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: Fatty Acyls
: Glycerolipids
: Glycerophospholipids
: Sphingolipids
: Sterol Lipids
: Prenol Lipids
: Hydrocarbons
: Organoheterocyclic compounds
: Organophosphorus compounds

: Polyketides
: Carbohydrates
: Nucleic acids
: Organic acids (inc. amino acids, peptides)
: Alkaloids
: Benzenoids
: Organic nitrogen compounds
: Organic oxygen compounds
: Organophosulfur compounds

Ion adducts (choose at least one with appropriate polarity)
Positive mode:
[M+H]+ [M+H-H2O]+ [M+Na]+ [M+NH4]+ [M+K]+ [M+2H]2+ [M+2Na]2+ [M+2Na-H]+
[M+H-EtnP]+ [M+H-SerP]+ [M+H-Hexose]+

Negative mode:
[M-H]- [M+Cl]- [M+HCOO]- [M+OAc]- [M-CH3]- [M+Na-2H]- [M+K-2H]-
[M-2H]2- [M-3H]3- [M-H-Ser]-


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