Studies involving disease:Kidney disease

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000050Preterm Neonatal Urinary Renal Developmental and acute kidney injury Metabolomic ProfilingHumanUniversity of North Carolina
ST000329Minimal change disease and focal segmental sclerosis in urineHumanUniversity of California, Davis
ST000560Metabolomics of immunoglobulin-producing cells in IgA nephropathyHumanRTI International
ST000565Association of hemodialysis patient plasma trace metals with response to erythropoiesis stimulating agentsHumanRTI International
ST000691Metabolomics of diabetic nephropathyHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST000878Fatty Acid Oxidation is Impaired in An Orthologous Mouse Model of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney DiseaseMouseUniversity of California, Davis
ST000978Metabolomics biomarkers and the risk of overall mortality and ESRD in CKD: results from the Progredir Cohort.HumanUniversity of Sao Paulo
ST001153Erythrocyte adenosine A2B receptor-mediated AMPK activation: Counteracting CKD by promoting oxygen deliveryMouseUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
ST001361Serum tryptophan metabolomics in CKDMouseUniversity of Florida
ST001855The metabolomic resetting effect of FG4592 in AKI to CKD transition (Part 1)MouseChildren's Hospital of Nanjing Medical University
ST001856The metabolomic resetting effect of FG4592 in AKI to CKD transition (Part 2)MouseChildren's Hospital of Nanjing Medical University
ST002403Deep multi-omic profiling reveals extensive mitochondrial remodeling driven by glycemia in early diabetic kidney disease (Mitochondria)RatBaker Heart and Diabetes Institute

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