Studies involving disease:Bacterial infection

Study ID Study Title Species Institute
ST000007Rice Infection StudyRiceUniversity of California, Davis
ST000083A Multi-Omic View of Host-Pathogen-Commensal Interplay in Salmonella-Mediated Intestinal InfectionMousePacific Northwest National Laboratory
ST000831Bile acid analysis of the germ free mouse gutMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST001034PAMP-triggered changes in the exometabolome of Arabidopsis suspension cellsArabidopsis thalianaOregon State University
ST001300Luminal metabolome profiles ofUC-HMA mice transplanted with a healthy human-derived fecal microbiota (FMT).MouseUniversity of Michigan
ST001301Luminal metabolome profiles of human microbiota-associated (HMA) mice treated with anti-IL-22 antibody or control antibodyMouseUniversity of Michigan
ST002155Longitudinal metabolomic stool dynamics in primary C. difficile infectionsHumanBrigham and Women's Hospital
ST002187Interplay of CodY and CcpA in regulating central metabolism and biofilm formation in S. aureusS. aureusUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center
ST002277Skin-to-blood pH shift triggers metabolome and proteome global remodelling in Staphylococcus epidermidisS. epidermidisITQB NOVA

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