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MB Sample ID: SA244654

Local Sample ID:Norm. Area: 088_0003_02G_R_A15xKOxMx02conxHILICneg_29SEP21_CEL_MOU_LUM_0000_04AB_15MIN_KP_KP_01.raw (F151)
Subject ID:SU002535
Subject Type:Cultured cells
Subject Species:Mus musculus
Taxonomy ID:10090
Gender:Male and female

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Collection ID:CO002528
Collection Summary:Lin-c-Kit+ cells, a fraction where LSKs reside, were selected four weeks after tet-off and BCR-ABL induction from the BM of miR-142−/−BCR-ABL and miR-142+/+BCR-ABL mice. Lin- cells were firstly selected using Lineage depletion microbeads and c-kit+ cells were then selected using anti-mouse CD117 microbeads (both from Miltenyi Biotec, San Diego, CA).
Sample Type:Cultured cells