4.78E+06	1.09E+06	1.08E+07	3.75E+06	2.36E+06	1.47E+06	1.36E+06	1.18E+07	9.21E+05	1.75E+06	2.03E+06	2.23E+05	9.39E+05	1.15E+06	1.79E+05	1.6E+07	4.13E+06	1.33E+06	1.58E+06	3.56E+07	9.57E+06	3.44E+05	1.85E+06	6.42E+05	1.75E+04	3.68E+06	4.01E+06	1.91E+06	3.26E+05	2.55E+06	9E+05
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_1	1.96E+07	1.42E+05	1.36E+07	2.3E+07	1.93E+05	2.55E+04	1.41E+05	6.91E+06	4.12E+07	1.19E+07	5.3E+04	2.38E+07	1.15E+07	1.85E+07	4.95E+07	2.32E+07	2.74E+07	1.38E+07	2.12E+07	8.31E+06	1.9E+05	1.17E+07	3.35E+05	2.63E+04	2.76E+07	4.7E+04	2.32E+07	2.04E+07	1.97E+04	7.74E+07	3.43E+07	3.74E+07	1.82E+07	3.13E+07	8.96E+07	1.24E+07	3.71E+07	2.46E+07	1.24E+07	3.5E+06	1.87E+04	8.99E+06	6.47E+04	3.82E+07	1.76E+06
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_2	2.08E+06	1.07E+04	7.22E+05	7.21E+05	1.33E+06	2.74E+05	1.69E+04	2.67E+05	6.1E+06	2.92E+06	8.54E+05	3.75E+06	1.99E+06	3.21E+06	6.59E+06	1.31E+06	2.03E+07	7.34E+06	1.65E+06	5.77E+05	5.47E+06	5.21E+05	8.67E+06	1.19E+07	3.41E+06	3.12E+06	2.4E+06	3.26E+06	4.16E+03	5.12E+06	1.15E+07	3.56E+06	1.91E+06	2.78E+07	9.77E+06	9.93E+05	2.36E+06	1.44E+06	1.28E+05	1.02E+05	3.76E+06	8.93E+05	1.59E+05	4.06E+06	1.51E+06
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_3	1.57E+06	1.4E+03	4.01E+05	1.66E+05	1.3E+06	1.77E+05	4.49E+03	3.3E+05	6.08E+06	3.02E+06	3.91E+05	3.14E+06	2.13E+06	3.61E+06	5.98E+06	1.05E+06	2.25E+07	6.1E+06	4.64E+05	4.3E+05	6.52E+06	3.88E+05	9.75E+06	1.39E+07	3.04E+06	3.41E+06	1.73E+06	4.12E+06	4.98E+03	6.13E+06	1.15E+07	2.6E+06	1.78E+06	3.16E+07	1.02E+07	1.01E+06	2.06E+06	1.47E+06	3.9E+05	2.25E+05	4.18E+06	1.34E+06	1.5E+05	3.85E+06	1.98E+06
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_4	2.73E+06	1.68E+05	7E+05	1.49E+06	6.16E+04	8.3E+04	3.04E+03	5.38E+05	2.62E+06	6.79E+05	4.54E+04	1.34E+06	5.93E+05	1.87E+06	4.33E+06	1.34E+06	5.51E+06	1.43E+06	8.27E+05	4.49E+05	1.36E+04	1.91E+06	6.96E+04	6.73E+04	5.05E+06	9.09E+03	5.16E+06	2.03E+06	2.84E+03	1.01E+07	2.58E+06	3.73E+06	9.53E+05	1.62E+06	2.16E+07	6.45E+05	3.91E+06	1.48E+06	6.35E+05	3.91E+05	9.54E+03	1.64E+06	3.28E+03	6.53E+06	3.62E+05
5-Acetylamino-6-formylamino-3-methyluracil	1.31E+07	1.56E+03	1.6E+07	3.43E+07	6.01E+03	7.25E+03	1.43E+05	1.19E+07	7.13E+07	1.5E+07	7.52E+04	4.62E+07	1.24E+07	6.17E+06	9.33E+07	3.15E+07	1.41E+07	8.04E+06	1.93E+07	8.97E+06	1.73E+06	6.77E+06	2.11E+05	9.04E+05	1.3E+07	5.38E+03	1.24E+07	5.87E+06	1.27E+03	6.76E+07	5.27E+07	9.07E+06	2.87E+07	4.68E+07	1.26E+08	1.22E+07	1.06E+07	4.6E+07	1.74E+07	9.1E+06	3.68E+04	6.08E+06	2.52E+05	3.67E+07	1.07E+07
5-Amino-4-imidazole carboxylate	9.2E+05	2.72E+05	4.67E+05	3.85E+06	4.55E+05	5.45E+06	1.64E+06	2.21E+06	2.02E+06	2.98E+06	1.38E+06	1.67E+06	2.7E+05	6.52E+05	7.21E+05	3.58E+05	1.58E+06	1.75E+06	5.22E+05	9.11E+06	1.94E+06	5.71E+05	3.78E+05	6.99E+06	1.26E+06	4.14E+06	1.89E+05	1.4E+06	5.82E+05	4.19E+05	5.06E+05	6.54E+06	7.79E+06	1.86E+06	1.75E+07	6.11E+06	7.13E+05	8.45E+06	1.67E+06	5.54E+05	1.75E+06	5.14E+04	1.54E+06	3E+05	1.36E+06
5-Amino-4-imidazolecarboxyamide_1	4.66E+05	2.61E+05	4.01E+04	1.26E+06	1.73E+06	4.87E+05	8.36E+04	5.63E+04	2.86E+05	7.2E+04	1.56E+05	8.71E+04	1.04E+05	1.21E+05	1.17E+06	8.24E+04	1.05E+06	5.77E+05	7.41E+05	4.52E+05	1.18E+05	4.61E+05	2.51E+05	3.62E+05	1.41E+05	1.65E+04	2.41E+05	1.22E+05	6.04E+04	2.38E+05	3.82E+05	1.12E+06	2.23E+05	5.03E+05	7.97E+05	1.33E+05	4.08E+05	1.46E+05	5.37E+04	2.72E+04	6.91E+04	6.31E+04	6.33E+04	8.26E+05	2.62E+04
5-Amino-4-imidazolecarboxyamide_2	1.74E+05	6.01E+04	1.77E+04	1E+05	4.1E+05	2E+04	4.26E+04	2.67E+04	3.83E+04	2.18E+04	2.02E+04	1.45E+04	1.5E+04	1.94E+04	2.66E+05	3.07E+04	4.54E+05	7.29E+04	3.25E+05	7.01E+04	1.46E+04	6.21E+04	2.22E+04	5.52E+04	4.64E+04	9.53E+03	5.04E+04	4.52E+04	2.8E+03	4.36E+04	1.63E+05	3.79E+05	3.54E+04	5.48E+04	2.51E+05	1.09E+04	2.66E+04	2.44E+04	7.6E+03	1.57E+04	2.98E+04	1.03E+04	3.29E+03	2.86E+04	8.49E+03
5-Amino-6-(5'-phosphoribosylamino)uracil	1.28E+05	2.59E+06	3.22E+03	1.8E+05	5.19E+04	3.71E+03	8.74E+03	3.28E+03	3.2E+05	2.54E+03	1.3E+04	0	2.19E+03	3.76E+04	9.05E+04	3.78E+04	8.14E+03	4.44E+04	6.8E+05	1.38E+04	2.84E+03	7.76E+04	0	2.2E+05	0	3.92E+03	0	4.79E+03	1.77E+03	1.42E+06	8.11E+03	4.09E+04	6.12E+04	6.14E+03	2.5E+05	1.88E+04	1.49E+05	2.4E+05	0	2.37E+04	1.09E+04	0	6.53E+03	3.86E+05	2.12E+03
5-Aminolevulinate_1	4.29E+07	2.94E+07	8.42E+06	2.33E+07	4.6E+07	1.71E+07	2.01E+07	7.68E+06	2.54E+07	8.81E+06	3.49E+07	1.59E+07	1.33E+07	1.35E+07	1.84E+07	1.4E+07	4.55E+07	4.69E+07	2.34E+07	3.89E+07	1.43E+07	3.89E+07	2.14E+07	4.45E+07	2.05E+07	1.69E+07	9.72E+06	1.19E+07	8.63E+06	2.26E+07	1.49E+06	2.84E+07	1.51E+07	1.96E+06	3.2E+07	6.51E+06	2.08E+07	1.57E+07	9.7E+06	1.07E+07	1.43E+07	1.21E+07	1.26E+07	3.43E+07	7.68E+06
5-Aminolevulinate_2	9.93E+05	2.38E+05	9.21E+04	1.49E+05	6.83E+05	1.08E+05	8.26E+04	1.97E+04	2.16E+05	4.93E+04	1.28E+04	6.34E+04	1.96E+04	1.56E+05	2.26E+05	5.67E+04	6.14E+05	4.1E+05	2.38E+05	1.71E+05	1.16E+05	5.69E+05	1.74E+05	2.36E+05	9.5E+04	5.78E+04	2.59E+04	2.03E+05	9.81E+03	1.01E+05	2.2E+05	1.65E+06	4.36E+04	8.72E+04	1.02E+05	7.15E+04	3.38E+05	2.69E+05	6.58E+04	1.51E+04	1.67E+05	3.53E+04	2.85E+05	3.89E+05	7.1E+03
5-Aminolevulinate_3	3.23E+04	1.96E+04	7.44E+03	1.88E+04	1.34E+05	1.49E+04	2.17E+04	3.44E+04	1.16E+04	7.8E+04	8.64E+04	6.05E+04	1.95E+04	1.19E+04	7.84E+03	2.15E+04	3.67E+04	4.66E+04	5.79E+04	4.31E+05	4.15E+04	5.68E+04	1.22E+04	1.55E+04	1.44E+04	1.35E+04	1.91E+04	1.2E+04	1.43E+04	2.66E+05	3.64E+04	6.94E+04	4.91E+03	3.44E+04	3.98E+04	1.07E+04	1.82E+04	1.28E+04	6.62E+03	4.84E+04	1.51E+04	2.46E+04	4.39E+04	3.68E+04	3.02E+04
5-AMINOLEVULINIC ACID	3.63E+06	3.78E+06	3.57E+06	6.53E+06	8.01E+06	3.9E+06	3.06E+06	1.39E+06	3.02E+06	1.6E+06	3.45E+06	2.56E+06	1.91E+06	3.43E+06	4.5E+06	2.77E+06	5.32E+06	4.69E+06	7.16E+06	3.19E+06	2.92E+06	4.37E+06	4.59E+06	6.81E+05	4.43E+06	3.94E+06	4.04E+06	4.01E+06	6.58E+05	5.28E+06	3.57E+06	4.46E+06	2.6E+06	3.57E+06	1.01E+07	4.4E+06	6.59E+06	4.75E+06	2.12E+06	2.13E+06	4.49E+06	2.35E+06	3E+06	5.6E+06	2.4E+06
5-Aminopentanamide	4.17E+05	4.02E+05	2.25E+05	7.29E+05	3.26E+05	3.79E+05	5.08E+05	1.06E+05	4.21E+05	5.39E+04	5.55E+05	1.69E+05	2.18E+05	3.55E+04	9.69E+04	2.34E+05	2.18E+05	3E+05	2E+05	2.32E+05	8.99E+04	1.47E+05	1.69E+05	6.44E+05	2.76E+05	1.42E+05	1.97E+05	1.73E+05	5.24E+04	1.44E+05	1.12E+05	4.12E+05	3.51E+05	6.72E+05	6.12E+05	2.43E+05	1.43E+05	1.31E+05	1.37E+05	8.44E+04	6.43E+04	2.05E+05	1.97E+05	8.65E+04	1.06E+05
5-Carboxy-2-oxohept-3-enedioate	5.22E+05	2.55E+03	5.48E+03	2.63E+03	5.05E+03	1.65E+03	2.34E+03	1.31E+03	1.94E+03	1.54E+03	2.16E+03	1.43E+03	1.45E+03	1.74E+03	3.67E+03	2.17E+03	2.17E+03	1.78E+03	3E+03	2.8E+03	1.15E+03	1.33E+04	797	7.21E+03	1.41E+03	1.67E+03	2.1E+03	1.66E+03	1.62E+03	3.63E+03	3.23E+03	5.55E+03	1.22E+03	5.91E+03	5.48E+03	1.6E+03	4.21E+03	2.07E+03	1.24E+03	1.53E+03	1.37E+03	0	1.39E+03	1.16E+03	1.24E+03
5'-Deoxy-5-fluorocytidine_1	7.25E+04	5.66E+04	2.85E+03	3.25E+05	3.19E+05	1.22E+06	5.98E+04	3.4E+03	1.08E+05	1.61E+04	8.19E+04	1.34E+05	1.47E+04	2.78E+05	1.53E+06	1.18E+06	1.89E+05	9.56E+04	5.83E+05	2.08E+05	1.11E+04	6.95E+04	1.16E+05	1.3E+06	2.28E+03	1.33E+04	0	1.4E+05	1.01E+05	1.48E+05	3.69E+05	1.05E+06	1.27E+05	8.97E+04	2.43E+05	1.36E+03	3.09E+05	1.86E+05	1.5E+04	5.64E+04	1.66E+05	2.33E+03	1.13E+05	8.41E+04	1.18E+05
5'-Deoxy-5-fluorocytidine_2	1.03E+04	1.01E+04	743	4.2E+05	2.1E+05	1.48E+04	8.56E+04	1.83E+03	2.07E+04	0	1.03E+05	4.05E+03	3.39E+03	1.25E+03	3.18E+05	9.05E+03	9.82E+04	8.02E+04	3.13E+05	7.29E+04	1.08E+04	1.56E+04	1.22E+04	4.65E+04	3.4E+03	2.11E+03	1.44E+03	1.13E+03	4.23E+03	1.59E+04	8.91E+04	1.85E+04	1.39E+03	2.23E+04	4.64E+04	2.97E+03	5.27E+04	1.64E+04	3.77E+03	2.75E+03	4.78E+03	1.14E+03	1.12E+04	5.08E+04	5.23E+03
5'-DEOXYADENOSINE	7.67E+04	2.83E+05	2.96E+04	4.95E+05	3.95E+05	1.47E+05	1.54E+05	2.72E+03	4.65E+05	9.71E+04	6.54E+04	1E+05	7.16E+04	7.55E+04	3.95E+05	1.87E+05	1.08E+05	2.46E+05	4.19E+05	1.72E+05	9.17E+04	1.4E+04	2E+05	2.06E+05	5.51E+04	6.84E+04	1.55E+04	6.49E+04	6.9E+04	2.35E+05	4.6E+04	2.01E+05	1.37E+05	1.3E+05	3.52E+05	9.96E+04	4.62E+05	6.44E+04	4.65E+04	1.7E+04	1.01E+05	2.67E+04	6E+04	1.05E+05	3E+04
5-exo-Hydroxy-1,2-campholide	1.55E+06	2.87E+06	6.03E+05	1.44E+06	5.35E+06	1.16E+06	2.55E+06	8.88E+05	1.31E+06	5.5E+05	1.17E+06	1.55E+06	3.11E+05	1.54E+06	2.4E+06	1.1E+06	2.45E+06	1.19E+06	2.07E+06	2.36E+06	8.13E+05	2.12E+06	4.04E+05	4.91E+06	5.13E+05	5.81E+05	3.78E+05	1.05E+06	2.1E+05	1.51E+06	3.09E+06	3.88E+06	3.04E+05	4.43E+06	2.09E+06	5.47E+05	2.88E+06	2.83E+06	2.23E+05	1.31E+06	9.63E+05	5.35E+05	8.34E+05	4.26E+05	1.1E+06
5-Guanidino-2-oxopentanoate	1.67E+08	1.2E+08	1.59E+07	6.92E+07	6.32E+07	2.53E+07	2.03E+07	1.73E+07	3.2E+07	2.18E+07	3.86E+07	2.28E+07	1.21E+07	1.62E+07	3.85E+07	1.48E+07	7.84E+07	2.62E+07	4.3E+07	5.73E+07	3.46E+07	9.63E+07	2.59E+07	5.54E+07	1.56E+07	1.84E+07	9.56E+06	1.17E+07	1.69E+07	3.49E+07	4.72E+07	3.47E+07	3.16E+07	5.55E+07	3.25E+07	1.87E+07	1.91E+07	4.52E+07	1.31E+07	3.26E+07	2.41E+07	9.53E+06	1.25E+07	3.34E+07	1.29E+07
5-Guanidino-3-methyl-2-oxopentanoate	2.05E+08	3.94E+07	4.78E+06	8.39E+07	1.21E+08	2.75E+07	2.76E+07	1.56E+07	4.51E+07	4.36E+06	9.55E+07	5.97E+07	1.64E+07	2.37E+07	5.18E+07	4.05E+07	6.74E+07	3.97E+07	9.8E+07	1.19E+08	1.75E+07	8.53E+07	2.52E+07	1.51E+08	1.47E+07	1.71E+07	7.16E+06	1.98E+07	5.72E+06	4.05E+07	7.87E+07	6.54E+07	2.75E+07	6.22E+07	2.9E+07	3.28E+06	4.73E+07	6.3E+07	4.88E+07	2.76E+07	2.35E+07	1.74E+07	3.55E+07	3.8E+07	1.9E+07
5-Hydroxyindoleacetate_1	2.32E+07	3.3E+07	7.88E+06	3.96E+07	1.83E+07	7.79E+06	1.05E+07	3.76E+06	1.14E+07	5.47E+06	1.53E+07	5.44E+06	2.84E+06	1.14E+07	3.47E+07	1.33E+07	3.02E+07	2.9E+07	3.99E+07	1.87E+07	7.27E+06	3.63E+07	1.13E+07	3.93E+07	4.82E+06	5.74E+06	2.57E+06	9.67E+06	4.88E+06	2.33E+07	2.89E+07	1.05E+07	6.32E+06	2.16E+07	3.76E+07	1.11E+07	1.49E+07	1.68E+07	2.25E+06	5.61E+06	1.12E+07	4.98E+06	5.95E+06	1.41E+07	3.23E+06
5-Hydroxyindoleacetate_2	1.19E+06	2.28E+04	3.31E+03	4.87E+04	1.78E+04	7.62E+03	9.31E+03	1.22E+03	1.35E+04	7.5E+06	1.34E+04	2.88E+03	2.59E+03	1.14E+06	1.74E+07	4.3E+03	2.94E+04	4.87E+06	7.69E+04	2.73E+04	4.05E+03	3.38E+04	4.09E+05	1.26E+04	3.14E+03	2.9E+03	2.56E+03	1.97E+06	3.23E+03	8.44E+03	4.36E+03	3.58E+03	4.85E+03	1.58E+04	3.43E+04	6.55E+04	6.05E+03	1.59E+04	2.84E+03	8.66E+03	4.42E+05	1.61E+05	2.71E+04	3.95E+06	3.11E+03
5-Hydroxyindolepyruvate	1.84E+04	2.75E+03	2.08E+03	1.38E+03	6.11E+03	2.88E+03	8.4E+03	2.03E+03	9.15E+03	1.55E+03	1.46E+04	2.32E+03	0	2.96E+03	3.14E+03	2.1E+03	7.99E+03	1.63E+04	3.6E+03	9.96E+03	2.5E+03	3.51E+03	2.09E+03	3.93E+04	2.94E+03	2.07E+03	0	2.13E+03	0	0	5.84E+03	6.9E+05	2.08E+03	1.59E+03	1.48E+03	1.6E+03	6.46E+03	3.45E+03	0	2.87E+03	2.72E+03	0	0	0	0
5-Hydroxyisourate	3.06E+06	2.06E+06	2.13E+06	2.36E+06	2.42E+06	2.42E+06	3.32E+06	1.56E+06	2.37E+06	1.79E+06	2.96E+06	2.14E+06	2.13E+06	3.9E+06	2E+06	2.43E+06	2.34E+06	2.57E+06	1.54E+06	3.03E+06	2.65E+06	3.45E+06	1.88E+06	2.4E+06	1.81E+06	2.63E+06	1.13E+06	3.17E+06	2.12E+06	2.39E+06	3.32E+06	3.02E+06	1.91E+06	2.63E+06	2.03E+06	2E+06	2.24E+06	2.02E+06	1.43E+06	2.56E+06	3.54E+06	1.5E+06	3.13E+06	3.24E+06	1.81E+06
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan_1	3.64E+07	3.24E+07	1.01E+07	5.01E+07	5.33E+07	2.31E+07	2E+07	7.36E+06	3.34E+07	9.25E+06	2.54E+07	1.32E+07	9.43E+06	2.29E+07	4.54E+07	2.68E+07	3.8E+07	3.32E+07	5.26E+07	2.99E+07	1.63E+07	3.76E+07	2.2E+07	4.23E+07	1.09E+07	1.41E+07	5.69E+06	1.94E+07	9.59E+06	1.96E+07	3.51E+07	3.57E+07	1.87E+07	2.86E+07	5.01E+07	1.02E+07	4.29E+07	1.64E+07	9.05E+06	1.19E+07	1.92E+07	1.16E+07	1.39E+07	2.63E+07	7.8E+06
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan_2	7.6E+06	6.44E+06	3.6E+06	6.39E+06	2.39E+07	6.34E+06	4.87E+06	1.96E+06	1.58E+06	1.63E+06	4.4E+06	2.39E+06	2.38E+06	3.35E+06	4.38E+06	3.17E+06	1.01E+07	8.29E+06	6.14E+06	1.44E+07	1.43E+06	2.66E+06	2.84E+06	7.19E+06	2.28E+06	2.2E+06	1.23E+06	1.73E+06	1.43E+06	1.85E+06	6.02E+06	1.19E+07	3.65E+06	6.39E+06	3.22E+06	2.94E+06	6.77E+06	8.07E+06	1.83E+06	6.4E+06	1.72E+06	6.94E+05	6.42E+05	2.13E+06	4.31E+06
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan_3	2.87E+06	1.06E+06	6.95E+05	1.31E+06	9.31E+05	3.64E+05	7.48E+05	2.38E+05	2.14E+06	1.52E+05	9.15E+05	2.84E+05	3.57E+05	1.08E+06	2.78E+06	5.75E+05	1.91E+06	4.34E+05	2.05E+06	4.74E+05	2.26E+05	2.4E+06	3.51E+05	1.54E+06	7.07E+05	1.02E+05	8.02E+04	5.37E+05	2.42E+05	1.59E+06	1.92E+06	2.49E+06	4.3E+05	2.16E+06	2.66E+06	3.81E+05	2.49E+06	9.1E+05	2.65E+05	7.2E+05	4.69E+05	3.78E+05	2.87E+05	2.76E+06	2.73E+05
5-Hydroxymethyluracil	1.37E+06	7.93E+05	5.41E+05	1.98E+06	2.06E+06	4.47E+05	6.79E+05	2.2E+05	1.24E+06	5.46E+05	1.06E+06	5.28E+05	9.55E+04	9.6E+05	1.51E+06	8.31E+05	2.27E+06	1.68E+06	1.51E+06	1.01E+06	6.97E+05	1.71E+06	9.08E+05	1.81E+06	3.02E+05	4.07E+05	1.37E+05	1E+06	1.48E+05	7.17E+05	6.78E+05	1.21E+06	1.93E+05	1.03E+06	7.16E+05	9.22E+05	8.01E+05	7.49E+05	9.46E+04	2.43E+05	7.17E+05	1E+05	5.03E+05	1.73E+05	1.83E+05
5-Hydroxypentanoate_1	4.63E+05	2.94E+06	3.93E+05	7.71E+06	2.51E+06	3.64E+05	1.66E+06	2.17E+04	3.29E+05	1.19E+05	6.77E+06	5.04E+05	6.57E+05	4.14E+05	5.98E+05	1.08E+05	9.06E+05	8.49E+05	3.3E+06	5.15E+06	1.04E+06	2.31E+05	3.91E+05	1.53E+06	1.26E+06	3.06E+05	2.53E+05	3.21E+05	3.86E+05	1.16E+05	1.11E+05	1.56E+06	7.16E+04	4.1E+05	8.35E+05	8.91E+05	4.39E+06	1.52E+06	1.16E+06	7.44E+04	3.21E+05	1.02E+06	5.3E+05	5.99E+05	5.55E+05
5-Hydroxypentanoate_2	4.44E+05	3.15E+05	1.14E+04	8.42E+04	2.75E+05	5.58E+04	1.53E+05	2.7E+04	1.37E+05	1.31E+03	1.75E+05	5.75E+04	3.66E+04	6.24E+03	1.38E+04	2.01E+04	1.94E+05	1.15E+04	5.52E+04	3.45E+05	3.97E+04	8.71E+04	1.46E+04	6.83E+05	1.53E+04	4.71E+03	4.25E+03	5.36E+03	6.92E+03	1.52E+05	4.14E+04	1.05E+05	1.09E+04	2.44E+05	2.93E+05	1.04E+04	2.09E+04	2.29E+05	1.06E+04	1.97E+04	9.13E+03	1.96E+03	1.78E+05	2.2E+05	2.65E+04
5-L-Glutamyl-taurine	1.8E+06	1.41E+04	1.03E+05	8.64E+03	1.04E+05	7.28E+03	4.37E+03	946	1.82E+04	8.88E+03	1.75E+04	7.76E+03	1.65E+04	2.47E+04	1.4E+04	5.21E+03	2.65E+04	1.19E+04	1.99E+04	2.03E+04	1.2E+04	4.06E+05	8.54E+03	2.9E+03	2.32E+03	1.65E+04	1.07E+03	6.46E+03	1.69E+03	1.05E+05	3.69E+04	6.66E+03	6.9E+03	1.52E+04	7.51E+04	1.28E+04	4.73E+03	1.98E+03	0	4.53E+03	1.17E+04	2.06E+03	3.21E+03	1.37E+04	1.27E+03
5-Methyl-2'-deoxycytidine	3.42E+04	9.47E+03	4.88E+03	1.1E+05	1.09E+05	7.87E+04	6.58E+04	2.2E+03	3.76E+04	5.3E+03	5.77E+04	9.68E+03	1.88E+03	2.39E+04	1.42E+05	2.05E+04	9.72E+03	7.07E+04	3.51E+05	8.16E+04	3.65E+03	4.85E+04	1.52E+04	6.67E+04	1.07E+04	1.22E+04	914	1.57E+04	1.7E+04	9.27E+04	2.29E+04	3.76E+04	7.39E+03	6.79E+04	1.6E+05	4.95E+03	3.52E+04	1.04E+04	2.08E+03	1.61E+04	2.74E+04	8.29E+03	4.99E+03	9.11E+04	1.25E+03
5-Methylcytosine_1	1.06E+07	1.01E+07	3.66E+06	1.69E+07	1.3E+07	6.92E+06	7.1E+06	2.26E+06	9.27E+06	4.03E+06	1.09E+07	4.95E+06	4.79E+06	6.08E+06	1.49E+07	8.78E+06	1.27E+07	1E+07	1.91E+07	1.05E+07	5.78E+06	1.26E+07	7.01E+06	1.31E+07	3.68E+06	4.95E+06	2.52E+06	6.63E+06	4.06E+06	7.22E+06	8.31E+06	1.13E+07	5.84E+06	8.48E+06	1.36E+07	4.96E+06	1.33E+07	5.2E+06	3.33E+06	3.17E+06	5.37E+06	3.66E+06	5.34E+06	7.4E+06	4.84E+06
5-Methylcytosine_2	2E+05	7.91E+04	6.68E+04	1.69E+05	1.82E+05	2.05E+06	1.26E+05	3.24E+05	1.92E+05	5.65E+04	5.43E+04	4.39E+05	6.61E+04	2.46E+06	4.2E+05	1.45E+05	2.88E+05	1.6E+04	2.15E+05	3.37E+04	1.21E+06	3.73E+04	1.35E+05	8.6E+05	6.53E+04	1.23E+05	5.59E+04	5.45E+04	9.76E+04	9.34E+05	1.61E+05	7.77E+05	1.09E+05	5.85E+04	1.17E+05	8.23E+04	1.61E+06	1.15E+05	8.08E+04	2.82E+05	2.2E+05	8.35E+04	4.84E+04	3.64E+04	6.06E+04
5-METHYLCYTOSINE HYDROCLORIDE	1.16E+07	1.02E+07	5.09E+06	1.64E+07	1.47E+07	7.96E+06	4.75E+06	4.87E+06	1.16E+07	4.77E+06	9.75E+06	9.45E+06	3.31E+06	1.87E+07	1.46E+07	6.89E+06	2.66E+07	9.92E+06	1.86E+07	1.02E+07	7.43E+06	1.59E+07	8.23E+06	1.26E+07	5.09E+06	6.16E+06	5.97E+06	1E+07	3.86E+06	9.81E+06	1.64E+07	1.31E+07	7.3E+06	1E+07	2.34E+07	7.22E+06	1.15E+07	7.62E+06	3.53E+06	7.79E+06	1.22E+07	6.2E+06	7.98E+06	1.07E+07	5.05E+06
5-Methyldeoxycytidine diphosphate	6.38E+04	8.1E+04	4.46E+03	2.7E+03	6.31E+04	6.04E+04	8.27E+06	1.08E+04	8.14E+04	0	1.85E+05	5.65E+04	1.76E+03	1.88E+04	2.68E+05	2.38E+05	2.1E+04	1.03E+04	1.87E+05	8.96E+04	3.36E+04	1.79E+03	2.27E+04	1.26E+04	0	1.14E+05	1.59E+03	1.33E+06	1.11E+04	1.22E+04	3.57E+04	4.7E+04	1.39E+05	9.8E+04	1.19E+04	0	1.26E+04	1.73E+05	1.67E+04	0	9.41E+04	1.73E+04	2.06E+04	2.4E+03	9.35E+04
5'-Methylthioadenosine	2.78E+06	3.26E+06	8.83E+05	5.08E+06	5.05E+06	1.89E+06	1.76E+06	7.82E+05	2.34E+06	8.6E+05	3.21E+06	9.73E+05	9.45E+05	2.3E+06	5.32E+06	1.5E+06	4.03E+06	3.24E+06	4.62E+06	3.65E+06	1.3E+06	3.64E+06	1.64E+06	4.95E+06	7.95E+05	5.82E+05	3.29E+05	2.08E+06	5.02E+05	2.54E+06	5.44E+06	4.52E+06	1.42E+06	4.36E+06	3E+06	1.64E+06	2.32E+06	1.55E+06	6.5E+05	1.6E+06	2.67E+06	4.38E+05	1.21E+06	2.71E+06	9.53E+05
5-Methylthio-D-ribose	5.17E+07	5.18E+07	1.5E+07	9E+07	5.29E+07	4.19E+07	2.04E+07	9.68E+06	3.74E+07	2.02E+07	5E+07	2.49E+07	1.28E+07	3.39E+07	7.76E+07	2.91E+07	6.03E+07	4.52E+07	1.12E+08	4.82E+07	2.21E+07	5.66E+07	3.29E+07	8.88E+07	1.11E+07	3.06E+07	6.73E+06	2.93E+07	1.09E+07	4.33E+07	4.66E+07	4.29E+07	2.7E+07	3.82E+07	9.66E+07	1.97E+07	4.11E+07	2.72E+07	9.48E+06	1.72E+07	2.91E+07	1.11E+07	1.98E+07	4E+07	1.07E+07
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_1	1.57E+07	1.05E+07	2.85E+06	9.22E+06	1.39E+07	2.47E+07	1.72E+07	9.96E+06	8.95E+06	3.54E+06	1.07E+07	1.34E+07	2.26E+06	2.45E+06	6.18E+07	7.92E+06	1.22E+07	1.48E+07	2.37E+07	3.83E+07	6.35E+06	1.26E+07	3.91E+07	5.27E+07	4.79E+06	1.84E+07	2.23E+06	1.14E+07	3.76E+07	4.46E+07	7.44E+07	2.24E+07	2.02E+06	5.58E+06	8.36E+06	2.75E+06	6.7E+06	6.35E+06	6.43E+06	1.4E+07	3.79E+07	3.97E+06	3.76E+07	8.65E+06	1.49E+07
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_2	3.74E+06	1.35E+07	1.71E+04	1.18E+07	1.89E+06	1.71E+07	1.47E+06	5E+06	7.54E+06	2.45E+04	1.32E+07	1.17E+07	1.51E+06	4.36E+06	6.93E+07	7.4E+06	2.41E+06	1.57E+07	3.02E+07	4.35E+07	3.67E+06	1.36E+06	2.72E+07	5.6E+07	3.77E+05	2.1E+07	1.42E+06	1.4E+07	2.57E+07	3.95E+07	7.63E+07	2.48E+07	9.41E+05	4.98E+06	9.32E+06	1.37E+05	1.21E+06	6.56E+06	2.56E+04	1.05E+07	4.6E+07	9.8E+05	3.94E+07	1.08E+07	8.99E+06
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_3	8.48E+06	4.41E+06	1.83E+06	1.05E+07	5.53E+06	2.49E+06	3.17E+06	1E+06	5.53E+06	1.65E+06	2.08E+06	1.97E+06	1.01E+06	4E+06	1.02E+07	2.75E+06	1.42E+07	6.11E+06	1.11E+07	5.03E+06	1.81E+06	7.24E+06	3.8E+06	6.2E+06	2.07E+06	1.55E+06	1.59E+06	2.89E+06	1.17E+06	9.04E+06	3.75E+06	5.14E+06	2.74E+06	4.17E+06	1.64E+07	1.86E+06	6.13E+06	3.21E+06	1.25E+06	1.82E+06	4.51E+06	1.13E+06	3.97E+06	1.17E+07	1.28E+06
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_4	2.49E+06	1.23E+05	1.02E+06	1.54E+05	6.78E+05	1.83E+07	1.54E+06	8.05E+05	1.74E+05	1.79E+06	7.43E+06	9.47E+06	1.79E+06	2.3E+06	3.44E+07	2.85E+05	2.57E+06	2.48E+06	2.95E+07	4.11E+07	1.99E+05	2.3E+06	1.88E+07	4.6E+06	7.99E+05	7.05E+06	1.96E+05	2.17E+05	1.41E+07	5.01E+07	1.96E+08	3.45E+07	9.29E+04	2.1E+05	9.44E+06	2.19E+06	2.92E+06	5.01E+05	5.43E+05	1.88E+06	6.07E+06	1.32E+06	1.98E+07	1.59E+06	1.24E+06
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_5	1.43E+06	3.47E+06	2.99E+06	3.45E+07	5.63E+06	9.49E+05	9.67E+05	5.19E+05	6.24E+06	5.29E+06	5.89E+05	2.08E+06	4.99E+05	5.83E+06	9.11E+05	1.7E+06	3.08E+06	1.9E+06	1.03E+06	2.34E+06	3.06E+06	9.12E+05	1.37E+06	8.59E+05	9E+05	4E+05	3.37E+05	4.94E+06	9.76E+05	6.3E+06	2.99E+06	3.01E+06	1.57E+05	8.73E+06	4.56E+06	9.36E+06	2.11E+06	2.1E+05	5.89E+04	3.24E+05	2.01E+07	3.1E+06	9.27E+07	2.28E+06	5.84E+05
5'-O-beta-D-Glucosylpyridoxine	3.66E+04	4.21E+05	1.95E+05	3.29E+05	2.25E+06	2.04E+05	1.26E+05	4.13E+04	0	2.65E+04	3.3E+03	1.24E+03	1.65E+04	1.95E+04	2.26E+04	6.13E+03	2.13E+04	3.2E+05	2.55E+04	3.98E+04	5.87E+03	2.64E+04	1.29E+04	2.05E+04	915	1.05E+04	1.08E+03	1.38E+05	8.24E+04	1.92E+04	1.88E+03	1.02E+06	1.25E+04	6.65E+04	2.71E+04	4.08E+04	9.95E+04	8.63E+05	3.26E+03	3.78E+04	2.77E+05	0	1.43E+03	7.92E+04	1.4E+05
5-Oxo-1,2-campholide	2.12E+06	2.69E+06	1.09E+06	1.7E+06	7.8E+06	4.17E+06	3.95E+06	5.79E+05	1.06E+06	5.16E+05	1.04E+06	8.56E+05	1.16E+05	1.46E+06	2.47E+06	9.57E+05	2.08E+06	2.25E+06	2.57E+06	1.94E+06	7.17E+04	1.73E+06	8.2E+05	3.02E+06	5.49E+05	8.12E+05	5.89E+04	1.38E+06	6.27E+05	1.57E+06	2.77E+06	3.33E+06	1.08E+06	5.44E+06	4.91E+06	3.13E+05	5.13E+06	2.55E+06	2.91E+05	9.18E+05	9.03E+05	2.26E+05	7.04E+05	1.44E+06	2.63E+06
5-OXO-L-PROLINE	3.4E+08	3.2E+08	1.23E+08	4.99E+08	5.15E+08	2.1E+08	2.09E+08	9.97E+07	3.06E+08	1.02E+08	2.94E+08	1.77E+08	9.16E+07	2.43E+08	4.89E+08	2.18E+08	5.18E+08	3.82E+08	6.02E+08	3.39E+08	1.56E+08	4.43E+08	2.41E+08	5.13E+08	1.07E+08	1.46E+08	6.89E+07	2.15E+08	8.89E+07	2.76E+08	4.56E+08	4.18E+08	1.68E+08	3.02E+08	5.42E+08	1.55E+08	4.95E+08	2.2E+08	7.33E+07	1.39E+08	2.45E+08	9.8E+07	1.63E+08	3.23E+08	9.55E+07
5-Sulfosalicylate_1	3.06E+06	6.26E+06	2.28E+06	1E+07	1.13E+07	2.45E+06	2.78E+06	1.17E+06	2.47E+06	1.24E+06	9.86E+06	4.53E+06	2.3E+06	1.77E+06	3.04E+06	2.47E+06	3.93E+06	4.43E+06	6.27E+06	8.55E+06	4.13E+06	2.84E+06	2.19E+06	6.12E+06	2.42E+06	2.09E+06	9.47E+05	1.44E+06	1.57E+06	1.59E+06	2.59E+06	8.76E+06	1.25E+06	2.73E+06	2.52E+06	2.57E+06	8.67E+06	7.5E+06	2.51E+06	1.34E+06	1.75E+06	2.07E+06	4.78E+06	3.24E+06	1.82E+06
5-Sulfosalicylate_2	1.21E+06	8.25E+05	8.63E+04	3.63E+05	1.29E+06	5.44E+05	1.37E+05	1.55E+05	6.43E+05	5.35E+04	2.75E+05	3.58E+05	1.61E+05	3.26E+05	7.84E+05	1.72E+05	1.24E+06	8.16E+05	6.46E+05	1.08E+06	4.78E+05	7.89E+05	7.31E+05	6.41E+05	3.5E+05	3.78E+05	8.15E+04	6.42E+04	4.17E+04	6.98E+05	4.96E+05	1.09E+06	5E+05	1.01E+06	2.83E+05	1.16E+05	4.03E+05	3.06E+05	7.75E+04	2.1E+04	2.94E+05	2.63E+04	7.56E+04	8.96E+05	3.13E+04
5-Valerolactone_1	1.21E+07	6.86E+07	1.62E+07	1.9E+08	5.07E+07	6.39E+06	5.96E+07	3.09E+06	5.95E+06	4.67E+06	1.78E+08	8.73E+06	2E+07	1.18E+07	1.77E+07	8.9E+06	2.42E+07	2.32E+07	9.17E+07	1.38E+08	2.5E+07	1.41E+07	9.44E+06	3.43E+07	3.92E+07	7.33E+06	1.08E+07	9.65E+06	1.3E+07	9.51E+06	7.88E+06	3.11E+07	7.82E+06	8.06E+06	2.39E+07	2.64E+07	1.31E+08	3.69E+07	4.28E+07	4.32E+06	3.29E+07	3.63E+07	1.04E+07	1.9E+07	1.84E+07
5-Valerolactone_2	4.58E+06	2.61E+06	1.08E+06	2.98E+06	3.4E+06	2.38E+06	2.38E+06	1.52E+06	2.48E+06	1.01E+06	3.48E+06	9.32E+05	8.16E+05	2.76E+06	2.4E+06	1.5E+06	5.22E+06	3.31E+06	3.19E+06	4.27E+06	7.53E+05	5.91E+06	1.4E+06	4.94E+06	3.21E+06	1.01E+06	2.85E+06	2.15E+06	5.31E+05	3.72E+06	3.5E+06	3.26E+06	2.43E+06	2.84E+06	2.54E+06	1.4E+06	4.78E+06	1.65E+06	6.67E+05	6.06E+05	9.03E+05	3.35E+06	1.46E+06	2.84E+06	1.7E+06
6-Acetamido-3-oxohexanoate	2.3E+06	1.88E+06	8.45E+05	2.07E+06	4.81E+06	1.85E+06	1.25E+06	1.12E+05	1.86E+06	2.48E+05	6.36E+05	4.56E+05	4.04E+05	1.47E+06	2.11E+06	4.82E+05	3.53E+06	1.66E+06	2.63E+06	1.28E+06	2.19E+05	2.25E+06	9.02E+05	6.84E+05	5.79E+04	4.62E+05	6.16E+04	1.56E+06	1.62E+05	1.88E+06	9.97E+05	3.32E+06	2E+05	8.94E+05	4.78E+06	1.59E+05	9.73E+05	1.68E+06	3.06E+04	1.24E+06	1.52E+06	9.92E+04	3.23E+05	1.27E+06	7.61E+04
6-Acetophenazine-1-carboxylic acid	2.93E+06	2.55E+06	1.66E+06	2.74E+06	2.28E+06	3E+06	1.57E+06	1.81E+06	2.41E+06	1.14E+06	2.43E+06	1.81E+06	9.9E+05	2.2E+06	2.63E+06	1.87E+06	3.37E+06	1.99E+06	2.41E+06	2.28E+06	1.78E+06	2.47E+06	1.74E+06	2.34E+06	1.3E+06	1.05E+06	9.06E+05	2.03E+06	8.49E+05	3.57E+06	2.21E+06	3.2E+06	1.43E+06	2.07E+06	4.29E+06	1.18E+06	2.15E+06	1.53E+06	7.24E+05	1.99E+06	1.71E+06	9.04E+05	1.39E+06	2.62E+06	8.68E+05
6alpha-Hydroxycortisol	1.71E+05	5.89E+04	2.39E+03	4.32E+05	2.79E+05	2.17E+04	3.08E+04	3.98E+04	5.25E+04	1.57E+03	1.2E+05	2.44E+03	4.56E+03	1.33E+04	2.96E+05	3.43E+03	1.64E+05	1.94E+05	5.57E+05	1.29E+05	2.43E+03	1.1E+05	4.84E+04	6.8E+04	7.99E+03	6.94E+03	1.72E+03	6.15E+03	1.65E+03	1.88E+05	3.65E+05	3.23E+05	1.22E+04	1.01E+05	4.4E+05	9.24E+03	3.25E+05	1.62E+04	3.46E+03	4.86E+04	2.69E+03	1.92E+04	1.07E+03	1.44E+05	8.15E+03
6beta-Hydroxy-17beta-estradiol	5.65E+05	7.54E+04	1.7E+05	5.29E+05	7.32E+05	6.51E+04	8.92E+04	1.8E+04	5.77E+05	1.58E+05	2.01E+05	1.3E+05	2.74E+03	1.76E+05	1.61E+05	7.8E+04	1.04E+06	2.49E+05	3.59E+05	5.8E+05	1.82E+04	7E+05	4.68E+04	4.3E+05	1.91E+04	3.44E+04	5.63E+03	1.88E+05	2.77E+03	2.81E+04	6.7E+05	4.33E+04	3.69E+05	7.51E+05	9.75E+04	1.11E+05	1.65E+05	4.13E+04	1.05E+04	7.31E+04	1.21E+05	1.53E+05	1.4E+05	5.53E+04	2.98E+03
6beta-Hydroxy-D-homo-17a-oxaandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione	2.02E+05	1.05E+05	4.47E+04	2.4E+05	6.23E+05	2.92E+04	1.59E+05	1.7E+04	1.04E+05	8.44E+03	8.3E+04	8.86E+04	3.05E+03	4.08E+05	1.7E+05	1.15E+05	3.86E+05	9.64E+04	1.36E+05	5.54E+05	1.67E+05	2.98E+05	9.7E+03	4.76E+05	3.83E+03	4.33E+03	2.09E+03	1.47E+05	4.96E+03	2.06E+03	2.34E+05	2.19E+05	4.56E+03	7E+04	1.93E+03	1.32E+05	2.34E+05	1.53E+04	2.64E+03	2.33E+03	2.07E+05	2.15E+04	8.69E+04	1.54E+04	2.48E+03
6-Carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropterin	3.93E+05	1.63E+05	5.53E+04	4.55E+05	1.39E+05	8.75E+04	7.85E+04	5.98E+04	8.88E+04	2.11E+04	2.72E+05	4.04E+04	5.39E+04	1.2E+05	3.86E+05	6.41E+04	1.86E+05	2.82E+04	4.61E+04	1.48E+05	8.15E+04	3.7E+05	1.75E+05	6.62E+04	7.38E+04	1.01E+05	2.64E+04	7.03E+04	4.05E+03	1.57E+05	2.01E+05	1.1E+05	1.98E+04	4.71E+04	2.35E+05	7.35E+04	2.46E+05	7.32E+04	1.52E+04	3.77E+04	7.73E+04	3.51E+04	1.04E+05	1.19E+05	4.62E+04
6-Demethylsterigmatocystin	3.6E+05	1.95E+03	0	1.8E+04	1.67E+03	0	2.02E+04	0	1.81E+03	0	1.48E+06	1.35E+04	0	0	6.77E+03	0	1.58E+03	5.2E+06	6.88E+03	1.26E+05	1.21E+03	4.85E+03	853	1.01E+05	2.27E+03	0	1.38E+04	0	2.1E+05	2.59E+03	2.35E+05	1.29E+04	0	0	5.41E+05	0	5.85E+03	0	0	1.71E+04	0	4.57E+03	1.64E+03	2.7E+05	0
6-Deoxyjacareubin	6.06E+05	4.04E+05	6.52E+04	8.11E+05	1.44E+06	2.17E+05	1.48E+05	1.24E+05	3.58E+05	6.59E+04	8.42E+05	1.44E+05	1.08E+05	6.26E+05	1.05E+06	1.55E+05	9.49E+05	8.59E+05	1.13E+06	4.25E+05	3.66E+04	2E+05	1.46E+05	4.73E+05	3.24E+04	3.04E+05	4.22E+04	3.12E+05	4.65E+04	2.68E+05	2.63E+05	1.49E+06	8.21E+04	5.13E+05	1.3E+06	6.32E+04	7.23E+05	1.98E+05	9E+04	1.18E+05	3.75E+05	5.39E+04	9.89E+04	5.28E+05	1.03E+05
6-endo-Hydroxycineole_1	5.22E+06	5.12E+06	6.6E+06	5.06E+06	4.51E+06	5.81E+06	5.46E+06	5.81E+06	5.76E+06	6.76E+06	5.89E+06	6.13E+06	6.81E+06	5.88E+06	5.2E+06	6E+06	6.87E+06	5.55E+06	5.47E+06	5.76E+06	5.7E+06	5.32E+06	6.58E+06	6.22E+06	5.46E+06	5.7E+06	5.83E+06	5.88E+06	6.72E+06	5.42E+06	5.68E+06	5.28E+06	5.75E+06	5.02E+06	4.6E+06	5.74E+06	5.14E+06	5.86E+06	6.9E+06	6.99E+06	5.87E+06	5.94E+06	6.73E+06	5.41E+06	6.79E+06
6-endo-Hydroxycineole_2	2.42E+06	1.28E+06	2.41E+05	1.88E+06	2.63E+06	8.72E+05	1.95E+06	4.69E+05	1.22E+06	1.25E+05	1.5E+06	7.19E+05	3.39E+05	8.82E+05	2.02E+06	8.56E+05	5.34E+06	1.39E+06	2.73E+06	1.94E+06	7.49E+05	2.46E+06	9.57E+05	1.97E+07	2.15E+06	7.91E+05	1.29E+06	9.66E+05	2.22E+05	2.33E+06	1.21E+06	2.43E+06	1.01E+06	3.31E+06	4.52E+06	3.61E+05	2.74E+06	7.67E+05	2.47E+05	1.38E+05	9.66E+05	1.39E+06	6.37E+05	1.34E+06	4.67E+05
6-Hydroxyindolelactate	8.32E+05	3.35E+06	9.57E+05	1.73E+06	3.79E+06	4.55E+06	1.82E+06	1.37E+06	2.18E+06	6.53E+04	1.02E+06	1.49E+05	5.26E+05	4.69E+05	2.98E+06	7.17E+05	1.92E+06	1.74E+06	1.83E+06	1.52E+06	3.98E+05	8.97E+05	9.78E+05	2.04E+06	2.1E+06	7.19E+05	2.7E+05	1.36E+06	6.18E+04	3.9E+06	2.94E+06	7.82E+05	6.58E+05	5.02E+05	7.49E+06	2.61E+05	5.58E+05	4.53E+05	8.36E+05	9.57E+05	1.84E+06	4.52E+05	2.5E+05	8.21E+05	9.69E+04
6-Hydroxypseudooxynicotine_1	3.45E+06	3.51E+06	2.4E+06	1.52E+06	5.58E+06	2.42E+06	3.8E+06	2.29E+06	1.73E+06	9.85E+05	2.81E+06	6.58E+06	1.59E+06	1.64E+06	1.39E+06	1.9E+06	1.1E+06	2.34E+06	3.59E+06	3.14E+06	8.01E+06	1.37E+06	8.33E+05	3.02E+06	2.4E+06	1.45E+06	1.78E+06	1.82E+06	1.94E+06	4.43E+06	7.48E+06	6.48E+06	1.11E+06	4.08E+06	2.63E+06	9.25E+05	3.04E+06	3.51E+06	6.22E+05	3.73E+06	2.29E+06	1.73E+06	1.28E+06	3.88E+06	1.27E+06
6-Hydroxypseudooxynicotine_2	1.06E+04	2.67E+04	862	2.76E+04	7.1E+05	2.12E+04	5.22E+04	1.89E+03	1.03E+05	2.53E+04	944	2.79E+04	1.53E+05	8.76E+03	6.31E+05	5.26E+05	1.44E+04	7.92E+04	7.05E+04	4.01E+04	6.96E+04	5.17E+03	1.22E+04	1.44E+05	2.5E+03	2.17E+03	1.05E+03	6.77E+03	2.35E+03	6.09E+04	1.41E+04	2.51E+04	1.75E+04	5.99E+04	1.53E+06	2.19E+03	3.73E+04	1.78E+04	2.25E+03	5.88E+03	4.24E+03	1.52E+03	2.1E+03	2.68E+04	6.14E+05
6-Methoxymellein_1	2.83E+05	2.37E+06	3.21E+05	1.05E+06	1.01E+06	3.08E+04	2.58E+05	1.98E+06	2.86E+05	1.44E+05	8.14E+03	2.61E+05	2.34E+06	1.2E+05	1.84E+05	2.93E+06	8.41E+05	5.28E+05	2.79E+05	6.46E+04	1.39E+06	2.33E+05	3.15E+05	6.86E+05	5.91E+06	1.46E+05	1.2E+06	4.48E+06	6.46E+03	6.46E+05	1.3E+06	1.86E+05	1.85E+04	1.68E+06	1.38E+06	5.84E+04	5.24E+05	6.45E+04	7.96E+05	2.88E+06	9.9E+04	1.71E+06	1.77E+06	1.12E+06	1.76E+06
6-Methoxymellein_2	0	1.13E+03	5.63E+04	7.09E+04	7.08E+05	8.32E+03	8.94E+03	0	896	2.05E+03	1.4E+03	1.26E+03	1.64E+04	2.73E+03	1.64E+03	0	0	5.03E+03	1.57E+03	0	0	4.85E+04	0	1.48E+05	4.8E+03	1.92E+03	1.09E+03	1.32E+03	1.16E+03	1.58E+03	1.69E+03	1.48E+03	4.71E+03	1.38E+03	1.44E+03	0	1.51E+05	0	1.32E+03	2.53E+04	1.78E+03	1.45E+03	1.86E+04	1.43E+04	1.52E+03
6-Methoxytaxifolin	2.54E+06	2.12E+06	3.2E+05	7.96E+05	1.33E+06	1.38E+05	1.22E+05	8.23E+05	4.15E+06	7.3E+05	1.89E+05	3.22E+06	3.72E+05	1.92E+06	3.1E+06	6.15E+05	3.49E+06	1.04E+06	2.66E+05	1.68E+05	9.56E+04	2.23E+06	3E+05	2.54E+05	2.84E+06	1.33E+04	5.89E+06	2.69E+06	2.37E+04	5.65E+06	2.73E+06	3.88E+06	1.47E+06	3.06E+06	6.53E+06	8.02E+05	4.06E+06	9.54E+05	1.26E+06	1.82E+05	5.91E+04	1.79E+06	2.03E+04	3.56E+06	7.65E+05
6-Oxocineole_1	1.35E+07	1.96E+07	3.52E+06	1.09E+07	1.25E+07	2.02E+07	6.96E+06	2.43E+06	6.01E+06	1.06E+06	3.91E+06	4.97E+06	1.18E+06	2.39E+06	1.61E+07	3.48E+06	1.77E+07	1.16E+07	9.58E+06	1.19E+07	2.31E+06	1.06E+07	1.22E+06	1.01E+07	5.99E+06	5.58E+06	1.27E+06	2.56E+06	1.67E+06	5.76E+06	6.77E+06	8.45E+06	7.61E+06	1.85E+07	8.42E+06	2.76E+06	9.95E+06	1.11E+07	7.57E+05	6E+06	3.5E+06	2.54E+06	2.67E+06	5.44E+06	4.74E+06
6-Oxocineole_2	7.76E+05	2.01E+06	6.37E+05	3.27E+05	4.29E+06	9.39E+05	4.19E+06	5.89E+05	8.76E+05	2.84E+05	1.36E+06	4.66E+05	2.46E+05	2.09E+06	1.34E+06	6E+05	1.8E+06	9.69E+05	1.39E+06	1.85E+06	4.39E+05	4.72E+05	4.12E+05	1.77E+06	2.2E+06	1.92E+06	5.63E+05	2.73E+06	4.11E+05	6.72E+05	6.88E+05	3.4E+06	3.16E+05	5.14E+06	1.47E+06	4.29E+05	9.38E+05	1.11E+06	1.45E+05	9.4E+05	7.77E+05	6.74E+05	5E+05	7.3E+05	7.07E+05
7-Aminocephalosporanic acid	1.98E+05	8.21E+03	8.79E+04	3.94E+05	7.02E+04	6.58E+03	5.61E+03	3.16E+04	9.88E+03	1.78E+03	7.77E+03	2.91E+03	4.35E+03	1.1E+04	2.66E+04	4.12E+03	2.74E+04	1.13E+04	4.54E+03	4.15E+03	1.32E+04	5.41E+04	1.17E+04	2.07E+05	5.25E+04	2.43E+03	3.82E+03	7.42E+03	2.2E+03	2.16E+03	1.33E+04	4.06E+03	7.24E+03	3.01E+03	3.5E+03	1.2E+04	8.14E+04	5.1E+03	0	2.27E+04	8.28E+03	7.51E+04	3.79E+03	3.55E+03	1.23E+03
7-Aminomethyl-7-carbaguanine	8.96E+06	7.81E+06	2.73E+06	1.38E+07	1.1E+07	4.81E+06	5.05E+06	1.58E+06	7.62E+06	2.52E+06	8E+06	4.26E+06	2.56E+06	6.92E+06	1.24E+07	6E+06	1.07E+07	8.02E+06	1.5E+07	7.92E+06	4.2E+06	1.12E+07	5.69E+06	1.39E+07	2.58E+06	3.24E+06	1.53E+06	7.03E+06	2.35E+06	6.9E+06	9.86E+06	8.55E+06	4.38E+06	1.01E+07	1.35E+07	3.57E+06	1.18E+07	3.86E+06	1.88E+06	3.23E+06	5.72E+06	2.21E+06	5.2E+06	6.22E+06	2.43E+06
7-Deoxyloganetin	9.75E+04	7.83E+04	2.74E+05	4.4E+06	6.97E+04	2.48E+05	8.31E+05	3.17E+04	1.8E+04	1.46E+06	2.82E+04	6.73E+04	3.41E+05	7.25E+05	1.61E+05	7.04E+04	1.72E+05	1.08E+06	1.18E+05	2.81E+05	1.37E+04	8.21E+05	1.76E+04	1.27E+07	4.32E+05	3.87E+04	1.02E+04	5.45E+04	2.47E+04	8.98E+04	2.36E+05	7.2E+04	2.69E+04	1.93E+05	1.66E+05	1.18E+04	2.39E+06	1.44E+05	2.52E+04	6.41E+05	6.1E+04	1.25E+04	2.25E+06	2.32E+06	1.48E+04
7-Ethoxycoumarin	3.99E+06	2.75E+05	3.5E+05	5.15E+05	1.93E+06	2.28E+04	7.81E+03	7.24E+04	1.88E+06	8.29E+04	4.86E+04	8.85E+05	4.08E+05	4.93E+05	8.91E+05	5.16E+04	5.46E+05	1.42E+06	1.09E+05	4.5E+05	1.03E+05	4.45E+05	4.03E+04	2.87E+05	7.89E+05	1E+05	5.46E+05	5.75E+05	6.74E+03	1.43E+06	2.54E+05	8.2E+05	2.22E+05	1.96E+05	4.61E+06	1.69E+05	7.68E+05	4.44E+05	2.75E+05	1.26E+05	2.69E+05	2.01E+05	7.21E+03	7.56E+05	8.39E+04
7-Hydroxy-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-4-propyl-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one	5.1E+05	5.87E+05	7.21E+05	6.95E+05	3.85E+05	6.13E+05	6.52E+05	1.49E+06	5.45E+05	8.58E+05	7.19E+05	8.13E+05	7.27E+05	7.19E+05	3.76E+05	6.7E+05	2.38E+06	3.86E+05	6.58E+05	5.5E+05	7.33E+05	3.43E+05	1.27E+06	6.54E+05	6.32E+05	1.4E+06	7.63E+05	1.17E+06	9.12E+05	1.41E+05	6.91E+05	1.13E+05	1.17E+06	2.78E+05	6.46E+04	5.85E+05	4.03E+05	5.78E+05	8.77E+05	5.47E+05	4.98E+05	7.14E+05	6.04E+05	4.43E+05	6.89E+05
7-Hydroxymethyl-12-methylbenz[a]anthracene sulfate	3.2E+04	2.18E+04	5.56E+03	3.42E+04	3.9E+05	1.07E+04	4.07E+03	4E+03	6.78E+04	4.32E+03	6.91E+04	3.58E+03	0	9.86E+03	1.4E+04	1.28E+04	8.82E+04	4.75E+03	3.14E+04	8.76E+04	3.53E+03	2.93E+03	6.54E+03	8.85E+04	5.08E+03	1.13E+04	1.01E+03	1.29E+05	0	3.98E+03	1.97E+04	6.09E+05	6.95E+03	3.57E+04	2.81E+04	6.83E+03	5.08E+04	3.89E+03	1.93E+03	1.28E+05	9.95E+03	8.15E+03	7.38E+03	1.55E+04	3.56E+03
7-Mercaptoheptanoylthreonine	6.84E+05	3.83E+06	1.06E+06	5.4E+05	5.81E+05	3.19E+06	3.77E+05	7.04E+04	3.13E+05	2.11E+04	6.06E+05	1.23E+05	2.24E+05	2.03E+05	1.19E+06	3.8E+05	1.34E+06	3.95E+05	5.89E+05	1.01E+06	1.01E+05	1.77E+05	1.43E+05	2.66E+05	9.13E+04	8.74E+04	2.88E+04	2.14E+05	8.35E+04	4.13E+05	6.16E+05	2.66E+06	2.04E+05	8.33E+05	8.71E+05	1.1E+04	6.4E+05	3.93E+05	5.65E+04	8.79E+05	1.57E+05	7.48E+04	1.31E+05	3.79E+05	1.08E+05
7-Methyluric acid_1	9.9E+07	5.94E+05	2.41E+07	5.22E+07	1.96E+07	6.09E+06	7.65E+06	1.64E+07	6.22E+07	2.33E+07	9.72E+06	4.33E+07	1.69E+07	7.98E+07	1.03E+08	4.67E+07	1.18E+08	5.03E+07	3.69E+07	2.23E+07	6.45E+06	7.56E+07	1.14E+07	1.64E+07	1.41E+08	4.79E+06	1.15E+08	9.56E+07	2.84E+06	2.94E+08	7.12E+07	1.52E+08	2.99E+07	4.09E+07	4.15E+08	2.65E+07	1.59E+08	4.46E+07	2.1E+07	1.6E+07	1.13E+07	5.37E+07	5.21E+06	1.9E+08	1.56E+07
7-Methyluric acid_2	1.12E+05	1.95E+06	1.98E+06	3.63E+05	1.18E+05	5.27E+04	1.1E+05	2.48E+06	2.49E+06	5.34E+04	3.47E+05	2.16E+05	2.44E+06	2.18E+06	2.4E+06	2.36E+06	2.43E+06	5.21E+04	2.19E+05	1.92E+05	1.09E+05	5.59E+04	2.32E+06	2.36E+06	2.04E+05	9.16E+05	3.18E+05	5.14E+04	2.42E+06	5.51E+04	1.29E+06	2.46E+06	1.07E+05	2.35E+06	2.36E+06	2.33E+06	4.07E+05	4.3E+05	1.91E+06	1.07E+05	4.33E+05	1.52E+05	4.79E+04	1.05E+05	1.93E+05
7-Methylxanthine	2.64E+08	4.45E+06	6.55E+07	7.45E+07	1.97E+07	8.15E+06	3.47E+06	4.18E+07	2.26E+08	8.27E+07	3.54E+07	1.32E+08	5.35E+07	2.4E+08	2.63E+08	1.06E+08	4.31E+08	3.19E+08	7.81E+07	4.53E+07	1.02E+08	1.39E+08	1.5E+08	1.77E+08	3.99E+08	5.17E+07	3.28E+08	3.06E+08	1.28E+06	6.1E+08	1.74E+08	3.25E+08	8.59E+07	3.14E+08	9.51E+08	9.72E+07	3.47E+08	1.02E+08	6.16E+07	4.06E+07	7.06E+07	1.5E+08	7.71E+06	6.55E+08	4.88E+07
7-Methylxanthosine	1.09E+06	6.54E+04	1.58E+05	2.12E+06	4.38E+06	1.44E+05	3.86E+04	7.58E+04	9.48E+05	7E+05	3.58E+05	5.73E+05	1.8E+05	7.61E+05	1.45E+06	5.83E+03	2.45E+06	9.21E+05	2.1E+06	1.36E+06	3.54E+05	1.02E+06	9.46E+05	3.13E+05	4.71E+05	1.69E+05	2.6E+05	4.03E+05	7.13E+04	1.41E+06	1.31E+06	4.25E+06	4.69E+05	2.28E+06	2.01E+06	1.8E+05	7.22E+05	2.68E+05	5.53E+04	4.88E+04	1.3E+06	2.19E+05	2.81E+05	1.2E+05	5.86E+05
8-(3,3-Dimethylallyl)spatheliachromene	1.29E+06	0	0	1.16E+03	0	0	0	0	1.25E+03	1.07E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.6E+03	7.64E+03	1.65E+03	1.63E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.27E+03	0	1.59E+03	1.4E+03	0	1.22E+03	0	0	0	0	1.03E+03	1.26E+03	1.41E+03	0	0	0
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_1	2.3E+07	3.29E+05	2.24E+04	3.3E+06	2.35E+06	5.91E+05	7.02E+04	3.53E+05	4.62E+06	3.11E+04	1.38E+06	2.61E+06	4.77E+05	2.47E+05	1.92E+06	3.05E+04	3.18E+07	2.45E+06	2.31E+06	2.6E+05	1.52E+05	2.09E+07	2.71E+06	2.27E+06	6.85E+05	2.28E+06	1.69E+05	5.9E+04	1.49E+04	2.03E+06	3.8E+06	2.53E+06	3.26E+06	4.56E+06	2.7E+06	3.83E+04	1.7E+06	1.96E+06	3.39E+05	2.72E+06	1.46E+05	8.1E+05	1.25E+06	2.56E+06	1.41E+05
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_2	6.41E+05	1.71E+05	5.29E+04	5.15E+05	1.15E+06	2.05E+05	6.29E+05	2.68E+05	2.06E+05	3.15E+04	4.74E+05	1.63E+04	5.41E+05	1.41E+05	3.29E+05	2.94E+05	9.74E+05	1.23E+06	3.9E+05	1.59E+05	2.71E+05	5.63E+05	5.5E+05	1.09E+06	4.64E+04	5.28E+05	2.43E+04	2.36E+04	6.54E+04	2.62E+06	8.7E+05	1.11E+06	1.54E+05	1.48E+06	3.03E+05	2.44E+04	4.99E+05	7.05E+06	1.07E+04	2.78E+05	8.95E+05	2.41E+04	2.62E+04	5.26E+05	3.21E+05
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_3	2.21E+05	2.25E+05	2.27E+06	3.01E+05	6.71E+05	4E+04	2E+05	1.25E+05	1.08E+05	3.91E+04	4.07E+04	7.06E+04	1E+04	1.24E+06	6.14E+05	3.02E+05	2.4E+05	1.15E+05	7.77E+05	2.43E+05	3.15E+04	2.93E+04	1.16E+05	4.46E+05	1.67E+04	7.02E+04	1.32E+04	5.67E+05	3.83E+04	3.39E+05	1.42E+06	2.72E+05	1.95E+05	1.17E+05	6.92E+04	1.96E+04	4.8E+05	1.48E+05	5.24E+04	8.04E+04	5.16E+05	1.07E+04	1.15E+05	1.73E+05	3.11E+04
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_4	8.52E+04	6.08E+05	8.28E+04	9.28E+05	3.22E+05	6.42E+04	7.9E+04	1.97E+04	1.05E+05	2.19E+04	2.23E+04	6.41E+04	6.94E+04	2.41E+04	4.05E+05	3.71E+04	1.75E+05	1.16E+04	9.8E+05	1.81E+04	6.95E+04	2.51E+05	6.13E+03	1.78E+05	1.11E+04	2.55E+04	3.16E+03	5.96E+04	8.4E+03	8.71E+04	2.31E+05	2.09E+05	1.65E+04	2.36E+05	2.29E+05	3.12E+04	3.24E+04	5.46E+04	6.92E+03	1.54E+04	8.76E+04	3.9E+03	2.96E+03	3.54E+04	7.89E+03
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_5	3.1E+05	1.7E+05	1.03E+04	2.91E+04	3.55E+05	1.56E+05	1.94E+04	7.01E+05	5.85E+04	2.71E+04	1.23E+05	1.33E+04	1.79E+04	6.36E+04	3.27E+05	1.13E+04	1.52E+04	3.49E+04	7.22E+05	6.73E+04	1.72E+04	2.23E+04	4.74E+04	8.6E+03	3.56E+04	2.68E+04	2.37E+04	1.77E+05	2.1E+04	2.3E+05	5.7E+06	1.92E+05	1.61E+05	1.35E+06	1.61E+04	1.92E+03	5.24E+04	4.13E+05	1.61E+05	8.37E+05	1.75E+05	1.62E+04	1.78E+05	5.25E+04	3.77E+05
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_6	8.55E+04	1.2E+05	1.78E+06	2.9E+04	5.33E+05	1.16E+04	4.42E+04	2.49E+04	2.8E+04	9.15E+03	3.41E+03	1.59E+04	9.54E+03	1.49E+05	9.02E+03	3.36E+04	1.09E+05	6.6E+03	5.87E+04	4.06E+03	7.34E+03	4.78E+04	6.14E+03	9.78E+03	1.19E+04	4.48E+03	2.75E+03	3.85E+04	4.85E+03	1.83E+04	4.77E+04	1.76E+04	7.58E+03	9.36E+03	2.7E+04	1.02E+04	1.71E+04	4.53E+04	1.36E+04	4.59E+04	2.09E+05	2.45E+03	8.82E+03	4.61E+04	6.87E+03
8-Oxoguanine	1.54E+05	2.17E+05	1.78E+05	7.39E+05	1.45E+05	5.1E+05	3.36E+05	2.68E+04	2.9E+05	1.78E+05	3.5E+05	1.86E+05	8.73E+04	3.8E+05	4.39E+05	2.12E+05	2.31E+05	7.74E+04	1.33E+05	2.05E+05	3.07E+05	7.37E+05	5.05E+05	4.31E+04	1.3E+05	1.22E+05	9E+04	3.24E+05	1.09E+05	1.84E+05	1.39E+05	3.49E+05	2.76E+05	2.58E+05	4.28E+04	1.84E+05	2.63E+05	6.77E+05	4.09E+04	1.09E+06	5.76E+04	2.94E+04	1.18E+05	2.23E+05	1.52E+05
9,12,13-TriHOME	3.57E+06	3.63E+06	3.67E+06	3.47E+06	3.52E+06	3.42E+06	3.5E+06	3.51E+06	3.54E+06	3.52E+06	3.33E+06	3.35E+06	3.45E+06	3.32E+06	3.34E+06	3.34E+06	3.21E+06	3.3E+06	3.26E+06	3.21E+06	3.37E+06	3.22E+06	3.33E+06	3.14E+06	3.31E+06	3.19E+06	3.35E+06	3.27E+06	3.27E+06	3.33E+06	2.97E+06	3.16E+06	3.12E+06	3.07E+06	3.11E+06	3.14E+06	3.13E+06	3.1E+06	3.3E+06	3.24E+06	3.19E+06	3.23E+06	3.26E+06	3.26E+06	3.18E+06
9-Methylthiononanaldoxime	3.78E+06	2.33E+06	2.46E+06	2.18E+06	7.89E+05	1.03E+06	9.69E+05	9.62E+04	1.2E+06	2.16E+06	5.43E+05	2.01E+05	4.29E+05	6.89E+05	1.41E+06	1.28E+06	4.76E+06	7.6E+06	1.91E+06	8.78E+05	1.09E+06	4.43E+06	3.46E+06	7.26E+05	3.79E+05	2.31E+06	1.88E+05	8.04E+05	6E+05	3.9E+06	9.68E+05	9.07E+05	2.57E+05	1.11E+06	5.56E+06	3.02E+06	3.54E+05	1.04E+05	6.66E+05	4.93E+04	6.59E+05	3.88E+05	1.49E+05	4.58E+06	2.18E+05
9-Oxononanoic acid_1	2.32E+05	1.09E+06	1.57E+05	3.66E+05	1.2E+06	4.18E+05	5.77E+05	1.76E+05	1.91E+05	4.01E+04	8.37E+04	2.28E+04	2.62E+04	1.85E+05	1.39E+05	5.44E+04	3.11E+05	6.82E+05	1.91E+05	2.25E+05	8.58E+03	1.78E+05	7.2E+04	7.9E+05	1.42E+05	3E+04	1.96E+05	7.82E+04	5.47E+04	2.53E+05	7.2E+05	1.07E+06	1.77E+05	5.57E+05	1.78E+05	1.38E+05	8.03E+05	2.36E+05	4.59E+03	7.38E+04	5.89E+04	2.82E+04	6.41E+04	9.45E+04	2E+05
9-Oxononanoic acid_2	2.06E+05	4.18E+05	8.37E+04	4.79E+05	6.54E+05	4.25E+05	2.06E+05	1.12E+05	2.48E+05	2.02E+04	5.58E+04	1.57E+04	8.73E+03	6.85E+04	6.18E+04	5.1E+04	6.29E+05	4.08E+05	1.52E+05	1.3E+05	5.64E+03	3.05E+05	1.46E+04	3.52E+05	2.35E+05	1.87E+04	1.47E+05	5.41E+04	1.45E+04	3.5E+05	7.38E+06	3.75E+05	1.85E+05	3.31E+05	3.76E+05	9.73E+03	3.04E+05	1.3E+05	4.24E+03	1.09E+05	6.38E+04	5.23E+04	2.88E+04	2.63E+05	5.61E+04
Abacavir	4.83E+06	2.32E+06	6.66E+04	2.26E+06	2.98E+06	9.34E+05	1.31E+06	4.15E+05	1.9E+06	1.34E+05	1E+06	5.96E+05	5.93E+05	1.04E+06	2.66E+06	8.11E+05	2.47E+06	7.28E+05	8.74E+06	1.3E+06	1.94E+05	3.29E+06	4.48E+05	2.99E+06	7.83E+03	4.67E+04	4.52E+03	9.38E+05	4.03E+05	4.59E+06	4.69E+06	3.78E+06	1.44E+06	4.96E+05	9.85E+06	2.89E+03	2.65E+06	7.71E+05	3.76E+05	8.75E+05	6.41E+05	2.56E+04	7.65E+05	6.66E+05	1.26E+06
Abscisate	5.44E+06	4.08E+06	5.65E+06	1.81E+07	3.5E+07	2.12E+06	3.92E+06	1.15E+06	8.85E+06	5.29E+06	4.66E+06	2.57E+06	9.62E+05	8.11E+06	1.24E+07	9.24E+06	1.69E+07	8.26E+06	1.57E+07	1.71E+07	2.46E+06	6.93E+06	6.33E+06	1.19E+07	1.02E+06	3.53E+06	8.8E+05	8.08E+06	1.31E+06	2.75E+06	1.42E+07	4.52E+06	6.4E+06	1.4E+07	6.06E+06	3.89E+06	1.17E+07	1.99E+06	1.46E+06	3.23E+06	8.45E+06	1.28E+06	1.8E+06	3.02E+06	8.95E+05
Acadesine	3.9E+06	4.49E+06	1.25E+06	9.39E+06	1.33E+07	4.23E+06	2.62E+06	1.39E+06	2.25E+06	9.1E+05	3.25E+06	1.3E+06	1.14E+06	2.27E+06	6.8E+06	1.52E+06	8.67E+06	5.41E+06	5.45E+06	4.6E+06	1.74E+06	4.45E+06	2.04E+06	4.05E+06	1.81E+06	8.03E+05	1.98E+06	1.84E+06	8.74E+05	3.99E+06	4.5E+06	6.87E+06	1.99E+06	4.35E+06	5.93E+06	1.84E+06	4.44E+06	2.79E+06	4.89E+05	1.71E+06	2.17E+06	8.75E+05	4.35E+05	5.91E+06	6.63E+05
Acanthicifoline	1.48E+04	1.65E+03	2.11E+03	2.4E+03	8.71E+03	1.79E+03	1.75E+03	1.58E+06	2.6E+03	1.56E+03	1.8E+03	1.44E+03	1.33E+03	1.41E+03	3.63E+03	1.35E+03	4.99E+03	1.78E+03	2.78E+03	1.74E+03	3.71E+03	4.32E+03	1.49E+03	1.37E+03	1.91E+03	0	1.06E+03	1.62E+03	1.16E+03	2.35E+03	8.56E+04	1.12E+03	888	9.36E+03	2.36E+03	1.15E+03	1.78E+03	1.68E+03	0	4.78E+05	1.43E+03	4.33E+03	1.29E+03	2.04E+03	1.51E+03
Acetone cyanohydrin_1	2.17E+07	2.49E+07	8.49E+06	3.7E+07	3.23E+07	1.67E+07	1.45E+07	6.04E+06	2.79E+07	6.87E+06	2.69E+07	1.09E+07	8.55E+06	1.77E+07	3.87E+07	1.65E+07	2.91E+07	2.72E+07	4.45E+07	2.69E+07	1.25E+07	2.51E+07	1.58E+07	5.21E+07	8.05E+06	8.99E+06	5.35E+06	1.85E+07	6.77E+06	2.02E+07	3.26E+07	2.44E+07	1.95E+07	3.79E+07	4.42E+07	9.08E+06	2.31E+07	1.45E+07	6.49E+06	1.1E+07	1.51E+07	8.27E+06	9.65E+06	1.99E+07	7.11E+06
Acetone cyanohydrin_2	1.28E+07	1.09E+07	5.82E+06	1.89E+07	2.52E+07	9.23E+06	6.52E+06	2.74E+06	1.56E+07	4.37E+06	1.34E+07	4.25E+06	6.37E+06	1.22E+07	1.35E+07	1.09E+07	2.88E+07	2.21E+07	1.51E+07	1.6E+07	7E+06	2.84E+07	1.13E+07	2.88E+07	2.58E+06	4.43E+06	3.32E+06	1.74E+07	4.65E+06	1.09E+07	9.84E+06	1.63E+07	9E+06	1.54E+07	1.71E+07	9.56E+06	9.4E+06	6.81E+06	2.54E+06	3.76E+06	1.83E+07	5.1E+06	4E+06	9.58E+06	1.99E+06
Acetyl adenylate	3.47E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.29E+05	0	0	0	5.59E+03	7.31E+05	1.66E+03	0	1.85E+05	0	0	0	0	2.59E+03	1.66E+03	0	0	0	5.86E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.81E+03	0	0	2.29E+03	0	0	1.24E+05	0
Acetylagmatine	2.14E+05	2.83E+06	1.47E+06	1.86E+06	1.21E+06	4.17E+05	7.5E+04	9.14E+06	1.03E+06	1.22E+06	5.15E+05	1.69E+05	1.97E+05	3.35E+04	1.6E+06	4.22E+05	1.73E+06	5.06E+05	9.46E+05	3.84E+06	3.05E+06	2.63E+05	1.54E+05	1.33E+06	5.51E+03	3.06E+04	2.1E+03	5.08E+03	2.42E+05	4.67E+04	7.45E+05	4.47E+05	2.59E+06	3.22E+06	1.41E+05	5.79E+04	5.08E+05	5.5E+06	3.32E+04	6.41E+06	8.33E+04	7.68E+03	8.93E+04	2.18E+05	2.36E+05
Acetylcysteine_1	1.79E+06	5.44E+05	5.31E+04	3.67E+05	5.57E+06	3.24E+05	3.35E+05	3.26E+04	6.89E+05	4.91E+04	3.95E+05	4.11E+05	7.96E+04	6.88E+05	1.39E+06	9.35E+04	2.3E+06	4.71E+05	7.4E+05	6.34E+05	1.58E+05	6.73E+05	1.76E+05	9.2E+05	8.94E+04	9.05E+04	4.44E+04	5.19E+05	3.49E+04	3.37E+05	1.19E+06	7.92E+05	1.86E+05	8.23E+05	5.28E+05	2.06E+05	3.39E+05	2.37E+05	2.06E+04	4.69E+04	1.86E+07	1.98E+04	2.19E+05	2.29E+05	1.69E+04
Acetylcysteine_2	1.13E+06	2.11E+05	4.2E+05	3.09E+05	2.25E+06	1.05E+06	3.44E+05	7.31E+03	7.11E+04	8.34E+06	1.36E+05	1.33E+05	3.42E+05	2.43E+05	4.61E+05	1.29E+05	1.65E+06	1.01E+06	3.82E+05	7.91E+06	6.54E+04	7.5E+05	1.54E+05	3.3E+04	1.37E+04	1.39E+05	2.73E+05	2.86E+05	1.85E+04	3.71E+05	4.98E+05	6.36E+05	4.34E+04	4.7E+05	1.3E+06	2.08E+05	5.49E+05	7.01E+05	3.43E+04	3.57E+05	4.4E+05	2.26E+03	3.53E+04	5.09E+05	2.22E+06
Acetylcysteine_3	2.86E+05	1.15E+05	5.36E+04	4.24E+05	2.5E+05	2.34E+05	2.27E+04	5.91E+04	4.1E+04	1.03E+05	6.31E+04	6.17E+04	3.42E+04	1.29E+05	1.68E+05	5.45E+04	7.94E+04	4.45E+05	4.12E+05	7.79E+04	5.19E+04	2.94E+05	4.83E+04	2.05E+05	1.62E+04	2.09E+04	1.36E+04	7.69E+04	3.82E+04	1.65E+05	5.32E+04	5.06E+05	1.27E+05	1.55E+05	3.67E+05	1.22E+04	2.37E+05	5.16E+04	3.06E+04	2.01E+04	6.94E+06	1.1E+04	4.61E+04	2.21E+05	1.01E+05
Acetyltropine	4.07E+03	2.48E+03	8.43E+04	5.39E+04	2.96E+03	1.19E+04	1.91E+04	2.02E+04	5.88E+03	8.46E+04	2.2E+04	8.09E+03	2.59E+03	6.66E+03	3.85E+03	4.72E+03	2.39E+04	1.71E+04	4E+03	1.19E+04	2.05E+03	1.03E+06	0	9.22E+03	1.09E+04	2.27E+03	3.56E+03	2.88E+03	2.34E+03	1.36E+04	3.93E+03	5.33E+03	4.05E+03	1.29E+04	2.48E+04	2.28E+03	2.67E+05	1.09E+05	7.29E+03	2.74E+05	5.85E+03	1.33E+03	8.17E+03	2.35E+04	1.17E+03
Acronycidine	7.53E+06	3.08E+05	0	1.79E+06	9.78E+05	3.4E+05	2.33E+06	7.42E+05	7.29E+05	0	2.52E+06	4.38E+05	7.76E+05	8.94E+05	1.17E+06	3.48E+06	1.11E+06	2.15E+05	4.08E+06	1.36E+06	2.87E+05	2.04E+06	3.33E+05	2.04E+06	3.49E+04	1.43E+04	4.01E+04	5.65E+05	1.16E+06	7.26E+05	4.83E+05	1.1E+07	2.76E+03	1.11E+06	8.07E+05	0	2.69E+06	8.39E+05	7.36E+04	6.86E+04	6.84E+05	4.77E+04	8.57E+04	1.13E+06	8.54E+05
Acrylamide	2.57E+05	1.1E+05	2.05E+04	5.74E+04	3.89E+05	6.85E+04	7.14E+04	1.74E+04	4.44E+04	2.24E+04	1.93E+05	9.31E+03	1.45E+04	1.86E+04	1.29E+05	1.58E+04	3.89E+05	4E+04	3.64E+04	5.73E+04	2.49E+04	1.52E+05	5.82E+04	2.96E+05	6.25E+04	3.46E+04	1.7E+04	2.94E+04	2.16E+04	2.64E+04	4.77E+04	1.01E+04	3.95E+04	2.11E+05	1.27E+05	2.3E+04	6.78E+04	4.38E+04	3.17E+04	9.24E+03	1.82E+04	3.87E+04	2.46E+04	1.24E+05	3.14E+03
Actinidine	1.15E+06	1.04E+06	4.7E+05	3.76E+06	2.43E+06	3.92E+05	7.8E+05	2.67E+05	9.34E+05	9.69E+05	5.87E+05	3.47E+05	6.08E+04	2.95E+05	1.02E+06	3.29E+05	2.25E+06	8.92E+05	2.26E+06	5.89E+05	2.89E+05	1.09E+06	4.1E+05	1.05E+06	4.18E+05	1.56E+05	2.58E+05	2.01E+05	1.73E+05	5.25E+05	1.19E+06	8.15E+05	7.95E+05	1.24E+06	2.05E+06	2.79E+05	7.98E+05	6.83E+05	6.35E+04	8.76E+05	5.87E+05	1.99E+05	5.98E+05	7.29E+05	2.6E+05
Acutumidine	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.72E+03	1.89E+03	0	0	3E+06	0	2.32E+03	0	1.86E+03	0	2.66E+03	2.26E+03	1.99E+03	0	2.23E+03	0	2.81E+03	0	1.64E+03	0	1.7E+03	1.55E+03	2.37E+03	0	0	3.76E+04	2.7E+06	1.84E+03	0	0	2.8E+04	0	0	0	0	3.2E+08	0	0
Acyclovir	0	0	0	1.37E+03	0	1.69E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.59E+03	1.82E+03	0	0	0	0	1.32E+03	0	1.19E+03	0	1.47E+03	0	0	0	0	1.39E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.19E+03	0	0	0	0	1.32E+08	1.79E+03	0	0	0	0	0
Adenine	9.36E+05	3.49E+06	4.84E+05	7.75E+06	4.41E+06	1.4E+06	1.95E+06	1.29E+05	1.68E+06	8.88E+05	1.06E+06	9.88E+05	1.11E+06	2.39E+06	6.33E+06	2.12E+06	9.86E+05	5.16E+06	5.63E+06	1.5E+06	1.13E+06	8.39E+05	1.8E+06	2.49E+06	5.57E+05	1.03E+06	2.17E+05	2.47E+06	5.7E+05	1.2E+06	9.48E+05	3.68E+06	8.03E+05	1.29E+06	1.72E+06	1.54E+06	5.2E+06	6.18E+05	7.81E+04	9.29E+05	1.35E+06	5.62E+05	9.01E+05	1.74E+06	6.18E+05
ADENINE	9.46E+05	7.78E+05	3.86E+06	6.36E+05	5.17E+05	1.79E+06	1.39E+06	1.06E+06	3.08E+06	1.75E+06	1.09E+06	5.13E+05	9.65E+05	7.67E+05	5.92E+05	9.23E+05	4.85E+05	2.22E+05	1.61E+05	3.56E+05	3.18E+06	1.64E+06	1.69E+06	5.96E+05	2.36E+06	9.76E+05	1.58E+06	1.28E+06	2.58E+05	3.09E+05	1.04E+06	2.35E+06	8.98E+05	1.07E+06	1.27E+05	1.02E+06	8.88E+05	5.98E+05	7.3E+05	5.17E+05	4.63E+05	2.38E+06	6.25E+05	4.41E+05	1.13E+06
Adenosine	1.52E+07	3.25E+07	4.11E+06	7.91E+07	4.83E+07	1.67E+07	1.84E+07	3.79E+06	1.57E+07	7.52E+06	1.36E+07	1.16E+07	1.01E+07	1.89E+07	5.47E+07	1.67E+07	1.67E+07	4.58E+07	5.5E+07	1.44E+07	1.27E+07	2.03E+07	2.03E+07	2.41E+07	7.97E+06	1.23E+07	4.42E+06	1.85E+07	6.79E+06	1.13E+07	1.81E+07	3.1E+07	1.53E+07	1.78E+07	2.22E+07	1.1E+07	4.82E+07	1.12E+07	4.8E+06	7.9E+06	1.49E+07	4.14E+06	1.14E+07	1.85E+07	5.69E+06
Aethusin	4.81E+05	4.46E+05	4.35E+05	3.42E+05	4.87E+05	3.89E+05	3.63E+05	4.27E+05	4.32E+05	4.41E+05	3.11E+05	4.11E+05	4.42E+05	4.44E+05	3.5E+05	4.56E+05	4.58E+05	4.29E+05	4.33E+05	3.9E+05	4.27E+05	4.44E+05	4.4E+05	4.34E+05	4.48E+05	4.08E+05	4.02E+05	4.27E+05	4.4E+05	3.92E+05	3.93E+05	3.39E+05	4.26E+05	3.98E+05	4.13E+05	4.14E+05	4.53E+05	4.6E+05	3.96E+05	3.9E+05	4.5E+05	4.37E+05	3.85E+05	3.43E+05	3.94E+05
Agaritine	6.36E+03	1.4E+04	3.2E+03	1.42E+05	6.5E+04	3.61E+03	1.01E+04	5.84E+03	9.55E+04	4.35E+05	0	2.1E+03	1.82E+03	0	2.15E+04	1.59E+04	5.74E+04	6.28E+03	1.26E+04	5.81E+03	0	1.64E+03	746	2.06E+03	3.08E+03	0	1.64E+03	0	0	3.85E+04	7.96E+03	7.54E+03	1.77E+04	2.18E+04	6.34E+05	1.18E+03	4.34E+03	1.29E+04	1.29E+03	1.33E+04	1.09E+03	0	4.27E+03	0	1.07E+04
Agnuside	1.91E+06	1.46E+06	4.41E+05	2.6E+06	2.16E+06	8.65E+05	1.27E+06	1.23E+05	9.79E+05	2.23E+05	1.46E+06	7.46E+05	7.13E+05	3.01E+06	1.79E+06	1.34E+06	1.49E+06	1.42E+06	3.35E+06	3.31E+06	8.88E+05	1.08E+06	8.98E+05	3.58E+06	1.93E+05	1.21E+05	2.54E+04	7.12E+05	5.98E+04	1.06E+06	1.83E+06	1.74E+06	6E+05	2.07E+06	1.85E+06	1.88E+05	9.32E+05	5.68E+05	4.92E+04	3.16E+05	1.06E+06	2.02E+05	1.86E+05	1.14E+06	2.7E+05
Alantolactone_1	5.56E+06	1.63E+06	2.96E+05	1.81E+06	1.76E+06	3.95E+05	1.11E+06	3.33E+05	4.4E+05	1.71E+05	7.89E+05	1.6E+05	3.35E+05	2.32E+06	1.59E+06	4.2E+05	1.55E+06	9.31E+05	3.15E+06	2.27E+05	2.12E+05	8.37E+05	5.61E+05	5.29E+05	9.43E+05	1.09E+05	8.78E+05	2.79E+05	7.99E+05	2.89E+06	4.6E+05	2.56E+06	4.2E+05	1.17E+06	1.26E+06	7.88E+04	2.86E+06	6.61E+05	2E+05	4.78E+05	1.38E+06	1.09E+06	1.31E+04	2.01E+06	7.69E+05
Alantolactone_2	2.43E+05	7.37E+03	2.08E+05	2.28E+04	3.26E+04	2.1E+04	2.09E+04	2.53E+03	8.31E+03	1.65E+04	3.75E+03	5.53E+03	2.49E+03	5.44E+04	1.73E+04	3.33E+03	1.94E+04	1.49E+05	3.7E+04	2.58E+04	3.38E+03	6.78E+03	4.25E+03	6.08E+03	5.41E+05	2.27E+03	9.69E+04	1.78E+03	1.27E+03	5.85E+03	6.29E+03	1.67E+05	2.44E+03	3.11E+04	1.64E+04	2.2E+04	2.64E+04	3.19E+04	3.84E+03	8.21E+03	3.58E+03	8.91E+05	2.5E+03	1.03E+04	1.36E+03
Aldicarb_1	1.7E+05	2.56E+05	2.73E+05	2.54E+05	2.6E+05	2.62E+05	2.63E+05	1.78E+05	2.62E+05	2.65E+05	2.68E+05	2.63E+05	2.59E+05	2.65E+05	2.19E+05	2.63E+05	2.59E+05	2.8E+05	2.38E+05	2.78E+05	2.79E+05	2.78E+05	2.59E+05	2.74E+05	2.83E+05	2.77E+05	2.85E+05	2.71E+05	2.32E+05	3.2E+05	2.9E+05	2.58E+05	2.81E+05	3.01E+05	2.85E+05	2.96E+05	2.71E+05	2.5E+05	2.91E+05	3.06E+05	3.26E+05	3.24E+05	3.41E+05	2.81E+05	3.5E+05
Aldicarb_2	3.54E+03	2.9E+03	1.05E+04	3.56E+03	1.22E+04	4.68E+03	1.73E+03	2E+03	4.54E+04	2.79E+03	2.22E+03	4.23E+04	2.49E+03	1.53E+03	2.32E+03	1.51E+03	6.13E+03	5.61E+03	3.24E+03	2.65E+03	3.41E+03	2.49E+03	1.53E+03	3.22E+03	1.97E+03	1.09E+04	1.95E+03	1.23E+03	1.78E+03	4.65E+03	1.62E+03	2.24E+03	1.92E+03	5.38E+05	3.97E+03	1.69E+03	3.79E+03	2.96E+03	1.74E+03	2.33E+03	1.89E+03	2.07E+03	7.66E+05	2.82E+03	2.11E+03
Allidochlor_1	1.4E+05	2.1E+05	5.73E+04	1.41E+05	8.6E+05	5.5E+05	3.27E+05	8.42E+04	1.45E+05	3.54E+04	1.03E+05	6.84E+05	1.17E+04	4.53E+05	3.19E+04	6.09E+05	1.43E+05	1.44E+04	5.16E+05	3.12E+05	7.91E+04	1.31E+06	6.2E+03	8.71E+04	4.87E+04	3.57E+03	2.59E+04	2.77E+05	2.76E+04	1.03E+04	1.75E+06	1.9E+06	5.68E+04	1.46E+06	7.79E+03	1.58E+05	9.17E+05	1.55E+06	2.19E+04	3.07E+04	2.74E+05	7.68E+03	4.11E+05	7.8E+04	7.16E+05
Allidochlor_2	5.22E+04	2.01E+04	8.37E+04	6.37E+04	1.83E+05	5.7E+04	5.39E+04	8.2E+04	7.83E+04	2.54E+04	3.12E+04	2.45E+04	5E+03	1.63E+04	6E+04	2.14E+04	1.39E+05	2.16E+04	2.09E+04	3.03E+05	8.25E+03	1.03E+04	4.4E+03	2.47E+04	2.67E+04	1.07E+04	4E+03	3.39E+04	1.76E+04	6.57E+04	2.45E+04	1.49E+05	2.82E+04	8.5E+05	6.58E+04	3.52E+04	4.47E+04	2.06E+06	7.41E+03	2.2E+04	8.95E+04	9.5E+03	2.59E+04	1.53E+04	5.57E+05
Allylestrenol_1	6.52E+04	5.82E+04	9.98E+04	1.14E+06	6.2E+05	9.29E+03	9.39E+03	1.73E+03	7.21E+04	3.55E+04	2.46E+04	5.3E+04	2.01E+04	1.5E+05	8.4E+05	8.21E+04	3.12E+04	9.25E+04	7.45E+05	4.62E+04	6.93E+04	3.44E+04	2.85E+04	8.98E+04	1.08E+04	3.94E+03	0	1.78E+05	2.36E+03	9.07E+04	2.86E+04	2.09E+05	0	1.99E+04	2.3E+05	8.85E+04	2.35E+05	1.19E+05	1.63E+03	0	1.22E+05	2.98E+03	5.46E+04	8.89E+04	3.71E+04
Allylestrenol_2	4.22E+04	8.37E+03	963	4.63E+05	2.58E+05	0	4.18E+03	0	9.44E+04	3.7E+03	8.25E+04	4.53E+03	9.43E+04	1.06E+05	8.46E+04	1.84E+04	7.39E+04	4.68E+04	1.51E+04	1.43E+05	8.49E+04	5.56E+04	0	3.36E+04	7.57E+03	0	0	1.45E+05	0	1.29E+03	5.77E+04	8.52E+03	0	1.45E+05	2.08E+04	1.74E+05	3.57E+04	9.91E+03	0	1.18E+03	9.46E+04	3.87E+03	6.45E+04	4.16E+04	6.01E+04
alpha-[3-(Nitrosoamino)propyl]-3-pyridinemethanol	2.96E+03	1.14E+04	2.95E+03	1.75E+04	1.47E+04	4.43E+04	6.97E+03	1.42E+05	7.47E+04	4.47E+03	3.05E+03	6.72E+03	4.06E+03	4.88E+03	1.06E+04	5.04E+03	4.2E+03	6.81E+03	2.62E+03	1.26E+04	1.57E+04	4.81E+03	2.74E+03	1.36E+05	5.28E+03	5.15E+03	3.73E+03	4.76E+03	3.43E+03	6.16E+03	8.61E+03	8.56E+03	1.2E+04	1.98E+05	2.21E+06	2.3E+03	7.93E+04	1.77E+06	4.09E+03	3.42E+03	3.2E+03	1.1E+03	3.74E+03	1.1E+04	1.8E+04
ALPHA-AMINOADIPATE	9.68E+06	1.89E+07	1.71E+07	1.11E+07	3.32E+07	1.43E+07	2.5E+07	1.12E+07	6.07E+06	5.44E+06	1.55E+07	1.21E+07	1.39E+07	1.23E+07	1.69E+07	1.37E+07	8.31E+06	2.33E+07	1.93E+07	2.04E+07	2.51E+07	6.63E+06	5.7E+06	2.09E+07	9.88E+06	1.1E+07	4.72E+06	1.48E+07	1.17E+07	2.47E+07	9.59E+06	2.05E+07	3.48E+06	1.54E+07	7.33E+07	4.59E+06	9.84E+06	1.74E+07	1.04E+07	6.85E+06	1.99E+07	5.21E+06	1.01E+07	3.17E+07	8.81E+06
alpha-Curcumene_1	5.44E+06	8.52E+05	2.27E+05	1.18E+06	3.6E+05	1.56E+05	7.11E+05	2.98E+05	6.41E+04	5.15E+04	5.87E+05	1.62E+05	7.14E+04	8.14E+05	1.24E+06	6.01E+05	4.45E+06	1.53E+06	1.13E+06	3.06E+05	1.42E+05	1.01E+06	2.1E+05	2.07E+05	3.7E+06	1.12E+05	2.92E+05	3.73E+05	1.91E+05	1.11E+06	7.06E+05	3.27E+06	3.9E+04	1.15E+06	5.56E+05	6.03E+05	1.76E+06	1.27E+06	3.17E+04	2.82E+05	5.95E+05	4.68E+05	3.5E+04	1.55E+06	2.27E+05
alpha-Curcumene_2	7.04E+05	2.32E+05	6.6E+04	4.76E+05	7.89E+05	1.46E+05	4.2E+05	1.12E+05	1.07E+05	8.01E+03	1.43E+05	4.26E+04	5.18E+06	9.63E+05	4.79E+05	6.25E+04	1.79E+05	6.07E+05	5.16E+05	1.79E+05	6.8E+04	1.25E+05	1.06E+05	2.39E+05	1.97E+05	3.42E+03	9.08E+03	1.21E+05	1.96E+04	4.38E+05	2.77E+05	4.26E+05	1.08E+04	1.52E+05	1.11E+06	3.06E+04	7.77E+04	1.83E+04	1.15E+04	5.94E+04	8.47E+05	1.37E+04	1.58E+04	1.69E+05	1.25E+04
alpha-Fluoro-beta-ureidopropionic acid	1.18E+04	2.16E+04	4.12E+03	1.69E+04	9.16E+04	1.04E+05	1.58E+05	2.53E+03	2.26E+04	1.94E+03	4.91E+04	4.17E+05	1.46E+04	1E+06	1.79E+05	3.13E+05	6.84E+03	2.14E+03	6.84E+04	4.66E+05	3.26E+04	4.18E+04	3.78E+03	7.19E+03	3.25E+03	1.94E+04	6.28E+03	2.75E+04	5.14E+04	1.01E+05	2.93E+04	9.6E+03	1.35E+04	3.98E+04	3.55E+04	1.43E+04	9.56E+03	7.85E+04	4.59E+03	3.94E+03	3.75E+04	2.31E+03	1.49E+04	5.72E+03	7.05E+04
ALPHA-HYDROXYISOBUTYRIC ACID	7.58E+06	6.11E+06	2.02E+06	6.2E+06	1.53E+07	5.38E+06	2.32E+06	3.9E+06	6.18E+06	9.44E+05	1.08E+07	2.69E+05	8.74E+05	2.01E+06	5.85E+06	2.83E+06	1.65E+07	6.77E+06	2.13E+07	1.63E+07	4.73E+06	7.43E+06	2.88E+06	1.11E+07	5.93E+06	4.64E+06	5.59E+06	1.73E+06	2.24E+06	1.13E+07	1.01E+07	1.85E+07	4.93E+06	7.57E+06	4.18E+07	5.86E+06	3.05E+07	2.77E+06	4.57E+06	2.52E+06	2.88E+06	2.83E+06	5.78E+06	6.63E+06	1.29E+06
alpha-Ionone_1	6.14E+05	3.07E+05	6.78E+05	3.14E+05	1.35E+06	9.14E+04	2.12E+05	5.45E+04	1.6E+05	1.1E+05	8.55E+04	1.89E+04	1.72E+05	4.26E+05	7.84E+04	5.82E+04	1.01E+06	2.19E+05	5.94E+04	1.92E+05	2.03E+05	1.66E+05	1.74E+05	2.54E+05	1.04E+05	1.17E+04	5.15E+03	6.74E+05	1.09E+04	4.08E+05	1.04E+05	6.93E+05	1.75E+05	5.81E+04	2.29E+06	1.49E+05	6.54E+04	8.81E+04	1.18E+04	1.68E+05	5.07E+05	1.3E+04	6.03E+03	3.94E+05	9.4E+04
alpha-Ionone_2	2.3E+05	4.59E+05	7.45E+05	9.93E+03	1.16E+06	1.2E+05	7.62E+04	1.31E+04	8.92E+04	1.11E+05	4.65E+04	1.18E+05	2.48E+05	5.53E+04	1.86E+04	1.23E+04	3.08E+05	7.44E+05	2.08E+04	7.27E+03	1.53E+05	3.52E+05	7.85E+04	1.24E+05	2.46E+05	4.3E+04	4.97E+04	4.88E+05	6.48E+03	5.88E+05	6.04E+03	3.67E+05	8.55E+04	1.19E+04	9.23E+05	5.18E+05	1.76E+04	1.27E+05	3.33E+04	4.77E+04	2.43E+05	4.46E+04	4.44E+05	3.17E+05	1.21E+04
alpha-Irone_1	1.01E+06	1.47E+06	1.53E+05	1.41E+06	8.46E+05	2.39E+06	2.98E+06	2.66E+05	1.18E+05	4.56E+04	1.36E+05	2.73E+05	1.26E+04	1.23E+05	1.35E+06	3.97E+05	1.69E+06	3.93E+05	8.09E+05	6.91E+05	3.72E+05	4.6E+05	7.12E+04	8.85E+04	5.49E+04	8.64E+04	2.73E+04	5.91E+04	2.85E+05	5.77E+04	1.34E+06	4.88E+05	1.91E+05	3.51E+06	8.2E+05	8.53E+04	1.35E+05	8.41E+05	8.14E+03	3.46E+05	2.28E+05	4.17E+04	2.36E+04	5.75E+05	4.67E+05
alpha-Irone_2	1.17E+05	1.14E+05	1.7E+05	2.04E+05	1.29E+05	1.3E+05	1.11E+05	1.34E+05	8.41E+04	3.16E+05	1.07E+05	1.54E+05	2.08E+05	2.36E+05	1.56E+05	1.7E+05	1.67E+05	7.63E+04	1.35E+05	1.01E+05	1.84E+05	3.05E+05	2.04E+05	2.86E+05	9.17E+04	1.82E+05	1.88E+05	2.08E+05	2.2E+05	1.9E+05	1.95E+05	1.54E+05	1.94E+05	2.53E+05	2.57E+05	1.24E+05	1.59E+05	1.84E+05	1.05E+05	2.49E+05	1.5E+05	2.43E+05	1.89E+05	2.32E+05	1.88E+05
alpha-N-Acetylneuraminyl-2,6-beta-D-galactosyl-1,4-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosamine	1.99E+05	5.1E+05	3.9E+04	1.74E+05	8.39E+04	9.26E+04	2.2E+04	1.1E+04	2E+05	1.26E+04	2.02E+05	1.41E+05	1.65E+04	2.22E+05	2E+05	8.47E+04	2.13E+05	6.83E+04	1.28E+05	1.16E+05	1.74E+04	7.77E+04	5.9E+04	3.05E+05	1.61E+04	2.6E+04	6.07E+03	8.24E+04	8.96E+03	2.81E+04	1.58E+05	7.33E+04	4.09E+04	9.03E+04	2.16E+05	1.26E+04	1.03E+05	4.94E+04	3.07E+04	5.68E+03	4.9E+04	3.71E+04	2.66E+04	4.38E+04	1.07E+04
alpha-Oxo-benzeneacetic acid_1	9.14E+06	1.32E+07	5.52E+07	3.19E+07	4.88E+07	3.8E+06	1.62E+07	3.4E+06	1.53E+07	4.37E+06	2.57E+06	8.86E+06	7.9E+06	3.43E+06	1.55E+07	3.74E+06	2.44E+07	2.6E+07	8.13E+06	8.28E+06	2.91E+06	1.88E+07	4.79E+06	1.85E+07	1.76E+07	1.64E+06	4.42E+06	6.51E+06	3.16E+06	2.35E+06	1.08E+07	1.05E+07	1.94E+07	5.13E+07	7.13E+06	5.33E+06	2.81E+07	9.66E+06	1.9E+06	8.29E+06	4.48E+06	6.18E+06	9.58E+06	7.14E+06	3.43E+06
alpha-Oxo-benzeneacetic acid_2	5.23E+06	6.35E+06	5.93E+06	1.08E+07	1.12E+07	3.79E+06	5.28E+06	2.68E+06	4.95E+06	2.49E+06	3.43E+06	2.28E+06	8.94E+05	2.71E+06	8.17E+06	4.44E+06	6.93E+06	8.98E+06	1.17E+07	7.13E+06	2.44E+06	5.86E+06	4.28E+06	7.79E+06	3.26E+06	3.09E+06	1.02E+06	9.28E+06	1.99E+06	1.06E+07	4.99E+06	7.8E+06	3.61E+06	7.9E+06	9.32E+06	3.02E+06	5.65E+06	4.22E+06	8.93E+05	5.07E+06	3.23E+06	1.43E+06	2.49E+06	1.21E+07	4.49E+05
alpha-Ribazole_1	1.52E+07	1.3E+07	4.1E+06	1.52E+07	2.33E+07	6.47E+06	5.26E+06	2.03E+06	8.27E+06	3.71E+06	5.63E+06	6.45E+06	2.26E+06	7.09E+06	9.54E+06	4.58E+06	1.6E+07	1.26E+07	1.53E+07	7.26E+06	7.38E+06	1.47E+07	6.07E+06	1.1E+07	2.99E+06	3.98E+06	1.76E+06	7.71E+06	2.29E+06	5.66E+06	7.97E+06	1.19E+07	3.21E+06	7.8E+06	1.16E+07	5.79E+06	1.06E+07	5.95E+06	1.69E+06	2.87E+06	7.61E+06	1.82E+06	5.61E+06	9.65E+06	1.78E+06
alpha-Ribazole_2	8.22E+06	4.4E+06	1.98E+06	1.97E+07	2.32E+07	1.08E+06	2.57E+06	7.04E+05	2.53E+06	3.76E+06	6.93E+05	9.91E+05	8.28E+05	2.58E+06	3.44E+06	3.18E+06	3.52E+07	1.34E+07	8.77E+06	1.22E+06	7.04E+05	8.72E+06	2.16E+06	6.48E+06	7.59E+05	1.73E+06	4.89E+05	3.28E+06	2.82E+05	3.57E+06	2.88E+06	3.58E+06	1.92E+06	5.27E+06	1.7E+07	1.21E+06	1.5E+07	2.43E+06	2.56E+05	3.03E+06	1.41E+06	2.34E+05	1.65E+06	9.52E+06	5.47E+05
alpha-Santonin	1.56E+06	1.22E+06	1.33E+06	4.91E+06	9.79E+06	5.61E+05	1.12E+06	2.45E+05	2.32E+06	1.26E+06	1.28E+06	7.57E+05	2.44E+05	2.14E+06	3.41E+06	2.19E+06	4.64E+06	1.98E+06	4.54E+06	5.33E+06	6.96E+05	2E+06	1.66E+06	3.48E+06	2.84E+05	8.19E+05	2.52E+05	2.22E+06	3.41E+05	6.19E+05	4.1E+06	1.53E+06	1.81E+06	3.76E+06	1.46E+06	1.02E+06	3.46E+06	4.89E+05	4.57E+05	7.74E+05	2.21E+06	3.07E+05	5.26E+05	8.57E+05	2.91E+05
alpha-Sinensal_1	3.37E+06	3.01E+06	3.17E+06	2.81E+06	3.28E+06	3.15E+06	2.87E+06	3.02E+06	3.07E+06	3.31E+06	2.91E+06	3.05E+06	2.86E+06	3.2E+06	3.15E+06	2.99E+06	3.24E+06	3.25E+06	3.43E+06	3.07E+06	3.2E+06	3.11E+06	2.99E+06	3.06E+06	2.81E+06	3.08E+06	3.04E+06	3.19E+06	2.98E+06	3.37E+06	3.03E+06	2.57E+06	3.03E+06	3.2E+06	2.75E+06	2.91E+06	2.62E+06	2.81E+06	3.03E+06	2.98E+06	3.39E+06	3E+06	3.28E+06	3.56E+06	3.07E+06
alpha-Sinensal_2	8.99E+06	2.74E+06	5.88E+05	3.24E+06	1.8E+06	8.74E+05	2.32E+06	1.16E+06	5.03E+05	1.77E+05	1.25E+06	5.82E+05	1.27E+06	4.14E+06	3.51E+06	1.05E+06	4.22E+06	2.92E+06	3.88E+06	6.13E+05	4.23E+05	1.55E+06	1.16E+06	1.16E+06	1.63E+06	6.3E+05	1.58E+06	4.71E+05	1.6E+06	5.53E+06	7.65E+05	6.79E+06	6.84E+05	1.16E+06	2.18E+06	3.93E+05	6.2E+06	1.38E+06	5.1E+05	7.43E+05	3.43E+06	1.11E+06	1.97E+05	4.15E+06	1.6E+06
alpha-Sinensal_3	8.36E+05	9.84E+05	1.09E+06	1.17E+06	1.09E+06	1.12E+06	1.01E+06	1.03E+06	9.2E+05	1.13E+06	1.08E+06	1.04E+06	1.06E+06	1.04E+06	1.13E+06	9.95E+05	9.75E+05	9.24E+05	2.83E+05	1.1E+06	8.71E+05	7.75E+05	9.19E+05	7.64E+05	8.78E+05	3.64E+05	7.35E+05	8.52E+05	6.52E+05	9.08E+05	7.19E+05	8.12E+05	8.04E+05	1.02E+06	9.14E+05	9.46E+05	1.09E+06	1.17E+06	1.12E+06	1.14E+06	1.11E+06	1.26E+06	1.3E+06	1.47E+06	1.11E+06
alpha-Sinensal_4	2.93E+05	3.47E+05	3.64E+05	2.68E+05	1.57E+05	3.67E+05	3.08E+05	3.33E+05	2.34E+05	3.01E+05	2.23E+05	2.89E+05	3.92E+05	2.38E+05	3.27E+05	3.48E+05	3.01E+05	2.77E+05	2.6E+05	9.51E+04	3.39E+05	2.44E+05	3.28E+05	3.25E+05	2.43E+05	2.98E+05	2.59E+05	1.38E+05	2.81E+05	3.13E+05	3.22E+05	2.75E+05	2.99E+05	2.63E+05	3.3E+05	2.67E+05	2.9E+05	2.43E+05	3.8E+05	3.79E+05	3.18E+05	4.65E+05	4.05E+05	3.6E+05	3.35E+05
Amabiline_1	5.36E+06	9.37E+06	1.06E+06	4.38E+06	1.2E+07	1.34E+07	7.92E+06	3.14E+06	8.96E+06	1.37E+05	3E+06	6.36E+06	2.59E+06	1.14E+07	4.34E+06	4.3E+06	6.56E+06	5.51E+06	1.74E+07	8.49E+06	1.46E+06	5.24E+06	5.88E+05	1.28E+07	2.72E+05	5.78E+05	2.76E+04	5.51E+06	2.34E+06	1.58E+06	1.96E+07	4.53E+06	8.3E+06	4.6E+06	5.08E+06	2.02E+05	7.98E+06	1.44E+07	7.01E+05	5.42E+06	8.84E+06	4.75E+04	5.33E+06	2.05E+06	5.38E+06
Amabiline_2	7.68E+03	0	0	3.29E+03	3.78E+03	1.99E+03	2.81E+03	0	7.81E+03	0	2.92E+03	0	2.23E+03	2.12E+03	1.76E+03	2.07E+03	0	2.4E+03	4.22E+03	3.78E+03	0	2.66E+03	0	2.31E+03	0	0	0	2.7E+03	6.15E+07	2.2E+04	2.69E+03	1.71E+03	0	0	3.71E+03	1.98E+03	1.13E+04	0	1.67E+03	2.05E+03	2.72E+03	0	0	0	0
AMCC	6.72E+04	5.42E+04	5.21E+04	4.9E+04	2.69E+05	7.79E+04	7.19E+04	1.33E+05	2.66E+04	3.59E+04	1.56E+04	1.68E+04	9.32E+03	4.16E+05	2.11E+04	4.44E+04	1.08E+05	4.15E+04	5.27E+04	4.8E+04	1.16E+04	1.09E+04	1.99E+04	7.82E+04	4.98E+03	3.09E+04	1.95E+04	3.49E+04	3.39E+04	1.3E+04	5.86E+04	3.41E+05	8.7E+04	1.54E+05	1.3E+04	9.71E+04	7.04E+04	4.28E+05	1.4E+04	4.61E+04	4.06E+04	1.03E+04	1.39E+04	2.29E+04	6.72E+04
Aminopyrine	1.9E+05	2.43E+05	2.55E+04	1.07E+05	6.49E+05	1.58E+05	7.69E+04	3.09E+04	1.57E+05	4.86E+04	6.27E+04	4.64E+04	5.64E+04	8.72E+04	9.35E+04	3.52E+04	8.76E+05	4.31E+04	3.96E+04	2.76E+04	1.58E+04	9.84E+04	0	1.96E+05	1.52E+03	5.68E+03	0	1.07E+04	6.06E+03	0	1.2E+05	5.73E+04	2.11E+03	0	0	0	1.85E+04	4.65E+04	0	0	5.75E+04	0	6E+04	4.22E+04	2.43E+04
Amoxicillin	0	0	0	0	4.2E+03	2.4E+04	0	0	2.03E+03	0	1.83E+03	9.11E+05	0	0	0	1.81E+03	2.12E+03	0	0	2.21E+03	0	2.18E+03	0	2.27E+03	988	0	0	1.58E+03	0	0	2.19E+03	0	2.37E+03	4.92E+05	0	0	3.29E+03	0	3.18E+04	0	0	0	4.48E+08	0	1.66E+03
AMPA	9.03E+06	2.13E+07	2.08E+06	1.84E+07	8.3E+06	3.8E+07	5.76E+06	1.44E+07	1.65E+07	6.33E+05	1.79E+07	2.22E+07	3.93E+06	6.52E+06	9.73E+07	1.39E+07	3.35E+06	2.48E+07	4.16E+07	6.25E+07	1.19E+07	3.26E+06	5.53E+07	8.35E+07	1.59E+06	2.7E+07	4.33E+06	1.77E+07	3.79E+07	7.13E+07	1.12E+08	4.69E+07	1.83E+06	9.8E+06	1.79E+07	1.23E+06	4.31E+06	1.24E+07	4.91E+05	2.09E+07	6.47E+07	2.51E+06	5.5E+07	1.68E+07	1.78E+07
Amphetamine	2.97E+04	6.37E+03	1.17E+04	1.37E+04	1.94E+04	1.42E+04	4.74E+03	7.83E+03	2.57E+06	1.02E+04	2.13E+04	5.31E+05	1.62E+04	1.8E+04	1.17E+04	3.72E+03	2.86E+04	9.09E+04	1.03E+04	8.79E+03	3.34E+03	2.04E+04	1.81E+04	1.13E+04	6.1E+04	1.99E+04	3.11E+04	8.72E+03	2.03E+04	4.54E+05	3.31E+04	2.07E+04	5.41E+03	9.34E+03	1.1E+05	8.42E+03	5.48E+06	7.23E+03	6.68E+04	1.85E+04	8.1E+03	1.67E+04	2.96E+04	4.6E+04	6.22E+03
Anastrozole	8.64E+04	2.88E+04	9.66E+03	5.7E+04	1.5E+07	1.17E+04	1.35E+04	2.03E+03	5.7E+04	2.13E+03	2.22E+03	2.33E+04	1.63E+03	3.19E+04	9.04E+04	3.24E+03	1.11E+05	2.86E+04	1.02E+05	3.25E+04	5.08E+03	4.03E+04	5.33E+03	9.04E+04	2.22E+03	1.62E+03	0	1.37E+04	2.03E+03	1.19E+04	9.08E+04	1.57E+05	9.8E+03	4.33E+04	3.3E+04	2.37E+03	9.43E+04	4.82E+04	0	9.57E+03	7.83E+03	2.24E+03	2.76E+03	2.73E+04	5.07E+03
Ancymidol	2.54E+03	7.13E+03	3.45E+03	2.6E+03	4.82E+04	4.2E+04	2.89E+04	3.25E+04	1.04E+04	1.01E+04	1.15E+04	5.24E+03	5.32E+03	7.85E+03	9.76E+03	0	8.6E+05	9.75E+03	6.79E+03	4.2E+03	2.77E+03	4.73E+03	6.66E+03	5.75E+04	4.99E+03	5E+03	2.49E+03	5.63E+03	0	4.5E+03	3.81E+04	8E+03	1.11E+04	1.61E+05	8.39E+04	5.54E+03	1.89E+03	8.46E+04	4.01E+03	7.16E+03	4.76E+03	4.16E+03	2E+03	2.11E+03	2.73E+04
Androsterone	5.47E+05	1.56E+06	1.01E+06	3.63E+06	3.36E+06	6.11E+05	9.55E+05	5.48E+04	1.47E+06	1E+06	1.13E+06	1.37E+06	1.88E+05	1.43E+06	3.02E+06	1.36E+06	1.42E+05	1.69E+06	5.3E+06	1.48E+06	8.7E+05	3.73E+05	8.63E+05	1.95E+06	6.35E+04	2.38E+05	6.38E+04	1.01E+06	1.93E+05	1.26E+06	1.27E+06	2.74E+06	4.49E+04	1.16E+06	3.32E+06	1.39E+06	3.07E+06	1.35E+06	3.95E+04	3.71E+04	1.14E+06	1.6E+05	1.27E+06	1.2E+06	1.3E+05
Angelicin	1.71E+04	3.11E+03	2.29E+04	3.14E+05	2.22E+04	1.75E+03	0	0	4.95E+03	4.2E+03	1.04E+03	1.87E+03	1.5E+05	3.38E+05	4.18E+03	2.06E+03	1.97E+03	9.77E+03	2.09E+03	0	3.45E+03	8.02E+04	2.14E+03	2.01E+05	1.43E+04	7.95E+03	3.28E+03	1.32E+03	0	1.86E+05	4.13E+04	8.77E+03	2.54E+03	2.33E+03	1.99E+04	2.17E+03	3.03E+04	3.18E+03	0	4.39E+04	6.37E+05	0	4.03E+03	5.94E+04	2.22E+03
Aniline	5.9E+04	2.63E+04	1.42E+07	1.54E+06	1.3E+07	1.79E+05	2.13E+04	2.51E+07	2.99E+08	3.58E+07	4.28E+06	1.86E+08	5.45E+07	7.7E+06	3.02E+07	5.19E+05	2.97E+04	8.55E+07	7.77E+07	7.73E+06	5.03E+03	2.73E+04	1.45E+04	8.96E+04	1.85E+08	5.49E+03	1.25E+08	3.26E+04	1.77E+05	1.53E+08	7.48E+06	1.31E+08	4.92E+07	2.23E+07	1.48E+08	3.15E+07	1.14E+08	3.84E+07	5.07E+07	1.6E+07	4.99E+04	7.4E+07	1.22E+04	1.48E+08	2.28E+05
Aniracetam	4.57E+06	5.49E+05	2.98E+04	1.35E+06	1.53E+07	2.1E+05	5.89E+06	2.47E+06	3.41E+05	2.41E+04	1.06E+06	1.42E+05	1.18E+04	1.5E+06	1.82E+06	4.58E+05	5.64E+06	1.28E+06	7.57E+05	2.97E+05	1.92E+05	4.31E+05	3.89E+05	4.86E+05	1.09E+06	1.92E+06	8.32E+05	4.68E+06	1.1E+05	1.25E+06	5.12E+05	1.43E+07	1.63E+05	4.24E+06	2.7E+06	3.64E+03	1.56E+06	1.31E+06	1.61E+04	2.85E+06	7.22E+05	9.33E+05	1.64E+05	1.25E+06	2.18E+05
Ankorine	3.67E+06	2.81E+06	1.47E+05	4.12E+06	7.83E+06	3.77E+06	1.66E+06	1.5E+06	6.08E+06	7.58E+04	3.02E+06	3.44E+06	6.64E+05	4.1E+06	6.03E+06	1.04E+06	4.67E+06	4.43E+06	9.49E+06	4.84E+06	2.09E+05	3.51E+06	2.6E+06	7.48E+06	6.88E+04	5.92E+05	1.29E+05	2.3E+06	8.16E+05	2.24E+06	9.99E+06	4.57E+06	7.07E+06	4.74E+06	6.97E+06	2.16E+04	4.8E+06	4.75E+06	3.35E+05	2.89E+06	3.3E+06	1.66E+04	2.63E+06	2.68E+06	2.14E+06
Annuloline	3.34E+03	0	0	0	1.07E+04	0	1.08E+03	0	0	0	0	1.41E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	899	5.13E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	6.36E+05	1.7E+03	6.31E+04	0	0	0	0	0	1.44E+03	0	1.42E+03	0	0	0	3.99E+03	0
Anthopleurine	5.53E+05	4.61E+05	3.26E+06	8.09E+05	1.32E+06	1.06E+05	8.63E+04	3.83E+04	3.81E+05	2.62E+06	3.18E+05	1.15E+05	6.38E+07	1.56E+05	8.67E+05	1.69E+05	1.04E+06	8.49E+05	1.62E+06	5.8E+05	8.11E+04	8.88E+05	1.74E+05	8.54E+05	1.6E+05	3.81E+04	6.99E+04	1.77E+05	3.12E+04	2.49E+05	4.86E+05	5.01E+05	3.58E+05	5.03E+05	7.58E+04	3.1E+06	8.65E+05	2.37E+05	9.44E+03	5.15E+04	5.09E+04	1.82E+04	5.48E+04	1.55E+05	7.71E+04
Anthranilate	7.91E+08	6.23E+08	4.34E+08	5.03E+08	3.85E+08	6.86E+08	1.45E+08	2.25E+08	1.56E+09	3.76E+08	4.04E+08	5.88E+08	2.12E+08	1.61E+08	6.71E+08	1.9E+08	3.16E+08	9.09E+08	2.01E+08	1.02E+09	9.03E+07	3.51E+08	1.1E+08	1.57E+08	6.88E+08	4.07E+08	8.89E+08	2.55E+08	1.59E+08	1.35E+09	1.55E+08	8.51E+08	2.62E+08	4.26E+08	1.78E+09	8.24E+08	8.36E+08	7.71E+08	5.31E+08	4.11E+08	1.7E+08	1.4E+08	4.17E+07	6.16E+08	4.01E+08
Apigenin	2.44E+03	1.85E+03	6.29E+04	1.35E+05	5.85E+05	0	3.46E+05	1.69E+03	1.89E+03	2.02E+03	1.53E+03	3.61E+03	871	2.2E+04	6.74E+04	3.74E+05	8.18E+03	1.97E+04	2.66E+04	4.31E+05	2.08E+03	2.67E+03	0	5.37E+03	1.94E+03	0	1.65E+03	6E+04	0	2.1E+03	5.06E+03	3.04E+03	2.14E+03	2.21E+03	6.56E+03	1.33E+04	1.25E+04	0	1.46E+03	2.17E+03	2.49E+03	1.92E+03	0	2.22E+03	0
Apigenin 7,4'-dimethyl ether	5.16E+06	6.64E+06	4.62E+06	6.19E+06	3.99E+06	4.35E+06	4.63E+06	1.24E+06	4.81E+06	5.02E+06	1.09E+07	3.65E+06	3.07E+06	1.5E+06	3.25E+06	3.92E+06	2.66E+06	5.31E+06	4.48E+06	4.48E+06	4.66E+06	6.23E+06	4.54E+06	1.36E+07	5.4E+06	3.72E+06	2.44E+06	1.62E+06	2.33E+06	2.79E+06	5.15E+06	1.35E+06	2.35E+06	3.61E+06	1.92E+06	2.62E+06	4.14E+06	2.43E+06	2.09E+06	2.28E+06	2.26E+06	4.62E+06	3.5E+06	2.81E+06	9.46E+05
Apiole_1	1.09E+06	1.07E+06	1.11E+06	1.17E+06	1.16E+06	9.76E+05	9.08E+05	1.04E+06	1.69E+07	1.22E+06	1.11E+06	9.78E+05	9.53E+05	9.2E+05	9.2E+05	1.14E+06	8.74E+05	1.02E+06	9.44E+05	1.06E+06	8.9E+05	9.11E+05	1.27E+06	1E+06	1.1E+06	1.08E+06	9.55E+05	8.39E+05	9.68E+05	8.42E+05	8.67E+05	4.83E+06	1.16E+06	8.08E+05	1.11E+06	1.17E+06	1.26E+07	8.91E+05	1.04E+06	1.89E+06	9.36E+05	1.28E+06	8.81E+05	8.77E+05	9.02E+05
Apiole_2	2.25E+06	9.33E+05	8.55E+05	1.24E+06	2.85E+06	8.82E+05	1.83E+06	4.33E+05	7.46E+05	1.34E+05	1.44E+06	1.41E+06	5.25E+05	5.28E+06	2.07E+05	2.19E+06	9.74E+05	6.92E+05	2.05E+06	2.11E+06	6.43E+05	1.57E+06	4.54E+05	2.8E+06	4.02E+05	3.94E+05	4.24E+04	1.42E+06	4.94E+05	2.09E+06	1.99E+06	4.13E+06	9.82E+05	1.22E+06	2.93E+06	3.99E+05	3.53E+06	1.05E+06	8.27E+05	4.59E+05	1.58E+06	4.41E+05	1.05E+06	1.86E+06	1.53E+06
Apiole_3	7.89E+05	2.85E+05	4.19E+04	5.08E+04	2.53E+06	2.98E+05	8.32E+05	7.14E+04	7.45E+05	2.74E+04	7.59E+05	5.69E+05	6.49E+04	2.36E+06	1.55E+04	3.24E+05	4.2E+05	5.62E+03	2.15E+05	1.35E+06	1.32E+06	7.24E+05	9.49E+03	9.88E+05	7.17E+03	9.39E+03	3.65E+03	1.13E+06	4.87E+04	1.26E+05	6.21E+05	3.02E+06	2.63E+04	9.89E+05	6E+04	3.68E+05	4.17E+05	3.27E+05	1.7E+05	3.76E+03	4.92E+05	1.17E+04	1.02E+06	3.46E+06	1.25E+05
Apiole_4	2.83E+05	3.21E+05	2.28E+04	2.81E+05	3.63E+05	6.72E+05	9.68E+04	1.71E+04	4.47E+04	1.58E+04	4.98E+04	2.59E+04	8.41E+03	2.28E+05	1.47E+06	1.11E+05	5.49E+05	1.17E+04	4.66E+05	1.09E+06	2.62E+04	1.66E+05	2.73E+04	4.94E+05	1.81E+05	8.72E+03	4.33E+04	2.26E+05	1.54E+04	7.74E+04	3.95E+05	2.73E+05	5.15E+04	3.51E+05	5.53E+05	1.92E+04	1.61E+05	3.48E+04	3.87E+03	1.45E+05	1.23E+05	4.48E+05	3.95E+04	4.28E+04	1.39E+05
Apraclonidine	3.76E+04	9.19E+03	5.85E+03	9.76E+04	1.1E+05	2.3E+04	6.88E+05	1.01E+04	5.64E+04	6.69E+03	3.58E+04	2.83E+04	7.43E+03	1.6E+04	5.63E+03	1.5E+04	7.03E+04	1.82E+04	1.14E+05	6.68E+03	6.9E+03	7.65E+04	1.24E+04	3.6E+04	6.02E+03	1.52E+04	1.61E+03	2.6E+04	2.18E+03	1.16E+04	2.03E+04	4.53E+04	1.31E+04	5.07E+03	2.16E+04	9.29E+03	5.52E+04	9.44E+03	7.32E+03	9.04E+03	5.56E+03	9.72E+03	8.24E+03	5.5E+03	2.37E+03
Aprobarbital	2.2E+06	2.47E+06	4.51E+05	2.34E+06	4.69E+06	1.48E+06	1.63E+06	5.7E+05	1.46E+06	3.96E+05	7.63E+05	1.19E+06	3.75E+05	1.71E+06	1.83E+06	8.67E+05	1.73E+06	1.92E+06	2.64E+06	1.42E+06	3.45E+06	1.61E+06	1.42E+06	2.33E+06	7.63E+05	1.07E+06	7.76E+05	1.39E+06	4.7E+05	3.66E+06	2.66E+06	3.89E+06	5.42E+05	2.22E+06	2.45E+06	6.15E+05	1.25E+06	1.41E+06	4.41E+05	7.23E+05	1.83E+06	5.63E+05	6.02E+05	2.23E+06	4.8E+05
Arbutin	1.21E+05	2.97E+05	1.85E+04	9.76E+04	2.76E+05	1.37E+04	3.62E+04	2.17E+04	1.8E+04	2.47E+03	5.52E+04	3.66E+03	1.27E+04	6.27E+04	3.11E+04	8.69E+04	1.34E+05	1.25E+05	4.35E+04	8.88E+04	3.41E+04	8.31E+04	2.73E+04	1.69E+05	3.04E+04	2.04E+04	1.88E+03	8.28E+04	6.07E+03	6.45E+04	1.73E+06	2.57E+05	8.71E+03	2.66E+05	8.55E+05	2.59E+03	1.08E+05	1.67E+04	4.48E+03	3.68E+03	1.49E+04	4.81E+03	1.25E+04	2.15E+04	6.58E+03
Archangelicin	4.21E+05	4.35E+05	3.2E+05	4.93E+05	3.7E+05	4.34E+05	5.84E+04	2.45E+05	2.5E+05	2.49E+05	8.89E+05	1.44E+05	1.19E+05	5.98E+04	1.48E+06	9.31E+04	2.08E+05	3.54E+04	1.19E+06	1.59E+06	2.96E+05	3.29E+05	6.94E+04	9.63E+05	1.43E+05	2.06E+04	1.32E+05	1.45E+05	2.66E+04	7.6E+06	3.85E+05	4.94E+05	1.15E+05	3.17E+05	1.05E+06	5.45E+04	1.2E+05	9.6E+04	1.99E+04	6.93E+05	3.85E+04	1.56E+04	7.92E+03	9.98E+05	1.29E+05
Arg-OEt	2.51E+08	2.42E+08	1.05E+08	3.42E+08	3.39E+08	1.76E+08	1.54E+08	4.98E+07	1.9E+08	8.78E+07	1.96E+08	1.12E+08	8.12E+07	1.47E+08	2.58E+08	1.77E+08	2.6E+08	2.23E+08	3.88E+08	2.17E+08	1.34E+08	2.56E+08	1.4E+08	2.62E+08	8.46E+07	1.06E+08	6.02E+07	1.43E+08	9.04E+07	1.57E+08	1.95E+08	2.79E+08	9.9E+07	1.66E+08	2.69E+08	1.21E+08	2.91E+08	1.24E+08	8.3E+07	8.27E+07	1.19E+08	7.92E+07	1.18E+08	1.6E+08	8.35E+07
Aristolochic acid	4.8E+07	4.65E+07	2.95E+07	5.3E+07	4.68E+07	3.54E+07	3.39E+07	2.07E+07	4.67E+07	2.78E+07	4.49E+07	3.32E+07	2.51E+07	4.38E+07	4.9E+07	4.22E+07	4.64E+07	4.31E+07	5.13E+07	4.15E+07	3.56E+07	5.65E+07	3.81E+07	4.56E+07	2.69E+07	3.17E+07	1.99E+07	4.5E+07	2.48E+07	3.7E+07	4.75E+07	4.49E+07	3.62E+07	4.17E+07	4.14E+07	3.43E+07	5.36E+07	3.19E+07	2.18E+07	3.02E+07	3.6E+07	2.81E+07	3.45E+07	3.6E+07	2.45E+07
Aromatic aldehyde_1	1.88E+06	2.04E+06	1.78E+07	5.71E+07	3.25E+06	6.87E+06	2.28E+07	1.02E+06	3.55E+06	4.27E+06	3.07E+06	2.02E+06	7.38E+06	3.28E+06	1.31E+07	1.61E+06	8.36E+06	5.26E+07	1.43E+07	5.46E+06	8.53E+06	8.12E+07	2.87E+06	1.45E+08	2.57E+07	4.39E+06	1.24E+07	1.86E+06	6.26E+05	3.92E+06	5.57E+06	6.27E+06	2.75E+06	3.69E+06	1.04E+07	9.19E+06	2.18E+07	3.44E+06	8.13E+05	2.41E+07	2.12E+06	6.07E+06	2E+07	1.17E+07	1.19E+06
Aromatic aldehyde_2	4.72E+05	7.46E+05	3.15E+05	1.48E+06	1.06E+06	5.92E+05	5.91E+05	2.9E+05	6.86E+05	2.03E+05	3.63E+05	2.34E+05	8.15E+04	5.21E+05	7.77E+05	4.09E+05	3.97E+05	6.1E+05	8.79E+05	3.94E+05	2.02E+05	7.62E+05	3.21E+05	6.85E+05	1.94E+05	2.4E+06	8.38E+04	6.38E+05	1.79E+05	1.04E+06	1.1E+06	7.08E+05	4.89E+05	6.99E+05	2.05E+06	1.93E+05	1.3E+06	7.05E+05	6.85E+04	5.09E+05	4.24E+06	1.21E+05	2.66E+05	5.83E+05	3.15E+05
Ascorbate	2.98E+06	4.19E+07	9.28E+06	2.71E+06	1.84E+07	8.59E+07	8.67E+06	4.48E+06	2.78E+06	3.02E+08	3.12E+06	1.15E+06	8.97E+07	6.01E+06	3.12E+06	1.8E+06	3.04E+06	3.8E+07	4.07E+07	5.05E+06	1.7E+06	3.41E+06	2.42E+06	8.93E+06	4.46E+06	7.4E+08	3.63E+06	5.57E+07	7.51E+05	4.47E+07	1.22E+06	7.31E+06	2.18E+06	3.42E+06	1.63E+09	1.33E+08	2.66E+06	8.03E+06	2.09E+07	5.61E+05	1.43E+07	3.16E+06	7.94E+05	1.57E+08	1.77E+06
Asparagusate	1.06E+05	7.57E+04	1.81E+04	2.32E+05	3.65E+05	1.21E+05	1.35E+05	2.12E+04	9.54E+04	5.48E+04	7.33E+04	2.71E+04	1.61E+04	9.6E+04	2.53E+05	2.13E+04	2.9E+05	4.74E+04	1.76E+05	2.77E+05	1.96E+04	2.06E+05	6.95E+04	3.51E+05	2.07E+04	1.29E+04	1.47E+04	2.03E+05	2.53E+03	5.07E+04	1.76E+05	1.03E+05	4.15E+04	2.48E+05	3.42E+05	3.64E+04	1.66E+05	3.45E+04	1.07E+04	4.76E+04	1.07E+05	7.67E+04	9.96E+03	1.33E+05	7.56E+03
Aspartame	1.12E+07	3.82E+06	1.16E+06	9.77E+05	4.65E+06	1.73E+06	3.17E+06	1.42E+06	9.75E+05	7.06E+05	2.89E+06	7.79E+05	1.39E+06	2.79E+06	5.51E+05	1.29E+06	1.3E+07	3.68E+06	8.48E+05	5.56E+06	1.88E+06	8.31E+06	1.34E+06	4.16E+06	4.17E+06	1.25E+06	2.03E+06	2.25E+06	9.05E+05	7.53E+05	4.97E+06	2.2E+06	2.22E+06	1.91E+06	9.59E+05	1.02E+06	1.12E+06	9.76E+05	1.18E+06	2.6E+06	3.81E+06	1.33E+06	1.9E+05	1.94E+06	1.08E+06
Aspidinol_1	2.13E+06	1.67E+06	1.15E+06	2.46E+06	4.74E+06	3.75E+06	2.68E+06	3.53E+05	7.15E+05	2.15E+05	1.32E+05	6.81E+05	5.17E+05	1.99E+06	4.04E+06	1.12E+06	1.89E+06	1.75E+06	3.42E+06	1.65E+06	1.4E+05	6.17E+05	9.2E+05	2.15E+06	1.74E+05	6.62E+05	8.14E+04	1.15E+06	8.6E+05	1.77E+06	2.85E+06	2.25E+06	1.73E+06	2.57E+06	4.36E+06	3.36E+05	2.64E+06	2.62E+06	1.67E+05	9.11E+05	1.22E+06	5.58E+04	1E+06	8.33E+05	8.17E+05
Aspidinol_2	3.8E+05	5.82E+05	1.57E+05	5.4E+05	7.6E+05	4.94E+05	3.19E+05	2.05E+05	3.41E+05	1.87E+05	4.59E+05	1.98E+05	4.4E+04	8.81E+05	7.47E+05	2.13E+05	6.64E+05	4.69E+05	2.1E+06	8.56E+05	7.42E+04	2.67E+05	8.7E+04	1.71E+06	1.39E+05	7.18E+04	1.11E+05	4.92E+05	2.51E+05	2.34E+05	6.39E+05	6.69E+05	3.59E+05	2.67E+05	2.6E+05	1.37E+05	1.61E+06	2.01E+05	1.18E+05	2.74E+05	4.23E+05	7.01E+04	2.12E+05	1.52E+05	2.28E+05
Aspulvinone E	9.72E+05	6.12E+06	1.1E+06	8.69E+05	2.66E+05	3.2E+07	3.09E+05	2.68E+06	7.53E+05	8.23E+04	5.21E+05	9.67E+04	7.82E+03	1.55E+05	6.95E+05	1.73E+05	4.96E+06	1.35E+06	3.5E+06	1.79E+06	2.75E+05	2.75E+06	4.47E+05	7.95E+05	4.65E+05	2.93E+05	1.53E+05	4.34E+05	2.58E+04	8.36E+06	5.85E+05	4.58E+06	1.47E+06	1.07E+06	1.57E+07	7.78E+05	1.27E+05	3.09E+06	2.19E+05	2.96E+06	2.71E+06	3.71E+05	1.67E+05	6.49E+06	1.36E+05
Asulam	8.21E+04	6.85E+04	4.2E+03	2.75E+04	3.03E+05	2.03E+04	1.37E+04	2.67E+05	3.52E+03	0	1.03E+04	3.18E+04	1.73E+04	3.08E+03	4.26E+03	2.3E+04	7.65E+04	1.51E+05	1.21E+04	3.77E+03	1.19E+05	1.93E+04	2.88E+03	2.91E+04	3.12E+03	6.27E+03	2.43E+03	4.09E+03	1.55E+04	1.38E+05	9E+03	8.66E+05	7.27E+03	1.94E+04	1.98E+04	7.8E+03	9.27E+03	2.8E+05	1.54E+03	3.84E+05	6.97E+03	2.36E+03	2.9E+04	2.01E+05	1.53E+04
Atheroline	4.49E+05	7E+05	2.88E+04	4.11E+04	1.78E+05	1.42E+06	1.09E+04	5.62E+04	2.37E+04	5.29E+03	9.03E+04	8.47E+03	5.44E+04	5.3E+04	1.2E+05	2.17E+04	1.51E+05	6.9E+04	9.27E+04	3.92E+04	1.22E+04	3.25E+04	6.83E+04	8.19E+04	2.17E+05	1.22E+04	2.75E+03	4.78E+04	1.85E+03	8.26E+05	1.64E+05	2.82E+04	6.68E+04	2.57E+04	2.42E+06	6.42E+03	6.93E+04	6.86E+04	3.8E+04	2.31E+04	6.36E+04	3.17E+04	2.25E+04	1.73E+05	8.84E+03
Atractylone	1.61E+05	2.84E+05	2.77E+05	2.44E+05	3.32E+05	1.05E+05	2.64E+05	2.43E+05	2.81E+05	1.96E+05	2.94E+05	3.35E+05	2.84E+05	2.56E+05	2.24E+05	2.78E+05	2.91E+05	2.87E+05	2.27E+05	8.02E+04	2.22E+05	2.73E+05	2.65E+05	2.26E+05	2.72E+05	3.21E+05	2.38E+05	2.56E+05	2.39E+05	3.33E+05	2.95E+05	2.85E+05	3.35E+05	2.52E+05	2.99E+05	2.03E+05	3.04E+05	3.1E+05	3.06E+05	3.7E+05	2.95E+05	3.16E+05	2.82E+05	2.97E+05	2.06E+05
Austrobailignan 1	3.72E+05	1.96E+03	1.11E+06	0	0	0	1.94E+03	0	0	1.49E+06	0	0	1.88E+03	7.04E+05	0	2.19E+04	1.29E+06	0	0	2.37E+03	0	3.27E+05	0	0	1.71E+03	0	0	6.79E+05	0	0	0	1.21E+04	0	0	1.91E+03	8.04E+05	0	0	0	0	4.26E+04	0	0	0	2.22E+03
Autumnolide	2.15E+05	1.07E+05	2.17E+04	1.36E+05	8.86E+05	5.96E+04	2.31E+05	1.36E+04	2.81E+04	8.78E+03	3.08E+04	1.47E+04	2.68E+03	4.75E+04	6.62E+04	7.19E+04	1.75E+05	2.88E+04	1.31E+05	1.85E+05	1.97E+04	1.65E+04	3.6E+03	4.7E+05	3.16E+03	6.26E+03	1.36E+03	1.06E+04	5.4E+03	1.37E+04	1.54E+05	6.52E+05	2.05E+04	2.26E+05	7.61E+03	7.91E+03	1.47E+05	8.77E+04	3.62E+03	8.95E+03	2.41E+04	2.96E+03	1.05E+04	5.34E+03	9.51E+03
Avizafone	9.63E+05	4.2E+05	1.82E+04	6.42E+05	7.03E+05	1.77E+04	1.63E+05	1.67E+04	4.14E+05	7.84E+04	3.23E+04	2.11E+05	1.3E+03	1.95E+05	4.6E+05	6.14E+04	5.62E+05	6.06E+05	9.7E+05	5.31E+04	7.24E+04	6.44E+05	4.38E+05	1.14E+05	6.47E+04	2.02E+05	1.05E+04	1.07E+05	2.69E+04	2.98E+05	1.41E+05	1.66E+05	5E+04	1.89E+05	6.86E+05	5.36E+04	5.25E+05	8.61E+04	3.04E+03	5.73E+04	8.55E+04	8.06E+03	9.69E+04	9.17E+04	5.55E+03
Azelaic acid	2.53E+06	2.01E+06	1.83E+06	1.09E+06	7.62E+06	3.93E+06	5.02E+06	2.72E+06	1.15E+06	1.02E+06	7.23E+05	1.13E+06	5.25E+05	2.1E+06	7.86E+05	7.88E+05	4.58E+06	2.01E+06	1.19E+06	2.34E+06	7.36E+05	2.05E+06	5.73E+05	2.85E+06	7.83E+05	6.1E+05	5.54E+05	1.48E+06	8.61E+05	1.01E+06	1.89E+06	7.45E+06	1.61E+06	6.6E+06	5.68E+05	2.09E+06	3.57E+06	8.49E+06	6.08E+05	1.64E+06	1.83E+06	6.16E+05	6.69E+05	1.21E+06	1.77E+06
Baicalin	9.26E+03	2.65E+04	7.37E+05	1.18E+06	2.62E+06	1.38E+03	2.57E+06	2.63E+04	1.54E+03	1.06E+05	2.41E+03	1.58E+04	0	3.45E+05	4.36E+03	2.15E+06	1.48E+05	4.03E+05	1.11E+04	2.12E+06	2.53E+04	2.25E+03	0	0	5.92E+03	3.72E+04	0	3.98E+05	1.81E+03	1.07E+03	1.17E+04	6.68E+04	1.13E+04	6.59E+04	8.41E+04	1.67E+05	1.75E+04	0	1.5E+03	0	1.98E+03	0	0	1.39E+04	1.24E+04
Bakankoside	3.07E+05	6.66E+04	5.84E+03	2.89E+04	3.4E+04	3.27E+04	3.47E+03	1.39E+04	7.86E+03	1.62E+03	7.85E+04	2.75E+03	4.21E+03	1.01E+04	1.51E+04	1.9E+03	8.45E+04	1.16E+03	8.39E+03	8.93E+03	3.07E+03	3.65E+05	2.25E+05	3.44E+03	2.79E+04	3.66E+04	1.81E+03	1.07E+04	0	4.84E+04	2.34E+03	4.27E+06	3.25E+04	1.37E+04	3.21E+04	0	2.02E+03	9.31E+03	0	3.59E+04	4.7E+03	0	0	1.86E+03	2.21E+03
Bakkenolide A_1	4.52E+06	4.56E+06	4.8E+06	4.72E+06	4.65E+06	4.62E+06	4.67E+06	4.56E+06	4.5E+06	4.86E+06	4.5E+06	4.59E+06	4.66E+06	4.46E+06	4.41E+06	4.5E+06	4.81E+06	4.34E+06	4.44E+06	4.58E+06	4.48E+06	4.72E+06	4.11E+06	4.82E+06	4.97E+06	4.5E+06	3.16E+05	4.45E+06	4.35E+06	4.68E+06	4.48E+06	4.3E+06	4.71E+06	4.46E+06	4.13E+06	4.55E+06	4.54E+06	4.49E+06	3.56E+05	4.67E+06	4.78E+06	4.07E+05	4.85E+06	4.62E+06	4.43E+06
Bakkenolide A_2	1.65E+06	1.53E+06	4.28E+05	2.08E+06	1.56E+06	8.04E+05	1.44E+06	1.99E+05	1.04E+06	3.39E+05	9.93E+05	4.49E+05	2.94E+06	7.43E+05	1.16E+06	8.42E+05	1.17E+06	1.38E+06	2.52E+06	5.56E+05	2.94E+05	1.39E+06	7.33E+05	1.38E+06	4.01E+05	2.47E+05	1.62E+05	7.96E+05	4.29E+05	8.97E+05	1.62E+06	4.06E+06	5.62E+05	8.97E+05	2.67E+06	3.82E+05	1.75E+06	6.93E+05	3.9E+05	3.7E+05	5.19E+05	2.94E+05	5.05E+05	6.11E+05	3.45E+05
Bakkenolide A_3	1.86E+06	1.31E+06	4.16E+05	1.36E+06	1.84E+06	7.14E+05	1.2E+06	1.76E+05	1.03E+06	1.71E+05	6.11E+05	5.56E+05	1.04E+06	7.52E+05	1.2E+06	9.16E+05	1.14E+06	1.27E+06	1.77E+06	6.11E+05	5.36E+05	1.43E+06	7.76E+05	1.25E+06	3.41E+05	3.64E+05	1.25E+05	4.06E+05	4.49E+05	1.21E+06	1.93E+06	1.62E+06	5.25E+05	1E+06	3.74E+06	2.67E+05	1.48E+06	6.93E+05	1.43E+05	3.42E+05	4.8E+05	1.7E+05	6.26E+05	5.84E+05	2.92E+05
Barbaloin	1.54E+05	3.01E+03	5.59E+05	0	1.66E+03	1.78E+03	0	0	0	8.12E+05	2.02E+03	0	0	3.52E+05	0	0	7.04E+05	4.13E+03	2.16E+03	0	0	1.34E+05	1.75E+03	7.97E+03	0	0	1.77E+03	3.45E+05	0	1.53E+03	2.05E+03	0	1.69E+05	4.76E+05	0	4.26E+05	0	2.15E+03	2E+03	0	2.31E+04	0	0	2.53E+03	0
Barbiturate	3.2E+06	1.63E+05	2.39E+04	4.49E+04	6.88E+04	3.76E+04	1.75E+04	7.51E+03	8.26E+05	8.6E+04	2.83E+04	1.77E+04	7.72E+03	2.69E+04	9.79E+04	1.28E+04	1.41E+05	2.93E+04	4.13E+04	8.04E+04	5.55E+04	6.32E+05	1.2E+05	1E+05	1.06E+04	1.35E+04	8.45E+03	4.01E+04	7.8E+03	8.79E+05	1.1E+04	2.9E+04	7.8E+03	1.36E+05	1.57E+05	7.01E+03	7.79E+04	6.59E+04	7.79E+03	9.95E+03	5.06E+04	1.19E+04	5.1E+04	5.67E+04	9.25E+03
Bay-K-8644	1.54E+06	0	5.67E+05	9.12E+05	6.42E+04	0	6.69E+03	3.19E+05	1.88E+06	4.51E+05	1.96E+04	2.49E+06	2.68E+05	1.3E+06	4.17E+06	8.93E+05	1.98E+06	8.79E+05	7.34E+05	3.58E+05	1.23E+04	7.73E+05	7.49E+04	5.17E+04	2.32E+06	2.71E+03	2.07E+06	1.75E+06	0	7.35E+06	1.66E+06	4.29E+06	8.48E+05	1.64E+06	1.55E+07	5.12E+05	3.64E+06	1.16E+06	2.02E+05	2.33E+05	4.61E+04	8.52E+05	1.72E+03	4.74E+06	2.74E+05
Bendiocarb_1	1.43E+06	1.68E+06	8.44E+05	3.27E+06	2.64E+06	6.25E+05	6.97E+05	3.88E+05	6.91E+05	7.51E+05	2.17E+05	4.18E+05	3.06E+05	3.96E+05	1.88E+06	6.01E+05	3.45E+06	3E+06	2.7E+06	7.31E+05	8.18E+05	3.22E+06	1.04E+06	7.78E+05	4.86E+05	7.4E+05	1.77E+05	3.25E+05	1.69E+05	1.71E+06	8.62E+05	1.19E+06	5.5E+05	1.37E+06	2.87E+06	7.26E+05	1.35E+06	4.38E+05	2.16E+05	4.92E+05	4.51E+05	4.33E+04	3.85E+05	5.24E+06	8.93E+04
Bendiocarb_2	9.55E+04	6.15E+04	3.01E+04	1.27E+05	1.98E+05	2.2E+05	8.02E+04	5.56E+03	5.73E+04	5.46E+03	1.96E+04	4.21E+04	1.58E+03	7.17E+04	6.67E+04	5.33E+03	3.57E+04	1.36E+05	5.41E+04	1.59E+05	2.26E+03	1.22E+04	5.53E+03	4.32E+04	4.49E+03	1.28E+04	1.54E+03	2.98E+04	2.7E+04	7.35E+04	4.28E+04	1.46E+05	3.94E+04	4.67E+05	6.31E+04	4.96E+03	9.15E+04	8.3E+05	5.78E+03	5.62E+03	6.71E+04	1.88E+03	8.23E+03	4.89E+03	6.04E+04
