Quantitation range (units=µM) for Tyrosine in human Blood samples

   Min. 1st Qu.  Median    Mean 3rd Qu.    Max. 
  34.19   65.29   78.13   78.80   91.70  153.00 

List of all studies and indvidual concentration ranges

ST003069 AN005027 Plasma instead of serum avoids critical confounding of clinical metabolomics studies by platelets (Part 3/3 - Plasma and serum metabolomics) Blood Human University of Vienna µM
ST002269 AN003706 Targeted plasma metabolomics in pediatric NAFLD patients Blood Human Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital µM
ST001933 AN003143 Absolute quantification of plasma cytokines and metabolome reveals the glycylproline regulating antibody-fading in convalescent COVID-19 patients Blood Human Hong Kong Baptist University µM