About the Metabolomics Workbench


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund Metabolomics Program was developed with the goal of increasing national capacity in metabolomics by supporting the development of next generation technologies, providing training and mentoring opportunities, increasing the inventory and availability of high quality reference standards, and promoting data sharing and collaboration.

In support of this effort, the Metabolomics Program's Data Repository and Coordinating Center (DRCC), housed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), University of California, San Diego, has developed the Metabolomics Workbench. The Metabolomics Workbench serves as a national and international repository for metabolomics data and metadata and provides analysis tools and access to metabolite standards, protocols, tutorials, training, and more.

Currently Available Resources

Metabolomics Update

The Metabolomics Update is a quarterly update featuring a Metabolomics Events Calendar, the latest Metabolomics Workbench Highlights, and highlighted articles from our Research Library.


NIH grantees may upload data, provided metadata and results requirements are followed. Experimental data generated by NIH Metabolomics Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores (RCMRC)s * and other NIH-sponsored projects is available for searching and analysis, via online interfaces. Users may also search the Metabolomics Workbench Metabolite Database, which now contains over 60,000 entries.


Protocols for sample preparation and analysis are available for download. Where applicable, protocols are linked to details about the study or studies in which the protocol was used.


As part of the NIH Common Fund's Metabolomics Program, the Metabolite Standards Synthesis Core (MSSC) aims to provide metabolomics researchers with high quality metabolite standards. We provide interfaces for users to nominate compounds for synthesis, view previously nominated compounds, and request aliquots of compounds that have been synthesized.

Research Library

We list select publications from our Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores (RCMRC)s and other NIH Common Fund Metabolomics participants.

NIH Metabolomics

The Metabolomics Workbench provides information about the NIH Metabolomics Program, data sharing guidelines, funding opportunities, services offered by our Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores (RCMRC)s, and much more.


In the training section of our website, you will find lists of hands-on workshops, videocasts, and more. These materials cover a range of information — from descriptions of what comprises metabolomics and how to get started, to the latest techniques and developments.