Bendiocarb_3	1.64E+04	1.23E+04	2.45E+03	3.07E+04	3.08E+05	2.06E+03	1.53E+04	2.33E+03	1.89E+05	1.75E+04	3.59E+03	2.54E+04	1.05E+04	2.38E+03	6.09E+03	2.38E+03	4.85E+04	1.2E+04	9.22E+03	6.05E+03	2.21E+03	1E+05	1.01E+03	2.39E+04	3.34E+03	2.29E+03	4.08E+03	5.73E+03	2.03E+03	1.5E+04	1.1E+04	2.64E+04	2.44E+03	4.01E+04	6.38E+03	2.1E+03	1.02E+05	7.35E+05	2.08E+03	9.8E+03	3.94E+03	957	2.39E+03	3.08E+03	1.04E+04
Benzamide	1.46E+07	6.28E+06	1.08E+07	8.4E+06	4.17E+07	2.9E+07	2.32E+07	2.2E+07	9.23E+06	1.5E+07	7.14E+06	5.86E+06	1.75E+07	1.79E+07	1.6E+07	2.79E+08	8.3E+06	1.37E+07	3.9E+07	2.73E+08	1.5E+07	2.68E+07	4.9E+07	3.16E+07	3.18E+07	2.71E+07	4.51E+08	2.75E+07	2.1E+07	8.68E+06	2.27E+07	5.53E+07	1.4E+07	1.59E+07	1.33E+07	1.87E+07	1.46E+08	3.01E+07	2.73E+07	1.81E+07	2.5E+07	2.31E+07	1.61E+07	1.51E+07	2.5E+07
Benzene_1	1.05E+04	3.68E+04	2.81E+05	4.71E+05	1.39E+05	8.71E+03	3.06E+04	3.25E+03	5.48E+03	2.91E+04	5.62E+03	3.96E+03	2.35E+04	4.96E+03	1.96E+04	3.65E+03	3.02E+05	5.24E+05	1.11E+05	5.77E+04	1.1E+04	3.52E+05	2.74E+03	1.34E+05	2.65E+05	6.12E+03	9.87E+04	1.69E+04	2.98E+03	6.59E+03	1.16E+05	2.5E+04	9.06E+03	6.03E+04	3.28E+04	1.53E+04	5.26E+04	4.62E+04	3.88E+03	2.55E+05	8.79E+03	1.32E+04	7.34E+04	1.2E+05	1.95E+04
Benzene_2	2.52E+03	1.19E+03	6.22E+03	3.23E+03	3.84E+03	1.79E+04	4.32E+03	1.44E+04	3.4E+03	3.79E+03	6.99E+03	1.92E+03	2.21E+03	5.46E+03	3.82E+03	2.06E+03	2.72E+03	3.7E+03	1.1E+04	2.17E+03	2.25E+03	1.15E+04	3.83E+03	5.11E+03	1.97E+05	2.92E+03	5.97E+05	4.09E+03	3.63E+03	4.85E+03	1.77E+04	3.12E+04	1.72E+03	4E+03	3.35E+03	2.51E+03	4.06E+03	8.54E+03	1.98E+03	4.13E+03	7.85E+03	2.63E+04	2.22E+03	6.17E+03	4.19E+03
Benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dihydrodiol-9,10-oxide	1.6E+06	9.01E+05	5.74E+05	2.73E+06	1.44E+06	5.64E+05	2.93E+05	1.98E+05	1.25E+06	1.99E+05	1.39E+06	7.97E+05	9.82E+05	1.1E+06	2.12E+06	1.25E+06	1.72E+06	1.49E+06	3.22E+06	1.73E+06	4.32E+05	4.87E+05	7.62E+05	2.44E+06	3.79E+05	4.21E+05	1.46E+05	1.08E+06	3.49E+05	1.22E+06	8.33E+04	1.88E+06	5.7E+05	5.93E+05	2.78E+06	7.23E+05	2.5E+06	6.48E+05	5.42E+05	2.38E+05	7.88E+05	1.21E+05	6.36E+05	1.74E+06	3.04E+05
Benzo[b]naphtho[2,1-d]thiophene_1	5.28E+05	3.82E+05	6.37E+04	1.05E+06	3.73E+05	4.23E+05	3.16E+05	6.93E+04	1.97E+05	4.62E+03	1.38E+05	8.28E+04	6.72E+04	1.86E+05	1.13E+06	3.83E+05	2.32E+05	6.27E+05	1.35E+06	4.75E+04	2.66E+04	5.56E+05	3.55E+05	5.42E+05	2.73E+04	1.89E+05	6.34E+03	1.48E+05	1.24E+04	6.47E+05	6.72E+05	8.52E+05	1.04E+05	4.54E+05	8.67E+05	3.29E+04	8.69E+05	5.09E+05	4.91E+04	1.63E+05	9.54E+04	1.73E+04	3.57E+04	4.22E+04	5.96E+05
Benzo[b]naphtho[2,1-d]thiophene_2	1.37E+04	7.13E+04	6.34E+04	8.32E+04	3.53E+05	5.21E+04	6.13E+04	5.26E+04	6.52E+03	7.6E+03	1.29E+05	1.28E+05	5.23E+03	1.16E+04	8.35E+04	1.29E+04	8.93E+04	3.79E+04	1.06E+05	1.86E+05	7.96E+03	7.89E+04	8.81E+03	6.31E+04	6.97E+04	3.34E+03	2.05E+03	8.24E+04	1.3E+04	9.19E+04	1.3E+05	1.12E+05	1.05E+04	1.63E+05	2.64E+04	1.24E+04	9.33E+03	5.32E+04	1.12E+03	2.66E+04	2.44E+04	1.32E+03	3.2E+03	2.03E+04	9.51E+03
Benzoate_1	2.11E+06	5.78E+06	1.91E+06	6.84E+06	4.79E+06	4.07E+06	2.96E+06	5.12E+05	2.42E+06	1.39E+06	2.66E+06	2.49E+06	1.4E+06	7.62E+05	3.58E+06	3.55E+06	3.39E+06	5.21E+06	5.93E+06	4.04E+06	2.26E+06	2.12E+06	5.32E+06	6.75E+06	4.45E+06	4.19E+06	2.29E+06	2.15E+06	2.97E+06	5.05E+06	2.27E+06	5.16E+06	1.68E+06	4.53E+06	2.6E+06	3.44E+06	4.4E+06	2.76E+06	1.33E+06	1.71E+06	2.22E+06	1.13E+06	1.96E+06	7.38E+06	1.84E+06
Benzoate_2	1.92E+05	2.34E+06	1.47E+06	3.57E+06	3.1E+06	2.84E+06	2.87E+06	1.19E+06	1.09E+06	2.17E+05	1.1E+06	1.61E+05	2.52E+06	3.74E+05	1.03E+06	1.14E+06	1.36E+06	2.01E+06	1.9E+06	1.3E+06	3.17E+05	1.84E+06	3.07E+05	2.78E+06	1.27E+06	5.69E+05	9.95E+05	9.31E+05	4.03E+05	2.29E+06	1.71E+06	9.04E+05	9.24E+05	6.07E+05	2.87E+07	6.56E+05	2.42E+06	2.04E+05	8.66E+05	1.55E+06	2.38E+06	1.17E+06	1.31E+06	1.38E+06	1.34E+06
Benzofuran_1	5.98E+05	2.43E+05	1.94E+05	8.35E+05	2.47E+06	2.45E+05	1.76E+05	1.38E+04	8.71E+05	6.69E+04	6.79E+05	7.78E+05	3.44E+04	2.15E+05	1.11E+06	8.89E+04	1.45E+06	1.02E+06	1.47E+06	6.19E+05	1.42E+05	7.81E+05	1.8E+05	1.86E+06	8.27E+04	2.21E+05	1.03E+05	1E+05	9.56E+04	6.96E+05	1.5E+06	1.05E+06	6.16E+05	1E+06	1.77E+06	3.15E+05	1.36E+06	5.69E+05	2.41E+04	6.02E+05	9.33E+04	1.03E+05	4.37E+05	4.08E+05	2.11E+05
Benzofuran_2	4.36E+03	7.85E+04	4.22E+04	1.63E+04	1.44E+05	9.34E+04	1.26E+05	2.69E+05	9.54E+04	1.62E+05	3.92E+04	1.11E+05	3.73E+04	4.73E+04	1.11E+05	1.35E+05	1.93E+04	1.05E+04	9.01E+04	8.02E+04	1.49E+05	3.65E+04	1.83E+05	2.65E+05	8.18E+04	1.13E+05	1.05E+05	2.73E+05	4.86E+05	5.46E+04	1.21E+05	9.69E+04	9.56E+04	2.22E+05	7.35E+04	9.26E+04	4.24E+04	1.03E+05	4.1E+05	1.95E+05	1.33E+05	2.38E+05	1.77E+04	1.98E+04	1.64E+05
Benzoin_1	1.52E+05	1.24E+03	4.37E+03	3.55E+03	4.18E+04	1.35E+04	5.69E+03	2.73E+03	2.66E+03	6.24E+03	9.82E+04	1.13E+04	0	3.63E+03	3.72E+03	3.43E+03	1.21E+05	2.33E+03	1.58E+04	5.12E+04	2.01E+03	3.87E+05	1.66E+03	1.71E+05	2.13E+03	0	0	2.27E+03	2.49E+03	2.18E+04	3.12E+03	1.35E+03	8.74E+05	1.05E+07	5.36E+03	1.86E+03	3.44E+03	2.28E+05	0	2.26E+03	8.55E+03	6.74E+03	0	2.07E+03	2.07E+04
Benzoin_2	3.41E+03	4.03E+03	2.81E+03	3.57E+03	1.56E+03	2.16E+03	2.94E+03	1.9E+03	2.13E+03	1.71E+03	1.54E+03	2.24E+03	0	2.16E+03	7.13E+03	0	8.04E+03	2.85E+03	2.4E+03	2.86E+03	1.35E+03	1.95E+03	1.77E+03	2.66E+03	1.81E+03	0	1.54E+03	1.41E+03	0	0	1.52E+03	1.95E+03	1.72E+06	5.81E+06	1.02E+04	1.72E+03	2.05E+03	1.81E+03	0	1.56E+03	1.46E+03	1.82E+03	0	1.54E+03	1.82E+03
Benzoyl isothiocyanate	9.24E+04	5.86E+04	1.3E+04	4.34E+05	8.7E+04	1.79E+04	7.65E+04	1.17E+04	1E+05	1.73E+04	4.31E+04	2.29E+04	2.39E+04	1.1E+05	4.6E+05	3.42E+04	6.27E+04	7.63E+04	7.03E+04	1.15E+04	4.73E+04	1.77E+05	1.32E+04	1.27E+05	8.12E+03	8.39E+04	9.75E+03	2.41E+04	2.68E+04	2.14E+04	1.95E+04	1.59E+05	6.1E+04	1.52E+05	6.16E+04	5.2E+03	3.47E+04	2.99E+04	7.22E+03	2.11E+04	5.98E+04	1.98E+04	3.05E+04	2.74E+04	2.99E+04
Benzyl (2R,3S)-2-methyl-3-hydroxybutanoate	2.63E+06	1.77E+06	6.47E+05	2.96E+06	3.19E+06	1.37E+06	1.94E+06	2.36E+05	1.39E+06	4.31E+05	2.1E+06	1.28E+06	3.8E+05	3.97E+06	2.24E+06	2E+06	2.45E+06	2.01E+06	4.45E+06	4.65E+06	1.3E+06	1.69E+06	1.41E+06	4.97E+06	3.84E+05	3.26E+05	2.54E+04	9.86E+05	2.93E+05	1.67E+06	2.65E+06	2.94E+06	9.72E+05	3.65E+06	2.97E+06	4.98E+05	1.63E+06	1.11E+06	6.74E+04	6.27E+05	1.38E+06	3.71E+05	6.28E+05	1.77E+06	6.7E+05
Benzyl alcohol_1	3.46E+06	1.93E+06	1.51E+07	4.57E+07	3.45E+06	2.98E+06	7.31E+06	6.99E+05	3.21E+06	4.06E+06	3E+06	1.28E+06	5.84E+06	3.64E+06	3.95E+06	2.08E+06	1.28E+07	6.48E+07	6.15E+06	3.57E+06	6.81E+06	1.4E+08	3.51E+06	6.1E+07	2.33E+07	1.95E+06	1.14E+07	2.39E+06	7.92E+05	3.78E+06	3.03E+06	5.7E+06	2.1E+06	4.06E+06	7.88E+06	6.72E+06	1.68E+07	3.32E+06	8.3E+05	1.61E+07	2.09E+06	6.55E+06	8.09E+06	1.09E+07	1.01E+06
Benzyl alcohol_2	2.04E+05	9.68E+04	1.39E+05	3.04E+05	2.01E+05	2.52E+05	2.02E+05	2.53E+05	8.41E+04	2.6E+05	2.25E+05	2.55E+05	2.1E+05	2.34E+05	3.43E+04	1.55E+05	3.09E+05	1.91E+05	2.12E+05	1.94E+05	8.49E+04	2.97E+05	2.28E+05	1.4E+05	2.47E+05	1.28E+05	3.08E+05	1.03E+05	2.34E+05	2.09E+05	1.93E+05	1.91E+05	5.63E+04	1.25E+05	2.04E+05	1.95E+05	3.94E+05	1.8E+05	1.29E+05	2.6E+05	1.16E+05	1.36E+05	1.77E+05	2.75E+05	2.36E+05
Bergaptol_1	3.21E+04	8.31E+03	1.28E+04	2.12E+05	9.55E+03	1.25E+04	9.12E+03	2.94E+04	3.52E+04	6.9E+04	1.25E+04	9.79E+03	6.32E+06	2.25E+06	5.46E+05	4.03E+03	1.52E+04	4.08E+03	5.43E+05	2.65E+04	4.34E+03	3.73E+03	4.47E+03	3E+03	6.94E+03	2.91E+03	1.22E+04	3.62E+04	8.11E+03	1.94E+06	2E+04	5.01E+04	8.57E+03	4.47E+03	2.26E+05	1.63E+04	9.13E+04	3.64E+03	3.58E+03	7.83E+03	4.59E+05	9.46E+03	1.94E+03	1.49E+04	5.65E+03
Bergaptol_2	2.5E+03	1.33E+03	1.85E+03	1.25E+04	4.51E+05	3.77E+04	6.79E+03	2.4E+04	1.84E+03	1.08E+03	1.28E+04	2.77E+04	6.62E+04	5.13E+03	1.23E+04	4.87E+05	1.67E+04	2.42E+03	3.01E+03	5.63E+04	2.82E+04	1.71E+05	4.47E+04	1.6E+04	1.93E+03	1.94E+03	1.95E+03	8.9E+03	2.06E+03	2.03E+05	1.21E+04	3.53E+04	4.86E+03	4.2E+03	1.6E+05	2.97E+03	1.86E+04	1.52E+05	1.62E+04	1.21E+04	1.4E+04	1.23E+04	7.82E+04	9.48E+03	1.31E+04
Bergaptol_3	0	1.62E+03	2.13E+03	2.17E+03	1.64E+03	1.49E+03	0	0	4.73E+03	0	5.36E+03	1.61E+03	1.87E+05	2.49E+06	1.65E+05	1.46E+03	1.64E+03	0	1.82E+03	1.47E+03	1.62E+03	1.62E+03	1.65E+03	2.32E+03	2.37E+03	3.49E+03	1.36E+03	1.34E+04	0	5.71E+05	3.14E+03	0	1.66E+03	0	6.41E+05	1.82E+03	2.95E+03	2.43E+03	1.91E+03	1.62E+03	1.12E+06	2.5E+03	0	1.33E+04	1.66E+03
BETA-ALANINE	2.87E+07	3.1E+07	6.71E+06	2.19E+07	6.25E+07	2.57E+07	2.57E+07	7.89E+06	1.86E+07	6.11E+06	1.85E+07	1.55E+07	7.03E+06	7.86E+06	1.28E+07	1.44E+07	3.52E+07	3.17E+07	2.38E+07	3.91E+07	1E+07	1.55E+07	1.66E+07	2.85E+07	8.71E+06	1.71E+07	8.03E+06	7.11E+06	1.39E+07	7.54E+06	1.74E+07	1.87E+07	8.6E+06	1.82E+07	6.84E+06	5.85E+06	1.2E+07	2.24E+07	1.17E+07	7.29E+06	1.22E+07	4.67E+06	7.98E+06	1.28E+07	6.67E+06
beta-Carboline_1	2.19E+05	9.26E+04	1.13E+05	1.37E+05	7.94E+04	2.45E+05	9.42E+04	1.48E+05	1.2E+05	1.95E+05	1.14E+05	7.3E+04	1.27E+05	9.54E+05	1.15E+05	9.15E+04	4.2E+04	3.17E+04	1.65E+05	1.2E+05	1.53E+05	5.01E+04	1.28E+05	1.49E+05	1.76E+05	1.33E+05	1.13E+05	2.23E+05	1.54E+04	1.53E+05	6.86E+04	8.05E+04	1.85E+05	1.45E+05	5.45E+04	1.4E+05	8.69E+04	2.6E+05	9.51E+04	1.43E+05	1.94E+05	8.17E+04	8.96E+04	2.41E+05	7.52E+04
beta-Carboline_2	8.16E+04	2.5E+04	1.68E+04	1.86E+05	6.68E+04	3.82E+05	9.93E+04	1.22E+04	2.78E+04	9.32E+03	2.13E+04	3.22E+04	1.15E+04	3.21E+04	2.04E+05	7.73E+03	6.74E+04	6.38E+03	7.05E+04	3.72E+04	1.8E+04	7.94E+04	6.42E+03	3.66E+04	4.79E+04	1.27E+04	8.5E+03	1.43E+04	7.3E+03	2.17E+04	3.5E+04	3.8E+04	2.74E+04	5.99E+04	5.69E+04	1.73E+04	3.3E+04	2.22E+05	3.68E+03	7.83E+03	3.77E+04	2.22E+04	1.29E+04	1.59E+04	3.18E+04
beta-Chloro-alpha-phenylbenzeneethanamine hydrochloride	1.97E+06	3.07E+05	4.5E+03	2.35E+04	5.54E+04	3.65E+03	1.71E+03	1E+03	5.28E+03	2.6E+03	6.19E+03	1.96E+03	2.29E+03	3.65E+03	2.01E+03	1.85E+03	2.3E+03	7.38E+03	4.55E+03	2.11E+03	1.56E+03	1.6E+03	1.61E+03	2.71E+04	4.98E+03	8.28E+03	1.94E+03	3.34E+03	1.64E+03	2.75E+03	0	1.8E+03	2.09E+03	2.88E+03	9.99E+03	0	1.8E+04	0	818	1.85E+03	3.19E+03	3.15E+03	0	2.4E+03	0
beta-Citryl-L-glutamate	1.93E+07	1.66E+07	6.01E+06	2.82E+07	2.72E+07	9.78E+06	7.98E+06	1.09E+07	1.2E+07	5.27E+06	1.33E+07	6.47E+06	6.01E+06	1.07E+07	2.23E+07	8.33E+06	1.96E+07	1.64E+07	3.22E+07	1.72E+07	7.59E+06	1.63E+07	9.11E+06	1.94E+07	4.54E+06	5.78E+06	2.49E+06	1.12E+07	3.41E+06	1.31E+07	4.95E+07	1.88E+07	5.66E+06	1.32E+07	2.18E+07	6.43E+06	1.87E+07	8.02E+06	4.37E+06	1.9E+07	9.01E+06	3.74E+06	6.12E+06	1.29E+07	4.56E+06
beta-Cotonefuran	7.7E+05	2.18E+04	9.86E+03	1.56E+04	2.02E+05	1.76E+04	8.72E+03	2.1E+03	2.58E+04	2.12E+03	9.64E+04	2.18E+03	1.27E+05	1E+05	9.71E+04	1.04E+03	1.36E+05	8.05E+03	1.15E+05	2.6E+04	1.48E+03	2.5E+04	7.52E+03	1.11E+05	2.87E+03	3.34E+03	4.33E+03	1.6E+04	1.62E+03	1.17E+04	9.56E+04	2.23E+05	2.85E+03	8.27E+03	1.12E+06	2.14E+03	2.36E+04	3.01E+04	1.97E+03	1.52E+03	2.76E+04	1.78E+03	5.66E+03	1.19E+06	1.61E+04
Betagarin	5.82E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.06E+03	0	2.74E+04	0	0	0	0	0	1.45E+03	0	1.22E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.9E+03	0	0	0	0	2.79E+03	0	1.42E+03	0	0	0	8.03E+03	0	0	0	1.84E+03
BETAINE	2.06E+08	1.79E+08	1.9E+08	3.13E+08	3.74E+08	1.53E+08	2.88E+08	1.71E+08	1.34E+08	1.53E+08	1.38E+08	2.1E+08	1.91E+08	1.36E+08	2.35E+08	1.74E+08	2.44E+08	3.77E+08	3.11E+08	2.12E+08	1.62E+08	2.29E+08	1.8E+08	2.11E+08	1.63E+08	1.74E+08	1.65E+08	1.61E+08	1.5E+08	1.8E+08	3.24E+08	2.21E+08	1.63E+08	1.49E+08	2.43E+08	1.72E+08	2.13E+08	2.31E+08	1.17E+08	1.87E+08	1.55E+08	1.16E+08	2.74E+08	2.23E+08	1.4E+08
Biochanin A	0	1.61E+03	2.13E+03	0	2.35E+03	5.3E+04	0	0	0	0	1.32E+03	0	1.61E+03	0	0	0	0	1.83E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	4.97E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.39E+03	0	2.27E+03	0	1.68E+03	0	1.85E+03
Biotin	3.32E+06	3.02E+06	1.15E+06	5.18E+06	4.77E+06	2.37E+06	1.57E+06	1.17E+06	2.29E+06	7.2E+05	2.4E+06	1.34E+06	6.53E+05	1.94E+06	4.06E+06	1.66E+06	4.73E+06	2.63E+06	4.82E+06	3.19E+06	1.43E+06	3.43E+06	1.5E+06	3.8E+06	8.79E+05	7.52E+05	5.36E+05	1.95E+06	6.12E+05	2.87E+06	3.12E+06	4.51E+06	1.37E+06	3.18E+06	5.13E+06	8.92E+05	3.44E+06	1.4E+06	5.31E+05	1.65E+06	1.49E+06	5.86E+05	9.57E+05	2.33E+06	6.21E+05
Biotin amide	1.51E+06	2.29E+06	2.02E+06	9.5E+06	1.88E+06	7.54E+05	2.5E+06	2.83E+04	1.13E+06	2.86E+05	2.4E+06	1.13E+06	1.24E+06	4.62E+05	5.39E+06	3.17E+06	2.01E+05	2.64E+05	8.47E+06	2.87E+06	4.66E+05	2.13E+06	6.56E+04	4.11E+05	2.98E+04	1.7E+05	6.7E+04	3.55E+06	1.29E+06	1.69E+06	3.57E+05	2.83E+06	4.05E+04	3.05E+05	3.05E+06	2.08E+06	2.59E+06	9.71E+04	1.13E+06	1.65E+05	2.13E+06	5.09E+04	5.55E+05	1.27E+06	2.79E+05
Biotin sulfone	1.89E+04	3.32E+06	1.38E+05	1.21E+06	3.71E+06	4.06E+04	3.67E+05	3.77E+04	6.74E+04	7.18E+05	1.24E+06	3.73E+04	8.61E+05	8.88E+04	8.4E+05	1.28E+05	1.41E+04	1.34E+06	2.52E+06	2.54E+06	2.79E+05	1.28E+04	8.69E+05	2.18E+05	2.28E+03	1.16E+05	1.23E+03	2.69E+05	1.4E+04	2.26E+04	3.49E+04	4.62E+06	3.04E+03	5.98E+05	1.59E+06	7.4E+03	3.47E+06	3.26E+04	1E+06	4.48E+04	3.95E+04	2.41E+04	1.11E+04	3.42E+03	1.36E+06
Biotin sulfoxide	6.43E+05	8.82E+05	4.15E+03	3.46E+05	8.87E+05	4.32E+05	1.32E+05	1.27E+04	8.83E+03	2.89E+05	3.91E+05	8.45E+04	4.03E+05	1.09E+04	9.86E+05	1.78E+05	1.74E+05	3.46E+05	7.97E+05	6.46E+05	9.62E+04	2.58E+05	2.29E+05	3.08E+04	2.84E+03	2.15E+04	2.54E+03	2.88E+06	2.38E+04	2.66E+05	1.82E+05	1.42E+06	2.12E+05	1.31E+05	7.97E+05	1.82E+05	6.39E+05	1.28E+05	3.4E+05	4.26E+04	1.88E+05	5.55E+03	3.31E+03	4.54E+05	4.16E+05
Biphenyl-2,3-diol	1.04E+05	1.6E+05	5.32E+04	1.82E+05	1.27E+05	1.2E+05	7.98E+04	4.82E+03	1.03E+05	2.45E+04	1.43E+05	3.64E+04	2.06E+04	2.39E+05	2.08E+05	2.08E+05	1.19E+05	5.14E+04	1.4E+05	4.22E+05	2.8E+04	6.3E+04	6.29E+04	2.23E+05	2.86E+03	7.79E+03	6.29E+03	4.12E+04	1.59E+04	1.48E+05	5.06E+05	2.46E+05	5.01E+04	3.34E+05	1.94E+05	9.38E+03	7.8E+04	1.52E+05	1.96E+04	4.45E+04	3.9E+04	3.75E+03	1.29E+04	4.66E+05	6.98E+04
Bisphenol A dimethacrylate	9.68E+06	9.39E+06	1.27E+06	8.67E+06	4.46E+06	3.38E+06	4.42E+06	1.95E+05	1.83E+06	1.25E+06	4.64E+06	2.99E+06	1.54E+06	8.43E+06	1.01E+07	5.98E+06	6.03E+06	3.67E+06	7.6E+06	8.53E+06	2.21E+06	5.07E+06	3.93E+06	1.22E+07	2.27E+05	1.64E+06	2.53E+05	4.41E+06	1.5E+06	5.16E+06	2.39E+06	2.24E+06	1.49E+06	1.14E+06	5.98E+06	1.3E+06	2.45E+06	2.42E+06	1.91E+06	6.51E+05	6.88E+06	7.56E+05	2.17E+06	2.29E+06	2.36E+06
Bisphenol B	1.36E+05	1.12E+05	1.57E+05	1.26E+05	1.36E+05	1.17E+05	7.73E+04	1.31E+05	1.44E+05	9.32E+04	1.12E+05	1.25E+05	1.26E+05	1.21E+05	1.49E+05	1.29E+05	1.37E+05	1.51E+05	7.39E+04	5.49E+04	1.42E+05	1.6E+05	9.58E+04	1.11E+05	9.21E+04	1.29E+05	1.28E+05	8.71E+04	1.33E+05	1.2E+05	1.29E+05	6.04E+04	1.23E+05	1.2E+05	1.1E+05	1.31E+05	1.39E+05	1.3E+05	1.52E+05	1.51E+05	1.32E+05	1.54E+05	1.36E+05	1.34E+05	1.48E+05
Bisthiosemi	2.92E+04	7.7E+03	5.44E+03	1.72E+05	6.48E+05	1.96E+04	1.65E+04	1.85E+04	5E+04	2.66E+03	2E+04	2.57E+03	2.78E+03	9.96E+03	8.24E+03	1.14E+04	2.82E+04	1.14E+04	4.72E+04	2.58E+04	5.44E+03	8.49E+04	9.42E+03	2.68E+04	1.93E+04	7.96E+03	6.61E+03	5.7E+04	6.28E+03	3.94E+04	1.99E+05	2.16E+04	6.76E+03	2.29E+04	1.68E+04	1.44E+04	6.24E+04	9.86E+03	1.52E+03	1.28E+04	7.11E+03	2.93E+03	7.1E+03	6.45E+04	2.81E+03
Boc-Asn_1	9.24E+06	6.52E+06	1.53E+06	5.47E+06	9.75E+06	5.82E+06	5.37E+06	1.45E+06	2.71E+06	8.89E+05	2.75E+06	2.2E+06	7.26E+05	3.06E+06	4.43E+06	3.02E+06	5.7E+06	3.03E+06	5.95E+06	5.21E+06	2.82E+07	3.24E+06	2.62E+06	3.5E+06	1.24E+06	1.94E+06	5.95E+05	2.42E+06	1.3E+06	1.67E+07	3.28E+06	2.63E+07	2.95E+06	2.62E+06	3.7E+06	1.37E+06	3.35E+06	1.82E+06	2.54E+06	4.46E+06	2.83E+06	6.66E+05	1.14E+06	2.09E+06	1.13E+06
Boc-Asn_2	3.86E+06	2.23E+06	5.22E+05	1.64E+06	2.84E+06	2.45E+06	2.14E+06	4.73E+05	1.54E+06	1.89E+05	1.09E+06	1.09E+06	2.11E+05	6.92E+05	1.83E+06	1.46E+06	1.73E+06	1.55E+06	2.53E+06	2.38E+06	2.76E+07	1.11E+06	9.4E+05	1.71E+06	5.69E+05	8.38E+05	1.2E+05	8.61E+05	2.77E+05	1.21E+07	1.67E+06	1.27E+07	1.04E+06	1.35E+06	1.98E+06	2.69E+05	1.3E+06	7.51E+05	1.35E+06	1.28E+06	1.29E+06	1.11E+05	3.93E+05	1.37E+06	2.34E+05
Boc-Asn_3	3.08E+07	2E+06	5.3E+05	3.08E+06	3.27E+06	1.12E+06	1.29E+06	7.3E+05	1.13E+06	4.28E+05	8.41E+05	3.56E+05	1.75E+05	1.77E+06	3.92E+06	9.11E+05	5.61E+06	2.62E+06	3.4E+06	1.46E+06	7.32E+05	4.83E+06	5.1E+05	1.69E+06	7.28E+04	2.23E+05	9.01E+04	1.16E+06	1.04E+06	1.9E+06	2.23E+06	1.46E+06	3.04E+05	1.51E+06	3.87E+06	3.67E+05	1.04E+06	8.26E+05	5.44E+04	7.72E+05	8.66E+05	1.29E+05	7.89E+05	4.88E+06	4.91E+04
Boc-Asn-OPhNO2	1.51E+06	1.19E+06	5.08E+05	2.16E+06	3.24E+06	7.71E+05	8.62E+05	3.02E+05	9.64E+05	2.64E+05	1.03E+06	5.62E+05	3.2E+05	9.95E+05	1.74E+06	8.84E+05	1.56E+06	1E+06	2.15E+06	1.27E+06	7.94E+05	1.45E+06	7.05E+05	1.46E+06	3.37E+05	3.77E+05	1.61E+05	8.13E+05	2.45E+05	1.08E+06	1.25E+06	2.27E+06	6.67E+05	8.55E+05	1.38E+06	5.25E+05	1.55E+06	5.94E+05	1.7E+05	4.98E+05	7.32E+05	1.74E+05	4.38E+05	7.9E+05	4.06E+05
Boschnialactone_1	2.22E+06	3.18E+06	8.11E+05	1.33E+06	4.13E+06	5.45E+06	2E+06	1.02E+06	1.32E+06	3.61E+05	6.35E+05	1.42E+06	1.25E+05	1.04E+06	1.99E+06	9.23E+05	1.71E+06	1.86E+06	1.78E+06	1.33E+06	1.19E+06	1.06E+06	5.73E+05	2.24E+06	1.4E+05	3.95E+05	1.17E+05	2.77E+05	1.94E+05	1.24E+06	4.06E+06	1.63E+06	9.04E+05	5.4E+06	2.49E+06	6.39E+05	2.45E+06	7.37E+06	5.07E+05	5.87E+05	6.98E+05	3.41E+05	4.45E+05	6.98E+04	1.58E+06
Boschnialactone_2	1.33E+06	9.25E+05	1.06E+06	8.23E+05	5.03E+06	1.75E+06	2.05E+06	1.59E+06	1.18E+06	8.79E+05	6.69E+05	9.51E+05	2.04E+05	1.52E+06	1.75E+05	3.67E+05	1.86E+06	7.87E+05	1.17E+06	2.46E+06	2.4E+05	6.4E+05	4.81E+05	3.41E+06	1.84E+05	5.38E+05	3.25E+05	3.99E+05	5.36E+05	8.58E+05	1.31E+06	3.77E+06	9.43E+05	2.84E+06	2.74E+05	5.54E+05	2.23E+06	3.24E+06	3.97E+05	1.8E+05	4.36E+05	4.99E+05	7.15E+05	5.6E+05	1.78E+06
Boschnialactone_3	1.34E+06	9.23E+05	5.13E+05	2.05E+06	1.88E+06	1.78E+06	1.64E+06	1.44E+05	7.16E+05	2.19E+05	5.19E+05	3.38E+05	4.69E+05	7.91E+05	1.31E+06	1.04E+06	2.21E+06	7.66E+05	1.98E+06	8.96E+05	3.13E+05	1.24E+06	6.47E+05	1.49E+06	3.37E+05	2.86E+05	1.65E+05	5.33E+05	3.35E+05	1.24E+06	3.2E+06	1.41E+06	9.05E+05	1.36E+06	1.19E+06	5.25E+05	8.65E+05	1.27E+06	3.32E+05	2E+05	7.96E+05	2.23E+05	3.7E+05	6.17E+05	6.77E+05
Botrydial	4.9E+06	4.8E+06	4.79E+06	4.66E+06	4.72E+06	4.66E+06	4.21E+06	4.6E+06	4.63E+06	4.6E+06	4.09E+06	4.61E+06	4.47E+06	4.61E+06	4.56E+06	4.48E+06	4.49E+06	4.44E+06	4.43E+06	4.39E+06	4.48E+06	4.43E+06	4.52E+06	4.4E+06	4.25E+06	4.37E+06	4.31E+06	4.5E+06	4.36E+06	4.45E+06	4.38E+06	4.29E+06	4.24E+06	4.29E+06	4.07E+06	4.33E+06	3.87E+06	4.32E+06	4.4E+06	4.36E+06	4.29E+06	4.43E+06	4.51E+06	4.51E+06	4.53E+06
Bowdichione	3.49E+03	2.62E+03	0	2.91E+03	2.9E+03	0	2.21E+03	0	0	1.78E+04	1.78E+05	2.45E+03	0	3.13E+03	5.37E+04	0	2.97E+03	4.5E+06	0	7.37E+04	3.82E+03	0	9.63E+04	1.63E+04	0	2E+03	0	1.88E+03	0	0	1.53E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.8E+03	0	3.93E+05	0
Brugine	1.05E+06	1.14E+06	1.86E+05	1.08E+06	1.16E+06	6.05E+05	4.36E+05	2.39E+05	1.14E+06	7.59E+04	1.04E+06	3.63E+05	1.42E+05	1.11E+06	9.85E+05	6.45E+05	1.1E+06	9.28E+05	1.01E+06	6.22E+05	5.67E+05	1.06E+06	4.26E+05	1.42E+06	2.14E+05	4.57E+05	1.28E+05	9.56E+05	1.56E+05	2.94E+05	1.26E+06	9.52E+05	5.01E+05	6.67E+05	9.39E+05	4.84E+04	1.2E+06	3.11E+05	1.04E+05	4.47E+05	7.34E+05	1.91E+05	2.58E+05	4.88E+05	9.69E+04
Buddledin A_1	1.91E+06	1.92E+06	1.99E+06	2.11E+06	1.98E+06	1.94E+06	1.93E+06	2.1E+06	2.01E+06	2.11E+06	2.06E+06	2.02E+06	2.04E+06	2.04E+06	1.95E+06	1.96E+06	2.05E+06	1.99E+06	1.91E+06	1.93E+06	1.92E+06	2.07E+06	1.98E+06	1.96E+06	1.9E+06	2.01E+06	1.98E+06	1.85E+06	2.03E+06	1.97E+06	1.99E+06	1.91E+06	1.89E+06	2.13E+06	1.93E+06	2.11E+06	1.92E+06	1.94E+06	2.07E+06	1.92E+06	1.96E+06	2.01E+06	2.04E+06	2.08E+06	2.02E+06
Buddledin A_2	1.94E+06	1.9E+06	1.86E+06	1.81E+06	1.84E+06	1.84E+06	1.87E+06	1.88E+06	1.88E+06	1.93E+06	1.95E+06	1.82E+06	1.91E+06	2.04E+06	1.82E+06	1.87E+06	1.95E+06	2E+06	1.82E+06	1.87E+06	1.81E+06	1.77E+06	1.69E+06	1.84E+06	2E+06	1.81E+06	2.02E+06	1.82E+06	1.93E+06	1.78E+06	1.83E+06	1.87E+06	1.82E+06	1.9E+06	1.79E+06	1.89E+06	1.74E+06	1.88E+06	1.79E+06	1.89E+06	1.79E+06	2.09E+06	1.86E+06	2.15E+06	1.98E+06
Bufadienolide	5.65E+05	1.35E+04	1.72E+04	7.36E+04	1.18E+06	7.5E+05	1.79E+06	3.44E+04	1.25E+05	4.82E+03	8.81E+04	1.38E+03	1.97E+03	2.93E+04	8.13E+04	2.51E+05	1.62E+06	4.03E+04	4.68E+05	8.32E+04	1.56E+04	1.07E+06	2.43E+03	1.84E+05	1.32E+04	5.31E+03	4.22E+03	1.84E+04	9.37E+03	7.75E+04	2.43E+05	3.32E+04	5.86E+03	1.39E+05	3.92E+04	2.94E+03	5.56E+05	2.76E+04	1.9E+03	1.39E+04	1.54E+04	1.01E+04	1.8E+03	3.96E+04	4.88E+03
Bufferin	3.36E+04	8.06E+03	3.2E+03	2.03E+04	2.24E+05	7.1E+03	2.53E+04	4.88E+04	1.03E+04	6.13E+03	1.56E+04	5.33E+03	3E+03	1.82E+03	1.59E+04	8.88E+03	3.65E+04	1.9E+04	1.74E+04	4.38E+04	1.61E+03	9.71E+04	1.48E+04	9.31E+03	1.54E+04	4.14E+03	1.88E+03	2.77E+03	2.48E+03	9.06E+05	4.57E+04	3.51E+05	2.01E+04	2.16E+04	7.39E+03	1.25E+03	4.36E+03	2.69E+04	2.04E+03	7.46E+04	1.94E+04	2.14E+03	0	1.78E+04	3.89E+03
Bufotenine	2.13E+04	4.44E+04	2.82E+04	5.19E+04	4.52E+04	4.59E+04	5.3E+04	3.83E+03	1.21E+04	0	2.56E+04	1.91E+03	3.39E+04	3.74E+05	6.58E+04	4.19E+04	3.75E+04	5.54E+04	5.94E+04	5.58E+04	5.22E+04	3.18E+04	6.1E+04	7.81E+04	2.44E+04	5.23E+04	1.94E+04	1.72E+05	4.41E+04	1.78E+04	1.97E+04	5.75E+04	1.78E+03	1.64E+04	3.21E+04	0	4.37E+04	1.95E+04	1.59E+04	0	4.92E+05	1.55E+04	3.56E+04	6.36E+04	0
Buspirone_1	3.36E+05	1.7E+05	1.84E+04	4.55E+05	1.87E+05	8.7E+05	1.39E+05	3.74E+03	1.68E+05	1.94E+03	8.65E+04	2.24E+04	1.63E+03	1.44E+05	3.45E+05	1.8E+05	6.29E+04	1.38E+05	8.17E+05	1.12E+05	1.15E+04	8.64E+04	4.29E+04	7.26E+05	3.17E+03	7.82E+03	0	1.93E+05	1.61E+03	7.24E+04	2.38E+05	3.07E+05	9.45E+04	5.38E+05	7.35E+05	5.38E+03	7.49E+05	2E+06	1.82E+03	3.9E+03	2E+05	3.6E+03	7.47E+04	2.84E+04	2.95E+05
Buspirone_2	0	0	1.47E+03	9.11E+05	2.34E+03	2.59E+03	2.06E+03	0	1.82E+03	0	0	0	0	0	8.1E+05	0	3.49E+03	1.88E+03	7.2E+05	2.54E+03	0	3.51E+03	0	3.43E+03	0	0	0	0	2.96E+03	0	0	0	1.82E+03	1.89E+03	2.44E+03	0	2.32E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Butabarbital	3.65E+05	1.8E+05	3.23E+06	4.82E+05	2.41E+06	3.73E+05	5.48E+05	4.39E+05	1.61E+06	5.02E+05	1.82E+05	4.33E+05	1.6E+05	7.04E+05	4.14E+05	2.21E+05	8.64E+06	2.94E+05	9.07E+05	5.22E+05	5.97E+05	2.33E+05	4.39E+05	3.93E+06	2.56E+05	4.16E+05	6.64E+04	7.84E+05	6.67E+04	1.1E+06	1.93E+06	9.97E+05	1.21E+05	1.18E+07	1.52E+06	1.05E+05	1.55E+06	5.17E+05	5.94E+04	9.63E+04	9.46E+05	4.83E+04	3.41E+05	5.81E+05	5.64E+05
Butanal_1	1.56E+05	6.89E+05	4.43E+05	8.37E+04	3.48E+05	3.37E+06	2.52E+05	1.07E+06	5.13E+03	7.05E+04	1.48E+05	5.62E+05	4.41E+04	1.46E+05	1.15E+05	5.47E+04	1.93E+05	3.67E+04	2.48E+05	2.42E+05	1.16E+05	3.13E+04	2.3E+04	1.68E+05	5.6E+05	2.47E+04	9.74E+04	1.12E+04	3.35E+04	2.41E+05	7.67E+04	6.61E+05	8.35E+03	2.65E+04	9.97E+05	8.46E+04	7.58E+03	3.7E+05	2.38E+05	3.79E+05	2.48E+05	5.36E+04	1.28E+05	1.68E+06	1.4E+05
Butanal_2	1.2E+05	5.26E+04	1.85E+04	8.07E+04	2.45E+05	6.5E+04	2.6E+04	5.55E+04	2.17E+05	2.01E+05	1.62E+05	1.45E+05	1.99E+05	1.71E+05	2.96E+05	5.92E+04	6.85E+05	3.29E+05	2.15E+05	2.06E+05	1.32E+05	8.51E+05	2.21E+04	1.34E+05	1.79E+05	3.58E+04	6.37E+04	4.38E+04	1.84E+05	1.9E+05	2.08E+05	1.46E+05	1.17E+05	3.46E+05	3.27E+05	2.01E+05	1.37E+05	2.71E+05	1.14E+05	1.39E+05	1.37E+05	1.18E+05	1.01E+05	2.93E+05	2.74E+05
Butanoic acid_1	8.96E+05	1.41E+06	8.57E+05	7.58E+05	8.92E+05	9.54E+05	1.02E+06	7.96E+05	7.71E+05	1.82E+06	1.13E+06	1.09E+06	9.5E+05	9.92E+05	9.57E+05	1.25E+06	7.48E+05	1.12E+06	8.51E+05	1.26E+06	9.24E+05	1.04E+06	1.27E+06	9.64E+05	1.4E+06	8.9E+05	5.77E+05	4.39E+05	4.67E+05	8.54E+05	1.07E+06	1.08E+06	1.3E+06	1.31E+06	1.69E+06	1.21E+06	1.24E+06	1.03E+06	1.2E+06	1.36E+06	1.1E+06	1.27E+06	1.4E+06	1.3E+06	1.1E+06
Butanoic acid_2	1.71E+05	1.35E+05	2.79E+04	9.07E+04	9.9E+03	2.59E+05	1.47E+05	3.22E+05	3.69E+05	6.75E+05	5.19E+05	7.4E+05	7.67E+05	7.02E+05	9.4E+05	1.66E+06	5.51E+05	6.24E+05	1.02E+06	7.35E+05	1.91E+06	8.6E+05	9.6E+05	5.9E+05	1.3E+06	2.18E+06	1.63E+06	9.66E+05	3.2E+05	1.36E+06	1.01E+06	1.15E+06	1.25E+06	2.98E+05	1.22E+06	2.4E+06	1.38E+06	2.78E+06	3.33E+06	4.7E+05	3.01E+06	2.52E+06	7.75E+05	1.36E+06	3.34E+06
Butanoic acid_3	1.31E+05	1.22E+06	6.11E+05	1.11E+06	6.04E+05	8.12E+05	1.97E+05	2.23E+05	2.55E+05	1.63E+05	4.69E+05	2.22E+05	6.77E+04	2.31E+05	7.85E+05	1.46E+05	4.73E+05	6.3E+05	9.74E+05	7.24E+05	1.35E+05	2.57E+05	6.05E+04	8.47E+05	2.42E+05	1.69E+05	9.85E+04	1.53E+05	5.4E+04	4.99E+05	2.56E+05	7.53E+05	2.67E+05	5.66E+05	2.38E+06	5.03E+05	2.59E+05	3.97E+05	7.83E+04	1.63E+05	1.53E+05	2.91E+05	8.75E+04	3.65E+05	8.09E+04
Butanoylphosphate	1.42E+06	1.29E+06	2.63E+04	1.46E+06	2.94E+05	1.02E+06	2.1E+05	5.9E+05	4.36E+06	6.65E+04	5.52E+05	2.05E+05	2.42E+04	9.08E+05	2.09E+06	6.63E+04	1.92E+06	7.96E+05	2.01E+06	9.04E+05	4.52E+05	1.24E+06	5.34E+05	9.85E+05	7.71E+04	1.6E+05	1.74E+05	1.01E+06	4.58E+04	7.77E+05	3.08E+06	3.28E+05	2.2E+06	4E+06	4.04E+06	2.6E+04	2.3E+05	2.84E+05	6.76E+04	8.2E+05	8.02E+05	1.59E+05	1.66E+04	1.99E+06	1.05E+05
Butoctamide hydrogen succinate_1	2.6E+06	3.33E+06	5.67E+04	4.02E+06	6.33E+06	3.26E+06	2.24E+06	1.31E+05	2.03E+06	5E+04	1.3E+06	1.75E+06	3.95E+05	3.27E+06	3.22E+06	1.58E+06	3.1E+06	3.15E+06	5.64E+06	2.22E+06	8.71E+05	2.39E+06	1.03E+06	4.24E+06	1.93E+05	9.61E+05	1.56E+05	1.94E+06	2.48E+05	3.34E+06	3.56E+06	3.52E+06	1.13E+06	2.1E+06	5.21E+06	4.72E+04	4.62E+06	2.01E+06	7.75E+04	4.79E+05	2.27E+06	9.27E+04	1.25E+06	2.38E+06	1.63E+06
Butoctamide hydrogen succinate_2	6.12E+04	5.09E+05	1.04E+04	4.79E+05	1.91E+05	5.1E+06	2.33E+05	1.69E+04	3E+05	2.91E+03	7.19E+04	3.2E+05	2.53E+03	1.54E+05	1.15E+06	4.1E+04	3.73E+04	4.54E+04	1.17E+05	1.16E+06	4.4E+03	9.4E+03	5.88E+04	4.51E+04	4.87E+03	7.84E+03	3.09E+03	2.01E+04	5.61E+03	5.29E+05	9.65E+04	4.15E+04	2.37E+05	1.61E+06	4.42E+05	1.59E+04	4.13E+04	1.2E+07	2.07E+03	2.77E+05	3.74E+04	8.53E+03	1.23E+04	3.52E+04	4.98E+05
Butonate	2.66E+03	2.23E+03	1.05E+05	4.5E+03	2.36E+03	0	1.52E+05	0	9.64E+03	2.08E+03	2.2E+03	0	7.89E+03	2.08E+03	2.83E+03	4.83E+03	3.36E+03	4.55E+03	3.03E+03	1.68E+03	3.51E+03	4.37E+04	2.24E+03	7.16E+04	2.93E+03	0	1.83E+03	2.74E+03	0	3.37E+03	2.08E+03	0	1.9E+03	3.22E+06	9.63E+03	1.45E+03	1.42E+06	0	1.77E+03	6.81E+03	2.46E+03	2.03E+03	2.21E+05	2.5E+04	1.15E+04
Butopyronoxyl	7.56E+06	1.87E+07	3.38E+06	6.17E+06	1.72E+07	1.86E+07	1.04E+07	1.62E+06	4.62E+06	1.48E+06	2.85E+06	3.67E+06	4.88E+05	4.02E+06	1.2E+07	2.99E+06	6.49E+06	5.12E+06	1.12E+07	4.45E+06	8.79E+05	2.34E+06	1.47E+06	8.26E+06	9.04E+05	3.13E+06	3.37E+05	2.35E+06	3.14E+06	4.15E+06	7.81E+06	8.11E+06	3.64E+06	9.01E+06	1.71E+07	8.16E+05	9.18E+06	5.28E+06	3.59E+05	2.63E+06	2.79E+06	1.04E+06	1.98E+06	2.66E+06	5.8E+06
Bz-Arg-OEt	2.91E+05	1.13E+05	1.68E+03	7.51E+04	2.6E+06	1.07E+04	2.95E+05	5.19E+04	5.82E+04	0	8.21E+04	4.39E+03	2.33E+03	8.58E+04	1.18E+05	8.56E+03	7.3E+05	8.67E+04	9.09E+04	4.06E+04	2.19E+03	7.07E+03	1.09E+03	2.5E+05	4.99E+03	1.16E+04	4.49E+03	1.65E+05	0	5.25E+04	4.08E+04	2E+06	3.74E+04	1.27E+05	4.53E+05	0	1.56E+05	7.14E+04	0	9.27E+04	7.89E+03	1.68E+03	1.57E+04	1.88E+04	1.52E+03
C20915	2.98E+03	6.18E+03	2.05E+03	3.11E+03	5.57E+06	1.65E+04	3.35E+03	2.04E+03	8.57E+03	1.97E+03	2.5E+03	3.85E+03	0	5.19E+03	3.8E+03	4.63E+03	3.03E+03	3.35E+03	3.56E+03	6.55E+03	0	4.05E+03	2.01E+03	2.39E+03	6.56E+03	0	0	2.2E+03	2.34E+03	0	1.76E+03	7.39E+03	1.17E+04	2.51E+03	1.29E+03	0	3.19E+03	3.32E+03	0	0	3.03E+03	0	1.86E+03	9.12E+03	3E+03
Cadaverine	3.19E+04	6.72E+04	1.96E+06	1.51E+04	1.54E+04	2.57E+05	2.91E+05	6.21E+04	3.45E+04	1.64E+06	2.33E+04	5.74E+04	2.92E+04	7.81E+05	1.91E+04	6.39E+03	2.9E+04	2.46E+04	4.21E+04	1.33E+05	1.32E+05	1.83E+04	3.88E+05	8.73E+03	1.57E+04	2.99E+06	1.25E+05	1.42E+04	4.49E+03	5.19E+04	1.68E+04	7.43E+04	1.27E+04	3.07E+05	2.23E+04	8.17E+03	1.52E+04	9.29E+04	2.68E+04	3.01E+04	2.32E+04	6.54E+05	0	3.47E+04	2.96E+05
Caffeine	2.1E+07	2.55E+05	3.64E+06	2.35E+06	1.62E+05	5.18E+04	4.97E+04	1.46E+07	4.35E+07	4.42E+06	8.21E+05	4.37E+07	2.44E+06	8.23E+06	1.23E+07	1.82E+06	1.84E+07	1.37E+07	1.81E+05	1.59E+06	1.12E+06	2.35E+07	6.16E+05	1.79E+06	1.17E+07	5.86E+05	6.25E+07	1.86E+07	3.07E+03	3.45E+07	1.94E+07	1.6E+07	9.29E+06	2.54E+07	6.67E+07	3.28E+06	3.29E+07	4.5E+06	9.68E+06	3.99E+06	2.39E+05	6.25E+06	3.23E+03	2.25E+07	6.06E+06
Cajanol	2.74E+06	2.87E+06	1.53E+06	3.38E+06	2.49E+06	1.56E+06	1.71E+06	2.87E+05	2.08E+06	1.88E+06	5.2E+06	1.13E+06	9.95E+05	5.68E+05	1.55E+06	1.42E+06	1.33E+06	2.6E+06	2.41E+06	2E+06	1.95E+06	2.82E+06	1.55E+06	6.82E+06	1.95E+06	1.21E+06	1.95E+05	5.96E+05	6.33E+05	1.54E+06	2.08E+06	7.87E+05	8.78E+05	1.34E+06	1.21E+06	8.2E+05	2E+06	8.16E+05	5.37E+05	7.41E+05	8.67E+05	1.36E+06	2.05E+06	1.03E+06	3.16E+05
Calcium levulinate anhydrous	7.28E+04	6.6E+04	0	1.2E+05	2.07E+05	1.08E+05	1.74E+05	2.66E+03	1.2E+05	2.49E+04	6.26E+04	8.13E+04	3.48E+04	6.38E+05	1.29E+05	2E+04	2.57E+04	4.88E+04	5.55E+05	9.81E+04	2.47E+03	1.39E+04	3.12E+04	1.26E+05	0	4.2E+03	2.35E+03	5.59E+04	8.8E+04	9.71E+04	1.46E+05	9.66E+04	3.75E+04	5.37E+04	2.16E+05	0	4.64E+04	8.76E+04	1.22E+04	6.44E+04	1.46E+05	0	3.58E+04	1.55E+04	6.74E+04
Calystegin B2_1	2.24E+06	2E+06	1.45E+06	3.36E+06	3.12E+06	1.88E+06	1.17E+06	3.36E+05	1.15E+06	3.58E+06	1.91E+06	7.82E+05	8.98E+05	1.43E+06	2.21E+06	9.24E+05	2.8E+06	1.52E+06	2.12E+06	2.35E+06	1.09E+06	2.58E+06	1.25E+06	3.42E+06	7.04E+05	2.53E+06	5.66E+05	1.04E+06	6.75E+05	8.62E+05	1.43E+06	1.93E+06	5.67E+05	8.62E+05	3.7E+06	1.58E+06	3.8E+06	8.65E+05	6.54E+05	5.98E+05	8.12E+05	4.87E+05	8.81E+05	9.97E+05	4.72E+05
Calystegin B2_2	1.81E+06	5.49E+05	4.29E+05	4.5E+06	6.05E+06	3.19E+06	9.39E+05	1.62E+05	6.82E+05	1.58E+05	1.57E+06	6.88E+05	2.05E+05	4.23E+05	2.97E+06	3.79E+05	2.15E+06	2.44E+06	4.51E+06	2.05E+06	3.28E+05	2.35E+06	5.28E+05	2.45E+06	4.29E+05	2.38E+05	1.7E+05	5.47E+05	1.94E+05	1.13E+06	2.13E+06	4.63E+06	1.46E+06	8.23E+05	6.98E+06	3.72E+05	3.26E+06	6.94E+05	8.59E+04	3.1E+05	8.51E+05	1.58E+05	6.29E+05	1.25E+06	2.23E+05
Calystegin B2_3	2.07E+06	9.88E+04	6.58E+04	1.77E+05	9.28E+05	4.22E+06	4.98E+05	6.04E+05	5.72E+05	1.01E+04	1.58E+05	3.65E+04	7.64E+03	5.52E+05	4.53E+05	4.13E+05	4.48E+06	6.08E+05	5E+05	3.52E+05	9.67E+03	9.73E+05	2.58E+05	3.78E+04	1.14E+04	8.33E+04	7.58E+03	4.44E+05	7.26E+04	1.59E+06	1.82E+06	1.63E+05	1.08E+05	2.58E+05	1.22E+06	1.9E+04	1.39E+05	5.9E+04	4.57E+03	6.93E+05	4.11E+05	5.69E+03	1.03E+05	1.16E+06	1.42E+04
Capillanol	2.13E+04	2.94E+04	1.71E+04	6.02E+04	6.3E+04	8.74E+04	3.25E+04	3.39E+04	1.07E+04	1.91E+04	2.23E+04	8.57E+03	5.07E+04	5.67E+04	1.28E+05	2.92E+04	6.49E+04	1.55E+04	2.57E+05	3.31E+04	2.35E+04	6.81E+03	3.2E+04	8.46E+04	2.49E+04	8.87E+03	8.14E+03	5.98E+04	1.36E+04	4.68E+04	2.1E+05	1.22E+05	2.62E+04	5.96E+04	1.25E+05	2.48E+04	6.47E+04	1.63E+04	3.74E+03	4.55E+03	8.03E+04	1.75E+04	3.27E+04	2.13E+04	2.25E+04
Capsi-amide	4.12E+05	4.46E+05	4.95E+05	3.35E+05	3.22E+05	3.99E+05	4.06E+05	4.41E+05	4.26E+05	3.64E+05	3.45E+05	4.87E+05	3.81E+05	3.93E+05	4.2E+05	4.13E+05	3.55E+05	3.37E+05	3.95E+05	3.63E+05	4.07E+05	3.9E+05	3.14E+05	3.78E+05	4.18E+05	4.46E+05	2.29E+05	4.58E+05	4.36E+05	4.42E+05	3.91E+05	4.13E+05	2.01E+05	3.81E+05	2.86E+05	3.86E+05	4.4E+05	3.9E+05	2.92E+05	4.13E+05	3.67E+05	3.67E+05	3.47E+05	4.37E+05	4.18E+05
Carbetamide	4.8E+06	1.12E+07	4.13E+06	3.78E+07	3.2E+07	3.46E+06	7.19E+06	2.5E+06	5.5E+06	7.06E+06	2.93E+06	2.91E+06	7.15E+05	1.04E+06	6.05E+06	1.64E+06	2.41E+07	1.23E+07	1.34E+07	4.87E+06	2.12E+06	4.81E+06	2.34E+06	1E+07	2.97E+06	2.2E+06	2.34E+06	1.74E+06	8.26E+05	3.29E+06	7.01E+06	7.74E+06	6.67E+06	1.36E+07	1.65E+07	2.45E+06	5.88E+06	1.17E+07	1.21E+06	1.25E+07	3.81E+06	1.08E+06	4.4E+06	6.25E+06	3.09E+06
Carisoprodol	2.3E+05	6.27E+03	1.21E+04	1.02E+05	2.35E+04	8.75E+03	1.6E+04	1.29E+04	4.6E+03	2.05E+03	8.52E+03	7.78E+03	8.7E+04	1.51E+04	7.36E+04	9.29E+04	2.92E+05	1.82E+05	2E+05	3.65E+03	8.43E+03	5.31E+05	6.12E+04	6.64E+04	2.05E+03	1.41E+04	0	1.95E+04	2.67E+03	1.1E+04	6.63E+03	1.63E+04	5.65E+03	4.61E+04	1.93E+05	4.75E+03	8.31E+03	7.21E+03	1.7E+03	6.04E+03	3.74E+04	0	5.91E+03	3.14E+05	4.08E+03
Carpacin_1	3.96E+06	4.77E+05	2.5E+04	1.68E+05	1.6E+06	2.28E+05	2.49E+04	1.9E+03	6.05E+03	2.53E+04	2.12E+05	8.25E+03	2.31E+03	2.03E+05	3.21E+05	2.18E+04	1.56E+05	5.56E+05	4.56E+05	1.88E+05	5.9E+03	2.41E+06	4.41E+05	1.13E+05	2.07E+05	1.32E+04	1.16E+03	8.55E+04	2.37E+03	2.44E+06	9.25E+04	3.94E+04	1.55E+04	4.14E+05	8.08E+04	8.52E+03	1.81E+05	7.45E+04	2.24E+03	9.9E+03	1.47E+05	2.88E+05	1.4E+04	3.29E+04	4.35E+03
Carpacin_2	5.35E+06	5.78E+05	2.16E+04	4.97E+04	5.43E+05	5.4E+04	1.35E+05	9.62E+03	8.03E+03	2.05E+05	5.83E+03	1.44E+04	4.09E+03	5.79E+05	2.42E+04	2E+05	6.89E+04	1.21E+05	1E+05	5.88E+03	5.13E+04	1.85E+06	1.09E+05	2.19E+05	1.53E+05	4.63E+04	1.64E+04	2.02E+05	2.62E+03	3.23E+06	5.09E+04	2.71E+04	5.07E+04	1.19E+05	3.29E+05	8.3E+03	1.81E+05	5.46E+04	2.91E+03	7.14E+04	1.92E+05	2.47E+04	6.64E+04	5.97E+04	1.93E+04
Castanospermine_1	2.57E+06	2.1E+06	8.55E+05	2.21E+06	3.07E+06	1.08E+06	1.07E+06	4.18E+05	4.02E+06	1.53E+06	2.37E+06	2.17E+06	3.81E+05	1.33E+06	1.62E+06	9.61E+05	6.52E+06	2.05E+06	2.9E+06	2.55E+06	2.35E+06	2.64E+06	1.3E+06	3.69E+06	1.79E+06	1.88E+06	1.18E+06	3.25E+06	3.78E+05	7.71E+05	2.48E+06	1.74E+06	1.73E+06	2.11E+06	1.8E+06	2.39E+06	2.21E+06	1.25E+06	1.18E+05	6.35E+05	3.02E+06	1.71E+06	2.17E+06	1.1E+06	1.96E+05
Castanospermine_2	1.78E+04	6.3E+04	1.2E+04	6.34E+04	1.29E+08	1.89E+04	1.98E+05	1.83E+03	1.43E+04	1.52E+04	5.02E+03	3.41E+03	5.73E+03	3.03E+05	5.24E+04	1E+06	4.1E+04	9.69E+04	8.45E+04	1.45E+05	1.1E+04	7.83E+04	8.9E+03	2.77E+04	2.02E+03	1.02E+04	1.95E+03	1.95E+04	3.55E+03	3.05E+04	8.38E+03	5.87E+04	2.04E+03	3.73E+03	1.03E+05	8.04E+03	1.78E+04	1.28E+03	2.07E+03	5.25E+03	8.73E+05	4E+03	8.15E+03	1.27E+05	1.97E+03
Catechol	5.1E+06	8.39E+06	7.29E+06	1.04E+07	1.05E+07	1.44E+07	6.21E+06	1.41E+07	7.5E+06	9.88E+06	1.75E+07	4.15E+06	6.02E+06	7.03E+06	1.97E+07	3.24E+06	1.09E+07	7.67E+06	3.74E+07	2.43E+07	3.62E+06	1.12E+07	1.19E+07	5.67E+06	1.15E+07	4.54E+06	1.65E+07	8.19E+06	3.3E+06	9.44E+06	1.32E+07	7.21E+06	9E+06	1.07E+07	1.97E+07	6.73E+06	2.14E+07	5.19E+06	9.35E+06	9.06E+06	3.42E+06	3.96E+06	7.8E+06	1.06E+07	6.23E+06
CATECHOL	8.25E+05	6.86E+05	1.29E+05	1.74E+06	1.14E+06	1.04E+05	5.83E+05	1.49E+05	9.66E+05	6.94E+04	8.71E+05	1.15E+05	4.21E+05	5.69E+05	1.05E+06	1.02E+06	7.79E+05	8.11E+05	2.13E+06	4.38E+05	4.1E+05	9.95E+05	1.77E+05	1.35E+06	1.83E+05	5.49E+05	2.08E+04	6.03E+05	2.64E+05	6.36E+05	8.69E+05	3.45E+05	7.53E+05	9.39E+05	1.09E+06	1.96E+05	1.32E+06	7.68E+05	1.34E+05	5.08E+05	6.77E+05	1.52E+05	5.9E+05	2.83E+05	1.88E+05
CB3717	2.91E+05	1.98E+04	7.14E+03	5.08E+04	1.63E+04	1.8E+04	5.67E+04	6.72E+04	6.36E+03	3.55E+03	9.71E+04	2.03E+03	4.79E+04	5.63E+03	2.47E+05	4.61E+04	5.54E+04	8.25E+03	1.65E+05	7.39E+03	0	5.41E+04	5.12E+03	2.26E+05	0	1.59E+03	1.51E+03	1.74E+03	1.36E+04	1.05E+05	5.46E+04	6.31E+05	1.84E+03	7.33E+03	1.23E+05	2.68E+03	6.61E+03	1.27E+04	0	8.41E+03	3.53E+03	1.87E+03	0	1.92E+04	3.18E+04
CBS 113A	0	0	4.36E+04	1.92E+06	1.56E+03	8.41E+04	2.09E+06	1.43E+03	0	2.01E+04	2.7E+03	8.15E+03	4.03E+04	0	6.68E+05	1.66E+03	1.58E+03	3.58E+05	8.81E+05	6.95E+04	5.48E+04	1.87E+04	3.42E+03	5.09E+06	2.97E+04	1.28E+03	3.74E+04	7.54E+03	1.25E+03	1.75E+03	1.08E+05	3.29E+03	1.31E+03	0	2.62E+04	8.93E+04	2.88E+05	0	1.09E+03	6.54E+05	0	0	1.63E+06	2.45E+03	1.58E+03
Cefepime	9.45E+04	3.88E+04	1.68E+04	4.81E+04	1.23E+05	2.35E+03	4.1E+04	2.42E+03	4.53E+04	2.91E+03	1.66E+04	2.33E+03	7.5E+05	1.69E+05	9.68E+04	1.31E+04	1.25E+05	1.6E+04	9.78E+04	2.5E+04	1.23E+03	2.47E+04	1.16E+04	3.06E+04	2.33E+03	3.93E+03	2.02E+03	1.48E+04	4.59E+03	2.41E+04	1.08E+05	2.95E+04	1.55E+04	8.14E+04	8.09E+05	3.03E+03	8.72E+03	1.76E+04	4.48E+03	1.22E+04	8.24E+03	2.32E+03	0	9.01E+05	9.32E+03
Centarol	1.35E+05	1.11E+05	2.23E+03	3.99E+05	1.29E+05	3.82E+04	1.27E+05	2.4E+04	1.1E+05	5.75E+03	1.37E+05	1.87E+04	3.44E+04	1.96E+04	2.51E+05	4.82E+04	5.72E+04	5.74E+03	2.79E+05	4.43E+04	8.67E+03	2.82E+04	6.71E+04	1E+05	5.33E+03	2.96E+03	1.39E+03	5.5E+04	1.72E+04	8.81E+04	9.6E+04	6.75E+04	3.33E+03	7.51E+04	8.06E+05	4.69E+03	8.47E+04	4.85E+03	2.71E+03	1.05E+04	2.21E+04	6.13E+03	2.68E+04	2.12E+05	3.38E+03
Cerulenin_1	8.13E+06	3.99E+06	5.07E+05	8.54E+06	1.35E+07	6.88E+06	4.25E+06	3.29E+06	6.42E+06	1.31E+06	6.12E+06	4.14E+06	2.41E+06	8.94E+06	9.8E+06	4.77E+06	7.47E+06	6.03E+06	1.96E+07	1.05E+07	1.55E+06	7.85E+06	4.95E+06	1.43E+07	3.34E+05	1.41E+06	6.42E+04	8.17E+06	4.05E+06	4.89E+06	1.96E+07	1.14E+07	4.57E+06	5.19E+06	4.89E+06	3.21E+05	9.98E+06	3.75E+06	1.66E+06	5.34E+06	9.51E+06	3.7E+05	4.71E+06	5.17E+06	8.53E+06
Cerulenin_2	1.36E+06	9.64E+05	7.09E+05	1.64E+06	3.28E+06	8.34E+05	1.13E+06	1.02E+06	1.06E+06	4.82E+05	1.17E+06	8.35E+05	5.78E+05	7.75E+05	1.5E+06	7.1E+05	2.59E+06	9.36E+05	2.83E+06	2.04E+06	7.05E+05	1.27E+06	5.9E+05	1.59E+06	4.2E+05	5.34E+05	2.86E+05	1.41E+06	4.68E+05	1.1E+06	3.73E+06	2.39E+06	6.92E+05	2.08E+06	2.27E+06	5.87E+05	1.09E+06	1.09E+06	4.1E+05	9.18E+05	1.52E+06	3.24E+05	3.04E+05	8.32E+05	6.34E+05
Cetraxate	2.06E+06	3.98E+05	2.8E+03	7.16E+05	1.77E+07	1.86E+04	2.34E+06	1.16E+06	7.71E+04	0	3.6E+05	2.76E+04	2.91E+03	7.21E+05	1.11E+06	9.72E+04	3.07E+06	6.43E+05	3.75E+05	3.23E+03	8.44E+03	1.89E+05	8.84E+04	1.04E+05	1.86E+05	6.44E+04	6.68E+04	1.37E+06	8.25E+03	6.72E+05	2.12E+05	1.34E+07	3.16E+04	1.01E+06	2.73E+06	0	1.53E+06	6.94E+05	0	1.2E+06	1.8E+05	1.6E+05	7.72E+03	4.18E+05	6.49E+03
Chlorfenac	1.62E+05	8.19E+04	1.11E+06	1.08E+04	8.56E+04	8.83E+04	6.75E+04	4.75E+04	1.72E+04	1.11E+05	5.28E+04	1.37E+05	1.18E+04	6E+04	2.82E+05	5.72E+04	9.87E+04	6.07E+04	5.21E+04	1.27E+05	4.37E+04	1.31E+05	3.86E+04	1.6E+05	2.2E+04	7.86E+04	4.33E+04	8.92E+04	1.34E+05	2.35E+04	8.24E+04	2.8E+04	6.82E+04	3.77E+04	8.89E+03	2.24E+04	4.09E+04	6.02E+04	5.09E+04	1.26E+04	2.9E+04	2.5E+04	1.66E+04	2.35E+04	3.86E+04
Chlorhexidine	5.62E+04	1.41E+05	2.72E+04	1.45E+05	1.26E+05	1.69E+04	6.69E+04	6.17E+03	3.96E+05	1.38E+04	1.8E+05	8.04E+05	1.24E+04	2.35E+04	1.04E+05	3.01E+04	2.73E+04	3.4E+05	1.06E+05	1E+05	1.09E+04	1.24E+05	2.51E+04	7.05E+04	1.74E+05	1.45E+04	5.02E+04	1.6E+04	3.77E+03	1.26E+05	4.44E+04	2.52E+05	1.98E+04	2.13E+04	7.34E+05	1.39E+04	1.45E+06	5.29E+04	4.59E+03	1.85E+04	3.21E+04	7.28E+03	8.49E+03	3.26E+04	2.63E+03
Chloridazon	2.14E+05	5.58E+05	4.65E+04	8.64E+05	6.41E+05	1.58E+05	1.24E+05	9.89E+03	2.02E+05	8.07E+04	4.03E+05	2.67E+04	1.14E+04	4.26E+04	7.1E+05	9.49E+04	5.9E+05	8.23E+05	8E+05	5.75E+05	1.58E+04	5.65E+05	1.05E+05	5.57E+05	6.57E+04	3.19E+04	3.61E+04	6.95E+04	4.16E+04	5.59E+04	2.45E+05	9.91E+04	2.24E+05	1.53E+05	5.19E+05	3.63E+04	4.84E+05	6.7E+04	1.07E+04	6.24E+04	1.5E+05	3.27E+03	2.17E+04	1.55E+05	1.54E+04
Chloromethiuron	1.44E+07	1.25E+07	1.5E+07	1.26E+07	1.1E+07	1.33E+07	1.47E+07	1.45E+07	1.3E+07	1.56E+07	1.32E+07	1.44E+07	1.58E+07	1.44E+07	1.3E+07	1.47E+07	1.12E+07	1.15E+07	1.1E+07	1.12E+07	1.5E+07	1.2E+07	1.42E+07	1.09E+07	1.58E+07	1.57E+07	1.74E+07	1.41E+07	1.66E+07	1.32E+07	1.12E+07	1.22E+07	1.4E+07	1.23E+07	1.1E+07	1.37E+07	1.22E+07	1.31E+07	1.61E+07	1.56E+07	1.34E+07	1.59E+07	1.43E+07	1.15E+07	1.59E+07
Chlorphenesin carbamate	3.71E+05	5.09E+05	2.01E+05	5.74E+05	1.36E+06	3.48E+05	4.14E+05	2.96E+05	7.95E+05	1.68E+05	2.01E+05	1.61E+05	2.68E+05	1.88E+04	3.55E+05	1.5E+04	3.22E+05	1.5E+05	3.74E+04	1.35E+05	3.22E+04	2.18E+05	8.74E+03	5.87E+04	2.2E+05	3.75E+04	5.82E+03	1.84E+05	1.85E+04	1.11E+05	2.9E+04	1.91E+06	3.58E+05	1.95E+05	9.18E+04	2.63E+05	3.58E+04	7.71E+05	2.28E+04	2.81E+05	5.21E+04	4.14E+04	4.32E+03	5.75E+04	2.67E+04
Chlortetracycline	2.68E+05	1.51E+04	5.9E+04	1.23E+05	7.77E+05	1.92E+04	6.53E+06	1.4E+06	6.5E+04	2.95E+04	1.85E+04	1.76E+04	7.22E+03	4.56E+04	5.34E+05	9.87E+04	5.31E+04	1.46E+06	1.37E+05	1.74E+05	1.44E+04	7.43E+03	5.49E+04	6.31E+04	8.7E+05	8.74E+03	3.13E+03	1.95E+06	1.21E+04	2.61E+05	8.34E+04	2.19E+04	5.33E+04	6.24E+04	4.4E+04	1.14E+04	2E+04	3.99E+03	7.24E+03	1.1E+05	1.02E+05	3.22E+03	9.05E+03	2.61E+04	2.06E+03
Cholesterol sulfate	1.06E+07	1.05E+07	1.09E+07	1.06E+07	9.94E+06	1.01E+07	9.99E+06	1.02E+07	1.01E+07	1.06E+07	9.9E+06	1.02E+07	1.03E+07	1.02E+07	9.77E+06	9.8E+06	9.46E+06	9.79E+06	9.51E+06	1.01E+07	9.92E+06	9.29E+06	9.72E+06	9.59E+06	1.04E+07	1.01E+07	1.01E+07	9.71E+06	9.73E+06	9.17E+06	9.11E+06	8.69E+06	8.98E+06	9.02E+06	8.61E+06	8.84E+06	9.2E+06	9.19E+06	9.69E+06	9.68E+06	9.38E+06	9.86E+06	9.6E+06	1.06E+07	1.15E+07
Choline phosphate	6.83E+05	8.93E+05	5.32E+05	3.05E+06	7.78E+05	8.16E+05	1.34E+06	1.82E+05	3.8E+05	1.43E+06	1.76E+05	9.6E+05	6.49E+05	5.89E+05	9.48E+05	2.19E+05	1.1E+06	1.15E+06	1.11E+06	5.88E+05	1.3E+05	3.73E+06	8.9E+05	7.11E+06	3.75E+05	3.02E+05	2.26E+05	1.94E+05	1.11E+04	7.98E+05	2.41E+06	2.74E+05	3.86E+05	9.45E+05	9.98E+05	3.63E+05	2.08E+06	6.73E+05	8.73E+04	1.14E+06	8.79E+04	1.21E+05	2.39E+06	5.51E+05	2.13E+05
Chrysoeriol_1	6.07E+03	6.38E+04	7.98E+03	4.92E+03	1.12E+04	5.18E+03	1.96E+04	0	2.32E+03	0	3.4E+03	0	4.66E+05	2.02E+03	9.28E+03	2.05E+03	2.01E+03	2.18E+03	5.97E+03	1.85E+03	0	3.43E+03	0	2.03E+04	2.04E+03	0	0	2.56E+03	0	4.56E+03	2.07E+03	2.3E+03	0	1.76E+03	3.41E+05	0	1.73E+04	9.72E+03	1.65E+03	2.98E+03	1.56E+03	0	1.92E+03	4.62E+05	5.02E+03
Chrysoeriol_2	0	1.81E+03	0	0	3.51E+03	2.2E+03	0	0	0	0	2.67E+03	0	1.41E+07	2.77E+03	0	0	1.72E+03	1.37E+03	0	0	1.58E+04	0	0	0	0	1.89E+03	0	1.42E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.39E+03	0	0	0	0
Cibarian	3.05E+04	1.8E+05	1.97E+05	2.82E+05	1.67E+05	1.66E+05	8.21E+04	5.95E+04	8.2E+04	1.35E+04	4.32E+05	8.65E+03	6.07E+03	1.03E+04	1.81E+05	7.4E+04	3.11E+04	2.55E+05	2.08E+05	3.2E+05	1.23E+04	6.88E+04	1.1E+05	7.85E+05	4.54E+03	3.16E+04	3.65E+03	1.53E+04	3.95E+03	1.69E+05	2.35E+05	3.57E+04	3.95E+04	2.07E+05	8.54E+05	3.35E+04	1.16E+05	2.28E+04	1.78E+03	1.44E+04	4.64E+03	2.8E+03	6.74E+03	2.57E+05	9.93E+03
Cinnamaldehyde_1	3.63E+05	3.32E+05	1.65E+05	1.46E+05	2.1E+05	1.75E+05	2.26E+05	9.73E+04	3.27E+05	1.64E+05	4.52E+05	2.05E+05	1.23E+05	2.33E+05	7.05E+05	2.34E+05	1.78E+05	1.86E+05	8.36E+05	1.68E+05	9.16E+04	2.04E+05	2.96E+05	3.71E+05	1.21E+05	2.22E+05	8.6E+04	9.16E+04	8.63E+04	1.29E+07	4.08E+05	1.69E+05	2.48E+05	2.97E+05	7.16E+05	1.47E+05	1.34E+05	2.23E+05	4.63E+04	6.18E+04	1.84E+05	1.65E+05	1.9E+05	1.3E+05	2.39E+05
Cinnamaldehyde_2	1.9E+05	2.83E+04	3.49E+04	7.5E+05	1.21E+04	3.07E+04	9.03E+04	9.12E+03	2.29E+04	9.63E+03	2.1E+04	1.58E+04	4.62E+04	1.88E+04	1.17E+04	5.22E+03	6.7E+04	7.93E+04	2.21E+04	1.2E+05	2.04E+04	7.95E+05	4.34E+04	1.34E+05	7.64E+04	3.65E+04	4.27E+04	1.06E+05	2.47E+04	4.21E+06	1.14E+05	4.1E+03	4.71E+04	3.37E+04	4.88E+04	2.87E+04	3.64E+04	9.88E+03	1.42E+04	1.67E+04	2.54E+04	4.44E+04	1.95E+04	1.84E+04	5.4E+04
Cinncassiol B	4.16E+05	2.41E+06	4.52E+04	3.8E+05	5.83E+05	6.34E+05	1.03E+06	2.83E+05	3.42E+05	8.79E+04	6.89E+03	2.57E+05	9.44E+03	4.48E+04	4.79E+05	8.85E+04	1.48E+06	4.66E+05	1.38E+05	3.51E+05	3.21E+04	3.56E+04	1.35E+04	2.52E+05	1.49E+04	6.34E+04	1.36E+03	4.2E+04	1.28E+05	1.95E+05	4.38E+05	3.31E+05	2.79E+04	1.57E+06	5.92E+05	1.41E+05	1.66E+05	8.29E+05	3.86E+04	2.6E+05	8.13E+04	7.45E+03	4.07E+03	4.11E+05	1.53E+05
Cinncassiol E	2.88E+05	5.14E+05	1.61E+05	9.36E+05	1E+06	1.09E+06	1.18E+06	1.53E+04	5.23E+04	9.2E+03	2.83E+05	5.39E+05	5.71E+03	7.06E+04	4.24E+05	7.08E+03	2.5E+06	9.43E+05	2.22E+05	3.34E+05	2.93E+04	7.61E+05	2.19E+04	3.72E+04	2.88E+04	6.58E+04	3.04E+03	1.23E+05	7.73E+04	1.2E+05	1.11E+05	4.82E+05	2.46E+05	1.68E+06	9.33E+05	1.78E+05	3.01E+05	1.37E+06	3.87E+03	3.53E+05	1.39E+05	1.41E+03	3.6E+04	2.45E+05	6.97E+05
Cinoxacin	1.53E+05	5.35E+05	3.96E+04	1.99E+05	2.06E+05	4.61E+04	4.86E+04	1.8E+04	4.59E+05	5.06E+04	5.98E+05	2.17E+05	1.77E+04	1.52E+05	2.81E+05	4.64E+05	3.13E+05	4.05E+05	4.4E+05	5.33E+05	1.69E+05	4.59E+05	2.15E+05	6.61E+05	4.4E+04	5.56E+04	4.5E+04	4.45E+04	6.06E+04	3.33E+05	4.9E+04	4.25E+05	3.26E+04	4.28E+04	1.44E+05	1.09E+05	5.71E+05	4.07E+04	4.59E+04	2.28E+04	5.55E+04	3.23E+04	1.34E+05	3.14E+05	7.22E+03
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_1	3.43E+06	2.67E+06	1.31E+06	6.28E+06	8.29E+06	2.43E+06	1.38E+06	1.05E+06	3.97E+06	1.2E+06	2.36E+06	1.64E+06	1.2E+06	3.51E+06	5.34E+06	1.92E+06	4.11E+06	3.09E+06	7.91E+06	3.71E+06	1.49E+06	4.6E+06	1.98E+06	4.81E+06	8.92E+05	1.37E+06	7.72E+05	3.02E+06	7.42E+05	2.68E+06	7.61E+06	6.83E+06	2.38E+06	3.34E+06	4.03E+06	1.88E+06	7.12E+06	2.08E+06	8.03E+05	2.54E+06	3.09E+06	1.09E+06	1.75E+06	2.86E+06	1.13E+06
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_2	9.79E+05	9.06E+05	9.47E+05	9.64E+05	8.64E+05	7.94E+05	1.01E+06	9.24E+05	8.54E+05	6.35E+05	7.43E+05	7.33E+05	6.78E+05	6.59E+05	7.65E+05	1.16E+06	1.18E+06	1.01E+06	7.12E+05	9.12E+05	7.44E+05	9.77E+05	9.92E+05	1E+06	5.77E+05	8.47E+05	8.89E+05	9.75E+05	8.59E+05	8.02E+05	9.03E+05	7.97E+05	9.33E+05	8.66E+05	9.6E+05	8.86E+05	5.67E+05	9.73E+05	7.11E+05	8.96E+05	9.22E+05	9.39E+05	8.22E+05	8.25E+05	1.04E+06
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_3	5.75E+05	3.82E+05	2.83E+05	8.16E+05	1.32E+06	2.01E+06	1.29E+06	4.34E+05	8.14E+05	5.47E+05	8.76E+05	6.54E+05	4.46E+05	1.38E+06	1.45E+06	8.1E+05	2.92E+06	6.76E+05	1.65E+06	1.8E+06	7.08E+05	9.17E+05	5.22E+05	1.43E+06	3.89E+05	4.5E+05	2.54E+05	1.13E+06	5.52E+05	6.4E+06	1.73E+06	1.31E+06	8.31E+05	8.35E+05	2.04E+06	5.7E+05	1.47E+06	2.94E+06	2.39E+05	1.22E+06	5.74E+05	3.24E+05	3.22E+05	4.31E+05	7.63E+05
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_4	2.59E+05	1.52E+04	4.3E+03	1.31E+04	1.55E+04	9.79E+03	1.17E+04	1.66E+06	3.64E+04	1.64E+04	1.72E+04	1.77E+04	1.41E+04	1.33E+04	4.92E+03	8.41E+03	1.88E+04	6.96E+03	1.77E+04	1.43E+04	1.48E+04	2.08E+05	4.86E+03	1.81E+04	1.22E+04	8.59E+03	1.63E+04	7.96E+03	2.01E+04	2.01E+04	1.13E+07	7.66E+03	8.06E+03	4.57E+04	1.49E+04	1.5E+04	4.96E+03	1.41E+04	2.86E+04	2.92E+04	1.47E+04	1.69E+04	1.94E+04	5.01E+03	1.34E+04
cis-1,2-Dihydronaphthalene-1,2-diol_1	1.55E+06	1.46E+06	1.33E+06	1.32E+06	1.42E+06	1.37E+06	1.42E+06	1.39E+06	1.56E+06	1.34E+06	1.26E+06	1.21E+06	1.38E+06	1.38E+06	1.49E+06	1.1E+06	1.66E+06	1.5E+06	1.5E+06	1.34E+06	1.34E+06	1.11E+06	1.4E+06	1.46E+06	1.44E+06	1.31E+06	1.33E+06	1.5E+06	1.27E+06	1.41E+06	1.51E+06	1.5E+06	1.49E+06	1.5E+06	1.37E+06	1.31E+06	1.27E+06	1.27E+06	1.56E+06	1.23E+06	1.18E+06	1.2E+06	1.33E+06	1.3E+06	1.25E+06
cis-1,2-Dihydronaphthalene-1,2-diol_2	1.49E+06	1.56E+06	1.13E+06	1.53E+06	9.9E+05	1.25E+06	1.36E+06	9.07E+05	1.48E+06	1.31E+06	1.54E+06	1.27E+06	1.3E+06	1.4E+06	1.37E+06	1.27E+06	1.51E+06	1.26E+06	1.44E+06	1.32E+06	1.31E+06	1.13E+06	1E+06	1.32E+06	1.39E+06	8.97E+05	1.26E+06	1.11E+06	1.16E+06	1.34E+06	1.53E+06	1.37E+06	1.09E+06	1.41E+06	1.48E+06	1.3E+06	1.51E+06	1.49E+06	1.24E+06	1.46E+06	1.38E+06	1.27E+06	1.26E+06	1.64E+06	1.49E+06
cis-1,2-Dihydronaphthalene-1,2-diol_3	3.06E+06	2.08E+06	9.58E+05	2.46E+06	5.25E+06	1.85E+06	1.57E+06	4.45E+05	1.55E+06	5.5E+05	1.77E+06	5.09E+05	6.94E+05	8.98E+05	1.5E+06	9.18E+05	1.61E+06	2.11E+06	2.2E+06	1.13E+06	1.2E+06	1.85E+06	1.21E+06	2.83E+06	4.37E+05	2.28E+06	8.6E+05	8.69E+05	5.03E+05	1.94E+06	1.96E+06	2.01E+06	8.27E+05	1.08E+06	2.63E+06	6.49E+05	1.82E+06	9.15E+05	4.21E+05	7.32E+05	9.58E+05	4.64E+05	5.03E+05	1.43E+06	1.21E+06
cis-2,3-Dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl_1	3.85E+05	4.3E+05	9.32E+04	1.41E+06	1.16E+06	1.29E+06	6.47E+05	1.12E+05	4.29E+05	1.16E+05	5.04E+05	2.93E+05	3.08E+04	4.94E+05	9.68E+05	6.7E+05	1.72E+06	6.19E+05	2.72E+06	1.48E+06	6.4E+04	5.72E+05	2.42E+05	1.84E+06	1.23E+04	3.2E+04	5.12E+03	6.7E+05	5.58E+05	3.14E+05	1.46E+06	1.44E+06	4.62E+05	8.22E+05	3.12E+05	5.02E+04	1.28E+06	1.71E+06	6.94E+03	3.18E+05	6.46E+05	9.34E+03	3.07E+05	2.64E+05	2.21E+05
cis-2,3-Dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl_2	2.64E+05	2.32E+05	7.55E+03	5.23E+05	5.5E+05	2.78E+05	4.78E+04	6.65E+04	4.17E+05	3.66E+03	2.33E+05	9.16E+04	6.07E+04	1.84E+05	5.65E+05	1.56E+05	1.54E+05	3.09E+05	1.12E+06	2.52E+05	3.21E+03	4.91E+05	2.08E+05	9.5E+05	1.58E+03	2.62E+04	2.16E+03	1.3E+05	6.86E+04	2.29E+05	4.98E+05	7.73E+05	4.08E+05	4.41E+05	8.9E+05	1.8E+04	1.06E+06	3.68E+05	4.42E+03	2.68E+05	2.89E+05	3.92E+03	2.18E+05	8.64E+04	1.76E+05
cis-2,3-Dihydroxy-2,3-dihydro-p-cumate	9.19E+06	6.9E+06	1.54E+06	6.8E+06	1.17E+07	4.32E+06	3.65E+06	2.03E+06	5.85E+06	7.08E+05	1.98E+06	1.97E+06	1.54E+06	3.86E+06	1.43E+07	2.87E+06	1.63E+06	7.37E+06	1.17E+07	1.05E+06	9.52E+05	2.58E+06	3.35E+06	4.13E+06	4.36E+06	3.59E+06	5.37E+05	4.46E+06	1.16E+06	1.09E+07	3.18E+07	1.41E+07	3.8E+06	4.13E+06	1.33E+07	3.33E+05	1.83E+07	3.93E+06	1.84E+06	2.18E+06	2.49E+06	1.79E+06	4.37E+06	1.93E+06	2.26E+06
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_1	2.5E+06	1.4E+06	8.21E+05	3.69E+06	3.45E+06	9.16E+05	1.98E+06	6.32E+05	1.14E+06	8.54E+04	1.58E+06	7.06E+05	4.3E+05	4.45E+06	2.92E+06	3.63E+06	1.04E+06	2.72E+06	7.77E+06	7.69E+05	7.34E+05	2.48E+06	1.97E+06	4.44E+06	3.38E+05	1.31E+06	1.35E+05	2.97E+06	3.82E+05	1.46E+06	2.94E+07	2.72E+06	1.03E+06	7.97E+05	2.65E+06	3.06E+05	6.96E+06	1.21E+06	3.15E+05	7.68E+05	3.11E+06	2.87E+05	1.09E+06	3.67E+05	5.76E+05
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_2	2.97E+05	8.4E+04	3.13E+06	6.86E+06	6.59E+05	5.9E+05	3.87E+06	3.32E+05	9.4E+04	1.88E+04	7.76E+04	3.88E+05	1.04E+06	1.12E+06	3.35E+05	3.04E+05	2.84E+05	1.4E+06	2.23E+05	4.93E+05	4.59E+04	4.64E+06	1.83E+04	6.53E+06	5.19E+05	2.03E+04	2.48E+04	8.45E+04	5.5E+04	1.83E+05	6.9E+06	6.17E+05	4.14E+05	2.73E+05	5.52E+05	3.15E+04	1.75E+06	4.27E+05	4.22E+04	9.82E+05	1.24E+05	5.34E+04	2.36E+06	1.99E+06	8.31E+04
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_3	9E+03	2.47E+03	7.72E+05	1.77E+06	4.66E+03	4.01E+04	1.26E+05	1.86E+03	9.27E+03	1.77E+03	1.98E+03	959	8.69E+04	1.98E+04	1.97E+03	3.59E+03	3.98E+03	2.28E+05	3.86E+03	2.39E+03	948	3.36E+05	3.12E+03	4.06E+06	4.74E+04	5.25E+04	3.36E+03	1.02E+03	1.41E+03	2.45E+04	2.55E+03	2.64E+03	1.05E+05	2.13E+03	1.29E+03	1.87E+03	1.91E+06	942	2.14E+03	1.96E+05	2.22E+03	3.1E+03	4.86E+05	1.71E+05	1.95E+03
cis-3,4-Leucopelargonidin	1.28E+07	2.5E+05	1.29E+06	3.05E+05	1.61E+06	1.37E+05	9.6E+04	2.09E+04	3.65E+05	8.34E+05	1.93E+05	1.29E+05	2E+05	3.74E+05	2.83E+05	2.08E+05	1.79E+06	8.54E+05	6.11E+04	2.07E+05	2.27E+05	5.33E+06	1.41E+05	8.48E+04	2.07E+04	7.82E+04	1.31E+04	3.34E+05	9.92E+04	1.78E+06	4.62E+05	1.06E+06	1.85E+04	4.36E+05	1.72E+06	1.24E+05	4.73E+04	1.19E+05	1.15E+04	3.52E+04	2.85E+05	2.07E+04	1.93E+04	8.13E+05	7.74E+04
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide_1	7.05E+05	1.07E+07	2.1E+06	1.03E+06	3.17E+06	2.34E+07	1.61E+06	9.1E+05	9.44E+05	9.04E+07	1.68E+06	1.1E+05	2.63E+07	8.6E+05	1.58E+06	2.51E+05	6.18E+05	9.36E+06	6.08E+06	1.04E+06	1.83E+05	8.54E+05	3.26E+05	1.51E+06	7.48E+05	2.26E+08	6.78E+05	1.62E+07	2.25E+05	1.32E+07	6.73E+05	7.95E+05	6.06E+05	5.52E+05	5.18E+08	4.35E+07	1.77E+04	1.14E+06	6.57E+06	1.03E+05	4.4E+06	3.96E+05	9.49E+04	4.68E+07	2.24E+05
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide_2	2.15E+05	4.17E+05	1.09E+04	1.8E+05	1.38E+06	2.51E+04	2.05E+06	3.49E+05	1.55E+05	7.82E+03	2.64E+04	1.92E+04	7.07E+03	1.54E+05	4.31E+05	6.41E+04	1.21E+06	4.67E+05	8.89E+04	3.73E+04	4.77E+03	1.17E+04	8.74E+03	6.82E+04	1.69E+05	7.12E+05	1.1E+05	7.14E+05	7.25E+03	2.87E+05	6.96E+04	1.73E+05	3.02E+04	2.14E+06	4.02E+05	1.94E+03	2.41E+05	1.23E+05	5.59E+03	4.42E+04	8.78E+04	6.15E+04	8.35E+03	1.74E+05	5.49E+03
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide_3	7.9E+03	1.01E+04	7.75E+03	6.08E+04	1.62E+04	5.03E+03	6.8E+03	3.29E+03	3E+03	4.19E+03	7.79E+03	3.42E+04	2.94E+03	6.89E+03	8.54E+03	1.8E+03	7.73E+05	1.12E+04	4.92E+04	1.84E+04	3.37E+03	2.27E+04	1.27E+04	4.94E+04	1.29E+05	8.59E+03	8.49E+03	3.88E+03	5.65E+03	4.88E+04	1.81E+04	1.28E+05	4.25E+03	8.37E+03	1.38E+05	3.25E+03	4.9E+04	1.2E+04	5.2E+03	3.06E+03	1.49E+03	1.23E+04	5.62E+03	3.08E+03	5.26E+03
cis-Aconitate_1	1.69E+08	6.13E+07	3.54E+07	4.11E+07	1.12E+08	3.38E+07	3.72E+07	4.95E+07	1.09E+08	2.62E+07	9.33E+07	6.33E+07	4.09E+07	7.51E+07	3.71E+07	2.28E+07	2.13E+08	1.31E+08	6.4E+07	9.19E+07	5.34E+07	1.92E+08	2.44E+07	1.02E+08	2.83E+07	3.83E+07	3.2E+07	9.32E+07	2.92E+07	7.6E+07	1E+08	1.22E+08	1.55E+07	7.81E+07	3.58E+07	4.27E+07	4.6E+07	7.19E+07	2.51E+07	4.33E+07	7.52E+07	3.17E+07	7.61E+07	8.38E+07	2.46E+07
cis-Aconitate_2	2.99E+07	3.84E+07	1.31E+07	5.06E+07	3.86E+07	2.88E+07	2.02E+07	1.05E+07	2.45E+07	1.04E+07	2.65E+07	1.46E+07	9.76E+06	1.93E+07	3.91E+07	1.78E+07	3.14E+07	2.75E+07	3.83E+07	2.57E+07	1.47E+07	2.65E+07	1.69E+07	3.64E+07	1.01E+07	1.35E+07	6.5E+06	1.97E+07	7.94E+06	3.04E+07	2.35E+07	3.17E+07	1.76E+07	2.72E+07	4.91E+07	1.11E+07	3.5E+07	2.14E+07	6.84E+06	1.42E+07	1.59E+07	8.36E+06	1.6E+07	2.85E+07	8.39E+06
cis-Aconitate_3	7.67E+03	7.43E+03	4.16E+03	2.37E+05	2.58E+05	5.81E+04	3.72E+04	1.58E+04	2.39E+03	2.28E+03	3.39E+03	1.2E+04	6.79E+03	2.7E+03	2.6E+03	2.26E+03	2.77E+04	2.56E+05	2.86E+04	1.32E+04	1.6E+04	1.86E+04	1.29E+05	2.49E+04	2.72E+03	0	1.56E+03	1.04E+04	0	4.45E+04	9.31E+04	6.24E+04	2.08E+04	7.75E+03	6.67E+05	7.05E+03	8.95E+04	1.19E+04	0	2.73E+04	3.53E+03	1.95E+04	2.6E+03	1.41E+05	2.93E+03
Citalopram propionic acid	2.28E+04	1.8E+04	1.56E+06	7.32E+04	4.9E+06	7.31E+04	1.4E+05	1.69E+04	4.42E+05	2.75E+05	2.43E+04	5.89E+05	2.3E+05	1.04E+05	1.41E+06	8.44E+03	2.18E+04	2.96E+05	2.62E+05	1.79E+05	3.09E+04	3.1E+05	3.97E+04	1.89E+05	1.51E+06	3.64E+03	1.34E+05	7.12E+05	1.68E+03	1.76E+04	1.42E+04	7.21E+05	5.51E+04	8.45E+03	1.2E+05	2.39E+05	6.37E+05	1.15E+04	6.27E+04	5.93E+04	1.99E+05	1.96E+04	1.55E+04	1.16E+04	1.79E+04
CITRAMALATE	4.34E+06	6.49E+06	8.45E+05	3.91E+06	1.25E+07	2.33E+06	2.59E+06	2.17E+06	5.84E+06	1.48E+06	1.62E+07	1.74E+06	1.9E+06	2.11E+06	7.59E+06	2.11E+06	1.97E+07	5.89E+06	2.25E+07	8.65E+06	3.99E+06	4.17E+06	2.77E+06	7.84E+06	4.68E+06	3.36E+06	5.85E+06	2.98E+06	3.06E+06	1.07E+07	7.05E+06	2.41E+07	2.37E+06	6E+06	1.85E+07	7E+06	1.41E+06	1.8E+06	3.82E+06	1.53E+06	3.45E+06	2.35E+06	5.27E+05	2.12E+06	2.3E+05
CITRATE	3.42E+08	1.15E+08	8.6E+07	8.58E+07	2.02E+08	7.43E+07	9.15E+07	1.34E+08	2.33E+08	6.22E+07	1.99E+08	1.51E+08	1.09E+08	1.57E+08	6.88E+07	5.24E+07	3.79E+08	2.27E+08	1.01E+08	1.84E+08	1.29E+08	3.89E+08	5.17E+07	1.77E+08	7.23E+07	8.75E+07	8.35E+07	2.25E+08	7.25E+07	1.56E+08	2.17E+08	2.52E+08	3.48E+07	1.58E+08	7.23E+07	1.06E+08	1.09E+08	1.67E+08	6.5E+07	1.14E+08	1.51E+08	8.26E+07	2.12E+08	1.95E+08	6.85E+07
Citrate_1	6.57E+07	2.29E+07	1.36E+07	1.56E+07	4E+07	1.26E+07	1.43E+07	1.88E+07	3.92E+07	9.64E+06	3.37E+07	2.35E+07	1.48E+07	2.75E+07	1.37E+07	8.57E+06	7.54E+07	4.83E+07	2.24E+07	3.39E+07	1.95E+07	6.94E+07	8.66E+06	3.71E+07	9.94E+06	1.38E+07	1.15E+07	3.34E+07	1.04E+07	2.74E+07	3.76E+07	4.48E+07	5.72E+06	2.77E+07	1.35E+07	1.56E+07	1.68E+07	2.75E+07	9.19E+06	1.62E+07	2.78E+07	1.11E+07	2.79E+07	3.09E+07	8.8E+06
Citrate_2	4.57E+06	5.54E+06	1.72E+06	8.09E+06	6.1E+06	4.01E+06	2.49E+06	1.15E+06	2.8E+06	1.33E+06	3.5E+06	1.92E+06	1.25E+06	2.21E+06	6.07E+06	2.44E+06	4.58E+06	3.92E+06	6.16E+06	3.36E+06	1.9E+06	4.07E+06	2.2E+06	5.79E+06	1.22E+06	1.52E+06	8.05E+05	2.29E+06	1E+06	4.25E+06	3.62E+06	4.25E+06	2.12E+06	3.43E+06	7.83E+06	1.2E+06	5.16E+06	2.77E+06	7.18E+05	1.8E+06	1.86E+06	9.04E+05	2.02E+06	3.82E+06	8.53E+05
Clavamycin D	9.99E+03	9.54E+04	1.54E+04	1.04E+06	6.63E+06	2.87E+04	5.53E+03	1.47E+03	3.23E+04	6.56E+03	9.08E+04	3.91E+04	4.89E+04	5.44E+04	3.11E+05	5.67E+04	1.36E+04	2.07E+04	5.19E+05	1.66E+04	5.24E+04	7.66E+03	8.96E+03	6.06E+04	2.11E+03	3.55E+03	1.75E+03	1.42E+05	7.26E+03	4.65E+04	1.92E+04	4.66E+04	1.86E+03	3.58E+03	4.02E+04	1.05E+05	1.62E+05	3.93E+04	1.98E+03	1.47E+03	1.01E+04	2.59E+03	1.57E+04	2.35E+04	5.34E+04
Clavamycin E	7.22E+06	5.08E+06	2.98E+05	6.7E+06	7.01E+06	1.8E+06	5.54E+06	1.08E+06	2.33E+06	4.8E+04	4.34E+06	6.64E+05	1.52E+05	4.41E+05	4.41E+06	3.32E+06	1.39E+06	2.16E+06	5.35E+06	5.07E+06	1.65E+07	4.45E+06	1.49E+06	3.69E+06	4.61E+05	6.22E+05	1.08E+05	2.49E+06	1.47E+05	8.23E+06	1.78E+06	2.33E+07	1.18E+06	3.03E+06	4.78E+06	6.08E+05	1.13E+06	2.6E+06	1.64E+05	1.7E+06	2.96E+06	1.29E+05	2.01E+06	2.85E+06	1.45E+06
Clavulanic acid	5.89E+05	2.94E+05	2.01E+05	3.1E+05	6.86E+06	1E+05	2.9E+05	5.29E+06	1.13E+06	2.57E+05	4.76E+04	2.31E+05	4.51E+04	9.51E+04	2.42E+05	2.45E+03	2.05E+06	6.4E+05	3.08E+06	1.14E+07	4.25E+04	1E+06	3.1E+05	8.98E+04	5.44E+05	2.49E+05	2.26E+05	1.09E+05	1.09E+04	3.48E+06	2.41E+06	1.1E+06	6.52E+05	1.15E+06	1.3E+06	1.45E+05	1.12E+06	5.06E+05	1.34E+05	1.11E+06	5.72E+05	1.73E+05	2.07E+04	4.87E+06	1.78E+05
Clitidine_1	2.07E+07	2.16E+07	7.3E+06	4.52E+07	3.41E+07	1.26E+07	1.53E+07	3.21E+06	1.78E+07	6.5E+06	1.97E+07	9.74E+06	6.71E+06	1.6E+07	2.92E+07	1.65E+07	2.13E+07	2.25E+07	4.06E+07	2.29E+07	9.8E+06	2.25E+07	1.42E+07	3.25E+07	5.86E+06	7.85E+06	4.13E+06	1.53E+07	6.67E+06	1.17E+07	1.88E+07	2.46E+07	1.01E+07	4.11E+07	1.88E+07	7.5E+06	2.98E+07	8.68E+06	5.01E+06	5.27E+06	1.28E+07	5.44E+06	1.2E+07	1E+07	6.15E+06
Clitidine_2	1.31E+06	7.94E+05	3.94E+05	4.57E+06	3.63E+06	5.45E+06	1.14E+06	1.18E+05	1.45E+06	4.78E+05	1.09E+06	4.77E+05	3.65E+05	1.04E+06	6.05E+06	1.28E+06	1.63E+06	7.67E+05	3.8E+06	7.52E+05	4.18E+05	2.34E+06	2.12E+05	2.29E+06	3.68E+05	1.13E+05	9.16E+04	1.08E+06	2.99E+05	1.74E+06	3.36E+06	2.1E+06	1.18E+06	1.48E+06	6.77E+06	2.08E+05	3.44E+06	3.74E+05	2.36E+05	3.73E+05	3.92E+05	2.41E+05	9.91E+04	2.73E+06	8.39E+05
Clopyralid	3.03E+05	1.49E+05	8.74E+05	1.33E+05	2.27E+05	1.85E+05	1.09E+06	1.68E+06	1.41E+05	1.18E+06	6.15E+05	2.74E+05	1.84E+06	2.68E+05	1.29E+05	7.83E+05	2.19E+05	8.73E+04	8.02E+03	3.46E+05	8.97E+05	8.54E+04	1.49E+05	1.17E+04	1.63E+06	2.7E+05	1.3E+06	9E+05	1.26E+06	1.02E+05	2.32E+04	8.75E+04	5.43E+04	4.12E+04	2.14E+04	5.46E+05	2.75E+05	4.65E+05	1.87E+06	8.06E+05	5.5E+05	2.4E+06	7.54E+05	4.87E+05	1.15E+06
Codeine-6-glucuronide	2.08E+05	2.67E+04	0	2.93E+05	2.08E+05	2.05E+03	1.91E+05	2.11E+04	5.44E+04	1.6E+03	7.31E+04	4.78E+03	9.56E+03	2.13E+04	2.63E+05	6.02E+04	5.34E+04	1.68E+04	2.95E+05	9.98E+04	2.04E+03	2.03E+05	1.43E+03	3.12E+05	0	0	0	2.63E+04	0	1.78E+05	2.92E+05	1.03E+05	1.94E+03	1.04E+05	4.79E+05	0	3.41E+04	2.89E+03	1.48E+03	1.26E+03	8.48E+03	1.86E+03	3.28E+03	1.54E+05	2.4E+03
Codonopsine	1.7E+04	4.46E+04	8.73E+04	6.36E+04	9.61E+05	3.52E+04	2.59E+04	5.42E+04	1.54E+04	2.98E+04	2.53E+04	7.06E+03	2.13E+04	4.99E+03	4.41E+05	4.57E+03	2.13E+04	1.87E+04	1.96E+05	3.29E+04	1.68E+05	9.12E+03	2.6E+04	1.39E+04	6.92E+03	1.97E+04	1.56E+03	8.58E+04	2.69E+08	2.55E+04	2.87E+04	2.45E+04	2.04E+04	3.12E+04	1.09E+04	1.03E+04	5.47E+04	4.87E+04	3.72E+03	9.05E+03	4.47E+04	6.27E+03	6.44E+04	3.54E+03	3.94E+04
Coenzyme B	4.75E+07	2.42E+07	1.95E+06	5.04E+05	3.81E+07	1.7E+07	5.05E+06	5.17E+07	2.5E+07	2.17E+07	2.25E+07	1.56E+07	2.46E+05	2.17E+07	2.02E+07	1.78E+07	3.64E+07	4.35E+06	1.71E+07	2.64E+07	6.82E+06	2.47E+06	2.99E+07	4.73E+05	5.24E+05	2.2E+07	5.87E+06	2.64E+07	1.12E+07	1.19E+07	6.94E+07	2.01E+07	1.87E+07	3.78E+07	8.66E+06	2.55E+07	1.73E+05	1.2E+07	2.34E+07	1.48E+07	2.67E+07	5.08E+06	6.95E+06	6.17E+06	1.64E+07
Compactin diol lactone	4.42E+05	7.97E+04	8.86E+04	3.61E+05	5.96E+05	1.9E+04	3.67E+04	1.22E+04	3.34E+05	1.48E+05	1.73E+05	6.3E+04	6.12E+03	1.16E+05	1.2E+05	4.32E+04	7.47E+05	1.41E+05	2.44E+05	3.19E+05	2.48E+04	5.38E+05	3.62E+04	2.66E+05	1.55E+04	4.2E+04	4.83E+03	1.02E+05	1.27E+03	2.43E+04	4.58E+05	1.95E+04	3.06E+05	6.21E+05	2.1E+04	2.26E+04	1.8E+05	1.14E+05	1.55E+03	1E+04	2.57E+04	7.7E+04	6.04E+04	2.09E+04	1.27E+04
Coniferyl alcohol_1	9.2E+06	1.17E+07	2.75E+06	1.19E+07	2.23E+07	7.2E+06	6.7E+06	3.59E+06	1.04E+07	1.26E+06	3.53E+06	3.52E+06	2.79E+06	7E+06	2.62E+07	6.93E+06	7.12E+06	1.39E+07	2.45E+07	2.27E+06	1.84E+06	6.5E+06	6.29E+06	8.08E+06	2.18E+06	7.1E+06	6.96E+05	8.27E+06	2.31E+06	2.13E+07	4.58E+07	2.73E+07	7.38E+06	7.16E+06	2.62E+07	6.01E+05	3.83E+07	3.16E+06	3.56E+06	4.37E+06	4.88E+06	4.09E+06	9.07E+06	3.48E+06	2.91E+06
Coniferyl alcohol_2	1.62E+06	1.53E+06	1.17E+06	5.26E+05	2.45E+06	1.74E+06	1.75E+06	1.22E+06	1.72E+06	1.33E+06	1.51E+06	1.35E+06	1.39E+06	1.07E+06	1.25E+06	1.5E+06	6.65E+05	1.01E+06	1.56E+06	1.39E+06	1.42E+06	1.99E+06	1.36E+06	2.6E+06	1.32E+06	1.14E+06	1.48E+06	1.05E+06	1.68E+06	1.64E+06	2.16E+06	1.7E+06	1.02E+06	1.48E+06	1.44E+06	1.49E+06	1.39E+06	1.36E+06	1.65E+06	1.71E+06	5.18E+05	1.44E+06	1.48E+06	1.42E+06	1.02E+06
Coniferyl alcohol_3	3.16E+05	2.9E+05	2.62E+05	1.05E+05	2.68E+05	2.87E+05	2.57E+05	2.49E+05	2.88E+05	3.02E+05	3.27E+05	8.24E+04	2.57E+05	2.95E+05	2.72E+05	2.08E+05	3.3E+05	2.3E+05	2.65E+05	2.24E+05	2.13E+05	1.62E+05	2.98E+05	2.87E+05	2.68E+05	1.48E+05	2.36E+05	1.87E+05	3E+05	2.88E+05	3.21E+05	2.66E+05	3.08E+05	1.35E+05	2.93E+05	2.66E+05	2.45E+05	1.61E+05	2.67E+05	3.25E+05	2.89E+05	2.13E+05	2.44E+05	2.73E+05	2.69E+05
Coniferyl alcohol_4	4.54E+05	1.36E+05	1.27E+05	5.01E+05	6.4E+05	1.72E+05	7.25E+04	3.95E+04	3.39E+04	1.82E+04	1.38E+05	1.37E+04	2.26E+04	9.82E+04	2.17E+05	2.16E+04	2.86E+05	2.01E+05	1.55E+05	2.53E+05	4.17E+04	3.18E+05	2.97E+04	3.05E+05	2.57E+04	1.74E+04	1.96E+04	7.04E+04	8.89E+03	1.02E+05	7.29E+03	1.69E+04	1.4E+05	2.88E+04	4.16E+04	1.71E+04	4.29E+05	2.33E+05	1.57E+04	1.13E+05	2.99E+04	9.69E+03	3.27E+04	3.97E+04	6.96E+04
Coproporphyrin I	6.59E+05	5.86E+05	1.91E+03	7.05E+05	2.9E+06	7.68E+04	3.54E+06	3.65E+05	1.29E+05	0	3.89E+04	5.75E+03	1.27E+03	6.47E+05	1.18E+06	4.75E+04	7.53E+05	6.69E+05	5.66E+05	5.34E+04	0	5.99E+03	6.1E+04	1.48E+05	8.55E+03	7.53E+05	0	1.49E+06	6.34E+03	1.7E+05	1.34E+05	4.44E+05	9.64E+04	1.3E+06	1.36E+06	0	7.66E+05	1.16E+05	1.74E+03	3E+04	1.79E+05	0	6.52E+03	4.94E+04	5.93E+04
Corticosterone_1	1.19E+06	4.95E+06	7.92E+05	1.01E+07	7.17E+06	3.28E+06	2.64E+06	1.12E+05	1.05E+06	6.18E+05	6.98E+05	1.55E+06	9.63E+05	4.31E+06	5.19E+06	3.54E+06	1.36E+06	3.81E+06	1.07E+07	2.4E+06	1.96E+06	3.15E+06	2.08E+06	5.11E+06	8.47E+04	1.9E+06	9.51E+04	2.48E+06	1.83E+06	1.73E+06	1.03E+06	3.98E+06	8.84E+04	3.87E+05	4.54E+06	6.03E+05	6.34E+06	3.42E+06	6.01E+05	3.9E+05	2.41E+06	2.04E+05	3.79E+06	3.44E+06	4.23E+05
Corticosterone_2	3.96E+04	2.56E+04	1.64E+03	1.44E+04	1.2E+03	1.39E+03	1.02E+03	1.92E+03	7.22E+03	1.83E+03	7.39E+05	7.15E+03	3.69E+03	1.23E+03	6.55E+03	3.34E+03	1.41E+04	2.23E+03	3.22E+03	1.84E+05	9.08E+03	1.53E+04	1.62E+03	4.17E+05	1.47E+03	1.88E+03	1.91E+03	2.34E+03	838	2.39E+03	6.66E+03	1.89E+04	1.59E+03	5.31E+03	1.92E+04	1.92E+03	2.02E+03	2.25E+03	1.48E+03	1.82E+03	2.41E+03	1.18E+03	1.18E+03	2.66E+03	1.92E+03
Coumarin_1	2.64E+06	3.32E+07	2.82E+06	1.12E+07	1.48E+07	1.8E+06	3.48E+06	4.98E+06	4.96E+06	3.62E+06	7.65E+06	2.01E+06	8.15E+06	1.71E+06	1.13E+07	4.46E+06	6.95E+06	8.46E+06	4.83E+06	5.78E+06	1.14E+06	5.57E+06	5.37E+06	2.79E+06	1.31E+07	1.57E+06	1.76E+06	1E+07	6.43E+05	3.66E+07	1.54E+07	5.12E+06	6.63E+05	2.25E+06	7.8E+07	2.33E+06	7.17E+05	4.64E+06	6.72E+06	3.97E+06	2.72E+06	4.25E+06	2.97E+05	4.83E+06	1.18E+06
Coumarin_2	1.07E+06	6.51E+05	2.2E+05	2.05E+06	8.13E+05	3.56E+05	6.14E+05	7.12E+04	8.3E+05	2.48E+06	3.08E+05	3.19E+05	3.17E+05	2.55E+05	7E+05	1.35E+05	1.1E+06	6.06E+05	2.68E+04	3.13E+04	7.6E+04	1.01E+06	6.11E+05	7.44E+05	5.55E+05	3.05E+05	1.49E+05	1.37E+06	3.53E+04	1.1E+06	8.33E+05	1.56E+05	1.44E+06	3.52E+05	2.22E+06	3.75E+05	1.47E+06	1.14E+05	7.1E+04	1.23E+05	9.81E+05	3.69E+05	2.99E+05	7.45E+05	9.35E+04
Coumarin_3	4.57E+04	1.92E+04	1.15E+04	2.67E+05	3.21E+04	1.6E+04	1.44E+04	3.57E+04	4.36E+04	1.15E+04	2.69E+05	2.99E+03	9.71E+03	1.4E+04	3.12E+05	9.21E+03	6.13E+04	4.68E+04	7.81E+05	1.22E+05	7.41E+03	3.37E+04	3.37E+04	2.03E+05	1.31E+04	8.12E+03	1.8E+03	7.9E+03	9.43E+03	6.89E+04	4.63E+05	1.21E+04	2.39E+04	1.33E+04	1.8E+05	3.08E+04	1.1E+04	3.03E+04	9.74E+03	2.45E+04	2.95E+04	2.65E+03	1.46E+04	5.13E+04	7.21E+03
Coumestrol	7.62E+04	6.59E+04	1.08E+05	1.72E+04	4.05E+05	2.6E+04	1.78E+04	1.2E+05	1.53E+04	3.32E+03	6.57E+04	4.15E+04	1.28E+04	1E+04	3.77E+04	2.42E+04	1.8E+05	1.67E+04	3.79E+04	1.59E+05	6.65E+04	1.04E+04	4.85E+03	2.42E+05	6.55E+03	5.71E+03	1.66E+03	1.27E+05	9.97E+03	1.24E+05	6.71E+05	1.41E+05	3.65E+04	1.66E+05	5.46E+04	7.38E+03	1.45E+04	5.59E+03	961	1.34E+04	4.36E+04	2.31E+03	2.26E+03	4.01E+04	3.71E+03
CREATINE	2.88E+09	1.11E+09	5.02E+07	5.86E+08	2.83E+09	1.13E+09	1.45E+09	6.93E+08	1.09E+09	4.98E+07	2.66E+08	1.31E+09	1.18E+08	9.15E+08	5.37E+08	1.03E+09	2.4E+09	6.68E+08	1.52E+09	3.22E+09	6.1E+08	6.88E+08	1.79E+08	1.9E+09	4.43E+07	1.24E+08	5.8E+07	1.83E+08	1.57E+09	1.65E+08	1.72E+09	1.86E+08	1.25E+08	8.57E+08	2.78E+08	5.9E+07	2.94E+08	1.49E+09	4.99E+08	3.72E+08	1.06E+09	2.92E+07	9.63E+08	2.29E+08	1.52E+08
CREATININE_1	1.7E+10	1.55E+10	7.55E+09	2.38E+10	2.07E+10	1.24E+10	9.93E+09	6.05E+09	1.53E+10	7.32E+09	1.43E+10	7.87E+09	5.92E+09	1.12E+10	2.3E+10	1.24E+10	2.09E+10	1.71E+10	2.78E+10	1.65E+10	1.21E+10	2.11E+10	1.27E+10	2.14E+10	7.42E+09	8.93E+09	5.9E+09	1.23E+10	6.57E+09	1.64E+10	1.92E+10	2.19E+10	1.06E+10	1.43E+10	2.61E+10	9.77E+09	2.04E+10	9.71E+09	5.33E+09	1.05E+10	1.13E+10	6.97E+09	9.75E+09	1.48E+10	6.81E+09
CREATININE_2	1.79E+06	1.52E+06	9E+06	4.78E+06	1.2E+07	1.64E+06	5.67E+06	1.5E+06	1.42E+06	8.48E+05	2.96E+06	3.37E+06	2.26E+06	1.77E+06	2.16E+06	1.07E+06	2.94E+06	1.84E+06	3.24E+06	2.62E+06	2.21E+06	1.65E+06	1.72E+06	2.58E+06	2.24E+06	8.71E+05	1.05E+06	1.23E+07	8.13E+05	2.1E+06	4.33E+06	2.84E+06	2.04E+06	3.05E+06	2.51E+06	1.44E+06	2.36E+06	1.68E+07	1.03E+06	1.3E+06	3.45E+06	7.98E+05	2.32E+06	3.33E+06	1.58E+06
Crotanecine_1	1.07E+07	9.9E+06	3.2E+06	2.66E+07	9.41E+06	7.86E+06	1.41E+07	3.47E+06	1.33E+07	2.43E+06	6.59E+06	7.39E+06	1.87E+06	6.83E+06	3.43E+07	1.42E+07	1.11E+07	9.67E+06	2.73E+07	9.24E+06	4.88E+06	7.7E+06	5.76E+06	2.3E+07	1.35E+06	4.02E+06	5.74E+05	1.03E+07	6.19E+06	3.1E+07	1.58E+07	2.46E+07	7.52E+06	1.41E+07	5.05E+07	1.93E+06	1.69E+07	6.94E+06	1.89E+06	4.91E+06	6.94E+06	9.68E+05	6.6E+06	8.65E+06	2.67E+06
Crotanecine_2	1.03E+07	2.25E+06	2.57E+05	2.99E+06	5.44E+06	4E+06	8.97E+06	1.7E+06	1.13E+07	2.59E+05	4.64E+06	1.14E+06	7.26E+05	5.38E+06	8E+06	7.9E+06	3.48E+06	1.05E+07	8.5E+06	3.07E+06	7.27E+05	8.57E+06	4.92E+06	1.24E+07	1.14E+05	3.36E+06	1.2E+05	7.99E+06	3.08E+06	7.64E+06	3.09E+07	8.55E+06	3.42E+06	3.32E+06	1.27E+07	9.49E+03	1.07E+07	1.02E+06	1.34E+06	2.39E+06	3.57E+06	4.83E+05	1.47E+06	1.58E+06	2.26E+06
Crotanecine_3	4.74E+04	4.91E+05	2.12E+05	9.68E+05	1.04E+08	1.92E+05	1.26E+05	6.02E+04	2.96E+05	6.26E+04	2.83E+05	2.45E+05	1.24E+05	2.97E+05	8.16E+05	8.22E+05	1.25E+06	9.89E+05	1.27E+06	2.52E+05	2.75E+05	7.99E+05	3.82E+05	5.48E+05	3.96E+04	1.79E+05	4.6E+04	3.08E+05	2.39E+04	1.17E+06	2.79E+05	1.78E+05	6.56E+04	2.74E+05	1.54E+06	1.51E+05	2.71E+05	5.23E+04	4.15E+04	4.61E+04	3.62E+05	1.56E+04	1.76E+05	4.3E+05	6.72E+04
Cuauhtemone_1	7.91E+05	8.03E+05	2.44E+05	9.42E+05	1.39E+06	4.35E+05	6.68E+05	4.8E+04	1.08E+06	1.89E+05	5.48E+05	2.95E+05	4.07E+05	4.43E+05	7.02E+05	4.98E+05	6.28E+05	4.52E+05	2.07E+06	2.93E+05	1.75E+05	7.06E+05	3.85E+05	7.67E+05	1.55E+05	6.82E+04	5.43E+04	3.81E+05	2.74E+05	7.04E+05	8.15E+05	9.23E+05	1.9E+05	5.71E+05	2.2E+06	2.41E+05	1.72E+06	2.13E+05	1.47E+05	1.86E+05	3.62E+05	4.87E+04	2.23E+05	1.84E+05	2.56E+05
Cuauhtemone_2	3.97E+05	1.86E+05	1.04E+05	3.5E+05	1.05E+06	7.49E+04	1.67E+05	3.58E+04	4.41E+05	5.35E+04	1.31E+05	1.48E+05	7.46E+04	2.58E+05	1.48E+05	9.44E+04	9.09E+05	5.06E+05	1.7E+05	3.48E+05	2.34E+04	3.35E+05	2.42E+05	1.35E+05	1.15E+05	1.79E+05	4.74E+03	2.68E+05	4.47E+03	2.82E+04	7.12E+05	6.16E+04	2.54E+05	6.48E+05	7.47E+04	5.22E+04	3.12E+05	3.12E+05	1.95E+04	1.52E+05	3.95E+05	5.39E+04	7.04E+03	2.88E+04	7.47E+04
Cuauhtemone_3	1.59E+05	1.35E+05	1.59E+05	8.5E+04	1.85E+05	1.95E+05	1.75E+05	9.89E+04	1.17E+05	6.24E+04	1.48E+05	1.32E+05	2.2E+05	1.6E+05	5.05E+04	1.93E+05	8.62E+04	1.28E+05	6.88E+04	1.2E+05	1.09E+05	1.68E+05	1.64E+05	5.86E+04	1.4E+05	1.1E+05	9.42E+04	7.32E+04	1.29E+05	7.66E+04	1.42E+05	9.11E+04	8.65E+04	1.24E+05	1.21E+05	5.04E+04	1.05E+05	1.43E+05	9.54E+04	7.8E+04	1.57E+05	6.99E+04	1.72E+05	1.61E+05	8.08E+04
Cucurbic acid_1	1.63E+06	4.03E+06	4.86E+05	1.91E+06	3.94E+06	3.86E+06	3.26E+06	3.73E+05	5.83E+05	2.94E+05	5.66E+05	1.15E+06	6.35E+04	3.66E+05	2.04E+06	6.66E+05	7.44E+06	3.46E+06	1.05E+06	1.13E+06	6.29E+04	3.94E+06	7.09E+05	2.25E+06	2.48E+05	1.41E+05	4.34E+04	4.35E+05	2.01E+04	3.66E+05	9.81E+05	1.35E+06	2.12E+06	5.17E+06	1.14E+06	7.91E+05	1.45E+06	5.31E+06	9.74E+04	1.07E+06	5.07E+05	3.93E+04	2.33E+05	6.71E+05	8.35E+05
Cucurbic acid_2	2.78E+05	2.87E+05	3.07E+05	3.18E+05	2.06E+05	2.62E+05	1.84E+05	1.77E+05	1.67E+05	1.03E+05	2.16E+05	3.2E+05	1.94E+05	2.23E+05	1.72E+05	2.08E+05	2.75E+05	2.46E+05	2.54E+05	1.68E+05	2.71E+05	2.59E+05	3.32E+05	2.88E+05	2.36E+05	2.04E+05	3.17E+05	2.77E+05	1.22E+05	1.76E+05	2.08E+05	1.47E+05	2.03E+05	2.9E+05	2.69E+05	2.95E+05	2.81E+05	3.11E+05	3.05E+05	3.18E+05	3E+05	1.92E+05	1.52E+05	2.66E+05	3E+05
Cumene_1	5.36E+05	3.4E+05	2.45E+04	7.25E+05	1.34E+06	5.83E+05	4.27E+05	2.35E+05	4.16E+05	8.85E+04	5.35E+05	4.08E+05	2.44E+05	6.75E+05	6.5E+05	3.45E+05	7.44E+05	5.96E+05	1.52E+06	1.01E+06	1.38E+05	6.99E+05	4.27E+05	1.16E+06	2.7E+04	7.06E+04	1.34E+04	6.57E+05	3.87E+05	4.72E+05	1.53E+06	1.02E+06	3.63E+05	5.39E+05	6.86E+05	2.58E+04	9.43E+05	5.52E+05	1.06E+05	4.44E+05	6.94E+05	3.26E+05	2.45E+05	6.09E+05	6.35E+05
Cumene_2	5.64E+05	1.56E+06	4.37E+05	9.91E+05	3.15E+06	1.84E+06	2.04E+06	2.92E+04	5.86E+05	1.44E+05	2.89E+05	1.74E+05	7.58E+04	4.04E+05	5.26E+05	9.82E+04	1.32E+06	4.49E+05	1.08E+06	4.16E+05	4.63E+04	4.51E+05	1.95E+05	1.21E+06	1.59E+05	7.9E+05	2.19E+05	8.19E+05	1.69E+05	6.81E+05	8.58E+05	9.25E+05	1.42E+05	1.09E+06	2.47E+06	1.73E+05	6.97E+05	7.46E+05	1.29E+05	2.01E+05	2.32E+05	3.5E+05	1.96E+05	6.68E+05	5.62E+05
Cumene_3	2.18E+06	8.9E+05	2.36E+05	7.39E+05	2.08E+06	1.54E+05	2.19E+05	1.26E+05	3.62E+05	6.36E+05	3.02E+05	1.29E+06	2.86E+05	7.85E+05	3.14E+05	1.66E+06	1.06E+06	3.31E+05	3.96E+05	6.14E+05	1.12E+06	1.85E+05	1.7E+06	1.34E+06	4.52E+05	1.44E+05	2.22E+05	1.21E+05	1.54E+05	1.89E+05	3.49E+05	1.43E+05	1.51E+05	3.56E+05	3.28E+05	2.17E+05	8.39E+05	3.93E+05	7.47E+05	3.74E+05	1.68E+06	4.29E+05	4.71E+05	1.88E+05	3.2E+05
Cumene_4	2.15E+05	1.68E+05	2.07E+05	1.72E+05	1.99E+05	1.89E+05	1.48E+05	1.6E+05	1.32E+05	1.7E+05	2.17E+05	2.15E+05	1.51E+05	2.01E+05	2.28E+05	2.13E+05	1.62E+05	1.7E+05	2.14E+05	1.86E+05	2.21E+05	1.68E+05	7.31E+04	2.34E+05	1.8E+05	1.93E+05	1.53E+05	1.76E+05	2.11E+05	1.74E+05	1.49E+05	1.49E+05	1.92E+05	2.1E+05	1.52E+05	1.4E+05	1.83E+05	5.98E+04	1.23E+05	1.33E+05	1.1E+05	2.13E+05	2.08E+05	1.64E+05	1.25E+05
Cupreine	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.71E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	3.87E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	3.1E+03	2.22E+03	1.51E+03	0	0	0	0	3.07E+06	2.95E+03	0	0	0	0	0	5.12E+04	0	2.49E+04	0	0	0	0	0
Curcumin monoglucoside	0	0	0	0	0	2.36E+03	0	0	2.1E+03	0	4.78E+03	0	1.46E+03	8.67E+05	1.36E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.63E+03	0	2.32E+03	0	0	0	8.76E+03	0	2.33E+05	2.67E+03	0	0	0	4.83E+05	0	2.57E+03	0	1.66E+03	0	5.4E+05	0	0	2.58E+03	0
Cyanopyrazine	2.71E+04	1.01E+05	2.09E+05	4.51E+04	1.52E+05	1.56E+06	2.18E+04	5.82E+05	1.8E+04	1.87E+04	6.11E+03	1.24E+05	6.63E+04	2.26E+04	1.61E+04	9.6E+03	8.98E+03	1.77E+04	6.08E+04	6.6E+04	7.98E+04	3.93E+04	1.47E+05	1.45E+04	3.08E+05	1.79E+04	2.46E+05	5.79E+04	3.78E+04	4.5E+05	2.75E+04	7.17E+04	3.01E+04	4.57E+04	1.56E+06	1.33E+04	5.32E+04	3.52E+05	2.31E+05	4.1E+05	6.42E+05	2.51E+04	4.89E+04	7.82E+05	6.86E+04
Cyclacillin	2.02E+06	1.16E+06	2.32E+05	2.8E+06	9.36E+05	4.4E+05	1.22E+05	1.51E+05	2.17E+06	2.74E+05	7.01E+05	2.02E+05	5.74E+04	3.52E+05	2.16E+06	1.51E+05	2.08E+06	4.81E+05	3.14E+06	1.27E+05	4E+05	1.77E+06	2.44E+05	1.07E+05	1.33E+05	8.37E+04	3.22E+04	2.83E+05	5.8E+04	1.25E+06	2.05E+06	2.91E+05	1.2E+06	1.8E+06	2.33E+06	3.64E+05	7.72E+05	1.52E+05	1.43E+04	4.92E+05	3.04E+05	6.87E+04	9.97E+04	1.11E+06	5.07E+04
Cyclamate	7.07E+05	2.72E+04	1.93E+04	9.43E+04	2.35E+05	2.14E+06	3.56E+04	3.18E+04	2.09E+04	4.44E+03	1.32E+04	8.67E+04	3.75E+04	5.55E+04	1.48E+04	8.43E+03	4E+05	1.23E+05	1.18E+05	3.51E+04	1.16E+04	9.32E+05	8.15E+04	3.34E+04	1.89E+05	8.06E+03	9.38E+04	4.95E+04	1.01E+04	9.1E+04	5.35E+04	8.39E+04	7.18E+04	2.28E+04	1.26E+05	8.82E+04	8.95E+04	4.81E+04	3.69E+05	1.33E+04	2.99E+04	3.05E+04	2.26E+04	1.38E+05	9.82E+05
Cycloheptanecarboxylic acid_1	1.39E+06	1.48E+06	8.55E+05	2.67E+06	2.8E+06	1.16E+06	1.78E+06	6.35E+05	1.35E+06	6.39E+05	1.02E+06	6.94E+05	2.64E+05	1.55E+06	2.2E+06	9.15E+05	2.18E+06	1.56E+06	2.89E+06	1.63E+06	3.25E+05	1.8E+06	1.06E+06	2.61E+06	6.03E+05	1.02E+06	1.42E+05	1.17E+06	5.7E+05	2.1E+06	2E+06	2.8E+06	1.18E+06	2.15E+06	1.14E+06	9.38E+05	2.66E+06	1.89E+06	4.62E+05	6.27E+05	1.13E+06	4.86E+05	9.12E+05	9.91E+05	7.67E+05
Cycloheptanecarboxylic acid_2	8.22E+05	6.6E+05	5.82E+05	8.73E+05	7.41E+05	2.29E+05	8.38E+05	4.78E+05	2.4E+05	3.57E+05	5.74E+05	6.18E+05	1.26E+05	5.67E+05	3.81E+05	4.42E+05	9.33E+05	6.38E+05	5.19E+05	8.6E+05	5.94E+05	6.17E+05	3.68E+05	2.85E+05	4.61E+05	3.19E+05	2.39E+05	2.25E+05	5.37E+05	5.8E+05	3.1E+05	7.28E+05	3.77E+05	6.12E+05	3.31E+05	5.57E+05	3.27E+05	5.83E+05	3.6E+05	2.71E+05	1.01E+06	4.95E+05	1.37E+05	2.31E+05	2.99E+05
Cyclohexane-1,3-dione_1	1.79E+07	8.43E+06	4.04E+06	2.47E+07	1.41E+07	6.02E+06	8.78E+06	3.38E+06	1.49E+07	1.24E+06	9.64E+06	2.37E+06	3.17E+06	1.02E+07	1.97E+07	1.41E+07	9.53E+06	1.33E+07	4.13E+07	5.94E+06	4.03E+06	2.1E+07	7.63E+06	3.07E+07	2.65E+06	7.78E+06	1.45E+06	9.47E+06	2.45E+06	1.31E+07	1.36E+07	1.43E+07	1.49E+07	8.84E+06	1.82E+07	2.41E+06	2.35E+07	4.81E+06	1.94E+06	5.34E+06	1.09E+07	1.79E+06	6.39E+06	5.37E+06	1.81E+06
Cyclohexane-1,3-dione_2	4.7E+06	2.01E+07	1.35E+06	6.43E+06	9.35E+06	7.06E+06	6.37E+06	2.36E+06	3.46E+06	1.88E+06	3.33E+06	8.28E+05	1.01E+06	1.87E+06	3.5E+06	2.82E+06	8.41E+06	6.76E+06	1.46E+07	5.29E+06	2.64E+06	4E+06	1.93E+06	4.32E+06	3.13E+06	1.29E+06	2.6E+06	1.58E+06	8.6E+05	3.51E+06	4.09E+06	9.86E+06	2.57E+06	1.01E+07	2.22E+07	3.37E+06	4.19E+06	7.01E+06	1.49E+06	6.07E+06	2.6E+06	1.92E+06	1.28E+06	8.1E+06	6.12E+05
Cyclohexanol	3.08E+05	1.6E+05	1.25E+05	1.47E+05	2.61E+05	7.75E+04	1.93E+05	2.43E+05	1.69E+05	2.38E+05	3.11E+05	2.7E+05	6.11E+05	6.29E+05	2.77E+05	5.24E+05	2.98E+05	1.7E+05	8.62E+04	1.82E+05	4.4E+05	5.14E+05	2.84E+04	2.53E+05	1.7E+05	3.45E+05	2.22E+05	4.37E+05	6.07E+05	2.35E+05	5.35E+05	1.63E+05	3.69E+05	2.18E+05	5.71E+05	1.51E+05	5.01E+05	2.55E+05	5.75E+05	3.08E+05	5.14E+05	5.85E+05	2.53E+05	3.28E+05	1.98E+05
Cyclohexanone	2.25E+05	1.17E+05	2.28E+04	1.5E+05	1.33E+05	1.35E+05	1.79E+05	4.33E+04	1.26E+05	1.12E+04	1.2E+05	2.3E+04	1.98E+04	1.17E+05	9.03E+04	1.29E+05	2.44E+05	2.44E+05	2.1E+05	8.01E+04	1.84E+04	2.87E+05	1.64E+05	7.28E+04	6.1E+04	1.5E+05	1.38E+04	8E+04	6.68E+04	1.89E+05	1.97E+05	2.11E+05	7.2E+04	1.7E+05	5.32E+05	1.01E+04	8.06E+04	4.27E+04	1.22E+04	4.72E+04	8.93E+04	2.23E+04	9.86E+04	9.14E+04	3.99E+04
Cyclohexylamine	6.91E+05	9.84E+05	2.76E+05	1.51E+06	1.46E+07	2.19E+05	1.07E+06	7.97E+05	1.82E+06	4.06E+05	3.79E+05	9.6E+05	2.39E+05	5.31E+05	5.11E+05	5.06E+06	6.07E+06	2.03E+05	7.22E+05	8.91E+05	1.21E+05	3.4E+05	3.73E+05	7.87E+05	3.34E+06	1.05E+06	1.73E+06	6.17E+05	3.8E+05	4.86E+05	4.56E+06	6.55E+05	2.02E+06	5.83E+05	5.12E+05	1.83E+05	4.32E+06	3.14E+05	3.64E+05	8.95E+04	1.74E+06	2.56E+06	3.18E+05	3.93E+05	3.77E+05
Cyclokievitone_1	1.33E+05	1.87E+05	1.45E+04	4.29E+05	3.73E+05	3.54E+05	3.26E+05	1.24E+05	2.5E+05	8.8E+04	3.38E+05	1.56E+05	1.9E+05	3.76E+05	5.91E+05	1.07E+05	1.09E+05	1.88E+05	7.27E+05	4.87E+04	6.85E+04	1.23E+05	2.46E+05	4.8E+05	2.89E+04	2.98E+04	3.72E+03	3.32E+05	3.24E+05	1.58E+05	5.16E+05	5.01E+05	1.27E+05	2.26E+04	5.01E+05	2.63E+03	4.41E+05	6.06E+04	6.74E+04	2.21E+05	3.04E+05	3.78E+03	3.16E+05	1.84E+05	4.72E+05
Cyclokievitone_2	3.4E+05	0	0	1.22E+03	0	0	0	1.19E+03	0	0	1.15E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.22E+03	1.82E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.35E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.53E+03
Cyclopenta[cd]pyrene	3.21E+05	9.75E+05	2.07E+05	6.56E+05	1.28E+05	5.47E+05	4.64E+05	1.05E+06	3.18E+05	5.98E+05	7.74E+05	5.42E+05	5.83E+05	2.87E+05	5.46E+05	3.72E+05	3.12E+05	1.89E+05	5.51E+05	2.92E+05	5.83E+05	3.29E+05	3.32E+05	3.09E+04	3.36E+05	9.86E+05	4.05E+05	4.54E+05	5.7E+05	5.3E+05	5.6E+05	3.44E+05	8.34E+05	5.07E+05	1.07E+05	1.68E+05	3.42E+05	1.84E+05	4.58E+05	5.11E+05	2.39E+05	3.18E+05	5.35E+05	1.59E+05	2.99E+04
Cyclopentanone_1	7.01E+05	4.97E+06	2.68E+05	1.31E+06	2E+06	1.69E+06	5.79E+05	1.4E+05	4.42E+05	1.37E+05	6.04E+05	1.16E+05	1.09E+05	2.71E+05	6.15E+05	9.15E+04	1.11E+06	1.42E+06	1.33E+06	7.64E+05	5.04E+05	2.6E+05	1.87E+05	8.44E+05	4.44E+05	2.3E+05	3E+05	3.22E+05	6.9E+04	9.11E+05	8.4E+05	1.9E+06	1.93E+05	1.02E+06	2.25E+06	7.81E+05	3.18E+05	9.15E+05	6.83E+04	8.32E+05	2.82E+05	2.84E+05	1.51E+05	1.67E+06	1.48E+05
Cyclopentanone_2	8.14E+04	2.46E+05	1.44E+05	1.72E+05	2.68E+05	1.71E+05	7.92E+04	1.61E+05	1.44E+05	1.68E+05	1.66E+05	6.13E+04	1.16E+05	1.5E+05	1.75E+05	2.54E+04	6.47E+05	2.97E+05	4.83E+05	2.53E+05	5.84E+04	1.83E+05	4.73E+04	2.71E+05	1.48E+05	1.97E+04	2.02E+05	1.08E+05	4.06E+04	2.51E+05	7.89E+05	7.13E+04	9E+04	4.98E+05	9.14E+05	9.38E+04	3.21E+05	1.07E+05	1.03E+05	1.26E+05	1.73E+05	1.18E+05	1.11E+05	3.21E+05	4.61E+04
Cyclopentanone_3	3.8E+05	5.12E+04	4.01E+03	1.47E+05	2.33E+05	8.16E+04	9.75E+04	1.75E+05	1.83E+05	8.21E+03	5.52E+04	1.58E+04	1.01E+05	1.35E+05	3.87E+05	2.75E+04	7.98E+05	4.42E+05	2.53E+05	1.21E+05	3.15E+04	5.46E+05	2.89E+05	2.52E+05	5.82E+04	5.5E+04	4.22E+03	7.82E+04	9.18E+03	9.35E+04	6.23E+05	9.66E+04	9.56E+04	3.22E+05	1.79E+05	1E+05	2.37E+04	1.92E+05	2.78E+04	1.35E+05	2.49E+05	1.17E+04	2.74E+04	5.63E+05	3.51E+04
Cyclophosphamide	2.03E+03	0	2.93E+04	5.51E+04	5.38E+03	0	6.04E+03	3.98E+03	4.2E+03	0	0	0	0	2.15E+03	0	0	9.43E+03	1.3E+05	0	0	2.54E+03	3.3E+05	3.12E+03	1.32E+05	1.75E+04	0	7.71E+03	0	0	1.9E+03	0	0	0	2.18E+03	0	3.02E+03	3.14E+03	1.76E+03	0	3.73E+03	1.39E+04	4E+03	2.81E+03	2.31E+03	0
Cyclosulfamuron	1.36E+06	1.57E+05	1.76E+05	3.44E+06	2.99E+04	1.9E+04	1.14E+05	2.43E+04	1.8E+05	5.29E+04	1.71E+05	6.49E+04	1.29E+04	1.59E+05	2.37E+04	1.07E+04	3.38E+05	1.32E+05	1.6E+05	2.75E+05	7.64E+04	1.24E+06	9.14E+04	4.1E+05	1.41E+05	4.74E+05	1.19E+04	8.6E+04	2.09E+04	4.94E+04	9.09E+03	3.28E+05	1.18E+05	8.33E+03	8.5E+05	8E+04	8E+05	8.58E+04	9.33E+03	1.09E+05	4.72E+03	2.71E+05	1.23E+05	1.84E+05	5.22E+04
Cysteinyldopa	1.41E+06	9.18E+06	1.47E+05	9.94E+05	1.54E+06	2.47E+05	7.71E+05	5.15E+04	4.84E+05	2.27E+04	5.56E+05	1.71E+05	1.32E+05	4.39E+05	7.83E+05	1.88E+05	1.75E+06	5.99E+05	1.01E+06	2.53E+06	2E+05	9.62E+05	3.88E+05	1.09E+06	7.66E+04	1.29E+04	2.66E+04	2.59E+05	5.51E+04	2.78E+05	1.71E+06	4.96E+05	1.52E+05	6.91E+05	8.5E+05	2.21E+05	3.72E+05	1.8E+05	2.37E+04	4.37E+05	2.46E+05	4.28E+04	1.91E+05	1.5E+05	1.27E+05
Cytidine	1.31E+06	4.81E+06	4.76E+05	4.58E+06	2.19E+06	1.25E+06	3.96E+06	3.68E+05	1.06E+06	2.37E+05	1.39E+06	8.55E+05	5.76E+05	2.13E+06	2.94E+06	6.29E+06	1.18E+06	5.64E+05	4.57E+06	1.37E+06	7.88E+05	8.71E+05	7.16E+05	2.26E+06	1.18E+05	4.16E+05	1.44E+05	1.4E+06	2.06E+06	3.92E+05	8.01E+05	1.41E+06	4.28E+05	1.21E+06	1.48E+06	4.18E+05	1.32E+06	4.81E+05	6.08E+05	4.91E+05	1.79E+06	1.51E+05	6.04E+05	9.5E+05	4.25E+05
Cytosine_1	1.75E+07	1.49E+07	5.24E+06	4.04E+07	1.99E+07	1.11E+07	1.41E+07	2.49E+06	1.01E+07	3.81E+06	9.44E+06	4.93E+06	6.97E+06	9.33E+06	2.59E+07	1.27E+07	2.15E+07	2.12E+07	3.62E+07	1.25E+07	8E+06	2.85E+07	8.72E+06	1.93E+07	4.56E+06	5.54E+06	2.3E+06	9.12E+06	5.08E+06	1.63E+07	8.94E+06	1.21E+07	8.59E+06	1.02E+07	3.14E+07	5.23E+06	2.39E+07	5.42E+06	4.68E+06	4.65E+06	9.2E+06	2.84E+06	4.63E+06	2.72E+07	4.39E+06
Cytosine_2	4.66E+06	5.77E+06	2.1E+06	1.16E+07	9.44E+06	4.85E+06	3.82E+06	1.57E+06	6.59E+06	2.18E+06	9.43E+06	5.3E+06	2.1E+06	5.35E+06	1.15E+07	5.46E+06	4.95E+06	5.58E+06	1.24E+07	7.91E+06	3.76E+06	6.49E+06	3.48E+06	1.1E+07	1.51E+06	2.56E+06	1.25E+06	5.66E+06	2.23E+06	4.61E+06	4.91E+06	8.16E+06	2.71E+06	5.13E+06	1.12E+07	3.73E+06	1.16E+07	3.31E+06	2.13E+06	2.86E+06	4.7E+06	1.89E+06	6.08E+06	5.34E+06	1.76E+06
D-(-)-ARABINOSE	3.65E+05	2.85E+05	6.33E+05	4.74E+05	2.98E+05	1.33E+06	9.88E+05	3.52E+05	5.6E+05	8.38E+04	3.49E+05	2.65E+05	1E+06	6.24E+05	7.31E+05	7.56E+05	1.01E+06	1.38E+06	2.11E+06	1.4E+05	4.02E+04	8.25E+04	2.94E+05	5.27E+05	1.26E+06	4.31E+05	3.27E+05	6.05E+05	4.81E+05	8.83E+05	4.3E+05	4E+05	2.05E+05	2.6E+05	8.65E+05	3.09E+05	6.55E+05	4.35E+05	5.53E+05	1.09E+05	1.75E+05	5.22E+05	3.55E+05	5.16E+05	6.4E+05
D-(+)-GALACTOSAMINE	3.69E+06	4.28E+05	4.32E+05	2.09E+06	6.69E+06	3.34E+05	1.77E+06	6.2E+06	5.52E+05	6.61E+05	1.06E+06	9.82E+05	2.82E+05	8.35E+05	1.04E+06	5.36E+05	4.94E+06	8.77E+05	4.64E+05	3.65E+06	6.86E+05	4.84E+06	5.79E+05	7.03E+05	2.11E+06	4.07E+05	3.92E+05	2.52E+06	3.64E+05	8.3E+05	4.68E+06	2.87E+06	1.73E+06	2.93E+06	5.59E+05	3.93E+05	1.44E+06	2.33E+06	8E+05	3.69E+06	8.78E+05	1.42E+06	6.06E+05	9.87E+05	8.75E+05
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_1	2.47E+04	1.11E+04	6.06E+03	9.18E+06	3.94E+03	3.41E+06	1.01E+04	1.21E+05	3.01E+03	8.04E+04	5.75E+03	7.51E+05	9.82E+04	1.42E+03	4.09E+06	7.34E+05	4.97E+06	4.27E+05	1.37E+06	2.35E+03	1.59E+05	2.15E+06	1.71E+06	7.35E+04	1.62E+06	9.61E+03	1.68E+05	1.49E+03	1.65E+03	6.12E+04	1.33E+06	1.65E+04	6.54E+05	3.18E+04	3.32E+03	6E+05	2.01E+06	9.09E+05	1.66E+05	3.48E+06	1.52E+03	1.27E+06	1.57E+06	2.9E+03	2.81E+04
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_2	2.7E+05	9.71E+04	3.57E+03	1.65E+05	2.81E+05	1.17E+05	3.48E+05	2.69E+05	2.33E+05	5.06E+03	8.68E+04	4.7E+05	2.87E+04	4.92E+04	7.28E+05	1.15E+05	2.88E+05	5.83E+04	1.2E+05	3.45E+05	1.48E+05	1.17E+05	9E+04	7.57E+05	2.82E+06	8.79E+03	5.05E+06	6.34E+03	4.19E+05	4.32E+05	2.2E+05	5.61E+03	1.07E+05	1.39E+05	3.16E+05	4.39E+03	1.98E+05	5.5E+04	3.85E+04	4.82E+05	1.96E+05	8.76E+05	1.04E+05	4.86E+04	1.61E+04
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_3	7.41E+05	9.35E+03	4.37E+04	3.97E+04	7.54E+05	7.14E+04	3.95E+04	4.26E+04	3.28E+05	7.88E+04	5.96E+04	2.12E+04	1.87E+04	8.66E+04	1.43E+05	1.56E+04	8.29E+05	4.49E+04	5.08E+04	1.23E+05	1.38E+04	6.86E+05	6.61E+03	3.66E+04	4.08E+04	1.16E+04	6.63E+03	5.02E+04	3.18E+03	2.96E+04	1.8E+05	2.48E+04	4.75E+04	2.3E+05	2.35E+05	8.7E+04	1.02E+05	2.15E+04	2.04E+04	1.23E+04	2.9E+04	8.3E+03	1.36E+04	1.84E+05	5.66E+03
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_4	1.08E+04	0	1.86E+03	1.48E+04	3.09E+03	1.92E+03	1.43E+03	6.39E+03	5.44E+04	3.65E+03	2.97E+04	7.79E+03	8.49E+03	1.89E+03	2.74E+04	1.92E+03	2.36E+05	0	5.46E+05	4.66E+03	9.8E+04	4.27E+04	2.01E+03	2.28E+03	3.66E+04	1.2E+04	2.41E+05	1.1E+04	1.8E+03	5E+05	1.45E+05	6.42E+05	1.16E+05	7.71E+04	3.32E+03	1.95E+05	2.03E+03	2.16E+04	1.8E+04	2.59E+05	2.39E+03	2.35E+03	2.4E+05	1.94E+03	2.02E+03
D-Alanyl-D-alanine_1	3E+07	1.38E+06	1.33E+06	2.62E+06	2.34E+07	2.45E+06	2.6E+06	2.01E+06	7.38E+05	4.55E+05	6.44E+05	4.19E+05	5.65E+05	4.37E+05	1.41E+06	9.28E+05	3.55E+06	1.12E+07	7.81E+05	4.62E+05	5.99E+05	1.33E+07	2.13E+06	1.26E+06	1.34E+06	1.09E+06	4.42E+05	8.68E+05	1.08E+06	8.52E+06	4.26E+05	2.89E+06	5.87E+05	1.49E+06	7.32E+05	1.05E+06	1.67E+06	2.45E+06	5.62E+05	1.94E+06	1.38E+06	5.46E+05	1.02E+06	1.23E+06	8.38E+05
D-Alanyl-D-alanine_2	1.31E+06	5.58E+05	4.05E+05	2.16E+06	1.73E+06	5.06E+05	6.39E+05	3.8E+05	1.61E+06	2.86E+05	1.86E+06	6.78E+05	2.29E+05	8.08E+05	1.89E+06	1.07E+06	1.3E+06	2.54E+06	2.19E+06	1.02E+06	1.25E+06	2.32E+06	1.1E+06	2.67E+06	1.04E+05	4.5E+05	9.36E+04	7.66E+05	3.44E+05	2.25E+06	3.67E+06	2.88E+06	6.89E+05	1.47E+06	1.9E+06	7.13E+05	1.39E+06	7.38E+05	1.17E+05	6.21E+05	5.95E+05	7.28E+04	6.61E+05	1.25E+06	1.6E+04
