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List of Studies ( Metabolite:Pyrroline hydroxycarboxylic acid)

ST001855 AN003006 The metabolomic resetting effect of FG4592 in AKI to CKD transition-day 21 (Part 1) Kidney Mouse Kidney disease Children’s Hospital of Nanjing Medical University AUC
ST001610 AN002644 Control (DMSO 0.1%; v/v) and 10 µM DRB18 treated A549 lung cancer cells in vitro for 48 hours Lung Human Cancer Ohio University Normalized abundances
ST002467 AN004023 Nano-hijacked myeloid cells potentiate antitumor immunity and radiotherapy for glioblastoma Brain Mouse Cancer Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine Normalized peak area
ST000164 AN000257 Metabolomic analysis of normal and diabetic mouse bone marrow under PBS or metformin treatment Bone marrow Mouse Diabetes New York University Peak area
ST000242 AN000377 Whole unconditioned medium (Defined culture media, M199),Whole M1 medium,Whole M2 medium Macrophages Human Mayo Clinic Peak area
ST002876 AN004713 High Level Expression of NSD2 Creates a Metabolic Dependency in Multiple Myeloma B-cells Human Cancer University of Florida Peak area
ST000421 AN000665 ms3076 T1D poor glycemic control and control samples Blood Human Diabetes Mayo Clinic Peak intensity