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List of Studies ( Metabolite:Coproporphyrin I)

ST002730 AN004427 Multi-Omics profiling of Candida albicans from agar plate and suspension media Yeast cells Candida albicans University of Sharjah AU
ST000291 AN000464 LC-MS Based Approaches to Investigate Metabolomic Differences in the Urine of Young Women after Drinking Cranberry Juice or Apple Juice Urine Human University of Florida Peak area
ST001122 AN001847 Identification of urine metabolites in patients with interstitial cystitis using untargeted metabolomics (part II) Urine Human Interstitial cystitis University of California, Davis Peak height
ST002094 AN003420 Commensal intestinal microbiota regulates host luminal proteolytic activity and intestinal barrier integrity through β-glucuronidase activity (Part 1) Feces Human Irritable bowel syndrome Mayo Clinic raw intensity