D-Alanyl-D-serine	1.3E+07	1.67E+07	3.69E+06	1.74E+07	1.74E+07	9.6E+06	6.19E+06	2.74E+06	7.83E+06	3.5E+06	6.93E+06	5.17E+06	2.04E+06	8.86E+06	1.53E+07	5.6E+06	1.76E+07	1.32E+07	1.66E+07	1.02E+07	5.93E+06	8.38E+06	1.06E+07	1.4E+07	2.51E+06	4.87E+06	1.24E+06	5.55E+06	3.3E+06	8.04E+06	1.01E+07	1.17E+07	6.38E+06	9.22E+06	9.68E+06	3.44E+06	8.23E+06	6.75E+06	1.66E+06	4.2E+06	9.26E+06	1.71E+06	3.02E+06	8.24E+06	1.89E+06
DAMGO	2.11E+03	0	0	3.82E+03	2.11E+03	2.03E+03	2.26E+03	5.8E+04	1.33E+04	0	0	0	0	0	2.09E+03	0	1.87E+03	0	4.21E+03	1.9E+03	0	0	1.55E+03	2.72E+03	0	0	1.88E+05	0	0	4.27E+05	3.99E+03	0	4.53E+03	2.26E+03	4.63E+05	0	2.71E+03	2.07E+03	0	0	0	4.44E+04	1.52E+03	1.21E+05	0
Danielone	7.84E+04	5.84E+04	2.87E+05	6.73E+05	1.64E+05	9.34E+04	2.65E+05	2.99E+04	1.92E+04	1.06E+04	1.54E+04	1.63E+04	4.35E+05	4.69E+06	1.12E+05	1.59E+04	3.21E+04	2.55E+04	1.05E+05	1.61E+05	9.17E+03	1.41E+05	1.39E+05	1.68E+06	1.99E+05	2.22E+05	6.84E+03	2.94E+03	2.43E+03	5.84E+04	6.09E+05	1.87E+05	3.03E+04	1.07E+05	3.55E+05	9.78E+04	1.11E+06	3.37E+04	4.38E+03	1.01E+05	3.73E+06	3.13E+04	1.41E+04	3.66E+05	1.82E+04
D-Arabinono-1,4-lactone_1	2.44E+05	2.67E+05	2.87E+05	3.44E+05	1.85E+05	2.49E+05	3.26E+05	1.07E+05	3.75E+05	3.57E+05	2.25E+05	2.13E+05	3.92E+05	4.21E+05	1.78E+05	2.57E+05	4.34E+05	6.72E+04	2.12E+05	1.45E+05	1.14E+05	3.49E+05	2.33E+05	2.74E+05	5.26E+05	5.24E+05	5.49E+05	1.47E+05	1.22E+05	1.39E+05	3.65E+05	1.16E+05	4.01E+05	3.9E+05	3.03E+05	4.79E+05	1.14E+05	2.48E+05	5.16E+05	4.92E+05	3.01E+05	6.36E+05	6.8E+05	3.9E+05	3.26E+05
D-Arabinono-1,4-lactone_2	1.15E+05	1.53E+05	1.33E+05	1.6E+05	1.5E+05	1.41E+05	1.47E+05	1.66E+05	1.27E+05	1.38E+05	1.7E+05	1.66E+05	1.55E+05	1.6E+05	1.53E+05	1.52E+05	1.51E+05	9.83E+04	1.23E+05	1.7E+05	1.69E+05	1.34E+05	1.7E+05	1.65E+05	1.66E+05	9.95E+04	1.86E+05	1.22E+05	1.71E+05	2.02E+05	1.81E+05	1.54E+05	1.55E+05	1.54E+05	1.88E+05	1.42E+05	1.58E+05	1.86E+05	1.91E+05	1.99E+05	2.04E+05	2.17E+05	1.8E+05	2.17E+05	2.01E+05
Dasytrichone	1.84E+04	2.05E+03	6.22E+03	2.24E+04	3.7E+04	0	6.6E+03	0	6.09E+04	1.9E+03	8.48E+03	1.86E+03	1.93E+03	3E+03	9.79E+03	1.88E+03	1.61E+05	1.14E+04	3.04E+04	3.55E+03	1.56E+03	2.37E+04	1.94E+05	4.06E+05	1.77E+03	0	3.09E+03	3.62E+03	3.3E+03	1.19E+03	1.83E+04	0	1.4E+03	3.48E+03	1.48E+04	2.64E+03	1.59E+03	0	1.03E+03	1.03E+04	3.45E+03	2.39E+03	3E+03	2.4E+03	0
Dazomet	5.97E+04	2.45E+03	1.01E+05	7.64E+04	2.45E+03	1.95E+03	4.56E+03	3.3E+04	9.93E+05	1.17E+05	982	5.66E+05	2.97E+04	8.59E+03	5.05E+05	6.69E+04	3.36E+04	1.6E+04	2.13E+04	1.15E+04	1.74E+03	1.33E+04	1.59E+03	3.8E+03	4.97E+04	1.81E+03	1.39E+05	8.96E+03	1.73E+03	3.66E+05	3.7E+05	9.43E+03	7.81E+04	9.74E+04	1.43E+06	5.13E+04	2.2E+04	3.35E+05	2.38E+04	3.69E+04	3.28E+03	1.37E+04	1.57E+03	9.5E+05	3.28E+04
D-Cathinone_1	2.77E+06	8.81E+04	2.99E+05	6.84E+04	4.48E+06	1.25E+04	6.14E+06	1.06E+07	5.81E+06	1.19E+05	6.74E+03	1.01E+06	2.04E+04	1.31E+04	1.84E+05	2E+06	9.31E+06	1.13E+06	1.23E+06	1E+05	1.7E+04	6.15E+03	1.09E+04	2.84E+05	8.43E+05	2.05E+05	4.45E+04	3.49E+03	4.71E+03	1.08E+06	4.87E+05	2.92E+06	9.95E+04	6.14E+06	2.62E+06	2.3E+04	2.31E+06	7.73E+06	1.29E+05	1.3E+07	1.7E+04	1.27E+05	2.84E+03	1.04E+05	1.19E+04
D-Cathinone_2	1.28E+05	2.74E+03	3.02E+03	1.51E+06	4.9E+03	4.52E+04	1.63E+05	4.12E+03	4.17E+04	1.4E+04	1.83E+04	3.52E+03	5.74E+03	3.47E+03	6.18E+04	1.01E+04	3.19E+05	6.15E+03	1.68E+03	2.83E+04	8.03E+03	3.62E+04	2.59E+03	1.35E+04	3.28E+03	2.33E+03	3.46E+03	2.78E+03	2.73E+03	1.34E+05	5.53E+03	5.63E+03	2.38E+04	3.8E+05	1.36E+04	2.92E+03	2.47E+05	1.03E+04	2.67E+03	5.45E+03	7.46E+03	2.94E+03	2.69E+03	2.04E+04	9.41E+04
D-Cathinone_3	2.98E+04	2.52E+03	9.72E+06	2.87E+03	9.65E+05	5.54E+03	1.46E+06	5.6E+05	6.99E+05	6.01E+04	4.84E+03	3.81E+04	1.89E+03	2.23E+03	9.66E+03	3.44E+03	2.37E+03	7.01E+05	3.03E+03	2.92E+03	1.96E+03	2.6E+03	2.73E+03	3.42E+03	8.7E+05	2.73E+04	1.77E+03	1.38E+07	1.82E+03	3.68E+06	3.42E+03	2.74E+03	2.96E+03	3.69E+06	8.97E+03	2.32E+04	5.65E+03	3.26E+03	5.11E+03	6.2E+05	2.17E+03	1.97E+03	1.89E+03	4.99E+03	2.25E+03
DCI	3.72E+04	2.52E+03	6.89E+06	1.78E+04	1.2E+06	7.13E+03	1.37E+06	6.65E+05	1.77E+06	7.66E+03	5.39E+03	1.11E+04	2.5E+04	1.48E+04	3.31E+04	1.01E+04	2.13E+04	1.14E+06	2.08E+03	1.48E+04	7.73E+03	4.46E+03	7.37E+03	1.17E+04	5.98E+05	1.35E+04	7.08E+03	7.89E+06	9.84E+03	2.95E+06	5.37E+03	3.1E+04	1.41E+04	3.93E+06	4.68E+04	1.72E+04	7.5E+04	1.4E+04	4.58E+04	4.72E+05	2.88E+03	2.37E+04	9.5E+03	2.05E+04	0
Debromoaplysiatoxin	1.3E+03	0	0	0	7.41E+05	0	0	1.65E+03	0	0	8.82E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.11E+04	2.28E+03	0	3.27E+04	0	1.02E+05	0	0	0	4.41E+03	0	0	1.86E+04	3.37E+06	0	0	0	2.21E+04	1.32E+03	0	0	0	1.67E+03	0	0	5.4E+03	0
Dehydroalanine_1	4.13E+06	1.07E+04	1.27E+04	1.47E+06	2.2E+06	1.01E+07	2.49E+05	1.53E+05	1.73E+05	5.06E+03	3.94E+05	1.1E+06	1.56E+06	5.53E+04	4.06E+05	6.29E+05	5.55E+04	9.48E+04	7.75E+05	1.2E+06	1.11E+05	2.4E+05	7.53E+05	6.45E+05	2.02E+04	3.64E+04	1.13E+04	1.49E+05	5.88E+04	1.63E+06	6.84E+04	4.23E+06	1.57E+06	2.14E+05	2.73E+06	4.54E+03	1.42E+06	9.13E+05	2.91E+06	4.94E+05	1.43E+05	2.04E+04	5.86E+05	2.32E+06	6.74E+06
Dehydroalanine_2	1.76E+06	2.52E+04	1.55E+04	8.01E+04	8.08E+06	9.86E+05	1.28E+05	3.1E+05	9.05E+04	1.65E+04	3.51E+05	3.33E+05	1.1E+05	2.24E+04	1.1E+04	5.49E+04	1.27E+06	1.02E+05	6.57E+05	3.65E+05	6.15E+03	1.07E+06	2.84E+04	1.43E+04	5.79E+03	2.15E+04	3.68E+03	1.66E+06	1.89E+04	7.43E+05	1.31E+04	2.62E+06	1.01E+06	4.21E+04	4.29E+05	3.74E+03	1.45E+05	1.74E+06	3.28E+04	3.1E+06	2.79E+04	9.96E+03	4.83E+04	1.66E+06	2.64E+05
Dehydrocycloguanandin	5.62E+06	8.61E+06	5.72E+06	8.32E+06	1.42E+07	1.89E+07	1.28E+07	9.76E+06	5.72E+06	4.71E+06	7.47E+06	7.17E+06	2.63E+06	2.45E+07	1.02E+07	6.49E+06	6.18E+06	8.41E+06	1.05E+07	1.28E+07	5.22E+06	4.8E+06	4.53E+06	1.6E+07	3.96E+06	5.45E+06	3.47E+06	7.53E+06	4.43E+06	1.42E+07	5.63E+06	2.3E+07	7.51E+06	1.52E+07	8.1E+06	6.64E+06	1.75E+07	3.04E+07	3E+06	5.3E+06	6.56E+06	3.72E+06	4.99E+06	5.02E+06	8.09E+06
Dehydrojuvabione_1	1.8E+05	1.21E+05	1.2E+05	1.7E+05	2.04E+05	1.53E+05	1.16E+05	1.87E+05	1.85E+05	1.46E+05	2.22E+05	1.99E+05	2.17E+05	2.34E+05	2.22E+05	2.16E+05	1.67E+05	1.67E+05	5.56E+04	1.99E+05	1.9E+05	1.72E+05	1.56E+05	2.1E+05	1.51E+05	2.18E+05	2.12E+05	1.74E+05	1.24E+05	1.78E+05	1.7E+05	1.57E+05	1.66E+05	1.47E+05	1.45E+05	1.59E+05	1.84E+05	1.78E+05	1.51E+05	2.16E+05	1.93E+05	1.59E+05	1.97E+05	9.85E+04	1.91E+05
Dehydrojuvabione_2	1.71E+05	2.46E+05	3.51E+04	2.37E+05	2.75E+05	3.76E+05	2.06E+05	1.61E+04	9.9E+04	1.14E+04	3.78E+05	3.17E+05	7.68E+04	4.95E+05	2.45E+05	1.8E+05	7.49E+04	1.98E+05	3.51E+05	2.91E+05	9.71E+03	1.29E+05	1.25E+05	6.81E+05	8.79E+03	2.83E+04	7.43E+03	6E+04	2.97E+04	1.82E+05	2.36E+05	2.79E+05	2.37E+04	4.01E+04	1.18E+06	7.4E+03	3.27E+05	8.44E+04	4.26E+04	1.2E+04	4.67E+04	1.25E+04	1.49E+05	3.57E+04	9.51E+04
Dehydrojuvabione_3	5.24E+04	4.17E+04	1.73E+04	1.48E+05	3.35E+05	3.3E+05	1.2E+05	1.08E+04	8.92E+03	1.2E+04	1.85E+05	3.59E+04	1.98E+04	5.06E+04	9.63E+04	2.56E+04	1.4E+04	7.82E+04	4.3E+05	3.55E+05	9.89E+03	4.2E+04	5.61E+04	8.86E+04	1.03E+04	1.3E+04	2.2E+03	5.99E+03	2.15E+04	2.16E+04	1.87E+05	4.78E+05	1.87E+04	9.14E+05	1.58E+05	1.63E+04	6.06E+05	3.74E+05	1.06E+04	2.98E+04	3.05E+04	5.69E+03	5.42E+03	2.28E+04	2.95E+04
Dehydrovomifoliol_1	5.29E+05	5.91E+04	2.77E+04	2.42E+05	2.31E+05	4.08E+04	2.6E+05	4.69E+03	1.1E+04	3.6E+04	2.69E+04	2.49E+05	1.06E+04	7.98E+05	2.12E+05	1.34E+05	5.72E+04	3.28E+05	1.78E+05	1.89E+05	7.73E+04	3.98E+04	3.28E+04	2.02E+05	1.94E+04	2.04E+04	1.33E+04	1.52E+05	7.04E+03	2.5E+04	3.19E+04	2.01E+05	1.95E+04	1.76E+05	8.59E+04	7.67E+03	1.15E+05	6.74E+05	8.85E+03	1.29E+04	1.14E+05	5.08E+03	6.26E+04	1.27E+05	8.04E+04
Dehydrovomifoliol_2	3.74E+04	9.6E+03	2.89E+04	5.46E+05	1.41E+06	1.05E+05	3.03E+05	2.68E+04	2.16E+04	2.02E+03	5.7E+03	7.3E+03	1.54E+05	9.36E+03	2.94E+05	4.48E+04	1.27E+05	2.46E+04	6.3E+04	1.14E+05	8.77E+03	2.05E+05	2.92E+03	1.58E+04	2.26E+04	2.03E+03	2.8E+03	3.89E+04	1.11E+04	2.51E+04	3.88E+03	2.2E+04	4.31E+04	4.12E+04	2.13E+04	7.39E+03	7.16E+04	5.86E+03	1.25E+03	9.23E+03	3E+04	8.1E+03	1.91E+03	2.94E+04	4.08E+03
Deidaclin	1.44E+05	2.6E+06	1.81E+03	5.99E+04	5.61E+03	4.01E+03	1.91E+03	4.93E+04	1.66E+05	1.44E+04	1.41E+03	0	1.08E+03	1.1E+03	1.24E+04	0	4.8E+04	2.04E+06	5.36E+03	1.49E+03	1.71E+03	7.26E+04	4.41E+04	2.65E+04	2.49E+03	0	2.9E+04	0	0	4.32E+04	4.2E+03	2.51E+03	2.09E+04	3.36E+04	1.42E+04	2.49E+05	4.56E+04	1.24E+03	2.12E+03	2.72E+05	1.9E+03	2.12E+03	1.75E+03	2.43E+03	0
delta-Guanidinovaleric acid	1.04E+08	1.24E+07	2.48E+06	3.37E+07	1.22E+08	5.28E+06	1.36E+07	5.32E+06	1.37E+07	2.22E+06	1.86E+07	9.68E+06	6.84E+06	1.13E+07	1.86E+07	1.7E+07	4.41E+07	8.99E+06	5.62E+07	4.42E+07	4.37E+06	5.69E+07	3.85E+06	4.31E+07	6.43E+06	2.15E+06	1.9E+06	1.38E+07	1.69E+06	7.52E+06	2.39E+07	5.21E+07	8.21E+06	2E+07	1.84E+07	7.13E+06	3.12E+07	1.92E+07	7.49E+07	7.46E+06	8.47E+06	7.43E+06	8.4E+06	1.5E+07	3.54E+06
Demethylalangiside	9.38E+05	5.15E+03	3.36E+05	1.04E+05	3.16E+03	0	1.35E+03	4.9E+03	1.68E+05	7.96E+05	2.29E+03	4.53E+05	3.98E+04	2.13E+05	8.1E+04	4.9E+05	8.35E+05	8.8E+04	1.68E+03	0	0	1.44E+06	2.46E+05	0	2.13E+03	7.73E+03	8.74E+04	3.93E+05	2.83E+03	9.99E+05	3.53E+04	4E+05	4.23E+03	5.3E+05	2.88E+05	1.24E+05	1.29E+04	2.37E+04	0	4.52E+03	3.82E+05	4.46E+04	3.75E+05	3.88E+04	2.57E+03
Deoxycoformycin	6.49E+07	7.59E+07	2.41E+07	5.87E+07	7E+07	5.03E+07	3.43E+07	9.09E+06	3.46E+07	1.97E+07	7.67E+07	2.46E+07	1.75E+07	3.37E+07	4.94E+07	3.93E+07	7.7E+07	7.92E+07	6.86E+07	8.34E+07	3.39E+07	7.32E+07	4.72E+07	9.67E+07	8.16E+06	2.94E+07	5.03E+06	3.48E+07	1.68E+07	4.46E+07	5.06E+07	6.38E+07	1.85E+07	3.13E+07	8.51E+07	2.86E+07	5.99E+07	3.06E+07	1.21E+07	1.9E+07	2.9E+07	6.01E+06	2.21E+07	4.29E+07	1.66E+07
DEOXYCYTIDINE	2.28E+07	2.67E+07	9.73E+06	5.5E+07	4.78E+07	2.21E+07	1.63E+07	7.03E+06	2.8E+07	8.48E+06	3.95E+07	2.18E+07	9.07E+06	2.27E+07	4.65E+07	2.08E+07	2.26E+07	1.99E+07	5.59E+07	3.62E+07	1.59E+07	2.93E+07	1.35E+07	4.57E+07	6.34E+06	9.96E+06	4.27E+06	2.19E+07	7.64E+06	2E+07	2.22E+07	3.35E+07	1.06E+07	2.19E+07	4.86E+07	1.39E+07	4.56E+07	1.21E+07	7.45E+06	9.8E+06	1.78E+07	6.94E+06	2.35E+07	2.48E+07	6.82E+06
Deoxycytidine	1.19E+07	2.24E+06	2.81E+04	3.82E+06	5.79E+06	1E+06	3.57E+05	6.63E+04	6.05E+06	6.54E+05	2.7E+06	1.43E+06	1.66E+04	1.62E+06	2.58E+06	2.25E+05	3.47E+06	5.95E+06	2.38E+06	2.88E+06	2.01E+06	2.93E+06	1.76E+06	3.87E+06	1.23E+06	5.54E+05	1.02E+06	1.28E+06	5.8E+04	2.48E+06	4.19E+06	2.29E+06	1.33E+06	8.64E+06	2.37E+06	5.16E+05	1.39E+06	8.27E+05	2.33E+05	1.59E+06	2.07E+06	7.58E+05	1.44E+06	1.64E+06	1.95E+05
Deoxyribose	7.93E+05	1.36E+06	1.58E+06	4.29E+06	1.45E+06	3.17E+06	9.3E+05	9.48E+05	1.41E+06	9.58E+05	1.18E+07	7.05E+05	6.97E+05	8.5E+05	1.64E+06	2.06E+06	1.88E+06	1.52E+06	3.78E+06	1.41E+06	6.77E+05	1.21E+06	1.28E+06	1.45E+06	4.67E+06	1.14E+06	4.33E+06	3.25E+06	6.95E+05	1.49E+06	8.96E+05	1.13E+06	1.34E+06	9.68E+05	3.39E+06	4.79E+06	1.12E+06	8.34E+05	6.98E+05	8.15E+05	9.97E+05	8.96E+05	6.79E+05	1E+06	7.66E+05
Deoxyuridine	4.04E+03	1.73E+03	5.63E+03	3.2E+05	2.31E+05	2.03E+03	3.04E+03	2.51E+03	4.6E+04	2.96E+03	4.02E+03	1.62E+04	3.82E+03	1.11E+04	4.11E+04	7.54E+03	1.7E+03	1.06E+04	1.35E+04	2.65E+03	2.03E+03	2.82E+03	4.12E+03	9.15E+03	2.1E+03	1.75E+03	2.07E+03	2.91E+03	1.68E+03	8.34E+04	2.92E+04	7.09E+03	1.05E+04	1.07E+04	6.11E+04	6.94E+03	2.12E+04	1.49E+04	1.24E+04	1.96E+03	2.54E+04	1.57E+03	2.65E+04	5.38E+03	5.95E+03
D-Erythrose	3.6E+06	2.41E+04	8.6E+03	4.33E+04	1.29E+06	4.16E+04	7.09E+04	1.39E+05	5.79E+04	3.9E+03	1.07E+05	1.54E+05	8.44E+04	6.53E+03	4.2E+03	9.5E+03	4.06E+05	6.07E+05	5.49E+05	2.06E+05	2.6E+05	9.87E+05	1.76E+04	1.51E+05	2.1E+06	3.83E+05	3.07E+05	3.39E+03	1.03E+05	5.04E+04	4.57E+05	8.4E+05	4.28E+04	2.45E+05	3.17E+03	2.05E+04	8.76E+05	1.3E+06	2.22E+04	2.88E+04	1.7E+03	8.42E+05	1.23E+05	2.44E+05	3.37E+03
Deserpidine	9.13E+05	9.07E+05	1.96E+04	2.76E+06	2.47E+06	1.38E+06	1.69E+06	6.2E+04	8.41E+05	8.23E+04	9.21E+05	6.65E+05	2.48E+05	1.45E+06	5.03E+06	9.49E+05	2E+05	5.68E+05	8.65E+06	1.58E+06	4.42E+04	2.86E+05	6.21E+05	3.5E+06	2.89E+03	1.26E+04	3.72E+03	1.26E+06	3.39E+05	1.11E+06	3.44E+06	2.99E+06	1.2E+06	1.14E+05	3.83E+06	3.34E+04	2.93E+06	6.87E+05	1.27E+05	5.72E+05	1.37E+06	3.16E+03	1.01E+06	2.92E+05	2.25E+06
Dethiobiotin	3.5E+07	4.3E+07	1.43E+07	7.15E+07	5.02E+07	3.1E+07	2.22E+07	9.03E+06	2.62E+07	1.25E+07	2.75E+07	1.88E+07	8.36E+06	2.66E+07	6.5E+07	2.41E+07	4.38E+07	3.54E+07	7.29E+07	3.54E+07	1.92E+07	4.12E+07	1.92E+07	4.71E+07	1.13E+07	1.22E+07	7.82E+06	2.8E+07	1.52E+07	2.73E+07	3.56E+07	4.05E+07	1.52E+07	2.45E+07	5.89E+07	1.68E+07	3.45E+07	1.87E+07	5.84E+06	1.26E+07	2.79E+07	8.81E+06	1.71E+07	3.46E+07	8.11E+06
D-Fructose 6-phosphate	2.98E+06	1.34E+06	8.74E+05	9.93E+05	2.61E+06	8.22E+05	8.01E+05	9.23E+05	2.59E+06	6E+05	2.03E+06	1.48E+06	8.81E+05	8.87E+05	6.78E+05	5.05E+05	5.19E+06	3.26E+06	1.59E+06	2.23E+06	1.15E+06	4.85E+06	4.5E+05	2.58E+06	7.32E+05	9.7E+05	6.1E+05	2.25E+06	7.16E+05	1.6E+06	2.27E+06	2.98E+06	1.28E+05	1.87E+06	7.58E+06	1.15E+06	1.08E+06	1.91E+06	6.54E+05	1.02E+06	1.81E+06	8.13E+05	1.74E+06	2.1E+06	6.61E+05
D-Galactose 6-sulfate	3.12E+03	1.39E+04	3.96E+04	4.35E+03	9.77E+03	1.01E+06	5.75E+04	1.17E+04	3.78E+03	4.21E+03	0	0	8.64E+03	4.42E+03	0	4.87E+03	2.24E+04	1.35E+03	6.66E+03	8.44E+03	4.19E+03	2.47E+04	2.14E+03	6.27E+04	0	2.07E+03	2.78E+03	1.85E+03	0	6.39E+04	2.39E+03	1.11E+04	1.48E+03	3.24E+03	6.26E+04	5.61E+03	2.99E+04	1.37E+04	3.38E+03	1.26E+04	1.94E+04	1.06E+04	5.05E+04	5.68E+04	3.04E+03
D-Gluconic acid	4.58E+07	6.21E+07	9.49E+06	2.69E+07	3.46E+07	8.65E+06	1.14E+07	1.07E+07	7.66E+07	9.4E+06	8.14E+06	4.64E+07	1.08E+07	2.78E+07	6.26E+07	9.56E+06	7.27E+07	2.79E+07	1.7E+07	8.28E+06	2.33E+06	4.37E+07	2.86E+06	2.68E+07	3.93E+07	2.15E+06	7.18E+07	3.8E+07	1.1E+06	9.56E+07	5.15E+07	7.06E+07	2.22E+07	5.17E+07	1.86E+08	1.07E+07	8.88E+07	1.32E+07	1.4E+07	8.09E+06	1.24E+07	2.03E+07	4.33E+06	5.61E+07	8.79E+06
D-Glucono-1,5-lactone	1.35E+04	9.27E+03	0	6.38E+03	1.07E+04	1.64E+06	1.82E+03	1.16E+03	1.61E+03	1.19E+03	1.53E+03	2.17E+03	1.15E+03	1.45E+03	1.29E+03	5.54E+03	1.58E+03	1.56E+03	2.64E+03	1.58E+03	1.45E+03	1.3E+03	2.71E+03	2.11E+03	0	1.12E+03	1.22E+03	1.13E+03	1.29E+03	5.28E+05	2.87E+03	6.37E+03	3E+03	1.89E+03	1.66E+06	1.5E+03	1.77E+03	1.69E+03	8.04E+03	2.58E+03	1.34E+03	0	1.58E+03	5.13E+03	8.04E+04
D-Glucose	1.95E+05	6.25E+04	8.35E+04	4.87E+05	2.4E+05	8.46E+04	2.86E+04	6.93E+04	1.5E+05	4.68E+04	2.26E+05	4.3E+04	1.25E+04	1.14E+05	2.15E+05	7.74E+04	3.45E+05	1.92E+05	2.28E+05	1.82E+05	4.99E+04	2.44E+05	4.45E+05	3.27E+05	2.02E+05	1.63E+05	2.28E+04	1.75E+05	7.73E+03	2.25E+05	3E+05	2.03E+05	9.56E+04	3.43E+05	2.38E+05	3.03E+05	3.59E+05	6.06E+04	2.82E+04	1.88E+04	1.44E+05	1.63E+04	9.43E+04	1.22E+05	9.25E+04
Diacetyl	5.88E+06	8.31E+06	2.2E+06	6.95E+06	1.27E+07	9.3E+06	2.26E+06	2.02E+06	6.45E+06	2.36E+06	5.99E+06	5.28E+06	3.57E+06	2.15E+06	7.63E+06	1.72E+06	1.13E+07	7.1E+06	1.77E+07	1.15E+07	4.75E+06	7.83E+06	4.31E+06	1.2E+07	1.14E+06	2.8E+06	2.87E+06	2.36E+06	1.56E+06	3.51E+06	7.93E+06	1.56E+07	4.75E+06	4.69E+06	1.25E+07	2.11E+06	5.28E+06	5.73E+06	3.77E+06	3.3E+06	4.84E+06	3.13E+06	7.42E+06	9.19E+06	2.53E+06
Diamidafos	9.75E+04	5.23E+04	5.42E+04	1.1E+05	1.79E+05	6.43E+04	6.76E+03	1.24E+04	5.29E+04	4.95E+03	1.52E+04	1.27E+04	3.2E+03	1.24E+04	5.55E+04	1.04E+04	5.85E+04	1.98E+04	5.64E+03	9.78E+04	3.82E+05	2.64E+04	1.47E+04	3.1E+04	8.41E+03	4.16E+04	4.34E+03	4.06E+03	2.14E+03	1.57E+04	6.65E+04	3.75E+05	3.41E+04	2.62E+04	2.19E+05	1.14E+04	3.63E+04	9.89E+04	5.57E+03	4.99E+04	9.32E+03	2.72E+03	3.15E+03	2.34E+04	7.14E+03
Dianthalexin	2.15E+05	2.18E+05	1.4E+05	1.04E+06	1.75E+06	1.01E+05	2.87E+05	5.02E+04	3.71E+05	2.76E+05	2.89E+05	2.01E+05	5.3E+04	4.05E+05	7.58E+05	6.73E+05	9.03E+05	5.14E+05	9.28E+05	1.22E+06	1.05E+05	4.29E+05	4.54E+05	8.2E+05	6.71E+04	1.75E+05	5.17E+04	6.1E+05	3.71E+04	8.64E+04	9.32E+05	2.33E+05	5E+05	9.52E+05	2.6E+05	2.12E+05	7.57E+05	2.56E+04	2.57E+04	1.71E+05	6.4E+05	7.57E+04	1.28E+05	2.16E+05	5.24E+04
Dibasic sodium phosphate	1.46E+08	3.36E+07	2E+07	5.5E+07	1.03E+08	2.05E+07	8.12E+07	7.97E+07	6.13E+07	4.18E+07	6.53E+07	8.83E+07	4.05E+07	4.69E+07	3.4E+07	3.75E+07	9.87E+07	4.08E+07	3.36E+07	1.1E+08	5.32E+07	1.08E+08	2.6E+07	4.19E+07	6.51E+07	1.09E+07	2.11E+07	5.22E+07	5.41E+07	3.42E+07	1.16E+08	1.12E+08	2.03E+07	6.13E+07	3.87E+07	4.06E+07	5.43E+07	7.92E+07	6.82E+07	7.22E+07	4.22E+07	3.7E+07	6.43E+07	6.03E+07	4.73E+07
Dibenzo[1,4]dioxin-2,3-dione_1	3.43E+05	4.74E+06	9.7E+05	4.04E+06	1.92E+06	1.37E+06	1.77E+06	3.7E+05	4.35E+05	4.1E+05	6.36E+05	8.18E+04	1.29E+06	2.43E+05	1.18E+06	4.5E+05	4.51E+05	2.03E+06	2.89E+06	1.23E+06	2.72E+04	7.67E+05	6.33E+05	3.85E+06	2.68E+06	4.99E+04	9.78E+04	1.76E+06	4.29E+04	3.51E+06	1.16E+06	9.45E+05	4.63E+05	6.94E+04	3.33E+06	1.98E+05	1.34E+06	7.39E+05	1.4E+06	1.29E+06	2.53E+06	4.01E+05	3.83E+05	3.72E+05	1.42E+05
Dibenzo[1,4]dioxin-2,3-dione_2	1.42E+04	1.65E+04	0	1.61E+03	2.88E+03	1.71E+04	0	0	2.08E+03	0	4.05E+03	2.93E+04	7.23E+05	2.11E+03	0	0	5.5E+03	2.09E+03	5.51E+03	2.48E+03	8.27E+03	1.48E+04	2.61E+03	7.63E+03	2.67E+03	0	0	0	0	1.69E+03	2.25E+03	3.08E+03	2.99E+03	7.01E+03	1.01E+04	0	2.18E+03	0	1.23E+05	1.96E+03	5.4E+03	1.62E+04	2.63E+04	3.43E+03	1.43E+06
Dibenzothiophene_1	2.04E+07	8.52E+05	5.78E+05	4.87E+05	6.38E+07	1.31E+06	1.2E+06	2.27E+06	1.05E+07	7.52E+05	3.59E+06	8.42E+05	1.58E+06	6.43E+05	6.29E+06	1.35E+05	3.35E+07	2.25E+05	5.27E+06	5.26E+06	2.28E+06	1.56E+07	4.14E+05	3.48E+06	4.05E+07	1.06E+06	4.55E+07	1.85E+06	4.3E+05	9.04E+05	6.1E+06	2.46E+06	1.59E+06	5.68E+06	2.32E+05	1.02E+06	1.31E+06	8.29E+05	8.51E+05	5.87E+05	2.68E+06	3.22E+07	1.15E+06	1.43E+06	3.55E+06
Dibenzothiophene_2	1.02E+05	1.2E+05	6.51E+03	8.57E+04	2.1E+05	5.14E+05	5.28E+04	3.42E+05	1.06E+04	9.91E+03	1.92E+05	6.74E+03	1.8E+04	1.44E+05	5.83E+04	4.73E+04	1.1E+06	1.67E+05	1.91E+06	1.68E+04	1.58E+04	2.87E+04	2.37E+04	4.64E+04	6.52E+04	4.53E+03	3.64E+04	9.58E+04	6.78E+04	8.45E+05	6.31E+03	1.73E+06	1.58E+04	1.21E+05	2.5E+06	3.32E+05	4.16E+04	1.91E+04	7.45E+04	3.25E+05	2.57E+04	1.47E+04	4.02E+03	1.25E+06	7.56E+03
Dibenzylsuccinate	8.02E+06	2.36E+03	2.93E+06	1.94E+06	3.65E+04	2.16E+03	2.83E+03	3.58E+04	2.35E+06	6.04E+06	1.08E+04	3.53E+06	7.15E+03	2.24E+06	1.05E+06	4.16E+06	7.68E+06	1.08E+06	8.01E+04	1.31E+04	1.91E+03	1.45E+07	2.87E+06	8.27E+03	1.07E+04	1.21E+05	2.82E+06	3.85E+06	0	8.47E+06	7.94E+05	3.51E+06	2.7E+05	5.74E+06	3.17E+06	1.54E+06	4.45E+03	8.6E+05	2.44E+03	2.92E+05	4E+06	6.12E+05	3.53E+06	9.05E+05	5.35E+04
Dibutyl adipate_1	7.92E+05	2.14E+06	1.39E+05	8.6E+05	1.66E+06	2.56E+06	1.69E+06	1.06E+05	3.39E+04	4.84E+04	5.98E+04	9.8E+05	4.18E+03	5.76E+04	7.95E+05	3.03E+04	2.88E+06	1.59E+06	8.22E+04	4.5E+05	6.03E+03	1.75E+06	1.55E+04	6.46E+04	2.38E+04	1.11E+05	1.86E+03	2.09E+05	5.49E+04	3.62E+04	1.08E+05	8.85E+05	6.06E+05	2.67E+06	4.79E+04	6.24E+05	5.89E+05	2.37E+06	3.81E+03	6.08E+05	9.4E+04	2.21E+03	3.63E+03	2.03E+05	3.3E+05
Dibutyl adipate_2	2.68E+05	2.61E+05	2.7E+05	2.89E+05	2.59E+05	2.61E+05	2.43E+05	2.74E+05	2.46E+05	1.42E+05	2.13E+05	2.54E+05	2.41E+05	2.06E+05	2.57E+05	2.4E+05	2.14E+05	2.53E+05	2.84E+05	2.3E+05	2.46E+05	2.5E+05	1.78E+05	2.51E+05	2.43E+05	2.24E+05	1.92E+05	1.73E+05	1.97E+05	2.47E+05	2.54E+05	2.34E+05	2.28E+05	2.59E+05	2.05E+05	2.27E+05	2.59E+05	2.5E+05	2.33E+05	2.78E+05	2.84E+05	2.97E+05	3.01E+05	2.74E+05	2.96E+05
Dichloromethane	3.23E+08	2.72E+08	2.84E+08	2.39E+08	1.65E+08	2.39E+08	1.28E+08	1.25E+08	9.22E+07	2.05E+08	1.36E+08	1.19E+08	1.23E+08	1.37E+08	2.09E+08	7.97E+07	3.9E+08	3.37E+08	2.43E+08	4.05E+08	3.02E+08	2.99E+08	1.69E+08	2.08E+08	1.65E+08	2.65E+08	9.36E+07	1.73E+08	7.83E+07	1.58E+08	1.5E+08	1.51E+08	1.42E+08	2.55E+08	1.86E+08	1.43E+08	1.34E+08	2.95E+08	1.27E+08	2.38E+08	1.55E+08	1.25E+08	1.33E+08	1.67E+08	1.11E+08
Dichlorophen	0	0	2.24E+04	6.76E+05	1.61E+03	4.91E+03	5.38E+04	1.28E+03	0	0	0	1.4E+03	2.24E+03	1.77E+03	0	0	9.46E+04	5.57E+03	0	5.17E+03	0	1.4E+03	0	1.8E+05	1.37E+03	0	0	1.79E+04	0	0	1.38E+04	1.89E+03	2.63E+03	0	2.07E+03	1.38E+03	3.24E+05	0	0	4.85E+04	0	0	6.96E+04	1.02E+04	0
Dichlozoline	1.4E+06	1.25E+05	1.11E+04	1.19E+05	1.56E+06	1.76E+03	6.34E+04	1.84E+05	2.25E+05	3.14E+04	2.47E+04	3.02E+04	1.23E+03	2.01E+05	9.45E+05	1.54E+04	1.78E+06	1.21E+05	5.44E+05	3.06E+05	2.61E+04	7.85E+05	1.61E+04	4.3E+04	4.55E+03	1.71E+03	0	8.35E+03	0	2.93E+04	1.08E+05	2.85E+05	5.51E+03	1.18E+06	4.38E+04	1.82E+04	1.59E+04	2.55E+03	2.24E+03	1.61E+04	2.71E+05	3.22E+03	1.88E+04	9E+04	0
Diclomezine	2.07E+06	1.18E+06	1.03E+06	7.48E+05	1.43E+06	7.61E+05	9.25E+05	1.17E+06	1.71E+06	7.84E+05	1.61E+06	1.28E+06	1E+06	1.27E+06	6.13E+05	4.89E+05	1.91E+06	1.54E+06	9.21E+05	1.27E+06	1.14E+06	2.02E+06	4.73E+05	1.22E+06	7.84E+05	9.11E+05	9.75E+05	1.52E+06	8E+05	1.27E+06	1.33E+06	1.45E+06	3.04E+05	1.2E+06	5.6E+05	1.03E+06	7.63E+05	1.27E+06	7.09E+05	1.05E+06	1.25E+06	9.2E+05	1.43E+06	1.28E+06	7.22E+05
Dictamnine	1.5E+07	1.44E+06	1.48E+06	8.22E+06	6.56E+06	7.54E+05	9.42E+05	7.34E+05	5.01E+06	3.18E+06	3.12E+06	6.83E+06	4.47E+06	8.1E+06	3.85E+06	1.49E+06	9.65E+06	5.42E+06	5.53E+06	3.8E+06	3.28E+06	1.91E+07	6.93E+06	2.74E+06	2.21E+06	3.76E+06	8.96E+05	5.15E+06	1.62E+06	3.08E+06	2.42E+06	2.97E+06	3.12E+06	2.4E+06	6.41E+06	3.2E+06	1.73E+06	2.39E+06	2.61E+06	4.45E+05	9.74E+06	2.24E+06	2.95E+06	2.98E+06	2.21E+06
Diethanolamine_1	7.94E+06	1.21E+07	7.68E+06	9.99E+06	9.03E+06	6.59E+06	4.1E+06	5.87E+06	1.12E+07	6.37E+06	7.6E+06	5.24E+06	3.69E+06	2.7E+06	1.87E+07	7.23E+06	1.23E+07	8.3E+06	1.79E+07	8.31E+06	8.08E+06	1.35E+07	5.23E+06	1.38E+07	1.01E+07	4.73E+06	8.3E+06	7.79E+06	4.71E+06	6.43E+06	8.87E+06	1.31E+07	1.59E+07	1.5E+07	1.21E+07	4.4E+06	2.18E+07	6.56E+06	4.14E+06	8.64E+06	5E+06	6.43E+06	7.84E+06	2.41E+06	5.04E+06
Diethanolamine_2	2.43E+03	2.12E+03	2.47E+03	2.42E+03	3.06E+03	4.44E+03	1.43E+03	2.65E+03	2.2E+03	2.37E+03	2.57E+03	5.21E+03	2.51E+03	1.45E+03	3.05E+03	2.75E+03	3.09E+03	3.41E+03	3.07E+03	1.37E+03	7.95E+03	2.85E+03	3.13E+03	2.97E+03	3.22E+03	5.43E+03	2.81E+03	2.89E+03	2.46E+03	1.57E+03	2.77E+03	2.27E+03	9.11E+05	7.74E+06	5.08E+03	3.2E+03	3.08E+03	2.83E+03	1.33E+03	5.36E+03	5.8E+03	2.86E+03	3.02E+03	4.83E+03	5.54E+03
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate	1.36E+06	8.41E+05	6.8E+05	2.74E+06	3.09E+06	2.44E+06	1.15E+06	1.91E+06	7.77E+05	1.11E+06	8.58E+05	9.24E+05	3.7E+05	8.35E+05	1.87E+06	5.92E+05	3.54E+06	1.17E+06	2.29E+06	2.55E+06	6.45E+05	1.63E+06	7.16E+05	1.51E+06	1.07E+06	7.03E+05	1.04E+06	6.51E+05	1.14E+05	1.63E+06	1.3E+06	2.21E+06	8.07E+05	3.09E+06	1.6E+06	2.66E+06	1.43E+06	2.61E+06	1.76E+05	1.08E+06	5.63E+05	8.49E+05	5.28E+05	2.18E+06	9.14E+05
Diethyl sulfate	6.06E+06	2.77E+05	3.3E+05	4.99E+06	2.08E+07	6.63E+06	1.29E+06	3.04E+06	2.06E+06	1.7E+04	5.84E+06	5.27E+07	2E+07	3.86E+05	4.87E+06	1.17E+07	2.45E+06	1.71E+06	6.75E+06	1.15E+07	1.84E+06	5.58E+06	7.21E+06	4.64E+06	3.08E+05	3.76E+05	2.33E+05	1.09E+06	1.3E+06	7.31E+06	6.04E+06	1.86E+07	7.37E+06	2.54E+06	2.57E+07	1.21E+05	5.02E+06	9.45E+06	1.05E+07	1.95E+06	2.65E+06	1.04E+06	6.13E+06	6.07E+06	1.87E+07
Diethylene glycol_1	2.66E+06	4.14E+06	2.56E+06	3.19E+06	2.41E+06	2.6E+06	3.03E+06	2.49E+06	2.36E+06	5.42E+06	3.49E+06	2.96E+06	2.89E+06	2.98E+06	2.73E+06	3.5E+06	1.9E+06	2.91E+06	2.35E+06	3.52E+06	2.81E+06	2.86E+06	3.62E+06	3.12E+06	4.23E+06	2.82E+06	2.63E+06	2.53E+06	1.75E+06	2.31E+06	3.18E+06	2.88E+06	3.9E+06	3.92E+06	4.42E+06	3.74E+06	3.54E+06	2.73E+06	3.53E+06	3.85E+06	3.29E+06	3.75E+06	3.93E+06	3.33E+06	3.21E+06
Diethylene glycol_2	2.64E+05	2.63E+05	2.72E+05	2.7E+05	2.7E+05	2.46E+05	2.77E+05	2.74E+05	2.78E+05	2.44E+05	2.87E+05	3.22E+05	2.89E+05	2.72E+05	2.69E+05	3.1E+05	3.11E+05	2.69E+05	3.2E+05	2.97E+05	3.4E+05	3.42E+05	2.97E+05	2.79E+05	2.85E+05	2.79E+05	2.78E+05	3.12E+05	3.23E+05	3.04E+05	3.48E+05	2.84E+05	3.08E+05	3.21E+05	3.38E+05	3.14E+05	3.23E+05	3.37E+05	3.05E+05	3.81E+05	3.49E+05	3.7E+05	3.1E+05	3.03E+05	3E+05
Diethylene glycol_3	9.3E+04	6.29E+04	1.69E+05	4.21E+04	6.32E+04	4.98E+04	1.46E+05	7.16E+04	1.27E+05	8.3E+04	1.64E+05	1.63E+05	1.33E+05	1.62E+05	9.51E+04	5.58E+04	1.63E+05	1.81E+05	1.23E+05	1.45E+05	8.91E+04	1.02E+05	1.46E+05	1.11E+05	2.99E+04	1.27E+05	8.98E+04	1.39E+05	7.93E+04	1.77E+05	1.75E+05	9.86E+04	1.07E+05	1.35E+05	1.23E+05	1.37E+05	8.97E+04	1.56E+05	1.14E+05	1.86E+05	1.92E+05	1.03E+05	2.1E+05	9E+04	1.21E+05
Diethylene glycol_4	2E+04	2.48E+04	3.46E+04	1.16E+04	3.5E+04	3.79E+04	6.23E+04	1.02E+05	1.43E+04	4.71E+03	1.65E+04	7.96E+03	3.74E+04	9.6E+03	2.95E+03	8.7E+03	2.93E+05	7.07E+04	5.56E+05	2.23E+04	3.9E+04	3.41E+04	8.13E+03	2.08E+05	1.27E+05	9.48E+03	2.01E+04	2.82E+04	7.67E+03	6.1E+04	9.07E+04	1.5E+04	5.72E+04	3.29E+04	8.88E+04	5.14E+05	1.28E+04	1.51E+04	2.39E+04	1.3E+04	1.65E+04	7.07E+04	1.58E+04	2.28E+04	8.3E+03
Diethylene glycol_5	3.02E+03	3.39E+03	5.5E+03	6.95E+03	3.89E+03	6.9E+03	4.77E+03	6.56E+03	3E+03	2.92E+03	5.65E+03	2.92E+03	3.11E+03	2.88E+03	2.87E+03	4.86E+03	3.17E+03	4.98E+05	3.54E+03	2.84E+03	3.04E+03	2.78E+03	2.67E+05	3.43E+03	2.5E+03	9.44E+04	5.49E+03	9.7E+03	4.92E+03	2.98E+03	8.9E+03	1.63E+03	4.37E+03	5.36E+03	5.51E+03	4.66E+03	5.24E+03	3.06E+03	2.96E+03	6.68E+03	6E+03	1.4E+04	3.43E+03	5.16E+03	3.16E+03
Diethylphosphoric acid	1.25E+05	3.71E+05	4.34E+05	1.67E+06	2.63E+06	3.83E+05	1.89E+04	4.12E+06	2.1E+05	1.06E+05	4.82E+05	6.86E+05	1.27E+05	7.47E+04	7.93E+04	1.44E+05	7.47E+05	9.36E+04	8.56E+05	1.62E+06	7.15E+05	1.97E+05	1.82E+05	4.93E+05	6.16E+04	5.18E+04	1.38E+04	1.93E+06	9.72E+04	5.35E+05	3.92E+06	1.07E+06	9.51E+04	6.36E+05	4.42E+05	4.31E+04	2.38E+05	6.41E+05	2.64E+04	2.11E+06	1.96E+05	2.68E+04	1.26E+06	4.73E+05	2.56E+05
Difloxacin	2.79E+06	1.93E+06	1E+05	1.53E+05	2.47E+06	1.8E+06	2.27E+06	9.8E+04	4.57E+05	1.09E+05	6.19E+05	5.22E+05	2.31E+05	4.51E+05	1.59E+05	8.62E+05	2.66E+05	1.06E+05	3.66E+05	4.32E+05	1.95E+06	2.02E+04	4.45E+05	3.96E+05	4.54E+04	5.73E+04	4.14E+04	3.7E+05	3.01E+05	3.04E+06	2.53E+05	3.82E+06	1.39E+05	8.82E+04	3.96E+05	5.69E+04	8.53E+05	3.61E+05	2.34E+05	8.14E+05	1.08E+06	3.74E+04	8.77E+04	1E+05	1.72E+05
Digitalose	2.29E+05	4.57E+04	3.22E+03	1.25E+04	1.63E+04	2.93E+03	3.98E+03	1.94E+06	2.81E+05	1.6E+03	8.05E+06	4.89E+03	1.29E+04	1.79E+04	2.7E+04	4.48E+03	1.17E+07	1.24E+04	2.07E+07	6.5E+03	2.89E+05	2.71E+04	4.84E+03	1.23E+04	2E+06	2.43E+04	1.01E+06	6.46E+05	1.53E+06	3.74E+06	1.41E+04	1.61E+07	7.56E+04	1.79E+04	4.05E+03	2.97E+06	7.64E+03	2.52E+05	3.12E+06	1.02E+04	8.27E+03	1.35E+04	4.25E+03	4.91E+03	8.41E+03
Dihomomethionine	1.41E+07	1.22E+06	8.79E+05	1.28E+07	8.17E+06	5.23E+05	6.36E+05	3.84E+05	3.57E+06	1.41E+06	2.35E+06	3.91E+06	2.52E+06	5.52E+06	3.85E+06	8.39E+05	1.07E+07	5.93E+06	7.51E+06	3.57E+06	2.18E+06	2.37E+07	4.78E+06	3.29E+06	1.41E+06	2.01E+06	1.6E+05	3.54E+06	6.8E+05	2.89E+06	1.87E+06	3.26E+06	2.35E+06	4.08E+06	7.89E+06	1.89E+06	2.53E+06	1.42E+06	1.2E+06	3.26E+05	6.38E+06	1.06E+06	1.87E+06	2.66E+06	1.17E+06
Dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2,3-furandione_1	1.18E+07	3.18E+07	4.61E+06	1.89E+07	1.73E+07	1.09E+07	1.39E+07	4.16E+06	1.22E+07	2.02E+06	9.93E+06	4.43E+06	2.98E+06	6.24E+06	2.5E+07	8.77E+06	1.93E+07	8.8E+06	2.92E+07	2.11E+07	5.75E+06	1.71E+07	6.43E+06	2.27E+07	1.04E+07	8.32E+06	7.44E+06	5.07E+06	3.43E+06	1.95E+07	1.84E+07	1.31E+07	8.39E+06	1.37E+07	3.99E+07	3.31E+06	1.67E+07	7.49E+06	2.64E+06	6.12E+06	6.83E+06	9.14E+06	3.53E+06	7.15E+06	9.04E+06
Dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2,3-furandione_2	7.11E+06	2.39E+06	3.34E+05	3.41E+06	5.89E+06	1.87E+06	6.77E+06	2.1E+06	1.58E+07	4.38E+05	1.43E+06	3.59E+06	8.87E+05	9.29E+05	4.84E+06	1.69E+06	7.28E+06	3.8E+06	8.04E+06	3.66E+06	6.22E+05	4.04E+06	8.6E+05	1.56E+06	2.31E+06	1.61E+06	2.47E+06	6.11E+05	4.38E+05	2.82E+06	5.89E+06	5.32E+06	2.79E+06	5.29E+06	5.06E+06	1.93E+06	7.69E+06	3.01E+06	7.15E+05	1.83E+06	1.47E+06	1.38E+06	3.32E+05	1.72E+06	4.68E+05
Dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2,3-furandione_3	5.31E+05	5.39E+05	5.96E+05	6.29E+05	6.64E+05	5.29E+05	9.98E+05	9.23E+05	5.11E+05	4.78E+05	4.05E+05	5.9E+05	4.62E+05	5.72E+05	4.56E+05	5.38E+05	6.67E+05	2.52E+05	7.27E+05	6.09E+05	4.97E+05	3.84E+05	9.99E+05	2.57E+05	6.48E+05	7.58E+05	2.82E+05	8.08E+05	5.31E+05	7.22E+05	7.33E+05	8.41E+05	8.59E+05	7.7E+05	6.71E+05	4.09E+05	5.92E+05	7.63E+05	4.77E+05	5.58E+05	3.3E+05	5.2E+05	4.4E+05	3.66E+05	3.56E+05
Dihydroaceanthrylene	3.37E+05	9.9E+05	9.68E+03	1.65E+05	4.1E+05	3.08E+04	4.97E+04	5.08E+03	2.68E+05	1.12E+04	3.27E+04	1.56E+05	2.59E+03	4.27E+04	3.6E+05	4.34E+04	3.45E+05	5.31E+04	5.78E+05	8.63E+04	1.09E+04	4.79E+05	2.47E+03	2.45E+05	5.37E+03	2.76E+03	2.16E+03	2.48E+04	3.49E+03	5.49E+04	6.22E+04	1.4E+05	3.35E+04	4.38E+05	1.54E+05	9.07E+03	2.03E+05	8.64E+04	2.87E+03	2.08E+04	8.46E+04	4.62E+03	6.4E+04	8.6E+04	6.34E+03
Dihydrobiopterin_1	7.63E+06	1.15E+07	3.53E+06	1.57E+07	1.13E+07	6.19E+06	5.89E+06	1.69E+06	5.93E+06	2E+06	7.27E+06	4.04E+06	2.11E+06	7.49E+06	1.27E+07	5.61E+06	5.83E+06	9.39E+06	1.09E+07	6.42E+06	5.74E+06	1.08E+07	6.97E+06	8.09E+06	2.33E+06	1.6E+06	1.52E+06	6.36E+06	2.01E+06	6.93E+06	9.71E+06	1.06E+07	4E+06	7.5E+06	2.05E+06	4.32E+06	8.65E+06	6.58E+06	3.98E+06	2.86E+06	7.19E+06	1.38E+06	3.59E+06	5.38E+06	2.24E+06
Dihydrobiopterin_2	3.45E+04	3.01E+04	3.59E+04	6.79E+04	1.06E+05	1.41E+06	1.28E+04	6.22E+05	3.37E+03	1.87E+04	1.33E+04	5.69E+03	2.47E+04	9.83E+04	5.67E+04	5.47E+04	2.09E+04	3.72E+04	3.54E+04	4.36E+04	8.75E+03	5.97E+03	1.39E+04	7.57E+04	7.95E+03	1.63E+04	7.51E+03	8.31E+04	3.34E+03	2.86E+05	1.56E+06	5.06E+04	2.76E+04	4.93E+04	7.14E+06	5.62E+04	4.38E+03	7.61E+04	1.05E+04	1.25E+05	1.04E+04	1.83E+03	1.91E+03	1.34E+07	1.09E+04
Dihydroclavaminic acid	1.5E+07	5.53E+06	2.13E+06	9.16E+06	1E+07	2.62E+06	2.95E+06	5.46E+05	3.96E+06	1.77E+06	1.72E+06	2.33E+06	9.57E+05	3.1E+06	6.89E+06	3.88E+06	2.34E+07	1.93E+07	1.19E+07	2.81E+06	2.65E+06	1.52E+07	8.6E+06	3.16E+06	1.17E+06	3.8E+06	3.07E+05	2.59E+06	1.76E+06	2.04E+07	3.82E+06	8.47E+06	2.7E+06	4.04E+06	2.11E+07	2.21E+06	3.86E+06	2.03E+06	1.26E+06	1E+06	4.17E+06	6.06E+05	1.7E+06	3.94E+07	5.6E+05
Dihydroeuparin	9.77E+04	2.2E+04	3.28E+03	7.31E+04	1.09E+05	2.46E+05	5.11E+03	2.53E+03	3.23E+05	3.93E+03	5.76E+03	2.69E+04	4.36E+04	9.96E+04	6.15E+04	1.44E+05	3.76E+04	4.85E+04	2.94E+04	6.44E+04	9.31E+04	4.62E+04	7.26E+04	1.29E+05	6.51E+05	1.29E+03	1.67E+05	3.08E+04	3.31E+03	3.92E+04	2.58E+05	1.06E+05	2.53E+05	7.72E+05	7.9E+05	1.58E+03	1.64E+05	8.35E+04	2.91E+03	6.83E+04	9.23E+03	3.42E+03	2.47E+04	1.25E+04	8.18E+04
Dihydrokaempferol	1.3E+05	1.53E+05	7.95E+05	2.61E+05	1.73E+05	3.45E+05	3.69E+05	0	4.74E+05	6.05E+05	1.57E+05	2.99E+05	2.65E+06	3.26E+05	9.42E+04	3.29E+05	1.93E+05	2.46E+05	4E+05	9.95E+04	5.8E+05	4.43E+05	5.72E+05	3.79E+05	6.29E+05	6.14E+04	9.91E+05	2.3E+05	4.1E+04	8.52E+05	4.39E+03	9.21E+05	2.36E+05	5.44E+04	6.86E+04	4.45E+05	4.27E+05	5.45E+05	1.09E+05	1.76E+06	3.35E+05	6.03E+05	6.37E+05	5.02E+05	6.05E+04
Dihydrolipoate	1.76E+06	4.78E+04	4.49E+03	4.47E+04	8.52E+06	4.69E+05	8.25E+04	1.95E+05	4.5E+05	1.9E+04	8.92E+05	2.47E+05	2.36E+04	6.83E+04	7.95E+05	1.17E+05	6.24E+05	6.57E+04	3.27E+05	1.13E+06	2.22E+04	3.74E+05	2.24E+04	4.33E+05	1.07E+04	2.87E+03	1.3E+04	1.84E+06	3.86E+03	9.32E+05	4.12E+05	1.49E+06	8E+05	2.28E+05	1.8E+06	2.09E+04	4.4E+05	2.01E+06	1.14E+04	2.26E+06	6.27E+04	1E+04	1.29E+05	2.43E+05	5.62E+04
Dihydro-O-methylsterigmatocystin	1.77E+03	3.55E+03	1.66E+03	2.72E+05	2.05E+04	2.21E+03	4.12E+03	3.36E+06	1.91E+03	1.38E+03	1.55E+03	0	3.75E+03	1.9E+03	4.31E+03	2.16E+03	2.19E+03	2.79E+04	3.29E+03	3.78E+03	1.93E+03	1.33E+04	0	2.93E+03	1.22E+03	0	1.28E+03	1.8E+03	1.65E+03	2.6E+03	1.05E+04	1.4E+03	3.27E+04	7.46E+04	2.94E+03	1.78E+03	2.61E+03	1.37E+03	0	3.57E+05	1.83E+03	1.57E+03	0	4.03E+04	1.84E+03
Dihydroxycarbazepine	5.38E+04	1.66E+03	1.68E+03	6.19E+04	3.72E+05	1.5E+03	7.78E+03	6.53E+03	9.21E+03	0	1.17E+03	2.96E+03	0	1.99E+03	8.57E+03	1.88E+03	4.06E+04	1.27E+03	3.12E+03	4.09E+04	0	2.02E+05	1.62E+03	1.27E+04	1.98E+03	2.18E+03	1.85E+03	9.5E+03	2.49E+03	2.32E+04	1.8E+05	1.06E+05	2.11E+04	3.75E+04	1.21E+04	0	6.67E+04	8.51E+03	0	2.3E+03	5.55E+03	1.68E+03	0	1.94E+03	2.01E+03
Dihydroxyfumarate	8.71E+04	2.32E+03	3.63E+05	4.16E+06	2.59E+03	1.83E+03	9.52E+05	1.73E+03	1.14E+03	1.49E+03	7.01E+03	1.83E+03	1.05E+06	1.54E+04	4.5E+03	2E+03	5.01E+04	4.92E+06	9.61E+03	1.87E+03	1.41E+03	4.13E+06	1.44E+03	7.74E+06	7.41E+06	7.63E+03	3.94E+05	5.14E+03	1.87E+03	3.93E+03	1.17E+03	2.3E+03	8.88E+06	1.7E+03	2.96E+03	0	3.98E+06	2.05E+03	1.53E+03	4.62E+06	3.22E+03	1.09E+06	6.61E+04	1.66E+06	1.4E+03
Dihydrozeatin riboside	3.51E+05	4.7E+05	1.7E+04	1.53E+05	5.9E+05	1.04E+05	8.61E+05	5.44E+03	2.02E+05	3.23E+03	1.41E+04	2.08E+04	3.84E+03	5.98E+04	1.28E+05	1.45E+05	8.12E+04	6.36E+04	3.13E+05	4.84E+04	6.45E+04	3.89E+04	1.69E+04	2.66E+05	0	1.48E+04	0	2.91E+04	6.81E+04	2.1E+06	1.96E+05	4.68E+05	3.82E+04	1.72E+05	6.67E+05	3.52E+03	6.13E+05	3.02E+04	2.31E+03	1E+04	2.24E+04	2.18E+03	4.26E+03	1.1E+04	4.35E+04
Dihydrozeatin-O-glucoside	1.59E+07	6.07E+06	1.92E+05	1.22E+06	1.76E+07	5.51E+06	9.9E+06	9.91E+05	2.82E+05	2.1E+05	2.5E+06	1.48E+06	2.85E+05	1.59E+06	2.29E+06	1.66E+06	1.22E+06	7.45E+05	1.08E+06	4.03E+06	5.77E+07	3.81E+05	1.52E+06	3.82E+06	3.52E+05	8.31E+05	2.65E+05	2.55E+06	3.78E+06	4.58E+07	6.51E+05	1.81E+08	2.41E+05	5.48E+05	4.99E+05	2.07E+05	7.65E+05	1.62E+06	5.38E+05	1.57E+07	8.87E+06	6.57E+03	1.55E+06	2.8E+06	6.87E+05
Diisopropyl phthalate_1	2.16E+07	1.83E+07	5.67E+06	3.04E+07	2.54E+07	1.15E+07	1.6E+07	2.71E+06	1.27E+07	4.31E+06	1.89E+07	1E+07	3.07E+06	3.7E+07	2.4E+07	1.75E+07	1.93E+07	1.9E+07	4.14E+07	4.33E+07	1.23E+07	1.38E+07	1.16E+07	4.51E+07	3.55E+06	3.28E+06	7.58E+05	8.81E+06	3.02E+06	1.39E+07	2.39E+07	2.23E+07	9.09E+06	2.9E+07	2.4E+07	3.81E+06	1.29E+07	8.43E+06	1.92E+06	4.58E+06	1.46E+07	3.14E+06	5.9E+06	1.52E+07	5.34E+06
Diisopropyl phthalate_2	1.54E+06	8.11E+05	1.35E+06	3.85E+06	4.67E+06	1.05E+06	9.8E+05	3.49E+05	2.53E+06	1.2E+06	1.08E+06	5.83E+05	1.97E+05	2.44E+06	3.44E+06	1.15E+06	2.89E+06	1.19E+06	3.41E+06	3.48E+06	4.5E+05	1.46E+06	1.26E+06	2.68E+06	1.87E+05	1.81E+05	2.34E+05	1.39E+06	3.71E+05	6.74E+05	3.21E+06	9.88E+05	1.68E+06	3.81E+06	2.12E+06	1.04E+06	2.11E+06	8.85E+05	2.42E+05	5.19E+05	1.55E+06	2.77E+05	6.2E+05	1.48E+06	1.55E+06
Diisopropyl phthalate_3	8.44E+05	1.33E+05	5.19E+04	3.33E+05	3.05E+06	2.78E+04	1.98E+05	3.86E+05	4.79E+05	1.16E+04	6.94E+05	1.46E+05	822	2.23E+06	2.15E+05	1.63E+05	5.61E+05	1.79E+05	1.27E+06	1.91E+06	2.21E+06	7.02E+05	1.05E+04	3.92E+06	2.61E+04	1.63E+03	1.29E+03	1.01E+06	1.75E+03	7.83E+04	2.29E+06	5.68E+06	2.32E+04	1.04E+06	2.8E+05	5.29E+05	3.55E+05	2.78E+05	1.57E+03	8.91E+03	4.31E+05	3.81E+05	4.44E+05	3.88E+05	2.29E+04
Diisopropyl sulfate	1.97E+06	2.27E+06	5.58E+05	3.98E+06	1.86E+06	2.38E+06	6.57E+05	1.65E+06	1.68E+06	5.58E+05	2.85E+05	1.02E+06	3.73E+05	1.36E+06	3.82E+06	1.35E+06	3.21E+06	1.87E+06	3.62E+06	1.66E+06	2.48E+05	1.98E+06	1.17E+06	3.42E+06	1.49E+05	1.27E+05	3.58E+05	1.2E+06	5.14E+05	2.09E+06	2.03E+06	1.6E+06	9.12E+05	1.16E+06	5.8E+06	9.3E+05	2.26E+05	1.21E+06	1.94E+05	1.48E+06	1.37E+06	5E+05	6.84E+05	2.01E+06	9.95E+04
DIMBOA	7.29E+05	4.61E+04	2.13E+05	7.41E+05	3.08E+05	1.08E+05	3.29E+05	4.67E+04	1.42E+06	4.57E+04	3.29E+05	6.58E+05	2.61E+05	1.46E+05	8.67E+05	3.26E+04	4.42E+06	1.29E+06	4.16E+05	2.24E+05	7.62E+04	1.29E+06	3.23E+06	3.89E+06	5.8E+05	3.7E+04	2.04E+05	4.29E+05	1.23E+04	1.01E+04	5.58E+05	4.28E+04	1.2E+06	6.75E+05	4.07E+05	3.22E+05	4.74E+05	8.92E+03	7.42E+04	1.3E+04	1.75E+05	1.12E+05	1.66E+05	1.27E+05	2.66E+04
Dimepiperate	7.61E+05	6.78E+05	1.09E+05	9.86E+05	1.21E+06	3.56E+05	3.73E+05	1.73E+04	3.8E+05	9.36E+04	4.53E+05	2.46E+05	1.12E+05	2.46E+05	7.12E+05	3.52E+05	7.73E+05	6.95E+05	8.36E+05	7.06E+05	5.59E+05	2.6E+05	2.67E+05	8.44E+05	4.05E+04	1.52E+05	7.19E+03	1.36E+05	6.57E+04	2.05E+05	3.99E+05	8.94E+05	1.62E+05	4.34E+05	3.91E+05	2.73E+05	6.56E+05	3.41E+05	6.25E+04	1.01E+05	3.29E+05	3.22E+04	2.48E+05	1.35E+05	1.55E+04
Dimexano	8.35E+05	3.95E+04	8.08E+04	1.65E+04	3.74E+05	6.49E+04	7.68E+04	1.74E+05	4.72E+05	5.43E+04	1.3E+05	2.84E+05	1.11E+05	9.45E+04	9.26E+04	4.95E+04	7.03E+05	4.83E+05	3.09E+04	7.17E+04	1.32E+05	6.64E+05	6.45E+03	1.55E+05	1.05E+05	1.09E+04	1.06E+05	4.29E+05	5.23E+04	1.99E+04	4.13E+05	1.54E+05	1.33E+04	1.99E+04	7.88E+04	7.74E+04	2.54E+04	1.1E+05	8.18E+04	1.56E+05	1.73E+04	9.15E+04	4.2E+05	5.14E+04	2.58E+04
Diphenhydramine_1	1.05E+04	6.34E+03	1.62E+03	4.64E+03	5.61E+03	9E+03	7.3E+03	3.91E+03	1.8E+03	5.55E+03	4.18E+03	7.62E+03	4.7E+03	3.09E+03	3.96E+03	5.44E+03	2.52E+03	5.27E+03	2.84E+03	2.74E+03	6.49E+03	1.87E+03	1.81E+03	5.46E+03	2.95E+03	5.58E+03	4.89E+03	4.37E+03	4.69E+03	7.26E+03	6.5E+03	2.53E+03	1.34E+06	2.07E+07	1.01E+04	4.19E+04	3.02E+03	2.67E+03	4.62E+03	3.27E+03	3.23E+03	1.62E+03	4.88E+03	3.03E+03	7.75E+03
Diphenhydramine_2	1.55E+03	0	1.8E+03	0	2.02E+03	0	0	0	1.68E+03	2.89E+03	0	4.05E+03	0	0	0	1.48E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.81E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.84E+03	0	1.45E+03	1.69E+03	2.02E+03	3.55E+06	6.06E+07	3.8E+04	2.16E+04	1.57E+03	1.9E+03	1.51E+03	1.41E+03	0	0	1.53E+03	1.59E+03	0
Diphenylcarbazide	3.44E+06	1.03E+07	1.16E+06	4.37E+06	8.13E+06	3.86E+06	5.03E+06	7.08E+05	3E+06	4.38E+05	1.51E+06	1.47E+06	1.59E+05	1.39E+06	5.11E+06	2.55E+06	3.31E+06	7.02E+06	4.93E+06	2.93E+06	3.61E+05	4.08E+06	1.75E+06	3.91E+06	3.08E+05	2.86E+06	7.77E+04	2.23E+06	6.19E+05	6.13E+06	3.21E+06	6.07E+06	5E+06	6.81E+06	4E+06	1.22E+06	6.39E+06	4.12E+06	3.56E+05	9.7E+05	2.1E+06	7.13E+04	1.12E+06	1.13E+06	1.51E+06
Dipropyl disulfide_1	3.44E+07	3.05E+07	1.14E+07	4.92E+07	4.49E+07	2.12E+07	1.94E+07	8.54E+06	2.93E+07	1.05E+07	3.04E+07	1.71E+07	9.61E+06	2.86E+07	4.61E+07	2.59E+07	4.24E+07	3.4E+07	5.59E+07	3.37E+07	1.73E+07	4.56E+07	2.23E+07	5E+07	1E+07	1.28E+07	6.82E+06	2.91E+07	1.06E+07	2.45E+07	4.12E+07	3.55E+07	1.83E+07	3.16E+07	4.81E+07	1.48E+07	4.84E+07	1.77E+07	7.65E+06	1.55E+07	2.52E+07	9.6E+06	1.94E+07	2.63E+07	1.06E+07
Dipropyl disulfide_2	5.99E+06	5.83E+06	3.6E+06	5.26E+06	4.3E+06	2.28E+06	2.66E+06	2.13E+06	8.19E+06	1.83E+06	2.55E+06	2.4E+06	2.77E+05	2.05E+06	2.82E+06	2.41E+06	6.46E+06	3.96E+06	6.95E+06	4.1E+06	2.82E+06	5.91E+06	3.49E+06	5.57E+06	1.89E+06	1.15E+06	1.44E+06	2.41E+06	7.72E+05	2.69E+06	1E+07	5.18E+06	1.62E+06	4.74E+06	5.59E+06	1.5E+06	3.07E+06	2.35E+06	2.57E+04	2.39E+06	2.72E+06	2.38E+06	1.49E+06	4.08E+06	1.41E+06
dl-Methylephedrine hydrochloride	6.34E+05	1.35E+05	2.18E+04	7.17E+04	3.61E+04	1.3E+05	3E+04	5.73E+03	1.64E+05	1.24E+04	5.51E+05	9.58E+04	4.5E+03	7.48E+05	1.42E+05	3.52E+05	5.84E+05	2.28E+05	4.58E+05	6.95E+05	1.35E+04	1.91E+05	1.67E+05	1.15E+06	1.03E+04	2.28E+04	3.57E+03	2.1E+05	6.29E+04	1E+05	5.79E+05	4.6E+04	7.34E+04	6.81E+04	6.43E+05	3.5E+03	7.2E+04	1.79E+04	4.51E+03	1.78E+04	8.72E+04	2.73E+04	1.25E+04	3.04E+04	4.78E+04
D-Lysopine	9.05E+06	7.33E+06	3.19E+06	1.47E+07	1.48E+07	3.08E+06	3.88E+06	4.77E+06	5.06E+06	2.04E+06	5.94E+06	4.92E+06	1.33E+06	4.86E+06	6.92E+06	3.98E+06	1.01E+07	6.34E+06	9.58E+06	9.07E+06	7.19E+06	6.47E+06	4.36E+06	8.18E+06	2.55E+06	5.36E+06	1.46E+06	3.38E+06	2.31E+06	1.59E+07	9.29E+06	1.59E+07	5.24E+06	9.05E+06	9.25E+06	2.76E+06	8.37E+06	5.23E+06	2.53E+06	4.95E+06	4.55E+06	1.54E+06	2.89E+06	4.65E+06	1.95E+06
D-Mannitol 1-phosphate	1.44E+05	8.09E+05	7.51E+03	3.51E+05	1.37E+04	1.76E+06	7.17E+04	8.22E+04	7.53E+04	3.76E+03	1.03E+05	7.07E+05	2.1E+03	0	8.34E+03	2.48E+03	1.12E+05	2.18E+03	3.86E+03	3.61E+07	1.15E+04	2E+04	9.7E+03	4.77E+05	1.76E+03	8.38E+05	8.44E+03	0	1.8E+04	9.37E+03	6.93E+05	2.04E+05	2.28E+03	1.06E+04	6.61E+05	2.04E+03	9E+03	4.61E+05	0	2.39E+04	5.07E+05	2.38E+03	3.17E+05	6.31E+05	2.88E+03
DMPP	3.64E+04	7.45E+05	3.47E+04	6.83E+06	6.55E+05	3.93E+03	1.19E+05	6.52E+05	9.34E+03	3.65E+03	1.56E+06	1.94E+05	1.81E+04	6.65E+04	1.09E+04	1.42E+04	3.93E+06	3.3E+04	3.63E+07	2.4E+06	2.27E+04	1.52E+05	1.69E+04	2.19E+04	2.21E+04	1.25E+03	1.52E+05	2.43E+04	1.74E+04	4.32E+05	7.59E+04	6.19E+06	7.62E+05	1.64E+05	3.88E+03	2.42E+05	5.16E+03	2.23E+05	1.01E+06	6.29E+05	1.32E+05	3.72E+03	1.24E+03	2.77E+04	1.5E+03
D-Octopine	8.63E+06	1.03E+07	2.59E+06	1.04E+07	1.21E+07	5.23E+06	3.16E+06	1.89E+06	4.94E+06	2.14E+06	1.15E+07	3.68E+06	9.72E+05	3.07E+06	5.9E+06	2.52E+06	1.37E+07	8.01E+06	9.97E+06	1.59E+07	3.7E+06	7.55E+06	3.14E+06	8.58E+06	2.85E+06	3.41E+06	1.88E+06	2.44E+06	1.21E+06	3.84E+06	5.19E+06	9.05E+06	2.41E+06	8.03E+06	5.12E+06	3.11E+06	4.46E+06	5.98E+06	1.17E+06	3.73E+06	2.96E+06	2.09E+06	2.04E+06	1.1E+07	7.18E+05
Dodecanamide	4.26E+08	4.25E+08	4.27E+08	4.25E+08	4.25E+08	4.26E+08	4.23E+08	4.25E+08	4.24E+08	4.26E+08	4.11E+08	4.21E+08	4.18E+08	4.21E+08	4.2E+08	4.15E+08	4.16E+08	4.2E+08	4.17E+08	4.2E+08	4.13E+08	4.2E+08	4.28E+08	4.17E+08	4.17E+08	4.19E+08	4.21E+08	4.19E+08	4.11E+08	4.15E+08	4.06E+08	4.04E+08	4.03E+08	4.04E+08	4.01E+08	4.05E+08	4.06E+08	4.06E+08	4.11E+08	4.13E+08	4.16E+08	4.3E+08	4.31E+08	4.31E+08	4.31E+08
Dodecanedioic acid	2.15E+06	4.99E+06	8.53E+05	1.79E+06	2.86E+06	5.06E+06	3.2E+06	1.5E+05	4.78E+05	2.58E+04	2.33E+05	1.65E+06	2.77E+04	1.5E+05	1.03E+06	2.94E+05	6.66E+06	3.39E+06	8.17E+05	3.68E+06	6.82E+04	3.81E+06	1.86E+05	1.24E+06	2.76E+05	7.14E+05	1.34E+04	7.59E+05	1.2E+05	6.23E+05	1.16E+06	1.99E+06	1.75E+06	5.58E+06	1.11E+06	1.08E+06	1.6E+06	4.2E+06	1.82E+04	1.51E+06	5.46E+05	2.27E+04	6.55E+04	5.52E+05	1.72E+06
Dodecylaldehyde	1.95E+03	2.24E+03	0	1.37E+06	7.02E+03	9.63E+03	0	0	1.2E+06	1.48E+03	1.8E+03	0	0	0	1.01E+06	0	2.83E+03	2.55E+03	7.77E+05	2.31E+03	0	0	1.66E+03	3.73E+03	0	0	0	0	1.85E+03	4.66E+03	2.02E+03	1.2E+04	6.06E+05	1.11E+06	1.59E+04	0	2.6E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	8.9E+03	0
Dodemorph	1.07E+07	1.07E+07	1.11E+07	1.04E+07	1.07E+07	1.09E+07	1.08E+07	1.08E+07	1.06E+07	1.09E+07	1.05E+07	1.05E+07	1.07E+07	1.08E+07	1.05E+07	1.05E+07	1.07E+07	1.04E+07	1.06E+07	1.05E+07	1.01E+07	1.03E+07	9.95E+06	1.03E+07	1.01E+07	1.04E+07	1.02E+07	9.97E+06	9.9E+06	9.93E+06	9.94E+06	1E+07	9.75E+06	1.01E+07	1.02E+07	1.01E+07	9.96E+06	1.03E+07	1.04E+07	1.06E+07	1.09E+07	1.12E+07	1.12E+07	1.1E+07	1.13E+07
Dolichotheline	6.12E+03	3.46E+03	2.28E+05	5.62E+03	1.53E+05	0	1.22E+04	1.72E+05	6.77E+03	6.21E+03	1.19E+04	9.03E+03	2.12E+03	3.44E+03	3.84E+03	3.35E+03	7.18E+04	1.79E+04	3.13E+03	6.93E+03	0	2.04E+04	2.18E+03	2.23E+03	2.56E+03	2.1E+03	1.99E+03	1.33E+03	902	3.36E+04	9.23E+05	2.94E+03	2.08E+03	1.78E+04	3.61E+04	5.25E+04	3.13E+03	4.5E+04	3.39E+03	1.26E+04	1.43E+04	1.09E+03	1.58E+05	1.69E+03	1.95E+03
Domoic acid	1.28E+04	1.98E+03	1.94E+03	1.74E+04	9.3E+03	2.14E+05	2.54E+05	1.89E+03	5.58E+03	0	6.24E+03	1.64E+03	1.98E+03	2.61E+03	3.63E+03	1.46E+04	6.22E+03	1.75E+03	1.69E+04	1.15E+04	1.75E+03	5.55E+03	2.23E+03	1.26E+05	2.15E+03	3.06E+04	1.54E+03	1.84E+03	2.02E+03	1.86E+03	1.06E+04	4.02E+03	2.33E+04	5.52E+05	8.81E+03	1.26E+03	5.8E+03	1.33E+04	1.25E+03	1.66E+03	1.43E+03	1.79E+03	1.66E+03	1.48E+03	2.21E+03
Dopamine_1	5.66E+06	6.34E+06	2.1E+06	1.07E+07	9.16E+06	3.8E+06	3.39E+06	1.3E+06	5.49E+06	1.93E+06	3.49E+06	2.55E+06	1.62E+06	4.65E+06	8.59E+06	4.11E+06	6.65E+06	6.21E+06	1.12E+07	3.75E+06	2.23E+06	5.65E+06	4.11E+06	5.02E+06	1.77E+06	2.5E+06	1.18E+06	4.14E+06	1.45E+06	4.44E+06	3.78E+06	5.19E+06	3.11E+06	4.42E+06	1.05E+07	2.54E+06	7.1E+06	2.35E+06	1.25E+06	1.79E+06	3.46E+06	1.51E+06	1.92E+06	5.23E+06	1.56E+06
Dopamine_2	1.95E+06	2.17E+07	1.06E+06	2.33E+06	9.39E+06	1.01E+06	1.96E+06	6.22E+04	3.27E+05	8.17E+05	9.51E+05	5.44E+04	2.09E+05	8.05E+05	2.86E+05	7.76E+05	4.24E+06	2.8E+06	8.88E+05	3.45E+06	5.02E+05	1.61E+06	8.32E+05	1.42E+06	7.59E+05	2.32E+05	5.29E+05	9.76E+05	2.74E+04	1.88E+06	1.25E+06	3.08E+06	1.03E+06	1.27E+06	1.3E+06	2.2E+06	9.9E+05	2.1E+06	4.88E+05	2.55E+06	4.22E+05	1.14E+05	1.77E+05	1.46E+06	6.74E+04
Dopaquinone_1	5.02E+07	7.58E+08	6.95E+07	3.29E+08	5.64E+08	8.93E+07	1.17E+08	8.74E+07	6.66E+07	9.51E+07	8.33E+07	6.16E+07	1.32E+08	7.72E+07	2.44E+08	1.15E+08	9.41E+07	1.47E+08	2.06E+08	9.3E+07	5.76E+07	2.09E+08	1.13E+08	2.8E+08	2.97E+08	4.3E+07	4.75E+07	1.73E+08	1.42E+07	3.53E+08	2.49E+08	2.38E+08	5.61E+07	3.17E+07	7.54E+08	3.9E+07	1.31E+08	1.37E+08	1.23E+08	8.93E+07	1.3E+08	7.87E+07	4.72E+07	5.34E+07	4.58E+07
Dopaquinone_2	1.49E+07	1.23E+07	4.53E+06	1.28E+07	1.16E+07	1.06E+07	3.58E+06	2.15E+06	4.92E+06	5.58E+06	7.74E+06	1.37E+07	5.31E+07	2E+06	4.54E+06	2.44E+06	1.21E+07	1.29E+07	1.04E+07	7.51E+06	8.15E+06	2.15E+07	3.59E+06	1.53E+07	5.68E+06	4.67E+06	1.48E+06	4.86E+06	2.78E+06	5.26E+06	7.97E+06	9.43E+06	3.51E+06	1.63E+07	2.06E+07	2.68E+06	1.07E+07	2.11E+06	2.15E+07	4.66E+06	1.41E+07	1.09E+07	1.81E+07	8.77E+06	8.85E+07
Drazoxolon_1	1.75E+07	1.73E+07	6.79E+06	2.5E+07	1.91E+07	1.38E+07	9.65E+06	6E+06	1.67E+07	5.57E+06	1.82E+07	8.99E+06	6.53E+06	1.31E+07	2.48E+07	1.25E+07	1.81E+07	1.57E+07	2.82E+07	1.74E+07	8.22E+06	1.87E+07	1.24E+07	2.29E+07	9.64E+06	8.93E+06	7.05E+06	1.21E+07	5.56E+06	1.94E+07	1.91E+07	1.84E+07	1.17E+07	1.41E+07	3.6E+07	7.24E+06	2.21E+07	1.16E+07	5.04E+06	1.01E+07	9.72E+06	8.13E+06	9.69E+06	1.71E+07	6.93E+06
Drazoxolon_2	1.07E+06	5.2E+05	2.91E+05	1.3E+06	7.09E+05	1.04E+06	4.03E+05	1.82E+05	1.12E+06	1.98E+04	7.38E+05	1.09E+05	1.95E+05	7.04E+05	1.14E+06	1.06E+06	4.79E+05	8.48E+05	1.88E+06	5.22E+05	1.09E+05	1.02E+06	5.54E+05	1.42E+06	5.86E+04	6.72E+05	2.5E+04	6.89E+05	1.57E+05	8.27E+05	5.71E+05	7.24E+05	1.02E+06	1.07E+06	9.55E+05	2.48E+04	7.18E+05	2.82E+06	1.47E+05	3.63E+05	6.73E+05	7.57E+04	3.23E+05	1.69E+05	5.34E+05
D-SORBITOL	1.6E+07	6.62E+06	2.74E+07	1.35E+07	1.79E+07	8.43E+06	1.58E+08	2.28E+07	9.03E+06	1.31E+07	5.47E+07	6.7E+06	3.79E+06	9.59E+06	1.11E+07	3.68E+07	1.13E+08	8.91E+06	1.66E+07	1.14E+07	6.67E+06	5.33E+07	7.44E+06	2.26E+07	6.02E+07	2.06E+06	7.77E+07	1.08E+07	1.44E+07	7.84E+06	1.16E+07	4.21E+07	7.62E+06	2.34E+07	1.31E+07	1.58E+07	9.58E+06	1.09E+07	7.11E+06	1.61E+07	4.9E+06	2.74E+07	4.5E+06	1.09E+07	5.88E+06
D-Urobilin_1	1.22E+03	0	0	0	1.46E+04	0	0	2.94E+03	0	0	4.54E+03	2.67E+04	2.38E+03	8.13E+03	1.73E+03	2.43E+03	4.49E+04	0	0	3.68E+03	0	1.57E+04	0	5.49E+05	0	0	1.47E+03	0	0	1.96E+03	0	3.32E+06	0	0	0	7.46E+03	1.25E+05	2.51E+03	0	0	0	9.77E+03	3.86E+04	1.81E+03	2.25E+03
D-Urobilin_2	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	4.68E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.33E+03	0	0	9.84E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.95E+05	0	0	1.73E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
D-Urobilinogen_1	6.43E+04	1.86E+03	3.21E+03	1.51E+04	8.07E+05	1.17E+04	2.66E+03	2.56E+03	8.83E+03	2.72E+03	1.6E+06	7.74E+04	6.85E+03	2.33E+03	0	2.16E+03	5.65E+03	0	8.95E+04	1.45E+06	4.21E+04	9.43E+04	0	2.02E+06	1.36E+03	0	0	1.96E+03	1.08E+04	2.01E+03	1.34E+05	2.39E+06	4.5E+03	0	0	7.42E+04	8.06E+05	7.05E+03	1.98E+03	1.99E+03	0	9.04E+03	9.57E+05	7.07E+04	9.32E+03
D-Urobilinogen_2	0	0	1.47E+03	0	1.49E+04	0	0	0	4.7E+03	1.8E+03	0	0	0	0	1.15E+03	0	0	1.3E+03	0	0	0	0	1.16E+03	1.42E+04	1.28E+03	0	0	0	0	1.13E+03	1.2E+03	3.95E+06	0	0	0	1.95E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.61E+03	0	0	0
E-64	8.44E+06	5.06E+05	5.88E+05	5.68E+05	2.51E+05	2.18E+05	1.95E+04	2.49E+05	5.98E+05	8.56E+04	3E+05	5.11E+05	6.72E+05	1.77E+05	4.9E+05	2.54E+06	4.08E+06	3.98E+05	6.49E+05	2.85E+05	4.4E+04	1.31E+07	1.53E+05	4.18E+05	2.33E+05	4.41E+05	1.66E+05	1.34E+05	3.88E+04	4.49E+05	3.25E+05	2.36E+05	4.68E+05	1.24E+06	6.07E+05	1.56E+05	4.09E+05	3.36E+05	1.41E+05	2.76E+05	2.16E+05	1.29E+05	6.79E+05	1.87E+05	1.88E+05
Ectocarpen	2.36E+06	5.35E+06	8.49E+05	2.77E+06	3.41E+06	2.19E+06	2.69E+06	1.4E+05	9.58E+05	1.18E+05	2.22E+05	1.42E+06	1.81E+04	2.74E+05	2.56E+06	1.01E+06	8.33E+06	4.51E+06	2.05E+06	2.52E+06	4.7E+04	4.7E+06	2.3E+05	1.99E+06	1.49E+05	7.36E+05	1.25E+04	7.45E+05	1.28E+05	1.18E+06	1.98E+06	2.24E+06	2.42E+06	5.13E+06	1.56E+06	1.42E+06	2.82E+06	2.64E+06	1.24E+05	1.78E+06	1.13E+06	2.15E+04	1.54E+05	1.41E+06	9.53E+05
Ectoine	2.3E+07	1.48E+07	9.56E+07	5.1E+07	2.29E+07	1.78E+07	8.66E+06	2.14E+07	2.23E+07	1.32E+07	9.32E+06	9.55E+06	3.97E+06	2.11E+06	4.08E+07	1.27E+07	3.24E+07	2.65E+07	1.6E+07	5.7E+07	2.06E+06	2.05E+07	2.66E+07	3.34E+07	1.47E+06	3.32E+07	1.21E+06	2.92E+07	8.61E+07	7.3E+06	2.82E+07	2.04E+07	3.78E+06	1.95E+07	3.21E+07	3.41E+06	9.26E+06	1.25E+07	3.19E+06	2.15E+07	2.9E+07	1.93E+06	7.06E+07	7.06E+06	8.06E+06
Efavirenz	1.62E+06	1.69E+04	1.99E+04	9.18E+03	2.97E+04	3.57E+03	1.31E+04	2.53E+03	1.64E+04	1.91E+04	3.59E+03	1.74E+03	6.35E+03	1.35E+04	1.41E+04	5.8E+03	1.9E+04	9.63E+03	3.17E+04	4.21E+03	5.2E+03	3.87E+05	2.93E+03	1.13E+03	1.75E+03	1.72E+03	0	6.25E+03	1.28E+03	1.15E+04	2.52E+04	8.19E+03	1.32E+03	1.57E+04	2.53E+04	5.6E+03	3.76E+03	3.4E+03	1.21E+03	4.15E+03	3.99E+03	1.31E+03	1.57E+03	1.87E+04	1.3E+03
Encecalin	6.58E+05	3.12E+05	6.88E+05	2.08E+06	3E+06	2.39E+05	5.52E+05	4.73E+04	1.12E+06	6.87E+05	3.75E+05	3.7E+05	1.67E+04	8.85E+05	1.76E+06	5.44E+05	1.82E+06	6.7E+05	2E+06	1.9E+06	1.27E+05	7.65E+05	6.92E+05	1.09E+06	4.6E+04	5.78E+04	6.39E+04	8.72E+05	1.09E+05	2.92E+05	1.69E+06	6.23E+05	7.66E+05	2.19E+06	8.12E+05	5.32E+05	1.42E+06	3.77E+05	1.5E+05	2.34E+05	9.19E+05	8.06E+04	2.83E+05	6.23E+05	1.56E+04
Ephedrine	2.95E+05	3.3E+05	1.37E+05	2.41E+05	3.74E+05	1.55E+05	1.39E+05	4.17E+06	2.39E+06	4.65E+05	3.61E+05	2.21E+06	2.44E+05	5.08E+05	2.06E+06	4.81E+05	4.48E+05	2.08E+06	4.78E+05	1.55E+05	2.82E+05	3.96E+05	1.96E+05	3.59E+04	2.6E+05	4.89E+05	5.73E+05	3.88E+05	1.49E+05	2.49E+05	2.69E+05	1.52E+06	2.66E+05	1.99E+05	2.66E+05	4.3E+05	6.17E+05	1.65E+06	1.73E+06	2.42E+06	3.16E+05	2.65E+05	3.61E+05	8.11E+04	2.83E+05
Epithienamycin B	6.18E+04	4.6E+04	0	3.19E+04	8.92E+04	5.34E+03	4.28E+06	5.39E+03	1.62E+05	7.12E+03	4.2E+04	2.37E+04	1.19E+05	8.42E+03	1.13E+05	1.38E+06	5.09E+05	3.29E+04	9.38E+04	4.28E+04	7.68E+03	2.83E+06	1.68E+05	9.31E+03	1.25E+04	2.5E+04	1.56E+03	1.06E+04	3.58E+03	1.94E+03	9.67E+03	4.93E+04	1.17E+06	1.78E+08	2.24E+04	2.43E+03	2.05E+07	7.97E+03	5.01E+04	0	1.17E+04	4.58E+03	7.07E+03	2.58E+04	3.91E+06
Epithienamycin F	4.76E+03	2.01E+05	0	0	6.07E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.73E+03	0	2.16E+03	1.82E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.71E+03	0	0	2.66E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.8E+03	0	0	0	0
Epoxiconazole	2.89E+06	2.81E+06	1.72E+06	3.9E+06	4.82E+06	1.76E+06	1.61E+06	1.1E+06	2.37E+06	1.14E+06	1.97E+06	1.18E+06	1.14E+06	1.46E+06	3.36E+06	1.6E+06	4.24E+06	2.08E+06	4.35E+06	2.61E+06	1.42E+06	2.19E+06	1.43E+06	4.13E+06	1.82E+06	8.53E+05	5.27E+05	9.79E+05	9.28E+05	2.26E+06	4.65E+06	2.98E+06	2.4E+06	2.75E+06	1.76E+06	1.06E+06	2.64E+06	1.67E+06	8.47E+05	1.56E+06	1.74E+06	9.98E+05	7.97E+05	2.3E+06	7.75E+05
epsilon-Caprolactam	8.14E+06	8.19E+06	7.8E+06	1E+07	1.14E+07	9.5E+06	9.18E+06	1.1E+07	7.65E+06	8.47E+06	9.12E+06	9.16E+06	8.57E+06	9.36E+06	1.08E+07	9.92E+06	1.41E+07	1.08E+07	1.3E+07	1.11E+07	1.11E+07	7.63E+06	9.39E+06	1.23E+07	1.19E+07	1.21E+07	1.25E+07	9.91E+06	1.11E+07	1.05E+07	1.14E+07	1.39E+07	8.77E+06	9.27E+06	7.13E+06	1.08E+07	8.74E+06	1.45E+07	9.68E+06	1.12E+07	9.81E+06	1.09E+07	9.68E+06	1.22E+07	8.97E+06
erythro-3-Hydroxy-Ls-aspartate	1.33E+05	1.3E+04	7.09E+03	7.42E+04	1.61E+05	3.82E+03	8.94E+04	2.53E+04	1.52E+04	2.23E+04	2.42E+05	1.3E+05	4.78E+04	5.17E+04	2.07E+05	1.35E+05	2.58E+05	9.37E+04	6.62E+04	6.46E+05	2.27E+05	2.08E+04	1.12E+04	6.61E+04	3.49E+04	3.1E+04	1.33E+03	1.33E+05	1.28E+05	3.33E+04	1.61E+05	1.53E+05	9.76E+03	1.64E+05	1.24E+04	2.02E+04	3.76E+04	1.86E+05	5.46E+04	5.19E+04	1.03E+05	3.52E+03	2.69E+04	3.78E+05	1.14E+04
Estazolam	1.52E+05	2.87E+04	2.27E+03	3.16E+03	2.02E+04	2.3E+03	5.45E+03	2.37E+03	1.05E+04	5.89E+06	2.42E+03	1.83E+03	2.23E+03	0	2.53E+03	1.9E+03	4.33E+04	6.93E+03	6.79E+03	2.57E+03	2.03E+03	1.54E+05	0	1.21E+04	0	0	0	2.09E+03	0	3.29E+03	7.18E+04	2.47E+03	1.8E+03	1.76E+04	5.73E+03	4.96E+03	3.77E+03	1.32E+04	0	6.44E+03	2.52E+03	0	3.01E+03	6.32E+04	1.34E+06
ETHANOLAMINE PHOSPHATE	3.27E+05	7.41E+05	4.65E+05	2.96E+05	3.15E+05	8.27E+05	5.23E+04	3.07E+05	8.51E+05	2.11E+05	3.3E+05	6.15E+05	2.34E+05	2.01E+05	2.92E+05	2.41E+05	1.11E+05	8.84E+05	5.21E+05	3.55E+05	2.51E+05	2.57E+05	1.36E+06	5.7E+05	3.12E+05	1.16E+06	3.97E+05	1.12E+05	4.64E+05	1.57E+06	2.8E+05	6.17E+05	1.34E+06	3.22E+05	1.99E+06	7.24E+05	7.19E+05	8.66E+05	3.04E+05	4.58E+05	1.64E+05	4.8E+04	5.11E+05	1.39E+05	4.61E+05
Ethiofencarb	1.04E+06	6.38E+04	4E+04	3.85E+05	1.68E+05	6.09E+03	1.01E+04	1.39E+04	6.92E+05	2.58E+04	3.36E+03	2.28E+04	2.44E+05	5.71E+05	1.8E+04	1.27E+03	6.16E+05	1.09E+05	7.5E+04	2.77E+04	1.5E+04	1.8E+06	3.92E+04	3.33E+04	2.83E+04	6.77E+03	1.31E+04	2.64E+05	0	1.06E+06	4.05E+05	1.23E+04	4.23E+04	1.16E+05	2.04E+06	8.03E+03	9.19E+05	2.77E+03	3.21E+03	2.58E+04	6.45E+05	1.2E+04	7.25E+04	6.5E+05	3.16E+03
Ethionine_1	5.43E+07	3.94E+07	5.04E+06	9.97E+07	1.03E+08	2.47E+07	4.05E+07	3.12E+07	7.35E+07	4.07E+06	3.1E+07	1.02E+07	1.74E+07	7.08E+07	7.43E+07	5.62E+07	4.87E+07	4.52E+07	1.26E+08	4.53E+07	9.99E+06	7.25E+07	2.36E+07	8.03E+07	4.93E+06	1.56E+07	3.19E+06	6.92E+07	1.43E+07	2E+08	1.43E+08	1.78E+08	3.26E+07	3.22E+07	4.06E+08	5.83E+06	2.11E+08	1.63E+07	1.34E+07	4.43E+07	5.8E+07	5.67E+06	2.03E+07	2.01E+08	3.02E+07
Ethionine_2	6.33E+03	1.74E+06	4.95E+05	2.86E+05	6.74E+05	2.36E+06	2.16E+05	7.7E+03	5.38E+03	2.72E+06	1.11E+05	2.97E+05	1.03E+05	4.13E+05	3.2E+04	2.39E+04	1.89E+04	2.3E+06	1.62E+05	1.22E+05	7.83E+05	1.17E+05	2.69E+04	1.97E+05	1.67E+04	2.08E+05	4.94E+03	3.33E+05	1.04E+04	1.05E+04	7.57E+03	2.33E+05	8.21E+04	9.18E+03	2.31E+04	7.54E+05	6.06E+03	6.97E+05	5.65E+04	1.15E+05	2.19E+05	6.57E+03	2.3E+04	8.81E+05	1.78E+04
Ethosuximide	7.87E+07	1E+08	5.47E+07	4.27E+07	5.37E+07	6.22E+07	4E+07	1.76E+07	6.25E+07	4.94E+07	6.81E+07	2.83E+07	5.72E+07	8.48E+07	4.04E+07	4.34E+07	9.65E+07	7.13E+07	6.06E+07	9.32E+07	4.65E+07	6.5E+07	2.22E+07	1.32E+08	5.02E+07	2.47E+07	3.71E+07	4.16E+07	2.09E+07	2.13E+07	9.72E+07	2.2E+07	3.74E+07	1.03E+08	2.14E+07	5.5E+07	1.67E+07	3.46E+07	1.63E+07	2.96E+07	9.42E+07	4.06E+07	2.21E+07	2.37E+07	2.72E+07
Ethyl (R)-3-hydroxyhexanoate	0	1.25E+04	0	3.3E+03	1.24E+04	2.59E+03	3.22E+04	0	2.17E+03	0	0	0	0	2.51E+03	2.59E+03	0	2.19E+03	1.75E+03	2.87E+03	2.59E+03	2.22E+03	0	0	2.33E+03	1.85E+03	0	0	3.29E+03	0	5.6E+04	2.92E+03	4.05E+03	0	3.25E+05	2.43E+04	0	1.35E+04	1.87E+03	0	3.77E+03	1.91E+03	0	0	0	0
Ethyl 3-(N-butylacetamido)propionate_1	2.57E+05	2.42E+05	1.4E+05	1.74E+05	3.94E+05	1.83E+05	1.07E+05	2.52E+05	1.74E+05	2.13E+05	1.67E+05	2.29E+05	1.23E+05	1.88E+05	1.15E+05	2.15E+05	3.58E+05	1.47E+05	2.85E+05	1.56E+05	2.45E+05	3.67E+05	7.62E+04	2.54E+05	1.96E+05	1.1E+05	1.19E+05	1.9E+05	1.6E+05	2.18E+05	1.81E+05	2.19E+05	3.67E+04	2.32E+05	1.32E+05	5.78E+04	2.44E+05	1.73E+05	1.3E+05	8.57E+04	8.89E+04	1.8E+05	1.54E+05	2.35E+05	1.05E+05
Ethyl 3-(N-butylacetamido)propionate_2	1.78E+06	2.44E+04	1.69E+03	2.12E+04	1.36E+05	1.2E+04	2.19E+03	1.9E+03	1.31E+06	2.6E+03	3.15E+03	2.66E+04	1.69E+03	4.02E+05	5.69E+03	1.37E+04	1.98E+06	1.16E+05	3.86E+04	2.84E+04	1.18E+04	2.49E+06	3.15E+04	5.87E+03	1.92E+03	2.85E+04	1.1E+04	9.85E+04	5.81E+03	1.02E+05	8.22E+03	2.18E+03	1.09E+05	3.84E+05	5.82E+03	2.85E+03	4.34E+03	1.26E+04	0	2.1E+03	5.38E+05	1.6E+03	8.99E+04	2.03E+04	5E+03
Ethyl 3-(N-butylacetamido)propionate_3	7.06E+04	1.65E+04	6.04E+03	3.87E+04	1.01E+05	4.13E+03	4.36E+04	9.96E+03	6.65E+04	1.89E+03	1.69E+04	1.63E+04	4.44E+03	2.04E+04	4.57E+04	3.2E+04	1.29E+05	2.11E+04	1.68E+05	6.24E+04	7.13E+03	9.05E+04	4.16E+03	1.5E+05	1.97E+03	8.35E+03	3.52E+03	6.9E+03	2.54E+03	1.77E+04	1.78E+04	2.33E+04	4.58E+04	5.96E+05	4.09E+03	5E+04	1.65E+04	1.29E+04	2.21E+03	1.68E+04	1.5E+04	1.69E+03	1.19E+04	2.35E+03	4.79E+04
Ethyl 3-oxohexanoate_1	4.63E+05	3.9E+05	1.2E+05	3.39E+05	1.28E+06	2.69E+05	6.09E+05	2.24E+05	3.89E+05	1.35E+05	3.25E+05	2.53E+05	1.21E+04	3.19E+05	8.42E+05	9.3E+04	1.07E+06	4.55E+05	3.16E+06	4.44E+05	1.53E+05	3.3E+05	7.77E+04	5.47E+05	1.96E+04	5.38E+04	6.54E+03	2.1E+05	1.15E+05	6.52E+05	6.66E+05	1.45E+06	1.56E+05	2.73E+05	6.39E+05	1.74E+05	3.59E+05	1.53E+05	8.5E+04	5.16E+04	3.12E+05	4.01E+04	1.65E+05	3.11E+05	1.09E+05
Ethyl 3-oxohexanoate_2	1.06E+05	1.87E+03	1.76E+03	2E+03	5.04E+03	2.01E+03	1.57E+03	9.35E+04	5.58E+03	2.43E+03	1.67E+03	1.79E+03	2.35E+03	3.28E+03	1.89E+03	1.57E+03	2.61E+03	2.21E+03	2.42E+03	2.3E+03	1.67E+03	9.03E+04	4E+03	2.24E+03	1.84E+03	2.79E+03	1.91E+03	0	1.56E+03	2.19E+03	7.26E+05	9.48E+03	1.78E+03	1.15E+04	9.87E+03	2.43E+03	0	5.22E+03	1.71E+03	2.04E+03	0	2.14E+03	2.05E+03	1.69E+03	1.46E+03
Ethyl 3-oxohexanoate_3	1.28E+04	1.78E+03	3.31E+03	2.16E+03	3.78E+03	1.7E+03	896	6.18E+05	2.52E+03	4.01E+03	1.9E+03	1.4E+03	3.62E+03	1.5E+03	1.66E+03	1.73E+03	1.19E+03	2.05E+03	2.7E+03	2.3E+03	1.46E+03	1.21E+05	2.16E+03	1.04E+03	1.56E+03	1.6E+03	1.51E+03	1.24E+03	1.51E+03	2.06E+03	5.04E+06	1.91E+03	1.41E+03	2.03E+03	6.76E+03	1.64E+03	2.68E+03	1.93E+03	1.4E+03	2.16E+03	1.84E+03	1.62E+03	1.68E+03	1.92E+03	1.69E+03
Ethyl cinnamate	3.77E+06	9.95E+04	4.97E+04	1.47E+05	9.21E+04	1.64E+05	2.87E+04	3.57E+04	1.81E+04	3.96E+03	1.92E+04	1.41E+04	5.13E+03	7.96E+04	1.67E+05	1.41E+04	2.52E+05	4.66E+04	6.12E+04	2.5E+04	5.6E+03	1.01E+05	2.57E+04	1.13E+04	1.66E+04	1.5E+05	4.47E+03	1.7E+05	1.69E+04	1.49E+04	8.77E+04	2.82E+04	3.12E+04	1.83E+05	1.18E+05	1.69E+04	1.2E+05	2.05E+05	1.44E+04	3.06E+04	1.48E+05	8.59E+03	2.35E+04	1.55E+04	8.13E+03
Ethyl isovalerate	1.06E+04	7.22E+03	8.34E+03	7.74E+03	1.41E+05	1.01E+04	7.06E+03	1.5E+04	1.5E+04	1.41E+03	4.5E+04	4.69E+05	6.25E+03	3.34E+03	1.18E+04	7.13E+03	7.33E+03	1.09E+04	1.39E+04	4.41E+04	1.32E+04	3.65E+03	8.79E+03	3.15E+04	1.83E+04	3.62E+03	1.3E+04	7.65E+03	1.42E+04	2.28E+04	1.77E+04	3.52E+05	5.54E+04	1.42E+04	2.14E+03	6.48E+03	7.34E+04	2.58E+04	1.27E+04	1.58E+04	1.65E+04	1.01E+04	4.06E+05	1.65E+04	4.37E+03
Ethyl tiglate_1	2.68E+06	2.28E+06	1.23E+06	3.14E+06	5.57E+06	1.72E+06	1.76E+06	3.9E+05	2.22E+06	1.04E+06	1.26E+06	1.34E+06	9.04E+05	1.25E+06	1.72E+06	1.13E+06	3.47E+06	1.62E+06	3.22E+06	2.31E+06	1.37E+06	2.69E+06	1.01E+06	2.73E+06	1.06E+06	9.38E+05	8.28E+05	1.17E+06	3.17E+05	1.52E+06	1.69E+06	3.88E+06	1.33E+06	2.92E+06	2.3E+06	1.33E+06	2.96E+06	1.47E+06	5.92E+05	3.74E+05	1.93E+06	4.91E+05	9.56E+05	2.24E+06	4.8E+05
Ethyl tiglate_2	1.42E+06	1.07E+06	8.55E+04	1.68E+06	2.77E+06	9.99E+05	1.04E+06	5.38E+05	3.93E+05	4.48E+05	1.66E+06	7.37E+05	1.38E+05	1.58E+07	1.68E+06	4.26E+05	1.82E+06	1.29E+06	2.44E+06	4.85E+06	3.26E+05	1.25E+06	4.92E+05	3.93E+06	1.3E+04	2.16E+05	2.57E+05	7.56E+05	5.95E+05	9.41E+06	1.75E+06	2.81E+06	9.11E+05	1.91E+06	3.08E+06	2.63E+05	2.34E+06	3.09E+06	3.9E+05	3.24E+05	1.13E+06	1.13E+05	1.05E+06	8.14E+05	6.43E+05
Ethyl tiglate_3	3.05E+04	1.59E+04	2.11E+04	4.17E+04	3.82E+05	2.16E+04	1.37E+04	4.05E+04	1.72E+05	1.98E+04	1.82E+04	1.54E+04	1.56E+04	7.88E+03	6.04E+04	6.15E+03	2.48E+04	3.36E+04	3.11E+05	5.15E+04	2.31E+04	8.41E+03	1.17E+05	5.65E+05	6.11E+03	1.91E+05	1.52E+04	1.72E+04	3.89E+03	8.04E+05	1.18E+06	1.23E+05	2.01E+04	1.97E+04	4.43E+04	2.56E+04	7.25E+03	2.32E+05	2.62E+04	1.63E+05	2.24E+04	1.52E+04	4.21E+04	1.34E+04	1.53E+04
Ethyl(E,Z)-decadienoate	9.67E+05	1.47E+06	3.86E+05	3.11E+05	6.46E+06	3.14E+06	1.15E+06	5.03E+05	6.91E+05	5.27E+05	4.56E+06	1.79E+06	2.84E+05	1.18E+06	3.58E+06	3.06E+05	2.24E+06	1.51E+06	9.14E+05	8.87E+06	5.68E+05	4.85E+05	5.03E+05	1.94E+07	6.57E+05	3.29E+05	2.2E+05	8.34E+05	3.4E+05	6.53E+05	1.51E+06	3.29E+06	5.53E+05	5.63E+06	1.84E+06	2.85E+05	3.05E+06	7.11E+06	1.13E+05	7.07E+05	4.85E+05	1.25E+05	5.33E+05	5.42E+05	1.62E+06
Etomidate	1.34E+04	2.61E+04	1.81E+04	5.21E+04	1.99E+06	8.21E+03	4.07E+04	2.85E+05	6.4E+04	6.1E+03	5.32E+04	2.67E+05	2.21E+03	1.92E+04	5.72E+04	5.01E+03	6.55E+04	2.55E+04	2.83E+04	3.03E+05	8.4E+04	7.24E+04	6.16E+03	3.43E+04	1.83E+05	3.88E+03	1.48E+05	1.47E+04	3.72E+03	1.09E+05	2.15E+05	3.39E+04	1.07E+05	5.98E+05	1.54E+05	1.25E+04	4.13E+05	5.25E+04	4.33E+03	1.85E+04	1.06E+04	4.65E+04	2.79E+03	1.07E+05	3.15E+03
Europine	4.8E+06	4.51E+06	1.53E+06	1.26E+07	1.07E+07	2.18E+06	5.17E+06	1.35E+05	3.79E+06	1.27E+05	2.23E+06	1.84E+06	4.95E+05	5.95E+06	9.51E+06	3.23E+06	2.22E+06	1.41E+07	1.82E+07	2.92E+06	1.19E+06	4.4E+06	3.58E+06	1.24E+07	4.51E+05	3.39E+06	9.81E+04	2.9E+06	4.52E+05	5.69E+06	3.11E+06	5.95E+06	3.11E+06	3.32E+06	1.92E+07	3.96E+05	1.01E+07	4.17E+06	7.55E+04	1.52E+06	3.78E+06	9.28E+04	2.64E+06	2.37E+06	3.27E+05
Euxanthone	2.38E+05	7.54E+05	1.22E+06	4.2E+05	1.84E+05	5.12E+05	3.92E+05	3.46E+05	5.98E+05	1.35E+06	5.48E+05	5.81E+05	3.99E+05	6.08E+04	6.09E+05	1.22E+06	3.07E+05	4.41E+05	3.25E+05	1.57E+06	4.21E+05	3.29E+05	6.47E+05	5.18E+05	5.19E+05	2.35E+06	1.05E+06	1.98E+06	8.29E+05	6.07E+05	1.61E+05	1.55E+05	2.24E+06	4.65E+05	1.4E+06	1.44E+06	2.85E+05	6.41E+05	4.24E+05	6.66E+05	5.36E+05	9.16E+05	2.73E+06	2.24E+06	5.79E+05
Fagaramide	9.24E+05	2.06E+03	1.65E+03	1.71E+03	2.37E+03	2.5E+03	2.16E+03	2.08E+03	0	0	1.73E+03	1.93E+03	0	0	1.02E+05	1.54E+03	4.24E+03	0	1.2E+04	2.54E+03	1.67E+03	1.5E+04	1.89E+03	1.01E+04	0	1.74E+04	0	1.42E+03	1.43E+03	6.7E+03	6.04E+03	2.05E+03	1.81E+03	2.29E+03	1.74E+03	0	3.77E+05	2.61E+03	1.56E+03	0	0	0	0	5.87E+03	0
Fagomine	7.35E+06	8.35E+06	6.5E+06	1.19E+07	1.32E+07	6.58E+06	6.63E+06	3.37E+06	5.08E+06	3.69E+06	7.4E+06	3.75E+06	4.97E+06	4.86E+06	9.05E+06	5.41E+06	9.7E+06	9.19E+06	1.34E+07	1.03E+07	4.77E+06	8.29E+06	5.8E+06	1.07E+07	2.8E+06	5.28E+06	1.87E+06	5.13E+06	4.04E+06	6.57E+06	7.76E+06	9.36E+06	4.19E+06	9.75E+06	9.25E+06	4.17E+06	7.93E+06	5.59E+06	4.31E+06	4.53E+06	5.49E+06	2.01E+06	3.81E+06	5.88E+06	3.86E+06
Faropenem sodium_1	6.45E+05	1.42E+05	1.48E+05	1.35E+06	1.51E+06	3.72E+04	1.13E+05	9.55E+05	1.99E+06	3E+04	2.55E+05	1.15E+05	3.39E+04	9.54E+04	2.3E+05	1.29E+04	1.79E+06	9.39E+05	5.48E+06	8.85E+05	2.27E+04	5.37E+05	1.92E+04	7.12E+04	1.43E+05	1.44E+04	8.57E+04	1.41E+04	3.34E+04	5.55E+05	9.02E+05	3.85E+06	3.77E+05	3.7E+05	3.96E+05	9.41E+04	9.46E+05	2.21E+05	3.17E+05	5.26E+05	2.91E+04	2.5E+04	1.22E+04	5.23E+05	1.45E+04
Faropenem sodium_2	0	0	6.96E+03	5.42E+04	0	0	0	1.82E+03	2.2E+03	0	0	2.14E+03	0	6.71E+03	0	0	0	1.44E+03	0	0	0	1.3E+05	1.55E+03	1.73E+04	0	0	0	0	0	1.27E+04	2.54E+03	0	0	1.99E+03	1.29E+04	0	3.51E+05	0	0	9.46E+03	0	0	2.33E+03	2.76E+03	0
Fasoracetam	4.83E+06	3.48E+06	4.74E+06	2.48E+06	5.57E+06	2.55E+06	3.57E+06	2.8E+06	4.36E+06	1.93E+06	3.23E+06	9.33E+06	3.31E+06	3.83E+06	3.63E+06	2.42E+06	8.69E+06	4.15E+06	5.07E+06	4.19E+06	4.73E+06	2.14E+06	2.75E+06	4.56E+06	5.83E+06	2.4E+06	3.63E+06	2.05E+06	1.63E+06	5.57E+06	1E+07	8.11E+06	3.18E+06	1.84E+07	7.29E+06	2.08E+06	7.24E+06	5.17E+06	1.12E+06	3.27E+06	4.12E+06	2.91E+06	2.03E+06	6.42E+06	1.95E+06
Febrifugine	1.15E+06	1.23E+06	3.96E+05	1.74E+06	2.37E+06	7.29E+05	7.56E+05	1.02E+05	7.16E+05	3.31E+05	9.76E+05	5.67E+05	2.25E+05	5.99E+05	1.32E+06	6.82E+05	1.39E+06	1.01E+06	1.79E+06	1.24E+06	6.07E+05	1.08E+06	5.42E+05	1.57E+06	3.41E+05	1.85E+05	1.09E+05	5.66E+05	1.42E+05	4.06E+05	8.87E+05	1.51E+06	4.23E+05	9.07E+05	9.86E+05	4.36E+05	1.36E+06	5.85E+05	1.15E+05	3.08E+05	5.65E+05	2.27E+05	4.61E+05	1.5E+05	2.85E+04
Fenoldopam	5.8E+05	4.95E+05	2.2E+05	5.98E+05	4.93E+05	6.68E+05	4.73E+05	2.13E+05	5.97E+05	5.41E+05	7.55E+05	4.18E+05	4.28E+05	4.03E+05	3.45E+05	7.29E+05	5.08E+05	7.52E+05	4.33E+05	4.75E+05	1.88E+05	1.39E+06	7.01E+05	7.16E+05	4.74E+05	4.82E+05	2.46E+05	2.09E+05	2.93E+05	5.49E+05	5.53E+05	2.59E+06	2.86E+05	2.11E+06	4.02E+05	5.59E+05	1.79E+05	2.11E+05	2.52E+05	1.48E+06	3.09E+05	4.32E+05	4.78E+05	4.64E+05	4.15E+05
Fenoprofen	1.09E+06	3.66E+05	3.01E+06	9.84E+03	4.18E+05	3.6E+03	8.77E+03	2.72E+03	2.33E+03	3.78E+06	2.35E+03	2.56E+03	2.5E+03	1.94E+06	9.72E+03	2.7E+03	3.72E+06	1.31E+05	7.03E+03	3.38E+03	2.62E+03	1.04E+06	9.02E+04	4.12E+04	2.62E+04	1.89E+03	8.31E+04	1.86E+06	0	2.47E+03	3.05E+03	4.89E+04	4.53E+03	4.88E+05	2.05E+03	2.44E+06	2.6E+03	1.23E+04	1.82E+03	3.17E+03	1.86E+05	2.99E+03	3.69E+03	2.66E+03	2.14E+04
Fenpiclonil	1.47E+05	1.77E+05	1.52E+06	2.22E+05	3.25E+05	2.95E+04	5.93E+04	9.07E+03	3.89E+04	6.19E+03	4.92E+04	1.25E+04	1.4E+05	7.59E+04	1.24E+05	2.56E+04	1.1E+05	1.64E+05	4.97E+04	5.32E+04	1.76E+04	1.8E+05	8.45E+04	1.64E+05	9.1E+03	1.7E+04	1.49E+04	2.69E+04	9.28E+03	9.64E+04	1.17E+05	1.1E+05	8.11E+04	1.04E+05	3.75E+05	1.8E+04	1.85E+05	1.62E+05	2.4E+03	6.49E+04	7.61E+03	7.33E+03	2.05E+04	9.66E+04	6.95E+03
Ferrous lactate_1	1.73E+06	2.39E+06	1.53E+06	1.76E+06	2.7E+06	1.24E+07	1.46E+06	2.49E+06	5.73E+06	1.47E+06	1.15E+06	1.44E+06	3.64E+04	2.43E+05	2.04E+06	9.52E+04	2.67E+06	2.93E+06	2.03E+06	1.61E+06	9.65E+04	1.58E+06	2.74E+05	1.44E+06	5.74E+06	1.86E+05	4.93E+06	1.99E+05	1.24E+04	6.13E+06	2.02E+06	1.82E+06	1.12E+06	2.84E+06	1.35E+07	1.92E+06	7.07E+06	1.29E+06	1.95E+05	1.9E+06	3.57E+06	2.61E+06	7.41E+05	2.98E+06	1.85E+05
Ferrous lactate_2	1.13E+04	1.2E+03	1.29E+03	1.06E+05	4.87E+03	5.93E+03	2.18E+03	1.71E+03	6.11E+03	1.35E+03	3.67E+03	2.29E+03	1.53E+03	1.45E+03	2.25E+04	1.37E+03	4.82E+05	2.57E+03	4.7E+03	5.36E+03	1.82E+03	6.8E+04	2.33E+03	997	6.07E+03	1.29E+03	2.2E+03	2.08E+03	1.48E+03	1.42E+04	2.25E+04	0	3.02E+03	1.06E+04	3.9E+03	2.14E+03	5.14E+03	1.66E+03	1.41E+03	2.13E+04	1.41E+03	6.93E+03	3.78E+03	2.19E+03	6.85E+03
Flavonol	7.42E+05	3.14E+06	7.82E+05	7.8E+06	1.74E+06	4.86E+04	3.7E+06	3.49E+04	1.71E+05	3.93E+04	8.71E+06	1.57E+05	1.02E+06	3.83E+05	9.07E+05	2.83E+05	1.13E+06	8.16E+05	3.49E+06	5.86E+06	1.04E+06	5.31E+05	1.51E+05	3.18E+05	2.19E+06	1.69E+05	3.86E+05	5.87E+04	4.49E+05	1.23E+04	8.43E+05	2.74E+05	1.51E+05	4.26E+05	9.57E+05	1.54E+06	5.04E+06	1.22E+06	2.25E+06	8.2E+04	1.95E+06	2.36E+06	9.76E+03	2.32E+06	7.87E+05
Flucloxacillin	2.88E+04	6.67E+04	6.81E+03	5.74E+05	5.92E+03	2.45E+05	1.48E+05	3.31E+04	5.18E+03	4.07E+03	0	1.74E+04	6.28E+04	4.87E+03	6.18E+03	7.84E+03	1.21E+05	1.11E+05	4.41E+03	1.24E+04	3.94E+03	3.86E+04	9.29E+04	1.75E+04	1.44E+04	4.08E+04	3.99E+03	5.77E+03	0	2.51E+05	1.39E+05	4.17E+03	2.65E+04	9.98E+05	1.22E+06	4.54E+03	1.17E+05	8.77E+03	0	4.07E+04	0	1.66E+04	1.23E+04	3.36E+05	6.47E+03
Fluorene	8.28E+05	6.89E+05	2.97E+04	4.43E+05	6.4E+05	1.38E+05	1.72E+05	9.76E+03	4E+05	5.37E+04	3.82E+05	1.3E+05	9.71E+04	8.81E+04	4.29E+05	1.19E+05	5.64E+05	4.64E+05	7.82E+05	1.1E+06	6.59E+04	6.44E+05	1.8E+05	6.92E+05	3.48E+05	9.04E+04	8.09E+04	5.34E+04	6.66E+04	4.6E+05	1.54E+05	3.48E+05	1.11E+06	1.67E+08	7.56E+05	6.09E+04	1.15E+06	5.09E+04	3.62E+04	6.44E+04	5.72E+04	2.5E+05	5.36E+04	3.57E+05	6.48E+04
Fluoroacetamide	2.17E+05	2.12E+05	2.19E+04	4.07E+05	4.88E+05	4.64E+04	8.53E+04	1.31E+04	1.92E+05	2.09E+04	1.38E+05	4.13E+04	1.9E+04	1.53E+05	1.04E+05	4.62E+04	2.68E+05	3E+05	4.38E+05	2.78E+05	1.16E+05	1.81E+05	1.77E+05	4.79E+05	6.64E+03	8.38E+04	4E+03	1.14E+05	1.35E+04	1.63E+05	2.77E+05	3.02E+05	1.43E+05	2.01E+05	3.87E+04	2.59E+04	2.66E+05	1.11E+05	2.78E+04	5.66E+04	9.43E+04	1.93E+04	1.29E+04	8.79E+04	1.41E+04
Forchlorfenuron_1	4.84E+05	8.47E+05	1.17E+05	4.84E+05	8.92E+05	2.8E+05	4.71E+05	1.04E+05	2.49E+05	2.64E+04	2.64E+05	1.5E+05	8.74E+04	2.46E+05	4.08E+05	8.73E+04	5.37E+05	1.68E+05	4.6E+05	4.51E+05	1.9E+05	2.94E+05	2.37E+05	4.77E+05	3.74E+04	2.76E+05	5.96E+04	2.67E+05	2.59E+04	2.46E+05	2.82E+05	6.46E+05	2.55E+05	1.31E+05	3.29E+05	1.46E+05	4.23E+05	1.68E+05	6.57E+04	1.14E+05	8.71E+04	9.24E+04	5.77E+04	4.21E+05	5.14E+04
Forchlorfenuron_2	1.19E+04	5.15E+03	5.8E+03	1.56E+04	1.84E+06	5.98E+03	4.63E+03	6.09E+03	1.53E+03	0	1.5E+03	4.59E+03	1.52E+03	1.34E+03	2.95E+03	1.53E+03	1.56E+05	1.2E+05	2.83E+03	2.8E+04	4.3E+03	6.39E+03	1.22E+03	1.91E+04	3.45E+03	1.21E+03	0	4.19E+03	1.22E+03	8.13E+03	4.06E+04	2.44E+06	3.34E+04	1.5E+05	995	9.38E+03	2.18E+03	1.49E+05	1.47E+03	1.32E+05	1.58E+04	0	0	6.48E+04	944
Formetanate	1.14E+05	7.46E+04	3.57E+04	1.46E+05	1.25E+05	1.12E+05	9.67E+04	1.17E+04	1.22E+05	2.54E+04	3.01E+05	4.49E+04	2.47E+04	2.02E+04	4.55E+04	6E+03	3.22E+04	1.17E+05	1.24E+05	1.14E+05	6.88E+04	6.2E+04	3.47E+04	4.5E+05	1.2E+05	3.6E+04	1.64E+04	1.13E+04	2.27E+04	5.58E+04	9.7E+04	1.05E+04	3.06E+04	6.63E+04	1.89E+04	1.1E+04	4.74E+05	1.4E+04	1.78E+04	1.32E+04	5.39E+03	3.67E+04	4.99E+04	4.01E+04	3.05E+03
Formononetin	3.69E+05	9.77E+04	8.59E+04	6.22E+05	1.53E+07	1.34E+05	8.86E+04	8.27E+04	3.48E+05	4.13E+05	8.04E+05	2.57E+05	7.36E+04	5.09E+05	1.13E+06	1.85E+05	4.41E+05	6.46E+05	1.27E+06	7.21E+05	3.83E+05	8.24E+05	6.68E+04	6.29E+05	1.95E+05	3.02E+04	6.28E+04	8.97E+05	2.26E+04	4.34E+05	2.79E+05	1.12E+05	1.38E+05	3.99E+05	1.19E+06	1.82E+05	4.09E+05	7.24E+04	1.93E+04	1.28E+05	2.19E+05	1.76E+05	5.19E+04	4.55E+05	1.95E+04
FORMYL-L-METHIONYL PEPTIDE	9.01E+05	5.61E+04	2.12E+04	3.65E+05	2.66E+05	3.36E+04	1.07E+04	1.7E+04	1.22E+05	5.16E+04	2.63E+05	6.51E+04	1E+04	1.22E+05	2.04E+05	5.9E+04	1.74E+06	3.2E+05	3.12E+05	1.59E+05	4.5E+04	8.33E+05	1.9E+05	2.88E+05	4.7E+04	6.29E+04	6.71E+04	1.34E+05	2.91E+04	1.46E+04	4.75E+05	1.62E+05	6.27E+04	4.95E+05	2.79E+05	9.68E+04	1.92E+05	7.93E+04	8.89E+03	4.69E+04	1.12E+05	4.88E+04	6.08E+04	4.1E+05	3.19E+03
Fortimicin FU-10	1.11E+06	1.05E+06	6.21E+05	1.68E+06	9.81E+05	8.89E+05	5.85E+05	4.69E+05	9.8E+05	4.41E+05	1.07E+06	6.64E+05	5.07E+05	1.04E+06	1.16E+06	8.66E+05	1.05E+06	1.1E+06	1.2E+06	8.89E+05	7E+05	1.35E+06	8.27E+05	1.42E+06	5.2E+05	4.57E+05	1.11E+05	1.16E+06	3.86E+05	8.09E+05	9.25E+05	9.34E+05	7.73E+05	1.08E+06	1.07E+06	5.38E+05	1.19E+06	6.2E+05	2.68E+05	7.35E+05	8.57E+05	3.47E+05	8.22E+05	9.19E+05	3.61E+05
Fosetyl	2.82E+06	2.47E+06	4.87E+05	4.34E+05	1.15E+05	5.12E+05	2.88E+06	5.73E+04	2.91E+05	3.43E+05	1.51E+05	1.55E+05	1.72E+05	2.76E+06	2.89E+06	5.67E+05	3.34E+05	3.51E+05	3.41E+05	2.37E+06	1.67E+05	4.75E+05	2.74E+06	3.22E+06	1.96E+05	2.96E+06	2.74E+05	3.87E+05	1.96E+05	6.92E+04	4.97E+05	4.31E+05	6.53E+05	4.85E+05	7.11E+05	6.08E+05	9.68E+05	3.85E+05	8.38E+05	4.42E+05	3.89E+05	2.66E+05	8.14E+05	3.37E+05	2.64E+05
Frutinone A	1.59E+07	3.5E+06	1.72E+06	5.65E+06	4.9E+06	2.71E+06	3.07E+06	3.69E+06	1.28E+07	1.75E+06	1.84E+07	2.89E+06	1.6E+06	4.43E+06	5.69E+06	4.43E+06	1.46E+07	8.32E+06	5.86E+06	1.14E+07	2.74E+06	2.38E+07	6.97E+06	2.3E+07	1E+07	3.96E+06	9.85E+06	3.37E+06	2.25E+06	5.14E+06	1.58E+07	5.3E+06	1.03E+07	7.55E+06	6.34E+06	3.1E+06	4.86E+06	3.46E+06	1.57E+06	6.41E+06	4.7E+06	1.95E+07	2.7E+06	5.56E+06	1.62E+06
Fuberidazole	6.94E+03	3.56E+03	1.59E+03	1.97E+03	5.55E+03	3.16E+03	5.66E+03	2.45E+03	1.99E+03	1.13E+04	1.95E+03	1.72E+04	1.37E+03	1.04E+05	3.45E+05	2.64E+03	6.85E+03	3.1E+04	3.86E+03	5.85E+03	1.82E+03	2.27E+03	1.92E+03	3.23E+03	1.94E+03	812	0	3.2E+04	1.76E+03	2.21E+03	1.92E+03	1.12E+03	1.93E+03	1.6E+04	2.49E+03	1.66E+03	7.22E+03	2.73E+03	0	2.33E+03	4.7E+03	1.58E+03	2.36E+03	4.53E+05	9.77E+03
Fulvine	3.63E+05	1.4E+07	3.56E+05	1.67E+05	6.08E+06	9.61E+04	2.15E+05	4.43E+05	8.59E+05	1.05E+05	4.55E+05	3.25E+05	1.25E+06	2.89E+05	1.98E+05	2.1E+05	1.05E+06	1.16E+06	1.91E+05	4.33E+05	2.86E+05	9.04E+04	5.55E+04	1.4E+05	2.95E+06	6.24E+03	3.28E+05	3.67E+05	1.64E+04	1.04E+06	3.22E+06	4.75E+05	6.8E+04	1.64E+05	4.45E+06	7.52E+04	2.27E+05	2.28E+06	9.77E+04	7.11E+05	4.51E+05	2.53E+05	1.02E+04	2.03E+05	8.95E+04
Fumarate	1.59E+05	9.26E+04	2.96E+05	3.31E+04	2.87E+05	9.12E+04	1.03E+05	7.96E+05	1.08E+05	4.65E+05	4.09E+05	8.33E+05	7.52E+05	6.42E+05	5.33E+04	5.52E+05	2.25E+05	4.89E+05	1.31E+04	1.52E+05	9.08E+05	6.16E+05	5E+05	1.14E+05	7.65E+05	3.53E+05	9.54E+05	8.86E+05	4.24E+05	1.71E+05	6.41E+05	1.78E+05	4.58E+05	4.13E+05	9.92E+04	5.58E+05	4.32E+04	5.13E+05	5.22E+05	7E+05	5.09E+05	1.3E+06	1.17E+06	4.64E+04	8.24E+05
Furametpyr	7.5E+05	2.2E+05	1.7E+04	6.17E+05	1.99E+05	5.05E+05	9.76E+05	2.63E+04	8.11E+05	2.74E+04	5.96E+05	4.19E+04	2.72E+04	3.32E+05	9.4E+05	9.1E+05	1.74E+05	6.62E+05	3.59E+05	3.59E+05	7.98E+04	7.07E+04	1.16E+05	2.92E+06	1.66E+04	4.93E+04	3.92E+03	4.32E+05	6.67E+04	3.87E+06	6.25E+05	1.18E+06	1.88E+05	3.42E+05	6.87E+06	8.57E+03	2.59E+06	2.43E+05	4.84E+04	2.67E+04	1.91E+04	9.85E+03	1.03E+06	3.33E+05	6.95E+04
Furfural diethyl acetal_1	6.34E+06	4.95E+06	4.53E+06	3.4E+06	1.84E+07	1E+07	1.25E+07	7.04E+06	3.09E+06	2.49E+06	2E+06	2.76E+06	1.21E+06	5.45E+06	2.7E+06	2.36E+06	1.15E+07	5.76E+06	4.51E+06	5.86E+06	2.09E+06	5.41E+06	1.78E+06	8.54E+06	2E+06	1.78E+06	1.36E+06	3.58E+06	2.22E+06	3.89E+06	6.95E+06	1.9E+07	4.53E+06	1.67E+07	2.22E+06	5.36E+06	9.76E+06	2.15E+07	1.48E+06	4.8E+06	4.98E+06	1.42E+06	2.06E+06	3.12E+06	4.82E+06
Furfural diethyl acetal_2	5.06E+03	1.19E+03	1.31E+04	3.76E+03	1.06E+04	5.2E+03	4.45E+03	1.09E+04	5.77E+03	2.2E+03	3.24E+03	2.3E+03	5.7E+03	1.26E+03	1.61E+03	2.31E+03	3.09E+03	4.33E+03	2.1E+03	5.12E+03	6.11E+03	1.72E+06	6.95E+03	6.71E+03	1.25E+03	4.14E+03	5.53E+03	2.06E+03	1.03E+03	2.77E+03	7.7E+04	5.36E+03	4.66E+04	2.67E+03	3.72E+03	4.03E+03	4.81E+03	6.7E+03	2.83E+03	1.31E+03	2.31E+03	2.44E+03	5.35E+03	1.5E+04	2.39E+03
Furfuryl alcohol_1	6.52E+05	2.75E+06	7.99E+05	1.1E+06	2.14E+06	2.27E+06	7.89E+05	4.25E+05	1.62E+06	2.35E+06	1.09E+06	7.51E+05	9.45E+05	5.32E+05	3.09E+06	8.66E+05	1.41E+06	3.31E+06	6.95E+06	1.32E+06	8.3E+05	1.37E+06	1.07E+06	1.34E+06	9.18E+05	6.21E+05	7.55E+06	2.22E+06	8.48E+05	1.67E+06	6.46E+05	3.88E+06	1.89E+06	2.13E+05	2.64E+06	9.27E+05	3.57E+06	1.21E+06	5.69E+04	2.87E+05	9.11E+05	2.93E+06	4.2E+05	3.66E+06	2.2E+06
Furfuryl alcohol_2	2.85E+06	1.25E+06	2.19E+05	1.88E+06	8.71E+06	1.44E+06	4.67E+06	8.1E+05	1.89E+06	1.38E+06	1.12E+06	5.11E+05	5.19E+05	5.12E+04	5.86E+05	3.96E+05	1.08E+06	2.13E+05	8.39E+05	3.26E+06	1.72E+05	4.94E+05	3.27E+05	6.33E+05	1.88E+06	1.4E+05	8.78E+05	2.5E+05	4.73E+05	1.46E+06	1.56E+06	2.08E+06	3.7E+05	2.66E+06	2.4E+06	1.11E+06	4.1E+06	1.03E+06	1.7E+06	2.61E+05	1.96E+06	2.03E+05	5.54E+05	1.84E+06	4.57E+05
Furfuryl alcohol_3	2.3E+06	4.38E+05	1.64E+05	1E+06	1.05E+06	4.1E+05	4.28E+05	3.13E+05	1.66E+06	2.16E+05	1.99E+06	3.27E+05	1.59E+05	5.43E+05	1.02E+06	4.82E+05	2.14E+06	9.39E+05	1.88E+06	1.57E+06	2.79E+05	3.82E+06	7.84E+05	3.86E+06	1.1E+06	4.95E+05	8.81E+05	3.15E+05	1.45E+05	6.72E+05	2.24E+06	8.58E+05	1.08E+06	5.26E+05	1.48E+06	3.59E+05	5.85E+05	4.47E+05	1.73E+05	8.3E+05	5.65E+05	1.75E+06	3.72E+05	6.49E+05	1.62E+05
Furmecyclox_1	8.13E+04	1.44E+04	3.29E+03	2.58E+04	1.24E+05	1.04E+05	1.17E+06	1.86E+03	7.21E+03	2.44E+04	5.22E+04	1E+04	1.97E+03	7.76E+03	4.26E+04	2.5E+04	1.46E+05	1.86E+04	1.03E+05	2.97E+05	1.61E+03	1.91E+03	2.78E+03	6.29E+04	2.8E+04	1.43E+03	1.91E+03	1.87E+04	4.32E+04	6.09E+03	1.85E+05	8.15E+04	2.97E+03	5.28E+04	3.52E+03	0	5.05E+04	1.88E+05	2.35E+03	3.87E+04	9.95E+03	1.92E+03	1.17E+03	2.99E+04	3.74E+04
Furmecyclox_2	3.16E+03	2.71E+03	4.15E+03	5.92E+03	7.89E+05	1.43E+04	4.97E+03	1.93E+03	3.28E+03	2.9E+03	1.45E+04	1.84E+04	0	5.99E+03	2.08E+04	2.75E+03	3.02E+04	3.72E+03	1.05E+05	9.46E+03	2.91E+03	1.34E+03	1.62E+03	3.19E+03	2.25E+03	2.04E+03	2.07E+03	5.61E+04	6.83E+03	2.13E+03	5E+03	3.4E+05	3.3E+03	2.2E+04	3.45E+03	3.71E+03	7.42E+03	2.07E+06	2.37E+03	1.58E+03	2.15E+04	2.65E+03	1.8E+03	2.77E+03	9.55E+04
Fusarin C	0	0	0	1.62E+03	2.08E+03	0	1.67E+03	0	0	2.84E+04	1.93E+03	0	0	0	1.9E+03	0	2.74E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.92E+03	0	0	1.71E+03	0	0	0	0	1.69E+03	1.24E+07	3.68E+08	5.42E+05	1.55E+05	5.76E+03	2.03E+03	0	0	2.11E+03	0	0	0	1.65E+03
Galipine	2.96E+06	2.83E+06	3.21E+06	2.27E+06	2.08E+06	2.5E+06	2.94E+06	5.8E+06	2.88E+06	3.2E+06	3.3E+06	3.19E+06	3.1E+06	3.05E+06	2.19E+06	3.07E+06	2.22E+06	2.3E+06	2.01E+06	2.31E+06	3.11E+06	2.21E+06	5.82E+06	1.73E+06	3.02E+06	5.84E+06	3.24E+06	5.57E+06	3.7E+06	2.26E+06	2.22E+06	2.24E+06	5.52E+06	2.23E+06	1.93E+06	2.69E+06	2.15E+06	2.6E+06	3.49E+06	3.05E+06	2.61E+06	3.5E+06	2.95E+06	2.54E+06	2.87E+06
gamma-Coniceine	4.37E+06	4.49E+06	4.82E+06	4.85E+06	4.12E+05	4.87E+06	4.81E+06	5.04E+06	4.73E+06	5.35E+06	4.95E+06	8.08E+06	5.25E+06	5.26E+06	5.17E+06	4.95E+06	4.31E+06	4.75E+06	4.47E+06	4.33E+06	4.74E+06	4.42E+06	1.23E+06	4.36E+06	4.75E+06	5.5E+06	5.69E+06	5.02E+06	5.49E+06	4.91E+06	4.36E+06	4.33E+06	5.01E+06	4.21E+06	2.64E+06	5.03E+06	4.94E+06	4.89E+06	5.24E+06	5.18E+06	4.99E+06	5.39E+06	4.07E+05	4.7E+06	5.11E+06
gamma-Glutamyl-beta-aminopropiononitrile_1	1.64E+06	8.4E+03	6.74E+03	5.24E+05	1.57E+06	2.11E+03	1.33E+06	1.63E+05	6.11E+05	9.2E+03	1.05E+04	6.09E+03	690	1.24E+04	3.85E+04	2.38E+05	2.54E+05	7.62E+05	1.7E+04	7.47E+04	6.08E+03	2.38E+04	1.33E+04	9.59E+04	9.93E+04	7.47E+03	1.47E+04	8.48E+03	0	9.86E+03	2.88E+05	2.62E+04	1.83E+05	2.2E+06	1.17E+05	4.37E+04	1.3E+05	1.46E+05	1.08E+04	1.01E+05	1.62E+04	7.72E+03	6.59E+03	3.25E+04	7.68E+03
gamma-Glutamyl-beta-aminopropiononitrile_2	1.95E+04	1.15E+04	2.2E+04	1.2E+05	1.09E+05	5.69E+03	5.49E+05	7.51E+05	1.13E+05	3.04E+03	2.36E+03	1.92E+03	0	6.24E+03	2.87E+04	1.05E+05	1.05E+05	7.8E+04	1.17E+04	8.52E+04	8.06E+03	3.56E+04	6.31E+03	0	8.44E+03	0	1.14E+04	3.54E+03	0	5.41E+03	2.11E+05	1.71E+04	1.38E+04	1.31E+06	2.97E+04	1.32E+04	2.15E+04	1E+05	4.97E+03	4.62E+05	1.72E+04	1.6E+03	3.59E+03	1.85E+04	2.58E+03
gamma-Glutamyl-beta-aminopropiononitrile_3	7.41E+04	1.65E+04	7.01E+03	2.06E+04	7.06E+05	2.07E+04	1.75E+04	6.58E+03	1.83E+04	2.47E+03	7.63E+03	4.6E+03	5.9E+04	1.89E+04	1.16E+05	3.28E+03	2.87E+04	3.14E+04	1.12E+05	3.17E+04	2.16E+04	3.31E+04	3.06E+04	3.5E+04	1.88E+04	1.55E+04	1.87E+03	4.54E+03	1.16E+03	1.27E+05	8.83E+04	1.83E+05	3.82E+04	6.42E+04	7.42E+05	6.8E+03	5.35E+03	2.81E+04	3.08E+03	7.74E+03	1.93E+04	9.04E+03	1.44E+04	6.97E+04	5.82E+03
gamma-Glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyraldehyde_1	2.57E+08	2.44E+07	2.51E+07	2.1E+07	4.44E+07	9.01E+06	1E+07	5.31E+06	1.51E+07	1.5E+07	1.07E+07	6.17E+06	1.19E+07	1.56E+07	1.68E+07	1.01E+07	3.84E+07	2.03E+07	2.74E+07	1.34E+07	9.39E+06	9.67E+07	9.4E+06	1.24E+07	6.23E+06	7.68E+06	2.81E+06	1.17E+07	4.8E+06	3.05E+07	2.96E+07	2.11E+07	6.62E+06	2.45E+07	3.71E+07	1.43E+07	1.12E+07	9.94E+06	2.29E+06	9.13E+06	1.59E+07	4.08E+06	4.02E+06	3.03E+07	4.25E+06
gamma-Glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyraldehyde_2	1.23E+07	1.6E+06	5.48E+05	2.47E+06	4.93E+06	2.02E+05	2.65E+05	3.23E+05	8.85E+05	7.52E+05	1.13E+05	4.64E+05	3E+05	1.53E+05	1.75E+06	2.7E+05	5.72E+06	4.5E+06	1.11E+06	1.68E+06	4.64E+05	6.68E+06	1.34E+06	4.85E+05	3.47E+05	1.88E+05	4.18E+05	3.06E+05	4.18E+04	5.43E+06	7.15E+05	1.27E+06	7.42E+05	9.07E+05	7.61E+05	4.9E+05	6.21E+06	3.13E+05	2.15E+05	8.84E+05	5.85E+05	1.97E+05	1.68E+05	1.7E+06	5.16E+04
gamma-Glutamyltyramine	1.52E+07	3.01E+06	3.24E+06	4.57E+06	1.39E+07	1.99E+06	4.46E+06	1.54E+06	2.13E+06	4.5E+05	4.89E+05	2.6E+06	1.5E+05	5.31E+05	9.82E+05	1.37E+06	4.12E+07	6.37E+06	1.63E+06	2.15E+06	1.12E+06	7.22E+06	7.33E+05	1.22E+06	2.21E+06	8.41E+05	4.64E+05	5.02E+05	3.08E+05	1.73E+06	2.46E+06	1.12E+07	5.7E+06	1.02E+07	5.5E+06	1.75E+06	3.6E+06	8.16E+06	3.43E+05	6.33E+06	1.01E+06	5.24E+04	5.33E+05	2.73E+06	8.99E+05
gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteine	4.94E+05	4.96E+05	4.87E+05	4.83E+05	4.71E+05	4.96E+05	5.04E+05	5E+05	5.14E+05	5.27E+05	4.93E+05	4.86E+05	5.02E+05	5.16E+05	4.72E+05	5.03E+05	5.08E+05	5.09E+05	4.89E+05	5.11E+05	4.89E+05	3.51E+05	4.82E+05	4.75E+05	4.92E+05	4.93E+05	4.71E+05	4.91E+05	4.82E+05	5.03E+05	5E+05	4.81E+05	4.84E+05	4.84E+05	5.05E+05	4.94E+05	4.65E+05	4.81E+05	4.97E+05	4.79E+05	5.15E+05	5.2E+05	5.19E+05	5.16E+05	5E+05
gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-beta-alanine	7.61E+05	9.73E+05	2.84E+04	4.34E+05	1.35E+06	4.04E+05	1.33E+05	1.55E+05	9.83E+04	2.54E+04	2.21E+05	4.91E+04	1.2E+04	2.44E+05	1.99E+05	8.58E+04	2.15E+04	2.65E+04	1.39E+05	8.1E+05	1.19E+06	4.73E+04	5.01E+04	6.67E+04	7.01E+03	3.24E+04	1.9E+03	8.14E+03	2.45E+04	1.48E+05	7.9E+04	2.97E+06	6.31E+04	2.19E+04	2.62E+05	6.52E+03	1.09E+05	8.89E+04	4.5E+04	1.59E+05	7.81E+04	1.94E+03	6.41E+03	1.39E+05	1.77E+04
gamma-Undecalactone	1.11E+05	1.34E+05	2.27E+04	7.66E+05	1.44E+05	1.01E+05	5.33E+04	1.31E+04	9.71E+05	1.62E+04	7.24E+03	4.7E+04	1.46E+04	4.68E+05	5.49E+05	1.57E+04	5.95E+04	1.47E+05	6.54E+05	1.08E+05	1.28E+04	4.4E+04	1.35E+04	1.38E+06	8.45E+03	2.63E+04	1.22E+04	1.61E+04	1.52E+04	1.31E+06	1.75E+05	5.04E+04	4.93E+05	8.56E+05	5.37E+05	1.5E+04	2.6E+04	7.11E+04	2.92E+03	1.27E+04	1.44E+04	4.47E+03	1.33E+04	1.78E+05	6.7E+03
Gemfibrozil_1	3E+05	2.78E+05	2.76E+05	2.49E+05	2.21E+05	2.44E+05	2.69E+05	2.46E+05	2.09E+05	1.94E+05	1.73E+05	1.68E+05	2.58E+05	9.26E+04	2.41E+05	1.71E+05	2.14E+05	1.71E+05	2.41E+05	2.21E+05	2.49E+05	2.4E+05	2.4E+05	2.23E+05	2.59E+05	2.49E+05	2.5E+05	2.42E+05	2.28E+05	2.43E+05	2.57E+05	2.46E+05	2.68E+05	2.2E+05	2.34E+05	1.82E+05	2.45E+05	2.26E+05	2.2E+05	2.4E+05	2.19E+05	1.4E+05	2.71E+05	2.61E+05	1.4E+05
Gemfibrozil_2	2.5E+05	2.99E+05	2.59E+05	2.51E+05	2.12E+05	2.05E+05	1.67E+05	2.14E+05	2.6E+05	2.72E+05	2.34E+05	2.36E+05	7.64E+04	1.94E+05	2.29E+05	1.9E+05	2.64E+05	2.76E+05	9.82E+04	2.58E+05	2.43E+05	2.32E+05	2.31E+05	2.82E+05	2.2E+05	2.26E+05	2.43E+05	2.34E+05	2.25E+05	1.86E+05	1.16E+05	2.67E+05	2.36E+05	2.16E+05	2.33E+05	2.8E+05	2.87E+05	1.45E+05	2.34E+05	2.3E+05	1.12E+05	3.19E+05	1.82E+05	2.57E+05	2.77E+05
Gemfibrozil_3	3.2E+05	2.22E+05	2.18E+05	4.55E+05	7.1E+05	1.73E+05	1.88E+05	2.24E+05	4.7E+04	2.69E+05	2.02E+05	2.52E+05	2.71E+06	6.17E+05	1.15E+05	1.28E+05	3.44E+05	1.02E+05	2.55E+05	1.3E+05	8.03E+04	1.57E+05	6.5E+04	2.66E+05	2.86E+05	2.72E+05	2.49E+05	1.39E+05	1.18E+05	8.66E+04	1.3E+05	1.46E+05	2.1E+05	6.69E+04	3.57E+05	7.01E+04	6.81E+04	1.59E+05	2.82E+05	2.48E+05	1.3E+05	2.62E+05	1.26E+05	2.19E+05	2.44E+05
Gemfibrozil_4	2.13E+05	5.13E+05	4.04E+04	7.48E+05	2.16E+05	3.4E+04	8.6E+04	8.9E+04	2.41E+05	2.71E+03	3.68E+04	4.13E+03	2.53E+04	1.61E+04	1.41E+05	2.85E+04	7.05E+05	1.06E+05	9.4E+04	1.07E+05	6.68E+04	1.04E+05	2.39E+04	4.64E+04	1.08E+04	7.54E+03	2.16E+04	6.24E+03	8.93E+03	5.76E+04	8.1E+04	1.23E+05	7.95E+03	2.56E+05	1.41E+05	3.18E+03	8.24E+04	1.39E+05	1.63E+04	3.26E+03	2.25E+04	2.34E+04	6.75E+03	1.19E+04	1.03E+04
Genipin_1	4.52E+06	2.47E+06	9.26E+05	2.39E+06	2E+06	1.65E+06	1.14E+06	1.03E+05	8.61E+05	5.26E+06	2.25E+06	2.7E+06	3.24E+05	3.54E+07	8.89E+06	2.82E+06	6.82E+05	1.06E+07	6E+06	9.07E+06	1.77E+06	1.33E+06	1.56E+06	7.13E+06	2.32E+05	7.95E+05	4.06E+04	1.17E+07	4.76E+05	3.23E+06	2.98E+06	2.04E+06	8.36E+05	1.24E+06	3.6E+06	1.71E+06	1.63E+06	8.33E+05	5.26E+05	2.29E+05	5.86E+06	5.2E+05	1.24E+06	8.49E+06	4.53E+05
Genipin_2	1.41E+06	2.36E+06	4.44E+04	9.4E+05	2.53E+06	2.94E+05	4.18E+05	4.52E+05	1.48E+04	4.18E+04	2.89E+05	4.44E+04	1.06E+05	5.39E+05	1.64E+06	3.32E+04	5.08E+05	1.4E+06	2.53E+05	1.15E+06	5.22E+04	1.7E+06	6.18E+05	5.94E+05	1.64E+06	2.79E+04	3.94E+05	8.68E+05	7.27E+04	1.2E+05	3.55E+06	4.85E+04	6.74E+05	2.94E+05	9.7E+05	4.38E+04	1.54E+06	3.52E+04	2.17E+04	4.72E+04	3.76E+05	3.46E+04	1.99E+04	3.02E+06	1.15E+04
Gentiopicrin	2.28E+04	3.03E+04	3.29E+04	6.34E+03	2.78E+04	4.63E+04	3.1E+04	2.44E+04	2.21E+06	1.72E+04	5.03E+04	1.41E+04	1.78E+04	2.25E+04	1.52E+04	3.15E+04	2.19E+04	3.69E+04	8.94E+03	8.7E+03	3.12E+04	4.02E+04	1.52E+04	2.17E+04	3.25E+04	2.11E+04	5.81E+04	3.19E+04	1.19E+04	7.2E+05	1.51E+06	2.19E+04	3.32E+06	9.96E+06	7.78E+05	9.33E+03	9.04E+04	1.4E+04	7.54E+03	2.95E+05	1.42E+04	3.76E+04	9.36E+04	1.66E+05	3.65E+04
Geranyl formate	2.01E+06	1.42E+06	6.42E+04	2.4E+06	5.23E+05	6.19E+05	1.37E+06	6.24E+04	1.24E+06	9.41E+04	1.27E+06	1.92E+05	5.8E+05	1.81E+06	2.04E+06	1.58E+06	8.94E+05	2.22E+06	3.52E+06	1.29E+06	1.67E+05	1.62E+06	9.44E+05	3.56E+06	2.97E+04	2.18E+05	1.21E+05	3.37E+05	1.59E+05	2.14E+06	1.88E+06	1.39E+06	1.16E+06	1.07E+06	5.16E+06	2.64E+05	1.52E+06	1.64E+05	1.99E+05	2.19E+05	3.02E+05	5.35E+04	2.5E+05	1.01E+06	1.32E+06
