Summary of Study ST002788

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001738. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M82719 This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


This study contains a large results data set and is not available in the mwTab file. It is only available for download via FTP as data file(s) here.

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Study IDST002788
Study TitleMetabolomic analysis of particulate matter in the NPSG during a 2018 cruise on the R/V Falkor
Study SummaryTargeted and untargeted analysis of metabolomics samples from the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre taken during the 2018 March/April SCOPE cruise on the R/V Falkor (FK180310) across a mesoscale eddy dipole. Particulate matter was collected on 0.2um filters and extracted using a modified Bligh & Dyer before analysis on a QE Orbitrap. Results show significant changes in the absolute quantity and relative composition of particles in the gyre between anticyclonic and cyclonic eddies.
University of Washington
DepartmentSchool of Oceanography
LaboratoryIngalls Lab
Last NameKumler
First NameWilliam
Address1501 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA 98105
Submit Date2023-07-17
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)mzML
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2023-08-10
Release Version1
William Kumler William Kumler application/zip

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Subject type: Other organism; Subject species: Natural mixed marine microbial community (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Sample_type Station Depth Absolute_depth Sea_level_anomaly
SA299089190715_Blk_KM1906U14-Blk_C.mzMLBlank NA NA NA NA
SA299090190715_Poo_TruePooFK180310_Full2.mzMLQC Pooled NA NA NA NA
SA299091190715_Poo_TruePooFK180310_Half3.mzMLQC Pooled NA NA NA NA
SA299092190715_Poo_TruePooFK180310_Full3.mzMLQC Pooled NA NA NA NA
SA299093190715_Poo_TruePooFK180310_Full1.mzMLQC Pooled NA NA NA NA
SA299094190715_Poo_TruePooFK180310_Half1.mzMLQC Pooled NA NA NA NA
SA299095190715_Poo_TruePooFK180310_Half2.mzMLQC Pooled NA NA NA NA
SA299096190715_Smp_FK180310S62C1-DCM_A.mzMLSample 62 DCM 98 -13.6
SA299097190715_Smp_FK180310S62C1-DCM_C.mzMLSample 62 DCM 98 -13.6
SA299098190715_Smp_FK180310S62C1-DCM_B.mzMLSample 62 DCM 98 -13.6
SA299099190715_Smp_FK180310S62C1-25m_B.mzMLSample 62 Surface 25 -12.48
SA299100190715_Smp_FK180310S62C1-25m_A.mzMLSample 62 Surface 25 -12.48
SA299101190715_Smp_FK180310S62C1-25m_C.mzMLSample 62 Surface 25 -12.48
SA299102190715_Smp_FK180310S64C1-DCM_C.mzMLSample 64 DCM 115 -12.1225
SA299103190715_Smp_FK180310S64C1-DCM_A.mzMLSample 64 DCM 115 -12.1225
SA299104190715_Smp_FK180310S64C1-DCM_B.mzMLSample 64 DCM 115 -12.1225
SA299105190715_Smp_FK180310S64C1-25m_B.mzMLSample 64 Surface 25 -12.48
SA299106190715_Smp_FK180310S64C1-25m_C.mzMLSample 64 Surface 25 -12.48
SA299107190715_Smp_FK180310S64C1-25m_A.mzMLSample 64 Surface 25 -12.48
SA299108190715_Smp_FK180310S77C1-DCM_B.mzMLSample 77 DCM 125 19.87
SA299109190715_Smp_FK180310S77C1-DCM_A.mzMLSample 77 DCM 125 19.87
SA299110190715_Smp_FK180310S77C1-DCM_C.mzMLSample 77 DCM 125 19.87
SA299111190715_Smp_FK180310S77C1-25m_B.mzMLSample 77 Surface 25 20.8044
SA299112190715_Smp_FK180310S77C1-25m_C.mzMLSample 77 Surface 25 20.8044
SA299113190715_Smp_FK180310S77C1-25m_A.mzMLSample 77 Surface 25 20.8044
SA299114190715_Smp_FK180310S80C1-DCM_B.mzMLSample 80 DCM 120 21.03
SA299115190715_Smp_FK180310S80C1-DCM_A.mzMLSample 80 DCM 120 21.03
SA299116190715_Smp_FK180310S80C1-DCM_C.mzMLSample 80 DCM 120 21.03
SA299117190715_Smp_FK180310S80C1-25m_B.mzMLSample 80 Surface 25 20.8044
SA299118190715_Smp_FK180310S80C1-25m_C.mzMLSample 80 Surface 25 20.8044
SA299119190715_Smp_FK180310S80C1-25m_A.mzMLSample 80 Surface 25 20.8044
SA299120190715_Std_4uMStdsMix2InMatrix_2.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299121190715_Std_H2OinMatrix_1.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299122190715_Std_H2OinMatrix_2.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299123190715_Std_4uMStdsMix2InMatrix_1.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299124190715_Std_4uMStdsMix1InMatrix_1.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299125190715_Std_4uMStdsMix1InH2O_1.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299126190715_Std_4uMStdsMix1InH2O_2.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299127190715_Std_4uMStdsMix1InMatrix_2.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299128190715_Std_4uMStdsMix2InH2O_1.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
SA299129190715_Std_4uMStdsMix2InH2O_2.mzMLStandard mix NA NA NA NA
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