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MB Sample ID: SA218492

Local Sample ID:tube5_soil2A
Subject ID:SU002368
Subject Type:Plant
Subject Species:Arabidopsis thaliana
Taxonomy ID:3702
Age Or Age Range:2 weeks

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Combined analysis:

Analysis ID AN003727
Analysis type MS
Chromatography type GC
Chromatography system Agilent 7890B
Column Agilent DB-FFAP
MS Type EI
MS instrument type Single quadrupole
MS instrument name Agilent 5977B
Units ion intensity peak area


Chromatography ID:CH002760
Chromatography Summary:Sample preparation and injection were performed using the fully automated Gerstel MPS-2 autosampler and Gerstel MAESTRO software. Volatile compounds were adsorbed on a Tenax TA tube. A thermal desorption unit (TDU) was used to thermally desorb the volatiles in splitless mode at 230°C for 10 min. To ensure that the volatiles released from the TDU were quantitatively trapped, a cooled injection system-programmed temperature vaporizer (CIS-PTV) was used. The CIS was heated from 80°C to 230°C at a rate of 12°C/s with the split valve closed during sample injection into the GC inlet. Analyses of volatile compounds were performed on an Agilent 7890B GC coupled to a 5977B quadruple mass spectrometer. Separation of compounds was performed on a DB-FFAP column (60 m x 250 µm x 0.25 µm, Agilent Technologies, Middleburg, OI, USA). Helium was used as the carrier gas at a flow rate of 1.9 ml/min, and solvent vent mode was used. The inlet temperature was 250°C. The oven program was as follows: initial temperature of 50°C held for 1 min, increased to 230°C at the rate of 10°C/min and held for 20 min. The temperature of the ion source and transfer line was 250°C.
Instrument Name:Agilent 7890B
Column Name:Agilent DB-FFAP
Chromatography Type:GC