Gerrardine	2.07E+06	1.64E+06	8.78E+05	3.26E+06	9.77E+05	1.33E+06	1.46E+06	4.25E+05	1.96E+06	4.43E+05	1.75E+06	8.84E+05	7.44E+05	1.89E+06	2.28E+06	2.17E+06	1.09E+06	1.04E+06	4.35E+05	8.12E+05	1.23E+06	2.65E+06	1.29E+06	2.44E+05	5.05E+05	6.49E+05	3.26E+05	1.83E+06	7E+05	2.09E+06	1.67E+06	2.08E+06	1.05E+06	1.49E+06	1.77E+06	1.11E+06	2.59E+06	9.48E+05	4.37E+05	7.39E+05	1.22E+06	4.78E+05	1.15E+06	1.49E+06	6.85E+05
Gibberellin A8	1.66E+03	1.31E+03	1.71E+03	1.3E+03	2.07E+03	1.9E+03	1.31E+03	1.99E+03	2.7E+04	1.39E+03	1.47E+03	1.54E+03	1.26E+03	1.3E+03	1.27E+03	1.68E+03	1.72E+03	1.51E+03	3.24E+03	1.69E+03	1.51E+03	1.74E+03	1.53E+03	1.66E+03	1.58E+03	1.79E+03	1.31E+03	1.4E+03	1.08E+03	1.93E+03	5.13E+03	1.6E+03	4.63E+04	6.84E+05	2.07E+04	1.59E+03	2.12E+03	0	1.52E+03	0	1.78E+03	2.07E+03	1.83E+03	1.6E+03	1.39E+03
Gigantine	1.57E+04	1.07E+04	5.49E+04	1.85E+04	1.83E+06	2.69E+03	2.08E+03	2.82E+03	7.22E+04	1.39E+04	2.49E+03	2.76E+03	1.83E+03	4E+03	1.26E+03	2.18E+03	2.32E+04	3.25E+03	3.62E+03	3.12E+03	1.99E+03	3.06E+04	2.48E+03	3.4E+03	0	3.47E+03	2.46E+03	3.07E+03	2.39E+04	2.24E+03	2.76E+03	2.27E+05	4.78E+03	8.91E+03	2.42E+03	3.09E+04	3.8E+03	2.86E+04	1.62E+03	2.16E+03	2.03E+04	1.04E+03	2.73E+03	0	2.83E+03
Ginkgolide B	1.46E+06	1.01E+06	3.36E+05	2.52E+06	1.58E+06	9.53E+05	8.31E+05	3.34E+05	6.89E+05	1.49E+05	5.53E+05	4.9E+05	2.08E+05	4.73E+05	2.57E+06	1.27E+06	8.24E+05	1.44E+06	3.84E+06	4.93E+05	1.28E+05	1.39E+06	1.15E+06	1.43E+06	2.04E+05	6.4E+05	8.77E+04	6.64E+05	6.72E+04	1.41E+06	2.93E+06	1.99E+06	7.51E+05	1.29E+06	2.19E+06	1.02E+05	2.19E+06	1.24E+06	3.05E+05	5.86E+05	5.7E+05	1.63E+05	5E+05	7.13E+05	1.13E+06
Ginkgolide C	1.64E+05	9.24E+04	1.01E+04	7.38E+03	1.3E+05	4.96E+03	2.04E+04	6.38E+03	8.65E+04	3.74E+03	2.66E+04	1.66E+03	8.38E+03	5.12E+05	2.83E+04	1.58E+04	2.07E+05	1.63E+04	1.19E+05	8.11E+04	9.56E+03	9.48E+04	1.79E+04	4.25E+04	1.57E+03	0	1.58E+03	4.43E+04	5.79E+03	7.35E+03	2.71E+05	4.31E+04	1.71E+04	6.5E+04	2.31E+05	7.31E+03	4.24E+04	1.18E+04	2.08E+03	1.44E+04	7.15E+04	4.52E+03	5.03E+03	4.9E+04	1.14E+04
Glaucarubinone	2.92E+05	1.34E+05	3.68E+04	5.68E+05	2.63E+05	3.88E+04	2.4E+05	4.07E+03	1.76E+05	4.63E+04	1.41E+05	6.19E+04	2.03E+04	4.62E+05	6.01E+05	1.91E+05	3.58E+05	2.59E+05	2.91E+05	5.82E+05	5.58E+04	2.06E+05	1.7E+05	3.14E+05	1.44E+04	2.9E+04	4.57E+03	1.33E+05	3.35E+03	4.76E+04	3.3E+05	8.56E+04	1.02E+05	1.83E+05	1.18E+05	9.56E+04	2.6E+05	5.12E+04	2.71E+03	3.93E+04	2.35E+05	3.89E+04	1.82E+04	9.09E+04	9.94E+03
Gliotoxin	6.62E+05	1.41E+04	0	2E+04	6.85E+03	2.18E+03	4.66E+03	2.07E+03	1.53E+05	3.57E+03	4.2E+03	3.09E+03	4.5E+03	3.56E+03	6.93E+03	3.99E+03	9.99E+05	0	9.98E+03	7.93E+03	1.66E+03	6.74E+04	0	3.1E+04	3.22E+03	0	0	4.52E+03	0	0	2.03E+04	6.43E+03	1.79E+03	3.15E+03	0	0	7.36E+03	0	0	0	5.41E+03	5.53E+03	2.6E+03	0	0
Glutarate	2E+07	2.01E+07	2.23E+07	3.39E+07	3.31E+07	2.23E+07	1.85E+07	2.33E+07	2.1E+07	2.63E+07	1.98E+07	9.42E+06	9.8E+06	1.23E+07	2.4E+07	9.21E+06	3.19E+07	2.99E+07	5.15E+07	3.57E+07	1.11E+07	2.56E+07	1.5E+07	5.86E+06	2.44E+07	1.25E+07	2.26E+07	2.93E+07	9.53E+06	2.2E+07	1.38E+07	3.2E+07	2.25E+07	2.39E+07	2.55E+07	2.26E+07	3.41E+07	1.73E+07	1.34E+07	1.81E+07	1.23E+07	1.67E+07	1.15E+07	1.19E+07	9.71E+06
Glutathionylaminopropylcadaverine	4.95E+04	2.18E+05	5.4E+04	7.41E+05	6.54E+05	7.12E+04	1.39E+05	3.34E+03	6.61E+04	8.62E+04	1.24E+05	5.96E+04	3.11E+03	1.14E+05	5.53E+05	1.76E+05	1E+04	2.19E+05	1.01E+06	9.49E+04	8.27E+04	2.23E+04	5.56E+04	1.7E+05	4.22E+03	1.65E+04	1.66E+03	6.09E+04	5.28E+03	1.01E+05	6.75E+04	5.36E+05	3.49E+03	6.61E+04	3.76E+05	2.05E+05	5.48E+05	7.38E+04	4E+03	1.06E+03	3.58E+04	1.07E+04	1.04E+05	5.48E+04	1.12E+03
Glyburide	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.26E+03	0	0	0	0	2.08E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.88E+03	0	1.46E+07	0	0	5.7E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.25E+05
Glycerol_1	1.76E+05	3.62E+05	1.88E+04	4.78E+05	2.86E+05	9.45E+04	1.38E+05	1.19E+04	3.27E+04	1.12E+05	6.26E+04	1.74E+05	3.08E+05	3E+04	4.84E+04	1.18E+04	4.52E+05	3.09E+05	2.1E+05	8.03E+04	1.11E+05	3.03E+05	1E+05	2.34E+05	7.54E+04	1.44E+04	1.58E+05	6.59E+04	2.52E+04	1.92E+05	1.51E+04	3.39E+04	1.14E+05	1.64E+05	1.42E+05	2.38E+05	1.77E+05	1.19E+05	4.03E+04	1.02E+05	5.03E+04	1.75E+04	1.33E+04	1.15E+04	2.31E+04
Glycerol_2	1.4E+04	3.2E+03	2.32E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	7.21E+03	8.83E+04	0	0	1.7E+06	0	1.81E+03	0	0	0	4.9E+04	1.09E+03	0	0	2.29E+05	0	0	2.83E+04	1.17E+06	0	6.11E+04	0	0	0	0	1.97E+05	2.16E+03	0	0	1.67E+03	1.75E+03	3.34E+05	0	0	2.58E+04	0
Glycerone	1.42E+05	5.79E+05	5.97E+05	4.19E+05	1.72E+06	4.41E+05	3.51E+05	1.59E+05	7.92E+04	1.2E+05	7.87E+05	6.1E+04	4.08E+05	1.04E+05	4.59E+04	1.28E+05	1.85E+06	4.93E+05	6.87E+04	1.04E+06	1.04E+05	1.26E+05	1.42E+05	8.41E+05	4.02E+05	2.08E+04	4.63E+05	4.4E+05	5.52E+04	3.13E+05	2.84E+05	3.7E+05	1.13E+05	6.81E+04	2.14E+05	3E+05	4.31E+05	2E+05	2.25E+05	2.22E+05	6.74E+04	2.95E+05	2.22E+04	3.07E+05	1.67E+05
GLYCINE	1.71E+07	3.77E+07	5.24E+06	1.22E+07	1.95E+07	3.1E+07	1.19E+07	4.17E+06	1.13E+07	2.94E+06	6.7E+06	8.54E+06	8.22E+06	8.43E+06	1.1E+07	8.06E+06	2.37E+07	5.45E+07	1.6E+07	9.12E+06	2.72E+07	2.13E+07	1.72E+07	5.22E+06	1.1E+07	3.12E+07	1.37E+07	1.15E+07	7.29E+06	4.17E+06	2.66E+06	1.18E+07	5.03E+06	7.37E+06	4.1E+06	6.87E+06	6.9E+06	1.27E+07	1.2E+07	4.22E+06	9.05E+06	4.88E+06	6.66E+06	9.73E+06	8.06E+06
Glycine_1	3.06E+06	2.89E+06	2.6E+05	9.81E+05	2.73E+06	8.2E+05	2.13E+06	5.86E+05	9.17E+05	3.74E+05	8.74E+05	4.67E+05	1.47E+05	8.64E+05	1.63E+06	4.5E+05	1.8E+06	9.98E+06	2.06E+06	1.76E+06	1.85E+06	2.14E+06	1.08E+06	1.74E+06	8.35E+05	3.63E+05	1.11E+05	1.03E+06	4.82E+05	1.05E+06	1.53E+06	6.92E+05	4.26E+05	5.11E+05	3.14E+06	2.3E+05	1.3E+06	3.31E+05	3.14E+05	2.78E+05	4.27E+05	5.5E+05	5.32E+05	6.33E+05	2.19E+05
Glycine_2	1.37E+06	3.71E+05	1.15E+05	1.16E+06	1.1E+06	1.66E+05	4.04E+05	6E+05	8.9E+05	2.52E+05	3.09E+05	3.45E+05	2.25E+05	6.41E+05	1.18E+06	2.56E+05	3.17E+06	1.52E+06	1.04E+06	1.03E+06	3.73E+05	2.18E+06	8.77E+05	1.07E+06	2.55E+05	5.78E+05	7.9E+04	3.84E+05	3.3E+05	2.07E+05	2.1E+06	5.99E+05	3.31E+05	1.62E+06	2.7E+05	4.82E+05	1.89E+05	6.34E+05	1.28E+05	9.79E+05	7.5E+05	5.63E+04	1.45E+05	1.73E+06	7.99E+04
Glycocholate	2.05E+06	3.59E+05	3.31E+05	8.22E+05	3.55E+06	4.9E+05	3.13E+05	6.69E+04	4.34E+04	2.11E+05	7.65E+04	6.87E+04	1.27E+05	1.84E+05	4.32E+05	1.61E+05	1.6E+06	1.65E+05	1.9E+05	2.87E+05	9.06E+04	2.36E+06	5.08E+04	1.89E+05	2.06E+05	5.1E+04	1.9E+05	2.23E+05	3.23E+04	4.04E+05	1.85E+05	1.58E+05	6.04E+04	1.08E+05	2.51E+05	1.57E+05	6.14E+05	7.18E+04	2.62E+04	9.59E+04	6.48E+04	5.4E+04	1.41E+04	3.25E+05	3.09E+04
Glycyl-leucine_1	9.8E+07	8.71E+07	3.39E+07	1.26E+08	1.13E+08	7.07E+07	8.78E+07	2.22E+07	6.51E+07	2.74E+07	7.29E+07	4.53E+07	3.29E+07	4.51E+07	9.86E+07	6.33E+07	1.07E+08	9.57E+07	1.36E+08	9.24E+07	5.67E+07	9.48E+07	5.07E+07	9.73E+07	3.29E+07	4.16E+07	1.97E+07	4.72E+07	3.85E+07	8.18E+07	6.77E+07	8.56E+07	4.1E+07	6.7E+07	1.02E+08	3.55E+07	6.72E+07	5.13E+07	3.13E+07	3.32E+07	4.58E+07	2.36E+07	4.18E+07	9.66E+07	2.83E+07
Glycyl-leucine_2	3.69E+07	9.51E+03	2.42E+03	1.22E+04	1.16E+04	3.43E+03	3.16E+03	1.96E+03	3.77E+03	3.5E+03	3.74E+03	4.15E+03	3.83E+03	3.7E+03	3.05E+03	8E+03	1.66E+04	8.93E+03	1.98E+04	1E+04	4.37E+03	7.67E+06	1.21E+03	8.04E+03	3.8E+03	1.77E+03	1.77E+03	1.23E+03	3.7E+03	4.71E+04	2.93E+03	2.99E+03	3.77E+03	7.57E+03	5.6E+03	930	1.36E+03	5.39E+03	1.92E+03	1.99E+03	6.61E+03	2.24E+03	1.14E+03	4.71E+03	3.49E+03
Glyphosate-isopropylammonium	1.24E+06	1.53E+05	2.45E+05	3.13E+05	8.3E+06	6.18E+05	1.88E+06	9.61E+04	5.5E+04	7.17E+03	2.19E+05	2.61E+04	2.87E+04	2.8E+04	1.36E+05	7.91E+05	8.26E+04	1.32E+05	1.13E+05	1.68E+05	1.69E+06	2.34E+05	2.34E+04	4.39E+05	3.74E+04	1.16E+05	4.83E+04	5.32E+04	5.08E+04	3.86E+06	5.67E+05	3.79E+06	4.13E+04	9.31E+04	4.2E+04	4.88E+04	1.38E+05	2.49E+05	2.99E+03	5.2E+05	3.31E+05	3.92E+03	2.45E+04	1.12E+06	9.59E+04
Gossypetin	8.83E+06	8.18E+06	5.27E+06	9.49E+06	8.51E+06	6.87E+06	6.48E+06	4E+06	8.58E+06	4.95E+06	8.37E+06	6.08E+06	4.7E+06	7.71E+06	9.42E+06	7.69E+06	8.12E+06	8.04E+06	9.81E+06	8.08E+06	6.72E+06	1.08E+07	6.77E+06	8.9E+06	5.1E+06	5.73E+06	3.5E+06	8.67E+06	4.33E+06	7.14E+06	9.45E+06	8.01E+06	6.68E+06	8.12E+06	8.14E+06	6.23E+06	1.05E+07	5.91E+06	3.58E+06	5.59E+06	6.92E+06	5.31E+06	6.79E+06	7.58E+06	4.73E+06
Guanadrel	4.94E+04	1.27E+04	3.05E+03	6.25E+03	2.13E+04	1.17E+04	5.75E+06	8.68E+05	3.58E+03	6.35E+03	1.08E+04	2.12E+03	0	2.45E+03	4.59E+03	5.26E+05	9.31E+06	3.98E+03	2.02E+03	4.47E+04	1.68E+06	2.78E+04	2.48E+04	1.78E+05	2.05E+03	0	0	2.36E+03	2.6E+03	2.15E+04	2.03E+06	8.9E+03	2.2E+06	1.19E+04	6.53E+03	3.59E+03	3.65E+03	6.92E+05	0	4.05E+03	6.27E+04	2.42E+05	1.13E+04	1.2E+04	2.62E+03
GUANIDINOACETATE	3.8E+08	3.15E+08	1.74E+08	4.65E+08	5.13E+08	2.33E+08	2.22E+08	8.83E+07	2.23E+08	1.22E+08	2.44E+08	2.53E+08	1.26E+08	2.69E+08	3.11E+08	3.49E+08	5.03E+08	3.52E+08	7.19E+08	4.98E+08	2.15E+08	3.39E+08	7.92E+07	3.92E+08	7.64E+07	1.19E+08	8.87E+07	2.48E+08	2.38E+08	9.26E+07	2E+08	3.42E+08	6.07E+07	1.96E+08	2.26E+07	1.82E+08	1.75E+08	2.59E+08	2.4E+08	1.05E+08	2.86E+08	5.91E+07	2.31E+08	1.63E+08	1.26E+08
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_1	7.38E+05	3.42E+06	4.23E+05	1.18E+06	1.25E+06	3.93E+05	5.09E+05	1.13E+05	9.57E+05	2.47E+05	3.22E+05	5.54E+05	7.8E+05	2.65E+05	6.94E+05	1.02E+05	9.14E+05	1.03E+06	4.78E+05	5.13E+05	2.81E+04	8.49E+05	3.98E+05	1.03E+06	1.14E+06	1.15E+05	9.04E+05	8.7E+05	6.24E+03	1.83E+06	8.72E+05	7.17E+05	3.31E+05	6.18E+05	2.65E+06	1.86E+05	1.54E+06	2.34E+05	5.29E+05	4.69E+05	7.23E+05	2.94E+05	2.09E+05	7.33E+05	7.56E+04
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_2	4.14E+04	2.82E+04	6.65E+05	3.23E+05	1.78E+03	1.04E+04	4.43E+04	8.39E+03	3.09E+04	3.17E+03	1.1E+05	2.45E+04	3.12E+03	1.18E+05	1.33E+05	4.23E+04	1.45E+06	1.36E+04	2.33E+03	1.51E+05	4.13E+04	2.49E+04	8.84E+04	1.4E+04	1.05E+04	6.09E+03	3.39E+03	4E+05	1.03E+04	3.32E+04	1.15E+06	1.15E+05	3.27E+04	1.36E+05	2.33E+05	2.72E+04	2.31E+05	5.15E+04	2.23E+04	4.4E+04	6.82E+04	1.78E+04	4.62E+04	2.1E+05	8.1E+03
GUANINE	5.87E+06	3.76E+06	2.41E+06	1.17E+07	1.53E+06	4.05E+06	5.72E+06	2.05E+06	5.61E+06	4.2E+06	5.32E+06	6.75E+06	3.04E+06	3.93E+06	5.89E+06	1.17E+07	2.74E+06	3.13E+06	9.84E+05	2E+06	6.65E+06	1.29E+07	6.01E+06	1.58E+06	4.07E+06	5.3E+06	4.5E+06	4.68E+06	5.37E+06	4.22E+06	5.33E+06	2.11E+06	3.88E+06	5.49E+06	2.23E+06	2.86E+06	4.76E+06	1.77E+06	4.09E+06	2.67E+06	5.48E+06	1.48E+06	7.9E+06	1.83E+06	1.55E+06
Guanine_1	1.08E+06	1.38E+06	1.69E+05	1.89E+06	4.97E+05	1.08E+06	3.08E+05	6.48E+04	1.51E+06	5.35E+05	7.46E+05	6.64E+05	3.37E+04	1.42E+06	1.37E+06	7.55E+05	7.71E+05	9.78E+05	1.12E+06	7.44E+05	9.31E+05	1.29E+06	1.08E+06	1.68E+06	1.86E+05	6.38E+05	2.47E+05	7.51E+05	2.05E+05	1.29E+06	9.95E+05	9.49E+05	8.43E+05	9.4E+05	2.64E+06	6.22E+05	2.28E+06	4.73E+05	2.61E+05	2.83E+05	9.34E+05	4.75E+05	1E+06	8.63E+05	4.06E+05
Guanine_2	7.14E+05	8.82E+05	3.09E+05	1.98E+06	1.27E+06	6.27E+05	5.05E+05	6.51E+04	5.96E+05	2.15E+05	5.57E+05	3.73E+05	2.93E+05	4.89E+05	1.56E+06	5.61E+05	8.01E+05	7.36E+05	2.13E+06	6.29E+05	4.83E+05	7.73E+05	6.19E+05	7.68E+05	1.98E+05	4E+05	1.1E+05	4.34E+05	9.88E+04	1.3E+06	4.14E+05	8.65E+05	2.79E+05	3.46E+05	2.33E+06	3.87E+05	1.05E+06	1.31E+05	2.47E+05	2.25E+05	4.63E+05	2.19E+05	2.22E+05	1.5E+06	2.95E+05
Guanosine	4.3E+04	2.26E+05	7.59E+04	2.76E+05	2.49E+05	5.21E+04	5.65E+04	4.89E+03	1.83E+04	7.5E+04	2.85E+05	5.45E+04	2.75E+04	2.51E+05	3.92E+05	8.33E+04	6.08E+04	1.46E+05	3.32E+05	2.98E+04	9.4E+04	1.55E+05	2.67E+05	1.42E+05	7.82E+03	3.77E+04	1.65E+04	3.57E+05	3.81E+03	2.78E+05	2.01E+05	2.26E+05	9.36E+03	1.34E+05	7.05E+05	7.01E+04	2.94E+05	4.57E+04	1.39E+04	2.06E+04	1.05E+05	1.49E+04	2.2E+04	7.06E+04	3.08E+04
HC Blue No. 2	1.19E+06	1.47E+06	6.57E+05	1.41E+06	2.76E+06	8.26E+05	9.67E+05	2.62E+05	5.78E+05	2.9E+05	6.88E+05	5.13E+05	2.22E+05	7.66E+05	1.29E+06	6.63E+05	1.44E+06	1.06E+06	1.97E+06	1.11E+06	9.67E+05	7.44E+05	6.11E+05	9.28E+05	1.92E+05	4.96E+05	1.81E+05	5.05E+05	3.72E+05	1.15E+06	3.19E+05	3.46E+06	6.49E+05	3.84E+05	1.37E+06	1.99E+05	8.78E+05	7.51E+05	9.59E+04	1.07E+06	7.52E+05	1.54E+05	1.54E+05	9.73E+05	2.42E+05
HC Blue No.1	1.65E+06	6.7E+05	3.76E+05	5.36E+05	2.28E+06	4.61E+05	3.83E+05	2.86E+05	1.96E+05	8.29E+03	3.92E+05	1.23E+05	5.8E+04	9.59E+04	4.98E+05	1.15E+05	1.4E+06	4.05E+05	1.73E+05	1.43E+05	4.62E+06	3.56E+05	2.23E+05	1.82E+05	4.92E+05	1.83E+05	3.61E+04	1.06E+04	9.78E+03	3.52E+06	5.86E+05	3.2E+06	1.12E+05	5.57E+05	8.24E+05	1.3E+05	4.6E+05	3.37E+05	1.6E+04	3.85E+05	3.1E+05	6.03E+04	1.27E+04	3.69E+05	2.76E+04
Heliotrine_1	2.55E+05	2.37E+05	6.21E+04	1E+06	2.87E+05	1.94E+06	3.38E+05	7.69E+03	2.07E+05	3.3E+03	2.08E+05	1.73E+05	7.76E+03	2.83E+04	8.6E+05	6.59E+04	2.51E+05	2.1E+05	1.24E+06	7.8E+05	3.32E+03	1.86E+05	5.72E+04	3.38E+05	1.9E+04	1.7E+04	0	2.28E+04	2.78E+04	1.84E+05	8.79E+04	6.56E+04	4.8E+04	2.53E+06	2.99E+05	1.23E+04	1.33E+05	1.33E+07	4.03E+03	1.81E+05	3.76E+04	1.92E+04	2.47E+05	4.57E+04	3.69E+05
Heliotrine_2	1.79E+04	1E+05	1.8E+03	2.41E+04	4.97E+05	1.39E+06	9.93E+04	1.06E+05	5.17E+03	2.12E+03	1.93E+04	2.26E+05	2.02E+03	1.06E+05	1.33E+05	2.08E+04	2.4E+04	4.46E+03	1.15E+04	5.73E+05	2.09E+03	3.8E+03	2.79E+03	1.31E+04	1.69E+03	6.21E+03	1.91E+03	8.87E+03	6.89E+04	1.12E+04	3.36E+04	4.14E+04	1E+04	4.25E+05	7.9E+04	3.5E+03	2.97E+04	1.71E+06	1.98E+03	7.51E+04	1.19E+04	2.16E+03	2.69E+03	1.66E+04	8.13E+05
Helveticoside	3.91E+04	5.38E+03	4.88E+04	5.09E+05	1.89E+05	6.83E+03	1.32E+04	1.98E+03	1.66E+04	2.9E+04	1.11E+04	4.37E+04	2.89E+04	9.5E+04	3.99E+05	3.16E+04	1.76E+04	5.68E+04	3.06E+05	6.27E+03	3.98E+04	7.43E+03	1.06E+04	1.57E+04	1.3E+03	3.55E+03	1.86E+03	1.37E+05	1.93E+03	5.62E+04	1.56E+04	1.53E+04	1.83E+03	1.14E+04	3.87E+04	3.8E+04	1.28E+05	5.09E+04	0	1.54E+03	6.61E+04	2.8E+03	2.34E+04	6.6E+04	2.57E+04
Heptadecatrienoic acid	1.53E+05	3.4E+04	1.18E+04	5.41E+04	9.24E+05	3.62E+04	2.3E+03	5.82E+04	2.87E+04	4.76E+04	1.44E+04	5.29E+03	2.18E+04	2.23E+04	2.92E+04	6.94E+03	6.11E+04	1.66E+04	3.3E+04	1.18E+04	0	6.81E+04	5.34E+04	0	0	4.21E+03	0	2.61E+04	2.59E+03	2.7E+04	1.61E+05	2.88E+04	5.26E+03	7.66E+04	1.86E+04	2.68E+04	0	1.96E+04	1.55E+04	5.09E+04	7.64E+04	0	0	1.8E+04	4.49E+03
Hercynine	6.51E+05	1.37E+05	1.63E+05	7.6E+05	6.8E+05	1.19E+05	3.15E+05	1.98E+05	3.59E+05	2.17E+05	2.54E+05	1.87E+05	5.82E+04	2.07E+05	3.4E+05	2.03E+05	1.64E+06	3.31E+05	5.96E+05	6.42E+05	2.25E+05	1.8E+06	1.4E+05	1.69E+06	1.25E+05	1.11E+05	2.84E+05	1.46E+05	2.53E+05	2.22E+05	4.27E+05	7.9E+05	3.67E+05	3.63E+05	1.34E+06	2.31E+05	3.77E+05	3.09E+05	2.63E+05	2.45E+05	5.41E+05	1.34E+05	3.38E+04	1.11E+05	1.76E+05
Hesperetin	1.14E+06	1.13E+05	9.62E+05	7.24E+04	3.24E+06	3.21E+03	1.92E+07	4.7E+06	4.47E+05	1.8E+03	6.76E+04	1.92E+03	2.11E+04	1.93E+05	1.86E+06	6.78E+05	2.19E+03	5.39E+06	0	2.57E+05	0	3.99E+04	1.75E+03	6.6E+03	3.36E+06	1.84E+03	0	4.77E+06	0	1.74E+06	3.33E+05	5.92E+04	3.73E+03	1.06E+06	1.52E+06	0	2.83E+03	1.62E+03	0	1.24E+06	1.66E+05	0	1.55E+03	1.49E+05	0
Heterodendrin_1	1.77E+07	2.09E+07	5.61E+06	2.57E+07	3.03E+07	9.57E+06	8.32E+06	2.38E+06	1.26E+07	4.64E+06	1.02E+07	5.77E+06	3.32E+06	1.17E+07	2.08E+07	8.93E+06	2.21E+07	1.42E+07	2.85E+07	1.57E+07	9.06E+06	1.75E+07	8.34E+06	2.03E+07	5.45E+06	4.58E+06	3.44E+06	9.5E+06	3.09E+06	9.74E+06	1.45E+07	2.08E+07	7.98E+06	1.48E+07	1.66E+07	5.56E+06	2.58E+07	6.68E+06	2.69E+06	4.65E+06	9.22E+06	4.01E+06	4.72E+06	9.22E+06	3.04E+06
Heterodendrin_2	2.29E+05	2.56E+05	2.2E+05	9.96E+05	2.94E+05	1.62E+05	1.99E+05	7.36E+04	8.5E+05	1.55E+05	4.84E+05	1.49E+05	3.95E+04	2.22E+05	1.09E+06	2.26E+05	6.88E+04	9.01E+04	1.17E+06	1.81E+05	2.07E+05	2.34E+04	2.2E+05	7.91E+05	4.34E+04	2.28E+04	2.07E+04	1.99E+05	3.44E+04	4.08E+05	2.15E+05	1.87E+04	5.59E+05	4.04E+05	1.3E+06	8.52E+04	6.74E+04	2.39E+04	5.78E+03	5.07E+04	1E+05	1.61E+05	1.56E+04	2.37E+05	4.4E+03
Hexadecasphinganine	1.52E+06	1.5E+06	1.49E+06	1.5E+06	1.44E+06	1.49E+06	1.49E+06	1.41E+06	1.47E+06	1.47E+06	1.42E+06	1.46E+06	1.49E+06	1.48E+06	1.43E+06	1.43E+06	1.39E+06	1.41E+06	1.38E+06	1.46E+06	1.37E+06	1.34E+06	1.42E+06	1.42E+06	1.41E+06	1.37E+06	1.4E+06	1.47E+06	1.4E+06	1.36E+06	1.37E+06	1.39E+06	1.33E+06	1.39E+06	1.31E+06	1.33E+06	1.36E+06	1.32E+06	1.34E+06	1.36E+06	1.37E+06	1.39E+06	1.45E+06	1.41E+06	1.4E+06
Hexahomomethionine	5.52E+05	1.9E+05	1.47E+04	4.09E+05	1.82E+05	4.48E+04	2.62E+05	4.11E+04	1.49E+05	4.39E+03	1.12E+05	5.61E+03	1.27E+04	1.25E+05	3.02E+05	1.12E+05	9.97E+04	2.17E+05	5.6E+05	7.57E+04	2.23E+04	1.31E+05	6.34E+04	5.84E+05	2.36E+04	5.75E+04	2.16E+04	1.11E+05	3.68E+04	7.48E+04	1.91E+05	2.96E+05	4.08E+04	5.58E+04	5.07E+05	4.18E+03	3.51E+05	7.81E+04	8.02E+03	2.45E+04	7.96E+04	5.11E+04	9.16E+04	8.69E+04	6.67E+04
Hexylamine	5.81E+06	5.8E+06	5.8E+06	4.98E+06	5.4E+06	5.67E+06	7.17E+06	6.21E+06	5.5E+06	6.8E+06	5.51E+06	6.57E+06	6.47E+06	6.17E+06	5.77E+06	6.74E+06	5.28E+06	5.27E+06	5.23E+06	5.85E+06	5.7E+06	5.31E+06	5.95E+06	5.97E+06	5.82E+06	6.28E+06	6.84E+06	6.03E+06	7.27E+06	5.73E+06	6.55E+06	5.34E+06	6.15E+06	5.42E+06	6.52E+06	6.22E+06	5.83E+06	6.14E+06	6.91E+06	6.77E+06	6.69E+06	7.06E+06	1.45E+07	6.46E+06	6.85E+06
Hinokitiol glucoside	6.18E+04	2.23E+04	3.3E+03	3.92E+03	2E+05	1.78E+03	7.21E+05	3.24E+04	1.69E+04	2.48E+03	1.13E+04	2.7E+04	2.01E+03	4.04E+04	1.51E+04	9.11E+03	1.32E+05	3.22E+04	1.86E+03	1.19E+04	3.41E+03	2.55E+03	4.05E+03	1.2E+04	1.56E+05	1.05E+05	2.1E+04	4.83E+05	2.89E+03	1.02E+04	8.61E+03	8.3E+04	4.03E+03	5.32E+05	7.21E+04	4.55E+03	1.34E+04	2.94E+04	3.12E+03	2.81E+03	3.26E+03	1.41E+05	2.62E+03	2.87E+03	4.74E+03
Hippurate	1.36E+09	7.03E+08	7.11E+09	1.94E+10	1.55E+09	7.84E+08	2.87E+09	2.28E+08	2.42E+09	1.95E+09	5.27E+08	5.48E+08	4.2E+09	2.6E+09	1.37E+09	8.87E+07	2.74E+09	9.96E+09	2.46E+09	6.67E+08	2.2E+09	1.8E+10	1.84E+09	1.19E+10	3.41E+09	4.81E+08	1.88E+09	1.49E+09	2.9E+08	4.32E+09	3.86E+08	2.17E+09	1.4E+09	1.3E+09	7.98E+09	2.07E+09	1.16E+10	1.36E+09	4.89E+08	3.94E+09	2.18E+09	1.29E+09	5.32E+09	5.38E+09	3.1E+08
HISTAMINE	4.44E+05	1.05E+06	4.81E+05	7.63E+05	5.49E+05	1.48E+06	5.49E+05	1.98E+05	1.31E+06	2.76E+05	1.51E+05	7.28E+05	2.56E+05	6.11E+05	4.62E+05	1.51E+05	7.69E+05	1.05E+06	1.43E+06	4.26E+05	2.79E+06	5.57E+05	7.27E+05	2.23E+05	4.27E+05	8.76E+05	4.54E+05	4.22E+05	2.09E+05	3.38E+05	1.63E+05	1.54E+05	2.61E+05	2.59E+05	3.85E+05	3.36E+05	1.24E+05	5.27E+05	2.37E+05	6E+05	1.19E+05	5.11E+05	2.55E+05	1.44E+05	3.76E+05
Histamine	8.4E+05	4.38E+04	4.16E+05	4.02E+05	2.49E+06	8.21E+05	7.58E+06	2.74E+05	1.39E+05	2.77E+04	6.06E+04	1.02E+05	2.33E+04	1.85E+04	4.81E+05	4.85E+05	6.51E+05	1.5E+05	3.25E+05	2.5E+06	4.64E+04	1.59E+04	2.2E+04	1.56E+05	6.8E+04	2.7E+04	3.84E+04	2.92E+04	1.33E+05	2.64E+05	5.93E+05	2.65E+04	8.8E+06	1.02E+07	1.4E+07	3.82E+05	6.79E+04	2.23E+07	2.7E+05	8.29E+06	1.42E+05	1.07E+05	2.85E+04	2.78E+06	3.44E+05
Homoarginine	1.4E+08	7.27E+07	5.12E+07	1.54E+08	1.64E+08	7.4E+07	6.53E+07	4.1E+07	1.05E+08	5.22E+07	1.2E+08	5.03E+07	4.49E+07	9E+07	1.34E+08	9.85E+07	1.36E+08	1.18E+08	1.78E+08	1.28E+08	5.07E+07	1.49E+08	9.2E+07	1.45E+08	5.07E+07	5.73E+07	4.4E+07	7.88E+07	5.18E+07	1.09E+08	1.5E+08	1.15E+08	4.52E+07	9.61E+07	1.2E+08	6.89E+07	1.05E+08	6.06E+07	3.52E+07	5.49E+07	6.55E+07	4.73E+07	5.54E+07	1.1E+08	3.76E+07
Homocarnosine	1.24E+06	1.19E+06	3.42E+05	1.17E+06	5.03E+06	2.56E+05	8.25E+05	1.03E+05	8.8E+05	7.28E+04	3.43E+05	5.07E+05	1.79E+04	2.3E+05	7.2E+05	3.9E+05	1.69E+06	9.41E+05	1.15E+07	1.96E+04	2E+06	8.1E+05	2.03E+05	4.19E+05	5.31E+05	5.06E+05	2.19E+05	2.69E+04	6.36E+04	1.54E+06	1.96E+06	2.6E+06	1.38E+06	1.28E+06	1.75E+06	3.96E+05	2.68E+06	3.01E+05	9.18E+04	1.52E+06	2.95E+05	1.32E+04	1.95E+04	5.99E+05	3.06E+05
Homogentisate_1	1.04E+06	2.9E+06	1.01E+07	9.6E+06	6.66E+06	3.96E+05	3.5E+06	8.26E+04	1.71E+06	5.48E+05	1.75E+05	3.63E+05	1.86E+06	8.11E+05	1.65E+06	6.5E+05	1.74E+06	2.7E+06	1.31E+06	7.45E+05	2.56E+05	5.1E+06	4.48E+04	4.76E+06	1.29E+06	1.29E+05	1.8E+05	8.54E+05	2.07E+05	1.62E+06	1.14E+06	2.38E+06	3.35E+06	3.99E+06	1.85E+06	5.62E+05	7.28E+06	8.91E+05	1.3E+05	1.85E+06	6.02E+05	1.05E+05	3.56E+06	1.87E+06	3.66E+05
Homogentisate_2	1.01E+04	5.79E+03	6.14E+03	1.11E+04	2.25E+04	1.98E+05	8.81E+03	7.44E+04	2.46E+04	8.12E+03	1.03E+04	1.25E+04	1.77E+04	3.12E+04	2.41E+03	1.32E+04	1.24E+04	2.11E+04	6.82E+03	1.05E+04	2.33E+03	3.21E+03	1.12E+04	8.28E+03	8.39E+04	1.35E+04	2.21E+05	1.5E+04	1.57E+04	1.01E+04	1.2E+05	3.67E+04	2.38E+03	3.69E+03	9.87E+05	5.47E+03	8.57E+04	4.11E+03	7.26E+03	1.69E+04	1.08E+04	3.1E+04	4.65E+03	1.63E+06	1.11E+04
Homogentisate_3	7.02E+03	1.8E+04	8.83E+03	5.36E+04	7.78E+04	9.33E+03	7.87E+03	1.15E+06	1.79E+04	2.25E+03	4.67E+03	1.1E+04	4.41E+03	4.56E+03	7.63E+03	7.12E+03	1.9E+04	2.72E+04	1.52E+04	5.48E+03	7.21E+03	1.77E+04	1.13E+04	3.34E+03	7.11E+03	4.25E+03	1.29E+04	4.83E+03	2.22E+03	5.13E+04	2.15E+05	1.75E+04	9.59E+03	2.36E+04	7.75E+04	7.91E+03	7.49E+03	8.92E+03	9.17E+03	9.66E+04	9.49E+03	5.22E+03	2.99E+03	6.4E+03	3.21E+03
Homostachydrine_1	8.85E+06	3.53E+07	3.01E+07	5.43E+06	2.76E+07	1.95E+07	3.96E+07	4.45E+06	6.35E+06	3.12E+06	5.53E+06	4.12E+06	9.74E+06	1.16E+07	4.93E+06	1.51E+07	1.89E+07	2.89E+07	1.23E+07	2.29E+07	2.7E+07	7.3E+06	7.09E+06	3.32E+07	1.55E+07	6.16E+06	4.88E+06	5.1E+06	4.15E+06	8.57E+06	1.08E+07	1.81E+07	4.18E+06	1.34E+07	9.69E+06	5.57E+06	7.67E+06	1.57E+07	2.36E+06	4.92E+06	1.36E+07	6.53E+06	4.05E+06	1.23E+07	3.13E+06
Homostachydrine_2	2.63E+05	4.48E+05	3.48E+06	3.25E+05	3.02E+05	2.26E+05	1.26E+05	3.1E+04	2.87E+05	1.03E+06	1.15E+05	2.41E+05	3.34E+05	1.32E+06	1.81E+05	1.07E+05	2.14E+06	1.58E+05	3.41E+05	4.32E+05	8.83E+04	8.72E+05	1.28E+05	6.91E+05	2.23E+04	8.49E+04	3.27E+04	6.76E+05	9.4E+04	9.43E+04	2.54E+05	1.79E+05	9.37E+05	1.39E+06	2.07E+05	1.48E+06	1.01E+05	1.12E+05	2.62E+04	1.53E+05	1.88E+06	1.14E+04	6.19E+04	2.93E+05	5E+04
Hydantoin-5-propionate_1	2.88E+06	7.99E+06	3.53E+06	7.1E+06	1.9E+07	3.33E+06	5.2E+06	8.74E+05	1.87E+06	1.1E+06	3.48E+06	3E+06	1.11E+06	5.18E+06	2.79E+06	4.65E+06	7.21E+06	8.21E+06	1.13E+07	1.02E+07	2.98E+06	3.83E+06	3.99E+06	9.9E+06	1.42E+06	2.23E+06	2.29E+05	5.81E+06	2.32E+06	2.15E+06	4.61E+06	2.02E+07	4.66E+06	3.33E+06	2.09E+06	2.74E+06	8.63E+06	5.44E+06	7.43E+05	1.35E+06	1.38E+07	8.68E+05	3.49E+06	3.94E+06	6.55E+05
Hydantoin-5-propionate_2	1.58E+06	2.61E+06	4.42E+05	2.62E+06	1.36E+06	1.07E+06	6.68E+05	5.29E+05	1.47E+06	5.21E+05	1.17E+06	7.53E+05	3.85E+05	6.55E+05	2.11E+06	9.17E+05	1.54E+06	1.39E+06	2.42E+06	1.24E+06	5.65E+05	1.57E+06	1.09E+06	2.6E+06	3.79E+05	4.46E+05	3.15E+05	6.22E+05	2.89E+05	1.93E+06	2.2E+06	9.61E+05	1.04E+06	1.27E+06	4.17E+06	8.66E+05	9.63E+05	7.04E+05	2.1E+05	7.65E+05	7.77E+05	4.41E+05	5.85E+05	1.14E+06	4.25E+05
Hydrocortisone succinate	2.03E+05	4.6E+03	1.18E+03	1.96E+05	8.7E+04	0	0	4.35E+04	1.83E+05	0	7.01E+03	0	0	1.81E+04	1.92E+04	1.17E+03	5.53E+05	1.85E+04	2.34E+03	1.47E+04	1.29E+04	1.1E+05	1.31E+03	1.63E+05	0	0	0	0	0	2.4E+03	8.71E+04	0	0	1.28E+05	1.51E+03	1.57E+03	2.34E+03	1.91E+04	0	1.29E+03	1.32E+03	1.35E+03	1.54E+03	0	0
Hymexazol O-glucoside	9.87E+05	2E+06	5.26E+05	2.45E+06	2.09E+06	1.07E+06	1.03E+06	5.05E+04	9.75E+05	4.79E+05	1.39E+06	1.14E+06	7.04E+05	1.52E+06	1.87E+06	1.13E+06	1.11E+06	2.1E+06	2.23E+06	1.87E+06	7.79E+05	1.12E+06	1.37E+06	2.35E+06	2.68E+05	7.8E+05	1.68E+05	1.31E+06	4.24E+05	9.17E+05	8.05E+05	1.43E+06	5.67E+05	1.15E+06	1.81E+06	6.49E+05	1.78E+06	1.02E+06	6.06E+05	2.28E+05	1.25E+06	1.84E+05	8.27E+05	8.22E+05	7.47E+05
Hyoscyamine methylbromide	1.06E+07	1.02E+07	3.05E+06	1.38E+07	1.37E+07	5.58E+06	6.32E+06	1.52E+06	7.15E+06	2.74E+06	8.16E+06	4.41E+06	2.5E+06	7.21E+06	1.13E+07	6.45E+06	1.11E+07	8.82E+06	1.44E+07	9.76E+06	3.87E+06	1.02E+07	5.66E+06	1.35E+07	4.15E+06	3.36E+06	2.35E+06	6.53E+06	2.46E+06	6.46E+06	8.46E+06	9.76E+06	4.1E+06	7.62E+06	1.55E+07	3.37E+06	1.27E+07	4.28E+06	1.94E+06	2.56E+06	5.38E+06	2.36E+06	3.36E+06	6.73E+06	2.54E+06
Hypaphorine	1.05E+08	1.77E+07	8.48E+06	3.59E+06	1.57E+07	3.6E+06	4.09E+06	1.02E+06	1.11E+07	6.41E+06	1.95E+06	3.07E+06	1.08E+06	2.64E+06	1.87E+06	1.33E+06	3.39E+07	1.49E+07	5.22E+06	3.18E+06	5.1E+05	7.3E+07	3.48E+06	3.69E+06	2.11E+05	1.59E+06	1.83E+04	1.43E+06	1.4E+06	1.31E+07	3.72E+06	5.85E+06	3.87E+06	8.43E+06	2.12E+07	3.75E+06	2.89E+06	2.33E+06	4.17E+05	1.44E+06	3.14E+06	1.99E+04	4.84E+05	2.77E+07	3.51E+05
HYPOXANTHINE	1.32E+08	9.72E+07	1.03E+08	2.19E+08	1.08E+08	9.15E+07	9.13E+07	3.04E+07	2.23E+08	1.76E+08	3.7E+08	1.5E+08	7.24E+07	1.94E+08	2.15E+08	2.88E+08	1.18E+08	1.09E+08	4.06E+08	1.33E+08	1.07E+08	1.42E+08	1.78E+08	2.54E+08	5.92E+07	1.27E+08	8.11E+07	2.22E+08	9.06E+07	9.08E+07	9.76E+07	1.04E+08	9.88E+07	9.42E+07	2.5E+08	1.27E+08	2.48E+08	4.94E+07	9.21E+07	2.98E+07	1.27E+08	1.02E+08	2.46E+08	4.66E+07	7.33E+07
Hypoxylone	1.44E+06	1.32E+06	3.96E+05	1.97E+06	1.63E+06	4.82E+05	6.69E+05	1.44E+05	1.09E+06	3.46E+05	1.15E+06	5.51E+05	2.14E+05	8.45E+05	1.67E+06	7.17E+05	1.3E+06	1.12E+06	2.23E+06	1.04E+06	5.91E+05	1.21E+06	3.18E+05	1.59E+06	2.78E+05	4.35E+05	1.34E+05	8.1E+05	3.5E+05	8.19E+05	1.19E+06	1.13E+06	5.55E+05	8.77E+05	1.47E+06	4.17E+05	1.25E+06	4.71E+05	2.24E+05	2.28E+05	6.64E+05	3.16E+05	4.26E+05	6.65E+05	3.09E+05
Ibuprofen	3.33E+05	1.53E+06	3.37E+06	1.25E+07	7.96E+05	7.99E+05	5.68E+06	8.66E+05	2.73E+05	6.6E+05	4.65E+06	3.59E+05	2.53E+06	1.5E+05	1.48E+06	1.17E+05	3.09E+06	1.26E+06	2.24E+07	4.2E+06	2.9E+06	2.65E+06	9.77E+04	7.84E+06	3.72E+06	2.79E+04	1.51E+06	1.02E+06	3.97E+06	8.59E+05	1.73E+05	1.58E+06	3.18E+06	2.26E+05	5E+05	6.11E+06	3.65E+06	6.6E+05	5.41E+05	1.54E+05	3.62E+05	4.26E+05	6.49E+05	6.47E+05	2.37E+05
Ifosfamide	1.05E+06	5.04E+05	5.13E+04	5.44E+05	9.22E+05	1.54E+05	1.42E+04	1.22E+04	6.52E+05	5.63E+04	5.69E+05	1.49E+05	6.84E+04	4.8E+05	3.93E+05	6.69E+04	2.57E+05	7.06E+05	7.35E+05	6.57E+05	1.07E+05	1.26E+06	9.4E+04	7.91E+05	8.01E+04	9.13E+04	3.48E+04	5.31E+05	5.4E+04	3.63E+05	7.73E+05	7.86E+05	4.21E+04	4.45E+05	2.49E+05	1.09E+05	5.11E+05	1.7E+05	2.02E+04	1.01E+05	3.67E+05	1.04E+05	1.69E+05	5.08E+05	4.22E+04
Imazosulfuron	4.17E+05	8.81E+05	1.55E+07	2.36E+07	2.58E+05	1.12E+06	6.85E+06	5.22E+04	3.92E+06	4.35E+06	4.75E+05	7.85E+05	1.25E+07	4.86E+06	1.88E+06	1.29E+06	2.67E+06	1.68E+07	3.8E+06	6.28E+05	5.6E+06	1.76E+07	2.3E+06	1.9E+07	8.96E+06	2.44E+05	5.18E+06	2.55E+06	1.99E+05	7.89E+06	1.66E+04	2.98E+06	2.77E+06	1.26E+06	1.06E+07	3.67E+06	1.82E+07	2.56E+06	3.87E+05	7.94E+06	3.68E+06	3.37E+06	1.25E+07	1.2E+07	4.72E+04
Imidazol-5-yl-pyruvate_1	4.68E+06	1.37E+07	5.87E+06	1.33E+07	3.13E+07	6.56E+06	9.1E+06	1.81E+06	4.63E+06	2.03E+06	6.2E+06	5.63E+06	2.25E+06	1.02E+07	7.38E+06	8.44E+06	1.28E+07	1.56E+07	1.69E+07	1.9E+07	6.65E+06	7.16E+06	7.35E+06	1.84E+07	3.02E+06	4.1E+06	7.35E+05	1E+07	4.16E+06	3.39E+06	5.85E+06	3.62E+07	9.55E+06	6.5E+06	3.82E+06	5.17E+06	1.54E+07	9.63E+06	1.62E+06	3.06E+06	2.2E+07	1.95E+06	6.67E+06	6.96E+06	1.27E+06
Imidazol-5-yl-pyruvate_2	1.02E+07	1.11E+07	3.38E+06	3.75E+06	1.34E+07	7.03E+06	5.9E+06	2.59E+06	8.89E+06	3.53E+06	9.45E+06	5.06E+06	2.85E+06	8.01E+06	1.51E+07	7.57E+06	1.25E+07	1.07E+07	1.89E+07	1.03E+07	5.35E+06	1.2E+07	6.75E+06	1.33E+07	3.43E+06	4.97E+06	2.64E+06	6.84E+06	3.31E+06	7.05E+06	1.15E+07	1.03E+07	5.81E+06	9.37E+06	1.37E+07	4.77E+06	1.14E+07	5.38E+06	2.52E+06	4.58E+06	7.36E+06	3.29E+06	4.47E+06	6.95E+06	3.04E+06
Iminoglycine_1	7.56E+04	2.55E+05	3.09E+04	1.79E+05	1.31E+05	5.98E+05	1.7E+05	3.59E+04	7.41E+04	5.25E+04	1.5E+05	3.8E+04	4.72E+04	1.55E+05	4.77E+04	1.08E+05	1.59E+05	1.63E+05	1.97E+05	5.46E+04	4.57E+05	8.76E+04	9.84E+04	9.82E+04	1.67E+04	1.63E+04	2.49E+04	5.1E+04	1.1E+05	2.31E+04	1.57E+05	5.28E+05	5.45E+04	7.43E+04	1.3E+05	5.78E+04	1.28E+05	6.86E+04	1.38E+05	4.9E+04	1.15E+05	4.26E+04	2.77E+04	8.2E+04	1E+05
Iminoglycine_2	1.03E+05	1.63E+05	2.67E+03	5.44E+04	1.4E+05	2.78E+04	1.26E+05	5.03E+03	9.4E+03	1.51E+03	6.38E+03	1.09E+04	8.2E+03	6.73E+03	1.11E+05	2.8E+04	4.63E+03	1.1E+05	5.2E+04	2.62E+04	6.22E+05	1.77E+04	3.88E+04	8.57E+03	3.87E+03	994	1.78E+03	1.46E+04	9.3E+03	7.18E+05	8.44E+03	3.57E+05	1.45E+04	7.09E+03	2.07E+04	3.33E+03	2.54E+04	6.05E+03	2.18E+03	2.7E+04	1.65E+04	1.95E+03	1.14E+03	4.22E+04	4.83E+03
Indan-1-ol_1	1.09E+05	8.2E+04	1.29E+05	1.05E+05	5.93E+04	1.27E+05	1.13E+05	9.27E+04	1.52E+05	1.09E+05	1.64E+05	1.16E+05	1.41E+05	1.4E+05	2.34E+04	1.21E+05	9.4E+04	4.92E+04	4.2E+04	1.29E+05	9.85E+04	1.43E+05	1.66E+05	7.6E+04	1.31E+05	1.62E+05	1.01E+05	1.29E+05	1.4E+05	1.51E+05	5.21E+04	1.69E+05	1.47E+05	1.42E+05	9.86E+04	1.1E+05	1.14E+05	8.17E+04	1.31E+05	1.64E+05	1.02E+05	1.04E+05	1E+05	1.32E+05	1.14E+05
Indan-1-ol_2	5.8E+04	6.77E+03	2.33E+04	5.7E+04	1.41E+04	4.69E+04	1.37E+04	1.12E+04	1.18E+04	1.06E+04	5.88E+03	3.07E+03	7.54E+03	4.4E+03	9.17E+03	8.92E+03	9.59E+05	3.41E+04	1.2E+05	1.58E+04	4.64E+03	3.5E+04	3.01E+03	3.25E+04	1.26E+04	4.48E+03	2.52E+04	1.63E+03	9.49E+03	8.78E+03	5.05E+03	1.48E+04	1.74E+04	3.04E+04	2.17E+04	1.83E+03	1.28E+05	2.43E+04	2.77E+03	6.95E+03	8.03E+03	5.65E+03	9E+03	3.15E+03	5.63E+03
Indanofan	1.07E+07	1.24E+07	3.29E+07	2.91E+07	1.08E+07	1.42E+07	2.39E+07	4.77E+06	1.98E+07	2.38E+07	1.1E+07	1.26E+07	3.08E+07	2.23E+07	1.49E+07	1.84E+07	1.69E+07	2.93E+07	1.83E+07	1.1E+07	2.34E+07	2.71E+07	1.73E+07	2.52E+07	2.68E+07	1.08E+07	2.45E+07	1.73E+07	8.42E+06	2.45E+07	4.49E+06	1.58E+07	1.73E+07	1.32E+07	2.34E+07	1.98E+07	2.32E+07	1.76E+07	1.12E+07	2.45E+07	1.88E+07	1.97E+07	2.7E+07	2.46E+07	6.73E+06
Indole	2.37E+07	1.34E+07	1.29E+08	3.43E+08	2.64E+07	1.39E+07	5.39E+07	3.68E+06	4.48E+07	3.8E+07	1.02E+07	1.06E+07	8.69E+07	5.28E+07	2.64E+07	1.55E+07	5.24E+07	1.95E+08	4.99E+07	1.27E+07	4.28E+07	3.43E+08	2.87E+07	2.41E+08	7.16E+07	8.84E+06	3.94E+07	3E+07	6E+06	9.25E+07	7.79E+06	4.55E+07	3.13E+07	2.73E+07	1.64E+08	4.2E+07	2.39E+08	2.86E+07	1E+07	8.71E+07	4.49E+07	3.03E+07	1.18E+08	1.13E+08	5.62E+06
Indole-3-acetaldehyde_1	2.32E+06	2.91E+06	1.17E+06	4.06E+06	2.7E+06	1.99E+06	2.02E+06	4.54E+05	2.25E+06	1.13E+06	1.15E+06	1.28E+06	5.71E+05	1.3E+06	3.66E+06	2.78E+06	2.53E+06	3.69E+06	1.98E+06	2.24E+06	1.56E+06	2.2E+06	3.3E+06	2.94E+06	6.15E+05	1.62E+06	3.93E+05	3.96E+05	9.5E+05	1.24E+06	1.81E+06	2.1E+06	1.62E+06	1.83E+06	1.97E+06	1.86E+06	2.06E+06	9.34E+05	6.57E+05	7.29E+05	9.97E+05	5.94E+05	1.1E+06	1.9E+06	6.45E+05
Indole-3-acetaldehyde_2	2.28E+05	8.57E+05	1.76E+05	8.44E+05	6.16E+05	5.41E+05	5.66E+05	1.32E+05	7.82E+04	5.82E+06	5.11E+05	1.3E+06	2.29E+05	4.71E+07	2.8E+06	5.14E+05	3.23E+05	2.16E+07	1.08E+06	1E+06	6.32E+05	3.93E+05	3.73E+05	1.42E+06	1.92E+05	3.56E+05	4.88E+05	2.04E+06	6.19E+05	3.53E+05	4E+05	7.48E+05	1.83E+05	5.1E+05	6.75E+05	1.29E+07	5.32E+05	3.1E+05	1.26E+05	5.61E+04	1.47E+06	1.11E+05	2E+05	2.04E+07	9.33E+04
Indole-3-acetaldehyde_3	7.56E+04	3.76E+03	2.52E+03	1.51E+04	5.85E+03	4.99E+03	3.71E+03	2.27E+03	5.34E+03	2.44E+05	2.97E+04	6.68E+05	2.13E+03	4.42E+05	1.4E+05	1.65E+04	1.67E+03	4.47E+05	3.25E+03	8.74E+03	1.58E+04	3.71E+03	1.04E+04	9.03E+03	2.61E+03	2.36E+03	2.3E+03	1.28E+05	2.45E+03	2.82E+03	3.7E+03	1.82E+04	2.48E+03	3.01E+03	7.3E+03	6.29E+04	1.49E+04	3.77E+03	2.21E+03	2.47E+03	1.03E+04	2.15E+03	9.12E+03	2.42E+06	2.74E+03
Indole-3-acetaldoxime N-oxide	2.87E+05	1.74E+05	7.86E+04	1.96E+05	4.22E+05	1.32E+04	4.09E+05	2.8E+04	7.38E+04	4.41E+04	2.16E+04	6.74E+04	3.73E+03	2.91E+05	1.03E+05	1.09E+06	5.73E+05	1.48E+05	1.78E+05	2.01E+05	2.97E+04	3.15E+05	3.74E+04	8.81E+04	2.66E+04	6.69E+03	7.04E+03	7.12E+04	3.22E+04	8.96E+04	7.4E+04	1.47E+05	4.17E+04	2.77E+05	1.11E+05	7.63E+04	1.95E+05	7.05E+04	1.6E+04	6.15E+04	7.53E+04	8.47E+03	3.35E+05	2.52E+04	1.9E+03
Indole-3-acetate_1	3.82E+07	3.94E+07	1.35E+07	4.7E+07	3.77E+07	3.13E+07	2.27E+07	4.71E+06	2.54E+07	1.05E+07	3.51E+07	1.02E+07	6.9E+06	2.78E+07	4.41E+07	3.51E+07	5.54E+07	4E+07	6.05E+07	4.95E+07	1.64E+07	5.22E+07	3.34E+07	1.4E+08	7.82E+06	2.12E+07	5.26E+06	2.05E+07	1.07E+07	3.38E+07	3.2E+07	2.73E+07	2.82E+07	3.98E+07	5.44E+07	1.2E+07	3.05E+07	1.35E+07	8.2E+06	1.9E+07	2.91E+07	6.47E+06	1.21E+07	2.46E+07	6.1E+06
Indole-3-acetate_2	2.65E+07	2.82E+06	6.97E+06	1.87E+06	2.32E+07	3.26E+06	6.68E+06	7.77E+06	6.63E+06	5.71E+06	1.16E+07	7.02E+06	2.96E+06	1.3E+07	1.85E+06	3.25E+06	2.24E+07	1.97E+06	4.2E+06	1.5E+07	2.16E+07	3.82E+07	1.55E+06	3.57E+07	8.06E+06	8.34E+05	2.46E+06	1.18E+07	3.71E+06	1.5E+06	1.06E+07	2.24E+07	1.54E+06	9.49E+06	3.2E+06	1.18E+07	3.29E+06	9.5E+06	8E+06	2.26E+06	1.34E+07	1.03E+07	1.48E+07	8.99E+06	2.48E+06
Indole-3-acetate_3	1.21E+06	1.73E+05	4.94E+04	2.49E+05	1.35E+05	1.53E+05	1.56E+04	9.84E+04	1.26E+07	6.49E+04	2.17E+05	2.28E+06	3.59E+04	7.39E+05	4.02E+05	8.47E+05	1.34E+05	9.2E+05	2.19E+05	2.74E+05	9.37E+04	3.57E+05	2.32E+04	1.9E+05	3.15E+05	4.6E+04	8.94E+04	5.43E+04	5.09E+04	7.24E+05	1.56E+05	1.27E+05	3.75E+04	1.42E+05	3.23E+06	2.46E+05	7.3E+06	1.48E+05	5.18E+04	3.77E+04	3.11E+04	6.63E+04	1.05E+04	4.28E+05	7.93E+03
Indole-5,6-quinone_1	1.68E+07	6.68E+06	3.15E+06	4.53E+06	2.66E+07	2.76E+06	3.42E+06	2.43E+06	4.06E+06	5.04E+06	2.95E+06	1.29E+06	1.09E+06	6E+06	8.19E+06	4.2E+06	1.56E+07	4.57E+06	9.05E+06	4.75E+06	2.34E+06	1.71E+07	4.25E+06	2.71E+06	1.05E+06	2.58E+06	1.19E+06	5.12E+06	1.34E+06	3.98E+06	8.7E+06	3.95E+06	2.02E+06	5.38E+06	2.85E+06	3.79E+06	5.15E+06	1.05E+06	1.01E+06	4.11E+06	1.01E+07	9.59E+05	3.14E+06	2.62E+06	9.77E+05
Indole-5,6-quinone_2	6.21E+06	2.88E+06	2.3E+06	2.66E+06	7.9E+06	1.76E+06	9.86E+06	2.2E+06	2.77E+06	3.31E+06	4.73E+06	1.08E+06	6.02E+05	2.5E+06	4.72E+06	2.19E+06	5.42E+06	2.3E+06	4.54E+06	1.89E+06	1.72E+06	5.81E+06	2.33E+06	1.08E+06	7.51E+05	1.33E+06	8.63E+05	2.64E+06	9.82E+05	3.78E+06	4.72E+06	2.63E+06	1.97E+06	4.36E+06	4.08E+06	2.11E+06	2.59E+06	5.16E+05	8.19E+05	2.49E+06	3.18E+06	1.35E+06	1.35E+06	2.13E+06	6.92E+05
Indole-5,6-quinone_3	7.28E+05	5.17E+05	1.81E+05	3.56E+05	1.62E+06	2.8E+05	2.37E+05	1.25E+05	3.69E+05	1.5E+05	4.1E+05	2.19E+05	1.11E+05	2.08E+05	2.99E+05	2.71E+05	6.5E+05	5.87E+05	6.86E+05	8E+05	7.23E+05	8.44E+05	1.54E+05	6.72E+05	1.02E+05	2.33E+05	3.67E+04	5.76E+04	4.51E+04	1.28E+05	4.76E+05	8.46E+05	1.55E+05	4.08E+05	3.89E+04	1.91E+05	4.95E+05	2.46E+05	8.14E+04	5.66E+04	4.09E+05	9.74E+04	9.98E+04	3.44E+05	3.77E+04
Indole-5,6-quinone_4	5.92E+05	1.63E+05	1.68E+05	3.55E+05	1.58E+06	7.11E+04	1.05E+05	6E+05	1.78E+05	4.86E+05	1.45E+05	1.37E+05	3.07E+04	1.79E+05	5.64E+05	7.44E+04	1.88E+06	3.98E+05	3.3E+05	1.67E+05	1.27E+05	1.37E+06	1.86E+06	2.71E+05	2.34E+04	2.34E+05	1.91E+05	2.1E+05	6.65E+04	1.89E+05	3.72E+05	1E+05	4.11E+05	2.99E+05	4.44E+05	1.31E+05	1.87E+05	7.42E+03	3.07E+04	1.93E+06	5.74E+05	6.82E+04	8.84E+04	3.02E+04	9.64E+04
Indolelactate_1	4.46E+07	3.3E+06	7.11E+06	5.51E+07	5.63E+06	2.19E+06	4.01E+06	1.77E+06	4.97E+07	9.76E+06	1.36E+07	4.41E+06	1.67E+06	3.03E+07	5.85E+06	2.51E+06	6.58E+07	2.28E+07	2E+07	1.2E+07	1.21E+06	4.57E+07	4.26E+07	3.58E+07	2.53E+06	1.01E+07	1.34E+07	1.67E+07	1.08E+06	4.49E+07	4.64E+06	2.06E+06	5.92E+06	1.95E+07	6.32E+07	5.63E+06	1.77E+07	3.45E+06	4.91E+05	1.97E+06	2.85E+07	1.04E+07	5.84E+06	3.72E+07	5.16E+05
Indolelactate_2	6.51E+05	7.32E+06	7.42E+05	2.27E+06	2.93E+06	1.07E+05	3.48E+05	1.11E+06	1.08E+06	8.67E+05	1.51E+06	5E+05	1.56E+06	3.67E+05	2.09E+06	9.44E+05	1.31E+06	1.76E+06	1.29E+06	1.18E+06	2.88E+05	8.82E+05	1.2E+06	1.25E+06	2.81E+06	3.23E+05	4.17E+05	1.56E+06	1.11E+05	7.06E+06	4.3E+06	6.41E+05	3.65E+05	2.09E+05	1.74E+07	5.5E+05	1.67E+06	7.69E+05	1.5E+06	8.01E+05	1.63E+05	8.12E+05	2.88E+05	1.07E+06	1.73E+05
Indospicine	5.25E+07	7.22E+06	1.07E+06	2.87E+07	1.1E+08	1.35E+06	2.53E+06	1.08E+07	3.43E+07	8.81E+05	1.3E+07	1.02E+07	9.63E+06	1.82E+07	1.59E+07	1.37E+06	6.58E+07	1.24E+07	3.82E+07	2.28E+07	3.02E+06	5.26E+07	7.42E+06	2.47E+07	1.82E+07	3.47E+06	7.39E+06	2.14E+07	6E+04	7.78E+06	4.6E+07	5.04E+07	1.81E+07	4.3E+07	1.79E+07	4.65E+06	3.62E+07	1.77E+07	1.57E+07	1.29E+07	1.08E+07	1.72E+07	7.9E+06	3.17E+07	2.77E+06
Inosine	1.98E+05	7.79E+05	8.67E+05	2.9E+06	1.8E+06	5.45E+05	2.1E+05	1.36E+05	7.09E+05	4.6E+05	3.08E+05	7.72E+05	4.07E+04	6.4E+05	2.43E+06	2.13E+05	1.72E+05	1.18E+06	3.94E+06	1.21E+05	6.67E+05	2.43E+05	9.83E+05	1.87E+05	1.82E+05	5.97E+05	1.04E+05	7.07E+05	3.76E+04	2.49E+05	9.52E+05	1.17E+06	3.49E+05	5.01E+05	6.79E+05	2.41E+05	2.03E+06	4.88E+05	2.66E+04	2.37E+05	6.66E+05	2.03E+05	8.07E+05	2.13E+05	3.74E+04
Inulicin	1.73E+05	6.26E+04	1.52E+05	1.58E+05	7.63E+04	1.49E+05	1.31E+05	1.48E+05	1.28E+05	8.19E+04	1.47E+05	1.69E+05	5.66E+04	1.68E+05	1.65E+05	1.26E+05	1.27E+05	9.56E+04	1.69E+05	7.51E+04	1.91E+05	1.07E+05	1.81E+05	1.28E+05	1.67E+05	1.83E+05	1.6E+05	1.01E+05	7.85E+04	1.14E+05	1.42E+05	1.52E+05	1.26E+05	1.22E+05	3.51E+04	1.33E+05	1.29E+05	1.99E+05	1.68E+05	1.9E+05	1.82E+05	1.82E+05	1.19E+05	1.61E+05	1.92E+05
Iprovalicarb	2.75E+05	0	0	0	1.77E+03	0	1.51E+03	1.68E+03	8.75E+05	2.02E+03	0	0	0	2.94E+03	0	0	7.28E+05	7.01E+03	0	0	0	6.86E+05	0	0	1.47E+03	0	2.3E+03	1.45E+03	0	1.54E+03	0	0	1.74E+03	1.54E+05	1.55E+03	0	0	0	0	0	9.72E+03	0	4.88E+03	0	0
Irisxanthone	5.73E+05	7.09E+04	1.72E+03	1.32E+04	8.16E+03	0	0	0	2.51E+03	0	0	0	1.02E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.81E+03	8.49E+03	1.68E+03	0	0	0	2.56E+03	2.64E+03	0	1.05E+04	3.47E+04	2.73E+03	0	1.27E+03	2.63E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.82E+03
Isobutyronitrile_1	2.01E+06	1.56E+06	4.86E+05	1.99E+06	2.89E+06	9.49E+05	1.07E+06	3.47E+05	1.56E+06	2.28E+05	7.65E+05	8.38E+05	5.69E+04	1.05E+06	1.38E+06	7.74E+05	1.98E+06	1.72E+06	2.46E+06	8.73E+05	1.52E+06	2.02E+06	1.41E+06	1.5E+06	5.19E+05	9.52E+05	2.33E+05	1.27E+06	1.98E+05	1.4E+06	1.31E+06	2.28E+06	6.62E+05	1.87E+06	2.16E+06	8.09E+05	1.74E+06	1.03E+06	2.48E+05	4.83E+05	9.66E+05	1.51E+05	7.25E+05	1.86E+06	2.31E+05
Isobutyronitrile_2	8.01E+04	1.55E+05	5.31E+03	8.53E+04	4.4E+04	3.03E+05	1.65E+04	2.9E+04	3.8E+04	1.71E+04	6.42E+04	2.04E+04	2.62E+04	9.1E+04	2.42E+05	5.79E+04	5.07E+04	7.62E+04	4.12E+04	1.74E+04	1.41E+04	1.78E+05	3.31E+04	3.22E+05	1.1E+04	3.28E+04	2.01E+04	9.48E+04	8.53E+03	4.77E+04	4.21E+05	8.47E+04	2.42E+05	1.43E+04	9.24E+04	1.06E+04	1.72E+05	6.21E+03	7.74E+03	1.46E+04	2.98E+04	7.7E+03	7.21E+03	3.22E+04	6.51E+03
ISOCITRIC ACID	2.37E+07	1.76E+07	6.63E+06	2.7E+07	2.9E+07	1.03E+07	1.37E+07	6.12E+06	1.3E+07	2.2E+06	1.49E+07	9.3E+06	5.83E+06	9.73E+06	1.89E+07	9.3E+06	2.17E+07	1.29E+07	1.72E+07	2.01E+07	8.5E+06	1.86E+07	7.14E+06	1.99E+07	5.37E+06	6.28E+06	3.46E+06	1.07E+07	4.31E+06	1.35E+07	1.74E+07	2.38E+07	7.12E+06	1.66E+07	2.35E+07	5.95E+06	1.88E+07	1.25E+07	4.48E+06	8.39E+06	9.34E+06	4.68E+06	9.43E+06	2.01E+07	4.72E+06
Isoetharine	1.31E+05	2.82E+05	5.76E+05	1.5E+05	4.48E+06	1.05E+05	1.41E+05	5.38E+04	4.3E+05	5.2E+05	1.15E+05	1.87E+05	3.5E+05	1.32E+05	3.96E+04	9.01E+04	1.96E+05	1.21E+05	4.81E+05	2.41E+04	1.61E+05	4.96E+04	3.24E+05	1.31E+05	1.4E+05	9.37E+04	2.27E+04	1.41E+05	1.64E+05	1.81E+05	1.07E+05	1.67E+05	8.83E+04	2.25E+05	3.36E+04	4.88E+04	1.3E+05	1.36E+05	1.07E+05	6.93E+04	7.16E+04	1.18E+05	1.83E+05	8.86E+04	8.57E+04
Isofenphos	7.89E+06	7.22E+06	2.33E+06	1.23E+07	1.09E+07	4.69E+06	3.85E+06	1.44E+06	6.38E+06	2.13E+06	6.45E+06	3.44E+06	2.02E+06	5.17E+06	1.05E+07	4.84E+06	8.04E+06	6.29E+06	1.29E+07	6.68E+06	3.31E+06	8.04E+06	3.98E+06	9E+06	1.92E+06	2.54E+06	1.16E+06	4.7E+06	1.74E+06	4.36E+06	7.12E+06	7.32E+06	3.25E+06	5.52E+06	8.95E+06	2.69E+06	8.41E+06	3.28E+06	1.52E+06	2.44E+06	3.98E+06	1.76E+06	3.05E+06	3.97E+06	1.93E+06
Isoflavone	1.39E+04	2.91E+03	1.61E+03	2.72E+03	3.18E+03	6.22E+03	1.38E+03	1.45E+03	2.09E+03	1.77E+03	5.71E+03	2.01E+03	2.03E+03	1.88E+03	4.74E+03	2.36E+03	4.82E+03	5.4E+03	1.73E+03	1.76E+04	1.74E+03	1.98E+04	4.25E+03	3.84E+04	1.95E+03	5.57E+03	2.4E+03	1.61E+03	1.85E+03	1.45E+05	3.14E+03	6.9E+05	2.08E+03	3.77E+03	2.8E+04	1.94E+03	1.5E+03	7.08E+03	0	7.05E+03	1.78E+03	1.48E+03	0	7.35E+03	1.03E+04
Isoflurophate_1	1.51E+05	8.5E+04	1.26E+04	8.45E+03	5.17E+04	2.34E+04	3.2E+04	4.04E+05	3.77E+04	4.12E+04	1.23E+04	5.38E+05	2.46E+03	1.17E+04	5.65E+04	4.39E+03	3.53E+04	4.24E+03	5.52E+03	9.48E+03	3.73E+03	9.36E+04	4.19E+04	4.16E+03	2.67E+03	5.1E+04	1.99E+03	9.08E+03	2.22E+04	1.72E+04	4.07E+05	1.72E+05	1.2E+05	6.22E+04	3.46E+04	3.29E+04	1.07E+04	2.98E+04	4.2E+03	4.8E+03	7.62E+03	5.5E+03	5.33E+05	3.71E+03	9.08E+03
Isoflurophate_2	2.94E+04	5.45E+04	1.26E+04	2.42E+04	1.3E+04	3.54E+05	3.64E+04	4.89E+04	2.32E+04	1.41E+04	4.14E+03	1.78E+04	5.92E+03	2.21E+05	4.9E+05	7.31E+03	2.38E+04	4.76E+04	1.36E+04	5.28E+03	2.54E+03	3.74E+03	4.85E+03	4.46E+04	2.63E+03	1.41E+04	1.82E+03	1.95E+05	9.57E+03	1.15E+04	6.55E+03	6.67E+03	5.06E+03	1.83E+04	9.02E+03	8.1E+03	3.7E+04	1.7E+05	2.5E+03	8.1E+03	4.99E+04	2.61E+03	2.94E+04	1.61E+05	2.11E+04
Isopentenyl diphosphate_1	1.21E+06	1.44E+06	5.71E+05	1.42E+06	1.71E+06	1.35E+06	9.61E+05	3.24E+05	1.36E+06	3.39E+05	1.06E+06	5.07E+05	3.41E+05	1.05E+06	1.33E+06	7.84E+05	1.26E+06	1.16E+06	1.33E+06	9.63E+05	4.73E+05	9.76E+05	6.52E+05	1.69E+06	4.01E+05	4.6E+05	7.08E+04	9.8E+05	3.25E+05	1.18E+06	1.41E+06	1.37E+06	9E+05	1.47E+06	2.28E+06	1.08E+05	1.5E+06	4.83E+05	1.49E+05	3.75E+05	6.98E+05	2.77E+05	5.57E+05	1.31E+06	3.94E+05
Isopentenyl diphosphate_2	3.62E+03	2.23E+05	3.71E+05	7.94E+05	0	1.47E+07	1.3E+05	1.26E+03	1.96E+03	3.52E+03	3.16E+03	2.13E+03	2.3E+04	3.02E+03	2.95E+03	0	7.9E+03	5.36E+05	1.79E+03	2.59E+03	1.32E+04	4.38E+05	2.23E+03	1.36E+05	1.04E+04	0	0	2.93E+03	0	3.12E+06	2.42E+03	6.11E+03	1.77E+05	9.21E+04	4.32E+06	5.54E+04	6.61E+05	2.2E+05	2.2E+03	5.39E+04	2.63E+03	2.13E+03	1.62E+05	4.22E+05	0
Isopentenyl diphosphate_3	9.26E+03	4.13E+03	1.73E+03	4.22E+03	7.15E+03	1.03E+05	5.28E+03	4.55E+03	3.76E+03	1.85E+03	1.13E+04	2.08E+03	1.42E+03	8.83E+03	1.75E+04	1.54E+04	9.44E+04	2.79E+03	6.79E+05	4.71E+03	2.03E+03	2.63E+03	1.07E+04	2.92E+03	1.78E+03	1.68E+03	925	2.29E+03	4.46E+03	9.24E+04	5.11E+03	3.33E+05	1.63E+03	1.12E+03	5.67E+05	3.8E+04	1.44E+03	1.03E+03	7.76E+03	3.7E+03	4.53E+03	1.55E+03	1.46E+03	1.77E+05	1.67E+03
Isoprothiolane	3.36E+06	1.47E+05	2.09E+05	1.2E+05	1.27E+05	8.04E+04	4.8E+04	1.94E+05	1.13E+05	1.1E+05	1.71E+05	1.55E+05	1.14E+05	9.34E+04	8.9E+04	4.95E+05	1.76E+06	1.73E+05	6.05E+04	9.7E+04	5.83E+04	6E+06	2.23E+05	1.7E+05	9.32E+04	1.7E+05	2.22E+05	1.46E+05	7.7E+04	3.43E+05	1.17E+05	6.46E+05	1.66E+05	1.45E+05	1.49E+05	8E+04	2.12E+05	8.49E+04	1.73E+05	7.03E+04	1.39E+05	3.2E+04	2.31E+04	5.62E+04	2.69E+05
Isoquinoline_1	2.81E+05	1.18E+06	4.43E+05	1.03E+06	9.11E+05	7.86E+05	7.37E+05	5.27E+05	8.95E+05	2.84E+05	9.25E+05	2.48E+05	8.81E+05	3.24E+05	8.75E+05	9E+05	6.25E+05	1.13E+06	1.03E+06	9.34E+05	8.87E+05	5.03E+05	7.03E+05	1.04E+06	2.46E+05	4.04E+05	3.9E+05	3.1E+05	4.18E+05	4.08E+05	3.45E+05	6.75E+05	3.39E+05	4.88E+05	5.94E+05	4.81E+05	5.31E+05	1.53E+05	9.3E+05	8.76E+05	3.8E+05	8.31E+05	2.59E+05	1.53E+06	8.87E+05
Isoquinoline_2	1.43E+05	5.62E+04	1.03E+04	1.89E+05	1.54E+05	1.15E+04	3.14E+04	1.85E+04	7.62E+04	1.17E+04	3.21E+04	7.56E+03	2.31E+03	3.55E+04	1.1E+05	3.85E+04	1.12E+05	8.41E+04	1.85E+05	1.56E+05	2.2E+04	5.87E+04	9.74E+04	4.47E+04	5.03E+04	1.31E+04	2.76E+03	2.6E+04	2.32E+04	5.98E+04	2.25E+04	1.55E+05	2.61E+04	8.91E+04	2.58E+05	8.77E+03	1.05E+05	3.44E+04	1.8E+04	3.14E+03	2.12E+04	1.37E+04	1.34E+04	1.08E+05	7E+03
Isoscoparine	9.06E+04	2.04E+05	1.99E+05	1.49E+04	1.36E+04	0	1.19E+06	1.14E+05	1.52E+04	3.33E+03	2.17E+03	0	1.31E+06	7.8E+04	5.34E+05	2.09E+05	2.98E+03	1.84E+05	1.92E+03	2.53E+03	1.95E+03	0	0	0	8.81E+04	0	0	3.49E+05	0	2.7E+06	4.61E+03	3.43E+03	0	1.73E+03	1.19E+05	0	0	0	0	1.67E+04	9.47E+04	1.53E+03	0	4.38E+03	0
Isosorbide mononitrate	1.72E+06	2.35E+06	4.34E+05	2.99E+06	2.52E+06	1.21E+06	7.63E+05	5.26E+04	6.4E+05	1.01E+05	1.37E+06	4.5E+05	2.39E+04	6.15E+05	1.07E+06	2.31E+05	2.11E+06	2E+06	2.52E+06	2.11E+06	3.23E+05	1.6E+06	2.28E+05	2.08E+06	5.1E+04	3.79E+05	5.72E+04	5.27E+05	2.28E+04	1.22E+06	3.53E+05	2.41E+05	4.8E+04	1.69E+05	4.09E+06	1.09E+05	9.34E+05	2.59E+05	6.15E+04	1.73E+05	4.35E+05	7.76E+04	8.83E+04	7.01E+05	2.23E+04
Isouron	2.75E+03	7.63E+04	0	4.53E+05	2.09E+05	5.56E+03	2.64E+04	0	1.7E+03	1.24E+03	0	6.93E+04	1.96E+03	6.74E+03	7.15E+04	2.82E+04	0	0	7.44E+05	0	4.68E+04	0	0	0	8.58E+03	0	0	1E+05	5.59E+03	1.26E+03	1.72E+03	1.04E+05	1.74E+03	4.36E+04	1.75E+03	2.8E+03	1.39E+05	6.59E+03	1.91E+03	0	0	946	1.57E+03	2.22E+04	1.54E+03
Isovalerylcarnitine	4.26E+07	7.6E+07	2.73E+07	3.22E+07	1.01E+08	4.45E+07	4.67E+07	1.66E+07	4.48E+07	1.04E+07	2.07E+07	4.09E+07	2.51E+07	5.56E+07	2.23E+07	2.33E+07	4.84E+07	7.61E+07	5.08E+07	4.42E+07	3.76E+07	4.19E+07	1.27E+07	7.05E+07	1.54E+07	1.85E+07	9.7E+06	2.38E+07	1.22E+07	3.14E+07	9.56E+07	5.55E+07	2.84E+07	4.31E+07	2.93E+07	1.75E+07	5.16E+07	1.02E+08	6.67E+06	4.05E+07	6.97E+07	7.22E+06	4.85E+08	2.04E+07	3.16E+07
Isoxanthopterin	2.65E+05	6.45E+04	5.84E+04	5.44E+05	2.86E+03	7.66E+04	1.66E+05	7.87E+04	5.64E+05	1.15E+04	1.53E+05	8.91E+03	1.6E+04	3.39E+05	4.79E+05	1E+05	5.09E+04	1.16E+05	2.42E+03	1.97E+05	5.23E+04	4.91E+05	2.6E+05	9.1E+04	1.14E+05	1.26E+04	2.28E+04	1.61E+05	4.11E+04	3.29E+05	5.18E+05	1.74E+05	4.98E+05	3.69E+05	6.08E+04	1.28E+05	1.61E+05	9.77E+04	2.64E+04	6.3E+04	9.73E+04	9.04E+04	1.26E+05	1.31E+05	6.25E+04
Istamycin C1	8.57E+06	2.82E+06	3.46E+06	2.48E+06	1.92E+06	2.7E+06	2.38E+06	2.85E+06	2.98E+06	2.69E+06	2.28E+06	3.15E+06	2.73E+06	2.51E+06	2.37E+06	8.32E+06	4.69E+06	2.63E+06	2.47E+06	2.15E+06	2.34E+06	8.65E+06	2.78E+06	2.45E+06	2.45E+06	2.7E+06	2.59E+06	2.41E+06	2.59E+06	1.97E+06	1.74E+06	2.26E+06	2.61E+06	3.09E+06	1.91E+06	2.43E+06	2.14E+06	2.25E+06	2.58E+06	2.34E+06	2.27E+06	2.48E+06	3.69E+06	2.03E+06	2.36E+06
Istamycin FU-10	1.07E+04	4.34E+03	9.17E+03	5.65E+03	2.82E+05	1.08E+04	2.73E+03	3.26E+03	2.87E+03	7.15E+03	2.61E+03	6.17E+04	3.85E+03	1.09E+03	2.73E+03	4.94E+03	4.49E+04	2.28E+03	3.44E+03	8.95E+03	2.84E+03	4.38E+03	2.3E+03	3.11E+03	1.71E+04	4.84E+03	2.32E+03	2.3E+03	1.95E+03	1.88E+03	2.63E+03	2.35E+04	5.24E+03	4.75E+04	1.15E+03	2.1E+03	3.76E+03	1.8E+04	2.2E+03	3.09E+03	6.5E+03	1.24E+03	1.26E+04	6.17E+03	1.12E+04
Jasmone_1	3.37E+05	2.86E+05	7.3E+04	1.8E+05	1.11E+06	3.01E+05	1.53E+06	4.43E+04	2.67E+05	1.68E+04	1.41E+05	1.34E+05	2.64E+05	2.25E+05	5.36E+05	3.48E+05	1.86E+06	4.34E+05	1.67E+06	3.01E+05	1.7E+04	9.94E+05	2.65E+04	1.71E+06	2.65E+05	4.28E+05	2.36E+04	2.95E+05	2.34E+04	1.31E+05	1.69E+05	3.25E+05	7.38E+04	1.62E+06	2.29E+06	3.19E+04	3.06E+05	3.44E+05	1.17E+05	2.91E+04	1.24E+05	5.58E+04	1.56E+05	7.83E+04	2.14E+05
Jasmone_2	1.61E+03	0	4.16E+04	1.04E+05	1.25E+04	2.8E+03	1.14E+04	2.31E+03	1.83E+03	2.59E+04	1.85E+03	0	0	3.6E+03	1.95E+03	0	4.61E+03	4.48E+03	3.47E+03	0	2.45E+03	1.54E+06	0	6.42E+03	1.77E+03	0	1.52E+03	6.82E+03	0	2.84E+03	2.72E+03	4.59E+03	2.78E+03	1.26E+03	4.77E+03	2.25E+03	2.86E+03	2.03E+03	0	2.08E+03	2.57E+03	0	5.69E+03	1.08E+04	1.81E+03
Jatrophatrione	1.51E+04	1.78E+05	1.52E+03	1.68E+04	5.93E+05	5.08E+04	8.03E+03	0	1.89E+05	4.3E+03	5.91E+04	3.32E+03	1.3E+04	2.61E+04	6.91E+05	1.65E+04	1.22E+04	2.85E+03	3.97E+05	2.86E+05	3.02E+04	4.4E+04	4.96E+03	6.36E+03	2.24E+03	3.75E+03	2.13E+03	6.21E+04	0	2.46E+04	1.79E+04	2.48E+05	2.75E+03	3.81E+03	4.38E+05	1.71E+03	4.05E+05	1.16E+04	0	6.59E+03	6.18E+03	1.61E+03	1.97E+03	3.32E+04	1.54E+04
Kievitone	1.98E+06	1.43E+03	0	0	0	1.24E+03	0	0	1.64E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.01E+03	0	0	2.03E+03	0	1.99E+05	1.66E+03	1.88E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.56E+03	1.52E+03	0	1.23E+03	1.56E+03	0	1.53E+03	0	1.41E+03	1.39E+03	1.36E+03	0	1.47E+03
Kikkanol A	2.57E+05	2.8E+05	2.63E+04	6.31E+05	2.49E+05	8.03E+04	2.14E+05	1.08E+05	9.4E+04	6.84E+04	2.57E+05	2.73E+04	6.02E+04	2.97E+04	3.56E+05	1.11E+05	2.46E+05	1.43E+05	7.57E+05	7.9E+04	7.5E+04	2.1E+05	8.66E+04	2.4E+05	8.11E+04	1.07E+05	1.47E+05	3.43E+04	9.87E+04	1.23E+05	3.31E+05	1.53E+05	7.21E+04	1.96E+05	5.47E+05	5.49E+04	9.43E+04	1.27E+05	1.13E+05	3.61E+04	6.21E+03	6.15E+04	1.62E+04	4.27E+04	4.57E+04
Kurarinol	8.17E+03	0	1.49E+05	1.71E+03	9.04E+06	1.61E+03	1.93E+05	3.63E+05	3.04E+05	7.26E+04	0	1.39E+03	9.33E+03	4.85E+05	6.49E+05	5E+03	1.97E+03	1.79E+06	0	0	0	0	0	0	8.31E+04	0	0	2.78E+04	0	4.87E+04	1.19E+04	2.7E+03	0	2.19E+03	1.76E+03	0	0	1.57E+03	1.72E+03	0	1.09E+06	0	0	0	0
L-2,3-Dihydrodipicolinate	1.85E+07	7.52E+06	1.07E+07	4.23E+07	4.29E+07	6.23E+06	1.16E+07	3.4E+07	5.81E+07	5.17E+06	1.29E+07	8.23E+06	4.67E+06	6.74E+06	1.19E+07	1.74E+06	5.01E+07	2.99E+07	1.58E+08	3.3E+07	2.72E+06	1.76E+07	2.49E+06	9.72E+06	9.32E+06	3.12E+06	5.95E+06	2.46E+06	2.62E+06	1.47E+07	2.89E+07	9.37E+07	1.52E+07	1.49E+07	1.05E+07	9.57E+06	2.92E+07	1.57E+07	1.36E+07	2.03E+07	5.22E+06	3.39E+06	1.46E+06	1.62E+07	2.26E+06
L-2-Amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)butanoate	6.3E+06	2.47E+06	1.13E+05	1.92E+05	5.91E+06	7.48E+05	2.63E+05	5.81E+06	1.6E+06	1.47E+06	5.83E+05	7.16E+05	3.84E+04	1.2E+06	1.08E+06	5.05E+05	2.51E+06	1.61E+04	9.07E+05	1.22E+06	1.08E+05	1.24E+05	2.45E+06	7.15E+05	2.93E+04	1.27E+06	2.1E+04	1.87E+06	7E+05	4.13E+05	1.17E+07	2.12E+06	3.16E+05	2.29E+06	2.6E+04	2.35E+06	6.59E+05	8.32E+05	1.57E+06	2.45E+05	1.33E+06	6.14E+04	1.84E+05	7E+04	7.44E+05
L-2-Aminoadipate	1.17E+08	6.08E+07	1.72E+07	8.7E+07	1.13E+08	8.54E+07	5.69E+07	3.08E+07	6.89E+07	1.28E+07	5.56E+07	3.14E+07	1.29E+07	5.83E+07	8.25E+07	4.94E+07	1.3E+08	9.54E+07	1.06E+08	9.17E+07	2.45E+07	8.46E+07	5.12E+07	1.1E+08	1.59E+07	2.8E+07	1.07E+07	4.87E+07	2.3E+07	7.32E+07	1.14E+08	7.07E+07	3E+07	5.78E+07	1.63E+08	1.78E+07	6.8E+07	3.12E+07	1.51E+07	3.69E+07	4.66E+07	1.11E+07	2.85E+07	9.16E+07	1.54E+07
L-Adrenaline_1	6.47E+06	2.26E+06	3.31E+07	1.07E+08	5.5E+06	3.92E+06	1.4E+07	1.06E+06	5.4E+06	6.8E+06	5.4E+06	1.67E+06	1.09E+07	5.58E+06	5.82E+06	3.11E+06	2.49E+07	1.39E+08	8.77E+06	6.11E+06	1.26E+07	3.08E+08	6.05E+06	1.3E+08	4.51E+07	2.76E+06	2.17E+07	2.13E+06	9.62E+05	6.37E+06	2.53E+06	9.93E+06	2.55E+06	5.91E+06	1.22E+07	1.22E+07	3.2E+07	4.91E+06	1.12E+06	3.02E+07	2.33E+06	1.12E+07	1.44E+07	2E+07	1.15E+06
L-Adrenaline_2	4.03E+05	2.25E+05	2E+05	4.97E+05	1.56E+06	8.01E+04	4.38E+05	5.54E+04	4.72E+05	1.39E+05	9.8E+04	5.54E+05	2.97E+04	3.32E+05	1.1E+06	3.1E+05	1.42E+05	3.64E+05	5.25E+04	1.4E+05	2.49E+04	1.25E+05	6.57E+04	1.5E+05	4.98E+04	1.24E+05	6.58E+04	1.44E+05	6.82E+04	1.78E+05	3.88E+05	8.09E+04	2.19E+04	5.29E+04	3.84E+05	1.09E+04	7.82E+05	8.54E+05	2.21E+04	2E+05	1.69E+05	4.06E+04	4.05E+04	1.41E+05	9.09E+04
L-ALLOTHREONINE	2.9E+06	1.22E+06	4.27E+05	1.42E+06	3.13E+06	7.45E+05	2.72E+06	8.78E+05	2.05E+06	5.02E+05	1.93E+06	1.02E+06	7.2E+05	1.02E+06	7.08E+05	9.87E+05	2.61E+06	1.83E+06	1.29E+06	1.56E+06	1.42E+06	2.42E+06	8.66E+05	1.37E+06	1.1E+06	6.04E+05	5.93E+05	1.36E+06	1.69E+06	5.9E+05	1.53E+06	2.11E+06	9.38E+05	1.76E+06	4.88E+05	4.55E+05	1.27E+06	1.61E+06	1.95E+06	1.43E+06	9.2E+05	6.7E+05	6.27E+05	1.55E+06	7.48E+05
Lamioside	3.99E+06	2E+05	3.64E+05	2.22E+05	2.16E+05	1.05E+04	7.64E+04	7.92E+04	2.16E+06	2.37E+04	1.07E+05	1.63E+05	5.69E+04	5.29E+04	7.54E+04	2.69E+05	4.45E+06	5.06E+04	7.62E+05	2.45E+04	1.15E+05	7.11E+06	1.28E+05	1.82E+05	2.8E+04	1.27E+05	1.1E+04	6.85E+04	5.6E+03	2.1E+05	2.99E+05	1.43E+05	2.24E+05	1.71E+06	1.17E+05	1.69E+05	4.44E+04	2.86E+04	5.38E+04	1.52E+05	1.49E+05	3.32E+04	4.33E+05	3.3E+04	4.49E+04
L-ARGININE	9.87E+06	2.87E+07	8.93E+06	1.5E+07	1.58E+07	1.34E+07	8.92E+06	3.89E+06	9.04E+06	5.35E+06	7.6E+06	8.01E+06	3.56E+06	7.88E+06	1.03E+07	8.52E+06	1.33E+07	8.99E+06	1.79E+07	8.07E+06	9.17E+06	9E+06	8.94E+06	9.45E+06	6.38E+06	9.48E+06	4.12E+06	6.23E+06	5.78E+06	8.15E+06	5.35E+06	1.35E+07	1.04E+07	1.4E+07	1.58E+07	5.71E+06	1.24E+07	2.24E+07	6.43E+06	7.13E+06	7.26E+06	3.9E+06	5.35E+06	9.98E+06	5.43E+06
L-Arogenate_1	3.54E+05	1.27E+05	1.38E+06	1.04E+06	5.57E+06	6.4E+04	3.73E+05	7.04E+05	8.78E+06	1.69E+06	1.64E+05	7.6E+06	1.6E+06	2.48E+06	7.2E+06	2.19E+04	9.56E+05	5.33E+06	3.09E+06	4.35E+04	6.12E+04	4.2E+05	3.79E+04	1.77E+05	5.3E+06	5.74E+04	3.9E+06	1.99E+05	1.06E+04	1.02E+07	1.59E+06	7.33E+06	1.56E+06	2.37E+06	1.7E+07	1.63E+06	1.98E+07	2.7E+06	1.97E+06	3.56E+05	2.34E+05	1.5E+06	6.01E+04	5.25E+06	2.85E+05
L-Arogenate_2	1.54E+05	2.69E+05	1.67E+04	4.25E+05	1.86E+05	1.08E+05	1.11E+05	8.25E+04	2.38E+05	3.53E+04	1.3E+05	9.26E+04	1.89E+04	1.76E+05	3.5E+05	1.29E+05	4.01E+05	2.53E+05	4.55E+05	1.4E+05	4.99E+04	1.74E+05	1.48E+05	2.52E+05	1.93E+04	4.17E+04	5.4E+03	1.49E+05	4.58E+04	1.19E+05	1.7E+05	1.54E+05	9.44E+04	4.84E+05	2.45E+05	7.5E+04	2.9E+05	8.66E+04	2.65E+04	2.01E+05	1.58E+05	8.01E+03	7.62E+04	1.13E+05	2.04E+04
L-Aspartate	9.38E+06	1.05E+07	4E+06	2.07E+07	1.24E+07	6.14E+06	6.74E+06	1.43E+06	7.59E+06	4.11E+06	9.46E+06	4.28E+06	3.78E+06	9.94E+06	1.99E+07	7.92E+06	1.18E+07	1E+07	2.42E+07	1.09E+07	6.02E+06	1.04E+07	6.13E+06	1.49E+07	3.79E+06	3.67E+06	2.51E+06	8.96E+06	3.38E+06	6.63E+06	6.37E+06	9.29E+06	3.57E+06	7.48E+06	1.15E+07	5.1E+06	9.68E+06	3.91E+06	2.84E+06	2.16E+06	8.39E+06	2.92E+06	3.3E+06	9E+06	3.2E+06
L-Aspartate 4-semialdehyde	2.28E+04	7.04E+04	2.11E+04	5.44E+04	6.78E+04	4.72E+04	1.84E+05	5.19E+04	2.71E+05	3.18E+04	6.03E+04	1.32E+05	4.15E+04	1.97E+05	4.35E+05	3.58E+04	8.24E+04	1.7E+04	2.03E+05	1.45E+04	1.02E+05	8.28E+04	3.7E+04	7.34E+04	7.83E+04	1.14E+05	2.79E+04	1.28E+04	1.36E+04	9.37E+04	8.29E+04	1.21E+05	1.02E+05	4.41E+05	1.42E+05	4.4E+04	3.78E+04	4.23E+04	1.91E+04	3.48E+04	2.22E+06	8.41E+03	2.03E+04	8.91E+04	1.02E+05
Latia luciferin_1	2.4E+06	1.19E+06	5.95E+05	1.8E+06	4.14E+06	7.55E+05	1.07E+06	7.74E+04	9.95E+05	2.13E+05	5.14E+05	7.98E+05	1.53E+05	1.79E+06	1.47E+06	7.56E+05	2.37E+06	2.31E+06	2.02E+06	1.13E+06	4.88E+05	1.04E+06	1.43E+06	9.17E+05	6.53E+05	9.08E+05	1.58E+05	8.68E+05	3.36E+05	9.96E+05	1.83E+06	2.32E+06	9.1E+05	1.66E+06	9.6E+05	2.01E+05	2.6E+06	1.09E+06	2.56E+05	3.67E+05	1.58E+06	2.15E+05	5.44E+05	1.03E+06	5.61E+05
Latia luciferin_2	7.05E+05	1.44E+04	2.07E+05	5.54E+04	1.38E+06	6.26E+03	1.22E+04	3.16E+04	7.48E+03	9.55E+04	3.66E+04	2.51E+04	1.78E+05	6.32E+04	7.73E+04	4.61E+03	1.86E+06	3.06E+05	6.31E+04	1.06E+04	3.53E+03	4.23E+05	3.42E+04	3E+04	1.78E+06	2.06E+04	6.45E+05	2.45E+04	1.82E+03	2.48E+05	2.15E+05	8.77E+04	3.48E+04	1.43E+05	2.56E+05	2.36E+05	1.55E+05	4.19E+04	7.76E+03	9.35E+04	7.07E+05	4.38E+04	1.69E+04	3.39E+05	1.91E+03
L-CARNITINE	9.27E+07	2.6E+08	5.89E+07	5.09E+07	1.95E+08	2.47E+08	2.52E+08	1.11E+08	1.54E+08	3.59E+07	5.75E+07	8.46E+07	2.1E+08	8.49E+07	3.69E+07	6.38E+07	1.75E+08	1.18E+08	1.34E+08	1.7E+08	1.27E+08	1E+08	1.92E+07	2.06E+08	1.84E+08	3.71E+07	3.2E+08	4.24E+07	6.55E+07	2.73E+07	3.19E+08	4.77E+07	2.57E+08	6.2E+07	3.95E+07	4.24E+07	7.54E+07	4.21E+08	1.17E+07	2.49E+08	9.55E+07	7.25E+07	1.34E+08	2.71E+07	5.66E+07
L-Citrulline	5.8E+07	5.55E+07	1.38E+07	5.44E+07	4.52E+07	1.93E+07	1.89E+07	9.54E+06	1.74E+07	2.71E+07	3.21E+07	2.12E+07	1.15E+07	1.99E+07	3.8E+07	1.89E+07	5.89E+07	1.68E+07	4.11E+07	3.48E+07	2.05E+07	7.69E+07	1.77E+07	5.03E+07	7.55E+06	2.02E+07	5.08E+06	1.48E+07	1.43E+07	5.23E+07	3.01E+07	2.07E+07	1.47E+07	2.51E+07	5.04E+07	1.58E+07	1.75E+07	2.33E+07	1.3E+07	1.49E+07	2.11E+07	6.21E+06	1.4E+07	1.7E+07	1.3E+07
L-Cladinose_1	1.51E+07	2.69E+05	1.94E+05	6.31E+05	5.76E+06	2.49E+05	9.37E+05	7.93E+05	2.82E+05	5.68E+03	6.03E+05	6.36E+05	5.65E+05	2.24E+04	1.13E+05	2.37E+05	1.9E+06	2.71E+06	2.36E+06	1.17E+06	1.2E+06	4.78E+06	5.15E+05	1.36E+06	9.21E+06	1.8E+06	1.31E+06	4.42E+04	5.85E+05	3.36E+05	1.99E+06	3.85E+06	4.19E+05	1.2E+06	1.82E+04	1.13E+05	3.73E+06	6.08E+06	2.33E+05	6.96E+05	2.94E+04	3.99E+06	7.3E+05	1.04E+06	8.72E+04
L-Cladinose_2	5.88E+04	3.44E+04	2.18E+04	5.44E+04	3.87E+05	1.98E+05	2.4E+05	1.42E+05	1.66E+04	1.72E+03	1.56E+04	1.82E+03	4.74E+03	7.28E+04	3.83E+04	3.9E+03	2.87E+05	4.12E+04	1.14E+06	1.46E+04	8.75E+03	1.44E+04	1.17E+04	3.47E+04	1.67E+03	8.47E+03	8.14E+03	4.54E+04	4.65E+03	2.27E+05	3.57E+04	2.93E+05	7.61E+03	4.31E+04	1.06E+05	1.31E+04	1.96E+04	1.4E+05	3.01E+04	1.63E+04	8.09E+03	3.02E+03	3.34E+03	2.97E+04	1.55E+04
L-Cysteine	2.61E+06	1.68E+06	8.27E+05	4.36E+06	2.05E+06	3.31E+05	8.61E+05	3.09E+05	2.88E+06	5.69E+05	1.35E+06	4.63E+05	2.52E+05	1.28E+06	3.79E+06	3.29E+05	3.2E+06	8.89E+05	5.17E+06	1.2E+06	6.46E+05	2.93E+06	6.77E+05	1.6E+06	3.78E+05	1.35E+05	1.51E+05	1E+06	3.7E+05	2.29E+06	3.47E+06	1.38E+06	2.03E+06	2.57E+06	4.55E+06	7.23E+05	1.07E+06	6.09E+05	7.91E+04	5.14E+05	2.46E+06	3.41E+05	3.21E+05	2.02E+06	1.06E+05
LEUCINE	1.48E+08	4.09E+08	7.3E+07	4.43E+08	4.43E+08	2.15E+08	1.87E+08	3.64E+07	1.32E+08	4.34E+07	1.59E+08	1.03E+08	7.57E+07	1.05E+08	2.93E+08	1.48E+08	2.21E+08	2.04E+08	5.3E+08	2.41E+08	1.91E+08	1.59E+08	1.05E+08	2.72E+08	4.68E+07	6.57E+07	2.67E+07	1.05E+08	9.32E+07	1.25E+08	1.24E+08	3.47E+08	6.24E+07	1.52E+08	1.96E+08	6.73E+07	2.12E+08	1.4E+08	6.45E+07	4.93E+07	1.58E+08	3.07E+07	8.8E+07	2.37E+08	5.93E+07
Leukotriene A4	1.72E+04	6.19E+03	1.05E+03	9.32E+03	3.81E+04	3.24E+03	2.73E+03	1.71E+03	5.8E+03	1.46E+03	2.55E+04	3.57E+03	7.39E+03	1.03E+04	1.21E+04	3.86E+03	7.59E+03	4.3E+03	1.84E+05	4.76E+04	5.7E+03	5.94E+03	3.06E+03	6.87E+03	1.98E+03	1.98E+03	3.21E+04	1.07E+04	1.75E+03	2.2E+03	3.14E+03	8.42E+03	1.71E+03	8.03E+03	7.1E+03	2.26E+03	3E+04	8.62E+03	1.41E+03	2.8E+03	8.82E+03	1.79E+06	2.52E+05	4.8E+03	2.02E+03
Levamisole hydrochloride	3.9E+04	1.87E+05	1.73E+04	3.35E+05	4.12E+04	1.77E+04	4.95E+04	2.09E+03	3.87E+03	3.34E+03	5.38E+05	4.83E+04	4.98E+04	1.83E+04	3.03E+04	1.96E+04	7.07E+04	6.77E+04	1.57E+05	2.91E+05	6.9E+04	1.16E+04	3.47E+04	9.66E+04	3.38E+04	1.66E+04	1.23E+04	7.4E+03	8.85E+03	7.52E+03	3.93E+04	1.13E+05	4.44E+03	2.62E+04	1.59E+04	2.71E+04	3.53E+05	1.24E+05	4E+04	2.08E+03	1.32E+04	3.12E+04	1.44E+04	5.2E+04	3.22E+03
Levetiracetam_1	2.36E+06	1.5E+06	2.28E+06	3.43E+06	2.16E+06	1.28E+06	6.49E+06	5.09E+05	1.46E+06	1.05E+06	2.49E+06	5.47E+05	6.45E+05	9.46E+05	2.14E+06	3.14E+06	2.27E+06	1.61E+06	1.84E+06	1.77E+06	6.75E+04	4.66E+06	9.37E+05	1.8E+06	8.34E+05	5.76E+05	6.58E+05	8.38E+05	6.64E+05	1.61E+06	2.21E+06	1.43E+06	1.02E+06	1.38E+06	3.11E+06	6.98E+05	1.69E+06	8.48E+05	7.07E+05	7.08E+05	9.74E+05	3.26E+05	1.79E+05	1.74E+06	6.94E+05
Levetiracetam_2	1.35E+06	5.64E+05	1.89E+06	5E+05	2.2E+06	1.16E+06	6.96E+05	1.16E+06	9.46E+05	1.01E+06	7.18E+05	1.96E+06	6.73E+05	9.6E+05	7.47E+05	7.25E+05	1.07E+07	1.1E+06	8.14E+05	1.5E+06	1.83E+06	1.21E+05	1.21E+06	4.7E+06	1.72E+06	1.17E+06	3.05E+05	1.04E+06	3.92E+05	4.56E+06	3.25E+06	2.26E+06	6.87E+05	4.23E+06	1.78E+06	3.72E+05	3.19E+06	8.59E+05	1.13E+05	1.05E+06	1.3E+06	3.96E+04	5.16E+04	1.56E+06	7.26E+05
L-Formylkynurenine_1	3.06E+06	2.41E+06	1.43E+06	7.02E+06	7.2E+06	4.54E+06	1.94E+06	4.41E+05	9.28E+05	1.39E+06	1.57E+06	6.87E+05	2.76E+05	3.49E+06	7.33E+06	2.16E+06	3.77E+06	2.31E+06	8.91E+06	2.64E+06	1.52E+06	1.99E+06	1.3E+06	2.09E+06	5.93E+05	6.11E+05	3.72E+05	3.27E+06	7.84E+05	1.7E+06	1.62E+06	3.01E+06	1.34E+06	1.33E+06	2.51E+06	1.75E+06	2.68E+06	4.49E+05	3.55E+05	1.09E+06	2.73E+06	2.14E+05	4.38E+05	1.52E+06	7.34E+05
L-Formylkynurenine_2	1.04E+06	2.43E+06	4.23E+05	3.26E+06	1.93E+06	1.77E+06	8.92E+05	2.07E+05	5.76E+05	2.67E+05	1.17E+06	5.3E+05	3.7E+05	5.93E+05	2.55E+06	8.47E+05	1.24E+06	2.05E+06	3.02E+06	1.99E+06	1.4E+06	9.45E+05	1.16E+06	2.43E+06	4.8E+05	1.04E+06	9.64E+04	4.73E+05	4.04E+05	6.51E+05	8.37E+05	1.1E+06	4.35E+05	9.59E+05	1.06E+06	2.69E+05	1.02E+06	8.16E+05	3.55E+05	4.07E+05	8.57E+05	4.07E+05	3.77E+05	1.18E+06	2.79E+05
L-Formylkynurenine_3	1.89E+06	1.04E+06	6.04E+05	1.42E+06	3.34E+06	1.24E+06	4.91E+05	7.49E+04	5.25E+05	2.81E+05	5.15E+05	4.16E+05	1.88E+05	6.4E+05	1.26E+06	6.61E+05	1.98E+06	1.24E+06	1.29E+06	1.42E+06	3.98E+05	1.05E+06	7.42E+05	9.97E+05	3.12E+05	3.58E+05	1.4E+05	4.75E+05	6.4E+04	6.13E+05	9.95E+05	1.15E+06	7.18E+05	8.99E+05	5.43E+05	3.51E+05	1.14E+06	5.54E+05	9.08E+04	6.12E+05	6E+05	4.33E+04	2.31E+05	6.44E+05	5.28E+05
L-Glutamate	3.37E+05	9.96E+04	4.26E+03	1.28E+05	3.8E+04	8.65E+03	3.14E+04	1.9E+04	8.76E+04	1.21E+05	2.5E+04	3.05E+04	3.94E+03	3.76E+04	7.22E+04	4.42E+04	3.19E+05	6.86E+04	1.79E+04	6.83E+04	4.19E+04	4.97E+05	3.2E+04	2.49E+04	7.04E+03	7.69E+03	3.43E+03	1.59E+04	5.13E+04	2.56E+04	4.28E+05	1.19E+04	8.26E+03	1.16E+05	8.05E+04	1.1E+04	2.66E+04	2.66E+04	1.34E+04	1.28E+04	1.14E+04	1.89E+03	9.42E+03	8.9E+04	1.21E+04
L-GLUTAMINE	1.04E+08	1.29E+08	4.94E+07	1.13E+08	1.22E+08	1.25E+08	9.82E+07	2.48E+07	1.09E+08	2.76E+07	7.04E+07	5.44E+07	3.58E+07	5.62E+07	7.22E+07	5.86E+07	1.14E+08	1.82E+08	1.52E+08	6.75E+07	5.42E+07	9.72E+07	1.11E+08	9.3E+07	4.51E+07	1.09E+08	5.49E+07	5.74E+07	5.92E+07	9.13E+07	4.02E+07	9.07E+07	8.9E+07	5.32E+07	1.07E+08	5.11E+07	9.07E+07	8.29E+07	4.89E+07	4.12E+07	4.95E+07	2.46E+07	4.9E+07	8.35E+07	3.97E+07
L-Glutamine	6.11E+05	4.29E+05	7.63E+04	1.37E+06	9.39E+05	5.72E+05	9.54E+05	1.41E+05	4.58E+05	1.29E+05	4.15E+05	3.35E+05	1.39E+05	2.37E+05	1.68E+06	4.91E+05	3.81E+05	5.7E+05	2.37E+06	8.37E+05	1.38E+04	3.68E+05	3.26E+05	1.24E+06	5.06E+04	6.64E+04	4.54E+04	5.93E+05	3.69E+05	7.26E+05	1.39E+06	1.34E+06	5.55E+05	4.11E+05	1.67E+06	8.93E+04	1.48E+06	5.54E+05	1.25E+05	3.96E+05	6.69E+05	5.1E+04	4.64E+05	2.46E+05	7.55E+05
L-HISTIDINE	1.6E+08	4.27E+08	1.06E+08	4.77E+08	3.7E+08	2.99E+08	3.06E+08	8E+07	1.3E+08	6.38E+07	2.4E+08	1.28E+08	1.47E+08	8.7E+07	2.52E+08	2.16E+08	1.89E+08	4.44E+08	4.54E+08	2.33E+08	2.02E+08	1.81E+08	1.82E+08	2.86E+08	1.33E+08	2.37E+08	1.03E+08	8.88E+07	1.65E+08	9.68E+07	1.31E+08	1.92E+08	8.85E+07	8.92E+07	1.33E+08	1.42E+08	1.65E+08	1.87E+08	1.64E+08	1.28E+08	8.37E+07	6.66E+07	9.34E+07	1.26E+08	1.45E+08
L-Histidinol	2.12E+04	4.56E+03	2.19E+03	8.46E+03	6.8E+05	1.68E+04	2.1E+03	2.66E+05	5.38E+03	1.63E+03	3.12E+04	1.82E+05	5.49E+03	6.16E+04	1.55E+04	1.19E+03	2.6E+04	1.94E+05	1.19E+04	1.53E+04	2.14E+03	7.4E+04	1.84E+04	8.94E+03	986	6.43E+04	4.82E+03	4.04E+03	2.14E+03	1.72E+06	2.84E+06	6.25E+05	2.24E+03	8.83E+03	1.25E+04	2.64E+03	8.04E+03	1.03E+04	2.79E+03	4.09E+04	1.23E+04	6.51E+04	6.63E+04	2.42E+05	1E+03
L-Homocitrulline_1	3.01E+07	1.65E+07	6.74E+06	1.49E+07	2.22E+07	1.62E+07	1.67E+07	1.52E+07	1.66E+07	4.28E+06	2.63E+07	8.75E+06	7.71E+06	8.52E+06	1.27E+07	1.29E+07	1.7E+07	1.12E+07	1.62E+07	2.09E+07	9.13E+07	1.4E+07	6.37E+06	3.32E+07	8.72E+06	5.82E+06	6.17E+06	6.48E+06	4.82E+06	5.75E+07	3.58E+07	4.47E+07	6.67E+06	1.6E+07	5.09E+06	6.69E+06	1.32E+07	1.18E+07	6.11E+06	2.01E+07	9.5E+06	1.03E+07	6.42E+06	6.84E+06	7.92E+06
L-Homocitrulline_2	3.44E+07	5.02E+06	8.95E+05	1.53E+07	1.23E+07	3.72E+06	8.78E+06	1.22E+06	3.98E+06	8.67E+05	1.03E+07	6.09E+06	2.62E+06	4.45E+06	1.14E+07	1.12E+07	1.45E+07	6.22E+06	2.52E+07	1.36E+07	2.02E+06	3.58E+07	3.64E+06	1.66E+07	1.33E+06	2.5E+06	4.38E+05	4.04E+06	1.02E+06	1.66E+07	7.36E+06	1.06E+07	2.74E+06	4.51E+06	1.2E+07	9.42E+05	8.19E+06	7.05E+06	7.69E+06	2.08E+06	3.69E+06	1.27E+06	4.73E+06	7.22E+06	3.15E+06
Lichenin_1	1.66E+06	1.82E+06	3.88E+05	3.01E+06	3.16E+06	1.87E+06	1.15E+06	2.69E+05	1.65E+06	6.17E+05	1.53E+06	7.94E+05	6.96E+05	1.45E+06	2.12E+06	1.08E+06	2.79E+06	2.17E+06	2.36E+06	1.87E+06	7.55E+05	2.22E+06	8.41E+05	3.06E+06	4.4E+05	6.75E+05	1.58E+05	1.19E+06	4.61E+05	1.48E+06	1.89E+06	1.67E+06	1.12E+06	2.24E+06	4.56E+06	5.88E+05	1.46E+06	8.62E+05	2.24E+05	7.29E+05	1.09E+06	4.5E+05	8.13E+05	1.65E+06	4.89E+05
Lichenin_2	3.97E+04	3.75E+05	4.68E+05	3.48E+05	2.51E+04	2.99E+07	2.32E+04	1.09E+04	2.79E+04	6.4E+03	1.14E+05	1.24E+03	2.43E+04	6.97E+03	1.07E+04	1.1E+04	1.04E+06	2.59E+05	2.2E+04	7.13E+03	7.06E+03	1.01E+04	7.1E+03	9.19E+04	2.84E+04	2.82E+03	2.41E+03	5.09E+03	5.59E+03	7.17E+06	6.13E+03	2.23E+04	3.02E+04	6.55E+03	1.25E+07	3.04E+03	9.31E+04	1.6E+04	2.45E+03	6.04E+03	4.06E+03	1.17E+04	1.6E+04	2.34E+06	1.6E+04
L-Iduronate 2-sulfate	4.91E+05	6.66E+05	1.29E+05	8.31E+05	7.72E+05	5.23E+05	1.46E+05	5.81E+04	3.76E+05	1.49E+05	3.54E+05	7.14E+04	4.12E+04	1.87E+05	9.1E+05	2.97E+05	3.63E+05	4.87E+05	7.37E+05	2.02E+05	3.95E+05	5.07E+05	3.73E+05	4.58E+05	8.57E+04	1.84E+05	6.23E+04	2.54E+05	5.68E+04	3.64E+04	9.74E+04	3.51E+05	2.38E+05	1.5E+05	2.53E+05	9.36E+04	6.6E+05	2.48E+04	4.67E+04	2.16E+04	1.68E+05	2.97E+04	2.31E+04	3.11E+04	2.63E+04
Linamarin	1.67E+07	1.21E+07	2.37E+06	1.88E+07	2.38E+07	6.01E+06	3.82E+06	1.3E+06	9.59E+06	1.87E+06	9.24E+06	4.2E+06	1.3E+06	8.29E+06	1.76E+07	4.29E+06	2.07E+07	1.45E+07	2.16E+07	1.24E+07	3.88E+06	2.04E+07	5.08E+06	1.89E+07	1.46E+06	2.48E+06	8.57E+05	6.78E+06	1.2E+06	8.15E+06	1.12E+07	2.07E+07	3.2E+06	9.88E+06	2.07E+07	3.14E+06	1.42E+07	5.64E+06	9.27E+05	2.2E+06	6.97E+06	1.11E+06	3.87E+06	9.99E+06	1.03E+06
Lindheimerine	0	0	0	0	1.76E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.33E+03	0	0	0	1.76E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.06E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.56E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.46E+03	3.9E+05	2.77E+04	0	0
Linoleate	4.76E+05	4.6E+05	4.52E+05	4.75E+05	4.56E+05	4.57E+05	4.66E+05	4.62E+05	4.51E+05	4.37E+05	4.46E+05	4.48E+05	4.13E+05	4.62E+05	4.73E+05	4.15E+05	4.19E+05	4.31E+05	4.5E+05	4.31E+05	4.37E+05	4.33E+05	4.01E+05	4.13E+05	4.1E+05	4.16E+05	4.45E+05	4.33E+05	4.41E+05	4.68E+05	4.09E+05	4.19E+05	4.19E+05	4.44E+05	4.72E+05	4.46E+05	4.49E+05	4.47E+05	4.16E+05	4.71E+05	4.53E+05	4.72E+05	4.76E+05	4.64E+05	4.38E+05
Linuron	2.34E+05	3.37E+04	1.42E+05	4.64E+05	4.77E+05	7.36E+04	1.46E+05	5.99E+05	8.74E+05	3.33E+04	1.46E+05	8.49E+04	3.84E+04	4.63E+04	2.78E+04	1.48E+03	6.71E+05	3.95E+05	1.76E+06	4.49E+05	6.45E+03	8.06E+04	7.77E+03	2.2E+04	4.4E+04	4.37E+03	2.45E+04	1.29E+03	2.28E+04	1.43E+05	3.8E+05	1.39E+06	8.16E+04	8.6E+04	9.16E+03	1.28E+05	2.63E+05	1.88E+05	2.43E+05	2.95E+05	1.29E+04	1.03E+04	1.29E+04	1.28E+05	6.79E+03
Lipoamide	2.5E+06	1.41E+06	5.78E+05	2.89E+06	2.12E+06	9.28E+05	1.1E+06	3.17E+05	2.33E+06	2.22E+05	1.77E+06	6.82E+05	2.62E+05	1.09E+06	2.65E+06	1.35E+06	3.02E+06	1.87E+06	3.11E+06	2.06E+06	5.31E+05	3.11E+06	1.15E+06	2.97E+06	7.91E+05	6.92E+05	2.08E+05	8.37E+05	2.79E+05	1.31E+06	2.71E+06	1.49E+06	1.37E+06	2.2E+06	3.11E+06	6.07E+05	1.82E+06	7.64E+05	1.6E+05	6.59E+05	8.56E+05	7.43E+05	6.61E+05	1.2E+06	8.1E+04
Liriodenine	1.65E+04	3.7E+04	3.75E+03	2.08E+04	7.78E+03	2.94E+03	1.04E+05	1.24E+05	9.32E+03	1.65E+03	1.86E+03	0	2.41E+03	6.86E+03	1.49E+04	1.46E+04	6.48E+03	3.56E+04	3E+03	2.51E+03	1.6E+03	0	3.45E+03	8.2E+03	6.65E+04	6E+05	7.39E+03	1.2E+05	2.64E+03	4.3E+03	3.36E+03	5.31E+03	2.79E+03	3.06E+04	1.66E+04	0	8.42E+03	3.54E+03	0	3.1E+03	1.78E+03	3.03E+03	1.13E+03	1.13E+04	0
L-Kynurenine	6.73E+04	5.55E+04	4.02E+03	1.08E+04	7.48E+04	2.26E+04	1.88E+04	2.19E+03	1.42E+05	4.13E+03	2.16E+04	3.1E+03	7.82E+03	2.1E+04	1.53E+04	2.89E+04	5.12E+04	6.09E+03	1.24E+05	4.85E+04	4.43E+03	9.44E+04	4.02E+03	7.3E+03	4.95E+03	6.63E+03	7.99E+03	1.77E+04	2.59E+03	1.03E+04	4.53E+04	2.39E+04	2.41E+04	3.78E+05	2.51E+05	1.09E+04	2.65E+04	4.55E+04	1.61E+03	9.47E+03	5.49E+03	8.55E+03	1.45E+04	6.07E+03	3.53E+03
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_1	1.3E+07	5.99E+06	5.91E+06	5.34E+06	6.77E+06	4.86E+06	7.36E+06	3.54E+06	3.7E+06	7.6E+06	4.13E+06	2.74E+06	1.63E+06	4.29E+06	5.28E+06	2.85E+06	6.84E+06	4.39E+06	4.57E+06	5.45E+06	2.5E+06	8.36E+06	3.21E+06	5.88E+06	2.79E+06	2.36E+06	2.3E+06	6.14E+06	1.62E+06	3.98E+06	3.24E+06	6.52E+06	7.52E+06	5.27E+06	7.52E+06	2.72E+06	4.25E+06	4.65E+06	1.32E+06	5.09E+06	4.43E+06	1.69E+06	1.63E+06	6.3E+06	2.23E+06
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_2	1.79E+06	5.35E+05	1.11E+05	9.13E+05	8.6E+05	3.74E+05	1.98E+05	5.19E+05	1.39E+06	4.76E+04	2.03E+06	9.7E+04	1.11E+05	1.59E+05	5.94E+05	2.96E+05	2.13E+06	5.11E+05	1.03E+06	1.06E+06	3.25E+05	1.44E+06	2.8E+05	3.34E+06	2.31E+05	8.42E+04	2.2E+04	3.01E+04	7.56E+04	6.15E+05	4.93E+06	5.06E+05	6.22E+05	6.85E+05	1.25E+06	1.07E+05	4.15E+05	2.66E+05	3.49E+04	9E+05	1.19E+05	5.72E+05	9.04E+04	3.3E+05	4.08E+04
L-Leucine	1.1E+07	8.26E+06	6.41E+06	5.38E+06	1.42E+08	2.99E+06	7.09E+06	3.09E+06	2.8E+06	1.95E+07	1.3E+07	8.31E+06	2.21E+07	1.64E+07	1.31E+07	1.4E+07	4.56E+06	2.43E+07	6.51E+06	4.72E+07	2.3E+06	6.61E+06	1.32E+07	3.91E+06	1.33E+07	1.18E+07	4.04E+06	9.61E+06	1.17E+07	3.18E+07	6.05E+06	9.79E+07	4.21E+07	6.27E+07	3.1E+07	3.37E+07	8.4E+07	8.92E+06	7.32E+07	1.64E+06	4.15E+06	7.84E+06	2.77E+07	2.13E+07	2.23E+07
L-Lysinamide	2.04E+04	4.17E+05	0	5.67E+03	1.68E+05	3.51E+04	2.36E+03	0	8.19E+05	2.04E+05	1.91E+04	4.41E+03	5.03E+03	9.09E+03	8.51E+04	1.03E+04	6.31E+04	4.12E+04	2.83E+05	2.49E+05	1.35E+04	2.24E+04	1.59E+04	1.38E+04	1.89E+03	2.84E+03	7.96E+03	2.29E+04	2.09E+03	4.32E+04	9.58E+03	2.78E+05	6.46E+04	1.07E+04	2.61E+06	9.63E+04	8.72E+04	1.77E+05	2.23E+03	2.44E+04	8.36E+03	1.38E+04	5.04E+03	2.88E+04	6.31E+04
L-LYSINE	1.1E+07	3.39E+07	1.79E+07	3.17E+07	6.98E+07	3.29E+07	2.77E+07	3.59E+06	1.12E+07	8.52E+06	1.92E+07	1.25E+07	1.23E+07	7.66E+06	2.26E+07	1.5E+07	1.14E+07	2.69E+07	4.23E+07	3.09E+07	2.35E+07	7.83E+06	1.29E+07	3.14E+07	1.19E+07	1.57E+07	9.56E+06	6.73E+06	2.35E+07	9.66E+06	1.01E+07	4.45E+07	8.85E+06	1.03E+07	6.85E+06	1.93E+07	1.55E+07	1.85E+07	1.63E+07	6.82E+06	1.12E+07	7.28E+06	9.74E+06	1.2E+07	1.03E+07
L-Lysine 1,6-lactam	3.94E+07	3.39E+07	1.49E+07	5.24E+07	4.73E+07	2.48E+07	2.1E+07	1.17E+07	3.62E+07	1.45E+07	3.37E+07	1.62E+07	1.19E+07	2.76E+07	4.43E+07	2.75E+07	4.41E+07	3.51E+07	6.44E+07	3.38E+07	3.56E+07	4.57E+07	2.6E+07	4.74E+07	1.41E+07	1.96E+07	9.57E+06	2.86E+07	1.22E+07	3.85E+07	4.39E+07	4.59E+07	2.37E+07	3.35E+07	5.68E+07	1.9E+07	4.04E+07	1.83E+07	1.2E+07	2.16E+07	2.38E+07	1.31E+07	1.92E+07	2.27E+07	1.26E+07
L-Metanephrine_1	1.57E+04	1.34E+05	2.18E+05	7.41E+04	4.55E+05	3.85E+04	5.58E+04	1.35E+06	8.2E+04	1.05E+04	1.35E+05	2.19E+04	4.39E+03	5.02E+03	2.79E+05	6.88E+04	6.48E+04	5.28E+05	2.74E+05	4.31E+04	4.71E+03	1.43E+05	1.63E+05	1.42E+05	5.31E+04	8.19E+04	2.15E+04	1.1E+04	2.68E+03	2.1E+05	6.49E+04	6.9E+05	2.04E+04	2.24E+05	4.05E+05	3.51E+04	5.7E+05	9.37E+04	4.58E+03	9.41E+05	2.21E+04	2.56E+04	2.56E+03	4.66E+04	1.99E+03
L-Metanephrine_2	1.4E+05	7.1E+03	3.23E+05	4.34E+04	2.66E+05	2.27E+04	3.86E+05	1.54E+05	1.25E+05	1.85E+04	1.22E+04	5.4E+04	1.04E+04	6.49E+03	1.22E+05	1.25E+05	9.06E+04	3.46E+04	2.34E+04	9.37E+05	1.35E+04	1.79E+05	2.17E+04	5.48E+04	2.01E+04	2.21E+05	4.35E+04	8.01E+05	4.28E+03	6.5E+04	2.1E+05	3.04E+04	1.95E+04	1.53E+05	1.69E+05	1.94E+04	1.8E+05	4.01E+05	1.44E+04	1.46E+05	8.33E+03	2.3E+04	1.51E+04	2.98E+04	4.26E+03
L-Methionine	8.97E+07	4.02E+07	1.45E+07	5.84E+07	6.02E+07	2.57E+07	1.81E+07	1.15E+07	5.13E+07	1.56E+07	3.95E+07	2.02E+07	1.73E+07	3.71E+07	4.46E+07	2.68E+07	8.26E+07	4.42E+07	5.64E+07	3.88E+07	2.26E+07	1.08E+08	3.44E+07	5.83E+07	1.64E+07	3.28E+07	1.21E+07	3.84E+07	1.12E+07	4.24E+07	3.86E+07	3.78E+07	3.29E+07	3.85E+07	7.4E+07	1.72E+07	4.26E+07	1.79E+07	1.34E+07	1.8E+07	3.87E+07	1.74E+07	2.55E+07	3.19E+07	1.11E+07
L-Methionine S-oxide	5.76E+06	3.27E+06	1.4E+06	8.48E+06	1.35E+07	1.04E+06	9.73E+06	1.76E+06	1.52E+06	2.71E+06	5.73E+06	5.46E+06	3.33E+06	4.21E+06	1.28E+07	8.57E+06	1.22E+07	5.65E+06	1.05E+07	1.97E+07	8.74E+06	1.01E+07	1.52E+06	5.6E+06	3.59E+06	1.73E+06	1.57E+06	5.41E+06	5.98E+06	2.47E+06	8.14E+06	1.21E+07	4.44E+05	7.84E+06	3.76E+06	2.87E+06	9.15E+06	5.77E+06	3.65E+06	2.89E+06	7.35E+06	2.44E+06	3.44E+06	1.33E+07	2.31E+06
L-Mimosine_1	2.36E+03	1.52E+03	9.45E+03	1.44E+04	4.41E+06	2.16E+03	4.99E+04	1.92E+03	6.13E+04	4.09E+04	1.65E+03	6.31E+03	1.26E+03	1.32E+04	1.72E+04	6.15E+03	9.47E+03	1.34E+04	1.15E+05	2.15E+03	1.64E+03	2.3E+03	1.9E+03	3.36E+04	1.72E+04	1.4E+03	3.46E+03	1.09E+04	4.91E+03	1.58E+04	1.62E+04	4.54E+04	7.08E+03	1.29E+04	2.57E+04	9.3E+05	1.45E+05	9.23E+03	1.55E+03	1.08E+03	2.62E+04	2.72E+03	1.24E+06	2.51E+03	1.41E+03
L-Mimosine_2	1.4E+03	3.28E+03	9.53E+03	1.89E+05	2.71E+05	2.08E+03	982	2.36E+03	1.73E+04	7E+03	791	1.34E+04	0	6.34E+03	8.68E+03	1.94E+03	9.89E+03	2.94E+03	2.39E+03	2.12E+03	1.78E+03	3.46E+03	1.43E+03	4.4E+03	1.75E+03	1.27E+03	3.66E+03	1.18E+04	1.32E+03	8.16E+03	4.18E+04	2.84E+03	1.27E+03	4.15E+04	1.22E+04	6.25E+03	9.51E+03	2.38E+03	0	1.51E+03	6.35E+04	2.44E+03	8.72E+05	0	0
L-Octanoylcarnitine	7.14E+06	1.02E+07	1.86E+06	1.26E+07	3.41E+07	5.25E+06	6.48E+06	1.6E+06	8.57E+06	1.05E+06	6.75E+06	7.32E+06	1.6E+06	1.53E+07	1.81E+07	6.14E+06	7.8E+06	7.21E+06	2.07E+07	1.74E+07	3.26E+06	4.15E+06	2.84E+06	2.5E+07	1.08E+06	2.29E+06	2.53E+05	4.93E+06	1.85E+06	2.2E+07	1.42E+07	1.55E+07	7.31E+06	1.02E+07	2.02E+07	5.93E+05	1.71E+07	9.09E+06	7.78E+05	4.28E+06	8.47E+06	9.69E+05	3.88E+06	5.19E+06	2.18E+06
Lophophorine	1.25E+06	3.48E+05	2.89E+05	9.69E+05	2.24E+06	2.16E+05	1.4E+05	1.67E+05	5.58E+05	3.23E+05	2.25E+05	4.69E+04	2.01E+04	6.34E+05	6.18E+05	5.34E+04	1.41E+06	7.6E+05	4.42E+05	4.37E+05	7.6E+04	7.49E+05	6.22E+05	5.45E+05	4.33E+03	1.4E+05	9.17E+03	2.71E+05	4.28E+04	4.01E+05	1.24E+06	8.13E+05	8.36E+04	8.85E+05	6E+05	3.73E+05	4.21E+04	1.35E+05	3.82E+04	3.11E+05	7.58E+05	2.41E+04	2.07E+05	2.2E+05	6.07E+04
L-ORNITHINE	7.84E+05	1.66E+06	1.06E+06	1.65E+06	1.86E+06	1.5E+06	1.14E+06	2.93E+05	8.82E+05	5.44E+05	7.22E+05	8.93E+05	2.89E+05	1.28E+06	1.08E+06	1.1E+06	8.43E+05	1.74E+06	2.33E+06	6.88E+05	9.58E+05	6.69E+05	1.36E+06	8.62E+05	6E+05	1.43E+06	5.71E+05	7.43E+05	9.02E+05	1.33E+06	5.41E+05	2.27E+06	1.04E+06	5.22E+05	1.07E+06	5.31E+05	1.91E+06	1.23E+06	5.95E+05	6.72E+05	1.02E+06	2.56E+05	4.39E+05	1.08E+06	5.63E+05
L-Phenylalanine_1	2.48E+08	4.08E+08	9.71E+07	4.63E+08	5.94E+08	2.11E+08	2.52E+08	4.18E+07	1.88E+08	7.07E+07	2.41E+08	1.49E+08	1.21E+08	1.87E+08	4.34E+08	2.2E+08	3.23E+08	3.64E+08	4.92E+08	4.29E+08	2.14E+08	2.86E+08	1.69E+08	4.5E+08	8.55E+07	1.17E+08	4.91E+07	1.65E+08	1.24E+08	1.93E+08	1.84E+08	3.92E+08	1.24E+08	2E+08	2.64E+08	1.18E+08	3.23E+08	1.7E+08	9.63E+07	7.17E+07	2.27E+08	5.19E+07	1.23E+08	2.77E+08	1E+08
L-Phenylalanine_2	3.81E+05	5.62E+05	7.16E+04	6.55E+05	5.49E+05	1.82E+05	8.86E+04	6.69E+04	3.52E+05	9.21E+04	6.31E+04	1.82E+05	1.1E+05	6.98E+04	6.21E+05	1.71E+05	4.67E+05	6.3E+05	6.32E+05	4.32E+05	4.05E+05	6.71E+05	1.85E+05	6.65E+05	6.09E+04	5.59E+04	8.08E+04	8.47E+04	1.07E+04	5.72E+05	3.65E+05	4.1E+05	1.47E+05	2.48E+05	6.01E+05	1.13E+05	2.85E+05	1.94E+05	2.55E+04	2.26E+04	1.32E+05	2.23E+04	2.45E+04	8.5E+05	4.41E+04
L-Pipecolate	2.99E+05	8.24E+05	8.09E+05	6.02E+05	1.95E+06	1.04E+06	1.11E+06	1.78E+06	1.44E+06	5.5E+05	2.51E+05	5.99E+05	5.32E+05	5.17E+06	4.61E+06	5.53E+06	1.47E+06	9.94E+05	3.49E+05	3.54E+06	3.13E+05	1.98E+05	3.74E+05	3.83E+05	1.42E+06	4.47E+05	8.49E+05	3.7E+06	4.18E+05	3.13E+05	3.29E+06	8.4E+05	1.8E+05	1.09E+06	1E+06	4.37E+05	3.1E+06	1.6E+05	9.93E+05	1.68E+05	7.46E+05	4.22E+05	1.76E+05	2.55E+06	9.84E+05
L-Proline	1.13E+07	4.12E+07	3.12E+07	2.02E+07	2.31E+07	1.56E+07	7.53E+07	7.57E+06	1.07E+07	9.96E+06	1.03E+07	2.26E+07	2.47E+07	6.73E+06	1.09E+07	4.59E+07	3.56E+07	4.11E+07	5.46E+07	6.55E+07	1.19E+07	1.61E+07	1.53E+07	1.76E+07	6.56E+06	4.83E+06	3.29E+06	7.65E+06	1.01E+07	1.74E+07	6.01E+07	1.3E+08	7.13E+06	1.48E+08	4.03E+07	3.8E+07	1.21E+07	2.3E+07	1.49E+07	8.67E+06	4.99E+07	3.66E+06	4.95E+06	1.44E+07	3.56E+07
L-SERINE	1.67E+07	3.81E+07	1.1E+07	1.75E+07	2.54E+07	3.24E+07	2.31E+07	5.16E+06	2.04E+07	5.87E+06	1.34E+07	1.08E+07	7.19E+06	1.23E+07	1.78E+07	1.52E+07	1.82E+07	5.85E+07	2.57E+07	1.44E+07	1.87E+07	1.77E+07	3.2E+07	1.88E+07	9.39E+06	3.68E+07	1.16E+07	1.37E+07	1.25E+07	2.21E+07	9.66E+06	2.1E+07	1.87E+07	1.01E+07	2.21E+07	1.24E+07	2E+07	1.8E+07	1.29E+07	9.24E+06	1.21E+07	5.7E+06	1.14E+07	1.24E+07	1.08E+07
L-Threonine	4.41E+07	5.58E+07	3.98E+07	8.69E+07	2.7E+07	4.7E+07	4.34E+07	1.1E+07	3.04E+07	3.47E+07	4.11E+07	3.75E+07	1.2E+07	3.04E+07	6.62E+07	4.08E+07	3.93E+07	3.6E+07	9.05E+07	6.24E+07	3.04E+07	4.05E+07	4.93E+07	1.09E+08	1.24E+07	2.53E+07	1.21E+07	4.07E+07	6.06E+07	2.57E+07	2.01E+07	4.1E+07	4.22E+07	3E+07	3.7E+07	3.36E+07	3.61E+07	4.15E+07	4.72E+07	1.9E+07	3.37E+07	1.13E+07	5.94E+07	3.14E+07	1.68E+07
L-Tryptophan	1.27E+08	2.72E+08	5.58E+07	2.71E+08	2.66E+08	1.51E+08	1.81E+08	3.17E+07	1.05E+08	4.76E+07	2.01E+08	9.12E+07	9.83E+07	7.29E+07	2.36E+08	1.59E+08	1.53E+08	2.89E+08	2.83E+08	2.59E+08	1.67E+08	1.61E+08	1.32E+08	3.66E+08	6.26E+07	1.01E+08	3.55E+07	7.7E+07	8.34E+07	1.14E+08	9.64E+07	1.75E+08	7.17E+07	1.18E+08	1.54E+08	6.24E+07	1.45E+08	7.46E+07	6.47E+07	3.72E+07	8.6E+07	4.46E+07	6.82E+07	2.38E+08	6.06E+07
L-Tryptophanamide	3.19E+05	3.75E+05	1.74E+04	5.12E+05	4.47E+05	1.5E+05	2.89E+05	1.78E+04	3.89E+05	1.45E+04	2.85E+05	1.16E+05	4.2E+04	3.04E+05	7.97E+05	3.98E+05	4.91E+04	4E+05	1.04E+06	2.2E+05	4.62E+04	2.35E+05	1.31E+05	6.41E+05	1.45E+04	7.12E+04	3.63E+03	2.96E+05	3.69E+04	8.29E+05	6.87E+05	6.85E+05	2.25E+05	1.56E+05	1.46E+06	8.59E+03	1.19E+06	1.25E+05	8.96E+03	8.6E+04	2.06E+05	6.99E+03	1.69E+05	1.6E+05	4.22E+04
L-Tyrosine_1	1.1E+08	2.57E+08	6.05E+07	2.64E+08	2.92E+08	1.18E+08	1.57E+08	1.86E+07	8.57E+07	6.52E+07	1.17E+08	9.05E+07	7.98E+07	7.29E+07	2.06E+08	1.5E+08	1.67E+08	2.63E+08	2.55E+08	2.41E+08	1.36E+08	1.16E+08	1.13E+08	2.13E+08	5.85E+07	8.52E+07	3.27E+07	5.33E+07	6.92E+07	1.13E+08	6.04E+07	1.92E+08	6.39E+07	1.38E+08	1.11E+08	7.21E+07	1.39E+08	1.01E+08	6.55E+07	3.15E+07	7.68E+07	3.35E+07	6.22E+07	2.02E+08	4.71E+07
L-Tyrosine_2	3.38E+06	2.93E+06	5.06E+07	1.52E+08	4.93E+06	9.24E+06	3.43E+07	1.1E+06	5.9E+06	9.66E+06	5.44E+06	3.1E+06	1.81E+07	6.04E+06	1.88E+07	2.6E+06	1.85E+07	1.32E+08	1.87E+07	7.7E+06	1.9E+07	2.17E+08	4.17E+06	2.41E+08	5.91E+07	1.91E+06	2.59E+07	2.71E+06	9.04E+05	7.88E+06	5.42E+06	9.96E+06	4.03E+06	1.39E+07	1.56E+07	1.74E+07	4.12E+07	7.1E+06	1.28E+06	4.86E+07	2.74E+06	1.16E+07	3.48E+07	2.59E+07	1.14E+06
L-Tyrosine methyl ester_1	1.6E+05	1.9E+06	3.56E+05	1.58E+06	4.29E+06	1.11E+06	2.73E+06	2.25E+06	9.53E+05	1.79E+05	1.08E+06	2.49E+05	2.14E+05	6E+05	1.7E+06	1.89E+06	1.83E+06	1.28E+06	1.38E+06	8.39E+05	9.21E+04	3.34E+05	6.09E+05	1.6E+06	4.1E+04	3.79E+05	4.33E+05	6.23E+04	2.56E+05	1.62E+06	1.08E+07	8.09E+05	7.14E+05	4.23E+06	2.5E+06	5.19E+04	1.03E+06	2.53E+06	1.26E+05	4.29E+06	1.41E+05	7.11E+05	5.36E+05	1.28E+06	7.68E+05
L-Tyrosine methyl ester_2	3.12E+04	8.27E+03	3E+04	2.38E+06	1.35E+04	6.36E+04	2.9E+05	1.8E+03	4.65E+03	3.42E+03	5.25E+04	3.68E+03	4.79E+03	6.8E+03	3.02E+05	1.36E+04	4.72E+05	1.21E+05	4.69E+04	1.09E+04	1.05E+04	4.68E+05	4.06E+03	3.9E+05	4.64E+04	4.22E+03	2.61E+04	4.07E+03	5.8E+03	3.07E+05	2.64E+04	4.98E+03	3.67E+04	4.13E+05	8.76E+04	9.21E+03	4.7E+05	1.44E+05	2.96E+03	8.05E+04	1.39E+04	5.92E+03	4.08E+03	2.8E+05	2.02E+05
L-Tyrosine methyl ester 4-sulfate	2.49E+03	3.16E+03	1.61E+06	1.9E+05	9.53E+05	2.35E+03	6.11E+05	4.07E+03	1.07E+04	3.85E+05	5.18E+03	2.62E+04	3.41E+04	2.5E+05	0	7.19E+05	1.82E+04	9.84E+04	2.31E+03	1.2E+06	3.33E+03	0	0	4.16E+03	1.34E+04	0	2.15E+03	4E+05	2.5E+03	2.65E+03	8.19E+03	1.56E+05	2.15E+04	2.11E+03	2.46E+04	6.05E+05	1.09E+04	0	3.14E+03	0	1.79E+03	1.27E+04	1.82E+03	5.14E+04	2.77E+05
Lumichrome	2.57E+06	8.68E+03	1.87E+03	1.13E+04	2.67E+04	3.96E+03	2.1E+04	1.27E+04	7.4E+03	5.87E+03	3.24E+03	1.52E+03	3.49E+05	9.61E+03	2.68E+04	7.86E+04	7.68E+04	6.79E+03	3.35E+03	1.8E+04	4.28E+03	1.31E+04	8.27E+03	7.83E+03	1.14E+04	2.05E+03	4.23E+03	7.67E+03	2.65E+03	2.76E+04	1.23E+04	3.24E+03	2.26E+03	9.34E+03	1.54E+04	5.67E+03	3.34E+04	2.51E+04	1.99E+03	3.47E+03	8.45E+03	1.37E+04	2.05E+03	5.36E+03	3.04E+03
L-Urobilin	3.15E+05	0	0	1.93E+03	2.36E+03	0	0	7.17E+03	9.21E+05	0	0	8.91E+04	0	1.25E+05	2.47E+03	0	1.49E+05	2.49E+03	2.15E+03	1.99E+03	1.67E+03	1E+06	0	2.2E+03	1.79E+03	0	1.93E+03	6.23E+04	0	0	1.84E+03	0	1.99E+03	0	1.62E+03	0	1.61E+03	5.85E+04	1.56E+04	0	6.08E+03	1.24E+04	1.59E+05	1.69E+03	0
Luteolin	2.8E+05	1.15E+04	8.47E+04	8.17E+04	1.28E+05	1.88E+06	2.26E+04	2.27E+05	2.62E+06	1.56E+06	4.33E+05	6.05E+05	1.54E+06	9.72E+05	9.64E+05	2.09E+05	7.5E+06	2.1E+06	2.49E+05	1.27E+05	3.34E+06	3.46E+05	3.06E+06	4.17E+06	2.14E+06	1.05E+06	3.56E+06	1.21E+06	3.89E+03	1.5E+06	5.01E+06	7.43E+05	2.61E+05	3.21E+06	1.9E+06	4.85E+05	5.28E+05	3.49E+05	1.39E+05	3.62E+05	5.24E+05	1.33E+06	1.51E+04	3.35E+06	1.11E+06
L-Valine	3.48E+07	1.27E+08	4.6E+08	1.94E+08	2.3E+08	1.28E+08	3.65E+08	1.64E+08	1.42E+08	5.66E+08	1.61E+08	1.22E+08	1.14E+08	1.1E+08	1.28E+08	1.33E+08	1.64E+08	1.3E+08	1.14E+08	1.43E+08	5.77E+08	2.5E+07	6.27E+08	1.8E+08	1.59E+08	1.78E+08	2.12E+08	1.25E+08	1.28E+08	3.29E+08	1.41E+08	5.54E+08	2.25E+08	6.92E+08	1.17E+08	5.08E+08	5.78E+08	1.32E+08	1.91E+08	1.72E+08	1.7E+08	2.71E+08	6.53E+08	1.43E+08	5.7E+08
M1	8.54E+04	1.32E+05	9.29E+04	8.25E+04	3.6E+04	1.67E+04	1.42E+05	9.97E+03	2.9E+04	1.22E+04	9.35E+04	5.35E+03	3.06E+04	2.54E+04	3.47E+04	5.24E+04	2.81E+04	5.39E+04	3.48E+04	8.41E+04	1.68E+04	6.37E+04	1.63E+04	4.18E+05	9.37E+03	1.18E+04	1.02E+04	4.16E+04	2.63E+03	1.78E+04	2.71E+05	2.04E+04	3.21E+04	1.91E+04	1.12E+05	9.82E+03	1.31E+05	3.02E+03	3.29E+03	4.63E+04	3.87E+04	1.25E+04	2.17E+05	7.36E+04	1.38E+04
Maclurin	6.12E+04	1.36E+05	1.56E+04	2.63E+05	7.07E+05	2.15E+04	5.27E+04	6.96E+03	5.22E+04	1.52E+04	8.29E+04	2.29E+05	1.69E+04	1.24E+04	5.17E+04	2.97E+04	2.17E+05	1.76E+05	1.13E+05	1.46E+05	1.33E+05	1.08E+05	8.41E+04	6.53E+05	1.09E+04	2.98E+04	6.53E+03	1.97E+04	1.68E+04	1.78E+04	1.16E+05	3.35E+05	1.89E+04	6.65E+04	5.14E+04	5.98E+03	1.09E+05	4.84E+05	6.17E+03	3E+04	2.09E+04	1.06E+04	2.48E+05	1.16E+05	4.92E+03
Maleimide	3.48E+05	1.55E+06	2.03E+06	3.23E+05	7.72E+05	1.61E+06	1.74E+05	1.48E+06	1.41E+06	9.7E+05	1.75E+05	1.32E+06	6.93E+05	1.31E+06	1.34E+05	1.45E+06	8.69E+05	5.41E+05	2.3E+05	1.28E+05	1.33E+06	4.8E+05	9.45E+05	3.62E+04	1.27E+06	2.64E+06	1.43E+06	1.43E+06	1.72E+06	1.01E+06	1.59E+05	1.66E+05	1.49E+06	1.61E+05	2.82E+05	1.79E+06	5.02E+05	1.94E+06	1.72E+06	2.11E+06	1.42E+06	1.43E+06	2.02E+06	6.96E+05	2.26E+06
Mallotophenone	1.22E+05	5.59E+04	3.26E+04	4.3E+05	8.24E+05	1.15E+04	4E+04	6.63E+03	1.63E+05	5.33E+04	4.15E+04	3.13E+04	3.11E+03	8.39E+04	2.65E+05	2E+05	2.29E+05	1.36E+05	3.22E+05	2.59E+05	2.42E+04	7.36E+04	9.73E+04	2.04E+05	4.86E+03	2.79E+04	2.3E+03	1.01E+05	1.28E+04	1.19E+04	2.42E+05	4.22E+04	5.68E+04	1.5E+05	5.8E+04	2.13E+04	1.61E+05	9.05E+03	1.32E+03	1.77E+04	7.32E+04	8.93E+03	1.73E+04	5.42E+03	2.19E+03
MANNOSE	5.91E+07	1.4E+07	1.23E+07	2.58E+07	4.39E+07	1.2E+07	2.69E+07	2.06E+07	2.58E+07	2.01E+07	1.73E+07	1.46E+07	1.16E+07	1.85E+07	1.27E+07	9.15E+06	3.46E+07	2.68E+07	1.32E+07	3.96E+07	1.53E+07	3.96E+07	8.72E+06	1.09E+07	3.18E+07	5.13E+06	1.45E+07	2.42E+07	7.19E+06	1.52E+07	3.08E+07	3.17E+07	1.09E+07	5.58E+07	1.63E+07	1.72E+07	2.85E+07	1.93E+07	1.6E+07	2.21E+07	1.37E+07	1.95E+07	1.21E+07	1.73E+07	1.37E+07
m-Chlorophenylpiperazine	1.02E+05	4.15E+04	2.29E+03	7.32E+04	1.86E+04	4.33E+04	2.04E+04	1.71E+03	3.14E+04	2.92E+03	3.18E+04	3.4E+04	1.86E+03	6.62E+03	1.21E+05	1.43E+04	5.77E+04	1.33E+04	1.34E+05	3.24E+04	6.51E+03	2.05E+04	2.96E+03	2.05E+04	3.03E+03	2.23E+03	1.57E+03	7.71E+03	1.88E+03	1.48E+04	3.51E+04	8.09E+05	8.74E+03	7.55E+04	9.77E+04	2.06E+03	2.3E+04	4.55E+04	7.63E+03	1.32E+04	1.61E+04	2.14E+03	7.02E+03	1.6E+04	2.29E+03
Melamine	3.86E+06	3.52E+06	4.13E+06	3.2E+06	2.3E+06	4.2E+06	4.32E+06	4.92E+06	3.44E+06	3.87E+06	3.79E+06	3.25E+06	4.29E+06	3.17E+06	2.96E+06	3.48E+06	3.29E+06	3.44E+06	2.88E+06	3.19E+06	3.38E+06	2.57E+06	4.09E+06	2.7E+06	3.71E+06	3.5E+06	4.19E+06	3.91E+06	4.92E+06	2.69E+06	2.92E+06	2.74E+06	3.89E+06	3.02E+06	2.65E+06	3.23E+06	4.05E+06	3.03E+06	4.09E+06	4.18E+06	2.84E+06	4.75E+06	3.95E+06	3.62E+06	4.47E+06
Melicopine	2.7E+06	1.1E+04	3.72E+04	7.89E+03	4.37E+04	9.41E+03	9.29E+03	6.82E+03	1.86E+04	1.11E+04	5.23E+03	2.52E+03	1.5E+04	4.25E+03	5.3E+03	1.21E+04	3.61E+04	2.37E+04	6.87E+03	1.87E+04	7.41E+03	7.25E+05	6.88E+03	6.85E+03	4.37E+03	1.17E+03	1.6E+03	7.14E+03	3.93E+03	8.3E+03	1.6E+04	1.08E+04	3E+03	5.21E+04	1.09E+04	5.11E+03	1.22E+04	1.03E+04	1.26E+03	1.2E+04	7.79E+03	1.44E+03	3E+03	4.65E+04	7.9E+03
