ST000637 TCA Cycle Metabolites of Dietary Salt Effects on Blood Pressure in Rat Urine and Kidney Tissue (part X)
Limit by pathway class:
   Minimum # of metabolites per pathway:

Pathway name (# of metabolites detected in this study)HMDB pathwayKEGG pathway
Alanine Metabolism (2) SMP0000055 map00250
Ammonia Recycling (1) SMP0000009 map00910
Arginine and Proline Metabolism (4) SMP0000020 map00330
Aspartate Metabolism (3) SMP0000067 map00250
beta-Alanine Metabolism (1) SMP0000007 map00410
Butyrate Metabolism (1) SMP0000073 map00650
Carnitine Synthesis (2) SMP0000465 -
Citric Acid Cycle (8) SMP0000057 map00020
Cysteine Metabolism (1) SMP0000013 map00270
Gluconeogenesis (4) SMP0000128 map00010
Glucose-Alanine Cycle (1) SMP0000127 -
Glutamate Metabolism (3) SMP0000072 map00250
Glycine and Serine Metabolism (1) SMP0000004 map00260
Ketone Body Metabolism (1) SMP0000071 map00072
Lysine Degradation (1) SMP0000037 map00310
Malate-Aspartate Shuttle (3) SMP0000129 -
Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain (2) SMP0000355 map00190
Oxidation of Branched Chain Fatty Acids (2) SMP0000030 -
Oxidation of Branched-Chain Fatty Acids (2) SMP0000030 -
Phenylalanine and Tyrosine Metabolism (2) SMP0000008 map00360
Phytanic Acid Peroxisomal Oxidation (2) SMP0000450 -
Propanoate Metabolism (1) SMP0000016 map00640
Purine Metabolism (1) SMP0000050 map00230
Pyruvate Metabolism (3) SMP0000060 map00620
Transfer of Acetyl Groups into Mitochondria (3) SMP0000466 -
Tryptophan Metabolism (1) SMP0000063 map00380
Tyrosine Metabolism (3) SMP0000006 map00350
Urea Cycle (3) SMP0000059 map00330
Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine Degradation (2) SMP0000032 map00280
Warburg Effect (7) SMP0000654 -