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This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001503. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8DQ5R This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST002341
Study TitleMetabolomic analysis of colorectal cancer cells using mass spectrometry
Study SummaryColorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most prevalent tumors, with a high mortality rate. Nearly half of CRC patients develop metastasis, which accounts for as many as 90% of CRC-related deaths. In the metastasis process, cancer cells exhibit altered dependency on specific metabolic pathways and some of the metabolites discovered might be useful as potential diagnostic biomarkers. To identify metabolic pathway dependencies in CRC metastasis, mass spectrometry-based untargeted metabolomic analysis was performed in two pairs of CRC cell lines with different metastatic abilities. Each pair of cell lines was comprised of primary and metastatic colorectal cancer cell lines (SW480 vs. SW620; HT-29 vs. COLO 205). Relative levels of intracellular metabolites distinguished high-metastatic CRC cells from low-metastatic CRC cells.
Nanjing Medical University
Last NameZhang
First NameWenjun
Address101Longmian Avenue, Jiangning District, Nanjing 211166, P.R. China
Submit Date2022-10-06
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)mzML
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2022-11-28
Release Version1
Wenjun Zhang Wenjun Zhang application/zip

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Treatment ID:TR002442
Treatment Summary:SW480 cells and SW620 cells were cultured in DMEM medium supplemented with 10% FBS at 37 °C under a 5% CO2 atmosphere, HT-29 and COLO 205 cells were cultured in RPMI 1640 medium supplemented with 10% FBS at 37 °C under a 5% CO2 atmosphere.
Cell Media:DMEM medium supplemented with 10% FBS is for SW480 cells and SW620 cells, while RPMI 1640 medium supplemented with 10% FBS is for HT-29 and COLO 205 cells.
Cell Envir Cond:at 37 °C under a 5% CO2 atmosphere
Cell Harvesting:After discarding the medium in each culture dish, the cells were quickly rinsed twice with cold isotonic saline (0.9% NaCl [w/v], 4 °C). Water (1.5 mL) was added to each dish, and then the dishes were stored in a freezer (−80 °C) for 20 min before extraction. Then, cells were collected by scraping with a cell scraper.
Cell Pct Confluence:70%-80%