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MB Sample ID: SA221021

Local Sample ID:brain_44058
Subject ID:SU002384
Subject Type:Mammal
Subject Species:Rattus norvegicus
Taxonomy ID:10116

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Collection ID:CO002377
Collection Summary:Individual urine samples were collected in ice-cooled vessels containing 1% sodium azide (0.1 ml) for 2 h using a metabolic cage at 0, 24, and 48 h post-stress, respectively, and immediately frozen at -80°C. Animals were sacrificed by exsanguination under isoflurane anesthesia at 48 h post-stress. The blood sample was divided into two aliquots, one serum for biochemical analysis and the other heparinized plasma for NMR spectroscopic analysis. After weighing, brain, kidney, liver, lung, and spleen tissue were excised in duplicate: one being fixed in 10% formalin for histopathological examination, the other immediately snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen for tissue extraction. These samples were stored at -80°C until used.
Collection Protocol Filename:Protocols.pdf
Sample Type:serum, urine, brain, kidney, liver, lung, spleen