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MB Sample ID: SA300962

Local Sample ID:20220202_B1_1j_M2_8_1_590
Subject ID:SU002914
Subject Type:Other organism
Subject Species:Biofilm microbial community

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Treatment ID:TR002923
Treatment Summary:A total of 15 microcosms were filled with 15 L of the Gave de Pau water; three for each of the five exposure conditions: 2 x 10-9 M (background concentration used as control), 1 x 10-7, 1 x 10-6, 5 x 10-6 and 1 x10-5 M Co. Cobalt (Cobalt Standard for ICP, 1000 mg·L-1, Supelco, Germany) was added in each microcosm and let equilibrating for 24 h (D-1). The microcosms were placed in one of the artificial streams of the facility in order to maintain the water temperature at 13.5 ± 1.0°C (Table S2). After one, three and seven days of exposure (D1, D3 and D7), slides were collected from each microcosm for metabolomics.