Menadiol_1	9.24E+05	1.77E+06	5.9E+05	2.93E+06	4.05E+06	4.9E+05	1.11E+06	2.16E+05	1.12E+06	5.13E+05	2.5E+05	2.21E+05	1.64E+05	8.58E+05	1.44E+06	9.98E+05	1.9E+06	9.91E+05	2.04E+06	2.12E+06	2.24E+05	6.5E+05	6.75E+05	1.33E+06	7.08E+04	3.54E+05	7.17E+04	8.38E+05	2.45E+05	4.75E+05	1.88E+06	3.94E+05	4.85E+05	1.63E+06	1.01E+06	4.31E+05	1.79E+06	6.42E+05	2.5E+05	5.97E+05	1.07E+06	1.27E+05	3.67E+05	1.4E+05	3.31E+05
Menadiol_2	1.92E+05	2.08E+05	3E+05	2.35E+05	1.21E+06	2.53E+05	3.84E+05	7.25E+05	5.41E+05	4.88E+04	1.26E+05	2.69E+05	2.7E+04	3.24E+05	5.32E+04	2.41E+05	3.43E+05	6.28E+04	8.86E+05	8.58E+05	7.37E+04	1.08E+05	6.43E+03	3.36E+05	4.52E+04	1.1E+04	2.09E+04	3.03E+05	1.44E+05	4.92E+04	4.91E+05	5.67E+05	1.37E+04	2.5E+06	1.15E+05	3.42E+05	6.18E+05	6.62E+05	1.88E+04	1.06E+05	4.63E+05	6.41E+05	2.07E+05	2.02E+05	1.59E+05
Menadiol_3	6.83E+04	9.5E+04	9.33E+04	1.58E+04	8.44E+04	6.53E+04	3.74E+04	5.41E+04	3.09E+04	4.59E+04	8.19E+04	7.79E+04	3.07E+04	3.41E+04	8.28E+04	1.06E+05	1.17E+04	7.44E+04	5.06E+04	2.62E+05	5.75E+04	4.99E+04	7.39E+04	8.61E+04	6.57E+04	3.67E+04	4.03E+04	4.71E+04	5.67E+04	7.45E+04	6.54E+04	5.37E+04	2.4E+04	7.31E+04	8.58E+04	1.03E+05	9.7E+04	4.45E+04	3.88E+04	4.28E+04	1.68E+04	3.17E+05	7.75E+04	5.51E+04	2.23E+04
Menadione	7.08E+05	5.84E+05	6.56E+04	8.33E+05	4.75E+05	2.21E+06	1.69E+06	6.69E+04	2.32E+05	8.58E+04	5.55E+05	3.53E+05	4.67E+04	7.73E+05	1.5E+06	5.42E+05	3.94E+05	8.14E+05	3.16E+06	1.82E+06	2.57E+05	6.85E+05	2.5E+05	1.58E+06	8.46E+03	4.52E+04	5.35E+03	3.04E+05	1.62E+05	4.22E+05	1.78E+06	4.04E+05	5.07E+05	6.67E+05	2.48E+05	2.32E+04	2.37E+06	7.85E+05	3.42E+04	3.43E+05	5.16E+05	7.64E+03	2.38E+05	3.23E+05	4.27E+05
Menadione sodium bisulfite	1.37E+06	1.94E+05	2.34E+04	8.35E+04	9.38E+06	3.58E+04	3.68E+04	1.52E+06	2.14E+06	5.68E+03	5.93E+04	9.66E+04	1.37E+04	1.01E+04	1.53E+04	2.87E+03	2.83E+06	5.63E+04	4.96E+05	2.06E+07	1.03E+04	1.71E+06	2.11E+04	1.64E+04	6.21E+04	7.2E+03	2.24E+04	1.11E+04	7.9E+03	3.87E+06	4.27E+06	2.11E+06	1.6E+06	3.01E+05	8.55E+04	2.22E+04	1.45E+06	5.54E+04	4.56E+04	3.4E+05	6.89E+04	3.95E+03	3.37E+03	6.88E+04	1.08E+05
Meperidine	1.94E+05	0	1.82E+03	0	2.62E+03	1.87E+03	0	0	0	0	1.6E+04	0	0	0	2.14E+03	2.81E+03	0	0	0	2.04E+03	1.89E+03	2.08E+03	1.68E+03	2.11E+03	2.49E+03	2.13E+03	1.56E+03	0	1.79E+03	0	0	2.79E+06	1.78E+03	2.15E+03	1.93E+03	0	2.02E+03	3.01E+03	1.88E+03	1.71E+04	0	1.81E+03	2.12E+03	0	0
Mescaline_1	5.13E+05	2.86E+05	6.34E+05	1.23E+06	1.32E+06	9.42E+04	6.41E+05	5.15E+04	1.1E+05	5.21E+05	1.37E+05	1.82E+05	4.72E+04	1.5E+05	1.31E+06	5.85E+05	5.36E+05	1.37E+06	1.39E+06	3.51E+05	1.63E+05	7.39E+05	8.63E+05	4.39E+05	6.46E+05	4.89E+05	3.09E+05	7.49E+04	1.01E+05	4.13E+05	3.24E+05	1.12E+06	9.5E+04	6.21E+04	7.74E+05	5.5E+05	1.96E+06	2.41E+05	1.63E+04	2.07E+05	1.03E+05	2.48E+05	1.12E+05	2.39E+05	5.65E+04
Mescaline_2	1.43E+05	3.98E+03	8.87E+03	1.44E+04	1.41E+06	1.21E+04	1.65E+04	1.64E+05	1.31E+04	2.79E+03	4.62E+03	6.79E+03	3.26E+03	3.78E+03	2E+04	1.49E+04	4.94E+05	9.55E+03	2.86E+04	9.54E+05	2.29E+03	3.29E+05	3.73E+03	5.97E+05	1.28E+06	1.9E+03	1.63E+06	1.06E+06	2.5E+03	3.45E+04	3.13E+05	9.77E+03	6.31E+03	1.59E+04	3.25E+04	2.33E+03	2.13E+05	5.38E+03	3.99E+03	1.21E+05	2.95E+04	4.74E+05	2.19E+03	1.62E+04	2.93E+03
Mescaline_3	1.21E+05	1.55E+04	2.31E+03	1.98E+04	5.28E+04	6.1E+05	1.62E+04	3.78E+03	1.02E+04	2.06E+03	3.19E+03	9.7E+03	1.73E+03	3.96E+03	1.01E+05	1.93E+03	1.47E+04	3.01E+03	2.24E+04	1.33E+05	2.32E+03	1.93E+04	2.01E+03	1.43E+04	2.23E+03	2.17E+03	3.45E+03	3.53E+03	3.62E+04	1.14E+05	1.57E+04	1.31E+05	3.19E+03	5.51E+05	1.72E+04	3.98E+03	1.71E+04	1.33E+06	1.03E+03	8.02E+03	1.3E+05	2.07E+03	2.23E+03	2.57E+04	2.01E+05
Metaxalone_1	1.98E+06	6.99E+05	2.46E+04	1.52E+06	1.87E+06	1.19E+06	8.19E+05	3.65E+05	4.42E+05	1.12E+05	1.2E+06	2.51E+05	9.08E+04	9.47E+05	2.12E+06	7.8E+05	1.17E+06	9.23E+05	3.16E+06	1.33E+06	1.62E+05	1.11E+06	6.25E+05	2.14E+06	1.43E+05	4.99E+05	4.05E+04	7.89E+05	2.86E+05	7.22E+05	2.06E+06	5.82E+06	9.68E+05	5.38E+05	1.32E+06	1.43E+04	1.55E+06	4.7E+05	4.67E+04	1.29E+06	9.47E+05	2.79E+04	3.19E+05	6.35E+05	1.13E+06
Metaxalone_2	2.74E+05	1.95E+05	2.66E+05	4.13E+05	5.39E+05	1.01E+06	2.9E+05	1.13E+05	1.06E+05	3.3E+04	2.56E+05	1.55E+05	9.02E+04	2.04E+05	7.44E+05	2.78E+05	2.99E+05	7.95E+04	1.06E+06	4.18E+05	2.31E+04	1.33E+06	5.6E+04	5.89E+05	1.1E+04	6.92E+03	3.72E+03	9.68E+04	1.97E+05	2.28E+05	2.59E+05	7.27E+05	2.54E+05	7.05E+05	6.47E+05	2.91E+03	4.86E+05	6.8E+05	3.22E+04	2.22E+05	1.7E+05	8.24E+03	1.92E+05	1.26E+05	2.64E+05
Metazachlor	1.25E+06	2.99E+06	4.59E+05	2.08E+06	2.16E+06	1.07E+06	1.26E+06	2.22E+05	1.93E+06	1.19E+05	1.36E+06	5.43E+05	2.77E+05	1.26E+06	2.46E+06	1.67E+06	1.56E+06	1.13E+06	2.97E+06	1.38E+06	2.43E+05	1.43E+06	8.39E+05	2.86E+06	4.73E+04	5.68E+05	4.61E+04	1.44E+06	2.56E+05	2.96E+06	3E+06	3.76E+06	9.93E+05	1.42E+06	4.77E+06	1.21E+05	4.05E+06	6.86E+05	7.98E+04	9.14E+05	1E+06	1.24E+05	6.83E+05	1.13E+06	3.04E+05
Meteloidine	5.61E+04	3.54E+03	8.32E+04	1.06E+04	8.4E+06	1.01E+04	8.83E+03	4.55E+03	3.85E+04	1.13E+04	3.12E+03	2.53E+03	2.71E+03	5.87E+03	1.6E+04	5.59E+03	1.12E+04	3.12E+03	5.11E+03	1.62E+03	0	1.9E+04	2.38E+03	3.64E+03	2.45E+03	1.79E+03	1.61E+03	2.28E+03	0	1.11E+04	5.13E+04	3.91E+04	6.8E+04	4.43E+05	2.44E+04	5.86E+04	3.03E+04	9.93E+03	2.2E+03	8.23E+03	2.67E+03	0	2.07E+03	8.01E+03	2.09E+03
Methamphetamine	1.83E+05	1.33E+05	3.27E+05	1.03E+05	1.31E+06	2.96E+05	1.24E+05	1.03E+06	2.45E+05	1.73E+06	1.57E+06	1.15E+06	1.65E+06	5.89E+05	1.51E+06	1.64E+06	4.14E+05	1.35E+05	3.66E+05	2.14E+05	6.41E+05	3.06E+04	4.04E+05	3.58E+04	4.24E+05	1.97E+06	2E+06	5.74E+05	1.67E+06	1.43E+06	4.07E+05	1.51E+04	1.52E+06	1.83E+05	3.28E+04	1.53E+06	6.11E+04	5.4E+05	2.88E+04	8.35E+05	1.52E+06	1.57E+06	2.18E+05	7.13E+05	1.99E+06
Methasulfocarb	2.21E+05	9.22E+04	4.26E+04	1.98E+05	1.4E+05	7.36E+04	4.51E+04	1.7E+04	1.96E+05	3.46E+03	4.56E+04	3.13E+03	7.59E+03	2.79E+04	1.87E+05	1.61E+05	9.53E+04	8.52E+04	4.13E+05	4.78E+04	1.56E+04	1.92E+05	1.71E+04	2.86E+05	3.53E+03	6.14E+04	0	7.78E+04	4.47E+03	1.17E+04	1.04E+05	4.64E+04	9.45E+04	9.96E+04	2.92E+04	2.57E+03	1.69E+05	3.02E+05	8.17E+03	5.88E+04	7.19E+04	0	1.74E+04	1.71E+04	4.25E+04
Methohexital	4.23E+06	1.32E+07	1.95E+06	6.9E+06	2.46E+07	5.76E+06	5.78E+06	8.75E+05	6.71E+06	2.84E+06	1.12E+07	4.78E+06	1.62E+06	5.49E+06	4.12E+06	5.32E+06	1.85E+07	1.81E+07	1.36E+07	1.02E+07	5.51E+06	1.15E+07	4.64E+06	2.22E+07	1.35E+06	1.29E+06	6.45E+05	4.39E+06	2.34E+06	4.33E+06	6.72E+06	2E+07	3.8E+06	8.49E+06	9.2E+06	5.62E+06	2.01E+07	6.49E+06	2.02E+06	1.97E+06	5.28E+06	1.59E+06	2.31E+06	2.92E+06	6.2E+05
Methyl 2-diazoacetamidohexonate	1.97E+04	6.12E+04	4.54E+04	6.16E+04	2.71E+05	4.03E+04	7.93E+04	8.5E+04	1.93E+04	5.96E+05	3.45E+04	2.38E+06	7.95E+04	1.85E+04	2.68E+04	1.04E+04	3.58E+04	6.17E+04	5.73E+03	2.62E+05	4.49E+04	6.27E+05	7.64E+04	3.89E+04	8.95E+04	9.79E+04	1.76E+05	2.38E+04	9.52E+04	5.64E+04	4.38E+04	2.46E+05	5.81E+05	2.28E+04	1.5E+04	9.19E+04	9.41E+04	2.63E+05	3.79E+04	6.95E+04	1.78E+05	7.07E+04	2.38E+06	5.54E+03	9.09E+04
METHYL BETA-D-GALACTOSIDE	5.26E+04	1.28E+05	1.25E+07	2.44E+07	1.47E+05	2.52E+06	6.35E+06	2E+06	7.04E+06	1.62E+06	8.27E+05	6.1E+06	1.15E+07	2.68E+06	1.71E+06	2.28E+04	9.39E+04	6.74E+06	1.67E+06	1.77E+06	5.99E+05	1.15E+07	9.78E+04	2.82E+06	1.91E+07	8.43E+04	1.02E+07	2.19E+05	9.49E+04	6.54E+06	3.66E+05	1.7E+06	1.04E+07	1.49E+05	8.97E+06	1.83E+06	3.2E+07	2.22E+06	2.47E+06	6.25E+06	1.2E+05	3.31E+06	9.21E+06	1.74E+07	3.08E+05
Methyl farnesoate_1	1.67E+05	3.11E+05	1.72E+05	2.13E+05	2.9E+05	2.32E+05	1.52E+05	9.07E+04	1.4E+05	2.58E+05	1.98E+05	2.88E+05	1.85E+05	2.41E+05	2.09E+05	2.05E+05	2.07E+05	2.92E+05	1.56E+05	1.92E+05	2E+05	2.08E+05	2.53E+05	2.54E+05	3.03E+05	2.05E+05	2.01E+05	7.3E+04	1.88E+05	1.57E+05	1.73E+05	1.6E+05	3.31E+05	2.76E+05	2.09E+05	2.82E+05	3.54E+05	1.82E+05	1.96E+05	1.59E+05	2.63E+05	2.92E+05	2.37E+05	2.59E+05	2.95E+05
Methyl farnesoate_2	4.56E+04	2.31E+05	1.8E+04	1.37E+05	9.04E+04	1.11E+05	2.06E+05	1.23E+04	2.78E+04	2.1E+03	5.11E+04	1.35E+05	2.06E+03	4.17E+04	1.45E+05	1.92E+04	1.07E+06	8.57E+04	2.88E+04	2.94E+05	5.24E+03	7.43E+04	1.52E+04	2.09E+04	3.26E+03	4.27E+03	1.8E+03	4.34E+03	3.7E+03	1.79E+04	1.99E+05	1.31E+05	2.1E+04	1.31E+06	1.7E+05	1.49E+04	1.77E+04	1.42E+06	991	2.48E+04	1.72E+04	2.47E+03	6.34E+03	1.21E+05	6.03E+04
Methyldopa anhydrous_1	4E+06	4.81E+06	9.87E+05	5.7E+06	5.54E+06	2.35E+06	2.7E+06	6.44E+05	2.68E+06	7.49E+05	2.12E+06	1.36E+06	1.17E+06	1.84E+06	4.81E+06	2.14E+06	3.02E+06	3.65E+06	5.83E+06	3.5E+06	1.79E+06	3.5E+06	1.29E+06	3.54E+06	9.78E+05	1.07E+06	5.24E+05	2.02E+06	1.01E+06	1.07E+06	1.33E+06	3.97E+06	9.19E+05	2.07E+06	1.01E+06	1.09E+06	4.01E+06	1.71E+06	1.19E+06	9.78E+05	1.8E+06	5.57E+05	9.65E+05	1.47E+06	8.43E+05
Methyldopa anhydrous_2	5.89E+04	2.01E+05	2.85E+05	3.27E+05	3.68E+05	4.63E+05	4.46E+04	2.54E+04	7.84E+04	1.11E+04	1.82E+05	2.95E+05	4.14E+03	9.12E+04	5.93E+05	6.08E+04	1.72E+05	1.21E+05	3.31E+05	5.43E+05	3.24E+04	8.05E+04	2.83E+04	5.35E+04	1.03E+04	1.79E+04	6.5E+03	3.51E+04	4.09E+04	2.27E+05	9.78E+04	1.38E+05	9.37E+04	9.78E+05	6.15E+03	4.26E+04	1.29E+05	2.67E+06	3.98E+03	4.03E+04	2.19E+05	1.39E+04	1.56E+04	6.54E+04	4.96E+05
Methyldopa anhydrous_3	1.19E+04	6.4E+03	2.35E+03	5.56E+04	3.14E+04	2.91E+03	1.24E+03	1.36E+04	6.52E+03	2.15E+03	1.4E+04	2.05E+03	1.7E+03	2.53E+03	1.36E+04	2.41E+03	1.16E+04	3.56E+05	2.17E+04	9.62E+03	1.79E+03	6.06E+03	2.29E+03	3.56E+03	5.52E+03	2.43E+03	4.4E+03	5.41E+03	1.48E+03	1.67E+04	1.5E+04	1.41E+04	2.46E+03	2.87E+04	1.33E+04	1.81E+03	2.65E+04	9.11E+03	2.08E+03	1.85E+04	2.36E+03	1.78E+03	1.98E+03	1.15E+04	3.9E+03
Methyleugenol_1	1.15E+06	1.24E+06	1.28E+06	1.17E+06	1.39E+06	1.06E+06	1.11E+06	1.25E+06	1.29E+06	1.31E+06	1.2E+06	1.25E+06	1.48E+06	1.35E+06	1.2E+06	1.32E+06	1.06E+06	1.24E+06	1.06E+06	1.39E+06	1.17E+06	1.04E+06	1.23E+06	1.05E+06	1.21E+06	1.31E+06	1.25E+06	9.58E+05	1.25E+06	9.74E+05	1.06E+06	1.08E+06	1.16E+06	9.81E+05	1.08E+06	1.25E+06	1.02E+06	1.25E+06	1.52E+06	1.34E+06	1.41E+06	1.61E+06	1.5E+06	1.45E+06	1.45E+06
Methyleugenol_2	1.68E+06	5.04E+05	1.6E+05	5.28E+05	6.27E+06	3.04E+05	1.03E+06	2.18E+05	1.24E+06	1.19E+05	1.17E+06	7.95E+05	9.25E+04	4.89E+06	2.81E+05	9.26E+05	1.05E+06	3.11E+05	5.52E+05	1.31E+06	6.79E+05	1.71E+06	1.44E+05	1.48E+06	8.66E+04	8.49E+04	5.18E+04	1.95E+06	1.36E+05	2.92E+05	2.21E+06	3.13E+06	1E+05	4.98E+05	1.19E+05	3.26E+05	2.94E+06	6.71E+05	4.74E+04	1.93E+05	1.42E+06	1.58E+05	1.42E+06	1.88E+05	4.71E+05
METHYLMALONATE	4.41E+05	5.06E+05	1.26E+05	9.76E+05	1.12E+06	4.36E+05	6.13E+04	1.25E+04	3.27E+05	2.26E+04	2E+05	1.47E+05	1.86E+04	3.23E+05	1.19E+06	1.38E+05	6.33E+05	5.82E+05	1.08E+06	3.91E+05	3.01E+05	6.48E+05	3.35E+05	4.33E+05	6.54E+04	2.35E+05	1.49E+04	1.13E+05	1.33E+04	3.32E+04	4.35E+05	9.13E+05	2.45E+05	2.86E+05	1.64E+05	1.04E+05	8.95E+05	1.34E+05	5.03E+04	1.4E+04	1.85E+05	6.43E+04	5.26E+04	6.62E+04	1.16E+05
Methylripariochromene A	2.91E+04	2.69E+03	2.22E+04	4.3E+03	1.41E+05	4.55E+03	2.69E+03	2.7E+03	1.54E+04	9.01E+03	2.62E+03	2.24E+03	3.51E+03	8.86E+03	2.35E+03	4.39E+03	2.85E+04	5.55E+03	2.46E+03	4.53E+03	1.25E+03	4.63E+04	4.64E+03	3.22E+03	4.39E+03	2.5E+03	2.51E+03	2.5E+03	2.26E+03	4.72E+03	1.39E+03	1.58E+06	3.22E+03	3.35E+03	2.52E+03	2.58E+03	3.59E+03	2.94E+03	2.91E+03	2.12E+04	5.33E+03	2.49E+03	2.84E+03	4.93E+03	2.58E+03
Methyltrienolone	3.65E+03	4.21E+03	4.03E+05	5.89E+04	4.51E+04	2.07E+03	1.84E+03	8.4E+03	1.7E+06	5.02E+05	9.85E+03	1.56E+06	1.38E+06	6.45E+05	6.22E+06	2.6E+03	1.83E+03	1.51E+06	4.91E+04	2E+03	1.78E+03	1.01E+04	0	7.32E+03	1.51E+06	2.51E+03	4.35E+05	6.67E+03	3.33E+03	2.83E+05	2.44E+05	4.63E+06	6.94E+05	6.79E+05	1.15E+06	3.01E+05	6.04E+06	4.98E+05	3.87E+05	0	5.56E+03	5.13E+04	4.32E+04	2.74E+05	0
Metipranolol	1.33E+08	1.36E+08	1.69E+07	1.49E+08	3.17E+08	1.51E+08	1.41E+08	4.53E+07	1.32E+08	1.94E+07	6.05E+07	9.22E+07	7.64E+07	1.51E+08	1.65E+08	7.88E+07	1.38E+08	1.17E+08	3.93E+08	1.34E+08	4.15E+07	1.12E+08	2.45E+07	1.79E+08	8.88E+06	2.21E+07	4.87E+06	1.05E+08	6.48E+07	6.55E+07	2.44E+08	1.83E+08	1.38E+08	7.07E+07	2.08E+08	7.58E+06	2.25E+08	1.69E+08	2.72E+07	8.43E+07	1.35E+08	7.1E+06	1.03E+08	7.4E+07	1.1E+08
Metoprolol	0	0	2.19E+03	0	0	0	2.69E+03	1.71E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.97E+03	0	0	6.37E+07	9.09E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.99E+03	1.92E+03	2E+03	2.32E+03	0	0	0	0	1.73E+03
Metronidazole	1.4E+04	1.01E+05	9.25E+03	3.85E+04	1.08E+05	9.59E+04	1.64E+05	3.92E+03	5.37E+04	9.64E+03	3.67E+04	2.05E+04	4.41E+03	3.92E+04	1.08E+05	1.03E+04	5.14E+03	1.12E+05	1.21E+05	2.47E+04	9.16E+03	9.82E+03	1.55E+04	1.6E+04	4.21E+03	1.09E+04	3.61E+03	6.61E+04	2.27E+04	1.17E+05	3.72E+04	2.11E+05	1.89E+04	3.71E+04	4.82E+05	7.49E+03	1.55E+05	2.94E+04	5.9E+03	1.07E+04	6.43E+03	1.92E+03	5.02E+04	2.49E+04	1.67E+04
Mexiletine	7.68E+03	6.95E+03	1.53E+04	4.83E+04	1.25E+04	3.09E+03	3.98E+03	1.1E+06	3.1E+04	8.2E+03	1.87E+03	2.61E+04	1.06E+04	1.58E+04	6.21E+03	8.57E+03	1.35E+05	2.27E+04	3.07E+04	4.59E+03	1.45E+04	1E+04	5.07E+03	6.26E+04	1.25E+04	8.22E+03	8.62E+03	3.88E+03	8.88E+03	1.06E+04	1.87E+05	3.39E+03	1.63E+04	1.4E+06	2.84E+04	7.09E+03	4.1E+05	6.98E+03	5.04E+03	2.88E+05	7.78E+03	1.39E+04	9.67E+03	6.31E+03	1.17E+04
Midazolam_1	2.45E+07	1.24E+07	2.09E+06	2.75E+06	1.42E+07	1.19E+06	1.44E+06	9.08E+06	9.05E+06	3.82E+06	4.93E+06	3.82E+05	1.32E+06	2.57E+06	5.5E+06	1.37E+06	1.74E+07	2.05E+06	6.91E+06	2.53E+06	3.07E+06	2.34E+07	2.27E+06	2.87E+06	1.06E+06	5.61E+05	1.28E+06	1.7E+06	4.56E+05	8.07E+06	2.78E+07	4.38E+06	2.76E+06	1.04E+07	7.58E+06	3.17E+06	2.25E+06	1.19E+05	9.56E+05	9.11E+06	2.19E+06	9.32E+05	3.72E+05	4.23E+06	6.63E+05
Midazolam_2	8.67E+06	3.76E+06	1.37E+06	1.79E+06	1.02E+07	5.67E+05	4.37E+05	1.93E+06	4.67E+06	1.97E+06	3.3E+06	6.16E+05	2.65E+05	1.58E+06	5.89E+06	4.8E+05	6.97E+06	2.71E+06	4.15E+06	2.42E+06	1.44E+06	7.84E+06	2.66E+06	2.62E+06	1.94E+05	1.2E+06	2.78E+05	1.59E+06	8.4E+04	3.09E+06	1.07E+07	3.73E+06	1.52E+06	5.29E+06	3.73E+06	1.98E+06	2.93E+06	7.23E+04	9.71E+04	1.94E+06	1.87E+06	2.58E+05	1.07E+06	1.64E+06	1.97E+05
Midodrine_1	7.69E+06	2.12E+07	6.52E+06	6.29E+07	4.82E+07	6.41E+06	1.26E+07	5.15E+06	1.06E+07	1.18E+07	5.77E+06	5.93E+06	1.74E+06	1.65E+06	9.31E+06	3.66E+06	3.89E+07	2.04E+07	2.22E+07	7.66E+06	3.33E+06	7.41E+06	3.63E+06	1.74E+07	5.54E+06	3.76E+06	3.65E+06	3.26E+06	1.3E+06	4.61E+06	1.04E+07	1.8E+07	1.23E+07	2.28E+07	3.12E+07	3.58E+06	8.43E+06	1.97E+07	1.8E+06	2.19E+07	5.71E+06	1.54E+06	6.8E+06	9.74E+06	5.29E+06
Midodrine_2	2.11E+05	4.66E+04	1.33E+06	5.65E+04	1.74E+06	7.09E+03	3.25E+04	6.14E+05	5.12E+04	2.04E+04	1.95E+03	3.89E+03	1.79E+03	2.5E+04	2.53E+04	5.6E+03	4.98E+05	4.03E+03	4.2E+03	3.01E+04	2.16E+03	2.65E+04	3.63E+03	3.28E+03	1.87E+03	2.6E+04	0	2.41E+05	1.45E+03	2.73E+03	8.82E+05	9.89E+04	1.52E+04	2.13E+04	1.26E+05	1.75E+04	7.76E+04	1.81E+05	7.01E+03	8.18E+03	3.45E+03	1.36E+03	1.44E+03	4.8E+04	2.53E+04
Miotine_1	9.02E+05	3.88E+05	9.43E+04	8.91E+05	8.92E+05	5.69E+05	1.64E+05	7E+05	7.28E+05	2.19E+05	3.73E+05	1.9E+04	3.36E+03	1.08E+05	8.04E+05	3.92E+05	1.18E+06	1.6E+05	7.57E+04	2.2E+05	5.62E+03	9.73E+04	6.08E+04	6.77E+04	3.31E+04	1.18E+05	2.76E+04	4.34E+04	5.54E+04	1.03E+06	1.6E+06	6.38E+04	7.25E+05	2.45E+06	3.06E+06	1.12E+04	1.19E+06	7.46E+05	8.5E+04	5.88E+05	8.94E+04	1.67E+05	3.02E+03	1.14E+06	7.18E+04
Miotine_2	4.47E+03	0	2.58E+03	7.24E+03	1.33E+04	2.25E+03	3.87E+03	4.28E+04	9.5E+03	2.02E+03	0	3.26E+03	0	3.33E+03	5.84E+03	2.24E+03	2.19E+06	4.78E+03	2.6E+03	1.66E+03	1.82E+03	0	1.96E+03	2.19E+05	0	2.1E+03	0	2.34E+03	3.34E+03	5.5E+03	1.34E+05	5.76E+03	2.67E+03	2.67E+05	9.94E+03	1.82E+03	3.6E+04	2.84E+04	1.81E+03	4.21E+03	4E+03	0	1.51E+03	3.1E+03	1.7E+03
Miraxanthin-II	4.2E+04	627	0	1.74E+03	4.28E+03	1.95E+03	5.12E+03	1.55E+03	0	2.26E+05	1.05E+03	1.13E+06	0	4.69E+04	4.09E+05	3.37E+05	0	3.02E+04	1.6E+03	2E+06	9.01E+04	0	0	1.89E+03	0	0	0	5.97E+04	0	0	8.3E+03	2.08E+04	0	1.62E+03	0	6.36E+03	0	1.04E+04	0	0	1.67E+05	0	0	2.06E+03	0
Montanin A	7.94E+05	8.43E+05	7.91E+05	8.53E+05	8.11E+05	7.76E+05	7.81E+05	8.31E+05	7.66E+05	8.3E+05	7.47E+05	7.95E+05	7.8E+05	7.58E+05	7.85E+05	7.75E+05	7.49E+05	7.54E+05	7.91E+05	7.34E+05	7.58E+05	7.59E+05	7.24E+05	6.89E+05	7.36E+05	7.39E+05	7.3E+05	7.25E+05	7.4E+05	7.37E+05	7.06E+05	7.17E+05	7.1E+05	7.24E+05	7.15E+05	7.41E+05	7.5E+05	7.51E+05	7.46E+05	7.65E+05	7.65E+05	7.85E+05	7.93E+05	7.48E+05	7.08E+05
Monuron	1.59E+06	1.36E+06	1.75E+05	3.05E+06	2.51E+06	1.33E+05	1.47E+06	3.22E+05	4.76E+05	2.21E+05	1.7E+06	1.13E+06	3.57E+05	1.2E+06	4.7E+06	1.54E+06	3.05E+06	1.12E+06	3.88E+06	3.06E+06	1.15E+06	2.5E+06	2E+05	2.18E+06	6.23E+05	6.24E+04	2.17E+05	1.37E+06	5.6E+05	5.92E+05	2.37E+06	1.75E+06	9.78E+04	2.24E+06	2.61E+06	2.82E+05	1.49E+06	1.17E+06	2.11E+05	7.23E+05	1.77E+06	4.73E+05	5.9E+05	2.14E+06	1.96E+05
MTIC	1.97E+05	2.11E+05	3.12E+05	8.14E+05	6.11E+05	1.91E+05	1.32E+05	4.84E+04	5.41E+05	2.22E+05	8.4E+04	2.91E+05	2.21E+05	1.08E+06	2.57E+05	8.47E+04	1.69E+05	1.61E+05	5.55E+04	2.79E+05	3E+05	1.89E+05	5.62E+04	1.12E+05	1.33E+05	2.13E+05	5.57E+04	3.25E+04	1.15E+05	5.56E+04	1.84E+05	1.99E+05	1.65E+05	2.14E+05	5.81E+04	9.76E+04	3.57E+05	5.16E+05	6.06E+04	1.15E+05	6.06E+04	9.55E+04	4.38E+04	5.33E+04	2.48E+04
Mukaadial	1.09E+05	4.12E+04	2.11E+04	2.31E+04	2.16E+05	2.03E+04	4.98E+04	7.13E+04	1.57E+04	6.2E+04	7.24E+04	5.45E+04	5.74E+04	2.37E+04	3.54E+04	2.51E+04	6.73E+05	2.51E+04	2.31E+05	9.69E+04	3.51E+04	2.8E+04	3.02E+04	1.93E+04	1.61E+04	1.54E+04	1.46E+04	2.1E+04	3.08E+04	2.49E+04	1.33E+04	1.42E+05	7.56E+03	2.96E+04	7.1E+03	1.47E+04	9.33E+04	1.17E+05	2.56E+04	1.94E+04	1.13E+05	1.83E+04	2.88E+04	1.3E+04	3.7E+04
MYO-INOSITOL	3.68E+05	1.01E+06	6.93E+05	7.06E+05	1.43E+06	1.68E+06	3.8E+05	3.02E+05	7.06E+05	7.28E+05	4.61E+05	2.34E+05	3.13E+05	6.02E+05	6.1E+05	4.47E+05	4.06E+05	8.11E+05	2.24E+06	1.27E+06	3.14E+05	4.85E+05	8.01E+05	3.93E+05	1.92E+06	1.05E+06	1.72E+06	1.68E+06	6.99E+04	1.08E+06	3.21E+05	4.31E+05	9.8E+05	3.68E+05	2.43E+06	1.04E+06	6.03E+05	3.81E+05	3.32E+05	4.49E+05	3.74E+05	1.36E+06	6.48E+05	4.57E+05	1.56E+06
Myriocin_1	4.45E+05	5.86E+06	2.83E+05	7.68E+05	1.14E+06	1.25E+06	7.09E+05	9.77E+04	4.25E+05	1.04E+05	7.99E+04	2.57E+05	6.77E+04	5.9E+05	1.03E+06	4.81E+05	5.75E+05	2.42E+06	1.22E+06	8.19E+05	1.09E+05	1.5E+05	1.51E+05	2.06E+06	2.42E+03	2.49E+05	946	2.34E+05	7.59E+04	1.26E+06	4.98E+05	7.63E+05	5.67E+04	4.38E+05	3.97E+06	2.5E+05	5.54E+05	8.6E+05	1.33E+05	1.59E+05	1.62E+05	7.84E+03	1.28E+05	1.4E+05	6.72E+05
Myriocin_2	1.97E+04	5.69E+05	6.27E+03	1.77E+05	3.14E+05	1.19E+05	4.55E+04	4.29E+03	4.77E+04	2.83E+03	4.87E+03	8.63E+04	2.04E+03	1.42E+04	1.51E+05	5.55E+03	1.85E+05	5.07E+05	2.91E+05	1.4E+04	6.68E+03	7.2E+04	2.78E+04	1.27E+05	1.99E+03	4.52E+04	1.87E+03	1.59E+04	1.33E+03	2.75E+05	4.92E+04	2.94E+05	1.75E+05	2.15E+05	3.01E+05	2.17E+04	3.77E+05	1.03E+04	1.31E+03	1.13E+04	2.62E+04	1.75E+03	1.44E+04	4.28E+03	6.23E+03
Myristoleic acid_1	3.49E+05	4.22E+05	4.31E+05	3.44E+05	3.77E+05	4.97E+05	4.74E+05	4E+05	4.07E+05	3.01E+05	3.64E+05	3.89E+05	4.45E+05	3.85E+05	3.96E+05	2.14E+05	4.34E+05	3.79E+05	3.84E+05	4.07E+05	4.09E+05	3.63E+05	4.49E+05	3.98E+05	4.77E+05	4.11E+05	3.19E+05	4.39E+05	4.5E+05	3.7E+05	4.88E+05	4.36E+05	4.26E+05	3.68E+05	5.03E+05	4.51E+05	1.47E+05	4.39E+05	3.83E+05	4.7E+05	3.33E+05	4.33E+05	3.29E+05	3.67E+05	3.87E+05
Myristoleic acid_2	5.01E+05	7.11E+05	2.29E+03	4.14E+05	7.55E+04	1.51E+05	8.27E+05	6.8E+04	2.62E+05	1.7E+04	1.43E+04	2.65E+04	1.35E+04	9.38E+03	2.37E+05	7.22E+03	1.56E+05	5.33E+04	1.76E+05	1.45E+05	9.29E+04	1.34E+05	4.17E+04	4.32E+05	3.43E+03	1E+04	2.87E+03	1.06E+04	3.1E+04	3.85E+05	5.01E+05	2.25E+05	2.92E+04	1.22E+06	5.29E+05	2.37E+03	1.04E+05	3.44E+05	2.74E+04	8.87E+04	7.72E+03	2.36E+03	2.65E+03	9.93E+04	7.38E+04
N-((R)-Pantothenoyl)-L-cysteine_1	4.15E+06	3.95E+06	5.21E+06	3.46E+06	8.56E+06	8.05E+06	6.63E+06	1.44E+06	2.31E+06	2.26E+06	2.93E+06	4.11E+06	1.3E+06	5.25E+06	3.8E+06	2.43E+06	1.21E+07	3.43E+06	4.61E+06	8.37E+06	6.03E+05	2.21E+06	1.52E+06	2.45E+06	7.08E+05	1.25E+06	5.55E+05	2.58E+06	2.75E+06	2.4E+06	4.09E+06	3.35E+06	3.35E+06	5.65E+06	3.9E+06	2.3E+06	1.97E+06	5.02E+06	1.01E+06	2.76E+06	2.25E+06	1.07E+06	6.98E+05	3.35E+06	5.09E+06
N-((R)-Pantothenoyl)-L-cysteine_2	3.93E+06	2.01E+06	1.95E+06	3E+06	7.44E+06	1.75E+06	2.26E+06	1.43E+06	3.08E+06	2.49E+06	1.92E+06	1.95E+06	7.81E+05	3.86E+06	2.59E+06	1.69E+06	5.48E+06	2.29E+06	3.98E+06	2.79E+06	1.64E+06	5.57E+06	1.3E+06	9.1E+06	1.44E+06	1.22E+06	7.47E+05	2.96E+06	1.05E+06	2.4E+06	2.18E+06	6.46E+06	2.54E+06	6.22E+06	8.04E+05	2.28E+06	5.44E+06	3.99E+06	8.51E+05	1.79E+06	2.67E+06	1.18E+06	1.81E+06	2.37E+06	1.01E+06
N-(2-Methoxyphenyl)-N'-(2-naphtyl)urea	4.4E+03	1.18E+05	2.39E+04	3.45E+05	8.24E+04	4.81E+04	4.13E+04	1.94E+03	6.26E+04	1.29E+04	1.94E+04	1.76E+04	4.01E+03	1.83E+04	2.46E+05	3.49E+04	5.03E+03	3.32E+04	4.29E+05	1.16E+05	1.91E+04	2.93E+04	3.43E+04	2.22E+05	2.93E+03	1.08E+04	1.84E+03	1.31E+04	5.37E+03	2.27E+04	2.11E+04	8.41E+04	2.15E+03	1.23E+04	7.13E+04	1.48E+04	1.66E+05	4.07E+04	3.37E+03	6.15E+03	8.39E+03	7.39E+03	3.31E+04	1.01E+04	1.04E+04
N-(3-Oxododecanoyl)homoserine lactone	1.81E+06	1.08E+06	2.35E+05	3.79E+06	3.74E+06	2.05E+06	1.93E+06	5.02E+04	1.77E+06	2.66E+05	1.46E+06	2.05E+06	6.04E+04	4.61E+05	4.84E+06	9.93E+05	2.72E+06	1.25E+06	6.35E+06	3.16E+06	8.12E+04	1.01E+06	2.5E+05	2.75E+06	2.03E+04	2.74E+04	8.74E+03	7.97E+04	2.94E+05	2.18E+05	1.88E+06	3.06E+06	1.02E+06	2.36E+06	2.34E+06	8.16E+04	2.01E+06	3.3E+06	2.56E+04	4.64E+05	9.96E+05	8.37E+03	4.52E+05	2.39E+05	1.23E+06
N-(3-Oxohexanoyl)homoserine lactone	1.29E+06	1.64E+05	1.59E+04	3.56E+05	2.12E+06	2.58E+05	5.52E+05	1.17E+05	8.13E+04	5.02E+04	3.21E+05	4.03E+04	5.85E+03	4.93E+04	5.36E+05	2.43E+05	1.68E+05	5.11E+05	2.94E+05	1.8E+05	6.33E+04	1.41E+05	2.25E+05	6.71E+05	8.25E+03	2.03E+05	9.47E+03	9.35E+04	1.87E+04	1.65E+05	1.78E+05	4.74E+05	1.27E+05	4.03E+05	7.1E+05	1.43E+04	1.08E+06	1.42E+06	9.7E+03	6.58E+05	3.2E+04	7.75E+03	3.56E+04	8.62E+04	3.33E+04
N-(3-Oxooctanoyl)homoserine lactone	3.87E+05	2.37E+05	2.34E+04	2.55E+05	6.09E+06	3.39E+05	1.63E+05	1.55E+04	1.62E+05	1.88E+04	1.75E+05	8.2E+04	1.37E+04	3.76E+04	5.91E+05	1.99E+05	3.77E+05	3.09E+05	3.95E+05	4.78E+04	3.99E+04	2.22E+05	9.84E+04	2.57E+05	3.44E+03	8.14E+04	2.73E+03	6.29E+04	4.22E+04	2.13E+04	1.78E+05	9.6E+04	3.41E+04	1.85E+05	1.53E+05	5.6E+03	6.26E+04	3.07E+04	1.09E+04	2.62E+04	4.72E+04	2.17E+03	3.32E+04	7.44E+03	1.21E+04
N-(6-Aminohexanoyl)-6-aminohexanoate_1	1.72E+06	1.24E+06	1.31E+06	1.58E+06	2.05E+06	9.28E+05	1.41E+06	3.09E+06	1.32E+06	8.1E+05	1.22E+06	8.86E+05	8.51E+05	1.05E+06	1.09E+06	9.28E+05	1.12E+06	1.11E+06	1.1E+06	1.03E+06	9.49E+05	1.86E+06	3.59E+06	1.25E+06	1.05E+06	2.57E+06	7.57E+05	3.71E+06	6.76E+05	1.2E+06	1.05E+06	1.07E+06	3.59E+06	1.12E+06	1.37E+06	5.84E+05	1.13E+06	8.2E+05	6.08E+05	9.88E+05	8.14E+05	9.14E+05	1.35E+06	1.12E+06	5.98E+05
N-(6-Aminohexanoyl)-6-aminohexanoate_2	3.5E+05	2.04E+05	1.05E+05	9.44E+05	1.01E+06	5.62E+05	8.16E+04	1.22E+04	4.82E+04	1.17E+04	3.25E+05	6.8E+04	2.59E+04	2E+04	1E+06	2.62E+05	6.28E+05	1.58E+05	1.2E+06	6.95E+05	4.74E+04	7.43E+04	2.46E+05	3.77E+05	1.15E+05	7.66E+04	9.98E+03	1.88E+05	4.14E+03	4.52E+05	2.02E+05	4.16E+05	1.85E+05	3.38E+05	1.31E+06	1.91E+05	1.8E+05	4.19E+04	9.42E+03	3.17E+04	2.47E+04	2.29E+04	9.47E+03	2.46E+05	2.37E+04
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_1	1.94E+06	1.38E+06	1.02E+07	2.64E+07	2.33E+06	9.36E+05	3.69E+06	4.88E+05	3.77E+06	2.87E+06	8.71E+05	7.47E+05	6.04E+06	4.01E+06	2.15E+06	8.9E+05	4.3E+06	1.48E+07	3.8E+06	5.28E+05	3.19E+06	2.66E+07	2.27E+06	1.89E+07	4.79E+06	5.8E+05	2.58E+06	2.29E+06	4.23E+05	6.93E+06	1.42E+05	3.68E+06	2.3E+06	1.53E+07	1.36E+07	3.51E+06	1.86E+07	2.03E+06	7.5E+05	6.95E+06	3.59E+06	1.98E+06	8.83E+06	8.69E+06	9.11E+05
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_2	5.9E+05	1.32E+05	9.36E+04	4.88E+05	3.49E+05	5.1E+04	2.2E+07	4.19E+04	3.3E+05	2.38E+04	1.46E+05	1.4E+05	9.97E+05	6.57E+04	9.74E+04	6.38E+06	6.77E+05	1.42E+05	6.34E+04	1.4E+04	2.64E+04	9.33E+06	1.01E+06	4.11E+05	1.34E+04	1.78E+05	3.86E+04	1.04E+04	2.19E+04	1.92E+05	5.33E+05	1.69E+06	5.03E+05	7.67E+08	2.56E+05	3.84E+05	6.14E+07	9.7E+04	3.61E+05	1.04E+05	1.66E+05	1.22E+04	5.69E+04	1.84E+05	5.43E+07
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_3	3.61E+05	2.05E+04	8.14E+04	4.52E+05	4.29E+05	2.26E+04	4.49E+04	6.12E+04	1.61E+05	2.61E+04	1.05E+05	6.39E+04	3.06E+04	6.83E+04	4.71E+04	4.14E+04	3.58E+05	5.84E+04	1.11E+05	8.33E+04	1.03E+05	1.88E+05	2.13E+04	9.25E+04	2.06E+05	9.32E+05	2.77E+05	3.55E+04	4.85E+04	6.12E+04	1.11E+05	2.22E+04	4.39E+04	1.48E+04	3.34E+06	3.57E+05	7E+04	4.38E+05	1.19E+05	1.22E+05	1.26E+04	2.46E+04	1.16E+05	2.16E+05	5.86E+04
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_4	2.21E+05	1.7E+05	5.77E+04	2.79E+05	1.08E+05	2.76E+04	3.1E+04	2.39E+04	5.32E+04	2.47E+04	4.82E+04	9.95E+05	4.09E+04	2.49E+05	2.19E+04	3.49E+04	1.91E+05	3.82E+04	1.38E+04	6.18E+04	2.25E+04	1.59E+05	3.76E+04	1.31E+05	1.85E+04	1.75E+04	2.68E+04	1.06E+05	1.34E+04	1.76E+05	9.76E+04	1.02E+05	1.48E+05	2.63E+06	3.25E+05	2.88E+05	2.36E+05	5.54E+05	2.62E+04	2.06E+04	4E+05	2.03E+04	1.52E+06	7.59E+04	2.53E+05
N(alpha)-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucine_1	7.63E+06	3.77E+06	1.91E+07	4.62E+07	6.2E+06	2.62E+06	3.24E+06	4.22E+05	6.13E+06	2.76E+06	1.75E+06	1.81E+06	6.58E+06	9.22E+06	5.01E+06	1.73E+06	8.28E+06	1.25E+07	7.76E+06	2.67E+06	2.69E+06	4.12E+07	2.17E+06	1.31E+07	7.64E+06	1.23E+06	3.64E+06	2.59E+06	6.51E+05	8.78E+06	2.82E+06	7.54E+06	4.72E+06	4.72E+06	2.23E+07	2.7E+06	9.3E+07	3.52E+06	6.37E+05	7.44E+06	4.48E+06	1.14E+06	1.03E+07	1.22E+07	6.09E+05
N(alpha)-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucine_2	3.65E+04	7.24E+04	1.43E+04	1.93E+05	4.32E+05	3.16E+04	5.23E+04	1.08E+04	7.3E+03	4.75E+03	2.63E+04	6.56E+03	2.23E+03	2.7E+04	1.3E+05	5.33E+03	1.59E+06	1.95E+05	9.83E+04	5.96E+04	1.66E+04	2.96E+04	2.12E+04	1.9E+05	1.13E+04	2.36E+03	3.62E+03	1.13E+04	2.03E+03	2.78E+05	8.74E+04	4.93E+05	6.67E+03	7.76E+04	2.57E+05	9.87E+03	1.15E+05	2.77E+05	1.37E+03	5.16E+04	1.04E+04	2.54E+03	1.64E+04	2.95E+05	2.72E+03
N-(L-Arginino)succinate	0	0	2.42E+03	0	1.18E+05	0	0	0	1.68E+03	0	1.68E+03	0	0	2.82E+03	0	1.33E+03	1.88E+03	3.57E+03	0	1.51E+03	0	1.64E+03	0	1.68E+03	0	0	0	1.14E+04	0	1.97E+03	1.56E+03	1.65E+03	0	2.44E+03	2.01E+03	0	0	1.68E+03	0	0	3.61E+05	1.33E+03	0	0	0
N(PAI)-METHYL-L-HISTIDINE	3.28E+08	5.35E+08	1.6E+08	4.8E+08	5.05E+08	8.43E+08	2.76E+08	3.67E+08	5.2E+08	1.02E+08	4.39E+08	3.5E+08	1.3E+08	3.15E+08	1.08E+09	3.98E+08	3.61E+08	8.97E+08	1.04E+09	1.04E+09	2.47E+08	3.32E+08	7.82E+08	1.46E+09	1.45E+08	5.94E+08	1.55E+08	4.69E+08	5.17E+08	1.04E+09	1.51E+09	1.03E+09	1.96E+08	2.95E+08	4.35E+08	1.63E+08	3E+08	3.82E+08	9.7E+07	5.49E+08	8.51E+08	1.01E+08	6.91E+08	4.52E+08	3.26E+08
N(pi)-Methyl-L-histidine	9.16E+07	2.08E+07	9.34E+05	5.82E+07	7.89E+07	1.46E+07	2.04E+07	7.01E+06	2.29E+07	1.15E+06	4.54E+07	3.41E+07	7.02E+06	1.47E+07	4.17E+07	2.1E+07	4.36E+07	2.4E+07	9.13E+07	8.04E+07	1.18E+07	5.71E+07	1.38E+07	1.08E+08	9.36E+06	7.26E+06	2.29E+06	1.18E+07	2.21E+06	2.79E+07	5.53E+07	6.28E+07	1.29E+07	4.61E+07	2.23E+07	1.2E+06	3.6E+07	3.86E+07	2.58E+07	1.46E+07	1.64E+07	9.76E+06	2.18E+07	2.63E+07	9.99E+06
N,N-Dihydroxy-L-tyrosine	2.85E+03	3.31E+03	2.23E+03	1.28E+04	3.72E+04	2E+03	1.36E+03	2.08E+03	6.15E+03	1.61E+03	1.22E+03	1.85E+03	1.76E+03	2.32E+03	3.88E+03	2.86E+03	4.71E+03	8.42E+03	2.51E+04	3.31E+03	3.22E+03	3.54E+03	2.32E+03	1.32E+04	1.62E+03	1.5E+03	0	2.22E+03	0	2.05E+03	6.35E+03	1.07E+04	0	4.37E+03	1.14E+04	3.13E+03	4.94E+05	1.26E+04	0	7.2E+03	1.9E+03	0	1.98E+03	2.68E+03	1.9E+03
N,N'-Dimethylurea	4.7E+04	4.95E+04	8.34E+04	7.83E+04	1.2E+05	4.82E+04	3.47E+04	1.69E+05	2.29E+04	7.62E+04	7.22E+03	2.43E+04	3.42E+04	3.32E+04	3.75E+04	1.01E+04	2.04E+05	1.12E+05	1.67E+04	2.95E+04	2.27E+04	7.71E+04	1.89E+04	1.4E+04	6.3E+04	3E+04	1.41E+04	3.16E+04	9.31E+03	3.66E+05	6.37E+04	8.79E+04	1.38E+05	9.88E+05	2.24E+05	6.3E+03	2.36E+04	2.58E+05	1.02E+04	1.25E+05	4.02E+04	1.41E+04	5.83E+03	1.68E+04	1E+05
N1,N12-Diacetylspermine	6.37E+06	6.22E+06	1.65E+06	5.91E+06	1.16E+07	3.77E+06	2.2E+06	3.21E+04	2.16E+06	5.52E+05	4.63E+06	1.53E+06	1.27E+05	1.99E+06	6.72E+06	4.84E+06	6.35E+06	3.47E+06	6.9E+06	2.98E+06	2.57E+06	7.09E+06	2.31E+06	6.31E+06	1.73E+05	1.5E+06	9.45E+04	2.16E+06	2.76E+05	3.02E+05	2.02E+06	8.32E+06	2.23E+06	1.67E+06	2.04E+06	1.47E+06	7.23E+06	6.9E+05	7.31E+04	4.97E+04	1.16E+06	1.19E+05	2.13E+05	8.49E+04	8.62E+04
N1-Acetylspermidine_1	1.95E+07	1.81E+07	6.77E+06	2.41E+07	1.88E+07	1.36E+07	9.1E+06	2.35E+06	1.33E+07	5.61E+06	6.8E+06	5.63E+06	6.86E+06	8.97E+06	1.5E+07	8.9E+06	1.58E+07	1.48E+07	2.46E+07	9.6E+06	1.09E+07	1.34E+07	1.17E+07	8.53E+06	5.5E+06	8.58E+06	2.1E+06	9.21E+06	3.55E+06	1.39E+07	5.33E+06	1.26E+07	7.08E+06	9.1E+06	1.13E+07	7.17E+06	1.63E+07	5.6E+06	8.44E+06	2.77E+06	5.11E+06	6.35E+06	7.95E+06	1.23E+07	6.75E+06
N1-Acetylspermidine_2	4.54E+05	5.72E+05	1.62E+04	3.92E+05	1.9E+06	3.73E+05	3.1E+04	1.07E+04	6.47E+04	3.13E+04	1.11E+05	2.84E+04	2.29E+04	1.23E+05	4.64E+05	2.18E+05	2.49E+05	1.68E+05	4.85E+05	9.97E+04	2.37E+05	9.65E+05	1.1E+05	3.86E+05	1.14E+04	4.84E+04	5.08E+03	1.11E+05	1.28E+04	4.76E+03	2.71E+04	1.73E+05	5.14E+04	4.22E+04	4.14E+04	3.05E+04	4.68E+05	2.41E+04	1.35E+04	1.12E+04	2.98E+04	2E+04	9.43E+03	5.39E+03	1.23E+04
N1-Acetyl-tabtoxinine-beta-lactam	3.01E+07	2.51E+07	1.05E+07	2.38E+07	5.62E+07	1.54E+07	1.61E+07	7.79E+06	1.58E+07	7.31E+06	2.56E+07	1.42E+07	6.67E+06	1.38E+07	1.7E+07	1.1E+07	3.79E+07	1.6E+07	2.49E+07	2.93E+07	2.47E+07	3.63E+07	4.61E+06	3.3E+07	9.15E+06	4.51E+06	6.19E+06	1.47E+07	6.09E+06	1.48E+07	2.23E+07	5.74E+07	6.37E+06	1.91E+07	1.28E+07	1.18E+07	2.79E+07	1.88E+07	4.14E+06	1.11E+07	1.89E+07	6.35E+06	1.5E+07	2.17E+07	4.73E+06
N1-Methyl-2-pyridone-5-carboxamide	3.36E+08	5.94E+08	1.93E+08	9.64E+08	7.02E+08	2.43E+08	3.23E+08	1.04E+08	4.46E+08	1.84E+08	3.97E+08	2.45E+08	1.43E+08	4.05E+08	5.04E+08	3.91E+08	3.23E+08	5.38E+08	1.04E+09	5.03E+08	1.67E+08	2.72E+08	3.34E+08	1.08E+09	1.52E+08	2.75E+08	9.49E+07	2.24E+08	2.08E+08	2.89E+08	4.27E+08	4.31E+08	1.78E+08	3.79E+08	3.32E+08	9.43E+07	7.73E+08	2.5E+08	1.54E+08	2.43E+08	4.36E+08	1.83E+08	3.28E+08	2.07E+08	8.34E+07
N2'-Acetylgentamicin C1a	2.05E+05	1.76E+05	2.21E+05	1.3E+05	1.66E+05	1E+05	9.73E+04	1.5E+05	2.14E+04	1.42E+05	1.7E+05	2.29E+04	2.61E+05	2.14E+05	2.2E+05	2.15E+04	1.94E+04	2.59E+04	8.3E+04	2.48E+05	1.15E+05	5.72E+04	1.29E+05	1.97E+05	2.56E+05	5.38E+04	7.27E+04	1.28E+05	5.32E+04	1.13E+05	8.78E+04	6.59E+04	1.73E+05	1.51E+05	6.28E+04	1.46E+05	5.39E+05	1.45E+05	1.67E+05	7.36E+04	7.38E+04	1.67E+05	1.14E+05	1.64E+05	1.74E+04
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_1	1.16E+07	1.37E+07	9.95E+06	1.41E+07	1.46E+07	1.55E+07	8E+06	5.05E+06	2.02E+07	7.97E+06	1.88E+07	1.06E+07	7.37E+06	1.05E+07	1.15E+07	7.75E+06	1.45E+07	1.58E+07	1.44E+07	8.88E+06	8.66E+06	1.26E+07	1.9E+07	1.55E+07	9.96E+06	1.27E+07	5.58E+06	1.46E+07	5.33E+06	1.15E+07	7.37E+06	9.62E+06	1.86E+07	1.7E+07	1.99E+07	1.19E+07	1.99E+07	1.15E+07	5.99E+06	8.22E+06	7.48E+06	6.92E+06	9.64E+06	8.2E+06	7.65E+06
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_2	4.79E+06	4.76E+06	8.8E+05	6.35E+06	5E+06	2.53E+06	1.56E+06	5.91E+05	1.7E+06	5.37E+05	2.86E+06	1.57E+06	7.95E+05	2.86E+06	5.71E+06	2.26E+06	4.69E+06	3.97E+06	5.89E+06	3.82E+06	1.97E+06	3.75E+06	2.58E+06	4.93E+06	2.68E+05	1.31E+06	3E+05	1.24E+06	3.07E+05	3.85E+06	4.48E+06	2.59E+06	1.66E+06	2.78E+06	8.29E+06	2.4E+05	2.67E+06	1.66E+06	6.78E+05	1.03E+06	2.05E+06	2.76E+05	7.24E+05	7.96E+06	4.52E+05
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_3	1.31E+06	2.88E+06	3.44E+05	4.69E+06	2.11E+07	1.08E+06	1.27E+06	1.77E+04	1.13E+06	9.61E+05	1.22E+06	6.88E+05	2.15E+05	1.65E+06	3.64E+06	1.78E+06	1.33E+06	7.36E+05	2.57E+06	3.8E+06	1.19E+05	3.41E+06	1.51E+05	8.71E+05	1.01E+05	2.27E+05	2.77E+04	5.69E+05	3.29E+05	1.24E+06	4.83E+06	6.22E+06	5.44E+05	2.07E+06	3.32E+06	1.99E+05	2.95E+06	1.14E+06	1.53E+05	1.73E+05	4.07E+04	8.35E+04	2.96E+05	9.2E+05	4.24E+05
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_4	5.07E+05	1.93E+06	1.59E+06	2.21E+06	1.01E+06	5.05E+07	8.76E+05	1.27E+05	4.18E+05	1.96E+05	1.63E+05	2.47E+05	1.98E+05	3.53E+05	1.42E+06	1.03E+05	7.25E+05	1.44E+06	1.16E+06	3.06E+05	2.59E+05	9.25E+05	1.09E+05	4.25E+05	2.82E+05	7.93E+04	1.13E+05	1.42E+05	3.8E+04	1.7E+07	4.96E+05	6.4E+05	5.36E+05	5.13E+05	3.66E+07	3.23E+05	1.43E+06	2.03E+05	4.39E+04	9.35E+04	2.98E+05	3.2E+05	2.45E+04	1.05E+07	1.38E+05
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_5	1.5E+06	5.79E+05	7.68E+04	1.02E+06	1.73E+06	1.7E+05	1.28E+06	3.98E+04	4.06E+05	1.38E+05	9.09E+05	8.83E+04	2.87E+05	1.25E+05	9.37E+05	1.41E+06	5.76E+05	6.15E+05	1.74E+06	6.92E+05	6.05E+04	9.16E+05	3.38E+05	8.84E+05	4.56E+04	1.3E+05	1.95E+04	1.22E+05	6.56E+05	1.31E+06	6.35E+05	2.39E+06	1.07E+05	3.89E+05	3.01E+06	2.96E+05	7.27E+05	2.68E+05	3.04E+04	2.25E+05	8.21E+04	2.35E+04	1.09E+04	5.04E+05	4.49E+05
N2-Citryl-N6-acetyl-N6-hydroxy-L-lysine	1.95E+04	1.47E+04	2.3E+04	1.26E+04	4.63E+04	1.94E+04	2.97E+04	5.64E+04	2.96E+04	1.94E+04	6.68E+04	1.29E+04	3.06E+06	2.65E+04	2.04E+04	1.24E+05	1.67E+05	2.62E+04	6.77E+04	2.19E+04	1.13E+05	4.67E+05	3.34E+04	9.09E+04	2.86E+04	2.86E+04	7.54E+03	4.83E+04	3.69E+04	9.46E+03	4.6E+04	2.23E+04	1.24E+04	6.77E+04	1.41E+04	7.27E+04	3.85E+04	8.02E+04	2.67E+05	8.11E+04	6.29E+03	2.52E+04	9.23E+03	3.05E+04	1.69E+07
N6,N6-Dimethyladenosine	2.83E+05	1.51E+05	8.81E+04	6.13E+05	1.45E+05	8.8E+04	2.41E+05	1.69E+04	9.34E+04	6.3E+04	2.87E+05	1.74E+05	6.55E+04	8.66E+04	5.64E+05	1.34E+05	2.72E+05	1.43E+05	6E+05	3.62E+05	1.08E+05	1.53E+05	1.8E+05	3.61E+05	6.46E+04	8.42E+04	3.17E+04	1.22E+05	8.24E+04	4.07E+04	2.27E+05	2.6E+05	5.97E+04	1.95E+05	4.85E+04	1.29E+05	3.64E+05	1.16E+05	3.58E+04	5.91E+04	1.49E+05	8.3E+04	1.82E+05	4.73E+04	6.31E+04
N6-Acetyl-N6-hydroxy-L-lysine	3.22E+04	1.61E+04	8.29E+03	8.29E+04	3.1E+04	9.25E+03	3.19E+03	4.31E+04	1.08E+04	1.86E+03	1.75E+04	8.51E+04	2.63E+03	1.15E+04	1.72E+04	8.9E+03	3.37E+04	2.47E+04	6.06E+04	1E+04	1.91E+04	2.19E+04	6.06E+03	7.28E+04	3.2E+03	4.05E+05	2.21E+03	2.29E+04	2.06E+03	4.96E+04	1.59E+04	2.85E+04	3.64E+03	8.67E+03	4.26E+04	1.87E+03	7.79E+04	3.77E+04	2.11E+03	2.21E+03	2.64E+04	0	2.28E+04	4.08E+04	3.44E+03
N6-Methyl-L-lysine_1	7.84E+06	1.17E+07	1.24E+07	1.01E+07	9.61E+06	9.34E+06	5.76E+06	2.11E+06	5.56E+06	7.18E+06	6.74E+06	2.86E+06	3.58E+06	4.58E+06	5.81E+06	4.4E+06	9.23E+06	1.14E+07	1E+07	8.67E+06	6.12E+06	8.45E+06	5.77E+06	8.77E+06	6.57E+06	6.16E+06	5.17E+06	4.03E+06	3.33E+06	4.11E+06	4.98E+06	5.69E+06	4.78E+06	4.65E+06	8.12E+06	1.3E+07	6.85E+06	4.18E+06	3.59E+06	2.99E+06	3.37E+06	4.14E+06	2.66E+06	4.12E+06	3.12E+06
N6-Methyl-L-lysine_2	1.83E+06	1.54E+06	4.84E+04	2.39E+06	2.82E+06	1.3E+06	9.5E+05	3.4E+05	1.46E+06	5.58E+05	1.66E+06	1.01E+06	5.08E+05	1.01E+06	1.73E+06	9.61E+05	2.32E+06	2.02E+06	2.18E+06	1.61E+06	1.16E+06	1.85E+06	9.61E+05	1.89E+06	1.99E+05	4.46E+05	1.92E+05	1.15E+06	4.6E+05	1.41E+06	1.19E+06	2.52E+06	6.96E+05	1.26E+06	1.83E+06	7.63E+05	1.92E+06	1.09E+06	4.71E+05	5.86E+05	9.82E+05	1.36E+05	8.49E+05	1.63E+06	4.55E+05
N-Acetoxy-4-aminobiphenyl	3.59E+04	5.8E+04	2.24E+04	1.66E+05	8.39E+04	6.49E+04	3.51E+04	9.54E+04	6.15E+03	1.82E+04	9.8E+03	1.38E+05	4.44E+04	3.14E+04	7.86E+04	9.43E+03	3.82E+05	1.41E+05	1.88E+05	4.16E+03	7.14E+03	1.24E+05	5.11E+04	1.63E+05	1.44E+05	8.25E+03	1.22E+05	6.81E+03	2.61E+04	2.53E+05	9.62E+03	4.9E+04	1.86E+03	1.57E+03	1.59E+05	1.17E+05	1.48E+05	1.42E+05	8.23E+03	5.94E+03	2.15E+04	2.4E+05	8.14E+03	2.79E+04	3.29E+04
N-Acetylaspartylglutamate	7.15E+06	5.47E+06	1.11E+06	6.81E+06	9.13E+06	3.1E+06	2.97E+06	7.52E+05	3.02E+06	9.09E+05	3.36E+06	2.2E+06	1.61E+06	3.55E+06	5.09E+06	3.04E+06	8.73E+06	4.39E+06	6.87E+06	4.4E+06	2.35E+06	6.87E+06	2.49E+06	5.21E+06	1.39E+06	1.66E+06	6.9E+05	3.21E+06	1.11E+06	1.55E+06	3.5E+06	5.3E+06	1.66E+06	3.5E+06	2.64E+06	1.44E+06	5.35E+06	1.98E+06	1.15E+06	1.27E+06	3.09E+06	8.41E+05	1.38E+06	1.63E+06	1.32E+06
N-Acetyl-D-fucosamine	6.35E+06	1.43E+07	1.29E+06	9.31E+06	7.86E+06	3.76E+06	5.17E+06	1.22E+06	4.74E+06	4.95E+06	1.76E+06	1.24E+06	9.07E+05	1.89E+06	1.2E+07	2.64E+06	4.54E+06	3.28E+06	1.21E+07	2.57E+06	1.66E+06	3.93E+06	1.97E+06	1.03E+07	6.55E+06	2.26E+06	3.57E+06	1.59E+06	8.65E+05	7.92E+06	7.05E+06	5.37E+06	2.59E+06	5.05E+06	1.63E+07	6.86E+06	6.04E+06	2.29E+06	7.54E+05	1.87E+06	1.8E+06	6.32E+05	9.23E+05	2.41E+06	2.58E+06
N-ACETYL-D-GALACTOSAMINE	5.99E+06	2.4E+06	1.34E+06	3.31E+06	6.17E+06	1.55E+06	3.67E+06	1.53E+06	4.32E+06	1.5E+06	4.26E+06	2.82E+06	1.58E+06	3.1E+06	2.14E+06	2.11E+06	5.46E+06	3.04E+06	2.19E+06	4.21E+06	2.23E+06	6.21E+06	2.02E+06	3.43E+06	2.42E+06	1.3E+06	1.09E+06	3.78E+06	1.19E+06	2.2E+06	4.26E+06	4.53E+06	2.13E+06	4.52E+06	3.35E+06	1.8E+06	4.45E+06	2.63E+06	1.45E+06	1.79E+06	2.48E+06	2E+06	2.51E+06	3.36E+06	1.72E+06
N-Acetyl-D-glucosaminate	2.13E+06	4.44E+05	3.59E+05	1.3E+05	8.6E+05	1.54E+05	2.69E+05	6.28E+05	1.17E+06	1.89E+05	1.13E+06	1.02E+06	4.27E+05	1.07E+06	6.14E+04	2.16E+04	2.58E+06	1.33E+06	1.5E+05	8.23E+05	5.35E+05	1.83E+06	1.67E+04	9.85E+05	7.86E+04	2.07E+05	2.22E+05	9.93E+05	9.11E+04	6.45E+05	9.44E+05	1.38E+06	3.89E+03	7.78E+05	1.05E+05	5.14E+05	1.4E+05	1.12E+06	1.85E+05	5.42E+05	9.5E+05	2.24E+05	1.25E+06	1.19E+06	1.68E+05
N-ACETYL-DL-GLUTAMIC ACID	1.93E+07	1.93E+07	4.59E+06	3.06E+07	3.47E+07	1.28E+07	1.34E+07	3.68E+06	1.17E+07	3.67E+06	1.52E+07	7.06E+06	3.8E+06	9.09E+06	2.39E+07	1E+07	3.19E+07	1.96E+07	3.35E+07	2.06E+07	8.78E+06	2.13E+07	5.91E+06	2.57E+07	3.82E+06	4.68E+06	2.32E+06	8.95E+06	4.71E+06	1.36E+07	1.41E+07	2.82E+07	4.87E+06	1.46E+07	2.34E+07	5.43E+06	1.72E+07	9.6E+06	2.92E+06	5.36E+06	8.02E+06	2.5E+06	5.55E+06	3.85E+07	3.06E+06
N-ACETYL-DL-SERINE	8.49E+06	1.09E+07	3.24E+06	9.37E+06	1.37E+07	5.47E+06	6.2E+06	1.78E+06	4.94E+06	3.22E+06	5.55E+06	3.82E+06	4.03E+06	3.38E+06	7.83E+06	4.55E+06	1.06E+07	1.27E+07	1.17E+07	7.8E+06	3.81E+06	7.33E+06	5.58E+06	6.65E+06	2.24E+06	4.42E+06	1.44E+06	3.46E+06	2.46E+06	4.7E+06	5.33E+06	9.17E+06	2.98E+06	6.5E+06	8.58E+06	2.81E+06	7.04E+06	4.73E+06	3.54E+06	2.79E+06	4.48E+06	1.65E+06	2.66E+06	7.6E+06	2.86E+06
N-Acetyl-D-tryptophan	4.3E+06	4.33E+06	1.73E+06	6.69E+05	1.53E+06	8.98E+05	1.1E+06	5.61E+05	8.83E+06	1.14E+06	5.67E+06	4.21E+06	2.16E+06	2.34E+07	6.58E+05	1.35E+06	1.11E+07	1.02E+06	2.08E+06	3.48E+06	4.25E+06	6.73E+06	7.75E+05	8.95E+05	1.38E+07	3.23E+05	1.06E+07	1.18E+07	1.59E+06	3.7E+06	2.4E+06	8.02E+05	2.55E+06	7.02E+06	7.79E+06	4.23E+06	8.51E+05	3.12E+06	1.98E+06	6.39E+05	7.22E+06	1.51E+07	3.37E+06	4.52E+06	2.21E+06
N-ACETYL-L-ASPARTIC ACID	3.65E+07	3.73E+07	1.37E+07	7.07E+07	4.37E+07	2.11E+07	2.4E+07	4.75E+06	2.68E+07	1.29E+07	3.11E+07	1.22E+07	1.21E+07	3.25E+07	6.72E+07	2.56E+07	4.16E+07	3.93E+07	7.74E+07	3.63E+07	1.98E+07	3.65E+07	2.08E+07	5.21E+07	1.34E+07	1.02E+07	6.58E+06	2.79E+07	9.16E+06	2.28E+07	2.11E+07	3E+07	1.32E+07	2.54E+07	3.78E+07	1.6E+07	3.09E+07	1.19E+07	7.33E+06	7.94E+06	2.62E+07	7.36E+06	8.54E+06	3.04E+07	9.48E+06
N-Acetyl-L-citrulline	2.19E+07	8.33E+06	2.96E+06	1.4E+07	1.51E+07	3.83E+06	4.11E+06	7.63E+05	5.69E+06	2.32E+06	2.29E+06	3.35E+06	1.26E+06	4.55E+06	1.02E+07	5.22E+06	3.49E+07	2.86E+07	1.77E+07	4.13E+06	3.82E+06	2.22E+07	1.23E+07	4.82E+06	1.62E+06	5.36E+06	6.76E+05	3.65E+06	2.42E+06	2.89E+07	5.68E+06	1.27E+07	3.5E+06	5.82E+06	3.01E+07	2.83E+06	5.29E+06	2.77E+06	1.6E+06	1.28E+06	5.86E+06	7.69E+05	2.24E+06	5.21E+07	6.55E+05
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate_1	2.28E+05	2.22E+05	2.41E+05	2.05E+05	1.79E+05	2.51E+05	2.68E+05	2.42E+05	2.07E+05	2.72E+05	2.15E+05	2.94E+05	2.78E+05	2.04E+05	2.52E+05	2.96E+05	1.57E+05	2.17E+05	2.69E+05	2.63E+05	2.09E+05	2.53E+05	2.63E+05	2.42E+05	2.44E+05	2.29E+05	2.68E+05	2.7E+05	2.15E+05	3.11E+05	2.66E+05	2.89E+05	2.59E+05	2.51E+05	3.14E+05	2.86E+05	2.2E+05	2.58E+05	3.02E+05	3.33E+05	3.13E+05	2.88E+05	2.94E+05	2.75E+05	2.76E+05
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate_2	2.83E+05	3.39E+05	1.06E+05	3.24E+05	6.82E+05	4.95E+04	5.13E+04	1.62E+05	1.38E+05	4.26E+04	2.76E+05	6.5E+04	1.29E+04	6.97E+04	1.6E+05	6.62E+04	4.4E+05	5.49E+05	2.71E+05	4.48E+05	4.16E+04	1.55E+05	5.78E+05	7.93E+04	3.44E+04	2.91E+05	3.14E+04	7.15E+04	1.37E+04	7.86E+04	3.45E+05	2.82E+05	2.8E+05	2.58E+05	9.03E+05	6.19E+04	3.57E+05	3.96E+04	6.69E+03	3.89E+05	7.63E+04	2.25E+04	2.28E+04	2.28E+04	5.61E+03
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde_1	4.39E+06	2.61E+06	8.44E+05	3.21E+06	5.12E+06	2.12E+06	2.8E+06	1.51E+06	2.16E+06	8.1E+05	1.98E+06	1.16E+06	5.58E+05	1.84E+06	3.89E+06	1.74E+06	5.91E+06	2.85E+06	3.56E+06	2.45E+06	9.18E+05	4.32E+06	1.1E+06	2.23E+06	6.13E+05	6.58E+05	3.95E+05	2.24E+06	7.66E+05	2.72E+06	3.09E+06	3.79E+06	9.24E+05	3.16E+06	4.32E+06	1.15E+06	6.33E+06	2.63E+06	3.66E+05	1.85E+06	1.93E+06	4.05E+05	1.12E+06	2.8E+06	5.99E+05
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde_2	1.09E+06	5.3E+05	1.14E+06	2.23E+06	3.8E+06	3.97E+05	6.96E+05	2.58E+05	3.39E+05	3.55E+05	8.14E+05	1.33E+06	5.73E+06	1.08E+06	1.91E+06	8.27E+05	1.45E+06	1.61E+06	2.68E+06	1.83E+06	3.82E+05	1.28E+06	7.94E+05	9.43E+05	4.76E+05	7.02E+04	2.37E+05	1.26E+06	2.54E+05	7.35E+05	5.46E+05	2.21E+06	2.38E+05	8.02E+05	8.17E+05	5.46E+05	2.15E+06	9.45E+05	3.73E+06	1.9E+04	8.5E+05	2.37E+05	2.67E+05	7.26E+05	5.96E+05
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde_3	1.23E+06	1.13E+06	3.7E+05	3.12E+06	3.42E+06	7.52E+05	7.19E+05	1.84E+05	8.51E+05	3.62E+05	9.87E+05	5.19E+05	1.62E+05	9.35E+05	2.44E+06	5.93E+05	1.74E+06	1.06E+06	2.78E+06	1.23E+06	4.63E+05	1.11E+06	6.78E+05	1.99E+06	1.68E+05	1.87E+05	2.96E+05	7.25E+05	7.22E+04	1.01E+06	1.95E+06	2.06E+06	5.14E+05	9.41E+05	2.49E+06	4.75E+05	2.85E+06	5.63E+05	6.91E+04	4.87E+05	5.07E+05	3.96E+05	4.27E+05	1.19E+06	1.38E+05
N-Acetyl-L-histidine_1	2.53E+07	3.25E+07	1.29E+07	8.27E+07	4.96E+07	1.84E+07	2.06E+07	8.11E+06	2.29E+07	1.46E+07	1.56E+07	1.17E+07	9.35E+06	1.14E+07	5.07E+07	2.24E+07	3.88E+07	3.93E+07	7.35E+07	1.6E+07	1.88E+07	3.91E+07	2.24E+07	1.9E+07	1.18E+07	2E+07	8.55E+06	1.32E+07	1.25E+07	1.68E+07	2.32E+07	3.04E+07	1.16E+07	1.5E+07	2.95E+07	1.93E+07	3.11E+07	1.01E+07	1.05E+07	1.4E+07	1.01E+07	7.9E+06	1.27E+07	3.08E+07	6.68E+06
N-Acetyl-L-histidine_2	1.59E+06	6.07E+05	8.42E+04	8.07E+05	4.37E+05	4.15E+05	1.77E+05	1.79E+05	1.39E+05	7.28E+04	1.44E+06	8.53E+05	1.66E+04	1.45E+06	9.4E+05	1.94E+05	4.83E+05	1.91E+05	3.11E+05	3.17E+05	1.03E+07	8.55E+05	3.46E+05	8.29E+04	1.89E+05	5.98E+04	1.51E+04	1.1E+05	6.43E+04	7.99E+06	9.42E+04	3.4E+06	9.05E+04	1.13E+05	7.21E+04	3.9E+04	1.01E+05	8.49E+04	3.9E+03	1.73E+05	2.46E+06	2.4E+03	4.28E+05	1.76E+05	7.52E+03
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_1	5.45E+06	7.83E+06	3.58E+06	1.26E+07	1.88E+07	3.94E+06	5.16E+06	1.61E+06	3.35E+06	2.49E+06	4.53E+06	3.34E+06	1.75E+06	2.9E+06	7.93E+06	3.14E+06	8.9E+06	5.04E+06	1.29E+07	6.09E+06	9.46E+05	3.8E+06	4.87E+06	7.52E+06	2.02E+06	7.28E+06	1.09E+06	2.7E+06	1.81E+06	5.42E+06	4.8E+06	1.17E+07	2.11E+06	4.42E+06	5.63E+06	2.49E+06	6.58E+06	4.36E+06	1.49E+06	2.59E+06	3.88E+06	1.26E+06	8.78E+05	9.18E+06	8.57E+05
N-ACETYL-L-LEUCINE	3.03E+06	5.38E+05	7.57E+04	1.99E+06	1.66E+06	1.01E+06	8.98E+05	3.98E+05	1.4E+06	5.57E+04	4.82E+05	4.27E+05	4.9E+04	1.43E+06	3.07E+06	4.35E+05	1.98E+06	2.57E+06	1.2E+06	2.16E+06	1.52E+05	1.13E+06	5.12E+05	7.59E+05	6.91E+05	9.75E+05	7.77E+05	1.08E+05	6.26E+05	2.69E+06	1.05E+06	3.64E+06	3.6E+05	3.9E+06	1.3E+06	4E+05	2.72E+06	7.37E+06	1.19E+05	5.3E+05	1.48E+06	2.78E+05	9.79E+04	1.42E+06	1.23E+06
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_2	7.22E+05	4.22E+06	2.14E+05	4.56E+05	2.87E+06	4.46E+04	1.11E+05	3.59E+06	5.41E+05	9.29E+04	6.21E+05	6.11E+04	5.62E+04	1.26E+06	6.13E+05	2.2E+05	3.98E+05	7.45E+05	1.07E+06	1.25E+06	7.71E+04	2.5E+05	8.97E+04	3.26E+05	3E+04	2.87E+05	1.65E+04	6.39E+05	6.59E+04	5.59E+05	2.17E+07	2.92E+05	4.27E+05	2.7E+06	6.58E+05	1.87E+05	8.24E+05	4.25E+05	7.18E+05	3.17E+06	8.59E+05	1.69E+06	3.94E+04	1.45E+05	6.2E+05
N-Acetyl-L-phenylalanine_1	1.02E+07	1.55E+06	1.17E+06	3.37E+06	6.28E+06	5.15E+05	5.91E+05	7.64E+05	1.78E+06	1.21E+06	7.85E+05	6.25E+05	6.88E+05	1.23E+06	1.91E+06	5.53E+05	9.08E+06	2.15E+06	2.59E+06	1.63E+06	6.96E+05	1.57E+07	1.48E+06	1.66E+06	1.34E+05	5.88E+05	1.03E+06	3.36E+05	1.44E+05	1.12E+06	3.86E+06	1.65E+06	7.82E+05	3.31E+06	2.61E+06	2.51E+06	1.34E+06	6.29E+05	2.92E+05	1.41E+06	1.04E+06	1.92E+06	5.07E+05	2.47E+06	1.89E+05
N-Acetyl-L-phenylalanine_2	8.66E+04	4.01E+04	1.39E+04	1.47E+05	2.68E+05	3E+04	1.37E+04	3.17E+03	1.59E+05	3.3E+03	4.39E+04	8.38E+04	2.18E+03	2.96E+04	2.43E+05	1.56E+04	3.85E+05	1.59E+05	3.47E+05	1.16E+05	2.49E+04	1.92E+05	5.73E+04	3.76E+05	7.42E+03	1.6E+04	2.38E+03	6.25E+03	2.67E+03	7.3E+04	9.48E+04	1.37E+05	3.91E+04	2.52E+05	2.25E+05	1.68E+04	5.05E+04	1.56E+05	2.46E+03	6.25E+04	4E+04	8.29E+03	1.21E+04	2.82E+04	2.18E+04
N-Acetylmethionine_1	1.11E+06	6.59E+04	3.8E+05	2.83E+06	2.38E+06	1.24E+05	1.76E+05	1.08E+06	1.44E+06	2.63E+05	1.75E+05	2.01E+06	7.8E+05	1.87E+06	3.2E+06	1.8E+05	9.82E+05	1.93E+05	2.05E+07	6.77E+05	3.77E+03	7.66E+05	6.37E+04	3.34E+05	4.47E+06	1.38E+04	3.11E+06	1.44E+04	1.42E+04	5.01E+06	4.5E+06	3.27E+06	1.91E+06	3.37E+06	1.37E+07	3.55E+05	1.04E+07	1.43E+06	3.29E+04	1.37E+06	9.23E+04	2.28E+06	4.53E+03	6.98E+06	1.02E+05
N-Acetylmethionine_2	1.04E+05	1.17E+05	7.56E+03	1.48E+05	4.04E+05	9.83E+04	3.19E+04	4.5E+04	3.58E+04	2.89E+03	1.68E+05	6.73E+05	6.72E+05	2.55E+04	4.07E+05	3.16E+05	2.71E+04	1.37E+05	2.21E+05	1.2E+05	6.82E+04	1.39E+05	1.07E+05	1.94E+05	4.81E+03	1.49E+04	1.43E+04	7.52E+05	8.85E+04	1.22E+05	3.48E+04	1.07E+06	1.05E+05	6.02E+04	2.74E+04	5.67E+03	3.92E+06	6.93E+04	9.46E+04	1.78E+05	9E+03	3.62E+04	3.12E+05	7.05E+04	1.46E+05
N-Acetylmuramic acid 6-phosphate	2.89E+06	2.47E+06	8.48E+05	2.96E+06	2.31E+06	1.9E+06	1.28E+06	3.13E+05	1.78E+06	6.71E+05	2.17E+06	6.44E+05	3.36E+05	1.89E+06	2.58E+06	2.14E+06	3.82E+06	2.42E+06	3.53E+06	2.99E+06	1.07E+06	3.87E+06	1.98E+06	9.44E+06	4.77E+05	1.35E+06	2.99E+05	1.18E+06	6.79E+05	1.93E+06	2.34E+06	1.46E+06	1.59E+06	2.41E+06	3.09E+06	7.3E+05	1.68E+06	8.37E+05	4.93E+05	1.05E+06	1.92E+06	3.61E+05	5.99E+05	1.6E+06	3.85E+05
N-ACETYLNEURAMINATE	5.33E+06	6.75E+06	3.66E+06	7.58E+06	6.4E+06	5.69E+06	3.71E+06	1.78E+06	5.96E+06	2.89E+06	7.1E+06	3.16E+06	2.88E+06	5.57E+06	6.48E+06	4.28E+06	5.12E+06	6.66E+06	7.76E+06	4.68E+06	3.04E+06	5.09E+06	6.15E+06	7.48E+06	2.99E+06	4.48E+06	2.21E+06	5.11E+06	2.03E+06	4.66E+06	3.67E+06	3.91E+06	5.33E+06	3.91E+06	8.3E+06	3.26E+06	8.01E+06	3.22E+06	2.26E+06	2.52E+06	3.36E+06	2.34E+06	2.9E+06	3.42E+06	2.6E+06
N-Acetylornithine_1	8.88E+05	4.72E+05	9.29E+04	3.05E+05	7.89E+05	2.02E+05	3.21E+05	1.98E+05	1.4E+05	1.53E+05	6.14E+04	1.79E+05	1.87E+04	4.28E+04	1.45E+05	1.7E+05	3.79E+06	2.35E+05	1.77E+05	1.41E+05	1.67E+06	3.01E+05	1.15E+06	2.11E+05	3.24E+05	4.45E+04	1.72E+05	9.36E+03	1.13E+04	2.73E+06	1.65E+05	2.22E+06	8.57E+04	1.14E+06	2.9E+05	4.06E+04	1.59E+05	2.38E+05	2.46E+04	2.51E+05	1.25E+05	2.93E+04	1.47E+04	1.39E+05	3.89E+04
N-Acetylornithine_2	6.89E+07	1.34E+05	1.38E+05	2.34E+05	3.72E+05	2.57E+05	2.41E+05	6.04E+04	4.48E+05	7.92E+03	4.4E+05	8.28E+04	1.94E+04	1.32E+06	1.79E+05	3.13E+04	5.49E+05	7.45E+04	1.11E+05	2.36E+05	8.04E+05	3.22E+07	5.92E+04	4.66E+05	4.3E+04	4.2E+04	1.48E+04	1.83E+05	9.71E+04	4.2E+06	5.26E+04	7.76E+05	3.25E+04	2.09E+05	2E+05	2.49E+04	4.18E+04	8.2E+04	1.04E+04	7.29E+04	8.51E+04	5.7E+03	6.1E+04	4.6E+05	4.93E+04
N-ACETYLPUTRESCINE	8.37E+07	8.25E+07	2.72E+07	1.12E+08	6.83E+07	7.4E+07	3.94E+07	3.34E+07	1.38E+08	3.25E+07	1.39E+08	4.98E+07	3.36E+07	4.4E+07	9.78E+07	6.19E+07	1.02E+08	8.44E+07	1.29E+08	8.17E+07	5.79E+07	1.02E+08	6.31E+07	1.76E+08	5.03E+07	5.15E+07	4.6E+07	6.01E+07	2.72E+07	5.32E+07	9.73E+07	6.48E+07	7.83E+07	1.26E+08	1.14E+08	3.65E+07	6.12E+07	4.61E+07	3.01E+07	4.87E+07	3.36E+07	6.53E+07	5.4E+07	5.7E+07	3.66E+07
N-Amidino-L-glutamate	6.38E+06	6E+06	1.9E+06	8.22E+06	9.62E+06	3.45E+06	3.46E+06	1.43E+06	4.71E+06	1.44E+06	4.55E+06	3.24E+06	1.22E+06	4.5E+06	8.76E+06	3.34E+06	9.21E+06	7.44E+06	9.84E+06	6.56E+06	2.55E+06	7.3E+06	4.19E+06	1.13E+07	1.11E+06	2.09E+06	7.23E+05	3.21E+06	1.23E+06	4.35E+06	6.87E+06	7.17E+06	2.26E+06	4.3E+06	6.08E+06	2.02E+06	5.68E+06	3.87E+06	8.46E+05	1.98E+06	4.47E+06	9.61E+05	2.43E+06	4.62E+06	1.16E+06
Naphthalene-1,2-diol	9.8E+05	2.35E+06	6.03E+05	1.14E+06	2.56E+06	1.57E+06	2.85E+06	4.5E+05	8.76E+05	3.96E+05	1.01E+06	4.8E+05	1.39E+05	1.1E+06	1.37E+06	6.34E+05	1.26E+06	1.51E+06	1.59E+06	1.03E+06	2.96E+05	7.84E+05	1.07E+05	1.86E+06	3.2E+04	4.31E+05	1.01E+04	9.11E+05	2.94E+05	1.16E+06	1.74E+06	1.91E+06	8.5E+05	1.75E+06	2.72E+06	2.72E+05	2.8E+06	1.73E+06	1.23E+05	5.99E+05	6.37E+05	1.23E+05	5.65E+05	4.21E+04	6.65E+05
Naringenin	2.85E+05	5.3E+03	3.15E+05	4.55E+06	3.71E+05	2.48E+03	8.83E+05	2.14E+05	1.35E+04	2.42E+03	1.85E+04	9.52E+03	8.25E+05	2.98E+06	1.94E+05	5.24E+04	4.76E+05	1.21E+05	3.49E+03	8.14E+05	1.37E+04	9.6E+05	2.39E+03	1.75E+04	4.85E+05	2.31E+03	1.49E+03	1.21E+06	3.65E+03	5.1E+06	6.09E+04	2.93E+05	2.43E+04	1E+05	7.36E+04	3.91E+03	8.58E+04	1.86E+04	0	1.24E+05	2.06E+06	2.24E+03	4.06E+03	3.22E+04	5.93E+03
Naringenin 7-O-beta-D-glucoside	8.7E+04	3.07E+03	2.88E+06	0	2.29E+03	0	1.52E+03	1.85E+03	6.87E+05	1.38E+06	0	0	1.2E+05	1.14E+06	2.05E+03	2.51E+03	3.71E+04	9.56E+05	0	1.62E+03	0	3.14E+04	2.08E+03	2.09E+03	1.8E+05	0	0	1.53E+06	0	5.6E+04	2.81E+04	2.09E+03	1.61E+03	2.13E+03	8.02E+05	1.64E+06	2.41E+03	0	1.53E+03	0	1.43E+05	1.79E+04	0	1.96E+06	7.8E+05
N-Benzyloxycarbonylglycine	4.52E+06	1.89E+07	2.37E+07	2.53E+07	4.37E+07	5.77E+05	2.77E+06	1.42E+06	1.41E+07	2.51E+06	2.19E+06	1.31E+06	9.88E+05	7.49E+06	4.13E+07	1.37E+06	6.07E+06	2.79E+06	1.11E+07	2.99E+06	8.67E+06	6.37E+06	2.33E+06	5.32E+06	5.67E+06	1.08E+07	4.73E+05	5.93E+06	5.32E+05	4.08E+06	7.72E+06	6.24E+06	7.02E+06	3.81E+06	7.4E+06	6.39E+06	4.99E+06	2.15E+06	1.24E+06	1.93E+06	2.19E+07	2.1E+06	9.39E+05	2.59E+06	1.01E+06
NBMPR	2.68E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.18E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.1E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	4.46E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	8.62E+03	0	0	0	0	0
N-Caffeoylputrescine	5.95E+06	3.45E+05	7.71E+05	3.39E+05	3.36E+06	4.85E+04	1.22E+05	2.86E+04	3.21E+05	1.5E+04	2.15E+05	1.98E+04	7.33E+03	2.92E+04	2.52E+05	1.25E+04	2.04E+05	3.92E+04	1.14E+04	2.48E+05	1.3E+04	2.54E+04	2.81E+04	4.92E+04	4.16E+03	2.35E+04	1.05E+04	1.12E+05	4.91E+04	2.63E+04	2.82E+05	1.5E+07	6.19E+04	1.27E+06	1.65E+06	3.4E+04	8.39E+04	3.63E+05	3.65E+03	7.78E+05	1.69E+05	1.38E+04	8.02E+03	5.85E+05	3.71E+05
N-Carbamoyl-L-aspartate	1.39E+06	1.15E+06	2.92E+05	1.52E+06	1.95E+06	6.93E+05	6.53E+05	7.18E+04	8.92E+05	3.44E+05	8.27E+05	4.65E+05	2.85E+05	9.1E+05	1.31E+06	4.36E+05	1.55E+06	9.63E+05	1.39E+06	1.21E+06	3.75E+05	1.4E+06	4.96E+05	7.62E+05	4.8E+05	1.62E+05	3.67E+05	8.13E+05	2.16E+05	3.29E+05	5.58E+05	1.41E+06	3.28E+05	1.16E+06	3.38E+05	5.11E+05	1.05E+06	7.11E+05	1.79E+05	4.97E+05	7.5E+05	2.29E+05	3.01E+05	8.51E+05	1.95E+05
N-Carbamyl-L-glutamate	2.93E+05	5.08E+03	2.26E+03	4.24E+04	9.66E+05	2.95E+04	4.37E+05	2.11E+05	1.85E+03	2.03E+03	1.88E+04	2.77E+03	2.37E+03	3.27E+04	1.24E+05	4.27E+03	4.13E+05	4.32E+04	1.54E+04	9.45E+03	3.96E+03	7.53E+03	1.88E+03	1.58E+04	2.69E+04	3.6E+04	1.87E+04	1.27E+05	1.73E+03	2.65E+04	9.74E+04	9.16E+05	4.89E+03	8.53E+04	7.26E+04	2.18E+03	6.05E+04	5.98E+04	1.84E+03	9.6E+04	1.99E+04	1.18E+04	2.23E+03	2.62E+04	2.98E+03
N-Cyclohexylformamide_1	3.09E+06	4.4E+06	2.16E+06	6.78E+06	1.16E+07	2.33E+06	2.93E+06	9.96E+05	1.87E+06	1.51E+06	1.35E+06	1.9E+06	1.15E+06	1.67E+06	5.15E+06	1.97E+06	4.93E+06	7.51E+06	8.05E+06	3.45E+06	2.93E+06	3.66E+06	2.5E+06	2.76E+06	1.59E+06	1.52E+06	7.82E+05	1.78E+06	1.24E+06	3.9E+06	2.41E+06	7.72E+06	1.3E+06	2.47E+06	3.36E+06	1.8E+06	4.71E+06	2.51E+06	1.1E+06	1.73E+06	2.94E+06	7.07E+05	2.44E+06	1.27E+07	6.23E+05
N-Cyclohexylformamide_2	2.96E+05	1.13E+06	6.96E+04	2.4E+04	3.54E+04	4.32E+04	5.97E+05	2.8E+04	2.29E+04	2.94E+04	9.6E+04	7.14E+04	4.61E+04	5.33E+04	3.6E+04	3.46E+05	2.12E+05	4.65E+04	9.05E+04	7.23E+05	3.27E+04	2.52E+04	3.36E+04	3.06E+04	1.16E+05	1.41E+04	1.98E+04	7.11E+04	1.31E+04	1.91E+06	1.46E+06	1.11E+05	3.28E+04	1.25E+05	2.94E+05	1.77E+04	3.94E+04	1E+05	5.88E+04	2.49E+05	5.68E+04	1.6E+04	1.16E+05	6.24E+05	4.69E+04
N-Cyclopropylammeline	2.63E+05	8.74E+05	1.06E+05	2.2E+06	8.75E+05	1E+05	4.44E+05	5.88E+03	2.63E+05	4.07E+05	3.21E+05	2.43E+05	1.81E+05	3.07E+05	2.54E+05	2.26E+05	7.01E+05	4.21E+05	1.02E+06	7.11E+05	1.82E+05	2.44E+06	1.19E+05	4.59E+05	1.17E+05	1.32E+05	2.76E+04	2.06E+05	4.24E+05	1.93E+05	7.04E+05	2.97E+06	1.73E+06	1.01E+06	1.08E+05	1.33E+05	5.74E+05	1.53E+06	1.26E+05	9.18E+05	2.23E+05	1.94E+04	1.95E+05	3.51E+05	7.96E+04
n-Decanohydroxamic acid_1	1.9E+04	0	7.52E+03	2.72E+03	1.58E+04	1.9E+03	4.76E+03	4.3E+04	5.01E+03	2.34E+04	2.28E+03	3.39E+03	0	2.22E+03	2.32E+05	4.26E+03	2.52E+05	1.97E+04	2.59E+03	9.51E+03	5.07E+03	6.18E+05	8.28E+03	1.84E+05	1.54E+05	1.81E+04	4.13E+05	1.67E+03	0	0	7.31E+03	2.83E+03	2.29E+03	1.1E+05	3.33E+03	0	1E+05	1.46E+05	0	6.71E+03	2.3E+03	6.52E+04	0	3.74E+03	0
n-Decanohydroxamic acid_2	3.42E+04	2.86E+03	7.52E+03	8.52E+03	2.44E+03	0	0	3.12E+05	0	2.45E+04	0	0	0	0	1.22E+03	2.2E+03	1.05E+05	2.24E+03	2.97E+03	2.04E+03	0	6.34E+05	0	3.65E+03	7.98E+05	0	1.33E+06	1.93E+03	0	1.76E+03	1.95E+03	0	0	2.37E+03	3.33E+03	6.31E+03	5.61E+04	4.65E+05	0	4.02E+05	2.97E+03	3.83E+05	0	0	0
N-D-Glucosylarylamine_1	8.25E+05	1.11E+06	1.41E+06	3.2E+06	5.64E+06	5.05E+05	7.35E+05	7.39E+05	3.8E+06	9.37E+04	5.32E+05	6.77E+05	2.06E+05	5.37E+05	9.6E+05	1.66E+04	1.84E+06	1.26E+06	1.21E+07	1.05E+06	1.15E+05	8.59E+05	5.55E+03	6.76E+05	1.63E+05	5.57E+03	3.49E+04	7.12E+04	1.8E+04	1.45E+06	1.48E+06	1.27E+07	7.28E+05	4.19E+05	1.78E+06	4.85E+05	8.07E+06	1.22E+06	4.01E+05	9.93E+05	6.14E+05	1.83E+04	6.71E+04	4.6E+05	6.66E+04
N-D-Glucosylarylamine_2	3.89E+04	2.08E+04	1.91E+03	1.63E+05	7.28E+04	8.24E+04	1.92E+04	2.46E+03	4.04E+04	3.13E+03	4.35E+04	3.92E+03	6.73E+03	1.44E+04	1.55E+05	1.11E+05	6.05E+04	7.77E+04	2.25E+05	3.57E+04	1.35E+04	2.37E+05	4.85E+04	2.25E+05	2.66E+03	9.22E+03	2.93E+03	2.46E+04	8.27E+03	1.07E+04	3.92E+04	6.22E+04	2.88E+04	3.31E+04	1.58E+04	3.22E+03	1.09E+04	5.37E+04	3.74E+03	7.41E+03	6.59E+03	2.34E+03	3.67E+03	4.27E+03	1.04E+04
N-D-Glucosylarylamine_3	2.1E+03	1.87E+03	9.44E+03	1.72E+04	1.69E+04	0	5.06E+03	1.39E+03	7.01E+03	2.49E+04	0	4.3E+03	2.08E+03	1.42E+03	1.4E+04	1.67E+03	2.63E+03	4.12E+03	1.54E+04	8.73E+03	1.18E+03	4.28E+04	1.74E+03	1.66E+03	5.97E+04	0	2.84E+03	981	0	3.6E+04	1.47E+04	7.04E+03	1.11E+04	2.24E+03	7.23E+05	2.44E+04	5.07E+03	3.66E+03	0	2.18E+03	1.52E+03	2.23E+04	1.34E+03	9.97E+04	3.41E+03
N-Dimethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate	1.03E+06	8.47E+05	5.01E+05	4.13E+06	1.99E+06	4.7E+05	8.35E+05	1.09E+05	1.18E+06	3.14E+05	1.35E+06	3.64E+05	3.07E+05	1.59E+06	2.03E+06	1.51E+06	9.72E+05	1.17E+06	4.68E+06	1.19E+06	3.41E+05	3.07E+05	2.02E+05	3.93E+06	1.91E+05	1.13E+06	2.9E+05	1.13E+06	3.7E+05	7.28E+05	1.05E+06	6.89E+05	2.96E+05	1.54E+06	6.73E+05	1.93E+05	1.24E+06	8.69E+05	6.08E+05	9.73E+05	2.34E+06	2.04E+05	1.05E+06	5.44E+05	2.77E+04
Nebularine	1.98E+05	1.12E+05	1.3E+05	5.67E+05	2.46E+05	1.07E+05	7.59E+04	7.1E+03	3.71E+05	3.31E+05	7.04E+05	2.92E+05	2.33E+04	3.04E+05	5.55E+05	4E+05	1.22E+05	1.5E+05	1.25E+06	2.91E+05	1.4E+05	1.7E+05	2.75E+05	6.42E+05	1.46E+04	1.75E+05	1.37E+04	3.85E+05	8.23E+04	5.47E+05	8.99E+04	1.84E+06	1.23E+05	7.68E+04	8.04E+05	1.43E+05	5.58E+05	3.46E+04	7.79E+04	6.89E+04	1.9E+05	1.09E+05	5.79E+05	9.61E+04	2.82E+04
Neopterin_1	1.24E+06	1.36E+06	5.32E+05	2.14E+06	2.04E+06	9.21E+05	1.28E+06	6.97E+04	1.39E+06	6.13E+05	1.3E+06	5.71E+05	6.61E+05	1.85E+06	1.73E+06	1.13E+06	1.23E+06	1.15E+06	1.34E+06	1.13E+06	5.06E+05	1.7E+06	9.59E+05	1.85E+06	5.23E+05	2.84E+05	1.56E+05	1.73E+06	3.89E+05	7.39E+05	1.76E+06	1.88E+06	6.42E+05	1.98E+06	3.26E+06	6.74E+05	1.96E+06	8.21E+05	7.14E+05	5.1E+05	1.45E+06	4.74E+05	4.87E+05	1.24E+06	5.44E+05
Neopterin_2	5.19E+04	9.6E+04	6.2E+03	4.28E+05	1.2E+04	1.3E+05	6.04E+04	1.82E+03	1.88E+05	2.84E+03	1.75E+05	1.65E+04	4.56E+03	1.76E+05	3.04E+05	6.68E+04	4.64E+04	2.12E+04	4.82E+03	1.9E+04	1.98E+04	2.05E+05	1.17E+05	1.14E+04	3.03E+03	1.52E+04	2.18E+03	6.62E+04	3.13E+03	8.91E+04	1.05E+05	2.87E+05	1.35E+04	9.36E+04	1.51E+05	4.37E+04	2.62E+05	7.33E+04	5.6E+03	1.2E+04	1E+05	0	8.89E+03	8.97E+04	3.16E+03
Neostigmine bromide	1.77E+06	2.89E+05	6.58E+06	3.02E+05	4.29E+06	1.03E+05	7.66E+05	1.62E+06	8.98E+05	5.81E+05	8.09E+04	1.42E+05	1.51E+05	1.67E+05	7.06E+04	2.67E+05	1.1E+06	1.17E+06	2.93E+05	3.92E+06	1.05E+04	9.07E+04	2.86E+04	1.72E+06	9.37E+05	2.83E+05	2.45E+05	2.01E+05	3.74E+04	2.46E+04	1.11E+06	2.68E+05	6.45E+05	6.89E+05	1.61E+06	3.91E+05	1.13E+06	2.35E+05	1.76E+05	1.22E+06	6.86E+04	7.78E+05	2.1E+04	4.38E+05	3.03E+05
NEPSILON,NEPSILON,NEPSILON-TRIMETHYLLYSINE	3.47E+08	1.7E+08	1.29E+08	2.56E+08	3.77E+08	1.94E+08	2.7E+08	8.3E+07	1.16E+08	1.31E+08	2.58E+08	1.92E+08	2.2E+08	2.59E+08	2.21E+08	2.12E+08	4.09E+08	1.97E+08	1.99E+08	3.08E+08	2.24E+08	4.04E+08	1.04E+08	1.98E+08	8.72E+07	1.02E+08	6.41E+07	1.94E+08	2.01E+08	1.18E+08	1.73E+08	3.13E+08	8.04E+07	2.08E+08	9.78E+07	9.27E+07	2.21E+08	1.79E+08	2.96E+08	1.03E+08	2.43E+08	7.24E+07	1.16E+08	2.28E+08	1.51E+08
N-Ethylmaleimide-S-glutathione	1.64E+05	1.98E+05	8.38E+03	1.87E+04	7.56E+05	1.43E+04	1.48E+06	5.01E+05	1.25E+05	1.68E+03	1.37E+04	4.87E+03	926	1.44E+05	7.78E+04	2.47E+04	5.92E+05	8.78E+04	1.71E+04	1.28E+04	1.65E+03	7.61E+03	1.59E+04	5.08E+04	1.29E+05	2.12E+06	4.81E+04	6.72E+05	6.46E+03	5.82E+04	1.02E+04	1.09E+05	6.27E+03	1.16E+06	2.14E+05	2.3E+03	1.07E+05	6.57E+04	1.96E+03	2.25E+04	3.23E+04	2.57E+04	2.52E+03	9.82E+04	2.55E+03
Netilmicin	3.29E+06	2.1E+06	1.52E+05	2.66E+04	2.91E+05	1.66E+06	3.66E+05	1.85E+06	1.97E+06	1.39E+06	1.48E+06	2.11E+06	1.24E+05	4.13E+05	1.51E+06	5.56E+06	2.25E+06	3.96E+05	7.33E+05	1.26E+06	1.29E+06	5.68E+05	1.8E+06	4.48E+05	1.03E+05	1.83E+06	1.5E+06	1.2E+06	1.42E+06	8.53E+04	9.87E+05	5.1E+05	1.39E+06	1.42E+06	5.95E+04	1.36E+05	7.26E+04	1.26E+06	1.16E+06	1.69E+05	2.18E+05	1.35E+06	9.54E+05	1.95E+05	1.39E+06
Nevirapine_1	2.86E+07	4.4E+06	3.79E+06	8.17E+06	2.77E+07	4.66E+06	1.73E+06	6.12E+06	1.08E+07	6.19E+06	2.55E+06	1.57E+06	4.85E+05	9.4E+06	5.93E+06	2.1E+06	2.58E+07	7.02E+06	6.62E+06	3.52E+06	1.6E+06	1.67E+07	6.62E+06	2.28E+06	7.11E+05	1.83E+06	7.64E+05	6.03E+06	4.94E+05	7.7E+06	2.58E+07	9.06E+06	3.78E+05	1.33E+07	1.47E+07	7.49E+06	2.07E+06	6.05E+06	1.89E+06	7.33E+06	8.56E+06	5.98E+05	4.04E+06	4.09E+06	9.38E+05
Nevirapine_2	5.56E+06	7.08E+06	2.97E+06	6.89E+06	8.63E+06	4.17E+06	4.99E+06	9.27E+05	4.26E+06	1.76E+06	3.82E+06	2.23E+06	2.12E+06	1.47E+07	5.22E+06	2.43E+06	6.75E+06	4.1E+06	1E+07	7.91E+06	2.42E+06	4.04E+06	2.61E+06	1.12E+07	7.63E+05	1.29E+06	5.12E+05	2.41E+06	1.76E+06	4.63E+06	5.15E+06	4.34E+06	2.12E+06	5.55E+06	9.68E+06	1.35E+06	4.48E+06	3.71E+06	7.06E+05	1.79E+06	3.68E+06	6.4E+05	1.39E+06	5.66E+06	2.96E+06
N-Feruloylglycine	3.76E+06	8.66E+06	1.21E+07	2.25E+07	3.95E+07	4.27E+06	1.51E+07	2.71E+06	1.2E+07	2.88E+06	2.51E+06	1.98E+07	9.54E+06	5.51E+06	5.65E+07	2.3E+06	1.24E+07	2.81E+07	1.27E+07	1.29E+07	3.14E+06	7.75E+06	9.26E+06	2.12E+07	3.03E+07	8.03E+05	7.54E+06	9.69E+06	2.16E+06	3.64E+06	2.59E+06	2.77E+07	6.82E+06	5.48E+06	1.59E+07	5.5E+06	5.31E+07	9.19E+06	3.02E+06	9.26E+06	5.8E+06	9.72E+05	3.4E+06	1.53E+06	2.76E+06
N-Formimino-L-aspartate	3.23E+04	1.56E+05	1.3E+04	8.01E+05	5.15E+05	5.11E+05	9.82E+04	2.4E+04	5.76E+04	1.21E+03	2.47E+05	9.19E+05	2.79E+05	5.59E+05	1.38E+06	6.31E+04	9.45E+04	1.3E+05	1.15E+06	2.49E+06	3.76E+05	6.41E+03	6.93E+04	2.29E+05	2.14E+04	3.35E+04	3.07E+04	3.7E+04	1.63E+04	1.13E+04	1.55E+05	1.29E+05	1.96E+04	5.09E+04	2.36E+04	2.79E+05	5.95E+04	5.61E+05	3.4E+05	3.02E+04	3.98E+05	2.9E+04	2.77E+05	2.02E+04	1.45E+05
N-Formimino-L-glutamate	3.74E+07	2.4E+07	1.59E+07	3.56E+07	5.22E+07	1.02E+07	2.36E+07	1.08E+07	1.5E+07	7.97E+06	2.25E+07	7.78E+06	4.77E+06	1.93E+07	2.03E+07	1.17E+07	6.25E+07	6.51E+07	3.52E+07	2.66E+07	1.03E+07	4.46E+07	2.6E+07	3.14E+07	1.23E+07	2.34E+07	5.27E+06	6.14E+06	7.89E+06	3.39E+07	1.36E+07	4.32E+07	5.01E+06	2.41E+07	3.01E+07	9.22E+06	2.82E+07	1.84E+07	5.7E+06	8.92E+06	1.08E+07	3.8E+06	6.54E+06	8.22E+07	2.78E+06
N-Formyl-4-amino-5-aminomethyl-2-methylpyrimidine	1.55E+07	1.49E+07	6.66E+06	1.73E+07	7.63E+06	8E+06	3.83E+07	2.28E+06	1.01E+07	5.42E+06	8.84E+06	3.72E+06	2.67E+06	5.04E+06	1.08E+07	5.78E+06	1.63E+07	1.23E+07	1.03E+07	1.31E+07	6.66E+06	1.66E+07	5.98E+06	1.02E+07	4.44E+06	7.24E+06	3.01E+06	5.73E+06	1.01E+07	1.5E+07	7.95E+06	6.21E+06	9.16E+06	1.03E+07	1.08E+07	7.22E+06	7.19E+07	5.13E+06	2.54E+06	7.18E+06	5.48E+06	3.52E+06	3.53E+06	4.66E+06	2.75E+06
N-Formyl-L-aspartate	5.22E+03	0	5.86E+04	1.67E+05	2.7E+03	4.12E+03	4.24E+04	1.66E+03	4.56E+03	8.97E+03	0	2.93E+04	1.28E+04	1.81E+03	2.55E+03	2.45E+03	1.53E+04	1.17E+04	1.62E+03	2.54E+03	3.21E+04	4.86E+04	2.73E+04	8.08E+04	4.4E+03	1.9E+03	6.87E+03	3.01E+03	1.5E+03	5.53E+03	7.72E+03	3.91E+03	2.51E+03	2.45E+04	1.46E+04	1.66E+03	3.34E+04	2.37E+03	1.53E+03	2.12E+04	3.02E+03	1.82E+03	1.17E+06	2.33E+04	3.54E+03
N-Formylmethionine_1	1.26E+07	2.11E+05	1.01E+04	2.93E+06	7.27E+07	3.34E+07	2.88E+06	3.53E+06	2.51E+06	3.28E+04	1.47E+07	4.8E+06	8.31E+06	4.25E+05	1.67E+06	3.31E+06	9.99E+04	3.65E+05	4.05E+06	7.99E+06	6.81E+05	3.08E+06	4.96E+05	3.08E+06	5.74E+04	7.96E+05	4.11E+04	8.62E+06	3.25E+05	2.9E+06	8.39E+05	6.64E+06	8E+06	7.72E+05	6.84E+05	3.03E+05	6.16E+06	1.11E+07	6.34E+06	1.5E+07	1.34E+06	1.33E+05	6.07E+05	6.98E+05	2.84E+07
N-Formylmethionine_2	2.95E+06	1.7E+03	1.78E+03	4.65E+05	1.51E+06	6.77E+06	1.39E+05	3.16E+04	4.65E+04	2.17E+03	5.52E+04	7.84E+05	1.01E+06	2.32E+04	3.44E+05	7.98E+05	4.7E+04	1.63E+04	2.91E+05	2.32E+05	1.82E+04	4.45E+04	5.21E+04	1.52E+05	1.44E+03	1.81E+03	1.58E+03	2.3E+04	3.01E+03	6.17E+05	8.01E+04	1.67E+06	7.72E+05	3.51E+04	1.35E+06	0	8.2E+05	5.41E+05	1.78E+06	2.48E+05	6.54E+04	1.34E+03	8.96E+04	1.14E+06	3.66E+06
N-Guanylhistamine	4.98E+03	2.5E+03	1.62E+03	2.36E+03	6.51E+03	5.35E+03	2.51E+03	3.86E+03	1.39E+04	1.4E+04	0	1.95E+03	1.71E+03	0	1.84E+03	1.83E+04	2.43E+03	0	0	2.98E+03	0	0	1.74E+03	0	1.96E+03	1.92E+03	0	0	1.62E+03	3.01E+04	1.69E+04	3.03E+03	1.28E+04	1.55E+04	2.32E+06	0	1.72E+03	4.57E+03	1.55E+03	3.25E+03	4.73E+03	0	1.57E+03	1.81E+03	1.07E+03
N-Heptanoylhomoserine lactone	6.09E+05	1.55E+05	1.38E+05	7.83E+05	6.92E+05	6.93E+05	1.25E+05	4.47E+05	1.98E+06	2.64E+03	7.46E+05	4.65E+05	2.96E+04	7.55E+05	1.08E+06	1.82E+05	8.62E+05	2.56E+05	1.15E+06	1.94E+06	1.46E+04	1.62E+05	3.95E+05	9.19E+05	1.77E+05	4.15E+04	1.67E+05	3.14E+05	1.62E+04	2.28E+04	1.11E+06	1.29E+05	1.16E+06	3.7E+06	1.01E+05	8.41E+04	1.64E+05	6.59E+05	1.79E+04	2.43E+05	5.45E+05	2.44E+05	1.67E+04	2.59E+04	4.24E+05
N-Hydroxy-4-aminobiphenyl	1.39E+06	2.36E+04	2.77E+03	2.11E+04	1.11E+06	2.48E+05	8.63E+05	3.16E+04	5.55E+03	4.39E+03	2.54E+04	3.43E+04	3.82E+03	1.12E+04	5.17E+04	3.47E+04	3.29E+03	1.83E+04	1.03E+04	1.21E+05	4.64E+05	4.82E+03	1.99E+04	1.69E+04	4.12E+03	1.13E+04	1.73E+03	1.59E+04	2.54E+03	4.99E+06	7.89E+03	9.78E+05	2.3E+04	5.24E+03	8.59E+03	1.11E+03	1.29E+04	3.88E+05	5.47E+04	8.06E+04	6.32E+04	0	2.16E+03	5.17E+03	6.12E+03
N-Hydroxy-L-valine	1.22E+07	5.83E+06	4.22E+06	5.15E+06	4.41E+06	3.17E+06	3.77E+06	3.92E+06	4.6E+06	1.88E+06	2.98E+06	3.43E+06	1.96E+06	2.78E+06	5.25E+06	5.01E+06	1.03E+07	5.35E+06	1.06E+07	1.61E+07	1.58E+06	1.93E+06	2.49E+06	9.88E+06	2.36E+06	2.28E+06	1.75E+06	2.78E+06	4.91E+06	2.75E+06	7.22E+06	4.32E+06	1.75E+06	6.57E+06	2.14E+06	3.27E+06	5.31E+06	8.1E+06	3.01E+06	3.27E+06	4.12E+06	1.2E+06	3.98E+06	2.72E+06	2.53E+06
Nicarbazin	0	0	0	0	0	1.63E+03	0	0	1.89E+03	0	1.38E+03	0	0	1.69E+03	0	0	0	0	0	3.51E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	8.53E+03	6.32E+05	1.92E+03	0	1.77E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Nicotianamine	1.41E+07	1.1E+07	5.65E+06	9.32E+06	3.74E+07	7.47E+06	1.14E+07	2.09E+06	3.87E+06	1.51E+06	4.69E+06	3.92E+06	1.43E+06	8.06E+06	8.72E+06	5.67E+06	7.14E+06	5.55E+06	8.93E+06	1.38E+07	1.52E+07	5.72E+06	4.08E+06	7.62E+06	1.7E+06	3.55E+06	8.54E+05	5.7E+06	3.36E+06	1.8E+07	6.31E+06	3.38E+07	3.13E+06	4.5E+06	6.37E+06	2.61E+06	7.24E+06	3.73E+06	1.11E+06	5E+06	6.43E+06	8.78E+05	1.69E+06	5.82E+06	3.49E+06
Nicotinamide	8.63E+06	8.95E+06	3.88E+06	1.05E+07	1.23E+07	5.39E+06	6.98E+06	3.41E+06	9.28E+06	4.15E+06	1.1E+07	1.26E+07	7.19E+06	4.35E+06	1.86E+07	7.79E+06	8.38E+06	5.13E+06	2.36E+07	1.12E+07	4.74E+06	5.45E+06	5.28E+06	1.94E+07	3.95E+06	3.57E+06	4.62E+06	3.65E+06	5.7E+06	4.18E+06	7.8E+06	1.38E+07	3.93E+06	9.13E+06	9.03E+06	3.72E+06	1.41E+07	8.74E+06	5.24E+06	5.69E+06	5.88E+06	3.5E+06	1.15E+07	7.33E+06	5.81E+06
Nicotine	8.48E+03	2.8E+03	2.79E+03	5.09E+04	2.09E+03	2.9E+04	7.6E+03	1.9E+03	1.4E+04	7.66E+03	0	1.99E+03	1.54E+05	1.25E+03	2.86E+04	2.41E+03	9.06E+03	9.07E+04	8.34E+03	2.76E+03	2.11E+03	4.19E+03	2.5E+03	2.07E+03	2.42E+03	2.13E+05	2.51E+03	1.41E+03	2.04E+03	1.38E+04	2.89E+03	2.42E+03	1.98E+03	2.63E+03	1.39E+06	1.79E+03	2.49E+03	6.21E+03	2.08E+03	6.86E+04	4.38E+03	1.81E+03	9.82E+03	9.78E+03	3.51E+03
Nicotinurate	8.76E+07	8.8E+07	3.59E+07	1.41E+08	1.64E+08	5.63E+07	3.99E+07	2.24E+07	7.3E+07	2.09E+07	6.39E+07	3.82E+07	2.32E+07	6.51E+07	1.17E+08	4.57E+07	1.29E+08	1.12E+08	1.64E+08	1.14E+08	4.67E+07	8.09E+07	7.29E+07	1.65E+08	2.53E+07	3.8E+07	1.05E+07	4.41E+07	2.79E+07	6.87E+07	1.08E+08	1.17E+08	6.14E+07	9.55E+07	5.41E+07	2.49E+07	9.7E+07	7.03E+07	2.12E+07	4.19E+07	8.66E+07	1.56E+07	2.77E+07	8.12E+07	2.16E+07
Nicotyrine_1	2.75E+06	3.4E+06	9.02E+05	5.48E+06	3.21E+06	2.12E+06	1.5E+06	3E+05	2.34E+06	9.66E+05	3.04E+06	1.07E+06	5.16E+05	1.73E+06	4.48E+06	1.76E+06	2.63E+06	3.09E+06	5.33E+06	3.2E+06	1.52E+06	2.54E+06	2.09E+06	4.92E+06	9.1E+05	1.28E+06	4.24E+05	1.67E+06	4.99E+05	1.59E+06	2.02E+06	1.53E+06	1.22E+06	1.81E+06	3.53E+06	9.81E+05	2.35E+06	8.63E+05	5.37E+05	6.89E+05	1.37E+06	7.21E+05	8.67E+05	1.34E+06	5.92E+05
Nicotyrine_2	5.91E+05	5.97E+05	2.84E+05	8.46E+05	1.2E+06	4.91E+05	3.33E+05	1.01E+05	4.78E+05	1.51E+05	4.6E+05	3.73E+05	1.44E+05	3.13E+05	6.87E+05	3.16E+05	9.91E+05	8.8E+05	8.13E+05	7.45E+05	2.46E+05	6.31E+05	3.8E+05	7.1E+05	1.53E+05	2.01E+05	6.83E+04	3.29E+05	1.35E+05	4.45E+05	7.1E+05	7.2E+05	4.57E+05	5.37E+05	4.74E+05	3.68E+05	7.23E+05	3.05E+05	7.94E+04	3.34E+05	3.95E+05	1.24E+05	1.67E+05	4.66E+05	1.74E+05
Nifedipine	2.88E+05	6.95E+04	3.2E+05	2.91E+05	2.98E+05	2.57E+05	2.45E+05	2.62E+05	2.39E+05	2.97E+05	2.72E+05	2.71E+05	2.26E+05	3.07E+05	2.78E+05	2.25E+05	2.24E+05	2.71E+05	7.08E+04	2.74E+05	1.93E+05	7.81E+04	2.57E+05	2.45E+05	2.4E+05	2.63E+05	3.02E+05	2.75E+05	3.06E+05	2.98E+05	2.98E+05	2.52E+05	2.75E+05	2.53E+05	2.71E+05	2.82E+05	2.28E+05	2.16E+05	1.79E+05	2.64E+05	2.74E+05	1.93E+05	2.68E+05	2.45E+05	2.74E+05
Nifuradene	2.58E+06	2.16E+06	5.74E+05	3.24E+06	4.05E+06	1.04E+06	1.21E+06	2.29E+05	1.29E+06	1.2E+05	1.08E+06	9.04E+05	2.02E+05	1.32E+06	3.3E+06	1.53E+06	2.91E+06	1.99E+06	4.51E+06	1.59E+06	6.44E+05	2.64E+06	1.05E+06	2.99E+06	3.27E+05	5.62E+06	1.85E+05	1.28E+06	4.02E+05	1.57E+06	1.48E+06	2.34E+06	6.5E+05	1.65E+06	2.39E+06	6.26E+05	2.08E+06	8.87E+05	1.17E+05	4.25E+05	1.48E+06	3.04E+05	6.8E+05	1.38E+06	2.51E+05
Nifurthiazole	3.51E+03	2.67E+03	2.29E+04	1.28E+05	7.37E+03	2.78E+03	1.6E+05	1.79E+03	2.78E+03	1.11E+04	0	0	2.23E+03	0	1.54E+04	0	6.42E+03	6.51E+03	1.38E+04	4.95E+03	1.88E+03	2.83E+03	2.31E+03	6.57E+05	2.19E+03	2.45E+03	0	0	1.93E+03	4.45E+04	2.54E+03	4.09E+03	2.12E+03	1.36E+04	0	3.35E+03	8.64E+03	3.56E+03	0	2.96E+04	1.93E+03	0	6.42E+04	2.84E+03	2.06E+03
N-Isopropylammelide_1	1.06E+05	2.01E+03	1.18E+06	1.99E+04	1.46E+04	1.33E+03	1.51E+04	1.25E+05	8.26E+05	1.15E+06	6.75E+03	1.43E+06	7.07E+05	1.5E+06	8.98E+04	5.41E+05	2.62E+06	1.11E+06	7.07E+05	4.79E+03	4.42E+04	2.75E+05	7.87E+05	3.33E+05	1.82E+06	1.77E+04	1.69E+06	2.4E+06	1.63E+03	6.62E+06	1.47E+06	2.85E+06	7.47E+05	3.2E+06	4.64E+06	1.12E+06	1.59E+05	8.25E+05	9.43E+05	8.21E+04	2.48E+05	3.7E+04	3.09E+03	1.79E+06	2.55E+05
N-Isopropylammelide_2	4.28E+05	1.96E+03	6.13E+04	1.61E+05	4.05E+05	0	2.63E+03	7.16E+04	4.13E+05	1.13E+05	1.95E+03	2.35E+05	3.43E+04	2.15E+05	3.14E+05	1.38E+05	6.89E+05	2.55E+05	5.82E+04	3.29E+04	2.52E+03	2.39E+05	1.95E+03	1.1E+04	9.42E+05	1.81E+03	9.01E+05	3.96E+05	1.39E+03	1.76E+06	4.68E+05	6.15E+05	1.14E+05	2.59E+05	2.82E+06	9.51E+04	7.82E+05	2.68E+05	5.37E+04	2.34E+04	2.6E+03	2.98E+05	1.39E+03	1.1E+06	3.44E+04
N-Isopropylammelide_3	3.26E+05	9.54E+04	2.46E+04	3.03E+05	5.56E+05	1.45E+04	1.67E+04	3.37E+03	2.73E+05	2.26E+05	1.59E+05	1.12E+05	3.71E+04	2.37E+05	2.1E+05	1.44E+04	2.2E+06	4.47E+05	2.2E+05	4.63E+05	5.19E+05	2.23E+05	4.43E+05	9.02E+05	1.03E+05	2.13E+05	7.71E+04	2.17E+05	1.58E+03	4.29E+05	1.48E+06	1.55E+05	6.05E+03	3.39E+06	3.21E+05	4.04E+04	1.28E+05	1.5E+05	4.97E+04	3.71E+03	3.46E+05	3.91E+04	1.81E+04	8.81E+04	1.19E+05
N-Isopropylammelide_4	8.43E+04	2.07E+03	1.16E+04	1.79E+04	2.12E+04	0	5.25E+03	1.15E+04	1.02E+05	1.52E+04	3.8E+03	7.06E+04	1.42E+04	8.69E+03	2.01E+05	6.7E+04	2.69E+05	8.07E+04	3.44E+04	3.97E+04	1.54E+03	7.66E+03	4.5E+03	1.06E+05	5.04E+05	1.64E+03	2.51E+05	2.28E+05	0	1.11E+06	2.5E+05	2.66E+05	3.36E+04	1.34E+05	2.02E+06	5.46E+03	5.19E+05	2.01E+04	4.94E+03	2.95E+03	1.55E+03	1.12E+05	1.28E+03	5.9E+05	6.84E+03
Nithiazide	8.48E+05	1.56E+05	9.42E+04	1.14E+05	5.54E+05	2.12E+05	8.64E+04	1.15E+05	5.21E+05	1.97E+05	8.46E+04	3.98E+04	2.19E+04	1.35E+05	4.42E+04	2.34E+04	1.1E+06	8.95E+04	1.45E+05	3.46E+04	6.57E+04	7.3E+05	5.1E+03	7.03E+04	1.33E+04	2.16E+04	2.76E+04	5.7E+04	2.14E+04	5.59E+04	6.94E+04	1.38E+05	1.14E+05	4.15E+05	1.46E+05	1.62E+05	6.69E+04	4.87E+04	9.57E+03	4.93E+04	1.16E+05	2.63E+04	2.43E+04	2.57E+05	8.5E+03
Nitralin	2.9E+06	6.81E+05	9.61E+05	8.02E+05	1.78E+06	4.21E+05	7.87E+05	4.62E+05	4.94E+05	1.28E+05	8.11E+04	7.83E+05	2.06E+04	1.06E+05	9.42E+04	2.19E+05	6.48E+06	1.37E+06	2.7E+05	5.18E+05	3.08E+05	1.48E+06	3.61E+04	1.64E+05	6.55E+05	1.74E+05	7.43E+04	1.08E+04	2.19E+04	2.65E+05	3.97E+05	2.09E+06	1.47E+06	1.54E+06	8.89E+05	5.26E+05	6.55E+05	1.9E+06	6.56E+04	1.91E+06	2.24E+05	1.92E+04	1.62E+05	7.46E+05	2.44E+05
Nitramine	1.89E+03	0	1.8E+06	3.55E+06	0	3.34E+03	5.03E+03	1.97E+03	2.15E+04	2.37E+03	0	2.67E+04	2.15E+03	1.55E+04	7.23E+03	1.31E+03	3.04E+04	5.54E+05	4.12E+03	0	0	1.71E+07	0	3.41E+04	3.14E+04	1.63E+03	1.66E+03	0	0	1.53E+04	2.02E+03	2.12E+03	1.74E+04	0	9.27E+03	0	2.21E+06	4.73E+03	2.2E+03	3.25E+06	0	1.96E+03	9.24E+04	3.95E+05	0
Nitrovin	1.87E+05	0	0	5.34E+03	2.95E+04	0	1.14E+04	0	1.74E+03	1.68E+03	5.28E+04	0	0	2.63E+03	9.87E+03	0	1.91E+03	1.7E+03	2.39E+03	1.82E+03	0	1.93E+03	0	0	1.77E+03	1.91E+03	0	0	0	1.86E+03	0	2.06E+06	0	2.16E+03	1.19E+04	1.55E+03	0	2.03E+03	0	2.57E+04	0	0	0	0	0
N-Methyl-(R,S)-tetrahydrobenzylisoquinoline	5.75E+05	6.73E+05	5.29E+05	5.47E+05	1.12E+05	4.65E+05	6.24E+05	4.26E+05	5.15E+05	6.04E+05	5.6E+05	5.37E+05	5.91E+05	4.2E+05	4.24E+05	5.65E+05	4.03E+05	2.95E+05	4.48E+05	2.54E+05	5.27E+05	4.41E+05	7.92E+05	1.02E+05	5.15E+05	6.63E+05	2.2E+05	7.37E+05	5.22E+05	5E+05	4.07E+05	1.33E+05	7.02E+05	3.88E+05	2.2E+05	3.94E+05	4.46E+05	2.55E+05	4.72E+05	5.4E+05	3.79E+05	4.5E+05	4.76E+05	4.17E+05	1.54E+05
N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone_1	3.2E+06	3.51E+07	7.57E+06	2.8E+06	4.62E+07	7.54E+06	4.55E+07	7.9E+06	2.03E+06	7.34E+07	4.23E+07	3.74E+07	7.07E+07	8.01E+05	8.23E+06	4.41E+07	1.13E+06	2.31E+07	3.28E+07	5.22E+07	1.76E+07	2.34E+06	1.59E+07	8.93E+06	6.69E+06	5.35E+06	5.24E+05	1.19E+07	4.11E+07	3.34E+06	7.61E+05	1.1E+08	2.88E+05	4.12E+06	2.81E+07	6.04E+06	1.68E+07	1.03E+07	7.9E+07	1.31E+07	2.28E+07	4.53E+06	4.61E+06	1.8E+06	7.22E+07
N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone_2	4.37E+06	1.57E+07	1.32E+06	8.27E+06	1.3E+07	1.91E+07	1.22E+07	2.13E+06	2.7E+06	1.94E+06	5.41E+06	4.61E+06	5.78E+06	2.47E+06	1.63E+07	4.55E+06	4.15E+06	3.86E+06	2.76E+07	8.8E+06	4.95E+06	3.49E+06	3.17E+06	2.17E+07	9.4E+05	1.72E+06	4.92E+05	2.29E+06	3.48E+06	2.33E+06	1.36E+07	1.38E+07	1.69E+06	4.02E+06	4.76E+06	1.3E+06	1.52E+07	3.61E+06	3.37E+06	3.12E+06	3.77E+06	2.28E+06	2.48E+06	2.18E+06	4.47E+06
N-Methylaniline	1.53E+05	2.46E+04	1.33E+05	4E+04	1.22E+05	4.74E+04	3.86E+04	1.38E+06	2.27E+07	4.16E+05	2.68E+05	1.41E+07	3.63E+05	1.7E+06	5.68E+05	5.38E+04	1.24E+04	2.09E+06	7.25E+05	3.45E+04	1.12E+05	5.79E+04	1.01E+05	3.03E+04	8.41E+06	5.59E+04	2.1E+06	9.31E+04	2.18E+05	5.13E+06	2.16E+05	4.8E+06	4.18E+05	2.21E+05	1.27E+07	6.46E+05	5.36E+07	1.96E+05	1.35E+06	1.47E+05	1.36E+05	1.33E+06	1.11E+05	1.63E+06	9.14E+04
N-Methylethanolamine phosphate	9.95E+05	5.62E+06	6.11E+06	2.76E+06	2.49E+06	5.24E+06	1.98E+06	3.03E+06	4.12E+06	5.24E+06	1E+07	3.75E+06	5.19E+06	4.13E+06	4.38E+06	4.85E+06	6.89E+05	3.09E+06	4.13E+06	1.55E+06	3.65E+06	1.95E+06	5.39E+06	4.3E+06	3.91E+06	6.28E+06	9.42E+06	3.45E+06	4.49E+06	5.5E+06	2.43E+06	2.52E+06	6.15E+06	3.35E+06	5.29E+06	4.51E+06	4.21E+06	2.22E+06	3.68E+06	2.54E+06	6.22E+06	5.4E+06	4.33E+06	4.91E+06	4.28E+06
N-Methylhexanamide_1	8.65E+05	1.14E+06	1.11E+06	2.63E+05	4.77E+05	1.07E+06	7.59E+04	7.11E+04	1.45E+05	1.01E+06	1.2E+05	4.69E+05	2.14E+05	8.16E+04	2.63E+05	1.18E+05	1.67E+05	7.72E+05	6.22E+05	1.97E+05	7.83E+04	1.21E+05	9.32E+04	2.21E+05	8.61E+05	2.61E+04	9.37E+05	1.42E+05	2.14E+04	9.72E+04	1.56E+05	3.21E+05	1.05E+06	5.47E+04	1.22E+06	1.21E+06	6.93E+05	5.03E+05	1.17E+05	2.27E+05	5.87E+04	1.69E+05	1.1E+05	6.68E+05	1.1E+05
N-Methylhexanamide_2	4.73E+04	7.64E+04	4.04E+04	9.63E+05	1.08E+05	1.99E+04	8.15E+06	1.27E+05	9.88E+05	3.23E+03	5.88E+04	3.35E+04	1.26E+04	6.84E+04	1.73E+05	1.63E+07	1.7E+06	1.96E+05	2.78E+05	4.55E+06	4.5E+04	1.19E+05	7.73E+04	7.26E+03	4.4E+04	1.55E+04	1.2E+04	1.76E+04	1.39E+04	1.34E+05	9.07E+04	1.27E+06	2.89E+04	6.48E+05	1.12E+06	1.07E+04	3.64E+04	2.71E+06	3.81E+04	2.89E+06	5.8E+04	2.09E+04	2.08E+04	1.38E+04	5.27E+03
N-Methylpelletierine_1	5.08E+06	2.76E+03	3.99E+05	2.23E+04	2.96E+03	1.87E+03	1.73E+03	1.63E+06	3.02E+04	3.97E+05	4.12E+05	1.96E+06	1.97E+03	2.51E+04	1.39E+05	3.6E+03	2.19E+06	2.4E+03	1.39E+04	5.19E+06	0	4.89E+06	0	1.72E+07	2.29E+07	2.37E+05	1.98E+07	1.44E+05	1.71E+03	3.47E+04	1.9E+06	2.17E+03	3.73E+03	1.01E+04	3.1E+04	2.7E+05	4.93E+06	5.67E+06	6.87E+05	2.86E+06	4.52E+04	7.19E+06	1.91E+06	8.03E+04	0
N-Methylpelletierine_2	1.61E+04	1.46E+04	1.17E+06	3.3E+04	7.01E+03	7.35E+03	6.42E+05	1.83E+05	1.55E+06	2.1E+04	1.19E+04	2.4E+06	1.76E+05	3.75E+05	1.23E+06	1.83E+05	5.08E+04	2.22E+06	3.69E+04	5.52E+03	5.08E+03	2.21E+06	1.34E+04	1.69E+05	1.09E+06	5.63E+03	7.92E+05	7.11E+03	7.75E+03	4.42E+06	4.43E+04	3.15E+05	1.02E+05	4.02E+04	2.57E+06	1.78E+04	7.41E+06	2.45E+05	3.59E+05	1.56E+06	4.34E+03	8.47E+04	1.17E+05	1.69E+06	1.85E+04
N-Methyltryptamine	5.12E+05	1.17E+06	4.23E+05	4.42E+06	3.53E+06	3.64E+05	7.45E+05	2.17E+05	5.94E+05	7.57E+05	1.53E+05	3.04E+05	7.11E+04	7.42E+04	6.67E+05	5.28E+04	2.75E+06	1.38E+06	1.54E+06	5.15E+05	2.27E+05	5.09E+05	2.12E+05	1.06E+06	2.87E+05	2.08E+05	2.23E+05	9.81E+04	9.04E+03	2.97E+05	7.36E+05	8.58E+05	7.14E+05	1.38E+06	1.73E+06	2.38E+05	6.11E+05	1.31E+06	9.61E+04	1.38E+06	4.1E+05	9.6E+04	4.31E+05	7.13E+05	3.25E+05
N-Monomethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate	7.43E+05	9.71E+05	2.44E+05	1.04E+06	4.63E+05	5.72E+05	1.5E+05	3.85E+04	3.18E+05	2.31E+05	2.51E+05	1.39E+05	8.61E+04	7.22E+05	9.77E+05	1.89E+05	9.22E+05	5.78E+05	1.26E+06	2.66E+05	5.52E+05	8.45E+05	4.16E+05	5.07E+05	2.14E+05	2.33E+05	1.82E+05	8.4E+05	2.93E+04	8.36E+05	4.11E+04	1.47E+06	1.97E+05	1.3E+05	1.46E+06	3.04E+05	1.64E+06	1.28E+05	1.78E+05	2.02E+05	5.41E+05	6.13E+04	2.71E+05	7.12E+05	1.9E+05
N'-Nitrosoanabasine	2.95E+03	0	1.58E+04	3.01E+03	6.32E+05	7.5E+03	1.93E+04	2.13E+03	2.25E+03	2.38E+03	0	2.33E+03	0	2.03E+03	1.46E+03	2.72E+03	2.61E+03	4.39E+03	1.27E+03	3.02E+03	0	2.85E+03	2.16E+03	2.34E+03	1.96E+03	2.3E+03	0	0	1.74E+03	3.01E+03	1.8E+03	5.25E+03	1.89E+03	3.12E+03	3.45E+04	1.77E+03	2.32E+04	4.12E+03	2.05E+03	1.96E+03	3.83E+03	1.06E+03	2.3E+03	1.1E+03	1.84E+03
N'-Nitrosoanatabine	1.1E+06	1.19E+06	4.58E+05	2.29E+06	1.79E+06	8.97E+05	8.81E+05	1.19E+05	1.25E+06	1.35E+05	1.03E+06	5.4E+05	1.61E+05	1.05E+06	2.14E+06	1.03E+06	1.54E+06	1.9E+06	3.17E+06	1.63E+06	9.69E+05	2.73E+06	1E+06	2.02E+06	2.71E+05	1.88E+05	9.66E+04	2.67E+05	2.66E+05	3.92E+05	1.04E+06	1.75E+06	3.06E+05	1.09E+06	2.03E+06	2.54E+05	1.13E+06	8.05E+05	1.45E+05	2.19E+05	7.95E+05	3.3E+05	7.6E+05	1.19E+06	1.18E+05
N-Nitrosodiethylamine	5.26E+05	5.86E+05	4.79E+05	9.75E+05	9.77E+05	6.28E+05	2.39E+06	8.79E+05	3.28E+05	2.13E+05	1.15E+06	9.48E+04	1.59E+05	1.49E+05	5.96E+05	5.72E+05	1.21E+06	7.5E+05	1.13E+06	1.07E+05	8.85E+04	8.09E+05	6.68E+05	2.72E+05	4.41E+05	2.32E+05	3.05E+05	3.82E+05	1.18E+05	4.39E+05	2.64E+05	6.07E+05	6.09E+05	3.74E+05	1.39E+06	3.92E+05	6.15E+05	3.87E+05	6.44E+04	7.24E+05	1.91E+05	2.86E+05	1.9E+05	7E+05	2.01E+05
N-Nitrosodi-n-butylamine_1	2.52E+07	8.16E+07	3.29E+07	1.13E+08	9.23E+07	5.48E+07	3.49E+07	2.16E+07	6.13E+07	3.28E+07	8.54E+07	3.31E+07	2.41E+07	6.36E+07	8.49E+07	5.27E+07	2.69E+07	7.63E+07	9.61E+07	8.77E+07	4.15E+07	3.13E+07	5.02E+07	1.09E+08	2.05E+07	3.61E+07	1.61E+07	5.29E+07	2.17E+07	7.59E+07	7.68E+07	4.91E+07	3.83E+07	4.96E+07	1.75E+08	3.6E+07	7.41E+07	3.77E+07	1.82E+07	3.17E+07	4.72E+07	2.31E+07	3.27E+07	8.25E+07	2.25E+07
N-Nitrosodi-n-butylamine_2	3.65E+06	2.22E+07	1.02E+06	2.07E+06	3.06E+07	7.98E+03	4.34E+05	4.27E+07	6.99E+05	8.79E+05	2.35E+06	2.76E+05	1.27E+06	1.5E+06	2.17E+06	8.8E+05	1.94E+06	2.54E+06	6.43E+06	7.8E+06	1.16E+05	7.66E+05	3.24E+06	6.59E+05	3.2E+03	1.3E+06	1.12E+04	1.44E+06	2.08E+05	2.91E+05	1.61E+08	5.66E+05	3.07E+06	1.56E+07	5.16E+05	1.42E+06	3.38E+06	6.68E+05	1.18E+07	3.49E+07	2.64E+06	4.96E+05	3.93E+05	2.13E+05	1.18E+07
N-Nitrosoguvacoline	5.47E+07	5.13E+07	4.5E+06	1.74E+08	4.23E+07	7.77E+07	1.22E+07	3.97E+07	5.22E+07	1.18E+07	6.58E+07	5.88E+07	1.63E+07	3.16E+07	2.6E+08	3.46E+07	3.97E+07	6.59E+07	2.4E+08	8.88E+07	2.46E+07	4.73E+07	1.08E+08	2.44E+08	7.96E+06	1.66E+08	1.22E+07	3.54E+07	5.14E+07	2.14E+08	2.71E+08	1.04E+08	1.9E+07	4.51E+07	4.07E+08	9.22E+06	3.41E+07	2.91E+07	1.14E+07	4.18E+07	6.73E+07	1.95E+07	1.18E+08	1.24E+08	2.9E+07
N-Nitrosopiperidine	3.26E+07	2.94E+07	1.5E+07	5.12E+07	4.54E+07	2.2E+07	2.51E+07	7.98E+06	2.3E+07	1.04E+07	1.87E+07	1.5E+07	6.43E+06	2.77E+07	3.94E+07	2.52E+07	4.08E+07	2.61E+07	6.04E+07	2.68E+07	1.98E+07	2.68E+07	1.83E+07	2.58E+07	1.18E+07	1.21E+07	9.02E+06	2.67E+07	1.13E+07	3.5E+07	2.53E+07	4.03E+07	1.54E+07	3.2E+07	5.68E+07	1.25E+07	3.59E+07	1.76E+07	9.4E+06	1.41E+07	2.71E+07	9.02E+06	1.17E+07	3.08E+07	7.17E+06
N-Nitrosoproline	2.55E+03	1.18E+04	2.3E+03	7.34E+04	1.46E+04	1.42E+03	1.29E+03	1.09E+04	1.04E+04	1.86E+03	1.9E+04	1.71E+04	2.12E+03	2.79E+04	2.55E+04	5.17E+03	4.11E+03	5.91E+04	1.39E+05	6.07E+04	8.25E+03	3.72E+03	3.8E+04	8.45E+04	1.85E+03	6.9E+04	1.88E+03	1.38E+03	2.37E+03	1.07E+05	7.37E+05	1.04E+04	3.89E+03	3.6E+04	9.2E+04	5.32E+03	7.12E+03	4.11E+03	2.3E+03	4.42E+03	1.6E+04	8.74E+03	1.24E+05	1.11E+04	4.35E+03
Nona-2,6-dienal	3.25E+05	3.66E+05	2.83E+05	2.6E+05	2.77E+06	9.1E+05	5.89E+05	1.31E+05	3.53E+05	4.07E+05	2.04E+05	1.25E+05	8.31E+04	6.44E+05	2.94E+05	1.29E+05	1.65E+06	8.25E+05	3.56E+05	3.62E+05	5.46E+04	6.51E+05	1.43E+05	1.13E+06	1.32E+05	9.07E+04	1.17E+05	1.52E+05	3.08E+04	2.86E+05	1.18E+06	4.38E+05	1.71E+05	4.53E+05	5.76E+05	3.51E+05	1.18E+06	1.38E+06	3.15E+04	2.41E+05	2.65E+05	1.53E+05	1.12E+05	2.22E+05	3.75E+05
Nonane-4,6-dione_1	8.53E+05	2.89E+05	7.28E+05	8.57E+05	1.94E+06	2.44E+05	4.32E+05	7.5E+04	7.32E+05	1.38E+06	2.28E+05	7.9E+04	2.71E+04	6.15E+05	2.75E+05	2.38E+05	1.5E+06	6.2E+05	7.71E+05	4.76E+05	2.55E+05	1.74E+06	2.81E+05	1.65E+06	1.45E+05	6.55E+05	9.25E+04	3.36E+05	9.39E+04	2.13E+06	2.48E+06	1.66E+06	5.11E+05	1.08E+06	2.92E+04	2.66E+05	1.62E+06	1.12E+06	5.33E+04	2.4E+05	5.56E+05	1.17E+05	2.53E+05	2.14E+05	2.9E+05
Nonane-4,6-dione_2	1.54E+05	1.95E+05	2.6E+05	2.17E+05	2.26E+05	1.36E+05	1.47E+05	1.13E+05	4.63E+04	3.32E+05	1.97E+05	1.56E+04	1.73E+05	1.82E+05	2.9E+05	2.65E+05	1.93E+05	1.45E+05	4.66E+04	1.05E+05	1.52E+05	1.25E+05	1.5E+05	4.04E+05	2.29E+05	1.46E+05	2.26E+05	2.72E+05	2.78E+05	1.65E+05	9.24E+05	3.11E+04	1.81E+05	1.85E+05	2.03E+05	1.41E+05	2.95E+05	2.86E+05	1.71E+05	3.81E+05	2.11E+05	1.32E+05	7.07E+04	2.48E+05	2.23E+05
Nonanoic acid_1	9.52E+05	9.59E+05	1.05E+06	1.04E+06	9.9E+05	1E+06	1E+06	1.02E+06	1.04E+06	1.06E+06	9.78E+05	1.01E+06	1.06E+06	1.05E+06	1.06E+06	1.03E+06	9.61E+05	9.93E+05	1.04E+06	1.04E+06	9.87E+05	9.59E+05	9.25E+05	9.01E+05	9.36E+05	9.26E+05	9.06E+05	8.82E+05	9.56E+05	9.89E+05	9.65E+05	8.97E+05	1E+06	9.62E+05	9.28E+05	1.05E+06	9.69E+05	9.58E+05	1.12E+06	1.16E+06	1.19E+06	1.28E+06	1.24E+06	1.18E+06	1.2E+06
Nonanoic acid_2	1.89E+03	2.01E+03	3.35E+03	1.66E+03	2.9E+04	1.81E+03	2.17E+03	2.2E+03	2.03E+04	1.83E+03	2.23E+03	2.08E+03	1.88E+03	1.66E+03	2.11E+03	2.25E+03	3.05E+03	1.8E+03	3.92E+04	2.04E+03	1.89E+03	1.79E+03	1.31E+04	4.27E+05	0	2.01E+04	1.53E+03	1.58E+03	4.52E+03	6.19E+05	1.1E+06	2.53E+03	985	1.78E+03	1.92E+03	2.21E+03	1.71E+03	2.71E+04	1.41E+03	8.87E+04	2.06E+03	1.8E+03	2.04E+03	1.66E+03	1.73E+03
Northienamycin_1	5.37E+05	5.87E+06	8.18E+05	1.99E+06	2.31E+06	1.05E+05	1.76E+05	1.43E+06	1.19E+06	1.18E+06	2.05E+06	3.59E+05	2.24E+06	4.75E+05	2.21E+06	1.25E+06	1.24E+06	1.76E+06	9.09E+05	1.42E+06	3.57E+05	8.36E+05	1.6E+06	5.9E+05	3.79E+06	4.89E+05	6.44E+05	2.15E+06	3.55E+04	7.4E+06	3.22E+06	7.61E+05	9.25E+04	3.62E+05	1.16E+07	7.98E+05	3.36E+04	9.98E+05	2.47E+06	1.14E+06	6.63E+05	1.27E+06	1.65E+04	1.15E+06	5.62E+04
Northienamycin_2	1.17E+05	1.54E+05	5.57E+04	2.79E+05	3.3E+05	3.38E+04	3.23E+03	1.69E+04	1.59E+05	1.77E+04	1.81E+05	2.73E+04	1.03E+04	3.22E+04	3.86E+05	1.83E+04	2.41E+05	2.21E+05	4.33E+05	4.85E+04	4.6E+03	4.41E+05	1.17E+05	5.45E+05	1.17E+03	6.24E+03	1.04E+03	2.11E+04	1.16E+03	1.74E+04	4.06E+05	2.11E+05	4.94E+04	1.35E+05	4.6E+05	1.02E+04	4.27E+05	4.85E+04	7.6E+03	1.48E+04	1.74E+04	2.11E+03	8.99E+04	9.79E+04	1.16E+03
N-Succinyl-L-glutamate	8.33E+05	3.47E+05	9.76E+04	7.09E+05	7.67E+05	1.66E+05	9.82E+04	2.86E+04	2.98E+05	1.37E+05	1.89E+05	8.63E+04	4.16E+04	1.88E+05	2.84E+05	2.24E+05	8.48E+05	1.93E+05	7.67E+05	1.53E+05	1.56E+05	8.09E+05	1E+05	1.72E+05	1.46E+04	3.16E+04	2.24E+04	2.37E+05	2.73E+04	1.4E+05	3.2E+05	4.55E+05	1.05E+04	2.34E+05	1.78E+05	1.11E+05	3.94E+05	2.55E+04	1.58E+04	6.33E+04	5.66E+04	1.59E+04	2.3E+04	2.1E+05	3.15E+04
N-Succinyl-LL-2,6-diaminoheptanedioate	1.51E+06	5.43E+05	3.76E+05	9.72E+05	1.34E+06	1.87E+06	5.31E+05	1.11E+04	9.92E+05	1.7E+05	1.4E+05	2.72E+05	3.52E+04	3.07E+06	1.07E+06	4.22E+05	1.84E+06	8.85E+05	1.33E+06	1.86E+06	2.58E+05	1.02E+06	2.59E+05	1.99E+06	1.2E+04	1.21E+05	1.27E+04	5.11E+05	8.6E+04	8.64E+05	2.94E+06	1.19E+06	1.85E+05	3.14E+06	2.09E+06	1.08E+05	7.64E+05	2.29E+06	9.13E+04	1.16E+05	9.52E+05	1.77E+04	3.72E+05	1.1E+06	4.52E+04
N-Sulfo-D-glucosamine_1	7.85E+06	1E+07	3.65E+06	1.02E+07	1.12E+07	9.04E+06	6.6E+06	2.78E+06	9.11E+06	2.45E+06	7.77E+06	3.94E+06	3.03E+06	7.88E+06	9.94E+06	5.36E+06	9.12E+06	9.07E+06	1.04E+07	7.06E+06	3.97E+06	8.43E+06	4.88E+06	1.32E+07	2.72E+06	3.32E+06	1.87E+06	7.83E+06	2.34E+06	8.61E+06	1.04E+07	9.93E+06	7.09E+06	1.19E+07	1.79E+07	3.31E+06	1.27E+07	4.46E+06	1.71E+06	4.21E+06	5.76E+06	2.87E+06	4.86E+06	1.09E+07	2.94E+06
