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MB Sample ID: SA181875

Local Sample ID:Et_stem_1
Subject ID:SU002012
Subject Type:Plant
Subject Species:Equisetum arvense;Equisetum hyemale;Equisetum telmateia

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Collection ID:CO002005
Collection Summary:E. arvense, E. hyemale and E. telmateia (voucher specimens deposited with the John G. Searle Herbarium of the Field Museum, Chicago, IL, USA) were maintained in a greenhouse under ambient lighting, with supplemental lighting from sodium- vapor lamps. The photosynthetically active radiation varied from 15 to 25 mol m-2 d-1. Temperatures ranged between 22 and 27 °C and the humidity was set to 70 ± 10 %. Five biological replicates (separate plants) were harvested at the same time of day for below-ground rhizomes and above-ground stems of vegetative shoots. Samples were snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen and freeze-dried (aerial parts for 5 days, rhizomes for 7 days). Lyophilized material was submerged in liquid nitrogen, homogenized using mortar and pestle.
Sample Type:Tissue homogenate
Storage Conditions:-80 °C