Studies involving disease:HIV

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000703Short chain Fatty Acid (SCFA) analysis in HIV patientsHumanUniversity of Michigan
ST001268Metabolome data to annotate metabolite originsHumanUniversity of Colorado Denver
ST001719Metabolomics Analysis of Philadelphia Cohort - Update (part-I)HumanThe Wistar Institute
ST001720Metabolomics Analysis of ACTG Cohort -Update (part-II)HumanThe Wistar Institute
ST001750Gut microbiome influence on metabolic 1 disease in HIV and high-risk populationsHumanUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
ST002133Metabolite variation in the blood serum of HIV carrier patients treated with effervescent glutamineHumanUniversity of Campinas
ST002328Metabolome and transcriptome analysis of oral mucosa of HIV+ patients reveal a role for polyamine metabolic pathway in T cell dysfunctionHumanCase Western Reserve University

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