Summary of Study ST001908

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001202. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8BD7S This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001908
Study TitlePost Acute Myocardial Infarction Left Ventricular Remodeling Bio marker Analysis (PAMILA)
Study SummaryPatients with acute myocardial infarction (a condition classified under coronary heart disease, including STEMI and NSTEMI) are at high risk for recurrent ischemic events, but the pathways and factors which contribute to this elevated risk are incompletely understood. This study aims to identify biomarkers associated with acute myocardial infarction through various omics strategies. For the identified biomarkers, we aim to demonstrate prognostic value, and predict/stratify the risks of adverse cardiovascular events (e.g., stroke, heart failure, death).
National University of Singapore
Last NameLim
First NameSi Ying
AddressDepartment of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, 3 Science Drive 3, Singapore 117543
Submit Date2021-08-15
Num Groups2
Total Subjects100
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)wiff
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2022-01-21
Release Version1
Si Ying Lim Si Ying Lim application/zip

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Collection ID:CO001979
Collection Summary:1. Collect blood into 2.7 ml citrated vacutainers. 2. Add Theophylline, adenosine and dipyridamole (TAD) solution into the citrated blood to final concentrations of 1.5mM, 0.37mM and 0.0198mM respectively. Mix gently by inverting for 4-6 times. 3. Centrifuge at 150g for 10min, RT 4. Collect PRP (leaving approx. 5mm) into a 5 ml polypropylene tube 5. Centrifuge again at 150g for 10min, RT 6. Collect PRP (leaving approx. 5mm) into the same tube from step 4 7. Add apyrase (final concentration: 0.04 U/mL) and 1 vol of 2.5X TAD-PBS 8. Mix gently by inverting tubes 5 times 9. Centrifuge diluted PRP at 100g for 10 min at RT 10. Transfer supernatant into a new 5 ml polypropylene tube 11. Centrifuge supernatant at 1000g for 10 min 12. Discard supernatant 13. Add 1.5mL of 2.5X TAD/PWD (1.5mM theophylline, 0.37mM adenosine and 0.0198mM dipyridamole in 140mM NaCl, 10mM NaHCO3, 2.5mM KCl, 0.5mM Na2HPO4, 1mM MgCl2, 6.46mM Na3C6H5O7 and 0.1% glucose, pH 6.5) containing apyrase (0.04 U/mL). 14. Gently resuspend and centrifuge at 1000g for 9 min using the tabletop Eppendorf centrifuge 15. Discard supernatant 16. Either keep the platelet pellet -80oC until analysis or resuspended in tyrode’s (134 mM NaCl, 12 mM NaHCO3, 2.9 mM KCl, 0.34 mM Na2HPO4, 1.0 mM MgCl2, 10 mM HEPES and 5 mM glucose, pH 7.4) buffers for flow cytometry analysis.
Sample Type:Platelets
Storage Conditions:-80℃