N-Sulfo-D-glucosamine_2	3.16E+04	1.99E+06	3.34E+06	5.99E+06	1.93E+05	1.04E+08	7.68E+05	1.26E+05	8.94E+04	4.27E+03	5.08E+04	1.69E+04	3.17E+05	2.2E+04	1.61E+05	1.81E+05	5.62E+05	3.37E+06	2.07E+05	1.54E+05	8.74E+03	3.51E+05	6.99E+04	1.89E+05	1.35E+05	4.47E+04	6.28E+03	3.6E+04	1.15E+04	3.43E+07	1.76E+04	2.3E+05	1.78E+06	1.47E+06	4.02E+07	2.97E+05	6.46E+05	1.72E+06	2.56E+04	1.9E+05	7.62E+04	1.31E+04	3.89E+04	1.39E+07	8.15E+03
N-Trimethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate_1	4.24E+06	2.45E+06	1.67E+06	6.89E+06	6.3E+06	1.88E+06	3.73E+06	6.91E+05	2.27E+06	4.33E+05	2.74E+06	1.17E+06	9.01E+05	3.94E+06	5.2E+06	4.72E+06	1.83E+06	5.13E+06	1.36E+07	1.72E+06	1.37E+06	7.45E+06	2.55E+06	9.85E+06	6.07E+05	2.57E+06	3.99E+05	3.45E+06	7.37E+05	5.05E+06	1.32E+07	5E+06	2.01E+06	2.06E+06	5.1E+06	5.93E+05	8.43E+06	2.93E+06	6.76E+05	1.77E+06	3.69E+06	5.86E+05	2.11E+06	9.45E+05	1.22E+06
N-Trimethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate_2	3.81E+05	4.12E+05	4.1E+06	5.59E+06	4.54E+05	8.97E+05	1.31E+07	4.67E+05	3.54E+04	1.44E+06	1.54E+05	3.82E+05	3.73E+06	6.74E+05	3.88E+05	3.76E+04	1.09E+06	1.84E+06	4.63E+04	1.1E+06	7.21E+04	6.34E+07	3.42E+05	7.5E+06	1.76E+06	2.4E+05	8.61E+04	2.82E+05	8.16E+04	2.71E+04	6.62E+06	4.87E+05	1.36E+06	1.65E+06	8.06E+05	7.97E+04	5.92E+06	3.33E+06	5.3E+04	3.74E+06	5.53E+05	8.02E+04	2.49E+06	2.01E+06	3E+05
Nupharamine	2.48E+05	0	2.09E+03	0	0	0	1.87E+03	0	0	1.99E+03	1.12E+03	0	1.73E+03	0	0	1.68E+03	0	0	1.98E+03	0	0	1.91E+03	1.71E+03	0	0	0	0	1.85E+03	0	2E+03	0	2.1E+06	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	3.09E+04	0	0	0	1.68E+03	0
N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone_1	3.84E+06	5.6E+04	6.68E+04	1.17E+05	6.18E+05	1.05E+05	1.21E+05	3.54E+04	1.88E+05	2.57E+05	6.85E+04	3.85E+04	4.53E+04	1.15E+06	4.92E+04	1.06E+06	5.99E+05	2.9E+05	1.18E+05	6.16E+05	9.26E+04	1.76E+06	1.39E+05	1.59E+05	7.18E+04	1.21E+05	1.28E+04	9.99E+04	4.84E+04	3.81E+05	9.79E+05	2.25E+05	1.14E+04	4.94E+05	7.01E+05	1.1E+05	4.05E+05	1.65E+05	6.88E+04	1.68E+05	1.46E+05	1.78E+04	5.43E+04	3.6E+05	3.02E+04
N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone_2	9.59E+03	1.35E+04	1.28E+04	2.96E+04	5.6E+04	2.04E+04	2.75E+04	1.15E+04	1.57E+04	6.8E+03	2.09E+04	4.94E+04	8.11E+05	1.62E+04	3.12E+04	1.63E+04	2.28E+04	1.78E+04	2.53E+04	5.52E+04	6.1E+03	6.1E+04	2.13E+04	2.54E+04	2.99E+04	2.19E+04	3.23E+04	2.59E+04	1.7E+04	1.94E+04	3.27E+04	2.5E+04	8.59E+03	9.09E+03	2.69E+04	4.79E+04	1.1E+05	6.9E+04	4.48E+04	1.55E+04	2.52E+04	1.76E+04	3.71E+03	7.33E+03	1.74E+04
Oblongolide_1	5.69E+05	5.21E+05	3.65E+05	4.59E+05	5.23E+05	4.06E+05	3.39E+05	3.9E+05	5.23E+05	2.57E+05	5.93E+05	4.87E+05	4.87E+05	2.23E+05	4.34E+05	1.71E+05	4.54E+05	3.71E+05	3.14E+05	5.01E+05	5.12E+05	5.06E+05	5.02E+05	5.01E+05	3.56E+05	5.88E+05	5.62E+05	2.41E+05	4.76E+05	4.9E+05	4.22E+05	5.21E+05	3.07E+05	4.81E+05	4.64E+05	4.03E+05	5.64E+05	3.48E+05	5.68E+05	4.11E+05	5.58E+05	1.05E+06	5.62E+05	6.03E+05	5.32E+05
Oblongolide_2	3.43E+05	3.93E+05	4.52E+05	3.22E+05	2.27E+05	4.4E+05	4.45E+05	4.84E+05	4.44E+05	4.29E+05	3.39E+05	3.12E+05	5.37E+05	3.95E+05	3.56E+05	4.34E+05	3.85E+05	5.13E+05	4.61E+05	4.09E+05	4.45E+05	2.52E+05	4.88E+05	4.54E+05	5.28E+05	5.61E+05	6.07E+05	5.28E+05	4.52E+05	6.35E+05	3.12E+05	4.45E+05	5.54E+05	4.52E+05	5.44E+05	4.63E+05	4.21E+05	6E+05	6.24E+05	5.58E+05	5.51E+05	5.73E+05	5.58E+05	5.33E+05	5.53E+05
O-Butanoylcarnitine	1.84E+08	2.16E+08	1.11E+08	1.57E+08	3.93E+08	6.89E+07	1E+08	8.69E+07	9.51E+07	5.71E+07	9.06E+07	1.09E+08	1.1E+08	1.58E+08	1.14E+08	7.47E+07	2.21E+08	1.25E+08	1.72E+08	1.65E+08	9.88E+07	1.44E+08	3.86E+07	2.24E+08	3.1E+07	2.93E+07	1.31E+07	7.23E+07	4.21E+07	3.65E+07	3.03E+08	1.95E+08	5.67E+07	1.06E+08	3.81E+07	8.92E+07	1.02E+08	2.22E+08	4.52E+07	1.65E+08	1.74E+08	1.71E+07	6.18E+07	6.07E+07	4.18E+07
O-Carbamoyl-L-serine	9.2E+05	2.79E+06	1.47E+06	1.64E+06	7.72E+05	3.97E+06	5.89E+05	7.15E+05	3.24E+06	8.14E+05	1.59E+06	8.64E+05	9.64E+05	1.94E+06	1.77E+06	1.43E+06	1.21E+06	2.92E+06	2.55E+06	1.07E+06	1.24E+06	1.19E+06	4.71E+06	1.71E+06	1E+06	4.18E+06	1.79E+06	1.71E+06	8.41E+05	2.39E+06	1.01E+06	1.1E+06	4.48E+06	1.53E+06	3.82E+06	1.8E+06	2.19E+06	1.49E+06	1.15E+06	1.29E+06	1.39E+06	1.01E+06	1.7E+06	9.15E+05	1.62E+06
Octylamine	1.53E+07	2.73E+07	1.57E+07	1.47E+07	1.46E+07	1.63E+07	1.51E+07	1.7E+07	1.52E+07	1.83E+07	1.58E+07	1.67E+07	1.77E+07	1.49E+07	1.48E+07	1.68E+07	1.5E+07	1.42E+07	1.51E+07	1.55E+07	1.6E+07	1.43E+07	1.6E+07	1.47E+07	1.65E+07	1.73E+07	1.7E+07	1.51E+07	1.67E+07	1.46E+07	1.46E+07	1.43E+07	1.49E+07	1.43E+07	1.37E+07	1.57E+07	1.37E+07	1.47E+07	1.92E+07	1.55E+07	1.54E+07	1.65E+07	1.54E+07	1.59E+07	1.65E+07
O-Decanoyl-L-carnitine	1.29E+06	1.97E+06	1.9E+05	3.3E+06	5.2E+06	1.2E+06	1.31E+06	5.96E+04	5.53E+06	7.19E+04	1.02E+06	1.51E+06	1.33E+05	3.99E+06	1.64E+06	1.48E+06	1.43E+06	9.7E+05	8.44E+06	5.05E+05	4.69E+05	3.98E+05	3.9E+05	7.61E+06	4.97E+04	3.36E+05	1.1E+05	1.55E+06	2.21E+05	2.15E+06	3.53E+06	3.42E+06	4.77E+06	5.12E+06	3.76E+06	3.23E+04	4.5E+06	3.22E+06	9.39E+04	1.14E+05	2.08E+06	1.33E+05	1.19E+06	5.43E+04	1.98E+05
Omethoate	2.05E+03	3.91E+03	3.19E+03	3.85E+06	2.22E+06	1.67E+03	9.29E+03	5.64E+03	3.32E+04	3.05E+04	3.97E+04	4.95E+04	3.76E+04	1.52E+04	2.84E+06	1.28E+05	6.17E+03	1.71E+06	3.47E+06	1.64E+06	5.35E+04	5.83E+03	1.94E+05	2.4E+05	1.99E+04	2E+04	1.33E+03	2.59E+04	9.05E+03	1.06E+05	6.96E+04	9.95E+04	2.52E+04	2.54E+05	2.72E+06	1.15E+05	8.23E+05	2.96E+05	5.64E+04	1.12E+04	1.81E+05	6.39E+03	4.86E+04	1.26E+05	5.19E+04
O-Phospho-L-homoserine	1.12E+05	3.06E+05	1.33E+05	1.64E+05	1.29E+05	4.05E+05	3.81E+04	4.49E+04	9.49E+04	1.6E+05	1.31E+05	2.73E+05	3.91E+05	8.03E+04	2.21E+05	5.18E+05	3.77E+04	3.73E+05	1.73E+05	3.76E+04	2.66E+05	3.28E+05	2.25E+05	4.66E+05	1.19E+05	1.27E+05	1.02E+05	8.21E+04	2.07E+05	1.98E+05	1.77E+04	1.27E+05	7.59E+05	1.53E+05	9.52E+04	1.26E+05	4.62E+05	4.86E+05	2.1E+05	1.24E+05	6.62E+04	8.76E+05	1.59E+05	8.83E+04	1.75E+05
O-Propanoylcarnitine_1	1.11E+07	2.64E+07	4.38E+06	7.17E+06	3.45E+07	1.54E+07	1.54E+07	5.29E+06	1.1E+07	2.1E+06	5.25E+06	8.18E+06	1.33E+07	1.16E+07	5.38E+06	4.6E+06	1.78E+07	1.55E+07	1.44E+07	1.8E+07	1.21E+07	1.12E+07	2.93E+06	1.75E+07	9.77E+06	2.92E+06	1.09E+07	4.43E+06	2.37E+06	2.61E+06	2.6E+07	5.91E+06	1.06E+07	9.11E+06	3.8E+06	3.68E+06	8.13E+06	4.18E+07	1.08E+06	1.19E+07	1.71E+07	3.47E+06	7.63E+06	2.83E+06	2.67E+06
O-Propanoylcarnitine_2	2.09E+06	6.47E+05	3.61E+04	7.97E+05	6.68E+05	2.22E+06	1.98E+06	1.5E+05	1.41E+06	4.12E+04	1.5E+06	3.56E+05	1.8E+05	9.6E+05	2.17E+06	2.28E+06	3.25E+05	3.12E+06	2.74E+06	1.45E+06	3.03E+05	1.61E+06	1.65E+06	3.34E+06	5.09E+04	1.09E+06	3.26E+03	1.43E+06	8.66E+05	2.49E+06	4.53E+06	1.43E+06	5.72E+05	6.73E+05	4.63E+06	8.76E+03	2.19E+06	5.36E+05	3.35E+05	1.66E+05	3.94E+05	1.15E+04	3.64E+05	2.3E+06	8.22E+05
Orcinol_1	6.38E+06	4.65E+06	2.81E+06	7.56E+06	9.62E+06	5.22E+06	4.23E+06	2.56E+06	3.95E+06	2.77E+06	3.4E+06	3.01E+06	7.38E+05	3.14E+07	8.14E+06	3.41E+06	6.06E+06	5.91E+06	1.05E+07	6.5E+06	2.09E+06	4.88E+06	2.82E+06	1.2E+07	2.14E+06	2.3E+06	1.34E+06	5.65E+06	1.45E+06	1.43E+07	6.84E+06	7.08E+06	2.91E+06	7.01E+06	8.89E+06	2.52E+06	7.55E+06	6.44E+06	1.33E+06	1.56E+06	5.48E+06	1.67E+06	1.92E+06	3.1E+06	3.11E+06
Orcinol_2	2.11E+05	1.12E+06	4.57E+05	2.23E+06	9.52E+05	4.69E+05	1.84E+06	1.33E+05	2.69E+05	8.11E+04	4.53E+05	2.79E+05	1.12E+05	2.71E+05	7.35E+05	1.72E+05	3.02E+05	1.44E+06	1.15E+06	1.51E+06	4.98E+05	2.28E+06	8.12E+05	7.18E+06	6.95E+05	5.37E+05	2.9E+05	2.89E+05	6.11E+04	4.38E+05	2.05E+05	1.15E+06	2.67E+06	6.53E+05	8.81E+05	2.31E+05	1.82E+06	4.74E+05	1.59E+05	1.32E+06	3.12E+05	1.77E+05	8.38E+05	3.09E+06	1.6E+05
Orcinol_3	2.12E+05	1.72E+05	2.95E+06	8.83E+06	2.86E+05	1.96E+05	7.65E+05	1.79E+05	1E+05	3.03E+05	2.16E+05	5.06E+04	1.22E+06	1.73E+06	6.3E+04	2.85E+05	2.38E+05	2.61E+06	5.25E+05	8.29E+04	3.45E+05	1.11E+07	6.42E+04	4.55E+06	1.53E+06	1.75E+05	4.14E+05	3.8E+05	1.21E+05	1.7E+06	3.24E+05	1.34E+06	1.17E+06	2.63E+05	3.87E+06	2.65E+05	1.52E+07	5.09E+05	5.26E+04	4.18E+06	3.89E+05	4.2E+05	1.99E+06	2.34E+06	1.07E+05
ortho-Anisidine	1.25E+05	2.88E+05	9.81E+04	8.89E+04	8.48E+04	1.3E+05	6.26E+05	5.47E+04	6.69E+06	6.26E+04	1.24E+05	2.81E+06	9.66E+04	9.39E+04	2.14E+05	6.99E+04	1.58E+05	1.61E+05	4.94E+05	2.75E+05	1.07E+05	8.17E+04	4.3E+04	2.79E+05	1.6E+05	1.99E+04	4.62E+05	9.4E+03	1.55E+04	1.34E+05	3.19E+05	1.16E+05	3.95E+04	1.01E+05	5.69E+05	1.24E+05	2.65E+06	1.82E+05	1.55E+05	9.89E+04	3.45E+04	1.81E+05	4.55E+05	3.74E+05	5.46E+04
Orthophosphate	6.57E+07	7.77E+07	4.84E+07	6.56E+07	6.93E+07	8.41E+07	5.66E+07	5.97E+07	8.13E+07	4.43E+07	6.25E+07	7.95E+07	6.21E+07	4.92E+07	7.3E+07	4.97E+07	4.81E+07	5.37E+07	6.69E+07	5.75E+07	5.11E+07	6.04E+07	6.7E+07	5.18E+07	1.46E+08	4.96E+07	1.4E+08	4.73E+07	7.79E+07	5.75E+07	5.4E+07	6.81E+07	4.59E+07	4.96E+07	4.44E+07	7.1E+07	6.48E+07	6.53E+07	6.76E+07	5.64E+07	4.65E+07	3.76E+07	7.67E+07	5.62E+07	5.19E+07
Oryzalin	2.93E+06	2.67E+06	3.53E+06	3.9E+06	1.76E+07	2.79E+06	2.51E+06	8.77E+06	2.24E+06	1.02E+06	3.34E+06	2.71E+06	8.08E+05	1.65E+06	3.32E+06	1.73E+06	4.77E+06	2.14E+06	4.2E+06	1.1E+07	2.15E+06	2.92E+06	1.99E+06	3.49E+06	8.25E+05	7.46E+05	5.09E+05	9.53E+06	9.64E+05	1.51E+06	1.38E+07	3.8E+06	1.8E+06	2.4E+06	2.52E+06	1.33E+06	3.66E+06	1.64E+06	6.59E+05	5.58E+06	2.95E+06	6.33E+05	8.27E+05	1.55E+06	1.35E+06
Oseltamivir	2.92E+05	9.74E+04	6.92E+03	3.52E+05	2.07E+05	2.1E+05	3.21E+05	2.91E+04	3.88E+04	3.35E+03	3.33E+04	1.01E+05	1.75E+04	5.03E+05	3.29E+05	2.29E+05	3.9E+04	1.84E+05	6.5E+05	1.21E+05	7.84E+04	4.75E+04	6.27E+04	1E+05	1.95E+03	3.89E+04	0	4.44E+04	4.26E+03	4.11E+05	8.57E+04	4.13E+05	2.91E+04	9.36E+04	2.22E+06	1.62E+04	1.95E+05	3.79E+04	1.84E+03	1.34E+04	6.04E+04	1.72E+03	3.33E+04	1.69E+05	1.2E+05
O-Succinyl-L-homoserine	1.34E+06	1.53E+06	1.67E+05	2.21E+06	2.7E+06	6.87E+05	3.88E+05	2.1E+05	7.92E+05	2.74E+05	2.07E+06	5.63E+05	1.64E+05	2.3E+05	1.46E+06	1.04E+05	2.05E+06	1.14E+06	1.91E+06	2.74E+06	3.91E+05	1.08E+06	6.64E+05	2.14E+06	6.16E+05	4.96E+05	3.38E+05	4.1E+05	3.39E+04	5.51E+05	1.22E+06	1.39E+06	5.18E+05	1.68E+06	1.26E+06	3.09E+05	1.04E+06	7.75E+05	1.78E+05	4.66E+05	3.39E+05	2.21E+05	2.56E+05	1.84E+06	7.68E+04
Otonecine_1	5.62E+06	3.87E+06	4.88E+07	1.76E+08	7.38E+06	6.13E+06	2.23E+07	1.86E+06	6.71E+06	1.01E+07	7.15E+06	2.6E+06	3.7E+07	8.24E+06	8.79E+06	4.71E+06	2.08E+07	2.14E+08	1.38E+07	9.86E+06	2.12E+07	2.21E+08	1.19E+07	1.55E+08	9.51E+07	4.84E+06	4.53E+07	2.82E+06	1.77E+06	1.22E+07	3.62E+06	2.51E+07	3.39E+06	9.19E+06	2.22E+07	1.85E+07	5.09E+07	7.71E+06	2.22E+06	5.31E+07	3.27E+06	2.38E+07	2.16E+07	4.16E+07	5.35E+06
Otonecine_2	1.09E+06	1.56E+06	1.52E+06	1.99E+06	9.73E+06	7.63E+05	9.14E+06	1.83E+06	3.35E+06	1.04E+05	8.97E+05	6.01E+05	4.88E+05	5.43E+06	7.87E+06	3.08E+06	1.42E+06	4.86E+06	2.15E+06	6.69E+05	7.12E+05	1.13E+06	6.18E+05	1.85E+06	5.51E+05	2.42E+05	5.78E+05	1.11E+07	4.31E+04	9.73E+06	2.54E+06	2.9E+04	4.56E+05	8.05E+06	2.8E+06	1.78E+05	2.05E+06	1.35E+06	5.72E+04	8.47E+05	6.37E+06	1.65E+05	3.23E+05	6.16E+05	1.78E+05
Otonecine_3	1.2E+06	1.04E+06	1.52E+05	2.43E+06	2.68E+05	3.08E+05	1.31E+06	2.15E+05	1.02E+06	3.94E+04	5.83E+05	2.42E+05	1.14E+05	1.87E+06	2.92E+06	1.5E+06	5.87E+05	7.37E+05	3.94E+06	2E+06	3.93E+05	7.03E+05	5.12E+05	3.95E+06	1.68E+05	1.36E+05	7.1E+03	1.12E+06	3.28E+05	1.48E+06	4.41E+06	3.5E+06	1.21E+06	8.04E+05	4.09E+06	7.73E+04	3.99E+06	1.56E+05	1.59E+05	8.5E+05	1.28E+06	3.35E+04	8.23E+05	5.8E+05	4.17E+05
Oxidized Latia luciferin_1	3.05E+06	3.02E+06	2.97E+06	3.04E+06	3.08E+06	3.21E+06	3.34E+06	2.98E+06	3.3E+06	3.08E+06	3.27E+06	3.14E+06	3.02E+06	3.14E+06	3.51E+06	3.31E+06	2.98E+06	3.32E+06	3.39E+06	3.19E+06	3.17E+06	3.19E+06	3.31E+06	3.33E+06	3.31E+06	3.23E+06	3.04E+06	3.1E+06	3.16E+06	3.08E+06	3.45E+06	3.45E+06	3.37E+06	3.45E+06	2.84E+06	3.51E+06	3.54E+06	3.48E+06	3.31E+06	3.47E+06	3.52E+06	3.83E+06	3.8E+06	3.57E+06	3.86E+06
Oxidized Latia luciferin_2	5.84E+05	6.37E+05	6.63E+05	6.36E+05	6.05E+05	6.05E+05	6.58E+05	5.92E+05	6.33E+05	6.17E+05	6.18E+05	6.02E+05	6.22E+05	6.08E+05	6.39E+05	6.59E+05	6.36E+05	6.45E+05	6.56E+05	6.53E+05	6.62E+05	6.28E+05	6.84E+05	6.56E+05	6.81E+05	6.73E+05	6.68E+05	6.66E+05	6.43E+05	6.61E+05	6.34E+05	7.21E+05	6.93E+05	7.02E+05	6.97E+05	7.28E+05	7.35E+05	6.8E+05	6.84E+05	7.31E+05	6.96E+05	6.89E+05	7.64E+05	6.61E+05	7.36E+05
Oxidized Latia luciferin_3	9.04E+05	3.99E+04	4.84E+05	2.27E+05	2.31E+05	6.93E+04	2.81E+04	3.43E+03	1.86E+05	1.52E+05	2.04E+04	1.63E+04	4.6E+05	7.13E+04	4.34E+03	1.24E+04	1.42E+06	1.74E+05	8.29E+04	7.13E+04	1.01E+06	8.28E+05	7.29E+04	8.22E+04	1.1E+04	3.15E+04	3.65E+04	1.07E+05	4.02E+03	5.57E+05	1.04E+05	1.6E+05	4.49E+04	1.72E+05	1.81E+06	1.12E+05	5.43E+04	5.35E+03	6.72E+03	4.05E+04	1.29E+05	2.41E+04	7.45E+03	4.23E+05	5.54E+04
Oxidized Oplophorus luciferin	1.61E+06	1.22E+06	1.31E+06	2.32E+06	2.14E+06	1.15E+06	1.11E+06	1.89E+05	2.34E+05	6.37E+05	1.06E+06	2.37E+06	6.88E+05	1.22E+06	1.85E+06	7.88E+05	1.68E+07	2.05E+06	2.25E+06	4.64E+05	5.42E+05	2.19E+06	1.45E+06	2.47E+06	8.3E+06	9.83E+05	3.11E+06	9.31E+05	7.11E+05	3.98E+06	6.9E+05	4.25E+06	5.34E+04	6.9E+04	4.59E+06	1.68E+06	2.32E+06	2.86E+06	6.59E+05	4.68E+05	9.9E+05	4.09E+06	4.24E+05	1.73E+06	1.1E+06
Ozagrel hydrochloride	1.49E+05	2.03E+05	1.77E+03	2.55E+05	2.61E+05	5.85E+04	9.64E+04	4.15E+04	2.44E+05	3.67E+03	1.29E+05	5.35E+03	2.33E+04	1.49E+05	3.02E+05	1.44E+05	1.03E+05	7.5E+04	4.87E+05	1.71E+05	9.06E+03	4.64E+05	4.62E+04	3.23E+05	1.21E+03	2.4E+04	0	1.4E+05	4.75E+04	5.74E+05	2.73E+05	3.31E+05	1.26E+05	1.09E+04	8.75E+05	1.74E+03	5.99E+05	9.5E+04	3.82E+03	1.05E+05	1.42E+05	7.15E+03	6.35E+04	4.25E+05	9.58E+03
p-Aminobenzamidine dihydrochloride	2.19E+05	2.42E+05	1.03E+06	3.44E+05	6.38E+05	6.81E+05	7.63E+05	8.72E+05	9.99E+04	2.89E+06	5.05E+05	4.07E+05	3.22E+05	3.64E+05	7.23E+05	5.85E+05	6.56E+05	1.6E+05	2.8E+05	5.68E+04	6.18E+05	2.16E+05	1.01E+05	1.93E+05	7.35E+05	7.44E+05	3.22E+05	3.43E+05	8.71E+04	1.75E+05	1.92E+05	6.38E+04	1.49E+05	1.25E+05	2.91E+05	5.22E+05	1.27E+05	2.25E+05	5.95E+05	6.49E+05	3.72E+05	1.12E+06	3.09E+04	4.59E+04	8.8E+05
Panfuran S	3.81E+06	4.99E+06	1.11E+06	4.41E+06	3.45E+06	2.45E+06	1.56E+06	7.75E+05	2.09E+06	7.49E+05	2.5E+06	1.25E+06	9.55E+04	1.64E+06	4.04E+06	1.67E+06	3.53E+06	3.35E+06	4.33E+06	2.96E+06	1.51E+06	3.26E+06	2.87E+06	3.71E+06	7.39E+05	1.78E+06	2.93E+05	3.11E+06	2.99E+05	2.51E+06	2.88E+06	3.84E+06	1.35E+06	2.29E+06	4.12E+06	1.26E+06	2.69E+06	1.82E+06	1.25E+06	2.29E+06	1.95E+06	4.03E+05	9.72E+05	2.71E+06	4.1E+05
Pantothenate	2.48E+07	2.77E+07	1.78E+07	3.58E+07	2.58E+07	2.01E+07	1.79E+07	4.53E+06	2.2E+07	1.83E+07	4.68E+07	1.29E+07	1.06E+07	5.66E+06	1.61E+07	1.5E+07	1.3E+07	2.56E+07	2.69E+07	2.01E+07	1.79E+07	2.97E+07	1.61E+07	6.42E+07	2.05E+07	1.27E+07	8.04E+06	6.49E+06	7.37E+06	1.31E+07	2.22E+07	6.87E+06	9.6E+06	1.65E+07	1.15E+07	9.14E+06	2.24E+07	9.06E+06	6.66E+06	8.27E+06	8.63E+06	1.53E+07	1.66E+07	1.21E+07	3.12E+06
Pantothenol	1.52E+04	3.35E+03	5.01E+03	4.01E+05	7.33E+03	5.49E+03	1.45E+04	2.28E+03	1.62E+03	3.68E+03	3.12E+03	1.96E+03	1.62E+03	8.53E+03	4.29E+05	7.26E+05	2.67E+04	4.19E+03	3.81E+06	7.45E+03	2.04E+03	1.34E+04	7.08E+03	6.83E+03	3.24E+03	2.54E+03	3.02E+03	3.85E+03	2.28E+03	3.02E+04	3.58E+04	3.68E+03	0	4.38E+03	1.93E+05	1.78E+05	3.08E+03	3.96E+03	1.94E+03	2.21E+03	3.86E+03	3.73E+03	2.1E+03	1.58E+05	1.75E+03
Paramethadione_1	3.86E+07	9.28E+06	6.19E+06	1.44E+07	2.63E+07	1.14E+07	1.25E+07	1.25E+07	1.45E+07	4.25E+06	1.21E+07	7.97E+06	2.11E+06	1.11E+07	1.56E+07	9.11E+06	6.43E+07	4.01E+07	1.65E+07	3.63E+07	7.93E+06	2.59E+07	3.21E+07	2.55E+07	9.82E+06	1.5E+07	5.16E+06	7.37E+06	5.69E+06	1.5E+07	3.38E+07	1.49E+07	8.95E+06	3.06E+07	1.49E+07	7.54E+06	8.07E+06	1.9E+07	2.6E+06	1.92E+07	1.31E+07	5.69E+06	3.48E+06	2.41E+07	2.65E+06
Paramethadione_2	5.46E+06	6.26E+06	2.15E+06	1.47E+07	1.85E+07	3.96E+06	3.3E+06	1.47E+06	5.2E+06	1.79E+06	4.83E+06	2.67E+06	1.74E+06	4.88E+06	1.23E+07	3.66E+06	8.59E+06	6.55E+06	1.8E+07	6.35E+06	2.12E+06	7.19E+06	3.63E+06	8.29E+06	1.87E+06	1.84E+06	1.13E+06	3.93E+06	1.57E+06	6.12E+06	7.29E+06	1.18E+07	3.05E+06	5.84E+06	1.56E+07	2.93E+06	1.53E+07	3.22E+06	1.4E+06	3.01E+06	4.2E+06	1.43E+06	3.11E+06	4.71E+06	1.75E+06
Parsonsine	1.23E+03	0	0	1.58E+03	8.42E+05	0	1.41E+03	0	1.38E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.55E+03	0	1.64E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.35E+03	0	1.8E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.23E+03	1.72E+03	0
p-Benzoquinone	3.59E+05	1.07E+06	9.85E+05	1.64E+06	7.74E+05	1.35E+06	1.01E+06	1.44E+06	5.92E+05	9.23E+05	1.09E+06	8.53E+05	9.95E+05	8.23E+05	1.79E+06	1.39E+06	1.69E+06	1.11E+06	2.24E+06	2.42E+05	7.12E+05	5.64E+05	1.35E+06	1.3E+06	4.73E+05	1.09E+06	8.38E+05	1.01E+06	9.43E+05	1.36E+06	2.23E+06	1.28E+06	1.37E+06	1.58E+06	2.92E+06	1.1E+06	1.9E+06	1.68E+06	7.52E+05	1.74E+06	8.98E+05	1.01E+06	8.42E+05	2.15E+06	1.29E+06
p-Benzosemiquinone	1.52E+05	7.45E+04	1.15E+04	3.27E+04	2.39E+05	2.59E+04	1.05E+04	3.27E+03	6.64E+04	6.86E+03	4.62E+04	9.06E+03	1.3E+04	6.13E+04	1.83E+04	3.71E+04	1.93E+05	8.53E+04	8.36E+04	6.73E+03	2.65E+04	1.19E+04	2.46E+04	3.81E+04	9.57E+04	1.63E+04	1.95E+04	5.04E+04	3.64E+03	1.54E+04	1.9E+04	9.36E+04	1.21E+04	5E+03	5.67E+05	1.15E+04	4.36E+04	2.12E+04	3.14E+03	1.44E+04	1.88E+04	9.36E+03	3.61E+04	5.84E+04	2.29E+03
p-Cumate_1	5.35E+06	3.06E+06	2.11E+06	4.03E+06	1.01E+07	3.92E+06	4.72E+06	1.77E+06	2.96E+06	1.9E+06	2.59E+06	8.52E+05	3.06E+05	1.22E+07	1.87E+06	2.02E+06	5.87E+06	2.47E+06	5.99E+06	2.52E+06	1.93E+06	5.16E+06	5.22E+05	5.95E+06	3.7E+05	6.02E+05	4.78E+05	3.27E+06	4.06E+05	6.36E+06	4.92E+06	6.17E+06	1.88E+06	4.59E+06	1.31E+06	1.92E+06	7.41E+06	6E+06	1.15E+05	9.75E+05	3.03E+06	6.34E+05	1.49E+06	1.16E+06	1.03E+06
p-Cumate_2	6.53E+06	8.63E+05	4.13E+05	3.27E+06	4.1E+06	3.86E+05	1.77E+06	7.51E+05	9.76E+05	7.47E+05	5.67E+05	1.14E+05	3.69E+05	3.57E+05	1.87E+06	1.79E+05	5.21E+06	7.76E+05	2.48E+06	8.83E+05	4.76E+05	2.37E+06	1.91E+04	1.72E+06	1.32E+06	9.73E+05	1.35E+06	7.38E+05	8.61E+04	9.17E+05	5.93E+05	2.14E+06	1.59E+06	3.28E+06	1.37E+06	1.75E+04	7.51E+05	9.43E+05	1.72E+04	6.71E+05	2.58E+05	1.76E+06	1.9E+04	1.06E+06	1.58E+05
p-Cumate_3	3.64E+06	2.12E+06	4.97E+05	2.75E+06	2.88E+06	9.92E+05	1.91E+06	2.63E+05	8.24E+05	2E+05	7.48E+05	7.97E+05	5.68E+04	7.38E+05	1.4E+06	3.12E+05	5.25E+06	1.12E+06	1.46E+06	2.91E+06	1.14E+06	2.79E+06	5.23E+05	1.8E+06	9.77E+05	1.37E+06	7.68E+04	7.14E+05	2.36E+05	1.04E+06	1.61E+06	2.18E+06	7.91E+05	1.49E+06	2.06E+06	4.1E+04	2.03E+06	1.07E+06	1.41E+05	5.89E+05	1.08E+06	4.08E+05	2.14E+05	4.63E+05	3.85E+05
p-Cumate_4	3.47E+05	1.91E+05	4E+05	4.25E+05	3.03E+05	4.88E+05	4.21E+05	4.38E+05	3.39E+05	4.02E+05	4.51E+05	4.07E+05	5.19E+05	4.75E+05	3.17E+05	5E+05	1.48E+05	5.24E+05	4.53E+05	1.81E+05	6.19E+05	4.4E+05	5.36E+05	2.67E+05	4.77E+05	4.15E+05	4.65E+05	3.35E+05	5.81E+05	5.8E+05	6.02E+05	4.87E+05	4.96E+05	5.12E+05	4.19E+05	5.92E+05	2.25E+05	6.04E+05	5.05E+05	4.86E+05	7.08E+05	5.32E+05	5.96E+05	5.1E+05	5.64E+05
p-Cymene_1	5.95E+06	6.09E+06	2.63E+06	8.7E+06	2.36E+07	2.78E+06	3.04E+07	6.39E+06	4.08E+06	9.22E+05	2.47E+06	4.59E+05	1.13E+06	4.59E+06	8.71E+06	6.01E+06	1.53E+07	7E+06	6.35E+06	6.65E+06	3.29E+04	9.2E+05	2.12E+06	6.16E+06	4.32E+06	3.03E+07	2.55E+06	1.18E+07	2.02E+06	4.66E+06	3.21E+06	5.74E+06	2.73E+06	3.48E+07	9.97E+06	1.67E+06	8.7E+06	4.68E+06	1.39E+06	3.6E+06	2.9E+06	1.58E+06	1.17E+05	6.5E+06	1.13E+06
p-Cymene_2	3.84E+06	1.86E+06	4.93E+05	9.1E+05	4.64E+06	6.91E+05	2.4E+06	2.23E+06	9.08E+05	1.4E+05	6.62E+05	1.94E+04	1.21E+05	5.59E+05	8.33E+05	1.84E+05	1.07E+07	3.36E+06	3.77E+05	8.7E+05	6.16E+05	9.07E+05	3.87E+05	8.17E+05	3.14E+06	2.29E+06	2.28E+06	8.43E+05	6.83E+04	8.87E+05	5.19E+05	1.2E+06	2.09E+05	2.17E+06	1.88E+06	2.69E+05	1.05E+06	3.44E+05	1.42E+05	2.95E+05	4.19E+05	1.26E+06	8.15E+03	6.81E+05	1.87E+05
p-Cymene_3	2.5E+06	1.53E+05	1.77E+05	1.3E+06	5.05E+05	1.61E+05	1.74E+05	8.84E+03	4.39E+04	1.03E+04	2.75E+05	7.95E+03	1.72E+05	7.88E+04	8.38E+05	2.54E+04	2.43E+06	3.09E+05	1.2E+05	6.58E+05	3.68E+05	2.14E+06	1.82E+04	7.69E+05	1.11E+06	1.4E+05	1.75E+06	2.68E+04	8.78E+03	1.45E+05	2.32E+05	1.7E+05	5.97E+05	2.06E+05	6.47E+05	5.01E+03	1.61E+05	3.49E+03	3.39E+03	1.33E+05	6.37E+04	2.14E+06	5.64E+04	1.03E+06	1.25E+05
Pendimethalin	2.49E+06	8.2E+05	2.66E+05	8.23E+05	2.33E+06	8.79E+05	4.31E+05	1.61E+05	4E+05	1.95E+05	1.23E+06	2.22E+05	2.81E+05	8.67E+05	3.16E+05	7.37E+05	1.09E+06	2.77E+05	6.38E+05	7.15E+05	9.02E+05	9.1E+05	3.91E+05	7.28E+05	5E+05	1.38E+05	7.27E+04	5.59E+05	2.62E+05	2.29E+05	1.95E+05	1.04E+06	3.63E+05	1.71E+06	1.39E+04	4.43E+05	9.18E+05	2.33E+05	2.06E+05	3.24E+04	3.86E+05	4.66E+05	6.01E+05	1.7E+05	2.54E+05
Penicillenic acid_1	2.43E+03	5.72E+04	0	9.33E+03	3.97E+03	2.93E+06	5.31E+03	9.88E+05	1.85E+03	0	0	0	1.6E+03	2.22E+03	7.13E+04	0	5.39E+04	0	1.85E+03	1.04E+04	2.45E+03	0	0	4.68E+04	0	0	1.74E+03	0	0	7.02E+05	3.04E+06	2.93E+04	8.79E+03	4.01E+04	7.47E+06	1.4E+03	4.41E+04	1.34E+05	0	2.79E+05	1.19E+05	2.36E+03	2.33E+03	5.29E+07	1.04E+03
Penicillenic acid_2	1.49E+03	3.97E+03	0	1.82E+03	1.14E+03	6.73E+06	1.51E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	4.47E+03	1.57E+03	0	1.65E+03	0	2.42E+03	0	0	1.47E+03	1.47E+03	1.36E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.51E+03	1.23E+05	0	1.32E+03	4.02E+03	0	1.83E+03	1.31E+03	0	1.5E+03	7.32E+05	1.24E+03	0	1.13E+04	0
Pentahomomethionine	1.25E+07	1.67E+07	2.96E+06	2.43E+07	1.77E+07	6.79E+06	1.22E+07	2.66E+06	1.7E+07	1.44E+06	1.16E+07	5.49E+06	2.7E+06	1.32E+07	3.17E+07	1.66E+07	6.51E+06	1.6E+07	4.23E+07	9.23E+06	3.35E+06	1.09E+07	6.84E+06	2.98E+07	1.54E+06	5.95E+06	5.51E+05	1.38E+07	4.83E+06	3.33E+07	2.52E+07	2.65E+07	1.01E+07	8.6E+06	5.49E+07	1.28E+06	4.57E+07	6.22E+06	3.26E+06	6.45E+06	9.69E+06	1.92E+06	9.53E+06	7.44E+06	4.1E+06
Pentalenene	2.58E+05	6.69E+04	2.92E+03	4.91E+04	2.22E+05	4.28E+04	1.14E+05	1.58E+04	3.3E+04	1.44E+03	1.33E+05	4.43E+04	2.29E+04	2.36E+04	1.91E+04	2.22E+04	1.06E+05	3.78E+04	5.16E+04	1.2E+05	3.71E+04	8.06E+04	1.17E+04	1.04E+05	1.31E+04	2.03E+03	1.88E+03	1.1E+05	3.65E+03	4.77E+04	1.32E+05	8.23E+05	927	1.12E+05	2.03E+05	2.96E+03	4.38E+04	2.42E+04	5.01E+03	9.91E+03	6.02E+03	1.01E+03	1.8E+04	1.03E+05	1.43E+04
Pentanoate_1	3.08E+05	3.73E+05	2.75E+05	3.19E+05	3.55E+05	3.84E+05	1.72E+05	3.6E+05	3.92E+05	1.32E+05	3.41E+05	2.26E+05	3.14E+05	3.25E+05	4.51E+05	3.16E+05	3.65E+05	3.63E+05	2.87E+05	3.66E+05	2.77E+05	2.77E+05	3.67E+05	3.5E+05	3.19E+05	3.68E+05	3.12E+05	2.55E+05	3.46E+05	1.74E+05	2.51E+05	3.42E+05	1.99E+05	1.97E+05	3.93E+05	3.52E+05	3.82E+05	4.04E+05	1.82E+05	3.48E+05	2.71E+05	2.96E+05	3.86E+05	1.58E+05	3.69E+05
Pentanoate_2	1.95E+05	2.76E+05	1.78E+05	1.58E+06	6.01E+05	2.36E+05	3.64E+04	1.54E+04	1.17E+05	9.69E+04	7.16E+04	1.08E+04	2.48E+05	2.49E+05	1.49E+05	2.81E+04	2.46E+05	5.04E+05	2.67E+05	2.32E+05	8.39E+04	1.29E+06	2.49E+04	6.79E+05	2.25E+05	2.75E+04	1.04E+05	2.58E+04	6.77E+03	3.09E+04	1.82E+05	1.28E+05	2.3E+05	1.1E+05	2.77E+04	4.18E+04	1.2E+06	1.58E+04	4.7E+03	3.31E+04	2.84E+04	1.06E+05	2.88E+05	2.38E+05	4.28E+04
Pentanoate_3	2.33E+04	1.22E+04	2.33E+03	9.15E+03	3.78E+04	3.08E+03	2.8E+03	1.17E+03	1.41E+04	7.12E+03	5.82E+03	3.46E+04	1.16E+04	2.46E+04	5.93E+04	4.09E+03	2.14E+05	2.9E+04	2.45E+04	1.02E+05	1.52E+04	2.29E+05	3.2E+04	2.91E+05	6.88E+03	6.68E+03	1.03E+04	3.75E+04	2E+03	2.21E+04	3.3E+05	7.99E+04	1.08E+05	2.35E+05	8.02E+05	2.61E+03	1.93E+04	1.52E+04	2.18E+03	2.67E+04	2.23E+04	1.92E+04	1.63E+04	2.36E+04	1.19E+03
Pentobarbital_1	2.86E+06	3.33E+06	1.03E+06	5.91E+06	4.68E+06	2.24E+06	2E+06	8.68E+05	2.61E+06	1.24E+06	3.44E+06	1.2E+06	8.08E+05	2.01E+06	4.45E+06	2.22E+06	4.82E+06	2.56E+06	6.08E+06	4.27E+06	1.49E+06	3.12E+06	2.11E+06	4.9E+06	7.36E+05	1.35E+06	2.88E+05	2.19E+06	8.18E+05	2.77E+06	3.28E+06	2.94E+06	1.47E+06	3.56E+06	5.03E+06	1.47E+06	3.59E+06	1.53E+06	3.67E+05	1.17E+06	1.93E+06	5.98E+05	1.35E+06	2.38E+06	8E+05
Pentobarbital_2	1.24E+06	2.32E+05	4.88E+05	3.81E+05	1.89E+06	7.44E+05	5.3E+05	1.66E+05	6.43E+05	8.42E+04	1.83E+05	9.94E+05	1.6E+04	4.6E+05	9.17E+05	5.65E+05	1.29E+06	7.35E+05	1.73E+06	5.94E+05	6.45E+05	2.71E+04	1.97E+05	1.56E+05	3.89E+05	2.84E+04	3.35E+04	5.41E+04	4.4E+05	1.15E+06	9.33E+05	1.27E+06	1.19E+05	2.73E+06	1.63E+06	2.81E+04	1.32E+06	7.09E+05	4.38E+04	4.21E+05	2.52E+05	2.31E+05	1.59E+05	6.1E+05	1.35E+05
Phaseollidin	2.39E+05	2.39E+05	2.05E+05	2.2E+05	2.35E+05	2.35E+05	1.79E+05	2.53E+05	2.05E+05	1.35E+05	2.66E+05	1.93E+05	2.21E+05	1.99E+05	2.32E+05	1.87E+05	1.81E+05	2.23E+05	2.33E+05	2.09E+05	2.31E+05	1.73E+05	2.16E+05	1.67E+05	2.09E+05	2.3E+05	1.4E+05	1.98E+05	1.93E+05	2.13E+05	2.17E+05	2.33E+05	1.83E+05	1.56E+05	1.69E+05	1.98E+05	1.6E+05	5.61E+04	1.71E+05	1.86E+05	2.43E+05	2.09E+05	1.64E+05	2.08E+05	2.25E+05
Phaseollidin hydrate	3.25E+05	3.3E+05	2.45E+05	2.7E+05	2.53E+05	3.01E+05	3.47E+05	2E+05	2.36E+05	3.26E+05	3.53E+05	3.29E+05	2.13E+05	3.7E+05	3.03E+05	3.13E+05	3.02E+05	2.51E+05	2.72E+05	3.26E+05	2.69E+05	2.47E+05	8.53E+04	3.07E+05	3.07E+05	1.71E+05	3.16E+05	1.73E+05	2.72E+05	2.53E+05	1.56E+05	2E+05	6.63E+04	3.29E+05	3.17E+05	2.52E+05	3.09E+05	2.23E+05	2.85E+05	3.27E+05	3.18E+05	1.96E+05	3.06E+05	3.31E+05	2.17E+05
Phenacetin_1	4.66E+05	3.73E+06	1.56E+05	2.07E+05	3.91E+06	1.89E+05	4.93E+05	9.17E+06	3.32E+06	5.19E+05	2.3E+05	1.96E+06	6.57E+04	2.22E+05	3.05E+05	2.37E+05	3E+06	7.78E+05	2.86E+05	9.3E+05	1.52E+04	5.26E+04	7.9E+04	1.12E+05	1.71E+06	4.49E+04	1.15E+06	1.47E+05	5.74E+03	9.11E+05	4.9E+06	4.17E+06	4.41E+06	2.79E+07	2.83E+06	1.21E+05	9.24E+06	2.36E+06	1.88E+06	3.26E+06	5.2E+04	2.27E+05	1.08E+04	1.9E+06	1.71E+04
Phenacetin_2	1.77E+05	1.76E+03	1.2E+05	5.42E+04	8.69E+05	2.51E+03	3.2E+03	1.26E+04	2.24E+05	1.58E+06	2.66E+03	3.4E+03	1.25E+03	2.77E+04	3.29E+04	1.99E+03	2.37E+05	8.25E+04	2E+05	5.12E+03	2.14E+03	3.86E+05	2.01E+04	2.36E+04	945	1.69E+03	2.25E+03	6.32E+03	2.39E+03	3.12E+05	1.57E+04	1.86E+04	1.22E+03	1.5E+05	1.27E+05	4.14E+05	4.34E+04	1.08E+04	4.05E+03	2.62E+03	1.84E+04	3.97E+03	1.01E+04	1.23E+04	2.42E+03
Phenanthrene-4,5-dicarboxylate	1.51E+07	8.29E+06	4.98E+06	7.4E+06	1.09E+07	1.06E+07	9.49E+06	7.87E+06	9.25E+06	6.29E+06	1.04E+07	4.61E+06	3.6E+06	9.19E+06	7.78E+06	5.74E+06	1.41E+07	8.96E+06	9.39E+06	1.22E+07	5.64E+06	1.32E+07	7.65E+06	1.17E+07	1.05E+07	7.3E+06	1.06E+07	1E+07	4.18E+06	1.09E+07	1.15E+07	8.89E+06	8.61E+06	8.87E+06	8.08E+06	7.11E+06	9.88E+06	6.63E+06	3.9E+06	4.64E+06	6.01E+06	1.13E+07	4.92E+06	6.66E+06	7.14E+06
Phendimetrazine_1	2.4E+06	2.55E+06	2.93E+06	2.38E+06	2.36E+06	2.82E+06	2.72E+06	3.18E+06	2.78E+06	3.21E+06	2.89E+06	3.24E+06	3.01E+06	2.98E+06	2.71E+06	2.94E+06	2.24E+06	2.52E+06	2.3E+06	2.69E+06	2.74E+06	2.24E+06	2.86E+06	2.36E+06	2.82E+06	3.18E+06	3.39E+06	2.88E+06	3.33E+06	2.73E+06	2.46E+06	2.46E+06	2.65E+06	2.54E+06	2.4E+06	2.97E+06	2.38E+06	2.56E+06	3.14E+06	2.79E+06	2.82E+06	3.05E+06	2.84E+06	2.7E+06	3.28E+06
Phendimetrazine_2	2.25E+05	1.18E+05	3.45E+05	2.05E+05	2.46E+05	2.19E+05	3.15E+05	3.28E+05	2.81E+05	2.71E+05	2.83E+05	2.79E+05	3.25E+05	3.55E+05	2.4E+05	3.12E+05	2.8E+05	2.77E+05	2.62E+05	2.69E+05	2.53E+05	1.11E+05	2.61E+05	2.8E+05	2.58E+05	3.31E+05	3.18E+05	1.96E+05	3.32E+05	2.62E+05	3.12E+05	2.44E+05	3.37E+05	3.21E+05	2.54E+05	3.4E+05	2.58E+05	7.97E+04	2.96E+05	4.17E+05	2.74E+05	2.97E+05	3.75E+05	3.53E+05	2.77E+05
Phenmetrazine	2.83E+06	3.11E+06	3.9E+06	3.06E+06	2.71E+06	3.51E+06	3.31E+06	3.84E+06	3.86E+06	4.18E+06	3.41E+06	4.58E+06	3.81E+06	3.71E+06	3.28E+06	3.61E+06	2.82E+06	3.81E+06	2.98E+06	2.9E+06	3.33E+06	2.56E+06	3.21E+06	2.9E+06	3.68E+06	4.21E+06	4.39E+06	3.4E+06	4.24E+06	3.31E+06	3.05E+06	3.13E+06	3.4E+06	2.91E+06	3.94E+06	3.52E+06	4.99E+06	3.26E+06	4.07E+06	3.58E+06	3.38E+06	3.96E+06	3.12E+06	3.39E+06	3.58E+06
Phenol	6.45E+05	1.45E+05	4.06E+06	1.08E+07	6.66E+05	4.16E+05	1.7E+06	2.12E+04	1.42E+06	1.13E+06	1.94E+05	2.13E+05	2.41E+06	1.48E+06	8.76E+05	4.16E+05	1.75E+06	5.48E+06	1.57E+06	1.97E+05	1.27E+06	1.02E+07	9.13E+05	6.54E+06	1.93E+06	1.63E+05	1.08E+06	9.13E+05	6.39E+04	2.48E+06	2.08E+04	2.66E+06	8.62E+05	8.83E+05	4.63E+06	1.2E+06	6.61E+06	9.65E+05	2.12E+05	3.11E+06	1.39E+06	8.23E+05	3.22E+06	3.45E+06	1.03E+05
Phenolphthalin	3.95E+06	6.19E+06	4.97E+06	4.51E+06	1.46E+07	1.04E+07	1.03E+07	6.22E+06	6.27E+06	9.92E+05	4.96E+06	2.95E+06	2.99E+05	1.55E+07	1.19E+07	3.04E+06	5.01E+06	4.36E+06	9.29E+06	8.46E+06	2.76E+06	4.3E+06	3.82E+05	1.05E+07	2.71E+06	3.85E+06	1.16E+06	4.7E+06	1.78E+06	7.32E+06	1.03E+07	1.24E+07	4.77E+06	6.44E+06	5.15E+06	1.98E+06	1.19E+07	1.51E+07	3.44E+05	4.54E+05	6.81E+06	1.75E+06	4.02E+06	1.17E+06	5.54E+06
Phensuximide	1.52E+06	8.73E+05	1.33E+05	1.44E+06	4.62E+05	4.04E+05	2.08E+06	4.39E+04	5.7E+05	1.13E+05	5.56E+05	1.68E+05	9.34E+04	4.7E+05	8.16E+05	9.93E+05	5.87E+05	1.46E+06	1.81E+06	1.42E+05	6.45E+05	1.14E+06	5.95E+05	1.23E+06	3.04E+04	5.19E+05	1.01E+05	5.1E+05	9.55E+03	1.23E+06	6.14E+05	2.03E+06	5.68E+05	4.82E+05	3.08E+06	1.56E+05	1.35E+06	5.11E+05	2.34E+04	5.69E+04	1.56E+05	2.62E+05	5.72E+05	3.72E+05	1.34E+05
Phenyl acetate_1	5.48E+06	7.53E+06	3.59E+06	7.75E+06	1.05E+07	7.22E+06	6.88E+06	9.23E+05	6.08E+06	2.43E+06	4.1E+06	2.78E+06	2E+06	5.94E+06	1.06E+07	3.52E+06	4.4E+06	8.18E+06	1.6E+07	4.91E+06	2.81E+06	5.08E+06	3.36E+06	1.06E+07	1.53E+06	2.62E+06	8.21E+05	6.49E+06	1.7E+06	4.9E+06	1.23E+07	8.89E+06	4.8E+06	6.9E+06	1.3E+07	2.12E+06	1.56E+07	4.69E+06	3.22E+05	2.63E+06	4.35E+06	1.19E+06	3.62E+06	3.12E+06	2.62E+06
Phenyl acetate_2	3.85E+06	4.5E+06	2.56E+06	6.88E+06	6.97E+06	2.76E+06	2.77E+06	7.22E+05	3.13E+06	1.65E+06	2.34E+06	1.81E+06	1.38E+06	3.04E+06	5.29E+06	2.86E+06	4.18E+06	3.9E+06	7.74E+06	3.04E+06	2.07E+06	3.86E+06	2.9E+06	4.15E+06	1.58E+06	2.19E+06	9.68E+05	2.84E+06	1.25E+06	2.94E+06	3.57E+06	4.19E+06	2.65E+06	3.95E+06	7.37E+06	4.37E+06	5.12E+06	2.63E+06	2.12E+06	1.59E+06	2.59E+06	1.17E+06	1.56E+06	3.91E+06	1.51E+06
Phenyl acetate_3	1.49E+06	1.4E+07	2.69E+05	1.51E+06	3.49E+06	7.52E+05	1.79E+06	5.98E+05	3.91E+05	9.53E+05	3.89E+05	4.86E+04	3.59E+05	2.9E+05	1.36E+05	9.99E+05	2.64E+06	2.68E+06	7.35E+05	2.78E+06	5.13E+05	1.9E+06	9.03E+05	1.17E+06	6.73E+05	7.37E+05	6.67E+05	8.82E+05	3.54E+05	1.87E+06	8.25E+05	2.38E+06	3.43E+05	7.9E+05	1.25E+06	3.13E+06	1.84E+06	1.76E+06	4.13E+05	1.82E+06	9.97E+05	2.25E+05	8.55E+04	1.38E+06	3.19E+05
Phenylacetaldehyde_1	4.11E+07	5.35E+07	2.37E+07	6.43E+07	4.21E+07	3.45E+07	2.86E+07	7.26E+06	1.73E+07	1.89E+07	1.82E+07	2.04E+07	1.12E+07	2.46E+07	5.06E+07	2.96E+07	6.17E+07	4.95E+07	6.99E+07	4.09E+07	2.26E+07	3.17E+07	3.11E+07	2.99E+07	1.49E+07	2.13E+07	9.31E+06	1.77E+07	1.4E+07	2.27E+07	1.78E+07	3.01E+07	1.53E+07	2.89E+07	2.23E+07	1.54E+07	2.24E+07	2.49E+07	9.39E+06	1.57E+07	2.18E+07	1.43E+07	1.12E+07	4E+07	1.06E+07
Phenylacetaldehyde_2	4.15E+06	3.95E+06	2.53E+06	4.75E+06	6.43E+06	1.02E+06	2.58E+06	2.61E+06	1.44E+06	1.15E+06	1.09E+06	1.54E+06	4.58E+05	1.65E+06	3.82E+06	1.8E+06	2.6E+06	3.33E+06	3.24E+06	2.16E+06	1.88E+06	2.19E+06	1.83E+06	2.6E+06	7.13E+05	1.32E+06	1.09E+06	1.74E+06	5.88E+05	1.46E+06	2.66E+06	1.64E+06	2.92E+06	1.97E+06	2.65E+06	9.72E+05	2.29E+06	3.34E+06	9.28E+05	1.27E+06	1.41E+06	7.56E+05	1.13E+06	1.62E+06	8.64E+05
Phenylacetaldehyde_3	5.22E+05	1.71E+06	7.3E+04	8.22E+05	6.12E+05	8.52E+04	5.39E+05	1.85E+05	2.74E+04	4.78E+05	4.64E+05	4.84E+05	5.82E+05	7.63E+04	9.82E+05	4.74E+05	8.95E+05	1.03E+06	6.55E+05	6.62E+05	5.48E+04	4.9E+05	5.24E+05	1.02E+06	1.11E+06	4.61E+05	2.43E+05	8.01E+05	1.01E+05	1.9E+06	1.19E+06	4.64E+05	2.14E+05	4.11E+05	3.24E+06	4.77E+05	2.25E+05	1.19E+05	5.72E+05	2.56E+05	9.48E+04	5.14E+05	4.03E+04	4.83E+05	3.77E+05
Phenylacetaldehyde_4	1.93E+05	2.61E+05	4.74E+05	8.66E+04	1.3E+06	6.87E+05	5.95E+05	6.19E+05	1.33E+05	5.64E+05	1.58E+05	1.3E+05	1.07E+05	7.86E+05	2.73E+05	1.96E+05	4.8E+05	1.2E+05	1.54E+05	6.62E+05	5.48E+04	7.81E+04	4.68E+04	4.75E+04	3.17E+04	1.26E+05	5.92E+04	8.68E+05	1.61E+05	1.31E+05	2.14E+07	2.77E+05	5.95E+04	7.6E+05	1.08E+06	2.84E+05	4.49E+04	8.94E+05	2.52E+04	2.64E+05	6.38E+04	2.54E+04	1.64E+05	7.27E+05	3.69E+05
Phenylacetylglutamine	2.49E+09	4.37E+08	4.16E+08	8.51E+08	2.4E+09	2.32E+08	2.24E+08	5.77E+08	1E+09	5.84E+08	2.47E+08	1.61E+08	8.34E+07	9.12E+08	5.67E+08	2.3E+08	2.3E+09	7.39E+08	6.94E+08	3.74E+08	1.72E+08	2.15E+09	6.66E+08	4.7E+08	1.1E+08	1.85E+08	1.24E+08	5.96E+08	7.02E+07	8.42E+08	2.22E+09	9.48E+08	3.89E+08	1.17E+09	1.47E+09	7.42E+08	3.74E+08	2.44E+08	2.02E+08	7.99E+08	8.26E+08	7.89E+07	4.71E+08	4.29E+08	1.02E+08
Phenylamil	9.89E+05	9.74E+05	1.68E+06	7.24E+06	2.03E+06	7.55E+06	2.66E+06	2.38E+07	5.69E+05	1.85E+05	5.79E+05	7.47E+05	1E+07	2.67E+05	4.08E+06	1.55E+05	6.11E+06	8.94E+05	1.48E+06	2.7E+06	6.58E+05	3.86E+05	8.7E+04	2.44E+05	1.08E+06	1.53E+04	1.85E+05	3.35E+06	5.96E+05	2.39E+06	1.45E+07	2.43E+05	4.04E+05	8.6E+06	1.06E+07	2.76E+05	2.94E+04	1.18E+06	1.9E+05	1.1E+07	8.82E+05	1.51E+06	6.22E+05	8.95E+06	1.24E+06
Phenylethyl alcohol_1	2.43E+06	1.22E+06	2.11E+06	2.16E+06	1.53E+06	2.33E+06	1.3E+06	2.08E+06	8.15E+05	1.43E+06	1.48E+06	2.89E+06	2.91E+06	1.66E+06	2.53E+06	1.83E+06	1E+06	1.34E+06	1.65E+06	1.21E+06	9.71E+05	1.58E+06	1.22E+06	2.12E+06	1.6E+06	2.08E+06	3.75E+06	1.32E+06	3.15E+06	1.2E+06	1.66E+06	1.99E+06	2.32E+06	1.91E+06	1.4E+06	1.81E+06	1.33E+06	1.37E+06	3.3E+06	7.7E+05	1.66E+06	3.38E+06	2.74E+06	2.85E+06	2.62E+06
Phenylethyl alcohol_2	1.73E+06	1.06E+06	7.05E+05	2.31E+06	2.88E+06	2.26E+06	1.3E+06	1.08E+06	7.47E+05	9.62E+04	8.78E+05	5.4E+05	4.16E+05	1.27E+06	2.27E+06	1.39E+06	5.95E+05	1.49E+06	3.09E+06	1.88E+05	4.87E+05	1.99E+06	8.21E+05	3.03E+06	2.34E+05	8.71E+05	2.03E+05	1.2E+06	3.72E+05	1.67E+06	1.92E+06	2.43E+06	8.12E+05	2.46E+06	2.09E+06	6.58E+05	2.51E+06	2.49E+06	2.32E+05	5.97E+05	1.58E+06	1.69E+05	6.6E+05	7.1E+05	8.67E+05
Phenylethyl alcohol_3	1.26E+04	1.13E+04	4.83E+03	2.15E+04	5.4E+03	1E+05	3.15E+04	4.03E+03	1.85E+03	6.22E+03	9.71E+03	3.39E+03	2.54E+03	1.46E+03	3.2E+03	7.72E+03	4.13E+04	5.42E+03	8.62E+03	2.36E+05	4.42E+03	3.86E+03	5.39E+03	2.49E+04	2.86E+03	4.58E+03	1.25E+03	3.51E+03	1.14E+04	2.65E+04	8.78E+04	1.87E+03	2.49E+03	4.13E+03	7.73E+04	3.37E+03	4.07E+04	4.71E+03	3.07E+03	7.82E+03	4.84E+03	6.86E+03	2.85E+03	1.01E+04	1.66E+03
Phenylpyruvate_1	3.77E+06	4.45E+07	4.05E+06	1.45E+07	2.05E+07	6.08E+06	6.91E+06	6.62E+06	6.57E+06	5.02E+06	1.04E+07	2.63E+06	1.03E+07	2.16E+06	1.46E+07	6.08E+06	9.26E+06	1.19E+07	5.79E+06	7.46E+06	1.64E+06	5.97E+06	6.75E+06	5.3E+06	1.8E+07	1.98E+06	2.25E+06	1.21E+07	7.52E+05	5.16E+07	1.84E+07	3.8E+06	2.63E+06	3.05E+06	1.06E+08	3.39E+06	5.1E+06	4.43E+06	8.79E+06	5.23E+06	4.81E+06	5.33E+06	1.88E+06	6.63E+06	1.42E+06
Phenylpyruvate_2	6.81E+04	1.68E+05	5.99E+05	6.05E+06	1.07E+06	1E+06	2.7E+06	1.88E+05	1.07E+05	2.85E+06	9.97E+03	4.54E+04	7.28E+05	1.37E+05	6.85E+05	5.27E+04	5.99E+05	1.6E+06	1.49E+05	3.57E+05	5.7E+04	2.77E+06	1.8E+04	1.59E+06	5.09E+05	8.04E+04	1.13E+04	1.9E+06	9.91E+03	1.9E+05	8.82E+04	6.35E+05	2E+06	1.57E+05	3.8E+05	5.31E+04	3.18E+06	2.52E+05	4.16E+03	2.81E+05	5.53E+04	1.29E+04	1.87E+05	2.1E+06	1.28E+04
Phenylpyruvate_3	1.65E+05	1.46E+05	2.05E+05	6.85E+05	2.22E+04	9.72E+05	2.89E+05	2.15E+06	2.04E+05	5.26E+04	1.1E+05	2.93E+04	1.47E+05	6.93E+04	4.93E+05	4.91E+04	9.26E+05	1.07E+05	3.2E+05	3.79E+05	1.21E+04	2.64E+04	4.21E+04	2.7E+05	1.38E+04	1.87E+04	5.78E+03	1.44E+05	1.28E+04	1.1E+05	1.18E+06	3.02E+04	4.56E+04	1E+06	1.56E+06	2.38E+04	2.67E+04	1.6E+05	8.64E+03	1.27E+06	1.6E+04	7.53E+04	2.56E+04	1.1E+06	1.58E+05
Phosphamidon	2.11E+05	2.92E+03	8.65E+04	1.6E+05	6.14E+03	0	1.93E+03	2.98E+04	3.91E+05	2.42E+04	2.41E+03	2.41E+05	1.74E+04	2.94E+05	3.97E+05	6.79E+04	2.53E+05	2.8E+04	1.13E+05	6.02E+04	1.85E+03	4.56E+04	1.84E+03	3.73E+03	6.32E+05	0	5.01E+05	3.55E+05	0	9.66E+05	2.84E+05	5.7E+05	4.04E+04	4.43E+04	1.41E+06	4.02E+04	5.41E+05	2.05E+05	7E+03	4.83E+04	3.83E+03	1.93E+05	1.98E+03	3.94E+05	3.94E+04
Phosphoagmatine	1.62E+05	6.38E+05	3.15E+05	6.41E+05	3.54E+05	2.51E+05	2.89E+06	6.98E+04	1.46E+05	1.55E+05	4.58E+04	3.2E+04	1.8E+05	5.07E+04	1.15E+05	1.27E+04	6.86E+05	7.71E+05	1.48E+05	1.75E+05	3.27E+04	5.21E+05	5E+04	1.49E+06	8.39E+04	1.52E+04	4.88E+03	2.35E+05	7E+03	2.44E+05	5.91E+05	1.57E+05	3.28E+05	6.19E+05	1.69E+05	6.82E+04	1.54E+05	1.86E+05	1.1E+04	1.55E+06	1.1E+05	2.29E+04	3.23E+05	1.55E+06	9.79E+04
PHOSPHOCHOLINE	6.68E+05	2.04E+06	5.51E+05	1.78E+06	1.37E+06	1.24E+06	7.29E+05	3.04E+05	2.18E+06	3.04E+05	5E+05	1.01E+06	4.85E+05	3.9E+05	1.95E+06	4.27E+05	8.44E+05	1.85E+06	2.16E+06	1.24E+06	2.95E+05	6.81E+05	2.29E+06	1.13E+06	3.19E+05	1E+06	2.86E+05	1.67E+05	7.13E+05	3.14E+06	7.95E+05	1.73E+06	2.43E+06	7.88E+05	7.96E+06	8.29E+05	1.21E+06	1.75E+06	2.6E+05	6.88E+05	4.48E+05	7.89E+04	5.97E+05	1.53E+06	3.54E+05
Phosphocreatine_1	4.99E+04	4.64E+04	3.89E+04	1.02E+04	1.38E+06	1.21E+06	4.1E+04	1.38E+06	1.9E+04	5.98E+03	2.06E+03	3.1E+03	1.45E+06	3.48E+04	1.76E+06	6.09E+04	2.45E+05	1.02E+06	2.07E+05	4.59E+03	4.58E+03	1.2E+04	2.33E+03	4.67E+03	1.99E+05	1.89E+03	2.26E+03	9.43E+05	4.34E+03	9.76E+05	4.07E+06	4.13E+03	1.77E+05	2.13E+06	2.03E+06	1.53E+03	2.11E+03	1.28E+03	1.26E+03	4.9E+05	5.28E+04	6.18E+04	1.55E+03	1.03E+06	9.88E+03
Phosphocreatine_2	4.51E+03	5.53E+03	1.63E+03	5.25E+03	2.61E+03	8.57E+03	0	1.7E+03	2.64E+03	2.81E+03	8.91E+03	0	1.91E+03	2.63E+03	1.25E+04	0	3.34E+03	3.41E+03	3.48E+03	4.44E+03	2.33E+03	6.29E+03	3.28E+03	3.16E+03	2.15E+03	1.62E+03	1.32E+03	2.68E+03	4.77E+03	2.86E+03	6.63E+03	5.05E+03	0	3.75E+03	6.25E+05	2.94E+03	1.67E+03	0	0	2.06E+03	5.87E+03	4.79E+03	1.58E+03	3.94E+03	0
Phosphoenolpyruvate	8.32E+05	6.47E+05	3.97E+05	9.23E+05	9.95E+05	8.51E+05	6.98E+05	4.61E+05	6.22E+05	3.86E+05	6.49E+05	6.6E+05	4.59E+05	1.06E+06	5.62E+05	3.54E+04	6.7E+05	7.66E+05	4.45E+05	2.84E+05	9.03E+04	7.58E+05	4.13E+05	9E+04	1.52E+05	5.05E+05	2.3E+04	5.87E+05	1.02E+05	3.68E+05	2.36E+05	6.63E+05	6.65E+04	1.88E+05	4.89E+05	8.35E+04	3.05E+05	5.85E+04	4.12E+05	1.47E+05	3.92E+05	1.58E+05	7.52E+05	8.48E+05	9.85E+04
Photinus luciferin	2.41E+03	1.77E+03	9.81E+05	9.79E+03	5.21E+03	0	0	0	1.48E+03	0	1.46E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.75E+03	1.51E+03	0	1.31E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.57E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	4.84E+03	0	1.41E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Phthalate_1	6.41E+05	7.42E+05	7.13E+05	6.97E+05	6.67E+05	6.83E+05	7.67E+05	7.43E+05	7.18E+05	7.6E+05	6.3E+05	7.59E+05	7.85E+05	7.52E+05	7.66E+05	6.5E+05	6.55E+05	7.46E+05	7.16E+05	6.27E+05	7.54E+05	7.5E+05	6.46E+05	7.16E+05	7.23E+05	7.51E+05	7.75E+05	7.38E+05	6.9E+05	7.6E+05	7.26E+05	6.98E+05	6.14E+05	7.65E+05	7.66E+05	7.75E+05	6.84E+05	6.05E+05	7.44E+05	6.28E+05	7.32E+05	8.5E+05	7.56E+05	8.55E+05	8.54E+05
Phthalate_2	3.94E+03	3.87E+03	1.24E+04	4.6E+04	2.29E+04	1.77E+04	8.49E+03	2.2E+04	2.1E+04	5.79E+03	6.89E+03	1.62E+04	8.67E+03	9.33E+03	2.21E+04	2.86E+03	5.99E+03	8.17E+03	8.21E+03	4.7E+03	6.49E+03	7.98E+03	1.45E+04	2.34E+04	2.82E+05	1.73E+04	8.06E+03	5.95E+03	2E+04	1.56E+04	8.68E+03	6.75E+03	1.21E+04	9.16E+03	1.62E+04	4.37E+04	5.56E+03	3.57E+04	5.05E+03	2.47E+04	9.3E+03	3.24E+04	1.78E+04	2.37E+04	2.79E+04
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_1	3.48E+05	2.17E+04	0	1.47E+04	8.32E+04	1.09E+06	2.13E+05	1.59E+03	2.67E+03	0	3.65E+03	4.56E+03	1.93E+04	1.48E+03	2.35E+03	2.65E+05	1.76E+03	1.61E+03	4.44E+03	9.16E+03	1.59E+03	1.64E+04	4.7E+03	7.13E+03	8.82E+03	0	1.28E+03	3.8E+03	0	4.01E+04	1.83E+04	2.59E+04	1.65E+04	4.19E+03	1.41E+05	1.74E+03	4.17E+04	1.51E+04	4.86E+04	1.5E+04	1.29E+03	0	4.64E+03	4.49E+04	2.12E+05
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_2	9.03E+03	5.02E+04	1.83E+03	9.12E+04	4.34E+03	2.01E+04	8E+04	5.33E+04	2.64E+03	1.81E+03	6.39E+04	2.62E+03	2.26E+03	2.18E+03	2.97E+03	931	9.92E+04	2.53E+03	6.44E+05	3.81E+03	2.64E+03	1.91E+04	0	1.91E+04	1.86E+03	1.86E+03	3.21E+03	3.55E+03	981	1.01E+04	3.07E+03	6.17E+05	6.69E+04	1.62E+07	1.92E+04	1.67E+04	1.1E+04	1.39E+04	3.22E+04	1.52E+05	5.53E+04	1.8E+03	1.9E+03	3.27E+03	1.15E+04
Phytuberin	1.27E+07	1.26E+07	1.23E+07	1.26E+07	1.23E+07	1.21E+07	1.26E+07	1.24E+07	1.24E+07	1.23E+07	1.22E+07	1.22E+07	1.22E+07	1.23E+07	1.23E+07	1.2E+07	1.22E+07	1.21E+07	1.2E+07	1.17E+07	1.18E+07	1.22E+07	1.21E+07	1.21E+07	1.2E+07	1.19E+07	1.24E+07	1.17E+07	1.21E+07	1.24E+07	1.21E+07	1.2E+07	1.16E+07	1.04E+07	1.21E+07	1.22E+07	1.18E+07	1.19E+07	1.18E+07	1.24E+07	1.18E+07	1.22E+07	1.21E+07	1.19E+07	1.15E+07
Piceatannol	3.92E+04	3.85E+04	2.8E+03	3.58E+05	3.08E+05	2.17E+05	8.21E+04	1.62E+04	8.77E+04	3.48E+03	2.13E+05	7.86E+04	1.49E+04	1.93E+04	5.23E+05	4.14E+04	1.61E+05	1.39E+05	5.06E+05	1.47E+05	2.15E+04	6.3E+04	7.42E+04	4.51E+05	1.54E+03	1.12E+04	0	1.38E+05	6.78E+04	9.85E+04	3.84E+05	2.33E+05	9.2E+04	1.24E+05	5.86E+05	0	2.04E+05	4.96E+04	4.52E+03	2.29E+04	1.37E+05	2.11E+03	4.29E+04	1.6E+05	6.98E+04
Pilocarpine	1.08E+06	1.26E+06	1.63E+06	2.05E+06	2.07E+06	1.08E+06	1.63E+06	2.1E+05	5.19E+05	2.55E+05	9.09E+05	1.7E+06	4.79E+05	1.36E+06	1.92E+06	1.3E+06	1.75E+06	2.94E+05	3.78E+06	1.71E+06	1.12E+06	1.01E+05	1.25E+05	7.9E+05	1.26E+06	7.28E+04	4.37E+05	1.03E+06	1.04E+06	1.63E+06	2.27E+06	2.17E+06	7.32E+05	5.63E+06	9.66E+05	6.99E+05	5.57E+05	9.94E+05	3.29E+04	7.15E+05	1.43E+06	9.78E+05	6.71E+05	1.67E+06	1.8E+05
Pimelate_1	1.79E+06	1.82E+06	1.7E+06	1.62E+06	1.27E+06	1.5E+06	1.64E+06	2.75E+06	1.72E+06	1.59E+06	1.85E+06	1.32E+06	1.66E+06	4.29E+06	1.41E+06	1.5E+06	1.37E+06	1.96E+06	1.38E+06	1.36E+06	1.48E+06	1.01E+06	2.37E+06	1.47E+06	1.5E+06	2.05E+06	1.52E+06	2.3E+06	1.42E+06	1.31E+06	1.47E+06	1.17E+06	2.4E+06	1.34E+06	1.32E+06	1.28E+06	1.61E+06	1.42E+06	1.4E+06	1.45E+06	1.33E+06	1.46E+06	1.36E+06	1.93E+06	1.13E+06
Pimelate_2	2.71E+05	4.71E+03	9.76E+05	1.24E+07	2.34E+05	9.95E+05	5.91E+06	2.13E+04	2.27E+04	3.51E+05	5.06E+04	9.97E+04	8.62E+06	6.16E+05	7.5E+05	1.57E+03	1.08E+06	1.05E+06	4.07E+05	8.97E+03	3.22E+04	1.59E+06	1.18E+05	1.5E+07	3.54E+05	7.37E+04	1.29E+05	4.25E+05	6.89E+03	3.15E+05	3.26E+05	1.44E+06	2.38E+06	1.38E+04	5.5E+06	5.46E+05	4.62E+07	4.62E+04	1.57E+06	2.98E+06	6.06E+05	1.91E+04	3.01E+06	1.92E+06	6.45E+05
Pimelate_3	6.43E+05	6.38E+05	1.77E+05	2.34E+06	1.25E+06	1.35E+05	1.38E+05	2.28E+04	5.78E+05	2.01E+05	2.26E+05	2.38E+05	2.28E+04	5.51E+05	9.87E+05	4.72E+04	1.28E+06	1E+06	1.04E+06	7.34E+05	2.54E+05	1.13E+06	2.81E+05	4.69E+05	2.34E+05	7.04E+04	3.56E+04	5.05E+04	7.94E+03	1.9E+05	7.62E+05	3.17E+05	2.8E+05	4.84E+05	5.96E+05	2.72E+05	1.28E+06	1.52E+05	2.93E+04	1.04E+05	3.39E+05	1.54E+05	2.17E+04	1.86E+05	6.17E+04
Pimelate_4	8.21E+04	1.05E+04	8.64E+04	2.36E+06	1.37E+05	1.5E+05	1.23E+06	8.77E+03	2.38E+04	1.88E+03	6.78E+04	4.18E+03	5.88E+05	2.43E+05	2.99E+04	1.83E+04	3.14E+05	2.62E+05	2.2E+05	3.16E+05	8.04E+03	9.67E+05	3.89E+03	2.68E+06	1.84E+05	4.82E+03	2.38E+04	9.63E+03	5.21E+03	7.13E+04	5.35E+04	4.25E+04	7.11E+05	1.33E+05	5.08E+05	1.54E+04	1.07E+07	1.67E+05	8.7E+03	1.12E+05	6.11E+03	1.29E+04	5.86E+05	7.14E+05	1.2E+04
Pimelate_5	1.27E+04	2.74E+03	4.15E+05	1.33E+06	1.51E+04	5.35E+03	1.12E+05	4.42E+03	8.01E+03	1.85E+04	1.58E+04	1.95E+03	9.47E+04	1.22E+05	2.33E+04	1.13E+04	2.93E+04	2.4E+05	3.28E+04	9.19E+03	1.53E+04	1.27E+06	2.48E+03	7.35E+05	1E+05	2.27E+03	8.77E+03	1.06E+04	1.79E+03	9.55E+04	4.55E+03	3.56E+04	2.72E+05	7.23E+03	4.2E+05	3.96E+03	3.13E+06	1.15E+04	1.51E+04	5.55E+05	2.26E+04	3.39E+03	1.39E+05	1.89E+05	1.43E+03
Pimelate_6	1.49E+04	4.76E+03	4.68E+03	6.01E+03	1.34E+04	3.44E+03	2E+03	3.7E+05	1.38E+04	2.86E+03	2.15E+06	2.21E+03	2.15E+03	0	3.98E+03	3.94E+03	3.62E+06	1.7E+04	6.06E+06	3.37E+03	1.34E+04	4.96E+03	3.12E+03	5.62E+03	4.16E+05	1.25E+03	1.45E+05	7.63E+04	3.37E+05	8.49E+05	4.69E+03	4.37E+06	8.91E+03	2.29E+04	5.84E+03	8.47E+05	9.25E+03	1.49E+04	8.93E+05	3.17E+03	3.14E+03	3.58E+03	2.84E+03	1.33E+03	2.14E+03
Pimozide	1.42E+06	8.21E+05	4.53E+03	1.79E+06	1.66E+06	1.74E+05	2.43E+05	6.79E+04	1.77E+06	3.81E+03	1.14E+06	9.53E+04	1.23E+05	8.11E+05	1.59E+06	3.08E+05	9.32E+05	1.45E+06	2.99E+06	1.23E+06	6.96E+04	1.36E+06	2.7E+05	2.8E+06	2.45E+03	1.48E+05	2.26E+03	3.01E+05	1.59E+05	1.23E+06	1.85E+06	1.72E+06	1.15E+06	5.98E+04	2.14E+06	7.15E+03	1.81E+06	2.29E+05	2.33E+04	1.29E+05	2.43E+05	6.36E+03	2.23E+05	2.47E+05	3.06E+05
PIPECOLATE	1.21E+07	7.56E+06	1.51E+07	9.07E+06	3.91E+07	6.52E+06	2.07E+07	1.98E+07	6.05E+06	8.1E+06	2.25E+07	6E+06	8.24E+06	2.45E+06	1.16E+07	1.39E+07	8.5E+06	2.21E+07	5.5E+06	2.84E+07	6.17E+06	6.27E+06	5.08E+06	3.05E+07	6.64E+06	4.25E+06	1.9E+06	7.85E+06	6.67E+06	5.78E+06	1.14E+07	2.9E+07	6.37E+06	1.12E+07	5.23E+06	9.19E+06	1.03E+07	9.7E+06	4.26E+06	1.28E+07	9.58E+06	3.68E+06	4.44E+06	1E+07	5.5E+06
Piperazine adipate	2.81E+04	1.87E+05	9.73E+04	9.45E+04	1.87E+05	3.72E+04	1.04E+05	2.86E+03	4.64E+04	1.1E+04	8.35E+04	1.27E+04	1.59E+03	1.69E+04	5.45E+05	1.66E+04	2.49E+04	1.37E+04	3.33E+05	1.57E+05	1.3E+05	1.99E+04	9.25E+04	2.68E+05	1.46E+03	3.08E+04	2.42E+03	1.43E+04	2.11E+03	1.73E+05	3.09E+05	6.93E+04	1.21E+04	3.76E+04	5.41E+05	1.18E+03	1.83E+05	3.31E+04	1.05E+03	3.86E+03	5.6E+04	1.89E+03	2.48E+04	4.37E+04	1.06E+04
Piperidione_1	4.22E+05	1.54E+05	1.39E+05	1.9E+05	4.32E+05	3.62E+05	2.14E+05	2.69E+05	2.78E+05	1.2E+05	1.75E+05	2.54E+05	2.05E+05	1.42E+05	2.43E+05	1.69E+05	3.19E+05	5.9E+04	2.48E+05	1.84E+05	1.8E+05	3.24E+05	8.56E+04	2.55E+05	1.79E+05	2.71E+05	8.84E+04	3.31E+05	5.17E+04	3.2E+05	3.02E+05	2.96E+05	2.85E+05	3.41E+05	3.82E+05	1.49E+05	4.87E+04	3.15E+05	1.5E+05	1.82E+05	2.51E+05	2.09E+05	2.42E+05	8.08E+04	1.36E+05
Piperidione_2	1.65E+04	2.09E+04	2.69E+03	1.67E+04	1.91E+04	2.1E+04	3.55E+05	9.36E+03	1.47E+04	2.88E+03	4.71E+03	2.39E+04	1.42E+05	1.68E+04	3.98E+03	1.7E+05	6.06E+03	3.39E+04	8.32E+04	2.94E+04	2.56E+06	1.32E+04	4.44E+03	2.91E+04	1.03E+05	2.51E+03	3.5E+04	1.61E+04	9.24E+03	3.95E+04	1.1E+05	1.28E+05	2E+04	1.44E+05	2.7E+04	1.03E+04	4.81E+04	8.79E+04	8.2E+03	1.63E+04	1.32E+04	5.89E+03	1.79E+04	3.26E+05	7.35E+03
Pirbuterol	1.44E+08	1.45E+08	4.57E+07	2.01E+08	1.85E+08	9.76E+07	7.49E+07	2.97E+07	1.15E+08	4.16E+07	1.12E+08	6.1E+07	3.54E+07	9.82E+07	1.9E+08	8.44E+07	1.68E+08	1.31E+08	2.43E+08	1.2E+08	8.72E+07	1.69E+08	7.27E+07	1.73E+08	4.42E+07	5.05E+07	2.88E+07	8.98E+07	3.51E+07	1.05E+08	1.35E+08	1.59E+08	1.03E+08	1.32E+08	1.94E+08	5.41E+07	1.62E+08	7.38E+07	2.63E+07	4.77E+07	8.61E+07	3.91E+07	6.61E+07	9.83E+07	3.04E+07
Podocarpic acid	2.31E+05	4.28E+04	9.96E+04	1.12E+06	1.28E+06	4.44E+04	2.31E+05	6.03E+04	7.44E+05	2.28E+05	2.62E+05	1.73E+05	9.78E+03	5.63E+05	7.92E+05	2.09E+05	1.01E+06	4.64E+05	9.71E+05	9.93E+05	1.33E+05	5.29E+05	2.59E+05	4.61E+05	3.93E+04	1.54E+04	1.45E+04	4.94E+05	1.68E+04	1.06E+05	1.11E+06	3.3E+05	5.13E+05	1.55E+06	4.01E+05	9.9E+04	4.45E+05	1.3E+05	4.31E+04	6.9E+04	3.93E+05	6.07E+04	3.38E+05	5.34E+04	4.23E+04
Podophyllotoxone	6.6E+06	3.29E+06	1.2E+06	6.02E+06	5.87E+06	1.45E+06	1.73E+06	5.7E+05	2.65E+06	1.17E+06	1.25E+06	1.54E+06	6.01E+05	1.99E+06	3.78E+06	1.77E+06	8.36E+06	5.05E+06	6.27E+06	1.49E+06	1.47E+06	7.61E+06	3.27E+06	1.81E+06	1.16E+06	1.53E+06	6.39E+05	1.71E+06	8.28E+05	3.54E+06	2.39E+06	3.9E+06	1.37E+06	2.35E+06	4.01E+06	1.37E+06	3.55E+06	1.24E+06	6.85E+05	8.69E+05	1.7E+06	7.55E+05	1.15E+06	6.09E+06	4.53E+05
Polysulfide	4.59E+06	7.5E+07	8.83E+07	5.69E+07	2.69E+07	8.72E+07	1.76E+07	1.14E+07	6.18E+07	5.89E+07	3.79E+07	2.99E+07	6.56E+07	4.67E+07	8.68E+07	6.88E+07	1.21E+07	3.06E+07	6.37E+07	8.49E+06	4.59E+07	1.43E+07	4.92E+07	6.56E+07	2.6E+07	4.4E+07	6.77E+07	2.44E+07	5.87E+07	5.19E+07	1.33E+07	2.06E+07	4.2E+07	4.45E+07	5.06E+07	7.35E+07	7.42E+07	1.39E+07	1.64E+07	6.65E+06	4.68E+07	3.44E+07	3.84E+07	5.63E+07	2.26E+07
Porphobilinogen_1	1.22E+07	1.04E+07	1.33E+07	1.83E+07	8.47E+07	1.04E+07	9.56E+06	2.97E+07	9.31E+06	3.68E+06	1.25E+07	9.79E+06	3.17E+06	6.48E+06	1.38E+07	6.48E+06	2.13E+07	8.96E+06	1.99E+07	4.52E+07	8.04E+06	1.36E+07	7.37E+06	1.65E+07	3.32E+06	2.58E+06	1.9E+06	3.41E+07	3.16E+06	6.94E+06	5.81E+07	1.82E+07	7.07E+06	1.34E+07	1.15E+07	5.12E+06	1.84E+07	6.66E+06	2.27E+06	2.06E+07	1.14E+07	2.31E+06	3.66E+06	6.82E+06	5.24E+06
Porphobilinogen_2	6.51E+05	2.53E+05	2.19E+05	6.69E+05	1.8E+06	2.65E+05	1.01E+05	2.79E+04	2.16E+05	9.55E+04	4.71E+05	3.06E+05	3.15E+04	6.18E+04	3.43E+05	2.28E+05	3.21E+05	2.35E+05	5.5E+05	4.15E+05	2.14E+05	6.37E+05	1.54E+05	6.78E+05	2.88E+04	4.57E+04	1.85E+04	2.1E+05	5.6E+04	1.01E+05	7.82E+05	1.27E+06	9.27E+04	3.27E+05	1.25E+05	9.31E+04	7.65E+05	2.14E+05	3.64E+04	3.56E+04	3.29E+05	3.51E+04	3.18E+05	3.08E+05	2.92E+04
Potassium dibasic phosphate	1.6E+06	4.23E+07	2.57E+07	3.49E+07	1.62E+07	3.69E+07	4.57E+06	2.12E+06	2.82E+07	1.32E+07	1.03E+07	9.55E+06	1.4E+07	1.07E+07	6.29E+07	1.9E+07	6.05E+06	1.74E+07	6.93E+07	4.02E+06	1.12E+07	6.07E+06	1.84E+07	3.71E+07	5.93E+06	1.39E+07	1.89E+07	3.64E+06	1.78E+07	2.03E+07	5.47E+06	9.85E+06	1.13E+07	1.4E+07	4.42E+07	2.42E+07	3.4E+07	4.38E+06	3.12E+06	1.38E+06	1.18E+07	3.68E+06	1.13E+07	1.82E+07	4.28E+06
Potassium sulfate	6.49E+04	1.18E+07	4.26E+06	1.03E+07	4.08E+06	7.34E+06	1.22E+06	1.98E+05	3.29E+06	2.63E+06	2.84E+06	2.08E+06	2.07E+06	5.26E+06	2.59E+07	6.53E+06	2.05E+06	7.73E+06	2.08E+07	1.45E+06	2.46E+06	1.48E+06	7.69E+06	1.65E+07	5.65E+05	3.49E+06	1.13E+06	1.63E+06	3.67E+06	6.64E+06	1.72E+06	2.32E+06	5.53E+06	6.71E+06	1.21E+07	5.77E+06	8.93E+06	1.85E+06	6.79E+05	3.43E+05	7.94E+06	7.5E+05	2.75E+06	7.95E+06	1.13E+06
Precocene II_1	7.85E+06	7.58E+06	7.66E+06	7.72E+06	7.47E+06	7.24E+06	7.71E+06	7.9E+06	7.53E+06	8.13E+06	7.84E+06	8.01E+06	7.8E+06	7.85E+06	7.8E+06	7.78E+06	7.67E+06	7.86E+06	7.47E+06	7.4E+06	7.8E+06	7.68E+06	7.73E+06	7.74E+06	7.88E+06	7.75E+06	7.81E+06	7.8E+06	8.01E+06	8.28E+06	8.09E+06	7.96E+06	8.14E+06	7.32E+06	7.79E+06	8.25E+06	7.73E+06	7.41E+06	8.24E+06	8.19E+06	7.97E+06	8.15E+06	8.04E+06	7.86E+06	7.78E+06
Precocene II_2	4.8E+05	2.77E+03	7.4E+04	1.31E+05	1.02E+06	1.64E+05	3.14E+05	5.5E+04	2.91E+05	1.21E+04	4.91E+04	3.82E+05	4.42E+03	3.06E+05	5.9E+04	1.65E+05	4.51E+05	6.86E+03	1.68E+05	8.57E+05	4.66E+03	1.21E+05	9.33E+04	1.2E+06	8.12E+04	2.16E+03	3.28E+03	2.48E+05	4.48E+03	9.21E+03	3.78E+05	2.8E+05	3.22E+04	1.78E+06	9.89E+03	1.33E+05	5.07E+05	9.02E+05	2.71E+03	3.63E+04	2.55E+05	9.74E+04	1.49E+04	1.07E+05	1.73E+05
Pregnan-21-al	2.3E+03	1.98E+03	0	5.69E+05	1.42E+05	0	4.42E+03	0	1.48E+04	0	5.32E+03	6.48E+03	1.29E+04	3.44E+03	1.11E+05	1.08E+04	0	4.14E+03	3.34E+04	2.7E+04	4.7E+03	5.83E+03	0	9.82E+03	0	0	0	5.22E+04	0	1.78E+03	4.26E+03	1.88E+04	0	1.28E+03	9.06E+03	1.17E+04	5.57E+04	2.73E+03	0	1.36E+03	5.54E+03	0	7.57E+03	1.49E+03	2.93E+03
Pregnenolone	7.48E+04	3.12E+05	1.37E+05	4.94E+06	7.18E+05	7.07E+04	7.85E+04	1.5E+04	2.02E+05	1.33E+05	7.96E+04	6.47E+04	2.21E+05	1.18E+05	3.16E+06	2.86E+05	1.39E+05	1.49E+05	1.12E+06	6.48E+04	8.84E+04	1.86E+05	1.91E+05	1.99E+05	1.84E+03	1.97E+04	1.68E+04	3.13E+05	8.41E+03	2.31E+05	1.93E+05	2.52E+05	1.51E+04	9.03E+04	5.57E+05	8.47E+05	1.5E+05	1.06E+05	3.56E+04	7.36E+03	7.37E+04	3.8E+03	9.41E+04	2.82E+05	1.55E+05
Prenyl caffeate	1.53E+05	2E+05	4.41E+04	9.43E+04	4.73E+05	8.45E+04	1.41E+05	8.2E+03	8.22E+04	1.02E+04	1.38E+05	3.06E+04	1.43E+04	6.94E+05	7.88E+04	6.68E+04	2.65E+05	1.47E+05	6.25E+05	3.13E+05	5.71E+04	3.13E+04	8.16E+04	7.22E+05	1.91E+04	1.24E+04	1.4E+03	2.22E+04	7.25E+03	1.52E+05	7.47E+04	3.2E+05	5.07E+04	2.75E+05	3.99E+05	9.07E+03	4.86E+04	7.45E+04	3.47E+03	1.33E+04	1.47E+05	6.11E+03	9.63E+03	1.6E+05	3.31E+04
Procarbazine	2.45E+05	4.21E+04	6.71E+05	5.02E+04	1.28E+05	4.4E+04	7.48E+04	1.16E+04	7.22E+04	3.23E+03	9.34E+03	1.95E+03	1.3E+04	1.17E+04	8.84E+04	3.4E+04	1.63E+05	4.96E+05	4.69E+04	4.21E+04	1.81E+03	8.31E+03	1.66E+04	8.47E+04	7.93E+03	6.43E+03	3.04E+03	2.13E+04	8.59E+03	2.63E+05	1.49E+03	2.79E+04	2.64E+05	3.83E+05	1.2E+05	2.63E+04	1.64E+05	1.85E+04	1.63E+04	2.34E+04	1.55E+04	1.89E+03	1.72E+03	8.48E+04	1.91E+04
Proclavaminic acid_1	4.63E+06	4.75E+06	2.46E+06	3.4E+06	1.01E+07	3.16E+06	3.02E+06	1.37E+06	2.45E+06	1.94E+06	3.13E+06	3.3E+06	9.14E+05	1.69E+06	2.33E+06	2.31E+06	5.38E+06	5.11E+06	4.96E+06	4.06E+06	4.46E+06	5.34E+06	2.43E+06	4.37E+06	2.33E+06	2.34E+06	1.39E+06	6.86E+05	1.05E+06	2.56E+06	4.27E+06	7.37E+06	2.32E+06	4.35E+06	3.51E+06	3.19E+06	5.17E+06	4.8E+06	9.71E+05	2.77E+06	1.81E+06	9.22E+05	4.6E+06	4.1E+06	1.16E+06
Proclavaminic acid_2	2.43E+06	5.93E+05	5.78E+04	6.29E+05	1.34E+06	1.22E+04	1.36E+04	3.36E+04	1.22E+05	2.2E+04	1.99E+04	3.84E+04	1.87E+04	1.27E+05	2.28E+05	1.81E+04	1.45E+06	1.16E+06	5.35E+05	1.74E+04	9.68E+03	1.26E+06	1.66E+04	1.69E+04	1.59E+04	3.28E+04	1.03E+04	1.2E+05	4.26E+03	5.21E+05	8.48E+04	6.57E+05	8.02E+03	2.02E+05	1.16E+06	4.25E+03	1.03E+05	1.02E+04	2.21E+04	5.95E+04	1.6E+05	7.17E+03	3.42E+04	1.27E+06	6.24E+03
Progesterone	5.72E+04	1.92E+05	1.1E+05	7.03E+05	8.37E+05	5.11E+04	1.4E+05	3.72E+03	3.62E+04	1.92E+04	7.47E+04	1.2E+04	7.7E+04	8.31E+04	4.56E+05	1.6E+05	3.8E+04	3.77E+05	7.67E+05	9.16E+04	2.27E+05	2.81E+04	2.49E+04	3.05E+05	1.13E+04	1.22E+05	1.58E+03	2.12E+04	6.31E+04	6.13E+04	1.16E+04	1.23E+05	1.63E+03	3.39E+03	4.79E+05	1.04E+05	5.81E+05	7.21E+04	3.28E+04	3.85E+04	7.92E+04	2.59E+04	1.73E+05	1.13E+05	7.5E+03
Proglinazine	9.16E+05	8.73E+05	1.3E+05	1.44E+06	1.08E+06	5.87E+05	3.86E+05	8.78E+04	7.08E+05	9.43E+04	5.59E+05	1.96E+05	7.89E+04	5.53E+05	5.58E+05	4.94E+05	8.8E+05	7.38E+05	1.45E+06	7.36E+05	3.53E+05	9.23E+05	2.85E+05	9.28E+05	6.72E+04	6.08E+04	4.91E+04	4.71E+05	7.11E+04	4.94E+05	7E+05	7.07E+05	2.29E+05	5.65E+05	8.51E+05	1.1E+05	7.48E+05	2.82E+05	9.79E+04	1.73E+05	4.6E+05	1.16E+05	2.41E+05	4.96E+05	1.38E+05
Promacyl	4.69E+04	2.13E+03	0	7.35E+03	1.78E+04	3.02E+03	4.07E+03	7.26E+03	1.24E+05	2.37E+03	7.85E+04	2.46E+03	1.57E+05	2.31E+04	3.76E+03	4.71E+03	9.31E+03	2.69E+04	2.92E+03	3.07E+03	0	3.72E+04	2.14E+04	9.6E+03	0	1.48E+03	0	6.09E+03	1.78E+03	8.94E+04	2.45E+05	1.03E+04	0	2.16E+05	6.45E+05	0	4.31E+03	3.83E+04	0	2.99E+04	2.52E+04	0	2.5E+03	6.94E+04	1.33E+04
Propane-1,2-diol	0	6.85E+04	3.9E+04	7.36E+03	8.89E+04	8.66E+04	7.28E+04	2.25E+04	0	3.49E+05	2E+05	1.19E+04	2E+05	1.86E+04	0	3.31E+04	7.59E+05	5.03E+03	0	8.72E+04	1.22E+04	0	8.21E+03	8.51E+04	2.42E+04	0	6.07E+04	1.01E+04	1.51E+05	0	0	4.42E+03	7.23E+03	4.73E+03	1.19E+04	3.12E+04	1.08E+04	8.65E+03	7.64E+04	1.12E+04	5E+03	7.7E+03	8.54E+03	1.8E+04	2.4E+04
Propanoate_1	2.18E+06	2.01E+06	2.27E+05	3.46E+06	2.51E+06	1.75E+06	3.33E+05	1.58E+05	3.26E+06	5.92E+04	1.59E+06	5.33E+05	3.56E+04	7.64E+05	1.49E+06	6.45E+05	5.54E+05	2E+06	2.35E+06	1.58E+06	4.64E+05	7.9E+05	6.63E+05	3.24E+06	1.02E+05	1.57E+05	9.27E+05	6.43E+05	3.3E+05	1.92E+06	1.15E+06	2E+06	1.79E+06	2.99E+06	2.38E+06	6.52E+04	8.23E+05	1.69E+06	1.8E+05	6.71E+05	7.1E+05	2.46E+05	6.66E+05	1.35E+06	9.34E+04
Propanoate_2	1.66E+04	1.73E+04	1.69E+04	2.07E+06	2.72E+04	8.11E+05	8.07E+03	4.07E+03	8.32E+03	1.5E+04	1.55E+04	2.63E+04	4.99E+03	7.85E+03	4.04E+05	1.14E+05	1.32E+05	2.35E+04	1.19E+05	1.25E+04	2.84E+04	7.73E+05	1.82E+05	5.64E+04	1.97E+05	7.91E+03	2.15E+04	8.91E+03	4.84E+03	6.09E+03	1.06E+05	2.31E+04	2.69E+04	6.12E+04	1.62E+04	1.11E+05	2.77E+05	3.69E+04	3.75E+04	7.57E+05	1.75E+04	9.08E+04	5.18E+04	1.49E+04	9.39E+03
Propiomazine	0	0	0	1.7E+03	0	0	0	0	0	2.52E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.32E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	4.96E+03	0	0	0	6.78E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Propofol	1.83E+06	3.2E+06	1.55E+05	1.54E+06	2.3E+06	3.25E+06	3.4E+06	2.3E+05	1.52E+06	1.79E+05	6.75E+05	2.35E+06	5.71E+04	2.35E+05	3.26E+06	8.72E+05	5.29E+06	2.37E+05	1.3E+06	2.13E+06	3.82E+04	9.35E+04	1.5E+05	1.18E+06	7.79E+04	1.64E+05	1.26E+04	1.05E+05	9.37E+05	2.08E+05	2.17E+06	4.35E+05	7.3E+05	4.44E+06	1.46E+06	3.33E+04	3.85E+05	6.92E+06	1.42E+04	1.13E+06	2.62E+05	2.21E+04	1.16E+05	1.36E+06	1.69E+06
Propyl cinnamate_1	1.43E+06	1.51E+06	2.87E+05	1.18E+06	4.39E+06	2.51E+06	1.39E+06	2.9E+05	1.3E+06	1.57E+05	1.25E+06	1.04E+06	2.32E+05	1.31E+06	2.69E+06	1.1E+06	2.2E+06	1.25E+06	4.68E+06	2.74E+06	1.88E+05	6.73E+05	7.93E+05	3.21E+06	2.23E+04	4.33E+05	9.88E+03	6.1E+05	1.13E+06	1.92E+06	2.63E+06	2.81E+06	2.17E+06	2.95E+06	4.59E+06	2.15E+04	2.35E+06	1.45E+06	1.22E+05	8.67E+05	1.25E+06	4.41E+04	9.21E+05	1.44E+06	1.38E+06
Propyl cinnamate_2	2.97E+05	2.84E+05	6.01E+04	3.21E+05	6.42E+05	7.69E+05	4.96E+05	1.42E+04	2.36E+05	1.08E+04	6.77E+04	5.5E+05	1.26E+04	5.25E+05	1.46E+05	5.02E+05	3.4E+05	1.12E+05	7.53E+05	1.05E+06	2.53E+04	6.51E+05	3.19E+04	5.54E+05	3.64E+04	1.9E+04	2.44E+04	8.93E+04	8.48E+04	1.26E+05	4.76E+05	1.33E+06	8.35E+05	3.93E+06	1.88E+05	2.08E+04	1.28E+06	1.86E+06	1.14E+05	1.8E+05	6.81E+05	3.68E+04	1.76E+05	2.42E+04	4.69E+05
Propynoate	8.28E+03	3.41E+03	5.33E+03	1.7E+04	6.9E+03	7.3E+05	1.56E+04	1.55E+04	1E+04	8.91E+03	3.66E+03	1.03E+04	2.13E+04	5.53E+03	9.22E+03	1.27E+04	1.18E+04	1.15E+04	8.89E+03	9.91E+03	7.11E+03	7.57E+03	3.97E+03	1.34E+04	1.62E+04	1.75E+04	9.59E+03	8.54E+03	1.75E+04	1.7E+05	1.23E+04	7.62E+03	1.75E+04	8.51E+03	4.83E+05	1.31E+04	7.5E+03	3.42E+03	9.16E+03	6E+03	8.58E+03	9.73E+03	7.28E+03	1.58E+04	3.8E+03
Prosulfocarb	3.98E+04	7.82E+05	1.34E+04	2.85E+05	2.07E+05	3.4E+05	7.65E+04	1.62E+04	1.17E+05	5.31E+04	6.91E+04	5.85E+04	1.68E+04	5.44E+05	5.67E+05	1.99E+05	1.93E+04	8.82E+04	5.9E+05	1.04E+05	2.46E+04	9.51E+03	2.91E+05	7.31E+05	2.35E+03	6.93E+04	1.83E+03	3.54E+04	7.25E+04	2.89E+05	2.83E+05	1.51E+05	2.36E+04	1.39E+04	1.23E+06	3.35E+03	3.48E+05	7.29E+03	1.29E+04	1.39E+04	4.72E+04	2.59E+03	4.75E+04	2.03E+04	5.98E+04
Prosulfuron	1.1E+07	1.7E+05	2.41E+04	2.01E+05	6.27E+04	1.33E+05	3.48E+04	6.07E+04	1.31E+04	2.36E+03	1.38E+04	6.18E+03	6.04E+04	3.3E+03	1.09E+04	2.59E+03	9.97E+04	5.53E+04	5.67E+04	4.26E+04	4.21E+04	1.18E+06	1.04E+06	5.98E+03	1.74E+05	4.33E+04	2.41E+04	1.03E+05	4.55E+03	8.57E+04	8.26E+03	4.56E+05	2.04E+05	8.63E+04	1.58E+05	1.06E+04	3.58E+04	2.3E+04	4.9E+03	2.65E+04	3.41E+04	8.95E+03	2.25E+03	4.19E+04	4.12E+03
Prothiocarb	1.58E+04	1.97E+04	2.78E+04	1.49E+04	1.36E+04	2.04E+04	2.33E+04	2.75E+03	1.67E+04	1.33E+04	9.93E+03	1.96E+04	2.14E+04	1.06E+04	3.13E+04	2.59E+04	1.92E+04	2.98E+06	5.35E+04	1.65E+04	2.03E+04	8.95E+03	3.23E+04	3.93E+04	1.12E+05	3.79E+04	8.75E+04	3.84E+04	3.9E+04	1.65E+04	8.41E+03	1.75E+04	1.52E+04	3.76E+04	3.17E+04	1.5E+04	2.3E+04	4.06E+04	2.15E+04	1.09E+04	4.38E+04	2.15E+04	3.63E+04	4.58E+03	9.08E+03
Protopine	2.26E+06	3.75E+05	1.85E+04	1.49E+06	9.85E+05	1.9E+05	2.86E+06	1.69E+05	7.62E+05	2.7E+04	2.58E+05	5.79E+04	9.39E+04	7.05E+05	9.35E+05	1.8E+06	1.27E+05	8.59E+05	3.16E+06	2.16E+05	6.27E+04	6.87E+05	3.46E+05	1.52E+06	1.97E+04	6.48E+04	1.67E+03	1.17E+06	1.36E+05	2.65E+06	2.07E+06	3.97E+06	5.79E+05	1.73E+05	6.04E+06	6.69E+03	4.39E+06	1.66E+05	1.23E+04	2.08E+05	4.61E+05	1.9E+04	3.68E+05	6.13E+05	2.11E+05
Protoporphyrinogen IX	4.73E+05	6.15E+05	4.35E+05	2.42E+05	1.49E+05	4.3E+05	1.06E+05	2.78E+05	6.22E+05	1.47E+05	9.11E+04	6.68E+05	1.66E+05	1.74E+05	2.43E+05	1.33E+06	3.76E+05	6.39E+05	1.56E+05	1.67E+05	2.46E+05	2.08E+05	6.06E+05	4.82E+05	1.76E+05	1.66E+05	1.07E+05	7.23E+04	1.32E+05	2.37E+05	2.36E+05	2.96E+05	3.75E+05	5.28E+05	1.33E+05	1.24E+05	7.45E+04	1.51E+05	9.78E+04	6.41E+04	1.59E+05	8.58E+04	2.53E+05	2.82E+04	1.59E+05
Pseudopelletierine	8.85E+04	1.83E+03	4.31E+05	4.96E+04	1.89E+03	3.15E+03	1.12E+06	9.72E+03	2.65E+03	1.9E+03	2.74E+03	2.47E+03	3.05E+03	2E+04	3.88E+03	8.88E+03	2.46E+04	4.34E+03	4.44E+03	5.82E+04	1.86E+03	5.65E+05	0	4.79E+05	3.82E+05	2.22E+03	3.69E+05	1.93E+03	1.97E+03	3.2E+03	8.31E+04	5.14E+03	1.8E+04	2.91E+03	1.82E+04	2.03E+03	5.94E+04	2.66E+03	3E+03	2.02E+05	2.23E+03	1.14E+05	7.7E+04	1.78E+05	2.62E+03
Psicofuranine_1	3.53E+07	3.85E+07	1.13E+07	5.96E+07	5E+07	2.48E+07	1.99E+07	6.14E+06	2.94E+07	1.21E+07	3.64E+07	1.71E+07	1.15E+07	2.76E+07	4.52E+07	2.55E+07	3.25E+07	3.16E+07	5.61E+07	3.3E+07	2.25E+07	3.38E+07	2.33E+07	4.84E+07	1.04E+07	1.33E+07	6.94E+06	2.78E+07	9.23E+06	2.73E+07	2.73E+07	3.38E+07	1.55E+07	2.57E+07	4.46E+07	1.51E+07	4.2E+07	1.45E+07	8.91E+06	9.51E+06	2.15E+07	9.53E+06	1.83E+07	2.35E+07	1.11E+07
Psicofuranine_2	6.22E+05	1.91E+06	2.56E+04	2E+06	9.16E+05	2.43E+05	7.22E+05	1.31E+05	6.85E+05	1.42E+04	2.2E+05	1.53E+04	1.98E+04	8.66E+04	2.91E+06	8.47E+04	7.65E+05	1.11E+05	2.34E+06	3.76E+05	6.16E+05	7.33E+05	1.35E+05	8.05E+05	1.25E+05	1.18E+04	1.82E+04	4.82E+04	5.47E+04	6.2E+04	1.48E+06	1.93E+05	1.06E+06	7.27E+05	1.36E+05	1.06E+04	2.25E+05	1.53E+05	7.11E+03	5.73E+05	5.11E+04	6.41E+03	6.79E+03	3.92E+05	2.56E+04
Pterin	8.06E+05	7.7E+05	6.92E+04	9.83E+05	5.75E+05	9.15E+04	9.33E+05	5.61E+04	8.39E+05	1.52E+05	6.75E+05	6.78E+04	1.02E+05	2.55E+05	2.97E+05	7.7E+05	5.73E+05	1.45E+06	1.01E+06	9.76E+05	1.17E+05	2.15E+06	1.63E+06	1.8E+06	1.4E+05	2.54E+05	1.41E+05	8.9E+05	1.53E+05	3.07E+05	1.93E+05	2.15E+05	4.03E+04	4.65E+05	9.98E+05	2.68E+05	4.54E+05	3.67E+04	4.8E+04	2.15E+05	9.33E+05	9.94E+04	1.33E+05	6.76E+05	3.89E+04
Pulcherriminic acid	6.11E+07	1.1E+07	1.56E+06	3.47E+07	3.52E+07	9.91E+06	5.92E+07	5.59E+06	2.43E+07	1.02E+06	9.14E+06	3.39E+06	3.82E+06	1.93E+07	2.34E+07	3.11E+07	9.92E+06	2.13E+07	6.86E+07	6.96E+06	5.6E+06	3.02E+07	8.51E+06	3.5E+07	1.11E+06	5.12E+06	6.61E+05	2.47E+07	2.82E+06	5.61E+07	9.1E+07	8.21E+07	1.13E+07	1.24E+07	1.29E+08	9.09E+05	8.58E+07	7.1E+06	2.41E+06	9.58E+06	1.62E+07	1.11E+06	8.3E+06	1.51E+07	8.53E+06
PUTRESCINE	1.62E+05	1.04E+06	1.43E+06	2E+05	2.13E+05	9.69E+05	2.98E+05	1.09E+05	3.91E+05	1.57E+06	3.7E+04	1.98E+05	3.87E+05	9.55E+04	5.56E+04	4.87E+04	6.33E+05	1.04E+05	1.79E+05	1.1E+06	6.75E+05	1.26E+04	3.21E+05	2.04E+05	6.76E+04	1.2E+06	3.47E+05	6.44E+04	2.27E+04	7.53E+04	7.76E+04	1.39E+05	2.09E+05	3.25E+05	3.2E+04	4.51E+04	7.68E+03	1.55E+05	3.81E+04	1.26E+05	2.8E+05	1.5E+06	7.15E+04	1.38E+05	4.01E+05
p-Xylene_1	1.45E+06	9.6E+05	1.03E+06	1.34E+06	3.13E+06	1.37E+06	1.85E+06	6.7E+05	5.84E+05	5.63E+05	5.81E+05	5.72E+05	1.41E+05	1.08E+06	1.35E+06	5.38E+05	5.14E+06	4.11E+05	1.43E+06	1.84E+06	1.78E+05	1.06E+06	2.48E+05	5.1E+05	1.13E+06	5.33E+05	2.61E+05	6.11E+05	5.69E+05	9.17E+05	1.18E+06	1.41E+06	6.43E+05	1.94E+06	1.6E+06	5.32E+05	1E+06	1.15E+06	9.71E+04	8.22E+05	7.41E+05	5.37E+05	3.82E+04	1.05E+06	1.21E+06
p-Xylene_2	1.97E+06	1.54E+06	5.36E+04	1.4E+06	5.47E+06	5.46E+05	7.13E+06	1.46E+06	7.8E+05	1.09E+05	3.65E+05	3.21E+05	2.98E+04	1.42E+06	1.95E+06	1.03E+06	3.4E+06	1.93E+06	1.02E+06	6.54E+05	6.29E+04	5.83E+05	2.61E+05	7.29E+05	1.11E+06	6.17E+06	1.26E+05	3.05E+06	1.98E+05	8.32E+05	1.07E+06	6.89E+05	5.06E+05	8.84E+06	2.41E+06	6.15E+05	2.43E+06	8.06E+05	5.81E+04	3.43E+05	5.05E+05	2.4E+05	1.82E+05	9.98E+05	3.55E+05
p-Xylene_3	5.46E+05	2.49E+05	5.8E+03	5.73E+03	9.43E+05	2.71E+04	1.57E+04	9.76E+05	6.37E+04	849	2.13E+04	1.28E+03	3.29E+03	2.36E+04	1.65E+04	6.42E+03	4.47E+06	7.68E+05	1.32E+03	1.14E+03	5.79E+03	7.38E+04	6.58E+03	2.67E+04	1.28E+04	4.99E+04	1.89E+04	9.71E+03	1.47E+03	1.19E+04	4.02E+06	2.35E+03	1.05E+03	4.47E+05	2.06E+05	1.69E+03	2.31E+03	3.41E+03	2.02E+03	5.24E+03	1.37E+04	2.04E+05	1.41E+03	1.03E+04	1.61E+03
Pymetrozine	5.74E+05	9.06E+05	2.89E+05	8.62E+05	2.27E+06	3.36E+05	2.82E+05	2.62E+04	5.28E+05	1.04E+05	3.76E+05	1.59E+05	1.08E+05	4.08E+05	9.06E+05	2.36E+05	7.8E+05	8.54E+05	9.97E+05	4.68E+05	1.54E+05	4.63E+05	4.02E+05	9.28E+05	1.16E+05	2.2E+05	1.8E+04	4.85E+05	2.06E+04	3.24E+05	7.28E+05	9.2E+05	5.42E+05	7.63E+05	1.14E+06	2.55E+05	1.26E+06	2.26E+05	7.22E+04	1.57E+05	4E+05	6.79E+04	2.35E+05	1.61E+06	7.62E+03
Pyocyanine	3.06E+06	1.57E+06	1.74E+06	1.91E+06	2.34E+06	1.17E+06	1.99E+06	2.19E+06	2E+06	1.63E+06	2.26E+06	1.71E+06	1.58E+06	2.18E+06	1.1E+06	1.77E+06	1.37E+06	1.08E+06	1.34E+06	1.82E+06	2.74E+06	2.4E+06	9.13E+05	1.41E+06	2.04E+06	6.83E+05	1.33E+06	1.55E+06	1.36E+06	1.13E+06	1.71E+06	2.28E+06	9.66E+05	1.18E+06	8.81E+05	1.94E+06	1.46E+06	1.38E+06	1.62E+06	1.42E+06	1.51E+06	2.53E+06	1.63E+06	7.9E+05	1.09E+06
Pyrazinamide	2.27E+04	3.28E+03	8.29E+03	5.54E+03	1.86E+03	2.5E+03	2.07E+03	4.62E+03	3.74E+04	1.36E+05	2.83E+03	2.25E+04	6.04E+04	6.51E+04	8.77E+04	2.5E+04	8.78E+05	1.21E+05	1.32E+04	3.01E+03	1.7E+05	6.44E+03	1.23E+05	2.69E+05	6.41E+04	2.71E+04	4.92E+04	1.36E+05	2.1E+03	2.29E+05	2.41E+05	3.21E+04	1.04E+04	6.44E+05	3.45E+05	6.68E+03	2.13E+04	1.36E+04	3.12E+03	2.42E+03	8.14E+04	2.92E+04	2.49E+03	1.81E+05	1.61E+04
Pyrazinoic acid	5.3E+05	6.09E+05	9.18E+04	9.46E+05	3.57E+05	3.55E+05	7.72E+04	5.97E+04	4.35E+05	1.41E+05	4.6E+05	2.74E+05	1.02E+05	4.16E+05	8.34E+05	2.5E+05	5.75E+05	6.21E+05	1.18E+06	6.42E+05	1.5E+05	7.14E+05	2.41E+05	7.65E+05	7.88E+04	9.18E+04	1.38E+04	1.45E+05	2.34E+04	1.96E+05	4.08E+05	6.69E+05	2.94E+05	1.5E+05	7.14E+05	5.91E+04	5.15E+05	2.46E+05	1.17E+05	1.28E+05	1.33E+05	7.24E+04	1.9E+05	2.79E+05	1.64E+05
Pyridine	1.99E+04	1.41E+04	5.05E+04	1.84E+05	1.14E+05	7.52E+03	2.77E+04	1.96E+04	6.11E+04	3.1E+04	2.54E+04	1.43E+04	1.06E+04	1.37E+04	1.58E+05	4E+04	3.47E+04	1.68E+04	2.7E+05	3.23E+04	9.1E+03	1.74E+04	1.58E+04	3.1E+04	1.31E+05	1.11E+04	2.5E+04	1.29E+04	2.42E+04	1.2E+06	7.54E+04	1.01E+05	3.05E+04	5.67E+04	2.41E+06	3.01E+04	4.32E+04	8.64E+03	5.29E+04	1.58E+04	4.25E+04	1.1E+05	6.53E+03	1.18E+06	7.99E+03
PYRIDOXAL	5.75E+06	6.84E+06	4.61E+06	1.23E+07	1.13E+07	8.56E+06	5.77E+06	3.35E+06	3.96E+06	2.69E+06	5.55E+06	2.56E+06	5.48E+06	1.51E+06	6.78E+06	4.06E+06	7.42E+06	7.19E+06	7.99E+06	7.14E+06	3.3E+06	4.96E+06	3.45E+06	8.38E+06	2.62E+06	4.73E+07	1.23E+06	1.69E+06	2.24E+06	4.57E+06	8.52E+06	8.55E+06	1.95E+06	5.55E+06	8.05E+06	2.95E+06	1.18E+07	3.3E+06	1.5E+06	3.04E+06	1.58E+06	2.57E+06	3.14E+06	2.93E+06	3.98E+06
Pyridoxal	7.24E+05	5.46E+05	4.24E+05	7.15E+05	1.65E+06	3.72E+05	2.19E+05	3.12E+05	2.9E+05	3.22E+05	3.53E+05	3.1E+05	1.27E+05	2.61E+05	4.91E+05	1.65E+05	1.63E+06	4.09E+05	6.21E+05	7.18E+05	1.73E+05	8.24E+05	4.01E+05	7.31E+05	1.57E+04	1.07E+05	2.76E+04	1.6E+05	9.38E+03	1.38E+05	4.94E+05	4.75E+05	6.3E+05	1.26E+06	1.13E+06	8.79E+04	2.54E+05	4.6E+05	8.43E+03	1.37E+06	3.34E+05	5.05E+04	8.75E+04	1.28E+05	3.77E+05
Pyridoxamine	1.57E+07	9.66E+06	6.27E+06	1E+07	1.76E+07	1.04E+07	8.49E+06	6.26E+06	6.66E+06	3.57E+06	8.12E+06	9.32E+06	3.43E+06	6.18E+06	9.39E+06	5.32E+06	1.77E+07	9.78E+06	1.41E+07	1.44E+07	1.97E+07	9.33E+06	5.44E+06	1.33E+07	4.2E+06	5.55E+06	2.46E+06	6.14E+06	3.6E+06	1.79E+07	1.78E+07	2.51E+07	4.29E+06	1.97E+07	9.63E+06	3.58E+06	1.19E+07	7.42E+06	2.73E+06	8.63E+06	9.04E+06	2.9E+06	5.36E+06	1.07E+07	3.38E+06
Pyridoxine_1	8.04E+05	3.67E+05	8.02E+04	6.9E+05	6.06E+06	1.27E+05	2.75E+05	1.24E+05	6.7E+05	9.29E+04	3.97E+05	8.15E+04	1.2E+05	1.17E+05	6.17E+05	2.48E+05	1.16E+06	3.94E+05	8.52E+05	5.1E+05	9.2E+04	1.35E+06	1.77E+05	6.67E+05	2.09E+05	1.54E+05	1.16E+05	3.78E+05	6.71E+04	4.76E+05	4.03E+05	5.09E+05	2.6E+05	7.52E+05	7.54E+05	3.56E+05	6.91E+05	6.7E+05	3.17E+04	2.34E+05	3.3E+05	5.63E+04	8.31E+04	4.05E+05	1.66E+05
Pyridoxine_2	2.81E+04	5.37E+05	1.08E+05	1.85E+05	2.01E+06	2.13E+05	1.4E+06	1.63E+06	6.14E+05	2.7E+05	4.67E+04	8.02E+04	8.98E+04	1.59E+05	6.2E+05	7.24E+04	2.31E+05	1.09E+06	2.21E+05	3.11E+05	3.01E+04	8.7E+04	2.01E+04	1.6E+05	1.61E+05	3.69E+06	1.24E+05	1.11E+05	1.48E+04	1.95E+05	3.96E+05	3.98E+04	3.44E+04	1.07E+06	1.26E+06	2.42E+05	7.93E+05	1.09E+06	1.55E+04	6.66E+05	2.98E+04	3.04E+04	3.34E+04	1.34E+06	1.15E+05
Pyridoxine_3	1.52E+05	6.7E+05	3.31E+05	1.42E+06	5.2E+06	9.08E+04	1.11E+05	1.15E+04	2.53E+05	1.37E+05	2.11E+05	2.51E+05	1.65E+04	1.76E+05	1.11E+06	7.18E+04	2.31E+05	2.3E+05	5.48E+05	4.04E+05	9.95E+03	2.11E+05	3.6E+04	1.34E+05	4.09E+04	3.58E+07	2.42E+04	6.39E+04	4.2E+04	9.16E+04	1.05E+06	2.74E+04	7.15E+04	1.87E+05	8.72E+05	9.11E+04	2.53E+06	1.98E+05	4.56E+03	1.18E+05	1.55E+05	9.19E+03	3.42E+04	9.45E+04	1.82E+05
Pyruvate_1	1.43E+04	5.79E+03	4.11E+04	6.25E+05	2.62E+05	1.27E+04	1.37E+04	9.03E+03	2.05E+05	3.18E+04	5.28E+04	3.54E+04	1.72E+04	5.71E+04	2.92E+05	4.36E+04	1.15E+04	1.44E+05	9.09E+03	6.65E+04	1.59E+04	4.67E+04	2.53E+04	3.83E+04	1.97E+04	3.7E+04	8.44E+04	9.8E+03	8.2E+04	2.02E+05	1.42E+05	1.36E+05	4.89E+04	5.39E+04	3.19E+05	1.7E+04	1.31E+05	2.92E+04	4.48E+04	9.54E+03	8.24E+03	5.25E+04	7.44E+04	2.6E+05	2.76E+04
Pyruvate_2	2.82E+04	6.64E+04	6.27E+04	8.07E+04	1.24E+04	8.83E+06	1.03E+04	6.28E+03	1.42E+04	1.6E+04	1.95E+04	1.3E+04	1.94E+04	5.3E+03	1.62E+04	6.51E+03	3.72E+04	9.48E+03	2.18E+04	2.49E+04	5.06E+03	1.2E+04	3.47E+04	3.29E+04	5.1E+03	1.77E+04	2.75E+04	5.8E+03	5.96E+03	2.86E+06	1.64E+04	2.22E+04	2.4E+04	6.86E+03	4.49E+06	5.94E+03	4.54E+04	3.16E+04	2.58E+04	2.23E+04	2.64E+04	1.41E+04	1.44E+04	7.66E+05	1.11E+04
Pyruvate oxime	1.17E+05	9.78E+04	3.31E+05	1.22E+05	3.51E+05	2.91E+05	2.09E+05	3.24E+05	4.6E+04	1.09E+05	4.18E+05	9.5E+04	1.77E+05	1.13E+05	5.69E+04	2.67E+05	5.07E+05	2.37E+05	3.88E+05	9.77E+04	9.21E+04	1.57E+05	3.31E+05	2.16E+05	3.64E+05	7.73E+04	5.37E+05	2.7E+05	2.15E+05	3E+05	1.94E+05	6.12E+04	3.66E+05	2.92E+06	6.46E+04	1.38E+05	1.27E+05	3.2E+06	2.18E+05	7.57E+05	2.43E+05	4.39E+05	3.34E+05	9.55E+04	4.54E+05
Quercitrin	3.51E+05	6.17E+04	2.16E+05	1.46E+06	4.85E+05	4.33E+03	1.56E+06	5.48E+05	8.18E+04	6.79E+03	4.62E+04	6.19E+03	1.16E+06	8.05E+06	5.89E+05	4.78E+05	3.97E+05	2.65E+05	1.69E+04	8.78E+05	9.93E+04	1.03E+06	6.76E+03	2.6E+04	6.29E+05	2.46E+04	0	3.73E+06	2.09E+03	9.05E+06	3.7E+05	3.07E+05	1.4E+05	2.64E+05	1.43E+05	1.55E+04	5.1E+05	3.09E+04	1.68E+03	2.91E+04	5.68E+06	1.84E+03	0	1.68E+05	1.12E+05
Quinolinate	2.26E+07	2.14E+07	7.37E+06	3.67E+07	4.7E+07	1.48E+07	1.15E+07	5.21E+06	2.49E+07	6.66E+06	1.84E+07	1.04E+07	8.09E+06	1.92E+07	3.23E+07	1.54E+07	2.46E+07	2.83E+07	3.37E+07	2.08E+07	1.3E+07	2.23E+07	1.65E+07	3.44E+07	6.79E+06	1.09E+07	3.67E+06	1.57E+07	6.17E+06	1.15E+07	2.51E+07	3.29E+07	1.36E+07	2.61E+07	3.25E+07	7.92E+06	3.44E+07	1.17E+07	6.61E+06	8.63E+06	1.81E+07	7.15E+06	9.73E+06	1.38E+07	5.93E+06
Radium-226	3.22E+04	9.13E+04	1.52E+04	1.25E+05	7.15E+04	3.7E+05	5.48E+04	4.11E+05	4.93E+04	4.19E+03	7E+04	1.09E+04	3.64E+03	2.1E+04	8.66E+04	4.33E+04	6.24E+04	7.22E+04	7.85E+04	7.76E+04	3.46E+04	3.25E+04	1.21E+04	3.02E+04	8.24E+03	1.14E+04	1.03E+04	4.67E+04	8.63E+03	1.17E+05	1.26E+06	7.11E+04	1.51E+04	2.48E+04	1.4E+06	1.99E+04	8.89E+04	1.63E+04	1.37E+04	4.27E+04	1.56E+04	5.64E+03	2.98E+04	4.99E+06	2.86E+04
Reduced FMN	9.04E+05	7.33E+05	7.54E+04	1.62E+06	1.08E+06	3.07E+05	3.81E+05	2.52E+04	1.51E+05	2.34E+04	6.55E+05	3.7E+05	2.75E+04	4.54E+05	1.18E+06	5.24E+05	9.09E+05	6.22E+05	1.51E+06	5.59E+05	3.16E+05	5.75E+05	4.62E+05	6.81E+05	3.78E+04	2.42E+05	3.46E+04	3.37E+05	4.45E+04	4.2E+05	4.59E+05	5.52E+05	2.8E+05	4.66E+05	3.39E+05	2.39E+05	8.14E+05	2.23E+05	8.8E+04	3.96E+04	2.74E+05	1.37E+05	6.82E+04	2.08E+05	6.65E+04
Resveratrol_1	8.72E+05	3.42E+04	1.04E+03	1.65E+06	1.06E+05	3.29E+04	9.12E+04	2.32E+06	3.71E+05	1.91E+03	2.33E+05	1.66E+05	1.16E+06	7.92E+05	2.15E+07	9.88E+03	3.92E+05	7.22E+05	1.47E+07	2.33E+05	1.55E+03	7.14E+05	8.08E+05	4.24E+05	9.74E+05	2.43E+05	4.28E+05	4.64E+06	1.43E+04	7.25E+05	5.44E+06	3.06E+05	7.75E+05	1.53E+06	1.13E+06	5.11E+04	2.47E+06	2.52E+04	1.94E+06	1.99E+06	5.47E+05	1.12E+06	8.05E+04	5.82E+05	7.06E+05
Resveratrol_2	6.79E+03	6.89E+03	4.73E+03	5.45E+03	5.82E+03	2.96E+03	7.58E+04	2.04E+03	1.55E+04	2.44E+03	1.5E+04	2.64E+03	3.71E+03	1.9E+03	9.35E+03	8.09E+03	3.82E+04	3.24E+03	4.79E+04	1.28E+04	3.17E+03	1.16E+04	6.32E+03	7.81E+04	0	2.74E+03	4.22E+03	1.26E+04	4.1E+03	1.8E+04	1.7E+04	3.5E+03	1.09E+04	2.95E+05	2.31E+04	2.96E+03	5.12E+03	2.28E+04	1.82E+03	3.86E+03	4.24E+03	1.24E+03	7.4E+03	3.46E+03	2.85E+03
Retinoate	1.86E+05	4.1E+05	1.43E+05	1.29E+06	1.26E+06	2.87E+05	3.1E+05	5.23E+03	1.96E+05	1.08E+05	3.84E+05	6.3E+04	6.94E+04	7.58E+05	8.71E+05	4.53E+05	1.54E+05	4.74E+05	2.2E+06	6.28E+05	3.36E+05	4.28E+05	2.17E+05	8.7E+05	7.8E+04	1.94E+05	1.36E+04	4.47E+05	2.48E+05	1.5E+05	8.72E+04	1.02E+06	3.32E+03	7.01E+04	8E+05	6.48E+04	1.35E+06	3.18E+05	6.03E+04	4.21E+04	4.67E+05	3.83E+04	7.1E+04	2.91E+05	7.62E+03
Retinol	2.14E+04	1.73E+03	1.79E+03	1.69E+05	1.91E+04	6.31E+05	1.01E+05	1.59E+03	5.66E+04	1.47E+03	4.03E+05	6.82E+04	7.18E+03	6.55E+04	2.58E+05	1.86E+05	7.48E+04	2.82E+04	3.37E+05	2.55E+05	4.19E+04	5.27E+04	1.96E+05	1.02E+05	2.14E+03	8.51E+04	0	2.35E+05	2.92E+03	5.76E+04	1.42E+05	4.08E+04	2.22E+03	1.7E+04	5.81E+05	1.64E+04	1.2E+05	2.28E+05	0	1.12E+05	4.01E+04	1.39E+03	2E+04	4.51E+05	5.16E+03
Retronecine_1	2.34E+06	1.64E+06	8.09E+05	2.21E+06	4.15E+06	8.25E+05	1.08E+06	7.57E+05	1.05E+07	1.94E+06	5.17E+05	7.66E+05	3.77E+05	3.09E+06	3.41E+06	7.01E+05	1.36E+06	1.89E+06	2.85E+06	1.36E+06	1.09E+06	1.18E+06	6.38E+05	7.92E+05	5.45E+05	5.14E+05	7.73E+05	1.52E+06	7.8E+05	3.07E+06	7.4E+05	5.5E+06	1.38E+06	8.3E+06	7.55E+05	3.58E+06	3.44E+06	1.69E+06	2.52E+05	8.39E+05	2.8E+06	1.13E+05	2.34E+06	1.02E+06	7.37E+05
Retronecine_2	1.35E+06	2.75E+05	2.25E+05	5.35E+05	1.16E+06	1.24E+04	3.83E+05	2E+04	5.9E+04	6.94E+04	2.1E+05	1.46E+05	1.71E+05	2.75E+05	4.64E+05	2.14E+05	1.29E+06	6.36E+05	6.07E+05	5.97E+05	4.99E+04	6.26E+05	5.18E+06	1.52E+05	1.57E+05	5.95E+04	3.72E+05	1.25E+05	5.81E+04	1.22E+05	4.82E+05	4.77E+05	1.52E+05	6.08E+06	5.15E+05	8.44E+04	8.41E+05	2.82E+05	3.29E+04	1.47E+05	1.69E+05	1.7E+05	1.51E+05	2.06E+05	1E+05
Retronecine_3	2.26E+05	2.25E+04	4.81E+04	5.11E+04	6.84E+04	1.97E+04	2.59E+04	9.97E+04	8.27E+06	7.84E+05	1.26E+04	5.56E+04	4.22E+03	1.19E+06	1.99E+04	5.96E+04	3.15E+04	2.73E+04	8.75E+04	6.82E+04	4.36E+04	5.54E+04	1.13E+04	1.91E+04	8.1E+04	1.37E+04	2.47E+05	5.26E+05	1.72E+04	4.89E+05	5.48E+05	2.96E+04	2.38E+05	5.09E+06	3.85E+05	3.43E+06	1.23E+05	6.39E+04	2.13E+04	7.2E+04	1.07E+06	2.56E+04	3.8E+05	2.52E+05	7.81E+03
Rhein	7.69E+05	2.19E+05	3.86E+04	1.57E+06	1.44E+06	7.05E+04	4.66E+05	1.4E+06	2.3E+06	8.77E+04	4.82E+05	2.29E+05	6.4E+04	1.73E+05	4.12E+05	6.72E+03	1.94E+06	1.16E+06	6.17E+06	1.21E+06	1.81E+04	6.46E+05	6.14E+04	1.51E+05	3.76E+05	2.28E+04	1.95E+04	2.34E+04	4.7E+04	5.67E+05	1.21E+06	4.44E+06	4.01E+05	5.25E+05	1.35E+05	1.57E+05	1.1E+06	6.13E+05	6.16E+05	9.26E+05	1.25E+05	1.2E+05	1.07E+04	6.06E+05	1.46E+04
Rhododendrin	2.13E+06	2.26E+06	2.06E+05	1.57E+06	7.57E+06	5.45E+05	1.06E+07	2.16E+06	1.26E+06	5.18E+04	5.68E+05	9.24E+04	6.64E+04	1.67E+06	1.93E+06	8.43E+05	4.88E+06	2.22E+06	8.7E+05	4.49E+05	1.58E+05	4.57E+05	2.56E+05	7.8E+05	1.7E+06	7.78E+06	4.21E+05	3.71E+06	9.17E+04	9.25E+05	5.92E+05	7.19E+05	3.01E+05	1.01E+07	2.44E+06	1.51E+05	1.34E+06	6.96E+05	4.88E+04	5.32E+05	7.2E+05	5.13E+05	4.84E+04	9.44E+05	7.79E+04
Riboflavin	3.61E+06	1.59E+06	7.86E+05	6.81E+06	3.39E+06	4.24E+05	9.24E+05	4.83E+05	6.66E+05	8.74E+05	1.11E+06	3.52E+05	5.99E+05	7.23E+05	4.39E+06	8.68E+05	4.58E+06	1.63E+06	1.72E+06	3.72E+06	4.53E+05	3E+06	1.89E+06	3.38E+06	1.07E+06	5.38E+05	6.58E+05	1.97E+05	9.51E+04	4.28E+04	6.82E+05	5.19E+05	4.88E+05	1.77E+06	1.99E+06	8.2E+05	3.65E+06	2.56E+04	1.08E+05	7.08E+05	3.85E+05	6.1E+05	4.1E+05	3.33E+05	3.42E+05
Ricinine	4.94E+06	3.37E+06	1.13E+06	5.59E+06	3.46E+06	2.18E+06	1.54E+06	9.34E+05	3.52E+06	1.11E+06	4.54E+06	1.61E+06	7E+05	2.02E+06	5.44E+06	1.98E+06	6.73E+06	4.82E+06	7.43E+06	7.08E+06	1.54E+06	6.3E+06	2.54E+06	6.87E+06	1.54E+06	1.83E+06	1.08E+06	1.77E+06	8.61E+05	2.54E+06	4.71E+06	2.75E+06	2.74E+06	3.19E+06	5.68E+06	1.63E+06	3.32E+06	1.86E+06	5.84E+05	2.01E+06	1.75E+06	1.44E+06	1.49E+06	3.17E+06	6.64E+05
Rilmenidine	5.88E+04	6.49E+04	6.35E+05	2.81E+06	4.49E+04	6.91E+04	1.12E+05	7.08E+03	1.27E+05	1.88E+05	2.81E+04	7.8E+04	2.2E+05	8.69E+04	4.39E+04	3.46E+04	6.39E+04	1.28E+06	2.37E+05	9.71E+04	1.65E+05	2.11E+06	1.49E+05	1.12E+06	5.62E+04	7.59E+03	7.25E+04	5.14E+04	2.51E+04	2.04E+05	1.73E+05	7.41E+04	8.25E+04	7.72E+05	3.35E+05	2.89E+04	9.78E+05	7.26E+04	7.39E+03	1.28E+05	3.03E+04	2E+05	2.47E+05	1.54E+05	1.48E+04
Ripazepam	3.57E+06	3.02E+06	9.61E+05	4.87E+06	4.89E+06	1.8E+06	2.61E+06	3.54E+05	1.92E+06	7.52E+05	2.89E+06	1.46E+06	4.44E+05	6.06E+06	3.41E+06	2.57E+06	2.68E+06	2.85E+06	6.51E+06	6.7E+06	1.88E+06	1.91E+06	1.75E+06	7.06E+06	4.52E+05	4.52E+05	7.78E+04	1.33E+06	4.3E+05	1.91E+06	3.37E+06	2.92E+06	1.26E+06	3.98E+06	3.23E+06	6.87E+05	1.61E+06	1.33E+06	1.35E+05	5.42E+05	2.31E+06	4.18E+05	8.02E+05	2.18E+06	6.81E+05
Rishitin	2.38E+06	5.02E+06	1.19E+06	2.05E+06	4.89E+06	6.82E+06	4.3E+06	3.16E+05	8.31E+05	3.76E+05	5.61E+05	2.74E+06	4.69E+05	9.32E+05	1.01E+06	1.02E+06	7.61E+06	4.8E+06	2.23E+06	8.47E+05	8.24E+05	4.61E+06	5.33E+05	7.5E+05	2.31E+05	9.13E+05	2.05E+05	8.33E+05	2.4E+05	8.07E+05	1.47E+06	2.59E+06	2E+06	8.64E+06	2.3E+06	1.73E+06	1.42E+06	7.46E+06	4.64E+05	1.61E+06	1.21E+06	4.09E+05	1.85E+06	1.29E+06	8.41E+05
Robustaol A	7.87E+05	0	0	0	0	1.99E+03	2.19E+03	0	2.02E+03	0	0	0	0	0	2.28E+03	0	8.77E+03	0	0	0	0	1.82E+03	0	0	0	0	1.76E+03	0	0	0	0	1.75E+03	0	3.09E+03	0	1.6E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.59E+03	0	1.76E+03	0
Ruscopine	1.38E+06	6.69E+05	5.7E+05	7.81E+05	1.62E+06	4.51E+05	8.96E+05	8.42E+05	9.15E+05	5.62E+05	1.01E+06	7.31E+05	5.03E+05	1.03E+06	3.23E+05	6.41E+05	8.31E+05	4.72E+05	7.36E+05	8.53E+05	1.2E+06	9.87E+05	9.48E+04	7.27E+05	7.29E+05	1.62E+05	3.87E+05	7.29E+05	4.74E+05	5.98E+05	8.11E+05	1.4E+06	2.38E+05	6.07E+05	4.47E+05	9.78E+05	6.58E+05	5.24E+05	4.46E+05	4.24E+05	6.33E+05	8.23E+05	2.96E+05	3.79E+05	4.24E+05
S-(2-Chloroacetyl)glutathione	1.98E+06	9.78E+05	7.84E+04	1.37E+06	1.92E+06	2.36E+04	2.05E+04	5.3E+03	2.03E+06	4.48E+05	3.49E+05	6.15E+04	4.56E+05	4.27E+04	9.11E+05	2.13E+05	4.26E+06	3.64E+05	1.51E+06	3.37E+05	6.87E+04	1.06E+06	8.43E+05	1.22E+06	2.04E+06	4.11E+05	9.35E+05	1.17E+04	3.39E+04	9.48E+03	4.36E+04	5.75E+05	5.22E+04	5.61E+05	5.73E+06	6.28E+05	4.83E+05	3.19E+04	7.27E+04	5.92E+04	2.62E+05	1.28E+06	7.37E+04	1.31E+04	3.5E+05
S-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-N-acetyl-L-cysteine	3.64E+07	4.67E+06	8.29E+05	3.05E+06	1.47E+08	1.33E+07	1.24E+07	1.21E+07	3.03E+06	7.19E+05	2.3E+07	7.2E+06	6.29E+06	1.31E+06	3.69E+06	3.55E+06	1.58E+07	3.25E+06	1.32E+07	2.63E+07	3.14E+06	1.22E+07	4.34E+05	1.13E+07	1.03E+06	1.08E+06	5.34E+05	3.48E+07	1.25E+06	5.09E+06	1.32E+07	4.97E+07	1.78E+07	4.79E+06	2.88E+07	9.15E+05	1.47E+07	3.74E+07	5.6E+05	4.05E+07	7.41E+06	3.82E+05	2.43E+06	2.33E+07	6.71E+06
S-(2-Methylpropanoyl)-dihydrolipoamide	1.01E+07	1.11E+07	1.15E+06	1.84E+07	1.11E+07	6.85E+06	4.38E+06	2.07E+06	1.06E+07	1.03E+06	1.15E+07	5.47E+06	2.16E+06	4.51E+06	1.59E+07	5.99E+06	1.06E+07	8.08E+06	2.15E+07	1.35E+07	4.43E+06	1.11E+07	5.34E+06	2.03E+07	1.69E+06	2.88E+06	9.68E+05	3.12E+06	1.81E+06	1.36E+07	1.46E+07	7.88E+06	6.78E+06	8.92E+06	3.58E+07	1.3E+06	1.02E+07	5.58E+06	1.66E+06	4.12E+06	3.3E+06	1.54E+06	4.22E+06	1.31E+07	2.2E+06
S-(Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine_1	5.7E+04	7.83E+05	2.33E+04	7.88E+05	5.31E+04	5.38E+05	6.66E+06	9.36E+03	2.91E+05	2.53E+04	1.16E+05	3.36E+04	3.92E+05	6.52E+03	2.31E+05	1.93E+06	4.26E+05	3.43E+05	1.2E+05	1.35E+05	1.84E+04	3.59E+06	2.24E+05	4.57E+04	7.67E+03	1.88E+06	1.79E+04	1.86E+04	4.68E+04	1.31E+04	6.56E+04	2.93E+05	1.32E+06	3.82E+08	4.81E+04	4.8E+03	2.15E+07	1.42E+04	6.13E+04	8.34E+03	4.34E+04	1.1E+05	4.06E+04	1.48E+04	1.29E+07
S-(Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine_2	2.59E+04	4.85E+04	6.88E+05	2.13E+04	1.45E+06	1.9E+04	1.28E+04	1.59E+04	1.72E+05	4.67E+04	1E+04	8.76E+04	5.32E+04	1.55E+04	5.76E+05	1.36E+04	3.35E+04	7.28E+04	1.01E+04	6.58E+04	1.79E+04	1.17E+05	1.8E+04	2.58E+05	7.32E+05	2.65E+03	3.64E+04	3.08E+05	3.48E+03	4.5E+04	2.45E+04	2.24E+05	1.01E+04	2.79E+04	5.97E+04	1.13E+05	2.51E+05	1.75E+04	1.29E+04	1.04E+04	6.17E+04	4.32E+03	2E+04	2.35E+04	3.18E+04
S-(Phenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine	1.31E+05	3.36E+04	2.06E+04	1.16E+05	3.03E+05	2.58E+04	5.07E+03	2.07E+03	1.2E+05	6.18E+03	8.07E+04	3.02E+04	1.52E+04	5.67E+04	3.7E+05	4.51E+04	1.06E+05	8.13E+04	4.15E+05	5.86E+04	9.69E+03	3.23E+05	5.17E+04	3.97E+05	1.26E+04	3.97E+03	8.35E+03	1.78E+04	8.47E+03	7.75E+04	3.09E+05	2.06E+05	4.09E+04	2.07E+04	6.31E+04	2.22E+04	8.95E+04	2.82E+04	3.6E+03	6.89E+03	3.71E+04	1.06E+04	3.18E+04	4.64E+04	1.14E+04
S,S-Dimethyl-beta-propiothetin	1.58E+05	1.77E+05	4.34E+04	8.11E+05	1.92E+05	2.18E+05	1.7E+05	3.26E+04	7.19E+04	4.58E+04	7.78E+05	5.66E+05	1.02E+06	1.99E+05	2.15E+05	1.25E+05	9.41E+04	2.36E+05	1.08E+06	8.96E+05	6.83E+05	1.43E+05	2.66E+05	1.97E+06	1.41E+05	7.98E+03	2.86E+05	1.21E+05	2.38E+04	6.64E+05	7.86E+04	1.59E+05	1.65E+04	2.84E+04	1.54E+06	1.43E+05	1.59E+05	2.63E+05	2.39E+05	1.05E+04	5.15E+05	1.55E+05	4.34E+05	2.76E+04	3.61E+05
S-Acetyldihydrolipoamide	5.48E+06	5.48E+06	1.84E+06	8.31E+06	1.08E+07	3.35E+06	3.82E+06	6.73E+05	3.06E+06	1.74E+06	4.5E+06	2.04E+06	2.78E+06	2.94E+06	5.9E+06	3.14E+06	5.21E+06	2.43E+06	6.4E+06	5.34E+06	3.54E+06	6.36E+06	1.42E+06	5.22E+06	1.63E+06	1.21E+06	9.17E+05	3.33E+06	1.76E+06	2.45E+06	2.24E+06	6.04E+06	2.14E+06	3.39E+06	3.87E+06	1.99E+06	7.59E+06	2.18E+06	1.48E+06	1.05E+06	2.77E+06	1.19E+06	2.12E+06	4.09E+06	1.84E+06
S-Acetylphosphopantetheine_1	3.09E+05	3.67E+06	1.28E+06	1.11E+07	2E+05	5.8E+05	2.31E+05	6.87E+04	4.58E+05	5.35E+06	5.31E+05	8.46E+05	5.71E+04	5.52E+05	1.32E+07	6.24E+05	5.07E+05	2.2E+06	1.75E+07	5.23E+05	6.67E+04	1.69E+05	2.58E+05	9.98E+05	1.21E+06	6.81E+04	1.28E+04	2.53E+05	7.36E+04	3.09E+05	3.81E+05	1.87E+05	4.31E+05	1.03E+06	1.9E+06	8.2E+05	2.05E+05	2.53E+05	8.36E+04	9.22E+04	2.41E+05	7.4E+04	4.81E+05	1.09E+05	1.61E+05
S-Acetylphosphopantetheine_2	4.22E+05	1.04E+06	2.11E+05	8.83E+05	1.34E+06	3.29E+05	1.93E+06	1.04E+06	1.37E+06	2.93E+05	1.42E+05	2.76E+05	1.85E+05	5.1E+05	6.67E+05	3.32E+05	5.36E+05	4.43E+05	1.2E+06	7.72E+05	1.96E+05	5.1E+05	2.89E+05	1.67E+05	7.7E+04	1.61E+06	6.8E+04	7.76E+05	7.03E+04	4.97E+05	7.94E+05	9.04E+05	1.87E+05	1.12E+06	3.39E+06	2E+05	2.07E+05	1.03E+05	3.26E+04	5.77E+05	8.93E+05	5.86E+05	1.15E+05	7.24E+05	5.08E+04
S-Adenosyl-L-homocysteine	5.41E+06	5.92E+06	1.8E+06	9.71E+06	8.69E+06	4.27E+06	3.17E+06	1.29E+06	4.06E+06	1.43E+06	5.22E+06	2.89E+06	1.79E+06	4.48E+06	1.02E+07	4.13E+06	6.7E+06	3.35E+06	8.55E+06	5.68E+06	3.03E+06	5.07E+06	2.42E+06	5.94E+06	4.19E+05	1.55E+06	5.19E+05	3.89E+06	1.66E+06	3.44E+06	6.71E+06	6.7E+06	2.44E+06	5.25E+06	6.9E+06	2E+06	6.2E+06	2.97E+06	1.19E+06	1.93E+06	3.51E+06	8.77E+05	2.13E+06	3.56E+06	1.77E+06
Sakuranin	9.69E+04	5.68E+04	1.11E+05	3.45E+05	6.92E+05	6.49E+03	1.35E+05	4.84E+03	2.12E+05	5.56E+04	4.33E+04	9.69E+03	1.75E+03	8.49E+04	3.11E+05	8.44E+04	3.14E+05	1.35E+05	2.25E+05	3.51E+05	1.92E+04	1.35E+05	9.92E+04	1.7E+05	2.06E+03	1.83E+03	0	4.06E+04	5.46E+03	1.65E+04	3.32E+05	2.46E+04	1.14E+05	5.57E+05	1.43E+05	6.3E+04	1.68E+05	2.64E+04	1.66E+04	1.83E+03	9.99E+04	1.96E+03	1.16E+04	2.23E+04	3.48E+03
S-Allyl-L-cysteine_1	4.73E+06	2.91E+05	7.72E+03	3.21E+05	3.16E+06	1.52E+06	8.97E+05	5.47E+05	1.08E+05	3.78E+03	4.91E+06	6.19E+05	2.58E+06	1.07E+05	1.39E+05	7.46E+04	2.02E+04	3.48E+05	5.03E+06	1.67E+06	8.13E+04	3.77E+05	2.17E+05	1.84E+05	2.06E+04	5.77E+04	2.72E+04	3.43E+05	4.46E+05	2.92E+05	3.54E+05	2.53E+07	2.89E+04	4.92E+04	1.11E+06	1.87E+04	1.16E+07	2.26E+05	2.13E+05	4.15E+05	5.56E+04	4.3E+03	1.65E+06	2.57E+06	9.49E+05
S-Allyl-L-cysteine_2	1.64E+06	5.41E+04	9.89E+03	6.07E+05	2.61E+06	3.29E+06	8.53E+05	1.23E+05	2.81E+05	6.82E+04	8.88E+05	8.53E+05	1.09E+06	2.06E+04	2.26E+05	5.61E+05	8.57E+04	2.42E+04	1.41E+06	1.97E+06	1.06E+05	5.9E+04	4.07E+04	5.86E+05	1.78E+04	1.05E+05	4.26E+03	1.1E+06	4.22E+04	2.92E+05	7.75E+04	4.36E+06	1.06E+06	1.13E+05	2.09E+05	2.23E+04	1.58E+06	6.65E+05	2.95E+05	2.49E+05	1.62E+05	1.45E+04	3.96E+05	9.67E+05	1.51E+06
