ST000525 Effects of Curcumin Supplementation on the Nonā€Esterified Fatty Acids concentration of Older Adults: Relation to Vascular Function
Limit by pathway class:
   Minimum # of metabolites per pathway:

Pathway name (# of metabolites detected in this study)HMDB pathwayKEGG pathway
Alpha Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid Metabolism (5) SMP0000018 map00592
Arachidonic Acid Metabolism (1) SMP0000075 map00590
Bile Acid Biosynthesis (1) SMP0000035 map00120
Fatty Acid Biosynthesis (2) SMP0000456 -
Fatty Acid Elongation in Mitochondria (1) SMP0000054 map00062
Fatty Acid Metabolism (1) SMP0000051 map00071
Glycerolipid Metabolism (1) SMP0000039 map00561
Mitochondrial Beta-Oxidation of Long Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (1) SMP0000482 -
Plasmalogen Synthesis (1) SMP0000479 -
Steroid Biosynthesis (1) SMP0000023 map00100