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MB Sample ID: SA031010

Local Sample ID:nhilic-02dec15-B004-r002
Subject ID:SU000607
Subject Type:Zebrafish
Subject Species:Danio rerio
Taxonomy ID:7955
Species Group:Fish

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Collection ID:CO000601
Collection Summary:When testing the wildtype fasting fish, we only choose male fish. For each of the 3 time points, we scarifice 25 fish, put 5 tissue in one tube for 5 repeats. Because of tissue size, I adjusted heart sample at 2h and kidney sample at 2h to 3 repeats, liver sample at 2h to 4 repeats. For tfeb-/-fish, we collected heart, muscle, kidney with each of them 5 repeats. We collected both male and female. For lmna-/- we collected heart and muscle(only male) with each 3 repeats.
Sample Type:Blood