Savinin	1.39E+03	0	0	0	0	3.89E+04	1.61E+03	0	5.64E+05	0	1.52E+03	2.64E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.52E+05	1.46E+03	0	3.48E+03	0	1.68E+03	0	0	1.87E+03	0	0	1.25E+05	1.32E+04	0	1.56E+04	3.83E+05	0	0	0	0	5.5E+05	0	0	0	0	1.9E+03
Scopoletin_1	8.65E+05	5.77E+05	1.4E+05	1.85E+06	6.86E+05	4.7E+05	7.09E+05	7.31E+04	3.39E+05	1.54E+04	3.62E+05	9.25E+04	1.9E+05	4.51E+05	1.42E+06	8.4E+05	1.74E+05	1.01E+06	1.95E+06	2.3E+05	4.85E+04	8.36E+05	5.87E+05	1.23E+06	1.16E+04	1.14E+05	7.32E+03	4.32E+05	3.03E+04	1.41E+06	7.67E+05	1.13E+06	7.25E+05	9.69E+05	2.31E+06	3.24E+04	1.91E+06	5.15E+05	4.42E+04	9.81E+04	4.21E+05	5.54E+04	1.56E+05	5.55E+05	1.55E+05
Scopoletin_2	2.01E+03	2.35E+03	2.25E+03	7.36E+03	4.47E+03	2.82E+03	2.59E+03	2.04E+03	8.09E+03	2.62E+03	1.06E+04	8.96E+03	2.84E+03	7.9E+03	3.41E+05	5.16E+03	1.9E+04	2.75E+03	3.92E+03	2.53E+03	2.92E+03	2.54E+03	2.26E+03	6.5E+03	2.33E+03	5.54E+04	2.16E+03	2E+03	4.76E+03	2.52E+03	8.1E+03	1.29E+03	3.46E+03	2.73E+03	1.21E+06	2.46E+03	8.01E+03	3.74E+03	4.33E+03	2.13E+03	1.36E+03	7.01E+03	4.6E+03	2.38E+04	7.34E+03
Scorpioidin	1.24E+05	2.1E+05	6.44E+04	6.31E+05	5.4E+05	2.29E+04	4.95E+04	8.36E+03	1.53E+05	5.99E+04	1.19E+05	9.24E+04	4.99E+03	4.74E+05	2.03E+05	1.27E+05	1.49E+05	1.88E+05	3.1E+05	6.24E+05	1.86E+04	3.29E+05	7.12E+04	6.13E+05	3E+03	3.98E+04	1.15E+04	2.42E+05	1.83E+04	7.67E+04	3.57E+05	1.11E+05	2.71E+04	2.16E+05	9.63E+04	1.65E+05	5.06E+05	5.86E+04	1.02E+04	4.3E+04	3.54E+05	1.08E+04	4.77E+04	6.84E+04	9.92E+03
Scytalone_1	1.77E+06	8.34E+06	1.49E+07	1.42E+07	2.32E+07	5.09E+06	1.26E+07	2.68E+06	8.95E+06	5.26E+06	3.42E+06	1.67E+07	1.13E+07	3.31E+06	5.74E+07	3.26E+06	5.15E+06	1.58E+07	1.54E+07	1.28E+07	2.34E+06	4.01E+06	8.11E+06	3.13E+07	1.22E+07	4.72E+05	4.4E+06	6.15E+06	3.19E+06	3.51E+06	3.27E+06	1.98E+07	7.33E+06	2.49E+06	1.79E+07	9.1E+06	4.75E+07	4.85E+06	3.66E+06	6.55E+06	5.16E+06	8.21E+05	3.88E+06	1.37E+06	4.44E+06
Scytalone_2	1.35E+06	8.19E+05	6.45E+05	1.48E+06	1.58E+06	1.3E+06	1.12E+06	2.08E+05	9.43E+05	2.96E+06	1.73E+06	8.32E+05	2.39E+05	4.39E+05	1.95E+06	1.19E+06	1.36E+05	1.18E+06	1.59E+06	5.08E+05	3.65E+05	6.19E+05	4.36E+05	1.41E+06	1.14E+05	3.39E+05	4.08E+04	1.16E+06	2.9E+05	1.43E+06	1.25E+06	2.42E+06	2.89E+05	9.03E+05	1.77E+06	1.95E+05	1.93E+06	1.43E+06	4.97E+05	1.51E+05	6.59E+05	1.09E+05	5.05E+05	6.34E+06	1.59E+06
Scytalone_3	2.79E+05	5.17E+05	4.24E+04	3.68E+05	8.54E+05	1.11E+05	2.54E+04	1.84E+04	9.66E+04	1.99E+05	9.02E+04	4.83E+04	1.13E+05	1.26E+05	2.67E+04	3.19E+04	7.5E+04	2.3E+05	5.88E+05	1.46E+05	9.32E+03	1.01E+05	4.38E+04	1.3E+05	6.61E+04	8.76E+04	8.1E+04	9.4E+04	6.2E+03	3.45E+05	6.21E+05	3.41E+06	4.98E+04	1.64E+05	3.15E+05	2.01E+04	2.81E+05	3.05E+04	1.69E+05	2.64E+04	2.79E+04	1.69E+04	2.72E+03	9.37E+04	3.4E+04
Sebacic acid_1	4.36E+06	4.51E+06	4.97E+06	6.03E+06	1.2E+07	6.92E+06	5.85E+06	9.92E+05	2.18E+06	1.51E+06	1.9E+06	2.64E+06	9.38E+05	4.9E+06	5.16E+06	2.23E+06	1.72E+07	4.96E+06	5.75E+06	7.47E+06	7.51E+05	4.74E+06	1.4E+06	4.03E+06	8.11E+05	8.68E+05	4.85E+05	2.22E+06	1.68E+06	3.42E+06	4.48E+06	3.7E+06	1.88E+06	5.82E+06	6.51E+06	1.55E+06	3.57E+06	3.73E+06	5.98E+05	2.48E+06	1.76E+06	6.38E+05	1.34E+06	3.99E+06	4.07E+06
Sebacic acid_2	9.85E+05	1.93E+05	3.58E+05	6.46E+05	2.09E+06	4.61E+05	6.31E+05	3.92E+05	7.47E+05	2.37E+05	4.97E+05	4.24E+05	1.28E+05	1.03E+06	2.7E+05	1.42E+05	1.1E+06	2.46E+05	9.43E+05	7.23E+05	3.92E+05	1.44E+06	2.46E+05	2.82E+06	3.24E+05	8.67E+04	2.24E+05	6.94E+05	1.56E+05	3.53E+05	4.94E+05	1.75E+06	4.37E+05	1.48E+06	1.22E+05	4.01E+05	1.47E+06	1.24E+06	1.23E+05	2.85E+05	5.82E+05	8.64E+04	4.77E+05	5.66E+05	4.27E+05
Semicarbazide hydrochloride	8.48E+03	4.05E+03	3.52E+04	2.21E+05	9.2E+03	9.73E+03	1.24E+05	3.51E+03	3.78E+03	1.05E+04	1.18E+04	8.86E+03	5.96E+04	8.03E+03	4.43E+04	3.69E+03	1.13E+05	1.19E+05	1.05E+04	7.74E+04	8.36E+03	2.1E+05	1.64E+04	1.95E+04	6.07E+04	4.57E+03	1.37E+04	4.75E+03	5.74E+03	9.39E+03	4.58E+05	3.58E+04	1.36E+05	5.27E+04	6.86E+05	6.28E+03	1E+05	3.52E+03	9.13E+03	3.03E+04	1.69E+04	7.51E+03	9.16E+03	5.11E+04	6.49E+03
Sepiapterin	3.37E+05	3.55E+05	1.88E+05	2.48E+06	9.39E+05	3.36E+05	2.67E+05	1.95E+04	3.75E+05	3.42E+04	2.68E+05	9.74E+04	2.97E+04	4.47E+05	1.86E+06	2.37E+05	6.2E+05	6.19E+05	1.21E+06	8.36E+05	1.15E+05	5.46E+05	6.77E+05	1.06E+06	1.21E+04	4.45E+04	1.19E+04	2.52E+04	5.39E+04	9.97E+04	7.52E+05	1.54E+05	9.89E+04	4.8E+05	5.45E+05	2.03E+05	7.15E+05	1.2E+05	2.54E+04	1.37E+05	3.61E+05	9.69E+03	1.58E+05	1.19E+05	5.6E+04
Sergeolide	0	0	0	7.68E+03	2.64E+03	0	0	0	1.32E+04	0	1.01E+03	0	0	0	2.29E+03	0	2.04E+03	0	1.13E+05	0	0	0	4.22E+03	2.79E+05	2.35E+03	6.21E+03	0	0	0	4.68E+05	7.68E+05	1.13E+03	0	0	0	0	1.89E+03	5.98E+04	0	2.21E+04	0	0	0	0	0
Serotonin	1.58E+06	1.96E+06	8.06E+05	2.74E+06	1.87E+06	1.23E+06	1.43E+06	3.12E+05	1.52E+06	7.02E+05	1.19E+06	8.65E+05	4.21E+05	7.93E+05	2.31E+06	1.92E+06	1.78E+06	2.38E+06	2.64E+06	1.45E+06	9.64E+05	1.46E+06	1.97E+06	1.81E+06	4.44E+05	1E+06	2.6E+05	7.63E+05	6.36E+05	8.42E+05	1.25E+06	1.37E+06	9.55E+05	1.28E+06	1.28E+06	7.92E+05	1.46E+06	6.95E+05	3.97E+05	5.17E+05	7.14E+05	2.11E+05	6.43E+05	1.2E+06	3.51E+05
Shikimate_1	6.19E+04	1.49E+04	1.4E+04	9.73E+04	1.15E+04	5.45E+04	4.96E+04	1.01E+04	3.41E+04	2.14E+05	1.25E+04	3.1E+03	3.97E+03	7E+03	2.31E+04	1.09E+04	3.05E+05	6.37E+04	5.18E+04	1.39E+05	1.6E+03	9.38E+04	5.25E+03	3.05E+06	3.76E+03	1.5E+04	2.6E+03	3.8E+03	5.71E+03	1.73E+04	1.6E+05	2.03E+04	8.92E+03	4.64E+04	1.36E+05	1.95E+03	1.17E+04	8.93E+04	3.3E+03	1.76E+05	5.03E+03	4.73E+03	1.1E+04	3.62E+03	3.02E+03
Shikimate_2	3.78E+03	1.06E+04	3.11E+04	3.14E+05	3.1E+04	5.6E+04	2.82E+04	2.57E+03	1.79E+05	4.74E+03	1.91E+04	1.86E+04	1.7E+04	2.71E+03	6.09E+03	4.11E+03	2.91E+04	5.28E+05	2.46E+04	1.1E+05	3.7E+03	7.51E+04	3.65E+03	2.81E+04	1.02E+04	2.09E+03	5.58E+03	6.15E+03	2.16E+03	1.25E+04	4.19E+03	2E+04	1.35E+04	6.71E+03	4.89E+05	2.85E+03	1.95E+05	1.21E+06	3.05E+03	7.45E+03	8.08E+03	5.05E+03	2.72E+03	7.94E+05	1.95E+03
Sinapyl alcohol	2.05E+05	1.7E+05	3.84E+05	3.64E+05	2.39E+05	1.91E+05	2.68E+05	1.24E+05	7.24E+04	1.91E+05	6.74E+04	2.01E+05	2.25E+05	2.75E+05	3.79E+04	1.32E+05	2.03E+05	1.87E+05	1.34E+05	2.6E+05	5.13E+05	5.9E+04	2.18E+05	1.15E+05	1.18E+06	1.45E+05	2.06E+05	3.32E+04	1.75E+05	5.67E+04	1.36E+05	2.59E+05	2.04E+05	2.45E+05	1.78E+06	2.27E+05	3.74E+05	2.34E+05	8.67E+04	1.11E+05	1.28E+05	3.34E+06	2.42E+05	1.51E+05	1.09E+05
Slaframine	1.18E+06	1.65E+06	5.54E+05	3.24E+06	2.05E+06	7.33E+05	9.95E+05	3.64E+04	1.17E+06	3.6E+05	5.91E+05	4.42E+05	2.41E+04	7.69E+05	2E+06	9.57E+05	1.93E+06	1.16E+06	3.18E+06	1.38E+06	4.98E+05	1.23E+06	2.94E+05	1.53E+06	6.2E+04	9.6E+04	4.49E+04	8.38E+05	1.96E+05	2.42E+05	9.38E+05	1.25E+06	1.08E+06	2.02E+06	6.54E+05	4.96E+05	1.45E+06	1.76E+05	1.34E+04	1.89E+05	8.45E+05	6.48E+04	1.85E+05	9.25E+05	1.34E+05
S-Methyl-1-thio-D-glycerate	6.69E+06	2.85E+06	2.13E+06	1.31E+07	2.38E+07	7.77E+06	1.76E+06	5.28E+06	2.74E+06	2.93E+06	7.51E+06	6.73E+07	2.7E+07	8.71E+05	1.24E+07	1.81E+07	3.47E+06	2.45E+06	1.67E+07	1.97E+07	5.71E+06	7.33E+06	1.26E+07	6.13E+06	1.36E+06	9.5E+05	1.13E+06	2.14E+06	1.85E+06	9.25E+06	8.28E+06	2.4E+07	1.22E+07	3.42E+06	3.98E+07	4.18E+06	7.38E+06	1.5E+07	1.59E+07	5.02E+06	6.56E+06	1.81E+06	1.15E+07	1.29E+07	2.7E+07
sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine	1.12E+04	5.61E+04	4.03E+03	2.73E+04	3.43E+03	2.13E+05	3.19E+03	1.42E+03	3.66E+04	8.9E+03	2.59E+03	2.4E+03	1.05E+05	8.38E+03	7.54E+05	1.09E+04	3.53E+03	1.76E+03	1.18E+04	4.99E+05	1.73E+03	2.4E+03	2.47E+03	1.68E+05	6.74E+04	1.99E+03	7.55E+03	7.05E+03	6.25E+03	2.44E+03	8.6E+05	1.23E+04	2.39E+03	2.9E+04	2.95E+03	0	2.46E+04	9.19E+03	1.76E+03	0	8.96E+03	2.61E+05	2.44E+03	5.11E+03	4.39E+03
Sodium ortho-phenylphenate	9.23E+04	1.38E+05	9E+03	6.16E+04	1.1E+06	2.6E+04	1.42E+06	5.9E+05	5.52E+04	1.4E+04	2.09E+04	1.33E+04	2.7E+03	1.54E+05	1.21E+05	9.31E+04	4.06E+05	2.48E+05	2.08E+04	4.14E+04	9.88E+03	3.41E+04	1.51E+04	6.35E+04	1.6E+05	2.75E+06	1.65E+04	8.5E+05	1.93E+04	3.54E+04	2.59E+04	1.16E+05	2.62E+04	1.54E+06	1.15E+05	5.62E+03	1.67E+05	1.98E+04	1.56E+03	2.09E+04	4.97E+04	1.7E+04	4.73E+03	1.02E+05	3.52E+03
Sodium salicylate	5.81E+04	1.51E+05	1.07E+05	2.55E+05	2.84E+05	1.81E+05	8.8E+03	3.73E+04	1.22E+05	1.69E+05	1.39E+05	6.46E+04	1.4E+05	1.08E+05	3.27E+05	8.31E+04	1.33E+05	4.89E+04	6.53E+05	4.24E+04	7.61E+04	1.18E+05	5.04E+04	1.42E+05	2.81E+05	4.68E+04	5.99E+05	2.14E+05	9.26E+04	6.43E+04	1.22E+05	1.49E+05	4.73E+04	1.22E+05	3.17E+05	5.78E+05	1.98E+05	2.87E+04	1.05E+05	3.02E+04	8.28E+04	2.68E+05	8.6E+04	1.33E+05	4.44E+04
Sodium sulfate	3.18E+07	8.72E+06	3.96E+06	1.51E+07	2.2E+07	4.32E+06	2.02E+07	1.28E+07	7.17E+06	9.92E+06	1.71E+07	2.31E+07	7.49E+06	2.24E+07	1.38E+07	1.28E+07	2.74E+07	1.49E+07	9.37E+06	3.21E+07	1.24E+07	2.29E+07	1.1E+07	1.67E+07	6.29E+06	3.43E+06	1.44E+06	2.24E+07	1.34E+07	1.06E+07	3.38E+07	2.19E+07	9.54E+06	2.79E+07	1.03E+07	1.02E+07	1.29E+07	3.08E+07	1.68E+07	2.56E+07	2.82E+07	8.28E+06	1.76E+07	2.55E+07	1.29E+07
Sorgolactone	1.3E+04	2.18E+05	8.93E+04	3.98E+04	2.05E+05	1.97E+03	2.66E+04	1.21E+04	5E+05	4.41E+04	1.36E+04	2.82E+05	3.18E+04	7.56E+03	3.44E+05	6.04E+04	8.73E+04	1.81E+05	9.98E+04	6.02E+04	5.84E+03	8.79E+03	7.08E+03	4E+04	1.17E+05	6.12E+03	4.44E+04	6.43E+03	1.38E+04	1.75E+05	2.17E+04	1.54E+05	1.72E+04	1.02E+05	5.45E+05	5.21E+04	4.77E+05	3.67E+04	6.06E+04	1.16E+04	1.62E+04	1.98E+04	2.83E+03	6.89E+04	2.78E+03
Spectinomycin dihydrochloride	1.58E+05	4.67E+03	1.45E+03	3.34E+05	2.29E+04	5.39E+03	2.44E+03	5.25E+05	6.47E+04	0	2.89E+04	1.15E+04	2.37E+05	1.29E+05	4.49E+06	0	3.35E+04	1.55E+05	3.21E+06	9.59E+04	1.26E+04	6.97E+04	5.96E+04	6.5E+04	1.41E+05	3.06E+04	3.8E+04	5.73E+05	0	8.64E+04	1.09E+06	3.44E+04	8.79E+04	1.19E+05	2.17E+05	1.79E+03	4.51E+05	1.95E+03	3.58E+05	4.29E+05	1.03E+05	1.81E+05	5.36E+03	3.96E+04	6.41E+04
SPERMIDINE	6.81E+05	2.52E+06	1.4E+05	3.84E+06	2.9E+06	3.6E+05	4.21E+05	1.19E+05	6.59E+05	1.22E+05	1.01E+06	9.37E+05	2.07E+05	6.51E+05	2.41E+06	6.12E+05	2.21E+06	9.49E+05	3.34E+06	2.34E+05	9.95E+05	2.35E+06	4.59E+05	1.44E+06	2.01E+05	3.62E+05	7.17E+04	9.09E+05	4.87E+04	5.09E+05	2.14E+05	1.31E+06	6.65E+05	1.22E+06	1.18E+06	3.32E+05	1.32E+06	3.8E+05	2.65E+05	1E+05	1.4E+06	1.99E+05	2.22E+04	6.04E+05	2.31E+05
Spermidine	1.36E+05	3.27E+04	965	1.6E+05	3.98E+04	1.44E+04	1.73E+04	0	6.73E+03	2.51E+03	9.69E+03	1.99E+03	0	5.11E+03	8.98E+04	1.39E+04	5.21E+05	8.5E+04	1.22E+05	4.28E+04	1.82E+03	1.07E+05	7.96E+04	2.12E+04	3.03E+03	1.08E+04	1.18E+03	2.72E+04	3.73E+03	2.15E+04	1.11E+04	3.25E+04	3.23E+03	2.41E+04	1.78E+05	2.53E+04	1.65E+04	2.23E+04	0	2.32E+04	1.32E+03	2.39E+03	2.9E+03	1.82E+04	1.92E+03
S-Ribosyl-L-homocysteine_1	5.92E+05	5.96E+05	7.04E+05	3.1E+05	1.38E+06	1.12E+06	1.3E+06	1.02E+06	3.86E+05	4.14E+05	3.14E+05	4.39E+05	1.15E+05	6.08E+05	2.12E+05	2.95E+05	9.7E+05	6.44E+05	2.98E+05	7.24E+05	2.95E+05	5.5E+05	2.32E+05	7.19E+05	3.28E+05	2.27E+05	1.72E+05	4.29E+05	3.38E+05	2.39E+05	5.82E+05	1.8E+06	5.76E+05	1.5E+06	7.48E+04	7.45E+05	9.91E+05	2.16E+06	9.85E+04	6E+05	6.12E+05	1.35E+05	2.16E+05	3.78E+05	6.43E+05
S-Ribosyl-L-homocysteine_2	4.39E+05	4.56E+05	5.2E+05	2.07E+05	1.18E+06	8.41E+05	1.1E+06	7.7E+05	2.17E+05	2.8E+05	7.03E+04	2.73E+05	1.66E+05	8.97E+04	1.66E+05	4.04E+04	7.07E+05	4.97E+05	1.98E+05	5.56E+05	1.72E+05	4.66E+05	1.06E+05	4.93E+05	8.15E+04	1.1E+05	1.99E+05	3.87E+05	1.62E+05	1.6E+05	4.91E+05	1.55E+06	3.99E+05	1.32E+06	7.9E+04	6.04E+05	4.74E+05	1.81E+06	6.93E+04	4.57E+05	4.92E+05	1.16E+05	1.38E+05	1.78E+05	5.02E+05
S-Succinyldihydrolipoamide	0	0	0	1.71E+03	2.05E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.34E+03	5.5E+05	0	0	5.83E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Stearidonic acid	3.56E+04	2.38E+05	1.31E+04	1.11E+05	3.17E+05	2.13E+06	1.15E+06	1.32E+04	3.73E+04	2.3E+03	1.19E+04	2.46E+05	2.63E+03	1.39E+04	1.18E+06	1.74E+04	9.9E+05	6.37E+04	1.11E+05	1.44E+06	2.08E+03	2.72E+04	2.47E+03	2.55E+04	4.87E+03	2.1E+03	0	9.16E+03	8.83E+03	5.85E+04	2.59E+04	1.5E+05	2.28E+04	3.21E+06	5.24E+04	4.67E+03	4.16E+05	4.03E+06	2.75E+03	2.96E+04	4.96E+04	6.73E+03	4.62E+03	2.53E+04	3.46E+05
Sterigmatocystin	1.02E+05	0	0	1.04E+05	0	1.71E+03	1.94E+04	0	1.88E+03	4.7E+04	1.52E+06	7.15E+04	1.56E+03	1.02E+04	1.84E+05	0	4.84E+04	1.55E+07	1.58E+04	2.33E+05	1.51E+04	2.29E+03	4.3E+05	6E+04	1.73E+03	2.71E+03	7.7E+03	1.98E+04	2.06E+03	1.44E+03	5.81E+04	0	1.77E+03	1.92E+03	2.67E+03	1.85E+03	0	0	0	2.7E+03	0	1.61E+04	1.84E+03	1.04E+06	0
Streptobiosamine_1	6.5E+05	4.12E+05	2.67E+05	1.17E+06	1.15E+06	4.38E+05	4.25E+05	1.08E+05	8.56E+05	6.96E+04	4.54E+05	4.36E+05	4.7E+04	5.01E+05	1.01E+06	3.95E+05	1.37E+06	6.7E+05	1.56E+06	7.69E+05	1.16E+05	3.16E+05	6.22E+05	6.9E+05	4.41E+04	1.72E+05	3.45E+04	6.41E+05	6.92E+04	1.34E+05	9.1E+05	1.31E+05	5.92E+05	1.44E+06	1.22E+06	8.33E+04	1.75E+05	2.1E+05	1.92E+04	1.95E+05	3.1E+05	5.05E+04	1.02E+05	5.96E+05	1.22E+05
Streptobiosamine_2	1.32E+03	0	0	1.96E+04	0	1.8E+03	9.67E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	2E+03	0	0	6.32E+03	1.89E+03	0	1.3E+03	0	0	5.81E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.12E+04	1.59E+03	0	0	0	1.57E+03	0	0	1.12E+03	0	0	1.4E+04	0	0
Strigolactone ABC-rings_1	5.34E+05	3.96E+05	1.69E+05	4.78E+05	9.24E+05	1.33E+06	6.78E+05	1.5E+05	3.32E+04	2.11E+04	1.98E+05	3.33E+05	1.23E+04	5.89E+05	8.61E+05	6.33E+05	4.31E+05	2.67E+05	6.65E+05	7.72E+05	6.81E+04	1.73E+05	9E+04	8.23E+05	1.53E+04	8.4E+03	7.8E+03	6.32E+04	1.01E+05	1.71E+05	1.93E+05	3.03E+05	7.23E+04	9.16E+05	7.34E+05	4.25E+04	4.73E+05	1.48E+06	1.9E+04	8.42E+04	1.48E+05	8.04E+03	7.18E+04	1.68E+05	1.99E+05
Strigolactone ABC-rings_2	4.34E+05	1.29E+05	2.03E+05	4.54E+05	6.77E+05	7.66E+05	3.65E+05	1.35E+05	1.56E+05	6.58E+04	3.76E+05	3.19E+05	1.02E+05	7.61E+05	3.2E+05	6.7E+05	5.34E+05	1.93E+05	4.83E+05	7.52E+05	1.71E+05	1.66E+05	1.24E+05	1.29E+06	2.04E+04	1.26E+05	1.22E+05	1.52E+05	1.36E+05	1.13E+05	3.25E+05	4.73E+05	1.45E+05	4.28E+05	2.86E+05	4.67E+04	2.64E+05	5.32E+05	5.36E+04	1.17E+05	1.01E+05	6.72E+04	1.38E+05	1.93E+05	2.01E+05
Stylopine	1.05E+06	6.74E+06	1.84E+06	7E+06	2.14E+06	4.16E+06	5.39E+06	2.96E+05	3.55E+06	6.68E+05	2.46E+06	2.2E+06	2.41E+05	2.78E+06	6.65E+06	5.49E+06	1.36E+06	1E+07	8E+06	1.77E+06	3.45E+06	4.67E+05	3.6E+06	3.71E+06	4.55E+05	2.7E+06	2.45E+05	4.99E+06	1.95E+06	6.96E+06	2.97E+06	1.01E+07	2.31E+06	1.28E+06	8.47E+06	5.98E+05	9.22E+06	1.62E+06	6.31E+05	1.79E+06	1.87E+06	8.47E+05	4.71E+06	2.7E+06	1.2E+06
Styrene	2.09E+04	1.04E+05	1.86E+05	2.1E+05	2.84E+05	1.12E+05	3.05E+04	1.32E+04	7.4E+04	8.01E+05	1.78E+04	7.92E+03	1.33E+04	1.01E+05	2.26E+05	6.1E+04	2E+05	1.64E+05	8.85E+04	1.83E+05	1.2E+04	2.29E+05	7.4E+04	2.27E+05	1.52E+04	4.24E+04	4.02E+04	2E+04	1.08E+04	9.22E+04	5.72E+04	1.26E+04	5.34E+04	5.71E+05	2.95E+05	1.75E+04	2.34E+05	7.13E+04	3E+04	9.05E+04	1.37E+05	3.4E+05	1.48E+04	3.73E+04	1.69E+04
Suberic acid_1	1.51E+06	1.34E+06	8.02E+05	1.62E+06	4.93E+06	3.08E+06	2.04E+06	1.42E+06	9.04E+05	5.33E+05	8.17E+05	8.44E+05	2.38E+05	2.49E+06	1.67E+06	6.72E+05	1.67E+06	1.24E+06	1.75E+06	1.72E+06	5.19E+05	1.21E+06	4.59E+05	2.5E+06	4.15E+05	5.31E+05	3.1E+05	9.16E+05	4.89E+05	1.27E+06	1.49E+06	3.95E+06	9.62E+05	3.21E+06	1.06E+06	9.2E+05	2.78E+06	4.54E+06	2.72E+05	6.28E+05	8.47E+05	3.75E+05	5.66E+05	6.29E+05	9.11E+05
Suberic acid_2	1.95E+05	1.74E+05	8.85E+04	4.96E+05	4.35E+05	3.42E+05	2.58E+05	1.09E+04	1.56E+05	2.46E+04	3.93E+04	7.03E+04	1.59E+04	1.36E+05	2.32E+05	2.33E+04	8.02E+05	1.68E+05	4.53E+05	1.46E+05	1.97E+04	1.52E+05	2.19E+04	3.39E+05	8.26E+03	3.66E+04	7.66E+03	1.06E+05	1.46E+04	1.37E+05	4.77E+05	1.87E+05	2.98E+06	4.48E+05	4.26E+05	1.33E+04	1.29E+05	4.15E+05	1.67E+04	9.77E+04	6.55E+04	2.84E+04	1.59E+04	1.75E+05	1.63E+05
Succinate_1	3.19E+05	1.8E+05	1.31E+05	2.35E+05	6.86E+05	8.01E+04	1.02E+05	1.37E+05	1.16E+05	8.4E+04	1.07E+05	4.5E+04	8.71E+04	1.1E+05	4.16E+05	6.9E+03	7.7E+05	7.11E+05	5.32E+05	3.05E+05	2.25E+05	4.78E+05	1.14E+05	3.5E+05	4.96E+05	1.45E+05	1.07E+06	1.81E+05	9.75E+03	7.59E+04	6.97E+04	2.91E+05	5.75E+04	2.13E+05	4.63E+05	3.33E+05	1.89E+05	4.69E+05	5.57E+04	3.04E+04	5.7E+04	6.68E+05	1.49E+05	2.74E+05	4.63E+04
Succinate_2	3.1E+03	1.09E+04	1.2E+04	2.5E+04	2.58E+04	1.45E+04	8.77E+03	1E+04	7.69E+03	3.72E+03	1.15E+04	1.61E+04	3.64E+03	2.81E+03	6.62E+04	6.91E+03	1.24E+04	1.23E+04	2.04E+04	2.14E+04	3.98E+03	1.84E+04	1.33E+04	2.42E+04	8.13E+03	2.32E+04	9.76E+03	1.41E+04	2.41E+03	4.27E+04	2.24E+04	2.84E+04	9.93E+03	1.05E+04	1.61E+05	2.47E+04	1.88E+04	2.44E+04	7.61E+03	7.6E+03	4.83E+03	7.79E+03	8.53E+03	1.64E+06	1.56E+04
Succinic anhydride_1	1.4E+07	1.64E+07	6.1E+06	2.15E+07	1.61E+07	1.31E+07	8.76E+06	4.75E+06	1.19E+07	5E+06	1.29E+07	6.99E+06	4.67E+06	9.37E+06	1.81E+07	8.46E+06	1.53E+07	1.36E+07	1.87E+07	1.28E+07	7.24E+06	1.32E+07	8.3E+06	1.86E+07	5.21E+06	7.12E+06	3.49E+06	9.7E+06	4.16E+06	1.54E+07	1.26E+07	1.7E+07	9.45E+06	1.46E+07	2.71E+07	6.23E+06	1.87E+07	1.14E+07	3.83E+06	7.72E+06	8.31E+06	4.56E+06	8.89E+06	1.6E+07	5.06E+06
Succinic anhydride_2	9.73E+06	2.88E+06	1.28E+06	4.75E+06	8.48E+06	1.23E+06	2.22E+06	1.05E+06	6.38E+06	1.19E+06	3.8E+06	9.58E+05	2.42E+06	3.64E+06	5.69E+06	2.06E+06	1.16E+07	5.9E+06	8.01E+06	7.23E+06	2.51E+06	1.2E+07	1.74E+06	8.07E+06	1.79E+06	1.56E+06	1.42E+06	5.08E+06	9.27E+05	2.84E+06	4.13E+06	4.61E+06	2.21E+06	8.18E+06	4.99E+06	4.97E+06	5.28E+06	1.73E+06	3.28E+06	1.29E+06	2.7E+06	2.27E+06	1.28E+06	5.12E+06	8.55E+05
Succinimide	2.26E+05	6.44E+05	4.69E+05	3.53E+05	5.85E+05	1.88E+07	1.02E+06	4.06E+04	3E+05	4.02E+05	5.39E+05	6.8E+05	2.62E+05	7.13E+05	2.89E+05	6.84E+05	4.36E+05	9.01E+05	3.79E+05	5.99E+05	7.06E+05	2.62E+05	7.31E+05	1.86E+05	3.39E+05	4.02E+04	1.1E+05	1.18E+05	6.04E+05	9.13E+05	8.72E+04	3.99E+06	2.49E+05	5.89E+05	4.55E+05	5.74E+05	3.09E+05	5.34E+05	3.02E+05	3.52E+05	4.05E+06	2.92E+05	1.51E+05	4.47E+05	2.6E+05
Succinylproline_1	4.5E+04	7.81E+04	5.98E+04	1.06E+06	6.86E+05	6.9E+04	2.46E+04	6.49E+03	3.18E+04	5.8E+03	9.88E+04	3.24E+04	1.38E+04	1.91E+04	4.4E+05	7.24E+04	5.19E+05	5.73E+04	7.95E+05	3.64E+05	3.96E+04	1.33E+05	1.25E+05	2.46E+05	8.68E+04	2.17E+04	8.59E+03	1.87E+04	4.35E+04	1E+05	3.04E+04	1.71E+05	2.21E+04	9.2E+04	2.94E+05	3.07E+04	1.53E+05	4.68E+04	1.69E+04	3.46E+04	1.19E+04	8.39E+03	1.09E+04	5.17E+04	1.03E+04
Succinylproline_2	4.02E+05	5.27E+03	9.9E+03	4.05E+04	2.48E+04	2.82E+03	2.72E+03	2.18E+03	1.01E+04	2.05E+04	1.03E+04	2.76E+03	1.86E+03	3.45E+05	1.64E+05	1.55E+03	9.09E+03	8.96E+04	6.49E+04	5.65E+04	2.96E+03	5.86E+04	2.5E+03	1.61E+04	2.08E+03	0	0	1.71E+04	1.91E+03	1.43E+04	1.74E+04	1.83E+04	5.22E+03	2.26E+04	2.63E+04	1.98E+03	4.42E+03	7.26E+04	1.58E+03	2.24E+03	2.58E+04	1.73E+03	3.65E+03	1.42E+05	6.83E+03
Sulbactam	3.84E+05	3.9E+06	1.58E+05	4.18E+05	8.06E+05	1.11E+05	1.79E+05	5.9E+03	4.04E+04	2.96E+04	3.36E+04	7.2E+03	7.44E+03	6.85E+03	1.16E+05	6.79E+04	6.97E+05	1.55E+05	6.58E+04	7.02E+05	1.68E+04	9.02E+04	4.91E+04	1.01E+05	1.2E+04	1.22E+04	2.21E+04	5.02E+04	5.42E+03	1.83E+05	7.77E+04	4.07E+05	4.95E+04	8.58E+04	2.27E+04	3.27E+05	2.58E+05	9.97E+04	1.15E+04	3.76E+05	2.07E+04	2.5E+03	9.08E+03	1.47E+05	4.59E+03
Sulbactam sodium	1.74E+05	4.33E+06	8.57E+04	1.46E+05	4.6E+05	5.42E+04	2.09E+05	1.31E+04	9.77E+03	6.75E+04	2.3E+04	1.16E+04	8.07E+03	4.77E+04	5.34E+04	1.98E+04	7.6E+05	1.98E+05	4.77E+04	5.21E+05	2.08E+04	1.58E+05	2.87E+04	7.65E+04	2.19E+04	1.95E+04	4.33E+04	2.72E+04	4.78E+03	1.16E+05	5.91E+04	1.9E+05	1.48E+04	7.78E+04	1.24E+05	1.48E+05	8.25E+04	3.09E+05	1.71E+04	2.84E+05	2.67E+04	8.28E+03	1.05E+04	1.06E+05	4.4E+03
Sulcatone_1	9.5E+05	8.21E+05	9.82E+05	6.12E+05	1.53E+06	3.96E+05	4.61E+05	6.2E+05	7.94E+05	8.19E+05	7.36E+05	6.3E+05	8.41E+05	4.61E+05	9.11E+05	6.79E+05	8.34E+05	5.68E+05	8.56E+05	1.03E+06	8.32E+05	7.42E+05	3.66E+05	8.6E+05	8.18E+05	6.17E+05	4.34E+05	7.37E+05	5.67E+05	6.23E+05	8.46E+05	5.4E+05	1.04E+06	1.18E+06	9.37E+05	5.2E+05	9.14E+05	6.66E+05	5.63E+05	7.5E+05	1.18E+06	5.78E+05	8.18E+05	7.19E+05	7.44E+05
Sulcatone_2	8.26E+05	1.12E+06	6.83E+05	8E+05	8.39E+05	7.83E+05	9.66E+05	6.78E+05	7.66E+05	5.86E+05	8.17E+05	6.99E+05	6.22E+05	5.07E+05	7.75E+05	6.76E+05	7.79E+05	8.17E+05	9.1E+05	4.86E+05	5.68E+05	8.56E+05	6.43E+05	7.84E+05	5.62E+05	5.82E+05	4.7E+05	6.45E+05	5.6E+05	9E+05	6.36E+05	7.94E+05	5.41E+05	6.34E+05	2.25E+06	6.07E+05	9.33E+05	8.67E+05	4.19E+05	6.38E+05	5.34E+05	3.77E+05	4.12E+05	6.14E+05	5.86E+05
Sulcatone_3	3.25E+05	2.13E+05	1.29E+05	1.01E+06	2.87E+05	1.76E+05	2.51E+05	7.95E+03	1.86E+05	5.87E+04	1.4E+05	1.93E+05	2.54E+04	1.35E+05	3.04E+05	1.67E+05	4.79E+05	2.45E+05	5.79E+05	2.58E+05	2.02E+05	2.56E+05	7.67E+04	3.7E+05	1.95E+04	5.35E+04	3.95E+04	1.15E+05	1.12E+05	2.5E+05	8.97E+04	4.3E+05	9.54E+04	7.78E+04	8.14E+04	3.41E+04	1.07E+05	2.24E+05	2.04E+04	2.79E+04	1.36E+05	5.93E+04	4.81E+04	1.55E+05	2.94E+04
Sulfoquinovose_1	2.1E+03	1.6E+04	1.49E+05	1.25E+06	5.16E+03	9.23E+05	2.83E+06	7.46E+03	7.94E+03	4.52E+03	3.22E+04	1.51E+04	2.27E+06	5.22E+03	1.37E+04	3.15E+04	9.97E+03	1.99E+04	3.89E+04	1.65E+04	1.96E+05	5.12E+03	5.77E+03	5.61E+06	1.62E+05	6.98E+03	9.22E+04	2.98E+03	7.21E+03	3.59E+03	1.26E+04	3.04E+04	2.81E+06	1.59E+04	3.95E+05	1.42E+04	7.36E+06	3.47E+03	3.13E+04	3.11E+05	2.71E+03	2.72E+03	1.7E+06	4.77E+04	8.33E+04
Sulfoquinovose_2	0	3.38E+03	0	942	2.12E+03	8.03E+03	1.8E+03	1.18E+03	835	1.17E+03	1.37E+03	2.17E+03	0	0	2.23E+03	0	1.99E+03	1.7E+03	2.11E+03	2.28E+03	0	2.84E+03	1.41E+03	3.46E+03	0	0	1.15E+03	0	0	5.5E+03	1.4E+03	2.08E+03	1.04E+03	1.72E+03	1.27E+04	1.18E+03	3.62E+03	1.14E+04	0	744	1.28E+03	0	1.54E+03	8.79E+05	0
Syringin	1.27E+06	6.67E+05	2.13E+06	1.37E+06	1.91E+06	8.11E+05	9.25E+05	2.22E+05	5.67E+05	4.08E+05	4.02E+05	5.14E+05	6.67E+05	5.81E+05	2.02E+06	5.62E+05	2.18E+06	6.32E+05	1.08E+06	1.23E+06	5.89E+05	8.91E+05	3.74E+05	1.56E+06	1.3E+05	2.19E+05	1.5E+05	6.72E+05	4.8E+04	1.85E+06	8.79E+05	1.79E+06	3.66E+05	8.22E+05	1.56E+06	3.29E+05	1E+06	1.14E+06	2.43E+05	5.48E+05	7.1E+05	1.18E+05	4.33E+04	4.84E+05	2.92E+05
Tabtoxin	1.73E+07	1.3E+07	1.74E+06	9.2E+06	3.56E+07	1.05E+07	2.03E+07	2.01E+06	1.81E+06	1.03E+05	3.61E+06	5E+06	1.13E+06	4.1E+06	5.64E+06	7.71E+06	6.22E+06	3.26E+06	4.24E+06	8.9E+06	5.5E+07	2.49E+06	4.15E+06	9.22E+06	1.94E+06	2.48E+06	1.15E+06	3.36E+06	3.8E+06	3.25E+07	3.72E+06	7.53E+07	2.08E+06	6.66E+06	2.27E+06	6.5E+05	3.05E+06	3.73E+06	2.81E+06	5.52E+06	9.47E+06	2.15E+05	1.71E+06	5.25E+06	1.34E+06
Tabtoxinine-beta-lactam	6.84E+07	3.42E+07	1.03E+07	6.16E+07	5.21E+07	1.7E+07	1.85E+07	5.7E+06	1.5E+07	1.05E+07	1.22E+07	1.62E+07	5.92E+06	1.37E+07	3.72E+07	1.42E+07	1.07E+08	7.46E+07	6.61E+07	1.75E+07	1.08E+07	7.68E+07	3.11E+07	1.49E+07	9.09E+06	2.41E+07	5.11E+06	1.15E+07	6.87E+06	4.46E+07	1.26E+07	2.41E+07	7.21E+06	1.35E+07	5.26E+07	1.14E+07	1.91E+07	1.2E+07	6.24E+06	8.33E+06	1.14E+07	3.79E+06	1.01E+07	1.16E+08	2.38E+06
TAURINE	2.33E+06	2.24E+07	4.9E+06	2.86E+07	1.61E+07	1.73E+07	1.39E+07	2.85E+06	2.74E+06	3.33E+06	1.68E+07	1.7E+07	2.82E+07	1.71E+07	1.75E+07	3.5E+07	2.56E+06	2.58E+07	4.72E+07	5.82E+06	1.67E+07	2.05E+06	4.36E+07	2.16E+07	6.43E+04	5.58E+07	1.07E+05	1.53E+07	1.47E+07	1.28E+07	1.03E+06	4.78E+06	6.58E+06	3.62E+06	3.58E+06	1.54E+07	9.13E+06	1.92E+07	1.22E+07	7.82E+05	2.97E+07	2.71E+05	1.24E+07	1.33E+06	1.19E+07
Taurine	2.9E+04	3.05E+05	1.89E+06	5.05E+05	2.04E+05	1.11E+05	2.93E+04	4.52E+04	4.05E+04	2.63E+04	7.91E+04	6.17E+04	1.39E+05	4.85E+04	1.63E+05	7.1E+04	6.61E+04	3.42E+04	1.39E+05	9.6E+04	1.74E+04	9.39E+04	2.79E+05	1.08E+05	8.36E+04	6.67E+04	2.98E+04	6.16E+04	7.1E+04	5.6E+04	8.85E+04	8.47E+04	4.74E+04	1.26E+05	5.22E+05	5.76E+04	1.83E+05	7.91E+04	9.94E+03	2.87E+04	1.86E+04	2.19E+04	3.82E+04	1.52E+05	1.07E+04
Tauropine_1	2.12E+05	4E+05	1.61E+04	7.74E+05	1.44E+05	1.71E+05	1.6E+04	6.46E+03	3.7E+04	4.64E+04	5.76E+05	5.96E+04	2.86E+04	5.94E+04	2.1E+05	1.02E+05	1.86E+05	1.05E+05	5.31E+05	5.96E+05	1.47E+04	7.05E+04	3.6E+04	7.48E+05	1.59E+04	3.18E+04	4.62E+03	4.48E+04	4.97E+04	7.81E+04	1.71E+05	1.13E+05	4.77E+04	7.96E+04	9.11E+05	1.33E+05	2.31E+05	3.63E+05	1.87E+04	5E+04	8.66E+04	3.81E+03	6.19E+04	1.31E+05	5.36E+04
Tauropine_2	1.49E+03	1.95E+05	9.09E+03	5.05E+05	8.35E+04	1.1E+04	4.24E+03	1.2E+03	2.07E+03	1.6E+03	5.73E+05	4.66E+03	1.75E+04	3.72E+03	1.39E+03	1.29E+03	1.92E+04	1.99E+04	7.19E+04	3.67E+05	2.3E+04	4.53E+03	1.64E+03	2.86E+04	4.46E+04	1.86E+03	1.03E+03	3.58E+03	4.78E+03	0	3.12E+03	3.86E+04	1.56E+03	4.03E+03	1.42E+04	5.29E+04	3.44E+05	8.5E+04	4.45E+04	1.11E+03	5.4E+03	4.22E+04	9.02E+03	2.7E+03	6.7E+03
Tebuconazole_1	5.97E+05	8.79E+05	5.91E+04	2.87E+05	4.03E+05	7.65E+05	4.5E+05	8.3E+04	1.37E+05	1.92E+04	4.4E+05	5.97E+05	1.79E+04	1.38E+05	4.08E+05	2.31E+05	9.22E+05	4.43E+05	4.09E+05	4.67E+05	4.62E+04	3.12E+05	6.54E+04	9.15E+04	2.7E+04	3.27E+04	6.04E+03	1.05E+05	4.33E+04	2.95E+04	5.73E+05	3.95E+05	1.35E+05	5.32E+05	2.81E+05	2.75E+04	4.88E+05	5.57E+05	1.53E+04	1.61E+05	6.95E+04	1.67E+04	1.9E+04	7.32E+04	3.96E+05
Tebuconazole_2	5.07E+05	1.35E+05	1.7E+05	3.1E+05	6.31E+05	1.33E+04	3.05E+05	2.4E+05	6.87E+05	7.28E+04	3.19E+04	1.01E+05	2.22E+04	1.14E+05	4.12E+05	4.73E+04	6.42E+05	1.03E+06	1.09E+05	1.05E+05	8.79E+03	4.12E+05	5.61E+04	7.45E+04	3.48E+05	2.71E+05	3.4E+05	1.19E+05	1.22E+03	7.44E+05	2.23E+05	1.34E+05	1.76E+05	1.55E+06	2.66E+06	1.31E+04	2.81E+05	1.6E+05	1.97E+03	1.33E+04	9.41E+04	2.04E+05	1.33E+03	3.78E+05	7.68E+03
Tebuconazole_3	7.75E+03	0	0	0	3.06E+03	2.02E+03	0	0	0	0	7.82E+03	0	1.55E+03	0	2.5E+03	0	6.31E+03	1.34E+03	0	0	0	4.85E+03	0	1.51E+03	2.97E+03	1.62E+03	4.24E+05	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.58E+03	1.84E+03	1.24E+03	7.96E+04	0	698	0	0	7.4E+03	0	0	3.85E+03
Temazepam	3.52E+05	2.34E+05	2.58E+05	3.24E+05	3.18E+05	2.95E+05	3.03E+05	3.38E+05	3.4E+05	3.63E+05	3.27E+05	1.98E+05	2.59E+05	3.66E+05	3.29E+05	3.41E+05	2.71E+05	2.07E+05	2.95E+05	3.28E+05	2.79E+05	3.16E+05	3.16E+05	2.15E+05	3.78E+05	3.1E+05	2.86E+05	2.87E+05	2.51E+05	3.21E+05	3.5E+05	3.25E+05	3.17E+05	3.31E+05	1.7E+05	1.92E+05	3.33E+05	3.26E+05	3.83E+05	1.92E+05	3.37E+05	3.19E+05	3.78E+05	3.45E+05	3.57E+05
Terbutaline_1	2.61E+06	5.56E+05	1.99E+03	8.93E+05	6.12E+05	2.82E+05	1.55E+06	1.4E+06	3.32E+04	1.99E+03	9.81E+04	2.92E+05	2.95E+03	4.36E+05	9.99E+05	3.39E+05	1.3E+05	1.28E+04	3.92E+05	8.75E+04	1.92E+03	2.35E+05	7.42E+03	1.18E+05	1.12E+04	5.18E+04	1.71E+05	4.05E+05	9.68E+05	2.21E+06	6.32E+04	1.1E+07	8.38E+04	8.81E+05	1.21E+05	2.84E+04	3.25E+06	1.81E+06	2.46E+04	6.24E+05	1.68E+05	2.55E+03	2.23E+03	2.2E+06	1.1E+06
Terbutaline_2	1.05E+05	2.03E+04	1.25E+03	2.51E+04	2.35E+04	1.86E+04	9.72E+04	3.65E+03	1.6E+03	6.24E+03	1.4E+03	1.01E+04	4.1E+03	5.14E+04	2.12E+05	1.41E+04	1.73E+05	4.75E+03	1.55E+05	8.16E+04	9.01E+03	1.8E+04	2.73E+03	1.32E+04	2.05E+04	2.26E+03	1.81E+03	9.21E+03	1.75E+04	5.61E+03	6.27E+03	8.27E+04	2.48E+03	1.46E+04	1.2E+04	1.71E+03	1.32E+04	1.17E+05	2.39E+03	1.67E+04	1.38E+04	2.06E+03	1.41E+03	2.48E+04	5.39E+03
Testolate	1.44E+04	3.13E+04	5.05E+05	1.32E+05	1.66E+05	1.36E+04	1.58E+04	1.6E+04	5.28E+05	4.15E+05	3.68E+04	2.35E+04	2.22E+03	3.09E+05	1.95E+04	4.26E+03	1.48E+05	8.51E+04	6.86E+04	3.45E+05	1.15E+04	2.55E+04	8.17E+03	2.24E+05	9.22E+03	2.98E+03	2.34E+03	1.64E+05	2.01E+03	7.23E+03	4.4E+05	1.45E+04	5.59E+04	2.65E+05	2.69E+04	5.66E+05	3.81E+04	1.48E+04	2.68E+03	1.31E+04	2.42E+05	1.94E+04	1.06E+05	1.25E+04	4.61E+03
Testololactone	2.53E+04	3.97E+05	4.79E+04	4.63E+04	1.33E+05	2.37E+05	3.29E+04	1.19E+06	7.7E+05	4.5E+04	1.35E+05	2.06E+05	7.29E+04	5.27E+04	4.66E+05	5.64E+04	3.04E+04	5.9E+04	4.86E+05	2.78E+05	4.59E+03	8.22E+04	1.15E+04	2.13E+05	1.38E+05	5.62E+03	1.46E+06	2.99E+04	1.61E+03	1.54E+06	5.39E+05	7.87E+05	2.25E+04	4.56E+05	1.97E+06	4.19E+04	7.38E+05	7.93E+04	1.68E+03	1.35E+05	3.43E+04	6.13E+05	6.81E+03	7.19E+05	3.95E+03
Testosterone glucuronide	4.34E+05	4.33E+05	1.5E+05	1.16E+06	1.27E+06	1.3E+05	2.44E+05	2.93E+03	3.12E+05	1.97E+05	1.67E+05	1.33E+05	3.76E+04	4.24E+05	5.49E+05	2.23E+05	3.02E+05	3.5E+05	1.33E+06	2.93E+05	1.4E+05	3.57E+05	1.48E+05	4.05E+05	4.81E+03	1.2E+05	6.07E+03	3.25E+05	4.43E+04	2.43E+05	1.7E+05	6.43E+05	2E+04	8.75E+04	5.16E+05	2.15E+05	9.27E+05	1.28E+05	2.6E+04	1.94E+04	2.11E+05	1.94E+04	2.98E+05	2.19E+05	2.36E+04
Tetrahomomethionine	3.51E+05	1.84E+05	7.26E+03	3.16E+05	2.41E+05	5.81E+04	2.89E+05	4.7E+04	2.54E+05	1.6E+03	1.02E+05	1.65E+04	9.67E+03	2.24E+05	2.74E+05	2.55E+05	1.72E+05	1.99E+05	5.37E+05	6.09E+04	3.91E+04	7.66E+04	5.94E+04	5.03E+05	3.16E+03	1.61E+04	2.21E+03	2.39E+05	9.32E+03	4.87E+05	4.66E+05	5.56E+05	7.78E+04	1.18E+05	8.32E+05	2.64E+03	6.11E+05	8.84E+04	2.14E+04	8.35E+03	8.28E+04	3.5E+03	6.21E+04	1.08E+05	3.9E+04
Tetrahydrocortisone	2.48E+06	3.56E+06	5.58E+05	7.83E+06	6.06E+06	2.34E+06	1.94E+06	6.04E+04	6.23E+05	4.89E+05	1.13E+06	8.31E+05	1.32E+06	3.17E+06	3.65E+06	2.55E+06	2.2E+06	4.86E+06	7.82E+06	1.3E+06	2.8E+06	3.03E+06	4.78E+05	2.83E+06	2.42E+05	1E+06	2.72E+05	1.71E+06	1.23E+06	2.1E+06	1.4E+06	2.93E+06	1.5E+04	3.05E+05	5.96E+06	4.5E+05	5.13E+06	2.42E+06	4.51E+05	1.66E+05	1.78E+06	3.09E+05	2.43E+06	2.27E+06	2.3E+05
Tetralin_1	2.97E+06	2.58E+06	2.75E+05	1.01E+06	1.93E+06	7.39E+05	2.38E+06	8.45E+04	4.11E+05	6.24E+04	3.55E+05	2.9E+05	8.19E+04	2.66E+05	1.55E+06	4.55E+05	2.72E+06	1.99E+06	7.61E+05	9.79E+05	3.1E+04	1.42E+06	5.82E+04	4.37E+05	2.68E+05	6.54E+04	1.22E+04	3.71E+05	2.21E+04	2.27E+05	3.52E+05	5.27E+06	4.03E+05	1.52E+06	1.17E+06	2.11E+05	1.13E+06	2.24E+06	6.01E+03	3.6E+05	3.17E+05	9.33E+04	5E+04	2.59E+05	3.28E+05
Tetralin_2	1.26E+06	4.95E+04	5.78E+05	3.5E+05	9.53E+06	7.04E+03	2.39E+06	4.14E+05	5.81E+05	5.33E+04	5.07E+04	9.92E+03	7.92E+03	5.63E+05	2.22E+06	3.95E+05	5.74E+05	4.07E+06	1.74E+04	3.13E+05	5.05E+04	7.14E+05	3.79E+04	1.06E+05	1.82E+05	1.91E+05	9.08E+05	1.89E+05	1.36E+03	8.37E+05	4.25E+05	3.22E+05	4.91E+03	9.64E+05	3.27E+05	2.38E+04	8.1E+04	7.66E+03	1.14E+04	2.62E+05	9.52E+05	1.71E+05	2.74E+04	5.41E+04	2.54E+04
Tetralin_3	2.83E+05	3.54E+05	2.33E+05	1.02E+05	8.95E+05	3.65E+05	3.44E+05	3.07E+05	1.46E+05	5.21E+04	2.81E+05	2.32E+05	3.12E+04	6.51E+05	1.43E+05	2.18E+05	1.87E+05	3.6E+05	4.51E+05	2.49E+05	1.8E+05	2.78E+05	1.2E+05	1.57E+05	6.23E+04	1.16E+05	1.38E+04	1.3E+05	9.53E+04	1.72E+05	3.5E+05	1.19E+06	5.42E+04	8.74E+05	1.04E+05	3.44E+04	4.66E+05	9.03E+05	2.77E+04	1.07E+05	3.79E+05	1.15E+05	2.43E+05	1.2E+05	3.25E+05
Tetralin_4	2.72E+05	1.47E+05	2.31E+05	5.27E+05	3.28E+05	3.85E+05	1.48E+05	1.26E+05	7.71E+04	1.6E+05	2.03E+05	4.95E+05	8.65E+04	2.43E+05	2.68E+05	2.26E+05	1.83E+05	1.32E+05	2.15E+05	4.24E+05	1.06E+05	2.34E+05	1.08E+05	1.42E+05	1.72E+05	1.69E+05	2.1E+05	1.89E+05	9.69E+04	1.15E+05	1.28E+05	3.62E+05	2E+05	5.43E+05	1.99E+05	2.96E+04	1.35E+05	1.33E+06	1.23E+05	3.15E+04	9.24E+04	9.97E+04	7.4E+04	7.2E+04	1.81E+05
Tetraneurin A	976	1.96E+03	1.81E+03	1.8E+03	7.98E+03	1.41E+03	1.12E+03	1.89E+03	1.95E+05	1.35E+03	1.52E+04	1.65E+03	1.44E+03	1.45E+03	1.69E+03	1.72E+03	3.9E+03	0	4E+04	1.43E+03	1.5E+03	0	1.77E+03	3.97E+05	0	2.66E+04	1.24E+03	1.36E+03	1.3E+03	5.11E+03	1.11E+06	1.5E+04	1.36E+03	2.18E+03	1.73E+03	0	1.73E+03	8.7E+03	1.25E+03	7.31E+03	1.42E+03	1.76E+03	1.25E+03	1.8E+03	1.25E+03
Thalidomide	7.79E+04	2.14E+05	3.89E+03	7.66E+04	2.18E+04	1.75E+03	1.95E+03	0	3.48E+04	1.63E+04	1.88E+03	1.02E+05	2E+04	2.79E+03	1.16E+04	3.3E+03	2.96E+03	4.61E+03	2.72E+03	2.33E+03	0	5.87E+03	1.26E+04	3.04E+03	2.62E+03	0	1.65E+03	2.33E+04	1.82E+03	7.34E+03	6.9E+05	1.26E+04	3.97E+03	3.27E+03	4.89E+05	4.03E+03	2.27E+03	1.12E+05	1.59E+03	1.75E+04	2.4E+03	0	3.38E+03	1.51E+03	3.34E+03
Theophylline_1	1.19E+08	2.16E+05	3.65E+07	1.63E+07	8.24E+06	3.39E+06	1.38E+06	3.1E+07	7.62E+07	3.77E+07	2.83E+06	2.47E+08	2.8E+07	6.65E+07	6.31E+07	3.73E+07	1.03E+08	4.71E+07	6.05E+06	2.43E+07	9.57E+07	5.65E+07	5.31E+07	1.52E+08	1.1E+08	2.41E+06	1.52E+08	8.36E+07	1.71E+04	1.8E+08	8.64E+07	2.14E+08	2.95E+07	7.52E+07	1.62E+08	3.12E+07	1.38E+08	8.98E+07	3.6E+07	1.7E+07	4.1E+07	4.3E+07	4.38E+06	1.63E+08	2.37E+07
Theophylline_2	4.37E+06	1.62E+04	4.83E+06	4.77E+06	1.73E+05	5.67E+04	1.7E+04	9.48E+05	1.33E+07	2.17E+06	3.73E+04	8.98E+06	3.16E+06	4.9E+06	1.94E+07	7.42E+06	1.05E+07	2.88E+06	5.1E+06	3.35E+06	3.35E+04	1E+06	5.42E+05	1.51E+04	5.29E+06	3.76E+04	5.25E+06	5.21E+06	5.34E+04	3.26E+07	1.43E+07	1.46E+07	8.51E+06	1.19E+07	3.37E+07	5.44E+06	1.62E+07	8.74E+06	4.94E+06	1.69E+06	2.12E+05	1.56E+06	1.32E+04	1.57E+07	1.5E+06
Thiamphenicol	3.27E+03	3.13E+03	9.46E+04	0	7.04E+05	3.05E+03	2.89E+03	2.01E+03	6.51E+03	8.58E+03	2.43E+03	2.28E+04	3.94E+03	0	2.14E+05	0	0	6.43E+03	9.28E+03	4.39E+03	2.68E+03	0	4.88E+03	0	9.07E+04	0	2.65E+03	0	0	0	0	3.4E+04	0	0	0	6.23E+03	6.09E+03	0	2.71E+03	0	0	1.96E+03	0	0	8.16E+03
Thidiazuron_1	4.06E+04	3.26E+04	1.53E+04	1.6E+04	1.66E+05	1.56E+05	2E+04	1.03E+06	4.89E+03	1.81E+03	1.83E+03	0	1.06E+06	5.96E+04	4E+05	1.49E+04	6.81E+04	6.22E+05	2.5E+04	2.85E+03	6.86E+03	6.05E+03	1.76E+03	6.03E+03	8.46E+04	1.35E+03	4.01E+03	6.2E+05	1.16E+03	6.86E+05	2.8E+06	2.08E+03	8.6E+04	1.42E+06	1.33E+06	0	2.1E+03	0	0	1.35E+05	1.08E+04	4.22E+04	0	2.3E+04	1.8E+03
Thidiazuron_2	3.3E+04	1.29E+04	7.76E+03	1.51E+04	1.46E+05	1.86E+05	5.39E+04	2.85E+05	2.99E+03	1.51E+03	5.86E+03	1.01E+03	3.9E+05	1.01E+04	2.82E+05	6E+03	2.27E+04	6.42E+04	1.25E+04	1.03E+04	3.59E+03	6.33E+03	2.1E+03	8.97E+03	7.77E+04	1.33E+03	1.68E+03	2.84E+05	0	1.26E+05	4.47E+05	2.45E+03	2.87E+04	1.89E+05	1.49E+05	2.12E+03	3.1E+03	5.55E+03	0	5E+04	1.7E+04	1.79E+04	1.63E+03	5.92E+04	0
Thiobenzamide S,S-dioxide	4.62E+04	1.68E+04	3.92E+03	3.13E+04	1.65E+04	1.3E+04	2.06E+05	8.88E+03	1.78E+04	6.92E+03	1.09E+04	8.96E+03	4.44E+05	3.55E+04	1.49E+04	7.81E+03	1.03E+05	1.62E+04	3.27E+04	3.22E+04	2.37E+03	9.08E+04	8.74E+03	9.21E+04	2.99E+04	5.02E+03	1.12E+04	3.04E+04	6.59E+03	3.34E+04	4.47E+04	1.45E+04	4.15E+04	3.43E+04	6.92E+04	6.92E+03	2.41E+04	5.59E+03	2.86E+03	8.93E+03	3.76E+03	1.51E+04	1.23E+04	1.47E+04	1.07E+04
Thiomorpholine 3-carboxylate	5.84E+06	3.79E+06	1.36E+06	8.52E+06	1.17E+07	2.09E+06	9.42E+06	1.62E+06	1.49E+06	2.58E+06	7.43E+06	8.27E+06	2.86E+06	4.24E+06	1.17E+07	9.44E+06	1.25E+07	5.38E+06	9.51E+06	1.9E+07	7.84E+06	9.51E+06	1.65E+06	7E+06	2.54E+06	2.14E+06	9.83E+05	6.17E+06	5.64E+06	2.58E+06	7.44E+06	1.13E+07	6.66E+05	7.37E+06	3.99E+06	2.59E+06	8.2E+06	5.89E+06	2.99E+06	2.79E+06	7.44E+06	1.74E+06	2.85E+06	1.23E+07	1.84E+06
Thiorphan	1.5E+04	2.74E+05	6E+05	5.26E+05	1.42E+04	7.6E+04	1.96E+05	4.85E+03	8.95E+03	3.46E+04	1.94E+04	6.56E+03	1.36E+04	1.2E+04	3.59E+04	1.03E+05	2.86E+04	2E+04	7.11E+05	7.06E+04	7.62E+05	3.71E+04	1.37E+04	2.72E+05	2.32E+05	3.65E+03	7.88E+03	1.34E+04	1.44E+04	3.18E+04	5.96E+04	1.85E+04	7.91E+04	1.32E+05	3.86E+05	1.53E+05	9.38E+04	3.55E+04	3.09E+03	1.55E+04	1.88E+04	2.32E+03	4.64E+04	4.08E+05	1.76E+04
THTA	4.1E+07	2.88E+07	4.04E+06	6.97E+07	7.81E+07	1.69E+07	2.87E+07	2.24E+07	5.34E+07	3.5E+06	2.25E+07	7.46E+06	1.35E+07	5.37E+07	5.36E+07	4.52E+07	3.71E+07	3.59E+07	9.32E+07	3.4E+07	6.94E+06	5.83E+07	1.71E+07	5.9E+07	4.42E+06	1.14E+07	2.39E+06	5.19E+07	1.14E+07	1.53E+08	1.11E+08	1.38E+08	2.41E+07	2.39E+07	3.01E+08	3.78E+06	1.62E+08	1.31E+07	1.02E+07	3.37E+07	4.81E+07	3.8E+06	1.67E+07	1.6E+08	2.28E+07
Thymidine	1.03E+07	6.17E+06	2.52E+06	9.18E+06	1.47E+07	4.33E+06	3.91E+06	1.56E+06	7.76E+06	2.97E+06	3.5E+06	4.86E+06	1.41E+06	6.24E+06	6.74E+06	3.87E+06	1.01E+07	8.07E+06	1.34E+07	4.12E+06	5.83E+06	1.1E+07	4.96E+06	6.7E+06	2.01E+06	4.49E+06	1.41E+06	6.35E+06	1.99E+06	5.25E+06	7.24E+06	9.79E+06	2.93E+06	5.58E+06	1.04E+07	4.41E+06	1.04E+07	4.8E+06	1.35E+06	2.49E+06	5.27E+06	1.39E+06	5.19E+06	5.87E+06	1.16E+06
THYMINE_1	4.35E+06	4E+06	1.5E+06	5.12E+06	4.53E+06	2.52E+06	2.7E+06	1.22E+06	1.93E+06	1.6E+06	3.56E+06	1.8E+06	1.64E+06	4.54E+06	4.76E+06	2.86E+06	4.38E+06	3.54E+06	5.95E+06	2.45E+06	3.68E+06	3.87E+06	2.32E+06	5.41E+06	1.48E+06	2.25E+06	1.12E+06	3.2E+06	1.71E+06	2.14E+06	4.15E+06	4.11E+06	1.3E+06	2.57E+06	2.58E+06	2.85E+06	2.15E+06	1.98E+06	1.21E+06	1.19E+06	6.81E+06	1.72E+06	1.53E+06	2.67E+06	1.97E+06
THYMINE_2	2.46E+04	1.14E+04	2.02E+04	2.98E+04	1.43E+05	7.81E+03	3.45E+06	8.06E+04	2.2E+06	7.68E+03	1.34E+04	7.55E+04	1.31E+04	2.66E+03	1.02E+05	9.18E+04	9.57E+04	8.54E+05	1.12E+05	5.25E+04	9.68E+04	8.41E+03	1.73E+04	5.09E+04	1.03E+04	1.09E+04	1.58E+04	1.8E+04	7.36E+03	2.77E+05	5.15E+04	5.55E+04	3.16E+04	3.92E+05	2.61E+06	6.56E+04	8.31E+05	2.31E+06	1.2E+04	2.96E+05	2.22E+04	1.63E+04	7.04E+03	7.36E+04	1.5E+04
Thymyl acetate_1	2.15E+06	2.83E+06	6.63E+05	3.34E+06	4.66E+06	4.14E+06	2.56E+06	2.13E+05	1.38E+06	3.12E+05	1.65E+06	1.97E+06	3.11E+05	1.49E+06	4.68E+06	2.02E+06	5.64E+06	1.22E+06	4.77E+06	3.66E+06	1.86E+05	1.02E+06	6.12E+05	3.92E+06	5.13E+06	1.07E+05	1.13E+06	1.58E+06	7.74E+05	1.64E+06	3.17E+06	2.54E+06	1.62E+06	6.71E+06	3.56E+06	1.37E+06	4.57E+06	1.88E+06	5.82E+05	1.37E+06	1.23E+06	1.14E+06	9.27E+05	6.33E+05	1.65E+06
Thymyl acetate_2	9.65E+05	8.42E+05	8.54E+05	7.94E+05	9.56E+05	8.93E+05	8.61E+05	8.01E+05	9.24E+05	8.34E+05	9.62E+05	9.04E+05	8.99E+05	8.4E+05	2.79E+05	7.43E+05	6.28E+05	8.9E+05	9.98E+05	9.17E+05	8.38E+05	8.63E+05	6.88E+05	7.75E+05	7.52E+05	8.41E+05	8.99E+05	6.87E+05	7.2E+05	7.46E+05	8.04E+05	8.27E+05	7.79E+05	9.49E+05	9.28E+05	8.18E+05	1.01E+06	8.52E+05	9.81E+05	5.91E+05	7.25E+05	1.05E+06	9.25E+05	9.75E+05	1.11E+06
Thymyl acetate_3	1.04E+05	8.44E+04	3.07E+05	7.36E+05	4.83E+05	2.89E+05	4.8E+05	2.32E+04	3.02E+05	4.17E+04	1.96E+05	6.3E+04	6.92E+03	4.74E+04	7.07E+05	4.11E+05	5.37E+05	2.79E+05	3.05E+05	1.16E+06	5.31E+04	9.69E+04	7.32E+04	6.29E+05	9.21E+03	2.15E+04	8.81E+03	1.83E+05	4.91E+04	1.29E+04	2.68E+05	3.66E+04	2.65E+04	8.91E+05	9.07E+04	1.35E+05	3.92E+05	1.63E+06	2.91E+05	7.3E+05	8.68E+03	6.18E+03	1.46E+04	1.31E+05	1.04E+05
Tioconazole	7.41E+03	9.6E+03	9.04E+05	1.67E+04	2.9E+04	3.47E+03	0	0	1.62E+03	0	1.3E+03	0	1.76E+03	1.5E+03	2.45E+03	0	2.08E+03	5.14E+03	5.32E+03	3.8E+03	0	2.52E+03	2.01E+03	9.79E+03	0	0	0	1.34E+03	0	1.74E+03	3.88E+03	1.97E+03	0	1.99E+03	1.24E+04	1.31E+03	1.03E+04	1.35E+03	1.14E+03	0	0	0	0	3.68E+03	0
Tocainide	1.31E+04	5.52E+03	5.07E+03	5.38E+03	1.29E+04	5.07E+03	2.81E+05	2.2E+04	3.53E+03	5.92E+03	7.76E+03	5.54E+03	6.79E+03	5.99E+03	1.09E+05	3.84E+06	1.97E+04	6.82E+03	8.09E+04	4.09E+03	1.21E+04	3.72E+03	8.48E+03	4.41E+03	5.33E+03	8.32E+03	1.78E+04	4.11E+03	7.98E+03	3.8E+03	1.35E+04	3.46E+03	3.45E+03	8.79E+04	7.83E+03	1.08E+04	5.17E+03	1.59E+04	6.06E+03	3.99E+03	4.17E+03	7.65E+03	5.2E+03	7.31E+03	7.35E+03
Toluene_1	1.43E+05	1.73E+05	5.7E+03	8.12E+04	4.96E+05	4.47E+04	1.01E+06	4.5E+04	6.23E+04	8.45E+03	1.16E+04	1.68E+04	3.45E+03	4.24E+04	1.52E+05	2.97E+04	3.68E+05	7.59E+04	1.16E+05	1.05E+05	2.52E+04	1.1E+05	3.92E+04	7.36E+04	6.65E+04	3.1E+05	7.17E+03	2.09E+05	6.47E+03	4.7E+04	1.66E+05	3.47E+05	1.57E+04	1.04E+06	4.23E+05	9.28E+03	2.04E+05	5.48E+04	5.33E+03	1.42E+04	4E+04	6.56E+03	2.37E+04	6.68E+04	1.82E+04
Toluene_2	2.43E+05	2.71E+04	4.05E+04	7.14E+04	5.68E+05	9.59E+04	3.36E+05	2.27E+05	2.2E+04	4.76E+03	1.32E+04	3.31E+04	3.63E+03	4.71E+04	1.33E+05	2.53E+04	5.67E+05	4.49E+05	8.87E+04	9.28E+04	3.87E+04	2.38E+05	5.76E+03	1.06E+05	1.12E+04	2.09E+05	4.66E+04	3.69E+04	3.52E+03	1.39E+04	4.12E+04	2.32E+04	1.47E+04	3.57E+05	4.6E+04	1.08E+04	1.79E+05	1.35E+05	5.24E+03	1.7E+04	4.65E+04	1.85E+04	1.31E+04	8E+04	7.53E+04
Toluene-cis-dihydrodiol_1	9.11E+06	9.59E+06	3.01E+06	1.44E+07	2E+07	5.56E+06	7.52E+06	1.46E+06	7.84E+06	2.27E+06	6.89E+06	7.94E+06	2.82E+06	9.63E+06	1.26E+07	6.77E+06	1.19E+07	7.12E+06	1.64E+07	9.02E+06	4.22E+06	6.69E+06	5.64E+06	2.67E+07	2.11E+06	3.63E+06	1.83E+06	8.1E+06	2.72E+06	8.88E+06	5.13E+06	1.45E+07	3.5E+06	8.3E+06	1.61E+07	2.43E+06	1.3E+07	7.68E+06	3.17E+06	2.63E+06	8.72E+06	1.38E+06	8.85E+06	8.7E+06	3.06E+06
Toluene-cis-dihydrodiol_2	1.3E+06	7.36E+05	1.61E+07	1.9E+08	3.14E+06	2.96E+07	1.73E+08	1.32E+06	2.25E+05	5.02E+06	2.33E+06	3.61E+06	9.14E+06	1.03E+05	5.95E+07	1.11E+06	1.06E+06	5.25E+07	8.91E+07	8.97E+06	1.05E+07	7.52E+06	2.3E+06	5.92E+08	1.13E+07	3.41E+05	6.23E+06	1.19E+06	1.04E+06	7.31E+05	1.71E+07	1.66E+06	2.67E+06	1.43E+05	6.92E+06	1.67E+07	3.34E+07	1.04E+06	8.91E+05	4.9E+07	6.58E+05	4.46E+05	1.21E+08	6.54E+06	1.05E+06
Toluene-cis-dihydrodiol_3	3.61E+06	2.1E+06	3.03E+06	9.87E+06	1.24E+07	6.59E+06	3.63E+06	1.73E+06	6.48E+06	9.29E+05	5.09E+06	2.75E+06	1E+06	3.25E+06	5.6E+06	3.91E+06	8.53E+06	5.78E+06	1.19E+07	9.14E+06	2.98E+06	7.48E+06	3.96E+06	1.72E+07	1.41E+06	2.03E+06	6.13E+05	4.66E+06	1.5E+06	8.37E+05	5.44E+06	6.28E+06	3.24E+06	7.39E+06	7.1E+06	1.55E+06	1.42E+07	3.87E+06	5.03E+05	1.18E+07	4.44E+06	1.15E+06	3E+06	6.46E+06	1.73E+06
Tolylacetate_1	3.44E+06	2.23E+06	2.6E+06	9.63E+06	1.94E+07	5.57E+06	3.8E+06	1.57E+06	4.77E+06	2.49E+06	2.59E+06	1.59E+06	6.45E+05	4.39E+06	6.99E+06	5.18E+06	9.57E+06	4.48E+06	9.24E+06	1.1E+07	1.48E+06	3.85E+06	3.52E+06	6.85E+06	9.07E+05	1.85E+06	5.51E+05	4.49E+06	9.78E+05	1.47E+06	9.28E+06	2.83E+06	4.03E+06	8.97E+06	3.4E+06	2.2E+06	7.59E+06	1.81E+07	1E+06	2.66E+06	5.05E+06	9.61E+05	1.3E+06	1.99E+06	2.31E+06
Tolylacetate_2	8.48E+05	1.36E+06	3.7E+06	6.8E+06	1.95E+06	6.58E+05	4.76E+06	8.75E+04	1.37E+06	1.7E+05	8.64E+05	7.23E+05	1.49E+06	1.75E+06	1.6E+06	8.62E+05	1.19E+06	2.38E+06	1.88E+06	1.1E+06	5.93E+05	4.85E+06	1.13E+06	2.03E+07	1.22E+06	6.6E+05	1.6E+05	9.37E+05	3.98E+05	5.45E+05	6.86E+05	1.45E+06	2.53E+06	9.37E+05	1.26E+06	5.84E+05	7.29E+06	1.36E+06	3.47E+05	4.14E+06	8.4E+05	1.4E+05	8.01E+06	5.33E+06	3.43E+05
Tolylacetate_3	7.49E+05	2.38E+05	1.87E+05	3.61E+05	2.47E+04	1.72E+05	8.12E+04	1.85E+05	2.17E+05	1.25E+05	1.29E+05	1.43E+05	1.93E+05	2.58E+05	1.85E+05	2.72E+05	1.78E+05	1.94E+05	3.02E+05	2.88E+05	3.15E+05	3.31E+05	2.61E+05	3.61E+05	1.7E+05	1.88E+05	1.69E+05	3.08E+05	1.4E+05	1.74E+05	1.56E+05	2.98E+05	3.04E+05	3.52E+05	3.35E+05	2.36E+05	2.91E+05	3.23E+05	1.5E+05	2.02E+05	2.58E+05	1.91E+05	1.81E+05	2.67E+05	1.1E+05
Topiramate	2.2E+06	8.76E+06	1.67E+06	2.25E+06	2.88E+06	2.95E+06	3.23E+06	3.48E+05	2.53E+06	5.2E+05	1.29E+06	2.8E+06	1.84E+05	1.25E+06	3.72E+06	1.65E+06	2.26E+06	4.35E+06	3.27E+06	1.44E+06	4.72E+05	2.22E+06	1.31E+06	2.2E+06	3.35E+04	3.64E+06	1.27E+05	1.42E+06	8.04E+05	5.02E+06	2.08E+06	3.82E+06	3.33E+06	2.49E+06	1.78E+06	9.69E+05	4.1E+06	2.71E+06	5.34E+05	8.98E+05	1.25E+06	1.77E+05	8.01E+05	5.6E+05	3.12E+06
Tos-Arg-CH2Cl	6.78E+06	8.11E+05	4.68E+05	1.02E+06	8.21E+05	5.63E+04	4.51E+04	7.67E+04	9.24E+05	1.2E+05	4.39E+05	5.94E+05	1.65E+05	8.34E+04	6.23E+05	6.11E+05	8.7E+06	3.69E+05	1.12E+06	3.51E+05	1.87E+05	9.25E+06	1.47E+05	7.75E+05	2.17E+05	1.05E+05	1.42E+04	1.84E+05	9.74E+03	1.24E+06	7.62E+05	7.25E+05	3.42E+05	1.83E+06	1.63E+06	1.13E+05	1.91E+05	3.81E+04	7.3E+04	1.61E+05	9.11E+04	5.01E+04	1.76E+05	3.55E+05	1.17E+05
Tos-Lys-CH2Cl	1.7E+07	1.73E+07	1.74E+07	1.75E+07	1.68E+07	1.65E+07	1.67E+07	1.65E+07	1.67E+07	1.72E+07	1.61E+07	1.65E+07	1.68E+07	1.62E+07	1.57E+07	1.63E+07	1.58E+07	1.59E+07	1.61E+07	1.55E+07	1.59E+07	1.57E+07	1.6E+07	1.56E+07	1.58E+07	1.61E+07	1.63E+07	1.59E+07	1.6E+07	1.55E+07	1.46E+07	1.49E+07	1.51E+07	1.43E+07	1.52E+07	1.55E+07	1.51E+07	1.51E+07	1.59E+07	1.58E+07	1.56E+07	1.64E+07	1.62E+07	1.61E+07	1.6E+07
trans,trans-Farnesyl phosphate	2.09E+04	2.26E+03	1.9E+03	1.95E+03	9.31E+04	1.63E+03	3.19E+03	2.75E+03	2.16E+03	1.75E+03	5.59E+03	1.78E+03	0	1.75E+03	1.46E+03	0	1.73E+03	2.01E+03	9.82E+03	1.49E+04	0	4.48E+04	0	1.36E+04	2.01E+03	0	0	0	0	1.8E+03	7.43E+03	2.7E+06	2.05E+03	2.04E+03	0	0	1.88E+06	1.57E+03	0	0	2.03E+03	0	1.34E+03	1.64E+03	0
trans-1,2-Dichloroethene	8.49E+06	8.64E+06	8.54E+06	8.46E+06	8.35E+06	8.49E+06	8.43E+06	8.43E+06	8.46E+06	8.53E+06	8.48E+06	8.46E+06	8.74E+06	8.51E+06	8.71E+06	8.47E+06	8.68E+06	8.54E+06	8.9E+06	8.75E+06	8.35E+06	8.69E+06	8.58E+06	8.55E+06	8.45E+06	8.47E+06	8.81E+06	8.54E+06	8.75E+06	8.81E+06	8.87E+06	8.93E+06	9.06E+06	9.08E+06	9.09E+06	8.72E+06	8.83E+06	8.84E+06	8.53E+06	8.74E+06	8.66E+06	8.86E+06	9.18E+06	9.29E+06	8.61E+06
trans-4-Hydroxycyclohexanecarboxylate	3.31E+06	3.16E+06	1.04E+06	5.57E+06	6.79E+06	2.16E+06	1.93E+06	2.09E+05	4.62E+06	8.57E+05	2.44E+06	4.31E+06	1.04E+06	5.66E+06	4.75E+06	2.21E+06	4.79E+06	2.76E+06	6.89E+06	6E+06	1.62E+06	2.96E+06	1.77E+06	3.55E+06	5.57E+05	1.12E+06	3.24E+05	2.87E+06	7.76E+05	3.11E+06	2.27E+06	5.05E+06	1.22E+06	2.45E+06	6.49E+06	1.02E+06	4.97E+06	2.49E+06	8.11E+05	6.45E+05	3.16E+06	1.88E+05	2.73E+06	3.04E+06	1.94E+06
TRANS-4-HYDROXYPROLINE	3.32E+07	4.48E+07	1.54E+07	3.28E+07	4.1E+07	3.66E+07	2.86E+07	8.61E+06	3.55E+07	7.84E+06	2.14E+07	1.56E+07	8.83E+06	1.62E+07	2.17E+07	1.65E+07	3.58E+07	5.39E+07	5.3E+07	1.79E+07	1.71E+07	3.06E+07	3.57E+07	2.9E+07	1.41E+07	3.58E+07	1.75E+07	1.84E+07	1.85E+07	2.55E+07	1.33E+07	2.95E+07	2.7E+07	1.46E+07	3.94E+07	1.55E+07	2.53E+07	2.46E+07	1.29E+07	1.39E+07	1.51E+07	8.25E+06	1.46E+07	2.89E+07	1.4E+07
TRANS-CINNAMATE	6.7E+05	7.75E+05	8.7E+05	3.59E+05	1.14E+06	1.07E+06	3.46E+05	5.9E+05	5.45E+05	1E+06	1.03E+06	1.2E+06	4.59E+05	5.61E+05	3.76E+05	6.62E+05	5.83E+05	5.72E+05	1.39E+06	2.92E+06	3.2E+05	1.09E+06	2.67E+05	9.69E+05	5.96E+05	2.6E+05	4.53E+05	1.81E+05	2.87E+05	3.36E+06	1.62E+06	1.76E+06	6.7E+05	1.29E+06	5.37E+05	4.58E+05	5.2E+05	1.17E+06	5.66E+05	1.03E+06	8.2E+05	6.03E+05	5.17E+05	4.14E+05	6.83E+05
Tranylcypromine	1.57E+05	3.75E+04	1.39E+04	3.72E+04	3.34E+05	8.69E+03	1.07E+04	6.13E+03	8.2E+04	4.13E+03	1.05E+04	6.89E+03	1.35E+03	1.15E+04	9.41E+04	1.72E+05	4.84E+05	2.33E+04	3.73E+04	9.17E+04	6.38E+04	5.2E+04	2.07E+04	8.84E+04	5.35E+03	6.05E+04	1.27E+03	1.7E+04	1.48E+03	6.14E+04	1.64E+04	3.69E+04	1.9E+04	6.88E+04	2.97E+05	7.05E+03	7.35E+04	8.9E+03	2.65E+03	3.85E+04	1.84E+04	7.3E+03	1.94E+03	7.34E+03	4.45E+03
Traumatic acid_1	4.36E+06	7.64E+06	1.49E+06	3.4E+06	3.94E+06	2.58E+06	5.86E+06	9.66E+05	1.3E+06	3.91E+05	1.05E+06	8.21E+05	6.02E+05	1.38E+06	1.89E+06	4.13E+05	2.93E+06	1.89E+06	3.34E+06	2.12E+06	3.66E+05	2.48E+06	1.19E+06	6.38E+06	2.22E+05	3.13E+05	2.63E+05	1.9E+06	7.5E+05	2.87E+06	2.97E+06	2.91E+06	6.9E+05	2.45E+06	4.6E+06	7.25E+05	3.31E+06	2.78E+06	2.07E+05	8.4E+05	1.35E+06	6.58E+05	4.5E+05	5.37E+05	1.31E+06
Traumatic acid_2	2.82E+05	6.02E+05	4.83E+05	3.04E+05	1.54E+06	2.45E+05	7.19E+05	1.82E+05	6.19E+05	1.79E+05	1.98E+05	3.31E+05	9.41E+04	1.18E+06	1.98E+05	1.52E+05	5.17E+05	1.12E+05	4.49E+05	1.6E+06	6.72E+05	7.86E+05	3.46E+04	8.4E+05	1.28E+05	3.08E+04	8.57E+04	6.2E+05	9.91E+04	2.55E+05	9.87E+05	1.94E+06	7.94E+04	1.21E+06	3.94E+05	7.6E+05	9.32E+05	1.02E+06	1.78E+05	2.19E+05	4.38E+05	6.4E+05	3.85E+05	1.61E+05	1.48E+05
Tributyl phosphate	5.87E+05	6.2E+05	6.52E+05	6.78E+05	5.93E+05	6.53E+05	6.13E+05	6.22E+05	6.4E+05	6.43E+05	6.1E+05	6.12E+05	6.81E+05	6.51E+05	5.78E+05	6E+05	6.15E+05	6.29E+05	6.72E+05	6.03E+05	5.92E+05	6.13E+05	6.06E+05	5.97E+05	5.72E+05	6.2E+05	5.67E+05	6.01E+05	6.03E+05	6.08E+05	6.01E+05	5.67E+05	5.73E+05	5.43E+05	5.7E+05	6.03E+05	5.69E+05	5.38E+05	5.68E+05	6.61E+05	5.86E+05	5.85E+05	6.12E+05	5.98E+05	5.85E+05
Tributyrin	1.69E+03	5.03E+03	1.93E+04	1.15E+04	6.9E+04	3.61E+04	1.27E+04	2.55E+04	1.35E+04	0	2.12E+03	1.02E+04	0	7.56E+03	1.3E+05	1.01E+04	3.11E+03	2.36E+03	2.85E+04	2E+04	0	1.74E+03	0	5.94E+03	0	0	0	0	2.81E+03	2.47E+03	6.56E+03	1.05E+04	3.09E+03	2.49E+05	2.35E+03	1.31E+04	1.6E+04	4.57E+04	0	2.34E+03	2.54E+03	2.18E+04	0	1.66E+03	2.23E+04
Triethanolamine	8.74E+05	7.5E+05	1.6E+06	1.23E+06	8.28E+06	1.65E+06	3.08E+04	2.92E+05	3.45E+05	1.1E+07	1.07E+06	3.04E+06	7.03E+04	0	6.45E+06	3.4E+05	2.18E+06	1.27E+05	1.05E+06	6.75E+06	5.37E+05	1.6E+06	5.74E+04	1E+06	1.87E+05	2.36E+04	9.97E+04	1.25E+05	4.28E+04	2.04E+05	4.87E+05	2.29E+06	2.61E+05	4.7E+05	3.04E+05	1.55E+06	2.54E+06	7.74E+03	8.39E+04	2.3E+05	7.19E+03	1.35E+04	5.17E+05	8.98E+04	1.67E+05
Triglochinin	1.42E+03	1.07E+05	0	2.29E+06	0	0	1.94E+03	0	0	1.62E+03	0	0	848	0	0	1.18E+03	0	0	0	9.34E+04	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.64E+03	1.78E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	2.95E+03	0	1.52E+03	0	0	0	0
Trihomomethionine_1	3.51E+07	3.7E+07	1.02E+07	8.72E+07	5.82E+07	2.14E+07	7.58E+07	1.24E+07	6.5E+07	3.7E+06	2.74E+07	1.05E+07	1.42E+07	6.48E+07	6.67E+07	6.25E+07	1.92E+07	5.71E+07	1.08E+08	2.59E+07	9.23E+06	5.52E+07	1.66E+07	1.46E+08	4.43E+06	1.29E+07	1.41E+06	7.8E+07	1.57E+07	1.81E+08	1.28E+08	1.53E+08	3.25E+07	2.02E+07	2.68E+08	3.32E+06	3.44E+08	1.83E+07	1.16E+07	3.35E+07	4.03E+07	4.12E+06	3.06E+07	5.75E+07	1.94E+07
Trihomomethionine_2	1.85E+06	7.58E+05	2.63E+05	1.27E+06	2.36E+06	7.12E+04	1.3E+05	8.13E+04	3.91E+05	6.13E+05	9.12E+04	7.52E+05	3.06E+04	8.41E+05	2.47E+05	5.67E+04	7.19E+05	4.01E+05	2.19E+06	1.19E+05	4.04E+04	5.29E+06	8.69E+04	1.69E+05	3.16E+05	6.57E+04	1.65E+05	6.07E+05	3.17E+04	4.83E+05	6.34E+05	5.66E+05	1.73E+05	1E+06	5.23E+05	9.11E+05	3.78E+05	9.47E+05	1.12E+04	1.6E+05	9.52E+05	7.81E+05	7.81E+05	3.58E+05	4.22E+04
Trimethylamine N-oxide	2.88E+08	1.11E+08	1.17E+08	1.98E+08	2.95E+08	1.44E+08	1.17E+08	1.06E+08	1.98E+08	1.44E+08	4.76E+08	6.64E+08	2.23E+08	1.71E+09	2.01E+08	2.29E+08	2.37E+08	3E+08	2.49E+08	5.83E+08	7.79E+07	2.3E+08	2.59E+08	2.57E+08	1.29E+08	1.5E+08	1.4E+08	1.5E+08	1.36E+08	2.81E+08	4.48E+08	1.57E+08	9.08E+07	2.47E+08	1.75E+08	2.18E+08	1.47E+08	4.37E+08	2.72E+08	1.21E+08	8.66E+08	1.11E+08	1.18E+08	3.27E+08	9.95E+07
Triphenylsilanol	1.42E+06	9.14E+05	7.64E+04	6.98E+05	1.59E+05	1.9E+05	1.05E+05	1.14E+05	3.75E+05	9.97E+04	1.83E+05	1.94E+05	5.04E+04	3.4E+06	1.19E+06	1.28E+05	3.72E+05	1.29E+06	5.63E+05	8.11E+05	1.88E+04	5.14E+05	4.08E+04	4.24E+05	3.59E+03	1.37E+04	3.48E+03	5.77E+05	4.85E+04	5.09E+05	6.31E+05	3.86E+05	6.34E+04	2.1E+05	9.37E+05	1.87E+04	2.71E+05	1.52E+05	3.01E+03	1.87E+04	3.67E+05	1.43E+04	2E+04	9.16E+05	2.9E+05
Tris(butoxyethyl)phosphate	6.29E+06	6.09E+06	6.17E+06	6.25E+06	6.16E+06	6.04E+06	5.91E+06	6E+06	5.82E+06	5.93E+06	5.89E+06	5.88E+06	5.94E+06	5.7E+06	5.8E+06	5.7E+06	5.54E+06	5.66E+06	5.89E+06	5.54E+06	5.5E+06	5.5E+06	5.52E+06	5.48E+06	5.2E+06	5.64E+06	5.55E+06	5.41E+06	5.59E+06	5.46E+06	5.49E+06	5.2E+06	5.32E+06	5.39E+06	5.2E+06	5.4E+06	5.28E+06	5.38E+06	5.41E+06	5.47E+06	5.61E+06	5.64E+06	5.74E+06	5.66E+06	5.73E+06
Triticonazole	3.24E+05	7.4E+04	1.29E+05	1.32E+05	6.4E+05	3.06E+05	2.59E+05	7.72E+03	1.07E+04	1.09E+04	1.67E+04	2.06E+05	3.6E+03	2.51E+04	2.29E+05	1.69E+04	1.18E+06	3.64E+05	1.13E+05	7.2E+05	1.17E+04	2.65E+05	7.05E+04	4.44E+05	1.67E+04	2.38E+04	5.45E+03	1.06E+05	3.96E+03	9.91E+04	2.8E+04	6.68E+05	7.91E+04	3.45E+05	1.32E+05	6.61E+04	1.46E+05	2.96E+05	2.42E+03	9.71E+04	8.81E+04	3.59E+03	3.15E+03	4.02E+04	4.97E+04
Tropine_1	7.46E+05	4.14E+03	8.04E+03	1.9E+05	2.26E+07	2.99E+04	1.44E+05	2.64E+06	1.47E+05	1.69E+03	2.13E+06	2.53E+06	2.32E+04	3.46E+05	3.18E+06	1.55E+04	1.55E+07	1.17E+04	2.08E+05	4.45E+06	3.9E+05	8.78E+05	7.39E+05	3.32E+04	9.58E+04	4.79E+06	5.13E+03	9.96E+05	1.35E+06	1.13E+06	6.85E+05	2.59E+07	1.08E+06	1.61E+07	1.21E+06	3.52E+06	3.99E+06	2.04E+07	2.65E+03	1.21E+07	3.94E+06	1.49E+04	2.78E+04	1.95E+06	4.35E+06
Tropine_2	3.2E+05	5.6E+05	2.62E+05	3.18E+05	1.53E+05	1.15E+05	3.9E+05	2.94E+05	2.67E+05	6.56E+05	4E+05	4.25E+05	3.22E+05	3.75E+05	2.2E+05	2.53E+05	9.38E+04	3.33E+05	3.04E+05	2.23E+05	2.83E+05	3.78E+05	4.34E+05	3.84E+05	4.93E+05	2.79E+05	1.89E+05	3.17E+05	1.54E+05	3.11E+05	2.64E+05	2.09E+05	4.83E+05	4.83E+05	5.16E+05	1.75E+05	3.06E+05	2.6E+05	4.29E+05	4.73E+05	3.64E+05	4.25E+05	4.68E+05	4.15E+05	1.29E+05
Tropine_3	2.17E+04	2.38E+04	7.03E+04	1.55E+05	1.15E+05	1.2E+04	2.93E+06	2.63E+04	8.87E+04	3.15E+04	6.25E+03	5.93E+04	2.06E+04	1.74E+05	6.78E+04	2.89E+06	8.45E+04	1.76E+05	2.82E+04	3.09E+05	3.2E+03	8.67E+03	1.85E+04	1.21E+04	4.36E+04	8.86E+03	7.2E+03	3.93E+04	5.42E+03	6.45E+04	1.93E+05	3.02E+04	2.43E+04	5.33E+04	1.04E+05	1.79E+04	4.51E+04	6.56E+05	7.63E+03	5.75E+05	2.24E+04	7.03E+03	1.19E+04	6.82E+03	1.68E+04
Tropinone	1.41E+06	8.46E+05	2.09E+06	8.33E+04	1.91E+05	1.52E+06	1.1E+06	4.29E+05	5.95E+05	1.82E+06	2.48E+05	8.05E+05	1.74E+06	2.14E+06	5.9E+05	1.75E+06	2.3E+05	1.64E+06	3.63E+05	4.9E+05	4.24E+05	1.13E+05	4.45E+05	3.56E+05	1.68E+06	6.2E+05	7.25E+05	7.47E+05	1.81E+06	7.1E+05	1.41E+06	4.17E+05	1.19E+05	2.58E+05	6.09E+05	7.27E+05	4.84E+05	3.25E+05	1.88E+06	1.69E+06	8.52E+05	3.8E+05	3.1E+05	3.82E+05	4.64E+05
Trp-P-1	3.38E+07	3.51E+07	3.89E+07	3.29E+07	3.19E+07	3.44E+07	3.37E+07	3.99E+07	3.48E+07	3.95E+07	3.62E+07	3.64E+07	3.95E+07	3.41E+07	3.24E+07	3.65E+07	3.28E+07	3.37E+07	3.1E+07	3.25E+07	3.69E+07	3.31E+07	3.58E+07	3.1E+07	3.77E+07	3.88E+07	4.1E+07	3.56E+07	3.63E+07	3.12E+07	3.23E+07	3.09E+07	3.21E+07	3.43E+07	2.95E+07	3.44E+07	2.85E+07	3.17E+07	3.62E+07	3.48E+07	3.41E+07	3.92E+07	3.57E+07	3.48E+07	3.65E+07
Tryptamine	4.99E+06	9.35E+06	2.48E+06	1.25E+07	3.44E+06	7.65E+06	7.06E+06	1.14E+06	2.18E+06	2.55E+06	3.27E+06	2.71E+06	1.66E+06	2.34E+06	8.2E+06	5.97E+06	4.44E+06	7.7E+06	9.31E+06	5.83E+06	3.17E+06	3.48E+06	5.33E+06	6.34E+06	1.44E+06	3.25E+06	6.7E+05	1.7E+06	2.53E+06	2.23E+06	2.79E+06	1.74E+06	2.79E+06	2.66E+06	4.63E+06	1.45E+06	2.95E+06	2.43E+06	1.29E+06	2.03E+06	2.56E+06	7.72E+05	1.06E+06	4.88E+06	1.45E+06
Tuberonic acid glucoside	2.23E+06	5.32E+06	6.62E+05	2.02E+06	2.97E+06	1.73E+06	2.24E+06	5.49E+04	5.22E+05	8.28E+04	2.47E+05	1.08E+06	1.6E+04	8.89E+04	1.4E+06	1.23E+05	6.65E+06	3.63E+06	7.72E+05	1.68E+06	7.04E+04	3.81E+06	1.42E+05	4.16E+05	2.04E+05	6.3E+05	2.98E+04	5.35E+05	3.08E+05	5.56E+05	9.61E+05	1.39E+06	1.81E+06	4E+06	1.58E+05	1.2E+06	1.34E+06	1.97E+06	2.28E+04	1.25E+06	5.9E+05	2.08E+04	3.52E+04	1.03E+06	4.34E+04
Tussilagine_1	1.73E+07	5.06E+06	9.51E+05	2.41E+07	1.28E+07	7.58E+06	8.47E+06	6.07E+06	1.38E+07	1.66E+06	1.53E+07	4.67E+06	2.82E+06	9.7E+06	2.59E+07	9.64E+06	1.8E+07	2.05E+07	3.81E+07	2.52E+07	3E+06	2.19E+07	1.46E+07	2.93E+07	1.42E+06	8.47E+06	6.93E+05	9.01E+06	7E+06	1.22E+07	3.07E+07	1.23E+07	8.44E+06	1.22E+07	1.41E+07	1.13E+06	8.25E+06	3.61E+06	3.18E+06	9.55E+06	8.13E+06	1.24E+06	4.2E+06	1.34E+07	9.03E+06
Tussilagine_2	5.52E+03	2.71E+03	1.85E+03	5.8E+03	1.64E+04	4.15E+03	7.15E+03	3.59E+04	1.44E+03	1.04E+03	4.64E+03	3.63E+03	3.58E+03	1.81E+03	6.44E+03	1.93E+04	9.37E+03	1.79E+04	1.11E+04	1.42E+03	1.93E+03	5.17E+03	2.32E+03	1.07E+04	831	1.73E+03	1.91E+03	1.94E+03	1.4E+03	1.2E+03	4.55E+03	7.32E+03	3.73E+03	3.15E+03	2.4E+04	1.02E+03	1.51E+04	1.5E+07	1.63E+03	1.81E+05	3.73E+03	948	1.64E+03	4.08E+03	1.81E+03
Tussilagine_3	1.75E+03	2.52E+03	2.5E+03	2.36E+04	6.22E+04	2.7E+03	1.93E+04	6.28E+04	1.7E+04	1.8E+03	2.65E+03	2.45E+03	1.72E+03	2.54E+03	4.53E+03	1.25E+04	1.02E+04	4.87E+03	2.88E+03	1.1E+04	2.26E+03	2.99E+03	1.62E+03	3E+03	3.09E+03	2.08E+03	2.24E+03	2.38E+03	1.57E+03	9.19E+03	6.48E+03	1.62E+04	1.97E+03	6.35E+04	7.25E+04	1.48E+03	2.65E+03	1.05E+07	2.32E+03	2.51E+05	4.57E+03	1.87E+03	3.47E+03	1.81E+03	3.81E+03
Tyramine_1	1.97E+07	2.59E+07	1.08E+07	3.2E+07	2.05E+07	1.63E+07	1.31E+07	2.92E+06	6.66E+06	8.32E+06	8.08E+06	8.62E+06	4.47E+06	1.1E+07	2.42E+07	1.37E+07	3.04E+07	2.4E+07	3.42E+07	1.99E+07	1.05E+07	1.55E+07	1.49E+07	1.43E+07	6.31E+06	9.42E+06	3.58E+06	7.8E+06	5.58E+06	1.02E+07	8.56E+06	1.44E+07	6.77E+06	1.34E+07	1.05E+07	6.78E+06	9.36E+06	1.18E+07	3.75E+06	7.02E+06	9.97E+06	5.96E+06	4.26E+06	1.93E+07	4.68E+06
Tyramine_2	4.26E+06	4.84E+06	1.76E+06	5.52E+06	9.08E+06	2.59E+06	2.51E+06	6.67E+05	2.16E+06	1.14E+06	1.98E+06	1.66E+06	1.06E+06	2.09E+06	4.57E+06	2.79E+06	5.97E+06	4.04E+06	5.43E+06	3.43E+06	1.83E+06	3.51E+06	3.06E+06	3.4E+06	8.99E+05	1.91E+06	6.16E+05	1.87E+06	1.11E+06	1.53E+06	2.97E+06	3.86E+06	2.15E+06	2.5E+06	2.45E+06	1.96E+06	3.8E+06	1.94E+06	1.15E+06	1.36E+06	1.98E+06	5.8E+05	1.23E+06	2.05E+06	1.23E+06
Tyr-OEt	2.67E+06	4.39E+06	4.81E+06	1.73E+06	2.45E+06	4.43E+06	1.34E+06	2.88E+06	4.97E+06	4.5E+06	4.26E+06	4.17E+06	4.62E+06	4.43E+06	4.25E+06	4.59E+06	3.48E+06	4.19E+06	8.08E+05	4.34E+06	4.56E+06	4.43E+06	4.44E+06	4.16E+06	4.63E+06	4.6E+06	4.73E+06	4.35E+06	4.48E+06	5.02E+06	2.91E+06	8.72E+05	4.4E+06	1.11E+06	2.69E+06	4.24E+06	2.17E+06	4.46E+06	4.32E+06	3.92E+06	3.01E+06	4.47E+06	4.75E+06	4.11E+06	4.2E+06
Umbelliferone	4.7E+05	1.37E+05	1.95E+05	1.16E+04	4.93E+04	2.75E+04	2.35E+04	1.13E+04	1.78E+05	1.49E+05	1.86E+05	8.7E+04	2.75E+04	6.38E+05	3.04E+03	1.73E+04	2.28E+05	9.34E+03	3.01E+04	1.13E+05	5.45E+04	3.41E+05	1.57E+03	1.12E+04	2.33E+05	2.02E+04	3.6E+04	3.38E+05	2.02E+04	8.3E+04	1.67E+05	2.96E+03	2.01E+04	1.2E+05	1.75E+05	6.23E+05	2.39E+03	5.57E+04	2.91E+04	8.86E+03	6.83E+05	1.97E+05	2.5E+04	1.39E+05	1.69E+04
URACIL	5.7E+07	1.17E+08	4.61E+07	1.32E+08	8.76E+07	8.34E+07	7.09E+07	2.99E+07	4.11E+07	4.48E+07	6.96E+07	3.23E+07	3.45E+07	1.15E+08	1.12E+08	1.05E+08	4.49E+07	8.02E+07	2.32E+08	2.73E+07	7.74E+07	5.62E+07	6.46E+07	1.2E+08	2.7E+07	4.42E+07	1.8E+07	1.06E+08	5.21E+07	3.89E+07	4.98E+07	4.46E+07	2.37E+07	3.17E+07	6.34E+07	4.67E+07	8.96E+07	2.26E+07	3.05E+07	2.04E+07	9.54E+07	3.89E+07	4.11E+07	2.74E+07	2.65E+07
Uracil mustard	0	1.3E+03	3.6E+04	6.87E+05	0	2.45E+04	7.53E+05	0	0	1.15E+03	1.17E+03	2.84E+03	3.32E+03	0	5.83E+04	0	0	5.6E+04	1.04E+05	4.17E+03	7.43E+03	1.28E+03	0	1.18E+06	2.81E+03	1.25E+03	4.54E+03	0	0	0	1.67E+04	1.75E+03	1.12E+03	0	1.77E+03	7.47E+03	4.84E+04	0	0	1.35E+05	0	0	4.66E+05	1.83E+03	0
URATE	1.29E+09	8.82E+08	6.34E+08	1.16E+09	1.29E+09	1.07E+09	1.13E+09	5.98E+08	9.19E+08	6.38E+08	1.04E+09	9.43E+08	6.68E+08	1.38E+09	9.58E+08	1.03E+09	1.05E+09	1.13E+09	7.67E+08	1.2E+09	1.12E+09	1.48E+09	7.06E+08	1.16E+09	5.64E+08	8.43E+08	3.68E+08	1.1E+09	6.84E+08	8.85E+08	1.49E+09	1.46E+09	6.35E+08	1.01E+09	8.55E+08	7.74E+08	1.19E+09	9.85E+08	6.26E+08	8.4E+08	1.3E+09	4.9E+08	1.01E+09	1.19E+09	5.12E+08
Urate_1	5.58E+05	9.99E+05	3.79E+05	1.34E+06	1.57E+06	7.49E+05	4.27E+05	1.66E+05	6.1E+05	3.14E+05	6.97E+05	6.81E+05	1.89E+05	4.96E+05	1.43E+06	4.96E+05	6.64E+05	9.33E+05	1.34E+06	8.49E+05	6.07E+05	5.75E+05	5.33E+05	1.02E+06	8.16E+04	3.22E+05	8.35E+04	3.63E+05	2.53E+05	6.14E+05	9.9E+05	1.79E+06	3.44E+05	4.69E+05	1.12E+06	6.13E+05	1.6E+06	6.94E+05	2.47E+05	3.64E+05	4.12E+05	1.09E+05	4.26E+05	4.26E+05	3.41E+05
Urate_2	2.26E+04	1.19E+04	3.21E+03	3.62E+05	1.37E+05	4.18E+03	5.6E+03	4.14E+03	2.71E+03	2.84E+03	4.46E+03	3.94E+03	1.37E+05	4.23E+03	8.2E+03	4.54E+03	3.88E+05	1.11E+04	9.61E+03	7.31E+03	2.68E+03	4.38E+03	1.07E+04	1.87E+04	7.19E+03	5.63E+03	4.01E+03	3.65E+03	9.5E+03	2.8E+04	1.33E+04	1.23E+04	1.84E+04	6.66E+03	5.92E+04	3.04E+03	6.41E+03	3.55E+03	7.11E+03	5.83E+03	1.09E+04	1.33E+03	2.18E+03	5.84E+05	1.35E+04
Urate-3-ribonucleoside	5.88E+05	1.16E+06	4.06E+05	1.44E+06	1.73E+06	8.18E+05	4.89E+05	1.92E+05	6.22E+05	3.15E+05	7.27E+05	7.14E+05	2.95E+05	4.53E+05	1.42E+06	4.93E+05	6.01E+05	8.6E+05	1.36E+06	8.2E+05	6.37E+05	5.21E+05	5.22E+05	1.06E+06	8.39E+04	3.1E+05	1.03E+05	3.17E+05	2.48E+05	6.1E+05	9.67E+05	1.62E+06	3.46E+05	3.41E+05	9.82E+05	5.24E+05	1.5E+06	6.78E+05	2.71E+05	2.86E+05	3.58E+05	9.87E+04	5.87E+05	5.35E+05	6.64E+04
Ureidoacrylate	8.56E+06	1.85E+07	5.48E+06	1.48E+06	2.45E+06	9.22E+06	8.76E+06	2.57E+06	4.02E+06	7.06E+05	6.24E+07	3.47E+07	2.14E+07	1.86E+07	3.24E+06	2.01E+07	1.05E+06	2.72E+07	9.11E+06	1.41E+07	3.8E+07	1.06E+06	1.04E+07	2.14E+07	4.03E+07	9.24E+06	4.24E+07	1.26E+07	4.91E+06	1.53E+07	2.84E+06	1.54E+07	3.44E+06	1.58E+06	1.82E+07	1.63E+07	4.24E+07	3.3E+07	1.07E+07	1.17E+07	9.51E+06	2.38E+07	8.47E+06	9.89E+06	1.83E+07
Uridine	1.74E+08	1.74E+08	6.23E+07	2.5E+08	2.15E+08	1.13E+08	9.33E+07	3.9E+07	1.38E+08	5.59E+07	1.35E+08	8.09E+07	4.64E+07	1.24E+08	2.16E+08	1.11E+08	1.85E+08	1.52E+08	2.76E+08	1.52E+08	8.39E+07	1.83E+08	1.01E+08	2.06E+08	5.08E+07	6.71E+07	3.14E+07	1.07E+08	4.75E+07	1.06E+08	1.6E+08	1.54E+08	8.12E+07	1.25E+08	1.91E+08	7.1E+07	1.69E+08	7.86E+07	3.69E+07	6E+07	1.05E+08	4.55E+07	7.04E+07	1.08E+08	4.59E+07
UROCANATE	1.45E+08	1.79E+08	5.35E+07	1.89E+08	2.35E+08	1.19E+08	4.4E+07	2.74E+07	7.92E+07	5.35E+07	7.73E+07	6.15E+07	3.5E+07	1.4E+08	1.83E+08	6.05E+07	1.71E+08	1.1E+08	2.36E+08	9.19E+07	1.05E+08	1.63E+08	8.71E+07	1.17E+08	5.62E+07	5.56E+07	4.79E+07	1.6E+08	3.35E+07	1.59E+08	6.28E+07	2.7E+08	4.99E+07	5.83E+07	2.73E+08	7.2E+07	2.93E+08	4.89E+07	3.97E+07	5.14E+07	1.18E+08	3.68E+07	6.32E+07	1.42E+08	4.88E+07
Urocanate	2.77E+07	1.96E+07	2.03E+06	3.57E+07	3.55E+07	1.31E+07	6.31E+06	6.82E+06	3.9E+07	3.13E+06	3.45E+07	2.27E+07	5.6E+06	7.99E+06	2.72E+07	7.5E+06	2.62E+07	2.18E+07	5.75E+07	2.05E+07	1.78E+07	2.36E+07	1.8E+07	2.99E+07	1.03E+07	7.43E+06	2E+07	1.07E+07	3.37E+06	1.23E+07	1.33E+08	5.5E+07	3.49E+07	5.87E+07	3.35E+07	2.8E+06	2.82E+07	9.05E+06	4.41E+06	2.04E+07	1E+07	3.77E+07	1.09E+07	1.04E+07	1.48E+07
Valclavam	2.97E+06	1.73E+06	3.3E+05	2.68E+06	3.12E+06	1.09E+06	7.33E+05	2.72E+05	1.89E+06	4.75E+05	8.56E+05	1.04E+06	2.23E+05	1.43E+06	2.3E+06	1E+06	2.6E+06	2.35E+06	3.81E+06	1.03E+06	1.48E+06	2.44E+06	1.62E+06	1.64E+06	2.95E+05	8.47E+05	1.95E+05	1.25E+06	2.57E+05	1.62E+06	1.79E+06	2.74E+06	8.66E+05	1.01E+06	2.96E+06	6.44E+05	1.91E+06	6.92E+05	1.11E+05	4.76E+05	1E+06	2.61E+05	7.69E+05	1.09E+06	1.28E+05
Valine	1.17E+07	4.72E+07	1.91E+07	4.9E+07	5.08E+07	1.51E+07	4.57E+07	1.39E+07	3.42E+07	1.66E+07	2.08E+07	9.55E+06	2.16E+07	2.82E+07	1.82E+07	2.63E+07	2.12E+07	3.49E+07	3.74E+07	3.02E+07	1.11E+07	4.04E+07	1.58E+07	4.2E+07	1.46E+07	1.99E+07	1.4E+07	2.55E+07	1.64E+07	3.53E+07	3.86E+07	6.34E+07	2E+07	3.04E+07	3.13E+07	3.32E+07	4.37E+07	2.26E+07	3.17E+07	2.02E+07	2.24E+07	1.56E+07	2.14E+07	2.85E+07	2.38E+07
Vanillyl alcohol_1	3.83E+06	4.06E+06	2.32E+06	4.84E+06	7.45E+06	5.01E+06	4.66E+06	8.62E+05	3.85E+06	1.44E+06	2.41E+06	1.6E+06	1.01E+06	6.62E+06	1.08E+07	2.42E+06	3.8E+06	5.68E+06	6.75E+06	3.38E+06	1.27E+06	3.53E+06	1.96E+06	5.78E+06	8.03E+05	1.9E+06	4.58E+05	6.51E+06	1.29E+06	3.01E+06	5.34E+06	5.43E+06	3.13E+06	4.27E+06	6.97E+06	1.17E+06	8.55E+06	3.18E+06	7.13E+05	1.46E+06	1.83E+06	8.42E+05	2.09E+06	1.89E+06	2.05E+06
Vanillyl alcohol_2	7.81E+05	1.51E+06	5.79E+05	1.11E+06	2.11E+06	1.2E+06	9.43E+05	7.28E+05	6.29E+05	2.19E+05	2.11E+05	3.59E+05	2.57E+05	5.35E+05	1.27E+06	3.32E+05	7.35E+05	7.91E+05	1.09E+06	6.22E+05	2.43E+05	1.18E+06	5.96E+05	1.11E+06	1.31E+05	1.1E+05	2.26E+05	7.95E+05	9.98E+04	9.93E+05	2.54E+06	9.8E+05	5.54E+05	1.61E+06	1.74E+06	3.3E+05	2.52E+06	1.35E+06	1.77E+05	3.81E+05	5.54E+05	2.47E+05	3.98E+05	7.37E+05	7.33E+05
Velloquercetin	7.75E+03	1.23E+05	2.96E+03	1.01E+04	3.77E+03	9.03E+05	2.34E+03	2.81E+03	5.76E+03	3.59E+03	2.31E+05	3.33E+03	7.96E+03	2.45E+03	2.25E+03	3.16E+04	4.97E+06	1.6E+04	5.05E+04	6.18E+05	3.32E+04	2.68E+04	1.2E+06	2.29E+07	7.89E+05	1.3E+05	1.29E+05	3.62E+03	2.05E+03	4.56E+04	1.96E+04	1.94E+04	2.56E+05	9.58E+05	6.12E+05	5.1E+03	1.19E+04	0	2.82E+03	2.83E+03	3.09E+03	9.29E+03	2.83E+03	8.85E+03	3.49E+03
Vermelone_1	3.56E+05	4.92E+05	5.71E+05	5.64E+05	5.87E+05	6.03E+05	5.95E+05	5.92E+05	5.39E+05	6.03E+05	2.28E+05	6.04E+05	6.59E+05	5.3E+05	4.32E+05	6E+05	5.76E+05	5.57E+05	6.17E+05	5.85E+05	5.99E+05	5.88E+05	5.52E+05	5.69E+05	6.45E+05	6.48E+05	6.57E+05	5.31E+05	1.01E+06	6.2E+05	7.04E+05	6.46E+05	5.54E+05	6.74E+05	5.41E+05	6.63E+05	6.78E+05	5.77E+05	1.03E+06	5.9E+05	6.16E+05	7.07E+05	1.07E+06	5.5E+05	6.53E+05
Vermelone_2	5.12E+05	7.34E+05	1E+06	9.79E+05	4.58E+06	6.63E+05	8.51E+05	1.52E+05	1.77E+06	5.46E+05	1.69E+05	3.71E+05	3.74E+05	1.35E+05	2.16E+06	4.03E+05	1.21E+06	2.97E+05	1.07E+06	8.2E+05	3.37E+05	5.6E+05	3.61E+05	1.43E+06	3.27E+05	2.28E+05	2.05E+04	1.11E+05	1.13E+05	4.9E+05	2.45E+06	1.06E+06	7.14E+05	1.23E+06	7.02E+05	1.85E+05	1.44E+06	5.23E+05	3.1E+04	2.3E+05	4.7E+05	1.9E+05	2.44E+05	5.88E+05	2.01E+05
Verrucarin A	6.49E+04	1.08E+05	2.55E+03	3.14E+05	6.75E+04	4.73E+04	6.66E+04	2.01E+03	3.92E+04	2.37E+03	3.65E+04	8.02E+03	5.05E+03	1.82E+03	1.61E+04	3.17E+04	6.34E+03	8.18E+03	3.18E+05	4.24E+04	2.2E+04	7.19E+04	2.43E+03	1.8E+05	0	2.67E+03	0	1.05E+04	2.53E+04	2.55E+04	3.02E+04	1.98E+05	1.63E+03	1.26E+04	5.39E+04	2.17E+04	1.42E+05	1.05E+04	1.86E+03	1.17E+03	1.74E+03	1.31E+03	1.05E+04	1.69E+03	0
Versicolorin B_1	1.4E+04	1.39E+06	1.19E+06	9.37E+06	4.54E+04	8.34E+06	2.36E+06	4.61E+05	1E+04	2.47E+04	1.9E+04	1.84E+04	1.47E+06	1.86E+04	5.44E+03	2.54E+04	3.75E+06	2.74E+06	9.2E+03	7.42E+05	2.52E+04	2.93E+06	7.08E+06	2.22E+06	9.45E+05	6.84E+04	7.41E+04	3.29E+04	2.85E+04	4.56E+06	6.45E+06	4.92E+04	2.37E+06	4.43E+05	1.84E+07	2.84E+04	4.19E+06	7.05E+05	1.52E+04	7.83E+05	2.07E+04	3.22E+06	8.46E+05	1.03E+07	7.76E+03
Versicolorin B_2	4.95E+04	0	0	1.16E+05	0	0	6.46E+04	0	0	1.12E+05	9.07E+05	7.89E+04	0	1.82E+03	2.58E+05	2.21E+03	5.43E+04	2.08E+07	3.59E+04	1.74E+05	7.04E+04	0	3.54E+05	6.31E+04	2.04E+03	1.74E+03	4.19E+03	1.64E+04	1.68E+03	1.95E+03	2.88E+04	0	0	0	5.76E+03	0	3.28E+03	0	0	5.14E+03	0	2.1E+04	2.81E+03	1.56E+06	0
Virol B	1.87E+05	4.29E+03	1.94E+03	7.06E+05	1.24E+06	9.47E+03	1.68E+04	1.43E+04	3.29E+04	2.1E+03	2.64E+03	1.26E+04	1.76E+04	4.7E+04	4.14E+05	1.98E+03	4.8E+05	7.11E+04	7.55E+05	2.44E+04	2.44E+03	5.42E+04	4.8E+04	3.31E+03	1.31E+04	8.23E+03	1.2E+03	1.96E+04	2.06E+03	3.16E+04	7.18E+05	7.17E+04	5.23E+03	3.21E+05	1.3E+05	2.44E+03	1.49E+05	3.99E+04	1.73E+04	9.78E+03	3.82E+03	3.39E+03	7.31E+03	9.25E+04	3.8E+04
Vitexin	3.26E+03	1.99E+03	2.46E+06	4.12E+06	5.46E+05	1.11E+04	2.71E+03	9.09E+05	1.19E+06	1.16E+06	1.22E+03	2.2E+03	4.19E+03	6.68E+05	2.16E+03	8.5E+04	4.43E+05	2.45E+05	0	3.07E+06	4.43E+03	0	0	1.55E+04	2.5E+03	5.13E+04	0	6.2E+05	0	1.55E+05	1.11E+06	4.15E+04	0	3.21E+03	1.51E+06	1.28E+06	2.36E+05	2.9E+03	2.32E+04	0	6.87E+03	1.53E+04	0	2.71E+06	3.87E+06
Warfarin	1.42E+07	1.37E+07	1.4E+07	8.13E+06	3.2E+07	2.47E+07	2.81E+07	2.06E+07	9.13E+06	8.63E+06	7.07E+06	9.73E+06	5.25E+06	1.4E+07	7.42E+06	7.8E+06	2.21E+07	1.51E+07	9.75E+06	1.55E+07	6.73E+06	1.3E+07	6.62E+06	1.77E+07	6.93E+06	6.64E+06	5.64E+06	1.17E+07	7.83E+06	7.97E+06	1.47E+07	3.84E+07	1.31E+07	3.37E+07	5.37E+06	1.54E+07	2.09E+07	4.61E+07	5.64E+06	1.37E+07	1.44E+07	5.7E+06	7.28E+06	8.95E+06	1.43E+07
Wedelolactone	2.19E+05	1.92E+05	7.82E+04	4.02E+05	3.76E+05	1.81E+05	7.74E+04	1.31E+04	2.59E+04	7.17E+04	1.69E+05	1.24E+05	6.39E+04	1.48E+05	1.35E+05	5.39E+04	2.21E+06	2.36E+05	2.47E+05	4.31E+04	3.36E+04	2.62E+05	1.66E+05	2.37E+05	9.46E+05	2.84E+04	3.95E+05	8.95E+04	6.34E+04	4.69E+05	9.79E+04	5.61E+05	5.42E+03	1.46E+04	5.38E+05	2.14E+05	2.94E+05	3.42E+05	3.49E+04	4.12E+04	1.06E+05	4.55E+05	2.17E+04	1.77E+05	1.16E+05
WIN VI	8.86E+03	0	0	0	1.85E+03	0	0	0	5.25E+03	0	1.11E+03	1.66E+03	0	0	0	0	6.29E+03	1.58E+03	1.44E+03	0	0	0	0	0	1.3E+03	1.27E+03	0	0	0	4.19E+03	0	1.12E+03	0	1.45E+03	7.13E+05	0	3.81E+03	1.27E+03	1.11E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0
WR 1065	1.22E+07	1.16E+07	1.58E+07	9.4E+06	8.12E+06	1.26E+07	1.23E+07	2.81E+06	1.23E+07	1.52E+07	1.16E+07	1.26E+07	1.53E+07	8.53E+06	8.04E+06	1.17E+07	8.07E+06	9.9E+06	5.37E+06	8.25E+06	1.31E+07	9.62E+06	1.23E+07	9.07E+06	1.56E+07	1.48E+07	1.92E+07	1.26E+07	1.57E+07	1.16E+07	8.64E+06	9.19E+06	1.44E+07	1.02E+07	8.15E+06	1.41E+07	9.96E+06	1.12E+07	1.5E+07	1.39E+07	9.13E+06	1.68E+07	1.52E+07	1.01E+07	1.63E+07
Wyerone	4.29E+04	3E+03	2.46E+06	1.65E+04	1.17E+04	1.68E+04	5.87E+03	1.47E+04	6.75E+05	1.22E+06	1.68E+03	2.47E+04	8.89E+04	1.16E+06	1.45E+04	2.84E+03	2.46E+04	1.3E+06	1.45E+04	1.64E+04	0	7.58E+03	3.11E+03	4.12E+03	2.76E+05	0	1.96E+03	1.61E+06	3.53E+03	5.59E+05	2.94E+05	3.99E+03	4.69E+05	2.12E+06	7.78E+05	1.5E+06	1.35E+03	1.82E+04	2.08E+03	1.17E+04	1.04E+05	2.13E+04	8.95E+03	1.98E+06	8.21E+05
Xanthan_1	4.65E+06	4.58E+06	4.61E+06	4.67E+06	4.51E+06	4.35E+06	4.47E+06	4.6E+06	4.69E+06	4.77E+06	4.08E+06	4.07E+06	4.85E+06	4.74E+06	4.79E+06	4.84E+06	4.73E+06	4.72E+06	4.59E+06	4.59E+06	4.63E+06	4.62E+06	4.6E+06	4.42E+06	4.78E+06	4.81E+06	4.44E+06	4.59E+06	4.69E+06	4.98E+06	4.81E+06	4.83E+06	4.36E+06	4.82E+06	5.04E+06	4.67E+06	4.98E+06	4.95E+06	4.47E+06	4.94E+06	4.96E+06	4.35E+06	4.56E+06	4.96E+06	5.18E+06
Xanthan_2	2.47E+03	2.2E+03	2.72E+03	4.46E+03	4.11E+03	2.97E+03	2.78E+03	2.65E+03	2.42E+03	2.04E+03	2.39E+03	3.27E+03	1.81E+03	3.94E+03	2.18E+03	2.25E+03	2.85E+03	2.27E+03	2.84E+03	2.8E+03	1.45E+03	2.35E+03	2.54E+03	2.75E+03	2.12E+03	2.16E+03	904	1.98E+03	1.89E+03	2.38E+03	5.06E+03	2.76E+03	7.55E+05	4.03E+06	2.4E+03	2.11E+03	2.33E+03	2.92E+03	2.1E+03	4.29E+03	2.4E+03	1.94E+03	2.2E+03	2.23E+03	2.25E+03
Xanthine_1	9.63E+07	9.78E+07	4.92E+07	1.52E+08	6.18E+07	1.3E+08	5.88E+07	2.52E+07	9.81E+07	6.25E+07	1.02E+08	7.09E+07	3.69E+07	1.15E+08	1.22E+08	1.12E+08	6.83E+07	6.89E+07	1.03E+08	7.3E+07	8.87E+07	1.04E+08	8.49E+07	9.99E+07	3.21E+07	5.54E+07	2.34E+07	1.08E+08	4.07E+07	5.52E+07	7.39E+07	6.31E+07	5.28E+07	6.96E+07	8.26E+07	6.32E+07	9.56E+07	3.76E+07	3.69E+07	2.71E+07	7.72E+07	3.84E+07	9.83E+07	6E+07	3.54E+07
Xanthine_2	4.37E+06	5.06E+06	1.77E+06	9.99E+06	7.12E+06	4.07E+06	2.25E+06	9.67E+05	4.53E+06	2.8E+06	6.39E+06	2.41E+06	2.83E+06	3.74E+06	1.22E+07	4.14E+06	1.66E+07	4.87E+06	1E+07	4.62E+06	6.92E+06	4.42E+06	6.08E+06	7.33E+06	3.46E+06	4.15E+06	3.96E+06	4.39E+06	1.36E+06	4.11E+06	1.42E+07	6.04E+06	2.14E+06	8.27E+06	1.08E+07	2.57E+06	6.14E+06	1.67E+06	1.22E+06	1.31E+06	3.19E+06	2.32E+06	2.51E+06	3.2E+06	1.38E+06
Xanthosine	4.59E+06	5.35E+06	1.86E+06	1.07E+07	7.08E+06	4.12E+06	2.49E+06	8.99E+05	3.33E+06	1.84E+06	6.53E+06	2.44E+06	1.35E+06	3.81E+06	7.41E+06	4.18E+06	5.68E+06	3.89E+06	9.33E+06	4.43E+06	3E+06	4.43E+06	3.09E+06	7.17E+06	1.27E+06	2.2E+06	1.04E+06	3.89E+06	1.32E+06	3.96E+06	3.63E+06	5.43E+06	1.96E+06	3.05E+06	9.48E+06	2.42E+06	5.75E+06	1.6E+06	1.15E+06	1.24E+06	2.83E+06	1.2E+06	2.16E+06	3.02E+06	1.27E+06
Xanthosine 5'-phosphate	1.04E+06	1.72E+03	0	1.2E+03	2.1E+03	2.19E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.9E+04	9.57E+03	1.95E+03	0	0	0	0	1.72E+03	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	1.79E+03	0
Xanthurenic acid	9.78E+06	3.49E+06	2.18E+06	1.13E+07	1.63E+07	1.63E+06	2.65E+06	1.93E+06	4.92E+06	1.41E+06	4.65E+06	2.05E+06	1.18E+06	4.7E+06	6.98E+06	2.27E+06	1.5E+07	6.31E+06	1.04E+07	8.27E+06	3.99E+06	1.11E+07	3.45E+06	1.49E+07	1.65E+06	6.22E+05	2.57E+05	3E+06	8.05E+05	3.93E+06	1.22E+07	7.43E+06	2.87E+06	7.07E+06	3.77E+06	2.19E+06	8.06E+06	3.33E+06	1.48E+05	2.4E+06	6.79E+06	2.39E+05	1.47E+06	5.2E+06	3.14E+05
XYLITOL	1.64E+07	7.39E+06	8.7E+06	4.43E+07	2.73E+07	1.37E+07	1.25E+07	1.37E+07	1.29E+07	8.25E+06	3.68E+07	1.12E+07	7.99E+06	1.25E+07	1.03E+07	1.81E+07	2.83E+07	1.03E+07	1.78E+07	2.22E+07	1.08E+07	2.55E+07	5.4E+06	1.31E+07	1.82E+07	3.72E+06	9.81E+06	2.87E+07	6.99E+06	9.89E+06	2.09E+07	2.57E+07	6.73E+06	1.81E+07	1.7E+07	1.9E+07	1.71E+07	1.09E+07	8.81E+06	1.06E+07	1.48E+07	1.27E+07	1.04E+07	2E+07	8.85E+06
Xylitol	1.29E+06	2.5E+06	4.75E+06	1.79E+07	3.51E+06	1.31E+07	1.44E+06	3.72E+06	2.45E+06	3.05E+06	1.08E+07	1.16E+06	2.57E+06	3.03E+06	3.42E+06	3.39E+06	3.34E+06	2.92E+06	3.78E+06	2.34E+06	9.06E+05	1.98E+06	2.38E+06	2.66E+06	5.87E+06	1.18E+06	5.72E+06	6.6E+06	9.5E+05	4.46E+06	1.5E+06	1.98E+06	3.52E+06	1.47E+06	1.01E+07	6.95E+06	1.93E+06	1.31E+06	2.34E+06	2.61E+06	1.64E+06	2.83E+06	2.42E+06	1.84E+06	2.48E+06
Xylobiose	1.9E+07	1.7E+07	5.84E+06	2.68E+07	2.36E+07	1.12E+07	9.96E+06	4.3E+06	1.48E+07	5.32E+06	1.52E+07	8.36E+06	4.67E+06	1.43E+07	2.3E+07	1.25E+07	2.06E+07	1.64E+07	2.75E+07	1.62E+07	8.34E+06	2.21E+07	1.05E+07	2.47E+07	4.67E+06	6.03E+06	3.08E+06	1.39E+07	4.74E+06	1.2E+07	1.98E+07	1.79E+07	8.68E+06	1.56E+07	2.29E+07	7.18E+06	2.32E+07	8.21E+06	3.58E+06	7.13E+06	1.19E+07	4.2E+06	8.24E+06	1.21E+07	4.65E+06
Yersiniabactin_1	5.23E+07	2.66E+07	1.04E+07	1.6E+06	4.88E+07	1.82E+07	1.02E+07	2.11E+07	4.18E+07	3.49E+07	1.95E+07	1.4E+07	3.67E+06	4.02E+07	2.89E+07	1.94E+07	5.7E+07	1.34E+07	2.9E+07	2.41E+07	1.17E+07	1.88E+07	4.02E+07	6.68E+06	5.58E+06	1.65E+07	9.67E+06	3.62E+07	6.91E+06	2.58E+07	3.27E+07	3.34E+07	2.74E+07	4.85E+07	2.51E+07	4.04E+07	1.99E+06	1.71E+07	1.85E+07	2.81E+07	4.2E+07	7.44E+06	1.62E+07	1.36E+07	7.74E+06
Yersiniabactin_2	4.7E+06	2.73E+06	7.35E+06	1.12E+07	4.28E+06	2.06E+06	3.65E+06	9.69E+05	8.21E+06	7.28E+06	1.87E+06	1.57E+06	1.95E+06	8.94E+06	4.14E+06	2.56E+06	8.46E+06	9.69E+06	6.15E+06	2.21E+06	3.24E+06	1.7E+07	5.84E+06	7.1E+06	2.21E+06	1.62E+06	2.83E+06	5.62E+06	5.82E+05	8.96E+06	1.31E+06	6.11E+06	4.8E+06	5.16E+06	1.2E+07	7.45E+06	4.41E+06	3.32E+06	1.76E+06	9.46E+06	7.78E+06	1.63E+06	8.01E+06	7.37E+06	6.1E+05
Zalcitabine_1	1.77E+08	1.38E+08	3.37E+07	2.67E+08	2.61E+08	9.21E+07	4.85E+07	3.06E+07	1.31E+08	3.1E+07	5.82E+07	7.79E+07	1.88E+07	1.25E+08	3.1E+08	8.69E+07	2.7E+08	2.54E+08	3.58E+08	8.03E+07	6.68E+07	2.11E+08	1.66E+08	1.47E+08	1.37E+07	9.51E+07	6.78E+06	7.35E+07	4.06E+07	3.06E+08	1.87E+08	2.2E+08	5.47E+07	1.22E+08	3.25E+08	4.55E+07	1.38E+08	6.26E+07	1.49E+07	5.16E+07	1.38E+08	9.64E+06	7.96E+07	2.89E+08	1.28E+07
Zalcitabine_2	1E+06	1.52E+06	1.04E+06	2.37E+06	9.37E+06	1.99E+06	9.53E+05	1.35E+06	1.56E+06	5.52E+05	2.57E+06	1.44E+06	4.62E+05	8.12E+05	2.25E+06	7.62E+05	4.3E+06	1.86E+06	5.84E+06	4.73E+06	2.07E+06	1.68E+06	1.07E+06	3.14E+06	5.69E+05	3.88E+05	1.58E+05	2.55E+06	4.05E+05	2.06E+06	1.34E+07	1.67E+06	7.25E+05	1.49E+06	2.77E+06	6.39E+05	1.71E+06	8.9E+05	1.62E+05	2.53E+06	2.15E+06	2.21E+05	2.86E+05	2.04E+06	8.85E+05
Zingerone_1	2.88E+07	2.97E+07	3.05E+07	3.02E+07	3.01E+07	3.05E+07	3.17E+07	3.09E+07	3.1E+07	3.17E+07	3.26E+07	3.2E+07	3.16E+07	2.97E+07	3.1E+07	3.24E+07	3.13E+07	3.11E+07	3.2E+07	3.06E+07	3.11E+07	3E+07	3.14E+07	3.06E+07	3.14E+07	3.21E+07	3.16E+07	3.1E+07	3.15E+07	3.32E+07	3.15E+07	2.95E+07	3.27E+07	3.04E+07	3.13E+07	3.27E+07	3.06E+07	3.11E+07	3.18E+07	3.29E+07	3.27E+07	3.24E+07	3.3E+07	3.09E+07	3.22E+07
Zingerone_2	1.91E+06	4.39E+06	8.76E+05	3.97E+05	1.17E+06	1.23E+06	4.01E+05	2.19E+04	1.55E+05	9.9E+04	1.39E+05	3.2E+05	1.5E+05	1.73E+06	7.01E+05	7.23E+04	5.7E+05	1.78E+05	1.93E+05	7.4E+05	2.32E+05	5.29E+05	6.85E+04	5.84E+05	3.53E+04	3.1E+05	3.92E+04	1.71E+05	5.5E+04	2.66E+05	2.31E+05	5.2E+05	8.44E+03	2.23E+06	1.95E+05	7.2E+04	4.58E+05	7.01E+06	1.32E+04	4.04E+04	2.36E+05	3.35E+04	1.06E+05	1.31E+05	8.95E+05
Zingerone_3	3.65E+04	1.3E+04	2.82E+05	1.07E+06	7.78E+03	1.28E+05	2.09E+05	1.11E+04	3.35E+04	1.17E+04	1.07E+04	3.68E+03	1.39E+04	5.87E+04	1.8E+04	1.23E+04	1.27E+04	1.48E+05	2.11E+04	7.45E+04	1.62E+04	6.17E+05	1.25E+04	2.46E+06	5.87E+04	7.17E+03	1.2E+04	7.52E+03	3.47E+04	1.79E+04	1.62E+04	1.52E+04	2.13E+04	1.29E+05	1.57E+04	8.49E+03	8.36E+05	1.45E+05	1.13E+04	9.32E+04	2.14E+04	1.34E+04	1.07E+06	3.99E+05	1.03E+04
Zinnimidine_1	8.02E+05	7.98E+05	7.7E+05	8.45E+05	8.31E+05	8.12E+05	7.68E+05	8.28E+05	8.08E+05	8.22E+05	8.09E+05	8.03E+05	8E+05	8.08E+05	7.89E+05	7.88E+05	7.49E+05	7.68E+05	7.69E+05	7.56E+05	7.32E+05	8.32E+05	8.01E+05	7.28E+05	7.78E+05	7.77E+05	7.69E+05	7.58E+05	7.72E+05	8.12E+05	7.89E+05	7.08E+05	7.1E+05	7.75E+05	7.27E+05	7.47E+05	7.28E+05	7.56E+05	7.81E+05	7.56E+05	7.75E+05	7.96E+05	8.33E+05	8.24E+05	7.73E+05
Zinnimidine_2	7.78E+05	7.28E+05	6.98E+05	7.02E+05	7.47E+05	7.46E+05	7.5E+05	7.28E+05	7.01E+05	7.03E+05	7.35E+05	6.95E+05	7.17E+05	7.27E+05	7.12E+05	7.08E+05	7.17E+05	7.57E+05	7.55E+05	7.02E+05	6.89E+05	6.38E+05	6.67E+05	7.02E+05	6.99E+05	6.77E+05	7.41E+05	7.08E+05	7E+05	6.91E+05	6.97E+05	6.81E+05	6.69E+05	7.26E+05	6.73E+05	6.95E+05	6.65E+05	6.9E+05	6.78E+05	7.18E+05	6.75E+05	7.47E+05	7.39E+05	7.23E+05	7.09E+05
Zinnimidine_3	2.68E+03	3.17E+03	1.39E+03	0	1.62E+03	1.61E+03	0	1.38E+03	0	0	1.28E+03	1.29E+03	0	3.99E+03	1.33E+03	0	1.45E+03	1.58E+03	2.19E+03	1.3E+03	0	1.84E+03	0	3.61E+03	1.12E+03	0	0	0	0	1.48E+03	0	2.27E+06	1.41E+03	1.46E+03	1.84E+03	0	4.51E+03	1.85E+03	0	2.9E+03	683	0	0	1.46E+03	1.93E+03
Zoxamide	1.43E+06	7.76E+04	7.43E+03	2.62E+04	4.11E+05	3.2E+04	3.65E+03	2.84E+03	8.02E+03	1.72E+04	2.02E+04	3.26E+03	2.26E+03	4.69E+03	3.76E+04	1.25E+04	5.78E+03	8.67E+03	1.07E+05	6.72E+03	7.35E+04	2.45E+04	1.04E+04	5.11E+03	1.26E+04	5.6E+03	1.67E+03	2.6E+03	0	7.91E+03	2.6E+03	7.4E+04	0	2.65E+03	7.37E+03	3.3E+03	4.62E+03	5.45E+03	1.02E+04	2.61E+03	2.78E+03	3.35E+03	1.46E+03	5.74E+03	2.75E+03
metabolite_name	Retention Index	PubChem CID	KEGG ID	mass spectrum
(-)-Carvone	10.15	439570	C01767	151.1119
(-)-Hygroline	0.82	442642	C10152	144.1385
(-)-Jasmonic acid	9.10	5281166	C08491	211.1329
(-)-Limonene_1	8.46	439250	C00521	137.1326
(-)-Limonene_2	10.09	439250	C00521	137.1327
(-)-Limonene_3	11.73	439250	C00521	137.1326
(-)-Menthone_1	9.13	26447	C00843	155.1432
(-)-Menthone_2	10.83	26447	C00843	155.1432
(-)-Menthyl acetate_1	12.69	27867	C09870	199.1694
(-)-Menthyl acetate_2	15.15	27867	C09870	199.1694
(-)-Menthyl acetate_3	9.95	27867	C09870	199.1694
(-)-Menthyl acetate_4	10.90	27867	C09870	199.1694
(-)-Sympatol	6.82	854067	C01869	168.1019
(-)-Vestitone_1	10.52	439310	C00786	287.0915
(-)-Vestitone_2	4.65	439310	C00786	144.0495
(+)-Bornane-2,5-dione_1	8.21	20218	C03037	167.1068
(+)-Bornane-2,5-dione_2	9.87	20218	C03037	167.1068
(+)-Camphor_1	9.12	2537	C00808	153.1276
(+)-Camphor_2	7.54	2537	C00808	153.1276
(+)-Elaeocarpine	9.38	442854	C10591	258.1495
(+)-Medicarpin	10.22	73067	C01729	271.0969
(+)-Norephedrine_1	6.42	26934	C02343	152.1071
(+)-Norephedrine_2	7.45	26934	C02343	152.1071
(+/-)-5-[(tert-Butylamino)-2'-hydroxypropoxy]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-naphthol	14.31	NOT Found in Database	C04875	294.2067
(15S)-15-Hydroxy-5,8,11-cis-13-trans-eicosatetraenoate	10.69	5280724	C04742	321.2421
(1-Ribosylimidazole)-4-acetate_1	1.42	NOT Found in Database	C05131	259.0924
(1-Ribosylimidazole)-4-acetate_2	3.43	NOT Found in Database	C05131	259.0925
(1S,3R)-3-(2,2-Dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate	1.99	41539	C19844	209.0140
(3-Arylcarbonyl)-alanine	8.65	412786	C03450	194.0814
(3E)-4-(2-Carboxyphenyl)-2-oxobut-3-enoate	8.68	16730035	C01275	221.0438
(3S,5S)-Carbapenam-3-carboxylic acid_1	3.48	6337945	C17367	156.0656
(3S,5S)-Carbapenam-3-carboxylic acid_2	2.06	6337945	C17367	156.0657
(3S,5S)-Carbapenam-3-carboxylic acid_3	6.64	6337945	C17367	156.0656
(4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)-Docosahexaenoic acid ethyl ester	10.64	9831416	C16185	357.2787
(6S,9R)-Vomifoliol_1	13.68	5280462	C01760	225.1486
(6S,9R)-Vomifoliol_2	9.20	5280462	C01760	225.1482
(6Z,9Z,12Z)-Octadecatrienoic acid	11.41	5280933	C06426	279.2319
(7R)-7-(5-Carboxy-5-oxopentanoyl)aminocephalosporinate	8.05	440452	C04712	208.0438
(9Z)-(13S)-12,13-Epoxyoctadeca-9,11-dienoic acid_1	11.06	5280703	C04594	295.2266
(9Z)-(13S)-12,13-Epoxyoctadeca-9,11-dienoic acid_2	10.10	5280703	C04594	295.2268
(9Z)-(7S,8S)-Dihydroxyoctadecenoic acid_1	16.18	5281030	C07355	315.2527
(9Z)-(7S,8S)-Dihydroxyoctadecenoic acid_2	11.34	5281030	C07355	315.2527
(9Z,12Z)-(8R)-Hydroxyoctadeca-9,12-dienoic acid_1	14.71	5281117	C08318	297.2421
(9Z,12Z)-(8R)-Hydroxyoctadeca-9,12-dienoic acid_2	11.38	5281117	C08318	297.2424
(E)-4-(Trimethylammonio)but-2-enoate	1.10	5462194	C04114	144.1020
(R)-(Homo)2-citrate	4.03	24892801	C16583	221.0662
(R)-(Homo)3-citrate_1	6.75	24892804	C16598	235.0803
(R)-(Homo)3-citrate_2	9.91	24892804	C16598	235.0823
(R)-2,3-Dihydroxypropane-1-sulfonate	5.74	49852441	C19675	157.0161
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_1	7.73	20849228	C01251	207.0493
(R)-2-Hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate_2	6.04	20849228	C01251	207.0490
(R)-Mevalonate_1	0.90	5288798	C00418	149.0810
(R)-Mevalonate_2	7.16	5288798	C00418	149.0810
(R)-Mevalonate_3	3.12	5288798	C00418	149.0811
(S)-2,3,4,5-Tetrahydropyridine-2-carboxylate	2.04	24771808	C00450	128.0710
(S)-2-Chloropropanoate	6.38	6999783	C20608	109.0051
(S)-6-Hydroxynicotine_1	7.84	439383	C01056	179.1179
(S)-6-Hydroxynicotine_2	7.03	439383	C01056	179.1180
(S)-ATPA_1	1.55	447407	C13733	229.1185
(S)-ATPA_2	7.60	447407	C13733	229.1184
(S)-beta-Methylindolepyruvate	8.94	440163	C03914	218.0814
(S)-Dihydroorotate	1.48	439216	C00337	159.0400
(Z)-But-1-ene-1,2,4-tricarboxylate	4.69	5280640	C04002	189.0394
1-(1-Oxopropyl)-1H-imidazole	0.79	77770	C03007	125.0712
1-(5'-Phosphoribosyl)-5-amino-4-imidazolecarboxamide	7.77	65110	C04677	339.0698
1-(5'-Phosphoribosyl)-5-formamido-4-imidazolecarboxamide	7.59	166760	C04734	367.0637
1-(beta-D-Ribofuranosyl)-1,4-dihydronicotinamide	6.13	11507134	C15497	257.1130
1-(Methylnitrosoamino)-4-(3-pyridinyl)-1,4-butanediol_1	7.28	53297440	C19577	226.1186
1-(Methylnitrosoamino)-4-(3-pyridinyl)-1,4-butanediol_2	3.59	53297440	C19577	226.1186
1,1-Dichloroethylene epoxide	0.11	119521	C14857	112.9559
1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene_1	7.42	1057	C01108	127.0393
1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene_2	3.19	1057	C01108	127.0393
1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene_3	0.93	1057	C01108	127.0392
1,2,6-Hexanetriol	7.01	7823	C20334	135.1018
1,2-Diamino-4-nitrobenzene_1	6.92	5111791	C19384	154.0611
1,2-Diamino-4-nitrobenzene_2	1.71	5111791	C19384	154.0612
1,2-Diamino-4-nitrobenzene_3	8.39	5111791	C19384	154.0614
1,2-Dihydrosantonin_1	10.42	NOT Found in Database	C02771	249.1484
1,2-Dihydrosantonin_2	9.32	NOT Found in Database	C02771	249.1484
1,2-Dihydroxy-5-(methylthio)pent-1-en-3-one	3.17	5462190	C15606	163.0424
1,2-Dihydroxydibenzothiophene	6.87	441151	C06722	217.0328
1,3,7-Trimethyluric acid	7.62	79437	C16361	211.0826
1,3,8-Naphthalenertriol_1	8.53	439428	C01173	177.0547
1,3,8-Naphthalenertriol_2	12.53	439428	C01173	177.0548
1,3,8-Naphthalenertriol_3	9.94	439428	C01173	177.0547
1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol	2.02	7289	C14399	128.9874
1,4-Naphthoquinone	3.89	8530	C02617	159.0437
1,5-Naphthalene diisocyanate	8.40	18503	C19464	211.0496
1,8-Diazacyclotetradecane-2,9-dione	7.35	16	C04277	227.1753
10-Desacetyltaxuyunnanin C	10.50	5460449	C15538	463.2694
10-Hydroxydecanoic acid	8.95	74300	C02774	189.1488
10-Oxodecanoate_1	8.70	19734156	C02217	187.1330
10-Oxodecanoate_2	7.62	19734156	C02217	187.1331
11beta,21-Dihydroxy-5beta-pregnane-3,20-dione	9.27	21145110	C05475	349.2372
11-Hydroxycanthin-6-one	8.07	337601	C09212	237.0661
11-O-Demethylpradimicinone I	0.97	441170	C06776	536.1190
12alpha-Hydroxyamoorstatin	7.12	5462416	C08767	267.1231
12-Hydroxydodecanoic acid_1	12.69	79034	C08317	217.1799
12-Hydroxydodecanoic acid_2	10.76	79034	C08317	217.1801
17beta-Methylestra-1,3,5(10)-trien-3-ol	9.85	11954100	C15020	271.2058
1'-Acetoxychavicol acetate_1	11.19	119104	C10426	235.0966
1'-Acetoxychavicol acetate_2	10.14	119104	C10426	235.0964
1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate_1	9.97	5460234	C01234	102.0556
1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate_2	7.92	5460234	C01234	102.0556
1-Hydroxy-2-methyl-2-butenyl 4-diphosphate	4.38	5281976	C11811	263.0077
1-Methyladenosine	3.77	27476	C02494	282.1197
1-Naphthaleneacetic acid sodium salt	7.92	23694671	C18534	209.0567
1-Octanal_1	12.47	454	C01545	129.1276
1-Octanal_2	7.85	454	C01545	129.1277
1-Octanal_3	8.94	454	C01545	129.1277
1-Octanal_4	10.81	454	C01545	129.1276
1-Phenyl-5-mercaptotetrazole	1.43	690730	C15415	179.0377
1-Phenylethylamine	7.20	7408	C02455	122.0967
1-Pyrenylsulfate_1	4.13	9543289	C18269	150.0226
1-Pyrenylsulfate_2	5.31	9543289	C18269	150.0227
1-Pyrroline-2-carboxylate	1.95	440046	C03564	114.0557
2-(2'-Methylthio)ethylmalic acid	4.03	24883456	C17210	209.0480
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_1	14.93	24883455	C17214	223.0635
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_2	11.29	24883455	C17214	223.0636
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_3	15.80	24883455	C17214	223.0635
2-(3'-Methylthio)propylmalic acid_4	14.02	24883455	C17214	223.0635
2-(6'-Methylthio)hexylmalic acid	1.83	44237240	C17226	265.1117
