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MB Sample ID: SA300833

Local Sample ID:HPLT_S3
Subject ID:SU002911
Subject Type:Bacteria
Subject Species:Microbacterium sediminis YLB-01

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NMR ID:NM000266
Analysis ID:AN004560
Instrument Name:Bruker Avance III 600 MHz
Instrument Type:FT-NMR
NMR Experiment Type:1D-1H
Standard Concentration:1 mM TSP
Spectrometer Frequency:600 MHz
NMR Solvent:H2O+D2O
NMR Tube Size:5 mm
Pulse Sequence:noesygppr1d [(RD)-90°-t1-90°-τm-90°-ACQ]
Receiver Gain:71.8
Offset Frequency:15.1 ppm
Number Of Scans:32
Dummy Scans:4
Acquisition Time:2 s
Spectral Width:20 ppm
Num Data Points Acquired:64 K
Line Broadening:0.3 Hz
Baseline Correction Method:Auto-baseline correction of integral by abs
Chemical Shift Ref Std:TSP (0.000 ppm)
Binned Data Excluded Range:δ 4.700-5.100 ppm
NMR Results File:microHP.txt UNITS:ppm