2-(Acetamidomethylene)succinate	3.02	21158439	C01215	188.0544
2-(Hydroxymethyl)-3-(acetamidomethylene)succinate	10.68	9548691	C04690	218.0659
2,2-Dichloro-1,1-ethanediol	0.67	85275	C14860	130.9654
2,3,5-Trihydroxytoluene	7.34	13026	C03338	141.0547
2,3,6-Trihydroxypyridine	1.12	440020	C03458	128.0347
2,3-Dehydro-UWM6	10.17	25195328	C18679	325.1073
2,3-Dihydrothienamycin	8.12	92042763	C20820	275.1057
2,3-Dihydroxycyclopentaneundecanoic acid	10.71	243756	C14987	287.2219
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_1	9.21	54675852	C06580	197.0810
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_2	10.16	54675852	C06580	197.0810
2,3-Dihydroxy-p-cumate_3	7.69	54675852	C06580	197.0808
2,3-Dimethylmaleate_1	4.57	3032309	C00922	145.0496
2,3-Dimethylmaleate_2	3.16	3032309	C00922	145.0496
2,3-Dimethylmaleate_3	7.50	3032309	C00922	145.0492
2,4,6-Trihydroxybenzophenone	4.50	77093	C06356	231.0654
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_1	6.01	56927717	C19972	247.1287
2,4-Bis(acetamido)-2,4,6-trideoxy-beta-L-altropyranose_2	6.94	56927717	C19972	247.1287
2,4-DB	8.61	1489	C14404	249.0084
2,4-Diamino-6-nitrotoluene	5.73	96177	C16396	168.0760
2,4-Dihydroxypteridine	3.75	10250	C03212	165.0409
2,4-Dinitrotoluene	6.14	8461	C11006	183.0402
2,4-DP	8.07	8427	C11020	234.9926
2,5-Dihydroxypyridine_1	1.73	99456	C01059	112.0398
2,5-Dihydroxypyridine_2	2.54	99456	C01059	112.0398
2,5-Dioxopentanoate_1	1.65	21872870	C00433	131.0342
2,5-Dioxopentanoate_2	4.26	21872870	C00433	131.0342
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_1	2.04	76720	C20450	157.0136
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_2	3.06	76720	C20450	157.0136
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_3	1.19	76720	C20450	157.0130
2,5-Furandicarboxylate_4	7.17	76720	C20450	157.0132
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_1	7.21	440369	C04521	292.1025
2,7-Anhydro-alpha-N-acetylneuraminic acid_2	10.27	440369	C04521	292.1027
2-[3-Ethyl-5-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1H-pyrazol-4-yl]phenol	9.32	257428	C15193	295.1443
21-Hydroxypregn-4-ene-3,20-dione hydrogen succinate	10.91	112092	C15425	431.2436
2-Aceto-2-hydroxybutanoate	0.94	21	C00659	147.0653
2-Acetoxyamino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine	9.18	25092289	C20287	283.1181
2-Amino-3,7-dideoxy-D-threo-hept-6-ulosonic acid	2.75	25137912	C16850	192.0868
2-Amino-4-chloro-4-pentenoic acid	5.91	228810	C04075	150.0311
2-Amino-4-hydroxy-6-(D-erythro-1,2,3-trihydroxypropyl)-7,8-dihydropteridine	1.59	65074	C04874	256.1037
2-Amino-4-oxo-6-(1',2',3'-trihydroxypropyl)-diquinoid-7,8-dihydroxypterin	9.58	25	C05253	290.1093
2-Amino-5-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole	6.39	61205	C19189	213.0084
2-Amino-5-chlorophenol	8.23	91591	C20669	144.0208
2-Amino-5-phosphopentanoic acid	2.85	1216	C13734	198.0527
2-Amino-9,10-epoxy-8-oxodecanoic acid	2.92	443587	C12027	216.1232
2-Aminoadenosine	8.22	72200	C00939	283.1155
2-Aminobenzenesulfonate	7.15	5460186	C06333	174.0221
2-Aminomuconate	1.08	20849110	C02220	158.0448
2-Aminomuconate semialdehyde	3.99	5280625	C03824	142.0502
2-Aminophenol_1	1.52	5801	C01987	110.0606
2-Aminophenol_2	2.66	5801	C01987	110.0606
2-Aminophenol_3	6.47	5801	C01987	110.0605
2-deoxy-D-galactose (fructose/glucose)	0.97	NOT Found in Database		163.0602
2-Dimethylamino-5,6-dimethylpyrimidin-4-ol	3.14	93225	C10916	168.1133
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_1	14.83	NOT Found in Database	C03343	279.1589
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_2	13.66	NOT Found in Database	C03343	279.1589
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_3	9.74	NOT Found in Database	C03343	279.1590
2-Ethylhexyl phthalate_4	11.38	NOT Found in Database	C03343	279.1589
2-Furoate	3.69	5460151	C01546	113.0239
2-Heptanone_1	10.29	8051	C08380	115.1121
2-Heptanone_2	8.27	8051	C08380	115.1121
2-Hydroxy-1,4-benzoquinone_1	6.45	151011	C07103	125.0236
2-Hydroxy-1,4-benzoquinone_2	8.73	151011	C07103	125.0236
2-Hydroxy-2,4-pentadienoate	6.24	54675827	C00596	115.0393
2-Hydroxy-6-oxo-6-(2-hydroxyphenoxy)-hexa-2,4-dienoate	3.24	54675786	C07734	251.0541
2-Hydroxycyclohexan-1-one_1	6.92	10785	C01147	115.0758
2-Hydroxycyclohexan-1-one_2	8.03	10785	C01147	115.0757
2-Hydroxycyclohexan-1-one_3	0.99	10785	C01147	115.0747
2-Hydroxyethylphosphonate	2.64	89954	C06451	127.0158
2-Hydroxyfelbamate_1	6.97	10400039	C16582	255.0976
2-Hydroxyfelbamate_2	1.22	10400039	C16582	255.0975
2-Hydroxymethylclavam	3.79	3050259	C17357	144.0657
2-Hydroxymuconate semialdehyde_1	2.64	5280366	C00682	143.0340
2-Hydroxymuconate semialdehyde_2	6.32	5280366	C00682	143.0341
2-Iodophenol methyl ether	0.62	68257	C03575	234.9607
2-Isopropylmaleate_1	7.35	5280533	C02631	159.0653
2-Isopropylmaleate_2	6.36	5280533	C02631	159.0653
2-Maleylacetate	9.16	5280500	C02222	159.0290
2-Methyl-3-hydroxy-5-formylpyridine-4-carboxylate	2.75	440898	C06050	182.0452
2-Methyl-4-chlorophenoxybutyric acid	6.30	7207	C18529	229.0630
2-Methylpropanamine	0.02	6558	C02787	74.0972
2-Naphthol	10.21	8663	C11713	145.0650
2-Naphthylamine	8.19	7057	C02227	144.0810
2-Nitrofluorene	9.34	11831	C10923	212.0701
2-Oxo-6-methylthiohexanoic acid	1.58	22266653	C17216	177.0587
2-Oxo-8-methylthiooctanoic acid	8.85	44237313	C17224	205.0890
2-Oxoadipate_1	3.31	71	C00322	161.0445
2-Oxoadipate_2	1.14	71	C00322	161.0446
2-Oxoadipate_3	4.69	71	C00322	161.0445
2-Oxobutanoate_1	1.06	58	C00109	103.0396
2-Oxobutanoate_2	3.13	58	C00109	103.0395
2-Oxoglutaramate	1.14	48	C00940	146.0447
2-Oxoglutarate	2.02	51	C00026	147.0288
2-Oxooctadecanoic acid_1	13.06	439332	C00869	299.2583
2-Oxooctadecanoic acid_2	15.07	439332	C00869	299.2583
2-Oxopropyl-CoM	5.86	443231	C11497	199.0090
2-Oxosuberate_1	7.47	146903	C16589	189.0760
2-Oxosuberate_2	6.66	146903	C16589	189.0759
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_1	4.37	443125	C11327	190.0178
2-Pyridyl hydroxymethane sulfonic acid_2	7.83	443125	C11327	190.0172
2-Thiophenesulfonamide	0.11	72881	C14764	163.9839
2-trans,6-trans-Farnesal_1	9.41	5280598	C03461	221.1902
2-trans,6-trans-Farnesal_2	8.25	5280598	C03461	221.1898
2-trans,6-trans-Farnesal_3	10.90	5280598	C03461	221.1902
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_1	13.51	6930705	C01198	167.0705
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_2	2.74	6930705	C01198	167.0698
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_3	9.69	6930705	C01198	167.0704
3-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoate_4	6.11	6930705	C01198	167.0703
3-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-1-hydroxy-1-methylurea	2.03	11954136	C15250	235.0028
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)lactate	7.91	9378	C03672	183.0654
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate_1	5.49	979	C01179	181.0496
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate_2	6.35	979	C01179	181.0497
3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)pyruvate_3	8.71	979	C01179	181.0495
3-(Dimethylamino)propyl benzoate	7.18	2249229	C14168	208.1332
3-(Imidazol-4-yl)-2-oxopropyl phosphate_1	4.24	792	C01267	221.0333
3-(Imidazol-4-yl)-2-oxopropyl phosphate_2	5.15	792	C01267	221.0332
3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidine-4,4'-diisocyanate	8.14	7069	C19403	297.0878
3,4-Dihydroxy-3,4-dihydro-9-fluorenone	11.40	441320	C07722	215.0704
3,4-Dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine	7.80	6047	C00355	198.0762
3,4-Dihydroxymandelate	7.20	85782	C05580	185.0447
3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethyleneglycol	7.36	91528	C05576	171.0646
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine	6.70	1615	C07577	194.1177
3',5'-Cyclic AMP	6.30	6076	C00575	330.0597
3',5'-Cyclic GMP	6.47	24316	C00942	346.0546
3',5'-Cyclic IMP	1.48	19069	C00943	331.0451
3,5-Dichloro-4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate	6.14	440297	C04323	248.9715
3,9-Dihydroxypterocarpan	8.94	162933	C04271	257.0811
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate_1	13.25	15944652	C20199	239.1276
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate_2	8.81	15944652	C20199	239.1274
3-[(3aS,4S,7aS)-7a-Methyl-1,5-dioxo-octahydro-1H-inden-4-yl]propanoate_3	9.71	15944652	C20199	239.1272
3alpha,7alpha-Dihydroxy-12-oxo-5beta-cholanate_1	15.36	439472	C01292	407.2796
3alpha,7alpha-Dihydroxy-12-oxo-5beta-cholanate_2	10.88	439472	C01292	407.2796
3-AMINOISOBUTANOATE	0.98	64956		104.0712
3beta-(Acetyloxy)-5beta-methyl-6beta-chloroestr-9-en-17-one	15.92	247856	C14957	365.1887
3-Butylidene-7-hydroxyphthalide_1	14.83	5281559	C09921	205.0862
3-Butylidene-7-hydroxyphthalide_2	10.89	5281559	C09921	205.0862
3-Butyn-1-ol	7.35	13566	C06146	71.0500
3-Dehydroquinate_1	2.64	439351	C00944	191.0550
3-Dehydroquinate_2	4.01	439351	C00944	191.0550
3-Dehydroshikimate_1	2.63	NOT Found in Database	C02637	173.0447
3-Dehydroshikimate_2	4.94	NOT Found in Database	C02637	173.0436
3'-Demethylstaurosporine	10.48	21581287	C07349	227.0990
3-Dimethylallyl-4-hydroxymandelic acid	10.53	443851	C12457	237.1119
3-Ethoxyandrosta-3,5-dien-17beta-ol propanoate	10.08	251872	C15057	373.2738
3-Fluoro-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-propanone	8.61	248906	C15075	169.0669
3-Fluoro-cis,cis-muconate	2.15	9543395	C16474	161.0247
3-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol-1-carboxylate_1	6.34	9543397	C16478	175.0405
3-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol-1-carboxylate_2	3.77	9543397	C16478	175.0401
3-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol-1-carboxylate_3	4.65	9543397	C16478	175.0402
3-Fluoro-D-alanine	7.81	439775	C02638	108.0448
3-HYDROXY-3-METHYLGLUTARATE	3.14	1662		185.0420
3-Hydroxyanthranilate	5.45	86	C00632	154.0500
3''-Hydroxy-geranylhydroquinone	10.17	25244947	C18132	263.1643
3-Hydroxyhexobarbital_1	7.32	439898	C03068	253.1183
3-Hydroxyhexobarbital_2	8.71	439898	C03068	253.1184
3-Hydroxykynurenamine	8.05	440736	C05636	181.0967
3-HYDROXYKYNURENINE	3.36	89		225.0870
3-Hydroxy-L-glutamate	1.78	5460801	C03066	164.0544
3-Isopropylcatechol	7.51	16498	C01014	153.0912
3-Mercaptolactate	2.05	9833951	C05823	123.0115
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_1	6.17	81437	C03352	139.0755
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_2	2.03	81437	C03352	139.0755
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_3	7.27	81437	C03352	139.0755
3-Methoxybenzyl alcohol_4	5.08	81437	C03352	139.0755
3-Methyl-19-nor-17alpha-pregna-1,3,5(10)-trien-17-ol	10.35	253758	C15117	299.2371
3-Methyl-2-oxobutanoic acid_1	1.17	49	C00141	117.0548
3-Methyl-2-oxobutanoic acid_2	6.31	49	C00141	117.0550
3-Methyladenine_1	3.84	1673	C00913	150.0776
3-Methyladenine_2	1.58	1673	C00913	150.0776
3-Methylbutanamine	6.18	7894	C02640	88.1128
3-Methyl-cis,cis-hexadienedioate_1	7.14	5280648	C04112	157.0496
3-Methyl-cis,cis-hexadienedioate_2	8.77	5280648	C04112	157.0495
3-Methyleneoxindole_1	7.10	150946	C02796	146.0602
3-Methyleneoxindole_2	9.86	150946	C02796	146.0602
3-Methylguanine_1	2.72	76292	C02230	166.0724
3-Methylguanine_2	3.64	76292	C02230	166.0724
3-Methylguanine_3	6.79	76292	C02230	166.0724
3-METHYLHISTAMINE	0.73	69520		126.1029
3-Nitrofluoranthene	8.25	13462	C14406	248.0718
3-Oxo-delta4-steroid	10.87	439274	C00619	273.2212
3-Oxododecanoic acid_1	11.40	439717	C02367	215.1641
3-Oxododecanoic acid_2	13.17	439717	C02367	215.1642
3-Oxododecanoic acid_3	10.09	439717	C02367	215.1642
3-Phosphonooxypyruvate	0.11	5460375	C03232	184.9855
3-Sulfocatechol	1.73	9543247	C06336	191.0008
3-Sulfomuconate	4.25	9543213	C06675	222.9908
3-UREIDOPROPIONATE	1.27	111		133.0610
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_1	7.98	472	C01252	208.0607
4-(2-Aminophenyl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate_2	8.91	472	C01252	208.0606
4-(3-Methylbut-2-enyl)-L-tryptophan	10.27	25200966	C04290	273.1598
4-(beta-Acetylaminoethyl)imidazole_1	1.64	69602	C05135	154.0976
4-(beta-Acetylaminoethyl)imidazole_2	7.24	69602	C05135	154.0974
4-(beta-Acetylaminoethyl)imidazole_3	3.70	69602	C05135	154.0976
4-(Hydroxylamino)-N,N-dimethylaniline	1.84	46173248	C19681	153.1024
4',5,6,7-Tetramethoxyflavone	10.25	96118	C14472	343.1177
4,5-Methylenedioxy-6-hydroxyaurone_1	7.40	5281293	C08722	142.0339
4,5-Methylenedioxy-6-hydroxyaurone_2	8.79	5281293	C08722	283.0603
4-[(Hydroxymethyl)nitrosoamino]-1-(3-pyridinyl)-1-butanone	4.29	53297437	C19563	224.1029
4-Acetamido-2-amino-6-nitrotoluene	2.13	9543177	C16420	210.0872
4-ACETAMIDOBUTANOATE	3.64	18189		168.0632
4-Acetamidobutanoate_1	3.65	6991994	C02946	146.0812
4-Acetamidobutanoate_2	0.82	6991994	C02946	146.0813
4-Acetamidobutanoate_3	2.25	6991994	C02946	146.0812
4a-Hydroxytetrahydrobiopterin	2.63	129803	C15522	258.1198
4-Amino-1-piperidinecarboxylic acid	2.02	445262	C16837	145.0972
4-Amino-2-hydroxylamino-6-nitrotoluene	4.24	9543061	C16403	184.0718
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_1	7.70	6857399	C11355	226.0710
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_2	2.23	6857399	C11355	226.0717
4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate_3	8.75	6857399	C11355	226.0710
4-Amino-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methylpyrimidine_1	6.32	777	C01279	140.0818
4-Amino-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methylpyrimidine_2	2.16	777	C01279	140.0819
4-Amino-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methylpyrimidine_3	5.37	777	C01279	140.0820
4-Aminobiphenyl	13.81	7102	C10998	170.0963
4-Bromophenylthiourea_1	2.77	2735620	C14644	230.9585
4-Bromophenylthiourea_2	1.42	2735620	C14644	230.9585
4-Chlorobiphenyl	0.81	16323	C06584	189.0471
4-Chlorophenoxyacetate	0.05	3794534	C07088	187.0165
4-COUMARATE	8.24	637542		163.0392
4'-Demethyldeoxypodophyllotoxin	6.78	160705	C10552	385.1264
4-Dimethylallyl-L-abrine	10.54	68294649	C20410	287.1758
4-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol_1	9.49	11829464	C16483	131.0494
4-Fluorocyclohexadiene-cis,cis-1,2-diol_2	6.36	11829464	C16483	131.0493
4-GUANIDINOBUTANOATE	1.69	500		146.0925
4-Heptyloxybenzoic acid_1	10.65	85154	C14274	237.1486
4-Heptyloxybenzoic acid_2	9.06	85154	C14274	237.1485
4-Heptyloxyphenol_1	13.19	25641	C14236	209.1537
4-Heptyloxyphenol_2	14.03	25641	C14236	209.1537
4-Heptyloxyphenol_3	9.29	25641	C14236	209.1537
4-Heptyloxyphenol_4	8.31	25641	C14236	209.1537
4-Hexyloxyphenol_1	9.31	29354	C14305	195.1381
4-Hexyloxyphenol_2	12.59	29354	C14305	195.1380
4-Hydroxy-2-butynal	3.13	439778	C02648	85.0291
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_1	7.82	3845	C01717	190.0500
4-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxylic acid_2	6.70	3845	C01717	190.0500
4-Hydroxy-3-nitrosobenzamide	1.54	443631	C12114	167.0452
4'-Hydroxy-3'-prenylacetophenone	7.62	442916	C10702	205.1231
4-Hydroxybenzoate	9.57	54675830	C00156	139.0392
4-Hydroxybutanoic acid_1	0.92	10413	C00989	105.0551
4-Hydroxybutanoic acid_2	2.45	10413	C00989	105.0552
4-Hydroxymandelonitrile	6.10	166768	C00650	150.0551
4-Hydroxymethylphenylhydrazine	1.03	135538	C03994	139.0867
4-Hydroxyphenylacetate_1	9.11	127	C00642	153.0548
4-Hydroxyphenylacetate_2	7.66	127	C00642	153.0548
4-IMIDAZOLEACETIC ACID	1.00	96215		127.0504
4-Imidazolone-5-propanoate	1.01	128	C03680	157.0609
4-Isopropylbenzaldehyde	10.87	326	C06577	149.0963
4-Ketocyclophosphamide	8.05	33676	C07644	275.0115
4-Methyl-2-oxopentanoate_1	3.02	70	C00233	131.0705
4-Methyl-2-oxopentanoate_2	7.73	70	C00233	131.0705
4-Methylene-L-glutamine_1	4.14	439401	C01109	159.0765
4-Methylene-L-glutamine_2	5.33	439401	C01109	159.0766
4-Methylthio-2-oxobutanoic acid	2.68	473	C01180	149.0259
4-Nitro-6-oxohepta-2,4-dienedioate	0.72	50990930	C20367	216.0146
4-Nitrocatechol	4.39	3505109	C02235	156.0295
4-Nitrophenol	1.95	980	C00870	140.0344
4-Nitrophenyl-3-ketovalidamine	6.75	440187	C03995	297.1081
4-Nitrosobiphenyl	6.18	24971	C20316	184.0755
4-O-beta-D-Glucosyl-4-hydroxycinnamate	11.23	17756753	C04415	327.1071
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_1	8.50	5460131	C03767	143.0705
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_2	2.04	5460131	C03767	143.0704
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_3	6.54	5460131	C03767	143.0704
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_4	1.22	5460131	C03767	143.0699
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_5	3.43	5460131	C03767	143.0704
4-Oxocyclohexanecarboxylate_6	4.64	5460131	C03767	143.0704
4-Oxoproline_1	8.07	107541	C01877	130.0501
4-Oxoproline_2	4.15	107541	C01877	130.0502
4-Propylphenol_1	8.63	12580	C14311	137.0962
4-Propylphenol_2	9.70	12580	C14311	137.0962
4-Pyridoxate_1	5.86	6723	C00847	184.0605
4-Pyridoxate_2	7.01	6723	C00847	184.0606
4-Pyridoxate_3	7.88	6723	C00847	184.0606
4-Pyridoxolactone_1	7.83	151228	C00971	166.0499
4-Pyridoxolactone_2	6.42	151228	C00971	166.0502
4-Pyridoxolactone_3	9.30	151228	C00971	166.0500
4-Vinylcyclohexene_1	8.50	7499	C19310	109.1017
4-Vinylcyclohexene_2	9.85	7499	C19310	109.1018
5-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-4-methylthiazole	6.05	1136	C04294	144.0468
5-(3'-Carboxy-3'-oxopropenyl)-4,6-dihydroxypicolinate	2.71	54675771	C05641	254.0298
5-(3-Hydroxy-4-acetoxybut-1-ynyl)-2,2'-bithiophene	1.02	440451	C04711	147.0188
5-(alpha-Phenylethyl)semioxamazide	7.10	249877	C15418	208.1083
5,6-Dihydrothymine_1	0.90	93556	C00906	129.0662
5,6-Dihydrothymine_2	3.14	93556	C00906	129.0662
5,6-Dihydrothymine_3	8.07	93556	C00906	129.0662
5,6-DIHYDROURACIL	1.43	649		115.0506
5a,11a-Dehydrochlortetracycline	10.48	54726727	C18298	477.1038
5-Acetamidopentanoate_1	7.16	439903	C03087	160.0969
5-Acetamidopentanoate_2	3.61	439903	C03087	160.0970
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_1	1.42	88299	C16366	199.0828
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_2	3.79	88299	C16366	199.0827
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_3	2.62	88299	C16366	199.0828
5-Acetylamino-6-amino-3-methyluracil_4	6.45	88299	C16366	199.0827
5-Acetylamino-6-formylamino-3-methyluracil	3.04	108214	C16365	227.0775
5-Amino-4-imidazole carboxylate	1.10	117	C05516	128.0459
5-Amino-4-imidazolecarboxyamide_1	3.27	9679	C04051	127.0618
5-Amino-4-imidazolecarboxyamide_2	6.72	9679	C04051	127.0621
5-Amino-6-(5'-phosphoribosylamino)uracil	7.62	439462	C01268	355.0666
5-Aminolevulinate_1	1.95	137	C00430	132.0657
5-Aminolevulinate_2	6.69	137	C00430	132.0657
5-Aminolevulinate_3	9.93	137	C00430	132.0655
5-AMINOLEVULINIC ACID	0.91	137		132.0658
5-Aminopentanamide	0.98	439358	C00990	117.1027
5-Carboxy-2-oxohept-3-enedioate	4.43	5280642	C04052	217.0342
5'-Deoxy-5-fluorocytidine_1	10.90	10037499	C16635	246.0887
5'-Deoxy-5-fluorocytidine_2	4.20	10037499	C16635	246.0873
5'-DEOXYADENOSINE	6.17	439182		252.1089
5-exo-Hydroxy-1,2-campholide	9.95	440138	C03843	185.1174
5-Guanidino-2-oxopentanoate	1.16	25244978	C03771	174.0875
5-Guanidino-3-methyl-2-oxopentanoate	1.86	46173323	C20234	188.1032
5-Hydroxyindoleacetate_1	8.30	1826	C05635	192.0655
5-Hydroxyindoleacetate_2	9.44	1826	C05635	192.0656
5-Hydroxyindolepyruvate	9.92	440742	C05646	220.0595
5-Hydroxyisourate	1.92	250388	C11821	185.0307
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan_1	3.97	439280	C00643	221.0921
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan_2	6.85	439280	C00643	221.0921
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan_3	2.28	439280	C00643	221.0922
5-Hydroxymethyluracil	2.03	78168	C03088	143.0453
5-Hydroxypentanoate_1	4.26	5459830	C02804	119.0707
5-Hydroxypentanoate_2	5.96	5459830	C02804	119.0707
5-L-Glutamyl-taurine	4.49	68759	C05844	255.0651
5-Methyl-2'-deoxycytidine	4.70	440055	C03592	242.1135
5-Methylcytosine_1	2.83	65040	C02376	126.0665
5-Methylcytosine_2	1.99	65040	C02376	126.0663
5-Methyldeoxycytidine diphosphate	7.93	25202224	C04187	201.5270
5'-Methylthioadenosine	7.43	439176	C00170	298.0968
5-Methylthio-D-ribose	1.24	10313378	C03089	181.0530
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_1	0.88	7447	C19469	169.0604
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_2	2.74	7447	C19469	169.0608
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_3	6.64	7447	C19469	169.0608
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_4	1.91	7447	C19469	169.0605
5-Nitro-ortho-anisidine_5	4.85	7447	C19469	169.0609
5'-O-beta-D-Glucosylpyridoxine	4.36	440188	C03996	332.1338
5-Oxo-1,2-campholide	8.42	439864	C02952	183.1017
5-OXO-L-PROLINE	1.93	7405		130.0502
5-Sulfosalicylate_1	4.24	7322	C16199	218.9952
5-Sulfosalicylate_2	5.53	7322	C16199	218.9951
5-Valerolactone_1	4.24	10953	C02240	101.0603
5-Valerolactone_2	7.17	10953	C02240	101.0604
6-Acetamido-3-oxohexanoate	1.90	5459937	C03682	188.0917
6-Acetophenazine-1-carboxylic acid	6.69	443635	C12120	267.0775
6alpha-Hydroxycortisol	10.72	254633	C15291	379.2113
6beta-Hydroxy-17beta-estradiol	10.55	440168	C03935	289.1799
6beta-Hydroxy-D-homo-17a-oxaandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione	11.87	246484	C14983	319.1901
6-Carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropterin	2.71	44123380	C20239	212.0778
6-Demethylsterigmatocystin	9.73	5280620	C03683	311.0555
6-Deoxyjacareubin	7.75	5281629	C10059	156.0493
6-endo-Hydroxycineole_1	12.47	6857383	C03092	171.1380
6-endo-Hydroxycineole_2	8.94	6857383	C03092	171.1380
6-Hydroxyindolelactate	8.44	440750	C05657	222.0760
6-Hydroxypseudooxynicotine_1	7.07	439476	C01297	195.1131
6-Hydroxypseudooxynicotine_2	3.14	439476	C01297	195.1129
6-Methoxymellein_1	8.26	83412	C02381	209.0805
6-Methoxymellein_2	4.82	83412	C02381	209.0802
6-Methoxytaxifolin	7.33	442419	C09770	168.0423
6-Oxocineole_1	8.71	112203	C00848	169.1224
6-Oxocineole_2	10.02	112203	C00848	169.1224
7-Aminocephalosporanic acid	8.50	441328	C07756	273.0545
7-Aminomethyl-7-carbaguanine	7.11	171	C16675	180.0881
7-Deoxyloganetin	7.68	10262598	C20790	213.1122
7-Ethoxycoumarin	9.21	35703	C11052	191.0703
7-Hydroxy-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-4-propyl-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one	7.33	5357444	C15051	311.1270
7-Hydroxymethyl-12-methylbenz[a]anthracene sulfate	8.30	54611	C19562	353.0847
7-Mercaptoheptanoylthreonine	8.90	24892802	C16594	264.1266
7-Methyluric acid_1	6.34	69160	C16355	183.0515
7-Methyluric acid_2	0.10	69160	C16355	183.0509
7-Methylxanthine	6.57	68374	C16353	167.0565
7-Methylxanthosine	6.65	23724732	C16352	300.1076
8-(3,3-Dimethylallyl)spatheliachromene	11.94	441961	C09002	327.1589
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_1	1.22	173	C01092	188.1283
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_2	9.09	173	C01092	188.1283
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_3	6.07	173	C01092	188.1282
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_4	6.90	173	C01092	188.1283
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_5	8.11	173	C01092	188.1284
8-Amino-7-oxononanoate_6	2.88	173	C01092	188.1285
8-Oxoguanine	1.40	65154	C20155	168.0513
9,12,13-TriHOME	11.18	9858729	C14833	331.2481
9-Methylthiononanaldoxime	1.74	25010752	C17253	204.1423
9-Oxononanoic acid_1	8.85	75704	C16322	173.1173
9-Oxononanoic acid_2	7.59	75704	C16322	173.1173
Abacavir	7.48	441300	C07624	287.1602
Abscisate	9.50	5280896	C06082	265.1434
Acadesine	3.27	17513	C04663	259.1038
Acanthicifoline	4.23	442503	C09907	193.0971
Acetone cyanohydrin_1	3.64	6406	C02659	86.0607
Acetone cyanohydrin_2	2.01	6406	C02659	86.0607
Acetyl adenylate	9.58	440867	C05993	390.0791
Acetylagmatine	3.47	439661	C02131	173.1398
Acetylcysteine_1	1.97	12035	C06809	164.0374
Acetylcysteine_2	9.40	12035	C06809	164.0379
Acetylcysteine_3	3.52	12035	C06809	164.0376
Acetyltropine	6.71	10559369	C12452	184.1334
Acronycidine	10.64	95708	C10631	290.1025
Acrylamide	2.01	6579	C01659	72.0452
Actinidine	7.32	68231	C09910	148.1122
Acutumidine	6.47	442840	C10565	384.1228
Acyclovir	5.52	2022	C06810	226.0936
Adenine	5.84	190	C00147	136.0619
ADENINE	1.56	190		136.0620
Adenosine	5.83	60961	C00212	268.1042
Aethusin	10.45	5281130	C08395	171.1168
Agaritine	3.37	439516	C01550	268.1292
Agnuside	10.96	442416	C09765	467.1530
Alantolactone_1	9.77	72724	C09289	233.1538
Alantolactone_2	10.88	72724	C09289	233.1536
Aldicarb_1	14.16	9570071	C11015	191.0856
Aldicarb_2	6.41	9570071	C11015	191.0846
Allidochlor_1	10.38	7157	C19043	174.0676
Allidochlor_2	8.57	7157	C19043	174.0677
Allylestrenol_1	10.51	235905	C12811	301.2525
Allylestrenol_2	11.58	235905	C12811	301.2528
alpha-[3-(Nitrosoamino)propyl]-3-pyridinemethanol	7.21	53297442	C19581	196.1079
ALPHA-AMINOADIPATE	0.96	92136		162.0763
alpha-Curcumene_1	11.55	442360	C09649	203.1795
alpha-Curcumene_2	9.47	442360	C09649	203.1795
alpha-Fluoro-beta-ureidopropionic acid	8.25	151244	C16631	151.0516
alpha-Ionone_1	9.34	5282108	C12286	193.1588
alpha-Ionone_2	7.50	5282108	C12286	193.1588
alpha-Irone_1	10.78	5371002	C09690	207.1746
alpha-Irone_2	14.68	5371002	C09690	207.1745
alpha-N-Acetylneuraminyl-2,6-beta-D-galactosyl-1,4-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosamine	1.05	125128	C04886	675.2447
alpha-Oxo-benzeneacetic acid_1	7.77	11915	C02137	151.0385
alpha-Oxo-benzeneacetic acid_2	3.19	11915	C02137	151.0389
alpha-Ribazole_1	7.33	160433	C05775	279.1340
alpha-Ribazole_2	8.32	160433	C05775	279.1338
alpha-Santonin	9.51	221071	C02206	247.1329
alpha-Sinensal_1	14.42	5281534	C09729	219.1745
alpha-Sinensal_2	9.52	5281534	C09729	219.1745
alpha-Sinensal_3	15.91	5281534	C09729	219.1745
alpha-Sinensal_4	12.90	5281534	C09729	219.1745
Amabiline_1	9.29	NOT Found in Database	C10263	284.1858
Amabiline_2	7.59	NOT Found in Database	C10263	284.1858
AMCC	9.27	4489451	C11490	221.0596
Aminopyrine	7.53	6009	C07539	232.1448
Amoxicillin	7.06	33613	C06827	366.1124
AMPA	0.96	1221	C13672	187.0714
Amphetamine	7.82	3007	C07514	136.1122
Anastrozole	9.77	2187	C08159	294.1700
Ancymidol	8.73	25572	C18774	257.1283
Androsterone	10.92	5879	C00523	291.2318
Angelicin	8.92	10658	C09060	187.0391
Aniline	1.52	6115	C00292	94.0658
Aniracetam	10.23	2196	C13355	220.0969
Ankorine	10.70	442166	C09337	336.2168
Annuloline	5.10	5281816	C10570	338.1374
Anthopleurine	0.85	24858868	C16994	178.1074
Anthranilate	0.97	227	C00108	138.0552
Apigenin	9.57	5280443	C01477	271.0600
Apigenin 7,4'-dimethyl ether	6.74	5281601	C10019	150.0495
Apiole_1	12.53	10659	C10429	223.0966
Apiole_2	10.09	10659	C10429	223.0967
Apiole_3	11.19	10659	C10429	223.0966
Apiole_4	9.26	10659	C10429	223.0961
Apraclonidine	6.44	2216	C07668	245.0352
Aprobarbital	6.51	6464	C07826	211.1078
Arbutin	7.83	440936	C06186	273.0974
Archangelicin	10.22	5281371	C09116	214.0907
Arg-OEt	1.06	439495	C01404	203.1505
Aristolochic acid	1.55	2236	C08469	171.5341
Aromatic aldehyde_1	8.12	240	C00193	107.0496
Aromatic aldehyde_2	7.14	240	C00193	107.0496
Ascorbate	1.25	54670067	C00072	177.0396
Asparagusate	1.76	16070001	C01892	150.9883
Aspartame	7.85	134601	C11045	295.1289
Aspidinol_1	9.19	122841	C10673	225.1120
Aspidinol_2	10.15	122841	C10673	225.1122
Aspulvinone E	7.47	54675753	C02006	149.0417
Asulam	7.45	18752	C18350	231.0444
Atheroline	7.55	5360043	C09343	169.5553
Atractylone	15.54	3080635	C16919	217.1588
Austrobailignan 1	9.47	325700	C10546	383.1126
Autumnolide	9.88	442171	C09346	281.1373
Avizafone	6.08	71968	C11725	431.1831
Azelaic acid	9.33	2266	C08261	189.1123
Baicalin	9.30	64982	C10025	447.0931
Bakankoside	9.76	442506	C09914	358.1496
Bakkenolide A_1	14.28	442173	C09350	235.1693
Bakkenolide A_2	9.40	442173	C09350	235.1692
Bakkenolide A_3	10.32	442173	C09350	235.1693
Barbaloin	9.52	14989	C10305	419.1335
Barbiturate	1.43	6211	C00813	129.0291
Bay-K-8644	7.16	2303	C13758	357.1041
Bendiocarb_1	7.69	2314	C14433	224.0917
Bendiocarb_2	10.01	2314	C14433	224.0918
Bendiocarb_3	6.58	2314	C14433	224.0915
Benzamide	0.68	2331	C09815	122.0609
Benzene_1	8.19	241	C01407	79.0550
Benzene_2	1.15	241	C01407	79.0550
Benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dihydrodiol-9,10-oxide	8.09	41322	C14853	303.1006
Benzo[b]naphtho[2,1-d]thiophene_1	9.11	9198	C20124	235.0578
Benzo[b]naphtho[2,1-d]thiophene_2	7.82	9198	C20124	235.0570
Benzoate_1	3.52	242	C00180	123.0444
Benzoate_2	7.17	242	C00180	123.0439
Benzofuran_1	9.05	9223	C14512	119.0495
Benzofuran_2	6.75	9223	C14512	119.0496
Benzoin_1	9.69	8400	C01408	213.0921
Benzoin_2	10.62	8400	C01408	213.0913
Benzoyl isothiocyanate	2.64	68284	C20170	164.0175
Benzyl (2R,3S)-2-methyl-3-hydroxybutanoate	10.97	440386	C04561	209.1172
Benzyl alcohol_1	8.42	244	C00556	109.0653
Benzyl alcohol_2	10.90	244	C00556	109.0653
Bergaptol_1	8.27	5280371	C00758	203.0339
Bergaptol_2	3.50	5280371	C00758	203.0348
Bergaptol_3	10.90	5280371	C00758	203.0341
BETA-ALANINE	0.75	239		90.0557
beta-Carboline_1	10.55	64961	C20157	169.0755
beta-Carboline_2	8.47	64961	C20157	169.0756
beta-Chloro-alpha-phenylbenzeneethanamine hydrochloride	9.35	11954169	C15411	268.0654
beta-Citryl-L-glutamate	3.49	189741	C20775	322.0765
beta-Cotonefuran	9.83	441781	C08740	305.1014
Betagarin	11.08	442261	C09479	329.1023
BETAINE	0.91	247		118.0866
Biochanin A	10.29	5280373	C00814	285.0758
Biotin	6.71	171548	C00120	245.0954
Biotin amide	1.33	83831	C01893	244.1114
Biotin sulfone	3.49	83863	C20387	277.0854
Biotin sulfoxide	7.28	83833	C20386	261.0903
Biphenyl-2,3-diol	9.24	254	C02526	187.0755
Bisphenol A dimethacrylate	6.53	76739	C14345	183.0908
Bisphenol B	15.54	66166	C14225	243.1382
Bisthiosemi	1.80	3037919	C19137	195.0474
Boc-Asn_1	3.04	82035	C01410	233.1133
Boc-Asn_2	4.55	82035	C01410	233.1133
Boc-Asn_3	2.21	82035	C01410	233.1133
Boc-Asn-OPhNO2	6.94	439663	C02138	354.1293
Boschnialactone_1	8.58	442420	C09772	155.1067
Boschnialactone_2	9.76	442420	C09772	155.1067
Boschnialactone_3	7.62	442420	C09772	155.1068
Botrydial	12.29	185781	C09622	311.1855
Bowdichione	6.93	5281705	C10202	299.0553
Brugine	7.21	442998	C10849	274.0923
Buddledin A_1	14.64	5281514	C09623	277.1797
Buddledin A_2	12.23	5281514	C09623	277.1797
Bufadienolide	10.36	NOT Found in Database	C16921	355.2632
Bufferin	6.99	2244	C13400	400.0324
Bufotenine	7.71	10257	C08299	205.1333
Buspirone_1	10.17	2477	C06861	386.2541
Buspirone_2	9.06	2477	C06861	386.2560
Butabarbital	6.98	2479	C07827	213.1235
Butanal_1	1.73	261	C01412	73.0656
Butanal_2	6.96	261	C01412	73.0656
Butanoic acid_1	8.89	264	C00246	89.0605
Butanoic acid_2	7.00	264	C00246	89.0605
Butanoic acid_3	2.28	264	C00246	89.0604
Butanoylphosphate	3.53	266	C02527	169.0259
Butoctamide hydrogen succinate_1	9.10	2486	C12946	316.2118
Butoctamide hydrogen succinate_2	8.13	2486	C12946	316.2118
Butonate	7.05	31343	C18967	326.9730
Butopyronoxyl	9.40	10760	C19142	227.1279
Bz-Arg-OEt	9.78	439543	C01670	307.1756
C20915	9.05	92042781	C20915	292.1517
Cadaverine	0.68	273	C01672	103.1235
Caffeine	8.01	2519	C07481	195.0878
Cajanol	6.73	442670	C10204	159.0548
Calcium levulinate anhydrous	9.19	11578	C18380	271.0477
Calystegin B2_1	1.26	443000	C10851	176.0920
Calystegin B2_2	2.84	443000	C10851	176.0919
Calystegin B2_3	3.71	443000	C10851	176.0919
Capillanol	10.89	5315669	C17783	175.1118
Capsi-amide	15.88	47346	C17515	270.2793
Carbetamide	7.27	27689	C11075	237.1234
Carisoprodol	6.42	2576	C07927	261.1812
Carpacin_1	9.98	5281763	C10435	193.0862
Carpacin_2	7.81	5281763	C10435	193.0862
Castanospermine_1	2.02	54445	C02256	190.1073
Castanospermine_2	4.67	54445	C02256	190.1074
Catechol	0.90	289	C00090	111.0447
CATECHOL	6.74	289		109.0289
CB3717	9.99	443388	C11737	478.1714
CBS 113A	4.15	163834	C14081	243.0344
Cefepime	9.30	5479537	C08111	481.1339
Centarol	9.39	442349	C09632	239.2006
Cerulenin_1	10.86	5282054	C12058	224.1282
Cerulenin_2	7.19	5282054	C12058	224.1282
Cetraxate	10.12	2680	C01564	306.1700
Chlorfenac	1.13	6805	C19114	238.9431
Chlorhexidine	9.41	9552079	C06902	505.2090
Chloridazon	5.54	15546	C18570	222.0430
Chloromethiuron	2.33	3034465	C19026	229.0552
Chlorphenesin carbamate	8.01	2724	C07930	246.0524
Chlortetracycline	9.61	54675777	C06571	479.1202
Cholesterol sulfate	17.13	65076	C18043	467.3168
Choline phosphate	7.93	1014	C00588	185.0806
Chrysoeriol_1	9.55	5280666	C04293	301.0710
Chrysoeriol_2	10.41	5280666	C04293	301.0708
Cibarian	3.43	100275	C08473	383.0948
Cinnamaldehyde_1	8.51	637511	C00903	133.0650
Cinnamaldehyde_2	7.32	637511	C00903	133.0648
Cinncassiol B	10.44	71448932	C17648	401.2162
Cinncassiol E	9.92	46173972	C17659	399.2016
Cinoxacin	9.20	2762	C08052	263.0674
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_1	7.52	441155	C06727	141.0911
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_2	13.24	441155	C06727	141.0911
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_3	9.10	441155	C06727	141.0911
cis-1,2-Dihydro-3-ethylcatechol_4	5.11	441155	C06727	141.0912
cis-1,2-Dihydronaphthalene-1,2-diol_1	11.25	440294	C04314	163.0755
cis-1,2-Dihydronaphthalene-1,2-diol_2	14.70	440294	C04314	163.0755
cis-1,2-Dihydronaphthalene-1,2-diol_3	8.81	440294	C04314	163.0756
cis-2,3-Dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl_1	10.11	5459789	C06589	189.0910
cis-2,3-Dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl_2	7.92	5459789	C06589	189.0911
cis-2,3-Dihydroxy-2,3-dihydro-p-cumate	9.13	9543088	C06579	199.0963
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_1	8.79	656884	C14112	187.0967
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_2	7.35	656884	C14112	187.0966
cis-2-Carboxycyclohexyl-acetic acid_3	4.37	656884	C14112	187.0965
cis-3,4-Leucopelargonidin	4.49	440073	C03648	146.0469
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide_1	1.26	9543248	C04431	141.0185
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide_2	9.15	9543248	C04431	141.0181
cis-4-Carboxymethylenebut-2-en-4-olide_3	10.46	9543248	C04431	141.0178
cis-Aconitate_1	2.01	643757	C00417	175.0239
cis-Aconitate_2	1.19	643757	C00417	175.0238
cis-Aconitate_3	7.21	643757	C00417	175.0243
Citalopram propionic acid	7.77	10403174	C16610	156.5548
CITRAMALATE	2.41	1081		171.0266
CITRATE	2.03	311		215.0163
Citrate_1	2.01	311	C00158	193.0344
Citrate_2	1.18	311	C00158	193.0345
Clavamycin D	10.11	59725	C17364	316.1496
Clavamycin E	3.58	46173893	C17365	288.1189
Clavulanic acid	6.68	5280980	C06662	200.0554
Clitidine_1	6.43	182378	C19977	271.0925
Clitidine_2	5.30	182378	C19977	271.0925
Clopyralid	0.91	15553	C18779	191.9623
Codeine-6-glucuronide	10.18	5489029	C16577	476.1915
Codonopsine	7.86	442631	C10137	268.1539
Coenzyme B	8.10	5486800	C04628	172.5497
Compactin diol lactone	10.53	173651	C14183	307.1906
Coniferyl alcohol_1	9.09	1549095	C00590	181.0859
Coniferyl alcohol_2	11.25	1549095	C00590	181.0860
Coniferyl alcohol_3	12.22	1549095	C00590	181.0860
Coniferyl alcohol_4	7.13	1549095	C00590	181.0860
Coproporphyrin I	9.24	68271	C05769	328.1409
Corticosterone_1	9.62	5753	C02140	347.2217
Corticosterone_2	11.13	5753	C02140	347.2216
Coumarin_1	7.66	323	C05851	147.0443
Coumarin_2	8.86	323	C05851	147.0442
Coumarin_3	10.31	323	C05851	147.0442
Coumestrol	3.32	5281707	C10205	269.0444
CREATINE	0.94	586		132.0770
CREATININE_1	0.96	588		114.0666
CREATININE_2	0.89	588		112.0506
Crotanecine_1	1.81	394146	C10284	172.0969
Crotanecine_2	8.47	394146	C10284	172.0970
Crotanecine_3	4.51	394146	C10284	172.0969
Cuauhtemone_1	9.37	442357	C09645	253.1797
Cuauhtemone_2	10.58	442357	C09645	253.1795
Cuauhtemone_3	13.33	442357	C09645	253.1797
Cucurbic acid_1	9.17	5281159	C08482	213.1485
Cucurbic acid_2	12.59	5281159	C08482	213.1488
Cumene_1	10.89	7406	C14396	121.1016
Cumene_2	9.17	7406	C14396	121.1016
Cumene_3	0.81	7406	C14396	121.1006
Cumene_4	15.54	7406	C14396	121.1015
Cupreine	7.59	441075	C06530	156.0916
Curcumin monoglucoside	10.92	11526601	C17749	531.1875
Cyanopyrazine	1.56	73172	C02018	106.0394
Cyclacillin	4.00	19003	C12766	342.1481
Cyclamate	4.36	7533	C19378	202.0505
Cycloheptanecarboxylic acid_1	9.32	15091	C12104	143.1068
Cycloheptanecarboxylic acid_2	7.05	15091	C12104	143.1068
Cyclohexane-1,3-dione_1	7.35	10434	C01066	113.0601
Cyclohexane-1,3-dione_2	2.88	10434	C01066	113.0602
Cyclohexanol	2.31	7966	C00854	101.0967
Cyclohexanone	8.37	7967	C00414	99.0811
Cyclohexylamine	6.55	7965	C00571	100.1126
Cyclokievitone_1	9.20	156777	C10207	355.1175
Cyclokievitone_2	11.44	156777	C10207	355.1171
Cyclopenta[cd]pyrene	7.35	33743	C19173	227.0849
Cyclopentanone_1	2.86	8452	C00557	85.0655
Cyclopentanone_2	1.28	8452	C00557	85.0655
Cyclopentanone_3	7.19	8452	C00557	85.0655
Cyclophosphamide	8.39	2907	C06933	279.0427
Cyclosulfamuron	8.57	6451137	C18439	211.5599
Cysteinyldopa	3.96	29719	C17935	317.0802
Cytidine	1.84	6175	C00475	244.0929
Cytosine_1	5.60	597	C00380	112.0510
Cytosine_2	2.22	597	C00380	112.0511
D-(-)-ARABINOSE	0.69	66308		149.0459
D-(+)-GALACTOSAMINE	0.72	24154		202.0687
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_1	2.77	439960	C03264	133.0861
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_2	1.05	439960	C03264	133.0859
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_3	6.99	439960	C03264	133.0861
D-2-Hydroxyisocaproate_4	1.96	439960	C03264	133.0861
D-Alanyl-D-alanine_1	1.03	5460362	C00993	161.0921
D-Alanyl-D-alanine_2	6.51	5460362	C00993	161.0922
D-Alanyl-D-serine	1.53	1549438	C19719	177.0871
DAMGO	9.72	5462471	C11318	514.2659
Danielone	8.28	146167	C10674	213.0757
D-Arabinono-1,4-lactone_1	8.81	17723	C00652	149.0450
D-Arabinono-1,4-lactone_2	14.93	17723	C00652	149.0450
Dasytrichone	10.43	442586	C10035	297.1130
Dazomet	3.04	10788	C18457	163.0362
D-Cathinone_1	7.03	62258	C08301	150.0915
D-Cathinone_2	9.10	62258	C08301	150.0915
D-Cathinone_3	2.11	62258	C08301	150.0917
DCI	2.16	NOT Found in Database	C11772	248.0593
Debromoaplysiatoxin	11.99	2967	C05148	593.3334
Dehydroalanine_1	4.16	123991	C02218	88.0399
Dehydroalanine_2	5.33	123991	C02218	88.0400
Dehydrocycloguanandin	8.66	5281625	C10055	148.0520
Dehydrojuvabione_1	13.05	85259	C09657	265.1798
Dehydrojuvabione_2	11.21	85259	C09657	265.1796
Dehydrojuvabione_3	10.05	85259	C09657	265.1798
Dehydrovomifoliol_1	10.12	688492	C02533	223.1330
Dehydrovomifoliol_2	7.75	688492	C02533	223.1328
Deidaclin	4.45	73604	C08329	272.1127
delta-Guanidinovaleric acid	3.61	160464	C13688	160.1082
Demethylalangiside	9.75	443418	C11813	492.1874
Deoxycoformycin	1.79	439693	C02267	269.1242
DEOXYCYTIDINE	2.22	13711		226.0823
Deoxycytidine	2.10	13711	C00881	228.0980
Deoxyribose	0.76	10786	C01801	135.0655
Deoxyuridine	3.21	13712	C00526	229.0822
D-Erythrose	9.34	94176	C01796	121.0499
Deserpidine	9.23	8550	C06541	290.1388
Dethiobiotin	6.21	643	C01909	215.1393
D-Fructose 6-phosphate	2.02	439160	C00085	131.0226
D-Galactose 6-sulfate	7.67	439386	C01067	261.0288
D-Gluconic acid	7.33	10690	C00257	197.0662
D-Glucono-1,5-lactone	4.30	7027	C00198	179.0554
D-Glucose	6.19	5793	C00031	181.0714
Diacetyl	2.42	650	C00741	87.0447
Diamidafos	9.51	15643	C19035	201.0778
Dianthalexin	9.51	5281158	C08477	240.0648
Dibasic sodium phosphate	0.73	24203	C13558	142.9483
Dibenzo[1,4]dioxin-2,3-dione_1	7.37	192833	C03861	215.0339
Dibenzo[1,4]dioxin-2,3-dione_2	9.03	192833	C03861	215.0337
Dibenzothiophene_1	1.03	3023	C20125	185.0421
Dibenzothiophene_2	5.64	3023	C20125	185.0421
Dibenzylsuccinate	9.76	7653	C07332	299.1280
Dibutyl adipate_1	9.73	7784	C14253	259.1905
Dibutyl adipate_2	13.15	7784	C14253	259.1904
Dichloromethane	0.88	6344	C02271	84.9604
Dichlorophen	3.30	3037	C14292	269.0133
Dichlozoline	8.29	32253	C18928	274.0035
Diclomezine	2.03	93341	C18458	255.0092
Dictamnine	6.53	68085	C10660	200.0715
Diethanolamine_1	0.92	8113	C06772	106.0870
Diethanolamine_2	9.69	8113	C06772	106.0867
Diethyl 2-methyl-3-oxosuccinate	7.33	97750	C04067	203.0915
Diethyl sulfate	1.19	6163	C14706	155.0376
Diethylene glycol_1	8.89	8117	C14689	107.0707
Diethylene glycol_2	13.74	8117	C14689	107.0707
Diethylene glycol_3	12.53	8117	C14689	107.0707
Diethylene glycol_4	1.25	8117	C14689	107.0709
Diethylene glycol_5	10.85	8117	C14689	107.0706
Diethylphosphoric acid	3.69	654	C06608	155.0471
Difloxacin	1.21	56206	C11234	200.5770
Digitalose	1.09	192798	C08235	179.0915
Dihomomethionine	6.53	228215	C17217	178.0898
Dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2,3-furandione_1	7.41	39	C01125	129.0548
Dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2,3-furandione_2	5.05	39	C01125	129.0547
Dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2,3-furandione_3	8.48	39	C01125	129.0549
Dihydroaceanthrylene	2.24	160539	C19401	205.1007
Dihydrobiopterin_1	3.21	119055	C00268	240.1091
Dihydrobiopterin_2	2.05	119055	C00268	240.1084
Dihydroclavaminic acid	2.25	441125	C06659	201.0871
Dihydroeuparin	9.46	186059	C08744	219.1021
Dihydrokaempferol	8.05	122850	C00974	289.0697
Dihydrolipoate	2.72	421	C02147	209.0671
Dihydro-O-methylsterigmatocystin	6.02	14608351	C03944	171.0547
Dihydroxycarbazepine	10.15	83852	C07495	271.1080
Dihydroxyfumarate	5.26	54678503	C00975	149.0072
Dihydrozeatin riboside	8.88	10522005	C16447	354.1761
Dihydrozeatin-O-glucoside	6.85	23724755	C16448	192.5976
Diisopropyl phthalate_1	10.95	11799	C14468	251.1277
Diisopropyl phthalate_2	9.19	11799	C14468	251.1274
Diisopropyl phthalate_3	12.25	11799	C14468	251.1278
Diisopropyl sulfate	1.14	18096	C19230	183.0686
DIMBOA	7.11	2358	C04720	212.0558
Dimepiperate	8.09	91679	C14571	264.1425
Dimexano	2.02	15115	C19118	214.9325
Diphenhydramine_1	9.71	3100	C06960	256.1694
Diphenhydramine_2	10.89	3100	C06960	256.1695
Diphenylcarbazide	8.28	8789	C11232	243.1228
Dipropyl disulfide_1	6.84	12377	C08373	151.0616
Dipropyl disulfide_2	4.92	12377	C08373	151.0616
dl-Methylephedrine hydrochloride	8.51	13666	C13639	216.1143
D-Lysopine	1.40	193187	C04020	219.1338
D-Mannitol 1-phosphate	8.98	23615341	C00644	263.0519
DMPP	2.65	5911	C07488	319.0659
D-Octopine	2.10	108172	C04137	247.1398
Dodecanamide	12.63	14256	C13831	200.2011
Dodecanedioic acid	9.12	12736	C02678	231.1592
Dodecylaldehyde	9.96	8194	C02278	185.1902
Dodemorph	16.19	61899	C18786	282.2793
Dolichotheline	6.89	168082	C16696	196.1444
Domoic acid	10.47	5282253	C13732	312.1431
Dopamine_1	3.00	681	C03758	154.0865
Dopamine_2	5.11	681	C03758	154.0863
Dopaquinone_1	7.44	439316	C00822	196.0606
Dopaquinone_2	9.08	439316	C00822	196.0606
Drazoxolon_1	1.04	9570206	C18929	238.0379
Drazoxolon_2	7.38	9570206	C18929	238.0386
D-SORBITOL	0.77	5780		205.0683
D-Urobilin_1	10.15	5280820	C05795	589.3031
D-Urobilin_2	11.98	5280820	C05795	589.3031
D-Urobilinogen_1	10.04	440784	C05791	591.3182
D-Urobilinogen_2	12.09	440784	C05791	591.3171
E-64	7.73	123985	C01341	358.2074
Ectocarpen	9.16	12491370	C16993	149.1326
Ectoine	1.05	126041	C06231	143.0818
Efavirenz	4.49	64139	C08088	316.0354
Encecalin	9.17	114703	C09005	233.1174
Ephedrine	6.74	9294	C01575	166.1227
Epithienamycin B	7.94	11723026	C17396	313.0853
Epithienamycin F	9.25	10365832	C17399	395.0584
Epoxiconazole	7.47	3317081	C11229	330.0817
epsilon-Caprolactam	7.20	7768	C06593	114.0917
erythro-3-Hydroxy-Ls-aspartate	1.48	14463	C03961	150.0388
Estazolam	8.77	3261	C06981	295.0748
ETHANOLAMINE PHOSPHATE	0.74	1015		142.0266
Ethiofencarb	8.26	34766	C18649	226.0895
Ethionine_1	5.25	25674	C11227	164.0740
Ethionine_2	0.68	25674	C11227	164.0742
Ethosuximide	1.63	3291	C07505	142.0864
Ethyl (R)-3-hydroxyhexanoate	8.79	440150	C03864	161.1173
Ethyl 3-(N-butylacetamido)propionate_1	9.54	104150	C18830	216.1597
Ethyl 3-(N-butylacetamido)propionate_2	8.24	104150	C18830	216.1596
Ethyl 3-(N-butylacetamido)propionate_3	10.86	104150	C18830	216.1595
Ethyl 3-oxohexanoate_1	7.37	238498	C02975	159.1018
Ethyl 3-oxohexanoate_2	2.23	238498	C02975	159.1016
Ethyl 3-oxohexanoate_3	5.05	238498	C02975	159.1016
Ethyl cinnamate	8.98	637758	C06359	177.0911
Ethyl isovalerate	8.51	7945	C12290	131.1069
Ethyl tiglate_1	7.74	5281163	C08487	129.0913
Ethyl tiglate_2	8.69	5281163	C08487	129.0913
Ethyl tiglate_3	10.42	5281163	C08487	129.0913
Ethyl(E,Z)-decadienoate	9.79	5281162	C08486	197.1538
Etomidate	8.64	36339	C07522	245.1285
Europine	8.31	98222	C10301	330.1911
Euxanthone	10.39	5281631	C10061	229.0505
Fagaramide	10.34	5281772	C10455	248.1283
Fagomine	1.14	72259	C10144	148.0968
Faropenem sodium_1	6.69	23663972	C13310	154.5315
Faropenem sodium_2	8.42	23663972	C13310	308.0559
Fasoracetam	7.62	198695	C13311	197.1286
Febrifugine	8.50	63224	C10677	302.1500
Fenoldopam	6.94	3341	C07693	306.0899
Fenoprofen	9.50	3342	C06997	243.1020
Fenpiclonil	3.33	91724	C14268	236.9986
Ferrous lactate_1	1.49	22197	C17382	234.9898
Ferrous lactate_2	3.65	22197	C17382	234.9900
Flavonol	4.16	11349	C01495	120.0392
Flucloxacillin	7.34	21319	C11748	227.5365
Fluorene	10.09	6853	C07715	167.0856
Fluoroacetamide	7.58	12542	C18675	78.0340
Forchlorfenuron_1	6.57	93379	C18604	248.0587
Forchlorfenuron_2	3.16	93379	C18604	248.0588
Formetanate	6.74	31099	C18668	222.1239
Formononetin	4.66	5280378	C00858	135.0443
FORMYL-L-METHIONYL PEPTIDE	6.44	6995182		178.0534
Fortimicin FU-10	6.82	46174014	C17971	341.1566
Fosetyl	0.10	6328134	C18401	111.0208
Frutinone A	7.44	441965	C09008	133.0286
Fuberidazole	10.20	19756	C18737	185.0714
Fulvine	8.39	73413	C10304	310.1649
Fumarate	1.34	5460307	C00122	117.0175
Furametpyr	6.16	3083543	C18503	167.5698
Furfural diethyl acetal_1	9.33	83553	C14280	171.1018
Furfural diethyl acetal_2	2.59	83553	C14280	171.1018
Furfuryl alcohol_1	0.92	7361	C20441	99.0439
Furfuryl alcohol_2	4.28	7361	C20441	99.0447
Furfuryl alcohol_3	7.40	7361	C20441	99.0447
Furmecyclox_1	11.17	43359	C18912	252.1595
Furmecyclox_2	9.16	43359	C18912	252.1595
Fusarin C	9.69	6435894	C19243	432.2016
Galipine	7.35	NOT Found in Database	C10683	162.5834
gamma-Coniceine	7.18	442632	C10138	126.1280
gamma-Glutamyl-beta-aminopropiononitrile_1	4.68	440920	C06114	200.1030
gamma-Glutamyl-beta-aminopropiononitrile_2	6.29	440920	C06114	200.1033
gamma-Glutamyl-beta-aminopropiononitrile_3	3.17	440920	C06114	200.1031
gamma-Glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyraldehyde_1	4.48	25246104	C15700	217.1184
gamma-Glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyraldehyde_2	6.21	25246104	C15700	217.1184
gamma-Glutamyltyramine	9.13	10214674	C20926	267.1340
gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteine	13.90	123938	C00669	251.0702
gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-beta-alanine	5.05	7098648	C04544	322.1065
gamma-Undecalactone	9.56	7714	C08571	185.1537
Gemfibrozil_1	13.01	3463	C07020	251.1641
Gemfibrozil_2	14.46	3463	C07020	251.1641
Gemfibrozil_3	9.49	3463	C07020	251.1630
Gemfibrozil_4	10.98	3463	C07020	251.1641
Genipin_1	9.69	442424	C09780	227.0916
Genipin_2	8.82	442424	C09780	227.0910
Gentiopicrin	10.27	88708	C09782	179.0626
Geranyl formate	9.04	5282109	C12294	183.1379
Gerrardine	7.48	442637	C10147	326.0379
Gibberellin A8	11.29	440051	C03579	365.1593
Gigantine	8.51	442237	C09445	238.1437
Ginkgolide B	9.11	6324617	C07602	213.0759
Ginkgolide C	9.22	161120	C07603	441.1390
Glaucarubinone	10.77	441796	C08763	495.2234
Gliotoxin	8.53	6223	C10595	327.0466
Glutarate	0.92	743	C00489	133.0497
Glutathionylaminopropylcadaverine	10.92	24892796	C16566	449.2534
Glyburide	6.48	3488	C07022	494.1519
Glycerol_1	0.93	753	C00116	93.0555
Glycerol_2	10.33	753	C00116	93.0552
Glycerone	1.07	670	C00184	91.0396
GLYCINE	0.74	750		76.0401
Glycine_1	1.62	750	C00037	76.0401
Glycine_2	7.12	750	C00037	76.0401
Glycocholate	9.92	10140	C01921	466.3164
Glycyl-leucine_1	1.32	92843	C02155	189.1235
Glycyl-leucine_2	3.45	92843	C02155	189.1234
Glyphosate-isopropylammonium	7.87	38078	C18564	229.0951
Gossypetin	1.53	5280647	C04109	160.0261
Guanadrel	8.20	38521	C07035	214.1549
GUANIDINOACETATE	0.82	763		118.0617
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_1	7.39	25202957	C04071	198.0645
Guanidinoethyl methyl phosphate_2	3.24	25202957	C04071	198.0630
GUANINE	1.59	764		152.0564
Guanine_1	5.01	764	C00242	152.0568
Guanine_2	6.82	764	C00242	152.0566
Guanosine	5.02	6802	C00387	284.0988
HC Blue No. 2	7.60	36383	C19429	286.1399
HC Blue No.1	7.23	17734	C19247	256.1294
Heliotrine_1	8.14	906426	C10324	314.1961
Heliotrine_2	9.10	906426	C10324	314.1960
Helveticoside	10.52	441860	C08869	535.2885
Heptadecatrienoic acid	8.07	16061034	C16344	265.2152
Hercynine	9.07	5459798	C05575	199.1321
Hesperetin	9.79	72281	C01709	303.0865
Heterodendrin_1	6.26	181804	C08332	262.1288
Heterodendrin_2	8.12	181804	C08332	262.1288
Hexadecasphinganine	12.23	656816	C13915	274.2743
Hexahomomethionine	10.00	46878444	C17233	234.1532
Hexylamine	6.65	8102	C08306	102.1282
Hinokitiol glucoside	10.19	9949234	C15451	327.1437
Hippurate	8.04	464	C01586	180.0658
HISTAMINE	0.68	774		112.0874
Histamine	6.00	774	C00388	112.0874
Homoarginine	0.96	9085	C01924	189.1348
Homocarnosine	2.03	10243361	C00884	241.1295
Homogentisate_1	7.59	780	C00544	169.0496
Homogentisate_2	2.12	780	C00544	169.0494
Homogentisate_3	5.70	780	C00544	169.0493
Homostachydrine_1	1.88	441447	C08283	158.1177
Homostachydrine_2	7.32	441447	C08283	158.1177
Hydantoin-5-propionate_1	2.76	782	C05565	173.0557
Hydantoin-5-propionate_2	1.83	782	C05565	173.0558
Hydrocortisone succinate	11.85	16623	C12888	463.2334
Hymexazol O-glucoside	6.62	443069	C11102	262.0923
Hyoscyamine methylbromide	7.15	17882	C13109	384.1154
Hypaphorine	8.11	442106	C09213	247.1444
HYPOXANTHINE	2.12	790		137.0460
Hypoxylone	7.41	442747	C10355	333.0754
Ibuprofen	8.13	3672	C01588	207.1379
Ifosfamide	2.11	3690	C07047	261.0319
Imazosulfuron	8.04	92433	C18443	413.0433
Imidazol-5-yl-pyruvate_1	2.73	794	C03277	155.0452
Imidazol-5-yl-pyruvate_2	1.51	794	C03277	155.0450
Iminoglycine_1	0.75	3080609	C15809	74.0239
Iminoglycine_2	7.39	3080609	C15809	74.0239
Indan-1-ol_1	15.70	22819	C01710	135.0807
Indan-1-ol_2	6.78	22819	C01710	135.0807
Indanofan	8.06	11046097	C18470	171.0499
Indole	8.04	798	C00463	118.0655
Indole-3-acetaldehyde_1	7.03	800	C00637	160.0766
Indole-3-acetaldehyde_2	7.97	800	C00637	160.0758
Indole-3-acetaldehyde_3	10.16	800	C00637	160.0758
Indole-3-acetaldoxime N-oxide	7.34	46173868	C17204	191.0814
Indole-3-acetate_1	8.96	802	C00954	176.0708
Indole-3-acetate_2	9.98	802	C00954	176.0707
Indole-3-acetate_3	7.45	802	C00954	176.0710
Indole-5,6-quinone_1	6.38	440728	C05579	148.0395
Indole-5,6-quinone_2	3.40	440728	C05579	148.0397
Indole-5,6-quinone_3	9.27	440728	C05579	148.0394
Indole-5,6-quinone_4	7.70	440728	C05579	148.0394
Indolelactate_1	9.45	92904	C02043	206.0814
Indolelactate_2	7.67	92904	C02043	206.0818
Indospicine	6.22	108010	C08288	174.1241
Inosine	6.22	6021	C00294	269.0881
Inulicin	12.07	442263	C09483	309.1696
Iprovalicarb	10.72	16212118	C18866	321.2174
Irisxanthone	9.29	5281637	C10067	437.1066
Isobutyronitrile_1	1.55	6559	C02420	70.0654
Isobutyronitrile_2	6.28	6559	C02420	70.0653
ISOCITRIC ACID	1.17	1198		215.0164
Isoetharine	8.92	3762	C07053	240.1590
Isofenphos	2.68	32872	C11002	346.1243
Isoflavone	10.07	72304	C00799	223.0762
Isoflurophate_1	8.10	5936	C00202	185.0746
Isoflurophate_2	9.11	5936	C00202	185.0731
Isopentenyl diphosphate_1	3.14	1195	C00129	247.0126
Isopentenyl diphosphate_2	6.75	1195	C00129	247.0131
Isopentenyl diphosphate_3	5.60	1195	C00129	247.0126
Isoprothiolane	7.27	39681	C11111	146.0399
Isoquinoline_1	7.59	8405	C06323	130.0653
Isoquinoline_2	3.96	8405	C06323	130.0644
Isoscoparine	10.59	442611	C05990	463.1233
Isosorbide mononitrate	2.78	27661	C07714	192.0503
Isouron	3.59	41648	C18432	212.1394
Isovalerylcarnitine	8.14	169235	C20826	246.1698
Isoxanthopterin	3.50	10729	C03975	180.0519
Istamycin C1	7.94	46174030	C17996	432.2801
Istamycin FU-10	11.18	46174023	C17981	325.1620
Jasmone_1	9.16	1549018	C08490	165.1275
Jasmone_2	7.40	1549018	C08490	165.1274
Jatrophatrione	10.36	5281372	C09119	315.1955
Kievitone	11.31	119269	C01590	357.1329
Kikkanol A	9.57	10706137	C17603	255.1948
Kurarinol	10.77	44563198	C17444	457.2222
L-2,3-Dihydrodipicolinate	6.68	5460228	C03340	170.0448
L-2-Amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)butanoate	8.14	91619	C04650	182.0568
L-2-Aminoadipate	1.86	92136	C00956	162.0763
L-Adrenaline_1	8.42	5816	C00788	184.0970
L-Adrenaline_2	6.68	5816	C00788	184.0970
L-ALLOTHREONINE	0.75	99289		142.0478
Lamioside	8.04	443328	C11645	421.1686
L-ARGININE	0.74	6322		175.1192
L-Arogenate_1	2.58	25244469	C00826	228.0866
L-Arogenate_2	6.60	25244469	C00826	228.0863
L-Aspartate	1.54	5960	C00049	134.0451
L-Aspartate 4-semialdehyde	1.98	439235	C00441	118.0504
Latia luciferin_1	10.12	5280505	C02293	237.1849
Latia luciferin_2	8.77	5280505	C02293	237.1849
L-CARNITINE	1.00	10917		162.1125
L-Citrulline	1.23	9750	C00327	176.1031
L-Cladinose_1	9.34	5460588	C11917	177.1124
L-Cladinose_2	7.23	5460588	C11917	177.1124
L-Cysteine	4.00	5862	C00097	122.0273
LEUCINE	2.64	857		132.1021
Leukotriene A4	10.89	5280383	C00909	319.2266
Levamisole hydrochloride	4.21	27944	C07906	241.0551
Levetiracetam_1	6.07	5284583	C07841	171.1129
Levetiracetam_2	7.17	5284583	C07841	171.1129
L-Formylkynurenine_1	3.23	439788	C02700	237.0864
L-Formylkynurenine_2	6.90	439788	C02700	237.0870
L-Formylkynurenine_3	4.10	439788	C02700	237.0870
L-Glutamate	8.41	33032	C00025	148.0610
L-GLUTAMINE	0.76	5961		147.0765
L-Glutamine	9.29	5961	C00064	147.0774
L-HISTIDINE	0.73	6274		156.0769
L-Histidinol	4.90	165271	C00860	142.0976
L-Homocitrulline_1	0.97	65072	C02427	190.1187
L-Homocitrulline_2	2.26	65072	C02427	190.1186
Lichenin_1	3.15	439241	C00478	163.0602
Lichenin_2	6.53	439241	C00478	163.0601
L-Iduronate 2-sulfate	2.64	439915	C03126	275.0072
Linamarin	2.24	11128	C01594	248.1127
Lindheimerine	11.08	441744	C08695	342.2429
Linoleate	13.06	5280450	C01595	281.2475
Linuron	6.70	9502	C11007	249.0184
Lipoamide	3.44	863	C00248	206.0661
Liriodenine	9.17	10144	C09567	276.0648
L-Kynurenine	3.59	161166	C00328	209.0921
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_1	0.89	439283	C00666	191.1027
LL-2,6-Diaminoheptanedioate_2	3.13	439283	C00666	191.1026
L-Leucine	1.00	6106	C00123	132.1021
L-Lysinamide	0.76	439605	C01930	146.1282
L-LYSINE	0.66	5962		147.1129
L-Lysine 1,6-lactam	1.21	440599	C02837	129.1025
L-Metanephrine_1	3.12	688084	C05588	198.1125
L-Metanephrine_2	6.63	688084	C05588	198.1126
L-Methionine	1.83	6137	C00073	150.0582
L-Methionine S-oxide	1.48	158980	C02989	166.0534
L-Mimosine_1	3.43	440473	C04771	199.0714
L-Mimosine_2	4.37	440473	C04771	199.0714
L-Octanoylcarnitine	10.05	11953814	C02838	288.2171
Lophophorine	10.10	28654	C09573	236.1282
L-ORNITHINE	0.66	6262		133.0974
L-Phenylalanine_1	6.37	6140	C00079	166.0864
L-Phenylalanine_2	8.71	6140	C00079	166.0865
L-Pipecolate	4.34	439227	C00408	130.0865
L-Proline	2.07	145742	C00148	116.0711
L-SERINE	0.74	5951		106.0504
L-Threonine	1.06	6288	C00188	120.0659
L-Tryptophan	7.73	6305	C00078	205.0973
L-Tryptophanamide	9.47	439356	C00977	204.1137
L-Tyrosine_1	3.53	6057	C00082	182.0812
L-Tyrosine_2	8.11	6057	C00082	182.0811
L-Tyrosine methyl ester_1	7.27	70652	C03404	196.0966
L-Tyrosine methyl ester_2	8.86	70652	C03404	196.0966
L-Tyrosine methyl ester 4-sulfate	8.65	21145083	C04201	276.0525
Lumichrome	8.17	5326566	C01727	243.0867
L-Urobilin	10.03	5280818	C05793	595.3502
Luteolin	6.49	5280445	C01514	144.0318
L-Valine	2.10	6287	C00183	118.0867
M1	7.60	NOT Found in Database	C14206	304.0143
Maclurin	4.24	68213	C09951	263.0550
Maleimide	0.86	10935	C07272	98.0242
Mallotophenone	9.51	179090	C10708	405.1542
MANNOSE	0.77	18950		203.0526
m-Chlorophenylpiperazine	2.27	1355	C11738	197.0844
Melamine	3.10	7955	C08737	127.0734
Melicopine	4.49	68433	C10724	157.5551
Menadiol_1	9.45	10209	C07126	175.0755
Menadiol_2	10.68	10209	C07126	175.0755
Menadiol_3	11.62	10209	C07126	175.0755
Menadione	10.12	4055	C05377	173.0599
Menadione sodium bisulfite	6.33	23665888	C18378	139.0105
Meperidine	9.40	4058	C07128	248.1647
Mescaline_1	6.69	4076	C06546	212.1280
Mescaline_2	7.60	4076	C06546	212.1277
Mescaline_3	8.66	4076	C06546	212.1281
Metaxalone_1	10.59	15459	C07934	222.1125
Metaxalone_2	8.68	15459	C07934	222.1124
Metazachlor	9.00	49384	C10948	278.1057
Meteloidine	8.75	5281864	C10861	256.1543
Methamphetamine	7.84	10836	C07164	150.1278
Methasulfocarb	7.38	93362	C18746	262.0191
Methohexital	8.19	9034	C07844	263.1390
Methyl 2-diazoacetamidohexonate	7.80	439447	C01223	215.1257
METHYL BETA-D-GALACTOSIDE	0.89	94214		193.0709
Methyl farnesoate_1	14.41	5275508	C16503	251.2005
Methyl farnesoate_2	10.87	5275508	C16503	251.2005
Methyldopa anhydrous_1	6.48	38853	C07194	212.0919
Methyldopa anhydrous_2	9.69	38853	C07194	212.0920
Methyldopa anhydrous_3	2.77	38853	C07194	212.0917
Methyleugenol_1	13.22	7127	C10454	179.1068
Methyleugenol_2	10.02	7127	C10454	179.1067
METHYLMALONATE	2.62	487		117.0188
Methylripariochromene A	10.90	NOT Found in Database	C09015	263.1274
Methyltrienolone	8.63	261000	C14257	285.1847
Metipranolol	10.42	31477	C07915	310.2013
Metoprolol	8.88	4171	C07202	268.1906
Metronidazole	8.20	4173	C07203	172.0722
Mexiletine	6.86	4178	C07220	180.1385
Midazolam_1	6.12	4192	C07524	326.0869
Midazolam_2	7.45	4192	C07524	326.0867
Midodrine_1	7.27	4195	C07890	255.1337
Midodrine_2	5.72	4195	C07890	255.1338
Miotine_1	7.52	46093	C11763	223.1438
Miotine_2	8.50	46093	C11763	223.1441
Miraxanthin-II	10.88	5281201	C08555	327.0833
Montanin A	14.82	442061	C09136	313.1436
Monuron	1.66	8800	C19087	199.0636
MTIC	1.94	5463137	C16250	169.0828
Mukaadial	8.86	159088	C09702	267.1581
MYO-INOSITOL	0.81	892		179.0554
Myriocin_1	10.92	6438394	C19914	402.2854
Myriocin_2	9.90	6438394	C19914	402.2845
Myristoleic acid_1	12.97	5281119	C08322	227.2005
Myristoleic acid_2	11.24	5281119	C08322	227.2005
N-((R)-Pantothenoyl)-L-cysteine_1	8.25	440217	C04079	162.0676
N-((R)-Pantothenoyl)-L-cysteine_2	9.92	440217	C04079	162.0676
N-(2-Methoxyphenyl)-N'-(2-naphtyl)urea	10.61	443080	C11163	293.1278
N-(3-Oxododecanoyl)homoserine lactone	10.07	127864	C11840	298.2015
N-(3-Oxohexanoyl)homoserine lactone	7.58	119133	C11839	214.1074
N-(3-Oxooctanoyl)homoserine lactone	8.62	127293	C11841	242.1386
N-(6-Aminohexanoyl)-6-aminohexanoate_1	7.11	5245705	C01255	245.1862
N-(6-Aminohexanoyl)-6-aminohexanoate_2	8.05	5245705	C01255	245.1860
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_1	8.02	153367	C02709	152.0708
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_2	6.48	153367	C02709	152.0708
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_3	2.94	153367	C02709	152.0707
N-(Acetyloxy)benzenamine_4	8.99	153367	C02709	152.0708
N(alpha)-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucine_1	8.50	74840	C04335	266.1386
N(alpha)-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucine_2	10.20	74840	C04335	266.1386
N-(L-Arginino)succinate	10.93	16950	C03406	291.1305
N(PAI)-METHYL-L-HISTIDINE	0.73	64969		170.0927
N(pi)-Methyl-L-histidine	4.28	64969	C01152	170.0929
N,N-Dihydroxy-L-tyrosine	6.72	5461147	C15503	214.0712
N,N'-Dimethylurea	0.75	7293	C16364	89.0717
N1,N12-Diacetylspermine	6.19	132680	C03413	287.2439
N1-Acetylspermidine_1	0.89	496	C00612	188.1759
N1-Acetylspermidine_2	6.18	496	C00612	188.1759
N1-Acetyl-tabtoxinine-beta-lactam	2.09	92042784	C20921	231.0976
N1-Methyl-2-pyridone-5-carboxamide	5.14	69698	C05842	153.0660
N2'-Acetylgentamicin C1a	8.45	16069998	C03524	492.3022
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_1	0.86	443992	C12986	204.0869
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_2	5.75	443992	C12986	204.0869
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_3	1.91	443992	C12986	204.0869
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_4	7.07	443992	C12986	204.0869
N2-Acetyl-L-aminoadipate_5	9.47	443992	C12986	204.0863
N2-Citryl-N6-acetyl-N6-hydroxy-L-lysine	8.50	56927962	C20333	190.0701
N6,N6-Dimethyladenosine	6.35	440004	C03416	296.1355
N6-Acetyl-N6-hydroxy-L-lysine	6.16	128888	C03955	205.1191
N6-Methyl-L-lysine_1	0.73	164795	C02728	161.1286
N6-Methyl-L-lysine_2	2.02	164795	C02728	161.1287
N-Acetoxy-4-aminobiphenyl	10.50	189661	C03621	228.1021
N-Acetylaspartylglutamate	3.13	188803	C12270	305.0978
N-Acetyl-D-fucosamine	7.49	11954186	C15480	206.1024
N-ACETYL-D-GALACTOSAMINE	0.87	84265		244.0794
N-Acetyl-D-glucosaminate	2.02	16126799	C01133	238.0920
N-ACETYL-DL-GLUTAMIC ACID	2.26	185		190.0711
N-ACETYL-DL-SERINE	1.12	352294		148.0605
N-Acetyl-D-tryptophan	9.54	439917	C03137	247.1076
N-ACETYL-L-ASPARTIC ACID	1.56	65065		176.0556
N-Acetyl-L-citrulline	2.24	656979	C15532	218.1135
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate_1	14.93	70914	C00624	190.0714
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate_2	3.60	70914	C00624	190.0711
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde_1	2.04	192878	C01250	174.0761
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde_2	1.18	192878	C01250	174.0765
N-Acetyl-L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde_3	3.48	192878	C01250	174.0762
N-Acetyl-L-histidine_1	1.16	75619	C02997	198.0873
N-Acetyl-L-histidine_2	6.33	75619	C02997	198.0873
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_1	8.23	70912	C02710	174.1126
N-ACETYL-L-LEUCINE	7.58	70912		172.0971
N-Acetyl-L-leucine_2	7.23	70912	C02710	174.1126
N-Acetyl-L-phenylalanine_1	8.87	74839	C03519	208.0969
N-Acetyl-L-phenylalanine_2	9.75	74839	C03519	208.0970
N-Acetylmethionine_1	3.12	448580	C02712	192.0690
N-Acetylmethionine_2	1.51	448580	C02712	192.0690
N-Acetylmuramic acid 6-phosphate	8.94	24798720	C16698	374.0842
N-ACETYLNEURAMINATE	0.87	439197		310.1134
N-Acetylornithine_1	7.95	439232	C00437	175.1081
N-Acetylornithine_2	1.92	439232	C00437	175.1078
N-ACETYLPUTRESCINE	1.17	122356		131.1182
N-Amidino-L-glutamate	1.94	135313	C03140	190.0824
Naphthalene-1,2-diol	8.49	11318	C03012	161.0600
Naringenin	9.66	932	C00509	273.0759
Naringenin 7-O-beta-D-glucoside	10.00	92794	C09099	435.1284
N-Benzyloxycarbonylglycine	8.65	14349	C03710	210.0762
NBMPR	10.09	65407	C20439	420.0971
N-Caffeoylputrescine	7.60	5280559	C03002	251.1385
N-Carbamoyl-L-aspartate	1.16	93072	C00438	177.0508
N-Carbamyl-L-glutamate	10.23	121396	C05829	191.0659
N-Cyclohexylformamide_1	8.18	13017	C11519	128.1072
N-Cyclohexylformamide_2	6.53	13017	C11519	128.1072
N-Cyclopropylammeline	6.41	6321196	C14148	168.0888
n-Decanohydroxamic acid_1	7.88	142752	C12889	188.1647
n-Decanohydroxamic acid_2	8.70	142752	C12889	188.1646
N-D-Glucosylarylamine_1	7.40	439919	C03142	256.1181
N-D-Glucosylarylamine_2	8.58	439919	C03142	256.1181
N-D-Glucosylarylamine_3	3.80	439919	C03142	256.1178
N-Dimethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate	5.13	97588	C05680	154.0630
Nebularine	6.92	68368	C01736	253.0932
Neopterin_1	1.50	4455	C05926	254.0884
Neopterin_2	6.13	4455	C05926	254.0882
Neostigmine bromide	6.72	8246	C08197	303.0710
N-Ethylmaleimide-S-glutathione	9.17	126950	C11370	431.1228
Netilmicin	8.07	441306	C07657	476.3068
Nevirapine_1	8.05	4463	C07263	267.1233
Nevirapine_2	9.02	4463	C07263	267.1228
N-Feruloylglycine	8.50	25245295	C02564	252.0864
N-Formimino-L-aspartate	4.56	440000	C03409	161.0558
N-Formimino-L-glutamate	1.09	439233	C00439	175.0716
N-Formyl-4-amino-5-aminomethyl-2-methylpyrimidine	1.76	597195	C19872	167.0930
N-Formyl-L-aspartate	7.03	5460069	C01044	162.0390
N-Formylmethionine_1	1.10	439750	C03145	178.0533
N-Formylmethionine_2	4.15	439750	C03145	178.0533
N-Guanylhistamine	2.57	167717	C07454	154.1088
N-Heptanoylhomoserine lactone	10.19	443437	C11844	214.1439
N-Hydroxy-4-aminobiphenyl	3.77	81261	C03622	186.0906
N-Hydroxy-L-valine	0.91	22859863	C20313	134.0813
Nicarbazin	10.54	9507	C18389	427.1369
Nicotianamine	7.20	9882882	C05324	304.1505
Nicotinamide	1.68	936	C00153	123.0557
Nicotine	6.17	89594	C00745	163.1231
Nicotinurate	7.58	68499	C05380	181.0610
Nicotyrine_1	4.78	10249	C10161	159.0919
Nicotyrine_2	6.78	10249	C10161	159.0916
Nifedipine	13.90	4485	C07266	347.1250
Nifuradene	7.96	9568055	C19272	225.0613
Nifurthiazole	6.86	3607071	C19240	255.0188
N-Isopropylammelide_1	2.17	441083	C06553	171.0876
N-Isopropylammelide_2	6.44	441083	C06553	171.0875
N-Isopropylammelide_3	3.94	441083	C06553	171.0882
N-Isopropylammelide_4	4.80	441083	C06553	171.0879
Nithiazide	6.93	8776	C19468	217.0383
Nitralin	9.13	20848	C19064	173.5576
Nitramine	7.02	10178	C10163	170.1541
Nitrovin	9.95	6252910	C19487	361.0897
N-Methyl-(R,S)-tetrahydrobenzylisoquinoline	8.45	440630	C05314	238.1598
N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone_1	5.09	13387	C11118	100.0763
N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone_2	6.64	13387	C11118	100.0763
N-Methylaniline	6.49	7515	C02299	108.0813
N-Methylethanolamine phosphate	0.67	25201132	C01210	156.0424
N-Methylhexanamide_1	0.79	439790	C02722	130.1228
N-Methylhexanamide_2	4.74	439790	C02722	130.1229
N-Methylpelletierine_1	8.22	86786	C06184	156.1384
N-Methylpelletierine_2	6.75	86786	C06184	156.1385
N-Methyltryptamine	7.28	6088	C06213	175.1232
N-Monomethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate	2.07	281241	C05679	140.0476
N'-Nitrosoanabasine	6.49	14335	C19477	192.1132
N'-Nitrosoanatabine	8.05	51291	C19478	190.0974
N-Nitrosodiethylamine	0.76	5921	C14422	103.0872
N-Nitrosodi-n-butylamine_1	0.72	13542	C19277	159.1494
N-Nitrosodi-n-butylamine_2	4.37	13542	C19277	159.1493
N-Nitrosoguvacoline	1.25	62103	C19482	171.0764
N-Nitrosopiperidine	0.88	7526	C19284	115.0869
N-Nitrosoproline	4.21	24141	C19485	145.0608
Nona-2,6-dienal	9.81	643731	C08499	139.1119
Nonane-4,6-dione_1	9.87	26454	C02445	157.1224
Nonane-4,6-dione_2	12.06	26454	C02445	157.1224
Nonanoic acid_1	13.81	8158	C01601	159.1381
Nonanoic acid_2	10.41	8158	C01601	159.1381
Northienamycin_1	7.65	132448	C17369	130.0416
Northienamycin_2	5.07	132448	C17369	259.0747
N-Succinyl-L-glutamate	3.69	440847	C05931	248.0765
N-Succinyl-LL-2,6-diaminoheptanedioate	9.43	440333	C04421	291.1195
N-Sulfo-D-glucosamine_1	3.15	453619	C01075	130.5260
N-Sulfo-D-glucosamine_2	6.57	453619	C01075	130.5260
N-Trimethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate_1	8.79	1014	C06459	169.0861
N-Trimethyl-2-aminoethylphosphonate_2	7.87	1014	C06459	169.0862
Nupharamine	9.72	10911986	C17464	252.1958
N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone_1	4.46	6917	C19548	112.0762
N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone_2	1.68	6917	C19548	112.0762
Oblongolide_1	15.56	176630	C09519	221.1538
Oblongolide_2	14.04	176630	C09519	221.1538
O-Butanoylcarnitine	7.53	439829	C02862	232.1542
O-Carbamoyl-L-serine	0.75	439881	C03015	149.0559
Octylamine	8.30	8143	C01740	130.1593
O-Decanoyl-L-carnitine	11.52	11953821	C03299	316.2480
Omethoate	3.52	14210	C18662	214.0300
O-Phospho-L-homoserine	8.06	151187	C01102	200.0323
O-Propanoylcarnitine_1	6.84	107738	C03017	218.1387
O-Propanoylcarnitine_2	9.01	107738	C03017	218.1387
Orcinol_1	7.95	10436	C00727	125.0600
Orcinol_2	6.49	10436	C00727	125.0600
Orcinol_3	2.92	10436	C00727	125.0601
ortho-Anisidine	6.26	7000	C19191	124.0760
Orthophosphate	1.08	NOT Found in Database	C00009	98.9848
Oryzalin	6.84	29393	C18877	174.0551
Oseltamivir	11.09	65028	C08092	313.2120
O-Succinyl-L-homoserine	3.38	439406	C01118	220.0815
Otonecine_1	8.44	5281740	C10356	186.1127
Otonecine_2	2.14	5281740	C10356	186.1126
Otonecine_3	3.74	5281740	C10356	186.1126
Oxidized Latia luciferin_1	14.46	519382	C03527	195.1745
Oxidized Latia luciferin_2	11.20	519382	C03527	195.1746
Oxidized Latia luciferin_3	8.89	519382	C03527	195.1746
Oxidized Oplophorus luciferin	10.48	5326781	C15038	206.5859
Ozagrel hydrochloride	6.91	6438130	C13144	265.0739
p-Aminobenzamidine dihydrochloride	9.03	75626	C11628	208.0394
Panfuran S	2.86	6414792	C19289	294.0846
Pantothenate	6.72	6613	C00864	220.1179
Pantothenol	6.51	131204	C05944	206.1389
Paramethadione_1	7.12	8280	C07411	158.0813
Paramethadione_2	2.85	8280	C07411	158.0813
Parsonsine	10.85	15060933	C10357	440.2285
p-Benzoquinone	1.93	4650	C00472	109.0290
p-Benzosemiquinone	2.93	46173720	C02389	110.0358
p-Cumate_1	9.72	3417835	C06578	165.0912
p-Cumate_2	7.67	3417835	C06578	165.0912
p-Cumate_3	8.60	3417835	C06578	165.0911
p-Cumate_4	14.04	3417835	C06578	165.0912
p-Cymene_1	9.16	7463	C06575	135.1170
p-Cymene_2	8.33	7463	C06575	135.1170
p-Cymene_3	6.75	7463	C06575	135.1170
Pendimethalin	6.46	38479	C11019	282.1446
Penicillenic acid_1	2.26	44146921	C11747	245.0600
Penicillenic acid_2	3.78	44146921	C11747	245.0590
Pentahomomethionine	9.47	46878443	C17229	220.1365
Pentalenene	11.98	194140	C01841	205.1951
Pentanoate_1	12.53	114781	C00803	103.0757
Pentanoate_2	1.55	114781	C00803	103.0759
Pentanoate_3	6.65	114781	C00803	103.0758
Pentobarbital_1	6.41	4737	C07422	227.1390
Pentobarbital_2	7.70	4737	C07422	227.1391
Phaseollidin	14.11	119268	C05230	325.1436
Phaseollidin hydrate	14.70	440593	C05229	343.1539
Phenacetin_1	6.48	4754	C07591	180.1019
Phenacetin_2	10.23	4754	C07591	180.1019
Phenanthrene-4,5-dicarboxylate	7.17	95075	C18252	134.0365
Phendimetrazine_1	7.63	12460	C07904	192.1385
Phendimetrazine_2	11.19	12460	C07904	192.1384
Phenmetrazine	7.32	4762	C07432	178.1227
Phenol	8.06	996	C00146	95.0497
Phenolphthalin	9.68	66494	C14223	161.0599
Phensuximide	8.90	6839	C07437	190.0863
Phenyl acetate_1	8.48	31229	C00548	137.0598
Phenyl acetate_2	3.01	31229	C00548	137.0600
Phenyl acetate_3	5.13	31229	C00548	137.0599
Phenylacetaldehyde_1	4.79	998	C00601	121.0652
Phenylacetaldehyde_2	6.26	998	C00601	121.0652
Phenylacetaldehyde_3	7.49	998	C00601	121.0650
Phenylacetaldehyde_4	8.48	998	C00601	121.0652
Phenylacetylglutamine	8.05	92258	C04148	265.1181
Phenylamil	1.87	4755	C13752	153.5468
Phenylethyl alcohol_1	6.87	6054	C05853	123.0808
Phenylethyl alcohol_2	8.87	6054	C05853	123.0808
Phenylethyl alcohol_3	1.50	6054	C05853	123.0796
Phenylpyruvate_1	7.62	997	C00166	165.0549
Phenylpyruvate_2	9.10	997	C00166	165.0548
Phenylpyruvate_3	1.82	997	C00166	165.0554
Phosphamidon	6.43	3032604	C18689	300.0764
Phosphoagmatine	7.60	72734288	C02726	211.0948
PHOSPHOCHOLINE	0.75	1014		184.0734
Phosphocreatine_1	5.35	9548602	C02305	212.0441
Phosphocreatine_2	1.57	9548602	C02305	212.0438
Phosphoenolpyruvate	1.93	1005	C00074	168.9891
Photinus luciferin	3.40	25245427	C02740	281.0058
Phthalate_1	13.66	181977	C01606	167.0340
Phthalate_2	16.82	181977	C01606	167.0340
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_1	4.13	46173870	C17239	184.0426
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate_2	7.55	46173870	C17239	184.0417
Phytuberin	12.88	442387	C09709	295.1903
Piceatannol	10.65	667639	C05901	245.0809
Pilocarpine	8.25	5910	C07474	209.1285
Pimelate_1	8.49	385	C02656	161.0808
Pimelate_2	2.03	385	C02656	161.0810
Pimelate_3	5.56	385	C02656	161.0809
Pimelate_4	4.08	385	C02656	161.0809
Pimelate_5	2.92	385	C02656	161.0810
Pimelate_6	1.18	385	C02656	161.0810
Pimozide	9.04	16362	C07566	462.2333
PIPECOLATE	1.28	439227		130.0865
Piperazine adipate	6.91	8905	C13811	233.1496
Piperidione_1	8.35	6465	C17730	170.1176
Piperidione_2	2.39	6465	C17730	170.1176
Pirbuterol	6.43	4845	C07807	241.1545
Podocarpic acid	10.30	93017	C09171	275.1641
Podophyllotoxone	6.83	443014	C10875	413.1243
Polysulfide	0.70	NOT Found in Database	C19692	122.9249
Porphobilinogen_1	6.86	1021	C00931	227.1027
Porphobilinogen_2	3.07	1021	C00931	227.1025
Potassium dibasic phosphate	0.74	24450	C13197	174.8960
Potassium sulfate	0.80	24507	C13192	174.8867
Precocene II_1	14.31	12565	C09018	221.1172
Precocene II_2	10.58	12565	C09018	221.1176
Pregnan-21-al	11.05	439338	C00891	303.2682
Pregnenolone	10.17	8955	C01953	317.2478
Prenyl caffeate	10.60	5281790	C10487	249.1120
Procarbazine	7.68	4915	C07402	222.1601
Proclavaminic acid_1	1.05	194953	C06658	203.1027
Proclavaminic acid_2	2.52	194953	C06658	203.1028
Progesterone	9.70	5994	C00410	315.2317
Proglinazine	1.55	14621415	C19105	246.0742
Promacyl	9.64	36733	C18955	278.1750
Propane-1,2-diol	1.02	1030	C00583	77.0605
Propanoate_1	1.12	104745	C00163	75.0449
Propanoate_2	2.60	104745	C00163	75.0449
Propiomazine	3.60	4940	C07405	341.1681
Propofol	10.10	4943	C07523	179.1431
Propyl cinnamate_1	9.44	5270647	C06360	191.1067
Propyl cinnamate_2	10.32	5270647	C06360	191.1064
Propynoate	6.40	10110	C00804	71.0123
Prosulfocarb	9.73	62020	C18760	252.1429
Prosulfuron	9.62	91751	C10950	210.5521
Prothiocarb	7.72	29697	C18943	191.1210
Protopine	8.59	4970	C05189	177.5706
Protoporphyrinogen IX	8.29	121893	C01079	569.3142
Pseudopelletierine	7.35	11096	C10865	154.1227
Psicofuranine_1	6.79	65086	C05342	298.1146
Psicofuranine_2	5.62	65086	C05342	298.1147
Pterin	9.40	73000	C00715	164.0562
Pulcherriminic acid	8.58	3083664	C20515	257.1496
PUTRESCINE	0.63	1045		89.1080
p-Xylene_1	8.28	7809	C06756	107.0861
p-Xylene_2	9.19	7809	C06756	107.0861
p-Xylene_3	3.12	7809	C06756	107.0860
Pymetrozine	7.48	9576037	C18590	218.1026
Pyocyanine	9.15	6817	C01748	213.1016
Pyrazinamide	6.34	1046	C01956	124.0507
Pyrazinoic acid	1.54	1047	C19915	125.0347
Pyridine	1.53	1049	C00747	80.0502
PYRIDOXAL	2.00	1050		168.0658
Pyridoxal	7.32	1050	C00250	168.0657
Pyridoxamine	6.47	1052	C00534	169.0971
Pyridoxine_1	7.19	1054	C00314	170.0812
Pyridoxine_2	2.04	1054	C00314	170.0811
Pyridoxine_3	3.39	1054	C00314	170.0813
Pyruvate_1	2.80	107735	C00022	89.0233
Pyruvate_2	6.22	107735	C00022	89.0235
Pyruvate oxime	0.95	6400629	C02193	104.0347
Quercitrin	9.50	5280459	C01750	449.1086
Quinolinate	1.72	1066	C03722	168.0292
Radium-226	2.25	9877911	C16456	227.0323
Reduced FMN	8.09	445395	C01847	459.1293
Resveratrol_1	9.95	445154	C03582	229.0860
Resveratrol_2	8.90	445154	C03582	229.0856
Retinoate	9.40	444795	C00777	301.2161
Retinol	10.49	445354	C00473	287.2369
Retronecine_1	8.01	10198	C06177	156.1021
Retronecine_2	2.24	10198	C06177	156.1021
Retronecine_3	7.05	10198	C06177	156.1021
Rhein	6.68	10168	C10401	143.0235
Rhododendrin	9.14	442538	C09965	329.1592
Riboflavin	8.08	493570	C00255	377.1455
Ricinine	6.14	10666	C01526	165.0660
Rilmenidine	8.07	68712	C11120	181.1335
Ripazepam	10.95	33474	C19518	269.1385
Rishitin	9.91	108064	C09715	223.1693
Robustaol A	10.24	442541	C09968	475.1942
Ruscopine	9.45	441579	C08510	307.2122
S-(2-Chloroacetyl)glutathione	3.11	163913	C14864	192.5341
S-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-N-acetyl-L-cysteine	2.65	108009	C14876	208.0639
S-(2-Methylpropanoyl)-dihydrolipoamide	1.58	NOT Found in Database	C04424	278.1232
S-(Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine_1	6.80	46173869	C17238	271.0745
S-(Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine_2	7.74	46173869	C17238	136.0410
S-(Phenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine	8.57	25246415	C17237	255.0797
S,S-Dimethyl-beta-propiothetin	1.93	23736	C04022	135.0475
S-Acetyldihydrolipoamide	6.79	1076	C01136	250.0936
S-Acetylphosphopantetheine_1	8.72	440096	C03725	201.0600
S-Acetylphosphopantetheine_2	7.19	440096	C03725	201.0602
S-Adenosyl-L-homocysteine	4.97	439155	C00021	193.0682
Sakuranin	9.16	348162	C17391	449.1424
S-Allyl-L-cysteine_1	1.87	9793905	C16759	162.0580
S-Allyl-L-cysteine_2	3.44	9793905	C16759	162.0576
Savinin	10.67	5281867	C10880	353.1024
Scopoletin_1	9.22	5280460	C01752	193.0497
Scopoletin_2	10.52	5280460	C01752	193.0499
Scorpioidin	10.76	11953939	C09548	277.1435
Scytalone_1	7.51	3477029	C00779	195.0655
Scytalone_2	9.12	3477029	C00779	195.0654
Scytalone_3	9.97	3477029	C00779	195.0654
Sebacic acid_1	8.25	5192	C08277	203.1279
Sebacic acid_2	9.94	5192	C08277	203.1279
Semicarbazide hydrochloride	6.20	11236	C19521	112.0271
Sepiapterin	3.38	65253	C00835	238.0935
Sergeolide	10.46	134025	C08782	505.1684
Serotonin	6.95	5202	C00780	177.1023
Shikimate_1	8.72	8742	C00493	175.0598
Shikimate_2	1.66	8742	C00493	175.0603
Sinapyl alcohol	9.83	5280507	C02325	211.0966
Slaframine	7.44	88363	C06185	199.1441
S-Methyl-1-thio-D-glycerate	1.26	440126	C03804	137.0270
sn-Glycero-3-phosphocholine	9.33	657272	C00670	259.1178
Sodium ortho-phenylphenate	9.13	23675735	C19298	193.0624
Sodium salicylate	0.80	16760658	C07587	161.0212
Sodium sulfate	0.79	24436	C13199	142.9388
Sorgolactone	9.80	5281395	C09186	317.1383
Spectinomycin dihydrochloride	9.98	64740	C11619	405.1182
SPERMIDINE	0.61	1102		146.1653
Spermidine	6.91	1102	C00315	146.1653
S-Ribosyl-L-homocysteine_1	9.32	24798681	C03539	268.0855
S-Ribosyl-L-homocysteine_2	9.33	24798681	C03539	134.5464
S-Succinyldihydrolipoamide	6.11	NOT Found in Database	C01169	308.0992
Stearidonic acid	10.21	5312508	C16300	277.2164
Sterigmatocystin	10.22	5280389	C00961	325.0710
Streptobiosamine_1	7.50	20056682	C07655	338.1443
Streptobiosamine_2	4.96	20056682	C07655	338.1444
Strigolactone ABC-rings_1	9.61	46174042	C18036	235.1328
Strigolactone ABC-rings_2	10.57	46174042	C18036	235.1323
Stylopine	8.27	6770	C05175	162.5654
Styrene	7.51	7501	C07083	105.0703
Suberic acid_1	8.66	10457	C08278	175.0966
Suberic acid_2	7.17	10457	C08278	175.0964
Succinate_1	2.68	160419	C00042	119.0342
Succinate_2	5.37	160419	C00042	119.0341
Succinic anhydride_1	1.19	7922	C19524	101.0239
Succinic anhydride_2	2.40	7922	C19524	101.0238
Succinimide	1.37	11439	C07273	100.0399
Succinylproline_1	1.60	194156	C11711	216.0867
Succinylproline_2	8.76	194156	C11711	216.0867
Sulbactam	5.02	130313	C07770	234.0429
Sulbactam sodium	5.13	23663973	C14001	256.0251
Sulcatone_1	8.56	9862	C07287	127.1121
Sulcatone_2	9.84	9862	C07287	127.1121
Sulcatone_3	6.65	9862	C07287	127.1121
Sulfoquinovose_1	1.87	10880539	C20829	245.0335
Sulfoquinovose_2	4.74	10880539	C20829	245.0333
Syringin	8.39	5316860	C01533	373.1489
Tabtoxin	4.60	107817	C20917	290.1345
Tabtoxinine-beta-lactam	1.40	115314	C20918	189.0871
TAURINE	0.74	1123		126.0224
Taurine	3.43	1123	C00245	126.0219
Tauropine_1	1.02	3082376	C01616	198.0434
Tauropine_2	4.24	3082376	C01616	198.0438
Tebuconazole_1	9.30	86102	C18489	308.1528
Tebuconazole_2	6.94	86102	C18489	308.1527
Tebuconazole_3	2.93	86102	C18489	308.1528
Temazepam	11.54	5391	C07125	301.0753
Terbutaline_1	9.64	5403	C07129	226.1437
Terbutaline_2	10.57	5403	C07129	226.1437
Testolate	10.75	439534	C01618	321.2062
Testololactone	9.40	160753	C04676	303.1967
Testosterone glucuronide	10.17	108192	C11134	465.2482
Tetrahomomethionine	8.76	46878442	C17225	206.1210
Tetrahydrocortisone	9.58	5866	C05470	365.2319
Tetralin_1	8.90	8404	C14114	133.1014
Tetralin_2	7.69	8404	C14114	133.1015
Tetralin_3	10.10	8404	C14114	133.1014
Tetralin_4	11.11	8404	C14114	133.1014
Tetraneurin A	11.43	174868	C09559	323.1485
Thalidomide	9.01	5426	C07910	259.0725
Theophylline_1	7.41	2153	C07130	181.0719
Theophylline_2	1.40	2153	C07130	181.0718
Thiamphenicol	8.24	27200	C12853	356.0106
Thidiazuron_1	5.37	40087	C18812	221.0494
Thidiazuron_2	2.28	40087	C18812	221.0492
Thiobenzamide S,S-dioxide	2.43	11949595	C16285	170.0268
Thiomorpholine 3-carboxylate	1.48	440159	C03901	148.0426
Thiorphan	9.91	3132	C01619	254.0846
THTA	5.23	443065	C11072	147.0476
Thymidine	1.27	5789	C00214	243.0976
THYMINE_1	3.44	1135		127.0505
THYMINE_2	3.39	1135		125.0348
Thymyl acetate_1	9.06	68252	C09909	193.1226
Thymyl acetate_2	12.70	68252	C09909	193.1227
Thymyl acetate_3	7.71	68252	C09909	193.1226
Tioconazole	3.41	5482	C08082	386.9875
Tocainide	7.82	38945	C07142	193.1332
Toluene_1	9.09	1140	C01455	93.0705
Toluene_2	7.96	1140	C01455	93.0705
Toluene-cis-dihydrodiol_1	6.11	1141	C04592	127.0757
Toluene-cis-dihydrodiol_2	4.15	1141	C04592	127.0757
Toluene-cis-dihydrodiol_3	7.38	1141	C04592	127.0757
Tolylacetate_1	9.44	NOT Found in Database	C01963	151.0755
Tolylacetate_2	6.90	NOT Found in Database	C01963	151.0754
Tolylacetate_3	11.62	NOT Found in Database	C01963	151.0755
Topiramate	8.29	5284627	C07502	170.5571
Tos-Arg-CH2Cl	7.66	439646	C02087	333.1158
Tos-Lys-CH2Cl	10.86	73094	C00896	333.1043
trans,trans-Farnesyl phosphate	10.05	10357552	C20121	303.1707
trans-1,2-Dichloroethene	0.10	638186	C06791	96.9609
trans-4-Hydroxycyclohexanecarboxylate	6.14	19034555	C04404	145.0861
TRANS-4-HYDROXYPROLINE	0.76	5810		130.0501
TRANS-CINNAMATE	9.91	444539		149.0599
Tranylcypromine	9.45	19493	C07155	134.0966
Traumatic acid_1	9.24	5283028	C16308	229.1433
Traumatic acid_2	10.61	5283028	C16308	229.1434
Tributyl phosphate	13.46	31357	C14439	267.1718
Tributyrin	10.22	6050	C13870	303.1804
Triethanolamine	0.82	7618	C06771	150.1126
Triglochinin	3.63	5281124	C08342	360.0926
Trihomomethionine_1	8.08	46878441	C17221	192.1052
Trihomomethionine_2	7.27	46878441	C17221	192.1048
Trimethylamine N-oxide	0.94	1145	C01104	76.0765
Triphenylsilanol	9.05	69925	C14549	277.1046
Tris(butoxyethyl)phosphate	13.70	6540	C14446	399.2512
Triticonazole	10.69	6537961	C18815	318.1368
Tropine_1	1.88	8424	C00729	142.1229
Tropine_2	8.90	8424	C00729	142.1228
Tropine_3	6.53	8424	C00729	142.1228
Tropinone	6.95	79038	C00783	140.1071
Trp-P-1	9.05	5284474	C19306	212.1184
Tryptamine	8.19	1150	C00398	161.1073
Tuberonic acid glucoside	9.13	5281204	C08558	389.1806
Tussilagine_1	9.72	185071	C10411	200.1281
Tussilagine_2	3.78	185071	C10411	200.1281
Tussilagine_3	2.29	185071	C10411	200.1281
Tyramine_1	4.78	5610	C00483	138.0916
Tyramine_2	6.28	5610	C00483	138.0915
Tyr-OEt	6.95	70364	C01458	210.1124
Umbelliferone	10.03	5281426	C09315	163.0387
URACIL	1.47	1174		113.0351
Uracil mustard	4.12	6194	C11686	252.0290
URATE	1.93	1175		169.0356
Urate_1	6.89	1175	C00366	169.0356
Urate_2	2.07	1175	C00366	167.0204
Urate-3-ribonucleoside	6.88	NOT Found in Database	C05513	301.0778
Ureidoacrylate	1.54	1751484	C20254	131.0454
Uridine	1.55	6029	C00299	245.0770
UROCANATE	2.07	736715		139.0504
Urocanate	3.06	736715	C00785	139.0504
Valclavam	7.48	126919	C06668	330.1656
Valine	1.18	6287	C16436	116.0709
Vanillyl alcohol_1	8.48	62348	C06317	155.0704
Vanillyl alcohol_2	7.13	62348	C06317	155.0704
Velloquercetin	8.77	442663	C10194	185.0521
Vermelone_1	16.79	173699	C01624	179.0703
Vermelone_2	8.37	173699	C01624	179.0706
Verrucarin A	9.99	6326658	C09746	503.2259
Versicolorin B_1	7.21	107849	C20575	171.0360
Versicolorin B_2	7.97	107849	C20575	341.0657
Virol B	10.98	10753985	C19994	263.2007
Vitexin	8.88	5280441	C01460	433.1137
Warfarin	9.33	54678486	C01541	155.0599
Wedelolactone	10.48	5281813	C10541	315.0497
WIN VI	11.74	1786	C06490	315.1705
WR 1065	0.94	104807	C07651	135.0959
Wyerone	10.01	643733	C08465	259.0972
Xanthan_1	13.31	7107	C01464	183.0805
Xanthan_2	10.61	7107	C01464	183.0802
Xanthine_1	2.61	1188	C00385	153.0409
Xanthine_2	6.61	1188	C00385	153.0401
Xanthosine	6.66	64959	C01762	285.0830
Xanthosine 5'-phosphate	9.71	73323	C00655	365.0479
Xanthurenic acid	7.61	5699	C02470	206.0450
XYLITOL	0.77	6912		175.0578
Xylitol	0.78	6912	C00379	153.0760
Xylobiose	6.82	NOT Found in Database	C01630	283.1037
Yersiniabactin_1	8.08	5462519	C12038	241.5653
Yersiniabactin_2	8.05	5462519	C12038	482.1236
Zalcitabine_1	1.57	24066	C07207	212.1031
Zalcitabine_2	3.71	24066	C07207	212.1031
Zingerone_1	13.51	31211	C17497	195.1017
Zingerone_2	9.83	31211	C17497	195.1017
Zingerone_3	7.42	31211	C17497	195.1014
Zinnimidine_1	14.64	442878	C10626	262.1439
Zinnimidine_2	12.23	442878	C10626	262.1439
Zinnimidine_3	11.23	442878	C10626	262.1440
Zoxamide	7.44	122087	C18903	336.0322